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1. Daas Torah - name names, which rabbi(s)???

2. Counsel? Who? And who does he represent - the yeshiva? Kolko?

3. Why did Kolko go on leave - no explanation? What would you have done If Kolko DID NOT AGREE to leave?

4. Administrative leave - paid or unpaid?

5. Why the silence as to why the yeshiva did not go to bais din? Which rabbonim (daas Torah) advised him not to go to bais din?

An interesting legal admission from your yeshiva - "always has been to guarantee the welfare of our children". Guarantee? That's a word smart negligence defense lawyers avoid. It could potentially mean you don't have to prove negligence, only that that there was an injury, and the guarantee of safety was breached.

It potentially means strict liability.

Parents: I urge you to get rid of Lipa Margulies immediately and save the yeshiva by hiring an honest and authentic "rosh yeshiva". Call it whatever you want, I'll even let you call it "administrative leave". Margulies is a vile thief and a sub-human. He has caused much damage to all Judaism and has no place in our Torah institutions.

Keep asking yourself" what would I do if it was my child"??? The hundreds of victims were OUR children!

Get rid of him NOW; save the yeshiva!!

If you choose to once again be fooled by Lipa Margulies, and decide to do nothing, beware, I intend to finish the job for you.



FRUM_RAID said...

The way I read the letter they admit to

"Servicing out talmidim"

Ain't that the truth!

Former TT Prisoner said...


I had the misfortune of attending Yeshiva Torah Temimah for high school.

As with most ultra orthodox jewish schools, it was overcrowded, dirty, had next to no actual curriculum, used books that were old and out of date, and employed rabbis and teachers who were incompetent, lazy and abusive. The yeshiva was rife with the sexual and physical abuse of children on a daily basis. I saw more than I care to remember.

I heard about the allegations against Rabbi Kolko fairly late in the game and cant say I am surprised to hear about them.

There is an atmosphere of secrecy and extraordinary shame as regards human sexuality in that school (not unlike how sexuality is treated by ultra orthodox jews generally - so you can't really be surprised by this, can you?).

I remember Lipa Margolies as an obese, money grubbing prick who everyone was afraid of (rabbis and students alike). When he would arrive in the building, everyone would scurry away lest he see them. I have no difficulty believing that he would cover up the actions of someone like rabbi kolko. In fact, I would wager that there are legions of far worse offenders working at the yeshiva as we speak, doing their best to instill a love of gemarra and learning in their students in their own "special way."

Kudos to the un-orthodox jew for running this site.

I am so very grateful that I am no longer living in the 8th century with the rest of orthodox jewry. Free at last, free at last, thank god almighty, I am free at last.

CURIOUS said...

I am no lawyer so can one please comment.

Wouldn't it have made more sense to deny any wrong doing by Kolko and to assure everyone that the defamers of his charachter would get their comeuppence?

By not claiming his innocence are they in fact admitting to his guilt?

or is this SOP?

gross said...


I thought you could be trusted in relaying ALL the news related to this issue. Why haven't you published this letter too?


Regards ;)

Anonymous said...

For the love of G-d and the healing of all sexualy abused, don't slacken off a bit. Get these creeps and then go after the other rabbi/perverts & enablers.

willy wonka said...

Hey Mr. UOJ:

I don't think it's right to bring me into this. All I do is make chocolate. I swear I never touched a kid!

Anonymous said...

So Kolko, by mutual agreement, is on administrative leave.

Sounds like Margulies is ready to bring back this child molester as soon as the "smoke clears."

Anonymous said...

I don't believe "Former TT Prisoner" could have went to TT for high school. He writes way to well. I don't mean to bash TT alumni. It is your parents' fault for sending you there.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...



Baltimore Rabbi said...


Anonymous said...
Let's talk about Heinemann and Hopfer. I know for a fact that they have heard of at least two allegations against Eisgrau first hand, and they have heard from another Rabbi in Balto about AT LEAST 3 other allegations that he has personal knowledge of. Of course they have discredited EVERYONE who dares to say anything against Eisgrau including the Rabbi who has on numerous occasions tried to get them to deal with this. It is all the usual crap. Eisgrau's accusers are either "disturbed" have a "vendetta" against someone, or the whole community, or are otherwise "crazy" and "not frum." How could they let a man with these kinds of allegations against him continue to have access to children? Why don't they have him evaluated by professionals who evaluate offenders instead of frum community psychologists who know Eisgrau and are just as invested in protecting the image of the community as they are? Are they waiting for the whole thing to blow up in thier shameful ignorant faces like the Lanner and Kolko cases? How can these Rabbis be stopped? The parent's in the school go to Heinemann and Hopfer when they hear of the "rumers" and are told that Eigrau was investigated and cleared. If you speak to the investigator he will tell you that the charges were dropped for "lack of sufficent evidence." These cases are very hard to prove especialy when victims are afraid to speak out. There is often lack of sufficient evidence to prosecute and it doesn't mean Eisgrau is safe to be around kids.

lipa, you know who this is: I spoke to u laqst friday said...

Please take off comment moderation or at least PLEEEEEESE let my comment go on the blog.

Dear Lipa Margolis,
You are the biggest piece of shi* two faced motherfuc*er that I have ever encountered in my life.
You LIED to me. You are a scum-bag.
Fuc* you!

I have made arrangements for my 3 boys to be transferred to the Mirrer Yeshiva next year.
You made me curse in public.
You are a TRUE DIC*-HEAD.

Thank you UOJ for allowing me to get my comment out.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Hey Willie,

Thanks for putting your "ASS"ETS on the line here!

Are you really prepared to lose everything you have to protect your partner in crime, GANGSTER & FILTHY LIAR MARGULIES?

Well, thanks for putting your name on this letter, you just increased the pot for the victims!


Anonymous said...

What language is that letter in?

Do you think they could have gotten the "retained counsel" to review for grammer?

This from the "Harvard" of Torah education!!

rabbi zev m shandalov said...

Statement on Sexual Abuse of Children - by Rabbi Zev M. Shandalov

The following statement was posted by Rabbi Zev M. Shandalov in the networking group sponsored by The Awareness Center for rabbis. Rabbi Shandalov gave The Awareness Center, Inc. permission to make the following statement public.

Over the past few days, there have been a number of items that have been printed in the mainstream press and in the "Jewish" press regarding stories of sexual abuse of children and alleged cover-up of said abuse and the perpetrators. The purpose of this email is to address this situation.

Abuse: I am not going to discuss any of the allegations in the articles or those that are floating around on the Internet. I do wish though to comment in general terms.

ANY abuse perpetrated against a child no matter how "minor" or seemingly "insignificant" can be damaging for life for the child; is illegal; is assur (prohibited by Torah law) and can potentially be actionable in a court of law. In addition, anyone seeking to protect the abuser, including but not limited to rabbis, professionals, community leaders, institutions, etc. are themselves culpable in the crimes that the alleged perpetrator commits after discovering the crimes and seeking to cover them up. The covering up of such offenses not only is in itself a Chillul Hashem (a profanation of the name of Hashem) but also adds to the abuse of the victims after the fact. Delivering information to the police in order to remove the offender from the streets and to protect further abuse is a Mitzva incumbent upon all who have knowledge of abuse. Additionally, the Mitzvah of "Al ta'amod al dam re'acha" (One may not stand idly by while another is being injured) is found in the Torah to make it everyone's responsibility to help another in jeopardy.


Rabbi Zev M. Shandalov
Cong Kehilath Jacob Beth Samuel (KJBS)
Chicago, IL

duvduv said...

it blows my mind that there are any parents who could receive this letter and not immediately pull their children out of that joke of a yeshiva-school

if hiding behind "[our] lawyer's advice" satisfies a parent enough to keep his/her child's safety and health and life in the care of such blatant obuscating and alleged terrible danger (which they don't even deny!!), then that parent deserves to be abused as their child may well have been (& still may be)

Shame on every parent who is so incompetent in the care of her/his children

Anonymous said...

to: lipa, you know who this is: I spoke to u laqst friday said...

Please contact me: EG


taking back judaism said...

Thanks for your message..

Judaism at this point is like the Mexican Border- it is utterly foolish and a waste fo time to talk about the illegals here- first and foremost the border must be closed up and sealed- period. Then we can deal with the illegals here.

Judaism is so so broken.

In fact, I think Brooklyn should be leveld- starting with the so-called 'rebbes, as they are destroying torah m'sinai and threatining its very existence for future genereations to come.

The brooklyn rabbinate is a really really sick, twisted, evil and perveted bunch.

From the second they found bugs in the water they published and spoke out about filters until no jew would be caught dead drinking un-filtered water (so so very very frum). But child abuse? Raising kids properly? A yeshiva system whose sole purpose os to strip out the very life essence of the children? Hitting kids at home so they will listen to GOD (who of course wants the kids to be hit- or else he will have to kil them (or send them to the deepest flames of hell) for not being so frum).

They are just plain insane! There is no other explanation. The fact that the trorah umesorah convention said NOTHING- NOTHING aboiut the child abuse speaks so many volumes. Are these poeple for real? How could they speak about anything else (perhaps about what bracho to make on genetically modified corn?!?)

Is Reisman for real? Goldwasser? Zupnick?-- If I had a shul I would feel compelled and would have no choice but to encourage my congreagtion to stand up and speak out against this abuse. These guys- they give a regular shabbos drasha about how important it is to have the rigth Kavana while eating cantelope- Are they for real?? Where is there Humanity- did their 'frumness' replace the fact that they are human beings?

The younger generation hates judaism- NO THAT"S WRONG- they would probably love judaism just that it has never been taught. They have grown up being 'Brooklyn Orthodox' (no resemblance to Torah M'sinai).

This fake judaism must be destroyed. For real - destroyed. Chaim Berlin- demolished. The shuls- destroyed. The rabayim- deported to Siberia (I am not kidding).

This 'non-orthodxy', should be spat upon 'judasim' and cursed out- Brooklyn Orthodxy is Damned by G-d. The so-called 'torah centers' today (i.e. Brooklyn, Passaic, Lakewood etc.) are the devils handiwork- destroying our children- "God is the devil, be good or go to hell, make sure the water you are drinking while molesting has no bugs, no TV (because of violence) but can scream and hit kids in the home, let's make sure everyone knows about the indian hair but no one knows about the Brooklyn Orthodoxy way of raising kids (i.e. abusing the hell out of them in the name of being 'fruuummmm' (as savage would say))"--anything else.

Posted by TakingBackJudaism.com to Un-Orthodox Jew at 5/26/2006 02:57:01

Anonymous said...

Woooaa...Ortho...Try a little decaf...

While it's been made perfectly clear that we have some unspeakbale problems to take care of, I don't think even UOJ would condone genocide of Brooklyn Jews. Do you have hidden cameras in all Brooklyn houses that have enabled you to tabulate the statistics on wife-yelling-kid-hittiing-water-filtering activity?
There are actually alot more "sane" Brooklyn frummies out there than you think - but then again you've continually had difficulty seeing the big picture on these matters. We are not ALL crazy.

TakingBackJudaism.com said...

It is very easily tabulated--

Here is the 'tabulation'--

Number of articles in jewish publications re: the super-micro bugs = 76 (27 in Jewish Press alone).

Number of speeches given by Brooklyn Rabbis re: the super-bugs = 323

Number of articles in jewish publications re: Yudi 'the rub' Kolko = One (and that was saying "well anyone can file a lawwsuit"- which is classic Brooklyn Orthodoxy Propaganda- since NOT anyone can get one of the best lawyers on the east coast and have a press conference covered by the press (best lawyers in east coast tend to take cases that they think are baed in fact and are highly winnable). And yes, the fact that the lawsuit was in fact filed DOES mean something. Do you see other people randomly buying a 'court id number' for child-abuse that neever happened- that was just made-up out of whole cloth?!?!!?
Classic JP Lying/Mongering...

Number of big rabbi speeches about the child-molestation issue = 0 (why would they speak about that when they could talk about the exact mechanism and most proper way to fulfil Kibud R'av).


TakingBackJudaism.com said...

It is very easily tabulated--

Here is the 'tabulation'--

Number of articles in jewish publications re: the super-micro bugs = 76 (27 in Jewish Press alone).

Number of speeches given by Brooklyn Rabbis re: the super-bugs = 323

Number of articles in jewish publications re: Yudi 'the rub' Kolko = One (and that was saying "well anyone can file a lawwsuit"- which is classic Brooklyn Orthodoxy Propaganda- since NOT anyone can get one of the best lawyers on the east coast and have a press conference covered by the press (best lawyers in east coast tend to take cases that they think are baed in fact and are highly winnable). And yes, the fact that the lawsuit was in fact filed DOES mean something. Do you see other people randomly buying a 'court id number' for child-abuse that neever happened- that was just made-up out of whole cloth?!?!!?
Classic JP Lying/Mongering...

Number of big rabbi speeches about the child-molestation issue = 0 (why would they speak about that when they could talk about the exact mechanism and most proper way to fulfil Kibud R'av).


Un-Orthodox Jew said...

1. Daas Torah - name names, which rabbi(s)/

2. Counsel? Who? And who does he represent - the yeshiva? Kolko?

3. Why did Kolko go on leave - no explanation?

4. Administrative leave - paid or unpaid?

5. Silence as to why the yeshiva did not go to beis din.

Finally, an interesting legal admission - "always has been to guarantee the welfare of our children". Guarantee? That's a word smart negligence defense lawyers avoid. It could potentially mean you don't have to prove negligence, only that that there was an injury, and the guarantee of safety was breached.

It potentially means strict liability.

Anonymous said...

what happened to the torah warmth and love that surrounded students at my day school(in Hartford,Ct.,no less) and I'm sure at others in my time?Most kids didn't exactly come in frum or leave frum per se (at least at Yeshiva d'Hartford,),but I can't remember anyone ever leave not liking yiddishkeit.No rebbe ever hit,much less, molested a kid. We were taught to like being Jewish, and if we picked up a few blatt gemara and a rashi on the way,so much the better.Of course,that was before the Chumra of the Week Club got started and everybody committed the horrible averot of going to the beach,the movies, or having a tv in the home.Silly us....we thought that we could be really good Jews by just keeping the real stuff.Tthe chumras were for exceptionally holy people... I guess we were really naive.

Anonymous said...

even though i think kolko is probably guilty, and initially i was rooting for uoj, this blog is so filled with over the top hatered and disrespect for jews and yiddishkeit that i'm beginning to root for margo. i hope he whips YOUR fat ass, ben hirsch

Un-Orthodox Jew said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Un-Orthodox Jew said...


Your premise that Orthodox Judaism needs a lot of fixing is correct.

I put up your site a few times out of respect for this premise; even I have a problem with certain language and references.

The use of words like concentration camps etc... is something I hope you change.

www.cafepress.com/yudi said...


Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is public knowledge, but I spoke with a member of the Jewish community out in the Five Towns and when I brought up Kolko, it turns out that he once had a share in the all-boys sleepaway camp Monovu. Years ago (I don't know the exact details) some allegations about sexual misconduct were brought up and Kolko was quietly bought out. I suppose the allegations are strangely current now.

Raised Orthodox said...

When I was a young Yeshiva student I believed that the highest spiritual levels that one must strive to achieve were clearly evidenced by the founders, leaders and prophets of the Torah. Many are the examples by Abraham, Moses and David when they acted in great selflessness. ESPECIALLY when their lives, possessions and families were at great risk - again and again they chose to do the right thing regardless of the repercussions. The story of Esther and Mordechai always gives me comfort because of the great faith they exhibited while under constant pressure and threat to life.

However as I grew to become my own man I observed that highly respectable and spiritual levels of behavior were displayed by many non-Jews and that the obligations of MORAL and SPIRITUAL growth are the responsibility of all G-D's men and women - no matter the culture they are raised in.

From reading of this terrible scandal in your community, I am shocked that people run to "books" to decide when a crime is a crime. The pain and suffering these young children underwent, where's your leader's sense of rachminos?

sechel said...

Continued hatzlacha.You put your money where your mouth is.That letter vindicates all you have done.

YTT Insider said...

The parents are lost souls, besides Greenwald there's nobody to talk to.
A bunch of losers!

Pinchos Hecht, Mirrer Executive Director said...


The Government is busy drafting laws thanks to fraud by the Pinters at Olympia Mortgage.

Halvei they should be drafting laws to protect the public from scum like Kolko and Margo.

the awareness ctr. said...

Please forward this message to all Jewish survivors of sexual violence who live in Baltimore, Washington DC; Silver Springs, MD; Southern Pennsylvania

The Awareness Center, Inc.
(Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse/Assault)
P.O. Box 65273, Baltimore, MD 21209

The Awareness Center sponsors a self-help/networking group meeting for Jewish survivors of sexual violence on the first Monday of every month in Baltimore, MD.

The meeting is open to Adult Jewish Survivors of incest, childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, professional sexual misconduct, clergy abuse (rabbinical sexual misconduct The meeting is free, yet a $5.00 donation is requested.

Monday, June, 2006

7:30 pm 9:00 pm

Etz Chaim Center for Jewish Learning
3702 Fords Lane
Baltimore, MD 21215

For more information call:

Orthodox Jew from Lawrence, NY said...

I don't understand the letter. It's no longer "anonymous" allegations. Why is the letter saying that it is still anonymous? Someone please explain.

Anonymous said...


In your recent post, "A THOUGHTFUL, MEASURED UOJ..." YOU SAID:

"What if you spent sleepless nights over the past few years feeling that you are not doing everything in your power to protect our children..."

I would appreciate if you could share with the blog world what specifically happened a "few years ago" that caused you to begin losing sleep over Kolko, etc. and feel that something must be done.


Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Above Anon,

Someone I trust close to me, convinced me that the allegations were in fact true.

Anonymous said...

Could u gove me some more details on Max Bulmas? I take my children to him but don't leave them alone with my boys because a friend once told me a very vague comment about him and he is always hugging and kissing them AND whispiring in the childs ears. Please give me some more info on him so I can make a informed decission. This is a very raw topic for me because I was sexualy abused by a chassidic mechanech & don't wish to repeat this on my children G-d forbid. I also don't trust my selfcontrol if I catch a predator in my hands.

shocked! said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Lawsuit Over Yudi Kolko, the Tora T'mima Rebbe's Nipple Fetish Resolved":

Anyone can explain how and if Rabbi Pinchas Scheinberg can know about this 20 or so years ago and not deal with it?!

mattesdorfer yid said...

The daas torah they rely on is the same dass torah that holds that molestation is ok as long as there is *no penetration* (UCH) im gonna barf!!

Anonymous said...

Think 3 times before you patronize this so called KOSHER PLANT

Abuse beyond belief and its all in the name of god and judaism

Taken from the FORWARD.COM

In Iowa Meat Plant, Kosher 'Jungle' Breeds Fear, Injury, Short Pay

'I'm not sure these devout Jews are using Jewish ethics to treat their workers'
May 26, 2006

Anonymous said...

Max Bulmas is THE pediatrician of Brooklyn-- not only will u get the best of medical care 4 ur child-- u will observe a phenonemal diagnostician at work. He makes kids completely at ease and does the exams and injections quickly and painlessly--

Blistering Mad said...


Yehudah Kolko, tha aibeshter should have pity on your soul. Because you will burn in the fiery pits of gihenom.

Lipa Margoulis, you takeh built an empire with your deplorable tactics.

After all, the prime example of a good yeshivshe guy today is someone who learnt in your yeshiva, and then went to avrahom yehoshua, another winner. Lipa i hope it was all worth it. what both of you have done is shvichas damim and i am confident you will both burn.

Back to the to subject at hand. Yudi Kolko you sick pervert, you did a shidduch with Rabbi Busell the Rosh Yeshiva of Edison N.J. I wonder how he feels about this whole scandal; and you children rachmona litzlon, are goin to need some serious counseling.

Yudi and Lipa both of you have given the yeshiveshe world a bad name. SHAME ON BOTH OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!

RCA Condemns Pinter & Margo said...


Responding to Dishonest Behavior of Prominent Jewish Figures
The RCA condemns dishonest behavior, especially that of prominent Jewish figures, and urges steps to educate against future recurrences.

Another "Sell Out" by the Agudah said...


More Dirt on Pinter said...

Scroll Down to Page 51 and keep reading


Anonymous said...

is a rebbe allowed to hug a student?

molested by doctor said...

To Anon who asked about bulmash.
He is a pedophile. I was molested by him numerous times as a young boy, he fondles pre-pubescent boys on the pretext of making sure everything is allright down there.
I think he chooses his victims carefully usually people who come from very chasidishe families and cant speak english properly.

The man is a pervert and he should have no business being around children. I am currently in the process of doing something about it. If you know others who have been molested by him, Please contact me at my blog www.bulmash.blogspot.com

A Just Cause said...

I stand up and applaud UOJ for all this effort in bringing out the truth and helping to prevent more DEATHS in Klal Yisroel at the hands of monsters like Yudi Kolko. Make no mistake - he killed and crippled hundreds of boys emotionally. Some even took their own lives because they couldn't bear what they went through.

And a standing ovation for David Framowitz for having the GUTS to go public with his story. It takes a LOT for a frum man to be willing to have his name in the papers about this kind of thing. And the fact that he was courageous enough to do this will be an example for and give courage to others. And maybe now the frum world in general and fearful, “little” ‘gedolim’ will not stand by any longer as this continues to go on, not just in Torah Temimah, but anywhere and everywhere these monsters prey.

UOJ and David Framowitz you have both paved the way and KUDOS to you! You created a vehicle for the frum world to get together from all over the world to FINALLY admit to this problem and focus on solutions to prevent it.

I am certain that the modern orthodox world will start creating prevention methods to keep these monsters away from kids, and that eventually, the yeshivish world will follow suit.

Sheker ain lo raglayim. Sometimes we can witness justice in this world, and we don't have to wait for the next world to see the monsters and their enablers burned alive at the stake.

They say "Hashem Yidom Damam" for victims of the war in Eretz Yisrael. Well, I say it also for the victims of the "Torah Wars" all over the frum world - the wars where "Money" wins over Torah and Emes. Where the victims never get their faces in the paper and the purpetrators and terrorists are honored at dinners and conferences and are called “Gedolim”. Hashem Yidom Damam - may Hashem quickly and in our time - avenge the blood of the victims’ shame, their emotional deaths, their shattered lives, their loss of faith in Torah U'Mitzvos, and their suicides.

Thank you again UOJ, David Framowitz, and everyone else who has helped these efforts towards prevention of continued abuse!

Elisha Dorfman said...

Does Max Bulmash still run a summer clinic in South Fallsburg?

Think Before You Accuse said...

Pediatricians need to check the private parts of children to make sure there are no growths or other problems. That would include flipping around a penis. I hope that these attacks on Bulmash aren't a case of ignorant Boro Parkers accusing an innocent man and destroying his life because they know nothing about preventative medicine.

Anonymous said...

Re: Dr. Bulmash,

I have NEVER suspected this wonderful Doctor of any improprieties. However, I have noticed that he is spending less time in his office lately-- and has been difficult to reach directly.

He once told me that he does administrative work and is writing research papers.
He is planning to turn over his practice to his partner

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was reading that awful yated this shabbos in the bathroom and noticed a full 2 pages on a so called hesped on a 21 year old boy that died some time in the month of Teves, if i remember correctly.
I was just wondering if this was the boy that committed suicide which you mentioned in regards to meiselmans yeshiva ??
The hesped was written by a few people including meiselman.
Please respond.

Anonymous said...

Mr. UOJ why do you not get a life and take care of your own problems.

j4 said...

The Lubvaticher said that the Internet (modern tech) was created for the sole purpose of the dissementation of Judaism. Fast forward 20 years. What he meant was that it would used to expose to the world the ugly underside of so called Orthodoxy. Hats off you UOJ and DF for letting the rest of the world know of these disgraceful beasts lurking in our midst. Why hasn't a parent punched out this ugly monster during the past 40 years! If he did that to my son I would have run him over with my new Camry

lessons from the daf said...

This weeks daf in shekalim has the gemera and mishna that says the jewish nation has to be ABOVE reproach.

Our rabbonim must act in a manner that leaves no room for doubt. A rebbi who believes in what the gemera commands us, who was accused of molesting children must put himself in a position that he is beyond reproach.

A rabbi who publishes seforim should not even be close to a large financial scandal.

If they are charged again, then we have to condemn them for putting themselves in a position that they were even suspected.

The mishna in shekalim goes so far as to suggest that the kohen should fill his mouth with water so no one would accuse him of stealing using his mouth.

The gemera doesnt comdemn the nation for thinking they would. It is because someone who puts himself in a position of doubt, shall reap the consequences.

In our generation, our rabbonim think their reputation is enough. Have they forgotten this mishna?

Shocked to the core said...

Could somebody explain to me how the non-staff administration of yeshivot such as TT operate? What power and responsibility does the Board of Directors really have? Is the yeshiva incorporated as a non-profit organization? I simply do not understand this notion of yeshivot operating as private businesses for the benefit of the operating family?

Brafman Margo Pinter Alert said...

A friend of mine who is close to the Mirrer Roshei Yeshiva told me on Shabbos that Pinter has given the RYs a major update this past week. Pinter said that, although he is not completely out of the woods, he has just gotten off the hook on the most serious charges he was facing in the Olympia Ponzi scheme.

It worries me that Brafman is a slimy salesman who can sell people ice on the North Pole.

Here you have seasoned criminal Pinter that apparently stole about $50 million from his customers and caused the collapse of the Federal insurance system, getting away with it, thanks to a $5000 an hour snake charmer lawyer.

It worries me that justice may not prevail in Olam Hazeh with Margo.

Can someone out there with Pacer access look up Leib Pinter and Olympia Mortgage?

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Anon requesting information on the hesped in the Yated,

I am on holiday and was not able to pick up this week's Yated/Lip-shits paper.

What I do know for certain that the boy who jumped off the Empire State Building studied at Meiselman's yeshiva and was sexually molested there.

Anonymous said...

You gayvadik tinaf. Provide hard evidence of so called abuse at the hands of this pediatrician in brooklyn - otherwise take down the libellous comments by the know nothings on this site.
if you do not, you are exposing yourself once again as a person who is a reckless libeller of people's names. hashem will punish you for this, dont you worry.

Anonymous said...

uoj ,
what is the name of that boy that committed suicide that was by meiselman?

Shlomo said...

I was looking on tyhe OORAH site last night to see if I won a prize (I didn't) but I noticed that Kolko won a trip to the Canadian Rockies last year. I wonder who he took!!!!

Anonymous said...

How do you know for sure that he jumped and that he was not pushed and how do you know he was sexually abused?

Horrors from Toronto said...

There was a story years ago in Ner Israel Toronto, former home of Rabbi "toss you down the stairs" Levine. A guy who fell and broke his hip was cruely told he was faking. He was left to lie there all night writhing in pain while suffering further injury.

Margo's Boich Sevoros said...

Hello. We are the silly boich sevoros inside of Margo's huge stomach. Margo is such a silly baal gayve, he thinks he can fool the parent body into believing that he listens to "Daas Torah".

We guess that when Margo ignored or tampered with multiple beis dins he was also following "Daas Torah"

Margo promised Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky that would ask Rav ELyashev how do deal with Kolko. Since Margo never bothered to speak to Rav Elyashev as promised, we are the silly boich sevoros that take the place of "Daas Torah."

Margo, it doesn't just stink down here in your huge stomach from your diet of abundant Hungarian goulash and kokosh. It stinks to Hell from your pathetic lies that nobody is buying.

Kolko's Salary said...

"Administrative leave - paid or unpaid?"

Since Margo had the nerve to list TT as a not-for-profit, maybe we can look up the next public filing with Guidestar.

If Margo tries to maintain 2 sets of books that would be an interesting case for the IRS. Rav Dovid Cohen holds in certain circumstances that you are allowed to report mesarvei din to the government for tax evasion and disclosure issues.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

How do you know for sure that he jumped and that he was not pushed and how do you know he was sexually abused?

Above Anon,
I retained a private investigator, a former NYPD detective,nationally respected, to investigate ALL claims of sexual abuse in our community.
The days of sweeping this under the beards and hats are over!

Oorah Connection said...

I wonder if Kolko has any connection to that organization. I've long suspected that certain raffles are fixed. There was a Lakewood organization, I think it was Oorah, that has been under investigation this past year by journalists who believe it's a for-profit enrichment scheme run by the owner.

Anonymous said...

Above Anon,
I retained a private investigator, a former NYPD detective,nationally respected, to investigate ALL claims of sexual abuse in our community.
The days of sweeping this under the beards and hats are over!

But this happen in Israel? DId you send a detective here to Israel

Magnum P.I. said...

"I retained a private investigator, a former NYPD detective,nationally respected, to investigate ALL claims of sexual abuse in our community."

See what skeletons he can dig up on any lawyer who takes on Margo as a client.

Toronto Postscript said...

The yeshiva put out the word that the guy with the fractured hip was a troublemaker anyway who then tried to profit by suing them. They further accused him, without any evidence, of being behind a number of bomb threats that were phoned in over the years.

I viewed the yeshiva as adding insult to injury by waging a de facto smear campaign against him in the aftermath of his injury. Not only did the fellow have to suffer through the fracture and non-assistance, but he had to endure decades of being taunted by little kids in town as the guy with the broken hip.

tzubrochen said...

The Torah Temimah/AJ Brisker career path was mentioned earlier.

This post shows where we have landed up in 2006.

[1] The yeshivas shakedown the parents for tuition. i.e Torah Temimah

[2] Summer camps = expensive i.e. MaNaVu, Rommimu, Achim etc.

[3] Yeshivas/Seminarys in Israel = Bankruptcy . You have to go to BJJ BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Boys have to go to Brisk(AJS) or Brisk Lite (Reb Dovid) or Brisk-Faux (Kaplan) etc.

[4] Lakewood - $$$$$$$$$$

[5] Then you can't marry off your kids because you don't have any $$$$$$$$$$$.


tzubrochen said...

Chillul Hashem:

May 27, 2006
Downfall of a Young and Ambitious Assemblyman Stuns His Constituents
MONSEY, N.Y., May 26 — For Rockland County, Ryan S. Karben was nothing less than a political dynamo. He was appointed to the planning board in the Town of Ramapo at age 18. In 2002, he had already served two terms in the County Legislature when he won a State Assembly seat at 28, becoming the youngest state lawmaker in New York.

Described variously as ambitious, energetic, smart and ubiquitous, Mr. Karben, a Democrat, stood out for more than his youth, however. "He was a shining star," said Nicole Doliner, secretary of the Clarkstown Democratic Committee in Rockland. "He was very inspiring. He would give a speech and you would say, 'Wow, let's go.' He really believed what he said."

But his rising political fortunes came crashing down a week ago when he abruptly resigned from the Assembly, saying only that he wanted to spend more time with his wife and their three young daughters.

It did not take long for the back story to emerge. According to several Assembly officials who were briefed on the matter, Mr. Karben quit his post after being confronted with allegations that he brought three Assembly interns to a home he owns in Albany and watched pornography with them there.

Rather than face an investigation, which could include public censure, Mr. Karben chose to step down, the officials said.

Eileen Larrabee, a spokeswoman for the Assembly, said she could neither confirm nor deny that a complaint had been filed against Mr. Karben, who would not comment for this article.

His political fall apparently brought his law career down with it, at least for now. The firm in Spring Valley where Mr. Karben, a Columbia Law School graduate, had been a partner for three years wasted no time in removing his name from the lobby directory. Howard M. Gurock, a partner, confirmed that Mr. Karben's employment was terminated, but he declined to elaborate.

"I was surprised when I heard that he resigned from the Assembly and I was even more surprised when I heard the allegations against him," he said. "It seemed very out of character."

Across the 95th District that Mr. Karben represented, which includes Orangetown and parts of Ramapo, there was a sense of disbelief on Friday among constituents who had shaken his hand at school functions and watched him march in parades.

Mr. Karben is an Orthodox Jew and quickly became a leader in that community, which has grown substantially in the county in recent years. Internet blogs geared toward Orthodox Jews were buzzing about his resignation, as were residents in his district.

Some were reserving judgment, saying they wanted more facts. Others wondered how the circumstances would reflect on the community.

Most seemed to view the situation as a tragedy. "It's very sad," said David Chapman, 42, an Orthodox Jew who owns an office supply business. "It sounds like he was intentionally brought down. Maybe some people thought he was rising too fast in the political arena. Maybe some of the older ones were jealous."

Even the mail carrier on the quiet suburban street where he lives in Monsey rallied to Mr. Karben's defense, barking at a reporter parked outside Mr. Karben's sprawling Colonial house to leave him alone. On Friday, Mr. Karben came to the door but would not open it, telling a reporter through a frosted glass window to call him on his cellphone.

In a phone message that Mr. Karben left later, he said, "I'm not going to have any further comment beyond the two statements I've already issued on this."

Neither of those statements addressed his reasons for resigning. In one, he said, "My focus has, understandably, shifted from concern for a constituency of 130,000 to a constituency of 4."

The accusations against Mr. Karben reignited talk in Albany about where to draw the line in socializing with interns.

"The culture here is terrible," said Thomas K. Duane, a Democratic state senator from Manhattan who has pressed the legislative leaders to revamp sexual harassment policies. "You have people in these upper-level jobs who just don't get the enormous power they have over the young people who work here."

The Assembly had recently adopted a policy banning fraternization with interns, who are typically college seniors and juniors, after Adam Clayton Powell IV was accused of raping a 19-year-old intern in 2004; the charges were later dropped.

While some critics saw Mr. Karben as combative, arrogant and impulsive, friends and supporters called him articulate, gregarious and thoughtful. He became a vocal presence on several committees, unafraid to buck the leadership. He was a formidable fund-raiser, too: in his latest campaign finance filing, his re-election committee had more than $500,000. (Only a few other lawmakers, each in office for decades, had more cash on hand.)

And Mr. Karben, who was relentless in his pursuit of publicity, certainly had bigger ambitions, hinting at the possibility that he would one day run for governor.

Born in the Bronx, Mr. Karben attended Yeshiva University and married his high school sweetheart while in college.

Adam T. Bradley, an assemblyman from White Plains, quickly became friends with Mr. Karben when the two were first-year lawmakers in 2002. "It was always clear that he had a glowing commitment to his family," Mr. Bradley said.

"I hoped it was some kind of dream that I would wake up from," Mr. Bradley said, referring to the circumstances surrounding Mr. Karben's resignation. "He had a caliber of discussion and personality that I am going to miss."

Lisa W. Foderaro reported from Monsey, N.Y., for this article and Jennifer Medina from Albany.

Anonymous said...

Mr. UOJ why do you not get a life and take care of your own problems.

Whatever happened to "Kol Yisroel Arayvim Zeh L'Zeh"?

Is this Klal now limited to protecting our brethren from bugs in the water?

Does it no longer apply to Dinei Nefashos?

Anonymous said...

Can anything be done about that low life wilner from ytv who physically and mentally abused so many kids, I was one of them.

tzubrochen said...

What's Wilner's first name?

Anonymous said...

tzubrochen said...
What's Wilner's first name


Anonymous said...

he is rabbi yosef or joseph willner he still is at ytv that lowlife

First Time Poster, but Long time Reader. said...

This is a very interesting letter.

The guys running the school are very smart people. They may be unethical, and selfish, but very bright. However, they really are in denial here.

They know what happenned and what didn’t. They also know, that if it would be a non jewish teacher who was in question in this case, they would have sold him up the river, and possibly even manufactured more cases to get rid of the scum bag for good.

But thats not the case.

But they do know, that this Rabbi is tainted, and the school is tainted because of this.

So they can do one of two things, 1) Look sympathetic, and show compassion for the students and parents, and reassure them that we are looking out for you. They may even want to possibly create some sort of committee or task force of Rabbis to look into the matter. They may even want to create some sort of Liason to deal with such things.

But they didnt do any of that. They know that they will not win in the court of public opinion, and eventualy more dirt will be dug on them, that they will sink, so why aren’t they trying to save the ship.

Instead they are doing 2) Business as usual, pre-allegations. Making believe that nothing happenned. Making believe that the accusers are rishaim that have no right to do such a thing. Making believe that the parents will take the word of the Rabbi’s at face value, because they are Rabbis and men of the cloth.

Its wrong. They really are in denial and think that their power and clout will get them out of it.

Using Batei Dinim to threaten people with Motzei Shaim rah, and rechilus because people are concerned of childrens safety, and instead must side with the Rabbis.

The President of the school in question is a very wealthy man, and by signing this letter, is per se endorsing all the actions of the school. It is assumed that he will continue to back this school financialy and the course that it has taken.

Would he be signing this letter if it was his child or grandchild making the accusation?

These are very difficult decisions for people to make. I hope that they can sleep with a clear conscience.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Willner - Former menahel at Yeshiva Torah Vodaath elementary school.

Anonymous said...

I want to know if anyhting can be done about Fuerst in chicago who covered up a few abuse cases

Anonymous said...

I read in this weeks yated page 46, about a young man named Dovid Abramowitz age 21 that was niftar on feb 1st /06
Is this the 21 year old that committed suicide?
There is a long written hespid by a few rabbeim of his including meiselman .there was no mention about what caused his death or wheather he was ill etc.
please rspond.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi yosef wilner he killed so many yidish lives. May he burn in hell forever

Important Toronto Footnotes said...

I moved away a long time ago but I remember the guy with the broken hip. I'm sure that that episode contributed to his having a hard time getting married. I last remember him in his upper 30s and don't know if he ever got married.

There was a relatively more recent story. The yeshiva hired some guy to be "mashgiach", but he wasn't even a glorified dorm counselor. To make a long story short, he was a real putz. It was officially his job to take care of these kinds of things, but he couldn't care less about a bochur who fell during sports and thought he broke his ankle. He found every lame excuse not to take him to the hospital. The task fell to myself and others to help transport him there. (It turned out to be a sprain.) The only thing the putz was interested in was snooping around the dorm to find contraband to confiscate or some issue to snitch to Levine about. In the end, the yeshiva had no choice but to fire the putz at the end of the year. It turns out that the 9th grade "freshies" of all people, decided the putz had to go, focusing all their energy into making him look like a fool.

The putz got a job the next year at Yesodei Hatorah, where other reject rebbeim turned to. Someone mentioned earlier the drug dealer in Lakewood being the brother in law of someone accused of being a major figure in the sex abuse cover up in Camp Romemu. The putz is another brother in law of this figure. The putz was a hypocrite, still in his 20s who acted as if he was from the kedoshei elyon. A beis midrash bochur once told him off, calling him a pretender, who quickly forgot his own behavior not so long ago when he was a bochur in Scranton.

Anonymous said...

I read the article in the Yated this week.
It was a half a page article on the left side. Not two pages.
And no, that boy is not the boy who committed suicide.
STop writing if you don't know what your talking about.

Chaim Berlin Scoop said...

Correct me if I'm wrong guys, but this is the story as it was told to me. Chaim Berlin currently believes that it has first dibs on the entire Coney Island btwn L&M because of yashrus / matzranus. When Landau tried to take the corner building at L, the Berliners got into high gear to fight them off. Now rewind back 30 years. Rav Hutner told R' Aron Schechter to get rid of R' Yosef Carlebach. R' Shlomo was mazmin R' Aron to a din Torah with R' Moishe Feinstein. Rav Hutner instructed R' Aron not to show up. R' Moishe was very angry, issuing a very sharp letter and statement against Chaim Berlin who still owes backpay to Rav Carlebach by decree of R' Moishe. When Fruchthandler took Landau to beis din, Rav Carlebachs son, who is a lawyer, plastered pashkevillim around town that Chaim Berlin has previous business to tend to first. The yeshivaleit started asking embarrassing questions which forced Fruchthandler and company to back off. They tried to say R' Moishe's letter was a forgery, but Carlebach got R' Dovid Feinstein to verify that it's legit. R' Dovid Feinstein noted that his father was incensed by Chaim Berliner Chutzpah and remarked as follows: "Vemen meint ehr er iz ven mir ruft em tzu a din torah un er kumt nisht. Afilu R' Aron Kotler iz gekummen tzu a Din Torah by mir ven a baal haboss hot em geruffen."

Careful with Chaim Berlin Stories said...

Shhhh. The last time someone said something about Chaim Berlin, a bunch of guys grabbed him and physically booted him out of the camp Morris beis medresh.

Anonymous said...

what about all the physical done by those so called rabbis

Anonymous said...

They tried to say R' Moishe's letter was a forgery, but Carlebach got R' Dovid Feinstein to verify that it's legit. R' Dovid Feinstein noted that his father was incensed by Chaim Berliner Chutzpah and remarked as follows: "Vemen meint ehr er iz ven mir ruft em tzu a din torah un er kumt nisht. Afilu R' Aron Kotler iz gekummen tzu a Din Torah by mir ven a baal haboss hot em geruffen."

why did rav moshe find it necesarry to say that rav ahron shechter should have showed up to bais din because even rav ahron kotler once showed up to bais din?/
He should have showed up period. end of story!!!
No and ifs or butts .
So it would imply that if rav ahron kotler did not show up then it would be ok for rav shechter also not to show up/?
i dont get it.

Anonymous said...

physical abuse

Anonymous said...

was there anybody here that was abused my wilner

Auto Report World Editors said...

I heard a report today of girls making out in the bathrooms at a local Bais Yakov, other students witnessing it and not reporting it to the administration. Some girls are identified as "lesbians" and others participating due to no permissible contact with boys.

I wonder what R. Scheinberg would say. Perhaps they'd have to be using toys to qualify as Ta'avah.

Anonymous said...

OK, here is my response to the guy blasting Dr. Bulmash.

I read your own blog and the 60+ responses u had before u took them down. Suffice to say I take all sex abuse alegations super serious and have acted upon solid acusations too (ask the molesters I have helped run out of town!). However, the info u have provided is indicative of your misunderstanding the doctor. U yourself not once accused him of clearly deriving pleasure (masturbating, arousel, excitement, etc.) from his actions. Nor is their any evidence to date that he was into grooming long term.It is common knowledge that he has correctly identified MANY young adolescent boys with abnormalities in the private areas, thus saving them the agonies of tumors diagnosed too late to save one from death or medical castration. As well as warning countless parents of a son's varicocele - conditions which restrict proper bloodflow and body water drainage (hydrocele) from the reproductice-involved organs thus preventing many young adults from becoming forever sterile (unable to have proper intercourse and produce a child).

Knowing the doctor for almost 30 years and having been his patient all that time (pro bono for the times I couldn't afford health insurance) I believe he would be more than happy to meet u and allay your fears and misunderstandings. As an ultraorthodox man I understand how u felt as a preteen/teen being checked over and "fondled" like that, but a good doctor would subject u to the same. 2 specialists in manhattan did the same to me, likewise all MDs at the Methodist clinic even when I matured. Talk to knowledgable adults and perhaps lawyers and u will see your anguish is a result of ignorance at the time of these occurences. I KNOW, because I experienced this with the doctor as well and I know molestation from a mile away as I've been envolved in protection and defence of the sexualy abused. I wish I could somehow identify who u are so I could put your concerns to rest finaly, but this is how it works, everyone is annonymous.

Lastly, thanx for sharing your pain and giving me the oppurtunity to address u. And if u find that what I'm saying is correct I believe the doctor to be humble enough to accept your apology and be a great friend to u in the future. Of course, this was all written based on the info u related, other public testimony and my personal experiences with the doctor only and would not cover other instances which I am not aware of.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone provide photos of these people? (kolko, margulies, pinter, etc.)

Zvi Greenberg said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Zvi Greenberg said...

Lipa Geldwerth, hear this clearly! If you dont stop defending Kolko youre next. BullSHIT that you didnt know his golfcart was seen parked OVERNIGHT in front of different bunkhouses while his butt was parked in some kid's bed. BullSHIT you didnt sweep this under the rug. If you should dare to try to defend that molestor in nay way, we will take you out of the closet too.

Anonymous said...

It must be the same girls who were making out in Camp Chedvah. The shabbos afternoon activity.

Ari Friedman said...

Margo is one incredible guy. He misses every opportunity to heed UOJ's warnings while sliding down the slope of destruction of his own making. And didn't they teach this guy some elementary physics in Satmar, like the fatter he is, the harder he falls?

Joseph Sitt said...

Can someone explain any possible logic there might be in Willy putting everything on the line for a lost cause like Margo? There are any number of yeshivos that he can support.

Anonymous said...


I dont know why you allowed the post about Dr Bulmash to come through. We are attempting to take this "victim" down since all his claims are bogus and assinine. We urge all supporters to post their support for Dr Bulmash on drbulmashrocks.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Yudi Levi from Camp Chedvah will take any girl with money, she could have hair growing out of her mouth,parents that are felons,or worse.
Gelt is the soup de jour.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

The pro bulmash blog was taken off. But we would like if UOJ would moderate better and not allow bogus claims on his blog!!

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. said...

"Meantime we have learned the doctrine that evil means pain, and the revolt aginst pain in all its forms has grown more and more marked. From societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals up to socialism, we express in numberless ways the notion that suffering is a wrong which can be and ought to be prevented, and a whole literature of sympathy has sprung into being which points out in story and in verse how hard it is to be wounded in the battle of life, how terrible, how unjust it is that any one should fail."

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., Memorial Day, May 30, 1895.

On this Memorial Day, 2006, we dedicate this post to our brave soldier, Sergeant John Doe 3.

A brave man, who having survived the tyranny of Lipa Margulies and the abuse of Yidi Kolko who stepped forward to protect our children and future generations from the evil of Margulies.

May Sergeant John Doe 3 be blessed with a long life filled with joy, good health and the knowledge that his courage has inspired many others.

Avrohom Schwarzman said...

If you're looking for a picture of that short little weasel Leib Pinter, you can look in the front of various Mirrer Yeshiva dinner journals. If you want a glimpse of him in person, he strides into the yeshiva for Shabbos mincha like a proud s.o.b. The yeshivish faker also runs into Young Israel of Ocean Parkway for the earliest maariv in town on Saturday night.

Rebbitzen Sora Bulka said...

There's a group of organized "frum" lesbians on the Upper West Side. Many people don't realize that lesbian misbehavior is an issur d'Oraysa of Maaseh Eretz Mitzraim.

Anonymous said...

From the Bulmash poster one can see that a lot of these abuse stories are fabricated

Klein-Kaufman said...

Leib Pinter did it for Torah.

Abba Eban said...

Margo has a lot in common with Yasser Arafat. They both destroy young Jewish lives and they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Auto Report World Editors said...

The the defender of Dr. Bulmash. A couple of things. To begin with, though your efforts to rid our community of molestors is admirable, "running them out of town" isn't the solution, it's part of the problem. Did you publicly identify the molestors so they wouldn't be hired somewhere else? Did you contact the police and district attorney's office? Did you let the parent body of the school know of the problem so that other victims might come forward? Or did you just run the molestor out of town and try to keep things as quiet as possible?

The other issue is again the 800 lb gorilla in the frum community, sex. The frum community reflexively avoids any open discussion of sex (while being obsessed about tznius - there's got to be a term from psych like transferral or sublimation to describe that). Are frum young people so poorly educated about sex that they don't understand what takes place in physical exam? For boys and men, a standard physical involves examining the penis and testicles, including checking that testicles have descended properly in boys. Obviously this involves some handling of the penis and scrotum. From adolescense on, all of my physicals have involved prostate exams as well, which involves digital penetration. Bend over and cough.

Are there doctors who get sexually aroused when examining young boys' genitals? Probably a small number. About the same percentage, I figure, as the number of OB/GYNs who get off on examining women.

While it undoubtedly stresses modest behavior and the control of sexual desires is codified in many mitzvot and halachot, Judaism is the most sex positive of the Abrahamic faiths. It acknowledges a woman's need for sexual pleasure and makes that pleasure her husband's obligation. It encourages sex during pregnancy and post menopause as well, recognizing it as the fundamental element of the marital relationship. There is the ma'amar in the Gemara that permits all consensual sex acts between a husband and wife. The recent article from Prof. Tzvi Zohar of Bar Ilan shows that the Ramban and R. Ya'akov Emden permitted extramarital sex under the provisions of pilagshut, provided other halachot were not violated.

But the frummies have turned Judaism into their version of bible thumping sex hating Christians. So chassidic couples can't have babies because they don't know which orifice to use. And good doctors get accused of abuse for doing a proper medical exam.

Dr. Yehuda Sorscher said...

You can't really compare Bulmash to the other cases. Some ignoramous in Boro Park got excited that Bulmash did his job juggling his beitzim around. It's not like Kolko and the rest of them run a medical practice as much as they like to play doctor.

Auto Report World Editors said...

Rebbitzen Sora Bulka, there's a machloket over whether it's a d'oraysah based on the pasuk you cited or d'rabbanan.

In either case it's a much more severe violation of halacha than any of the fairly innocent heterosexual activity that will get a girl reprimanded in a Bais Yakov.

One of the problems w/ lesbian activity in the girls' schools is the "sisterhood". While Ortho Judaism is popularly portrayed as a patriarchy run by rabbis, let's face it, the frum community is run by and dominated by women. They determine who is accepted and who is not accepted. Mothers have no problem assertively walking into a boy's yeshiva and getting a meeting w/ the rosh yeshiva. Fathers, on the other hand, are made to feel unwelcome in the girls' schools. Tznius!

That's funny. Think about it. You have an adult women walk into a boys' school or an adult man walk into a girls' school. From what we all know about the differences between male and female sexuality, whose presence will most likely disrupt the student body?

Look, there's going to be some same sex experimentation by adolescents. That's pretty much normal. What I'm concerned about is that the very structures the frum community have set up to discourage boys and girls from having contact ultimately encourage excessive homosexual experimentation.

Maybe I'm funny that way, but somehow teenagers flirting at the pizza shop seems more consistant with a Torah life (and I can bring down p'sukim and ma'amarim about social interaction between Jewish singles) than blow jobs in boys' dorms and makeout sessions in girls' bathrooms.

Aaron Kotler, CEO said...

"Margo has a lot in common with Yasser Arafat."

You forgot to mention that they're both fat, ugly slobs who built an empire on thievery.

Auto Report World Editors said...

BTW, the Bulmash posts illustrate the self-corrective nature of the blogosphere. While it's true that unproven anonymous accusations can be made online, the fact that anyone can read it and in most cases respond (if the blogger is being responsible, at least), means that issues will usually be debated from more than one side and the truth will come out.

Also, some of the people commenting and posting either are experts or have personal knowledge of incidents being discussed.

This has come up in discussions on political blogs. Wild eyed conspiracies quickly get shot down.

Still, there is a need for some to be anonymous. Having seen how the frummies counterpunch with the worst kinds of personal attacks, I can understand why some accusations must be anonymous.

Elmer Weiss said...

Someone asked in astonishment how it is that a father of a victim never beat the hell out of Kolko. Since Margo is the bigger Rasha, it's a wonder that no one has ever grabbed him by the beard and slapped him silly.

gross said...

"BTW, the Bulmash posts illustrate the self-corrective nature of the blogosphere... Wild eyed conspiracies quickly get shot down."

Excellent point!

The guy presented no argument to begin with and I doubt anyone believed him. The "blogosphere" certainly allows theories and accusations to be presented in a way that encourages opposition. The truth usually prevails.

Anonymous said...

The "Editor" from Detroit,

Have you had an intensive education in Shas and poskim?

There are people who come along in every generation who think they've found a new fangled way to radically change the system. Why do you think you have it all figured out. We ought to commend UOJ for uprooting corruption that has set in the last 50 years but we are not here to turn the world upside down.

If Lesbianism has become more of a problem lately, it has nothing to do with a system that's been in place for 2000 years. It's because of outside influences. A girl who misbehaves in a heterosexual manner is just as likely if not more to experiment bisexually. The Mesilas Yesharim points out that the way of the yetzer hara is to seek new kicks when you get used to the current menu.

people don't practice what they preach said...

Who cares about the mesials yesharim? We've had enough mussar.

Jack Bendheim said...

Has Margo been working the phones, trying to feel out parents to see if they want to send their kids back next year?

Anonymous said...

"The yeshivish faker (Leib Pinter) also runs into Young Israel of Ocean Parkway for the earliest maariv in town on Saturday night."

His heter for davening so early is that he wants to get home as quickly as possible so he can log onto UOJ and eat his heart out as all the people bash his brains out.

Auto Report World Editors said...

Have you had an intensive education in Shas and poskim?

What do my credentials have anything to do with an educational system that winks at same sex activities in their schools but won't let boys meet girls for pizza?

For the matter, have you had an intensive education in Tanach?

There are people who come along in every generation who think they've found a new fangled way to radically change the system.

R. Chaim of Volozhin for example.

If Lesbianism has become more of a problem lately, it has nothing to do with a system that's been in place for 2000 years.

To begin with, we didn't even formally educate girls until about 100 years ago w/ the start of the Bais Yakov system - itself a response to the Polish gov't mandate to educate all girls. The yeshiva system for boys as it exists today is a modern innovation. Prior to WWII, very few boys had anything more than a cheder education. The frum community has applied to the masses a paradigm designed for the elite. No wonder so many students are ill served by the system.

It's because of outside influences.

Without identifying it as a Jewish school, ask a non religious Jew or a goy what you are asking for when you take teenagers, in the first flush of hormones, sexually segregate them, don't allow any discussion of sex, and punish them for contact with the other gende. Almost all reasonable people will say that you'll have an increased incidence of same sex activity.

A girl who misbehaves in a heterosexual manner is just as likely if not more to experiment bisexually.

And you base this on what empirical evidence?

The Mesilas Yesharim points out that the way of the yetzer hara is to seek new kicks when you get used to the current menu.

It was guys like you who put the Ramchal in cherem.

rodefemes said...

To - editor from Detroit,

You're starting to compete with Gil Student in being the biggest Jewish blowhard of the day. Same sex contact is unacceptable. This message should never be blurred.

Kashrus: meat and dairy separate.

Shatnes: wool and linen separate.

Synagogue: men and women separate.

There are other examples. Get it?

Kudos to Eli Greenwald repost and comment at the end said...

Please allow me to introduce myself to the readership of this blog. My name is Eli Greenwald, and I am a Torah Temimah parent with a keen interest in protecting the well being of my child as well as the health and safety of all of our children.

This comment can be printed as a comment or, if you choose, as a lead post.

When the anonymous letters were distributed to a large segment of the Flatbush community, I was naturally very concerned that such a situation could exist at my child's Yeshiva. With my conscience torn between chas v'shalom falsely accusing an innocent man; yet, on the other hand, unable to rest, knowing that the lives of pure, innocent children may have been shattered in the past and could presently still be at risk, I decided that I must use every available resource to verify whether the charges as stated in the anonymous letters were accurate.

Sadly, after speaking to multiple sources, which included people intimately familiar with the Bais Din proceedings some 25 years ago, I became convinced that not only is there credible overwhelming evidence to support the charges, but that Rabbi Margulies has known about the charges all these years. Though victims came forth to tell their stories of abuse, for reasons known only to G-D, proper and decisive action was not taken against Rabbi Kolko. In fact, action was taken to besmirch the victims' reputations causing them much pain and devastation. By the way, it is my understanding that Bais Din never issued a P'sak on the matter. Most importantly, I have personally spoken to many victims of Rabbi Kolko. Their stories are very real and painful. Children should never have to live through what these and other victims have been through. The effect of their childhood abuse lingers on and remains with them well into their adulthood.

I believe that it is incumbent upon every parent to check into this matter thoroughly using his/her own resources and due diligence. I was able to verify the accuracy of the charges. I am just an individual with no special connections. If I was able to verify the facts, anyone can and should. We do not have any excuses when it comes to the safety of our children! You have not discharged your obligation to safeguard your children by calling the Yeshiva and "feeling relieved" after the administration reassures you that there is no substance to the charges. Perform an independent investigation and you will discover the truth.

Here is my personal story and the price that I have paid for getting involved. Believe me, it is a small price compared to what the victims have suffered through. Though many have tried to discourage me from getting involved specifically because of this fear factor, the victims need to see that there are people out there who do care about them. There must be a light at the end of this dark tunnel that they have walked alone through for so long. Ultimately, Emes does prevail; if not on this world, then, in the next. That is what should keep us all going and striving to do the right thing without ulterior motives.

Upon verifying the charges, I called YTT and spoke to Rabbis Applegrad and Margulies. After telling each of them during separate conversations that I found the evidence to be overwhelming, I was told that they would not be taking any action to address the situation. In fact, instead of addressing the strong concerns expressed by a long-time parent and graduate of Yeshiva Torah Temimah, a few hours after speaking to Rabbi Margulies, I received a Hazmana from Rabbi Kolko summoning me to Bais Din (please see attached Hazmana) for being Motzei Shem Ra. Flabbergasted to say the least, I realized that this was an intimidation tactic -

something that was used very effectively during the prior Bais Din proceedings. I responded to the Hazmana by agreeing to go to a different Bais Din and have not heard back from the Torah Temimah team since.

I have deep empathy for the innocent members of Rabbi Kolko's family who will suffer as a result of what their dear loved one has wreaked upon them. I empathize with Rabbi Kolko as well and wish that he would seek the help that he so desperately needs. I do not wish to see Rabbi Kolko suffer any embarrassment and do not have any enmity towards him. My only wish is for him to be removed from his current position and that he is not allowed to regain employment around children again. Bearing this in mind, I believe that the comments on this blog should be restricted to mature, well thought out comments that contribute to the public dialogue and purpose of this blog, and not childish, boorish remarks that are personal in nature and decrease the blog's effectiveness.

I have known Rabbi Kolko for quite some time and this conflict of interest has made it even more difficult for me to get involved. However, to ignore the reality would be a perversion of justice. The victims and the safety of our children should and must be our ultimate consideration. Too many people at the highest levels of our leading organizations have known about this and chosen to ignore it. Trust me, I have spoken to some of those people and felt very discouraged after talking to them. They have applied Midas HaRachamim to the abuser/ perpetrator while applying a strict Midas HaDin to the victims. The needs, feelings and rights of the victims as well as the safety of our innocent children have literally been ignored and left by the wayside. This is not only a shame, but is truly Midas Sedom. To those on the street who are spreading rumors about my "personal vendetta" against Rabbi Kolko, the truth is there for all that wish to see it. All you need to do is take the blinders off your eyes.

Most outrageous is how YTT handled the entire incident since the allegations were brought to their attention over 20 years ago. Instead of removing this Rebbi from the Yeshiva and giving him the help that he needed, they chose to keep him on staff and pretend that the problem didn't exist. Rabbi Margulies could have done the right thing, but instead chose to embark on a path that has led to the destruction of many more lives and the current debacle. This is truly unforgivable!

I encourage everyone to begin to sign their names to their comments and posts. I address this to UOJ as well. While I certainly understand your strategic reasons for remaining anonymous, I believe that, at some point, you should unmask your cloak of anonymity. Yes, you have made controversial statements in the past, many that I disagree with, and you may not want to reveal your identity, but you should do so anyway. The only REAL and EFFECTIVE way for the community to break through the wall of resistance is for concerned and involved members of the community to step forward without fear of being exposed. I am doing this today. Mr. Alster has done the same. Kudos to Attorney Elliot Pasik who has been at the forefront for quite some time. As we continue to remain ANONYMOUS, we encourage and enable those who are taking advantage of us to continue to do so. By remaining anonymous, we are recoiling in fear. This is not the proper solution to the issue.

We must begin to form parent groups for the purpose of educating ourselves and our children about this very important topic. Mr. Pasik has spoken about background checks and an internal registry, etc. These are topics and initiatives that need the grassroots support of the parent community at large. Then, and only then, will the organizations act to implement these important solutions. We need involved parents who are willing to step forward with courage despite the resistance that they are sure to encounter along the way.

Any volunteers?

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to verify the above information.


Eli Greenwald


Eli greenwald could you verify the rumor that you have been vilified by certain Ra bonim and community members and could you be so kind as to name names.

Anonymous said...

Are there doctors who get sexually aroused when examining young boys' genitals? Probably a small number. About the same percentage, I figure, as the number of OB/GYNs who get off on examining women.

I respectively beg to differ. I do not know anybody who's mind starts racing while diapering a little baby boy. On the other hand, need I go on?

Anonymous said...

UOJ, you comment on town crier (atowncier.blogspot.com) and steven I weiss' site (canonist) that you have new stories and scandals about to break. How come no news here to your loyal readership?
We dont like the other places - you're the only honest abe news source. Tell us who you're gonna expose next. PLease!

avid reader and supporter said...

is it just my monitor or did the font size decrease on your site?
if you are able to can you please up it by 2 notches (sizes)?
thanx much

An avid reader and supporter of yours

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Above anon,

I never commented on the town crier and have not recently commented on the canonist. I suspect they are imposters.

There will be breaking news; you'll get it here first and right on!

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Dear Avid Reader,
The same on my screen. There have been issues with Blogger. I'm not certain what's going on.
If for any reason the site has difficulties commenting or posting go to: aunorthodoxjew.blogspot.com

Koveah Eetem said...

I hate to differ with you "Melamdim", but lesbianism is a much smaller Aveirah than what results from "pizza shop" meetings between boys & girls. The Rambam says that lesbianism should be "discouraged"; it's not Chaivei Kreesus like Needah. And incidentally, no one ever got pregnant from lesbian practices.

bad girl said...

maybe if mechanchos wouldnt bash girls who wear clothing that makes them look like girls, we wouldn't have the lesbian problem. a good bais yaakov girl knows she has to look like her brother.

Auto Report World Editors said...

Nobody ever got pregnant from eating pizza either. If you don't think the same sex contact between females is a serious issue than I expect you to kvell when you come home to find your wife fressing the maid (to quote a very funny Jew, Lenny Bruce). When your daughter tells you that she doesn't want a shidduch, that she wants to make a life with one of her classmates, will you put the announcement on onlysimchas.com?

I'm well aware of the differences of opinion over the halachic status of sex acts between women. My point is that girls are reprimanded for heterosexual contact that comes nowhere near an aveirah and that the rigid sexual segregation of teens and young adults fosters increased same sex behavior - just like in prisons.

It's a legitimate question to ask whether the current sexual segregation in the ortho Jewish community has been the norm over the centuries. We know that the standards within orthodoxy itself have moved in both directions over the past 150 years.

Auto Report World Editors said...

rodefemes said...

You're starting to compete with Gil Student in being the biggest Jewish blowhard of the day. Same sex contact is unacceptable. This message should never be blurred.

You don't read very well. When did I say it was acceptable? Some experimentation is probably natural, and a small percentage of people are oriented towards their own sex. Just because a behavior falls under the heading of natural, doesn't mean it's permitted by Torah.

Kashrus: meat and dairy separate.

For example, Kashrut. It's natural to eat just about anything that moves. People around the world eat just about anything that's alive. The Torah prohibits a natural act.

I'm not advocating the behavior, I'm concerned about it. Concerned that the current setup in our schools fosters increased same sex activity, and maybe sets the stage for subcultures to exist.

Anonymous said...

Eli greenwald could you verify the rumor that you have been vilified by certain Ra bonim and community members and could you be so kind as to name names.

Though, I'd prefer not to comment publicly on the matter, YES it is true (one Rov). I will not name names right now.

You can e-mail me for further info if you'd like.

rodefemes said...

Hey, Editor,

You wrote, "Look, there's going to be some same sex experimentation by adolescents. That's pretty much normal".

That's what I'm objecting to. The line between permissible and impermissible sexual conduct should never be blurred. In fact, I think you would agree.

Auto Report World Editors said...

rodefemes, I understand your point and perhaps I was getting too theoretical. Murder is normal too. As someone once taught me, if you want to see human nature, look at all the lo ta'asehs.

I wasn't blurring the line between the permissible and impermissible. My point is that some impermissible conduct (sexual or otherwise) is going to happen. We don't want to create a situation that cultivates that conduct among those on the fence. As bad girl's comment above illustrates, the students themselves recognize that much, perhaps most, of the same sex activity is situational, because of no heterosexual outlet. As I was told, "not all of them are lesbians".

I happen to think that single sex schools benefit both boys and girls. I also think that the paranoia that grips the frum community about sex (in this case, teen sex) leads to posters above that think that OrthoDykes are just fine since they won't come home pregnant and blow the chance for a good shidduch.

The current system of yeshivas and girls' school is not a mesorah from Moshe rabbeinu. The current situation [and I'll boldface it for you frummies that are trying hard not to get the point] where teens are completely sexually segregated and punished for even the most innocent social contact, you may reduce the incidence of teen pregnancy (though reports from chassidishe communities in the NYC area seem to refute this), and hetero teen sex, but you will definitely increase the amount of same sex experimentation.

What's wrong with a regular mussar schmooze on sexual abstinance until marriage, and address issues, as the halacha does, that are related, like same sex activity, and coercive sex. When did it become appropriate to not teach halacha?

The problem is that "tznius" prevents them from addressing these topics openly.

Hmmm. I'm not sure if it was GH or DB but one of the OrthoSkeptoBlogs raised the issue that contemporaries of the Chafetz Chaim warned that his sefer on Loshon Hara would be misused as we see it today, to protect the guilty and punish the innocent. In a similar way, the pervasive influence of "tznius" is fostering ta'avah after ta'avah.

rodefemes said...


You have many valid points which I agree with. I would add that sports is a good outlet for boys to learn how to behave in a manly manner. It will reduce same sex contact.

Anonymous said...

Dr bulmash is a tzadik and his name shouldnt appear on this website

millions said...

That bulmash guy seems to have disappeared.

Temporarily Anonymous said...

Two things (OK, 3):

1) UOJ, you have my deepest admiration for carrying the flag of truth. As the Latin saying goes, non illegitimi carborundum.

2) Re: Max Bulmash- I don't know about his sexual proclivities, but as someone who was once a patient of his (if you can call it that) and now a health professional, I can tell you that he couldn't diagnose his way out of a wet paper bag. He examined me (if you can call it that) when I was a camper at a summer camp 20 years ago after I had been injured playing sports and was showing signs of a potentially serious injury. He downplayed it, even when I was incapacitated in the infirmary. As a health professional I now know that I could have died as a result of my injury. My parents had to drive up and take me to a hospital at home. The medical care at these camps is abysmal; a "nurse" (who is probably an EMT or LPN at best) runs the infirmary and basically puts on band aids, dispenses Dimetapp and makes sure kids take their prescriptions. Doctors like Bulmash are given free vacations for the summer so that the camp can say they have a doctor.

I don't recall Bulmash fondling me or anything, though. Probably just wanted to get back to the guest dinig room for more pot roast.

3) Same sex experimentation happen sin school much more often than you think. I went to one of the "Big Three" brooklyn yeshivas around the Ocean Parkway/Coney Island Ave area, and a classmate of mine in 9th grade brought me to the bathroom and whipped it out, and propositioned me. (I declined).

(Verification word: "ryjew" ! Funny)

Anonymous said...

Bulmash has his own all season home for years and dosn't need anyones pot roast u sick prick!

BTW, what kind of health pro are u anyway? Janitors are legaly called professional health and sanitary engineers!

another camper said...

I was ALSO a camper at that camp where Bulmash was staying as the Dr- and he CORRECTLY diagnosed the severe abdominal cramping to be caused by that POT ROAST.

Your lucky you didn't DIE from that stuff.

another EMT said...

I know who you are and you ar now an EMT Medic.

I remember that incident in that chareydi camp, where I worked in the infirmary. Dr Bulmash spent an hour on the phone trying to convince your parents to come pick you up, while telling you that you'll be fine to relieve your anxiety.

You prob owe your LIFE to Dr Bulmash.

Temporarily Anonymous said...

Really, another emt? So who am I? Go ahead, tell everyone my name-- I give you reshus. What year did it happen? What was the injury? Who was the nurse?

I dare you.

Yeah.... I thought so. You don't know jack shit. And I'm not an emt, although I once was, probably when you were learning aleph bais. So go take you Hatzolah radio and keys and beepers and cell phones and wait for a call so you can fly around Brooklyn with your little red light like a big macher instead of working in the Seforim store.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry.... your right your not an emt your a real dr who cant build a practice like dr b so you try to discredit his medical ability.

Go back to trying to build a practice for yourself..... if the roles were reversed you know dr b would not stoop to your level...

Temporarily Anonymous said...

Listen, above anon-- I don't care how "big" Bulmash's practice is (as if that were any reflection of skill) I'm telling you what happened; don't blame me if you can't handle it. Luckily, the situation thank G-d had a good outcome. But I can tell you (and I know you're not a doctor) that any doctor woth his salt, who saw a kid with the history and presentation I did at the time, would have had me transported to the hospital for an immediate workup faster than you can say "CT scan". Okay? And if it were your kid, you'd agree with me. You'd have wanted the doctor to err on the side of caution, not shrug it off and hope for the best. It's called professional responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Listen up, you jerk. Dr B saves lives every day and you write posts on blogs. What does that tell you. Also meaningless? Everyone knows that Dr B is one of the best Drs in the country and any attempt to discredit him just brings about more support. So by all means.... continue posting and ignore your patients!!

Temporarily Anonymous said...

You show how weak your arguments are substantively when you resort to ad hominem attacks against me instead of refuting the story. You can't, so I don't know why you are trying. You can either believe it or disbelieve it. Either way, it happened. The fact that Dr. B. may have saved lives doesn't change the fact that he ALSO missed an important diagnosis, and did not act in accordance with the standard of care and do what any reasonable and prudent doctor would have done in my case. Don't like it? Too bad. Mocking me and insinuating that I might be less credible because I "write on blogs" does not address the issue. You can't refute my story because you weeren't there and don't have any facts. Doesn't matter if Dr. B is a nice guy, or gives out lollipops, or didn't charge a copay (which is illegal), or has nice magazines in his waiting room, or EVEN SAVED LIVES-- because that is his JOB-- what matters is that in at least ONE instance, he messed up. So don't try and defend him without facts, my friend.

And you "write on blogs" too, so I guess you must not be conscientious about your work either, right?


another EMT (who thinks he's a Doctor) said...

You say he missed the diagnosis.

I was there and I say he MADE the correct diagnosis.

He and I discussed your case together. You were too small a kid to know the difference.

And by the way, he always charges my family a co-pay, and he does not give out lollipops, AND he has seforim in his waiting room, NOT magazines.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Yosef Wilner is a fine and righteous man. Surely, he guided in an authoritarian manner but charges of physical abuse and mental abuse are completely unfounded.

I was a student in YTV for many years. I witnessed first hand his actions. While I certainly feared R' Wilner's rule, as did many students, it is scurrilous slander to acuse abuse.

It is also Moitze Shemrah and I am frightened to have read it in the Nine Days.

I am also an attorney and I will aggressively pursue, pro bono, on R' Wilner's behalf all legal remedies of libel, defamation and slander. Chilly Willy could use some money for his retirement and as soon as I subpoena the sources of these IP addresses....well, I hope you have a good attorney.

R' Wilner worked hard for the school and dedicated his life to it. Just because you are an ungrateful sack of shit that deserved some good discipline, that does not give you the right to besmirch a fine righteous man with false accusations. While you might so easily defame a man, he would never do such a thing; So who is the lowlife?

Anonymous said...

I am not scared of you come after me you lowlife Rabbi willner is as low as they come abusing little children and yes I have a good lawyer.