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A horrible abomination was perpetrated against the Torah. A married woman from a financially wealthy family obtained from a so called "rabbi" a "heter" to commit blatant adultery, after the "rabbi" received a hefty fee from her father. After the money was in his pocket, this so called "rabbi" performed a hocus pokus annulment in the style practiced for centuries by the Catholic Church. In fact, the annulment was based on testimony from a female witness, an admitted zona by profession, who is not of the Jewish faith. This so called "rabbi" furthermore falsely established that the husband had been infected with AIDS, something which the husband refuted by means of documented blood laboratory test results. Thus, the woman who had been married for almost a year and separated from her husband almost six months was advised that she may re-marry without need of a Get.

We are forbidden from remaining quiet over this terrifying event and great chillul Hashem. In these troublesome times, we must pray that these atrocities are not the cause, or tip the scales of Justice, in favor of Heavenly punishment against the entire Tzibur chalilla. Accordingly, we are obligated to vehemently protest this criminal abomination. This dishonorable "rabbi" must be prevented from continuing his shameful and detestable conduct. This so called "rabbi" cannot be permitted to rip out the laws of the Torah in order to fill his pockets with illicit bribes. This so called "rabbi" should forthwith sever all connections with the Jewish community. He has no Jewish neshama. He should live at the Vatican with the men and women he sincerely respects.

The story:

In the month of Cheshvan 5761, the subject couple was married and lived in New York . As noted above, she was from a very wealthy family. Unfortunately, the husband got involved in some credit card scandal and landed up in prison. Subsequently, the wife sought to be divorced from her husband. However, the couple were unable to resolve some monetary issues and therefore they have not reached a final settlement. The disappointed wife was thereafter advised that there was "magic help" available for her at the Yeshiva Torah V'daath. And so, she was off to see the Wizard of Ozzus, namely "Rabbi" Israel Belsky, to obtain her Catholic style annulment.

"Rabbi" Israel Belsky, began to salivate when he learned he was going to be approached by the wife and her wealthy family. That like on a cash-register, large dollar signs appeared in his eye sockets. "Rabbi" Israel Belsky saw another opportunity in his dirty hands by where he can continue to make a lot of money from selling the Torah and its' Shulchan Aruch down the river. It was of no importance, the terrible consequences his evil conduct would bring against Klal Yisroel (i.e. neeuf, mamzeirim).

Belsky figured "I will help this poor soul whose father has the big bucks. I will convene a "beis din" with my fellow scoundrels, where a shiksa employed as a zona (gentile woman working at a house of ill repute) will be an acceptable witness to testify against the husband. We will not invite the husband to our "beis din", lest he appear and defend his reputation. My "beis din" will then falsely ascertain the husband as having been a frequent patron of such ill reputed establishments prior to his marriage. My "beis din" will then further establish without witnesses that the husband was also "probably for certain" infected with AIDS prior to his marriage. After we certify the husband as having been "probably for certain" a carrier of the infectious AIDS disease at the time of his marriage, we will consequently rule the husband as being definitely unfit for marital relations with a wife. In conclusion, my star chamber beis din will permit the unfortunate wife to seek another husband without any need of a get.

The job of carrying out his halachic scam, at first appeared easy. To give his fictitious annulment a professional appearance, Belsky shamefully utilized a very select collection of authentic Halachic Teshuvos (responsa) from Poskim. Only, the selection of Halachic Teshuvos used were outrageously with no connection to Belsky's self-produced fiction about the husband. His comparisons were totally unrelated, illogical and did not even pertain to his self-created falsified situation.

Belsky then called together his lowlife friends. Them being a group of five (5) rabbinic scum, all of whom (with [probable] exception to the listed purported Kohen) were involved over the past eleven years with directing and/or implementing mafia style kidnappings, beatings and invalid Gitlin. Each of these rabbinic racketeers were instructed to bring along their rubber stamp so as to embellish their fabricated decision to appear very rabbinical and trustworthy. Those that did not have a rubber stamp were advised to quickly order one.

Only after Belsky obtained the signatures of his five cronies, did he realize that he and his rabbinic scum would not be accepted by the true chashuva Rabbonim in the community. And so, a campaign by Belsky himself to obtain the signatures of a few sincere New York Rabbonim was implemented. Belsky made the calls to certain well known Rabbonim, in the hope he could dupe them to sign their good name in support of his dirty lies published against the husband. Fortunately, Belsky's plan failed completely. Each of the Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshiva refused to go along with him. In fact, they were unaware of thelies and deception being perpetrated, only they each found his counterfeit annulment as being ridiculously irrational, illogical and coated with Belsky style stupidity.

Without the support of any reputable Rav in America , Belsky directed his efforts toward Eretz Yisroel. To approach Rabbi Elyashev was out of the question. Some years back Belsky was caught lying to Rav Elyashev in another story regarding a forced invalid Get. In that story, Belsky falsely claimed that his kidnapping and mafia style torture of an innocent husband from Borough Park (story published in Newsday March 8, 1998, with Belsky's picture) was sanctioned by a former Rosh Yeshiva of 'Chaim Berlin' living in Far Rockaway. That Rosh Yeshiva upon learning that Belsky was falsely using his name, wrote a letter to Rav Elyashiv and to the "Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah" stating that "Rabbi" Belsky is a "liar" and should not be believed a single word that goes out from his mouth. In that case as well Belsky and his mafia group tried to permit a woman from Montreal to commit blatant adultery, Rachman Litzlon. All the Gedolei Torah vehemently protested against Belsky, and ruled that the woman is an Eshes Ish. Now again, Rav Elyashiv refused to accept "liar" Belsky.

As such, Israel Belsky hoped to succeed between the Israeli Sefardic Rabbonim, a group less familiar with his deceptive practices. Immediately a fax with the falsified annulment (which includes his illogical teshuva) was sent to Harav Ovadia Yossef Shlita. It was Belsky's silly hope that Rav Ovadia Yossef Shlita would be too busy to read the papers, but would issue a quick endorsement after seeing the signatures of all the rabbinic racketeers with their fancy rubber stamps and self proclaimed titles. (See p. 13, Hebrew side)

On this point Belsky was half correct-Rabbi Ovadia Yossef Shlita was too busy to study Belsky's asinine papers. Upon his

gabbai telling him that the papers pertained to freeing a married woman without any Get, Rav Ovadia Yossef Shlita insisted that it cannot be. Instead of bothering to read the papers himself, Rav Ovadia Yossef Shlita directed that it be sent to Rabbi Shalom Messas, the Sefardic Chief Rabbi in Jerusalem . However, the response of Rabbi Messas toward the false annulment knocked a great blow to the face of "Rabbi" Israel Belsky and his entire conspiracy.

The Chief Sefardic Rabbi Messas wrote as follows: (As translated from the Hebrew)

"The testimony about the husband being a patron of a house of ill repute, was based entirely upon the testimony of a Goya [who is a harlot by profession], which under halacha such testi­mony is totally invalid, untrust­worthy and valueless. This and all other facts presented [by Belsky] have no standing whatsoever. Furthermore, laboratory tests show conclusively that the husband has no AIDS..."
Rav Shalom Messas

Rav Ovadia Yossef Shlita, upon learning of the Belsky trick, wrote a postscript to Rav Messas' letter, saying:

"I agree wholeheartedly to what the chief rabbi of Jerusalem wrote, and the woman is still an Eshes Ish." (See p. 16, Hebrew side)

It is noted here in the spirit of mockery and jest toward Belsky's stupidity: If the husband was "probably for certain" infected with AIDS prior to his marriage, then after eleven months of living with his wife derech ishis, the wife too was "probably for certain" infected with AIDS. Why doesn'tit appear to those fools that still swear by Cardinal Israel Belsky and his silly annulment, that by allowing the married wife to - - - around without a Get, that Belsky is undisturbed about "probably for certain" spreading the AIDS epidemic. (see letter of Rabbi Shlomo Miller Shlita from Toronto (p.19)

The Chazal teach us that "Kol Haposal B'mumo Posel”. In the report above, Israel Belsky sought to defame the husband as a carrier of a deadly disease. In truth it is Belsky that is diseased. He is infected with the contagious kofer b 'ikar disease. At this time many of the talmidim at the Yeshiva Torah V'daath are "probably for certain" carriers.

And now we question:
Why does Yeshiva Torah V'daath permit walking sewage to occupy a seat on its faculty?

Why does the Yeshiva Torah V'daath still pay a salary to Israel Belsky, a profane heterodox Apikores?

And, why is it not any concern to Yeshiva Torah V'daath that their bachurim are being corrupted away from the Derech HaTorah by "Rabbi" Israel Belsky by his blasphemy against Shamayim?

The Yeshiva Torah V'daath, by permitting an immoral and dishonest creature like Israel Belsky to be engaged in chinch of young talmidim, is responsible for the spiritual poisoning of their students' neshamas!

Yeshiva Torah V'daath should not be permitted to continue destroying the "Torah and Klall Yisroel by means of Israel Belsky!! Demand that Israel Belsky be flushed out of Yeshiva Torah V'daath forever!

By Alumnies of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath

Translation from Hebrew letter
Rabbi Aaron M. Schechter
Erev Shabbos Parshas Tetzaveh 763
To the Honorable Rabbis Shlita;
We are hereby requesting of the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah of America to seek rabbinical determination regarding a "serious" matter - That is; the 'Torah position' as commanded to us via Moshe Rabeinu, our heritage which is the Mesorah passed on to every generation, through our teachers and our beacons, the Gedolei Hador.
The situation is as follows: It has recently become known here that Rabbi Israel Belsky prepared a "heter" to remarry for Mrs.... on the basis that her marriage was in error. I spoke to him twice, since he is considered a scholar from the Torah camp, as to whether he would actually permit this without consent of a superior Bais Din of our generation. Besides that this is a sign of throwing off the yoke of Torah, much worse, this opens the gates before many small foxes who stand ready to destroy the vineyard. He answered, that he intends to seek consent and that he would not act unless called upon by the Gedolei Hador.
Behold! It has now become evident to us, that her family, based upon the "heter", is actually occupied in seeking a "shiduch" for her even from among yeshiva students! We never imagined that anyone would accept upon his soul to do this!
Behold! A copy of the "heter" we place before you - however, aside from this, [on such] our souls are pained as we are suffering greatly from the Chutzpah of the Messianic era in a frightening manner. We do not lack voices demanding that the "rabbis" should invent dispensations for Agumos to remarry. The world is full with their "kindness". And to our embarrassment and pain we do not lack volunteers who assume responsibility upon their shoulders who say "I am a rabbi," [and] the power of arrogance is greater. And from those who participated in this "heter" the extent of these points can be proven.
If on a stringent matter in Jewish law such as the status of an "Eishes Ish" and on a holy matter as the purity of Jewish ancestry, leniency in a new fashion that does not exist in our Mesorah will be taken in our community without consulting leading Poskim of the generation, it will result in weeping for generations - everyone will act in accordance with his own biased view to compare one situation to another. And within a significant part of orthodox Jewry, light-mindedness will prevail, respect for Torah will sink, and incurable anarchy will ensue, heaven forbid.
Reformers will clothe in joy since they will sense that fear of G-d which precedes Torah is no longer a barrier to them, since the Torah camp has set an example to them, that they do not seek decisions in accordance with Torah law and there will be no constraints against all sorts of evil spirits blowing, and the Torah will become a forgery and Koheles Yaakov will conceal her face in the ground with the trampling of her heritage.
There is a root to the oral Torah through which G-d nourishes Klal Yisroel - they are the pillars of judicial Poskim - from them law and justice will go forth to the entire Jewish community. Our eyes are dependent upon the Torah nation to stand by us in this critical period. May G-d bestow strength upon his nation and [with this] G-d will bless his nation with peace.
With wishes of establishment of peace, goodness and blessings, to our Rabbis may they be blessed with longevity.

/s/ Aaron Moshe Schechter
/s/ Shraga Feivel Cohen
Mesivta Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin 11605 Coney Island Avenue I
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230


  1. This man Belsky is wild. It seems there is nothing he won't do for a few bucks. How can the OU continue employing him?

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  3. I thought Belsky would at least have enough common sense to not get in bed with gangsters like Mendel Epstein's Iggud "Harabbonim".

    In other news, Epstein is now grooming his kid as a toen to follow in his footsteps.

  4. Very sneaky move by UOJ. We were on guard for a hurricane to be unleashed on NIRC or YTT again when he sets off an earthquake under Belsky.

  5. Peretz Steinberg from Queens sits on Mendel Epstein's farkakta beis din. Does anyone know what the story is with his son-in-law Asher Schachter who was rov in Fairlawn, NJ and now in Hillcrest / Fresh Meadows, NY? He is machshir a chain of bagel restaurants called Bagel Boss that I'm told are open on Shabbos & Yontef.

  6. Rabbi Sabo who left Simcha Klohr for Torah Vodaas was able to take 90 kids with him. I wonder how many kids went to other yeshivos. Is there anybody left?

  7. Who is Rabbi Lichtenstein and did a private letter get out?

  8. Someone's surprised the OU would sit on an outrage? What about when they covered up Lanner's molestation for years?

    I also have information that they too are farkofyt to the mighty dollar. My sources tell me that internal rabbonim wanted to stop giving hashgocho to Chinese restaurants that are operator owned because of a high incidence of sneaking in pork. Nothing changed because of financial considerations.

  9. Who did Schattner take for a shidduch the second time around?

  10. Rav Shlomo Miller in that letter puts Belsky in the same boat as Emmanuel Rackman & Mordechai Tendler.

  11. There is a problem downloading the documents....I am on it.

  12. UOJ,
    could you please identify the other rabbonim who signed the document. From the stamp, its clear R'Belsky and R'Steinberg, could you please identify the other three?
    Also, did you solicit any response from R'Belsky, giving him the opportunity to defend his "actions"?
    If R'Belsky was so "discredited" with this psak, how come he is still widely regarded as a posek and as a R'Y?


    So says Peretz Steinberg's son-in-law when touting his "pas yisroel" products.

    Yet, would R' Moishe approve that a Jewish-owned business (the Rosner family) is open 24/7 including Shabbos & Yontef?

    A disgruntled employee also claims that all kinds of treif is snuck in behind the backs of the mashgichim.

  14. I called Belsky and told him I'm going public with these documents.

    The nivel peh he unleashed on me was Rubashkin truck driver speak.

    I made it very clear that I will discredit him until Torah Vodaath and the OU realize that he is a street bum that has no place in any Jewish organization.

    Contact the OU and Torah Vodaath, particularly Hirsh Weinreb and Chaim Leshkowitz...make your voice heard. Consider boycotting OU products as long as Belsky is there.

    Belsky is a sheigetz, a minuvel b'rishus hatorah, he must be removed from Jewish life once and for all.

  15. If anyone wants to receive the fifteen page document by e-mail, contact

    The file should be available here by tonight.

  16. The Belsky file can be downloaded here

  17. Bais Din,

    As we already have seen, the fact that a sheigetz like Belsky is still employed, should not surprise you.

    How long was Kolko, Eisemann, Nussbaum and Leizerowitz employed?

    A sum total of at least 140 years for these criminals.


  18. "The nivel peh he unleashed on me was Rubashkin truck driver speak."

    Since even the sichas chulin of talmidei chochomim teaches us something, I was wondering if UOJ could share with us the exact choice of words Rav Belsky used.

    Belsky is my kind of guy.

  19. "The nivel peh he unleashed on me was Rubashkin truck driver speak."

    CLASSIC! I haven't heard a good line like that in a while. We need more of the funny, vintage UOJ.

  20. It seems that there a bunch of unreliable hashgochos connected to the Iggud Harabbonim.

    Rabbis (Peretz) Steinberg, Brissman, (Mendel) Epstein, Singer, Elbaz, Lustig, Kurzrock, Belsky, and Hecht are the rabbis officially part of the Iggud, so Belsky is officially a member besides running his own beis din.

    An indicted felon, Gershon Tennenbaum, is director of the Iggud and the Jewish Press's Yaakov Klass is Vice President.

    Rabbi Elbaz from Ave X runs a joke kosher agency that no one in their right mind should trust.

    Hershel Kurzrock & Yaakov Klass give a shiur in Rabbi Spivak's yeshiva. Spivak is the UK (United Kosher) that provides certification to a bunch of mechalel Shabbes restaurants & stores that are probably treif gomur.

    Peretz Steinberg & Hershel Kurzrock in a conflict of interest.

  21. To YTV insider

    The class sizes vary that are left from a high of 17 to a low of 2 with an average of about 10.

  22. This whole f@#$% group of rabbis should be sent to the front in Iraq, with Aaron Schachter calling the military moves.

  23. I'm really serious. Belsky comes from a bloodline of very ill people.His grandfather Binyomin Wilhelm and Yossie and Shea Wilhem (uncles-mother's brothers) were notorious wife beaters. All three of them had strokes and were paralyzed on their right sides of their bodies(beating hand) for years before they died. No coincidence if there is a G-D. Belsky used his fists throughout his life especially in the Agudah of Williamsburg. He is seriously ill and should be in a mental hospital, not in a yeshiva or as a mashgiach. One prominent rav told me Belsky's hashgocho is not even reliable on salt.

  24. "Epstein is now grooming his kid as a toen to follow in his footsteps."

    Can't Yoni Epstein make an honest living? He didn't strike me as the type to know all the teshuva seforim, so I guess old man Mendel is just passing down his mafia techniques.

  25. Does Belsky's brother still run that yeshiva by Ave C that barely had a minyan?

  26. UOJ

    You have a beef with Rubashkin?? what's your problem with him? AMazing, stick what you are good at, and proven vermin. I for one trust Rubashkin, know the family well, and for crying out loud have you never heard of jealosy?

  27. I deman an immediate effing retraction you vile friggin scumbag for insulting me like that. Compare me to effing Belsky one more time and you'll see where I drive my truck.

  28. Shea Fishman certainly has a point. We were all taken by storm as UOJ managed to set off an earthquake under Belsky in a place not known for shifting of tectonic plates.

  29. The people that run the parent Iggud Harabbonim organization in Manhattan are Rabbi Hecht and his extended clan. How did a bunch of Lubavitchers let these gangsters like Mendel Epstein & Gershon Tennenbaum take over the beis din? Hershel Kurzrock has slipped into senility so he's used as a stooge just like the Iggud & the Jewish Press uses Yaakov Klass (although Klass is not senile).

    Rabbi Hecht by the way is the rov of the Syrian shul at Ave T who will be arrested if he steps foot on Israeli soil after he made some choice remarks about Rabin. I don't necessarily disagree with him on that but he has been criticized by rabbonim for allowing mixed dancing in the shul hall. Billionaire banker Edmond Saffra was his biggest backer so Hecht was untouchable as long as Saffra was alive.


    Gershon Tennenbaum, representing the Iggud, went running with Dov Hikind to Gush Katif. I wonder who paid for the trip.

  31. Does Hirsh Ginsburg that crooked (takes shochad) bal din have anything to do with these guys?

  32. In response to a few e-mails. It's an important part of a story to understand how a seriously deranged person evolves into the maniac that Belsky has become to issue a hazmana for motzee shem ra to protect Kolko and Margulies.

    Look at the crowd he mingles with; no respected rav will have anything to do with him. On metziza b'peh he hung with the Satmar & Co. crazies. He'll sell his soul for a little money and attention.

    He grew up in a totally dysfunctional family. His father never earned a living and was "slow." Look at Mendy Belsky and you see "retard." His mother, a Wilhelm, well you saw what Old Williamsburg Boy said...all true!

    So Belsky's history is important to be able to understand the mind of a crazy. All serial crazies have histories, Belsky is no different. Yes, he has a high IQ, but so did Ted Bundy.

    But Ted Bundy does not teach in Torah Vodaath or is he affiliated with a major kashruth organization.

    For the Klal to keep Belsky in his positions, I'll say the same thing I said about Margulies; the Jews are their own worst enemies!

  33. Didn't Belsky's brother(I don't know his first name) before he got divorced beat the crap out of his family on 47th street?

  34. yes that was his brother pinky.

  35. "Does Hirsh Ginsburg that crooked (takes shochad) bal din have anything to do with these guys?"

    Although Hirsh is with a different entity, they did collaborate when it came to silencing victims & critics of Mordechai Tendler. They were actually joined by the who's who of every wacko & thug out there, including the Jewish Press, Gershon Spiegel & the brother of Matis Weinberg.

  36. Hazorim bedimah berina yiktzoru said...
    To my friend the Lazerowitz victim. Please do not tag yourself with the word "FOREVER".

    -----------------------------------THANKS for your your heartwarming words they really mean a lot to me,but i will continue using "forever" untilthe day comes were i did not for once think about that one very sick man leizerowitz when that happens i will change my name to leizerowitz victim. but i do not see it in the near future just look at me years later sitting on the net posting my heart out even after the guy fled to eretz yisroel...anyhow thaks again for the divrei chizuk.. LEIZEROWITS VICTIM FOREVER

  37. "Does Belsky's brother still run that yeshiva by Ave C that barely had a minyan?"

    It doesn't seem to exist anymore but at one point he was partnered with Rabbi Sholom Storch who currently runs a cheder in Lakewood. Storch used to be with the St. Louis yeshiva (paradox intended) that let molesters and violent bullies run rampant for the right $$$ price $$$.

  38. One of the Rubushkins is an indicted felon, so UOJ is on the money as usual.

  39. Since we represent the hard working truck drivers across the nation, we wanted to remind everyone that Rubashkin truckers should not be getting all the limelight, as Margo used to be a driver for Torah Vodaath as well.

    Then again, Margo does wish his critics wind up like Jimmy Hoffa.



  41. How can you release this whole story and then defend the girl? This story is old already and both parties have moved on. If you really felt in anyway defensive of the girl, you wouldnt bring her name back into the muddy jewish gossip ring.
    The wife never intended on actually using this heter, but wanted to prove to her slimy ex that an annulment was in fact possible - perhaps saving her the 2 million dollars he was demanding. Howevever, due to the jewish gossip mongers, it got of hand and carried no weight in getting a free get.
    How about discussing what beis dins reaction is to counting two million dollars in cash before actually handing over the get? What's being done for that? ?
    Maybe instead of slamming rabbis for trying to give out gets through controversial loopholes, we should be slamming the husbands who withold the gets - and the rabbis who hold any influence over this matter.
    While something may have to be done to correct the system out there, theres no reason to make this girl relive this nightmare of making the mistake of marrying a slimebucket, fraud.

  42. How much did Mendel Epstein & Belsky charge for the annullment services?

  43. I'm surprised that some of the anti-OU muckrakers like the Satmar Hisachdus Harabbonim & Lakewood's Yudel Shain haven't made any hay over Belsky. They must have never gotten the letters from R' Aron Schechter & R' Shlomo Miller.

    Doesn't Shain have a blog? Someone should pass it on to him.

  44. Was the ex-husband ever prosecuted for the credit card fraud? Oh wait, maybe the Iggud Harabbonim has a program to rehabilitate gangsters with bad credit ratings. They seem to have done so with their own director Gershon Tennenbaum.

    Moishe Scheinerman is Schattner's rov. What was his position on the Epstein-Belsky move?


    Child rapists are being released from prison to relieve overcrowding.


    Distasio told a judge that his apartment was a religious sanctuary where smoking marijuana and having sex with children are sacred rituals protected by civil rights laws.

    He told the judge, "I'm a pedophile. I've been a pedophile for 20 years. The only reason I'm charged with rape is that no one believes a child can consent to sex. The role of my ministry is to get these cases out of the courtrooms."

    Distasio said the children were willing participants and for that reason he believes he's entitled to reduced charges and a shorter sentence.

    A convicted child molester who won a new sentence because a judge read him a Bible passage about homosexuality now says his second prison term is too long.

    Former Springfield bus driver Jay Bruna won a resentencing hearing after Sarpy County District Judge George Thompson read a Bible passage before sentencing. Bruna was given 15 to 20 years in prison for the 2002 first-degree sexual assault of a 12-year-old boy.

    The Nebraska Court of Appeals overturned Bruna's sentence in 2004, saying Thompson abused his discretion by interjecting his personal religious views.

    Convicted molester tells jurors his past is irrelevant

    SAN JOSE, Calif. The prosecution in the case against the man described by authorities as the worst child molester in U-S history is promising jurors they will see a mountain of evidence during the trial.

    During opening statements yesterday in the trial of Dean Schwartzmiller, prosecutor Steve Fein told jurors they will hear testimony from at least eight of Schwartzmiller's alleged victims.

    Fein also said he would present a 456-page manuscript that Schwartzmiller kept about sex with boys and that he will present evidence of five decades of abuse.

    But Schwartzmiller -- who is acting as his own attorney -- told the jury that his manuscript is fiction. He also maintains that his past is irrelevant and that his most recent accusers were coerced.


    Court upholds ban of molester from public parks
    By Charles Wilson
    Associated Press
    INDIANAPOLIS – A convicted child molester has no fundamental right to visit a public park, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.

    The decision by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago upholds a ruling by a federal judge in Hammond, who found a Michigan City ordinance banning Robert E. Brown from city parks did not violate his constitutional rights.

    City officials adopted the ban in 2002 after they said Brown visited Washington Park almost daily, staring at children through binoculars and taking photographs from his van. Brown denied the allegations.

    The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana represented Brown in the lawsuit, arguing that the law deprived him of his 14th Amendment due process rights. After the federal judge ruled against him, Brown appealed to the 7th Circuit.

    But the three-judge panel found that it was reasonable of the city 30 miles west of South Bend to specifically ban Brown, though it acknowledged there was no evidence that he was looking for children.

    “As a practical matter of ensuring public safety, Mr. Brown is not just another patron of the public parks,” Judge Kenneth Ripple wrote in the ruling. “He is a convicted child molester whose frequency of attendance and atypical behavior while in the park justified the concern of those public officials charged with ensuring the safety of members of the public who visit the recreational site.”

    Ken Falk, the ACLU of Indiana’s legal director, said Brown had not decided whether to seek a rehearing before the entire court or appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    “We’re obviously disappointed,” Falk said of Tuesday’s decision.

    The appeals court’s reasoning was similar to a 2003 ruling upholding a similar law in Lafayette.

    Six sexual offenders also filed a federal lawsuit against Indianapolis in May to block a new ordinance that bans them from coming within 1,000 feet of parks, pools, playgrounds and other sites when children are present.


    Girl wins $8.4M from estate of accused molester

    SAN RAFAEL, Calif. A 16-year-old girl has been awarded more than eight (m) million dollars from the estate of a San Rafael man who allegedly molested her then killed himself in a plane crash.

    A Marin County Superior Court jury has ordered the estate of Steven Greenberg to compensate the girl for repeated sexual abuse from the time she was nine until 12 years old.

    Greenberg owned the Daly City apartment where the girl and her mother lived.

    Investigators say he flew a single-engine Cessna into Sonoma Mountain the same day in January 2002 that a search warrant was executed at his home.


    SANTA ROSA, Calif -- A Roman Catholic bishop who could be the first criminally charged for failing to promptly report sexual abuse said Tuesday he never tried to protect a fellow priest who is believed to have fled to Mexico.

  50. Yeshiva Girl and others,

    The former Mrs. Shattner was taken by scumbags Belsky and Epstein. She is a very respectable person who made a mistake.

    This must be a lesson to innocent wives, no matter how bad the situation is, do not contact gangster rabbis. Their heterim are meaningless and will only add to your tzures.

    Did Belsky ever return the $250,000 given to him under the table? Call him and ask the bastard.


    Cost $40 to $50 each. Margo has directed Applegrad to impose a surcharge in that amount on tuition even though YTT won't be implementing the checks anyway.

  52. Where does that info come from that Belsky took a quarter of a million? Maybe that's what the ex demanded.

    How did UOJ get a confidential letter from Rebbitzen Belsky?

  53. The bastard husband got $2M and Belsky got $250,000....take that to the bank...I mean mattress!

  54. Blawgs Make Leap From Chatter to Stuff of Citations

    New York Lawyer
    August 29, 2006

    By Xenia P. Kobylarz
    The Recorder

    If anyone still scoffs at the growing importance and influence of law blogs, maybe this will convince you that it's time to finally start your own.

    Ian Best, a recent graduate of Ohio State University's Michael E. Moritz College of Law, did an independent study observing and recording recent case rulings that cited blogs. And he found 32 citations of legal blogs in 27 cases.

    Best, who claims to be the first law student in the country to receive academic credit for blogging, started his study as part of a class project that looked into the growing phenomenon of legal blogs.

    His interest was piqued while working as a research assistant to Douglas Berman, Moritz College of Law's most prolific blogger. The professor has been posting about advancements in federal sentencing on his blog, Sentencing Law and Policy, since 2004. His blog is one of the eight legal blogs cited by judges in the 27 cases Best compiled.

    "I started the study because I wanted to show how blogs are becoming more sophisticated and respectable within the legal profession," Best said in an e-mail.

    To prove his point, he chose to conduct his study and present his research via a blog of his own, 3L Epiphany

  55. Sounds like Belsky took our corporate jingle seriously.

    "have more fun in bed"


    South Carolina and Oklahoma - this summer enacted laws that allow repeat child sex offenders to be put to death. They join Louisiana, Florida, and Montana, which already have similar laws on their books.

    The governors of both Oklahoma and South Carolina argued that the sexual abuse of children is as bad as murder because molestation causes permanent damage to the life of the child.

    "(It) is about sending a very clear message that there are some lines that you do not cross, and that if those lines are crossed the penalties will be severe," said South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford in a statement.

    Oklahoma State Sen.Jay Paul Gumm echoed the sentiment. "We allow the death penalty for someone who has killed a body," Gumm, who authored the Oklahoma bill, said in a statement. "Why would we allow someone to escape who has killed a soul?"

  57. How can you release this whole story and then defend the girl? This story is old already and both parties have moved on. If you really felt in anyway defensive of the girl, you wouldnt bring her name back into the muddy jewish gossip ring.
    The wife never intended on actually using this heter, but wanted to prove to her slimy ex that an annulment was in fact possible - perhaps saving her the 2 million dollars he was demanding. Howevever, due to the jewish gossip mongers, it got of hand and carried no weight in getting a free get.
    How about discussing what beis dins reaction is to counting two million dollars in cash before actually handing over the get? What's being done for that? ?
    Maybe instead of slamming rabbis for trying to give out gets through controversial loopholes, we should be slamming the husbands who withold the gets - and the rabbis who hold any influence over this matter.
    While something may have to be done to correct the system out there, theres no reason to make this girl relive this nightmare of making the mistake of marrying a slimebucket, fraud.
    Didn't your mommy teach you that two wrongs don't make a right? True, there can be no excuse for a man to withhold a Get. Also true there is no room in our community for corrupt and thieving rabbis such as Belsky who encourage this type of behavior.

  58. Apparently, UOJ is anti-child molestation but pro-spousal abuse. ---------------------------------------------------------------

    Anybody want my job....I get hundreds of comments similar to the one above! Who ever said the Jews are a smart people? We are corrupt as hell and as dumb as dumb gets!

  59. Please provide the correct source for your Newsday article, or the title.

    No mention of Belsky.

  60. "The governors of both Oklahoma and South Carolina argued that the sexual abuse of children is as bad as murder because molestation causes permanent damage to the life of the child."

    So if Margo & Regency bungalow putzes were in those states they would be charged with harboring a murderer like Kolko?

  61. Public school parents care more about abuse than the sicko Hungarians who send their kids to YTT? The Hungarians hide behind Neuhoff when he makes meaningless announcements from his perch that "he's against molestation of any kind"

    September 11, 2006
    Abuse Case Shakes Parents’ Trust in a Principal
    BEDFORD HILLS, N.Y., Sept. 7 —

    More than 300 people went to Bedford Hills Elementary School in Westchester County on Thursday to discuss accusations that the principal had not reported abuse.

    The students, teachers and parents of Bedford Hills Elementary School in northern Westchester County adopted a student bill of rights and responsibilities last year that, among other things, calls on them to keep everyone safe.

    So it was with disbelief and outrage that many families returned to school on Wednesday to learn that the principal, Victoria Graboski, 46, is facing a criminal charge of failing to report allegations of the rape of a 9-year-old girl to state child protection officials.

    If convicted of the misdemeanor charge, Ms. Graboski, who was arrested on Sept. 1, could face up to a year in jail.

  62. Some of the commenters above defend the woman and Belsky saying he was just bluffing to head off the husbands extortion. Even if it were true is it ok to falsify a psak halacha to thwart an extortionist. If Belsky falsified a psak intentionially to decieve the husband that's almost as bad as him actually believing the annulment nonsense. And as desperate as the woman was she had no right to be a party to a perversion of Halacha worthy of reform jews. Either way how can you trust any psak of his.

    Yes its an old story and nobody wants to harm the parties who suffered enough. But people have a right to know who they can trust.

    Look at the monsey story. We have to stop blindly accepting rubber stamp hechserim and and rubber stamp halacha. We have to respectfully demand answers from our leaders and rabbonim and respectfully tell them that we want to understand whats going on.

    Why has klal yisroel been fed nevailos utriefos the last who knows how many years? Why have jewish children been molested at a famous yeshiva for so many years and nobody did anything? whats going on here? We have to respectfully and forcefully demand answers.

  63. From what I read: A)the zona here probably testified to the fact that the woman's husband was a customer.She might not be a halachically acceptible witness,but she was probably telling the truth. B)It is also apparent that the financial argument holding up the Get was the husband's attempt to extort money from his wife or her family...Another indication that we are dealing with a scumbag here. C)I do not know who Rabbi Belsky is.Perhaps he sees dollar many rabbonim can you name who don't? D)Any way you slice it,it all stinks.To me it seems the woman should be freed from being an agunah without having to pay through the nose.It is only because our rabbis are afraid of what the next one will say about them that nothing gets done,the problems remain,and the door is opened to uncrupulous clergymen to do what should have been done by decent,though gutless rabbis..The rabbinate has the power but is afraid to accept it.Instead,they bother themselves with dumb discussions about romaine lettuce and wigs from indian hair. E)People get the leadership they deserve.If they won't demand higher standards of their clergy,they won't get it.Enough said.

  64. Belsky and his goons swing both ways. Depending on where the money is, he could have beat the shit out of Shattner like he's done with others, but he was not certain that would work with him.

    So he got creative and tried to pull the wool over everyone's eyes but got caught. The guy is seriously ill and a dangerous maniac. The proof is in the "hazmana" for "motzee shem ra" to protect two of the worst people the Jews have seen in a very long time.

    We'll see your corrupt ass in court Belsky!

  65. "The bastard husband got $2M and Belsky got $250,000"

    I don't know the exact amount but it was astronomical. A gvir with ties to YTV paid it as Schattner does not have that kind of money. Rabbonim who were not involved were upset about the payoff, saying that they wish they had been brought into the bargaining as Schattner has now help to raise the bar for extortion amounts.

  66. I don't know the people involved, and I do know that there are very few perfect tzadikim and tzidkayot in divorce court. Divorce, and the way that halacha and secular law are abused is worthy of our attention. Satmar institutions have been rightfully criticised for going directly to secular courts without first exhausting the beit din process, yet the majority of orthodox Jewish women in the US file for divorce in a secular court without asking a beit din first. As for husbands allegedly extorting money for a get, the fact remains that men are at a tremendous disadvantage in the secular divorce courts in the US. Women file 75% of the time and end up with most marital assets plus child support. Look at the feminist organizations like NOW. The one area of law that they have worked hard to preserve the status quo has been in the area of support and custody, because women are advantaged there.

    I'm not saying that men who withold gittin are saints. What I'm saying is the get is just another negotiating chip. The woman in this case was clearly willing to use her money to influence "halacha". I don't see the husband holding out for money as worse than her behavior. It sounds to me that they are both pieces of work.

    For the record, I gave my ex a get even though her lawyer put language in the civil divorce that we told them would be problematic concerning my giving the get without compulsion.

  67. 570 downloads of the Belsky pdf. Thank you UOJ for exposing Belsky to the public. This man is an absolute disgrace.

  68. Ronnie said: "I'm not saying that men who withold gittin are saints. What I'm saying is the get is just another negotiating chip. The woman in this case was clearly willing to use her money to influence "halacha". I don't see the husband holding out for money as worse than her behavior. It sounds to me that they are both pieces of work."

    UOJ, you are responsible for this uninformed and silly man's assumptions about an innocent woman (assumptions you yourself have refuted, albeit weakly and hidden amidst the comments). Your protestations aside, this shows exactly why you can't make wild accusations in the public forum - you run the risk of the truth being manipulated or distorted by the uninformed masses.

    So now you have the tarnishing of her name (which you continue to post brazenly as though it werent a complete violation of her privacy to do so) on your cheshbon. And in elul.

    I wouldnt be able to live with that kind of guilt. Apparently, you have less of a conscience.

    No goal is worth the public humiliation of an innocent. But you disagree, clearly.

  69. B = Big $$$$$ I see
    E = End my curruption (i beg of you)
    L = Lick my ba$$s
    S = Slimey as they come
    K = KKK supporter (if they have enough $$$$$)
    Y = You want a heter? $$$$$$$$$$

  70. Did Belsky really say the Monsey treif scammer is an ish neeman ???

    Reply #1 submitted by: GreenbaumM on Sep 7th 2006
    Rabbi Yisroel Belsky has paskened that there is no need to kasher any keilim.He based his psak on the following. First, if Tumah is hutra b'tzibur than he said it is a kal v'chomer that non kosher meat is also hutra b'tzibur. Secondly, rabbi Belsky stated that he knows the owner of thebutcher store and that he is certainly an "ish neeman" and therefore the rule of "eid echad neeman b'issurin" applies. Rabbi Belsky stated that many companies and hotels under the OU are beleived to have purchased meat from that store owner and that he feels there is no problem and no need to kasher.

  71. Anon, 12:38,

    I attempt to keep this forum as open as possible; so if the comments are in the "normal" range I will put them up to be able to get diverse opinions even though I may not agree. So if a comment is posted, it does not mean I necessarily agree with that commenter.

    I made it perfectly clear, the former Mrs. Shattner married a really nasty person (first husband)..people do make mistakes, certainly she can't be blamed for that, she sufferred terribly, my heart goes out to her.

    Her decision or her family's decision to go to the most corrupt and evil person...Belsky, to assist her, was as bad as a mistake as marrying the first guy.

    Belsky has a life-long history of corruption and evildoing , he is a sheigetz, an Apikorus and a gangster.

    That, she could have prevented if she did her due dilligence!

    Nevertheless, she did receive her Get, and I am told she is an exceptionally fine person who moved on with her life.

    May she be blessed with kol-tuv.

  72. over shabbos, when my friends asked me for my thoughts, i asked why the #@$# no one cares that dozens of kids in monsey (that i personally know about) were molested in the past 10 years. why is that unimportant??????????

    there is a chassidishe 20-year old boy who recently told he was molested and raped by over 10 men!!!!! over a period of years on mikvao'os and homes, beaten by chassidishe rebbeim, etc. why is that not an issue?????????????????

    monsey has 2 -- (LEVEL 3; damn it!!!!!!!!!!) hemishe sexual predators in our community. (go to any registry and look it up -- there may be more now)

    why the $%$#$% don't we dump the private parts of these rapists in hot water for a few hours??????????????????

    there is ONE therapist ALONE in lakewood who is treating 80 children for sexual abuse (that's a fact, trust me). where is the outrage???????????

  73. uoj,

    the fact that margulis opened up a high school in lakewood -- and no one says a @#$# word is unbelievable
    sometimes, i think you are too aidel !!!!!

  74. Ronnie said: "I'm not saying that men who withold gittin are saints. What I'm saying is the get is just another negotiating chip. The woman in this case was clearly willing to use her money to influence "halacha". I don't see the husband holding out for money as worse than her behavior. It sounds to me that they are both pieces of work."

    UOJ, you are responsible for this uninformed and silly man's assumptions about an innocent woman (assumptions you yourself have refuted, albeit weakly and hidden amidst the comments). Your protestations aside, this shows exactly why you can't make wild accusations in the public forum - you run the risk of the truth being manipulated or distorted by the uninformed masses.

    I'm sorry that I so vexed the sisterhood with my comments. You would like to believe that women are compleat saints. Right. She was just an innocent, first exploited by her husband, then by an unethical rabbi. The idea that she hired an unethical rabbi is just a coincidence. The fact that her family is of means and capable of swaying the aforementioned unethical rabbi is just circumstantial. The apparent fact that a large amount of money ended up in the hands of the unethical rabbi and that he put together a beit din to issue a favorable psak for the woman and vigorously sought the approbation of prominent rabbis for that psak is merely coincidental circumstance. She was completely innocent and her reputation has been sullied by the actions of this unethical rabbi.

    Women are always victimized, men are dishonest brutes.

  75. I am against annullments of any kind.

    Furthermore, I am against get payoffs of any kind.

    And you can take that to the bank, er, the mattress.

  76. I urge Ronnie to get on the phone and speak to someone who is familiar with the case at hand. I believe his findings will surprise him. Regardless, let's keep the conversation where it belongs; not on the wonderful young lady.

  77. "... And they will find final justice in death, and they will know this world not."

  78. I meant no harm to any innocents and really am not interested in the gossippy details of someone else's divorce. People are rarely tzadikim and it's a very rare divorce where both parties don't have legitimate grievances, even if the fault primarily lies with one party. The fact that there are both civil and Jewish divorce procedures means that factors from both jurisdictions will come into play as bargaining chips, by both parties. That's just how people are. I'm not saying that it's justified, but many men abuse the get/agunah issue because they perceive themselves to be disadvantaged in the secular courts and decide to use the get as a trump. Likewise, women with wealth or powerful families will often allign themselves to powerful rabbinic interests, to help deal with financial and other non-spiritual considerations arising out of women's disadvantages in the beit din system.

    You want to keep the conversation "where it belongs". Okay. The issue at hand is corrupt rabbis.

    Corruption, however, doesn't happen in a vacuum. While the powerful can abuse their power, there has to be some cooperation from wealthy and secularly powerful people in the community, as well as complicity of silence by the general community.

    We can't just want a pure rabbinate, and then make excuses for our own unethical behavior. We contribute to the existence of an unethical rabbinate by our own unethical behaviors. We can blame the corrupt rabbis, but that, again, is denying the concept of free will. Judaism is a religion of accountability, national, communal, and individual. The accountability of the kohein gadol as an individual is seen in the personal vidui he must make before peforming the avodah for the kehilah. However, if I'm not mistaken, individuals in the kehilah could also not enter the Beit HaMikdash without being in a state of taharah.

    We need to be worthy of great leaders. I can't complain about corrupt rabbis if I'm not doing tshuvah for my own corruption.

  79. UOJ, your blog acts unlike any of the other Blogger blogs where I comment. On the other blogs that require verification I type in the characters and my posts are published or sent to moderation immediately. On your blog, I will get second and third requests for character verification. I don't think anything ever gets accepted on the first try. Are you running non standard scripts? I don't think it's a browser issue, because I use Firefox with the other Blogger sites as well.

  80. Ronnie,

    On the one hand we get the "leaders" we deserve if we permit them to supposedly be leaders. However, rabbonim are suppose to be many notches above the average Jew. They supposedly are well versed in the Torah and therefore supposedly have acquired greater doses of yiras Shomayim than the average Jew.

    Today, not only are the rabbis corrupt, we as a Klal permit these fraudsters to continue in their positions once exposed for the menuvalim that they are.

    That my friend is the avla and the tragedy! That we don't rise up and remove Lipa Margulies, Yisroel Belsky and their ilk from their positions is criminal.

    That there is one child in Torah Temimah, that one rebbe dared to go back, that Yisroel Belsky is permitted in the halls of Torah Vodaath and the OU, that's our collective fault.

    Yes, YOU get the leaders YOU deserve, I'm doing my chelek, what are you doing about it? How dare you klal Yisroel go about your business like Judaism has not been turned into a cesspool?

    I'm at peace with my efforts, the results are the way they are because the Jewish people are like lambs brought to slaughter without protest.




  81. Once again I sopeak for everyone, please note the comment level since it became a forum about Ronnie's life - his get etc. Why is he informing us that he gave his wife a get??? This blog is NOT about him. 2 months ago on a post like this you would have gotten 500 COMMENTS! Remebere, Ortho etc, the blog had fire- now we hear about Ronnies dinner etc.

  82. 718 downloads of the belsky files

  83. Hey Loser,

    Maybe you can arrange a few things for me. Have you ever invited a stranger for Shabbat? Have you ever red someone a shidduch through an anonymous blog? And have you ever sponsored a shvitzer on a ten-speed bike who rides to Hell, Michigan & back? Check back on my website after I load a backup file of this entry.

    NP: They're coming to take me away ho ha, they're coming to take me away hee hee


  85. Loser 7:32,

    FYI...there were 1035 comments on this post, I'm cutting back on the real idiotic comments.

  86. UOJ, you think we could see you running for president in the 2008 elections? You make too much sense. I can't take it. Someone who actually stands up for what is right and just. A breath of fresh air is what you bring with a lot of common sense. However, common sense can't be taken for granted anymore. It's like a needle in a haystack, they're very hard to come by these days. The corruption with trfeifus and nevaulus, child molestation and physical abuse, and the continuance of a coverup that vies to bury it under the rug is astonishing as much as it is disgusting. I'm sickened at those who stand idly by and do nothing to remove con artists like Belsky. You have my vote for president, that's for sure. Perhaps you should take on a side job in addition to this Blog. Be a lawyer prosecuting these shmucks like Belsky. You CAN convince a jury of the truth, you have what it takes. It's a unique gift and you embraced it with your courageous leadership. With the fradulent Rabbi's and leadership running the show, and with their crimes finally being exposed, we can excpect behama's such as "Loser" to stink up the joint with their intimidation and hateful un-acceptance, of the sad and ugly truth.

    Hey Ronnie,

    Loser said...

    Once again I sopeak for everyone, please note the comment level since it became a forum about Ronnie's life - his get etc. Why is he informing us that he gave his wife a get??? This blog is NOT about him. 2 months ago on a post like this you would have gotten 500 COMMENTS! Remebere, Ortho etc, the blog had fire- now we hear about Ronnies dinner etc.

    7:32 PM, September 12, 2006

    Don't sweat this self proclaimed "Loser". I think you're entertaining and have a lot of relevant information to add to the blog. Remember, "Loser" and his friends, don't like hearing the truth, they deal with hiding the facts. They hate the tuth. Unfortunately, it's a sad phenomenon that is much to common. It's all twisted. The perversion of justice is insane. So you're one of the select few who still knows wrong from right and you are not willing to stay quiet while atrocities are being committed by those who Klal Yisroel barrage their honor to. The filth such as Belsky, Margulis, and Shlomo Mandel, to name a few.

  87. I go through the blogs to keep up on what's happening in Monsey.One blog reproduced the Beis Tefillah letter.

    Till now my heart went out to Rav B.,who probably did not do much differently than hashgochohs of this nature.The scandal is how weak hashgochohs are ,and on what basis they are given,and indeed the procedures......and how we pay through the nose for hashgochohs---if we only knew...... and I say this not on the basis of this story only,but from the few times I looked into a hashgachoh,for whatever reason.Poor Rabbi B. fell into the trap,and he is an ehrilicher,etc.Ahl todin certainly absolutely applies.
    But this letter I saw drove me out of my mind with anger and disgust.I am not even talking about the baloney about " mostly daily inspections".(certainly not with this fellow--he clearly had no morah whatsoever.....) But to refuse to say "we messed up,bad" (known in Jewish thought as viddui,the first step in Teshuvah),and to say with such casualness"It cannot be overemphasized that the basic element in Kashrus supervision is the integrity of the owner of the establishmment" What drivel.What chutzpah.Obviously the basic element blah blah blah is that you do NOT trust the owner(at least that means no trust passively,bishli'lee,and perhaps it does not mean no trust actively , b'chiyuv)Just because conventional wisdom says that if you want to fool the mashgi'ach you almost always can(and why should I accept that???),that doesn't say that THAT'S the yesod of hashgachohs.Are these people for real???????The whole system of hashgachohs started because we do NOT trust!If you start with "we trust.." of course of course your hashgochoh is woefully inadequate.Look where you're coming from,Ribbono Shel Olom!!!!!"Well, we basically trust the guy.."..are you for real?????

    Where's chattasi,ahveesi,pahshattee------the letter says---"All hashgachohs are based on...and this fellow fooled us and everyone." Which is tantamount to saying--NOT MY FAULT!!!!!!Ha'Ishah asher nassatah imadee"--not me!Chutzpah!!!How dare they!How dare they not be embarrased to even write such a letter after what has happened?!!?
    I have NOW lost all respect for Rabbi B.My heart no longer goes out to him.......the nerve............the arrogance this letter reflects!
    I am starting to understand that , and why , true veeduy is so hard .....easy to bang on your heart 200 times....

    This is why all these Yeshivahs involved in covering up for molesters--the most most most "tzidkus" (sic) thing they'll do is fire the guy after they are afraid of being exposed.But you will never ever ever takeh hear--we were wrong.We did an avlah.
    I am going nuts . I did not expect this of Rav B.(do not tell me he did not put out or sign the letter, please)

    I will scream from the rooftops that they can take their precious fast day and throw it in the garbage can ,as HaShem will surely do.
    Chutzpah!!Where's your humility,your brokenness , after such a ma'aseh???"Kashrus is based on trust,and he fooled everyone,including us".WHAT GALL!

    I'm hyperventilating.....

    Please somebody,answer.

    One Who Knows

  88. Rabbi Belsky and Bill Clinton answers moral questions on a series called "Honesty" found on

  89. Torah.Org is run by Yaakov Menken and some of the staff are from NIRC.

  90. Does have a weather forecasting section?

  91. the jewish people owe uoj a big yasher koach. 4 very bad people are now away from children, nussbaum, lezerowitz, eisemen, kolko only because of uoj. he brought the terrible rabbonim corruption out in the open, now we have to do something about it. we all must make a big hishtadlus to force these bad rabbonim from their jobs. everyone should contact the parents at torah temima, the rebbes there, tora vdaas, the ou...we must not let margolis and belsky continue in their jobs.
    uoj you have our brachas from the heart, you should be gebensht for the nyer yur..

  92. One Who Knows,

    The analysis is plain and simple -- the system (i.e. Halacha) is not meant to protect against the wilful misconduct of an ostensibly Frum, Ehrlicher person (with their Chezkas Kashrus still intact). With Kashrus, as well as all aspects of Yiddishkeit, we work within the framework of what Halacha, not Monday morning quarterbacking, mandates. Halacha dictates that a Shomer Torah U'Mitzvos can be trusted not to commit "first degree Chota Umachta Es HaRabim." Moreover, for the sake of argument, even if the butcher did not have the keys to his shop (as is the case with Goyim), I am certain that with minimal effort he would have been able to smuggle Treif into the shop during business hours. Additionally, in light of your gripe about the cost of Hasgachos, I assume that you are not suggesting that shops owned by Shomerie Torah U'Mitzvos should have a Mashgeich T'Midey. To the best of my knowledge, the purpose of Hashgachos on shops owned by Frum persons is primarily to offset the ignorance of the average Frum person so that they do not accidentally, or negligently run afoul of Halacha, not to protect against premeditated willful misconduct.

    Regarding the lack of "Viddui" by Rabbi B. -- you seem to have fallen pray to the sick, yet prevailing theme on this blog - public apology as a cure-all. Have you confused the general public with the Lord? As far as I am aware, being Misvadah to the public as not a component of Tshuva. This concept of public apology is, I believe, derived from the Olem HaSheker of politics and Hollywood/celebrities. In their realm, all wrongs (save for criminal acts which are remedied via high priced attorneys) can be rectified by making a well crafted public statement. How you deal with the root of the problem, what “real” steps are taken to insure that the problem does not reoccur, is of secondary concern. I don't live in Monsey, and to my knowledge, I have never seen or spoken to Rabbi B. What I'm told however, is that he is shaken to the core. I’m told that his Kehila has placed a moratorium on all Hashgachas until appropriate measures are put in place to insure (to the extent possible) that this does not happen again.

    Kisivah V’Chasima Tova,

    The Dude

  93. One proven equation is Kolko + Margo = Hazmana to Eli Greenwald

  94. The dude abides. This agression will not stand, man!

  95. Is there any amount of money that can make scumbags like Margo just go away?

  96. The following article appeared many years ago (1930's) in "Dos Yiddish Licht", founded by the saintly Rabbi Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz zt"l for the purpose of strengthening the observance of mitzvos, and to arouse the public concerning kashrut of foods, which at that time was very neglected, and sadly is not any better in our day and age.

    The author was the great gaon and tzaddik, the "Shlucha D'Rachmona" of his generation, the "architect" of true Torah values in America, Rabbi Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz zt"l, the founder of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath and Torah U'Mesorah.

    (Translated from the Yiddish)

    "And if I say: "I will not make mention of him nor speak anymore in his name" then there is in my heart a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I weary myself to hold it in, but cannot (Ver. 20:29)

    I use the above prophetic words as a preface to my article concerning kashrus, because this article will not bring honor to me. On the contrary, I will be attacked with ridicule from all sides. But what can I do? A fire is burning within me, and within a thousand Jews like me... A fire, which cannot be extinguished.

    The kashrus question has recently been discussed in the Yiddish press, but only one side of the question, viz. concerning the unscrupulous butchers who sell treifos without a hechsher or with a false one. The press has remained silent, however, concerning the second side of the question, about the treifos being sold under rabbinical supervision and under rabbinical signs in butcher shops.

    The press is silent about this problem, perhaps because of the honor of the rabbis, or, perhaps, because of other reasons. The honor of the rabbis is dear to me too. But, the honor of the Torah which is lying in the garbage, and the honor of the truth, which is trodden under foot, are dearer to me. Where there is chillul Hashem we do not impart honor to a rabbi, I, therefore come forward with an accusation.

    I Accuse!

    I accuse many rabbis, who grant hechsherim, who knowingly or otherwise, or out of neglect, permit non-kosher meat to be sold under their stamp of approval both wholesale and retail; the seller is an unscrupulous person with Torah sanction.

    I accuse many rabbis, who although they themselves have no part in the hechsherim, nevertheless, know about them and still remain silent. There is a sort of mutual reciprocal agreement to keep quiet about each other's false hechserim. Perhaps it is because they wish to avoid chillul Hashem. They forget, however, that where there is chillul Hashem we do not impart honor to a rabbi.

    I accuse the very great rabbis, the leaders of our people, because of internal strife. These disputes are not for the sake of Heaven; if one says that something is prohibited the other must say it is permissible, if one says something is contaminated the other must say it is pure. It is impossible to bring order to the chaotic kashrus situation, especially the chicken and meat markets.

    I accuse the rabbis because of whose negligence; the laws of chalav akum have virtually been forgotten. I know that there various heterim for this, but they apply only when it is impossible to get chalav Yisrael. In our situation, however, with a little effort, order could be brought to this chaos, and "if one can be good, why should he be bad?"

    I accuse our Orthodoxy, for sleeping the sleep of Choni Ha'maagil, who slept seventy years. They are completely unaware of what is happening around them and how our strongest ramparts are being smashed by our internal foes. They are unaware that all our holy traditions are being trampled underfoot, that our three thousand year old heritage has all but completely disappeared. Yet, Orthodoxy sleeps, but how much longer?

    Do you know that all of the fortresses of Judaism, which have heretofore protected us from destruction, the only one left is kashrus, that other mitzvos are observed very laxly even in Orthodox homes? And now kashrus too is being smashed, yet we sleep, but how much longer?

    Don't you see what has become of your youth? Don't you know that Jewish children have become tramps, gamblers, gangsters, candidates for the electric chair, and all kinds of "ISTS", only because they have been raised on neveilos and treifos, yet you sleep, but how much longer?

    Don't you know that going to the mikvah every day to purify yourself will be to no avail? Not even all the waters in the world can help, not with sheretz tamei (a carcass of a creeping thing) in your hand, but inside of you! And when you daven every morning and evening, or when you learn your daily shiur, don't you know that the breath that emanates from your mouth is the breath of sin because it reeks of neveilos and treifos!? Yet you sleep, but how much longer?

    When you wash your hands for bread, or when you make Kiddush on Shabbos, and your table is bedecked with all sorts of delicacies, and you say with each bite, in honor of the Shabbos, you are angering Hashem when you break bread. Yet you sleep, but how much longer?

    I know that you will reply, "Jacob is small and poor" But look what Jacob's brother on East Broadway has accomplished, how he erected a fortress through the poor laborers, a fortress against Judaism, because he has united forces. Yet you sleep and do nothing, but how much longer?

    Gentlemen! Do a little soul searching and see how far you have strayed; remember that our parents have sacrificed their lives for kiddush Hashem; they allowed themselves to be burned in order to uphold our holy Torah, whereas you are not required to make any sacrifices; with but a handful you can save the situation. Yet you sleep, but how much longer?

    Fellow Jews, have you no fear for the great and terrible Day of Judgment? In that day you will no longer be able to come up with excuses or with a shrug of the shoulder.

    And I ask you "how much longer?" And I say, "you sleepers, awaken from your slumber!"

    Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz

  97. "A moratorium on all hasgochos?"

    What on Earth does THAT mean? Has Rabbi Belsky ruled that, until further notice, Jews must not eat any food that they have not personally grown, inspected, shechted, and cooked?

  98. Speaking of Margo, is he going to be pursued about the thievery from Yeshiva Torah Vodaath? It would be great if an action could be initiated soon as it would make it harder for him to worm out of the Kolko case if he's being hit on multiple fronts.

  99. Nothing has changed in 80 years. The corrupt are lining their pockets, we are eating tarfus daily, and Finkel is the tip of the iceberg.

    Every truck driver has extra labels in their truck and gives them to shopkeepers without reservation.

    Count the number of tongues served in the month of June and the amount shechted!

    We are sinking faster than anyone can imagine! Corruption in the Rabbanut is destroying every facet of our lives, from our children to our souls!

    Let's not forget to buy our new Borsalinos for yom-tov!

  100. I'm buying a gray hat for yom tov.

  101. expose molester said ..........."You have my vote for president, that's for sure. Perhaps you should take on a side job in addition to this Blog. Be a lawyer prosecuting these shmucks like Belsky."......................To uoj the great one ....go for it and you got my vote as well. LEIZEROWITZ VICTIM FOREVER

  102. Ha Ha You Suckers, i already bought
    mine last week at Bencraft-zerizin makdimim-
    and beat the crowd. My borse
    i bought Pesach is in perfect shape-
    like new-
    but what i'm not going to lie and say its new so i bought a new one.

    Hey, what's 200 bucks?

  103. I was personally involved in the story you posted about the "mekach ta'us" divorce case. I know both sides of the story intimately and I can tell you without a doubt that you are whitewashing the boy's side of the story. I was with the girls father the day the shit hit the fan and I even spoke to the boys father in the following months. I know the details of his criminal doings as well as his proven infidelity. I can swear to you in any form you like and on anything you like (my father's grave, a stack of bibles, etc.) that the boy and his family are pure rishaim and blackmailers, and I would categorize them in the same boat as Belsky,Neuberger, Scheinberg, Mandel,Kolko, Margulies, Nussbaum, et al. For you of all people to blame the victim makes me as frustrated at you as you were with Kolko. You have done so much good why in gods name are you raking her thru the coals? Furthermore Belsky was not the only rabbi invovled in giving her the heter, considering how easy a guy can get a heter meiah rabbonim I wasnt too shocked, but I am not qualified to judge the halachic validity of their decision, and neither are you. I can tell you a list of so-called rabbis who have proven that they are venal, posturing, full of shit misogynists, and bribe taking fuckers, who espouse their garbage on the radio and from the pulpit but are so fake and unqualified to render halachic decisions that I fear for the klal that eat out of these "rabbis" hands. Don't lump this family with the rest of the ir hanidachas just because they appear to be wealthy, I witnessed their suffering and I know they would have traded all their supposed money (and they pretty much did) to have resolved the issue. Good luck and god bless.

  104. aaron schechter makes margulies look like the baal shem tov, you are lending credence to his bullshit and giving your stamp of hechsher on his mafia ways

  105. Let's not forget to buy our new Borsalinos for yom-tov!

    Why buy Italian? John B. Stetson has a number of classic fedoras made in the USA, like the Temple, Chatham and Saxon lines. They are about half the price of a Borsalino. If you want something really special, you can get a Stetson Pinnacle beaver fur fedora for about $275, about $200 less than a comparable Borsalino. I happen to prefer the Temple Sovereign. It's got a fairly narrow brim and the crown isn't too high.

    Just remember, never steal a Stetson.

  106. Here you have it folks, the Jewish Press assigns a criminal to tell you about scandal.

    By: Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum
    Wednesday, September 13, 2006

  107. Anonymous said...
    I heard Rabbi Eisemann has retired & is no longer working with students of any organization.
    In addition, the students at Ner Israel Bais Medrash are generally adults.
    Leave the man alone as he is no longer a threat to anyone.

    12:06 PM, September 13, 2006 ..............................Can somebody explain this? for in my opinion the only way he will not harm anyone again is when he is placed behind bars in a max security. get out of here you peice of s**t were you ever victimized? LEIZEROWITZ VICTIM FOREVER

  108. And we run a ragsheet called the Jewish Press. Now sit back while we moralize to you in our latest editorial.

    By: Editorial Board
    Wednesday, September 13, 2006

  109. Does anyone remember the old NY Times article posted here earlier in the year? It said that Pinter was passing off mixed cheese & meat sandwiches as "kosher" through his lunch program.

    The Rambam says that it's a mitzva to speak loshon hora & to be mevazeh a chotei umachti ess harabim like Pinter & Moishe Finkel.

    It also says that someone that passes off neveilos is stealing the chelek of dogs and they deserve to be ripped apart by dogs. Seforim bring down one such case of a butcher who was ripped apart & eaten by wild dogs. (No mention in the seforim about scum who steal $50 million from Olympia Mortgage customers)

    Don't expect to read about any of this in the next "sefer" that Nosson Scherman publishes for Leib Pinter at Artscroll.

  110. I just got off the phone with Stetson. I called them to see about getting a copy of the famous Never Steal A Stetson poster (the one with a hat laying on the ground below a pair of cowboy booted feet suspended in mid-air). You can't buy the poster, apparently, because of the way the artwork is licensed, but they will send out free copies, like the one my son had up in his yeshiva dorm room. Anyhow, the guy in PR at Stetson says that they are just beginning to look into marketing their hats to the orthodox community. I told him that it's hard to get them out of their Borsalinos, but that Stetson could probably pick up some business from parents buying hats for their sons by advertising USA quality at about half the price of an Italian hat. I'm sure that the Jewish Observer, Yated and HaModia will sell them full page ads.

    The Borsalino and its iconic status in the frum community speaks volumes, about materialism, about outword frumkeit, and about conformity. Trying to get a froomie to accept the fact that a US made hat is as good as a Borsalino (or Habig if they can't afford Borsalino, but in any case European), is about as difficult as getting them to accept the fact that we have pedophiles in our schools.

    I realize that traditional communities tend to traditionalize all sorts of behaviors and styles, but buying a European fedora makes even less sense than spending $65 on a lemon. People can spend their money as they see fit, but some of it makes no sense to me.

  111. It also says that someone that passes off neveilos is stealing the chelek of dogs and they deserve to be ripped apart by dogs.

    What is it with reactionary religious leaders and man's best friend? While the Saudi muttawah religious police are instituting a ban on cats and dogs, our rabbis are denying dogs their due by certifying neveilot as kosher.

    The next thing you know they'll insist on kashering toilets for Pesach. If the standard of something no longer being edible is that a dog won't eat it, since it is well known that dogs will drink from the toilet bowl, I expect the chumra of the month club to start kashering their toilets.

  112. To The Dude:
    You are wrong.
    Halachah does not mandate hashgachos!
    Hashgachohs came into being because the more distant we became from our source of food,and the more money was involved for those producing it and delivering it,the more it became PRACTICALLY,not Halachically,necessary for a watchdog system.A minimal one would've prevented what went on here.
    I was not griping about the cost of hashgochos----I am griping about paying for something I'm not getting!If K'llall Yisrael would know WHAT THEY ARE GETTING IN TERMS OF HASHGOCHOS vis-a-vis what they are paying----!!!There'd be a class-action suit against all these people who,it turns out,are relying on technical Halachah!What a joke------with technical Halachah I don't need a hashgochoh in the first place!
    It seems to me that a gorem for a chet horabim must ask mechilah from that rabim---and that starts with an admission of guilt.I know Rabbi B. personally--a fine man,really,who fell into the trap of forgetting what he was being paid to do!I am afraid that being shaken to the core is not enough--Halachah mandates to apologize,to ask mechilah,which starts with "chattasi"---not-not my fault.When the fire didn't come down to the Mizbe'ach at the opening of the Mishkan,Aharon haKohen felt publicly humiliated,and said--"I guess it's my fault!"(see Rashi)If being shaken tio the core was enough,why the insistence (mide'oraysoh)on viduy?Apparently talk is cheap--you have to stand up and say--I was wrong.A necessity! And a chet against a rabim needs viduy b'rabim.

  113. 782 downloads of the Belsky files.

  114. What was Gershon Tennenbaum indicted for?

  115. Rabbi Yisroel Belsky has paskened that there is no need to kasher any keilim. He says the meat can be eaten. He based his psak on the following. First, if Tumah is hutra b'tzibur than he said it is a kal v'chomer that non kosher meat is also hutra b'tzibur. Secondly, rabbi Belsky stated that he knows the owner of the butcher store and that he is certainly an "ish neeman" and therefore the rule of "eid echad neeman b'issurin" applies. Rabbi Belsky stated that many companies and hotels under the OU are beleived to have purchased meat from that store owner and that he feels there is no problem and no need to kasher.

  116. >Does anyone remember the old NY
    >Times article posted here
    >earlier in the year? It said
    >that Pinter was passing off
    >mixed cheese & meat sandwiches
    >as "kosher" through his lunch

    I'll look for the Tannenbaum articles, I don't currently see a link.

    Regarding Pinter:
    see more articles at: /

    1) Salami and Cheese Put In a 'Kosher' Sandwich
    New York Times
    February 20, 1978

    Salami and Cheese Put In a 'Kosher' Sandwhich
    When Representative Elizabeth Hotlzman first started investigating complaints about the B'nai Torah Institute's operation of a summer feeding program, a Queens woman telephoned the Congresswoman's assistant, Elizabeth Lang, to describe the "Kosher" food she was receiving from the Queens Assistance Program, a B'nai Torah affiliate.

    The woman said she specifically requested kosher food, but salami and cheese sandwiches were delivered to her site - a clear violation of Jewish laws that forbid the consumption of meat with dairy products.

    "She told me she called the program and they put the 'Rabbi' on," Miss Lang recalled. "The Rabbi said, 'if it's kosher salami and kosher cheese, it's a kosher sandwich.'"

    Rabbi Pleads Guilty To Bribing of Flood
    Washington Post
    May 12, 1978
    Charles R. Babcock, Washington Post Staff Writer

    A Brooklyn rabbi pleaded guilty yesterday to paying more than $5,000 in bribes to Rep. Daniel J. Flood (D-Pa.) for the congressman's help in obtaining federal contracts for his Jewish poverty agency.

    Rabbi Leib Pinter, 34, head of B'Nai Torah Institute in New York, told a federal judge in Manhattan that he paid Flood about $1,000 at least five times between late 1974 and early 1976.

  117. Because they are a bunch of chicken livers in Flatbush, we need some help from Monsey chasidshe to get rid of Pinter. In Monsey, they went to Finkel's house to tell him he'd better leave town. Pinter has no business being around town, especially not defiling der Mirrer yeshiva and especially the way he still acts like an arrogant tuchass.

  118. "Salami and Cheese Put In a 'Kosher' Sandwich"

    If they came from Leib Pinter, there must have been some balogna in there too. The NY Times should note that in the corrections.

  119. It's ok to bash Pinter's brains out because Kolko & Margo can't stand him either. I'll have to consult with my buddy Mendel Epstein on gangster techniques to use outside the venue of a blog.

  120. For those that understand Yiddish...You must call 212-990-6143 Option #3.

    Put up your comments once you've heard these guys.

    Pass the phone # around to the generation that Yiddish is their first language.


    Yitzhak Bohasilovsky, 31, of Bnei Brak, who in August admitted to sexually molesting dozens of children, was charged with only two counts of sexual assault against minors on Wednesday morning.

  122. Reb Yudel Shain has been treated like a pariah at times because he's not afraid to tell it how it is. He's posted the Belsky file on his blog already. Maybe he has time to help UOJ corner molesters & enablers. Especially the vilest among them like Margo.

  123. Since ROnnie Schreiber has so much time on his hands maybe he can do something useful & translate the Shain interview into English for those challenged by the mamma loshon.

  124. For background on career criminal Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum of the Jewish Press:


    Me writes: The JP Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum is 55 years old and lives in Brooklyn, NY. I believe he also has ties to Huntington, WV. He is chairperson of the Guardians of the Sick Blood Drive a Brooklyn-based blood donor organization.

    The security fraud one see:

    1. The Associated Press, September 29, 1999, Wednesday, PM cycle, Business News, 787 words

    2. Associated Press Online, September 28, 1999; Tuesday, Financial pages, 834 words, Cos., Individuals in SEC Fraud Case, The Associated Press

    3. The Associated Press, September 28, 1999, Tuesday, AM cycle, Business News, 787 words

    4. Copyright 1999 Associated Press All Rights Reserved, September 28, 1999, Tuesday, BC cycle, Business News, 787 words, With SEC-Accounting Fraud, By The Associated Press.

    My sources indicate it is likely (note the word I used) the same person. It is likely as Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum has a criminal fraud record in the 70s.

    He was charged and convicted (he plead guilty, withdrew the plea and then plead guilty again) for selling false fake diplomas. He got a fine.

    1) Four Accused of Using Mails for Diploma Fraud
    New York Times May 26, 1972, pg. 40

    2) Two Rabbis Plead Guilty In Phony-University Plot
    New York Times Jul 14, 1972

    3) 2 Brooklyn Rabbis Fined For Running Bogus School
    New York Times; Oct 8, 1972

    Two Rabbis Plead Guilty in Phony-University Plot
    By Morris Kaplan
    New York Times
    July 14, 1972

    Two Orthodox rabbis pleaded guilty in Federal Court in Brooklyn yesterday to mail-fraud charges arising from their having enrolled students in a fictitious university.

    The two mild-mannered defendants – Bernard Fuchs, 22 years old, of 1639 45th Street, and Gershon Tannenbaum, 23, of 1537 41st Street, both in the Borough Park section – admitted that they had mailed brochures, pamphlets and other correspondence under the mythical name of Marlowe University in Mount Holly, N.J.

    United States Attorney Robert A. Morse said that prospective students were bilked out of more than $200,000, having paid $400 to $500 apiece for baccalaureate, masters and doctorate degrees they never received.

    “Marlowe University” never issued a diploma or conducted any courses and its administrators never intended it to, according to Emanuel A. Moore, an assistant United States attorney in charge of the Eastern District’s consumer protection division.

    Postal inspectors said that the amount of the swindle probably would never be learned. A Federal warrant authorized a search of the Rabbinical Assembly Corporation, a Hebrew School at 1319 50th Street, Brooklyn, where the rabbis taught, but the search uncovered nothing.

    The rabbis cleaned out all their own files at the school – including records of financial transactions – just before the search, a Postal Service spokesman explained. “The best we can do is to estimate the losses of their victims,” he said. “We learned that they made more than $2,500 in the three weeks preceding their arrest.”

    Two Rabbis Rabbis Fined For Running Bogus School
    New York Times
    October 8, 1972

    Two Brooklyn rabbis who had withdrawn pleas of guilty to operating a bogus mail-order university again pleaded guilty in Federal Court in Brooklyn Friday and received suspended sentences and $250 fines.

    The two, Bernard Fuchs, 22 years old, of 1639 45th Street and Gershon Tannenbaum, 23, of 1537 41st Street, admitted that they had collected $2,000 from prospective students who enrolled in the fictitious Marlowe University. Its only “campus” was a post office box in Mount Holly, N.J.

    Judge George Rosling placed both men on one year’s probation and ordered them to repay the $2,000. An assistant United States attorney, Emanuel A. Moore, said that additional proceeds had been returned.


    Me writes: I would also note the securities case takes place in the mid to late 90's. If, as I suspect now, the securities case relates to the same person it shows a life long pattern of gneivah [theft].

    As a side note, this would not be the first prominant member of the Rabbinical Alliance of America (Igud HaRabanim) to be involved in fraud or criminal activities.

    There is a former vice-president of the RAA from the 50s/60s that was involved in 10s of millions of dollars of governmen fraud and is a registered sex-offender in NY (confessed in court).

    O writes: It seems that he is close with Rabbi Yaakov Klass, nephew of late JP publisher Rabbi Sholom Klass - perhaps from living near each other in the past in Brooklyn. I suspect that that is how he got into the Jewish Press.

    Anon writes: [Rabbi Gershon] Tannenbaum is also director of the 'Rabbinical Alliance of America', an orthodox Rabbinical organization (of certain non-YU type Rabbis) of which Lubavitcher Rabbi Abraham Hecht is the longtime President. Seems he is pushing them to open an office in DC now. If indeed his background is questionable, he should not be leading a Rabbinical organization. I believe he is basically the executive director and writes propaganda columns (although they are, at least lately, often placed under the names of other organization members, the writing style is that of Tannenbaum) for it regularly in the Jewish Press, reporting on their monthly meetings.

    Shmarya writes: Looks like 'me' has nailed it about Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum. Check out his posts. Also, note the pattern: the court case I sent you took place in KANSAS, where the victim lived. In the cases 'me' found, while the trial was in New York or New Jersey (because the crime was committed there), the victims were for the most part overseas or in the south or midwest. In other words, steal from goyyim in Kansas, live as a respected 'rabbi' in Brooklyn. Also note that the name of the Hebrew school Tannenbaum taught at (and where the fraud was staged) bears an incredible likeness to the name of the organization he now runs -- the Rabbinical Alliance of America (RAA).

    Anyway, try to make Jason pony up on this one. My guess is, he won't.

    A) Civil judgements and tax liens:




    4. TANNENBAUM, SARAH, INITIAL FILING, 10/01/1993, 93PK17660, NY City UCC Filings






    10. TANNENBAUM, GERSHON, DJ-506479-1997, DJ-00506479-1997, 11/6/1997, TAX LIEN, NJTXLN

    11. TANNENBAUM, GERSHON, FEDERAL LIEN - INITIAL FILING, 06/11/1997, 97FL30225, NY City UCC Filings

    12. TANNENBAUM, GERSHON, FEDERAL LIEN - INITIAL FILING, 03/04/1998, 98FL00308, NY City UCC Filings

    13. TANNENBAUM, GERSHON, FEDERAL LIEN - INITIAL FILING, 04/14/1998, 98FL00577, NY City UCC Filings


    B) Assets with his name on the registration documentation:

    1. GERSHON TANNENBAUM, xxx BROOKLYN, NY 11219, Kings County, New York, NYPROP

    2. JUNGREIS, ISAAC; JUNGREIS, HINDA, xxx MIAMI BEACH, FL 33140-4008, 2/16/2002, Miami-Dade County, Florida, FLSALE

    Jason Maoz of The Jewish Press writes: Re Gershon Tannenbaum: I don't think I've ever spoken with him. He doesn't work out of the offices of The Jewish Press and I don't handle his "My Machberes" feature. What I do know is that anyone who's ever spoken with me about him has had only nice things to say. And the "Machberes" column, while not everyone's cup of tea, has an enormous following. I have no familiarity with the issues brought up here and, frankly, feel that vilifying someone over legal matters that are either years or decades old offers little or no edification.

    PS: I am not "Surfer," for those who made the charge.

    Luke says: Ladies and gentleman, I don't know of a Jewish editor who has made himself so available to us as Jason has over the past few days. Thank you Jason. He's certainly paid far more attention to blogs than any other Jewish editor and made the most dramatic improvement with his paper.

    Shmarya writes: I found Jason's remark, "I have no familiarity with the issues brought up here and, frankly, feel that vilifying someone over legal matters that are either years or decades old offers little or no edification," to be puzzling. If someone has fraud convictions and fraud charges that span three decades or more, it demonstrates a character flaw so deep that it would seem to exclude that individual from community leadership roles. Yet he writes for the Jewish Press, is the rabbi of a shul, and serves as the Executive Director of the Rabbinical Alliance of America (RAA / Igud HaRabbonim). If that isn't news, I don't know what is. It should be a front page story in this week's Jewish Press. Of course, we all know that it won't be. More old-time Brooklyn cronyism from the Jewish Press, Jason Maoz included . . .

    Here's a link on Rabbi Tenenbaum. And another on Dr. Laura vs homosexuality. (Links thanks to Shmarya.

    Note signatories and titles to the year 2000 press release on Dr Laura:

    Abraham B. Hecht

    Gershon Tannenbaum

    Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum's 1999 SEC fraud complaints case in html. In PDF format.

    Shmarya writes: Note that the reason the plaintiff lost was the inability to pin down which of the defendants made which of the false statements. The question is not whether the statements are false, the question is which of those scumbags told which lie at what exact time.

    How the good rabbi beat the rap.


    " . . . In addition, civil suits have already been filed by investors alleging securities fraud based on activities on the Internet. In one case, an investor alleged that he learned about a company via an online chat room and was induced to purchase stock in the company by numerous fraudulent means including misleading e-mails. 3 . . ."

    The SEC sued Rabbi Tannenbaum in addition to a disgruntled investor.

    Litigation Release No. 16303 / September 28, 1999:

    " . . . The complaint further alleges that two stock promoters, Tannebaum and Jay Vermonty, actively and fraudulently touted the stock of Power Phone and TMC Agroworld to the investing public and then sold their stock in those entities at artificially inflated prices. According to the complaint, Tannenbaum has a disciplinary history which includes the revocation of his brokerage license by the NASD. . . ."

  125. "There is a former vice-president of the RAA from the 50s/60s that was involved in 10s of millions of dollars of governmen fraud and is a registered sex-offender in NY (confessed in court)."

    Would that be Lipa Brenner or is it someone else?

  126. You guys keep wasting your time blaming Jason Maoz and every other powerless putz at the Jewish Press. They are all stooges for the big man in charge, Jerry Greenwald, who manages to stay out of sight.

  127. Stooges always come in handy. Mendel Epstein is also a behind the scenes honcho at Iggud Harabbonim who uses Iggud figureheads as pawns.

  128. Yo Yenta,

    That molester- thief is Lipa Brenner...kissin' cuzins with the blogger posek Belsky.

  129. "10s of millions of dollars of governmen fraud"

    I never knew that Lipa Brenner was anything more than a sexual criminal. Which govt program did he defraud? Was he jailed for that too?

    Iggud Harabbonim keeps gaining credibility - NOT

  130. Notice how all these thieves strive to get their kids into Brisk. Pinter and the rest of them. Even Moshe Finkel has a son in Brisk. AJ Soloveitchik has a reputation for not taking dirty money. I wonder how that works when it comes to these guys.


    Suit seeking priest names faces battle
    Legal experts cite privacy, church privilege as concerns
    Pioneer Press
    The Roman Catholic Church has spent hundreds of millions of dollars settling lawsuits in accusations of priest sex abuse across the country. But a Wisconsin family's suit filed last week doesn't seek money. They want names.

    That just may pose a tougher fight, legal experts say.

    The lawsuit seeking the names of priests accused of child molestation — filed by the family of a Hudson funeral home director believed slain by a priest suspected of such a crime — faces an uphill battle. Not only has the Catholic Church been reluctant to divulge the names, there is no precedent.

    "This will be a classic battle. … It will be fascinating. If successful, it will create new law," said Marci Hamilton, who teaches constitutional law at Yeshiva University's Cardozo Law School in New York City.

    Filed two weeks ago in St. Croix County Circuit Court against the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the lawsuit asks for the names and whereabouts of 5,000 clergy the bishops say have been accused of child molestation.

    Jeff Anderson, the St. Paul attorney representing Dan O'Connell's family in the suit, contends the names should be released as a matter of public safety.

    Monsignor Frank Maniscalco, a spokesman for the conference, said the bishops have policies for — among others things — removal of abusive priests and requiring that allegations of abuse be reported to police.

    But that doesn't matter if the public doesn't know who the alleged abusers are, Anderson maintains.

    "They have failed to disclose the names," he said of the bishops. "What good does it do if you don't have the names?"

    The lawsuit claims bishops "have established a policy of harboring and protecting suspected child molesting agents, thereby endangering numerous children throughout the United States."

    It offers the Rev. Ryan Erickson, the Hudson priest, as its prime example of how the church fails to protect parishioners, especially children, from predatory clerics.

    Erickson, who is believed to have fatally shot O'Connell and mortuary intern James Ellison in 2002, had a long record of alcohol and sexual abuse before, during and after he entered the seminary. After being questioned about the slayings, Erickson committed suicide.

    If successful, the lawsuit would be a dramatic new chapter in the long-running Catholic Church sex abuse story.


    Legal experts so far only agree that the suit raises a complex mix of issues, including privacy and church privilege, and that it will result in a long, difficult court battle.

    Some give it poor odds because, they say, it takes such broad aim — each of the 194 bishops who make up the conference must be served with the lawsuit.

    "I think it's wild," said the Rev. Robert F. Drinan of Georgetown University Law Center. "A lawsuit should be A sues B over a definitive allegation."

    "Normally, you have to show immediate and irreparable harm for an injunction," said Francis Conte, a University of Dayton professor of constitutional law. "It (the lawsuit) asserts the conference has a duty to reveal the information, but I'm not sure what that duty is based on. From what I see, it is a fairly diffuse claim."

    Leon Friedman, a professor of constitutional law at Hofstra University, agreed.

    "It will be very difficult for them to get any information at all from the church on a legal basis," he said.

    But the Rev. Thomas Doyle, an expert in church law and a supporter of the O'Connell family, said the suit just might fly — and set precedent.

    "This lawsuit is unique. It is all for the welfare of others, not money," said Doyle, a Virginia-based Dominican priest and canon lawyer. "The bishops say this problem is behind us, that it was resolved in 2002. That is nonsense. The problem is not behind us."

    Hamilton, the Yeshiva University professor, puts the suit in the context of the times. Since the sexual abuse crisis erupted in 2002, hundreds of civil lawsuits alleging abuse have been filed against the Catholic Church, the vast majority seeking monetary damages.

    In the decades before 2002, the lawsuit wouldn't have had a chance, Hamilton said. But today, society and, more important, the courts are taking a harder look at legal issues relating to the church, including its finances and issues of privilege.

    In the past, the church has maintained the lawsuits seek to bankrupt it. And in personnel issues involving allegations against clergy, it has argued privilege, Hamilton said.

    "This is innovative in that it is against the American church hierarchy, not just an archdiocese, and it is unusual as one of only two asking solely for information and not damages."

    The only other precedent was an injunctive action filed against the Chicago Archdiocese in the last year asking for the names of child abusers not yet revealed by the archdiocese.

    Kevin Harter can be reached at or 1-800-950-9089, ext. 2149.

  132. >Which govt program did he
    >defraud? Was he jailed for that

    See: Former Rabbinical Alliance of America VP & confessed/convicted child-molester: no jail time. Did his role in $57 million government fraud save him?

  133. This is SICK as far as the sex crimes but I don't see much about fraud. The lawsuit posted there is kind of vague. I don't get that whole thing about the sidewalk & Brenners relatives.

    After conducting a hearing last October, the judge concluded that Mr. Brenner had been subjected to shunning within his Orthodox Jewish community (he had to resign from the temple he founded and received a letter threatening him unless he stayed off the block where his congregation was located), but "it would appear that defendant has been able to retain considerable stability in his life with limited exceptions." Justice Heffernan noted that Mr. Brenner had been accepted by another religious congregation despite knowledge of thecharges in the case.

    Mr. Brenner had been charged with 14 counts of sodomy, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child arising from sexual contact with the same youth whom he allegedly met in the bathroom of the temple they both attended. The sexual contact was alleged to have been committed over a three-year period until October 1995, when the then 15-year-old told authorities.

  134. In Sex Abuse Case, Priest’s Old Letter Could Be Pivotal

    Published: September 14, 2006
    For years, the letter sat in an attaché case in the study of the family’s home. For the parents who received the letter and had once trusted their teenage son with the priest who wrote it, it was too important to throw away, but too upsetting to reread.

    Chester Higgins Jr./The New York Times
    Msgr. Charles M. Kavanagh
    Monsignor Kavanagh's letter (pdf)
    Only when Daniel Donohue, the teenage son who grew up to be a conflicted adult, decided several years ago to come forward to accuse the Roman Catholic priest, Msgr. Charles M. Kavanagh, of touching him in a sexual manner on at least two occasions, did his parents dig the letter out again. By then, it was yellowed and creased but contained what they thought was proof that the priest had acted inappropriately with Daniel.

    “It lay in there for years and years and years,” Jack Donohue, Daniel’s father, said yesterday.

    Earlier this week, Daniel Donohue, now 42, married with four children and living in Portland, Ore., flew to New York City and turned the letter, which was addressed to his parents, over to officials at the Archdiocese of New York. The officials had been asking him for the letter, Mr. Donohue said, in preparation for a church trial that is expected later this year in which Monsignor Kavanagh, now 69, who had risen to become the archdiocese’s chief fund-raiser before he was suspended in 2002, faces the possibility of being removed from the priesthood.

    A copy of the letter, which was given to The New York Times by Mr. Donohue, highlights the potential shades of gray in cases like these. Monsignor Kavanagh’s supporters, after having portions read to them, argued that it proved what he has said all along; that he had an emotionally intimate relationship with Mr. Donohue, but that he never sexually abused him.

    “He has never denied having a close affectionate relationship with this man,” said Ann Mandt, Monsignor Kavanagh’s sister. “He has consistently adamantly denied that he sexually abused him and, when it goes into a court, he will be found innocent.”

    Mr. Donohue and his parents disagreed with the priest’s supporters, saying that although the letter does not get into the details of alleged instances of molestation, it does show a man with a guilty conscience, who knew he had crossed the boundaries of proper behavior.

    “This is a sick man, a disturbed man,” Jack Donohue said.

    Daniel Donohue said in an interview that the four-page letter, typed and single-spaced, was sent to his parents several months after he broke off contact with Monsignor Kavanagh while attending a college seminary. The letter is full of emotionally laden language expressing how much the priest loved their son, and was written after the young man had broken off contact. It is filled with misspellings.

    “Here was the closest human relationship, and the deepest spiritual relationship of my life, and, without a word spoken, any listening or dialogue, I was told that I don’t exist any more,” Monsignor Kavanagh wrote to the parents.

    Later in the letter, Monsignor Kavanagh defended himself from allegations of “touching” that Daniel Donohue had accused him of in a letter to the priest earlier that year.

    Monsignor Kavanagh tried to explain the physical relationship: “Dan and I used to hold hands and embrace each other often. It wasn’t planned, but just became something we did. We would put our arms around each other and say how much we cared for and loved each other.”

    “I never touched Dan or, He me, genitally, and I never saw it in terms of sexual activity. I had tried to tell him when we talked about it back then, that there was a difference between gestures of intimacy between close firends and sexual activity that was sinful.”

    But Monsignor Kavanagh appeared to regret the events: “Those moments must have been very confusing and threatening and very unfair to someone I care for so much. I should have known better and never allowed anythig like that to surface.”

    He went on: “When I look back on those moments, I see the danger there, but i dont see myself as sick or wierd or cruel. I’ve been a priest for twenty years and lived a caring and open ministry, and been faithful. I feel good about much of the struggle. When Dan rushed into my life I let him closer than anyone else.”

    Supporters of Monsignor Kavanagh said yesterday that he could not personally comment on the case because of Vatican rules for secrecy. The case is to be heard by a panel of canon law judges.

    When Monsignor Kavanagh and Daniel Donohue developed their close relationship two decades ago, the teenager was a gifted student and athlete at Cathedral Preparatory Seminary, located at that time in Manhattan, where the monsignor served as rector and spiritual director. In time, the charismatic priest would become the teenager’s teacher, rector, spiritual director and confessor.

    But the Donohues, who were active in the archdiocese, became alarmed by the amount of time that the priest seemed to be spending with their son and what they perceived as his possessiveness.

    Later, when Mr. Donohue moved on to the college seminary in Douglaston, Queens, in 1982, every time the parents went to visit him, they would invariably find Monsignor Kavanagh there as well. “Dan was saying, ‘I can’t get rid of him,’ ” Jack Donohue said. “ ‘He’s hounding me.’ ”

    The letter arrived at the Donohue home in Peekskill, N.Y., just before Christmas, 1984. The events alluded to in it, Daniel Donohue said, are the same ones he later contacted the archdiocese about to accuse Monsignor Kavanagh of wrongdoing.

    The first involved a time when the student said he was lying on the rector’s couch and the priest came over and lay down beside him, leaned his weight against him and rubbed his face back and forth against his.

    The second occurred when the rector took a group of boys with him to an anti-abortion rally in Washington. The priest and student stayed in one hotel room but slept in separate beds. In the morning, Mr. Donohue said, the priest jumped into bed with him, wearing only his underwear, and snuggled up behind him. “Somebody knocked,” he said. “He jumped out of the bed.”

    Two sexual abuse experts who reviewed copies of the letter provided them by The Times were divided in their assessment.

    A. W. Richard Sipe, a former Benedictine monk who has written several books on priests and sexuality in the Catholic Church, said the letter bore the markers of other sexual abuse cases in which inappropriate behavior is cloaked in spiritual piety. Any person with common sense, he said, would consider the behavior egregious.

    “The young man perceived it under all the ‘spiritual talk,’ ” he said. “He was sexually assaulted.”

    But Dr. Frederick Berlin, associate professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School and a consultant on the National Conference of Catholic Bishops’ ad hoc committee on sexual abuse, said that although the letter clearly indicated that proper boundaries between a priest and a student were breached, he did not see anything more sinister.

    “I didn’t see anything in the letter that I thought was sexual,” he said. “What I did see was a spiritual adviser who was trying also to be a friend and have his own personal needs a part of this, making it hard to function in a professional way.”

  135. 804 downloads of the Belsky files.

  136. About the Monsey chicken scandal...

    Clip From the AskMoses website (go to the search line and type in "why chicken is not parve):

    Rabbi Schochet discusses the reason for most rabbinic prohibitions...

    Rabbi Schochet: I hope you are having a GREAT day today:) . . How can I make it even better?

    Raquelle: ive heard that chicken was once parve...why is it not anymore?

    Rabbi Schochet: because people could confuse chicken and meat.

    Raquelle: you mean like if they receieved could have been veal shnitzel but they would think it was chicken?

    Raquelle: that kind of confused?

    Rabbi Schochet: If they mixed chicken and milk, they might come to do the same with meat and milk.

    Raquelle: ok...but that just shows that all that Halachah is doing is conforming to the realities of society...

    Raquelle: and its not like it was written in the Torah that chicken is was just CHANGED by the rabbis...


    It's easy to see how the chicken scam got started - it began with the tortured exegesis of the rabbinate and ended right where any idiot can see where it would: chicken isn't meat, therefore it can't be "treif," so we're not harming anyone by selling the cheap stuff. So why not save the money? We benefit and they won't know any better, since there's no real difference between the two. That's their logic.

    It's not wrong logic, it's just self-sering in this instance.

    These kinds of rulings are what turn people off from orthodoxy - especially women. Do they really think that I'm too stupid to tell the difference between red meat and poultry? Apparently so. And I just love that arguement that the goyim might "think" you're eating red meat and dairy. Are these the same goyim that see women running around in stylish expensive wigs and think (unless they get very, very close) that they're running around with their heads uncovered? Are these the same goyim that think all heredi girls must be sluts because they go downtown and sign up for welfare benefits as unwed mothers? Are these the same goyim that get to laugh at us when they read all of these scandals on the net and in the papers?

    If the rabbinate would spend their time worrying about things that really mattered and stopped trying to "impress" the goyim or anyone else, a lot of this garbage wouldn't happen. It's sheer arrogance and powermongering and greed and... etc, ad nauseum.

    But nothing ever changes. For every molester, swindler, bribe-taker, and tax evader, or whatever that is caught, there are ten more to take his place! The whole culture is hopelessly corrupt. What hypocrites they are, griping about chicken and doing nothing about real abominations! God will judge not just these men, but the entire community for besmirching His name. We didn't "choose life." We have chosen destruction, and until someone can take away the power of these slimeballs, nothing will change.

    But the only way to do that is for everyone to walk away! In other words, it can't be done. The institutions are so FUBAR that we can't cure it, it will have to be destroyed and rebuilt. And does anybody here really see that happening? No, I didn't think so. As I said, it can't be done. There is no solution. Ok, I'm ranting, get over it. I can't be the only person that feels this way.

  137. Here's a nutty idea: Contact the big companies that use the OU hashgacha and tell them that you will boycott their products unless they switch to a different supervision (unless, of course, OU dumps the scumbag).

  138. If we still held that chicken is pareve, would you still have to shecht it for some reason?

    bayit bourne also needs some major chizuk in emunah after that sad attack on the kadmonim. there were also people named Dosson, Aviram & Korach who thought they were smarter than Moishe Rabbeinu.

  139. Bayit Bourne,

    UOJ is the Roto Rooter Guy....him and thousands of us are of the same opinion.

    Anonymous...nutty idea....

    If someone is willing to compile a list of major companies with names and addresses of the CEO's...I will pay for a mass mailing to them certified mail.

  140. If you tell companies to drop the OU, please at least explain to them that Belsky is an aberration and that there are alternatives to the OU that they can switch to.

  141. I intend to send them a detailed letter explaining to them what needs rabbinical supervision and what is a fraud.

    It's about time we enlighten them to the massive fraud that they were bamboozled into and of course we're paying for at the counter, while criminals like Belsky are paid with our money.

    I put the molesters out of business; I'm looking for a new project in my "spare" time!

  142. Not versed said...

    bayit bourne also needs some major chizuk in emunah after that sad attack on the kadmonim. there were also people named Dosson, Aviram & Korach who thought they were smarter than Moishe Rabbeinu.

    I reply....

    It is you, apparently, and other like you who think you are smarter than Moishe Rabbeinu, claiming things are meat that aren't. Moishe never said any such thing. Moishe never said wearing wigs was ok. Moishe never said it's ok to file for welfare when you're actually married. Moishe never said it was ok to screw little boys and girls. Moishe never said it was ok to try and defraud the government, insurance companies, or anyone else. And yet they do it. Are you defending them? Are you saying they have the authority to change the Torah? No, it's a sin to change the Torah. By claiming there's nothing wrong with what they're doing, they bring shame on themselves, on us, and on God. How much plainer do I need to be?

    Apparently, you're part of the same arrogance and conceit and powermongering than they are. That makes you part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  143. Bayit Bourne's rant doesn't address my complaint. But to cut through his anger & simplistic huffing, Moishe Rabbeinu learned all the piskei halachos that the Geonim, Rishonim etc later came out with. I don't agree with all the present day fraud that he attributes to me, but if he thinks that Ravina, Rav Ashi, the Rif and the Shulchan Aruch cannot posken, I attribute kefira to him. It doesn't matter if he doesn't like the gezaira on chicken or whatever else. And he's a pretty pathetic kofer at that.

  144. How come none of the rabbis in Brooklyn made a taanis tzibur when the molestation was uncovered, similar to the taanis that the rabbis in Monsey are planning for this Sunday for the selling and eating non-kosher meat? Isn't sakanta chamura me'isura?

  145. Not versed said...

    Moishe Rabbeinu learned all the piskei halachos that the Geonim, Rishonim etc later came out with.

    I reply...

    That's the party line. It does not, however, in any way address my issue. All of the slimeballs throughout Jewish history had some rabbi's ok for what they were doing. Again, that's the problem, not the solution. The solution is not pretending Moishe told them they could do this or that. That's what they're doing now, and it's brining shame on all of us. You have not addressed this issue at all.

    These men being exposed here
    ARE RABBIS. THEY CLAIM THAT THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH WHAT THEY'RE DOING, AND THEY HAVE OTHER RABBIS BACK THEM UP. That's what all this is about, and you still don't get it. They MAKE UP WHATEVER THEY WANT and try and pass it off as Torah. You didn't address anything that I said in my original post. THEY COVER UP their abominations and complicity with their "rulings." That's what this whole story was about, or didn't you notice that part - the part where a RABBI made up a ruling completely against REAL Torah and got others to sign it.

    And you, apparently, are ok with this because, gosh, Moishe must have heard it on Sinai. How about some intellectual honesty here? If everything the RABBIS say is Torah, then fraud is Torah, and cheating is Torah, and immorality is Torah, and dishonesty is Torah, and theft is Torah, and giving Jews and God a bad name is Torah. The guys who do these things and ok these things every day are RABBIS.

    This case is the shining example that the rulings of the Rabbis are NOT Torah. As another above post shows, the RABBIS have been corrupt and dishonest for as long recorded history. Did you not read the post above "Dos Yiddish Licht", Rabbi Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz zt"l? Nothing has changed, and it won't change as long as they get to make up their own "Torah" out of the thin blue air.

  146. A suggestion, if you have the funds maybe you can put an ad in the New York Times or in the Journal explaining the issue with the OU supervision.

    This way the CEOs will read it as well as consumers, the later will becomes aware of the OU symbol and may choose to boycott it.

    Nobody likes to be associated with child molestation

  147. OUJ! WAIT!




  148. Anon 8:36,

    Nobody trusts Belsky anymore, not Yeshivish..nobody, why do you think Empire added the KAJ?

    Fraud is fraud, water and non-edible items don't need the OU, it's a scam that is long in need of a tikkun!

  149. "RABBIS have been corrupt and dishonest for as long recorded history."

    This becomes a bigger problem in the yeridas hodoros the farther you get away from Har Sinai. If you go back to yemai kedem, there were of course corrupt & dishonest rabbis that included Yoshke, but where does this confused soul get off implying that rabbis were always mostly a corrupt lot?

    This loser Bayit Bourne has got serious problems for being motzee shem ra on erev Rosh Hashana on the Tannaim, Amorayim, Savorayim, Geonim, Rishonim & Acharonim.

  150. "How come none of the rabbis in Brooklyn made a taanis tzibur when the molestation was uncovered"

    You expect Margo to go a day without fressing to his boych's content? Or maybe Leib Pinter ran around to make sure the rabbonim wouldn't sign. When people fast, they are too sluggish to get out & buy his seforim or fall into some investment scam where he can rip them off.

  151. UOJ,

    I'm not saying the OU is infallable, but there are some realities here that you may be overlooking. The OU has a lock on every prime ingredient at the industrial level, which means that even KAJ & Chassidisher hashgochos cannot do without them. Even if anyone would listen to you, it would be a monumentally gargantuan task to replace the OU.

    There may be items that the OU is fleecing manufacturers on, but they do not necessarily include all inedible products. Many people would still prefer to have a hechsher on say dishwashing liquid because of timtum halev issues. You also may not be aware that some plants that process spring water use the same equipment for other beverages.

    It will also not be easy to be heard on this issue because of the "crying wolf" factor. This has been a pet project of many neo-Nazi other anti-Semitic groups who call hashgochos the "Jewish tax".

    It would be much more practical to pressure the OU to disassociate themselves with a particular individual. Maybe Robert Kolker can help with an investigative report on Belsky shielding Kolko, Margo & Lewis Brenner and the corrupt practices of the Iggud Rabbanim. The modern orthodox executive brass of the OU probably get NY Mag in the mail and would be horrified.

  152. Effort............,

    Like any organization that lacks proper oversight, the OU had taken the inherent trust the people have given them and has overstepped the boundaries of right and wrong.

    Employing Belsky is an important example of how people lose judgment if there is no built in checks and balances in organizations that their sole income and support is from public funds.

    If we are paying more for products like OU certified laundry detergent, there must be a hue and an outcry against these practices. The fact that neo-Nazis feel the same way is of no relevance.

    Belsky must be terminated; he has no standing in the Jewish community other than being a fraud and a rabble-rouser. That is the symptom of a much larger problem at the OU, which is that they feel they have no accountability to the public that feeds them.

    There is a need for a cleaned up OU; firing Yisroel Belsky is a good start!

  153. BTW, there is going to be a slew of media attention on rabbinic corruption and various other issues that i feel must get international attention.

    I have enlisted the aid of many talented people, who as I, had enough of the moral depravity that if left unexposed, will ultimately destroy the souls of all thinking Jews.




  155. "When I became convinced that the Universe is natural that all the ghosts and gods are myths, there entered into my brain, into my soul, into every drop of my blood, the sense, the feeling, the joy of freedom. The walls of my prison crumbled and fell, the dungeon was flooded with light and all the bolts, and bars, and manacles became dust. I was no longer a servant, a serf, or a slave. There was for me no master in all the wide world, not even in infinite space. I was free.

    free to think, to express my thoughts
    free to live to my own ideal
    free to live for myself and those I loved
    free to use all my faculties, all my senses
    free to spread imagination's wings
    free to investigate, to guess and dream and hope
    free to judge and determine for myself
    free to reject all ignorant and cruel creeds, all the "inspired" books that savages have produced, and all the barbarous legends of the past
    free from popes and priests
    free from all the "called" and "set apart"
    free from sanctified mistakes and holy lies
    free from the fear of eternal pain
    free from the winged monsters of night
    free from devils, ghosts, and gods
    For the first time I was free. There were no prohibited places in all the realms of my thought, no air, no space, where fancy could not spread her painted wings
    no chains for my limbs
    no lashes for my back
    no fires for my flesh
    no master's frown or threat
    no following another's steps
    no need to bow, or cringe, or crawl, or utter lying words.

    I was free. I stood erect and fearlessly, joyously, faced all worlds. And then my heart was filled with gratitude, with thankfulness, and went out in love to all the heroes, the thinkers who gave their lives for the liberty of hand and brain for the freedom of labor and thought

    to those who fell on the fierce fields of war
    to those who died in dungeons bound with chains
    to those who proudly mounted scaffold's stairs
    to those whose bones were crushed, whose flesh was scarred and torn
    to those by fire consumed
    to all the wise, the good, the brave of every land, whose thoughts and deeds have given freedom to the sons of men.
    And I vowed to grasp the torch that they had held, and hold it high, that light might conquer darkness still."

    ..........Robert G. Ingersoll (1833-1899), "Why Am I An Agnostic?", 1896

  156. Wow! Bagels & Lox just took the blog to a new low. With that fitting moniker that indicates the only stomach filling connection that some secular Jews have left, he brings us the agnostic philosophy. Agnostics say they don't know if there is an Aybishter.

    An Apikorus is nebich an Apikorus.

  157. Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

  158. Ober fort, Voltaire was a vicious French anti-Semite so he's seemingly a hypocrite on that note.

    Scroll down to the subheadline "Anti-Semitism in France"

  159. "the only stomach filling connection that some secular Jews have left"

    Margo also poses as a Jew, but he fills his stomach with a hell of a lot more than bagels & lox!


    Sexual offenders like Brenner are already in online databases set up by NY State, NJ, etc.

    Maybe Elliot Pasik can get Albany to add greedy shmucks like Pinter to the list who will steal from anybody when given the chance.

    It's a bloody shame that the institutions like yeshivos & Artscroll keep coddling these monsters.

    I've got your number Nosson Scherman!

    WHO ARE GREEDY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  162. uoj- can we have more info on
    Belsky's Get coercion tactics
    esp. the Newsday story of 1998?
    can you post a copy of that story?


    The site will need to be mirrored in Hungarian since it's spoken by many of the subjects & their friends & family.

  164. "If we are paying more for products like OU certified laundry detergent, there must be a hue and an outcry against these practices."

    I once heard a rosh kollel mock the OU for that, but then toch kedai dibur, he speculated that it may be an issue for dishrags & tablecloths provided that is, that it's somehow not nifsal meachilas kelev.

    Otherwise, Margo has requested that when UOJ hoists him up by his own petard, that his leotard be laundered with an OU approved detergent where Belsky has personally visited the plant.

  165. "The site will need to be mirrored in Hungarian since it's spoken by many of the subjects & their friends & family."

    That's the best idea I've read on this site yet!


    The Wall Street Journal and Rolling Stone Magazine have had feature write ups that hechsherim are a "hot trend".

    There are many millions more people than there are Jews who like hashgochos.

    Seventh Day Adventists
    Health Nuts
    Gourmet Foodies

    When Coors Beer got the OU, sales immediately shot up 25% in greater NYC & 15% in greater Philadelphia.

  167. ...where does this confused soul get off implying that rabbis were always mostly a corrupt lot?...

    Well, let's see. Historical evidence for corruption and mismanagement in the leadership of Jews... Oh, yes. Here we go: Shof'tim, Shmu'el, Malakim, Yeshayahu, Yirmeyahu, Yechezk'el, Hoshea, Yoel, Mikhah, Nachum, HAvakuk, Tz'fanyah, Hagai, Zkharyah, Malakhi, Eikhah, Ezra, Nechemyah, Divrei-HaYamim...

    Or are you calling God a liar, too?

  168. A RABBI'S TALE OF ABDUCTION, TORTURE Newsday (New York) March 8, 1998, Sunday,

    Copyright 1998 Newsday, Inc.

    Newsday (New York)

    March 8, 1998, Sunday, ALL EDITIONS

    SECTION: NEWS; Page A07

    LENGTH: 1049 words


    BYLINE: Dan Morrison. STAFF WRITER

    On the evening of Oct. 23, 1996, as Rabbi Abraham Rubin walked home from synagogue toward his Borough Park home, two cars collided up the block at the intersection of 56th Street and 14th Avenue.

    Rubin, 31, ran toward the scene of the accident, an apparent diversion. A man standing on the sidewalk in front of him suddenly turned and started punching him and grabbed his glasses. He was dragged into a waiting van, he says, where several assailants began beating him.

    He did not have to ask why.

    For five years, Rubin, an Orthodox Jew, had been involved in a bitter dispute with his estranged wife.

    Rubin says he has refused to this day to grant his wife a religious divorce, known as a get, until she lets him see his two children, who live with her in Montreal.

    In an interview that elaborated on charges in a lawsuit he has filed against his alleged captors, Rubin described his abduction and torture.

    "I was expecting it, sooner or later," he said.

    Inside the van, he said, paid assailants wrapped a black laundry bag around his head. As he was handcuffed and choked, a voice said in sarcastic Yiddish, "Ess vet zein gut It will be good . . . Mir vilen nor die zalst a yid We only want you to be a Jew ."

    As the van sped through Brooklyn, Rubin said, he was asked if he knew Kol D'Alim G'var, a Talmudic commentary on the theory that might makes right.

    The van stopped, and all the attackers left, except one, he said. "The rabbi is coming," he said he heard one of his assailants say. The door opened and new passengers entered.

    "Do you understand English?" Rubin said he was asked. "Repeat my words."

    Rubin said that when he refused to repeat the 12-line oath that grants a Jewish wife a divorce, punches and electric shocks rained down on him, first just a few and then a torrent - so many that he began reciting the "Viduy," the traditional Jewish deathbed prayer of repentance.

    According to the lawsuit Rubin filed against his alleged captors, they zapped him with an electronic stun gun - in all, more than 30 times - including shocks to his genitals.

    After passing out for about an hour, Rubin said, he was shaken awake. "Rabbi, wake up," a voice said. "The get is done."

    He was transferred from the van to a car. "Don't be a moser," an informer, he said he was told. "If you know what's good for you, don't be a moser."

    He said he was thrown from the car, still handcuffed and shrouded, and dumped outside a Brooklyn cemetery. A cab driver found the bloody rabbi and took him to the 66th Precinct. No arrests have been made in the attack.

    Rubin, represented by Manhattan attorney Thomas Stickel, charges in a civil racketeering lawsuit filed in State Supreme Court in Brooklyn that Mendel Epstein, a well-known divorce mediator, took part in his "abduction and torture." Rubin said he learned the details of the plot during an investigation he and his friends conducted over several months.

    Epstein's attorney has denied the charges. The suit also charges several other rabbis with planning or participating in the attack, including Martin Wolmark, a rabbi from the upstate Orthodox enclave of Monsey, and Israel Belsky, a rabbi from the Ditmas Park section of Brooklyn.

    In a telephone interview, Belsky denied taking part in the attack. "I have no connection to any of this," he said. "The guy is a crackpot. The whole thing is a frivolous action."

    Robert Rimberg, an attorney for Wolmark, also denied the charges listed in the lawsuit. "As far as I know, and based on my investigation, there is no basis for it," he said.

    The suit also charges Rubin's former wife and her brother with participating in planning the attack. They did not respond to letters and telephone calls requesting comments.

    The day after the Rubin attack, a Borough Park plumber, who also was involved in a dispute with his estranged wife, received a phone call. "The message was after one o'clock at night," he said in an interview.

    "You better give your wife a get, otherwise you'll be next," he recalled the voice saying. "It was a tape on my answering machine; caller ID did not identify the location of the call so I made a copy of the tape from the answering machine. I took it down to the 66th precinct."

    Police records show he made a complaint at the 66th Precinct the day after the alleged threat. "I have not heard any follow-up on this," he said of the alleged threat. (The man is currently in jail in the Bronx for failure to pay $875 a week in child support. His attorney is appealing the judge's order.)

    Other beatings reviewed by Newsday followed a similar pattern: One man is attacked, and another receives a warning, or one man is warned and another is attacked.

    On Aug. 11, 1997, a corporate attorney received an anonymous call at his Manhattan office warning that he would soon be beaten, he said.

    The next day, on the solemn Jewish holiday of Tisha b'Av, a Midwood businessman was abducted in front of his home, beaten and shocked with a stun gun. The man's wife denies any link to the attack.

    On the morning of Oct. 20, 1997, the corporate attorney was shot while walking to the subway from his Borough Park home. The small-caliber bullet entered just below his right buttock and came to rest inside his thigh, two inches from his femoral artery.

    A police official who asked not to be identified linked the shooting to a pattern of similar attacks in the Orthodox Jewish community. No arrests have been made.

    An attorney for the shooting victim's estranged wife denied that she had any connection to the shooting.

    While no one has ever been prosecuted for a get-related attack in New York City, that may soon change. Det. Robert Roddenberg of the 66th Precinct said Rubin's case might be the first of its kind to make it into a courtroom.

    "Rubin is entitled to his day in court and the best investigation we can do," Roddenberg said. "Rubin is one of the few who have stood up. He was abducted. They beat the - - - out of him.

    "They investigators spent an awful lot of time doing this case and it was really nitpicked to do it right," Roddenberg said. "It was done as well as any homicide case could be done. Just like not every homicide case gets solved, will this case get solved? That's up to the DA's office."

    GRAPHIC: Photo - 1) Rabbi Abraham Rubin shortly after he was beaten in 1996. 2-3) Photos by David Schaer - Rubin charges that Rabbi Israel Belsky of Ditmas Park, left, and divorce mediator Mendel Epstein had roles in an attack in which Rubin was punched and shocked with a stun gun. 4) Cover Photo-Rabbi Abraham Rubin says he was tortured because he refuses to grant his wife a get, a religious divorce (Bulldog cover)

    LOAD-DATE: March 8, 1998


    I was wondering if this has anything to do with Neuhoff as it mentions "bungalow putz" a couple of times.

  170. By the way, to the brave anonymous person who has seated himself in judgement of me, I have to ask:

    Since, as we all know, "the law of the land is the law,"

    Are you one of those illegitimate welfare brats? Have you paid pack the decent legally married working people who were defrauded to raise you?

    Or, are you busy even now inflicting more illegitimate welfare brats onto the world?

    Or even better, are you one of those who has sold his wife into slavery and farmed out his kids to be raised in herds by strangers so you can sit on your worthless posterior all day contributing nothing to your family, your community, your people, or society?

    Do you live in Israel, and if not, why not, seeing as that is also a commandment from God?

    Do you report all your income, and pay your taxes? Or is the reason you're so gung-ho to defend the Rabbis because you're benefitting from their lies and deceit?

    Do you support institutions that are hiding molesters, defending those who derive pleasure from abominations on boys and assault young girls? Do you hide behind the "ruling" that embarassing someone is the "worst" crime in the Torah? (Worse than pedophilia? I think not.)

    Do you support "rabbis" and other thugs who use extortion and violence to obtain their ends? Why?

    Do you even have enough real education to hold a market rate paying job? Do you have any marketable skills whatsoever? (Sorry, "Rabbis" are a dime a dozen and don't count - there aren't enough shuls in the world to employ all the "rabbis" out there.)

    Can you think for yourself at all? Or does someone have to tell you how to put your shoes on?

    So far, your ad hominem attacks have only proved that you don't have a single rational arguement to defend your position. You have not presented a bit of logical evidence to refute anything I have said, you have simply resorted to name calling. Other than making the inadequacy of your education obvious, this accomplishes nothing. If this is what orthodoxy has become - people entirely incapable of distinguishing immoral, unethical, illogical, and irrational behaviors and rulings from real Torah, then orthodoxy deserves every bit of derision that it is receiving from the press and the blogs.

    Shame on you, and judgement on all of us because of it.

  171. Only 44 percent of haredi men in work force

    Survey conducted by Israel Central Bureau of Statistics shows 95 percent of secular men, 72 percent of men and 54 percent of women are part of work force; 48 percent are satisfied with job as well as salary

    Ynet Published: 09.14.06, 17:14

    The work force in Israel consists of 62.6 percent of the population of 20 years old and over. In the Jewish population, 95 percent of the secular men are in the work force, 93 percent of the conservative ones are in the work force, 91 percent are of the religious population and 44 percent are from ultra-Orthodox backgrounds.

    In terms of the women's participation in the work force, 83 percent of the secular women are in the labor market, 77 percent are conservative, 72 percent are religious and 55 percent are haredi.

    These statistics were revealed in a social survey conducted by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, published on Thursday.

    In total, 72 percent of the men and 54 percent of the women are in the work force. The Arab population in the work force is of 11.1 percent. The work force of the population of 20 years and over includes 91.5 percent who are employed and 8.5 percent who are unemployed.

    Half are satisfied with their salary

    Overall, 83 percent of the workers are satisfied with their occupation. Statistics show that the

    rate of satisfaction is higher as the seniority and salary is higher.

    A third of the people in the job market are satisfied with their occupations but not with their salary, half are satisfied with their salary, and 48 percent are satisfied with their job as well as their salary. The highest rate of those satisfied with their work but not with their salary are the teachers and the kindergarten teachers.

    The survey also revealed that 37.4 percent of the population of 20 years and over is not in the job market. Half of them are over 54 years of age, and 16 percent of them are 20 to 24.

    Thirty-six percent of those who are not in the job market look after children or housekeeping; 25 percent suffer from a certain handicap or an ongoing condition; 19 percent pursue academic studies, 59 percent of which are men who are self-proclaimed “haredim” and attend a yeshiva.

  172. Anonymous said...
    How come none of the rabbis in Brooklyn made a taanis tzibur when the molestation was uncovered, similar to the taanis that the rabbis in Monsey are planning for this Sunday for the selling and eating non-kosher meat? Isn't sakanta chamura me'isura?

    7:26 PM, September 14, 2006..........................................These rabbonim still think that child molestation is not an issue that has to be dealt with since they are covering up every time they get a complaint so either nobody belives these cookoos that make up such storys or they simply do not know anybody personally that had a story so to you uoj keep up this fight till the streets of haraidi jewry are in riots over the issue of child molestation and the phony rabbis that enable it to go on for so long with out a peep from them its about time they apoligize for their mistakes and step down. have a good blessed year LEIZEROWITZ VICTIM FOREVER

  173. OT, but of vital interest.

    Everyone really needs to see the movie Obsession. To paraphrase Sally Fields, they hate us, they really want to kill us.

    Also, this is well beyond graphic, but the true face of terror needs to be seen.WARNING: VERY DISTURBING IMAGES OF DEATH AND DISMEMBERMENT With all the terror in Israel, we've never really seen the gruesome results of a suicide bombing. Out of respect for the dead, privacy of the wounded and sensitivity to survivors, we just haven't seen what really happens. Just hulks of busses or blown out cafes, and emergency workers, rarely an injured person on a gurney, and never any bodies. While Hez'b'allah PR guys profer dead babies for the abu-CNN and al-Reuters cameras, Jewish suffering is invisible in the media.

    People on this blog like to contact media members. These links should be sent to every reporter and editor.

  174. 1003 downloads of the Belsky files.

  175. 1024 downloads of the Belsky files.

  176. 1060 downloads of the Belsky files.

  177. 1081 downloads of the Belsky files.

    Kol hamarbeh, harei ze m'shubach!

    May the people that download the file of the evil Belsky be blessed.

  178. A lot of people suffer. But whether people had good childhoods/adulthoods or horrendous childhoods/adulthoods, all people must logically strive to be good people if civilization is to thrive. This blog has failed to keep this in mind.

    This blog apparently wishes to inspire insults rather than serious thought or dialog.

    We readers know one thing for sure, the more someone is insulted on this blog, the greater a person they must be.


  179. And I have faced it.