Thursday, February 25, 2016

The suspect's father is the principal of a yeshiva and his grandfather is an ‘influential rabbi.’

Attempted abduction case in Brooklyn falls apart after suspect, a man from a prominent Orthodox family, comes forward 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016, 12:10 PM
The suspect's father is the principal of a yeshiva and his grandfather is an ‘influential rabbi.’ DCPI

The suspect's father is the principal of a yeshiva and his grandfather is an ‘influential rabbi.’

An investigation into an attempted abduction of a 14-year-old girl in Brooklyn fell apart after it was learned that the suspect comes from a prominent Orthodox family, law enforcement sources said Wednesday.

The suspect, a 20-year-old Orthodox man, showed up at the 61st Precinct with his attorney Tuesday — a day after the NYPD released an enhanced photo of him as a suspect in the crime.
But when investigators contacted the victim after the suspect came forward the family "stopped cooperating with the cops," a police source said.
The victim was with her mother when the suspect — initially described as a white or Hispanic man — approached her on E. 7th St. in Midwood about 4:30 p.m. Feb. 16. 

The victim was with her mother when the suspect — initially described as a white or Hispanic man — approached her on E. 7th St. in Midwood about 4:30 p.m. Feb. 16.

A source with knowledge of the investigation said the girl changed her mind about talking to authorities after receiving pressure from the community.

The suspect's father is the principal of a yeshiva and his grandfather is an "influential rabbi," the source said.

The victim was with her mother when the suspect — initially described as a white or Hispanic man — approached her on E. 7th St. in Midwood about 4:30 p.m. Feb. 16.
"Come here," the man demanded of the teen.

When the girl refused, he grabbed her by the shoulder and wouldn't let go until the victim's former teacher intervened, officials said.

"The case and the investigation is closed," an NYPD spokesman said Wednesday. "No one is charged."

Detectives made their decision after conferring with the Brooklyn District Attorney's office, the spokesman said.



Echter yid said...

The victim stopped cooperating with the police because of the pressure from the community ? (1) so how do the Jewish community in flatbush Brooklyn plan to stop sexual abuse on children especially on girls when instead putting pressure on the pedophile they went and threatened the victim and her mother,? What's the plan over here to make sure that this sick pedophile will not strike again ? Especially when we didn't prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law? (2) how in the world can we trust now his father as a principal and his grand father as a chushever person as a udum gudol when both of them showed for the world that if a victim is coming forward with /his/her/ story the pedophile will be able to stay on the streets and strike again and the victim will be threatened and shut down immediately ,? (3) how can we trust this,2, punks when they showed for the world that if a pedophile comes from a prominent family,? The pedophile will be let go ? And the victim shouldn't dear even try to come forward ? What a shame on the flatbush Jewish community,? What a massage are we sending to the pedophiles that its okay to molest children if they come from a prominent family? Is that so ? Shame on flatbush Brooklyn,? What a horrible and poor job was being done to our children in flatbush,?

James Apple said...

Within segments of the untra-orthodox community, victims and their families are pressured, threatened and in some cases vilified if they cooperate with the police in these types of crimes. This is a horrible cultural norm within these communities.

The "leaders" of these communities, the rabbis who hold power and influence, perpetuate this cultural norm, enabling the criminal to continue to commit this crime. I don't know how they can atone for this sin on Yom Kippur.

Echter yid said...

To you with respect (james apple) unfortunately you don't have to tell me what a victim or /his/her/ family will go trough if the victim comes forward ,I am the father of the victim of dascalowitz, if you remember the dascalowitz case? ( our sick sicko pedophile admitted for molesting ,60,children unfortunately) but instead my community should give me the biggest thank you for taking down such a dangerous pedophile from the streets of Brooklyn new york , I suffer tremendously almost,8,years already not only me but my children I still don't have a shull where to daven,I am shunned in my community in Williamsburg Brooklyn, we suffer like crazy, but unfortunately our Jewish Hasidic community unfortunately are fighting to keep the pedophiles on the streets instead of taking them off the streets and make our streets safer for our precious children what a shame,?

Riverdale said...

The corrupt leadership of the shul couldn't cover up for Rosenblatt anymore when so many members were quitting that the shul was having trouble maintaining financial viability:


the letter, which was signed by the synagogue’s board chairman, Donald Liss; and Fine, its president. “He described how we will strengthen communal bonds between and among our members, >>> maintain the financial stability of our synagogue <<< and enhance the spirit of collaboration that exists between the RJC and the community.”

Shaarei UOJ loi ninalu said...

Echter Yid,

Sorry to hear that the corrupt ra-bunim are giving you such tzuris.

There is a Litvishe shul in Willy Rav Blumenkrantz & he doesn't care as far as I know what anyone says when he is doing the right thing. Did you ever try davening there?

Monsey said...

Part 2 in exposing the cruel bastards running the Monsey chadorim & girls schools how they are even worse than the Lakewood cartel that Rechnitz blasted.

Monsey is even worse as much of the problem, unlike Lakewood, is not tied to whether someone is a good fit for the yeshiva with hashkofos. Much of it boils down to laziness and mindboggling selfishness for no particular reason of not giving a damn that kids & their mishpochos are suffering. There is also on a limited basis pure greed & monetary shakedowns or only taking those who can pay full price at some places.

Today is Zaks. They are a disgrace to the heiliger elter Zeide the Chofetz Chaim.

The two brothers who do not even speak to each other are their own parshiyos.

Henoch the big tipesh vus ruft zich Pomoner Rov, when he is not busy reminding you he is CHOSHIV because he learned in Brisk. And his wife, the Wicked Witch of the East who is Rav Steinwurtzel's a tochter. The two of them are almost psychopathic how they can sometimes show a lot of chesed to some people but act like the biggest chayos to others. Bais Yaakov Chofetz Chaim Pomona is actually the only Monsey school with Lakewood meshugassin of who supposedly fits in. How ironic considering that and after how many people they have abused that their own grandchildren no one in Lakewood wants to accept them.

The Kiryas Radin Zaks operates a cheder on Highview. Aryeh Zaks himself is not making the decisions but the place does not even look at people begging for rachmonus.

James Apple said...

Dear Exeter Yid,

I am so sorry for the way you and your family have suffered. I am a conservative Jew that over the past few years has gone completely secular. I used to think that the ultra-orthodox used to comprise one of the most pious communities on earth, but no more, due to the cultural norms of many of their communities that place protecting criminals above protecting their children. I refrain from using the word "evil," but when they protect child sexual abusers above the safety of their children, that is exactly what this cultural norm is - evil.

Most non-orthodox and the gentile community at large have no idea about this cultural norm. Last year, there was a national scandal in Australia and a very public investigation by an Australian Royal Commission of Chanad in Melbourne. Not word of condemnation by Chabad world headquarters on NYC. Not one word.

Echter yid said...

Does anyone no where in Williamsburg there is a shull from rav blumenkrantz ?

Alter Mirrer said...

Even 20 years ago his minyan was really getting small, mostly alter Litvaks who never moved out of Williamsburg.


It might be this Shmuel Blumenkrantz who lives at 190 Marcy Ave, apt 2F.

There are also 2 Chabads, one on North 5th St & another on Flushing Ave.

Far Rotaway said...

Rabbi Eytan Feiner has a thing for going down with sinking ships.

First he stuck it out until the end with Dovid Weinberger.


And now the Kaminetzkys

Invasion Control said...


Look what happens when you start letting Arabs in

Anonymous said...

R' Nuchem crosses the bridge to daven on the Lower East Side.