Sunday, March 23, 2008

Trickled Down Hate Mail!

The hate mail is all but gone!

For shame; I used to learn so much from them. I would see the blind hatred for the truth. I would see what brainwashing has done to a generation. It destroyed logic - rationalism and common sense, and essentially destroyed Orthodox Judaism. The rabbis - you got to hand it to them - they got it down to a science.

They created this atmosphere of blind obedience; the kind we saw by David Koresch in Waco, and Jim Jones in Jonestown. They must have had a few meetings with the most Reverend Moon, Jew-lover - America-lover - white-boy lover - Jeremiah Obama Wright, and Ron Hubbard. Maybe a lesson or two from Jesse Jackson.

Keep your people dumb and ignorant - make certain they consider everything evil - except the ideas you want them to adhere to.

Make certain they hate reason, and intellect. Never let them make a move without your approval. Keep them poor - except for the rich that you designate as your ally - for your whims. Keep the passions alive - not the healthy ones - the most hysterical - venom filled - disdain for any reasonable value that is not congruous with your agenda.

Make certain you keep them desperate; desperate people will grab on to any idea that will make them a "somebody" in your evil eyes. Keep them in a ghetto/community - where they can be supervised and controlled. Create a huge sense of shame - if they dare step outside the box. Control the food they eat - where you profit off every morsel. Tell them how much sex they can have - and when and how to have it. Tell them that science is off limits - they just may discover a truth or two - Heaven forbid!

Tell them the rabbis are infallible - and anyone that does not buy that - is deemed an apostate - not worthy of being a member of the Jewish community. Never let your kids marry in to that family - God protect us. Break the "average" guy's back with $25/lb. matzohs - $200 esrogim - $10,000 a year tuition - $5000 for summer camps! Don't let the poor bastard breathe! Make certain that you follow him to the office - than double back to his house in a different car with a different driver - a week later with a different notebook of fraudulent rabbinic endorsements.

Create emergency meetings for the self-inflicted poor in Israel - because they were instructed never to leave the four walls of B'nei Brak or Jerusalem. Keep their wives pregnant - forbidding birth control - to make certain they are never able to feed themselves without your brachas, advice and "wisdom".

Ban anything and everything that may cause them to have moments of truth and enjoyment - and maybe just maybe - for a brief second - they may actually feel good -and find life worth living. Disgrace them for not being able to donate huge sums of money to your family businesses - by seating them in the back of the catering hall at dinners and gatherings. Never honor a "poor" guy --- that may be the "honorable" thing to do - Heaven forbid. Sit every thief and low-life at the dais of your dinners - teach our kids who the real people are.

Create perpetual " parasites" by keeping every one in kollel, and denying them a reasonable secular education - breaking their will to the point that they can not have a healthy mind --- in fact turning them in to perverts in one sense or another. Then put these same people around our children as teachers, mentors and rabbis --- broke, desperate, eager to please themselves in any way possible - fearful of their jobs, fearful of every healthy thing, fearful to think, fearful of being exposed for the misfits they are.

Elevate them to principals or rosh yeshivas - strictly because their fathers own the place. Never concern yourselves with "ability" or healthy psyche - or appropriate values! Perpetuating the family name and business is what counts - at the expense of your children - and their children - and their children - until the end of time!

The Dr. Death laboratory experiment continues. Even the rats get to enjoy a bite of cheese here and there - not you!

Oh yes - the more you suffer in this life - the more enjoyment in the World To Come!