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According to the research, made by Israeli TV Channel 10, in the book, distributed by emails only to her friends before her death, she explained her leaving reasons: she claimed that she had to undergo sexual abuse and deviation - outrageous demands by her husband. As a result, she had a mental breakdown, was hospitalized and tried to put an end to her life. In such closed community it is unacceptable to complain to police in such cases. Everything stays inside, with silent approval of the leader, the Rebbe. Eventually, she was forced to leave.

“My husband made me sex-slave and disconnected me from my daughters”

Not in those words, but that implies from the shocking book of Esti Weinstein, a former Ultra-Orthodox, who committed suicide last week in Israel. The death is still shocking the Israeli society

NOTE OF WARNING: Israel Nonstop editor announces hereby that all the facts mentioned here were taken from reliable sources. Yet, as a legal precaution, Israel Nonstop advises to every reader to use his/her own discretion as to the correctness of the facts. Please use your discretion also when exposing this written material in front of small children. Thank you
By Ben Landeck

Esti (Esther) Weinstein, a former ultra-Orthodox woman from Jerusalem, has committed suicide a few days ago. The book she left behind her, makes waves of shock in the Israeli society, particularly among followers of Gur Hassidic congregation, which once she belonged.

According to a research, made by Israeli TV Channel 10 (“Friday” show, by Ayala Hasson), in the book, she reveals not only the reasons that caused her to commit suicide, but also – part of the mystery that surrounds the Gur Community and the repressive regime, especially for women.

“Jacob (which obviously is her husband) was practical as always. ‘Take off your clothes and let the man do his job. Avi’, he said to the masseur, ‘undress her completely, well, take off her panties. ” “I feel like I’m doing crimes,” I stammered to Jacob. “I’m your husband and I’m here with you.” 
Esti, while still there. Mother model, wife model
Esti, while still there. Perfect Mom, wife model

Esti Weinstein, Gur Hassid, married at the age of 19 with S. They had seven daughters. An exemplary mother and wife model. She worked with her husband in the thriving fish shop in the ultra-Orthodox Geula neighborhood of Jerusalem. One morning, eight years ago, Esther left her beloved daughters, left her community and went to Tel-Aviv.

According to the research, made by Israeli TV Channel 10, in the book, distributed by emails only to her friends before her death, she explained her leaving reasons: she claimed that she had to undergo a sexual abuse and deviation outrageous demands by her husband. As a result, she had a mental breakdown, was hospitalized and tried to put an end to her life. In such closed community it is unacceptable to complain to police in such cases. Everything stays inside, with silent approval of the leader, the Rebbe. Eventually, she was forced to leave.

 S., Supposedly, an abusing husband

S., supposedly the abuser-pixellate
S., supposedly the abuser (Taken from “Friday” TV show, Israeli Channel 10)

But this was only the beginning of her journey of agony. According to Israeli Channel 10, she could not explain to her young and pure daughters what she went through in those dark nights and why she had to leave them. And then, her husband took advantage of her absence and told to the girls a lot of lies about their “treacherous” mother, with the support of the Hassidic community. Subsequently, so she tells, he prevented her from all contact with her daughters. Only one of her daughters, Tammy Montag, was in constant contact with her after leaving the community like her Mom. “My sisters and my father cut off all contact with us,” said Tammy on Channel 10. “Everything Mom tried to do, did not succeed. My sisters would not accept it and she (Esti) broke slowly, more and more. She had a very serious crisis but tried to contact my sisters and explain to them what made her to leave – but without success.”

Page 148 of the book of Esti:

“Jacob (which obviously is her husband, B.L.) was practical as always. ‘Take off your clothes and let the man do his job. Avi’, he said to the masseur, ‘undress her completely, well, take off her panties. “

“I feel like I’m doing crimes,” I stammered to Jacob. “I’m your husband and I’m here with you.” (Taken from Israeli TV Channel 10).

Later, on channel 10: “Page after page Esti describes how her husband, supposedly, drags her to Tel Aviv, bringing her to masseuses, strange men, and watched delightfully at his naked wife while he was full with satisfaction”.

“That husband actually exacerbated each time the acts”…

Israeli 10 Channel TV, interviewed Attorney Moshe Yitzhak Ausditcher, who represented the deceased during her divorce from abuser husband: “That husband actually exacerbated each time the acts. It started with a massage and it went on until couples swinging. Then he told her that according to Jewish law, now, after being with a stranger, she is prohibited for him at all. So if you aren’t allowed to me, so let’s enjoy ourselves to the end. That did it. But what finally broke her, was that he cut her off from her children”. It is quite clear that in such closed congregation, many knew about the ordeal Esti went through, but did nothing.

Attorney Ausditcher: “Well, she left. So, man, because your sex-slave ran away from you, you hang her up from the children? Why the kids should be in the middle?”

Supposedly, Brainwashed Daughters

The attorney presents one of many letters she received from her daughters, in response to the request of their begging mother to meet. This one, written by a 13 year old....
Esti, with Tami, her only daughter who hasn't turned her back
Esti, with Tami, her only daughter who hasn’t turned her back

 “I’m mad at you, I will not forgive you, you are mentally ill. You are vile and cruel. I Hope not to see you forever.” With similar language, also replied another daughter, 11 year old. “It is clear”, says the lawyer, “that someone feed them with those words and attitude”.

Even during Esti’s funeral, in eulogy for her mother, one of the older girls continued with those brainwashed accusations, blaming her dead mother of leaving them seemingly without reason…
Last week Esti was found dead in her car near the beach in Ashdod. In the suicide note, accompanying by the book manuscript, Esti wrote that she committed suicide mainly because she misses her daughters…

Hassidic Gur Congregation: “Sexual asceticism, confidentiality regulations”

The tragic death of Esti Weinstein and the book she left behind, opened a Pandora’s box about the mysteries of Gur Hassidic Congregation, the biggest in its kind in Israel. One of their prominent figures today – the Israeli Health Minister, Rabbi Yaacov Litzman.

“Holy Company”

In the closed community, people refuse to talk and respond. But some secrets are well known: Extreme sexual asceticism, total control over the lives of individuals, psychiatric balls – and a double life. Some Hassidic women, agreed to talk, but provided that their name not be mentioned.

They told the reporter about the term “Holy Company” – Holiness between man and wife, plus a lot of restrictions and hardware beyond what the “Halacha” (Religious Jewish code) wishes. “For example, if Jewish law requires that spouses will be distant for two weeks during the female period and after, the Gurs expand it for life time. Another restriction: A total ban on any contact between husband and wife (including a touch of affection). So far, that it is not allowed even to pass any object between husband and wife directly from her hand to his and vice versa, but to put it first in a “neutral” place… it is also forbidden to sit on the same chair. ”

“Any deviation is reported to the ‘Guide’”

There is also a strict limitation of the number of times permitted to maintain sexual relations during the month (only twice); Very long period of celibacy after each birth of a child, and being careful not to call women with their given names. The regulations cannot be found in any official document of the Hassidic group, deliberately. They are whispered from the “Guide man” to the ears of the young couple before the wedding and after. Any deviation of one partner – is reported and executed by the guide. In fact, all communications between the couple in the first period of the marriage is conducted through the “guide” that guides the parties how to proceed, and how to respond to any request or inquiry.

“A ‘shattered Rebbe’ who started it all”

The first figure who’s responsible for those unusual regulations, that had caused a real storm in the Haredi community – was “The Israel House”, Rebbi Israel Alter. The Rebbe lost his entire family in the Holocaust, and this left him broken down into pieces. Those Gur women, who volunteered the information, say that probably “Something was wrong with him, regarding his sexual life, with a need for sacred asceticism”. The current rabbi’s, they tell, is spiritually far below Rabbi Alter. “He is just a person with a lot of money, leaning on his ancestors who were great rabbis. The top persons of Gur just use all the power and money that they have to keep control of them all. ”

“Pills for killing sexual desire”

There are also complaints about the use of psychiatric pills originally used for severe diseases – to suppress the libido, for those who do not comply with the stiff rules. In the “Yeshivot” (ultra-orthodox colleges) there are supervisors who ‘persuade’ students to use such pills, as a condition for continuation of their studies. Some psychiatrists have collaborated and wrote prescriptions for these drugs.

Dasi just wanted him to call her name… 

According to these women, the driving is not spiritual values or content, but only the oldest desires of human beings: power, control, money and sexism. There are couples there who are not allowed to have sex beyond a few seconds in the dark. Women tell of a lack of love, affection or just a hug.

Dasi, the heroine of Esti Weinstein’s book, tells how her husband hadn’t called her by her name. “My husband, like all the Gur Hasidim, called me ‘come here’, or ‘tell’. That was my name among those first years after the wedding … I felt very strongly that I want to hear him pronounce my name on his lips. sometimes I’d go after him in like a shadow, and imagine how suddenly he turns around and uses that wonder word “Dasi”. I was trembling while imagining this special moment. ” 
Gur Congregation reaction: Through all the media, used for this report, Gur denied all the facts but refused to refer to the details mentioned here.

                                           * * *

NOTE OF WARNING: Israel Nonstop editor announces hereby that all the facts mentioned here were taken from reliable sources. Yet, as a legal precaution, Israel Nonstop advises to every reader to use his/her own discretion as to the correctness of the facts. 


תקנות חסידי גור
חלק ב' - בנות הסמינרים
1. אסור ללכת לאכול במסעדה.
2. אסור חוגים מחוץ לסמינר.
3. אסור להסתכל לגברים בעיניים.
4. להמעיט בדיבור עם אחיינים מעל גיל 13.
5. אסור לדבר עם גיסים.
6. אין לשיר ליד אחים.
7. אין מגע עם אב/סב.
8. אסור פלאפון.
9. אסור להתחבר לבנות מחוץ לחסידות, גם לא חסידויות אחרות.
10. אסור חולצת לייקרה.
11. חצאית אורך אמצע בלבד (אורך עד האמצע בין הברך לקרסול).
12. אסור שום איפור בסמינר, עד שמתארסים, או ממש לפני כן.
13. אסור מסקרה או כל איפור עיניים.
14. אסור להתנדב בארגוני חסד לא גוראים.
15. אסור להעביר לשום גבר שום דבר מיד ליד. היתר מיוחד אם מדובר בחפץ גדול ואין שום אפשרות להניח (וכך נוצרת הסיטואציה המלבבת של בחורה שמתכופפת לרגליו של אברך כדי להניח שטר כסף על הרצפה).
16. לזוז לקצה המדרכה כשגבר עובר.
17. אסור לבת בסמינר לגעת בפלאפון, אפילו כשר. אם חייבים, הן נותנות לאחות הקטנה להחזיק את הפלאפון ולהתקשר בשבילן.
18. להחביא את הגוף. כל המתבגרות נהיות כפופות, כדי להסתיר את החזה, ומי שלא מבינה לבד שזה נדרש - מקבלת הכוונה.
19. אסור לשבת ליד נהג מונית.
20. אסור להישאר בחתונות של חברות אחרי 11:00.
22. אסור לשמוע רדיו, גם לא תחנות חרדיות.
23. אסור להגיד שלום לגיסים.
24. חובה להקפיד על הוצאת מילות התפילה בהגייה החסידית המדויקת (ואם טועים אפילו בנקודה אחת, כל התפילה לא שווה כי אינה מצטרפת לזכות אבות).
25. אסור ללכת לים בנות לבד.
26. אסור לפגוש את החתן.
27. אסור לדבר עליו עם חברות.
29. אסור ללכת בלי חלוק בים.
30. במחנה, אסור ללבוש בגד ים בבריכה רק בגדים. 3 חלקים וגרביונים.
31. אסור לשמוע שירים חסידים מודרנים.
32. ליפא שמעלצער - מנודה.
33. כשהולכים לביסמדרש בשבת, צריך לצאת אחרי 'כתר'.
34. אסור ללכת דרך הרחוב שבו נמצאת יציאת הגברים, ולא בשעות שהגברים הולכים.
35. אסור לענות אמן בקול בתפילה.
36. אסור להעמד לקדיש, כי רעש הכסאות יפריע לגברים.
37. כשאת מדברת עם גברים תשפילי מבט ותשמרי על מרחק. אם יש רהיט בחדר- שהוא יפריד ביניכם. ההוראה חלה על כל הגברים כולל בני משפחה.
38. כשהמנהל נכנס לסמינר, כולן עולות קומה או ממהרות להתרחק לצד.
39. אסור להגיד לגבר זר 'אתה'. אם מדברים עם רופא או מנהל או מישהו שחייבים לדבר איתו, אומרים לו 'אתם'. במשפחה מותר להגיד 'אתה' רק לאבא, סבא או אחים. השאר (כולל גיסים) - 'אתם'.
40. אסור חולצות בחוץ.
41. אסור תיק צד, ובטח שלא תיק אלכסון. רק תיק עם ידית להחזקה ביד.
42. אסור מסטיק ברחוב.
43. פעם בחודש מתפללים ביחד באולם, ובנות והמנהלת הן 'חזניות' בתורות, כדי להרגיל את הבנות להגייה החסידית הנכונה.
44. מדלגים על רש"י בפסוקים 'בעייתיים' בוויקרא, ואומרים "זה הסבר דקדוקי אפשר לדלג".
45. לא שרים באוטובוס בטיול.
46. אסור לראות סרטים לא חרדים.
47. לא כותבים י"ב אדר, אלא י"ב באדר.
48. כשנוסעים באוטובוס צריך לעלות מקדימה ולשלם, ואז לרדת ולעלות מאחורה כדי לא לעבור בין הגברים בקדמת האוטובוס.
49. לנגן בגיטרה 'פחות מתאים' לבחורה חסידית.
50. חובה לאסוף את השיער. בשום אופן לא פזור. אסור שיער פזור באורך יותר מעד האוזניים (= איסוף לקוקו עכברוש).
51. אסור ללכת בקבוצה של יותר מ-4 בנות יחד ברחוב.
52. אסור חצאיות לבנות או בהירות.
53. אסור ללכת ברחוב יפו.
54. לא אומרים הריון, אומרים 'מצב'.
55. אסור עגילים מתנדנדות.
56. אסור צמיד עם תולים.
57. חלילה מלהזכיר קניון.
58. בפגישה עם הבחור, אסור להגיש שתיה, כי זה עלול לקרב את הלבבות.
59. אסור לשבת על מדרגה או על גזע עץ.
60. אסור לשבת בת על בת.
61. לא ראוי לשבת רגל על רגל.
62. לא לשבת בפיסוק רגליים.
63. לא ישנים אצל חברות.
64. אין לחבק חברה חיבוק ארוך.
65. אסור להשאר לבד עם ילדים מעל גיל 9.
66. אסור לרכב על חמור או סוס.
67. אסור לנסוע באופניים.
68. אסור ללכת לאתרים שפתוחים בשבת (אז כל שנה בטיול נוסעים לאותו מקום).
69. אסור לסדר גבות.
70. עדיף דאודורנט בלי ריח, דאב או ספיד סטיק.
71. לא לשים בושם.
72. אסור לצבוע ריסים.
73. לא הולכים לארועים חילונים.
74. לא מדברים על מחזור.
75. לא אומרים חזייה ר"ל, אומרים 'פריט עליון'.
76. צריך להימנע מלהגיד את המילה משגע.
77. אסור להגיד מחזור, אומרים 'ימים מיוחדים'.
78. אסור ללבוש מותגים. אם קונים מותג צריך להוריד את הטיקט שלו (גם אם הטיקט תפור באופן חיצוני וכחלק מהעיצוב).
79. חובה להגיד 3 פרקי תהילים, וללמוד הלכות שמירת הלשון.
80. אסור טמפונים לפני החתונה. רק תחבושות.
82. מי שסוגרת כפתור ראשון, זוכה מיידית לבנים תלמידי חכמים עד סוף הדורות.
83. אסור נעליים עם עקב יותר מ-5 ס"מ.
84. אסור חולצות עם חצי שרוול מעל חולצה אחרת.
85. כשלומדים למבחנים, אסור יותר מ-4 בנות יחד.
86. במחנה אסור שתי בנות לבד בחדר.
87. כנ"ל אסור לנעול את החדר.
88. בשישי לפני שיש שבת סטאנציע בסמינר, צריך להחביא את כל הספרי קודש בארון שמא יראו שם של בחורה.
89. אסור לעשות לחברות נעימי בגב. גם לא עם עפרון.
90. אסור לרקוד הורה ביותר מידי התלהבות.
91. לפני הסטאנציע מכסים את כל התמונות במסדרונות, שהיה בהן בנות או זכר לבנות.
92. אין הסרת שיער, אלא בשעת הדחק.
93. מחולות, מוגבלים בתנועות המותרות לביצוע, ומורה מבוגרת תשגיח על תהליך היצירה והחזרות.
94. אסור לרוץ ברחוב.
95. אסור להתייחס לגיסים בשמם כאשר משוחחים אודותיהם אלא רק "בעלה של".
96. אסור נעלי ספורט.
97. אסור רוכסן מקדימה.
98. אסור חצאית קומות.
99. אסור פלטפורמה.
100. אסור קפוצ'ון או אפודה עם כובע.
101. אסור שום דבר עם כיתובים, למשל חולצה עם כיתוב, או אפילו פיג'מה.
102. אסור גולגול בשיער, או קליפס.
103. אסור נשיקה או חיבוק מאבא, ומקפידים גם להמעיט במגע בכלל.
104. גם בת שהתארסה עם בחור לא גוראי, נאסר עליה להפגש איתו.
105. אסורה חצאית עם כיסים מאחורה, או רוכסן בולט או בצבע אחר.
106. לא הולכים ברחוב עם אבא או אח.
107. לסעודה שלישית בארגון מותר להביא רק זיתים, מלפפונים חמוצים, חומוס, טחינה, תירס, וחלה יבשה.
108. בארגון, אסור לשיר בקול שמא ישמעו ברחוב.
109. אסור לדבר עם הבנות מהסמינר של האמריקאיות, כי הן מקולקלות.
110. אסור ללכת עם תיק או חצאית או אקססורי מבד חאקי, כי זה של חיילים.
111. אסור לצאת לרחוב בשיער רטוב.
112. אסור לסדר את השיער עם ג'ל שיש לו מראה רטוב (הכלל חל גם על בעלות שיער אפרו).
113. בבני ברק: אסור ללכת דרך רח' רבי יוסי, כי שם ממוקמת הישיבה.
114. רישום לחדר כושר (גם חרדי) מצריך אישור מיוחד.
115. אסור ללכת להופעות זמר חסידיות, אפילו אם ההופעה נפרדת. אם המשפחה הולכת - צריך להישאר בבית.
116. אסור להראות לחברות תמונות של החתן מהווארט.
117. אסור להירשם לספריה שאינה ספריית הסמינר.
118. אסור להתחבר עם בנות שאינן מהכיתה, קל וחומר שלא משכבה אחרת.
119. אסור נעל או סנדל פתוח מקדימה שרואים את האצבעות.
120. אסור לטוס לחו"ל בלי אישור הנהלה, אפילו אם מדובר בחתונה של אח או אחות.
121. לא אומרים תודה לנהג, מאבטח או נותן שירות.
122. שיער מתולתל חובה לאסוף, אפילו אם הוא ממש קצר.
123. אסור ללבוש סוודר מבד פוטר.
124. אסור ללבוש גרביים בהירות מצבע "נטורל", ואם התבהרו בכביסה יש לרכוש חדשות.
125. לבנות לפני סמינר אסור ללבוש גרביים.
126. אסור לרוץ ברחוב.
127. אסור לאכול ברחוב.
128. אסור ללכת לטייל בליל שבת, ואם צריך לצאת להימנע מלעבור ברחובות הראשיים.
129. אסור לגרוב גרביים שחורות.
130. אסור ללבוש חצי-מגף.
131. בבני ברק: אסור ללבוש מגפיים אלא אם ירד גשם בחצי השעה שלפני היציאה לסמינר.
132. אסור להביא לסמינר מותגים של מכשירי כתיבה.
133. אסור לגרוב גרבי כותנה משום סוג.
134. אסור לכלות לדבר על ההדרכה.
135. בנות שנישאו עוברות לכיתה מיוחדת לנשואות, כדי למנוע דיבורים מיותרים בין נשואות לרווקות.
136. חדש מהשנה האחרונה: אסור לתת נשיקה על הלחי בין בנות, גם לא לכלה שהתארסה.
137. אסור לשוחח עם חברות על מחזור וכדו'.
138. אסור ללבוש או להחזיק באקססוריז מבד ג'ינס או בדים המזכירים את הצבע או המרקם (כולל ארנק וקלמר).
139. אחרי הליכה לבריכה, לא מורידים את בגד הים הרטוב, אלא לובשים את הבגדים מעל הבגד הרטוב, ומזדרזים הביתה.
140. לאחר הרצאה לא מוחאים כפיים, אלא רק נעמדים לאות כבוד.
141. אסור לשרוק.
142. במהלך המחנה או תוכניות חברתיות אסור בשום אופן לצעוק "אוווו" או לשרוק, או לעודד בכל דרך מלבד שירה ומחיאת כפיים.
143. אסור ללבוש שמלות מקסי לאירועים. גם לא לחתונה של אח/ות.
144. מן הראוי שלא לסדר גבות.
145. אסור לעשות ביביסיטר / להתנדב כשיש גבר בבית.
146. אסור לקנות שום דבר בקופיקס, ואסור לבנות הסמינר להיכנס לקופיקס.
147. אסור לפנות למורה בגוף שני אלא בגוף שלישי בלבד. "המורה יכולה לבדוק בבקשה..."
148. אסור לצאת מהסמינר בהפסקה לקנות אוכל.
149. אסור להגיד "גזעי" (בבני ברק הפכו את זה ל"גיזייגינען").
150. אסור להיכנס לbody shop.
151. חובה ללבוש גופיה מתחת לחולצת התלבושת גם בימים חמים מאד.
152. אסור ללבוש חזייה חלקה אלא רק עם תפר.
153. אסור להסתכל על אחים של חברות מעל גיל 9.
154. אסור ללבוש חולצה עם 'פנסים' כי היא מדגישה את צורת הגוף. גם לא אחת עם 'פנסים' רק מאחורה.
155. אסור להציע שתיה לפועל שמגיע הביתה. אפשר רק להניח בקבוק וכוס בחדר ולצאת.
156. צריך להתחבא בעזרת נשים של הבית כנסת כשעוברים שם גברים.
157. כשנכנסים למונית יש לומר מיד בקרירות "תכבה את הרדיו", ואסור להגיד "אתה יכול לכבות את הרדיו בבקשה?"
158. אם רואים את החתן ברחוב צריך לברוח.
159. אסור להתעמל עם מכנסיים בלבד, חייבים להתעמל עם חצאית מעל למכנסי ההתעמלות.
160. אסור לעשות אסיפות כיתה עצמאיות.
161. אסור לקרוא ספרים שאינם חרדיים.
162. אסור לקרוא את רוב ספרי הוצאת 'פלדהיים'.
163. תיק גב מותר רק בטיולים, ורק על 2 הכתפיים. אסור ללבוש רק על כתף אחת.
164. מי שמקפידה לא לשיר גם ליד אבא, תזכה לזכויות עצומות.
165. אין ללכת בלבוש מרושל כמנהג המתנחלות.
(הרשימה ראשונית, וחלקית בלבד)


Regulations Hasidic Gur
Part b - girls seminars
1. Shouldn't go eat at the restaurant.
2. Forbidden activities outside of the seminar.
3. Never look  men in the eye.
4. No contact with  nephews over the age of 13.
5.  not allowed to talk with in-laws.
I don't have a title by 6. Brothers.
7., no contact with Father / grandfather.
8. Not allowed a phone.
9. You cannot build outside
10. Forbidden shirt lycra.
11. Skirt only (Mid-length length half way between the knee, ankle).
12. No  makeup seminar
13. Forbidden mascara or any makeup eyes.
14. Forbidden volunteer organizations
15. Must not pass any man anything from hand to hand. Special permit if it's a large object and there is no option to assume (thus forming the situation of lovely girl that bends at the feet of the bid to get bill money on the floor).
16. Go to the edge of the sidewalk when a man goes through.
17. Forbidden daughter seminar cell  phone, even kosher. If you have to give to the little sister hold your phone and call for them.
18. Hide the body. All teenage girls getting bent, to hide his chest, and who doesn't understand alone it required - getting directions.
19. No sitting next to a taxi driver.
20. Not allowed to stay at weddings of friends after 11:00.
22. Must not hear radio stations, nor orthodox.
23.-in-laws can't say hello.
24. Must keep his words exact pronunciation
Not allowed to go to the beach 25. Girls alone.
26. Not allowed to meet the groom.
27. Should never discuss with friends.
29. We should not go without a robe in the sea.
30. in the camp, not allowed to wear a bathing suit in the pool just clothes. 3 parts and tights.
31. Must not hear songs modern disciples.
32. Lipa şmʻlẕʻr - outcast.
When you go 33. On Saturday, need lbysmdrş out after 'Crown'.
34. Shouldn't go through the street where the exit is men, not the hours  men go.
35. Not allowed to answer out loud in prayer. Amen
36. Forbidden to kaddish, because noise interferes with chairs for men.
37. When you talk with men lower and keep your distance. If there's a piece of furniture in the room. He separates you. Order applies to all men, including family members.
38. When the manager came in for the seminary hurry to get away to the side.
39. You can't say to a stranger. You '. Speaking with a doctor or a manager or someone that gotta talk to him, telling him 'you'. Family can say ' you just get to dad, grandpa or brothers. Rest (including brother-in-law) - 'you'.
40. Shirts are not allowed outside.
41. Forbidden a satchel, much less bag diagonal. Just a bag with a handle to holding in my hand.
42. Forbidden Gum on the street.
43. Once a month. Praying together in the hall, and girls are the principal
44. SKIPPING problematic
45. Don't sing on the bus trip.
46. Must not see movies not orthodox.
Don't write 47. Th Grade Maple, but senior baader.
48. Driving past the bus needs to come up front and pay, then to go up and down the back so as not to pass between the men in the front of the bus.
49. to play guitar on the bottom right " Hasidic girl.
50. Must pick up my hair. No way down. Forbidden hair length than just ears (= pickup rat's nest).
51. We should not go in a group of more than 4 girls on the streets together.
52. Forbidden skirts girls or clarity.
53. We should not go on Jaffa Street.
54. Don't say pregnancy, say ' way '.
55. Forbidden dangling earrings
56. Forbidden Bracelet with hanging.
God forbid 57. Mention Canyon.
58. Meeting with the guy, not allowed to serve drinks, because it might bring those hearts.
59. No sitting on or step on a log.
60. years old. No sitting on Beth.
61. Don't deserve to sit with her legs crossed.
62. No sit straddling legs.
63. Don't sleep with friends.
No girlfriend.

 64. NO Hug a long hug.
65. Must not be left alone with children over the age of 9.
66. Forbidden to ride a donkey or a horse.
67. No riding a bike.
68. Restricted sites open on Saturday (so every year on the trip going to the same place).
69. Shouldn't fix eyebrows.
70. Preferably Unscented Deodorant, dove or speed stick.
71. No perfume.
72. Not allowed to color eyelashes.
73. Not going secular events.
74. Don't talk about recycling.
75. Don't say bra  " to, say ' Top item '.
76. Need help saying the word gorgeous.
Class of 77. are not allowed to say, say 'special days'.
78. Must not wear designer labels. If you buy a brand.
79. MUST SAY 3 Psalms, and learn of chief keeping tongue.
80. Forbidden Tampons before the wedding. Just bandages.
82. Who closes a button first, gets immediately white students by the end of the ages.
83. Forbidden shoes with a heel for more than 5 inches.
84. Forbidden shirts with half sleeve over another shirt.
85. When you're studying for the boards, not allowed more than 4 girls together.
86. Camp must not two girls alone in the room.
87. Likewise forbidden to lock the room.
88. On a Friday before having shabbat stʼnẕyʻ seminar, shouldn't hide in the closet all holy hasfari lest they see a girl's name.
89. You can't do the back. Friendship Naimy Even with a pencil.
90. Forbidden dance parent too much enthusiasm.
91.covering all the pictures in the hallways, had them build a girls or a male.
92. No hair removal, but in times of displacement.
93. Dances, limited movement luxury to commit, and tutor an adult watch the creative process and returns.
94. No running in the street.
95. Can't think of in-laws on their behalf when chatting about them but only the "husband of".
96. Must not wear sneakers.
97. Forbidden Zipper in front.
98. Forbidden Skirt floors.
99. Not allowed platform shoes.
100. Forbidden a hoodie or a sweater with a hat.
101. Forbidden anything with a caption, for example, a shirt with writing on it, or even pajamas.
102. Forbidden hair clip.
103. Forbidden kiss or a hug from dad,  also diminish in contact at all.
104.- Getting engaged to a guy forbidden to meet him.
105. Forbidden Skirt with pockets in the back, or fasteners bolt or a different color.
106. Not walking down the street with dad or brother.
107. Third feast in the organization allowed only bring olives, pickles, hummus, tahini sauce, corn, dry and there was a problem.
108.  Not allowed to sing aloud lest they hear on the street.
109. Are not allowed to talk with the girls from the seminary of American, because they are broken.
110. We should not go with a skirt  khaki cloth, because it's soldiers garb.
111.? Can't be out with wet hair.
112. Shouldn't fix your hair with gel has wet look (rule apply to hair Afro).
113. Bnei Brak: never go through st Jose, because seating is located there.
114.  the gym too (Orthodox) requires special permission.
115. Shouldn't go to concerts singer performance, even if you broke up with. If the family going to stay home.
116. Not allowed to show friendship photos of groom
117. Forbidden Library register non library seminar.
118. Shouldn't make friends with girls who aren't from class, let alone not another layer.
119. Forbidden Shoe or sandal open front sight on my fingers.
120. Not allowed to go abroad without management approval, even if it's at the wedding of a brother or sister.
121. Don't say thank you to the driver, security guard, or giving service.
122. Curly hair a must pick up, even if he is really short.
123. Should not wear a sweater cloth potter.
124. Should not wear socks bright color for "naturelle", If cleared up in the wash. Have to purchase new.
125. Build before seminar should never wear socks.
126. No running in the street.
127. No eating on the street.
128. Shouldn't go for a walk on Sunday morning, and if i have to go out and avoid the main thoroughfares.
129. Should never wear black socks.
130. Not allowed to wear a boot and a half.
131. Bnei Brak: never wear boots unless it rained half hour before the exit for the seminar.
Nobody can bring to the seminar 132. Brands of stationery.
133. Must not wear cotton socks of any kind.
134. Brides should not talk about mentoring.
135. Girls who got married on travels to class special or avoid talking too much between married single gals.
136. New in the last year, you do not give a kiss on my cheek between the girls, not even for a bride that got engaged.
137. Not allowed to talk to friends about recycling and stuff '.
138. Not allowed to wear or hold  cloth jeans or fabrics that resemble the colour or texture (including wallet
139. After walking to the pool, don't do the wet bathing suit, but wearing my clothes wet clothing above, wherever. Home.
140. After a lecture not clapping, but just stand up an honorary one.
141. Forbidden to whistle.
142. During camp or social programs absolutely cannot shout "ooooh" or whistling, or encourage any way other than  applause.
143. Not allowed to wear dresses maxi events. Nor for the wedding of siblings.
144. Shouldn't fix eyebrows.
145. Not allowed to babysit / volunteer when there's a man in the house.
146. Can I not buy anything
147. Forbidden to approach the teacher but the second person in the third person only. " teacher can check please..."
148. Seminary on break can't go buy food.
149. I can't say " cool "
150. Aren't allowed in to the body shop.
151. Compulsory to wear a tank top under your shirt outfit too extremely hot days.
152. Should not wear a bra smooth only with stitch.
153. Aren't allowed to look at siblings of friends over the age of 9.
154. Should not wear a shirt  because it emphasizes the shape of the body.
155. Shouldn't offer drinks carried that comes home. One can only assume a bottle and a cup in the room and out.
156. Should hide with women of the synagogue when there are men.
157. Entering the cab have a coldly say immediately "turn off the radio", Forbidden to say " you can turn off the radio please?"
158. If you see the groom in street should run away from him.
159. Shouldn't exercise with pants only, must exercise with a skirt over pants gym.
160. You can't do independent assemblies.
161. Not allowed to read books.
162. Don't get to read the most books pulled ' FELDHEIM Publishers '.
163. Backpack allowed only for hikes, and only about 2 shoulders. Not allowed to wear only on one shoulder.
164. Do not sing near dad,
165. Doesn't have to go dressed sloppy


As stage one, for community’s benefit, we’ve gathered together several dozen hasidei Gur, strained our memories, and written down the regulations pertaining to unmarried yeshiva students (preliminary version only):

1. It’s forbidden for two students to sit at the same time on one bed.
2. It’s forbidden for two students to be alone in a room.
3. It’s forbidden to touch another student.
4. It’s forbidden to change your suit all at one time; rather one must remove half; dress – then remove the other half and dress.
5. It’s forbidden to sleep in pajamas. One must sleep in a white shirt, woolen tzitzit, and long underwear that is changed only under the blanket.
6. It’s forbidden to bath / shower at home – only in the mikveh.
7. It’s forbidden to be awake after 10 p.m.
8. It’s forbidden to take an afternoon nap in bed – only in the beis medrash or shteibel.
9. You must wear a hat during prayer.
10. You must eat with a hat.
11. One says Birchat HaMazon with a tissue under his kippa (when a hat is not available).
12. One does not speak to his aunts.
13. Yeshiva boys do not attend weddings.
14. Brothers are not present at the Mitzvah Tantz.
15. Yeshiva boys are not present at the Chuppa.
16. It’s forbidden to say the word “kallah”.
17. It’s forbidden to go to the mikveh every day.
18. Yeshiva boys do not sing “Eshet Chayil”.
19. Yeshiva boys do not wear a velvet kippa.
20. It’s forbidden to use deodorant or cologne.
21. It’s forbidden to bath with soap during the week – only on Erev Shabbat may soap be used.
22. It’s forbidden to sleep when at home on Shabbat afternoon.
23. Eyeglasses must have plastic frames only.
24. One may only use “Hawaii” shampoo.
25. One must tuck his peyote under his kippa, except when in Jerusalem, where they be left hanging loose.
26. It’s forbidden to comb one’s hair.
27. It’s forbidden to look in a mirror. One who looks in a mirror is called a “woman”.
28. It’s forbidden to enter the kitchen of the yeshiva.
29. It’s forbidden to have a Walkman or MP3 player.
30. One does not go to the mikveh after morning prayers.
31. Prayers are said standing (even those portions where one is permitted to sit).
32. It’s forbidden to lift another boy on your shoulders.
33. Even Tachanun is said standing.
34. It’s forbidden to say the words “woman” or “girl”.
35. It’s forbidden to sing non-Gur nigunim.
36. It’s forbidden to say “my mother”, “my sister”, “my aunt”.
37. It’s forbidden to say toilets or urinals – only “beis kees” or “maichen” or “asher yotzar”.
38. One is obligated to be tested on 125 pages of Talmud every year.
39. One must learn every day applied Jewish law (halacha) for an hour.
40. One writes a kvitel (note) to the Admur only together with the mashgiach (spiritual adviser) of the yeshiva.
41. It’s forbidden to wear a wristwatch. Watches are kept in one’s pocket.
42. On weekdays, only a stringlike gartel (belt) is worn.
43. One wears a white shirt with the buttons on the right side only.
44. Ones wears a plain white shirt only. Not one with a woven pattern.
45. It’s forbidden to read a newspaper (the neighbors of all the yeshivot are familiar with this regulation).
46. A weekday suit jacket has three buttons. A Shabbat suit jacket has 6 buttons in the front and two in the back.
47. On Shabbat it’s permitted to wear a thick gartel woven of 12 strands.
48. One doesn’t ask a boy who’s just become engaged the family name of his prospective in-laws – and how much more so, not the name of the kallah!
49. One does not say that “paloni almoni just had a baby girl” – only “paloni alomoni is making a kiddush”.
50. One must bid “goodbye” to the Admur (during communal gatherings) – otherwise no one will risk riding with you on the return autobus.
51. One does not cut his peyot. If they are extremely long, one may shorten them by burning the ends somewhat – but it should not look like he cut them with a scissors.
52. It’s forbidden to have a “number 1” or “number two” haircut – only a “zero” bald buzzcut.
53. One does not wear a gartel in the street – only when the yeshiva in order to separate oneself from “machshavot zarot” (strange thoughts).
54. One walks with one’s head downcast in the street in order not to see forbidden things.
55. It’s forbidden to ride a bike.
56. It’s forbidden to use even a “kosher” (non-internet) cellphone.
57. It’s forbidden to speak freely when not wearing a long jacket – only “nu?” or “uh?”.
58. One must wear one’s pants tucked into black stockings.
59. 10:00 p.m. is bedtime.
60. One must learn 5 hours during the six weeks of the shovavim (a period between Chanukah and the month of Adar).
61. One must wash his feet before 10 p.m.
62. One must recite the 3 chapters of Psalms every morning, as specified in the order of the Beis Yisroel (Gerrer Rebbe from 1948 to 1973).
63. Every day one says the chapters of Psalms that the Rebbe gave him at the time of his bar-mitzvah.
64. Once in bed at night it is forbidden to speak – only to say “uhh”.
65. It’s forbidden to go to your married brother’s house, only to your married sister’s.
66. It’s forbidden to go to the “oofroof” of one’s sister’s chosan.
67. It’s forbidden to go to the Sheva Brachot of one’s brother.
68. When attending Sheva Brachot, one leaves before the recital of the actual brachot.
69. It’s forbidden to go to the Sheva Brachot given by your relative’s in-laws family.
70. A regulation for the “advanced”: one does not say the word “copper”.
71. One does not say “X is engaged” – only “X became a chosen”.
72. It’s forbidden to attend the engagement party of one’s brother – only of one’s sister.
73. It’s forbidden to wear shoes with laces, only old fashioned chasidishe “loafer” style shoes.
74. It’s forbidden to smoke.
75. It’s forbidden to speak with the security guard of the yeshiva.
76. One calls the yeshiva’s cook “klafteh”.
77. One does not sing “Kol Chatan veKol Kallah” – only “Kol Sasone veKol Simcha”.
78. Yeshiva boys do not wear a vest.
79. One does not speak should he wake up before dawn.
80. It’s forbidden to sit on any bed but your own.
81. It’s forbidden to go to the beach.
82. It’s forbidden to go to a hotel.
83. One does not go to a Shalom Zachur.
84. One never wears boxer shorts, only “gatkes” – long underpants.
85. A chosen after his engagement must act as if he forgot that he was engaged.
86. One never says he has to take a piss – only “number one”.
87. One doesn’t go to other rebbes – only the Gerrer.
88. One always enters the yeshiva dining room wearing a hat.
89. A person who uses improper language is yelled at “fehhhh!”
90. It’s forbidden to have a casual chat on Shabbat during the breaks in the schedule of the yeshiva.
91. One doesn’t chat during Seudah Shleesheet on Shabat.
92. It’s forbidden to eat chocolate during the break in the schedule on Shabbat morning.
93. It’s forbidden to eat sunflower and pumpkins seeds.
94. Three boys are forbidden to sit together at one table.
95. It’s forbidden to take a walk in the street for no purpose.
96. It’s forbidden at communal meals to use a fork on one’s private plate; rather one uses a fork to take food from the communal plate.
97. It’s forbidden to say “the Rebbe doesn’t sleep”.
98. When one says a bracha without a hat, one puts one’s hand one his kippa.
99. Sweaters without buttons or with a zipper are forbidden. Only sweaters with buttons are permitted.
100. On Shabbat one prays in a kappotah only. Never in a flowered “dressing gown”.