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Destroy Yedei Esav --- Educate Yourselves And Your Children! Take responsibilty for your child's welfare --- I REPEAT --- YOUR CHILDRENS' SAFETY CAN'T BE TRUSTED TO ANYONE! IF YOU SUSPECT A PROBLEM, WHETHER WITH A TEACHER... OR A FAMILY MEMBER, GO TO THE POLICE! Anybody who advises you to speak to your rabbi before going to the police is your enemy!




Rabbi Red (Kolko) Isaacson - President Yedei Eisav

Chairman of the board - Lippy (The Child-Slapper) Margulies

Anonymous Friends Of UOJ!

Finally, our Orthodox Jewish leadership is formally publicizing its hugely successful organization to assist “frum” child molesters!

Yedei Esav provides the following services to our community:

 Psak from Gedolim to intimidate victims so they dare not report crimes to the police.

 Rabbinic connections to police community liaisons to destroy evidence and close cases.

 Positions available in chinuch to provide really easy access.

 We train molesters in how to build stellar reputations in Torah and chesed so that nobody would ever think that you also molest.

 Assistance in having the children of your accusers thrown out from any and all yeshivas.

 Referrals to OHEL's sex offender "treatment" program, set up to cover for you to avoid angry people going to the authorities.

 We can convene a “Bais Din” against anyone who publicizes the "false" claims of “motzi shem ra“.

 In keeping with our mission, we will continue to promote "sweeping the problem under the carpet" at Agudah Conventions, as a way of encouraging better compliance with “Daas Torah“.

 If you need to run to Israel, we will help you avoid police arrest, and will fight your extradition wholeheartedly.

 Ready made statements of our concern for victims of abuse to give the impression that we care about them more than about the real victims, the molesters, R"L.

 Ample funding for really "chashuva" families, for needed bribes of all kinds.

 Political alliances with District Attorneys' offices in a growing number of cities to lobby prosecutors to "go easy" on hard working, tax paying (well, some of them actually do) citizens who "slipped through our fingers".

 Custom made "monitoring programs," like on yeshivah campuses, where long time serial molesters can be retired and watched without ever needing to have their crimes, or, uh, the "so called" danger they present to others publicized.

 Automatic cherem put on any blog or newspaper that identifies any of us molesters.

 We will work mightily to continue to keep the psak of Rav Elyashiv, the Gadol Hador, saying that people should go to the authorities with proof about child molesters, out of the public's knowledge, as it would upset the entire aim of Yedei Esav.

Our motto is; "The voice is the voice of Yakov (he talks frum) but the hands are the hands of Esau (no explanation necessary)"

Testimonials from satisfied clients:

Rabbi K: "If not for Yedei Esav, I would now be rotting in jail. Not only did I "walk", but I am now relocated, as if in a witness protection program, to Lakewood, where I am free to pursue another teaching job and prey on children in shul. Thank you, Yedei Esav!"

Rabbi E: "It is mamash a life-saver. The chesed of Yedei Esav is incredible. I even get to daven on the mizrach vant, am still on the Aguda's Vaad for Russian boys (some of my all time favorites, they are so geshmack) and Rabbi F continues to give haskamas to my "parenting" books."

Rabbis Shalom and Aaron (Victoria's not so secret models) Tendler - RCC members:

*** Rabbi Avrohom Union Rosh Gangster Cover-Upper ***

*** Los Angeles, California

"Mee K'amcha Yisroel! While in other communities they prosecute people for having sexual relations with teenage girls and oh so many adulterous relationships, B"H the Jewish people have come up with an approach that allows the child-rapists free reign. We were kept in chinuch and rabbanus for years, until we finally decided ON OUR OWN to retire. Rabbi Union Rosh criminal Putz of the RCC made certain we were kept around teenage girls and kept "counseling" women only -- without their husbands. When young women came to the RCC with their "lies", Rabbi Union threatened to destroy them and their families. That's what we Tendlers call a Gadol! High-Five Rabbi Union! You should just see the faces of our victims when me and my uncle pass them on the street, and they know we have Yedei Esav supporting us. HA!"

Rabbi M: “If not for Yedei Esav, where would I be? I don’t even want to think about it. First they got me out of the country for 25 years so I could escape justice. Then when Jewish victims have the chutzpah to try to get me extradited, Yedei Esav comes to the rescue. I have more supporters in the frum community than Jonathan Pollard, but hey, how many little boys did he teach about the ‘mitzvah‘?”

Rabbi L: "I know what you will say. That I did have to get fired from my job and go to jail. But only for three years and now I'm out. Today I am a free man, and have help from many rabbis in convincing people that I was wrongfully accused. I hope to be back in a position of working with teenagers, at which I have been so successful, in a short time, IY"H, and all thanks to Yedei Esav.”

Rabbi R: “It doesn't matter if you are chassidish or litvish or modern orthodox, Kol Hamatzil Nefesh Achas B'yisroel, K'eelu Hitzil Kol Haoloam Kulo.“

The S family: "Our father, Rabbi S, Z"TL and our brother, Yibadel, Rabbi S, Shlita, molested dozens of innocent Bar Mitzvah boys. We felt so guilty and ashamed that we were going to apologize for it, R"L. But thanks to the awesome support of Yedei Esav, we were spared this embarrassment. They begged and threatened the press not to publish anything. When the Jewish Times did it anyway against Daas Torah, we had them blacklisted by Rabbi H, and a boycott by frum advertisers was organized. Thank you Yedei Esav!!!!"

Chief of Police of Lakewood NJ police department: "Thanks to Yedei Esav, our job in the police department here is much easier. We are the only city in America that can boast a zero arrest rate for sexual crimes against children. Yedei Esav has made it clear that they speak for the community here who want to allow child molesters full access to children. "

Ploni Almoni (name withheld upon request): "I have molested kids for years. Nobody seemed to care or complain. I think most of the kids liked it. Just in case, I told them not to tell or else they would be in trouble with their yeshivas, and that Hashem would punish them. But for some sick reason there were those parents who found out and complained. I was PETRIFIED. I thought I would be brought up on charges and sent to jail. But thanks to the rabbis of Yedei Esav, the parents were convinced not to go to the police. I ended up in front of a "Bais Din" convened for just this purpose. What a joke! When I pleaded, based on the good works I've done for the community, and my big mishpacha who need shidduchim, the "Bais Din" was incredibly understanding. They told me I should stop, but did not even make me go for an expert ATSA evaluation - or even a lie detector test - which is so basic - and they made incredible efforts that the whole thing would be in Reb S’s words "swept under the carpet.” Baruch Hashem. I promised to do "t'shuvah" and leave town and I now live in a new city where I am currently "grooming" several kids from baal tshuvah homes. For SURE nobody is going to care about them! What a mechaya. Thanks Yedei Esav!"

Cardinal Mahoney of the Los Angeles Diocese: "Yedei Esav is truly an inspiration. The Jewish people are our "older brothers", and like us, they protect their own. We may have more molesters in our priesthood than you do in your rabbinate. But your passion for cover-up is something we can only aspire to. The devotion and dedication you show to the child rapists and sexual abusers of innocent children truly sets the standard for us in practicing our religion. If only Yedei Esav was around ten years ago, maybe we could have used your techniques for bullying and intimidating victims to protect ourselves even more, and we would not now be paying over three BILLION dollars in settlements. Please, everyone of all faiths, support this noble organization in any way you can."

For help with protection, and to join this vital organization, please contact any of the rabbis of the "Vaad L'Hatzalas ROYDFEY Yisroel."

International Headquarters, Lakewood, NJ.



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