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Yisroel Belsky - In The OU Advertising Campaign In China!


"Perhaps the most high-profile examples of these potential dangers come from last year's tainted pet food scandal and the halting of questionable food products from China.

The pet food disaster, which slowly evolved into the largest recall of pet food in U.S. history, involved exported wheat gluten from China that contained the toxic chemical melamine and was used as an additive in food sold under more than 100 brand names. Hundreds of dogs and cats died; an official tally was never issued. In addition, U.S. health officials disclosed that up to 3 million broiler chickens had been fed the contaminated surplus pet food and then had been sold to restaurants and supermarkets across the country.

That was followed by a recall of almost a million tubes of toothpaste from China that were contaminated with a chemical used in antifreeze. The toothpaste had been distributed to institutions for the mentally ill, hospitals and prisons in the South.

And, shortly after that, U.S. health officials halted the importation of farmed fish from China because of chemical contamination in the fish feed."


The Case of the Poisoned Pet Food

Published: February 9, 2008

The Bush administration has moved with welcome vigor to prosecute two Chinese companies and an American importer involved in the sale of contaminated pet food ingredients that killed or sickened thousands of dogs and cats. After last year’s flood of tainted imports, American regulators have been struggling with limited success to strengthen their inspection capabilities. Those efforts must be buttressed with criminal prosecutions of anyone who knowingly sold harmful or untested products.

An investigation by the Food and Drug Administration led to the indictments by a federal grand jury in Missouri this week. The importer, ChemNutra, based in Las Vegas, contracted to buy wheat gluten, a plant protein used as a binding agent in pet foods, from an export broker in China. The Chinese broker bought the wheat gluten from a Chinese processing company.

The Chinese processor is charged with lacing the product with melamine, an inexpensive additive that can make the wheat gluten look like it contains more protein than it actually does. The export broker is accused of mislabeling the shipments with an inaccurate product code to escape mandatory inspections in China.

ChemNutra, is accused of knowing that the shipments had been miscoded — and would not be inspected in China — yet failed to disclose that to American pet food manufacturers who bought the gluten. The indictment does not charge that ChemNutra knew the shipments were adulterated with melamine, and company officials deny any intent to defraud.

If prosecutors prove ChemNutra’s wrongdoing, stiff fines and a jail sentence would provide a strong deterrent. In the absence of an extradition treaty, it is unlikely that officials of the Chinese companies can be brought to justice here. The administration must press China to strengthen its regulations and the agencies that enforce them. Beijing needs to understand that American consumers are increasingly wary of any product made in China and need a clear sign that criminal behavior there will be caught and punished.

I'm informed by a trusted individual that the Newsday article - described below by Shaul, was published on March 8, 1998. I'll be posting it as soon as I get it! It was a weekend edition...UOJ

Shaul Writes:

About ten years ago there was an article carried on the front page of Newsday with a picture of a beaten up chassidishe yungerman from Boro Park. I remember his face was all bloody and swollen. It looked just like the work of the Nazis. Inside was a picture of Belsky and another gangster, both of whom were invoved with executing the kidnapping and torture. That next day the TV news cameras were focused on the home of Belsky. The story was carried on the TV news.

The story was that Belsky had gotten paid to form a Beit Din from which he ordered the kidnapping and torture of this yungerman. The object was to extract a Get which under Halacha he could not do since a forced Get is not valid. The husband had claimed his wife had never went to Beth Din with him but had instead gone to Goyyish court to take away his kids and bank accounts.

Only after she took everything from him in court which she was not entitled to in Jewish Law and would not have won in a Beit Din, she paid Belsky to extract a Get, which is according to my rabbi with whom I discussed this story this morning, absolutely invalid and possul. My rabbi added that the concept of the Rambam allowing a beth din to administer force to obtain a Get is only when both the husband and wife both agree to accept the ruling of a particular Beit Din. Only, then and only if the husband does not follow that Beit din ruling which he accepted to follow, may that Beit Din force the husband to abide and fulfill the Mizvah of abiding by the ruling he accepted to follow.

In a case where there is no prior acceptance of the Beit din by the husband then that beit din has no jurisdiction over the matter there is no mitzvah for the husband to follow their rulling. Any Get obtained from a Beit din by force would not be valid according to the Rambam since they are not the Beit din of the husband and so he has no mitzvah to listen to them.

My rabbi explained that according to the rambam when he has a mitzva to obey the Beit din only then could forcing the husband to give a Get be valid. In a case where some three bums get together and call themselves a beit din, there is no mitzva to listen to them and according to the Rambam too such a forced Get is invalid and possul.

In the Newsday story there was no prior agreement, the couple was fighting it out in goyyish court. When Belsky ordered the kidnapping and torture of the husband the Rambam's concept did not apply. According to my rabbi the halacha is anyway not like the Rambam and no Beit din may order force.

However as I wrote above, even according to the Rambam where there is no acceptance by both sides to follow a specific Beit Din, that Beit Din even if hired by the wife, has no authority to issue orders against the husband. In that case reported in Newsday, as I remember, it was very clear that the husband never went to the Belsky Beit din and that the wife was using the goyyish courts.

The bottom line is Belsky who orders the kidnaping and torture of a Jew is in my opinion the same and worse then a brown shirt nazi.

I agree with my rabbi who said this morning that Belsky should not be permitted to be involved in Kashruth or any Jewish function.

I am writing this to the public with the consent of my rav who is very orthodox and learned Chacham. I only wish I had the Newsday article to display here.

Thank you and Shabbat Shalom to all.
Shaul ben Baruch Haim

***The UOJ Post Office Bulletin Board***



Klal Yisroel needs to see a demonstration of good will from your organizations.


Step one must be a serious step that requires a showing of disgust with the rot that has infested the rabbinate.




A Reader Writes:

I'm sure you know about this e-mail, but anyway I received this afternoon a multi copied e-mail with a link to UOJ and which stated that the site is extremely evil and pornographic and that it is...... forbidden to read anything ......that is posted there.

It then asked that...... I click the link provided for the site and scroll down ......and vote "DISAGREE WITH THE ABOVE STATEMENT" in favor of Rabbi Belsky.

The message stated it was endorsed by .....Rabbi Mordechai Wolmark Rosh Yeshiva Shaarei Torah.


A grateful "Yisroel Belsky" responds via e-mail from his hospital bed......

The National Alliance estimates about one in 17 Americans suffers from a serious mental illness, and mental illness affects one in five families and has affected me terribly says Yisroel Belsky. But as common as it is, families often are in the dark because mental illness is not on their radar the way cancer or heart problems are, Belsky says.

Often, they don't even know the symptoms, like covering up for child-rapists, annulling Jewish marriages for serious money, and getting paid big bucks to claim non-kosher meat as kosher.

No one else recognized it "because mental illness was not on someone's radar screen ”and because there was so much stigma. To people looking in, I was probably selfish, reckless and moody. The reality was that I was suffering inside. I wouldn't wish it on anyone."

Once a person or one's family recognizes a potential problem, getting help is the next step. And it's often a difficult one. UOJ reached out, I was not happy, but I realize it's for the benefit of the entire Jewish world. Mendel Epstein calls it tough love!

Often the person suffering from the mental illness does not understand that she or he is sick, says Ira D. Glick, a physician and psychiatry professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine and my doctor.

"If you go break your leg and run into the doctor, the doctor will put a cast on it and give you medicine for it," Glick says. "You say, 'Thank you. Thank you.'

"In our field, when somebody has bipolar disorder or anxiety disorder or depression or schizophrenia, what do they say? What do most people say?

'There's nothing wrong with me. I don't need this treatment.' "

That is why it is so important to have UOJ involvement, Glick says. "We see UOJ as a partner in the treatment team. It's the patient, family and doctor all working together to make a diagnosis, set goals and carry out treatment."

But because it is so difficult under most state laws to have a person hospitalized, families often have to wait until there is a crisis, Belsky says.

"You must wait until they meet the criteria for hospitalization; in most states they have to become so gravely disabled that their life is in danger," he says. "And then you have to call the police or you have to call UOJ to come into your house and take your family member to the hospital. And I want to tell you that it's one of the most traumatic events that will ever happen to you."

Rabbi Wolmark is very wrong; come join me Mordechai, I especially love the feeling I get after they take off the strait-jacket for a few minutes every day....


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Yeshiva World said...

Look like uoj visited me today, look at his comment:

as far as i know the Yidden in the time of Esther fasted for the sake of Tshuvah. i dont know exactly how they davened, but i would think they davened for a Yeshuah. I doubt very much if they davened to give HaKodeshBarchu explicit instructions on how they would like him to perform the Yeshuah.

that said, i dont know Rav Batzri, and i dont know how accurately the report describes what actually occurred. i certainly make no judgment about his actions, as i doubt very much if the whole story is being told here.

Mendel Epstein said...

Ok boys, we can't let UOJ get away with this. Belsky is a member of my Iggud Haganovim organized crime syndicate. An attack on one is an attack on all of us because he's probably coming after us next anyway.

Calling all units:

Peretz Steinberg
Hershel Kurzrock
Gershon Tannenbaum
Yaakov Klass
Ben Barber
Lipa Brenner
Charles Hynes
Jerry Greenwald
Bungalow Putz (honorary member)

Anonymous said...

Gershon the ganef Tannenbaum is maintaining a lower profile lately.
In his Jewish Press columns mention of his Igud affiliation was dropped. However, he still sent out a notice for the recent Igud rosh chodesh adar meeting signing it as director.

It seems that they told him to cool it a bit after they were embarrassed by a recent story in the Jewish Week -http://failedmessiah.typepad.com/failed_messiahcom/2007/01/head_of_igud_ha.html - exposing his long record of crime and misdeeds. However, behind closed doors he is still with the Igud.

They think they can fool us with such tactics ? Attention Igud and Jewish Press - get rid of Gershon the swindler now if you know what's good for you. The sooner the better.

Rav Chaim Kanievski said...

The Jewish Fress still hasn't apologized for lying and falsely quoting me as backing their pro-pervert Tendler agenda.

Abraham van Helsing said...

Anon 8:18,

Telling the Iggud Ganovim to get rid of Tannenbaum is a joke. That entity is corrupt through & through with Gangsters and vampires that make Gershon the Ganav look innocent. The whole enterprise needs to be put out of it's misery.

Here we go again said...

Ombudsman would say this is just more proof that sexual crimes are interconnected with other improper behavior. These frauds hiding behind a "shul" hire a disgraced loser who likes watching porno with young boys.


Monsey rabbi seeks tax-exempt status for residence


(Original publication: February 27, 2007)

RAMAPO - Owners of a property cited last year as an illegal three-family house are looking to have it declared a house of worship.

Representatives of Congregation Merkoz Halacha, described in town documents as a small congregation of mostly related members, appeared before the town Planning Board on Jan. 30.

The board declared that the change at 51 Park Lane in Monsey would not impact the environment of the street, and referred the matter to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

As proposed, the requested change from a two-family house to a neighborhood house of worship with a rabbi's residence needs variances from town codes regarding the lot size.

The building also exceeds the maximum space permitted on the property, according to Building Department records.

Ryan Karben, the attorney representing the congregation, said he expected it to come before the zoning board no earlier than April.

"I don't believe there will be any tenants," beyond the rabbi's residence, Karben said. "The apartments are being removed."

The changes sought would remove the violations against the property, and again make it eligible for tax-exempt status.

It had a 100 percent religious exemption from property taxes in 2002, but that was reduced to a 67 percent exemption in 2004 when the town couldn't confirm the occupancy of one of the apartments.

Ramapo Assessor Scott Shedler petitioned the Assessment Review Board last year to make the property fully taxable after town inspectors discovered the illegal apartment.

The inspectors were also unable to find a synagogue on the site.

Violations filed against the property last year are still pending in Town Court. The next court date is April 19 before Justice Arnold Etelson.

In a description of the planned local house of worship - that implies that congregants will walk from the immediate area - Karben told the town that Rabbi Gedalia Oberlander will convert one of the apartments "into a small worship area."

Karben stated in the document filed with the Building Department that "the congregation is exceedingly small, comprised of approximately 20 congregants who are primarily Rabbi Oberlander's relatives."

The 5,127-square-foot house has a taxable value of $109,000, according to the Assessor's Office.

If the property gets the 100 percent exemption, it will be freed of tax bills totaling about $15,000 annually.

Shedler, the town assessor, said the property would not be eligible for a tax exemption this year. March 1 is the state deadline for establishing exemptions.

"Obviously we'd have to check out the organization to determine if it's legal," Shedler said of deciding the taxable status, "and also if the property isn't legal, the exemption would be denied."

Upon the recommendation of the town's Department of Public Works, "no parking" signs are to be posted in front of the building.

There are also to be no exterior changes to the building.

Anonymous said...

The Igud also moved it's headquarters now, after it's former base at the NCYI in Manhattan was sold and renovations were started. They are now on Church Avenue in Bklyn, at the Shul of the av beis din. That's more convenient for Gershon the ganef too. But the street name is not the best fit for a rabbinic organization I must say.

Avi L. Shafran said...

Whoever leaked the email announcing the Agudah meeting, disclosed something confidential. A poster on Canonist even suggests they are oyver on cherem d'Rabbeinu Gershom. Of course I leaked it for PR purposes but I still have to find a scapegoat to blame.

Shkutzim Araus said...

Two things I don't understand about the Iggud. The parent organization that runs International politics and their own kashrus certification is run by the Hecht Lubavitcher clan. How did a bunch of Lubobs let these outsider scoundrels hijack the beis din and use it as a tool for corrupt purposes?

How did Rabbi Yehuda Levin get mixed in? Maybe he was just looking for a better sounding front than Jews for Morality. He seems too sincere to stick around if he knew that the line up on Church Ave are criminals. Someone should speak to him & Rabbi Shea Leiman to get Yehuda Levin out of there.

Anonymous said...

Nu, so what happened yesterday?

Anonymous said...

Memo to all Jews who attended yesterday's meeting at Agudath Israel:

You all read this blog. You owe it to the klal and to UOJ himself to tell us what transpired at yesterday's meeting where the issue of child sex abuse was discussed.

Your children and grandchildren are safer today because of the activities of UOJ and some others. It is cliche, on the glatt kosher rubber chicken circuit, when giving an award to someone, to say, He tirelessly works for the klal.....Usually, its not literally true. He did some work, yes, but tirelessly, no. In this case, it would be literally true to say that the activists have "tirelessly" worked. They are tirelessly fighting the good fight, and they are winning. And you owe them, big time.

In addition to hakaros hatov, it is a matter of pikuach nefesh. We must continue building public pressure. This is a public issue. The organizations, like Aguda, were doing nothing, until UOJ came onto the scene. The abuse incidents were covered up. Are you now going to pursue the same failed secrecy policy by covering up the potential solutions? This would be a disaster. This is a democracy, where problems get identified and solved in the public arena. Because you do not recognize this, that's why you failed in the past. You must now publicly rectify this problem by letting the people know what is happening. You can do so, with a few stroke keys, with the awesome power of communication that a blog provides.

If you will search your conscience, and do the right thing, you will tell us what transpired at yesterday's meeting. Tell us now and do not delay. The people have a right to know. We want to protect our children.

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

It is cliche, on the "glatt kosher rubber chicken" circuit, when giving an award to someone.............................................................

Thanks Anon,

Correction: No such thing as glatt kosher chicken, and chances are 50/50, that the chickens they eat are not kosher at all!

Other than that I'm in agreement:)

Phil Jacobs said...

Dear UOJ --
How do I begin contacting Eisenman survivors?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said…

I am a faithful and close reader of your blog. I find the Belsky thing very disturbing .I know Rabbi Belsky from my youth as well as Rabbi Steinberg. I grew up with them; they were a few years older. I and have a few questions. Maybe I am naïve, but I believe my response is rather typical: 1) You never provided any evidence, even indirect, that Rabbi Belsky ever took a bribe of $500,000. Rabbi Furst was on the beis din, and he is certainly an honorable man. It is so difficult to believe without proof, especially since you got many small details about the entire incident wrong. 2) Why did you say terrible things about Rabbi Belsky’s father and brothers? The father is dead, has no relevance to anything, and as I remember him was a sweet man. 3) Why did you attack Shia Wilhem and again say terrible things. How are these early founders AND supporters of Torah Vodaath, pillars of the Williamsburgh community of old related to the Kolko and YTT scandal. If you could explain yourself a bit it

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...


Above Anon:

Cut and paste the above Belsky Documents. Download and read and get back to me.

Anonymous said...

On Shabbos Rabbi Belsky was at a kiddush after davening and at his his table he began speaking against Vicki Polin refering to her in a most disgusting manner. There was eventually a large crowd that gathered around to hear Belsky going mad crazy degrading Vicki Polin and her web site. Using very unlogical sounding reasons he was also attacking Rabbi Yossef Blau Shlita the Mashgiach Ruchni of Yeshiva University. Belsky sounded like a lunatic from an insane assylum but mainly kept hitting at Vicki Polin as being the worst person around.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Adolf Belsky said he intends to publicize on line against Rabbi Blau and his son ...


That would be the menuval Belsky's last stand!

TV said...

The vast majority hate him and want him out.

just curious said...

What percentage of YTV is the kind of brainless putz like Neuhoff who eats up every word of Belsky's pro-molester crap? Does Belsky actually have a choir to preach to when he has these outbursts?

rabbi matt saloman said...


A project which has already seen widespread success in Israel, has now moved on to Lakewood, New Jersey. The 'Kosher Phone' otherwise known in Israel as a 'Cellphone Meushar' is enabled only for voice, while the text messaging and other data features widely seen on cellphones today are disabled. The pilot project in Israel, which was widely endorsed by the leading Rabbi's there, now sees other Orthodox Jewish communities picking up on the success which saw all the major cellphone companies in Israel selling these special phones, including Orange, Cellcom, and Pelephone. The plan here in Lakewood is endorsed by the Mashgiach of Beth Medrash Govoha and is available at Beepers Plus on Clifton Ave. in Lakewood. The Orthodox Jewish community generally shuns needless outside influences which can have ill effects spiritually, and therefore an idea was sought out how to have cellphones, which are needed in today's day and age, but without the negative consequences.

Posted by A World Without Yeshivaworld

joe said...
what hechsher does it have

yudel shain said...

Anonymous said...
Who are they fooling? Everyone in BMG has a cellphone alreasy, you think they're going to cancel their current plans just for this idea??!!!

Anonymous said...

In the early or mid-nineties there was a letter written to Rabbi Adolf Belsky from someone named Fried that was copied and distributed in many of the large shuls in Brooklyn. The letter was a response to Adolf Belsky having sent Fried a hazmana. Fried fired back at Adolf Belsky refering to him as a fraud, dayyan possul and "moser". He then wrote that he believes certain rumors about something that happened on Belsky's maternal grandmother side and slammed Adolf Belky over the rotten head with that information. I wish I remembered for certain what the letter actually said. I do not want to guess or misquote, but am certain there are readers out there in UOJ land that may remember or still have a copy of that fantastic letter in one of their drawers and can make a copy available for the readers of UOJ. If not, maybe someone knows Fried (I do not remember his first name), and could contact him.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Belsky has never stated that the family of Vicki Polin had any direct association with her. What Rabbi Adolf Belsky did say was that Vicki Polin probably did not come from a legitimate Jewish family line. Mainly he was bashing her as being a zona bas zona and her web site as disgustingly false, evil and serving only a negative purpose. Why Adolf Belsky has placed Vicky Polin on the top of his list of targets has me confused.

Anonymous said...

As was stated earlier, Adolf Belsky gave no sound justification and made no sense whatsoever for his public verbal attacks against Rabbi Yossef Blau Shlita. I agree that the mamzer should be thrown out of the OU and likewise thrown out of YTV and Camp Agudah.

Anonymous said...

Yehuda Levin is also a criminal. He is linked with Schwartz and the Outreach Center...Levin is the front for the OutReach Center's cover up...In good time it will be exposed...Levin should have known better but will now pay the price...

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, does anyone know if there is there more than one Vicki Polin that originates out of the Chicago area?

Anonymous said...

I just got a telephone call saying that Belsky was going around this morning after davening at Torah vodaath telling people to go on line at home or at work and vote in his favor at UOJ. He is also asking that they not read any of the posts. Apparently he is kept apprised of what is being posted here on UOJ. What a jackass he is.

Observant Jew said...

If it's true that Belsky is telling people to vote for him on UOJ's poll, that's one of the most pathetic things I've ever heard.

tv said...

R' Belsky was begging people not just telling them. He is very scared of losing his jobs.

Anonymous said...

UOJ, you are making somewhat of a mistake. Belsky is not nearly as important at the OU as most believe. The OU views him as exactly what he is, an outside consultant. The OU is corrupt through & through and must be dealt with for reasons that have nothing to do with Belsky.

A lot of the Belsky myth is actually spread by YU guys who like to make puffy statements about R' Hershel Schechter and give his counterpart Belsky an agav mention.

YTV & OU Politics said...

Belsky is safe at YTV as long as the board doesn't give a rat's tuchess. And what do you expect when some prominent board members are convicted felons like Belsky's buddy Fuchs.

I don't know that the OU gives a crap about Belsky either. They've got board members like arms dealer Marcos Katz and Spinka money launderer Alan Jay Friedman. OU President Steve Savitsky is also in on the lies and public cover ups unless Genack is really pulling the wool over his eyes.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Belsky is a seriously deranged person and must be totally marginalized and put outside the mainstream of Orthodox Judaism. The mere fact that the OU chooses to use him at all in any capacity, after 40 years of non-stop scandal, says much about the OU.

UOJ gets results said...

A rov tells me that an ivy league professor contacted him to discuss something that he read on UOJ. Incidentally, this rov was once emailed some important information from UOJ because UOJ wanted him to know about it. This rov is one of the good guys who is very angry at the OU and Agudah fressers.

YTT Misnagid said...

"Belsky is safe at YTV as long as the board doesn't give a rat's tuchess."

It's similar with Margo. How can you get rid of him when every sicko Hungarian shtik drek on the board is protecting him? Then you can't rid of the board because the retarded parents don't give a damn about anything.

Even people who I thought were above it went running to kiss Margo's derriere at the kesivas Sefer Torah farce.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


Banks getting much stricter on loans, Fed says

By Rex Nutting, MarketWatch
Last update: 2:18 p.m. EST Feb. 4, 2008

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) - Banks are putting a stranglehold on credit, the Federal Reserve reported Monday.

Banks are raising their credit standards for mortgages, consumer loans and commercial real estate loans at a pace never seen in the 17-year history of the Fed's quarterly survey of senior bank loan officers, the Fed said.
Plain-vanilla business loans were also much harder to obtain, the Fed said.

Banks expect more delinquencies and charge offs for most types of loans to consumers and businesses, the survey said. Banks said they were tightening their lending standards in response to weaker economy, reduced tolerance of risk, and decreased liquidity in secondary markets.

The survey backs up the Federal Open Market Committee's comments last week that credit conditions had tightened considerably, a factor that led to the FOMC to slash interest rates by an unprecedented 125 basis points in two weeks.

The Fed remains worried that credit is getting too tight after years of loose standards.
Banks are requiring more disclosures, more collateral and a higher interest rate before approving loans, the survey said. Demand is plunging for many types of loans, especially for residential mortgages and commercial real estate loans.
For consumers, banks are tightening up on all types of mortgages, not just subprime loans. And banks are less willing to approve consumer installment loans.

More than 80% of banks - the largest percentage ever -- said they had tightened lending standards for commercial real estate loans in response to a weaker economy. Nearly 60% of the banks reported falling demand for commercial real estate loans, and 87% expect the quality of such loans already made to worsen.
About a third of banks were tightening their standards for commercial and industrial loans, the highest rate in more than five years.

More than half of the banks tightened their standards for prime mortgages, by far the highest percentage in the 17-year history of the survey. Seventy percent expected the quality of prime mortgages to worsen.
More than 80% of the banks tightened their standards for nontraditional loans, including jumbo loans and other loans that do not conform to standards set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. A similar percentage expected more delinquencies.

For subprime mortgages, about 70% of banks that offer such loans had tightened their lending standards, but more than 90% of the banks responding to the survey said they do not offer any subprime loans.

About 60% of banks tightened their standards for home equity lines of credit.

Rex Nutting is Washington bureau chief of MarketWatch.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

You would think it's easy being right all the time?
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Stocks declined on Monday, led lower by financial shares after UBS cut its rating of three big credit card providers, including American Express (AXP.N), citing expectations for a consumer-led recession.

American Express was the top drag on the Dow after UBS cut the shares to "sell," saying its outlook for a recession in the first half of 2008 would lead to higher levels of unemployment. The brokerage also cut its ratings on Capital One Financial Corp (COF.N) and Discover Financial Services (DFS.N).

"Credit issues are going to be an ongoing problem for the market," said Warren Simpson, managing director at Stephens Capital Management in Little Rock, Arkansas. "I absolutely think the consumer is going to be affected. That's why we're trying to get the stimulus plan through as fast as possible."

American Express shares were down 3.4 percent to $47.91. Capital One stock slumped 6.4 percent to $53.30. Discover shares dropped 8.6 percent to $16.41.

Anonymous said...

UOJ ...why don't you write a clear paragraph or two backing up the claim that Belsky is corrupt over many years and seriously deranged. How come no one in YTV has noticed his mental illness?

I never liked the man and thought he was very arrogant and kind of cold in a genius sort of way, but I never thought him corrupt or deranged.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you know about this e-mail, but anyway I received this afternoon a multi copied e-mail with a link to UOJ and which stated that the site is extremely evil and pornographic and that it is forbidden to read anything that is posted there. It then asked that I click the link provided for the site and scroll down and vote "DISAGREE WITH THE ABOVE STATEMENT" in favor of Rabbi Belsky. The message stated it was endorsed by Rabbi Mordechai Wolmark Rosh Yeshiva Shaarei Torah.

Bittul Kiddushin Putz said...

Wolmark from Shaarei Torah was one of the bums on the take with Belsky. His signature is on the document.

The only real "endorsement" is when the gedolim in the US, Canada & Israel signed letters against Belsky and his idiot cohorts.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I get this email myself (the other guy)...asking me to add my name to the endorsement!

I'm cracking myself up all day!

I wrote back...that I can't imagine the horrors of that UOJ site and I suggested a formal ban against the site by the Moetzes...and when "they" find out who "he" is...cherem is the only answer...ban his kids from yeshivas...ban him from buying Rubashkin...

US Postal Police said...

We are investigating if the Bungalow Putz is the one who tore down the Belsky wanted poster this afternoon at the post office on Coney Island & Ave I. That was after Applegrad showed up this morning asking if Margo's picture is going up too.

General Mills Cereal Company said...

We would put pictures of Margo & Belsky on the cereal boxes but we don't want to induce vomit over breakfast.

Anonymous said...

A veteran rabbi of the kashrus industry couldn't stop laughing last week over the dishonest press release last week from the OU. Why was he laughing when he was so angry at the OU? Because he couldn't get over that UOJ & Rabbi Yudel Shain were the ones who forced the OU to squirm uncontrollably. In years past, the OU would just say nothing and pretend it never happened.

Wait until he hears that Belsky and the gang are climbing walls because of a poll on the internet.

You can't write better fiction that this afilu.

Pesach Hotel Fresser said...

What happened between Katz & Schick? Schick is not on this year's newspaper ads. Katz is going with Chap a Nosh catering instead.

Avi L. Shafran said...

Pollsters have a din of pornographer.

1-900-SHAFRAN said...


Bezeq is launching the first "kosher" telephone line in Israel under the name "Clean Line". The new service blocks access to content deemed inappropriate for haredi (strictly observant) Jews. By activating the service, Bezeq allows this community to enjoy the benefits of the latest technologies while not contravening its way of life and its beliefs.

To meet the need of the haredi community for a "clean" phone line, Bezeq went to great lengths, at considerable investment, to develop a completely reliable system that filters out all content defined as inappropriate.

The work was fully coordinated with the Rabbinical Committee for Communications Affairs, which is exclusively in charge of filtering out the inappropriate content, while Bezeq provides the technological platform for doing so. The Minister of Communications, Ariel Atias, personally followed and promoted the move, and welcomed the launch. In every phone call from a clean line, the destination number is checked against a list of prohibited numbers – which is constantly updated – and if the number appears on the list, the call is not connected.

"Clean Line" is another stage in Bezeq's strategy for its haredi customers: more than a year ago, the Company sponsored the promotion and encouragement of non-use of profane language in telephone calls, and recently launched a call track offering 200 weekday call minutes per month at 0 agorot per minute.

Bezeq, ever attentive to the special needs of the haredi community, will continue to meet the challenges of communications, pioneering advanced technological solutions, and is proud to work alongside and for the community and to assist it in adhering to its lifestyle.

Also in cooperation with the Rabbinical Committee and with ISPs, Bezeq is running trials for "clean" internet in which inappropriate content is blocked. Once launched, the service will join the other unique advanced services offered to the haredi community.

"Clean Line" will start commercial operation within a few days. During its first months, it will be offered free to whoever wishes to try it, before being added to subscription services.

Bezeq CEO Avi Gabbay: "Bezeq is the leading and largest communications company in Israel, and as such it emphasizes that its services are for the entire population, by developing advanced and unique services. The kosher line is a flagship product of those offered by the Company specifically for members of the haredi community who wish to communicate using the most advanced means, without concern about contravening the laws of their way of life. Bezeq does not intervene in the reasons for filtering our certain sites, leaving that to the 'experts', but merely provides the highest possible level of service. Whenever the haredi community is in need of special communication services, Bezeq will always be there to offer them."

The marketing of "Clean Line" is in the hands of Afikim ad agency.

dont give aguda or the ou money said...

what everyone needs to do is ask all the people who claim to be rabbis for aguda or the ou every time they see them at a simcha
is why does aguda protect molesters
when that happens
pabbis shchorr and riesman and others will feel the heat
you need to ask them in public and ask if a molester can be protected according to halacho then dont give a check to any cause they espouse
send back the envelope and say with a note
id love to support your cause but you done protect jewish children

Anonymous said...

Adolf Belsky was seen at YTV talking separately to some rebbis on the side and was also visited by some working guys that were not from the yeshiva. Apparently he asked them to come over to speak to them in person and convince them to vote for his position on UOJ. He seemed to all from the way he was moving his hands while speaking that the mamzer was very disturbed and fumming mad. He sure bares a strong resemblence to the other Adolf.

ou insider said...

It's a matter of time. Belsky is too hot of a burnt potato to keep, thanks to the big bad blogger.

Big Bad Moshe said...

where is the fax # for uoj? I got a letter to show about Rabbi Belsky. This looks like the one someone wrote about.

MAJOR Story Developing said...

The RCA beis din has been hearing evidence against an RCA member rabbi. Although there is no verdict yet, all indications are pointing to expulsion from the organization & public rebuke. I only know that he is not from the NYC area.

Does anyone know if anything is going on with Shalom Tendler or who else it might be?

Cut it out already said...

Is that some kid in the YTV yeshiva ketana writing those dumb posts? No one is going to take off work to come down to let Belsky plead to them about some dumbass poll. Go hock around with your friends on MySpace and the adults deal with this.

UOJ's Posse said...

Does anyone have a picture of Neuhoff? Dr. Bungalow Putz belongs on UOJ's sidebar.

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn, NY - On Jan. 29, 2004. A gruesome terrorist attack in Jerusalem ripped apart the crowded No. 19 bus, sending body parts flying.
Bomber Ali Jaara and 10 innocent people were killed including former Brooklyn resident Yechezkel Goldberg, a 41-year-old father of seven who worked in Jerusalem with at-risk teens.

Now his widow, Karen Goldberg and children filed a lawsuit in Brooklyn Federal Court, accusing the investment banking giant UBS of providing financial services to a group that funds Hamas, the terror group that claimed responsibility for the attack.

"Terrorism is a business," Goldberg said. "It takes money to plan attacks, it takes money to carry out attacks."

A UBS spokesperson said the lawsuit is "without merit."

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Big Bad Moshe:

Kindly have someone scan the document and e-mail to:

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

This is all out war between Belsky and UOJ!

Anonymous said...

Belsky has proudly told talmidim that he exposed UOJ!

UOJ, why do you allow Belsky to smear Paul M.? We all know that he got the wrong guy. When are you going to expose his mistake?

Anonymous said...

Where is Boog lately?

Gross has disappeared totally from the scene!!!

OrthoRev, where have you gone???

Anonymous said...


Why have you attacked the Rhuzhiner?

Anonymous said...

Is there anything going on with the Kolko criminal and civil cases? It has been so quiet. Will anything ever happen or will this case quietly fade to the background?

Lubavitcher Rebbi said...

If we want Moshiach to come very soon, we must all band together (form our own true "agudah") and pray that Yisroel Belsky drops dead. I'm certain that Moshiach is also waiting eagerly for the Mammzer Belsky to kick the bucket.
C'mon Belsky you could do it, you could do it, just shoot yourself between the eyes.

Anonymous said...

We must all remember that Adolf Belsky knew for five years, from 1970 through 1975 that Kolko was sexually molesting the young cute campers at Camp Agudah. Adolf Belsky the rasha enjoyed listening to the reports of the complaining campers and counselors and made sure Kolko was protected and kept his position. Eventually Kolko opened his own Camp Menuval where dozens of more campers a year were molested.

Imagine, if Adolf Belsky would have done what he was supposed to and raised all hell against Kolko, it's very probable to say that Mondrowitz would have been very careful and surely would not have felt the freedom that was offered to molesters by low life pigs such as Yisroel Belsky yemach shmo.

Yisroel Belsky must be immediately fired from Camp Aguda. He must be fired from the OU and he must be thrown out from YTV. All funding to YTV must come to a halt until they get rid of the menuval.

Shaun Fargessin said...

Just got here for the first time. Only heard so much about this web site a few hours ago. Seems everyone is speaking about how awful Rabbi Belsky is, and this blog seems to get the credit. However, I am surprised it was not mentioned here about that married woman living in Kensigton who some time back went public of the fact that she had sexual relations with Rabbi Belsky. Surely, some folks out here know about it.

Son of Boog said...

Which names are copied on the pro-Belsky email? They're obviously Belsky sympathyzers who should be identified.

You're either with the terrorists or against.

Moishe Rubashkin said...


Building owner admits to storing chemical waste

Man's son also pleads guilty to lying about who owned the property.
By Dalondo Moultrie

Of The Morning Call

February 5, 2008

A Brooklyn, N.Y., man pleaded guilty Monday to storing chemical waste at his former textile mill in Allentown, and his son pleaded guilty last month to lying about who owned the building, the U.S. attorney's office said.

Moshe Rubashkin, 49, ran Montex Textiles at 1101 S. Sixth St. until about 2002, then stored chemical waste at the site without a permit, according to a statement released from the office of U.S. Attorney Patrick Meehan.

Sholom Rubashkin, 28, also of Brooklyn, lied to federal investigators when he said his family didn't own the building during the time the chemicals were stored there, the statement says.

As part of the plea deals, Moshe and Sholom Rubashkin agreed to be held responsible for paying the government $450,000 for the site cleanup. The money will be divided between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Allentown.

Moshe Rubashkin pleaded guilty to one count of illegal storage of hazardous waste without a permit. Sholom Rubashkin pleaded guilty Jan. 7 to one count of making a materially false statement. The charges were recommended by a federal grand jury.

Sentencing for Moshe Rubashkin is scheduled for July 16. Sholom Rubashkin is scheduled to be sentenced March 18. Each faces a maximum of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Montex was a textile dyeing, bleaching and weaving business at S. Sixth and Cumberland streets.

Fires at the building prompted the EPA to initiate a major cleanup of the property in October 2005. The cleanup included removing containers of hazardous waste.

Allentown fire officials ruled that a blaze on April 19, 2005, was arson. There were three other fires at the old mill that year -- May 19, July 21 and July 25.



Shmarya said...

That's right. Moshe Rubashkin is now a felon for the second time, and the Crown Heights Community Council – headed by Moshe Rubashkin – is headed by a felon awaiting sentencing.

Crown Heights residents elected Moshe Rubashkin head of the CHCC only a few months after his parole. Rubashkin served more than one year on federal bank fraud charges.

But Rubashkin, who at one point promised to leave the check writing to other council leaders, was in fact involved in another fraud.

Here is the press release from the US Attorney issued at the time of indictment. Curiously, the release was not widely circulated by the US Attorney. New York City newspapers and other media appear not to have been sent the release. This makes little sense because both Rubashkins live in Brooklyn and their attempts to defraud were based in Brooklyn.

You'll also note that, based on the USDOJ's description of the crimes committed, more severe charges could have been brought against Moshe and Shalom Rubashkin.

Further, based on information FailedMessiah.com received over two years ago, more Rubashkin family members and confidants could have been charged.

This might lead one to suspect that the USDOJ is going light on the Rubashkins.

Why would this be?

Perhaps because of who now sits in the White House and, more specifically, who was the US Attorney General at the time the indictment was filed.

Moshe Rubashkin's brother-in-law, Rabbi Milton Balkany, has deep Republican connections and has himself been in trouble with the US Government. Balakany walked away from a scheme that saw him misappropriate almost $1 million dollars meant to aid handicapped children.

Did Balkany pull some strings to save his brother-in-law from more severe charges and other members of his extended family from indictment?

Time will tell.

Got to the bottom of it said...

The RCA has completed their investigation of Rabbi Dovid Cohen's shiur on tax evasion.

After interviewing several people and Rabbi Cohen himself, they say they are satisfied with Rabbi Cohen's assertion that he did not say tax evasion is permissable.

I was challenged by someone here to ask the RCA about it which is exactly what I did.

Conservative Rabbi Edward Schlaeger said...


Former rabbi guilty in child porn case

Article Last Updated: 02/05/2008 01:23:09 AM EST

BRIDGEPORT — A former West Haven rabbi now working as a social worker for the state pleaded guilty Monday to possessing child pornography almost four years ago.
Edward Schlaeger, 51, of Hawthorne Avenue, Shelton, will receive a suspended five-year sentence March 28 and up to five years probation. The judge will determine the terms and conditions of probation at the time of sentencing. Senior Assistant State's Attorney Howard Stein said Schlaeger's now ex-wife discovered the suspected child pornography on Sept. 23, 2005, which was more than a year after her former husband moved out of their home on Stonehouse Road in Trumbull. She gave the two computer discs to Richard Albrecht, her divorce lawyer, who, in turn, brought them to Stein's office, the prosecutor said.

Stein said the resulting investigation determined that one of the files included child pornography and a victim that had been identified by the German Federation police. The prosecutor said 15 other files were given to the Yale-New Haven pediatric unit, which identified eight of the children as being younger than 15 years old. The unit was unable to see sufficient details to determine an age range for children on the other seven files.

Stein advised the judge that the files were made between April 26, 2003, and July 16, 2004. Schlaeger is the former rabbi of Congregation Sinai in West Haven. More recently he worked as a counselor for the Southwest Connecticut Mental Health System in Bridgeport, which is a division of the state Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. He was arrested after surrendering to Trumbull police on Aug. 24, 2006. Police searched Schlaeger's former home in Trumbull as well as his Shelton home during their investigation. J. Robert Gulash, Schlaeger's lawyer, said no child pornography was found in the Shelton home.

Ephraim Bryks the pedophile said...

Rabbi Edward Schlaeger also works in Brigeport as a mashgiach for the OU. The fact that he's conservative does not matter. Many conservative rabbis work as mashgichim for he OU. Who else would travel by car to supervise most of the plants that are opened on Shabbos. Only now that Sshlaeger has been exposed as a pedophile he will be permitted to work under Belsky.

One possible caveat said...

How many of the RCA investigators have possible negios because they were in Camp Munk years ago where Dovid Cohen used to be their learning rebbe?

Baltimore said...

Interesting that the shul doesn't trust the local beis din.


Synagogue suing benefactor

By Bryna Zumer

Only a year after closing its Glyndon campus and pushing forward with renovation and expansion plans at the original Pikesville facility, Beth Tfiloh has declared legal war on its longtime developer and benefactor Howard Brown.

On Jan. 8, the Modern Orthodox synagogue and school filed a $20 million lawsuit in Baltimore County Circuit Court, plus $5 million in punitive damages, accusing Brown of using development projects conducted in Beth Tfiloh's name to benefit himself.

Brown is chairman of the Owings Mills-based David S. Brown Enterprises, Ltd., which has built commercial and residential properties around Owings Mills and the Baltimore area. The firm's projects include Boulevard Corporate Center on Owings Mills Boulevard, Brookside Commons in New Town and the planned Owings Mills Metro Center.

According to the suit, Brown personally benefited from projects in which profits were expected to go to Beth Tfiloh, including the Stevenson Commons condominium development adjacent to its Pikesville campus; a "Glyndon land swap" in which Beth Tfiloh traded Brown 10 acres of its Red Run Boulevard-area summer camp for the Glyndon land used for a satellite campus; and the Glyndon chapel it built on the satellite campus.

The congregation's relationship with Brown has deteriorated in recent years as its leaders learned that Brown awarded projects to himself without competitive bidding, failed to keep Beth Tfiloh up-to-date on projects or stay within the budget.

The suit states Brown and his family have been active in Beth Tfiloh for more than 30 years and Brown has enjoyed a "special relationship with Beth Tfiloh and occupied a position of prominence and trust in the Beth Tfiloh community."

Several of the congregation's facilities, including the Old Court campus and the Glyndon chapel, which is no longer operating, bear the Brown family's name.

James Ulwick, Beth Tfiloh's lawyer, declined to comment on why the suit was filed now, but he said the trial is expected to be held in about 18 months.

In a statement, Brown said he had requested the dispute be settled by a beit din, a rabbinical court that rules on issues in the Jewish community, rather than a highly publicized lawsuit, and said that his family is regretfully resigning from Beth Tfiloh.

He said the family has brought "unflagging support and unfailing generosity" to the congregation for four generations.

"I believe that my actions have always been in the best interest of the school and (synagogue)," Brown said in the statement, calling the lawsuit "without merit."

E-mail Bryna Zumer at Bryna Zumer@patuxent.com

Oh Come on said...

You really expect us to believe the OU hires Jews to drive to plants on Shabbos?

Rabbi Metzger said...


Chief Rabbi Yonah Metzger intends to end his voluntary suspension and return next month to his position as a member of the Supreme Rabbinical Court and as a member of the committee that appoints religious court judges even though this appointments committee is in the midst of discussions as to whether to remove Metzger from these panels.

The Ometz non-profit organization for good government organization, which is conducting a legal battle in the High Court of Justice to remove Metzger as chief rabbi, is planning on filing another petition within a week if Metzger does not change his mind.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Recession is here - economists
A weak report about the services sector has caused some experts to declare that the economy has already entered downturn.

CNNMoney.com senior writer
February 5 2008: 12:47 PM EST

Recession is the least of our worries. The days of the American empire might be at an end, Fortune's Andy Serwer argues.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- A growing number of top economists believe that the U.S. economy has now toppled into recession.

Alarm bells were set off Tuesday by a grim report on service businesses, which make up the majority of the U.S. economy.

The Institute of Supply Management said that activity in the service sector declined for the first time in nearly five years. This report also indicated that employers are cutting staff.

The survey covers the retail, transportation and health care industries as well as hard hit areas such as finance, real estate and construction.

Some economists argued that the normally low-profile ISM services reading, coupled with the government's report Friday showing the first monthly net loss in jobs in more than four years, is proof that recession is now a reality.

"My forecast had been that the recession would begin this quarter, but the hard data wasn't there yet," said Keith Hembre, chief economist of First American Funds. "But now we're seeing that. The service sector is a much larger component of the economy [than manufacturing] and this is very much a recession reading."

The National Bureau of Economic Research is the official arbiter of whether the economy has entered recession. But the NBER typically does not declare a recession until well after one has begun.

Weakness spreading

Economists took the latest report as a sign that problems are no longer restricted to just housing and manufacturing.

"We're definitely seeing conditions spread to more parts of the economy. The big drop in business activity, that's a huge red flag," said Gus Faucher, director of macroeconomics for Moody's Economy.com.

Faucher said his firm now believes the economy is in a recession but he believes it's possible that growth will resume in the second half of this year.

However, Faucher noted this will depend upon additional rate cuts from the Federal Reserve, coupled with Congress quickly passing a proposed $150 billion stimulus package. That package includes $600 tax rebates for most U.S. taxpayers and some temporary tax cuts for businesses.

Economist Bob Brusca of FAO Economics said he doubted that the U.S. was in recession a week ago, but now he believes there's about a 75% chance that a recession began in January.

"That's what recessions do. They come upon you all of a sudden," he said. "When you look back at history, you're struck by how even-keel it is until the bottom just falls out."

What's next for the Fed

Besides the ISM and jobs report, Brusca said he was concerned about the results of the Federal Reserve's survey of senior lending officers released Monday. The survey showed a tightening of lending standards for business and residential loans in the past three months.

According to a statement from the Fed, lenders are reporting a "reduced tolerance for risk" as the reason why they are being more cautious.

And even for the relatively safe "prime" residential loans made to borrowers with good credit, 55% of lenders surveyed by the Fed reported tighter lending standards.

Brusca said this is a major concern for the central bank. "The Fed has been leaning on banks to not tighten so much," he said.

Worries about banks tightening their lending standards is one reason why the Fed announced two large rate cuts in just the course of eight days in late January, reducing the key federal funds rate from 4.25% to 3%.

Most economists aren't looking for additional cuts of that magnitude, but they do expect more cuts.

Even Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond President Jeffrey Lacker, who is known primarily for being more concerned about inflation than economic growth, said in a speech Tuesday that "the prominence of downside risks means that further easing ultimately may be warranted." Lacker does not get to vote on monetary policy decisions this year, however.

Lacker added that "sluggish growth in the near term" -- not an actual recession -- is the most likely economic scenario. But he did not completely rule out the possibility of a "mild recession, similar to the last two we have experienced."

Moody's Economy.com is forecasting cuts totaling three-quarters of a percentage point over the next three scheduled Fed meetings in March, April and May.

But the markets want more drastic action by the Fed. The Chicago Board of Trade's fed fund futures are pricing in a 30% chance of a quarter-point cut this month, when the Fed isn't even scheduled to meet.

Those futures are also pricing in a 100% chance of a quarter-point cut in March, and a 28% chance of a half-point cut during the month, up from virtually no chance of a half-point cut ahead of Tuesday's ISM report.

Service sector businesses slam into reverse

Tax rebates might not be enough to ward off job losses

Job shock: U.S. lost 17,000 in January

Allegations of Violent Abuse at Manchester UK Yeshiva said...


Naf - A Street Kid in Jerusalem

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
This is what happened to my younger brother. I'm from a BT family. My parents spent a fortune to send him to a yeshiva in Israel. Many of the students were sexually assaulted by older students.

My brother started getting in trouble with the school. He finally got kicked out and sent back to the states. He left orthodoxy, started using drugs. He committed suicide about three years later. My brother kept a journal of his life. It wasn't until he died that we learned what happened to him. After that my family walked away from the religious world.

Avi L. Shafran said...

Here we go again, folks. More LURID and fanciful tales posted by Pornographer-in-Chief UOJ.

Of course there's no proof that these people even exist.

Toronto said...

The "Freshies" in Grade 9 at Ner Israel used to get attacked by older boys who would give them "wedgies" which is twisting their underwear from behind & out of their pants and hanging the kids on doorknobs.

I wonder if going into the rear of someone's underwear is legally sex abuse.

Jacob Perlow said...

I have a better peercha than Shafran. Even they exist, who cares if Manchester is outside Boro Park?

Yudi Kolko said...

"I wonder if going into the rear of someone's underwear is legally sex abuse."

Oh certainly not. It's just showing affection.

manchesterite said...

Moshe Eizmann has left his nasty mark here as well.

What a Creepy Sicko said...


"Rabbi" Steve Greenberg (whom YU is too chicken to revoke his semicha) used to go with the Scheinberg shitah that only penetration is assur. He has now changed his hashkafa to say that gay sex is permissable.

Bungalow Yenta said...

When was Moshe Eisemann in Manchester?

All Roads (& Off-Roads) Lead to Pinter said...


WATERBURY -- A 78-year-old Watertown man drove his car into a bakery store Thursday, scattering glass, metal and pastries, but injuring no one.

George Pinter, of 110 Pleasant View Ave., was ticketed for failure to stay in the right lane. Pinter drove his Toyota Avalon into the Friehofer's outlet store at 649 West Main St., in the Walgreen's Plaza.

Pinter's car, sprinkled with shattered glass, was dragged from he front of the store by a tow truck. A witness said the car lurched forward from the parking area, across the fire lane and into the store. The car slipped between two brick and concrete pillars and through glass doors under an open sign.

The car avoided the cashier's station to its left. Three workers and several customers were in the store at the time, according to store manager Pat DeVoid.

"I just saw something flying through," said DeVoid, who ran to the rear of the store away from the car, which sent flying tables lined with breads, sweets and gallons of juice. Police are still investigating what caused the accident.

OU Crony Watch said...

Rabbi Genack is an executive of NJ Dept of Corrections Policy Group. Here they are proposing that inmates get out of jail quicker:


Corrections Transition Policy Group

Final Report

January 10, 2006

Recognize how mandatory minimums have enormous fiscal consequences without necessarily promoting public safety and seriously examine legislative changes to
promote sentencing alternatives. The State must come to grips with the alarming costs of mandatory minimums, which are currently imposed upon more than 60 percent of all prisoners.

Rabbi Menachem Genack
Rabbinic Administrator/CEO, Kashrus Division of the Orthodox Union

Ex-convict & OU Pedophile Baruch Lanner said...

Hey Rabbi Genack,

Thanks !!!!!

Israel Belsky said...

Hey Genack, could you also join the NY State policy group? Kolko and Margulies don't want to hang around jail very long either. Uncle Milty can't help out anymore because the Justice Dept has prohibited him from intervening on behalf of prisoners.

Ahavah said...

There, but for a few years, is us.

This letter was sent to urban planner and writer James Howard Kunstler, who is rough around the edges but quite a critic of urban design and the sprawl paradigm, among other things. He receives correspondence from colleagues and admirers of his work located all over the world - I have also corresponded with him. Some of you may remember I have an AAS in architecture, served my year of internship at a government division of long range planning (land use and development), and my husband works in the field still (35 1/2 years now). I keep an eye on articles about urban planning, urban redevelopment, new urbanism, and emergency planning (even though I'd probably really rather be back on my great-grandfather's old dairy farm).

Jim received this letter from a lady in South Africa, letting him know what had been going on there in her area. If you haven't read Jim's book "The Long Emergency," I recommend it to you, with the caveat that he is quite a pessimist. To me, the difference between an optimist and a pessimist is planning and preventative action. Heading trouble off at the pass is far more effective than trying to deal with it after the fact. I prefer to be pro-active, not re-active. Jim believes there's not really a whole lot that can or will be done, and in many ways he's right. We as individuals can't stop or solve things things from happening, but I believe there are plenty of ways to mitigate them.

I am posting this so you can see what the beginning of the Long Emergency looks like. What Jim calls the Long Emergency is what I call the train wreck of our current economic and currency woes, which collide with peak oil and climate change in a nasty multi-car pileup that will take well over a decade, most say about 20 years, for us to cycle out of this mess and into an upward swing of the business cycle. There are deep imbalances that have to be worked out - bubbles popping that have been made exponentially worse by the greed, corruption, and the breaking of the social contract at all levels of western society.

South Africa, especially the Johannesburg area, was a relatively wealthy cosmopolitan metro area - we're not talking about jungles, here. We're talking suburbs that look just like the ones you probably live in, around a city with skyscrapers and financial markets just like the ones near you. This isn't BFE by a long shot. What is happening there is a warning shot across our bow, so to speak.


February 4, 2008
It began with a few potholes in the roads, the odd interruption to the water supply in the suburbs, a couple of days with strike action preventing the delivery of municipal services – no garbage collection, protest action disrupting the mining industry and picketing & toy toying at shopping malls…It continued over the next couple of years, largely with disregard for the disruptions, a little irritation to daily commercial and home life by the lack of service provision in food, gas, water and power.

In recent months, at the receivables end of the supply chain, there was a little aggravation at the delays, the lack of service, the shortage of a few consumer luxuries in the retail shops…, ‘but hey, what the hell, this is a great country, we cannot fault the lifestyle, the weather…’. For a couple of months, perhaps a year back or so, there seemed little or no reason to change our way of life, our lifestyles…a little further down the road and the disruptions become more frequent, we learn to cope, learn to accept the rising cost of living, gas supply shortages in the Winter of 2007, the intermittent water disruptions, the odd power outage and the potholes. Potholes may well be the singular measure of the calamity we are in or about to face.
We accept the transitions in South Africa, but it is all very well passing over these problems in the name of development, infrastructure development, greater housing plans and urbanization as a promised deliverable by the ANC government, together with the balancing of the wealth quotient. Access to finance and the shift of the material wealth are an indication of the success of the plans for economic growth in the New South Africa.

So, there have been interesting times, a few PDI’s (previously disadvantaged individuals), through black economic empowerment, becoming significantly enriched through commerce and business and, dare I say, politics. But the cracks that are now evident are tell tails signs, not only of the effectivity of the New South Africa and an explanation of the path traveled to this point in time, but more of what is promised for the future. And the future may be more a by product of global issues than issues unique and unfortunate to South Africa.

So what do we have at hand, what are the reactions and what are the consequences???

South Africa has been flung full tilt into a Premature Long Emergency. In the up market suburbs, not least to say generally all over the urban landscape, there is not a 1km (1/2 mile) strip of tarred road that is not full of potholes (hugh gapping holes, across which vehicles cannot drive), the roadside curbs are disintegrating, the road maintenance programmes over the last 10 years have failed to maintain the roads in a serviceable and passable state. The nation is gripped in a crisis of rolling power outages caused by the incompetence of highly paid government ministers and their charges. The news of the weekend is that the nation is in dire straits with the supply of clean, drinkable water to households and business alike. We are faced with unusual weather patterns, floods at the moment, high rain fall for the Summer, the expectation of an early, long cold Winter.

The rolling power outages are resulting in about a 25% national power outage per month. The ramifications of this can be related directly to an income loss of the same amount, retail supplies are being interrupted and from a security point of view it is dangerous to shop in malls. The Electricity Supply Commission – ESKOM are indicating a forced reduction on power usage by 10%, further, the mines have been told not to work on Fridays. There are revenue and cost implications here that extend beyond the obvious monthly figures. What of the power saving measures that may in turn lead to greater problems, the mines are unable to pump excess ground water from the shafts, the maintenance programmes are due to suffer. And what of the safety indications, miners are protesting the possibility of being caught under ground or in lift shafts as the random power cuts hit the service grids.

It is not only that ESKOM have not maintained or expanded their operations in the last 15 years, but the next big whammy is that there is no coal to keep the power stations running…at most times, there is a couple of months supply of coal onsite for electricity operations, today there is hardly a few days supply. Incidentally the reason given for this catastrophe is that the trucks delivering the coal have been unable to get to the power stations as the road infrastructure has deteriorated- potholes again. In the Afrikaans language: ‘slaggate’ – a direct translation to ‘slaughter holes’. As this is written, we wait for the next couple of days to see the effect of the ‘coal emergency’.

At some point the effect of the power emergency on water and sanitation supply should be considered and this would be part of the roll out of unexpected events resultant of the collapse of the power supply, but the water board have usurped the power supply with homegrown problems of their own…

So here we have it, 43% of the dams have safety problems and are in danger of collapsing. Further to this, the ground water in Gauteng, the province of Johannesburg, has radioactive contamination from mining operations.

Now, as a matter of interest, Johannesburg is one of the few cities in the world that is built on a hill and water has to be pumped up into the city!!!

And what of the peoples reaction? Complacency does not even come close, the nation is either brain dead or ignorant, or just plain ‘frog in a pot’ of water with the temperature rising.

The first reaction to the power emergency took the form of a rush for candles, refilling of gas bottles and the purchasing of generators (if you could get them). Then the complacency set it, business learnt to sit through power outages, retail shops were forced to close their doors for a few hours a day. There was and is a shortage of food supplies, food went bad in the fridges and had to been thrown away. It was kind of charming in a strange kind of way, to eat dinner by candle light and forgo the ‘soapies’ on TV. Traffic lights were out over a large number of suburbs and delays in getting to business meetings became the norm. The schools are unable to teach a full day’s lesson. The internet service providers and the mobile phone companies’ frequently have service delays or are just plain ‘off line’. The battery runs out on your laptop and that’s the days productive work is over until the power is back on…Patients in ICU or undergoing operations, as the power grid went down, were at risk of and did, die.

As we head into February, it will be interesting to see the economic figures; theoretically the revenue generation for the period should be down by at least 25% or something similar to the power outage percentages. Notwithstanding that the stock market took a bend downwards and followed the USA crash and the antics of the Societé General rogue trader. (Well done on the foresight, James). The South African property market is following suit, as well.

And just as we were wondering how the effect, implications and opinions of an emergency would pan out into daily life, what the tell tail signs would be… it happened, all of this is the short space of about 2-3 weeks, the realization dawns that it has begun, the country is experiencing and living through the beginning of the Long Emergency, rather unexpectedly and certainly too prematurely.

I proffer that the events in South Africa, tragic as they are, as they play themselves out, will give a good indication of the events that the USA and other countries will realize in the years to come as The Long Emergency’ comes to pass.
[Ha! Just as I finish this, guess what… the power is out, the battery life in my laptop is about 5 mins, so at 11am, I cannot be productive for the rest of the day… the networks are down, so this cannot be mailed for the moment.]

Ahavah said...


Threat of Power Shortages Generating New Urgency
By David A. Fahrenthold, Lisa Rein and Kirstin Downey
Washington Post Staff Writers
Sunday, February 3, 2008; Page A01

Electric power has already become painfully expensive in Washington and its suburbs. Now, local utilities say, it could become something even worse: scarce...

...Utility and government officials say the region has to face the idea that its demand for electricity could overtake the supply. In a little more than three years, they say, lights could flicker off in rolling blackouts.

...The story behind the electricity price increases begins in the late 1990s, when Virginia, Maryland and the District loosened their controls on the power industry. As in many other states, the idea was to let customers choose among power suppliers, creating competition that would push prices down.

But instead, rates have gone up.

Power companies say they have been hit with higher costs, which had to be passed on to customers. The prices of natural gas and coal have increased sharply. And because the region needed to import electricity from other areas, utilities had to pay the power-line equivalent of highway tolls.

Some consumer advocates contend that the power companies have abused their new freedom, raising prices to boost profits...

...The region's increasing energy needs are attributable, in part, to its increasing population. But Washington area residents and businesses also seem to be using many more kilowatts per capita than in the past.

...Across the region, new homes are often wired with high-tech, high-energy entertainment systems, as media-room gadgets creep out into bedrooms and kitchens.

...Now come stepped-up warnings of serious power shortages. In December, a study by the Maryland Public Service Commission found that the state might face rolling blackouts as early as 2011 or 2012. Power could be shut down for perhaps an hour at a time in certain areas, probably on hot days when air conditioners strain the grid.

Virginia officials have agreed with utilities that more power plants or transmission lines will be needed in that state in the next decade. The D.C. Department of the Environment has not yet evaluated utilities' predictions of power shortfalls, an official said last week....

Labels: emergency, power

Mom in Israel Blog said...


In this Hebrew article from Maariv, Neshot Hare'alah (Women of the Veil), Sherry Makover-Balikov interviews Rabbanit Bruria Keren and some of her followers.

Earlier summaries/excerpts: I, II, III, IV, V, VI
To view all posts on the subject at once click the label hyper-tzniut.

The Maariv reporter interviewed Dudi Zilbershlag, editor of the haredi newspaper Bakehila and head of the charitable organization "Meir Panim." He said that after their son Meir z"l died, Zilbershlag's wife considered switching to a scarf from a wig. At the time their rebbe disapproved, saying it would only call more attention to her. She made the switch later, after other haredim did so in light of the Indian wig scandal [when haredi rabbis prohibited them because they might have been used in idol worship].

According to Zilbershlag, ". . . being extremely tzanua cannot prevent men from having evil thoughts about a woman . . . the opposite may be true. But this is a far cry from insulting someone who dresses that way from pure intentions."

The rabbanit's followers don't see themselves as a cult. After all, each one wears a different number of layers, making them different from other types of chasidim. "Each woman and her own [level of] tzniut." [This last statement contradicts everything else in the article. Clearly Keren and her followers believe everyone should wear veils, shawls, capes, and several additional layers of clothes. The style or exact number of layers is beside the point.]

"To say that the Rabbanit is a kind of guru . . . is a sin," says Ann, a convert who became . . . her disciple. "The Rabbanit paved the way, and most of us take on ourselves customs and continue alone. We do meet at her home, not because of leadership, but out of friendship. 'Everyone goes to consult with someone wiser than himself' [but do they consult with anyone besides Rabbanit Keren?]."

Ann continues:

"The rabbanit doesn't talk because of all of the bad things that can come from it such as slander, gossip, joking, and flattery; therefore she took silence upon herself. It also allows her to control anger. She taught us not to speak to men, pass them objects, sit next to them on the bus, nor to ride in a taxi with a male driver. Not to be too colorful. Once I said to the rabbanit that the colors blue and black distance women from tzniut. So the rabbanit said that she wants to come close to Hashem, not to other women."
The reporter asks Anne about the next level.

"The next level is for men to insist on capes and veils from their wives. That it will come from them, not from us. That in a few more years the haredi public will discover the sweetness of the layers of clothes and the modesty behind the veil. There have been stories of licentiousness, of adultery, may God have mercy. Women wore tight clothes and the men's eyes popped out. The rabbanit Bruria believes that very soon a man will come to his wife and ask her not to go out without her body and face covered."

"We are already seeing the beginning. I myself prayed for many years until my husband agreed to my wearing three capes. Afterward he wasn't ready for me to cover my face with a veil. We had a big fight and came close to getting a get (religious divorce). But I went to R. Bruria, and got strength from her. I prayed more, until my husband accepted the cape and veil, even the shawl. One day I weakened; my evil inclination told me to stop making myself a laughingstock and that I could be modest in a scarf, blouse and skirt. So I decided to go out like that. I put on a vest, a nice skirt, and some makeup. And small, delicate earrings. I went to the bedroom and stood in front of my husband. I asked him, "How do I look?" And he said "Immodesty! Immodesty!" and didn't move until I put on the cape and covered my face.

Rav Shmuel Eliyahu, the chief rabbi of Safed, says. "I have seen a few in Safed, and I think they are crazy. Their extremism causes different type of distortion. Extremism is not healthy. There is no commandment to cover the face with a veil and to wear dozens of layers of clothes. This I say as a rabbi."

N. says that she and other haredi women reject this trend because they are afraid. Ten years ago no one put tights on girls under twelve. Then a few began to dress that way, even at the height of the summer. Now all haredi girls over two must do so or face rejection from the community.

The next interview is with Maya. Maya became observant eight years ago after finishing a degree in criminology and Jewish philosophy. She is married to a Breslov Hasid and has four children. Her home is covered with pictures and writings of R. Nachman. From the article:

She met R. Keren five years ago. She was also influenced by the book "Olamot Shel Tohar," Worlds of Purity, by R. Uri Sofer, where she learned about women who covered their faces and bodies because of tzniut.

"At first I wore only three skirts and a cape. Then I read that Rabbanit Kanievsky, a well-known figure in the haredi community, covered the upper part of her hand (shoresh kaf hayad) with cloth. I looked at the place my fingers began, and saw that it was indeed very feminine. So I cut off the ends of some socks and wore them on my hand, to cover the part up to my fingers. At first I wore them only outside, because they bothered me at home. Gradually I also began to wear them at home, and now I sleep in them as well as in a high neckline. When one receives light, one receives holiness."

"The more a woman covers her exterior, the more room there is for her interior. I come from the secular world, and I know how much women are involved in attracting men with their beauty and exterior. If a woman would know what goes on in a man's head when he sees her in the street, hears her voice, or accidentally brushes against her, she would go underground in shame. When I go out completely covered, I feel like a princess. Even though I don't cover my face--I feel that that is too great a light. But I wear several layers of shawls and sell them too. I sew them from delicate fabrics. Light colors, pretty and non-threatening, because it's important to my husband that I go modestly, but still look nice.

"About two years ago I began to wear scarves tied in front. This was hard, I felt like a 'Yemenite grandmother.' The Rabbanit taught us that the only knot that covers all of the hair is in front. If you tie it in back, there will always be hairs that stick out; even if the head is shaved, the roots of the hair will show. The scarf tied in front also covers the back of the neck, because that is a very feminine part of a woman."

"I see many haredi women who walk around at home in a robe and even wear them outside, may God have mercy. With [these women] everything is reversed. The husband sees them in a robe, but when they go to the dentist, they look their best. Also at home, a robe is tight and revealing, even transparent sometimes. A woman needs to wake up in the morning to the service of God, to run a house of joy, to wrap herself in wide clothes, not transparent ones, and not to sin in a robe. In the book "Worlds of Purity," there are pictures of righteous women wearing a shawl and tents [use of plural is not my typo]. And not one [of the pictured women] causes the community to sin with a wig.

Maya wears so many layers so that the contour of her body won't be visible on a windy day. She wears them at home should a man come to the door, and to accustom the family to modesty. The shawl blurs the contour of her shoulders, and it feels like a tallit (prayer shawl). She has a less opaque, airier one for the house.

Her husband is happy with the "great heavenly merit."

"By us a woman gets her husband used to the idea gradually; first a short shawl and then a long cape. The Rabbanit Bruria says that if a woman dresses modestly and her husband gets angry, it's her own fault. She must pray to Hashem to remove the objection. Husbands aren't always right. Sometimes they are worried about society, about what the people in the synagogue will say. Hashem help them if they care more about what people will say, and prefer a woman who is attractive but immodest."

"The children were born into it and my son brings me a shawl when we are on our way out. When a man passes I lower my head. If there are men in the makolet, I won't go in. If a man comes to buy from me I "watch my eyes" and don't look at him. I look at the floor. Yesterday I went by a haredi man who saw me and lowered his head. I said to my son, 'The daughters of Israel are the daughters of the king, it's not seemly for people to look at them. They aren't like a rotten tomato that every passerby can see what's inside and what isn't.' "

In general she gets a positive reaction, but some people make fun of her or criticize her, or tell her she looks like a goy (non-Jew).

The most important part of her day is when she secludes herself and "speaks to Hashem." She goes to R. Keren weekly to get a "dose of fear of Heaven."

Rabbanit Keren is from the Lithuanian, Ashkenazi stream of Judaism. The Rabbanit loves children. She is oblivious to her physical surroundings and the cares of this world. She hardly goes out, but people help her because she "looks like a tent." She sees by looking down. "We all admire her and are all good friends. Some of use are connected to R. Nahman of Breslov and are searching for the truth. When she speaks at a convention for return [to Jewish practice] she calls us to come. Because when one sees many women in capes and veils, it's empowering."

Maya's house is bare and the reporter asks her if that's intentional. Maya responds "My possessions are above, in the world to come."

R' Yudel said...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Posted by Yudel Shain at 2:23 PM

Yisroel Belsky said...

The National Alliance estimates about one in 17 Americans suffers from a serious mental illness, and mental illness affects one in five families and has affected me terribly says Yisroel Belsky. But as common as it is, families often are in the dark because mental illness is not on their radar the way cancer or heart problems are, Belsky says.

Often, they don't even know the symptoms, like covering up for child molesters, annulling Jewish marriages for serious money, and saying non-kosher meat is kosher.

No one else recognized it "because mental illness was not on someone's radar screen — and because there was so much stigma. To people looking in, I was probably selfish, reckless and moody. The reality was that I was suffering inside. I wouldn't wish it on anyone."

Once a person or one's family recognizes a potential problem, getting help is the next step. And it's often a difficult one. UOJ reached out, I was not happy, but I realize it's for the benefit of the entire Jewish world.

Often the person suffering from the mental illness does not understand that she or he is sick, says Ira D. Glick, a physician and psychiatry professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine and my doctor.

"If you go break your leg and run into the doctor, the doctor will put a cast on it and give you medicine for it," Glick says. "You say, 'Thank you. Thank you.'

"In our field, when somebody has bipolar disorder or anxiety disorder or depression or schizophrenia, what do they say? What do most people say?

'There's nothing wrong with me. I don't need this treatment.' "

That is why it is so important to have UOJ involvement, Glick says. "We see UOJ as a partner in the treatment team. It's the patient, family and doctor all working together to make a diagnosis, set goals and carry out treatment."

But because it is so difficult under most state laws to have a person hospitalized, families often have to wait until there is a crisis, Belsky says.

"You must wait until they meet the criteria for hospitalization … in most states they have to become so gravely disabled that their life is in danger," she says. "And then you have to call the police or you have to call UOJ to come into your house and take your family member to the hospital. And I want to tell you that it's one of the most traumatic events that will ever happen to you."

French Bastard said...


February 5, 2008; Page A3

Société Générale's woes extended across the Atlantic, as U.S. authorities launched a probe into stock sales by a bank board member just as France's government blamed the institution's recent €4.9 billion ($7.3 billion) trading loss on lax internal controls.

Mirroring an investigation opened last month by France's stock-market watchdog, Autorité des Marchés Financiers, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating sales of stock by Société Générale board member and American investor Robert A. Day and two foundations associated with him, people familiar with the matter said.

The French regulator has said in recent legal filings that Mr. Day, chairman and founder of U.S.-based Trust Company of the West, and the foundations sold about €140 million of shares on Jan. 9, 10 and 18. Mr. Day sold a majority stake in TCW to Société Générale in 2001 and still maintains a large stake in the bank, owning close to 1.9 million shares.

Société Générale's share price fell heavily in the days leading to Jan. 24, when the bank did end up announcing €2.05 billion in asset write-downs, primarily related to its portfolio of subprime U.S. mortgage loans.

That same day, Société Générale's subprime news was overshadowed by a bigger disclosure: The bank said it had lost €4.9 billion in the world's biggest-ever trading scandal.

Executives pointed the finger at Jérôme Kerviel, an employee in the bank's lowest trading unit, whom they said had engaged in risky and fraudulent trading that at one point had left the bank exposed by €50 billion. Bank executives said they had first learned about possible problems with Mr. Kerviel's trading on the evening of Jan. 18 and discovered the full extent of the illicit transactions on Jan. 19 and 20.

The U.S. attorney in Brooklyn, New York, has also opened a criminal probe related to Société Générale, according to a person familiar with the matter, although its precise focus wasn't immediately clear.

Autorité des Marchés Financiers said...

Oui, oui Monsieur UOJ, we want to know if Belsky is giving Le Marais a pass because dey are letting him fress there for free.

Private Equity manager said...

This isn't the first time that Trust Company of the West has been involved in some sordid affair (sorry if I have to borrow a line from Shafran)

Airline passenger accused of defecating on food-service cart

NEW YORK (AP) -- An investment banker is accused of assaulting a flight attendant and defecating on a food-service cart during a drunken rampage on a United Airlines flight.

Gerard B. Finneran, 58, managing director of the Trust Company of the West, pleaded innocent Monday to federal charges of assaulting and intimidating an attendant and interfering with a flight crew. He was freed on $100,000 bail.

Federal authorities said the Greenwich, Conn., executive started pouring drinks on himself during a Buenos Aires-to-New York flight that began Friday.

When flight attendants tried to cut him off, he told one attendant he would "bust (his) ...," according to court papers. He allegedly shoved an attendant into a seat.

Later, Finneran was spotted with his pants down, defecating on the food cart, authorities said. He used linen napkins as toilet paper.

John Finnegan, Finneran's lawyer, said his client "vigorously denies the allegations."

One passenger on the plane was President Mario Alberto Soares of Portugal, who was on his way to the United Nation's 50th anniversary celebration.

from Salon.com

A few years ago on a United Airlines flight from Buenos Aires to New York, Gerard B. Finneran, an investment banker, went totally bonkers. Newspaper accounts said that after becoming intoxicated, Finneran demanded more alcohol from the flight attendants. When they refused, he began helping himself to the liquor supply. After being cut off a second time, he became visibly angry. He pushed one flight attendant (federal offense No. 1), verbally threatened another (federal offense No. 2), interfered with a third who was assisting a sick passenger (federal offense No. 3), then walked up to the first-class cabin, dropped his pants and defecated on a service cart in plain view of the passengers and crew. Then he stepped in his own feces and tracked it through the main cabin (federal offense Nos. 4, 5 and possibly 6).

Finneran was arrested upon landing in New York. He subsequently pleaded guilty to assault and was sentenced to two years probation. In addition, he was given 300 hours of community service and a $5,000 fine and was ordered to pay more than $50,000 in restitution to the airline and to reimburse fellow passengers for the price of their tickets.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Pardon my French...not one of my strong points in college...

Wee...Weee..senor...I mean monsignor..or man with beret...zey feed Belsky with Beatles...but they don't want to hold his hand...
and he says anything!

Anonymous said...

The RCC is clearly a corrupt organization. i know this first hand. they intimidate people to achieve their means whether to force you to use their Hashgacha or face the libel that your eatery is not kosher,or force a man to give his wife a GET without due process at a kosher Bais Din. they are swift to disqualify other Bais Dins who are honest and dont CHARGE ANY FEES,but they charge $400/hr.The main culprit is Rabbi Avrohom Union.there is a growing movement of many individuals who are fed up with their intimidation,harrassment and extortion tactics and plan to take necessary action to stop their activities.

Super Tuesday Putz said...

I wrote in Belsky for dog catcher.

Esteemed Member of the Young Israel of Flatbush said...

I see no reason for the fuss against Rabbi Belsky trying to pick up votes. It's only fair since the opposition is doing the same. Here is an email I received that carried about ninety-five addresses. Seems that Rabbi Kenny Auman and his pig companion doesn't like Belsky too much. Well here it is:

From: "Kenny & Porky Auman"

Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Your Vote Against the Rasha Yisroel Adolf Belsky Counts

Please mail this out to all your loyal friends. The website below has a voting link. Vote against the Rasha Adolf Belsky. The top OU bastards will surely see the results. Ask your friends to vote against the menuval Adolf Belsky. Adolf has been sending messages to his cronies to gather votes in his favor. The ratio of votes against Adolf Belsky has to be very wide to make an impression. So, please pass this on to as many loyal friends as possible.


My Best Regards,
Kenny and my wife Porky

Anonymous said...

Hey Super Tuesday:

I wrote in for a dog catcher to catch Belsky. What a dirty dog he is.

6 Rabbonim Charged in another SocGen Scandal said...

"Among those charged in the France-Israel scam include six rabbis"


Société Générale on trial in French-Israel money laundering scam

PARIS (AFP)---A trial involving a vast money laundering scam between France and Israel opened Monday in Paris.

Four banks, including embattled Société Générale, and 138 people, including the bank's chairman Daniel Bouton, are on trial over the multi-million dollar scam that allegedly began in the late 1990s.

The other banks include Societe Marseillaise de Credit, Barclays France and the National Bank of Pakistan.

Société Générale revealed late last month it had lost a staggering 4.8 billion euros (7.1 billion dollars) in the biggest rogue trading scandal in history.
Takeover talk is now swirling around France's third largest bank, with two French banks eyeing a possible bid on Société Générale.

Allegations of a money laundering network stretching between France and Israel initially surfaced during an investigation into a separate fraud involving companies in the Sentier garment-making district of Paris.

Cheques trafficked from France were allegedly cleared in money exchange offices or banks in Israel, where a third party can clear a cheque by paying a cash sum, making it difficult to trace the origin of the funds. The sums were then repatriated to French banks.

Among those charged in the France-Israel scam include six rabbis, a former French prosecutor and 57-year-old Bouton, along with other banking managers.

Stolen cheques

In the case of Société Générale, investigators cite one example in which the bank received seven million euros (10.4 million dollars) in stolen cheques from the Israel Discount Bank between 1997 to 2001, "knowing these influxes had a criminal origin."

All four banks are charged with contributing to money laundering and profiting from the deals. All deny the charges.

"Société Générale and its representatives did not -- either knowingly or unknowingly -- participate in this system and in no way committed the crime of money laundering they are charged with," the bank's lawyer Francois Martineau said.

Bouton is accused of turning a blind eye to the cheque system, though his lawyers insist he knew nothing about it.

Investigators have gathered 600 tonnes of paperwork and evidence for the trial which is expected to last until July.

Eighty five people have already been found guilty over the case in 2004. Some of those defendants are back on trial facing new charges.

Observant Jew said...

Bigmouth, what do you have against Rabbi Kenny Auman and his wife? When I last saw her about 10 years ago she was not overweight either.

Ohel CEO David Mandel said...

"stolen cheques from the Israel Discount Bank between 1997 to 2001, "knowing these influxes had a criminal origin."

Oh crap! We're never going to hear the end of it from UOJ because at our annual dinner this coming Sunday, Ohel is honoring Israel Discount Bank's President & CEO Reuven Spiegel.

Aron "Tort Putz" Twerski said...

Ohel is honoring Spiegel because he is an honorable man.

Israel Belsky said...


I hear UOJ is gathering more data about me and Dr. Bungalow Putz.

Steve Savitsky said...

Staff Builders, Inc. (OTC BB:SBLI), a national leader in medical staffing, today announced that Steve Savitsky, Chairman and CEO was featured on The Wall Street Reporter. To access the interview, visit www.wallstreetreporter.com.

On May 22nd, the Company reported a profitable fourth quarter and record revenues of $32.9 million.

Staff Builders, Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary ATC, is a national leader in medical staffing personnel to hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and other health care facilities with 52 locations in 23 states.

For additional information, visit the Company's website at www.atchealthcare.com


Stephen Savitsky
Chairman of the Board & President

David Savitsky
Chief Executive Officer

ATC Healthcare is a publicly held company trading on the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) ticker symbol AHN.

What was the Outcome? said...

6100 Cleveland Inc., a former franchisee of Lake Success, N.Y.-based Staff Builders, is suing Staff Builders for $75 million.

The home health company alleges that Staff Builders engaged in a series of illegal acts that ultimately put it out of business in June 1998.

In addition to breach of contract and fraud charges, 6100 Cleveland filed claims in a U.S. District Court in Cleveland under provisions of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. In the claim, it asserts that Staff Builders attempted to defraud the company out of money it was to receive in royalties.

The lawsuit takes issue with Staff Builders' methods of restructuring to meet interim payment system constraints. 6100 Cleveland, which operated seven agencies throughout Ohio, alleges that the restructuring converted franchises to corporate agencies, putting more than 40 Staff Builders franchises nationwide out of business.

Staff Builders CEO Stephen Savitsky denied 6100 Cleveland's claims. "We have no doubt that the lawsuit and allegations made against Staff Builders by a disgruntled former franchisee are without any merit," he said.

OU Profile said...

Steven Savitsky was graduated with a B.A. in economics from Yeshiva University and received his M.B.A. in major finance and marketing from Baruch School of Business. Mr. Savitsky is currently the president, CEO and chairman of Staff Builders, one of the nation’s leading providers of home health care services. He is a member of the legislative committee for the New York State Home Health Care Association and has been a speaker at more than 50 health care and financial conferences in the last five years. Mr. Savitsky is known in the education industry as the founder of Learning Well, a provider of supplementary reading materials for grades K-12.

Mr. Savitsky has been involved with the OU for more than 12 years. He has served as a vice president and is currently a senior vice president. He also served as chairman of the Department of Synagogue Services, chairman of the annual OU dinner, a member of the kashrut and finance committees, and chairman of this year’s presidential nominating committee.

Wall St Yenta said...


It seems like Staff Builders changed their name to Tender Loving Care (TLC). After going bankrupt, they were bought in 2005 by a private equity firm.

Savitsky picture for UOJ's collection said...


This is his "good side"

Savitsky is also a Fartscroll governor said...

Stephen J. Savitsky of Hewlett, Long Island, NY, was installed as the Orthodox Union’s President at its Biennial National Convention in Jerusalem in November, 2004. Mr. Savitsky had been Chairman of the Board since the previous OU Convention in December, 2002. He was actively involved with the OU for over 15 years and held several positions within the organization.

Mr. Savitsky has held many additional leadership positions in the Jewish community, including President of the Vaad Hakashrus of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway; founder and President of the Kew Gardens Hills Eruv; President of Congregation Ansche Chesed in Hewlett, Long Island, NY; and Chairman of the Board of Mesivta Ohr Torah, in Forest Hills, NY. He is a member of the International Board of Governors of the Mesorah Heritage Foundation.

Stephen J. Savitsky is the President and Chairman of the Board of ATC Health Care Services, a nationwide provider of temporary medical staffing. He also founded and served as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Tender Loving Care – Staff Builders, one of the nation’s largest providers of home health care services. He graduated from Yeshiva University with a degree in Economics and received an MBA from The Bernard Baruch Graduate School of Business of the City University of New York, with a specialization in finance and marketing.

Mr. Savitsky is a member of the Jewish Agency Board since June 2005.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

It seems like Staff Builders changed their name to Tender Loving Care (TLC).


You must mean TENDLER loving care!

Anonymous said...


Why all of a sudden the all-out war against Belsky? I know that you have been after him for some time but what triggered this?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I know that you have been after him for some time but what triggered this?


I had a slow day at the office...needed to keep busy.

Bungalow Yenta's Grocer said...

She must have spoken to every other yenta in town today and here's what she was talking about in line waiting to pay this evening.

Savitsky is married to Genie (Regina Tennenbaum). They have four children: Julie (married to Shabsi Schreier), Avi (married to Cheryl Stein), Penina (married to Zvi Wiener), and Estie (married to Yehuda Berman).

His brother David lives in New Rochelle.

Day Trader Putz said...


Savitsky's company trades at 10 cents a share. And UOJ would like this chart.

Savitsky at 35,000 feet said...


Stephen Savitsky, CEO of Staff Builders, one of America’s leading home health care providers, spends quite a bit of time travelling on airplanes. It is at 35,000 feet where he has met Jews of great diversity, backgrounds, and beliefs. Once on a flight out of Baton Rouge toward Wichita, Kansas, he was bumped to first class. He was seated next to a large man who had a thick gold ring on his pinkie and an even thicker gold chain hanging loosely from his neck. The man was chewing an unlit cigar while immersing himself in a sports magazine. As soon as the seat belt sign was turned off he ordered two drinks. All the while the flamboyant jet-setter was immersed in his own self, and hardly glanced at the neatly groomed executive who was sitting next to him. He surely did not notice that Steve’s head was covered during the entire flight. The flight attendants began serving the meal. The smell of glazed ham that was wafting from his neighbor’s tray made it difficult for Steve to eat his kosher food. It was only after the meals were cleared and the trays removed did Mr. Savitsky take out a small siddur (prayer book) to say Grace After Meals. All of a sudden a pair of eyes transfixed on the siddur. “Hey, my friend!” exclaimed the man. Steve heard a Brooklyn accent cowering underneath the Southern drawl, “is that a seedoor?” Steve nodded, “sure. Do you want to look at it?” “Look?” shouted the stranger. “I want to use it! Do you know how many years it has been since I saw a seedoor? Give it to me please!” The man grabbed it, kissed it, then he stood up in his seat and began to shake and shout with fervor! “Borchu es Adon-ai.” The entire first class section just turned around and stared in shock. For the next ten minutes the man stood and shook wildly as he recited the maariv prayer - word for word - without care and concern for anyone who was watching. For those ten minutes he left Louisiana way below, as he ascended to the heavens with the world of his childhood. With a mixture of great pride and a bit of embarrassment, Steve watched. When the man finished praying, Steve presented the small siddur that evoked Jewish memories over the Delta as a memento to the former yeshiva boy.

OU Crony Watch said...

No talks with Hamas -- unless...

Interesting statement from Orthodox Union president Stephen Savitsky and executive vice president Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb on the Hamas victory:


Interesting that OU suggests Hamas could be legitimized, a la Sinn Fein, if it meets certain conditions. Contrast with Daniel Pipes, who wrote that "It was a mistake to permit Hamas to compete in elections. Like al-Qaeda, Hamas should be destroyed, not legitimated, much less courted."

He Warns Cousin Steve about Belsky, Margo & Kolko said...


A reptile expert from Old Dominion University, Alan J. Savitsky, found that there was ``a substantial possibility'' that some venomous snakes could escape because their cages were insecure. He said many snakes were living in unsanitary conditions and the large outdoor crocodiles could not be adequately secured.

The city's zoo superintendent found that pens for alligators and other animals were ``worse than any type of animal housing I have ever seen.'' He also found that the ``poor security'' of the alligators and venomous snakes ``posed a considerable threat to the children and other residents of the area.''

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

The OU is dead wrong. Steve Emerson, Daniel Pipes and Frank Gaffney should be their mid-east advisors.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that Savitsky's company is just down the street from LIJ hospital. Maybe he knows the Bungalow Putz from mincha in Young Israel. The buildings on Marcus Ave are owned by a heimish management company. Anyway, there was a boiler room in one of those complexes manned by some really scummy walking chilul Hashems wearing yarmulkas. Not the Kolko type of boiler room, but rather the Pinter type. They would take cigarette breaks in the hallway next to a large non-Jewish company. Before setting off the smoke alarms, everyone would hear them laughing about how they just screwed another dumb shmuck out of his life savings with a penny stock scam.

Mid East Advisor said...

An even better idea is that editor from National Review who wrote that Mecca should be nuked.

Anonymous said...

Vatican Insider and Accused Molester Dies
Legion of Christ Founder Never Faced Trial for the Alleged Abuse

Jan. 31, 2008—

A well-connected Vatican insider who was accused of molesting young priests in training has died. Father Marcial Maciel never faced a trial nor was he punished by the Vatican despite the fact the church had asked him to stop all public ministry appearances.

"Death has freed Father Maciel from being further accountable for his actions," said Paul Lennon, a former follower of Maciel's. Lennon and other former priests in training began speaking out publicly when they became frustrated that allegations of sexual abuse against Maciel had not led to a formal investigation.

A number of former priests had told Vatican investigators they were abused by Father Maciel, the founder of the Legion of Christ, a small but wealthy Catholic order that operates in United States and 25 other countries.

The allegations were presented to Pope Benedict XVI in 1998 when he was a cardinal. Some of the accusers said then-Cardinal Ratzinger attempted to cover up the case because of Maciel's prominence and close relationship with Pope John Paul II.

The then-Cardinal Ratzinger became visibly upset when asked about the Maciel case by ABC News' Brian Ross in April 2002. "You do not ask such questions," he said and then slapped Ross's hand.

While there has never been an official finding of guilt, the Vatican issued a statement in 2006 urging Father Maciel "to lead a reserved life of prayer and penitence."

"Advanced age had already freed him from a full Vatican investigation and trial for sexual abuse," said Lennon.

The Legion of Christ has long stood by Maciel saying that despite the allegations against Father Maciel, "he declared his innocence and, following the example of Jesus Christ, decided not to defend himself in any way."

lone ranger said...

Get rid of the large video link. It's making you website loose respect.

Leibish Landesman a secret lover of pedophile Mordy Gimple Wolmark said...

All readers UOJ and the community of Monsey ought to know that Mordechai Wolmark aka Mordechai Gimpel Wolmark of Sharai Torah is a notorious pedophile. He gets turned on by exposing young teenage bachurim to porn and the like. Full details of these acts from students at his school will eventually become known. It's the same old story with the frum community -victims are hiding etc. etc. A few years back he took a forteen year old bachur, a student at his yeshiva, to be one of three members on the Beis din for a "Geirus". Only the person converting was a woman. The pedophile Wolmark brought the boy to the Mikve and allowed him to peek in. That's not all. Some weeks later Pedophile Wolmark, who gets excited from sexually turning on under age boys, took a group of four fourteen year old bachurim to a shopping mall near Monsey and brought them into a Victoria Secret store. He told them that seeing all that is there to observe would calm their hormones.

These are true and accurate stories, and are known by some rabbonim in Monsey and by many parents that had their sons at Wolmark's yeshiva. If anyone slightly familiar with Wolmark's Sharai Torah yeshiva ever wondered why his student enrollment dropped seventy-five percent of what it was nine years ago, well now you know. It's because Mordechai Gimpel Wolmark is a dirty pervert and child molester.

If you live anywhere near him, I would suggest that you keep an eye on your kids. If you shake hands with him, I strongly suggest that you wash your hands with warm water, soap and alcohol.

Mordechai Gimpel Wolmark is another Kolko/Mondrowitz/Ephraim Bryks story. Just remember to tell your friends when it hits the media that you read about him on UOJ first.

The OU is getting me scared said...


They tell the LA Times they will probably have a supply of beef coming from China. Is that another Rubashkin venture?

Then there's this:

"Once, he said, he (OU mashgiach Rabbi Martin Grunberg) traveled to far western China to watch Tibetan herders using a primitive method to turn yak milk into casein, a dairy protein used as a food additive.

"It was like a million Tibetans all privately cooking this on their stoves -- every home is a little factory," Grunberg said. "It would be an impossible type of supervision."

Then the Chinese government stepped in to form a company that supplied the Tibetans with cows and a place to milk them by machine. Grunberg went back and certified the liquid milk that will be used for the casein."

So they think they can make cholov stam in a 3rd world region in contradiction to R' Moishe? And Yak milk is very common there - do we have a mesorah that Yak is mutter to eat?

Be'er Hagolah said...


Anonymous said...
I graduated Be'er Hagolah in the late 90's. I was constantly beaten by my Rabbi in front of other students. When I complained, the assistant principal would just make up some story and tell me to forget it. I remember I was scared to tell my parents about it because I thought that this was completely normal given the fact that it was a Jewish religious school. When the rabbi finally realized that he was in fact beating me, he immediatly invited me to his house for a shabbaton.

I dont know what occurs there now, since I graduated over 10 years ago, but if its the same, the school must be shut down!

Agudah Fresser said...

You mean we've been doing the wrong thing by washing down a carton of doughnuts with diet Coke?


February 5, 2008
Vital Signs
Symptoms: Metabolic Syndrome Is Tied to Diet Soda
Researchers have found a correlation between drinking diet soda and metabolic syndrome — the collection of risk factors for cardiovascular disease and diabetes that include abdominal obesity, high cholesterol and blood glucose levels — and elevated blood pressure.

The scientists gathered dietary information on more than 9,500 men and women ages 45 to 64 and tracked their health for nine years.

Over all, a Western dietary pattern — high intakes of refined grains, fried foods and red meat — was associated with an 18 percent increased risk for metabolic syndrome, while a “prudent” diet dominated by fruits, vegetables, fish and poultry correlated with neither an increased nor a decreased risk.

But the one-third who ate the most fried food increased their risk by 25 percent compared with the one-third who ate the least, and surprisingly, the risk of developing metabolic syndrome was 34 percent higher among those who drank one can of diet soda a day compared with those who drank none.

“This is interesting,” said Lyn M. Steffen, an associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Minnesota and a co-author of the paper, which was posted online in the journal Circulation on Jan. 22. “Why is it happening? Is it some kind of chemical in the diet soda, or something about the behavior of diet soda drinkers?”

Gumshoe said...

What does Leib Landesman have to do with it?

Shaarei Torah is more modern and as such the victims / parents should be more inclined to report any criminal acts to the police.

I knew that Gimpel was up to no good when I saw his signature alongside Belsky and Mendel Epstein.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Rabbi Edward Schlaeger, the only way he could possibly be working for the OU is if he is an orthodox rabbi. There is a heter from R' Yaakov Kaminetzky ztl to take a job at a Conservative temple but with 2 conditions. It's only if there is a chance that you can be mekarev the congregants and you have to daven beyechidus before reporting to work.

Can anyone verify if Schlaeger works for the OU?

Archie Bunker said...

Shmarya informs us that he believes Rabbi Weiss from Postville is somehow related to Rubashkin. He's the dude who is paid to certify the large scam concession in Los Angeles of what even Rubashkin admits is non-glatt.

Mandy Ganchrow said...

So how exactly does UOJ plan on taking out Belsky if Savitsky doesn't act?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

There is a heter from R' Yaakov Kaminetzky ztl to take a job at a Conservative temple but with 2 conditions. It's only if there is a chance that you can be mekarev the congregants and you have to daven beyechidus before reporting to work.
I can confirm that.

A musmach who became a rabbi of a Conservative shul came back to visit. He walked in to the bais medrash...nobody would speak to him.

He leaves the bais medrash...comes back with R' Yaakov holding his arm...and they sit together for about 30 minutes poring over a blatt gemora. The olam was astonished!!!

Rav Yaakov explained that he in fact was m'yaetz his talmid...and was confident in his abilities to turn the shul Orthodox.

A full mechitza happened immediately and the shul became officially Orthodox...and many of the congregants became shomer Torah u'mitzvos.

He did say NOT everyone of his talmidim would have received the same advice!

Fact Checker said...

R' Yaakov z'l had a 3rd condition ... No microphone on Shabbos & Yomtov.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

So how exactly does UOJ plan on taking out Belsky if Savitsky doesn't act?


I guess we'll all have to wait and see! My warning is in....let nobody doubt my resolve to rid us from the scum of the earth, one menuvel at a time!

Is Genack that Big of a Farce? said...

Can anyone confirm a comment left on R' Yudel's blog that the OU's Rabbi Genack is campaigning for Hillary Clinton? That's actually illegal for a non-profit besides that he would need to get his head examined.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

No microphone on Shabbos & Yomtov.


Foshtayt zich. Self-understood! There were other requirements as well. If a mispallel "asked" ...if he could drive to shul on Shabbos...the answer must be no! Only kosher caterers...and other relevant halachic requirements.

Anonymous said...

UOJ you must warn people about Ohel

Warning to men in Boro Park: Ohel Family Services has in the last few years been getting many government grants. One of them was for the purpose of opening a domestic violence center. In order to justify the money they receive Ohel must ensnare woman to come for counseling under the pretense that they are being abused. Ohel hires social workers and counselors and makes a nice fee off this. Once they sink their claws into the woman they don’t let go very easy because this is a major profit center for them. It can evolve into profit from divorce counseling, children counseling and the list goes on.

Here are the signs to look for if you suspect that your wife is getting involved with Ohel.

Modus operendi: The counselor will first try to get the woman to get her own cell phone so she can contact her discreetly. The counselor has the woman call Ohel at 718 851 6300 and leave a message for the counselor. The counselor will then call back with the appointment time probably when the husband is at work so he wont find out that they are sucking in his wife. Ohel will not come up on the caller id. The caller id will come up as 646718. If you see that your wife has called 718 851 6300 and then has a call back of 718646 you will know that she is in touch with Ohel and you better take action before its to late. Ohel will give her articles, books and lists of items to convince her that she is being abused. You will then hear her use words and talk in ways that she was not familiar with before. Watch out for these signs. Warning your wife could be involved with Joan Hertz of Ohel Domestic Violence.

This is being published for the benefit of the Jewish Community by Ohel Insider. I hope to post more information about Ohel and names of its counselors in the future. Anyone else that has information should also share it for the benefit of the community. This is a major scandal ready to break open. The Rabanim are unfortunately all quit about this. Some are paid fat salaries by Ohel to condone what they do.

the Equalizer said...

UOJ, don't be discouraged, sure you have more power over the OU. You will soon boast as the man behind the RISE AND FALL OF ADOLF BELSKY. Just start a letter campaign against the OU Hashgacha accounts. Explain that the OU is not acceptable because they hire, support and sponsor a dirty thug like Adolf Belsky. Then send to the OU accounts copies of the mass mailings and the posters that we have hanging in many shuls (Of course include copies of your blog). Don't forget to include to those accounts your letters to the Kosher Caterers demanding they stop using certain OU products.

To help all the above kick in quickly, and to also stop goyyim from buying those OU products, have the new "Beth Din of the UOJ" proclaims a curse on anyone using those targeted products or even better demanding that all products bearing that little OU logo should not be brought into a home or business as the products bear a serious curse. If you send that out as a link all over the internet and of course to the media in a very short time you will have the OU at their knees and the Belsky bastard will be evil history.

About twenty-five years ago Procter and Gambles, who had used a strange logo on their soap products for many years began loosing loads business when some group claimed the logo was satanic. P&G was forced to remove the logo. All the accounts of the OU will be forced to drop the OU.. No big or small company can afford to take any chances.

So yes UOJ, you can do it and you should do it. Post copies of draft letters and flyers here so they see you mean what you say and are damn serious. Then, if the OU bastards refuse to get rid of that dirty child molester named Adolf within ten days go for the jugular.

the equalizer said...

These are your words:


a reader said...

The comments from EQUALIZER is going to give Rabbi Belsky a fatal heart attack.

a reader said...

The Chevra Kaddisha are preparing to give Rabbi Belsky an enema and then bury him in a shoe box.

a reader said...

and the shoe box will still have room for the family cat.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I never get discouraged; some projects take longer than others. Ultimately, I will get every single scumbag I set my sights on!

Anonymous said...

Beware of Esther Katz from Ohel. She does the same stuff.

margo at it again said...

BUDAPEST (Reuters) - A Hungarian man who was reported dead by his wife in 2001 has been detained in the Czech Republic and is suspected of fraud, Hungarian police said.

Steve Savitsky said...

I made a dumb move by making myself the contact for a mincha minyan in my building and listing my email address. The last thing I need is for UOJ & friends to start bombarding me about Belsky. But it's better than going to Young Israel of New Hyde Park with that annoying pest the Bungalow Putz.


Unilite Insurance Agency
1983 Marcus Avenue (Suite 135)Lake Success, NY 11042
(516)750-1680 Stephen Savitsky
Nusach: Ashkenaz
Mincha: 2:00 PM Monday-Thursday

Email: ssavitsky@atchealthcare.com

Ahavah said...

I just found a link to this website in a story on VIN:


This is a fabulous turn of events! This is EXACTLY the type of thing we need - coops to buy land, coops to buy housing, coops for education, coops to set people up in business...

No "investors" or other swindles, no more "get rick quick" schemes, no more pushing paper for profit - just ordinary people who intend to own and occupy real assets and run their own family homes and businesses for a reasonable living!


Wall St Yenta said...


Savitsky's company was almost kicked off the AMEX in August 2007.

Fed Pres Copies UOJ said...

U.S. stocks on Wednesday scaled back gains as Philadelphia Federal Reserve President Charles Plosser spoke against overly aggressive rate cuts, with the talk dampening a rebound from the market's largest single-day plunge in nearly a year.

Up more than 100 points during the session, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell into negative territory after Plosser warned against easing rates too quickly, saying it would only fuel inflation down the road.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

KANSAS CITY, Mo.(AP) - Two Chinese businesses and a U.S. company were indicted Wednesday in the tainted pet food incidents that killed dozens of animals last year and raised worries about products made in China.

Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology Development Co., Suzhou Textiles, Silk, Light Industrial Products, Arts and Crafts I/E Co., and Las Vegas-based Chemnutra Inc. were charged in two separate but related indictments. The U.S. attorney's office in Kansas City said the tainted food led to the death and serious illness of pets in the U.S. last year.

One of the indictments charges Xuzhou Anying Biologic, located in China's Jiangsu Province, and Suzhou Textiles, in Suzhou, China, with 13 counts of introduction of adulterated food into interstate commerce and 13 counts of introduction of misbranded food into interstate commerce.

ChemNutra and company owners Sally Quing Miller, 31, a Chinese national, and her husband, Stephen S. Miller, 55, were charged with 13 counts of introduction of adulterated food into interstate commerce, 13 counts of introduction of misbranded food into interstate commerce and one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Hilarious Quote said...


"Shmuley Boteach is a slobbering, slurping, self-promoting fool."

Israelly Cool Blog said...


In a Jerusalem Post article last week entitled New OU president pushes aliya, the new president of the Orthodox Union (OU), Stephen J. Savitsky, seemed more content pushing aside the ideologies, sacrifices, and dedication of North American immigrants to Israel. In the process, he has created some waves in the Anglo-Israeli blogosphere.

In one of those “WTF” moments, the man described by the JPost as “the blue-eyed, clean-shaven lay leader”, is quoted as saying the following:

“People are starting to go to Israel for the right reasons. Years ago aliya was for people who were running away from something. They weren’t successful. They didn’t have a successful marriage. They were coming because there was a reason. They weren’t role models.

“But today I see really successful people. Young people. Doctors, lawyers, business people, finance people, who are giving it up not to come here to starve. Not to schnorr from their parents,” he said.

In other words, Savitsky believes that until recently, North Americans immigrated to Israel to escape their failed lives, bad marriages and dead-end jobs, rather than out of ideology, conviction, and an innate desire to make a difference (which certainly accounts for the majority of North American immigrants whom I know). To him, the countless stories of North American immigrants who came to Israel to join the army and defend the country, live off the land, feel more connected with G-d, or feel more part of the collective Jewish destiny, are just fabrications of the ugly truth.

Furthermore, Savitsky whitewashes the achievements of all of those North American immigrants who managed to forge successful careers here in Israel. You know Dr Cohen of Kfar Saba? Here I was thinking that he ran a successful medical practice, but, alas, Stephen Savitsky informs me that he receives an allowance from his parents. And you know Judge Bernstein? He bought that two-storey house thanks to his aunt in Houston.

Shame on you, Savitsky. As an Orthodox Jew, you should believe in that fundamental tenet of Judaism concerning Israel’s status as the homeland of the Jewish people. This should theoretically enable you to appreciate the motivations of a large percentage of North American immigrants better than many. But then again, Orthodox Judaism does not measure success like you do either. While you are evidently more concerned with the size of one’s wallet or stethoscope, Judaism measures success by the extent to which one realizes their spiritual potential. You see, Mr Savitsky, Judaism couldn’t care less that you are “a successful businessman”, or that you are “president and chairman of ATC Health Care Services, a nationwide provider of temporary medical staffing”. Nor is it concerned with your “MBA from City University of New York.” (although the JPost likes to mention this, almost completely out of context).

Here’s to hoping that the next words to come out of Savitsky’s mouth are “I resign.”

My Obiter Dicta Blog said...


This comment is so outrageous, so patently false, so devoid of Jewish values that one can hardly believe it was uttered by an ostensibly religious Jew, much less the president of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. I hardly know where to begin with it.

The Gemora already makes it clear that parnassa in Eretz Yisrael has always been harder than in 'Bavel.' Nevertheless, contrary to Mr. Savitsky's assertions, North American Olim work very hard to make a living in a country with a 60% tax rate. Indeed, I wonder if he would be so successful with that kind of burden. We all work two or more jobs. Some of us commute to Europe or the US. Others make do with a lot less than we might have had in the US, in order to fulfill our ideals. Schnorrers, indeed!

Mr. Savitsky owes the Olim from North America an apology. He owes God Heshbon ha-Nefesh for besmirching the Torah, the Land and the People of Israel

I'm sure there will be a quick round of OU damage control to the effect of 'he was taken out of context'.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

The Mike Bloomberg scenario?


When Will the Wounds Heal?

February 6, 2008; Page A4

A basic law of primary seasons is that the longer they go on, the nastier they get.

With Super Tuesday past, that law seems to be in full effect, especially for Democrats. Whatever else yesterday's voting may have done, it did a good job of laying bare the divides within each party. More than that, it may have exacerbated the splits.

The Democratic fight between Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton seems certain to continue, and it is showing a clear divide between whites and blacks, between Hispanics and non-Hispanics, between women and men, and between older and younger voters.

Among Republicans, the primaries may have tilted the race toward Arizona Sen. John McCain, but they also have widened the gap between his party's moderates, who see him as a champion, and the conservatives who have lined up behind former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney or former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

McCain may have won enough states yesterday to carry him to the nomination, but he hasn't earned sufficiently large margins to claim a partywide mandate.

To some extent, of course, these divides are natural and predictable, and hardly unprecedented in a primary season. The question both parties face is whether the wounds the primary season is inflicting are superficial or deep, and whether they can be healed by November.

The problem for Democrats is that the race is opening up the kind of sensitive divides that go to the party's very identity as an institution that unites races and genders.

The racial split was glaring in Georgia, where exit polls showed that roughly half the Democrats who voted were African-American, and that some 80% of them voted for Sen. Obama. And it wasn't just Georgia. In New York, a much different kind of state, roughly six in 10 blacks went for Sen. Obama over Sen. Clinton in her home state.

The flip side of the black-white split is the white-Hispanic split. Hispanics are starting to consistently back Sen. Clinton. In the electoral crucible of California, for instance, roughly two-thirds of Hispanics went for her, exit polls showed.

There also is a less glaring split within the party between men and women, with women going for Mrs. Clinton, and older women showing more enthusiasm than younger women. Older Democrats generally are tending toward Sen. Clinton, younger ones toward Sen. Obama.

Among Republicans, the split that is becoming both more obvious and more nasty is between the party's core conservatives, who often are distrustful, if not disdainful, of Sen. McCain, and more moderate party members who often are enamored of him.

It has gotten personal. Mr. Romney has come to attack Sen. McCain as not just an ersatz conservative, but one whose claims to be an heir to the Reagan legacy are dishonest. Sen. McCain has returned the favor, implying Romney policy reversals show he isn't to be trusted. The results are visible in voting patterns: In the bellwether state of Missouri, Mr. Romney beat Sen. McCain by about 10 points among self-identified Republican conservatives, while Sen. McCain bested Mr. Romney by about 15 points among self-identified moderates. It has also become obvious that neither Sen. McCain nor Mr. Huckabee particularly likes Mr. Romney.

Now as the dust settles from Super Tuesday, the question for Republicans will be whether Mr. Romney and Mr. Huckabee fight on, in which case the wounds figure to grow deeper. Even if Sen. McCain is on his way to prevailing, the damage has been done.

In both parties, the question is what the ultimate nominees do about it -- and how much the party's rank and file actually wants to come together.

For the first steps in that direction, look for the speculation, now certain to grow, about what kind of vice-presidential selections might heal which wounds. On the Republican side, Sen. McCain and Mr. Huckabee seem to have developed a kind of mutual-admiration society, which is bound to lead to talk they may join on a ticket should Sen. McCain prevail. That surely would help Sen. McCain rebuild ties with social conservatives who still aren't quite sure whether to trust him.

But the task for Sen. McCain still would be considerable. His strength as a candidate is his ability to reach beyond the party's base to independents and conservative Democrats. But before he can do that, his first task will be to try to reunite and ultimately claim a conservative base that is somewhere between suspicious and hostile.

The reuniting task for Democrats ultimately may be easier. Racial divides can be particularly nasty, of course. But the best salve Democrats have to heal their wounds is simple: It is their intense, almost obsessive desire to win in a year when they think full political control of Washington is finally within their reach.

Write to Gerald Seib at jerry.seib@wsj.com

Eric said...


eric Says:
September 1st, 2007 at 3:46 am

There is too many good Jews out there for a few to give a bad name to the race, but they have done it. They are David abd Steven Savitzky, who are single handidly returning earlier thoughts of the culture as crooks and dishonest business men.
They own and operate a company named ATC or around the clock healthcare out of NY. They continue unsavory and ilegitimate business practices, stealing from hard working individuals coning them into partnerships and soon after pirating their Cos.
Please help me in exposing these criminals and putting an end to the resentments and ill feelings they have encouraged from unsuspecting hard working people. Their unethicle practices are a blemish to all Jews due to their supposed faith and practices.

Allison Kaplan Sommer said...


Apologize, You Big Jerk!

The incoming president of the Orthodox Union, Stephen Savitsky, decided to plant his foot firmly in his mouth just hours after taking office, offering up this gem in the Jerusalem Post.

People are starting to go to Israel for the right reasons ... Not to schnorr from their parents.

Memo to the moron: What do you mean STARTING? Who exactly, are the North American immigrants who populate my town of Ra'anana -- doctors, lawyers, business people, university professors -- who have been here for 10, 20 years or longer?

Also, nobody comes to Israel with the INTENTION of starving or taking money from their parents. In fact, if your goal is to sponge off your parents, moving far away from them isn't the greatest strategy. If they have financial difficulty in Israel, it certainly isn't because of laziness, it's because it's not easy to make ends meet here, no matter how many qualifications you arrive with. Cost of living is equal to or more than that in the U.S., and salaries are much, much lower.

Not being Orthodox, this guy doesn't represent me, and so I don't know if it's my place to call for his resignation, but he darn well better apologize.

Treppenwitz Blog said...


I beg your pardon?

The above referenced statement was delivered just three hours into this guy's term as OU president! I guess he wanted to hit the ground running, so to speak.

I want two things from Stephen Savitsky (in no particular order): An apology and his resignation.

Sol Werdiger said...

So Belsky & Savitsky are flavor of the month? At least it gives me and the Gerrorists a break.

Elms in the Yard Blog said...


The very next line of the article reads: “Savitsky is a successful businessman.”

Well, bully for you, Mr. Savitsky.

You have just bad-mouthed most of my friends and acquaintances, who are some of the most accomplished, hardworking, menschlich people I’ve ever met. (Including one lawyer who has been happily married for nearly three decades and has married off three of his children within the past four years. But he is not rich, so I guess that for you he doesn’t count.) By your ill-considered and narrow-minded statement you have slung mud at—among others—every teacher, musician, artist, writer, editor, translator, store owner, computer technician and technical writer I know, who I dare say work harder than you can imagine for less than you would possibly want to.

But as for you, Mr. Savitsky: how can you dare to claim to represent the Orthodox Jews in this country after you have slandered them so badly? On a more personal level, by your lashon ha-ra you have just made sure that my chances of joining the OU are absolutely nil. If I ever had any question as to whether the OU represents me, the answer is now as clear as can be.

One final note, sir: our Sages praised silence, calling it precious and a fence for wisdom. Too bad you didn’t listen.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


I would really hope we don't get sidetracked here with Savitzky's issues.

I encourage him and the OU to do right for the Jewish people by sanitizing his organization by getting rid of Belsky.

There's no more hiding behind facades of mea culpas...after the fact.

Belsky is a gangster and should not hold any position of authority in the Jewish world.

Steve: we're going to hold your feet to the fire and embarass the OU publicly and be instumental in the OU losing many, many clients.

Please do not force me to do what I really do not want to do. This is not personal, or intended to hurt the OU.

This is only for the benefit of Judaism.


Savitsky Apology said...


According to my sources, there is a big-time apology by Stephen Savitsky in today's Jerusalem Post on page three. As far as I know it's not online.

Posted by allisonks

It was a carefully worded apology that covered most of the bases. But it didn't address the main issue (in my mind) which is why he said those things in the first place, not to mention why it took him so long to offer any words of contrition.

Posted by: David

Anonymous said...

There is a boiler room here in Brooklyn working the phones telling people to go to UOJ and vote "I Disagree" in favor of R' Belsky. They're using words like hatzolas nefashos, maaseh satan, endorsed by the Gedolim in Eretz Yisroel. He's desperate.

Leibish said...

Leibish Landesman a secret lover of pedophile Mordy Gimple Wolmark said, or rather, if he wasn't a rasha would have said: But since he is, we will say it for him...

All readers of UOJ and the community of Monsey ought to know that Mordechai Wolmark aka Mordechai Gimpel Wolmark of Sharai Torah is a notorious pedophile. He gets turned on by exposing young teenage bachurim to porn and the like. Full details of these acts from students at his school will eventually become known. It's the same old story with the frum community -victims are hiding etc. etc. A few years back he took a forteen year old bachur, a student at his yeshiva, to be one of three members on the Beis din for a "Geirus". Only the person converting was a woman. The pedophile Wolmark brought the boy to the Mikve and allowed him to peek in. That's not all. Some weeks later Pedophile Wolmark, who gets excited from sexually turning on under age boys, took a group of four fourteen year old bachurim to a shopping mall near Monsey and brought them into a Victoria Secret store. He told them that seeing all that is there would calm their hormones. (It was only an attempt to excite his own hormones. Apparently, he's an unsatisfied husband.)

These are true and accurate stories, and are known by some rabbonim in Monsey and by many parents that had their sons at Wolmark's yeshiva. If anyone that is slightly familiar with Wolmark's Sharai Torah yeshiva ever wondered why his student enrollment dropped seventy-five percent of what it was nine years ago (forcing him to rent out space in his yeshiva building to another independent yeshiva so as to make it falsely appear as though he carries a crowd), well now you know. It's because Mordechai Gimpel Wolmark is a dirty pervert and child molester. Wolmark is a disease in the community.

Twelve years ago he was residing in Detroit. When the folks in Detroit discovered he was a dirty pedophile they offered him money to leave their community and go elsewhere. It's nice that those Detroit folks were very concerned to protect their children. Only, where was their concern for the children of other communities?

Well, If you have young children and live anywhere near that two legged filth, I would suggest that you keep an eye on your kids. If you mistakenly touch his hands, I strongly suggest that you wash your hands with warm water, soap and go over it again with alcohol.

Mordechai Gimpel Wolmark is another Kolko/Mondrowitz/Ephraim Bryks story.

Just remember to tell your friends when this hits the media that you read about him on UOJ first.

LVF said...

Steve: we're going to hold your feet to the fire and embarass the OU publicly and be instumental in the OU losing many, many clients.

Please do not force me to do what I really do not want to do. This is not personal, or intended to hurt the OU.

This is only for the benefit of Judaism.


Uoj I and many others are behind you in this fight, our grandchildren will thank you, keep the pressure up & god bless.

Eternal Jewish Fart said...

So where's the newspaper expose on that fat fraud Leib Tropper?

Anonymous said...

I dunno if there's any truth to the Savitskys stealing from their partners but I do know a pair of shmucks who form partnerships and then suck the lifeblood out of the company so that no other partner can make a cent.

It's Lookin' Ugly said...

Tokyo & Hong Kong markets are down 5%. I hope there's not a bloodbath in New York tomorrow morning.

Rubashkin Fresser said...


Moshe Rubashkin has a police record going back to the 1980s. In 2002, he pleaded guilty to a count of bank fraud for passing bad checks and was fined over $200,000 and jailed for 15 months with a subsequent five-year probation period. In 1995, Rubashkin was found to have engaged in inequitable labor practices at another textile mill under his family's ownership in Brooklyn.

After leaving jail, he was elected to head the Chabad community board in Crown Heights despite being on probation for fraud. The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council is elected by members of the local Chabad affiliating community based in the Brooklyn neighborhood where the movements headquarters are located. The community is thought to number around 15,000.

The Rubashkin family is prominent in the Chabad movement. Moshe Rubashkin's father, Rabbi Aaron Rubashkin, established the major kosher abattoir AgriProcessors in Postville, Iowa in 1987. The plant is the largest supplier of kosher meat in the United States and was the subject of an infiltration by the animal rights group PETA, which has accused the company of mistreatment of cattle. Rubashkin's brother-in-law is the prominent Republican fundraiser Rabbi Milton Balkany, nicknamed the Brooklyn Bundler, due to his fundraising tactics.


Wow, Monsey too has a child molester that has been added to the list of sexual deviants that include Mondrowitz and Ephraim Bryks. MORDECHAI GIMPEL WOLMARK, formerly from Detroit, the pedophile that ran Sharai Torah into the ground, has been officially added to the Hall of Shame.

Martin G. Wolmark said...

Mr. UOJ, or who ever you are, if you know what is good for you, I direct you within the next sixty minutes to remove my name and the name of my institution from your blog. If you fail to do so I will sue the hell out of you.

Gershon "the Shvindler" Tannenbaum & assorted Putzes said...


At least one Yeshiva World News reader was "disgusted" by a recent ad in which Brooklyn Jewish Orthodox leaders endorsed Clinton.

Dear Yeshiva World,

Although the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah told us to vote, they didn’t say for whom.

Not to worry. Boruch Hashem we have other yidden to help us out with that.

I find it funny (sickening), that when I open any Jewish newspaper I see endorsements for candidates by ordinary people (AKA:) “Community Leaders”. First of all, last I checked, the community “Leaders” are not a few Boro Park Hatzolah members, or the director of Chaveirim, or a Shomrim coordinator (as those ads clearly say) - but rather Leading Gedolim, Rabbonim, Admorim, and Roshei Yeshivos.

In a full page ad in the Hamodia is says the following: “THE GREATER JEWISH ORTHODOX COMMUNITY IN BROOKLYN ENDORSES HILLARY CLINTON,” and [some of] the signatures say: Yitzchok Fleisher (Bobov); Heshy Dembitzer (Administrator, Bobover Yeshiva); Moshe Gold (Belz); Rabbi Gershon Tennenbaum (Agudath Harabonim); Bernie Gips (Hatzolah); Avrumi Fischman (Krasne); Rabbi MD Niederman (Satmar) [who by the way was a staunch Rudy supporter just a few months ago see HERE]; Rabbi Aryeh Leib Glantz (Satmar); Chaskie Rosenberg (Paramedic, BP Activist); Aron Kohn (Chaveirim BP); Jacob Daskal (Shomrim BP); Moshe M. Senderowitz (Viznitz).

First of all, who are these “Community Leaders” to self proclaim that they represent the “Greater Jewish Orthodox Community”? And are we led to believe that BOBOV, SATMAR, HATZOLAH, SHOMRIM, CHAVEIRIM, KRASNE, VIZNITZ - all endorse Hillary? Did Rav Dovid Feinstein sign his name on behalf of Hatzolah? Did the Bobover Rebbe sign his name? Did the Satmar Rebbe sign his name? Were these Rabbonim even consulted?

Where is the Heter to deceive the general public into thinking that these organizations endorse a particular candidate?

Perhaps your readers should be informed that they should ask their individual Rov who they should vote for; and not pay any attention to any “Community Leaders”.

Disgusted in Brooklyn.

The Lehners live in Cedarhurst said...


Alleged embezzlement scheme, criminal probe at Inflight



7:41 PM EST, February 6, 2008

Documents in a bankruptcy-court case have begun to shed the first public light on the affairs of defunct periodical distributor Inflight Newspapers & Magazines, including an alleged $6.2-million embezzlement scheme and an ongoing criminal investigation in which one-time president Remy Lehner is described by her lawyer as a "target."

In a related filing in Nassau Surrogate's Court this week, bankruptcy court trustee R. Kenneth Barnard asked that Lehner be suspended as executor of the estate of her late husband, Daniel Lehner, charging that she is "systematically depleting the estate's assets..."

"Under her management," according to the court filing, "Inflight Newspapers has not only collapsed in failure (as have related businesses), but it has become the focus of a criminal investigation, it has been sued by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and it is alleged to have fallen victim to an embezzlement scheme."

The filing accuses Lehner of using funds from the estate to pay more than $400,000 in legal fees related to her criminal defense, writing checks to herself amounting to $300,000, and other expenses -- "all to the detriment of the estate's creditors and beneficiaries."

Bernard Vishnick, an attorney for Lehner in the bankruptcy case, said of the filing, "We oppose it vehemently and we don't believe it has any kind of credibility."

The bankruptcy court proceedings set the legal process in motion to locate and recover money to pay creditors owed after Inflight's collapse. The Surrogate's Court motion seeks to facilitate that by removing Remy Lehner from control of Daniel Lehner's estate, the last remaining place where there may be Inflight assets.

Inflight's demise

Inflight, a former Valley Stream company that shut down in 2005, was at the center of a circulation scandal that rocked the magazine world starting in 2004. Citing former Inflight employees, Newsday previously reported the company engaged in so-called check-swap transactions in which newspaper and magazine publishers reimbursed the distributor for the full cost of publications it purchased, and were able to count the sales as paid circulation. The industry has since cracked down on such practices. Newsday itself was at the center of a circulation scandal for inflating its circulation numbers, an investigation it recently concluded.

After Inflight closed its doors, stakeholders and creditors, including heirs of deceased owner Daniel Lehner, and a union representing former workers, filed an involuntary bankruptcy petition in May seeking to recover millions in assets. In addition to the union, Teamsters Local 707, Lehner's ex-wife, Lorraine Lehner, and his daughter, Lois Dua, initiated the case.

Some of the most specific details about the affairs of Inflight come from lawyers for the company and Remy Lehner.

In the bankruptcy filing last month, Marion Bachrach, a lawyer for Inflight who served as attorney for Remy Lehner, wrote that the U.S. Justice Department "has conducted a wide-ranging investigation that has included inquiry into a suspected circulation scheme and tax fraud" involving Inflight. In a Jan. 25 declaration, Bachrach, the one-time attorney for Lehner, said her client and Inflight both received grand-jury subpoenas in 2004.

During her defense of Remy Lehner and the company, Bachrach wrote in court papers, her firm "uncovered a large-scale embezzlement scheme by [Inflight's] former vice president, Joshua Joffe."

Asked to comment on the embezzlement charge, Alan Vinegrad, a former U.S. attorney in Brooklyn and Joffe's lawyer, said Wednesday night, "I'm not going to comment on any of this."

Embezzlement charges

The Surrogate's Court filing on behalf of trustee Barnard this week alleged that the embezzlement scheme involved "double-endorsing and diverting [Inflight's] funds in accounts not for the benefit of the payee or the" company.

Among the "significant transfers of money out of Inflight," according to the Surrogate Court filing, was a check for $500,000 to a "newly formed entity" called INI Magazines, an entity for which Barnard wrote he was "unaware of any business conducted by INI Magazines."

In his filing, Barnard wrote that the alleged embezzlement scheme drained more than $6 million from the company between 1999 and 2004. Bachrach in a bankruptcy court affidavit pinpointed the number at $6.2 million, and indicated it was the work of a former employee "with the help of others."

Contacted earlier this week, Bachrach declined to comment on the case. In her filings she wrote that she turned over to the government "charts that carefully detailed each check number, each 'payee,' each amount, as well as the banks and bank accounts where each check was either cashed or deposited."

Joffe, a contractor who had done construction work at Inflight and befriended Lehner, took on the executive role after three top Inflight executives left the company to start their own in the late 1990s. That venture was ordered to close after a high-profile lawsuit by Inflight.

In the filings, Inflight lawyers said they turned over records to the government because they "reasoned that the government might be able to track down the funds and could also help get restitution from Joffe by having the court impose a mandatory restitution order."

Remy Lehner, who is working as a real estate agent in the Rockaways, didn't return calls to her office or cell phone.

Charles Ross, a defense attorney for Lehner, said of the criminal probe, "We are reviewing the situation and considering our options."

Filings as recently as this week ask a bankruptcy court judge to clear the way for access to payroll and other banking records of the company, some kept in storage following the federal probes, others in the hands of Inflight's former bank and check processing firms.

In an interview, trustee Barnard said documents reviewed thus far "raise some suspicions" about affairs at Inflight -- most of which are detailed at length in his surrogate's court filing. He said his office has been unsuccessful in its attempt to take depositions from Lehner or Joffe, but he added, "I will continue investigating, and that will include investigating Mr. Joffe."

Belsky & Mendel Epstein are in hiding this morning said...


The top leadership of the Gambino crime family is being rounded up by FBI agents Thursday morning on Long Island, in New York City and in New Jersey, with a focus on construction and labor union racketeering, sources told Newsday.

The sources said 62 "members and associates" of the Gambino family will be arrested and the FBI had already begun picking them up Thursday morning.

John Gotti Jr. is not among those targeted for arrest, the sources said.

The federal charges are expected to involve racketeering, extortion and unsolved homicides.

WNBC reported Thursday that "the entire hierarchy of the Gambino organized crime family is being rounded up Thursday morning in what law enforcement officials are calling the biggest mafia roundup in more than 20 years."

Robert Nardoza, a spokesman for U.S. Attorney Benton Campbell in Brooklyn, declined to comment Thursday morning, but he said Campbell will hold a news conference at 11 a.m. Thursday.

So Much for that Idea said...


Senate's Stimulus Measure Blocked
Backers Are Short By 1 Vote Against GOP Filibuster

By Jonathan Weisman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, February 7, 2008; A01

Toronto said...

This putz davened at the modern orthodox Shaarei Shamayim. His brother was arrested earlier for swindling half the shul in a cattle futures scam.


Fraud victims denied justice
Swindler free and they're still broke


Neither she nor her father saw justice done when serial swindler Tom Kirschner admitted he fleeced them and other victims for $4 million.

The 58-year-old fraud artist then walked out of a Toronto courtroom a free man Tuesday with a time served sentence of 660 days in jail and three years probation.

His 23 victims were devastated, with little or no return on their investments in a Keswick land development scam. Kirschner lured his victims with promises of healthy returns in an area that was ripe for expansion.

Only $440,000 was paid back.

"Sharon," who asked that her real name not be used, said the crime inflicted greater pain than any financial loss imaginable.

"Tom Kirschner had a hand in my father's grave," said Sharon, whose professional husband once called Kirschner his "best friend," in an interview yesterday.

"My father never got the chance to see justice meted out. I couldn't bear to go to court because it would just open up old wounds. The stress shortened my father's life, wearing on him until he died last fall," said Sharon, whose family incurred the greatest loss of all investors.

"My dad was an 85-year-old disabled war veteran who worked his whole life, sacrificed and ran a pizzeria -- and then Tom stole $163,000 from my father and his retirement was undermined."

Kirschner pleaded guilty to five counts of fraud over $5,000 but wasn't given a restitution order since he filed for bankruptcy and the prosecution cannot seek the payment "when there is no expected means of repayment," Det. Rob Thomas said.

The fraud squad investigator found Kirschner in April 2006 living at the tony Prince Hotel using cash and an alias to evade the authorities.

"Almost all of the victims got nothing or a marginal return," Thomas said yesterday.

Kirschner presented himself as a high roller and would show up to meetings in a helicopter or luxury vehicle, Thomas said. But the reality was that Kirschner often lived out of the back seat of those cars, which were usually paid for by the victims, he added.

The charming, articulate Kirschner boasted of connections with the Reichmann family and Donald Trump, the officer said.

Kirschner "claimed to be an independent financial adviser with an expertise in investing, financial planning and real estate development" and he promised his victims -- some of whom risked their life savings -- "a healthy return," court heard.

Sharon and her husband, a professional for 32 years, were saddled with a half-million-dollar debt to a man they treated as "a family member."

"Tom Kirschner was more than just my husband Marcus' best friend. He was like family to us," Sharon said. "We used to go on vacations with Tom and (his girlfriend) Trudy, celebrated Passover and other Jewish high holidays together.

"He joined our synagogue. He was like a member of our family," Sharon said of the more than 12 years that Kirschner was a close family friend and confidante. "We trusted him and we paid for so many things for him, from golf fees and vacations and you name it. It was a huge betrayal of trust. He saddled us with a huge mortgage on our home."

"Rubey," a Toronto widow who was introduced to Kirschner by his girlfriend, Trudy Brown, had just lost her husband of 35 years when she handed over money from the sale of her house and $70,000 in savings.

She won a judgment for $400,000 and later received a 10-hectare plot of land in Keswick in a settlement from a civil lawsuit against Kirschner and a business associate.

"He seemed nice and sincere. I fell for it -- that's the bottom line. He said he had a piece of land in Keswick where there was a lot of building happening," Rubey, who also asked that her real name not be used, said yesterday.

"Kirschner left me destitute. I was an independent woman my whole life and he took it from me," said Rubey, now 67 and a grandmother of three.

Anonymous said...

What is written here is old news in Monsey. The only question is how long will it take for each of the students of Sharai Torah to come forward. Unfortunately, the parents are all afraid that the publicity will hurt them in the future for shidduchim. Probably Wolmark is banking on that logic too. However, I am sure that eventually Wolmark will get nailed and cuffed with his picture in the media just like Kolko and Mondrowitz.

Anonymous said...

An investigaion into Ohel Family Services and David Mandel should be conducted as to why they hired Joan Hertz as a domestic violence social worker.

UOJ Guest Blogress Hadassah B was right said...


Civil Engineering Magazine
January 2008

The Infrastructure Crisis

By Robert L. Reid


Pittsburgh said...


Rosenfield was referring to Elizabeth Zorich, 40, of 107 Chadborne Court, in Cranberry, a former secretary at Beth Samuel. Ambridge police have charged Zorich with more than 50 counts each of forgery, theft and receiving stolen property.

The counts against Zorich could continue to grow as more forged checks are discovered

Zorich, who is free on a $10,000 unsecured bond, was fired in late December for recurrent absenteeism. The thefts were not discovered until after she left.

This is the second case of embezzlement to surface in the Jewish community this year. In January, the Allegheny County District Attorney's Office charged Laura Malich, a former Hillel Academy financial officer, with stealing more than $56,000 from the school.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Kirschner is a highly intelligent criminal. He could talk for hours about the Manhattan real estate industry offering details about the history of every major player and building. He sounded very convincing when he said he was a consultant for Reichmann, Trump and others. He was very patient and would develop a relationship for years before trying to scam you.

Shea Fishman appearing as a character witness said...


TV Weatherman Sentenced For Seeking Sex With '14-Year-Old Boy'

Someone please explain said...

There are arrests every day for embezzlement and other scams. Do these losers actually think they can get away with it?

Rabbi Mordechai Wolmark said...

What I wrote earlier stands!!

This is not a threat!!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


Looking forward, I'm more than ready for you.


New Hempstead said...

I guess Gimpel isn't a quick learner. What happened the last time a Monsey rabbi tried to sue bloggers?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


What To Do When Your Mother-in-Law is Nuts!

DEAR MARGO: I want to start off by saying my mother-in-law is CRAZY. I don't mean that loosely, either. My husband and I have been married for over five years now, and she still, to this day, hates me. That isn't the part that bothers me, though. What rankles most is the fact that she assaulted me while I was pregnant. She punched my stomach several times, tried to put out a cigarette on my face ... you name it, the woman did it. Unfortunately, my other child and husband were witnesses, not something I would have wanted any child to see. I told her, then, that over my dead body would she ever see my children again. My husband agreed. Now I feel like there is a cloud hanging over my head called "psycho." I am receiving therapy for this, but I still have anxiety attacks. I don't feel one bit sorry for telling her she is not allowed around my children, and I am excited about the fact that we're moving out of state. I just have fears that she is going to do something before we leave town to get at one of the kids. She has already approached us in the middle of a store, at which time I quickly picked the kids up, stuck them in the cart and walked off. I don't feel I'm wrong for taking my children away from that woman. Is mine a normal reaction? Do you think I should suck it up and get on with my life?


Dear Can't: Well, I do think you should get on with your life, but I don't believe anyone could let bygones be bygones after an assault involving punches to a baby in utero and a lit cigarette aimed at the face. Just keep telling yourself the woman is borderline batty, to the point of violence, and has earned her banishment from your family. Moving will help put her further into the background. And if you're still plagued with anxiety attacks, find another therapist, perhaps a psychiatrist who might prescribe anti-anxiety meds.


Rubashkin Fresser? said...


German police have charged a robbery suspect after matching his DNA to that found on a piece of salami spat out at a crime scene.

French Bastard Pedophile Enabler said...


NHL Hall of Famer Guy Lafleur has pleaded not guilty to a charge of misleading the court, with his lawyer entering the plea Thursday in Quebec Superior Court.

Police had issued an arrest warrant on Jan. 30 for Lafleur, alleging he provided contradictory evidence on the witness stand at his son Mark's bail hearings. The former Canadiens winger turned himself in to Montreal police a day later.

Lafleur testified a month later before Superior Court Justice Carol Cohen that he was aware of the 12:30 a.m. ET curfew, yet when Mark was on weekend leave from the Maison Exode halfway house, he drove his son on two occasions to hotels to give him privacy with his teenage girlfriend.

Mark Lafleur, 23, faces more than 20 criminal charges, including sexual assault of a minor, armed assault, uttering threats and forcible confinement, between 2004 and 2007.

He remains in jail pending a trial.

Guy Lafleur's case will return to court next month. If convicted, he could face a maximum penalty of 14 years in prison.

Drafted first overall by Montreal in 1971, Lafleur had 560 goals and 1,353 points in 1,127 NHL games, and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1988.

Boog's Sick out there & getting sicker file said...


MINNEAPOLIS - A man who robbed a woman of her keys and cellphone, then licked her toes, was sentenced Wednesday to five years' probation.

Carlton Jermaine Davis, 26, faces 21 months in prison if he fails to complete probation for the robbery charge in Ramsey County District Court.

A criminal complaint said Davis approached the woman around 1 a.m. on Sept. 9 as she was leaving work and forced her to put her phone and purse inside a bag.

Then he told her: "Now I'm going to suck your feet."

Leibish said...

Wolmark is full of hot air. He is nearly bankrupt. Besides, he cannot afford to start litigation as all the truth and names and stories of the sexually mollested student victims will come out in the public.

Additionally, he has no longer any support from his father-in-law. His wife's entire family wants nothing to do with him. They give him no honors at their simchas because they want nothing to do with him. They all hate his guts. They see Mordy the Gimpel, the once family parasite, as a super jackass that has brought their family tons of disgrace.

You should ignore Mordechai Gimpel Wolmark.

Jim Leyland said...

I am from Detroit and proud of it. I am not Jewish but I love following this blog almost as much as I love baseball. In our city we know how to deal with perverts. Actally, when we catch them we export them to New York. My best to all of you in Monsey and special regards to my old friend Rabbi Mordechai Wolmark.

Gimpel Woolmark Symbol said...


When I helped out Belsky by signing the bittul kiddushin, that was about as authentic as putting the Woolmark symbol on one of Shafran's polyester suits.

Ronnie Schreiber said...

I miss cuddling with Gimpel on these freezing nights.

Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst from Chicago said...

I also helped out Belsky and signed to allow the married woman sleep around without a Get. Don't you see we enjoy immorality. It turns us on when we know young boys and married women are involved in znus. Surely, that doesn't make us perverts.

What's on Gimpel's cellphone? said...


The Bixby Police Department investigates allegations that a substitue teacher showed pornography on his cell phone, to 14 and 15-year-old students in his classroom. Several students told their parents about it Friday evening and police are looking into it.

Investigators plan to present charges to the Tulsa County District Attorney before they make an arrest.

Anonymous said...

Remember Ronnie Schreiber, after you cuddle with Gimple Wolmark you must wash with warm water and soap followed by a bath in alcohol. Evidently, it seems that you drank the alcohol -first.

Yankel Pollock said...

What's wrong with polyester suits?

Gimpel's Dimples said...

Rabbi Mordechai Wolmark, formerly Rav of Bais Knesses Hagra in Oak Park, Michigan.


"Prominent alumni"

Rabbi Mordechai Gimpel Wolmark

Holy Cow! said...

This is the first I heard that Leib Landesman was involved in the bogus bittul kidushin. At least he was smart enough to not sign together with Belsky & Gimpel.

I have here—and anybody who wants to come see it is welcome to—the last page of an annulment that was issued approximately a year ago by a beit din headed by Rabbi Israel Belsky, one of the most senior roshei yeshiva of Torah V’Da’as Yeshiva in Brooklyn. I believe that the proceedings of the Rackman Beit Din had a hand in this case or certainly influenced this. I know that a relative of the agunah in question was a student in my class. She came to me and told me about the problem. I gave her all of our writings on the Rackman Beit Din. She told me that she gave it to the mother of the agunah. I lost track of the case, but heard that an annulment had been issued. For those of you who know the names of New York rabbis, the rabbis who concurred with the annulment were Rabbi Israel Belsky, Rabbi Kurzrock, the head of the beit din of the Igud ha-Rabbonim in Brooklyn and Manhattan, Rabbi Peretz Steinberg, one of the leading rabbis in Queens, and Rabbi Wolmark from Monsey. I also have a haskama, a letter of support from Rabbi Landesman from a Monsey beit din. What happened with this annulment was that the recalcitrant husband’s family was very powerful. They lined up some powerful people and rabbis affiliated with another Brooklyn yeshiva, who dispatched a letter to Rabbi Eliashiv in Israel. One of Rabbi Eliashiv’s deputies reported that Rabbi Eliashiv considers the annulment invalid in the face of such incredibly strong rabbinical signatures. Certainly the rabbis I listed are among the gedolim of the New York Jewish community. In the end, the agunah paid over a million dollars to a family of multimillionaires, so it was not even normal greed. It was simply malice.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Wolmark is the reason Katzenstein left Sharei Torah.

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