Sunday, July 18, 2010

Europeanization! Today's Churban

From Wikipedia: "Tisha B'Av (Hebrew: תשעה באב‎ or ט׳ באב, "the Ninth of Av,") is an annual fast day in Judaism, named for the ninth day (Tisha) of the month of Av in the Hebrew calendar. The fast commemorates the destruction of both the First Temple and Second Temple in Jerusalem, which occurred about 656 years apart, but on the same Hebrew calendar date. Accordingly, the day has been called the "saddest day in Jewish history".

The parallels to the ongoing destruction of the America we once knew, are gut-wrenching! Our safe-haven --- free from persecution from whatever we believe in, whether they be religious, secular or anywhere in between, are being tampered with, where I'm concerned that the "new America" that is evolving will destroy us as a free people.

Nobody says it better than my dearest friend, Mr. Alvan Shane.


by Alvan I. Shane

A few months ago ObamaCare passed, in spite of a strident, opposed majority. Progressives claimed it would improve health services, making us more like the European democracies, but many felt America's healthcare was already the best,taking responsibility to afford it; others who don't can still get care from Medicare/ Medicaid, the VA, free clinics and nonprofit/religious orgs.

Given this, it was still their top priority. Jobs could wait. They had the power.This wasn't about desperately needed health care for millions, so much as a warning shot across the bow of our ship of state: new kid in town.

Recall FDR with his New Deal during the Depression. Many of those programs are still with us today, though experts argue a temporary fix could have sufficed. Then LBJ with his Great Society. Now Obama imposing this blatant fraud, which scholars believe is illegal & unconstitutional. It will also cost more and deliver less.

Seizing control of healthcare is another step in our metamorphosis from a democratic republic to a socialized democracy. Our government is growing by leaps and bounds while the real engine of freedom, the private sector, stagnates. Spending and debt sky-rocket and FDR/LBJ go broke, their programs unsustainable. Healthcare is no different.

These models don't work. We need only look to Europe, places like Greece or Spain,to see the proof. There's no American Dream in those places! They don't lead our lives, have our appetites or enjoy our opportunities! They can't understand our hopes and dreams or ever do for the world what we've done. Yet some here want to be like them. Give the free ride and forfeit America's unique exceptionalism.

I'm absolutely convinced we're trending left at our peril. It's a slippery slope getting steeper, careening us toward bigger government, less freedom and a soft but quickening tyranny. It's changing the essence of who we are. Continue down this path and we'll lose our identity into the murky geopolitical pool that is fast becoming the new reality. It's failing around the globe, and it will fail here, too.

Look back through history. Empires rose and fell. They bloated out, or leaders ignored the people's will, or diversity weakened unity, all causing them to lose the culture/tradition that had made them great. In every case a winning mix of power & freedom changed, history got ignored, and the glue of their success dissolved. Re-learn those lessons! We're no different! If we fundamentally change who we are, we are lost!

Fix healthcare without nationalizing it. Return to constitutional governance. Let federalism and state's rights return to their correct equilibrium. Take steps to insure/guarantee that government always reflects the will of an informed majority! Return the work ethic to America. Encourage the average Joe to look to himself, before looking to government.

Introspect on who we are, our beliefs, the things we call absolutes. What long ago fonts of inculcation and acculturation gave birth to these values? Are children of today being taught the same, to be hard working and industrious? Look around you for the answer!

We are our brother's keeper, not government. Forcing the latter misinterprets Americanism. Asking government to redistribute wealth by taking from the doers or counseling how this is good is not in/of the pedigree of this nation. This mindset is unrepresentative of traditional American values, and instead exemplifies socialist European values.

We aren't about those values or extremes. We're center-right/left but always near a middle where family, education, work & God are at the heart of our beliefs. Though idealized here, twenty generations of us thought these precepts were reasonable, and accepted them under the countenance and behest of a just but limited government.

If we now subscribe to the notion we're an unjust nation of haves & have nots, that we allow injustice to prevail, the weak to languish and poverty to perpetuate, we will be participating in the demise of the greatest nation on earth and in all of history. These are the stakes. A seismic shift is underway pounding at the underpinnings of our republic; side-stepping the constitution; discouraging entrepreneurship and self-accountability; deconstructing our basic institutions of family, school and religion; promulgating the invasion of our space and exploitation of our wealth.

We can't escape these truths and so must wonder, can we survive this onslaught to emerge better and stronger, or will we know the fate of all who've gone before?

Are we the progeny of our forefathers or some new breed of proto-Americans acting more like offshoots of European extraction? That system is collapsing financially, with political instability close behind. Will we risk our children's future, our entire way of life, betting we can do their socialism thing better than they can?

Government must reflect the will of the People! Small, limited government bows to our will.Large governments, like this one, bow to no one! We erred installing it, and will come to regret it. It is setting inappropriate goals as we speak, and our constitutional contract is disintegrating. The exquisite social experiment, the brilliant success that has been America, will end.

America is in peril! Remove the ideologues. Demand rescission of Obamacare. Secure the borders and govern/control all illegals. Reduce the size of government. Honor our fallen and revere the Constitution. Come November, vote toward the center! Toward Tradition! Against the status quo!

Vote to save America!

Stay their course and watch as we devolve into a typical bankrupt Europeanism. No more sovereignty. No national identity. No exceptionalism. No more American Dream.

The closest man-made thing to utopia, will be gone.

Alvan I. Shane
Author, The Day Liberty Wept