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The Face & Garb Of An "Ultra-Orthodox" Jewish Child Molester - Stefan Colemar's First Known Sexual Abuse Victim Speaks Out!

Above photo was taken very recently of Stefan Colemar!
Dear UOJ readers,

My name is Israel Moskovits, I am a 21 year old, Chicago-based Orthodox Jewish filmmaking student currently filming a feature length, narrative film titled Narrow Bridge which I wrote, directed and am acting in. It tells the story of a young Jewish college student who was sexually abused by his rabbi as a child and the numerous struggles he encounters as he attempts to heal himself and seek closure. I started this project upon learning of the Rabbi Yehuda Kolko case and view this film an an opportunity to raise awareness of this important subject in a manner that will be approachable and accessible to those that need to hear it most. I feel that the film would be a great tool for educating others about sexual abuse as well as a film survivors can use to aid in their healing process.

I am currently seeking assistance in spreading the film's message either through arranging screenings, publicity, spreading word-of mouth, mass-media outlets, distribution, connections, etc. Any way in which you are able to take part is greatly appreciated.

Feel free to email me with any questions you might have.

Here is a link to the teaser trailer for the film:


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Here is a blog article about the film:

Thanks UOJ for everything you do!

Israel (Yisrael) Moskovits
IzzyComm Motion Pictures
Stefan Colemar's victim writes:

I saw all this information about Stefan Colmer recently and could not believe what I was reading. Stefan is from Belmar New Jersey and I believe I was probably his very first victim of sexual abuse. He is only about 5 or 6 years older than I am, but when I was about 10 I met him for the first time in a shul in Bradley Beach, NJ. He became close to my family and while becoming religous he would spend almost every single shabbos at our house. His parents were divorced. He lived with his mother in Belmar and his father lived with his wife. His mother was not religious and my parents were happy to have him over. For many years he would keep me in my room and sexually abuse me. The first time it happened was at night over either a shabbos or yom tov (I cannot remember for sure) when he was sleeping on a pullout bed in my room. I was petrified when he woke me up and started touching me and doing things to me. He told me if I told ANYONE that nobody would believe me and that it would cause tremendous problems for myself and my family. This went on almost every shabbos untill I went away for Yeshiva. Around that time there was an incident regarding another Rabbi he was spending a Shabbos with and his young son. He was also thrown out of a few schools for problems with other boys. After my parents learned about that they did not want him sleeping over anymore. However, he would still eat shabbos lunch and spend the day at our house. Whenever I came back from Yeshiva he continued to approach me on and off whenever he found himself alone with me. As I got bigger and stronger I started defending myself and after a while all he could do was ask me to do things with him which I would never allow. The last encounter with him was before I got married when he tried to put a hand on me. I grabbed him by the throat and told him if he ever tried that again I would slice his throat open.

Although I was no longer threatened by him I was always scared of him. My parents who still knew nothing ever happened were still very close to him. He would constantly be over at our house learning with my father. Because I was scared for so long and such a long time passed I decided it would be best if I just put it out of my head and tried to forget anything ever happened. I got married and now have 4 beautiful children. The only times I have ever thought of it was when I would see a special on T.V. about child predators. I never told my wife or my parents. I never wanted to be around him but could never throw him out because if I did I would have to say why and I didn't want to discuss it. It almost made me sick when he came to my wedding. But I still could not tell my parents. Even after such a long time I felt not only scared but felt guilty like I did something wrong. I always felt if I told anybody they might not believe me, and even if they did I felt they would think it was my fault. I know this might not make sense to many of you but it just felt better and easier to try and escape it than deal with it. It was my secret and would remain my secret until I died.

The other day I was on the phone with my mother and she told me to Google his name. She would not tell me why but told me I would not believe it. We always suspected him gay and when he got married it shocked my entire family. I refused to go to his wedding or call him to wish him mazal. We were more shocked when he had a child (again, I refused ANY contact). My parents always just thought I didn't like him because he was always a bit strange. while I completely agreed I had no interest in telling them all the details. When I read about what he did to some boys who spent a shabbos by him, chills ran down my back, and tears just started flowing down my face. All I could think about was every shabbos that he did the same or had me do things to him. I told my wife right away who was not sure exactly how to take what I was telling her. I called my mother back crying and tried to tell her the truth. It took a while to get the whole truth out and she was obviously shocked. I did not want to tell my father but she convinced me. Needless to say he was not too pleased. The hurt they had was that this was happening down the hall from them for YEARS under their noses and they had no idea. this was very hard for them to grasp.

My biggest shame is not that I still feel guilty or dirty or scared. Instead I feel that my being scared and not saying anything allowed for this to continue. Had I been able to put my fear aside and come out and say what happened, he would either be in jail or the jewish world would have known about it and this would not have happened to some boys again. For that I apologize to all the famillies and the boys this happened to. I am also shocked that the jewish world would rather not get the authorities involved. For that I am disgusted. If the jewish community would let this animal run around free to do this again than I know what I have to do. I WILL call the Police and do whatever I can to make sure this animal CANNOT do this again. This is not something he can control, and this definately cannot be controlled by Rabonim. If this happened to any of their children I can assure you that they would be in full agreement of putting this person behind bars. If not than this will happen again. I will tell the authorities what happened to me. If there is nothing they can do than there is nothing else I can do. But when he strikes again I do not want to be responsible. Any Rabbi who says the police should not be called will be responsible for the next boy that falls prey to Colmer.

I again would like to apologize to the boys and the famillies for this happening and for not being brave enough to say something years ago when I could have stopped it.
I'm working with a very experienced person in the field of child sexual abuse who made this comment.

"The more I learn about Stefan Colemar the more disturbed I become -- he appears to be a compulsive, manipulative, deceitful and highly dangerous sex addict who preys on children---- and who has so far been sheltered by rabbis, particularly, it seems, one Lazer Ginsburg".

I have just confirmed to my dis-satisfaction that "Rabbi" Shmuel Kaminetzky has advised parents of Colemar victims NOT TO GO TO THE POLICE!!!




We are making progress in bringing Colemar to justice! I URGE ANYONE AND EVERYONE WITH ANY INFORMATION AT ALL TO CONTACT:

Michael Lesher, Esq.
(973) 470-0212


You may vote for 5 out of the 6 questions!

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I mean it, I wish my take on the state of affairs of Judaism was wrong. There is corruption everywhere that I look. Every investigation I undertake, opens up a new episode of fraud, corruption and animalistic behavior by "rabbis". The Yated talks so hypocritically about our Mesorah when it comes to grating horseraddish, and scrubbing down walls for Pesach, but will never discuss the walls of humanity that have been torn apart by so many sub-human people posing as rabbis and rebbes. The lives and the emunah that have been destroyed because of the rampant fraud in the ranks of our rabbis, is beyond our collective imagination.

Every part of our lives is muddied with scandal. Kashruth is a farce, and we are trusting people like Yisroel Belsky who is "mezuyaf m'tocho"! There is no hotel that can be kosher for pesach! If chometz is osur b'mashau (miniscule crumbs) then it is impossible to have a kosher for Pesach kitchen that feeds hundreds upon hundreds of people 24/7, period!

The very rabbis that do nothing to protect our children from sexual abuse, are the ones trumpeting certain financial death and untold misery for life, for our young marrieds, by encouraging kollel for all. It's a bankrupt way of life! There are thousands of good and innocent people that are being savaged by these perverted guidelines. There is NO one size fits all.

As I open the mail daily, I look at the sheer staggering number of letters signed by rabbis under the banner of "pikuach nefesh" (life and death), about the thousands of families in need of food and shelter. We breed more poverty and shnorrers with every passing day!(I am not talking about the legitimate hardship cases)

There is no cure in sight. What has become of our sense of right and wrong? How did we lose our way so badly? Where is the outcry from all of us? Where does the scandalous behavior in the name of Torah end?

I am saddened that I was so right about the Israel Singer case, I am so saddened that we are destroying each other, I wish it was different.

I am in mourning; the Judaism that I grew up with and loved so much, has died!

Kailee, Kailee...Lamah azavtanu?

Yitgadal, v'yitkadash shmei rabah........

You may vote for 5 out of the 6 questions!

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............................"We must not sit silently in the name of peace when a mockery is made of divrei Chazal. It is precisely by remaining true to our mesorah, and by our intolerance of ziyufim, that we will be zoche to the siyata diShmaya to succeed in spreading the light of the Torah, intact and unsullied by winds of change."................................................

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The"Rabbi" Singer , & The Swiss Bank Account!

Lawsuit Increases Scrutiny of World Jewish Congress
January 20, 2006

While the World Jewish Congress continues to be under investigation by the New York attorney general, a separate lawsuit in Israel is bringing further scrutiny on two top figures close to the organization.

Israel Singer, chairman of the WJC, and Zvi Barak, a consultant to the organization, are coming under fire in a lawsuit filed by Vera Keller, the widow of a former WJC supporter. Keller's late husband, Leslie, set up a foundation in 2000 that is now run by Barak and Singer's son, Elie, and also an Israeli relative of Keller whose role in the case is unclear.

The case is being pursued by Vera Keller's grandnephew, Menachem Kahn, who has her power of attorney. The complaint alleges that since Leslie Keller died in early 2003, the $1 million foundation has given out grants with no accountability to Vera Keller and her family.

Kahn's affidavit also says that Israel Singer attempted to wrest control of Keller's will in the months before Keller died.

The lawyer representing the foundation's trustees, Elad Mann, said the case "has no standing on the procedural grounds or on its merits. It will be dismissed in a short time."

Calls to Israel Singer were directed to the secretary general of the WJC, Stephen Herbits. Herbits said that the WJC had no role in the case. However, Herbits has compiled a report on it, which says that the allegations involved "are scurrilous and completely false."

Singer and Barak, a Tel Aviv attorney whose offices are the mailing address for the foundation, are also at the center of a dispute over transfers to and from the WJC's Geneva bank account.

That dispute arose after Singer transferred $1.2 million from a Geneva bank account to a custodial account controlled by Barak in London. Barak had no official role in the WJC at the time, but he has since become a consultant to the organization. The case in Israel involves criticism of Barak and Singer from persons outside the circle of critics who have been hammering at the WJC over the Geneva controversy.

Some of the charges in the Keller case involve Singer. Two of Keller's grandnephews state in their affidavits that Singer tried to convince Keller to sign a will that would have made Singer the executor of Keller's will, along with another associate of Keller, David Moskovits.

One of the grandnephews, Kahn, told the Forward that a few weeks after Leslie Keller died, in March 2003, Moskovits and Singer came to Vera Keller's house and presented the will naming them as executors as a done deal — a deal from which Kahn says they later backed away.

Singer's son, Elie, told the Forward: "This is false and the suggestion is preposterous. These outrageous accusations do not merit a response."

Kahn's version is also refuted in an affidavit written by Moskovits. He states that Keller became good friends with Singer in his last 15 years, and it was Keller who asked Singer to sign the will and become his executor. According to Moskovits, Singer turned down the request multiple times.

Moskovits states that the lawsuit was brought by "a few of Keller's relatives who seem to have misrepresented the intentions of Mr. Keller... because it seems they think they could benefit financially from doing so."

A lawyer for Vera Keller said the lawsuit came about only after the foundation trustees refused to release basic financial information about the foundation to Vera Keller — particularly information about where the foundation's grants were going.

"We came into this extremely innocently, thinking we would ask for information and get it," said a lawyer in the office of Menachem Harutz, which is representing the Kellers. "We had no idea how complicated everything would be."

The foundation did present financial documents for 2003 and 2004 in its response to the lawsuit. Most of the grants in 2003 — after Leslie Keller died — went to Jewish research projects. But the first grant after Keller's death, for $5,000, went to the WJC office in Buenos Aires.

The foundation was created in 2000, with the goal of aiding "study and research of the Jewish heritage."

When the foundation was created, Israel Singer was listed as a trustee along with two WJC employees. When those two left the WJC in 2003 and 2004 Barak and Elie Singer were chosen to replace them at the foundation.

The grandnephews have asked the court to allow the family to appoint new trustees who will carry out Leslie Keller's original wishes. The case is scheduled to open February 8 in Jerusalem district court.

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You may vote for 5 out of the 6 questions!

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Pesach Obscenity - Be Honest!

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World Jewish Congress fires chairman Israel Singer in surprise move!

By Amiram Barkat, Haaretz Correspondent

Israel Singer, one of the heads of the World Jewish Congress and a leading figure in the Jewish world for the past 30 years, was dismissed in an unexpected move Wednesday from all his posts in the WJC, Haaretz has learned.

The decision to fire Singer was announced by WJC President Edgar Bronfman and approved by the WJC steering committee. It was, however, received with great surprise by Congress officials around the world.

The development marks an all-time low in the history of the organization, which represents Jewish communities in more than 80 countries around the world

At Bronfman's initiative, the WJC steering committee held a conference call Wednesday, at the start of which Bronfman said that Singer was no longer associated with the World Jewish Congress or any of its affiliates. The steering committee is the organization's most senior decision-making body, and includes Congress leaders from all over the world.

After the announcement, Bronfman did pay tribute to Singer's efforts of the past 30 years to advance Jewish causes, including the emigration of Jews in the former Soviet Union.

"For his work on behalf of Soviet Jewry, the freeing of Mendelovich, Edelstein and [Natan] Sharanksy, exposing the Nazi past of Kurt Waldheim, securing nearly $20 billion in Holocaust restitution, and for being a leader for the Jewish dialogue with the Christian and Muslim religions, the Jewish world owes Israel Singer a tremendous debt of gratitude," Bronfman said.

Singer was one of the participants in the conference call but was not given the opportunity to speak, and declined Thursday to respond to the dismissal. His associates, however, said Wednesday that he was shocked by the news.

Haaretz has learned that several of the participants in the conference call, who are considered allies of Singer, wanted to express their objections to the decision, but were also prevented from doing so due to "technical difficulties."

The heads of the Jewish Congress in Europe and Israel on Thursday informed Bronfman that they were shocked by the decision, and threatened to pull their organizations from the WJC if he did not revoke Singer's dismissal and a series of other decisions they were informed of on Wednesday.

"I was shocked when you announced and informed the WJC steering committee via telephone that you have taken the decision to fire Israel Singer after 30 years of devoted service to the Jewish cause and this without any consultation," wrote President of the European Jewish Congress Pierre Besnainou. "I consider, at least, we need to get more explanation."

Members of the Congress said Wednesday that they believed the dismissal came against the background of Singer's refusal to back associates of Bronfman in their dispute with the Israel Jewish Congress over the nomination of its next director-general.

The secretary-general of the World Jewish Congress, Stephen Herbits, decided several months ago to fire the director-general of the Israel Jewish Congress, Bobby Brown, and appoint in his place Israel's ambassador to the European Union, Oded Eran. Herbits' decision was opposed by the treasurer of the World Jewish Congress, MK Shai Hermesh of Kadima.

Hermesh and the heads of the Israeli branch of the World Jewish Congress called the move damaging to the organization's efforts and branded it an attempt to transform the Congress from a democratic global body into one ruled by the American billionaire. In the wake of this dispute, it was decided to find a new director-general for Israel.

On Wednesday night, the WJC steering committee accepted Bronfman's request for the right to veto any replacement for Brown, and agreed that it had until March 31 to find a new secretary-general, after which Bronfman would make the appointment himself. The committee also okayed a suspension of funding for the organization in Israel due to "irregularities."

A spokesman for the World Jewish Congress on Thursday denied that Singer's dismissal was connected to the appointment of an IJC director-general, and claimed instead that he had tried to ease tensions between the WJC and its Israel branch.

The WJC also said that Herbits "has never insisted on a particular candidate" for the position. "Ambassador Oded Eran was appointed by the WJC Steering Committee in July 2006 to serve as a WJC Representative in Israel. He was never designated to be the director-general of the WJC Israel Branch," its spokesman told Haaretz.

The WJC also denied that the Wednesday conference call was beset by technical difficulties that prevented certain participants from contributing, but said that it had contacted the telephone company "to conduct and complete an investigation into the matter and to provide the WJC with a written report of what transpired."

The WJC also said that those who experienced difficulties during the conference call "could have contacted the Verizon [telephone company] operator to correct the problem, or Mr. Bronfman's office."

Singer began his work in the World Jewish Congress in 1972. He served as secretary-general of the organization from 1986 until 2001, and from 2001 until 2006 served as chairman of the Congress' administrative council.

Singer and Bronfman became the most well-known pair in the Jewish world in the 1980s, when they led a public campaign to expose the Nazi past of former United Nations Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim. In the 1990s, the duo facilitated the long-standing negotiations with Swiss banks over compensation payments for Jewish proprietors of dormant bank accounts.

Over the years, Singer and Bronfman held hundreds of meetings with prime ministers, politicians and senior religious leaders around the world over the restitution of Jewish property, the struggle with anti-Semitism and Israel.

Singer's activities in the World Jewish Congress helped him achieve a long list of senior positions within the Jewish world, including as president of the Jewish Claims Conference and chairman of the Policy Council of the World Jewish Congress.

Singer's prestige fell after allegations of his involvement in financial irregularities within the World Jewish Congress. The allegations were brought for investigation by New York State Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer, who revealed that Singer had used some of the money for personal use.

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D.A. Charles Hynes had an "EMERGENCY" when his top aide informed him that he was featured on UOJ!

Right from in the D.A.'s Office; Charlie, YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!


Dear UOJ:

I just noticed that Brooklyn D.A. Charles "Joe" Hynes will be on Brian Lehrer's radio show on WNYC (820 AM, 93.9 FM) at 10:00 am on Thursday...212-433-9692 - and will be taking call-in questions. (A notice from WNYC is attached below.)

I thought perhaps some people might want to call in to ask him why his office decided to walk away from the Mondrowitz case in September 1993 and still won't revive efforts to bring him here for trial, though there's no legal bar to doing so (let him cite the case law if he claims there is); why he dropped charges against Shlomo Hafner in 2000 after being asked to by a panel of rabbis to do so, despite strong evidence of guilt from professionals; why Hafner's alleged victim and victim's family were never consulted in the decision to drop charges, as required by New York statute; and how he plans to deal with any pressure he receives from the community in the prosecution of Yehudah Kolko.

I'm trying to get some Mondrowitz victims to call in; I don't know if I'll succeed. I just thought it might help to bring more publicity to these issues if Hynes gets taken to task on the air.

If you would like any information from me to back up the statements above, I'll be happy to provide it.

Michael Lesher, Esq.

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Dear UOJ,

I wanted you to know that "On the Rabbi's Knee," New York Magazine's feature story from last spring about allegations of molestation against Rabbi Yehuda Kolko of Yeshiva Torah Temimah, has been nominated for a 2006 National Magazine Award under the category of "public service" journalism.

All of us at the magazine are very proud of this story. But most of all we are grateful to David Framowitz, who was so brave in coming forward and speaking on the record about his experiences. Our hope is that this nomination will bring greater visibility to the issues raised in the story.

Many thanks to David -- as well as the many others who were so helpful in publishing this story.

Below is a link to all of this year's nominees for the National Magazine Awards, which are produced by the American Society of Magazine Editors.


Many thanks again and all the best,

Bob Kolker

Contributing Editor
New York Magazine

The Orthodox Jews and their Catholic-Priest Problem --
New York Magazine* ....nymag.com

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Yes, there are hundreds of good and decent men being subject to cruel extortion attempts by their evil wives, when the husband decides he wants out of a miserable marriage. I know it's not a politically correct issue to take up; that's exactly why I intend to do just that!

Husbands; contact me with credible information that I can authenticate; pictures, investigator reports, cell phone records, court documents, and I'll put up whatever you want me to if I'm convinced that you're being victimized! Anything that's legal to do you can count on me! If corrupt batei din (rabbinical courts) and rabbis are involved, I'll work extra hard on your cases.

I am working on a few of these type of stories; I'm in the process of gathering the facts.

My e-mail address is:a_unorthodoxjew@yahoo.com

Kol hakavod for attempting to address this issue

We are filled with these cases, and just won one this week in bet din rabbani yerushalayim.

The degree of male aguns, and women refusing to divorce or refusing their get, is astounding. Worse, but related, are the amounts of false claims of aguna. Rav Ben Dahan of the Jerusalem Bet Din estimates officially that some 70% of claims of aguna brought are false claims.

Let us know how we can help.
Israel Fathers Rights Advocacy Council
POB 117
Tel Aviv 61001
(054) 422-7139

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Saturday, January 14, 2006
Agudath Israel Permits "Dialogue" With Catholics Only To Protect Sexual Predators, All Other Interfaith Dialogue Is Prohibited!

Religious Groups Stall Reform Law
The New York Post - August 1, 2001, Wednesday

A strongly backed bill that would make it a crime if educators
fail to report an accusation of school sex abuse to the police
is being stymied by two of the city's most powerful
religious organizations, City Hall sources told The Post.

Bill No. 933, inspired by several mishandled complaints in public
schools, would require cops to investigate allegations of sex abuse
involving private schools run by churches and temples as well as public

The law could set the stage for a battle between church and state
because both Catholic and Jewish schools deal with sex-abuse
allegations against clerics internally, experts said.

City Hall sources admit they were surprised by
the religious groups' 11th-hour request to postpone
the vote in the City Council's Education Committee on June 4.

"They [religious schools] claim they were unaware
that the provisions of the law applied to both public
and private schools," one source said.

Council staffers are quietly negotiating with a coalition
of religious groups hoping to tailor the bill to fit
everyone's demands - a delicate process during an election season.

When told the law covers "co-curricular and extra-curricular
activities" such as prayer groups or kids helping out in religious ceremonies,
New York Archdiocese spokesman Joe Zwilling seemed surprised.

"I'm not sure the law covers that," Zwilling said,
who refused to say if the church supported the bill.

Zwilling insisted the bill applies to clerics working
only in schools, but a second City Hall source said
it reaches into "all of the properties on school grounds."

Zwilling referred questions to Rabbi David Zwiebel,
of the Agudath Israel of America, a Jewish advocacy
network that's spearheading talks with council.

Zwiebel argues the bill is too broad
in its definition of abuse
and thinks it will strip school principals of their
"professional discretion"
to resolve disciplinary problems internally.

The failure to let principals "exercise professional
judgment and discretion in dealing with actual or
threatened criminal conduct is a serious flaw,"
he wrote in a five-page June 28 letter
to Council Speaker Peter Vallone and committee members.

Zwilling and Zwiebel deny allegations they want
to kill the bill to protect accused clerics.

Zwiebel said the law could create "tensions" between
church and state.

The committee is scheduled to have a hearing on the matter in the fall.

"The new legal mandate is not embraced by everyone
because it is designed to change the usual way of doing business for the protection of children," a mayoral administration source said.

"Because of the delay, the window for getting this in place by
September is closed - and that's a terrible shame."

All Rabbis Back Law To Report Child Abuse Except Ultra-Urthodox Agudath Israel

By Rachel Donadio
The Forward (NY)
March 29,2002

With the exception of a major ultra-Orthodox organization,
rabbinical groups of all denominations say they support
proposed legislation in New York State that would require
clergy to report allegations of child abuse.

The proposal, which would broaden the state's Social Services Law to
make clergy of all religions criminally liable if they do not report
instances of child abuse, was advanced last week by Manhattan District
Attorney Robert Morgenthau in the wake of growing allegations of
molestation within the Catholic Church. This week, the Democrat-controlled
State Assembly proposed similar legislation, and a version passed in the
Republican-controlled State Senate.

Most rabbinical groups said they were not concerned
that the legislation would violate confidentiality
between clergy and congregants.

"I think that full disclosure to the authorities would be not only
acceptable, I think it's imperative," said Rabbi Paul Menitoff, executive
vice president of the Reform movement's Central Council of American
Rabbis. "Ethical violations, whether they're violations of the criminal
code or not, need to be dealt with very openly, fairly and directly by
each denomination. Anything short of that is not keeping faith with our

The ultra-Orthodox group Agudath Israel of America, however, said it
was wary of the legislation, which would require clergy to "report to
authorities whenever they have reasonable cause to believe a child has
been abused," according to a March 19 statement by Morgenthau

David Zwiebel, executive vice president of Aguda,
said he feared that the proposal could infringe on "religious freedom.
"There ought to be some exemption for situations involving
confidentiality," Zwiebel said. "To protect the Catholic confessional-type
situation, and more specifically in our community, to protect those situations
where a member of the community does want to confide in his rabbi and
get guidance and counseling without fear of having the whole fury of the
secular legal system descend on him."

Last summer, Aguda and the Catholic Archdiocese of New York joined
forces to oppose a proposed bill in the City Council that would have required all schools, including parochial schools, to file a police report
about any criminal act committed by students or staff. Zwiebel said he was concerned that secular law would "not necessarily" respect religious concerns, such as the concept of mesira, a category of rabbinic canon law concerning when a Jew may inform on another to the secular government. He said that rabbis should evaluate issues "on a case-by-case" basis.

However, Zwiebel said, "if a person is perceived as an imminent danger
to children or others, rabbis would say, `let's not handle this
internally, let's bring it to outside authorities.'"

Looking more favorably on the legislation was the Orthodox Union,
representing Modern Orthodox synagogues. "In principal we'd be supportive,"
said Harvey Blitz, president of O.U. "We believe that clergy have a
responsibility to protect the safety of people from being victims."

"We were told by our Halachic authorities that we should without any
type of delay report these instances to the police," said Steven Dworkin,
the head of the Rabbinical Council of America, a Modern Orthodox
rabbinical body, referring to religious law.

Two years ago O.U. faced its own abuse scandal when several top
officials stepped down following claims that they ignored 30 years of abuse
complaints against the director of its national youth group, Rabbi Baruch

Blitz was unfazed by the thought that under the proposed legislation,
O.U. clergy would have been criminally liable for ignoring allegations
of abuse. "Maybe they would have reported it," Blitz said.

"We've tried very hard to change the culture at the O.U. in light of
what happened" and make children feel "more comfortable" reporting abuse
and leaders "more sensitive" to allegations, Blitz said.

Rabbi Joel Myers, president of Conservative Movement's Rabbinical
Assembly, also said he supported the proposal.

Myers said clergy confidentiality was not as "cut and dry" as some
would make it out to be. "Every rabbi knows not everything is confidential
or ought to be," he said. "Many clergy will say, `I'll be glad to
listen but I won't be able to tell you if it's confidential until you tell
me what the issue is.'"

The church scandal "may have nothing to do with confidentiality," Myers
said. "Confidentiality becomes a nice sounding word, but that's not the
issue. The issue is how bishops supervise priests."

"It is clear that social pressures on the clergy are such that
transferring the obligation to enforce justice onto the legal system is a
helpful step," said Rabbi David Teutsch, president of the Reconstructionist
Rabbinical College.

The New York Post
March 26, 2002, Tuesday
By Douglas Montero

THE panic has begun.

Religious organizations went into a frenzy yesterday after learning
state legislators introduced two bills that would require them to call
authorities whenever one their clerics is accused of molesting a kid.

But, it's far from just a Catholic problem.

"Sex abuse suppression in the Orthodox Jewish clergy is much worse than
the Catholics because it's such an insular community and they can get
away with it," according to Amy Neustein, who says she was ostracized by
her community after she began advocating for Jewish women and kids.
She called the problem of child molestation by the clergy and the
invariable coverup in her community a "cancer."

An official at the Agudath Israel of America - an Orthodox Jewish
advocacy group that helped exorcise a similar City Council bill last year -
seemed skeptical the bills would do much good.

"There may be a situation where there might be a conflict between the
law and what a rabbi feels is religiously appropriate," said David
Zwiebel, its vice president for government affairs.

"Rabbis might react differently. Some will comply with the law and
others will choose not to comply with the law."

Bishop Steven Bouman, who heads the city's Lutheran Church, insisted he
"absolutely" supports the bills. "I believe the primary responsibility
of church officials and the church is to the people we serve -
especially the most vulnerable," he said.

But when asked to describe his church's sex-abuse policy, he said he
had to check his facts. He called back an hour later and referred
questions to the church's lawyers.

Religious leaders are nervous.

The days of conducting their own internal, and possibly biased,
investigations before calling cops may be over soon.

It's appropriate that the sex-reporting bills were introduced during
the start of Holy Week.

"It's Lent, and Christ is giving the Church a big cross to bear - one
that it has earned," said Bill Donohue, the president of the Catholic

But he said his church has plenty of company.

"I've always felt the Catholic Church doesn't have a monopoly on this
issue," he said.


The protection of the criminal predators by the Agudah has been ongoing and covert for years.

They are the ONLY Jewish organization actively blocking any legislative agenda that would protect our children in yeshivas. Their natural ally is of course the Catholics
who have paid out billions of dollars in claims to their victims. Perhaps civil litigation can be brought against the organizations and their extensive real estate holdings? If Lipa Margulies was in danger of losing his entire block of real estate on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn, perhaps he would feel differently about protecting Yudi Kolko.

Various different catholic organizations were forced into bankruptcy because of the many civil judgements that were obtained against them.

This requires the victims and their families to come forward and assist us in our efforts to nail these criminals.

They obviously could not give a hoot about their reputations; let's hit them in their pockets and anywhere else that it hurts.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


My entire life I've been battling corruption in the rabbinate in all its ugly forms, shapes and colors. There is no corruption that is worse than clergy corruption.

In business, as in life, if you're astute, you realize early on, that you will get hurt by people, generally the ones "closest" to you. That's because you naturally let your guard down with people you surround yourself with. That could be family members, business associates, fellow members of your community, etc. The hurt is often perpetrated because of the trust you bestowed on your "perceived" trustworthy relationship.

Rabbinic corruption is the absolute worst form of corruption that a Jew can experience. We expect people that having dedicated their life to preaching and "practicing" the wisdom of a Torah-observant life; to simply stated, practice what you preach. So when you discover that to be a misnomer, an absolute falsehood; that the rabbi gets to selectively choose what "they" will practice, many times at the expense of the law, truth, ethics, morals, and the Halacha, you rightfully have the duty to get enraged and go to every legal length to expose this evil, especially if it hides under the guise of Halacha and cloaked in black clothing and beard....

I recently read the book "The Wicked Son" by David Mamet. He is one very proud Jew.(and a highly successful Hollywood personality)

In one of the chapters he describes the "poor shul", the shul without any donor plaques on the wall. He boldly states that any shul that has donor plaques on the wall is not a shul, a house of God, because God does not give any more credence to the rich Jew who can afford to "buy" a plaque, and one that can not.

Basically, taking that thought one step further, the "gvir" or the rich guy, while he deserves credit for donating funds to the shul; but the fact that he has wealth, or has given money, does NOT make him a better Jew. It's the corruption factor that he alludes to, whether it be money or some other source of sense of power. More so, when the corruption comes to the fore in a coverup, knowing full-well that , not only have you "sinned", you will go to any length to cover it up and sin worse than the "original sin." It's the coverup that got Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Torah Umesorah, the Agudath Israel, Torah Temimah..........

Then we have rabbis, similar to the rabbis of the corrupt Agudath Israel, that will attempt to do anything at all to hide their attempts of coloring the truth, outright lying, creating illusions of truth; even to the extent of committing perjury in a court of law, if that's what it will take to coverup their flawed practices that are in violation of the laws of this great country, that has given us the freedom to practice our religion.

This is the issue I want to address.

Very recently I have come to know that a rabbi has performed a Kiddushin or a Jewish wedding ceremony for a couple, while the woman "was still married" to her first husband. The violation is clear. The rabbi sanctioned this marriage "under the laws of Moses and Israel" while the woman was committing bigamy in the eyes of the law of the United States of America.

This rabbi will be given the opportunity to come "clean", and admit that in fact that he subscribed to a system that is flawed and needs to be corrected. I am informed that this rabbi intends to participate, under penalty of perjury, in a massive coverup of his deeds and that ghastly process of Jewish law, that PERMITS AND SANCTIONS women to marry even though they have not been legally divorced from their previous husbands.

This rabbi, in the winter of his life, had to begin his rabbinical career anew, because he knowingly participated in a heinous coverup of other rabbinical crimes, which at this time, I choose not to disclose.

My message to this rabbi is the following:

Call Lipa Margulies, Yudi Kolko, Yisroel Belsky, Shea Fischman, Sheftel Neuberger, Moshe Eisemann, Shlomo Mandel, Yehuda Nussbaum, the Rebbe from Ger, A.M. Leizerowitz, A. Mondrowitz, Moshe Heinnemann, Yaakov Hopfer, Shmuel Kaminetzky, Mattisyahu Salomon, Yaakov Perlow, David Zweibel, Tzvi Berkowitz, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, Fox News, New York Magazine, The Forward, The Brooklyn D.A., N.Y.P.D., The New York Post, The JTA, The Jewish Press, The Jewish Week, The Village Voice, The L.A. Times, The Jerusalem Post............ BEFORE you go into court and knowingly testify falsely under penalty of perjury!

The Ten Commandments, the last time I looked, considered "Thou Shall NOT Bear False Witness", right up there with "Thou Shall NOT Kill", "Thou Shall NOT Covet Your Neighbor's Wife", and "Observing the Shabbos."

The daring Rabbi Hershel Schachter has sanctioned taking to the Internet when lives are destroyed because of rabbi-molestation. Molesting the law and the truth to protect a "sin" that you committed, is rabbi-molestation. It is utter molestation of the Torah. It destroys lives and families. Call the tzaddik Rabbi Yosef Blau; verify my tenacity of going after the bad guys with a resolve that has been unmatched in recent Jewish history.

I have personally examined all the evidence; and at great personal expense and vast amounts of time, I consulted with the expert attorneys of the claimant. You have no chance of prevailing with your distortions. If you lie, even slightly, they will crucify you! They have been down this road before, and have destroyed the lie and the liar.

All I expect is that you tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Let the chips fall where they may!

Rabbi, I mean you no harm. As I warned the previous rabbis prior to destroying them, I am giving you the opportunity to do right. Do right for the sake of Right, for the sake of mankind, for the sake of the Torah, for the sake of whatever is left of your rabbinical career, for the sake of the organization that you sit on the bais din of, for your family, for whatever is left of your family name, and most of all for society. When a member of the clergy lies intentionally under oath to a coverup of a "crime", especially after being warned against doing that, the only member of your new next congregation will be Jonathan Pollard.

If you lie, deceive, color or discolor the truth in any manner, I will use my considerable resources and whatever means is available to me to destroy whatever is left of your reputation and will see to it that you and the bigamist are criminally prosecuted.


Thursday, March 01, 2007


A Torah Temimah Student Writes....(Check out the grammar and spelling...-UOJ)

whatever hapened to innocen until proven guilty?
what if rabbi yidi, yehuda, joel or whateverother names Kolko they have given him is innocent?
how will u all feel then?
i had a rabbi kolko as a rebbe, camp director and a mentor. I do NOT beleive any of this BS about him. There are thousands of talmidm of his who have only good to say...sure some might say he was tough, some might sat they didnt like him etc...Most will say he was an amazing first grade rav, amazing camp directore...
very few believe the BS in the newspaper..Most of those who believe this crap are the dfollowers of this web page..the everyday temimah parent is natrually concerned, but most do NOT believe it as a fact..the damage UOJ did to the yeshiva and to individuals involved is irreversable

The Plague Of The Jews Called Lipa Margulies & Yudi Kolko

Thursday, February 02, 2006- From The UOJ Archives

The First Of The TEN Makos Is Going To Strike Your Mailbox In A Few Days

Makah # 2-If this letter doesn't get Kolko away from our children, we are going to cooperate with the secular print media.

Makah # 3-If that doesn't get Kolko away from our children, we will cooperate with the local TV stations.

Makah # 4-If that doesn't get Kolko away from our children we will cooperate with national TV.

Makah # 5-If that doesn't get Kolko away from our children we are going to the Brooklyn DA.

Makah # 6- the NYS Attorney General.

Makah # 7-the Feds.

Makah # 8, 9, 10............TBD!

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