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Rabbi Leib Tropper is heard on tape urging his "cutie pie," Shannon Orand, to have sex with others, and fantasizing about rape!


R' Shmuel Kaminetzky at podium - R' Reuvein Feinstein to his left

THOU SHALT NOT! Rabbi Leib Tropper is heard on tape urging his "cutie pie," Shannon Orand, to have sex with others, and fantasizing about rape.

Tal-mood for love
Sex-tape rabbi tries to 'share' hottie

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Eww, that's not kosher!

A prominent Orthodox rabbi has been caught on tape discussing his apparent love affair with a shikse that was converting to Judaism -- whom he allegedly also pushed to have sex with his friends. Rabbi Leib Tropper of Rockland County is heard encouraging pretty, blond Shannon Orand of Houston to participate in phone sex and actual sex with men the rabbi knows, including one he calls "the Satmar guy. Tropper, who calls the woman "darling" and "cutie pie," talks about his own love affair with her at one point, saying: "I want to squeeze you. He also fantasized about rape. "I could role-play a rape with you but I couldn't actually rape you -- you know what I'm saying, darling -- does that make sense?" he asks.

The scandal has rocked the Orthodox community from Rockland County to Israel, and transcripts of the sex tapes are circulating on Jewish blogs, with the audio posted on YouTube. The rabbi talks about paying Orand money for a lawyer and a stipend of $1,300 for the month of November. He also mentions putting in writing an agreement between the two.

"Why would you want to document that kind of agreement on an e-mail?" an upset Orand asks. Orand, who identifies herself on the tape, apparently recorded the phone conversations. "It was only supposed to go to a few leading rabbis," Orand, 32, told The Post. She refused to comment further, and later released a statement saying, "While an individual 'rabbi' acted in an inappropriate manner, my desire to become a bona fide Jew is undeterred. Orand reportedly told a Jewish blog, failedmessiah.com, that Tropper would tell her: "If you fulfill my needs, I'll fulfill yours -- and you need a conversion.

The blog reported that Orand's conversion was to have been finalized last week, but was canceled at the last minute by a religious court. Tropper declined to comment, but a source close to him said the rabbi feels like he's a victim and was used by Orand.

He resigned effective Dec. 12 from Eternal Jewish Family, a Monsey-based organization that primarily works to convert gentiles in interfaith marriages to Judaism. The 59-year-old rabbi is the founder of Eternal Jewish Family and sought to create strict universal guidelines for conversion, which are handled differently by various Jewish sects.


The Leib Tropper Mistress Collection - "Shared Hotties" With Tiger!

Harav Shmuel Kaminetsky Gives Eternal Jewish Family a Brocho - August 24, 2009


Harav Shmuel Kaminetsky, Rosh Yeshiva of the Philadelphia Yeshiva, gave a brocha to Eternal Jewish Family for its work and mentioned the “vast problem we are dealing with here in America because of intermarriage and Jewish conversion. To illustrate the accomplishments of a proper geirus, Harav Kaminetsky used the example of Ruth, whose Jewish conversion (geirus) escorted her to the pinnacle of greatness among the Jewish people. Other presenters included Rabbi Nota Schiller, Rabbi Nachum Eisenstein, Rabbi Yonasan Rosenblum, Rabbi Dovid Shochet, Rabbi Dovid Gottleib, Rabbi Mordechai Fishberg, Rabbi Mordechai Neugroschel, and Rabbi Doron Kornbluth.*


"....But in any battle between an institution and an idea, the idea, in the long run, has the better of it. I do not enter into the absurdity of arguing that the truth always survives. I believe nothing of the sort. As a matter of fact, it seems to me that an idea that happens to be true -- it seems to me that such an idea carries a special and often handicap.

The vast majority of men prefer delusion to truth. It soothes. It is easy to grasp. Above all, it fits more snugly than the truth into a universe of false appearances -- of complex and irrational phenomena, defectively grasped. But though an idea is true, is this not likely to prevail, and an idea that is attacked enjoys a great advantage.

One never hears of a martyr in history whose notions are seriously disputed today. The forgotten ideas, rather, are those of men who put them forward soberly and quietly, hoping fatuously that they would conquer by force of their truth; these are the ideas we now struggle to rediscover.

Had an idea "or a group of ideas" lived to be burned at the stake by outraged "orthodox lunatics", it would have been a glorious day for these ideas. As it is, it is helped on their way every time they are denounced as immoral and against God...."

I would welcome the folks who read (preys G-d :-)) at VIN and YWN, to participate in this poll


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Thursday - December 31, 2009

In conjunction with the decision of made by the standing committee of the Conference of European Rabbis (CER) that met in Moscow in the month of Kislev we strongly object to involvement of the organization known as the Eternal Jewish Family (EJF) in matters of conversion in Europe. By virtue of the fact that the abovementioned organization (EJF) involves itself in matters of conversion to actively influence gentiles to convert which is against the traditions of our community from previous times, and there is a concern for a breach of the walls of our faith in Europe, and by virtue of the fact that the leaders of this aforementioned organization caused a desecration of the Divine Name and a disgrace to the name of the Orthodox Rabbinate throughout the world in recent weeks, we the leaders of the Kehilos HaKodesh in Europe call upon the organization called the Eternal Jewish Family to cancel their planned seminar. If they do not heed our request we call upon the Rabbis that were invited to the seminar not to participate with them and to guard themselves from entering there.

Signed by The London Beis Din, The State Beis Din and the Conference of European Rabbis

London Beth Din

Av Beth Din - the Chief Rabbi, Dr. Jonathan Sacks
Rosh Beth Din - Dayan Ch Ehrentreu - RETIRED NO LONGER WITH LBD - On Tropper's payroll since 2006
Dayan M Gelley
Dayan I Binstock
Dayan I Berger (Consultant)

The London Beth Din in its capacity as Court of the Chief Rabbi is historically the supreme Halakhic Authority for several commonwealth countries and additionally is consulted by Batei Din throughout Europe.


Interview with Conference of European Rabbis Rav Dunner Speaks Out Against EJF

By 5TJT Staff

Published on Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Conference of European Rabbis is the primary Orthodox Rabbinic organization in Europe. It was founded in 1956 on the initiative of British Chief Rabbi Sir Israel Brodie, and its current executive director is Rabbi Aba Dunner. All the chief Rabbis across Europe joined the organization, and attended its first conference in Amsterdam. It is now run by a standing committee of 25 members which meets twice a year, and just met in Moscow. The Five Towns Jewish Times and VINNEWS spoke with Rabbi Dunner in an exclusive interview concerning the recent statement by the Conference of European Rabbis about the EJF (the Eternal Jewish Family).

Interviewer: Firstly, can you tell me about the Conference of European Rabbis?

RD: We are an umbrella organization of all the Chief Rabbis in Europe ranging from Dublin to Kazikstan. They turn to us for guidance. It was designed to prevent the non-authentic forms of Judaism from entering Europe.

Since then, the Conference of European Rabbis has been active in four main areas. The office in Brussels deals with combating anti-Semitism, and attempts to stop Shechita. There is also a “Lo Tishkach” department identifying the 20,000 Jewish cemeteries and mass graves in Europe and to protect them. The fourth area is to establish a Bais Din in areas where they do not have them in order to stop what we call, “Cowboy Geirus and Gittin.”

INT: What else does it do?

RD: We also have a department that builds Mikvaos. A Rav without a Mikvah is like someone with one hand tied behind his back. How can a Rav discuss Taharas HaMishpacha without access to a Mikvah? This is something else that we do.

INT: One would think that there would be worldwide condemnation against Leib Tropper, the former leader of the EJF, and its organization - yet there is virtually nothing. Why is that?

RD: We are amazed why it is. We unmasked this organization and the chap who ran it, I would not call him Rabbi - before this scandal.. We found him to be a control freak and a megalo-maniac, we found him to be so disrespectful of Rabbanim that there was a unanimous vote of the standing committee to make sure that he and his organization do not enter Europe.

Having a seminar of mixed intermarried couples to convert is so bizarre - this was all done in order to gain favor with their sponsor.. We decided, en masse that we wanted nothing to do with EJF .. We are amazed that the Gedolim have not come out against this. We do not understand this at all.

I will press and will continue to press very hard to continue to ensure that this organization ceases from its nefarious activities.

INT: Are you aware of any improprieties by this organization in terms of pushing onto the batei Dinim questionable Geirus?

RD: I have heard stories from America in this regard, but do not know firsthand. I have found the tape to be so terribly shocking, however, that anything can be.

INT: Have you experienced this organization undoing a proper Geirus?

RD: I have only heard that they do such things but do not know of anything for certain. I like to know names and facts before I take a stand on something as serious as this.

I have no idea what their criterion [for geirus] is, if a geirus came in we would make inquiries. We do know of certain unscrupulous batei dinim - there are questionable rabbonim. We look at the geirus that comes up on the table.

This EJF was a random organization, a private organization by a miniscule Rosh Yeshiva in Monsey. What are we talking about here? He has no experience. It is a private organization that got numerous people involved in it for reasons that we all know.. He tried to assume authority and dictated to people what they can and cannot do.. I don’t know why Mr. Tom Kaplan would do this..

INT: Are you convinced that these tapes are legitimate?

RD: Yes, absolutely. I heard the tapes, I know his voice. They are absolutely, totally, and completely genuine.. The whole thing is sick. Never in my entire klal life did I ever experience anything like this. It is quite sick I am 72 years old and, unfortunately, I was exposed to these tapes. I had to hear things that never in my life I would thought to hear. To think of the person and what he did. So unbelievable and so terrible!

INT: But what about the possible good work that he may have done here? Should we throw out the entire organization because of what he did?

RD: Yes, absolutely. Mendelson translated the Tanach into German. He was an apikores. I once asked my father (Rav Dunner‘s father was the head of Keddassiah)- He said, “Abba, it is Assur, this is apikorsus any work that he has done has apikorsus in it..

The same goes to an organization that has been founded by this depraved individual.. He has no right whatsoever to have a Yeshiva.. He is a man that should stay home and be happy that nobody stones him. The same goes for his organization..

Let Mr. Kaplan put his money into Jewish education. Schools are dying because of this economic situation. That is the future of Klal Yisroel.. He could do so much more with his money. The amount of money that has gone down through this black hole is sinful.. Don’t pollute our Jewish world with this type of organization..

INT: What would you recommend American Rabbonim do in the meantime?

RD: They should organize themselves and come up with an alternative method of evaluating geirus.. There are very capable and fine Rabbonim in America. They are quite capable of doing it themselves and working it out themselves. I am sure they can do that to put their house in order.. They should not take money from such an organization..

INT: What in your opinion should Rabbis do who have accepted money personally when they attended these EJF Conferences?

RD: If someone got personal money they should give it to tzedaka, as being part of the backers of EJF - they should immediately give it away. Not back to the EJF.

But chas veshalom they should put it in their pockets..

They should also write a letter to EJF and say, “We want nothing to do with the organization and the funds we received we are forwarding to the following tzedaka organization.. The mosdos of chinuch.” If there is all that money, it should be given to a useful purpose..

INT: Are there any other statements you would like to say regarding this situation?

RD: I call upon every single Rav in America to look at themselves in the mirror and say to themselves:

“Did I do the right thing [in taking EJF money]? For the sake of Chillul Hashem we should show that when the truth comes out, we should say we made a mistake. We know the truth - a genuine mistake. We were wrong. We therefore say, “EJF goodbye! Close down. We don’t need you.” and say to Tom Kaplan, “Please use your money for education.” - That is my call to them..

INT: Thank you Rabbi Dunner, this has been most enlightening.

RD: Thank you.