Monday, October 29, 2018

For my Jewish friends who think I'm exaggerating, here's a message for you. You're worse for our people than the non-Jews who don't know anything about Jewish history. Every time you blame violence against Jews on something other than Judaism being their identity, you're hurting us....

  ( UOJ NOTE: I personally despise Donald Trump, and believe he is a vile and despicable imitation of a human being. PM)

“In a place where there are no men, strive to be a man,” meaning “a mentsch.” 

 by Jeff Schimmel
Today, I heard so many people from all walks of life remark that they don't understand how someone can walk into a synagogue and kill Jewish people for no reason.

Really? Let me clear it up for you. People hate Jews. That's the default setting on Earth. Before you tell me that I'm generalizing or that you love Jews or that there is no proof of anything so clearly wrong and ridiculous, I would ask that you do one thing.

Do a Google search and read some history. Then, after you have learned a little bit, wake the f*ck up.
Do you think Hitler was the only leader to ever hate Jews? He was one of the biggies, no doubt. My family members were murdered by the Nazis in the most horrible ways. But that was a blip in the existence of the Jewish people.

From the time of Abraham, Jews have been favorite targets. How many times was Israel conquered? How many different civilizations tried to wipe us out? How many of them took us to their country as slaves? Do you know that the word "Diaspora" was specifically invented to describe how Jews were always forced out of where they lived?

Why is this the case? My father, a concentration camp survivor, and the only one from his entire family, always said it seemed like jealousy. Jews have achieved a lot. For some reason, uneducated people think everything Jews have was given to them. Really? By whom?

If anything, everything they had was taken from them, by force, generation after generation. But they persevered. When they were prohibited from receiving an education because of their faith, do you know what they did? They educated themselves. Rabbis gathered children in basements and taught them. My father was kicked out of school in Hungary as a young teenager for no reason other than he was a Jew. When he came to this country, penniless, with no rich relatives waiting for him, he busted his ass to make it - and he did. Jews have been doing that for thousands of years, but not because they volunteered to do so. They were forced to because the world has always hated them.

This is reality. If you're a non-Jew and you don't believe it, do one more thing for me. Pretend you're Jewish for a few days. Wear a "Chai" necklace and tell people you're a Jew. See if you are suddenly treated differently. Tell people who already know you that you are actually a Jew and see if it makes a difference to them. Pay attention to the way they talk to you after that. My wife never believed me, until she became a Jew. After that, she never stopped encountering the phenomenon I speak of.

For my Jewish friends who think I'm exaggerating, here's a message for you. You're worse for our people than the non-Jews who don't know anything about Jewish history. Every time you blame violence against Jews on something other than Judaism being their identity, you're hurting us.

Check some FBI statistics. Do you know who the biggest target of hate crimes is in the United States? Jews. Look into it and you will see that Jews are victims of hate crimes more than all of the other targets added together. It's thousands of times a year in this country - that is supposedly run by Jews.

Jews make up just less than 2% of the U.S. population. African-Americans make up 12.6%, and every time something happens to them or their community, I can empathize. Latinos make up 16.3% of the American population. Christians, in aggregate, make up 71% of those in the U.S. Are you beginning to see a trend here? Look at the numbers and tell me who the minority is. Very few people can claim that they get it more than we do and more often and for as long.

It was downright silly today, hearing some people in the media say that Donald Trump is responsible for what happened in a Pittsburgh synagogue. That's brilliant. Was he also responsible for what happened to Jews when the Roman Empire ruled Israel? How about when Solomon's Temple was destroyed in Jerusalem thousands of years ago?

 How about when Solomon's Second Temple was destroyed too? Is Donald Trump responsible for the terrorist attacks perpetrated by Palestinians against Jews in Israel? Did Donald Trump write the charter for Hamas or the Palestinian Authority or Hezbollah or Islamic Jihad or ISIS? You know, the readily available documents that say their mission is to annihilate the Jews of the entire world? Did Donald Trump convince the government of Iran to say they want to wipe Israel off the planet? Does anyone with a brain in their head actually believe that Donald Trump is to blame (for this massacre)?

 Well, I didn't vote for him, but I think it's ludicrous. Was Bernie Sanders responsible for the actions of his former volunteer who shot Republican Congressmen on a baseball field? Of course not.

There are Jew-haters everywhere. Some of them own guns. But the gun didn't stroll into a synagogue today. A lunatic did. A virulent antisemite. And it was far from the first time. The folks out there who want to blame the gun, here's a message for you. Go to Sderot in Southern Israel and watch the rockets rain down on civilians by the thousands. Those aren't guns purchased at Big 5. Go to Jerusalem and see innocent people standing at a train station stabbed to death by a Palestinian woman with scissors. Also not a gun purchased at Wal-Mart. No background check in the world is going to stop a terrorist with a suicide vest.

 Those heroes to the Arab world don't need an AR-15 bought from Bass Pro Shops. The gun didn't kill the people in the synagogue. A man who shouted "All Jews must die!" did. Get that straight in your head. For thousands of years, hundreds of generations, a murderer of Jews never needed a gun to do it.

Let's face facts. Let's not deny history or sweep it under the rug. The Jews have been hunted since forever. That isn't going to change anytime soon. In my opinion, never. I have, unfortunately, had to teach my daughter to accept it and expect it. Sadly, she sees for herself, time and time again, that it is true. A lot of things would have to change in the world for me to be proven wrong. Sorry, but if it hasn't happened in several thousand years, it probably won't change now.

In the meantime, I'm a Jew and I'm not taking shit from anyone. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm not walking into a gas chamber like my grandmother did. If I have to go, I can guarantee you the person on the other end of the transaction is going with me.