Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Enemy Within-Part Three-Chassidism Is Not Judaism

The Enemy Within-Part Three-Chassidism Is Not Judaism - From The UOJ Classics
Originally Posted January 30, 2007

Make no mistake, Chassidism is not part of authentic Judaism. In matter of fact it is closer to Christianity than to Judaism. Orthodox Jews believe that ALL of the principles of Judaism were given to Moshe at Sinai. The written Torah and the oral Torah were dictated to Moshe by Hashem for the forty days he was at Sinai. The roots of the Chassidic movement did not begin until the thirteenth century, when Moses De-Leon started the writings of the Zohar. About three hundred years later, Isaac Luria (ARI) started preaching this mystic garble. The Ari as he was known, was an enigma. He purported to preach the thoughts of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, who lived fifteen hundred years earlier. The problem is that there was no known link of mesorah or chain of events, going back to that time, from RSBY to him or to De-Leon.

Orthodox Jews believe that the Torah m'Sinai was transmitted from father to son, generation after generation, traceable back to Moshe. The fact that there was no link from the Ari or De-Leon to RSBY, and therefore no link back to Sinai, would eliminate the Zohar or Kabballah from effectively being part of Judaism. The most we can rationally say about the Zohar, that it was a" theory" of a few people, and no more. Chassidim, have their entire canon (or myths) based entirely on the writings of the Zohar, and the rantings of an unlearned bal agalah or horse and buggy driver, known as the Baal Shem Tov or the Besht. The Besht, being the very first Forest Ranger, hanging out with the animals in the forest and talking to the trees, set a precedent for todays rebbes who hang out in their ghettos with their animals . Tales of the Besht are just that, buba - maases, or in English, fairy tales . (In Brooklyn we call it unadulterated BS).

The Vilna Gaon called the Besht a heretic and a lunatic, and considered that movement outside of Judaism. Rabbi Aron Kotler refused to let chassidim into Lakewood. When he ultimately relented under great pressure, he forbade them to wear their shtreimels in the bais medrash. It is difficult enough for any Jew to really comprehend Torah m'Sinai, but that is emunah; who in their right mind can possibly believe the stupidity of the chassidic nonsense which emanates from an ignoramus? Imagine if you will, Art Scroll gedolim stories, turning into another branch of Judaism in a few hundred years. The entire concept of the kabbalistic ten sfiros, the sum total of the sfiros representing Hashem; how far away is that from Christianity, where the Trinity is the sum total of their Divinity? How far away is the tzaddik or rebbe, who through his holiness, is capable of representing the chassid to Hashem; to "Yushka", who through him only can you reach the Kingdom Of God? The" coming ressurection" of the Lubavitcher Rebbe demonstrates how far afield of Judaism ALL the chassidic groups have gone.

The Gerrer Rebbe is now assurring his flock, that Moshiach will arrive in the next year or so. He is a sick, delusional idiot who deserves a good flogging. Hey, putz, if Moshiach is coming in the next year or so, he surely did not tell an ignoramus like you. You behaima, stop taking whatever drugs you are on. When he doesn't come, then what? You make me sick, feh!

The entire concept of a Jew needing an intemediary to get heard by Hashem was and is a fraud. One should have to dump their entire head down the toilet in shame, if they believe in this apikorsus. This dveykus garbage, where one should cleave to their rebbe, is the BIGGGEST mentally dysfunctional illness of Chassidism. Who the hell is this rebbe that he should be cleaved to? I will tell you who, gangsters. The Mafia godfathers, also had their underlings cleave to them. The same type of fear, one physical, one emotional. How in the world does anyone buy into this? How ill does one have to be to cleave to a putz without a job? His ONLY job is screwing you out of your money and independence. What in the world do you need this parasite for? Have these scam artists so emotionally paralyzed you, that if you let go of them , you fear Divine retribution? We have watched in horror the goings on among the chassidim. They have bastardized our faith with their hocus pocus. Their rebbes are the greatest con artists of the group, bleeding their sheep for whatever, and having them go to jail for their thefts. Buddhists, Hindus and Scientologists have more credibilty than these groups of peasants. The original post war rebbes of Satmar and Klausenberg were well intentioned and learned people. They gave their lives to the klal, and had an honest agenda. One can differ with their world view which I do with vehemence, especially Satmar, but one has to respect their drive to reestablish and rebuild the lives of the remnants of their respective communities.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel, was a brilliant and charismatic figure, who had his own agenda of note. Unfortunately his movement went awry with sheer insanity, especially the Moshiach movement, which catapaulted his religion into something other than Judaism. He could have stopped it, either he went crazy in his old age, or worse, he believed it. Nevertheless, he left an unmatched legacy of chessed and kiruv, that has way surpassed any other chassidic groups. These three rebbes were legitimate heirs of their respective chassidus, they were talmidei chachomim and sincere people. They believed in their own brands of Judaism, although it was based on voodoo theories. The only reason I can somehow tolerate them, is because as human beings they had integrity. The money they raised, was for their version of what was good for Yiddishkeit. They were self-sacrificing, and I believe well intentioned, although absolutely wrong in their distinct approaches . They filled a need at the time, which was to restore sanity to their followers after the war. They should have discontinued this demented ideology, and embrace Torah true Judaism. But something weird happens to people when scores of people put them on a pedestal. Their sense of self gets distorted, and if they become the ultimate authority without anyone to answer to, megalomania sets in. "Absolute power corrupts, absolutely". The chassidus of today is organized crime, no more. They, the Mafia, also had big hats, and stole whatever they could. Every single chassidus today, is corrupt from head to toe. Their rebbes lead and mislead their idiot followers to a life of frivolity.
Meaningless gatherings, to waiting up all night to get a bracha from the top honcho, is just another con game. There is no meaning in dancing and swaying with the rebbe. There is no sense in partaking from his leftover food. There is no benefit in getting a feel good bracha from these guys. It is ONE BIG HOAX, and the joke is on you, you demented behaimas.

The present Satmar is composed of a bunch of hoodlums with their rebbe at the helm, and is a shameful example of what went wrong with all these chassidic movements. Satmar gave birth to the Neturai Karta, the behaimas that met with Arafat, may he drop dead again. The first Rebbe, unfortunately, was off the wall with his hate of what he called the Medinas Yisroel. He was the prime mover and shaker, pitting Jew against Jew. I am sure, that his soul is paying the price for this form of terrorism. For whatever his thoughts on the secular Jews, his hate mongering was the sign of a man who was irrational and worse. He approved and condoned the open displays of hate from his followers. The present rebbe, a former stockbroker and a shady one to boot, inherited the job because R' Yoel had no sons. On the merits of his right to this job, other than being a Teitelbaum, he had none.

There was another Joel Teitelbaum, who was a cousin of the rebbe. He came over after the war, and called himself the Satmar Rebbe. He raised money, until his cousin and other people from Satmar came, and put an end to his fraud. He changed his name to the Kirhauser Rebbe. He was uncovered to be a KAPO, or a Nazi collaborator, during the war. In other words, he beat the hell out of fellow Jews and worse. When one of his kids were doing a shidduch, and the prospective machatunim met, the machatainester fainted on the spot because she recognized him as the kapo that beat her almost to death. No, this shidduch did not take place. He established a shul, and became a "mover and shaker" in the nursing home business. He" moved" dead bodies from freezer to freezer, collecting their social security checks in the meanwhile. The ones that were still alive, he" shaked" whatever money they had out of them, by stealing their mail and bank accounts. He defrauded the government and every single investor that trusted him. After all, he was a rebbe! He should rot in hell! The Spinka Rebbe was whisked away one Shabbos during davening by the police, he screamed Shabbos, Shabbos!! The people he abused in his nursing homes had nobody to scream to when he abused them, stole their social security checks, and gave them rotten food. When the old people died, this great tzaddik, may he rot in hell, froze their bodies, to be able to keep collecting the government stipends. He was part of the notorious Bergman family, or the "Nursing Home Mafia" as described by the New York Times. It's in their blood, they are sick! Damn these animals; the mitzvah of burying the dead within twenty four hours of death, goes in the garbage when there is money to be stolen. The mitzvah of "escorting the dead" to him meant, escort, "after" all the money was sucked out of the family and the social security number. His two behaimeshe gangster mamzeirim run Spinka today. Monkeys in black garb.

Hertz Frankel, aka the" Satmar Gonniff" stole tens of millions of dollars throughout his thirty years at Satmar. The government finally caught up with him, he plea bargained, and stayed out of jail. Do not tell me that the Rebbe did not know where all these millions came from.

Leib Pinter, the notorious Bnai Torah fraudster, stole millions of dollars for non existent government lunch programs. EVERY SINGLE CHASSIDIC MOSAD PARTICIPATED WILLFULLY AND KNOWINGLY WITH PINTER. Munkascz, Vishnitz, Ger, Belz, Satmar, Skver, Bobov, and all the other midgets with fur hats and long filthy black bathrobes, had a direct hand in this and all other government frauds through Pinter and his cohorts. Pinter went to jail. Pinter has been indicted again for mortgage fraud. He is the "energizer" goniff, he keeps stealing & stealing & stealing.....When they got caught, these nice guys, rebbes, threw the front men to the dogs.

There was drug money laundering, and drug selling through Bobov. Maher Reiss went to jail. The Munkaczer's brother, the Dinover Rebbe, brother in-law of the Vyepoler Rebbe (Frankel's shul in Flatbush), was caught drug smuggling. But they have pretty shuls and fancy homes. Every single time records had to be produced, all of a sudden the files somehow got destroyed by fire. WOW! Hashem certainly created this "nes "so these thieves can keep their businesses going. "Viheney boar b'aish v'hasneh ukol!", these guys certainly deserved Divine intervention, as Moshe did! This time somehow, Hashem decided that the fire SHOULD destroy the phony records.


Shlomo Halberstam, the first misfit of Bobov, landed in New York after the war. He had his butt fired at the first shul that hired him, because he could not learn a blatt G'mora. This holy genius moved to Crown Heights and ran a kindergarten. His job was to give the kids candies. I swear this is true, I spoke to one of those" kids. "A few lunatic admirers of this Don Juan, decided to move him to Boro Park. So what that he had no clue about learning. He made them feel good, what else matters? He was a master at his game. So what that his father advised his kehilla in Poland not to worry about the Nazis, and assurred them that no harm would come to them. He was a" holy" man, surely his bracha had G-D's seal of approval. Well, you know the end of that story.

The "holy" men from Gur and Belz gave the same advice to their followers. The Belzer Rebbe snuck out of Poland in middle of the night to Israel, as he kept advising his followers to stay put. They would do and say anything to hold on to their little kingdoms. Can you not see that these guys are meaningless people, who without the soap box you put them on would be wagon drivers? The fight going on at Bobov now for the "malchus," is about money and power, it has NOTHING TO DO WITH G-D. One guy is a bigger retard than the other. Take away the real estate and money, they both would be driving cabs.

Years ago, Stoliner chassidim crowned a nine year old kid as their rebbe. You tell me that these guys are normal.

The Chabad telethon sums up the present day status of that group. The Rebbe's picture is their avoda zara. You have Christians, Asians, shvartzes, and drug addicts doing the hora around the Rebbe. Cunin and his family have managed to accumulate one hundred fifty million dollars in real estate, and have ruined people's lives by having the secular courts confiscate any property that housed a "Chabad shul", even though they, the Cunin's, had nothing to do with it. In other words, they became the franchisers for the Chabad name. The Kentucky Fried Chicken of chassidus, with Cunin as Colonel Sanders.

When a bais din ruled AGAINST Cunin, this shyster, who has free access to first rate attorneys, took it to secular court, AGAINST THE RULING OF THE "CHABAD" BAIS DIN. This" holy" guy, has a direct line to the Rebbe, and I am sure that is what the Rebbe advised him to do. Cunin hangs out every month at the kever, midst a whole community of Lubavitchers who are waiting for him to dust himself off and reveal himself. Cunin has got to know something we don't .A historical note of interest. None of the direct descendants of the first Lubavitcher Rebbe, R' Shneur Zalman, are frum. In matter of fact one of his sons converted to Catholicism. The sad part about all of this, because the world today is in such upheavel, people look to other people to make them feel good. The chances of this mental illness called chassidus to go away any time soon, is not promising. People are spending billions of dollars on anti-depressants and other types of feel good drugs. The guys in the black coats are their Opium. If you will continue to rely on people for all that is wrong in your life, why not put true ehrliche Yiden at the helm. Why settle for ignoramuses and thieves? Do away with these purveyors of idiotic dogma and rituals. Do not wait for the Moshiach, you be your own liberator. There are no "seventy two virgins"waiting for you, or whatever your version of that BS is.