Saturday, December 12, 2009


For at the very least - twenty years, YULA and the RCC (Rabbinical Council Of California), have been enabling Shalom Tendler and Aron Tendler to be in a setting that caused great harm to their victims, under the cloak of respectability. There are numerous victims that could have been spared a life of misery if YULA and the RCC would have expelled these two vicious sub-humans when they became aware of their activities in the late 1980's.

The civil liability may extend to the Shaarey Tzedek Congregation, and the Young Israel Of North Beverly Hills as well and their officers.

I urge the victims to consult, anonymously if you wish, with Jeffrey Herman Esq. the world renown sex abuse advocate at: jherman@hermanlaw.com--1800-686-9921. His website is hermanlaw.com for information about his successes.

Please contact as well, the religion editor of the L.A. Times, Mr. Steve Padilla.

Steve can be reached at:steve.padilla@latimes.com.It is long past due that we hold everyone accountable for the damage caused to Judaism and our children.


This was sent to me by an anonymous reader...... I have been accused over and over again that I'm not doing enough to go after the sins of our MO brothers. While I must admit that there are plenty of nasty incidents in the MO world that are horrifying, in my opinion they are dwarfed by the criminality and corruption involved --- and the number of events in the charedi sector. So I will put this up after some slight editing...the thrust of this rant is intact! I'm assuming he sent the original rant to Mr. Pareve Veggie Burger...aka the Chelmer Putz from Chicago .... I believe there is "some" truth here. How much, you decide. I did edit out certain rabbis' names...The writer does not understand -- that while Lanner conned everyone; Kolko conned noone, EVERYONE KNEW HE WAS SCREWING WITH LITTLE KIDS AND THE "GEDOLIM" STILL LEFT HIM IN THE CLASSROOM!

........"So Harry, you’re appalled by the ban eh? Good for ya. But let me ask you, where were you when the midgets of the RCA issued a ban on American cars and told us to switch over to Corollas and hybrids? I can’t even fit in those matchboxes, but I guess for those morons global warming means more than your life. And of course what I smoke is their business, ain’it? But if they’re so hell bent on saving my life via refraining from tobacco, how can they shove me into a Corolla? Well, I guess that’s their Da’as Torah. Oops, they reject the notion. So it’s their psak.

So Harry, you’re appalled by the fact that a “Rebbe” was molesting children for 40 years and left in that school, aintcha? Well let me tell you something, your dear gadol knew about it all along the way and didn’t do jack. The first formal (i.e. criminal) accusation came nearly 30 years after the fact, you know that well. But let me ask your dear Gedolim, where were they when NCSY was covering up for Baruch Lanner, who did penetrate a kid or two. It was again your gadol who put him away, in the quietest way possible, so as to save NCSY’s and YU’s good name.

BTW, Harry, aren't YOUR articles published in a rag that supports Hillary Clinton and Mordy Tendler? Oh, I'm not allowed to mention it, sorry.
You know, Mordechai Tendler, who shtupped every married woman in his congregation (no big deal here, admittedly, as in MO circles this is the norm) all the while the lowlife Klass brothers, who publish your articles among other rubbish (let’s see if they have the guts to publish your article on the ban too - something tells me they don’t), were covering for him. What about good ol' Uncle Shalom Tendler in L.A., the filthy pervert that people are now claiming molested both Mordy and Aron? Let's not forget that Uncle Shalom and Aron were doing and sharing high school girls in L.A., and any woman without false teeth, while Rabbi Dr. Moshe was running around besmirching Kollel Avreichim and covering up his dear jewels’ crimes, while your YU boys in L.A. were selling Holocaust memorabilia.
But your Dear Deer had the gall to go to Teaneck – wife-swapping capital of the world, and I take Steven Pruzansky who knows yet does nothing about it as my witness – and give a “drashsa” (read: accolades to UOJ for having courageously dragged Rav Elchonon Wasserman through the mud) about calling the police on child molesters. Well, can you ask this crusader why didn’t he call the cops on Lanner?

My dear, it is you who held the Jerusalem Rabbonim accountable for Kolko’s crimes, so here’s one for the road. (If you have patience do some research in the Israeli media -it's old stuff so I won't kill myself digging it up.

But here's a worthy quote: "Attorney-General Elyakim Rubinstein decided yesterday not to prosecute former Ashkenazi chief rabbi Avraham Shapira and former NRP MK and current NRP candidate Haim Druckman for failing to take action against the former head of Yeshivat Netiv Meir, Rabbi Ze'ev Kopolevitch. Kopolevitch has been indicted on charges of forcing 19 of his students to engage in homosexual relations with him.

Police investigated allegations that some of the students had complained about Kopolevitch to Shapira, the head of the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva, and Druckman, who was head of the B'nei Akiva yeshivot at the time, and that they had not passed on the complaints to the authorities. Police recommended prosecuting the two rabbis. Rubinstein did not provide the reasons for his decision not to do so. Dan Izenberg" )

But I guess rape and murder are not enough to make you tremble; A ban on idiotic concerts is. Well, I guess if I were a moron who calls Shlomo Carlebach “rabbi” while spitting on real talmidei chachomim, I’d tremble too...............