Wednesday, June 13, 2007


An Open Letter to Phil Jacobs

From a reader - I do not necessarily agree or endorse the contents of this letter, I do feel there is much truth written here. I do not know the writer. I edited out certain passages... UOJ

Rabbi Moshe Eisemann has recently published his new book Music Made in Heaven(distributed by Feldheim Publishers). It's now on sale at Ner Israel and Hebrew bookstores in Baltimore. The book contains an endorsement letter by Ner Israel's present Rosh Hayeshiva Rabbi Aharon Feldman. (Rabbi Feldman has prohibited heretical books written by Rabbi Nosson Slifkin and endorsed Rabbi Eisemann's books.) The date on the letter (in Hebrew) is March 5, 2007.

Rabbi Eisemann started his book with a highly significant citation from Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch's Prayer Book:..."even though, like the moon, he might occasionally even seem to disappear from sight, David, moon-like, shall live and endure for all time. Rabbi Eisemann was clearly referring to himself. He believes that he is eternal despite all attempts of his adversaries".

He is truly eternal, but not because he is David-like. It is because he is Devil-like. Now he hopes that his witchcraft, learned from the ancient secret manuscripts (Eisemann's family business back in Europe) will annihilate his enemies. It is no coincidence that Rabbi Eisemann called his new book.. Music Made in Heaven. Note two first M's of the title. That's a mystical weapon (Harba de-Moshe) as Rabbi Eisemann's real name is triple M: Mario Martin Moses. (By the way, compare this title with the names of his other books: Harp Strings & Heart Strings (HS-HS), Of Parents & Penguins(P-P), Shelter Amongst the Shadows(S-S), and Worlds Beneath the Words(W-W). M's are used here for the first time!)

Now consider these points:

1) Rabbi Eisemann still happily resides on campus across the hall (literally!) from his old buddy Rabbi Joseph Tendler, the head of the Ner Israel high school. (Does he supply Rabbi Eisemann with fresh kids? I heard from a reliable source that decades ago Rabbi Aharon Kotler explicitly told Rabbi Joseph Tendler never to teach children.)

2) Nobody on campus knows (at least officially) about Rabbi Eisemann's pedophilic activities. The yeshiva closely monitors students Internet connections and reading materials.

3) Rabbi Eisemann's new book has a www.yeshivakishiniev.org address on it. He is still actively involved with the Russians. What was the fate of all the Russian boys and girls he brought to the US? (Some of them were not even Jewish (!) and the Ner Israel administration knew very well about that.) Why does Rabbi Eisemann have young Russian girls living in his apartment? (By the way, money made from the sale of his books goes to Rabbi Eisemann's offshore bank accounts (he is a British citizen) and to his large family in the US and Israel, not to the Kishiviev yeshiva as printed in the official mailing leaflet.)

4) Take a closer look at some Baltimore Rabbis:

a) Rabbi Zvi Berkowitz has proofread (as usual) Rabbi Eisemann's latest book. Rabbi Berkowitz has been aware of Rabbi Eisemann's pedophilic activities for decades. (Is that the reason he and his wife-matchmaker occupy two large apartments on campus?) Rabbi Berkowitz is the son-in-law of Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetzky, who has covered up sexual offender Rabbi Yaakov Menken.

b) Almost a year ago, Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer made a decree that Rabbi Eisemann needed to leave Ner Israel. Rabbi Hopfer is a notorious hypocrite, a mouthpiece of Ner Israel, his children went there. Ner Israel has always dictated Rabbi Hopfer's Daa$ Torah.

c) Rabbi Moshe Heinemann (a former palm-reader) has issued a ban on the Baltimore Jewish Times for publishing a story about pedophilic Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro. Rabbi Heinemann lived many years on Ner Israel's campus and even gave classes there.

All these Rabbis are lifelong friends of Rabbi Moshe Eisemann. What do you expect from them? To repent and be good again? They were never good to begin with. (What do you expect from unethical Rabbi Eisemann who sells his sixteen books on ethics (!) at www.yeshivakishiniev.org? Is that because he is a Levite, chosen by God to sing sweet songs in the holy Temple?) These Rabbis spent their lives learning the Torah.

They should know what is right and what is wrong. They should know it cold. I have no doubt that the multimillion-dollar business called the Ner Israel Rabbinical College will find an effective way to silence anyone who fights that yeshiva and its ideology of silence.

Remember that well.