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An Open Letter to Phil Jacobs

From a reader - I do not necessarily agree or endorse the contents of this letter, I do feel there is much truth written here. I do not know the writer. I edited out certain passages... UOJ

Rabbi Moshe Eisemann has recently published his new book Music Made in Heaven(distributed by Feldheim Publishers). It's now on sale at Ner Israel and Hebrew bookstores in Baltimore. The book contains an endorsement letter by Ner Israel's present Rosh Hayeshiva Rabbi Aharon Feldman. (Rabbi Feldman has prohibited heretical books written by Rabbi Nosson Slifkin and endorsed Rabbi Eisemann's books.) The date on the letter (in Hebrew) is March 5, 2007.

Rabbi Eisemann started his book with a highly significant citation from Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch's Prayer Book:..."even though, like the moon, he might occasionally even seem to disappear from sight, David, moon-like, shall live and endure for all time. Rabbi Eisemann was clearly referring to himself. He believes that he is eternal despite all attempts of his adversaries".

He is truly eternal, but not because he is David-like. It is because he is Devil-like. Now he hopes that his witchcraft, learned from the ancient secret manuscripts (Eisemann's family business back in Europe) will annihilate his enemies. It is no coincidence that Rabbi Eisemann called his new book.. Music Made in Heaven. Note two first M's of the title. That's a mystical weapon (Harba de-Moshe) as Rabbi Eisemann's real name is triple M: Mario Martin Moses. (By the way, compare this title with the names of his other books: Harp Strings & Heart Strings (HS-HS), Of Parents & Penguins(P-P), Shelter Amongst the Shadows(S-S), and Worlds Beneath the Words(W-W). M's are used here for the first time!)

Now consider these points:

1) Rabbi Eisemann still happily resides on campus across the hall (literally!) from his old buddy Rabbi Joseph Tendler, the head of the Ner Israel high school. (Does he supply Rabbi Eisemann with fresh kids? I heard from a reliable source that decades ago Rabbi Aharon Kotler explicitly told Rabbi Joseph Tendler never to teach children.)

2) Nobody on campus knows (at least officially) about Rabbi Eisemann's pedophilic activities. The yeshiva closely monitors students Internet connections and reading materials.

3) Rabbi Eisemann's new book has a www.yeshivakishiniev.org address on it. He is still actively involved with the Russians. What was the fate of all the Russian boys and girls he brought to the US? (Some of them were not even Jewish (!) and the Ner Israel administration knew very well about that.) Why does Rabbi Eisemann have young Russian girls living in his apartment? (By the way, money made from the sale of his books goes to Rabbi Eisemann's offshore bank accounts (he is a British citizen) and to his large family in the US and Israel, not to the Kishiviev yeshiva as printed in the official mailing leaflet.)

4) Take a closer look at some Baltimore Rabbis:

a) Rabbi Zvi Berkowitz has proofread (as usual) Rabbi Eisemann's latest book. Rabbi Berkowitz has been aware of Rabbi Eisemann's pedophilic activities for decades. (Is that the reason he and his wife-matchmaker occupy two large apartments on campus?) Rabbi Berkowitz is the son-in-law of Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetzky, who has covered up sexual offender Rabbi Yaakov Menken.

b) Almost a year ago, Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer made a decree that Rabbi Eisemann needed to leave Ner Israel. Rabbi Hopfer is a notorious hypocrite, a mouthpiece of Ner Israel, his children went there. Ner Israel has always dictated Rabbi Hopfer's Daa$ Torah.

c) Rabbi Moshe Heinemann (a former palm-reader) has issued a ban on the Baltimore Jewish Times for publishing a story about pedophilic Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro. Rabbi Heinemann lived many years on Ner Israel's campus and even gave classes there.

All these Rabbis are lifelong friends of Rabbi Moshe Eisemann. What do you expect from them? To repent and be good again? They were never good to begin with. (What do you expect from unethical Rabbi Eisemann who sells his sixteen books on ethics (!) at www.yeshivakishiniev.org? Is that because he is a Levite, chosen by God to sing sweet songs in the holy Temple?) These Rabbis spent their lives learning the Torah.

They should know what is right and what is wrong. They should know it cold. I have no doubt that the multimillion-dollar business called the Ner Israel Rabbinical College will find an effective way to silence anyone who fights that yeshiva and its ideology of silence.

Remember that well.


"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...


I am concerned; I need to hear from you.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

By Claudia Parsons
Wed Jun 13, 5:48 PM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Violent Muslim, Christian and Jewish extremists invoke the same rhetoric of "good" and "evil" and the best way to fight them is to tackle the problems that drive people to extremism, according to a report obtained by Reuters.

It said extremists from each of the three faiths often have tangible grievances -- social, economic or political -- but they invoke religion to recruit followers and to justify breaking the law, including killing civilians and members of their own faith.

The report was commissioned by security think tank EastWest Institute ahead of a conference on Thursday in New York titled "Towards a Common Response: New Thinking Against Violent Extremism and Radicalization." The report will be updated and published after the conference.

The authors compared ideologies, recruitment tactics and responses to violent religious extremists in three places -- Muslims in Britain, Jews in Israel and Christians in the United States.

"What is striking ... is the similarity of the worldview and the rationale for violence," the report said.

It said that while Muslims were often perceived by the West as "the principal perpetrators of terrorist activity," there are violent extremists of other faiths. Always focusing on Muslim extremists alienates mainstream Muslims, it said.

The report said it was important to examine the root causes of violence by those of different faiths, without prejudice.

"It is, in each situation, a case of 'us' versus 'them,"' it said. "That God did not intend for civilization to take its current shape; and that the state had failed the righteous and genuine members of that nation, and therefore God's law supersedes man's law."


This worldview was common to ultranationalist Jews, like Yigal Amir, who killed Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995, to U.S. groups like Christian Identity, which is linked to white supremacist groups, and to other Christian groups that attacked abortion providers, it said.

"Extremists should never be dismissed simply as evil," said the report. "Trying to engage in a competition with religious extremists over who can offer a simpler answer to complex problems will be a losing proposition every time."

Harvard University lecturer Jessica Stern, the conference's keynote speaker, spent five years interviewing extremists for her 2003 book "Terror in the Name of God: Why Religious Militants Kill."

She said it was dangerous for U.S. President George W. Bush to use terms such as "crusade" or "ridding the world of evil."

"It really is falling into the same trap that these terrorists fall into, black and white thinking," Stern told Reuters on Wednesday. "It's very exciting to extremists to hear an American president talking that way."

Stern said to compare violent extremists from the three faiths was not to suggest that the threat was the same.

"These are not equivalent," she said. "The problems arising from Christian or Jewish extremism are not threatening to the world in the same way as Muslim extremism is."

Conference organizers say their aim is to develop a nonpartisan strategy to combat religious extremism.

Auto World Reports Editor said...

Yes my master I'm here for you.

Anonymous said...

UOJ,even with your disclaimer it does your credibility no good to associate with the wierdo who wrote this letter.Also Tendler and Eisman do not live in the same building,let alone across the hall from each other.(you can check in any Balto. phonebook if you don't believe me.)

Political Analyst said...

UOJ, it's well known that Reuters has zero credibilty. They are the subject of almost daily attacks from the Wall Street Journal for outright lies and other distortions. While they will never classify al Qaeda as terrorists with the "justification" that they are viewed by some as "freedom fighters", they will heap abuse on the religious right of Judaism and Christianity and any government not conforming to their ultra-liberal ideals - first and foremost the Bush Administration.

Knowing Reuters, they probably hyped & exaggerated whatever this leftist Harvard academic had to say.

Computer Generated Image said...


What Margo would look like if clean shaven.

Sruly Singer said...

Some friend Julie is. He bails out as soon as the going gets tough.


Berman also spoke of “the possible turmoil inside the conference” if Singer had decided to run for re-election. “Then I’d really have a lot of work to do, talking to a lot of people to see if we could mold a consensus. If, after today, we’re not news anymore, I’m relieved.”

Steve Greenberg said...

Even though Bubba Cohen & Avi Shafran are only trying to help Yudi Kolko if he's attacked at another Bris, I'm still grateful.


Agudath Israel of America voted to endorse the House-passed version of the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007.

Rabbi Abba Cohen, Agudah’s Washington director, said that “Orthodox Jews do not condone willful acts of bodily injury, to gay people or anybody else. That’s what this bill is all about.”

More Profiting off the Shoah said...

Move over Sruly Singer and Marvin Hier.


No Business Like ‘Shoah Business’

Now comes Tova Reich’s novel, “My Holocaust,” which tells the story of Maurice Messer, a Holocaust survivor who, together with his son, Norman, is a partner in the lucrative business of marketing the Holocaust. Maurice is chairman of the national Holocaust Museum in Washington, preying on wealthy women to donate millions of dollars so their names can be listed on the museum’s memorial wall, selling the museum’s position of educational director to the highest bidder, shuttling between the barracks and crematoria of Auschwitz in a private limo, flirting with donors and Polish guides along the way.

David Margolick, a contributing editor at Vanity Fair and the author of several books, reviewed Reich’s novel for The New York Times Book Review several weeks ago and reached a similar conclusion, wondering how Reich could “write something so rancid and primitive.”

It turns out that Reich has a personal as well as ideological axe to grind here. Her husband, Walter, was forced out as director of the Holocaust Museum in Washington in 1998 after refusing to give PLO leader Yasir Arafat a tour. And she obviously feels that the museum is an ill-conceived use of government funding — for the land it occupies near the Washington Monument and the majority of its operating budget — and overly political, given that its leaders are presidential appointees.

It should also be noted that the author’s brother is Avi Weiss, a popular pulpit rabbi in Riverdale and activist leader of several groups, including Holocaust Museum Watch, which claims the museum fails to fulfill its mandate of decrying Arab anti-Semitism for fear of violating political correctness.

(In the book, Messer’s granddaughter not only denounces her Judaism but joins the very convent at Auschwitz where Rabbi Weiss once scaled the walls to protest its presence.)

The malice in virtually every sentence of Reich’s novel is palpable and disturbing, and every survivor depicted in it is loathsome in some way. (Sometimes it’s best to take work written in the heat of anger and put in a desk drawer for a while.)

If Norman Finkelstein, an academic who is anathema to the Jewish community for his contention that the Jews have made an exploitative industry of the Holocaust, had written this novel, it would be seen as proof positive of his status as a self-hating Jew.

Reich, in contrast to Finkelstein, has solid Jewish literary and communal credentials. But her letter to the editor in the New York Times Book Review last Sunday expressing contempt for Margolick and his review, written as a letter from a minor character in her book, is Exhibit A of her style in the novel: subtle as a sledgehammer, embarrassing and decidedly unfunny.

Through her character, “Lipman Krakowski,” Reich criticizes Margolick for his “ad hominem” review, then refers to him as some “little knee jerk” who is “some kind of boxer maybe” because he wrote a book about Joe Louis.

One of the other two critical letters the Review published Sunday was by Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld, who served as assistant rabbi to Rabbi Weiss and is active as well in Holocaust Museum Watch.

OU Crony Watch said...


Rabbi Haskel Lookstein was especially strong on Orthodox indifference. Among the astonishing things we learn from him is that “The Orthodox Union, published monthly by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, had no reference whatsoever to the plight of German Jewry in the three issues following Kristallnacht.”

Subjects the Orthodox Union did manage to find space for in those three issues included the opening of a yeshiva in Cape Town; the Temple of Religion exhibit at the 1939 World’s Fair; and an appeal to synagogues to join in the celebration, at a special World’s Fair dinner, of the 150th anniversary of George Washington’s inauguration.

As Lookstein dryly noted, “For some reason – perhaps the assumption that readers would get the important news elsewhere – there was no room in the Orthodox Union for reflection on the mortal threat to German Jewry.”

(The Orthodox Union’s apathetic attitude continued to manifest itself deep into the war years. In 1943, Lookstein pointed out, most of the magazine’s “gaily covered Purim issue was devoted to parochial subjects like activating the synagogue, revitalizing Orthodoxy, conducting a junior Sabbath service and the problem of Jewish youth.”)

Besides the indifference, there was, of course, the looming figure of Roosevelt.

“Jewish people are not supposed to worship graven images, but my mother used to kiss this little bust of Franklin Roosevelt that was on top of the big old radio,” the theatrical producer Arthur Cohen reminisced to Harvey and Myrna Frommer in their oral history Growing Up Jewish In America. “The women especially were nuts about him.”

In the acclaimed 1994 documentary “America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference,” the late Conservative rabbi Arthur Hertzberg told the story of the sermon his father, a rabbi in Baltimore, gave on Yom Kippur 1940.

“He got up in the synagogue,” Hertzberg recalled, “and he said, ‘Our brothers are being killed in Europe by the Nazis. If we had any Jewish dignity, we would, at the end of this fast, get into our cars and go from Baltimore to Washington. We would picket the White House and we would demand of the president that he use his influence on the Nazis, as the great neutral power, to stop the killings....’

“That night, within an hour after the end of the fast, my father got a note from the board of this little synagogue firing him for his disrespect for the president.”

The veneration of Roosevelt seemingly knew no bounds, as can be glimpsed in this appalling, but not at all atypical, statement from one of the Jewish leaders of that era:

“The greatest friend we have, who lights up the darkness of the world, is our president, Franklin D. Roosevelt. His words are like balm for the broken Jewish hearts.... Traditional Jewry will engrave, with the blood of our holy martyrs, the names of our president and his people in the annals of Jewish history for generations to come,” said Rabbi J. Konvitz, president of the Agudat Harabanim.

Such was the cult of FDR, at whose altar American Jews of every denominational stripe and level of religious observance happily prostrated themselves

Armchair General Putz Watch said...


Rabbi Greer in New Haven is coming under heavy criticism for trying to protect residents with the patrol. He was attacked by a wide ranging coalition at a press conference comprised of Black groups, a modern orthodox rabbi (David Avigdor), the ADL (Abe Foxman is a disgrace) and secular Jewish Federation.

Coming to the defense of Rabbi Greer are the Guardian Angels and non-Jewish residents who are fed up with criminals overrunning the streets.

Talk from the hypocrite critics is cheap.

Mayor of Monroe Assaults Satmar Chusid said...


The Satmarer is nisht ken malach either. He was convicted of forgery after a public corruption probe by the FBI.

Agunos Circa 1860 said...


JUNE 15, 2007

The heartbreaking cry of abandoned agunot

Hamagid, a newspaper published in an obscure town called Lyck, which was located on the Prussian side of the Russian border where the censor’s pen could be evaded.

The advertisements, which over the course of the 1860s spilled from one page to the next, were on behalf of agunot, women who had been abandoned by their husbands. According to the editor, an indefatigable campaigner and hero in my eyes, there were literally thousands of women whose husbands had dumped them to seek their luck in other parts of the world, travelling by train to Germany or France, and by ship to America, and yes, to Australia.

ONE hundred and fifty years after the event, my heart still breaks for Beila Gishe, who has come to symbolise for me the continuing inequity (and iniquity) of a halachic system that abandoned these woman to the cruelty of their husbands. Listen to her voice, from 1869: “I cry out to you, noble sons of Israel, who are in Melbourne: it has been 15 years since my husband, Joseph X has left me to wander the breadth of the globe.

"Until four years ago, I had been receiving letters from him stating that he had had settled in the town of Melbourne, the capital of Australia, that he has grown in stature and acquired a large fortune ... And now my wretched daughter’s time has come to marry and I am bound with the bonds of desertion and poverty together. Who among you, rabbis of Melbourne, is God-fearing and intelligent, that he may listen to the groan of a mourner recounting how she has been deprived?”

It is estimated that in Israel today there are thousands of women whose husbands refuse to give them a divorce, or who use the rabbinic courts to blackmail their wives into unjust financial and custody settlements.

G said...

"From a reader - I do not necessarily agree or endorse the contents of this letter, I do feel there is much truth written here. I do not know the writer. I edited out certain passages... UOJ"

What do you believe is gained from posting this letter specifically? It does not advance any new factual or even suspected information while at the same time rambling on with statements about other individuals that would seem not to stem from calm clear thinking.

To be clear, I would like to know how THIS post/letter aids the cause in any way.

Quote from a True Gadol said...

No matter what Effy Wachsman has to say.


Thursday, June 14, 2007


"The truth must be heard,

Even if the public doesn't like the sound of it.

Whatever the circumstances, regardless of the consequences.

The truth must be stated-loudly, clearly & unequivocally".

(By Bunim-Ob"m)

posted by Yehuda Shain at 8:44 AM

Truth said...

1. Rabbi Eiseman does not live in the same building

2. Anyone who went to NIRC can tell you that the two have nothing to do with each other. In fact Rabbi Tendler has no love for the Bais Medrash program.

3. Rav Aaron Kotler told Rabbi Tendler years ago that if he went into chinuch as Rav Aaron wanted him to he would always have a parnassah which he always has had from his dairy business.

3. To my knowledge Rabbi Hopfer had one son who attended NIRC for a brief period.

4. Rabbi Eiseman is rarely seen these days on campus.

Anonymous said...

I'll explain what is my complaint. Firstly, I am with UOJ and I recognize that the oposition is corrupted! no, it's not enough, the oposition is CORRUPTED!!!
However, in Milhama, especially in strategy, they are by far better then UOJ. It is correct that UOJ caught them in surprise. But they regrouped, banned the internet in order to protect their community from any farther "bad" influence and took measures to stregthen and enforce their grip on that community.
Now, the attacks, especial;ly the one I responded to, are no more then teenager pranks for them. They sting no more then a mouskito and they do not hurt or weaken them.
What I thought UOJ could and should have done is to seize the moment, consolidate power by leading us, all of us, in targeted attacks in the manin media, on corrupted organizations and individuals that actually could be broought down in timely fasion (rather then attacking them on this forum that only few read)
Once the leadership of the oposition begin to crumble, some alternative new organizations could be built and take over. This is what true leaders do when it's time to change the system.

BTW, I specifically do not use any book published by Feldheim, CIT and Artscroll in English. If it is an original English text, then it's decidedly shallow and unidimensional. And if it is based on known Hebrew text, the adherance between the English and the Hebrew source is in many cases coincidental (such as that the word 'the' in English would occasionally coinside with the 'He Ha-Yedi'a' in Hebrew or that both the Hebrew source and the English 'Rendering' would refer to persons who share the same name, rabinical title, geographical proximity and gender but nothing much more

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...


KINDLY!!!!! Ship the caps at once to the various people.....

Please confirm!

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

To be clear, I would like to know how THIS post/letter aids the cause in any way.

1-Eisemann is still on campus
2-He is still disseminating Torah
3-NIRC rosh yeshiva, by endorsing his book, de facto "endorses" him
4-Eisemann's narcissism
5-Heinemann's palm reading...sheds light on his sociopathic behavior.
6-Ner Israel...still putting children at risk...after signing off on the Vaad letter.

There's more for a future post.

Clearly...Baltimore has a very serious problem, and noone is dealing with it other than spinning their PR machine.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Chaver ZA,

I do not broadcast my untiring efforts to bring change to what seems like an illness with no cure. I work alone (with the aid of the RBSHO)...I always did. Changes are slowly being made...very slowly. My name will never be found on those changes. I don't want to sully the mitzva or the schar in the olam haemes (I hope)

Anonymous said...

I know a lot of focus has been with Rabbi Eisenman, but Phil Jacobs will take care of him with in an upcoming Jewish Times article. Rumor has it he will be leaving Ner Israel to either Frankfurt or Jerusalem.

There is a shul in Baltimore with over 300 families of mostly Ner Israel Alumni .The name of this shul is Congregation Kol Torah .The shul started in the basement of one of its distinguished members in June of 2002 .After Sukkos in 2002 the shul moved to a pool house in the back of Mr. Frank Storch .The shul is current looking to buy land and 5 years later is still in Frank Storch's pool house paying rent to Mr. Storch for its once a week shabbos and yom tov services.

Frank Storch is so kind that he put in carpet, air conditioner, partial kitchen, fans, and beautiful lights and painted the shul at no cost to Congregation Kol Torah. He even put it a playground, gives rain hat covers to members and graces the shul with his presence for davening.

Kesef Vzahav Metaher Noafim.

Frank Storch was thrown out of Baltimore in the early 1990s by the Vaad Harabonim for cheating at least with two different women on his wife .He fled to Israel for several years. His first marriage resulted in 3 kids and he now has 2 kids from his new wife.

How do you think Franks ex wife Mrs. Mirel Storch who still lives in Baltimore feels that he is getting so much Kavod by hosting the "frumest shul” in Baltimore in his backyard?

He is the son of a really rich Real state family and now he is using his money to buy back his Kavod .He ironically is involved with singles and his name all over the Jewish What Where When Magazine and Advertiser Magazine for different chesed projects.

Did the people who run Kol Torah know of Frank's checkered past? If they did know, How did they do hook themselves up with such a scumbag? How did Rabbi Berger allow this when his wife is from Baltimore and surely knew the deal? How did the Rav who they presumably asked allow such a person to hold a shul in his back yard? If Frank Storch was a Goy do you think they would allow a church to be in his backyard?

G said...

"Clearly...Baltimore has a very serious problem, and noone is dealing with it other than spinning their PR machine."

Agreed. However, is posting a letter containing allegations of palm-reading, ancient secret manuscripts, mystical weapons and offshore bank accounts the best way to go about garnering serious support?

Anonymous said...

How do you think Franks ex wife Mrs. Mirel Storch who still lives in Baltimore feels that he is getting so much Kavod by hosting the "frumest shul” in Baltimore in his backyard?

It must be horribly disgusting.

This is exactly how all victims feel. The same way victims see Margolis writing a new Sefer Torah. They have questions of what the Torah wants from them, if this is how the leaders are.

When victims see Kolko blowing shofar which is supposed to remind Hashem of rachamim. The victims look at this false piety as another wake-up call to check out from the religion hijacked by the madmen.

When victims see Eisemann publishing more books, having a Yeshiva he supposedly heads, and given all the perks of an upstanding citizen, it burns them inside, and puts more mixed messages in their minds.

When victims see Meystel standing by the Bimah as a gabbai, it turns them off farther from this wonderful religion. They feel like their feelings don't count and see spineless Jewish leadership.

Mrs. Storch fear not, Hashem will balance the equation. Fakers have a good run but it eventually blows up in their faces.

All victims out there:

Hang in there the good days are coming soon!!!

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Agreed. However, is posting a letter containing allegations of palm-reading, ancient secret manuscripts, mystical weapons and offshore bank accounts the best way to go about garnering serious support?


I have all the support I need...TRUTH!

steve said...

But they regrouped, banned the internet in order to protect their community from any farther "bad" influence and took measures to stregthen and enforce their grip on that community

Their "measures" are not working. That's all anyone is talking about these days is rabbinical corruption, whether it's the sex abuse coverups or the kashrus industry. Eiseman will not be around the NIRC campus much longer. They can try to put their own spin on this,("he's not a molester, he made a small mistake years ago, blah blah blah") but the victims will not be muzzled and the truth will come out. I think UOJ is going about this the right way. Can you argue with the results of the past year? We don't need to question his methods. He obviously has a plan and a way of dealing with each case of abuse and corruption. By the way, there are a lot more people reading this blog than you think. Most people are embarrassed to admit that they read blogs, but trust me, they all do, and this is usually the first stop.

B'more Blogger said...

To the person who "has a beef" with Frank Storch....

Why shouldn't Rabbi Berger's shul and the community benefit from his Tzedaka?

We recognize Eisev for outstanding middos concerning honoring one's parents, yet at the same time we know he was a scum bag par excellence.

I think you need to recognize the good things Frank does for the Baltimore community.

And even if you refuse to do that, this topic has nothing to do with Eisenmann, so you shouldn't have even brought it up!

Fed up in Flatbush said...

Is it really true that Kolko is a baal tokaya? That's sick! Can someone confirm if Weinfeld or Geldwerth have really sunk that low?

A shofar blozzer is supposed to have top notch yiras shomoyim. Even if Kolko never touched a single kid he sits around shul pravving like a big mouth.

And one of the biggest perversions is Leib Pinter being treated like he's carrying a gold card.

Now a word to all the disgusting kovod zuchers who went running to kiss Margo's fanny on Sunday: don't think your abominable display wasn't noticed in the Elyonim.

Anonymous said...

Is Frank Storch related to Rabbi Shalom Storch who runs a yeshiva in Lakewood?

LVF said...

I have all the support I need...TRUTH!
Dear R'uoj,

Do not give thought to all your critics, for you have way more than the truth as support, just think of all the victims out there that never had a voice, and were thinking alright i'll try to live with it quitly, and try to live normal lives in vain.

Whenever I felt down, or was desperate for some help or advice you were there for me, it's been almost a year since I got some life back through you and this blog, I sent you an e-mail and you responded "be moichel, I am a bit busy", YOU don't have to ask me for forgivness, for lets say all you gave me was a minute of your time, it is way more than i ever got from the rabbonim in ger, all they care about is the "shem" the kovod ger, and what a disgrace it would be if a mashgiach in ger was caught in a sticky situation.

Thank god, with your help we have eliminated the threat of leizerowitz in america, I don't think it would have happened w/o you,

God bless you with peace of mind and good luck in everything you do, thanks for being there for me and all of us out here.

Please don't ever give up,I am begging for our grandchildren's sake.

all the best,


Common Sense said...

B'more Blogger is full of it.

It's a travesty if avaryonim are given inordinate amounts of kovod and they certainly should not be in charge of klei kodesh.

Blow it out your ear, LOSER.

Staffer at unnamed Jewish organization said...

If Eisemann winds up in Frankfurt, Ron Lauder had better watch his back. He funds all the mosdos in Germany and Eastern Europe.

Auto Report World Editors said...


KINDLY!!!!! Ship the caps at once to the various people.....

Please confirm!

Tell them to go fuck.

Just kidding, I'm overloaded with work, all sorts of personal shit, you can't imagine. It will take some time but they'll have before the end of the summer.

Just when I thought my life couldn't get an worse...

Will this reduce Welfare Fraud? said...


The Campaign To Cap Shtreimel Prices Grows

On Monday, June 4 a large assembly took place, of Williamsburg Satmar yeshiva students, all of marriageable age. The focus of the meeting was the ongoing effort to stem the accelerating costs of marrying off children, particularly the cost of a shtreimel. Traditionally, the father of the kallah purchases two shtreimels for his future son-in-law. One, more expensive, is an elegant shtreimel meant to be worn under the chuppah, as well as for special occasions. The second, somewhat cheaper, is called a raigen shtreimel meant to be worn in inclement weather, thus preserving the other more costly shtreimel. The price of a first class, top-shelf shtreimel has exceeded $4,000.00.

The students at the meeting, future chassanim agreed to become part of Ateres Chassanim, and will not accept any shtreimel costing more than $1,200. The less expensive shtreimel is made from less rare furs, a distinction that only an experienced furrier could determine. This is a giant step in the battle to tide wedding expenditures.

Rabbi Chaim Amsalam said...


Surely UOJ can understand that "technical mishaps" occur from time to time.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Just kidding, I'm overloaded with work, all sorts of personal shit, you can't imagine. It will take some time but they'll have before the end of the summer.



I'm sorry...you need to refund everyone their money immediately. When you're ready to ship, you can post the expected delivery date here.

Please also respond to the client's inquiries at once!

Kindly do not accept any money from anyone unless you're able to ship within a two week time frame.



Con Edison Con Men said...


Con Ed is being accused of bait-and-switch tactics in what has been labeled a song and dance about its proposed rate hike.

Assemblyman Mike Gianaris (D-Astoria) accused the energy supplier of trying to mask the increase it wants to impose by next June during a State Assembly hearing on May 24 at New York University. Gianaris has been a staunch opponent of Con Ed’s practices, especially coming on the heels of “one of the worst years of electric service in New York City,” he said.

Gianaris grilled Con Ed Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Robert Hoglund about how much customers will actually be paying come 2008. Gianaris exposed that Con Ed’s actual rate hike will be closer to 36 percent for residential properties and 32 percent for businesses, rather than the originally released 17 and 11 percents in those areas, respectively.

Armchair Pundit said...

I have just a quick question for OUJ regarding this letter. When you made the response that you have the truth. Are you including the allegation of palm reading? If it is true, this is an astounding fact. Is it possible to be corroborated?

G said...

Agreed. However, is posting a letter containing allegations of palm-reading, ancient secret manuscripts, mystical weapons and offshore bank accounts the best way to go about garnering serious support?


I have all the support I need...TRUTH!


All the better, I wish you much success.
That still does not justify posting a letter containing many, shall we say, far reaching allegations that have very little to do w/ the issue at hand.

B'more Blogger said...

Common Sense(?),

You seem to be jealous of the kavod that fools (none that I know of) must give him. Perhaps he wronged you in some way. Regardless, please keep your lashon hora to yourself and keep with the topic. UOJ is helping alleviate "rabbinic" corruption. This does not fall under that category.


Common Sense said...

B'more Blogger is on a roll.

Corrupt individuals shtupping rabbonim and members of the community at large with money and/or other perks is exactly what has led to the current rotten state of affairs that plagues frum circles.

I've never lived in Baltimore and have never even heard of Storch until today.

The Brisker yeshivos have never taken money that they know to be dirty in any way for this reason. Others should follow their example.

Yenem's Platz said...

Common Sense is right. No wonder they call residents of that city "Balti-Morons".

B'more Blogger said...

Coon Sense(?),

Now you assume that his shekels are dirty. For someone who "never lived in Baltimore and have never even heard of Storch until today", that is a wonderful assumption to be making!

Have a good night Tzadik!


Common Sense said...

Wow, this B'more Blogger is really "swift".

Dirty or tainted money does not have to be ill gotten. Brisk does not take money from unsavory men whether or not they have been known to steal. It's the character of the menadev that counts. Menoafim are other lowlives are not welcome.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore! Are you kidding with the frank storch talk?!?! My goodness.....cannot one do teshuva for his sins? He was not a predetor, he did not prey in young children and ruin their lives!! My gosh - he was unable to control his yetzer horah - AND MAYBE NOW HE CAN!!! teshuva is a powerful tool that hashem has given us....he did not break the law. rediculous......

B'more Blogger said...

Anonymous @ 12:50 - Glad to see there is another person on this board that is able to see the Common Sense's lack of common sense". Well put!

Common Sense said...

If there are public signs that Storch did teshuva, then fine.

Otherwise, these NIRC alumni davening at the shul are putting on a desperate and pathetic display of defending him to save face for themselves.

Izzy said...

Baltimore == Ba'al Tumah

B'more Blogger said...

Common Sense,

Now that you have come to your senses regarding Storch and given him the benefit of the doubt, you can focus on legitimate Baltimore concerns like Eisenmann & Eisgrau.



Anonymous said...

This week, the official 2006-2007/5767 Ner Israel Wall Calendar informed us that "IT IS A PRIVILEGE TO BE A MEMBER OF THE YESHIVA." Not a birthright, as "old-fashioned" Maimonides pointed out, but a "privilege" like a teenager's driver's license. This is a type of neo-yeshivish approach to the Torah now emerging from the Ner Israel Rabbinical College of Baltimore, Maryland (a "Catholic Yeshiva" as holy Steipler called it).

The books written by the NIRC's pedophile Rabbi Moshe M. Eisemann are part of that approach. Ready to hear the latest news from the Ner Israel? Rabbi Eisemann cheerfully celebrates his full victory over his enemies! He WILL stay on campus, and he WILL continue to disseminate his teachings, and he WILL enjoy a company of young innocent students. Rabbi Eisemann was beaming during the annual 17th of Tammuz celebrations (NIRC's Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Jacob Weinberg died on the fast day of the 17th of Tammuz, 5759 /July of 1999/). The following poster was pompously displayed for hundreds of students and guests to be seen:



Next to the poster, large boxes overstuffed with books were getting empty fairly fast, a steady cash-stream flowing into Eisemann's sack. I picked up the "Dovid HaMelech" book - "Music Made in Heaven." So many people on the Internet (some even disguised as "Truth"s) yelled that Rabbi Moshe Eisemann and Rabbi Joseph Tendler (his learning partner and friend back in Lakewood) do not live next to each other - 401 Yeshiva Lane for Rabbi Eisemann, 403 Yeshiva Lane for Rabbi Tendler, yet lo and behold, on the very second page, the author boldly wrote:

Rabbi Moshe M. Eisemann
403 Yeshiva Lane, Apt. 1B
Baltimore, MD 21208
(410) 484-7396

Rabbi Eisemann was not a tiny bit uncomfortable with printing his full address in the book. Moreover, you can even call him. Would you like to fax him? No problem: 410-486-8810. Would you like to give Rabbi Eisemann a generous donation for the "Russian Kiruv," a.k.a. his personal 401(K) plan? By all means: go to http://www.yeshivakishiniev.org. Maybe you would like to e-mail him? Try this address: eisemann@erols.com (but keep in mind Rabbi Eisemann's caveat: "In order to be received, all e-mails must contain the word "Kosher" within the Subject line." Kosher SEX, perhaps?).

The bottom line - NIRC and Rabbi Moshe Eisemann are the WINNERS. (Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer who "officially" told Rabbi Eisemann last year to leave NIRC, now "unofficially" drives a car given to him by Rabbi Eisemann's daughter whose husband runs a big car sale & rent business in Baltimore.) It is extremely unlikely that "THE BALTIMORE JEWISH TIMES" will bust Rabbi Eisemann or his relative Rabbi Eisgrau (accused of sexually assaulting his daughter) in the foreseeable future, given that the Ner Israel's henchmen threatened its editor Phil Jacobs.


NOTE: In the apartment numbers, the digits indicate floors. Accordingly, "Eisemann 1-B" means that Rabbi Moshe Eisemann lives on the first floor of 403 Yeshiva Lane, Baltimore, Maryland 21208. First names of the heads of the households were inserted if they shared the same last name.


APT. 2-C TEL.: 410-602-3154

APT. 3-D TEL.: 410-602-2596

APT. 3-A TEL.: 410-764-2217 (They live in the old Eisemann's apartment.)

APT. 2-B TEL.: 410-415-6034

APT. 2-A TEL.: 410-486-1462

APT. 1-C TEL.: 410-484-2879

APT. 3-B TEL.: 410-484-3699

APT. 3-C TEL.: 410-484-9026

APT. 1-B TEL.: 410-653-2488, 410-484-8536


APT. 1-B TEL.: 410-484-7396 (Yep, this is Rabbi Moshe M. Eisemann!)

APT. 2-C TEL.: 410-484-5790

APT. 3-D TEL.: 410-484-3011

APT. 3-C TEL.: 410-484-5293

APT. 2-A TEL.: 410-602-8388

APT. 3-B TEL.: 410-484-8332

APT. 1-A TEL.: 410-602-1671

APT. 3-A TEL.: 410-602-2044

APT. 2-B TEL.: 410-653-8636

APT. 1-C TEL.: 410-484-9438 (Rabbis Joseph Tendler and Moshe Eisemann DO LIVE in the same building and DO LIVE across the hall from each other!)


APT. 1-D TEL.: 410-486-4998

APT. 2-A TEL.: 410-653-0568

APT. 2-B TEL.: 410-484-0733

APT. 3-A TEL.: 410-653-8690

APT. 1-B TEL.: 410-653-0405

APT. 2-D TEL.: 410-602-3208

APT. 3-C TEL.: 410-484-7511

APT. 3-B TEL.: 410-580-0652

APT. 3-D TEL.: 410-484-0700

APT. 1-C & 2-C TEL.: 410-484-1918 (This is the NIRC's Mashgiach /Dean of Students/ Rabbi Beryl Weisbord.)


APT. 2-A TEL.: 410-484-2058

APT. 1-D TEL.: 410-484-2374

APT. 2-D TEL.: 410-486-8041

APT. 3-B TEL.: 410-486-2763

APT. 2-C TEL.: 410-580-9272

APT. 1-B TEL.: 410-653-2463

APT. 2-B TEL.: 410-602-2059

APT. 3-A TEL.: 410-484-9562

APT. 3-D TEL.: 410-486-8183

APT. 3-C TEL.: 410-358-1579


APT. 2-D TEL.: 410-484-6235

APT. 3-D TEL.: 410-653-9433 (This is the NIRC's Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Aharon Feldman.)

APT. 2-C TEL.: 410-484-2254

APT. 2-A TEL.: 410-486-6508

APT. 1-B TEL.: 410-484-6250

APT. 1-C TEL.: 410-602-5282

APT. 3-A TEL.: 410-602-5264

APT. 1-D TEL.: 410-484-6037

APT. 3-B TEL.: 410-602-5160

APT. 3-C TEL.: 410-486-7163

APT. 1-A TEL.: 410-486-4200


APT. 3-A TEL.: 410-580-0112

APT. 3-B TEL.: 410-602-7775

APT. 1-C TEL.: 410-653-3873 (OFFICE: 410-580-0900)
(This is Dr. Julian Jakobovits. For his outstanding service to the Yeshiva /three Rosh HaYeshivas dead/ he got this new spacious apartment.)

APT. 2-C TEL.: 410-486-6803

APT. 3-D TEL.: 410-580-0603

APT. 1-A TEL.: 410-486-7681

APT. 2-A TEL.: 410-653-5213

APT. 3-C TEL.: 410-484-9422


APT. 1-A (the entire first floor) TEL.: 410-484-6209

APT. 3-C TEL.: 410-602-9972

APT. 2-B TEL.: 410-486-1593

APT. 3-B TEL.: 410-653-5283

APT. 1-C TEL.: 410-653-2468

APT. 3-D TEL.: 410-318-6694

APT. 2-A TEL.: 410-484-9776

APT. 2-D TEL.: 410-484-8622

APT. 2-C TEL.: 410-415-5339

APT. 3-A TEL.: 410-486-2854


TEL.: 410-484-7267

GLAZER, MH (414)
TEL.: 410-486-7727

TEL.: 410-484-7876

TEL.: 410-484-2847 (Yep, this is Rabbi Sheftel Neuberger, NIRC's President.)

SALB (410)
TEL.: 410-484-0784

TEL.: 410-484-5987

TEL.: 410-484-8263

TEL.: 410-484-9028


ADLER (423)
TEL.: 410-484-4172 / 410-484-4137

COOK (425)
TEL.: 410-653-9311

FRAND (417)
TEL.: 410-484-1605 (This is the NIRC's well-known lecturer Rabbi Issachar Frand.)

TEL.: 410-653-5481

TEL.: 410-653-0650

TEL.: 410-484-2291

TEL.: 410-484-4239

LANSKY (413)
TEL.: 410-484-2997 (This is a local Ner Israel cabalist Rabbi Nachum Lansky.)

TEL.: 410-653-3106

TEL.: 410-486-0548

Additionally, the phone directory adds two important individuals who, while not on campus, live in close proximity to the Ner Israel Rabbinical College:

8904 GREYLOCK ROAD, TEL.: 410-998-9167 (This is an all-time undercover Yeshiva informer Yitzchak Feureisen.)

500 MOUNT WILSON LANE, TEL.: 410-486-0053 (This is the infamous Yeshiva lawyer, the brother of NIRC's President Sheftel Neuberger.)

It is even more important to contact the potential victims directly and tell them what the NIRC administration is hiding from them.


11TH GRADE (SCHOTTENSTEIN, 1ST FLOOR): 410-486-9710 / 410-484-2806
12TH GRADE (KOLKER BUILDING, 1ST FLOOR): 410-486-9711 / 410-484-2149

GUDELSKY BUILDING, 1ST FLOOR: 410-484-9730 / 410-484-9817
GUDELSKY BUILDING, 2ND FLOOR: 410-484-9830 / 410-484-9829
KATZ-FOSTER BUILDING, 1ST FLOOR: 410-486-9716 / 410-486-9824

BAIS HAMEDRASH: 410-486-9855 / 410-486-9856 / 410-486-9857
STUDENT FAX: 410-580-1896

THE ADMINISTRATION BUILDING (I took out the girls who at any rate have no influence, and left only tough die-hard Brooklyn-Baltimore boys). TO BYPASS SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR DIAL 410-484-7204 INSTEAD OF 410-484-7200.

JEROME H. KADDEN, EXT. 233 (HOME: 410-484-7531)
YITZCHAK MARKOWITZ, EXT. 238 (Computer whiz who installs spying equipment at the Ner Israel Rabbinical College.)
MOSHE PELBERG, EXT. 233 (HOME: 410-358-2845)
LARRY RIBAKOW, EXT. 220 (410-358-1672)
RABBI JOSEPH SCHECTER, EXT. 219 (HOME: 410-358-9978)

OFFICE FAX: 410-484-3060
OFFICE E-MAIL: nirc@nirc.edu

TEL.: 410-653-9433, FAX: 410-653-4694

REBBETZIN CHANA WEINBERG (The powerful wife of the late Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Jacob Weinberg.)
398 MOUNT WILSON LANE, TEL.: 410-486-0322, FAX: 410-484-8812

RABBI JOSEPH TENDLER (NIRC High School Headmaster.)

RABBI ABRAHAM PELBERG (Topmost Fund-raiser of NIRC)
TEL.: 410-358-1182

I edited out parts of the "OTHER USEFUL NUMBERS" section, like B.G.E. Power Outage Reporting, Weather Line, and Poison Control (well, the last one would be an excellent idea to keep, uh?).

SEVEN MILE MARKET: 410-653-2000 (Provides Eisemann with nourishing kosher food.)


(Tell them to stop selling Rabbi Moshe M. Eisemann's books.)


Do it today. For God. For Torah. For Jewish survival. And for yourself too. If not, what will you say this Yom Kippur? That you did not KNOW, that you did not CARE? ...

Semangelaf said...


"And he brought me to the door of the court; and when I looked, behold a hole in the wall. Then said he unto me, Son of man, dig now in the wall: and when I had digged in the wall, behold a door. And he said unto me, Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here. So I went in and saw; and behold every form of creeping things, and abominable beasts, and all the idols of the house of Israel, portrayed upon the wall round about. And there stood before them seventy men of the ancients of the house of Israel, and in the midst of them stood Jaazaniah the son of Shaphan, with every man his censer in his hand; and a thick cloud of incense went up. Then said he unto me, Son of man, hast thou seen what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the dark, every man in the chambers of his imagery? For they say, the Lord seeth us not; the Lord hath forsaken the earth." (Ezekiel 8, 7-12)

In 1964, when the massive 90-acre Ner Israel Rabbinical College campus had been established in Pikesville, Maryland, there was created a "Chamber of Counsels." Over the years, only a few chosen ones were allowed to enter it. There -- surrounded by strange pictures on the dark walls -- the Ner Israel ancients make their decisions replicating the medieval prayer:

"On Rosh HaShanah will be inscribed and on Yom Kippur will be sealed how many will pass from the earth and how many will be created; who will live and who will die; who will die at his predestined time and who before his time; who by water and who by fire, who by sword, who by beast, who by famine, who by thirst, who by storm, who by plague, who by strangulation, and who by stoning. Who will rest and who will wander, who will live in harmony and who will be harried, who will enjoy tranquillity and who will suffer, who will be impoverished and who will be enriched, who will be degraded and who will be exalted."

The decisions made there affect lives of both Jews and gentiles not only in Baltimore, but around the world as well. Some of the decisions are later publicized to boost the reputation of the Ner Israel (like smuggling thousands of people out of Iran), but most of them are kept secret. If they were revealed, the horrible castle of Ner Israel would instantly be razed to the ground.
Woe is to anyone who dares to learn or divulge the secrets of the Chamber of Counsels. The ultimate punishment is death. Swift as a hawk. Ner Israel zombies carry out the retaliation. You can see them around every now and then: usually very outward friendly individuals who are always ready to stab or poison, or hire somebody do that.
The Ner Israel scholars have taught them well: "Never think on your own, let your mind be as a clean tablet in the hands of your teacher to write upon, as a piece of clay in the hands of a potter. Remember what holy Nachmanides said (Deuteronomy 17,11), 'Even if you believe the priests to be mistaken, for you know what is your right and what is your left, do as they command you. Do not say, 'How can I eat this forbidden fat or kill this innocent person,' but rather say, 'The Lord has commanded me to perform all the commandments according to the directions of His servants at His chosen place. He gave me the Law according to their understanding even if they err.' If you think something is a wrongdoing, and your Rabbi thinks not, you ought to obey him."
They call it "Bittul HaDaat" -- abolishing the intellect. It must not surprise you that in the Chamber of Counsels they declared that it is absolutely forbidden for the NIRC students to take psychology courses at college -- lest they realize that they are being brainwashed and oftentimes turn into zombies. (Naturally, the prohibition did not apply to the "chosen" by the Chamber like Rabbi Beryl Weisbord's son, who is now a licensed psychologist staunchly serving the Ner Israel.)

Below are some Ner Israel people who clearly knew about the Chamber of Counsels and are now dead. For obvious reasons, I cannot be very explicit and cannot mention many names -- I know that the ancients of the Chamber of Counsels are trying to hunt me down, yet this is my message to them: you may exterminate me, but others will continue this noble fight. The truth will be heard. God, whom you believe "seeth us not, the Lord hath forsaken the earth," will pay you back for all the blood you have shed. Blood ruthlessly mixed with crashed dreams, destroyed lives, betrayed souls, bitter memories, and lost faith in the Lord...

* Rabbi Jacob Moshe Kulefsky was a lecturer and later for a short time a Rosh HaYeshiva at Ner Israel. He wanted a reorganization and even modified several NIRC "traditions." One winter day after he gave a public lecture at Ner Israel, Rabbi Kulefsky suddenly passed away. Some assert that he was unwell in any case, had poor vision, etc. Others question that. Rabbi Kulefsky lived right beneath Rabbi Moshe Eisemann's and on top of Rabbi Herman Neuberger's apartments at 401 Yeshiva Lane (Rabbi Moshe M. Eisemann moved to 403 Yeshiva Lane when both Rabbis Kulefsky and Neuberger were dead). He and his wife apparently knew what was going on (around that time his wife got instantaneously sick with the Alzheimer's /!/ disease). Following his passing, Rabbi Moshe Eisemann, Dr. Julian Jakobovits, and Rabbi Monish Sax (Rabbi Kulefsky's chauffeur, a Rabbi at NIRC high school, and a very close friend of Rabbi Eisemann) all of a sudden wrote lengthy eulogies in the local "Where·What·When" ultra-Orthodox journal regarding Rabbi Kulefsky's greatness. Was that done to remain above any suspicion?

* Rabbi Joseph Wolk was a principal of the Ner Israel high school for boys. At one point he (like later on Rabbi Moshe Eisemann) was hastily and unexpectedly "retired." However, he remained living on the NIRC campus. He later pioneered the Kishiniev yeshiva in Russia together with Rabbi Moshe Eisemann. For many years there were Russian girls living in his apartment on Yeshiva Lane, who privately performed sexual services for some yeshiva members. Every morning Rabbi Wolk studied the Talmud with previously mentioned Dr. Julian Jakobovits, his personal physician. Then Rabbi Wolk suddenly died. Again, some claim he was sick. Others question that and think he just knew too much. (Rabbi Wolk's successor at high school, Mr. Bernard Yaffe, also met a sudden quick cancerous end.)

* The Friday Rabbi Herman Neuberger passed away, he was seen strong and healthy at Rabbi Moshe Heinemann's (!) synagogue in town. In the evening he lit the Sabbath candles and laid down for a nap, from which he never woke up. Everyone knows that at the end of his life Rabbi Neuberger grew somewhat demented, was saying over things the Chamber of Counsels normally kept secret. (There were also rumors of his affair with a Russian woman who took care of his late wife.) My brother told me that the funerary Shiva at Rabbi Neuberger's residence looked more like an engagement party. The Neubergers there were simply beaming.

* The late NIRC Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Jacob Weinberg was famous for his pitiless remark in a case of ousting a little girl from the local ultra-Orthodox school, because "she had a bad influence (!) on others": "Kill her and later ask for forgiveness." Years later, it took only a couple of months for Rabbi Weinberg himself to die... of cancer. But was it really cancer, like was it actually cancer in the case of NIRC teacher Rabbi Ephraim Eisenberg (NIRC called his death the "untimely passing")? For Ner Israel, it is much safer to have someone without a backbone such as a current Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Aharon Feldman, who wrote in his famous letter to an Orthodox homosexual, "Judaism looks negatively at homosexual activity, not at the homosexual nature.... It is obvious that for many people this (ceasing their homosexual activity) will be difficult and will have to be accomplished over a period of time." Now you understand why Rabbi Moshe Eisemann needs a longer "period of time" to leave the kids alone.

* There were young students at the Ner Israel who were very close to Rabbi Moshe Eisemann. Some of them mysteriously died. Rabbi Eisemann was seen very enthusiastically involved in arranging their funerals. The official explanations for the deaths were predictable for NIRC: cancer, car accident, etc. Some believed that. Others had doubts. (The Yeshiva Lane residents still recall a horrifying death of Rabbi Jacob Eisgrau's daughter, who passed away within a few days, her eyes shedding blood. Did she also know something and was about to reveal it?)


A common denominator of all these puzzle pieces is a relatively quick death, later habitually explained by some kind of natural phenomena such as a deep-rooted ailment, heart failure, cancer (which, of course, certain poisons can rapidly trigger), or an accident. In the ultra-Orthodox world, autopsies are not usually done and in the case of NIRC may be even performed by their own instructed physicians.
So are we dealing with deaths, or are we dealing with murders? Many do not realize that Ner Israel has its loyal following all around the globe: in USA, in Israel, and in Europe. Ner Israel has its people in Congress and in Knesset. One phone call -- and the fate of a person is sealed: "who by water and who by fire, who by sword, who by beast, who by famine, who by thirst, who by storm, who by plague, who by strangulation, and who by stoning."
The Ner Israel gods who seal the fate of men do not believe in God. They do not believe in the Torah. They do not believe in the Resurrection and the Final Judgement. They only believe in the thick cloud of oblivion going up in front of their dollar-bill idols. So this is what God of Ezekiel tells them (8, 17-18):

"Then he said unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man? Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here? For they have filled the land with violence, and have returned to provoke me to anger: and, lo, they put the branch to their nose. Therefore will I also deal in fury: mine eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity: and though they cry in mine ears with a loud voice, yet will I not hear them."

Anonymous said...


I am responding to the anonymous comment about Frank Storch. Some of your information is severely twisted around. Mr. Storch was caught cheating with one woman (not two as you stated) during a court trial after he was kidnapped and nearly murdered. Mr. Storch remained in Baltimore all these years. He went to Israel for a month or two for his honeymoon after he got married again. He did not flee to Israel for several years as you stated. He does do a lot of chesed now. However, I was under the impression that his new wife is the brains behind these activities. I thought the singles thing and the shul thing were all her idea. I don't think he is trying to be a hypocrite. People who are kidnapped and shot and who nearly bleed to death do not forget. His first wife divorced him after she learned of his affair while he was testifying in court. Are you under the impression that he should remain a sinner because of past mistakes? At least he is trying to improve his life. So go ahead and judge all you want, but at least be honest and stop making up lies about "two women" and "fleeing to Israel." That never happened. You are not vindicating Meril by perpetuating Frank's past and extra lies about his past. You are bringing shame to Meril's three children. I would think you would not want them to suffer by being associated with his reputation. Baltimore has so many baale tushuvah, and G-d knows what they did before. At least Frank stayed in Baltimore to face the heat. His "new" wife also knows everythying about his past. I think his new wife is his intended besheret, and he will never have to cheat on her because he is complete now.

Anonymous said...

This is to the person who said that Frank's ex-wife probably does not feel good that Frank is getting so much koved for hosting an orthodox shul on his property. Firstly, if that makes her feel bad, I feel very sorry for her that she does not want her three children to benefit from his koved. I understand that she may not want to forgive him, but I would hope that she is no longer "venting" about him all over Baltimore. After all, he is the father of her children. Frank is an accomplished and ambitious man. I sincerely doubt that he was going sit around and wallow in his self-pity forever. He built his life back up, and part of this was getting a new wife, who has some great ideas! If Meril divorced him because she thought he was going to be a loser forever, then it was her loss. I am not implying that, however. I think your comment implies that Meril is suffering from a severe case of sour grapes. You are implying that she resents him for buliding his life back, getting a new wife, and accomplishing new things. I will not believe that Meril resents him to that extent unless I see it in writing somewhere. The only thing she has the right to resent him for is for what happened to her while she was married to him. I know he was wrong, but he does not have to be a sinner forever because of it. Give him some credit. Maybe he did teshuvah. Maybe not. But at the very least, stop gossiping about stuff that is common knowledge. Let his first three children benefit from the fact that their dad put his life back together.

Anonymous said...

Original Poster on Frank Storch:

I do not believe a known adulterer whether or not he did Teshuvah should host a shul in his backyard .

Frank did the damage to his sons shidduch prospects as very few people want to go there no matter how much $$$$ the man has .

Kol Torah should've walked away from that arrangement and suspended services until they found a Makom Torah .No matter how I may have misconstrued the facts (honeymoon/Vad Harrabanim/fled to Israel ,two women instead of one) a shul does not belong in this man's house no matter who's idea it was .Bill Clinton's backyard would never host a church .

The truth is he has great kids from his first marriage .Hopefully , people in shidduchim will overlook the father's sins . Credit to Meril for raising such wonderful benei torah
on her own .

To the one who said :

"His "new" wife also knows everythying about his past. I think his new wife is his intended besheret, and he will never have to cheat on her because he is complete now"

You seem to rationilizing his sin of adultery as he was not complete in his first marriage .Please explain this complete or incomplete nonesense .

Yes ,I am glad the Mr Storch rebuild his life by himself and by the tool of family money for enormus amount of Tzadakeh and chesed but there is no way a shul especially the type shul that is in his backyard can be condoned .

Let's face it $$$$$ blinds all of us sometimes and it will not blind me. Tzadakeh and Chesed Yes hosting a so called Makom Torah Utfillah no.

Anonymous said...

Posted at jewishsurvivors today:
Of course, there is no god. Need one proof? "Eisemann". Rabbi Moshe Eisemann of the Ner Israel Rabbinical College. He got away with all his crimes. Unpunished. He is free and he continues to do evil. He just traveled to Israel for the Passover celebrations. (He always needs a good company of kids and young adults to satisfy his pedophilic hunger). And you Vicki Polin aka jewishsurvivors are a liar. You (like Phil) were paid to leave him alone! You forgot about us, the real survivors, and you forgot the crimes of NIRC. Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

So what? Frank cheated on his wife.
Big deal. You think he invented this? So what if a synagogue prays in his backyard? You think G-d frowns on this? You're twisted or maybe jealous of Frank's family wealth. I went to TA with Frank. I was a dorm student, and can remember nothing but kindness and generosity from Frank and his family. So now he's divorced. Big deal? Look around. The whole world is divorced. That does not make them bad people. Ya want to talk about bad people? How about that sick dog Frank Shapiro? He was an egotistical SOB , trying to put his hands down the pants of every fringe outsider in that dorm. Screw him and screw you too.

Kantrowitz said...

Well written and well performed.

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