Below is the link to the motion to sue -- filed in Federal Court against YU.  It is the fullest, most complete documentation of the kind of evil and the travesty perpetrated on our community by all the Yeshivos and Mosdos and Rabbinic leaders.  It explains in detail the intense suffering of innocent boys who were just trying to get a good Jewish education.
And it shows how cold, calculating and callous are our Rabbinic leaders, in turning a blind eye to the suffering and victimization of children.   As a people we should all be ashamed of ourselves.  And we should all do whatever we can to help ease the burden of survivors and to make sure it doesn't happen again. 

We need nothing short of a revolution against the powers that be in our community, by all Jewish men and women of conscience.  It is not a time to be timid or to give honor to rabbis.  It is way past that time.  Now it is incumbent upon all of us to stand up and confront the crimes that are in our past, and are still  going on today.  A police officer told my friend in Baltimore that Jewish parents are acting worse than the Catholic parents, because they care more about their rabbis than their own children.  What bigger Chillul Hashem could there possibly be?  

Everybody knows that aside for a few, most of the Jews in this country were silent during the Holocaust.  That was most likely due in part to fear of anti-Semitic reaction towards them, and maybe a sense of hopelessness of changing the world and winning against the Nazis.
But this time, what will be our excuse?  It is our own people who are perpetrating these crimes.  It is our own leaders who are complicit.  How can each of us stand by silently?  All it takes is a few courageous parents to stand up and say that enough is enough, and covering up for abusers will no longer be tolerated. That's it.  A peaceful demonstration.  A letter to the editor.  A phone call to the local rabbi.  An ad in the paper showing solidarity for the victims and shaming those who allowed the perpetrators to operate freely in our community.  Just speak up.  That's all that is needed.  Show some care and concern.  Share the pain of your brothers and sisters. 

And be angry not only for their abuse, but for the abuse, perversion and bastardization of our religion, which is being used to protect the status quo.  

It is just that "honor" for rabbis that is allowing this to continue.