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This Is What Its Come Down To!


18 Av 5767 - August 2007..in the goyishe calender..feh... | Mordecai Plut - drektor-

Published Weakly Without Spellcheck

Shame Yisrael Toirah Nutworks


Psak Halochoh


BS"D, Av 5767

We were appalled and trembling to hear of the terrible breach in our camp in the form of concerts featuring singers and chazanim who sing before men and women in mixed company Rachmono litzlan and even with separate seating, mamash.

Previous gedolei Yisroel totally banned these events - even though there were none, but in their infinite wisdom they knew that there will be many - even where there is separate seating (they can't fool us - we know they sit together in the car). As such we hereby state our combined ignorant and idiot opinion, which is based on irrefutable daas Torah.

A. Attending these performances is totally prohibited, because we say so -- even though we forgot to take our pills for two years at least - could be more - we just don't remember.

B. The prohibition applies to the organizers and the audience, young and old, middle-aged, senile, people in wheelchairs, people who use cains and walkers, the hearing impaired, fagelech, men, women, children, shul candy-men and rebbeim-- regardless of their sexual preferences.

All the more so on the singers and chazanim, who are inducing the masses to sin, mamash - Rachmana litzlan.

C. Newspapers and advertising circulars should not help by advertising these forbidden events, the transgressors call performances. Even the Jewish Press should restrain itself, if at all possible.

D. The singers and chazanim who appear before a mixed audience may not be invited to sing at any wedding or divorce, chap-a-nosh at the smorgasboard, mooch a free meal, take home the flowers, switch to a newer Borsalino at the coat-check room, steal a bencher, or take home a stranger's wife; nor can any event at which they participate be advertised, including tefillos and so-called kosher events, unsupervised fress Pesach events; in order to avoid lending a hand to these transgressors who we consider to be rishaim gemurim, like nothing ever before in klal Yisroel, ever, ever, aver, erva.

May Hashem Yisborach, in His great mercy and kindness, bring them to do teshuvah before Him - and us - by supporting Kupat H'air, and may we merit the eternal Redemption (not the phony Chabad kind), immediately - before the Kolko trial - azuz yimolei sechok peanuts...., vayihee b'yemai Achasvarush....

Signing for the sake of the sanctity, holiness and purity of our people, with trembling hands, spittle dripping out of our mouths, and with soiled diapers....

Yehuda Kolko

Lipa Margulies

Ephraim Shapiro

Shea Fishman

Moshe Eisemann

Matis Weinberg

Shalom Tendler

Mordecai Tendler

Aron Tendler

Sheftel Neuberger

Grepsel Hamburger

Avrohom Mondrowitz

Ephraim Bryks

Aron Twerski

Avi Shafran

Marvin Shick

Avrohom Leizerowitz

Heshy Nussbaum

Shlomo Mandel

Yehuda Nussbaum

Simcha Kaufman

Shmuel Kaminetzky

Yaakov Perlow

Yosef Sholom Eliashiv

Gershon Tannenbaum

Moshe Heinemann

Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman

Yaakov Aryeh Alter Chaya

Yissochor Dov Petzel A. Kleiner

Pinchos Nisht-Arein Gegangen

Hertz Frankel

Yitzchak Kaduri

Shmuel Halevi Wosner

Yisroel Hazmana Belsky

Mendel Haganiv Epstein

Moshe Hachazir Finkel

Dovid Ha'truckdriver Cohen

Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz

Moshe Chaim Kurva Ben Gil Arayus

Leibish Flynt

Chaim H. Hefner

Lipa Geldwerth

David(Ben Shmuel)Berkowitz

Lipa Brenner

Baruch Lanner

Chaim Pinchos Sheinberg


C. Yonah Mahoney

Tuvyah Ted Bundy

Tzvi Elimelech Zona

Nissim Karelitz

Dovid Twersky

Shmuel Auerbach

Sholom Klass

Yitzchok Sheiner

Marvin Hier

Israel Singer

Philip Berg

Moshe Sherer

Shabbsai Tzvi

The Rabbis of Baltimore & Ner Israel Rabbinical College agree with above clowns




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Anonymous said...


You're killing me with laughter. I can't breathe it's so hilarious. Hock on captain.

Anonymous said...

Becoming more like the Taliban every day, and in every way.

Anonymous said...


"Yaakov Aryeh Alter Chaya Momzer"

calling the gerer rebbe a momzer is basically saying that his father the previos gerer rebbi.......

Yaakov Aryeh
Alter Chaya

is a nice ryme, but momzer was not called for.

boog, welcome back, long time no see.

Anonymous said...

A classic, right along with "UOJ is the Roto Rooter Guy", and "Naked Man Jumps From Boro Park Office Building".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
Get together the chaverim that do care what are the kashrus standards, start making phone calls to ascertain all of the certifiers' heteirim, kulahs, bidi'eveds etc.




Aren't the certifiers working for the kosher consumer? It's time for them to work for the Educated kosher consumer-as an Educated consumer is our best customer.


Anonymous said...

I do not for a moment impugn the motives of the rabbinic leaders. As I have said many times, their motives are pure and holy. Of this I have not a scintilla of doubt. I do not for a split second think they mean anything but the best for Klal Yisroel. That is what they have dedicated their lives too.

I would add that one does not become a leader in Israel without the necessary requirements of tremendous Torah knowledge, keen insight, perception of realities… kindness and compassion. Their advanced ages and many years of experience dealing with issues affecting Klal Yisroel gives them a level of expertise that few other people have.

Anonymous said...

Maryles is a crackpot.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. And as everyone and anyone with half a brain is asking: Trembling? Trembling? Where in the name of God were you with your tremors and your nervous quivers when the news came out that a monster was allowed to continue teaching children for 20 years?

Where are the public notices against the other "terrible breaches in our community?" Why don't you shake at the uneducated masses of Jews who have nothing but their black hats to recommend them? Never in the whole history of Judaism was poverty, and anti-intellectualism and meaningless frum shtick celebrated to the extent that it is now.

Anonymous said...

why is rav kauduri on the list?

what did he do?

Anonymous said...


More pics for UOJ's Hall of Shame?

Anonymous said...

Yaakov Perlow claims that this letter is a bogus, since the concert in question was to be held in jerusalem and he is a boro parker, so he would not have signed on it.

TechnoYid said...

Just hilarious!

Although I agree with trying to help the (Jewish) populace to maintain (or develop) a high moral level, your parody of their misguided letter is way, too funny.

Anonymous said...

Child Advocate:
Rabbi Ze'ev Smason - Doing The Right Thing!
St. Louis, MO

Long time friend of The Awareness Center - Rabbi Ze'ev Smason deserves an award for doing the right thing when he learned of an alleged sex offender in his synagogue. As soon as he learned of the allegations made against youth leader, David Kramer -- Rabbi Smason worked with the legal system and did what he could to protect his congregation from any more harm.

For those of you know who know Rabbi Smason, next time you see him stand up and give him a round of applause! He definately deserves it. Watch the Video

This case will soon be up on The Awareness Center's web page


Temple Youth Leader Arrested
Fox News (St. Louis)
August 7, 2007

UNIVERSITY CITY, MO (KTVI-myFOXstl.com) -- A St. Louis man conducting a youth program at an orthodox synagogue in Olivette has been charged with sexual misconduct with a child.

University City Police say the man exposed himself to a little boy. David Kramer led a youth forum at the Nusach Hari B’Nai Zion Synagogue back in April and was scheduled to have another one in June and one later in August. But he was taken into police custody instead.

University City Police arrested David Kramer, 46, Friday night. According to the warrant, Kramer is charged with one count of sexual misconduct involving a child. The incident allegedly happened between January and March at an apartment complex off Olive Blvd.

"He seems to be a humble man," says Jovana Hutson, who lives in that building. Hutson says Kramer seemed like a religious man, who she often saw walking to his synagogue.

"I'm shocked just on the strength he stays across the hall, so close," says Hutson. "I mean he doesn't look like a monster or someone who could do that, but you never know these days, you never know and it's just like wow. I'm shocked. I'm really and truly shocked."

According to the Nusach Hari B’Nai Zion Website, Kramer lead a youth forum back in April entitled "Hot Topics For Jewish Teens."

The program was geared towards 12-16 year olds. Kramer's alleged victim was reportedly a 12-year-old boy. It's unsettling news for Hutson who has a little boy of her own.

"I don't have any tolerance for it and I think it’s pretty disgusting, I do. I mean it just blows me away I'm shocked and I will be informing the other parents around here."

Rabbi Ze'ev Smason said he was aware of Kramer's arrest but declined an on camera interview due to the Jewish Sabbath. However, the rabbi says Kramer was never an employee and was asked to leave the synagogue roughly five weeks ago

Anonymous said...


A rov told me he spoke to Rabbi Belsky baarichus about the cholov stam. Rabbi Belsky conceded the cows are treif but insists the milk that comes from them is mutter because of kamma sfeikos. The rov disagrees with him.

The rov says he does not believe anyone who posts here that R' Dovid Feinstein and other gedolim are also mattir the milk, unless it is bichsav or unless someone can prove that the posek in question spent at least a couple hours, if not more, going through the shayla.

Yudel Shain said...

The Cholov Akum (stam) milk is cholov-treife, even if som Rabonim don't concur either because they don't know the facts or the Halacha.

Anonymous said...

Now that I know Herbits is gay, I'm on his side against Sruly Singer.


Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has named an outgoing World Jewish Congress official to a steering committee of leaders and activists in the gay and lesbian community.

WJC Secretary General Stephen Herbits, 64, who was named to the committee, was a lightning rod during the last few years of infighting at the WJC. The congress has undergone drastic change in the last few months: Its longtime lead professional, Israel Singer, was fired, and a new president, cosmetics magnate Ronald Lauder, was elected to replace longtime President Edgar Bronfman, who announced his resignation in May. Bronfman had hired Herbits to clean up the financial mess at the WJC, which was investigated by New York state's attorney general for financial improprieties.

Anonymous said...

You always told me you loved me.

Anonymous said...


I thought I could hide out, but UOJ must have told them where I live.

Unknown said...

UOJ, I agree with you in principal on just about everything, but there are rabbanim on your list, who I know are not rishaim as you claim. And by the way send Shmuel my best!!!

Anonymous said...


Luke Ford at his office/apartment/hovel in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood. Photo by Marie Laurie Marciano
Luke Ford loves gossip.

He loves to dish dirt on rabbis suspected of sleeping around and on pornographers stealing from their customers.

The blogger likes playing the role of the outsider journalist, the little guy willing to fight back, more nimble than those dinosaurs we call newspapers. He is -- to quote Luke Ford himself -- "more a kid who likes to throw manure."

"He's a lashon hara monger," said one community leader, who like many agreed to speak only anonymously. "He comes up with the most outrageous conclusions and puts them up on his Web site, passing them off as truth. If a rabbi stands up on the pulpit and says something, by Saturday night it is on [Ford's] Web site, twisted, with his perverted insights, as if it is fool-proof truth."

But sometimes, Ford is right.

Many Jewish leaders are disgusted by Ford. They say they have befriended him and been betrayed. Who knows what he might catch them saying, or what he might publish somebody else saying about them? Multiple rabbis contacted by The Journal declined to comment; not only that, they didn't even want to be named as having declined comment.

Few sins are as serious as that of lashon hara, the evil tongue, though the severity of gossip and negative speech wasn't widely understood until Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan came along in the late 1800s and published his famous book, "Chofetz Chaim."

There are 31 commandments regarding lashon hara. The gist is that it's not only sinful to gossip about someone, but to say negative things at all, even if true, unless there is a compelling reason.

If a person knows their friend is getting involved romantically with a scoundrel or professionally with a crook, they should dish the dirt -- privately, said Rabbi Avrohom Stulberger, a local Orthodox expert on lashon hara. That's different from making a broad-brush PSA.

"When it is put out in the open like that on the Internet, it almost never becomes acceptable," said Stulberger, principal of Valley Torah High School. "If there is a situation where you have factual clear knowledgeable information and you needed to warn a wide spectrum of people because you couldn't get to everybody personally, I suppose there could be a scenario where it would be justified. But certainly if it is haphazard, if it isn't researched properly, if you haven't thought through the repercussions -- there are so many variables that the Chofetz Chaim talks about, it would be a rare, rare day that something like that would be justified."

But his notoriety as an adult-industry blogger complicated Ford's search for a spiritual home in Los Angeles' Orthodox community. The first shul to give him the boot was Aish HaTorah in 1995 for being too antagonistic and again in 1998 when Rabbi Moshe Cohen discovered Ford's double life as a porn journalist.

"He was one of the Torah weirdos," said Rabbi Aryeh Markman, the shul's executive director. "You get all sorts of people showing up in shul and we bust them. 'I'm happy you're looking for a place to daven. But this isn't one of them.' And you throw them out. ... The antithesis of Torah is porn."

Ford journeyed down Pico Boulevard and created a new life for himself at Young Israel of Century City, going by his Hebrew name Levi Ben Avraham. He remained there for three years before being ousted.

About the same time, he was tossed from the Rabbinical Council of California's conversion program for "deceit and deception," administrator Rabbi Avrohom Union said. "Don't take anything he says at face value."

Ford sold LukeFord.com in 2001 for $25,000 and started his personal site, LukeFord.net. In 2004, he also returned to adult-industry blogging at www.LukeIsBack.com. Still, Ford has found a place to daven. The one condition for his cooperation on this article was that the shul not be named, although its identity is an open secret in the community.

Previously, Ford's non-porn reporting was most notable for his profiles of film producers and Jewish journalists and for publishing allegations of people who said they had been sexually harassed or assaulted by Jewish leaders.

Last year, Rabbi Aron Tendler, then the pulpit rabbi at Shaarey Zedek in Valley Village, stepped down after Ford and a few other blogs published accusations of inappropriate sexual relationships with women and girls at Yeshiva of Los Angeles (YULA), as a teacher and later principal there between 1980 and 1999.

A few years ago, Ford irritated administrators of American Jewish University, then known as University of Judaism, when he published pages upon pages of documents from a former rabbinic student's sexual assault and battery lawsuit. Ford interviewed the former student, Marsha Plafkin, and published the 39-page transcript of her accusations as fact. (A superior court judge dismissed the case; university President Robert Wexler declined comment for this article.)

Ford has long been famous for two things: his spartan lifestyle and his propensity for turning gossip into news, thanks to the ever-present digital recorder he uses to capture scuttlebutt at journalism parties and porn functions.

"I didn't realize just how irresponsible we normally are in everyday private conversations until I encountered L.A. blogger Luke Ford," Mickey Kaus of Kausfiles wrote in a 2003 article for Slate.com titled "The Case Against Editors." "Ford goes around to parties and immediately posts snatches of his conversations on the Web. His reporting is impeccable. He has faithfully quoted me libeling dozens of people on two separate occasions."

Kaus, like most of Ford's media connections, was a friend of National Review Online columnist Cathy Seipp. Ford repaid Seipp, who died in March, by eulogizing her on his blog as a "bulldozer" and an unrepentant adulteress who "had an unshakable belief in her own righteousness."

It was classic Ford, throwing stones at the people who would save him from drowning, which is a tale he tells often about falling off a pier as a child after throwing rocks at his sister and she coming to his rescue.

He has no qualms with castigating those who have propped him up in life.

Ford credits his Jewish conversion to the wisdom of talk-radio host Dennis Prager, whom he heard speaking about Judaism when Ford was bed-ridden with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after dropping out of UCLA. The two began talking regularly by phone, but then Ford bought the domain www.DennisPrager.net and used it to lambast the man he loved like a father. (That info has all been moved over to LukeFord.net.)

Prager has since completely distanced himself.

"He was neither a pupil nor a friend," Prager said in a brief interview. "I think I appealed to something good in him at some point, and I hope I did. But I don't know."

While Seipp's college-age daughter still converses with Ford and he says Kaddish for her every day at shul, most in that circle have written off their friendships with the blogger-without-boundaries.

Anonymous said...

Here's an orthodox rabbi who gets it and does his best to keep his community safe. The Awareness Center just named him Child Advocate of the Week.

I agree with Vicki Polin, we should all be honoring Rabbi Ze'ev Smason.


Doing The Right Thing!
Rabbi Ze'ev Smason: Child Advocate of The Week

Long time friend of The Awareness Center - Rabbi Ze'ev Smason deserves an award for doing the right thing when he learned of an alleged sex offender in his synagogue. As soon as he learned of the allegations made against youth leader, David Kramer -- Rabbi Smason worked with the legal system and did what he could to protect his congregation from any more harm.

For those of you who know Rabbi Smason, next time you see him stand up and give him a round of applause! He definately deserves it.

Click here to see the video of Rabbi Ze'ev Smason speaking on FOX news in St. Louis:
Youth Volunteer Admits To Police He Exposed Himself To Child

For more information on the case of David Kramer

Anonymous said...


This Tendler is no relation to the family of predators.

Anonymous said...


Pedophile David Kramer charged with a Class D Felony.

Anonymous said...

Ha'aretz reports:

One day Rabbi Rene-Samuel Sirat was invited to attend a lecture on the Holocaust, held in the amphitheater of the Sorbonne University in Paris. The speaker, a member of the Academie Francaise, moved the audience when he spoke of a Jewish girl who missed out on a golden opportunity to escape a concentration camp to remain near her parents. Eventually, she was sent to her death along with them.

"Next to me sat [Roman Catholic] Cardinal Lustiger," the former chief rabbi of France recalled. "I glanced at his face and saw tears running down his cheeks. At that moment I knew he was remembering his mother, who suffered a similar fate at the Auschwitz death camp." [Lustiger was born Jewish.]

On more than one occasion, Sirat met the cardinal entering Paris' main synagogue. "He would come to say kaddish for his mother," he said.…

And then, this:


August 6, 2007
Jean-Marie Lustiger, French Cardinal, Dies at 80

“I was born Jewish, and so I remain, even if that is unacceptable for many. For me, the vocation of Israel is bringing light to the goyim. That is my hope, and I believe that Christianity is the means for achieving it.”…

In 1995, while he was visiting Israel, Yisrael Meir Lau, the Ashkenazic chief rabbi and a concentration camp survivor, said Cardinal Lustiger had “betrayed his people and his faith during the most difficult and darkest of periods” in the 1940s. The rabbi dismissed the assertion that the cardinal had remained a Jew.

In response, the cardinal said: “To say that I am no longer a Jew is like denying my father and mother, my grandfathers and grandmothers. I am as Jewish as all the other members of my family who were butchered in Auschwitz or in the other camps.”

And, characteristically, this:

He stepped down as archbishop in 2005, but with the pope’s death that year, the cardinal was frequently mentioned as a potential successor.

He countered such speculation with characteristic humor. Asked by a Jewish friend over dinner whether he thought he might become pope, the cardinal responded in French-accented Yiddish, “From your mouth to God’s ear.”

Anonymous said...

click here to see the video of Rabbi Ze'ev Smason speaking on FOX news in St.

Youth Volunteer Admits To Police He Exposed Himself To Child
http://www.myfoxstl .com/myfox/ pages/Home/ Detail?contentId =3981636& version=1&
locale=EN-US& layoutCode= VSTY&pageId= 1.1.1

Also see: Case of David Kramer - Youth Leader
http://www.theaware nesscenter. org/Kramer_ David.html

Vicki Polin, MA, ATR-BC, LCPC

The Awareness Center, Inc.
(The Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse/

Anonymous said...

So which shul is Luke Ford davening at now?

Anonymous said...


Dinerstein said the analysis was inspired by the 2004 investigation of voter fraud by the New York Daily News that found 46,000 people were illegally registered to vote in both New York City and Florida. The paper found that 68 percent of these voters were Democrats, 12 percent were Republicans and 16 percent did not list a party.

The paper also found that 400 to 1,000 New Yorkers voted twice in at least one election. It said that is "a federal offense punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine."

Anonymous said...


Two Manhattan real estate developers bilked dozens of investors out of $27 million in a scam to renovate 16 multifamily apartment buildings, Manhattan federal prosecutors say.

Michael Hershkowitz, 51, and Ivy Woolf-Turk, 51, were arrested yesterday for duping 70 investors through an elaborate mortgage fraud scheme. The feds say the scheme unraveled when the defendants failed to repay loans and investors discovered that mortgages did not exist for several properties.

Anonymous said...


Stanislav Shmulevich, 23, a student at the Pace University Downtown campus, was charged on Fri. July 27 with two counts of criminal mischief for throwing copies of the Koran into a toilet in a second floor bathroom of a Pace building last fall.

On Oct. 13 last year a Pace instructor found a paperback copy of the Koran, the holy book of Islam, in the toilet of the bathroom. On Nov. 21 last year a student found another Koran in a toilet in the same bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Bungalow Putz:

I don't see what your problem is with Luke. Because people are aware of his expertise, people can draw their own conclusions about him.

With pithy fakers like you and your YTT clan,you pervert Judaism even more.

According to some Midrashim the war of Gog and Magog is not a physical war, rather an idealogical one. It boils down to who is REAL about Judaism, and who is just FAKING it. By placing yopurself on the side of Kolko, Frankel, Goldwasser etc. you are showing clearly which side you are on.

Best of luck.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

KOLKO, India (Reuters) - Dozens of bananas failed to do the trick but an Jewish thief has finally produced a gold necklace he had snatched and then swallowed after police fed him a hearty meal of chicken, rice and local bread.

Leib Pinter, 65, grabbed the 45,000-rupee ($1,115) necklace from a woman in the eastern city of Kolkata Friday and popped it into his mouth when cornered by police.

Officers then fed him 40 - OU bananas over a few hours believing they would act as a purgative, and sat back and waited for results.

Pinter passed an uncomfortable night in jail, but not the piece of jewelry.

Police said Sunday he was then given more substantial fare supervised by Yisroel Belsky.

"Now he wants to go free and doesn't want to even hear about bananas any more," senior officer Gyanwant Singh told Reuters.

A tired and rueful Pinter was, however, staring at 3 years in jail if convicted, Singh added.

"Bananas were good enough for another thief who had swallowed an ornament a few months ago, but Pinter was definitely a tough cookie," said one clearly impressed police constable.

Anonymous said...

Vote Chuck Schumer out of office. He is the main putz pushing for taxpayer bailout of every shmuck who bought a house he couldn't afford.


In a bid to contain surging home foreclosures, several states are establishing funds to help homeowners struggling with subprime mortgage loan repayments refinance to more affordable loans, according to the Wall Street Journal. The states include Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and they are expected to invest a collective $500 million in the funds. The Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency plans to join forces with Fannie Mae to prevent foreclosures on about 1,000 homes. The Agency will sell bonds to finance $60 million and Fannie Mae will provide $190 million. The New York Mortgage Agency is planning to initiate a $100 million program designed to assist 500 families. The Journal reports that over a million American homeowners are forecast to enter foreclosure this year, representing approximately 2.3% of the country's 44 million home loans. According to Freddie Mac, about 60% of those homeowners are carrying subprime mortgages. There is some concern that taxpayers could end up paying the costs of refinanced loans that are themselves unpaid. "This only works if you're helping people who pay back what they borrow," said Nicolas Retsinas, director of the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University.

Anonymous said...


I knew UOJ would come after me if I didn't resign.

Anonymous said...


The collective groan of contractors and developers was heard round the city last week: a Queens City Council member is proposing legislation that would create an official, deputized group of neighborhood volunteers that could report on building code violations, according to the New York Sun.
Councilmember Tony Avella told the Sun he envisions a city-wide program that would provide training for volunteers so they can issue violations for common problems like illegal dumping, insufficient safety fencing around construction areas and work taking place outside of normal hours.

The violations would be presented in an affidavit and carry the same weight as a violation witnessed by a city inspector.

Avella said the volunteer neighborhood watch squad “would send a very strong message to the unscrupulous developers in the city.”

The Buildings Department probably won’t have any trouble finding volunteers here. Calling in building code violations is more like a hobby in Brooklyn, albeit one that sometimes averts serious consequences (like drilling into the wall of the city's most packed subway line).

Anonymous said...

As another commenter has pointed out, it is not fair to lambast and lump together many of the gedolei E.Y. with the poyshim.

As UOJ is well aware, there are secretaries who often sign on behalf of rabbonim. There is also an argument to be made that the oylam in EY is held to a higher standard than we Americans as far as bittul Torah and taaruvos. The Steipler zl for instance said he expected Israeli bochurim to learn 12 hours a day and still get 8 hours sleep.

This is not a hypocritical focus either.

Rav Elyashev was at the forefront of poskening that molesters are rodfim who must be turned over to police. Following his lead was Dayan Sillman, the Av Beis din by Rav Karelitz.

I think UOJ should consider that he is cheapening his good work when the sullying the name of gedolei oylam such as the aforementioned, Rav Lefkowitz and others.

Let's focus on the Agudah and co. not listening to the true gedolim.

Anonymous said...

Good one UOJ. Keep 'em coming!

-Your old pal

Anonymous said...

Luke Ford, or as we like to call him, Levi ben Avraham, davens at:
Our Rabbi, Rav Yosef welcomes him.
we are an open orthodox schull and have no problems with Luke,....Levi

Paul Mendlowitz said...

R' Gross...Welcome..we all missed you. I hope all is well.

Talmid....You can't have it both ways. A rav that delegates his signature to his shlock shammos is responsible where they put his name. To create nonsense g'zeiros that nobody anywhere can respect except for the few idiots in their camps, is to lend themselves to ridicule. I don't make the news, I report it to the masses in a way we all can relate.

So if they continue to make fools out of themselves, I will continue to portray to the world how they appear.

At a certain point in people's lives, especially surrounded by no-goodniks, it's time for them to get advice from younger chashuve rabbonim with street smarts and knowledge of me'lee d'alma, before they ruin the risk of ruining their good life's work when they were younger and on the ball with all their marbles.

They are clearly out of touch and out of control and deserve our contempt for forcing guys like me, who really care about the well-being of Yiddishkeit, to expose them.

It hurts me more than you'll ever know, believe it or not!

Anonymous said...


Back on April 11, 2007 the Vaad HaRabbonim of Baltimore published a letter discussing child sexual abuse. The rabbis who signed the letter wanted to give us all the impressing that they actually cared about survivors of sex crimes.

Since then not much has happened. Rabbi Moshe Eisemann still lives on the campus of Ner Israel. Rabbi Eliezer Eisgrau still is prinicipal at the Torah Institute -- and there are rumors that Rabbi Aron Boruch Tendler is moving to the community.

Over the last few weeks I've been hearing a rumor that photographer "rabbi" Benyamin Yaakov Fleischmann was at a Bar Mitzvah taking pictures of children at Shomrei Emunah (Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb's shul)

In the past the Vaad of Baltimore gave the impression that they banned Fleischmann from taking photos at orthodox events where children could be present (many have wondered why they Vaad didn't care about Reform, Conservative, unaffliated or non-Jewish children).

The odds are that rabbi Gottlieb was unaware that Ben Fleischman was hired by the Bar Mitzvah boy's family? If that's the case what is Rabbi Gottlieb, all the other rabbis in Baltimore and around the world doing to prevent Benyamin Y. Fleischman from having access to any more unsuspecting children?

Fleischman needs to earn a living, yet not at the expense of one more child being sexually violated. If Ben needs to be present at events where there are minors, he needs to be monitored 100% of the time. Benyamin Fleischmann needs to have a reliable adult with him at all times including when he goes into a bathroom. The goal is to protect our children!

Anonymous said...

That figures that Luke Ford would be welcome at Bnei David-Judea, where they allow women's prayer groups.

It's also ideal for freeloaders trying to fress a free meal. And Ronnie Schreiber would be in Heaven here:


A great example of a welcoming synagogue is Bnei David Judea in Los Angeles. Every week at the conclusion of Shabbat davening someone gets up to announce that anyone who does not have a Shabbat meal should come over to one of the Synagogue leaders and they will find that person a meal for Shabbat.

Anonymous said...



The London beis din won't intervene in the Yossi Engel case unless they get: "two first-class return airfares to Australia, a week’s accommodation at a top hotel and an undisclosed fee"

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there's anything I could offer to get to fress for free.


Three city traffic enforcement agents were arrested on Tuesday and charged with writing dozens of falsified tickets for cars parked on Manhattan streets, police said.

The agents were facing forgery and other criminal charges following an internal affairs investigation, said New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne. A fourth agent also was expected to be charged.Investigators believe that the agents drew up fraudulent parking tickets on at least 46 occasions, Browne said.

Those tickets will be voided, he added.The agents were accused of randomly jotting down license plate and other information from parked cars during the morning, whether they were in violation or not. They then recorded the information later in the day to make it appear as if they had been busy writing tickets, authorities said.

Anonymous said...
I know of fress gesheften in Boro Park, Flatbush and the Catskills where fat, grubba police get to stuff their faces for free in return for letting the baal habus and his staff park illegally in front of the gesheft.

I would report them but I am afraid the heimishe will get in trouble too.

Anonymous said...


Please Note: There is more then one individual with the name Benyamin Fleischman.The individual on this page was born born on October 31, 1963 in Harrisburg, PA.

Rabbi Benyamin Fleischman is a photographer and is frequently commissioned to do jobs outside of the state of Maryland (including outside of the US). His probation order permits him to travel. Please note that his work in the past has included weddings (with children present), Bar and Bat Mitzvahs (Commerical Photography and Video).

If you suspect your child or someone else's child has been victimized please contact your local child protection hotline or The Awareness Center for a referral.

Mr. Fleischman sentence is 10 years which will be suspended, five years probation, with the requirements recited before of no contact with children under 18. He is to cooperate with Child Protective Services. He was also ordered to stay away from his victim, and to have no unsupervised contact.

There is a new trend that is happening all over the country (U.S.) Many alleged offender are pleading guilty to a lessor charge, so that the plea agreement will include a stipulation that a convicted sex offenders will not have to be placed on the states sex offenders registry. When this happens it puts the entire community (or in this case children in other countries) at risk of harm.

Please note that no news media group has picked up this case, even though Mr. Fleischman was a well known person in the Jewish community in Baltimore.

At one time he owned the website: http://www.fotography.com. He sold the URL to a photo lab in Flordia and is no longer associate with it.

Fleischman's Former sold his web page address to a photo lab based in Flordia. He is NOT affilated with the new company: Here is the archive edition of his web page: http://web.archive.org/web/*/fotography.com

Please note that this site is owned by Benyamin Fleischman. He plead guilty to child molestation. If you hire him, it is suggest that you monitor him at all times if children are present. This includes escorting him to bathrooms, hallways, etc.

The information provided below was on Fleischman's former web page: http://www.fotography.com/Client.html

The following is a partial list of some of our more recent clients at COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO. This list is provided to you in order to give you a better idea of the types of clientele we have serviced over the past few years. Please keep in mind we have only recently started keeping a list of these clients.

At COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO, we send a report card to all of our clients. When our clients return the response letters to us, we keep them on file for future clients to review. All of these letters are kept on file for viewing. If you would like to see what the response letter looks like, please go to our form page and look for "Customer Response Form".


Ad Ideas, L.L.C.

Agudath Israel of America

Agudath Israel of Baltimore

American Red Cross

Army National Guard


Bais Yaakov of Baltimore

Baltimore Courthouse and Law Museum

Barbizon Schools


Business Creations

City of Baltimore

Cover Girl

Diaspora Yeshiva Band

Harmon Contract

Howard Marbolo Group

IDT Corporation

Jewish Renaissance Foundation

Kamenitz Yeshiva

Kol Rom Multimedia

Kol Yisroel Yeshiva

Lakewood Matzah Bakery

Max Factor

Ner Israel Rabbinical College

North West Citizens Patrol

Project Genesis

Rabbinical Council of Baltimore


Sears and Roebuck Company

Shula's Restaurant

Skolya Schools

Torah Institute of Baltimore

Torah Vadaas

US Army

WCBM Radio

WLIF Radio


Yitz's Kenpo Karate

YMCA of Greater Baltimore

Zip Video

Zone System Concepts

and many more

Anonymous said...


Who wants to know about Luke Ford davening by us?

Of course my shul is on the fringe. I was right hand man to the radical Avi Weiss in Riverdale.

Anonymous said...


That sums up Bnai David-Judea. They are the opposite extreme of the Agudah. They aren't worried about child molesters either because they are busy with carbon dioxide emissions and saving the whales.

Anonymous said...

What a chillul hashem!


copy & paste

Paul Mendlowitz said...

I'm certain there's a ban in the making here!
Israeli Manure Power Plant Combats Greenhouse Effect

by Ezra HaLevi

A new power plant in the Hefer Valley has begun to produce electricity from manure and other organic waste.

According to Globes, the power plant will generate 2-2.4 megawatt/hour (MW/h) by the end of the year. Its initial output is 1.6 MW/h, of which 1.3 MW/h is delivered to the national grid and 300 KW/h is used to operate the facility itself.

The Tambour Hefer Ecology plant is located near Hadera. The Hefer Valley Cooperative Society is accomplishing two goals through the plant. It was ordered to reduce pollutants generated by the communities’ 12,000 dairy cows and is also using the 600 tons of manure generated daily to produce electricity.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I figured UOJ had something up his sleeve after being quiet for a while.


FDNY currently has more than 125 firefighters and EMS members engaged in emergency response operations citywide following this morning's storm. During and in the hours immediately after the storm, 800 firefighters and EMS members citywide responded to storm-related incidents.

Firefighters have responded to a variety of emergencies, including downed trees, limbs and overhead wires, and have assessed structural damage to more than 40 buildings citywide. Firefighters also responded to numerous reports of flooding and utilized de-watering pumps.

At the height of the storm, call volume soared for both FDNY services, particularly in Brooklyn - where more than 240 emergency calls were answered in the two-hour period of 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.

Twenty-one inspectors and engineers from the Buildings Department are working with the Fire Department to conduct rapid assessments of buildings in the affected area.

Buildings that sustained serious structural damage making it unsafe to enter are being vacated and tagged with red placards for easy identification.

Buildings in which a clearly unsafe condition does not exist, but the type of damage prevents occupancy are being tagged with yellow placards. These buildings will be further assessed for damage by a Buildings Department engineer by the end of the day. Buildings tagged with yellow placards have areas restricted from use. The restricted areas are noted on the yellow placards.

So far, the Buildings Department has detected over 70 buildings that sustained damage from last night’s storm.

The Buildings Department has vacated and tagged approximately 20 buildings with red tags, affecting approximately 32 families.

Anonymous said...


Leopold Margulies

Birth: 7 January 1912 (17 Tevet 5672) -- Nurnberg, Germany
Death: 10 October 1989 (11 Tishrei 5750) -- New York, New York, USA

Occupation Bookkeeper

Hebrew Name אליעזר צדוק

Anonymous said...


Every week a new "Kabbalist" arrives from Israel dispensing amulets and blessings. It's amazing how many knaves or perhaps naive people are ensnared into this; the frum newspapers are also culpable as they have the option of not carrying the ads.

Bitter experience should teach everyone to use utmost discretion before visiting these miracle-wrokers. Allegations of fraud, theft and even sexual assault have become almost commonplace.

This is merely symptomatic of a larger problem, namely the "Kabbalization" of Judaism. While there was always a place in Judaism for the mystical, the esoteric, this Kabbalah culture and commercialization of it is a complete distortion of Judaism.

Anonymous said...


Most Hungarian Charedim do NOT follow the Chasam Sofer
When the Chasam Sofer coined his famous phrase "Chadash assur min hatorah" literally, everything that is new is forbidden from the Torah it was only a matter of time untill his message was distorted and misintepreted by his followers and those who claimed to be his followers.

As is clearly shown in this article http://www.yutorah.org/_shiurim//TU11_Schreiber.pdf , R' Sofer was no backward crazy fanatic. Himself German born, he attracted many disciples from Central Europe and Hungary. Some of his Hungarian disciples, particularly Hillel of Kolomeya and Akiva Yosef Schlesinger took his teaching to extremes and banned all secular learning while claiming that this was also the Chasam Sofer's view (while it was clearly not).

There are other indications of his rational and tolerant weltanschauung. For example, he permitted the use of a tube for metzitza b'peh, shaving on chol hamoed and other leniencies.

So therefore, next time a Satmar bum speaks about the derech of der heilige Chasam Sofer, veaf ata hake es shinov.

Anonymous said...

But here's the part I don't understand even more than I don't understand pedaphilia.

I don't understand Lipa Margulies and his ilk. Here we have someone who it's impossible to feel sorry for. A person who, apparently, is a through-and-through evil bastard piece of s.

I will never understand evil bastard pieces of s., never understand people who threaten and intimidate and who seem to get off on people's fear and victimization. He's evil, he's a criminal, and he belongs in prison as much, if not more so, than Kolko. Him, I want to kill. Him, I will not mourn. And I would call upon every member of the Jewish nation to join me in spitting on his grave.

But here's the part that I understand the absolute, positive, least of all. And I hereby give everyone fair warning that I'm about to embark upon a screaming rampage, so if you don't want to read one, go away.

*deep breath*


I don't understand us. I don't understand myself. I don't understand apathy, and complacency, and cowardice. I don't understand the Jewish people.

I don't understand how this was allowed to continue.

I don't understand how regular people in the community allowed this to continue.

I don't understand how so-called "leaders" of the Jewish community allowed this to continue.

Anonymous said...


concerned jewish mother said...
A simple solution -- just as shuls have a list of acceptable caterers, mohels, etc., they should now maintain a list of acceptable photographers, just to ensure that Fleischman does not again find his way into another simcha with children. If a family wishes to hire a photographer not on the list, they should be required to consult with the shul office, rabbi. If the proposed photographer is F., then the rabbi can explain very explicitely why he is unacceptable. If it is any other photographer, no problem. BTW: Why does this convicted felon need to make his parnassa in this way only -- His rabbi should require that he begin learning another profession, like bookkeeping. That should keep him away from kids.

Anonymous said...
how do you know that he was not monitored during the whole time he was in shul?

August 08, 2007 6:13 PM

Anonymous said...
To anonymous who posted at 6:13,

I know because I was there. I was in shock when I saw him with a camera taking pictures of children. He walked around without someone monitoring him.

August 08, 2007 10:46 PM

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...



Boys girls and married women beware of this sexual pervert.

Working for him places you in great danger of becoming a victim of his molestations.

dovy (former uoj fan) said...

very immature and not funny! please stick to the issues and fighting the good fight and stop alienating your supporters and writing ridiculous nonesense and crap. thank you.

Anonymous said...


Arthur said...

Drek from Dwek.
"In the case of Lubavitch/Chabad, all their rabbis are carrying out a form of Avodah Zarah – strange worship. They are using mediation and intercession(???????). This is completely forbidden, and against the Torah. We are only allowed to pray to Hashem, directly ourselves."
You forgot to mention that all Chabad houses are really houses of ill repute in disguise.

Bim Bam identity said...


“Let’s invest in our people without leaving them a mountain of debt,” the president said in his State of the Union address. “Let’s meet our responsibility to the citizens who sent us here.”

Noble aspirations, indeed. But do the numbers inside the document support the rhetoric surrounding it?

The president seems to understand that the fiscal plan presented in his budget is not sustainable and, as such, is not really a plan at all. That is why the budget prominently calls for a fiscal commission that will be charged with “identifying policies to improve the fiscal situation.” The goal, the budget says, is “to stabilize the debt-to-G.D.P. ratio at an acceptable level once the economy recovers.”

In other words, President Obama’s long-term fiscal strategy is to appoint a commission to figure out a long-term fiscal strategy.

It is impossible to say what such a commission will propose, and voters probably won’t know until after the midterm elections this year. But Nancy Pelosi, the House speaker, gave a hint in an interview last October when she said a value-added tax was “on the table.”

A value-added tax is like a sales tax, but rather than being collected entirely at the retail store, it is collected in stages along the chain of production.

VAT does not offer a free lunch. It would raise consumer prices, lower real wages, discourage work and depress economic growth. It would also break President Obama’s pledge not to raises taxes on the middle class.

But unless the president revises his spending plans substantially, he will have no choice but to find some major source of government revenue.

Anonymous said...

Rav Eidensohn rips the "sevara" that R' Shmuel Kaminetzky uses for Kolko and that R' Reuvein Feinstein uses for Tropper that they must have done teshuva:


He (Tropper) lost his chazaka and thus I don't have to act based on the possiblity that he has done teshuva.

The gemora in Berachos talks about a talmid chachom who is known to have suffered a one time loss of control at night and Chazal tell us that we can presume that that he recovers the next day. We know in this case he didn't recover the next day and thus he has lost his chezaka and gained a new one.

In this case we are not talking about a momentary abberation but rather a systematic pattern over time that clearly eliminates any presumption on our part to defend him. Without that chazaka the burden of proof is on him to convince us that he has changed.

Chillul hashem can be atoned for by kiddush hashem. Remaining silent is not good for him and not good for the Jewish people.

Only someone with the chezaka of being a talmid chochom is assumed to have done teshuva - the gemora in berachos is not talking about a person who knows shas. it is talking bout a talmid chachom i.e., he has certain midos and deveikus to G-d.

Elisha ben Abuya and korach were greater scholars than tropper - but they were not presumed to do teshuva

there is no such thing as a menuval talmid chachom. there is no such thing as a rasha talmid chachom. the terms refer to a level of spiritual perfection through Torah.

Once a person sins regularly he does not have the halachic status of a talmid chachom!

Simcha Klor said...

Kings County Civil Court
Index Number: CV-013067-10/KI
Case Name: Chazon, Shlomo
Yeshiva of Kings Bay
Simcha Klor Car of Yeshiva of Kings Bay
Case Type: Civil
Classification: General
Filing Date: 02/05/2010

Low Klass said...

Kings County Civil Court
Index Number: CV-009097-10/KI
Case Type: Civil
Classification: Consumer Credit
Filing Date: 01/26/2010

Anonymous said...

Can you fight City Hall?

This might be Ribnitz, instead of Ribnite.

Rockland Civil Supreme
Index Number: 000262/2010
Case Type: Other Torts
Track: Expedited
RJI Filed: 01/08/2010

UOJ Gets Results said...

Hungarian, 85, planned to kill 85 at random.

BUDAPEST (Reuters) – A 85-year-old Hungarian rabbi who told police he planned to kill 85 people at random because he'd had "85 bad years" has been detained, news agency MTI said Friday.

The man, identified by police as Lipa M.," was a cholent fresser, owned a Luger Parabellum pistol and had been planning the attack for more than 4 years, MTI reported, citing Budapest police criminal director Zsolt Bodnar.

He said he wanted to kill 85 people at his university and at a shopping mall "because he had 85 bad years," the national news agency quoted Bodnar as saying.

Police were not immediately available for comment.

The man had confessed to the plan and said he felt a "sickly attraction" to the school massacres which have happened in other countries around the world, police said.

The suspect told police he had taken his pistol to the university and a shopping mall, Bodnar added.

Police detained the man and searched his home where they seized his pistol and personal computer which had a photo of a 1999 school massacre set as homepage, MTI said.

In November 2006 the rabbi from the southern Hungarian city of Pecs, was disinvited from the Agudah convention for being accused of sneaking into the kitchen Friday night and fressing all the brisket the previous year.

Anonymous said...

What's the truth?

"Hanavon" writes on Rav Eidensohn's blog:

tropper is an insidious and manipulative character who will never stop trying to destroy anyone who he doesn't like.
i myself had an issue with him, i didn't do something that he wanted me to and he called my kallah's father 3 weeks before the wedding day and convinced him to break up my engagement. i stood all alone, in the dark under the skylight of the wedding hall on the night that was supposed to be my wedding, until the janitor came in and said "what are you doing here? no ones getting married tonight"
now i'm 31 and still single.
tropper has consistently chased after me to destroy my name, to keep me from getting engaged, even writing a letter to my landlady saying that my "dam is hefker, and it's muttar to call the police on me for anything", even if i hadnt done anything! until i was forced out of monsey!

Kanoi b'seser rebuts this claim:

I know hanavon, who fancies himself a navon but is really a sochol, and his kallah's father always hated him. To me he never told this story about RT, just blamed his would-be shver. He instigated Rabbi Tropper to no end and caused havoc in yeshiva. He left Monsey because he knew he couldn't force himself to sit and learn.

Last I knew hotzoas shem ra was still assur, even about R.T.

SHQUEEZE said...

Yechezkel 8 have released the Tropper video to YouTube because American rabbonim have not gotten off their rear ends to stop Tropper!

Bungalow Yenta said...

Who knew that Tropper owns a light colored suit that he wears when going on sexual themed vacations

Overeaters Anonymous said...

Holy mackerel! Did you see Tropper's gigantic boych when he takes off his tan colored suit jacket to kiss the shiksa?

Chicago Askanim said...

If bochurim come collecting and any of them are drunk, no tzedokoh will be given to them at all. Yeshivos and other worthy organizations sending out bochurim to collect are responsible to mandate sobriety. Rewarding the drunk bochurim is irresponsible, as is putting money into the hands of someone inebriated and irresponsible. This might sound mean spirited, but it is worthwhile. We would rather see a charitable organization out a few dollars and a life saved.

Yudels Mistake said...

UOJ Whats your take on this Grossman case in Florida?

Paul Mendlowitz said...

My heart says "life imprisonment", but my brain says his crime was so heinous, and Florida's law warrants .... the maximum punishment.

Phot-Mayven said...

Re: Tan colored suit - it was a night vision filter - where dark things appear light.

Arthur said...

Wow!!!!!!.I attacked one senile old man and I got clobbered.What are they going to do you?Ah, but the difference is that I'm not UOJ and what's even worse I'm a "Lubav" and in the litany of the crimes that we commit a couple were left out by "Dwek".We travel to the Oracle at Delphi to leave a kvittel a few times a year, and of course we expect an answer.For RH and YK we go to mount Olympus to worship the Pantheon of Greek gods.We also believe that Ester is in reality Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess of fertility to give our worship customs a little salt and pepper. We occasionally worship the Hindu god vishnu as well as the Egyptian gods Amon RA and Isis.Every Rosh Chodesh ,for a change of pace ,we do some Buddha praying and some of us even invite the Dalai Lama to inspire us with our prayers.Above all since we are all "Rubashkin fanatics" we worship him every day.Some of the oisvurvs among us even practice Zen Buddaisim.What apikursis.LOL.All in the spirit of ecumenism.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

R' Arthur,

In the Purim spirit, try commenting that because you're a Lubav, and have very high moral standards, because many of your "people" spend their lives helping others - you think Tropper is a low-life. Let's see what happens:-)


ROME – A top Vatican prelate told Irish bishops at an extraordinary Vatican summit with Pope Benedict XVI Monday they must admit their own blame in cover-ups of generations of sex abuse of minors, or risk losing the faith of Ireland's Catholics.

But the former Dublin altar boy who helped expose the scandal doubted that any real hierarchy housekeeping would result from the two days of talks behind closed doors in the Apostolic Palace.

Benedict's top aide, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, delivered a stinging homily at a Mass before the talks decrying the "particularly abhorrent deeds" of some in the Irish church hierarchy, although he didn't name any names.

Bertone, the Vatican's No. 2 who participated in the summit with 24 bishops from Irish dioceses, likened the crisis to a "most dangerous storm, that which touches the heart of believers, shaking their faith and threatening their ability to trust in God."

To restore faith, "sinners must acknowledge their own blame in the fullness of truth," urged Bertone, the Holy See's secretary of state. He worried that the evil could push faithful toward "discouragement and desperation."

A state report last year found that church leaders in Dublin had spent decades protecting child-abusing priests from the law while many fellow clerics pretended not to see. A separate inquiry documented decades of sexual, physical and psychological abuse or children and teens in Catholic-run schools, workhouses and orphanages.

Bertone called for "humility" from the bishops. But Clogher Bishop Joseph Duffy had already said resignations were not on summit agenda, defying victims' demands that clerics who involved in protecting pedophile priests step down.

That made Andrew Madden, who in 1995 became the first in Ireland to go public with an abuse lawsuit against the church, pessimistic.

"It's clear that most of Ireland's bishops should go, because they conspired in covering up heinous crimes," Madden told The Associated Press in Ireland. "Most of them will cling to their positions regardless of the anguish this causes the victims."

A U.S. lobby of clergy sex abuse victims echoed Madden's lack of expectations.

"Does anyone honestly think that the very same men who ignored and concealed child sex crimes for decades can or will do a sudden and complete 180-degree turnaround and suddenly be part of the solution?" said Barbara Dorris, of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.

In a statement, Dorris said Bertone failed to denounce "a centuries-old, deeply-rooted culture of self-serving secrecy perpetuated by a rigid, ancient, all-male monarchy."

Madden said the pope, in a letter he has promised to direct to the Irish people, must fully and explicitly accept the findings of the two Irish-government ordered probes of how Catholic officials got away with abusing tens of thousands of children since the 1930s in a country where the church was once a pillar of everyday existence.

In the Dublin report, investigators determined that a succession of archbishops and senior aides had compiled confidential files on more than 100 parish priests who had sexually abused children for decades. The files had remained locked in the Dublin archbishop's private vault.

At the summit was the papal envoy in Ireland, Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza, who, along with the pope, victims contend, hid behind "diplomatic protocols" in refusing to respond to letters from Irish investigators about the extent of abuse and cover-up.

The reports follow a campaign by the archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, to confront abuse allegations and deal honestly with the cover-up and victims' suffering.

John Paul II's papacy was stained by an explosion of sex abuse and cover-up scandals in the United States, Australia and other countries.

Arthur said...

Part one
Much has been written about the apparent absence in our society of
passion directed toward any ideal beyond our personal needs and
pleasures. Nothing in the contemporary secular conversation calls on
us to give up anything truly valuable for anybody or anything else.
Even marriage and the family unit, once considered sacred
institutions worth sacrificing for, are easily discarded when they
conflict with one's personal comforts.

The original cause of this condition, it seems, is the gift of
liberty that our generation has been blessed with. Our open education
has endowed us with openness to a sundry of cultures, races, ethnic
groups, and belief systems, liberating us from many a phobia caused
by single-minded tribalism and religious or social dogma. This in
itself is healthy: Open-mindedness diminishes bigotry and advocates
tolerance and respect for groups and people different than we.

Yet like all blessings, this one, too, does not come without a

Liberal education is not a goal in and of itself; it is a means to an
end. Emancipated from dogma and indoctrination, you are empowered to
choose a path with inner conviction and zest. You can embrace a
vision that is truly yours. Relationships, morality, faith, goodness,
sacrifice and love can now emerge from the depth of your soul, rather
than from social conventions and external pressures. But for this to
occur, children and students need parents, mentors and educators who
can show them how to utilize the blessings of open mindedness to
build character, to develop an idealistic personality and achieve
moral greatness.

To our dismay, the opposite has occurred. We live arguably in the
most sophisticated age, free to question all absolutes with the
objectivity of reason. Here in the United States, we have been
redeemed, to a significant degree, from the maladies of bigotry,
intolerance and prejudice that have plagued humanity for millennia.
But instead of seeing our liberty as an opportunity to promote
powerful moral commitments stemming from authentic and un-coerced
desire, we utilized our zest to de-legitimize and trivialize any
commitment that runs too deep. Many have retreated into self-centered
solitariness, expending much energy in defending the principle that no
choice is worthwhile enough to be taken too seriously. Is it possible
that 5,000 years of the human search for truth were meant to
culminate with no ideal larger than the quest for self preservation
and gratification?

Our extreme and endless open mindedness has often diminished, rather
than built, the character of the youth. It has deprived many of the
millennia-long awareness that there are truths worth fighting for,
ideals worth aspiring towards, relationships worth sacrificing for.

Arthur said...

Part rwo
Timidity and reservation became the staple of our generation. With
all of our technological progress, the tragic fact remains that
millions of Americans find it impossible to maintain stable
marriages, to raise happy children and to find true meaning in their
existence. Fifty percent of first marriages are likely to end in
divorce, and one million new children are added each year to the
list of broken families. Alas, we have come to know, in Oscar
Wild s words, the price of everything but the value of nothing. We
understand our bodies like never before, but have become distant from
our souls. Moral feebleness, philosophical haziness, and even a
weakened will to survive have become all too common. When you have
nothing to fight for, are you really alive?

I have found that people whose lives are infused with
clear injustices are less wishy washy on moral questions. That's what
has fascinated me about the great Russian writers, whom I have studied
for many years. They had no problem taking clear moral stands on
issues, because they had stark evidence in front of them of the
differences between justice and injustice, freedom and slavery,
morality and corruption. Tolstoy and Dostoevsky among others, had no
difficulty taking a clear moral stand on issues. These issues weren't
intellectual abstractions to them. They were painfully real.

The American universities, on the other hand, have done my
generation a real disservice. They've skewed students' perspectives,
and only enhanced their naturally sheltered state. This generation of
students has to it an internal softness. The newly enlightened young
Americans have lost their moral nerve. They don't believe in absolute
truths and higher ideals, because they are told in the universities
that to do so would be insensitive, or undemocratic. It's a real
problem, because when we cannot define evil as evil, we make sure it
continues to exist and grow.

Arthur said...

Part three

There is an intriguing element in the construction of the Mishkon
discussed in Terumah. Of all the furniture
to be built for the Tabernacle, only a few were required to be made of
a single piece of gold (1). One of them was the menorah, the
five-foot-tall seven-branched golden candelabra, kindled every
evening in the Sanctuary, casting its sacred glow on the

You shall make a menorah of pure gold, the Torah instructs (2),
the menorah should be made of a single piece of beaten gold. The
menorah was an elaborate structure, comprised of many shapes, forms
and nuanced designs, yet it needed to be hammered out from a single
ingot of gold; no part of it could be made separately and attached

Rashi explains this
instruction clearly (3): "He should not make it of
sections, nor should he make its branches and lamps of separate
pieces and connect them afterward in the style of metal-workers which
they call "soulder" in Old French. Rather, it should all come from a
single piece. He (the craftsman) beats it with a mallet and cuts it
with craftsman tools, separating the branches to either side. The
craftsman draws the parts of the menorah out of the solid block of
Now, you need not be a skilled craftsman to appreciate how difficult
a task this was. The menorah was an extremely complex and intricately
designed article. Why does the Torah demand it be hammered out from a
single lump of gold? Why not construct the menorah from separate
pieces of metal, and then weld them together?

What is even more intriguing is that the menorah was the one of two
articles in the Mishkon that the Torah required to be built in
this fashion! Most other articles, like the table with the show
bread, the mizbichos, the washing basin, even the holiest article -- the
ark, could all be built from separate pieces. Yet the menorah, perhaps
the most intricate article in the Temple, needed to be fleshed out of
a single lump of gold. What is the message behind this?

Arthur said...

Part four
The Torah, it has been suggested, is attempting to convey a profound
insight into the human condition and the objective of education. If
you ever wish to become a menorah, a source of light to others, you
must ensure that you are made of one piece. To be a leader, a
pillar of conviction and a wellspring of inspiration, you cannot
afford to be dichotomized. You need to know who you are and what you
stand for. You must be holistic.

Ambivalence and ambiguity make for good conversation at campus cafes,
or on blogs. Yet in all of their glamorous sophistication, they
lack the capacity to inspire youth. Passion and conviction are the
fruits of a deep and integrated sense of self. Children do not
respond well to ambivalence, because it leaves them with a sense of
uncertainty and with a hole in their hearts. Judaism always
understood that if you wish to live a self-contained life, you can be
made of many pieces, dichotomized and fragmented. But if you wish to
become a menorah, if you wish to inspire your children and students,
if you wish to cast a light on a dark world and to kindle sparks and
brighten lives you must be made of one piece. You may still
struggle and wonder, yet you must know who you are, what you believe
in, and why you are alive.

For many years I was privileged to attend the weekly addresses of
a brilliant teacher, a man well educated in the sciences, arts and
philosophies, who professed encyclopedic knowledge in the fields of
physics, science (in the broadest sense of the term), history and
literature, and mastery over the enormous body of Biblical, Talmudic,
Halachik and Kabbalistic texts. He was also a profoundly open-minded
individual, with a keen understanding of the complexities of the
human mind. Yet in almost every one of his speeches and addresses, he
would quote this apparently simplistic Talmudic statement : I was
created in order to serve G-d.

I often wondered why this extraordinary thinker felt compelled to
quote this dictum again and again. Why the need to repeat something
we have all heard hundreds of times from his mouth? In retrospect I
have come to understand that by reiterating this message
continuously, sincerely and wholeheartedly, my Rebbe
wished to communicate to his disciples a powerful message: Appreciate
diversity, tolerate otherness, and open yourself up to the
colorfulness of the world. But never allow yourself to become
emotionally and mentally torn in the process. Remember who you are
and what you were created for. You were created to serve G-d, to
fulfill His will and to build a world saturated with goodness and
G-dliness. Do not allow life to become so complicated that you are
not sure any longer who you are and what you represent.

King Solomon knew a thing or two about the
compelling force of cynicism. Just read through the book of
Ecclesiastes. Yet he also understood that skepticism is a means, not
an end. The final verse of this deeply disturbing biblical book is
what is missing from today s educational curriculum:

The final word after all that is known is this: Fear G-d and Observe
His commandments, for this is the whole purpose of man.

The personal opinion of one little "Lubav" who learned much from one great "Lubav".

Yudels Mistake said...

So what wins? Heart or Brain?

Paul Mendlowitz said...

R' Arthur,

With your permission I'd like to post it with the author's name.

Tell me via e-mail where to send your UOJ cap.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Brain should always prevail!

Anonymous said...

JWB says:

A challenge.

Let's expose an abuser a day.

They cannot hide. We will track them down, document their crimes and expose them.

Here's number one.

Confessed and Convicted Child Molester Rabbi David H. Rudnick.
Born March 31, 1950
Base of operations Canton, Ohio.


1. Akron Beacon Journal (OH) - May 6, 1989
A Canton rabbi who taught Hebrew lessons to children has been indicted by a Stark County grand jury for allegedly having sexual contact with a male pupil during two months in 1986. David Rudnick, 38, of 20th Street Northeast pleaded innocent Friday, in Stark County Common Pleas Court to one count of gross sexual imposition, a third-degree felony. He faces up to three years in prison and a $5,000 fine. He was released from custody after posting $5,000 bond....

2. Akron Beacon Journal (OH) - May 26, 1989
A Canton rabbi is scheduled to go on trial Sept. 25 on a charge of gross sexual imposition. Stark County Common Pleas Judge Sheila G. Farmer is scheduled to hear the case. Rabbi David Rudnick, 38, of 20th Street Northeast is accused of having sexual contact with a boy under age 13. Records indicate the alleged crime occurred between July 1 and Aug. 31, 1986. Rudnick is rabbi of the Agudas Achim Congregation at 2508 Market Ave. N. njs ...

3. Akron Beacon Journal (OH) - February 23, 1990
A Canton rabbi with a conviction for sexually abusing a child is to go on trial Wednesday, in Stark County Common Pleas Court for allegedly fondling an 11-year-old boy who was a pupil in his Hebrew classes. David H. Rudnick, 39, of 20th Street Northeast faces one count of gross sexual imposition after being indicted last May by a Stark County grand jury. He faces up to three years in prison and a $5,000 fine. Rudnick also was indicted last month by a Tuscarawas County grand jury...

4. Akron Beacon Journal (OH) - February 28, 1990
A Canton rabbi is expected to plead guilty as charged today, in Stark County Common Pleas Court for allegedly fondling an 11-year-old boy who was a pupil in his Hebrew classes. David H. Rudnick, 39, of 20th Street Northeast, had been charged with gross sexual imposition for allegedly fondling the boy in incidents between July 31 and Aug. 31 in 1986. The youth lives in Bolivar in Tuscarawas County. The charge carries up to three years in prison and a $5,000 fine. At the time of...

5. Akron Beacon Journal (OH) - March 1, 1990
A Canton rabbi who carried his belongings to court in a brown suitcase was taken into custody Wednesday, by Stark County sheriff's deputies after pleading guilty to fondling an 11-year-old boy in his Hebrew classes. For Rabbi David H. Rudnick, who was sentenced to 18 months in prison, it was the first of two court appearances this week on charges of gross sexual imposition involving children. Stark County prosecutors said the former rabbi of a small...

Anonymous said...

What kind of chinuch are they giving in the Bais Yaakovs these days?

There is a backup of cars to get to the valet parking for Ateres Avrohom in Williamsburg every night. Recently, a bunch of cars full of the kallah's friends converged with no regard for other guests, rules of the road like obstructing intersections (2 or 3 point driver's license violation), chilul Hashem or even pikuach nefesh / human life. They were cutting everyone off trying to get a car-length closer and when a fire truck was responding to a call, they were the only ones who refused to move in case chas vesholom someone's life being saved should force them to lose their place in line. The fire truck was repeatedly honking at them to no avail. After the firemen got up and started screaming at them, they moved the car just enough so FDNY could get by by an inch. Other girls took advantage of the situation by following the truck and cutting into the line of cars. They were driving luxury cars like Lexus.

There have also been incidents on packed City buses full of Bais Yaakov girls after school where not one of them will offer her seat to a woman who is very visibly pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Rav Eidensohn is having trouble publishing his sefer on child abuse. He doesn't have enough funds to add mareh mekomos which would make the sefer 2 volumes.

He was told by Feldheim that a hashkama from Eretz Yisroeldik gedolim is not enough, that he must get American "gedolim" on board or else they will be attacked by the Agudah Fressers.

Artscroll is of course refusing to publish the sefer at all, or at least without meeting their impossible criteria which is the same thing. Meanwhile, they are still selling the titles like the "musser sefer" from jailbird crook Leib Pinter and other lowlives including child molesters.

SHQUEEZE said...

Um, sorry, you should not have the Monsey Rabbonim in charge of an investigation that affects world Jewry.

Monsey is an insular community. As such, it has little experience in the really far out cases, and cannot even envision the far reaching implications of such cases.

As an example, one of the Rabbis mentioned as being on this bes din was Moshe Finkel's mashgiach. He trusted Moshe (who had been president of Yeshiva of Spring Valley and thus an upstanding member of the Monsey community) to the point of not even investigating where Moshe bought his meat and poultry. Though this Rabbi is well loved for his ehrlichkeit, he is easily deceived and is probably incapable of grasping what Tropper could do, just as he was incapable of grasping what Finkel could do. It was not this Rabbi who caught or ostracized Finkel.

This is an important and high profile case, and needs to be handled by gedolim around the world. Monsey will not be affected more than the rest of the Jewish world. On the contrary, local Rabbonim can more easily be intimidated than a high power group.

Once a global bais din passes down a psak, then the local Monsey bais din can rule on Kol Yaakov, which is the only Monsey specific issue.

Then Rav Moshe Green is in cherem from Dayan Gestetner's beis din for some very bad things.

And it is rumored that Rav Yaakov Kapelner is also on the Beis Din even though his name was omitted by the newspapers. He decided EJF conversions and he has been a faculty member of Kol Yaakov for over 15 years. I am sure he understands who feeds his family, dehaynu der rosh hamenuvolim, Leib Tropper.

They also would not go against R' Elya Ber Wachtfogel, who they revere and who most definitely has reasons to want to sweep this whole business under the carpet.

Rav Breslauer's son, for instance, is Rosh Kollel in South Fallsburg, I believe.

Even without that family connection, one can be absolutely certain that NONE of these Rabbonim wishes to mess with Rav Wachtfogel. (Nor would they delve into any matter that is potentially embarrassing to the Feinsteins.)

Tropper was reportedly meeting with his talmid Barros on erev Shabbos in Fallsburg so he is very much scheming to remain in control.

Anonymous said...

Rumor that Rockland authorities are investigating all the tax exempt shtiebelach in Monsey to see if they are legit.

Dovid said...

This is chutzpah and delusion rolled into one.

After his "resignation", Leib Tropper has appointed himself as "Nasi" of the yeshiva and is comparing himself to the Ponevetsher rov who was also a Nasi without being the rosh yeshiva.

UOJ gets results said...

MIAMI — A South Florida teenager who sued her former principal after she was suspended for creating a Facebook page criticizing a teacher can proceed with her lawsuit, a federal judge has ruled.

a said...

"So what wins? Heart or Brain?"
Moach shalit al halev

Arthur said...

"So what wins? Heart or Brain?"
Moach shalit al halev.

Anonymous said...

a possible frum follies

tropper resigns and agrees to move to north miami beach or baltimore

schmeltzer agrees to hire tropper as a fundraiser while dwek offers his house while hes away in jail

Yudels Mistake said...

Why can't we just say that the Japs who wouldn't move for a Fire Trucks are just ditzes? why does it have to be indicative of a "bais yaakov problem"?

Anonymous said...

The "Einstein" who attacks Yudel Shain obviously doesn't have a clue about much else either.

There are large groups of girls from various Bais Yaakovs who have complete disregard for all that should be sacred.

Is this indicative of the people that Yudel's Mistake surrounds himself with that it's just some harmless ditz who refuses to move when she has a fire truck hitting the alarm bass on her neck 20 times? Or that dozens of them won't get off their fannies when an 8 or 9 month pregnant woman is visibly struggling to stay on her feet?

The only reason why not all the blame lays with the Bais Yaakovs is because of the poor upbringing leading to this which begins at home.

Tropper bin pimpin' said...


If you want to see the unedited video of Tropper, it has been posted by the Mutual of Omaha.

Rabbi Motty Elon said...


Rabbi accused of sexual harassment

Ombudsman said...

The issue of girls ignoring expectant mothers on the buses is an old one and I have complained to the hanhala of one Beis Yaakov about it.

UOJ Gets Results said...

Tropper was kicked out of Monsey within the hour of the UOJ posting of the video on Sunday


Anonymous said...

UOJ, your comment "Brain should always prevail!"

Reminded me of an idiom I coined a while back.

The difference between a Liberal and a Conservative.

The former has a big brain but thinks with his heart. The latter has a big heart but thinks with his brain.

Shkutzim araus! said...


Tropper was forced to appear in beis din late last night with the threat that dozens of rabbonim will sign a kol korei against him otherwise.

He signed a notarized document that he gives up all positions and will move out of Monsey but it is a farce because he still owns everything and there is still a cover up as to all the funny business with the gerim and money.

Toyota Putz said...

We were worried that the heimishe oylam might abandon Toyota & our premium Lexus brand because of the safety issues and that maybe even the Lexus Rebbe of 59th St might try to rebrand himself but the BY maydelach show us we have nothing to worry about.

These are probably the Hungarian girls from Machon BY. It makes sense actually, that if the feinshmecker parents don't care about their brothers being molested by Kolko in YTT, that they would take a chance on faulty brakes to be choshuv in a Lexus.

Mr. Ventana said...


Barron's - Bill Alpert - ‎Feb 13, 2010‎

Kaplan's Leor Energy bonanza is itself the subject of lawsuits in which his nephew, Guma Aguiar, alleges that Kaplan and attorney Natbony swindled Aguiar ...

UOJ is the Manhig Hador said...

Tropper is another case where the rabbonim did nothing until UOJ stepped in.

Yudels Mistake said...

With all your bashing of me you have not answered my point at all. Just because some people have no middos at all does not mean that the blame for that as well lies at the feet of Bais Yaakovs

Overeaters Anonymous said...


Wolfgang has been involved in high end kosher catering (perhaps for EJF when only the best will do for fressers with discriminating palates like Tropper & the 92nd St Y crowd?)

Wolfgang is also an intermarried. His first marriage was to Barbara Lazeroff, a Jewish woman who grew up in the Bronx and his second marriage is to Gelila Assefa who is definitely Ethiopian and possibly Falasha via Israel.


Tom Kaplan, senior managing partner of Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group.

Anonymous said...

yudels mistake

you still have not answered why you are protecting rabbi schmeltczer in north miami beach for honoring a drug user at his kolel dinner ( IN FACT RABBI MALKIEL KOTLER CAME AND WOULD NOT TAKE PICTURES WITH HIM )
you still havent answered how the rabbi paskened a man who was eishes ish learns in his kolel and schmeltzer claims his wife doesnt need to know even if stds were involved

YOU STILL HAVENT ANSWERED HOW RABBI SCHMELTZER TRANSFERRED A COMMUNITY KOLEL TO his own family all while closing his books to the community

do you think that this is ok

no ones bashing you they just want answers

in fact the kotler family told schmeltzer recently to get his act together


why hasnt he told the community that he has done this

Simple Simon said...

When will Yudel's Mistake get it through his thick skull that large numbers of girls are more than "some" people and that the school system has not been getting the right message across?

There are kamma roshei yeshiva who are ashamed if even yechidim act badly as a reflection on them, al achas kama vekama by these large numbers of girls.

Please let me know if this needs to be simplified even further for you.

Yamim al yemai Melech (UOJ) Tosif said...

Nu, mit chazonus!

Wolfgang Putz said...

Tropper didn't get that huge stomach for nothing.

Ask the Kol Yaakov boys about how Tropper was in Manhattan half the time stuffing his face in fancy restaurants.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Feldheim's book by Henry Hillel Abramson


Peacefully with her family by her side after a lengthy illness at St. Joseph' s Health Centre on Thursday September 22, 2005 at the age of 70. Beloved wife of Bohdan. Loving mother of Orest, Christina, Ulana ABRAMSON and her husband Henry, Roman and his wife Sheila, and Bohdan. Adored grandmother of 9 grandchildren. Lovingly remembered by Theodozia, Maria and their families and by her nieces, nephews and many Friends. Friends may call at the Turner and Porter Yorke Chapel, 2357 Bloor St. W., at Windermere, east of the Jane subway, on Sunday and Monday from 6-9 p.m. Panachyda Sunday and Monday at 7:30 p.m. Funeral mass will be held at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church, 4 Bellwoods Ave. on Tuesday, September 27, 2005 at 11 a.m. Interment Park Lawn Cemetery. If desired, donations to the Ukrainian Canadian Social Service, 2445, Bloor St. W., Toronto Ontario., M6S 1P7 would be appreciated.

Welcome Home

Anonymous said...

So, is Dr. Abramson's wife a giyores?

Why do you need to publicize this? Or maybe he is also a ger as gerim sometimes change their name to Abramson.

Zeaka gedola umara said...


The kol korei against Tropper that could still be issued.

Talmidei Margo said...

The Beis Din was compromised!


According to Troppergate, R' Yisroel Dovid Schlesinger of Shaarei Tefila who was on the beis din was secretly conferring with Tropper and Zalman Silber to protect them and fought with the beis din to only give Tropper a slap on the wrist.

With all Due Respect said...


Is there anyone home in the Chabad leadership who can give some guidance how to deal with government officials?

Seriously here.

All the advisors, machers, and decision makers couldn't have come up with better representation for Rubashkin? They couldn't have a Brafman et.al give some guidance? Why does every macher think they are a know it all convincing Rubashkin to risk everything? The Yated is nice and heartwarming, but a lawyer in the courtroom would have been more successful than one in the media.


They instigate the entire Jewish world against the Florida Justice System for an admitted murderer. Instead of getting going on this longshot effort 15 years ago, they waited until a month ago. By having every yutz with half-baked arguments yell Anti-Semitism and Jews are better than Goyim to the Governor's secretaries, the situation is made worse. By lying to the Jewish masses about the 40,000 calls a day they made the few logical, cooler heads shy away from the issue. According to the public hotline's operator they had logged a grand total of 10,780 e-mails and 9,462 calls both for and against. Creating hysteria and frenzy in people who are not used to dealing in a tactful manner just makes things worse.


Ezagui was just convicted and is looking at serious time. Again poor judgement on behalf of leadership was made here.

Pidyon Shevuyim is hiring and listening to experts. After a conviction the climb is much steeper.

Anonymous said...

allow me to answer a few things here

and by the way i am not arthur

rubashkin was offered a plea deal and did not follow counsels advise

it is a rachmonus on his family especially his special needs child

ezagui == had a son lose an arm in lebanon but again a rachmonus on his family

grossman rabbonim world over said you need to make every effort even if it wasnt successful and many of the rabbis are not chabad

and dont think brafman would have made a difference in any of this cases

Anonymous said...


where's the Habad pidyon scream for ezagui? hypocrites

Yudels Mistake said...

Mr. NMB, I don't have to answer for your misanthropic view of Schmeltzer, & my pointing out that you are doing nothing but throwing unsubstantiated accusations at the man is not called "protecting".

If you don't like the fact that he is the CEO of the Kollel, DON'T SUPPORT IT!!! Whining on blogs about it & accusing him of being a mollester is not the answer.

And to the guy who has a beef with all Bais Yaakov girls because some ditz cut him off I say,

Grow Up!

Yudel's Great said...

Notice how the Mistake spinmeister twists everything around to win arguments.

First he takes Yudel out of context, then he has a hang up to protect the reputation of Beis Yaakov girls so he ignores how they obstruct FDNY responding to a fire to frame it as some whiner got cut off.

Leopold Margulies said...

Vell, vee did not stop the beis din in gantzen like by Kolko but at least vee tampered enough dat dey stopped investigating Tropper's money trail.

Cheapskate said...

Does anyone pay for a WSJ / Barron's subscription that can paste the article on Kaplan & Guma fighting over EJF?

AndyBee said...

In the Purim spirit, here are my headline submissions:

"Orthodox Jewish Groups Come Together in Rare Display of Unity and Declare that The Death Penalty Must Be Revamped So As Not to Include Orthodox Jews"

Susan Zinkin, an agunah since 1962, marvels at the speed Orthodox Jewish groups were able to unite in order to help a brutal murderer. She only regrets that her 82 year old husband's death this week will prevent them from turning to her case.


"Rabbanut Prevents Mashiach from Revealing Himself: Yichus Questioned.

Entire Davidic Dynasty Thrown Into Turmoil as Ruth's Conversion Under Suspicion"

Selective Awareness Center said...


I emailed Vicki Polin about a month ago with the case of Akiva Kagan. I referred her to your postings. I rec'd a "due to financial situation, we are limited in the amount of time, etc".
I have yet to receive a response from her.
I had a friend contact them about donating and guess what...immediate response!
Everyone should know that Akiva Kagan is still teaching children and poses a danger all with the approval of Ramat Bet Shemesh's leadership.
What a shanda!

UOJ gets results said...


Follow the money said...


Besides the millions of dollars associated with Kol Yaakov & EJF, Horizons has $8 million in the bank. Tropper is being rewarded if he gets to keep it all.

And who is this Rabbi Avrom Kahn who officially owns Horizons?

Benny Rogosnitzky said...


Benny Rogosnitzky, 36, the cantor at the ritzy Park East Synagogue on the Upper East Side allegedly deposited a $132,500 check from his then mother-in-law with Brooklyn-based Magen Israel Society.

The charity is run by Rabbi Saul Kassin -- the leader of the nation's largest Syrian Sephardic Jewish Congregation -- who was indicted in the massive money-laundering scheme that rocked political landscape of New Jersey last year.

Rogosnitzky's ex-mother-in-law, Klara Ringel, an elderly Holocaust survivor and wealthy Democratic Party contributor from Lakewood, NJ, wanted the cash to go to the Israeli version of the Red Cross -- the similarly named Magen David Adom -- to buy an ambulance in the Ringel family name.

Instead, the cash went to the rabbi's charity, which took a $10,000 cut, according to court papers. The group then gave the rest back to Rogosnitzky in a series of checks made out to his organization, Cantor's World, and some of his relatives, the documents claim.

The charity allegedly cut checks in sums lower than $10,000 so the transactions would fly under the radar of authorities.

Rogosnitzky, who spent 14 years at the posh Upper West Side Jewish Center on 86th Street until June 2009, then cashed those checks with Reliable Check Cashing Service, the lawsuit claims.

Kassin's charity was at the center of the rabbi's indictment last summer for allegedly similarly skimming money raised for Israel and educational services.

Federal agents questioned several people who are close to Rogosnitzky in their probe of Kassin, but the cantor has not been charged with a crime, sources said.

Picture of the putz thief said...


Originally British. His father is a rov now living in Lakewood.

Motty Suchard said...


A federal suit claims Benny Rogosnitzky, known at Park East Synagogue for his smooth charm and rich voice, tricked a marketing director for the National Council of Young Israel and an education group, Gateways, out of more than $300,000.

"Every week he stands in front of a congregation as a righteous man and prays for the congregation's sins to be forgiven," said lawyer David Jaroslawicz, who represents Ringel in the suit filed in Manhattan Federal Court. "What he really does is 'prey' - spelled with an 'e' not an 'a.'"

Rogosnitzky, 36, claimed in court records that he's the victim. He said his estranged wife, 37-year-old Chana Ringel, and her family trashed his reputation, forcing him to leave the Jewish Center on the upper West Side, where he'd worked for 13 years.

The cantor declined to comment for this story. Spokesman Andrew Moesel said that Ringel's accusations are tied to the divorce. The couple has two children.

"These accusations are part of a smear campaign designed to apply pressure in a matrimonial dispute," Moesel said. "Mr. Rogosnitzky fully intends to repay any business debts as soon as the divorce matter is resolved."

As the federal case heads toward trial March 3, Ringel has lined up some allies - two non-profits that say Rogosnitzky duped them.

"He's a dangerous person," Rabbi Mordechai Suchard, founder and president of Gateways, told the Daily News.

In a deposition, Suchard claimed that in 2008 Rogosnitzky asked to use a Gateways credit card to reserve space for a retreat sponsored by his own organization, Cantors World. When the American Express bills rolled in, there were charges for El Al tickets to Israel, kosher food and liquor to the tune of $150,547, he said in a deposition.

Rogosnitzky said he didn't know anything about the charges. Then he called them a mistake. Three repayment checks bounced, the rabbi claimed.

The cantor even told American Express he was a Gateways employee entitled to use the card, court papers allege. Only $45,000 has been repaid - by one of Rogosnitzky's congregants.

Tziporah Spear, marketing director for the National Council of Young Israel, had a similar run-in with the cantor, according to a deposition. Rogosnitzky asked her for a credit card in 2007 to hold a reservation for a Cantors World event, then ran up $150,000 in charges, including 17 plane tickets, court records show.

Rogosnitzky claimed the money was a loan, but his repayment checks bounced.

Mike Bloomberg said...


Rogosnitzky is a smooth operator.

Son of Boog said...


David W. Johnson has worked for Gov. David A. Paterson for much of his adult life. He began as a young, ambitious intern from Harlem when Mr. Paterson was a state legislator. He rose to be Mr. Paterson’s driver, serving as a kind of protector and scheduler.

In recent months, however, Mr. Johnson’s ascent has been striking: he is now one of the most senior people in the governor’s administration, paid $132,000. He is described as Mr. Paterson’s closest confidant, a man with a designated room for his overnight stays in the Executive Mansion, and a broadening role in areas like campaign strategy, government initiatives and the management of the governor’s staff.

A review of Mr. Johnson’s rise and his history, undertaken after he emerged as perhaps the man closest to the state’s chief executive, shows that he was twice arrested on felony drug charges as a teenager, including a charge of selling cocaine to an undercover officer in Harlem.

The examination of his background, based on interviews and records, shows he has at least one other arrest, for misdemeanor assault in the 1990s

Mr. Johnson, 37, has also on three occasions been involved in altercations with women, two of which led to calls to the police. As recently as October, the police responded to a complaint of harassment at a Bronx address of a woman involved with him. It is unclear if the altercation was verbal or physical or both, but the case is listed as closed.

In 2001, when Mr. Paterson was a state senator, Mr. Johnson, according to a person who was present, punched a girlfriend outside the senator’s Harlem office. No arrest resulted, and Mr. Johnson, through a spokesman for the governor, said that he never touched the woman, that she had come to the office inappropriately and that she had been asked to leave by others. He declined recent requests for interviews.

The woman involved, who insisted on anonymity, said in a recent interview that Mr. Johnson had gotten violent with her in the episode. She said she did not file a formal report, but said she had filed an earlier domestic violence complaint to the police about Mr. Johnson.

Mr. Paterson has made domestic violence a key issue in his career

Tropper bin pimpin' said...


I remember reading an article over 25 years ago - about Tropper from Country Yossi Magazine, , which quoted Tropper as saying that he wants to take Kol Yaakov from a small yeshiva of numerous students, to a large yeshiva of hundreds.

I also remember that same publication writing a story about Rabbi Tropper's Rebbitzen - Laurel Blond, AKA Leba Tropper, called "From Model, To Model Rebbetzin" sadly instead of turning her into a model Rebbetzin he turned her into a model swinging whore.

Sadly even though with Tom Kaplan's money, Tropper could have accomplished that and built a huge Torah center which could have catered to hundreds of Baal Tshuva's. However he has left the yeshiva not only with less students than when he took over, but also with a huge scar and black blemish.

It seems everything Tropper touches turns to coal.

Kol Yaakov remains the isolated small house on the hill and will always be haunted by Tropper's ghost and known as the Yeshiva that was run by crazy Tropper who prostituted out his followers.

Let Rabbi Leib Tropper's story be a lesson to us. Do not be fooled by the Wolf in Sheep's clothing.

The same man who wrote a sefer on the "Laws of Yichud" violated those same laws in the worst way.

The same man who preached about not speaking Loshon Hora - was the biggest Baal Loshon Hora alive.

Yudels Mistake said...

First of all, I challenge anyone to find where I take yudel out of context. Every post of mine not only quotes Yudel, but also contains a link to his original post. You can keep saying that I take him out of context, but that does not make it true. The proof is that you will not be able to point out one time that I did.

And with regard to Fire-safety-disregarding-ditzes, in the original comment the fellow says "They were cutting everyone off trying to get a car-length closer..." before going on about the fire engine, which leads me to believe that he's really only mad that he got cut off. If you don't like my thought process, that's fine, but don't imply dishonesty on my part.

steve said...

“The tragic news out of Florida,” said Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, Agudath Israel of America’s executive vice president, “leaves us feeling deep anguish and sorrow.

“Mr. Grossman’s execution has hit our community very hard. He was a fellow Jew and so we saw him as a brother. Countless members of our community had telephoned, e-mailed and faxed the Governor’s office pleading that Mr. Grossman’s sentence be commuted to life in prison. Unfortunately, our hopes were dashed.

Pure hypocrisy and misplaced compassion! Where is your "deep anguish and sorrow" for the thousands of sexually abused children? Has the reality of these innocent children being violated "hit" your "community" hard enough yet? Obviously not enough to do anything about it. Until it "hits" you and the Agudah where it hurts most, in the pocket, then maybe you will start to feel as much "deep anguish and sorrow" as you feel for this rotzeach. However, the "deep anguish and sorrow" you will feel is not for the victims, but for yourself and those molesters you are protecting. In the meantime, the Agudah can keep fighting and protecting the criminals in our society while they spit in the faces of the victims. We, the silent majority of decent Jews, will continue to fight for the victims and for justice. Asheru Chamotz Velo Chometz!

Archie Bunker said...


Rabbi Schlesinger, the Tropper mole inside the beis din who compromised the din Torah according to Troppergate blog, seems to be one of the brothers in the infamous Schlesinger family from Williamsburg.

See the article and comments.

Oylem Goylem said...

Gov. Crist in Florida refused to meet with this lineup before Martin Grossman was executed last night:

Rabbi Pesach Lerner- Young Israel
Rabbi David Zwiebel- Agudath Israel
Rabbi Steven Weil- OU
Rabbi Dovid Niederman- UJO (Satmar)
Rabbi Moshe Visel- UJCare (Satmar)
Rabbi Basil Herring- RCA
Rabbi Aaron Lipskar- Aleph Institute


Whatever the merits are in either side of the argument, you should see the brainless morons at Yeshivaworld going bonkers and suddenly transform into anti-death penalty advocates under any circumstance out of anger. They are actually bashing Crist for having executed 4 goyishe murderers. They are also calling Grossman a "maylitz yosher for Klal Yisroel". In the oylam hofuch of Eckstein followers, Crist "yemach shmoy" is a "Cold blooded rosho" who should be voted out of office and "Hashem yinkom damav". "I CAN BARELY MOVE! IT IS SUCH A DARK DAY IN THE DARKEST GOLUS."

Zweibel wrote a letter that the execution brings moshiach closer. And there are Agudah style defenses of maybe the gun went off by accident. They are even bashing the parents of the murder victim for coming to witness the execution, calling them "reshaim".

Finally, one Eckstein follower, confers posthumous semicha on Grossman who is now "RABBI Grossman" (capitalized)

These lunatics have been emailing the Gov's office and yelling all these things at him.

What a bunch of sickos and what a chilul Hashem!

Simple Simon said...

Yudel's mistake is not exactly the brightest bulb or sharpest tool in the shed.

Beis Yaakov Girls who purposely obstruct a fire truck trying to respond to a fire to pull people out before they are burned to a crisp, are just "safety-disregarding-ditzes"

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Rav Harari Raful was promoted to the Moetzes?

Is that why the Sephardic Federation and David Greenputz are collaborating with the Agudah, Vatican and Satmar to kill the Markey bill?

Dennis Collopy said...

Hey Yudel's Mistake, here are some more of your cherished "ditzes":


On Friday afternoon, we buried my brother at Ascension Cemetery. To get to the burial we had to drive from St. Gregory's in northern Rockland to the cemetery in Airmont. The funeral procession began along the 13-mile trip taking us through many towns. At each intersection and side street, respectful citizens patiently put their cars in park and waited as we drove by.

As we reached Monsey on Route 306, we became outraged at the actions of some members of this community. For a religious group who firmly believes in the right to participate in a religious ritual without bias, ridicule or interruption, some in this community acted disgracefully. Drivers cut off cars in the funeral procession, including the limousines behind the hearse; they yelled, hollered and laughed at us as we drove by.

When did it become acceptable to be so disrespectful?

Dennis Collopy

West Nyack

Anonymous said...

Boruch dayan haemess on the petira of R' Chatzkel Besser, but who will take his place now as the Nassi of Agudah?

Talmidei Margo said...


A member of the Takana forum says he has received death threats following the revelation of sexual harassment accusations made against Rabbi Mordechai Elon. Talking to his students at the Har Etzion Yeshiva on Wednesday, Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein said, "I got a letter filled with threats from an associate of Rabbi Elon, who said he would hurt me in any way he could."

The rabbi, 75, also mentioned malicious calls made in the late hours of the night on the backdrop of the affair, which was revealed in the past few days.

Aron Twerski said...


Ever since the affair broke, dozens of supporters from around the country, including well-known rabbis and students, have been flowing into the northern town of Migdal in a show of support for Rabbi Elon.

The rabbi entered the house of study on Tuesday afternoon and was received with warm welcomes and hugs from his supporters all around.

Rabbi Elon, surrounded by his students, will give an open lesson to the media representatives later Tuesday. He will not answer journalists' questions, but is slated to present his students with his interpretation of the suspicions raised against him by the Takana forum rabbis.

Alongside him are his family members, including Rabbi Benny Elon and Rabbi Emunah Elon.

Among the rabbis who came to show their support was the son of Israel's chief rabbi. Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu said, "We are like a family that needs to be reconnected. We must not let the rabbi be alone right now. We can come out stronger, or we can be crushed. I felt last night like my flesh was being cut."

"Rabbi Motty is a rabbi full of love and warmth. Every part of him wants to give to others, and this is why the crisis is so large – from this perspective and from the perspectives of those rabbis. They are well-known rabbis and leaders for all of us," said Yerucham Shimovitz, who came all the way from Herzliya.

"From my acquaintance with the rabbi, I have no doubt that he did not do the things ascribed to him. I can say as a teacher that it is very easy to smear a teacher with having done things of a sexual nature, in all manner of contact, pats on the back. When a student has a problem, you give a fatherly hug. And this is precisely what Rabbi Elon did," his student continued.

The affair broke Monday when the Takana forum issued a statement that it has been dealing for quite some time on the issue of Rabbi Elon following complaints of "acts conflicting with holy and ethical values."

"Unfortunately, these complaints were verified," the statement says, adding that the rabbi was forced to relinquish all religious leadership and seek personal counseling.

"In accordance with the halachic-moral values that guide the forum, among them the need to protect the public and the complainants while maintaining respect for the accused and his family, the forum has so far refrained from making the matter public," the statement says.

"The said balance was meant to be achieved first of all through the meticulous application of restrictions. Unfortunately, we recently learned that such restrictions were only applied partially and that protecting the public and preventing a stumbling block obligates us to bring these issues to the masses," the statement explains.

Boro Park said...

A 4-year-old Brooklyn boy was struck and killed by a school bus this morning in front of his home after slipping on ice, authorities said
Police said Amron Altman was fatally struck at 8:05 a.m. at 13th Avenue and 49th Street in Borough Park after he slipped on a patch of frozen snow and slid under the bus' rear tire, police said.
"It's a tragedy for all of us," said Rabbi Bernard Freilich, a community activist in the largely Jewish neighborhood. "It's every mother's worst nightmare."
Cops said the bus driver had circled the block once after he didn't see the boy or his 13-year-old brother waiting at the curb.
Witnesses said Altman was run down by the Yeshiva school bus' rear wheel after the driver had pulled up in front of the boy's home a second time.
The driver, who appeared shaken after the accident, didn't realize at first that he'd struck the child until witnesses made him aware of it.
The driver was not charged with any crime.
Paramedics tried in vain to revive the boy and died a short time later.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/brooklyn/boy_mowed_down_by_bus_in_brooklyn_HY3yu41lV1d6EoHfDNHUNP#ixzz0foOjGMR2

Yeshivat Hakotel said...


'Elon had sex with male students'

17/02/2010 12:56

Rabbinical forum: Rabbi Moti Elon admitted to allegation made by more than one person.

Rabbi Mordechai Elon had sexual relations with male students in the past, a rabbinical forum that works to prevent sexual abuse in the national-religious sector said in a statement on Wednesday

The Takana forum held an emergency meeting Tuesday night to discuss the allegations facing Elon, following an announcement they posted Monday demanding Elon step down from all rabbinical, teaching and community responsibilities, warning he is a threat to the public.
Elon admitted to the acts during the emergency meeting, Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, a member of Takana told Army Radio Wednesday, adding that the rabbi's confession is documented in the forum's protocol.

The statement released by Takana on Wednesday addresses their decision to post the announcement, and says the incidents in question “can only be described as acts of the most severe kind“.

The statement says that after it was founded by a group of leading national religious rabbis and community leaders in 2003, one of the first complaints Takana received was against Rabbi Elon, dealing with allegations of “sexual exploitation by a religious authority.”

After the first complaints were received, Elon was called in for a meeting with Takana and “swore that he had overcome his problems and that the allegations were in the past and there were no additional incidents,” the statement reads.

After a year passed Takana received another complaint, this one reportedly of a more severe nature than the first one, according to the statement.

Takana said that when they looked into the new complaint, it dealt with incidents “of a deliberate sexual nature carried out over an extended period of time” that allegedly took place while the group was holding discussions on the original allegations. The group said that because they then “lost all belief in the words of the rabbi – who concealed these actions while the committee was discussing the original complaint” they came to the conclusion that it was no longer fitting for him to work as a religious teacher or counselor.

According to the statement, the rabbi was then asked to leave his post as head of the Kotel Yeshiva and cancel a number of public appearances and community roles.

The statement says that Elon “has not fulfilled his obligations he agreed to” – in particular the requirement that he stay away from intimate, personal and private meetings with people seeking his advice or religious counsel. The statement says Takana made the decision to go public with the allegations “because they saw no other way to protect the public from possible harm in the future.”

Elon has publicly denied all of the allegations against him and said they derived from one “seriously disturbed” student, adding that the charges constituted “a blood libel, but I am happy that the truth is beginning to emerge."

Takana Chairman Yehudit Shilat told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday that claims made that the allegations against Elon were solely the result of a single disgruntled student or someone with a personal vendetta against the rabbi were “absolutely false.”

Anonymous said...

Former talmid of Tropper's yeshiva?


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday suspended his bureau chief Rafik Husseini over his involvement in a corruption scandal that included video footage of him trying to trade his influence for sex, Israel Radio reported.

Boor-o Park said...

Why do the newspapers take that putz Freilich seriously and call to ask his criminal opinion about everything?

steve said...

When Shua Finkelstein and Motty Borger died, did Zwiebel and the Agudah issue a statement of "deep anguish and sorrow"? What was their immediate response to Shua's death? They "vigorously opposed" the Child Victims Act which would have spared hundreds of new abuse victims, like Shua and Motty, and would have given the past victims some form of closure. For them to do something positive for the victims goes against their "divined" daas torah. They are indeed very consistent in working vigorously to protect the criminals and to defend them (child molesters, Madoff, Rubashkin and Grossman. When it comes to the victims, they have zero compassion. Besides the victims of child molestation who have been repeatedly spat at in the face by this evil organization, you have the Madoff victims who were summarily dismissed in Shafran's Ode to Bernie. Then you have the countless victims of Rubashkin in Postville, from the underage, underpaid and abused workers to the townspeople, who have been totally ignored, while the Agudah and their cohorts rail about pidyon shvuyim, anti-semitism and blood libels. And then there is Margaret Parks' family who did not even get a mention from Zwiebel or any other Jewish-ACLU affiliated organization. Whether one is pro capital punishment or anti, whether one thinks Grossman was sincere in his tshuvah or not, is not the issue. Why does this organization show more concern and compassion to criminals than innocent victims?

Anonymous said...


A mumps outbreak in the Orthodox community, which began last summer, has spread beyond Williamsburg and Borough Park to include scattered incidents in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and Far Rockaway, Queens, city Health Department officials say.

Far Rockaway pediatrician Dr. Hylton Lightman told The Jewish Week that he has seen about 20 mumps patients, most of them men between 17 and 23, as well as four or five girls and two mothers.
Among his patients is a staff member at the Bnot Shulamith Elementary School in Woodmere, L.I.

Of particular concern to some doctors is that the age range of patients — who remain 80 percent male — now includes an older population of young adults, many of whom misplaced their immunization records after graduating

Yudels Mistake said...

I see that you can't respond to my challenge of your statement that I take yudel out of context so you have to continue to harp on the fact that a few dumb ditzes don't care if another person dies in a fire, IMHO, is not an indictment on the entire bais yaakov system.

And to the guy who posted that ati-semitic letter from Lo-hud, I'm not saying that there are no chayos in the RW orthodox community, but that letter smells like some bitter preserve ramapo guy, & the internet is full of those types of stuff...

Anonymous said...


Dear YWN,

I am not the “letter-writing” type of person, but after what I witnessed last evening felt that this must be brought out in public.

On Sunday evening I was a guest at the chasuna of a frum young couple B”H. The wedding was held in a Brooklyn wedding hall. The Simcha was beautiful, dancing was lebidig, and the simcha was felt in the air.

The first dance was over, and I found a seat at the ”Bochrims Table”.

What I then saw, shocked me to the core, and prompted me to pen this letter to YWN.

I noticed that some of the boys were acting a little rowdy and inappropriate, but I simply brushed it off as they were teenagers (with & without hats).

Then it hit me. The amount of alcohol that was on the table was mostly brought in by the boys themselves. I watched as they pulled bags from underneath the table and opened bottle after bottle of hard booze.

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for a L’chaim at a simcha, but bringing your own hard liquor and making “homemade hard lemonade”!?!?

It didn’t stop there….. One of the boys walked in with a small box, the box contained a significant amount of marijuana and a scale!

Now I don’t know if he was planning on selling it to the other boys on my table or various other “yeshivalight”.


I promptly got up and left the wedding as I knew if I confronted this boy it would not end well for either of us, but I ask of you…………


Call the police ?

Tell a rebbi ?

A parent ?

A menahel ?

Name withheld upon request.

St Louis said...


Why does Rabbi Zev Smason think he can go to court without beis din? Or is he just a puppet for the board who is doing this?

Will the OU kick the shul out of the network if they ignore the hazmanas from the RCA?

Dr. Bungalow Ferd Neuhoff said...


YU "Gay" Panel: A Trojan Horse

Agudah Fresser said...


Don't tell UOJ, but we forced Nachman Caller out of the City Council race in Boro Park because he just isn't one of our cronies.

Joe Putz said...

Let me guess. Yudels mistake went to that wedding at Ateres Avrohom, driven by his sister who cut off the fire truck. He was seated at the bochurim's table where he got some weed to smoke which is why he sounds so convincing.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Itche Meyer can tell us what's going on in the St Louis machlokes.

Anonymous said...

yudels mistake is that he wants to focus on the ten percent that yudel may have made a mistake and not the 90 percent that he is right

in addition he glosses over the eishes ish with STD issue and coverup in NMB by rabbi schmeltczer because he says you have no proof that schmeltzer is a molester or not . What about the young woman whose husband is exposed to an STD but doesnt tell his wife and she is at risk ( oh i forgot, in NMB kolels world women dont count

he glosses over a kolel stolen from a community board and failure to open its books by saying its not a UOJ issue

when will he learn that all coverups involving jewish leadership is a jewish problem and fakers in jewish leadership like schmeltzer and tropper need to be removed

Yudel's Great said...

The mistake spinmeister is full of it.

The letter from OU crony Rav Rubin as mentioned earlier is retaliation for R' Yudel speaking up against corruption.

With the truck from Kansas, it is a suspicious time frame with Shabbos, although not impossible.

With the worms in herring, you are a fool. It was the 2nd hashgocho at Schwartz's, Satmar, that can verify the story because they checked on behalf of both hashgochos. The incidence of worms according to a European study is 40% I think. R' Yudel was only complaining that most hashgochos don't check which is a valid tayna according to Rav Elyashev.

Etc, Etc, Etc

You are a combination of dumb and dishonest.

What is your agenda to smear R' Yudel?

Yudels Mistake said...

What really gets me are the people who don't use their brains and just spout off what they feel the need to say. I will not dignify the NMB story with a response, to the other guy I would say,

A)Rabbi Rubin is a respected Rabbi in Israel whose Hashgocho is respected AND WHOM YUDEL DEEMED WORTHY OF WORKING FOR & he fired Yudel for slandering Weissmandel.

B)If you would have any respect for the truth, you would admit that the truck IS NOT EVEN A SUSPICIOUS TIME FRAME as Yudel himself (half) admitted by pulling the post from his blog.

C)With the worms in the herring, YOU are the fool. If yudel is really ready to rely on the satmar (hisachdus/crc) hashgocho vis-a-vis worms in fish, in order to claim that his hechshers herring is clean, why is that not enough for him when it comes to dagim, who also has the "satmar hechsher" (as can be seen here http://dagimfish.com/discription.html ) and they also claim that there are no worms. Thus, my post was titled "Yudels double standard".

Etc, Etc, Etc.

You are an insult to dumb & dishonest people everywhere.

My agenda is to expose a person who cloaks himself in the garb of a truth-seeker, while in truth HE IS AS AGENDA DRIVEN AS ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD!!!

Archie Bunker said...

Yudel "slandered" Weissmandl?

Oh man! Please wait a few while I lose control laughing.


Ok, back.

Where should we start cluing this loser in on the truth with Weissmandl? Besides that he completely misses the boat on the Weissmandl cover up at Rubashkin of which there is evidence vindicating Yudel.

How about how companies looking to cut corners on kashrus go running to Weissmandl because his reputation precedes him?

Or his mafia tactics in violation of Federal whistleblower laws against his employees? The document he makes them sign was publicized by a blog in Crown Hts.

Or the quid pro quos he has going on with OK's Berel Levy who paid for the new Nitra binyan in Monsey?

Or how he goes along with modenna psak from Belsky like shooting cows in the head with bolt guns? No posek has ever allowed such a thing.

I'm only getting warmed up.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

I'm only getting warmed up.


Yudels Mistake said...

While you may have valid points about Weissmandel , what I said was that RABBI RUBIN is a respected rabbi, & that he fired Yudel for what he claims were slanderous accusations about Weissmandel.

Way to miss my point.

Archie Bunker said...

Lubinsky wouldn't let Weissmandl speak to the newspapers anymore after he spilled some embarrassing beans by accident to the Wall Street Journal about no control over the whole Agri.

A video taken by PETA had the unintended consequence of showing that all Rubashkin meat is assur according to the Shach because the carcass is left unattended with goyim.

The shochtim allegedly claim that Weissmandl stole their wages when Rubashkin cut the fee to the hashgocho.

Weissmandl, like Pinny Lipschutz, knows that Brisker fakerei sells more than kashrus and emess which is why they planted that vort in the Yated that Weissmandl said over from R' Berel Soloveitchik during the Gilligan's Island tour.

What about the tantrum Weissmandl threw last week in front of Babad?

What about how he is badmouthing Friedman while still certifying Rubashkin in South America to the point that Friedman's lawyers are coming after him for slander? That's not hypocrisy?

And when rabbonim call Weissmandl to complain that his controls on retail meat are too loose, he brushes them off that it's all "lies" that originated on the internet. The rabbonim do not read blogs, they are calling because you can see what's going on.

Archie Bunker said...

Get this through your thick head,

Rabbi Rubin is an OU employee himself who would be terminated if he didn't get rid of Yudel.

UOJ for Justice Minister said...


Great list of our finest rabbonim but there are some glaring absenses:

The Lords of Ramat Bet Shemesh (molester capital of the world)

Rabbi Smelimelech(son-of-law of Aharon Feldman) Kornfeld

Rabbi Chaim Zev (abuse doesn't happen but don't go to the authorities when it does)Malinowitz ..darling of the Artscroll crowd

Rabbi Akiva (I abuse because I can) Kagan

Anonymous said...


According to the city's Department of Finance, the building that owes the most in water charges and property taxes this year is Yitzchak Tessler's former Toy Building at 1 W. 24th St. -- aka 1107 Broadway.

The stalled condo development has racked up a tab of $3.5 million and holds a Lehman loan for $246 million. The firm's phone number no longer works.

Second is Yair Levy's bankrupt Park Columbus at 101 W. 87th St., which owes $1.8 million.

Number six is (co-ed) Yeshiva Har Torah in Little Neck, Queens, which owes $889,139 going back to July 2008. The newly built pre-K to eighth grade school, which has its own tax lot inside a two-unit commercial condo, is a nonprofit and could be exempt from property taxes, but its officials didn't return calls prior to deadline. Finance did not have a record of any tax-exempt status.

In total, the top 10 delinquent New York City taxpayers owe $12.9 million in water charges and property taxes.

The city is this week sending 90-day notices of lien sale to 24,963 owners who owe a total of $454.3 million.

Yudels Mistake said...

Rabbi Rubin is a Rav in E"Y whose hechsher (along with Rav Kook) is 2nd to only Eidah Chareidis in standards, & some would even argue it is even better.

Calling him an OU shill takes a great deal of disrespect.

Satmar Peasant said...


State Police responded to the property of the Bnai Joel School located on CR 105 in the Town of Woodbury. Troopers with assistance of the Town of Woodbury PD located a group of Yeshiva students from the main congregation in the Village of Kiryas Joel attempting to trespass onto the property and disrupt a wedding which was in progress.

Police said their investigation determined the wedding was the first officiated without the presence or approval of the main congregation. A rabbi performing the ceremony was not typically recognized by the congregation. The group was dispersed without incident.

During the evening, disturbances continued when several residents from Kiryas Joel were telephonically harassed by Yeshiva students from the main congregation UTA school because of the wedding.

On Thursday evening, Troopers were summonsed to the area of Satmar Drive in the Village of Kiryas Joel. The Yeshiva students from the main congregation had a non-resident rent a small box van. The Yeshiva students then mounted speakers to the van and played an audible broadcast denouncing the wedding from the previous evening. The van with its occupants began to protest throughout Kiryas Joel until it became gridlocked in traffic preventing at least 30 vehicles from moving.

Upon arrival of State Police, a large group from the dissident congregation had gathered around the van. The occupants of the van were taken back to the Monroe barracks and issued several traffic tickets while the vehicles and crowd were dispersed by additional troopers.

On Friday afternoon, another small box van with audible speakers was utilized by the Yeshiva students from the main congregation and parked in the vicinity of the public parking lot located near the synagogue in the Village of Kiryas Joel. An audible broadcast continued until the speakers were removed by a group from the dissident congregation.

On Saturday evening, State Police responded to the parking lot of the main synagogue on Garfield Road. Upon arrival there were several hundred people gathered and a vehicle had been overturned by the disorderly group prior to arrival of troopers.

Troopers, with the assistance of the Town of Woodbury Police and the Village of Monroe Police, were able to disperse the crowd and have the vehicle removed. The owner of the vehicle was determined to be a relative of one of the parties married on Wednesday night.

Eliyahu Ezagui said...


A ambitious Brooklyn developer was found guilty Tuesday of stealing more than $18 million from dozens of Hasidic families and several banks in a massive subprime mortgage scam.

Eliyahu Ezagui, 39, preyed on his fellow congregants, sold them condominiums but never gave them the deeds when construction was finished.

Instead, he gave the deeds to family members - including his wife, father and mother. He then used the deeds to take out mortgages on 53 apartments he didn't own and pocketed the money.

The verdict came after a two week Brooklyn federal court trial, the culmination of case that directly resulted from an investigation by The Daily News two years ago.

Ezagui, who declined comment, is facing more than 12 years in prison with his mail fraud, bank fraud, and conspiracy conviction.

Robert Tolchin, lawyer for many of the defrauded condo buyers said: "The verdict is only bittersweet and my clients are saddened that things came to this, and that Mr. Ezagui apparently got himself in so deep, he stopped being honest."

Because Ezagui didn't make payments on the illicit mortgages to lending banks, the condo owners are facing foreclosure proceedings and eviction in a separate civil court proceeding.

"Now that the fraud has been established, I expect that the (civil) court will recognize the mortgages as fraudulent and cancel them," said Tolchin.

Anonymous said...


Sources that fear upsetting either the Greenfield or Lazar camp say both are playing strong-arm politics in the tight-knit religious Jewish neighborhoods.

The Borough Park Satmar community was promised if they support Greenfield he will help repair the Williamsburg Satmar community’s relationship with Kings County Democratic boss Vito Lopez, because the Aaron Teitelbaum faction in Williamsburg has had a strained relationship with Lopez, said one source.

Greenfield also picked up the support of Mayor Bloomberg last week, but thus far is finding it hard to get people in Borough Park to openly support him.

This could be because Assemblymember Dov Hikind appears to be pulling out all the stops in getting the word out that whoever backs Greenfield will have no access to him or State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, said another source.

Bobov Hasidic Jews, of which there are a good many in Borough Park, are still being courted by both Lazar and Greenfield.

“It’s (the election) turning into a very nasty thing, but it’s nothing I didn’t expect,” said one highly placed Borough Park source.

Yudel's Great said...

Mr. Mistake links to Dagim (whoever Stefansky hired to do the website cannot even spell "description" properly).

The page is for canned tuna that comes from the Far East. I'm not sure if Satmar is also giving hashgocho on the canned wild salmon from Alaska which is what Yudel complained about.

And salmon was the first thing we found out was infested. We found out about herring later, but don't confuse Mr. Mistake with any facts like the timeline.

There is another difference in that Schwartz are very nice people who cooperate but the Stefansky's from Dagim refuse to cooperate or speak to anyone. You don't have to love Yudel but not everyone is so stuck up and short sighted and knows that it's not good for business to just feif on him.

Anonymous said...

What's in your wallet?


On February 5, a judge with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Eastern District rejected an initial agreement between the developers of the 120-unit Warehouse 11 (214 North 11th Street) and Capital One Bank, that would have delayed the developers’ March 31 deadline to purchase the debt on the condo building at a steep discount.

Despite offering $30 million to pay for Warehouse 11, a month before the deadline, Capital One Bank rejected the offer this year. The move comes six months after developers Isack Rosenberg and Yitzchok Schwartz tried to halt foreclosure proceedings initiated by the bank, after defaulting on their $50 million mortgage.

Friends of Rosenberg, a member of a Hasidic Satmar sect in South Williamsburg,who serve on the same congregation board, explained that Rosenberg is an equity investor in the property and that it would have no effect on other properties and businesses in his portfolio, including Certified Lumber Corporation and Rose Plaza, the 801-unit South Williamsburg waterfront project, which is undergoing the city’s land use review process this spring.

“It looks like a bad investment,” said Gary Schlesinger, Executive Board Chairman of UJCare, and a colleague of Rosenberg. “This is only a piece of his vast empire. Schwartz is the developer. Schwartz is everything there. He was not involved in the day-to-day of the project.”

Moishe Indig, another friend, noted how “everybody is going through, very difficult financial crisis,” and that Rosenberg’s investments have been hindered similar to other developers in Williamsburg.

Anonymous said...

hey yusels mistake

why not answer NMB or is it true

and heres another nmb story

2 married men who had an affair disobeyed a court order and a supeona and did not show up to be questioned about affairs and STD s

the judge will be issuing a contempt order and ordering them to show up

and on whose advise did they ignore the court order

rabbi shmeltzer the rosh kolel is now a legal advisor because he claims the affairs never happened because the people are involved with his kolel

but yudels mistake wont talk about shmeltzer but will talk about yudel

refocus your efforts and clean up the crap (shmeltzers and troppers not attacl leaders like UOJ and yudel

Yudel's Great said...

R' Yudel had a hava amina about the truck from Kansas that was not far fetched.

The truck had to drive through states that had the greatest snowfall levels in recorded history. The Washington post reported that drifts were so high, like 12 feet, that even fire trucks were getting stuck and the military had to pull them out. (Your ditzes didn't have a chance to cut off them in this case)

There is rush hour traffic in populated areas.

There are plenty of construction zones along the way that State DOT websites show.

The driver stops for breaks.

All of these things add to the 22 or 24 hours drive to Lakewood with Shabbos in the middle.

itchiemayer said...

Itche Meyer is in a tough spot on this one. I am on the board of the school, and my Father has been a member of the shul for over 50 years. I did give Rabbi Smason a heads up that he made it into UOJ.

In fairness to Rabbi Smason, he is on the right (as in correct) side on the molestation issue.

It does seem odd to me that the Shul lawyer stated that they had not contractually agreed to go to a Beis Din should anything legal come up. I would think for two orthodox institutions entering into an agreement, it is a given that legal issues should be resolved in a Beis Din. Unquestionably, this is a very unfortunate situation.

Anonymous said...

The St. Louis din Torah is also mentioned at Yudel's blog.

Yudel's Great said...

I never called Rabbi Rubin a shill.

The facts are that he was an OU employee at the time, one of their 3 poskim along with R' Hershel Schechter & Belsky. It's not clear if he is still working for them because he was a little outspoken about some OU problems that they usually sweep under the carpet or get Belsky to be mattir.

The OU is known to get to their way by threatening people to cut off associations they don't like or else.

Maybe Rabbi Rubin is the type that simply can't believe what kind of evil rabbonei machshir are capable of even if the OU wasn't in the picture.

The bottom line is that R' Yudel was penalized for doing the right thing.

steve said...

Mr. NMB,

If you are so concerned about these wives contracting STD's, why don't you break the news to them that their husbands are philanderers?

Mr. Yudels Mistake,

If you have issues with Rav Yudel, then e-mail him at kashrusy@aol.com and he will gladly answer all your questions. If you are not satisfied with his answers, then post his answers and your rebuttals on your blog. Using this forum to trash him is not working and is not getting you anywhere.

WWBF said...


Anonymous said...

Yudels mistake is obviously a coward with an agenda who will not email his concerns.

GPS said...

Maybe this anti-Yudel putz is lost and thinks he is preaching to the choir at YWN.

Sephardi child molester / pimp wanted by Interpol! said...


The fugitive former legal adviser to a group of Americans detained in Haiti on kidnapping charges said Tuesday he has yet another reason to stay in hiding: He's been indicted in the U.S. in an immigrant smuggling case.

Jorge Puello, who surged into the spotlight by providing food, medicine and legal assistance to the 10 Americans jailed in Haiti, was already being pursued by law enforcement authorities in the Dominican Republic on an Interpol warrant out of El Salvador, where police say he led a ring that lured young women and girls into prostitution. He also had an outstanding warrant for a U.S. parole violation.

Puello - who says he is innocent of all the accusations against him - acknowledged in a phone interview with The Associated Press that he is also named in a 2003 federal indictment out of Vermont that accuses him of smuggling illegal immigrants from Canada into the United States.

The 32-year-old, identified as Jorge Torres in the indictment, was living in Canada at the time and managed to avoid arrest. He says he was working undercover for U.S. authorities at the time. Law enforcement officials said they hadn't yet confirmed the Puello is Torres but the case is open.

"Mr. Torres was a fugitive in Canada and the United States has requested his extradition," said Tristram Coffin, the U.S. Attorney for Vermont. "We've always been interested in him. We remain interested in fugitives when they flee."

Puello, as he has been known most recently, called the AP to discuss his case and said he was in Panama and preparing to return to El Salvador to fight the charges against him there. His whereabouts could not be confirmed.

"The whole world will know I am innocent," he said.

Dominican police, working with Interpol, and U.S. authorities are questioning his acquaintances as they search for him.

"We are on the hunt," said Steve Blando, a spokesman for the U.S. Marshals Service in Washington.

Anonymous said...

part 2

The growing legal troubles for Puello have become a distraction for the detained Americans and those trying to secure their release. The Baptist missionaries were accused to trying to remove 33 children from Haiti without authorization following the Jan. 12 earthquake.

Lawyers for the missionaries told the AP that a judge could rule on their request for provisional release as early as Wednesday morning. A lawyer for nine of them, meanwhile, said Puello absconded with most the fee relatives of the Americans gave the Dominican to pay him.

"He was supposed to give me $40,000 and he gave me $10,000 and he stole $30,000 and he disappeared," said Aviol Fleurant.

Puello was convicted of theft of U.S. government property in 1999 in Pennsylvania and sentenced to 6 months in prison and 5 years probation, according to court documents. In 2001, a court found he violated the terms of his probation and issued a warrant for his arrest.

Salvatore Adamo, a lawyer who represented him in the Pennsylvania case, still remembers Puello, noting he had an apparent ability to speak several languages. "I thought he was very intelligent, very respectful," he said.

Authorities in the Central American country disclosed more details about the case Tuesday. The deputy investigations director of El Salvador's police, Howard Augusto Cotto, said Puello would be detained once he steps foot in El Salvador on charges of leading a trafficking ring dedicated to prostituting Central American and Caribbean girls and women.

Cotto said Salvadoran police discovered the operation after three Nicaraguan girls escaped from a home and sought help at the Nicaraguan embassy. Police found two Dominican women and two more Nicaraguan girls at the home along with a credit card and documents in Puello's name. They have since found advertisements on the Internet allegedly from the ring offering the women's services.

On Monday, Puello told the AP that he and his Salvadoran wife had taken in young women from the Caribbean and Central America who had been abandoned by smugglers.

Pesach hotel fresser said...

They have to be crazy to vacation in this Muslim country where al Qaeda is active.


One Haredi source told Ynet a Turkish Passover vacation, which is about 30 percent cheaper for tourists than one in Israel during the same period, will appeal to more liberal members of the Haredim.

These Haredim, identified as “Haredi-light,” typically have a Lithuanian or Hasidic background and form roughly 10 percent of the total Haredi population. According to the source, more liberal Haredim have no problems with televisions in their hotel room and can speak more openly with members of the opposite sex.

Aharon Lipner, who organized and headed the delegation, owns the Club Kosher tourism agency and is looking to plan kosher vacations during the Jewish holiday of Passover at an Antalya resort.

According to Ynet, Lipner is preparing to bring a special team to make sure the hotel complies with kosher laws. Kosher food will be flown in and prepared by Israeli chefs while hotel staff will also observe dietary rules. Jacuzzis and saunas will be open for men and women at separate times. Meanwhile, during the Sabbath and on holy days when observant Jews are forbidden from working, non-Jews will be present in the halls to swipe key doors to hotel rooms.

L.A. Macher said...

LA Tax Preparer Accused of Defrauding US With Lies on Visa Applications and False Tax Returns

Posted on Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LawFuel.com -

A Hancock Park man who is charged with conducting a multi-faceted fraud against several government agencies – including applying for immigration visas with false claims that the aliens would be employed as religious workers in the United States – has pleaded not guilty to a series of charges in a federal grand jury indictment.

Samuel Klein, 58, was arraigned yesterday and entered not guilty pleas to charges of visa fraud, subscribing to false tax returns, making false statements to the United States Department of Education and financial aid fraud.

Samuel Klein is charged with visa fraud for allegedly filing visa applications for clients that falsely claimed they were qualified religious workers who were wanted for employment by New York religious institutions. According to a search warrant affidavit previously filed in this case, investigators developed information that Samuel Klein, who operated a Wilshire Boulevard business called Smartax, filed bogus petitions for religious worker visas under the names of synagogues or Jewish community groups, claiming that the religious institutions needed his clients as religious workers. In another case detailed in the indictment, Samuel Klein submitted a visa application that claimed an alien was needed to work for a New York company when, in truth, the alien had no plans to work for the company and did not have the qualifications claimed on the petition.

Samuel Klein’s wife, Zipora Klein, 57, who resides with her husband in Hancock Park, was also arraigned yesterday and entered not guilty pleas to four counts of subscribing to false tax returns for the years 2003 through 2006. In an indictment returned by a federal grand jury on January 7, both Kleins are accused of filing false tax returns that substantially understated their income on four annual tax returns filed under penalty of perjury with the Internal Revenue Service.

Additionally, the indictment alleges that Samuel Klein applied for federal financial aid in 2006, claiming that he and his wife’s federal income tax return showed that the couple earned $38,902 in 2005. But when he applied for the financial aid, the indictment alleges, Samuel Klein had not filed a 2005 tax return and in fact the couple earned more than $190,000 that year.

At Tuesday’s arraignment, the case against the Kleins was assigned to United States District Judge R. Gary Klausner, who scheduled a trial for March 16.

An indictment contains allegations that a defendant has committed a crime. Every defendant is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in court.

Samuel Klein is named in 11 counts in the indictment, and if he is convicted of all charges he faces a statutory maximum 72 years in federal prison. If convicted of the four tax charges, Zipora Klein faces a statutory maximum 12 years in federal prison.

The investigation in this case is being conducted by IRS - Criminal Investigation, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the United States Department of Education.

CONTACT: Assistant United States Attorney Keri Curtis Axel

Domestic Security and Immigration Crimes Section

(213) 894-5421

Fresser real estate agent said...

I should start showing houses in El Salvador to Leib & Leiba Tropper.

I wonder if there is a Bais Yaakov there for the twins Gila & Rina.

And Yudelmistake should be happy that there are no firetrucks to obstruct, they do it the old fashioned way down there with buckets of water.

Bungalow Yenta said...

What shul does Klein daven in?

Yudels Mistake said...

UOJ, back me up here. Did I not say on a previous thread that I have no intention of hijacking the comment forum with my issues with yudel, & that anyone who has issues with mine should feel free to post them by me? It's only when people used my beef with Yudel to try and discredit other things I say, that I felt compelled to respond.

And I have tried, albiet without success, to contact Yudel, but, Surprise! He won't respond.

Hisachdus still certifies all dagim products (as far as I'm aware) & its not reasonable to have a problem with a truck driver who is given over 60 hours to make a 20 hour trip, on the basis of "The driver told me he drove on Shabbos".

A.J. Stefansky said...

Why should us choshuve people at Dagim pay any attention to kashrus watchdogs like Yudel Shain?

It's like our mechutonim from Paskesz that ignore complaints from the public after Yudel sent the gelatin gummies under Rabbi Westheim to a lab that determined they are treif beef.

And we are hoping that the public forgot about the NY Times report after Sept. 11th that al Qaeda terrorists in the Philippines are working part time at the Dagim tuna facility to make some extra cash.

Anonymous said...

Yudel's mistake imitates OJ Simpson.

"I have no intention of hijacking the comment forum with my issues with yudel"

"We have got to find the real killer"

Liar Liar said...

It is not a 20 hour trip from Kansas to Lakewood and there were not 60 hours when you exclude Shabbos.

Paul Mendlowitz said...


Yudel is an adam chashuv meod; IF he has made any mistakes, they were accidental (we all do - we are not gedoiiilim).

This is really not the appropriate forum to bash him, he comes off looking like the ehrliche Yid that he truly is. BTW -- he is as much familiar with all the halochos of kashruth as anyone living today.

The difference is, he can't be bought off!

Anonymous said...

I think Rabbi Spiegel from Webster Ave in Boro Park is certifying the Dagim Alaskan salmon, not Satmar.

Yudels Mistake said...

from 6pm thursday night to 6 am sunday morning is (?) hours, & any map software will show you the time it takes to get from Wellington Kansas to Lakewood NJ

Yerachmiel Lopin said...

Oylem Golem writes: one Eckstein follower, confers posthumous semicha on Grossman who is now "RABBI Grossman" (capitalized).

Apparently Eckstein insists he should have been spared because he had a 77 IQ and is a Rabbi.

SHQUEEZE said...

Today Jewish crooks have no problems getting shidduchim for their children. It's about money, not about being devout.

In a society where yashrus is important (at least outwardly), you wouldn't need to get a Monsey bais din involved to get rid of Tropper. People would automatically cross the street in order not to be near him. He wouldn't get service at restaurants or other Jewish establishments. The problem here is that this mindset is not present today, as you can see by all those who defended Tropper.

Liar Liar said...

Miss Steak is really stretching things against Yudel as 6 pm is the first possible time that is Thursday night, but let's give it to him. And it's funny that he attacked Yudel for saying it was Wichita KS, since Wellington KS is even further away. Moron!

24 hours until Shabbos plus 12 hours after Shabbos is 36 hours - not 60, you little weasel.

Mapquest says Wellington KS to Lakewood NJ is 22 hours and 36 minutes - not 20.

Besides all the cheshbonos pointed out by YG, I will add some more.

Truckers can legally drive only so many hours per day which was one of Yudel's points.

Big rig trucks are automatically slower than cars. It takes much longer to accelerate or decelerate. They have major slowdowns at elevations. It is harder for them to speed on level roads because cops usually pick them off first.

Depending on the route, trucks may have to stop at weigh stations. They have to stop at toll booths that may be backed up. There are accident zones along the way.

There is also basis in halacha to listen to maysiach lefi tumo of a goy. Do you know the sugya aroiss klor that you can make fun of Yudel for paying attention to what the trucker said?

Shmarya groupie said...

I will have to grudgingly side with Archie Bunker against Weissmandel but he forgot one thing.

Weissmandel got in hot water with chassidish rabbis for letting Rubashkin operations go on through Shabbos at the plant and on the trucks.

Yudel Shain's point is that you might get some bum heter from Belsky and others but Wellington is billing itself as a "yeshivish" shechita.

Anonymous said...

What was the Basil "Pickled" Herring thinking when he signed on with the Agudah fressers and Lubavitch to bail out Grossman? The RCA usually acts more pareve in cases like that. They refused to sign the Rubashkin letter to the Attorney General for instance.

WWBF said...


Hulk Hogan said...

YM got knocked out in the first round.

Jesse "The Body" Ventura said...


itchiemayer said...

I have been told on good authority that a halachic shaila was asked regarding the St. Louis issue, and the Shul was given permission to sue in secular court. If I had to speculate, I would guess the Rabbi to whom the shaila was posed was either Rabbi Gedalia Schwartz of Chicago or Rabbi Nota Greenblatt of Memphis. Both of these men are highly respected Rabbanim. Of course, this is an unfortunate situation, and I pray it is resolved amicably.

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