Tuesday, May 20, 2008


UOJ archives - Published originally July 22, 2006

I must admit, I was really upset on Friday for a very brief period of time.

The truth is that nobody would be caught dead at the house of fress owned by a sleaze-ball like Lipa. I was realistically asking myself if people are going to do something serious about the corruption of power -- infested like termites in wood-- in the Orthodox Jewish community. This corruption permitted sexual abusers to exist in broad daylight without much fear of being exposed. People say; he only touched his tuchis, he only talked sex in middle of the night with kids he yanked out of bed, he only rubbed up against his genitals, he only put the child on his lap, there was no penetration, this happened years ago, he is an old man past his sexual prime...leave him alone, and on and on and on.

So what do I do? I have stumbled upon behavior by rabbis that should put them in jail. Not all rabbis, not even the majority of them, but a very large immoral minority of them are evil and rotten to the core. Oh, you say, come on that is just not true! I ask you, kindly look around you, has your rabbi or rosh yeshiva spoken about sexual abuse in the community from the pulpit? Of course not, there's dead silence!

You know why, because they ALL know it's true and are afraid of rocking their leaking boat. This makes them complicit to the crimes that are perpetrated on our children; and in a court of law they would be considered co-conspirators if they knew about a crime and tacitly permitted it to happen by not contacting the authorities with that information.

For example; let's say Lipa knew Yudi was molesting kids and kept him around children for his own personal reasons anyway. Let's say the D.A. decides to criminally prosecute Lipa. If that can be proven in court, that Lipa knew a crime was happening under his watch and not only didn't stop it, but did not call the police; if a jury is convinced of that fact, Lipa goes to jail.

UOJ will continue because it must! This blog turned out to be the pipeline to sanity in the Orthodox world. Parents write to me; a nine year old child writes me that he's being abused, a seventy year old woman writes to me that her life was destroyed because she was molested as a very young child. I could go on, but I think you get the message. This blog filled a much needed void, and I don't intend to abrogate the authority --- given to me by the people --- needing a place to turn to for help.

However, I must change the way I operate. I can no longer be a one-man band. I need help, no money, just help. I need people who agree with my mindset - to volunteer to share this responsibility with me. I will expect that these people will be highly intelligent, very caring about our plight, and very well respected by their peers. No confidence of any person who contacts us, will ever be violated. We must get rid of this enemy before they destroy Judaism. Children are leaving the fold in droves.

The latest numbers are that 100,000 people are leaving Orthodox Judaism yearly, globally - openly and privately! That means one million people that could have made a difference to the well-being of the Jews will have gone away in the next ten years! Do not think that those numbers will not affect you; if it won't be your child, it very well may be your grandchild.

I will be sending out e-mails to people that I have communicated with over the past year or more. I will ask you to get directly involved. I will be contacting both males and females. I urge anyone that cares about our future to please contact me at: a_unorthodoxjew@yahoo.com.

I would like therapists, attorneys, doctors and caring rabbis to contact me along with all people of good will. You will be assigned your own passcode to get into the new site that we will open together. You will post your own feelings and sentiments. The more people that join our group, the better all of us will be. We can monitor each other by running our thoughts by each other. We can reduce the corruption by your participation. The evildoers will continue to fear us and that may hopefully prevent their criminal behavior or negligence from proliferating.

Please,I need your help, I can no longer do it alone. I am not capable of responding to thousands of e-mails and comments per week. I have approximately 23,000 e-mails and comments that I never opened. I have no idea if kids are pleading for help or parents are begging for my intervention. And finally, I am not a professional therapist, I am not capable of advising victims what is in their best interests. I do know one thing with absolute certainty; I have saved many of our children from committing suicide, running away from home, and hurting themselves by drowning their sorrows in alcohol and drugs.

I do not want any credit for anything, I just want to make our world a better place for all of us. Please volunteer; if I e-mail you please respond affirmatively. If I do not know you, please contact me, your identity will never be exposed if you so choose.

I will not throw in the towel on our children, I will not throw in the towel on our people, and I will not throw in the towel, so our ancestors would not have died in vain struggling to make a living, breathing, vibrant Judaism for the generations.