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By / Source: Susan Rosenbluth

IsraPost has always looked out for Jews in any community. This story was presented to us in order for us to run it in its entirety. We have done no independent fact checking as to the accuracy of the claims found within the article.

However, we feel that to NOT tell this story might lead to others who might get hurt to keep it to themselves, and therefore, insofar as this might serve as a warning, we feel it prudent to put in print.

This is a story of a religious Yemenite family that lived in the town of Monroe, NY. Specifically in Kiryat Yoel, or, Satmar Town. There they were stripped of their identity, and even their heritage by the Satmar Chasidim. Yocheved Mauda is a Yemenite woman who lived among these Chasidim, and when she witnessed what was going on to her Yemenite people living in Kiryat Yoel, she took it upon herself to confront what she felt was an atrocity, often at her own peril.

Yocheved's daughter, Shlomit, was sexually assaulted. There was an indictment issued in this case, and it turns out that the accused is one of Kiryat Yoel's own Satmar Chasidim. The charges are pending, but the town of Kiryat Yoel has, until now, successfully blocked the investigation into this matter being conducted by the legal authorities for the state of New York. Yocheved feels that she is being targeted personally for her work on behalf of these Yemenite jews living in Kiryat Yoel. This is her story.

Mr. Levi Danzinger 35 year old hasidic men from kriyas joel is the alleged predator who sexually abused Mrs Mauda 15 year old daughter he is currently on $61,000 bail that was paid in cash by the satmar community who is supporting him.

The whole case started when Mrs Mauda got involved in helping yeminites families in Kriyas joel who had there kids taken away by the samtar community leaders, since she as taken upon her self to help those families in need the samtar leaders went full force against her to stop her every way possible they made sure the schools will not accept her kids also continuously reported her to child abuse CPS, ACS, DIFS, the child abuse charges where eventually dropped since no substantial evidence was found, when that didn't work they sent Mr Levi Danziger to abuse Mrs Mauda's 15 year old daughter by drugging her with LSD & sexually abusing her to make a case against her parents, after drugging her they reported to child abuse wanting the drugs to be found in her daughters system, luckily when DIFS came over to the house they saw a normal decent loving home and then dropped charges.

They threatened the girl that if she will talk about anything they will report her parents for child abuse and take her and her siblings away from home, for a month she hide the story from her parents out of fear but eventually she confided to a family member as to what is going on with her, that is when Mrs mauda reported the abuse to the authorities to put Mr danziger under arrest and charge him for the terrible crime he committed.

Not only did they try to brainwash the girl against her parents but also convincing her to get into a prostitution ring where they promised her that she will get paid $100's of dollars if she will sleep with other hasidic men, she was told there are men ready to start paying her for having intercourse with them, the girl is currently under going psychiatric care after all the trauma they caused her.

This case is still ongoing at the moment, lets hope that no such crimes should ever be kept uncovered, we should all keep speaking up and do the right thing for all those innocent victims out there who are being abused, I applaud Mrs Yocheved Mauda for going public even posting her picture in front of the whole world to see and hear the truth.. she is a brave strong woman for not letting this evil acts be covered up by the satmar community leaders.


Talk to your teenagers, male and female!

From Parent Solution LLC

Sexual abuse: An introduction to the reality!

Sexual abuse implies the forcing of unwanted sexual activity. With threats and coercion, one indulges in sexual abuse which very often becomes dangerous for the victim(s). Sexual abuse can be of several nature namely verbal, physical, emotional etc. Compared to any other age group, adolescent women are found to be more exposed to sexual abuse.

The teens, who are victims of sexual abuse often find it difficult to cope with the external environment and society at large. They usually face a storm of issues and questions, solution of which sometimes seems too difficult to trace. And due to increasing outward pressure, their lives get redundant and they cry out for aid. Here comes the need of help and care. Study shows troubled teens, who are the victims of sexual abuse need special care and supervision so that they can forget the past and become hopeful for the future.
What can be said as sexual abuse?

Everyone is born to live safe. No one has the right to intervene the privacy of any anyone else. Now if anyone is making/made you feel uncomfortable it could be sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse might involve any of the following or related activities.

Being asked to touch any part/parts of your own body.
Being asked to touch the parts of another’s body.
An attempt to trap anyone in sexual behavior emotionally.
Making sexual comments to you.
Being forced to watch/read sex exciting films/books.

Possible Symptoms of sexual abuse
Unexplained pregnancy (What's an "unexplained pregnancy?" - UOJ)
Exposed to STD (sexually transmitted diseases)
Regular urinary tract infections
Significant weight loss/gain
Attempts of suicide
Fear of darkness
Love to remain isolated, away from crowd
Fear of adult, teenagers
Fear of being caught in pictures/photo.
Fear of being undressed

The said signs may not necessarily exemplify that a teen is sexually abused. These could be some common features also which are found in teenagers.
What’s left for parents when they know their teens are sexually abused?
When a teen is sexually abused, remember he/she needs immediate care and counseling. Being a parent, you can start by talking freely, ask what really worrying them, let them disclose the whole matter. When exposed to reality, make them feel comfortable by assuring your help. If needed, go for expert’s help. With the development of civilization, getting a help for anything is just a click away. Numerous institutions/rehabilitation centers are available around you who are especially skilled in dealing with a sexually abused teenager.

Parent solution LLC can help victims of sexual abuse

Since inception till date we at Parent Solution LLC are successful in countering innumerable problems related with troubled teens. As one of our endeavors, we have been successful in selecting appropriate counseling centers for sexually abused teenagers. Moreover we have expertise to identify safe and sheltered boarding/rehabilitation centers for troubled teens. All our services are dedicated to teens, who need care and parents, for whom their teens are the most.