Monday, May 29, 2006


"As man is a social animal, it is almost certain that he would inherit a tendency to be faithful to his comrades and obedient to the leader of the tribe".

The Descent Of Man by Charles Darwin

How does a low-life become a head of a yeshiva? I asked this question over and over again to myself as I twist and turn trying to fall asleep.

This is what I came up with.

When we view history, especially recent history, I asked myself the same question regarding the onset of the PLO.

Who in the world would want a filthy dirty slob, bad to look at, disgusting to be near,an abomination of a human, a known murderer and thief, to be their leader? Could it be that the masses of the Palestinians were that dumb? Could it be that no matter how rotten a person is, he will find followers that will support him and his evil?

Could the world be that crazy by allowing "Chairman" Arafat the podium at the United Nations with a gun on his hip? Well, the Agudath Israel gave Margulies the podium at the siyum haShas armed with his black hat and gartel!

The parallels between Arafat and Margulies are startling. OK I know some are you are saying " this is the final straw, UOJ is an over the top certified lunatic".

Read on, listen carefully.

1-Who made Arafat "Chairman"- Who made Margulies "Rabbi"?

2-Who raised millions of dollars from all sorts of people only to enrich themselves as they robbed their supporters blind? Who had the SOLE authority to write himself millions of dollars of checks without asking anyone?

3-Who controlled/controls all of the assets of the organizations they led with other people's money? Who recently "SOLD" 55% of their house to the yeshiva and pocketed $1.9 MILLION DOLLARS?

4-Who killed off( emotional killing is murder) all their detractors and slandered those that would not support their evil ways?

5-Who has laundered all sorts of ILLEGAL money through their institutions?

6-Who has defied all logic and kept lying until their dying day?

7-Who unashamedly issued statements that were filthy lies without any hesitation?

8-Who began their institutions on a huge fraud; Palestinian people-Torah Vodaath Of Flatbush!

9-Who has led their groups into the abyss and convinced them that their cause is justifiable according to ancient texts?

10-Who is willing to destroy their peoples because of their illusions of grandeur?

The world is watching and shortly the "fetter Shmiel" will be coming to visit!

Friday, May 26, 2006


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1. Daas Torah - name names, which rabbi(s)???

2. Counsel? Who? And who does he represent - the yeshiva? Kolko?

3. Why did Kolko go on leave - no explanation? What would you have done If Kolko DID NOT AGREE to leave?

4. Administrative leave - paid or unpaid?

5. Why the silence as to why the yeshiva did not go to bais din? Which rabbonim (daas Torah) advised him not to go to bais din?

An interesting legal admission from your yeshiva - "always has been to guarantee the welfare of our children". Guarantee? That's a word smart negligence defense lawyers avoid. It could potentially mean you don't have to prove negligence, only that that there was an injury, and the guarantee of safety was breached.

It potentially means strict liability.

Parents: I urge you to get rid of Lipa Margulies immediately and save the yeshiva by hiring an honest and authentic "rosh yeshiva". Call it whatever you want, I'll even let you call it "administrative leave". Margulies is a vile thief and a sub-human. He has caused much damage to all Judaism and has no place in our Torah institutions.

Keep asking yourself" what would I do if it was my child"??? The hundreds of victims were OUR children!

Get rid of him NOW; save the yeshiva!!

If you choose to once again be fooled by Lipa Margulies, and decide to do nothing, beware, I intend to finish the job for you.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

344 People Downloaded The Complaint Form Against Yudi Kolko - The Greatest Single Tragedy To Smite The Jews Since W.W. Two

The Awareness Center reports the following statistics:

FYI: This is from our stats page. So far, since the filing of the lawsuit against Yeshiva Torah Temimah, Yudi Kolko and Camp Agudah, 344 people downloaded the complaint file on Kolko from our web page.

/complaint_kolko.pdf 344

/Kolko_Yehuda.html 1263
/Kolko_Yudi.html 265

1528 visits to the Kolko web page so far.




The institution currently known as Yeshiva & Mesivta Torah Temimah (“TT”) was founded by Lipa Margulies (“Margulies”) as Yeshiva Torah Vodaath of Flatbush. As an employee of the authentic Yeshiva Torah Vodaath (“YTV”), one of the oldest and most prestigious Torah institutions in America, Margulies had access to YTV’s proprietary donor information which he absconded with when he departed to start his own school.

Margulies commenced his fraud by misrepresenting himself to donors as an agent of YTV, and donations slated for YTV began fattening TT’s bank account. By the time YTV realized the extent of the brazen fraud being committed by Margulies, millions of dollars had been stolen from them by Margulies. It took several years for YTV to get Margulies into a bais din for a din Torah. The bais din forced Margulies to change his business name. He was ordered to return the stolen money, but never did. He began operating under the name Yeshiva Torah Temimah, F/K/A/ Yeshiva Torah Vodaath of Flatbush.


Margulies hired Yehuda Kolko (“Kolko”) as a rebbe in his new yeshiva. Margulies was immediately made aware of Kolko’s dangerous sexual deviance. Fearful of the potential impact the double whammy an ongoing financial scandal coupled with a child abuse scandal would have on his budding business, Margulies cynically chose to cover up the fact that he had hired a known pedophile and focused instead on building his business.

Kolko in turn focused on grooming and molesting his victims.


As TT grew both in size and prestige, the pedophile issue kept raising its ugly head. Parents and students, with frightening regularity, approached Margulies with complaints against Kolko. Margulies responded by discrediting any victims bold enough to go public and threatening their families with retaliation if they did not stop their victimized children from complaining.

In the mid 1980’s, when a few of the victims managed to convene a bais din to address the horrific accusations against Kolko, Margulies reacted by retaining Rabbi Chaim Pinchus Scheinberg, rosh hayeshiva of Torah Ohr (“Scheinberg”) to interfere with the bais din. Simcha Kaufman (“Kaufman”), is a former student of Scheinberg and currently an employee of both Margulies/TT and Camp Agudah where Kolko worked and abused children for a decade. As a high level employee of Camp Agudah, Kaufman was informed of Kolko’s molestation of young campers as early as the late 1960’s, and together with others, chose to cover up the accusations. Kaufman contacted victims and their supporters to insist they cease and desist from their attempts to rid TT and their community of a dangerous pedophile.

Specifically, Scheinberg called the organizers of the bais din and insisted they stop the din Torah proceedings. He falsely stated that under halacha two witnesses are required for the testimony to be halachically valid, and as there were not two witnesses for any single act of abuse perpetrated by Kolko, all of the accusations must be disregarded.

Scheinberg also contacted victims and asked them to tell him what had been done to them by Kolko. Upon hearing the details of Kolko’s acts of molestation, Scheinberg falsely informed the victims that under halacha, absent penetration or proof of ejaculation, Kolko’s actions against them were not punishable, and that they were obligated to cease and desist in their pursuit of justice.

In doing what he did, Scheinberg knowingly violated clear halacha to the contrary of his stated position, and allowed Margulies and Kolko to continue their perversity. Due to Scheinberg’s gross distortion of halacha, to this day, there are victims of Kolko who believe that the horrific acts of abuse Kolko perpetrated upon them are not actionable under halacha.

Not one to leave anything to chance, Margulies also enlisted the aid of Yehoshua (Shia) Fishman (“Fishman”) (Fishman is the Executive Director of Torah U’Mesorah, the National Society of Hebrew Day Schools in America.) Fishman used his position as representative of Torah U’Mesorah to have one-on-one conversations with victims of Kolko. Introducing himself as the head of Torah U’Mesorah, an organization held in great esteem by yeshiva students, he promised to keep anything told him in the strictest confidence. Reassured, the young victims poured their broken hearts out to Fishman who promised to help them. Fishman promptly reported all stories and victim's names to Margulies and Kaufman. Margulies and Kaufman proceeded to publicly name and discredit each and every victim, one by one. The astonished victims react to this day with fury at Fishman’s betrayal of their confidences. To his credit, Fishman now acknowledges that a horrible injustice was perpetrated upon Margulies and Kolko’s victims, and pleads old age, ill health, and his imminent retirement as the reason for his inaction at this time.

It is of note that Rabbi Avigdor Miller zt"l, instructed the organizers of the bais din to ignore Scheinberg’s perversion of halacha and to persist in their quest. Nonetheless, for over twenty years after Scheinberg’s maniacal interference, Kolko continued molesting young boys.

Having survived the most serious assault against his yeshiva, Margulies assumed he had put the matter behind him and focused on building his businesses. Margulies expanded Kolko’s responsibilities to include administrative duties, one-on-one “tutoring” of select students in TT, and the running of TT’s summer camp in the Catskill Mountains, known as Camp Silver Lake.

Needless to say Kolko’s child molesting continued, resulting in newly shattered lives every year.

Ir Hanidachas:

According to most interpretations, Ir Hanidachas is in reality a practical impossibility and as such is taught as a lesson on how to deal with irredeemable evil. The purpose of this post is not to seriously suggest that TT must be burned down to the ground together with all its inhabitants. To the contrary, many of the rabbeim and students of TT are innocent victims of Margulies. These rabbeim and students will have to spend the rest of their lives distancing themselves from Margulies and TT, and clearing themselves of the horrible stigma of association with TT. This is more punishment than most of them deserve and we wish them no further pain.

However, as with the concept of Ir Hanidachas, Yeshiva & Mesivta Torah Temimah is infused with an evil beyond most of our comprehension. While boy after boy was being sexually assaulted by Kolko in his private office and in the basement of the yeshiva building; at the very same time and in the very same building, the rabbeim and students sat in their classrooms and bais midrash learning, while turning a blind eye to the horrors being committed. When a few of the victims summoned the courage to accuse Kolko, the rest of TT went along quietly with Margulies, and allowed their classmates and talmidim to be villified.

Yeshiva and Mesivta Torah Temimah cries out for treatment as an Ir Hanidachas. The Rambam’s requirement that the inhabitants of an Ir Hanidachas be warned has been met. The TT community have been on notice of the midas S'dom being perpetrated by Margulies and Kolko for decades, and were warned publicly and repeatedly of the consequences its continued inaction and refusal to repent would result in.

According to the Ra’avad, the occupants of an Ir Hanidachas are so beyond the pale that even true repentance does not allow for a reprieve. A Tosefta Sanhedrin postulates that in the case of Ir Hanidachas the property of the righteous inhabitants are burned along with everyone else’s. Allow me to expand upon that thought and suggest that the guilt of the “righteous” lies in their silence while they allowed the horrific behavior to continue under the roof they shared with the purveyors of evil. Their silence is interpreted as acquiescence.

What did someone such as Rabbi S.F. Shustal, by many accounts a very special man, do to deserve this indelible blemish on his reputation? Simply stated, he was and remains to this day, silent about the horrors perpetrated by Kolko and Margulies.

While Margulies countenanced and supported Kolko’s murder of our children’s innocent souls, Shustal and his co-workers sat, and continue to sit, silently. They did, and continue to do, nothing to stop Margulies and Kolko.

In response to the argument of “what about the zechusim of the tremendous amount of Torah emanating from the many thousand graduates of TT?”, I refer to the Rambam who in Yesodei Ha’Torah states that a Sefer Torah written by an apikoros must be burned. The Rambam called for the burning of a Sefer Torah written by an apikoros because of the lack of proper intention to be m’kadaish shaim Shomayim as the Sefer Torah was written. Thus, such a Sefer Torah, although on the surface identical with a kosher Sefer Torah, lacks kedusha and as the living embodiment of tumah and sheker its very existence stands in contradiction to everything the Torah represents.

Accordingly, Torah Temimah must be dismantled, Lipa Margulies must be removed immediately, and a board of rosh yeshivas and ehrliche askonim must take over the leadership until a new rosh yeshiva is hired.

It takes no great leap of logic to apply the above to Yeshiva and Mesivta Torah Temimah, an institution built by a vile kofer on a foundation of sheker, theft, deception and the blood and souls of innocent children. While Yeshiva and Mesivta Torah Temimah might appear at first glance to be a yeshiva similar to other yeshivas, it is in fact the yeshiva equivalent of a Sefer Torah written by a min (non-believer.)

Being a community of sorts, the atrocities committed within the four walls of Yeshiva and Mesivta Torah Temimah render it an Ir Hanidachas. As such it is an institution whose eradication from our midst will result in a true kiddush Hashem and will hasten the geulah, may it be G-d’s will.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Attorney Jeff Herman will be on "Talkline with Zev Brenner" tonight at 9:00PM NY AM radio WSNR 620.

Listen to Jeff Herman's interview last night:

A Thoughtful, Measured UOJ (Or UOJ on Valium) - WHAT IF??????????

Regular readers of my blog are accustomed to my in-your-face tone and firebrand ranting on a host of topics affecting our community.

Worry not; I have no intention of changing my stripes. Tomorrow bright and early, I will be back to ranting and challenging the powers that be.

But just for today, as hundreds of thousands of decent, law-abiding, spiritual members of Klal Yisroel are in the process of mourning the desecration of Hashem and our Torah caused by the lawsuit against Kolko, Margulies and Torah Temimah, I ask you to be intellectually honest and walk a mile in my shoes, or better yet, walk many miles in the tattered souls of the victims, making some assumptions:

What if every one of the allegations listed in the New York Magazine article is true?

What if the three lawsuits are in fact the tip of the iceberg in the rape of our children by Kolko and Margulies?

What if there was a pattern of terror,“ a second round of abuse" directed at those who reported these abuses? Not for weeks, months or years, but decades?

What if Margulies was repeatedly offered a quiet and discreet resolution of this matter, with Kolko offered a paid leave while a hearing was conducted, and a registry of sexual molesters established by Torah Umesorah to see to it that molesters don't get shuttled from school to school?

What if you actually listened firsthand to the pain and suffering of the victims? What if you heard them talk about the confusion, anger, rage and their struggle to get their lives back on track?

What if you heard them ask you how Kolko and Margulies can continue to have the respect of our community while they wallow in despair and agony?

What if you felt that there was a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to the innocent children under the care of Kolko and Margulies?

What if you heard that Margulies had the unmitigated gall to recently conduct an asifa of his "talmidim" in Lakewood to set the stage for opening a branch of his "kiddy molesting business" there?

What if you saw the intimidation and terror that was directed at anyone who challenged the powers that be and stood up for the rights of our children?

Well, you might do the responsible things first:

Send them messages and messengers that you "have the goods" and beg them to do the right thing.

Take your message to the public via the Internet.

Send a mailing to the community, hoping against hope that someone, somewhere, would convince Margulies to let reason prevail.

Issue clear warnings and datelines should he refuse to do what is correct and moral.

What if that didn't work either?

What if you felt that you, and perhaps you alone, had the courage, means and fierce determination to stop the insanity and finally after all these decades protect our children?

What if you spent sleepless nights over the past few years feeling that you are not doing everything in your power to protect our children, and permit a confirmed embezzler called Lipa Margulies to get away with not only theft of millions of dollars from Yeshiva Torah Vodaath, but from pretending to run a Torah institution while a vile predator is hanging around a thousand kids every day?

What if you have documents in hand from a psak bais din to force Margulies for ten years to change the name of "his" yeshiva? What happens if you have documents in your hands from estate attorneys designating their clients' money to Yeshiva Torah Vodaath then in Williamsburg, to be cashed by the vicious thief and embezzler Lipa Margulies?

What if you were convinced that Torah Temimah's very bricks and cement were purchased with stolen money?

What if you felt that Margulies would never respond to reasonable people, but "maybe" only to the ranting of a "wild maniac"?

I have no doubt that history will judge Margulies to be the wicked, heartless, soulless fiend who regularly expelled "average" children from his school to maintain his elitist image. It was the cruel and evil Margulies who repeatedly refused to bring resource rebbeim and programs into his school allowing kids to drown or transfer to more compassionate, responsible mosdos. It was none other than this rasha of the generation, Lipa Margulies, that was the first to turn the sacred mission of chinuch habanim into a personal, corrupt, nepotism-filled fiefdom and "pig"gy-bank.

History will be brutal to this self-righteous thief, vile and evil man, and confirmed embezzler called Lipa Margulies.

Tomorrow, I vow to continue my crusade to finally bring safety to our children and other vital issues to our community that are being swept underneath beards, black hats, kapotes, bekishes, shtreimels and OU certified kosher plastic tablecloths, all in the name of Torah.

Today, however, I ask you to think about the terrible desecration of Hashem and his Torah that this corrupt, evil, vile man brought to all of us.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Press conference to announce the filing of a $20 million dollar lawsuit against Yeshiva Torah Temimah, Lipa Margulies, Y. Kolko & Camp Agudah

Press conference to announce the filing of a $20 million dollar lawsuit on behalf of two plaintiffs who claim they were sexually abused as children by Rabbi Yidi Kolko when they were students at Yeshiva Torah Temimah. The lawsuit was filed in Federal Court and is against Yeshiva Torah Temimah, Camp Agudah and Rabbi Yidi Kolko.

When: Friday, May 5, 2006 at 2:00 pm.

Where: Public sidewalk in front of Yeshiva Torah Temimah, 555 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY.

Who: One of the victims and attorney Jeffrey Herman will make a statement and take questions.

Herman & Mermelstein, P.A.

Jeffrey M. Herman, Esq.

18205 Biscayne Blvd.

Suite 2218

Miami, FL 33160

(305) 931-2200



Thursday, May 04, 2006



As everybody now knows, Margulies and Kolko have ignored repeated Hazmanas and refuse to come to Bais Din. Indeed, they defied three separate Batei Dinim, including two of their own initiation.

When the most recent charges of child molestation and cover-up against Yudi Kolko and Lipa Margulies emerged to the public in February, the Torah Temimah/Margulies/Kolko camp sent an Hazmana from Rabbi Belsky to Eli Greenwald alleging slander. Eli Greenwald, being a true Torah Jew, immediately responded in writing that he would appear before Bais Din for a Din Torah. The Torah Temimah/Margulies/Kolko camp ignored this response to their Hazmana and have yet to appear for this Din Torah.

At the request of the Torah Temimah/Margulies/Kolko camp, a Bais Din comprised of Rabbis Avrohom Chaim Levin and Shmuel Kaminetzky together with a noted orthodox attorney was set up. The Torah Temimah/Margulies/Kolko camp agreed to come to a Din Torah before this Bais Din. A tentative date was set. The Torah Temimah/Margulies/Kolko camp changed their position and refused to appear before this Bais Din. It must be noted that this too was a Bais Din convened at their request.

Despite the fact that the victims were now well within their rights to go directly to Court, they wanted to give Bais Din one more try. Thus, before filing suit on behalf of the victims and guided by strict Halacha after conferring with Rabonim and Poskim, Attorney Jeffery Herman sent three successive Hazmanas to the Torah Temimah/Margulies/Kolko camp demanding they come to the Bais Din of Mechon L’Hoyroh or convene a Bais Din of ZBLA. (see Shailos Uteshuvos Divrei Chaim, Choshen Mishpat, Chelek 2 S’ 46 & the Shailos Uteshuvos Neos Desheh S’ 51, which stand for the premise that an Hazmana need not originate from a Bais Din but may instead be sent directly by the claimant. Indeed, the Bais Din of Mechon L’Hoyroh approved the Hazmanas prior to them being served.)

Despite independently confirming their Halachic obligation to respond to the Hazmana and appear before the Bais Din for a Din Torah, the Torah Temimah/Margulies/Kolko camp chose to ignore the Hazmana. While strict Halacha only requires one Hazmana, the victims decided to follow the current practice and sent three Hazmanas. The Torah Temimah/Margulies/Kolko camp ignored all three.

At this point the Torah Temimah/Margulies/Kolko camp are clearly Mesarvim Ledin.

The Mesaraiv transgresses numerous Torah laws including: “Al Pi Hatorah Asher Yorucha”; “Uvasa El Hashofet Asher Yehiyeh Bayamim Hahem”; “Ad Haelokim Yovo Dvar Shnayhem” and “Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof” (All found in Parshios Mishpatim and Shoftim.) The Mesarev, by forcing the other litigant to go to secular Court causes a great Chillul Hashem. As Rashi states in Parshas Mishpotim "do not bring the matter to their courts, for one who brings law cases of Bnei Yisrael before the secular courts profanes the Name of Hashem. The Chillul Hashem that The Torah Temimah/Margulies/Kolko camp will be bringing down on Klal Yisroel as a result of their refusal to go to Bais Din is unimaginable and unspeakable.

It is incumbent upon the entire community to loudly condemn Mesarvim Ledin and insist that Hazmanas be responded to. In his article entitled, "Batei Din vs. Secular Courts", published in The Jewish Observer, January 1993, Chaim Dovid Zwiebel argues that the community itself is called upon to play a major role in upholding the honor of Batei Din and enforcing their judgments. He notes that the Agudas Yisroel movement has adopted some internal guidelines designated to isolate anyone who is Mesaraiv L'din. Such an individual forfeits his right:
(1) to be a member-in-good-standing of any Agudah branch Shul;
(2) to be called to the Torah for an Aliya;
(3) to be a Shaliach Tzibbur;
(4) to host any Kiddush or Simcha; and
(5) the individual is to be explicitly advised that he is not welcome in the Shul.

Margulies would rather continue sheltering a child molester and defy Halacha and our Torah while having all his dirty laundry aired in the secular Courts and media, then face a Din Torah.

He chose to continue putting children at risk daily instead of doing his duty and protecting them from further harm.

History will record that the Torah Temimah/Margulies/Kolko camp were hoisted by their own petard.