Friday, May 12, 2006

Another Day, Another Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Yeshiva Torah Temimah

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jewishwhistleblower said...

A good shabbos and keep fighting the good fight.

UOJ and Jeffrey Herman are real life heroes.

A message to all the child molesters and their supporters and enablers. Your day of judgment is here.

It's not a matter of if we'll expose you anymore, it's a matter of when we'll expose you.

This week has been another bad week for the child molesters. A very bad week, which will be turning into very bad months and very bad years.

Rabbi Mordechai/Marc Gafni/Winiarz/Winyarz is going down as are the degenerates that have protected him.

Mordechai Gafni/Winiarz Accused of Rape

Gafni Strikes Again

This is OUR community and we are taking it back from you and yours.

Only the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Does Beis Din have a remedy for such a situation?

Anonymous said...

How many more victims will have to come forward for Margulies to do the right thing?

How can Margulies and his children live with themselves?

Anonymous said...

Does Beis Din have a remedy for such a situation?


They do. Cover it up, but quick!!!!

Anonymous said...

This latest lawsuit is shocking. This poor guy was molested years after Margulies crushed the guys who came forward. If only he had gotten rid of Kolko earlier this guy could have had a normal life.

Margulies is going straight to hell.

Anonymous said...

this torah temimah boy enlisted in the us army to escape kolko? how sick this situation is!


Margo, you worthless maggot. I hope a more recent victim steps forward so you can be slapped with criminal charges and rot in jail.

I feel like ambushing you after Shabbos shacharis and spitting in your vile face.

Anonymous said...

I feel like ambushing you after Shabbos shacharis and spitting in your vile face.

J. Biegeleisen said...

What's Rav Scheinberg's connection to Margo? When Rav Scheinberg comes to Brooklyn he had TT and Derech Chaim highest on his list of where he gives shiurim.

I still don't believe he knew exactly what happened. The filthy liar Margo must have given him a story.

YTT Insider said...

Margulies is shitting about tomorrow night's dinner, he has arranged for security.

PRO-UOJ said...

Margo has met someone that can kick his ass without fear of retribution. God bless UOJ.

Anonymous said...

Sheinberg is a filthy dog, in the same league as Margo.
I'm going to Cedarhurst tomorrow to spit in his face. He's in the U.S.A.

Eli Teitelbaum said...

The people that are planning to crash the dinner tomorrow, the cops will be there, be aware.

Sheftel Neuberger said...

Shmuel Kaminetsky has finally told someone at the Ner Yisroel dinner that Margulies is a bigger rasha than Kolko.

Anonymous said...

For those interested in crashing, or holding up picket signs, the dinner is this Sunday night in Ateres Avrohom. See you there!

Page Six said...

Get to the newstands check out the Sunday New York Post.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Margulies specified that he be provided the "best cops in the world" to protect the dinner for "the best yeshiva in the world."

What a sad moron.

Anonymous said...

What is Margulies going to do when victims of Kolko and Margulies who are graduates, parents and supporters of TT take their seats at the dinner and express their views publicly? Call the cops?

It's time for Margulies and his family to let go of Yeshiva and Mesivta Torah Temimah. They've stolen enough money to retire and move on. The yeshiva needs new management.

Anonymous said...

margo you animal, you hit a kid who complains to you about kolko? you cant blame hitler for this sick behavior.


I don't give a shit about the police or security, I will be there with a group of people that will tell the attendees exactly what the truth about Margulies is.
Let them try and stop us.

Anonymous said...


Everyone knows the truth about Margulies, a liar, thief, abusive bully and pedophile protecter.

The one thing his supporters used to say about him was that he's very smart.

They now know better.


Pinchos Scheinberg is in the U.S.A.

Hey peeny...I got some new tzizis for you...I'll see you at the dinner at Ateres Avrohom tomorrow, I want to give it to you in person.

Anonymous said...

Pinchos Scheinberg is in the U.S.A.

Hey peeny...I got some new tzizis for you...I'll see you at the dinner at Ateres Avrohom tomorrow, I want to give it to you in person.

bulvan=your a fucking asshole....

Anonymous said...

Leave Scheinberg alone. He has his hands full. Margo has hired him again. His mission is to contact the hundreds of Kolko's victims and tell them one by one that they were NOT molested. Daas Torah indeed.

Rumor Verifier said...

Rumor has it that UOJ has hired a few waiters at Ateres Avrohom to help him spread the truth.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that dozens of staff members at Ateres Avrohom are now loyal to UOJ.

Margulies and Applegrad are lost.

They don't know which way is up.

The YTT Resistance said...

Margo thinks he's going to stop us with a few cops ? So many of us are going to show up to heckle him that he'll need the whole U.S. Cavalry. Tell the cops they should arrest him for the heinous crimes that he's guilty of, the fat piece of rotten garbage that he is.

Whoever made a pledge for the dinner should direct their money to a legitmate tzedoka that won't enable sexually abuse and destroying the lives of Yiddishe kinder.

Margo Harosho is going down, and going down hard.

Yissocher Frand said...

You don't need a rosh yeshiva to tell you that Margo is the velt's rasha. What else do you expect from a Hungarian baal haboss who trivializes yeshivas like he's farkoyfing Armani suits or something.

Jewish Survivors Of Sexual Violence said...

Happy Mother's Day! http://www.theawarenesscenter.org/mothersday.pdf

Rabbi Hisiger said...

Have any of the honorees decided they are backing out now that Margo has been exposed ?

Rebbitzin Jungreis said...

Are any of the rebbeim going to resign now that Margo has been exposed ?

escaped flatbush hell said...

I am SOOOO happy I left this world. Unfortunately, today is one of the few days of the year I must return to Flatush, to visit my shvigger on mother's day. To see what the second generation has done with post-holocaust yiddishkeit is really phenomenal--- expensive cars, outrageous houses, sexual exploits of all kinds- all topped off by pseudo "Rabbonim" who espouse "daas torah." Add to it the massive amounts of kosher food available to this ever-expanding obese population, and the lack of true intellectual insight WHICH WAS THE HALLMARK of the first post-holocaust generation, and you know that the day is coming near for the implosion of this edifice.
Get out while you can.

Anonymous said...

What's Rav Scheinberg's connection to Margo? When Rav Scheinberg comes to Brooklyn he had TT and Derech Chaim highest on his list of where he gives shiurim.

I still don't believe he knew exactly what happened. The filthy liar Margo must have given him a story.
How the hell can he issue a psak wirhout hearing both sides of the story.
it's time to recognize this nut for what he is.

Rasha lamma sakeh rayecha said...

The particularly sick details of the second lawsuit against rasha merusha Margo was the talk everywhere this Shabbos. There is an explosion of rage directed at him, the likes of which I've never seen.

Franklyn Snitow said...

Brilliant legal strategy by Jeff Herman. Keep filing individual lawsuits and swamp Kolko and Margo with endless trial appearances and down time with their attorneys.

Jerry Seinfeld said...

Margo has made so many enemies over the years who look forward with glee to his trial. I hope the court at Cadman Plaza has a big enough spectator gallery for the hordes of people who will show up to watch the judge / jury throw the book at Kolko and Margo.

Anonymous said...

Only a gadol can claim to know who is the bigger rasha.

This is why we believe in da'as Toirah. The gedoilim knoi.

Shlomo Gertzulin said...

This is bad. We may have to reconsider plans to have Kolko and Margo give the workshop at the next Agudah convention titled "Children at Risk"

Labish Becker said...

You're not kidding Gertzulin. We at the Agudah looked liked morons when David Schick gave the business ethics seminar right before his arrest.

Isaac Abraham said...

If you really want to cause problems at the dinner, send separate messages to both the Zalmis & Aronis that Margo supports the other side. There won't be anything left of Margo or the building.

VFB said...

--- Brilliant legal strategy by Jeff Herman. Keep filing individual lawsuits and swamp Kolko and Margo with endless trial appearances and down time with their attorneys. ---

I am not so sure that you are right. Filing multiple suits means that the defendants have to spend more time and money on their defense, which might encourage them to settle. However, it also means that Herman has to spend more time on the cases as well. There is less money at stake in each case, so since he is presumably in it to make a profit, and not just to fight for the benefit of humanity, he will probably devote less resources to each case.

George Steinbrenner said...

I figured out a legal way to disrupt the dinner. If someone inside calls in a medical emergency to Hatzolah, the NYPD cannot deny paramedics entry to the hall. The paramedics can then voice their constitutionally protected opinion at the fat man on the dais.

Eat crow Margo.

escaped flatbush hell said...

Now that you brought up David Schick, this really brings the hypocrisy to a full circle. Arthur Schick gets pulled over in Boro Park, and the next second a bunch of out-of-yeshiva hoodlums are rioting! Using slogans like "no justice, no peace", slogans penned by people fondly reffered to by the "frum" community as shvartzers and niggers!! And the Rabbinic response? Empty!!
But listen, make sure not to drink unfiltered water, as it may have invisible crustaceans.
What you guys have done with Judaism is really no different than what Reconstructionists have done. Both are end-stage examples of extremes. Sexual abuse is just a sign of the rot.
Get out while you can.

Rabbi Chaim Weinfeld said...

It's so confusing. What do I do when people call me to demand that I not give aliyos or even allow the dangerous offender Yudi Kolko to daven in my shul ?

According to the phone book, my telephone numbers are:


Auto Report World Editors said...

UOJ, at the request of others, I've started up Bozoyon, the official Blog of the Bozoer Rebbe. I plan to cover narishkeiten from the Detroit frum community. The first topical post is that Aryeh Kaplan is now an apikores according to the frummies. You can find it @ bozoyon.blogspot.com

Tzvi Hersh Weinreb said...

Does anyone know the name of company that can be hired out to smash a cream pie in Margo's face ?

Auto Report World Editors said...

W/ UOJ's indulgence.

At the request of others, I've started up Bozoyon, the official Blog of the Bozoer Rebbe. I plan to cover narishkeiten from the Detroit frum community. The first topical post is that Aryeh Kaplan is now an apikores according to the frummies. You can find it @ bozoyon.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Torain's lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, said his client's conduct was inappropriate but not criminal, and was "never intended to frighten the family."

Margo's lawyer, Ben Barfman, said his client's conduct was bushasdick but not technically an aveyrah, and was "never with kavonah to scare away donors."

How soon before the story breaks about margo and kolko's homosexual relationship?

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

The prestigous New York Magazine has a full expose on the sexual abuse problem in the Orthodox Jewish community and the organized attempt by the "rabbis" to cover it up. Written by the acclaimed journalist Robert Kolker, he uncovers the ugly truth about our community.

In particular, he focuses on Yeshivah Torah Temimah's principal Lipa Margulies. Margulies has known about Yehuda Kolko for thirty five years and intentionally harbored a known pedophile, subjecting thousands of children to the ill and dangerous first grade teacher and school administrator.

Without me going into
details...this is one story nobody should miss.


Harvey Blitz said...

Margo is such a fresser that he would probably lick all around like a zoleil vesovay at that treif cream pie.

Anonymous said...

is the ny magazine weekly or bi-weekly?

Gershon Tannenbaum said...

Well, for those Jews who refuse to read secular media it will be a long wait before they get to read about it in the Jewish Observer. I hear they're planning a June 2089 special all about the grand history of that emmesdike makom torah that was known as Torah Temimah but is now the senior citizens home. or wait was it alway a senior citizens home, or was that YTV? I am so confused.
Either way, the yated and hamodia will never print it so go out and get the jewish week.

Jackie Mason said...

Even I can't find any humor in what these criminal bastards, Kolko and Margo have done.

What is sort of funny though is that Margo isn't even the least bit worried about what's going to happen at the dinner tonight. The egocentric nut thinks he's invincible.

Boy is he in for a big surprise.

Anonymous said...

The biggest shame of all this is that tonight's honorees are not getting all the kavod they paid for. They and their wives were expecting to be the center of the show and the gossip of the town and now they get nothing. Such a pity, such a shame. I cry for them.

Anonymous said...

Instead of benchers they are giving out 'rubbers' at tonight's dinner. Sort of like Dwek's rubber checks. Well, soon kids will be bouncing out of YTT like yesterdays lunch.

Journalist said...

Bob Kolker's article is the best I have ever seen on this topic.

As a hardened journalist; seeing death in Iraq, I have never been as moved by any story as I have with this one. It puts you right there in the closet with Kolko, on his knee and feeling his erect penis.
You feel like going to Brooklyn and spitting in Margulies's face for torturing kids for life.

This is a must read for people of every faith.

Anonymous said...

NY Mag is a weekly publication.

Anonymous said...

R' Shteinman will be at the Torah Umesorah convention this shabbos at the frier tuck-in.
Make arrangements for the magazine and other articles that are sure to follow to be delivered in bulk and distributed to every guest room for free. That will get their attention.
R Shteinman will see the pictures and ask what the gist of the article is and that will pop his ears!

Hugh Hefner said...

Above Anon,
Shteinman is senile. He wouldn't pop his eyes at Anne Nicole Smith.

J. Howard Marshall said...

Yeah, but Anna Nicole's eyes would pop at him, especially when she finds out that he buys the whole first class on international flights and travels by private airline in the US!!

Get a Life said...

Why don't you guys grow up instead of picking on a 92 year old man ? Rav Shteinman has never hurt a fly.

If you can't grow up, please try to remember that the one thing we can all agree on is that the two freaks named Kolko and Margo have to be eliminated from the scene, and we should all be concentrating our energy at them.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...






Anonymous said...

I think Pruzansky has the exclusive at Friar Tuck. Was he one of the guys that sold Pinter the food for the lunch program ?

Rabbi Yosef Blau said...

Hey Gershon Tennenbaum,

Buzz off ! Your indicted felon kind isn't welcome around here. You're the resident swindler at the Jewish Press who helps sex maniac Tendler push his thug agenda through Agudas Harabbonim.


MARGO IS A DISEASED MONSTER has left a new comment on your post "Another Day, Another Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Yeshiva Torah Temimah":



boog said...

That weinfeld allows this koko tinaf into his shul is all the commentary you need to know what kind of "Rav" he is.

I don't understand how the people sitting around koko in this shul don't beat the shit out of him and be done with it.

The damage this animal has committed to yiddeshe nefoshos is incalcuable.

boog said...

BTW, I checked newyorkmgazine.com for the Kolker article and did not see it.

Can anyone provide the link?

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

My Friend Boog,

The article will be on-line after midnight tonight; THE RABBI'S BOYS.

Anonymous said...

Kolko resigned. It's not a rumor, it's a fact.
No fancy letter or anything like that, he just is not coming back. Next year there will be a new rebbe.
What do you think he will do with all his spare time - get a tutoring gig?

Wandering Jew said...

Rav Boog,

I observed Kolko at Weinfeld's shul more than once while visiting. He sits around and darshans to a bunch of servile sycophants like he's someone important. I was sitting close enough on a couple of occasions to overhear him. Kolko was full of crap and it was sickening that people were actually paying attention to him.

boog said...

Thanks UOJ;

Tremendous Yashar Koach to you!

Margo Misnaged said...

"The biggest shame of all this is that tonight's honorees are not getting all the kavod they paid for."

When has there been room for anything but Margo's kavod ? Remember when he graduated himself from Menahel to "Rosh Yeshiva" and wouldn't go up to the chuppa unless you called out the right title over the microphone ? A real funny blooper was when he told S.W., "Ich darf es nisht."

Pickled Herring said...

"Kolko resigned."

Shkoyach. With the umpteen lawsuits he's going to be facing, it's not like he has any time to spare coming to class to prey on his next victim.

By the way, there was a report or rumor of sorts on the Jewish Survivors blog that Kolko has been questioned in the last week by the NYPD or Federal agents. Is this true ? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

Please, Where is the dinner? How can I join in protesting these coverups?

Anonymous said...

The fact that he resigned for next year is not enough. The nut must be gone immediately! For all we know, he can molest some kids between now and June!

Watch Margo's buddies go to the newsstands and buy out all the issues of NY magazine....

Anonymous said...

Where is the dinner? I want to go heckle.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Please note- if your newsstand is sold out (good chance),New York Magazine can be purchased on-line at newyorkmag.com. It's certain to be part of Jewish history...the story that broke the back of one of the worst Jews in the U.S.A since World War Two, Lipa Margulies.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Dear Gross and Boog,

You guys were here from the start.

Thanks for your ongoing support; at times I doubted myself. Your words of encouragement kept me going.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The dinner is/was at Ateres Avrohom.

Basil Herring said...

Is Torah Temimah officially a member of any organization like Torah Umesorah ? The respective organizations should be pressured by the community to revoke their membership, unless that is, running a child sex slave ring makes you a member in good standing. We threw Tendler out of the RCA and stood our ground when his hired mercenaries came after us.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Here is the link to the New York Magazine article-sub-titled "On The Rabbi's Knee". For the full impact of the story and for photos that are not available on-line, I suggest that you buy the magazine.

New York Magazine Link :


Dick Nixon said...

I can't believe you actually got this published. wow. it will be interesting to find out, as they said in watergate, who knew what and when they knew it.

Anonymous said...

I just read the article.I used to think SCHEINBERG was just a harmless nut.i should have known better.There's no such thing as a harmless nut.

Vicki Polin said...

Thank you so much for helping the survivors of Kolko. Please let them know that they are all hero's. So many survivors will be inspired by their bravery and will follow their lead. If there is ever anything I can do for them let them know that The Awareness Center is here for them!


Vicki Polin, MA, ATR, LCPC - Executive Director

The Awareness Center, Inc.
(Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse/Assault)
P.O. Box 65273, Baltimore, MD 21209

"An oak tree is just a nut that held its ground"

Anonymous said...

I love the ending, who's idea was that?

board of directors of yeshiva torah vodaath said...










Anonymous said...

Like all treatment this is painful and difficult. Nevertheless, to you, Robert Kolker, I say shkoyach.

Screw Me said...

On May 12 Anonymous said...
Does Beis Din have a remedy for such a situation?

To Anon, according to the article the answer is no. But didn't Margo say that everything is in the Toyrah? Oy vey.

Anonymous said...

YTT issued a statement denying “that anyone acting on its behalf took any steps to prevent alleged victims of sexual abuse from seeking redress in rabbinical or civil courts.”
Can I see that statement, who was it issued to?

Scheinberg, 93 and living in Israel, could not be reached for comment
Yeah, but now he's here. Just cough up a few dollars and you can get a personal appointment and get your picture snapped!
In fact, he probably still remembers how to read english, why not give him the article and then let him give a shmuess on dinei retzicha.

gross said...

Anonymous said...

I love the ending, who's idea was that?

The ending you refer to is the sign of a talented writer. It is known in journalism as a "hook" and usually wraps up a story by either echoing an opening thought or infusing the closing line with irony. The quote of "Torah" is the irony in this case.

Rober Kolker is in a league of his own.

Anonymous said...

according to U.S. Justice and State department documents, Hynes' office approved a decision in 1993 to drop efforts to extradite Mondrowitz, a U.S. citizen who has been sheltered by the Israeli government since he fled the United States in 1985.

Michael Lesher, a New Jersey attorney who obtained the federal documents after years of research on the Mondrowitz case, said the decision to drop efforts to return Mondrowitz to the United States is an embarrassing one, considering the severity of the charges.

A spokesman for Hynes, Jerry Schmetterer, was at a loss to explain the decision.

Anonymous said...

Vicki is the best and my personal hero. Vicki, u know who I am, the Chassid from Boro Park, a victim of two Rabbis. I'm working on getting the courage to call the mashgiach of..

Anonymous said...

Come on! Do me a favor, so you got a scandal seeking magazine to do a so called expose. Go look back at any past issues and see what type of stories and "scandals" they expose, especialy those about the orthodox community (about whom they're obsessed) not one EVER hit mainstream media. Just look at the ads in the back and you'll see exactly who their target audience is.
Let's see something mainstream for a change. Let's see somthing reputable for a change.
In your own blog you show how little anyone knows of this publication, ever hear anybody ask how often Time magazine gets published or The New York Times Magazine for that matter.
Let's be a little realistic and not play this up for more than it is.
Hold yor oscar winning thank you speach for the real thing.

boog said...

Read the article and Framowitz deserves much credit for developing a normal life in the "face" of pain and suffering.

Poignant that he "sees" Kolko in front of him every day. Gives another meaning to "D'Mus Yokno..."

Other molestees never made it out of this Gehinnom. Remember Daniel Levin.

Imperative that a School Sex Registry be instituted in all of our Mosdos, ASAP. Hopefully the attendant publicity
now being generated will propel our politicos to get this done. Elliot Pasik, keep truckin.

The Novominsker, Shlita, Dovid Zwiebel, Agudah Board of Directors: Use this window of opportunity to get on board this train, do a 180 turn, and use your influence to effect positive change that will protect our children.

Yeshiva Office Staff said...

"Next year there will be a new rebbe."

There's a big assumption, like that YTT will even be there next year.

I won't name the yeshiva I work for, but I'm sure we're not the only one who have been receiving exploratory calls this past week from parents contemplating a change of scenery for their kids.

Voice of the People said...

"Anonymous said...
Somebody mentioned that the Senator Skelos's nonpublic school background check bill lacks an Assembly sponsor.

Not true. The new background check bill has Assembly sponsors.

Do you want to help? Go onto the sites for the NYS Senate and Assembly, and send emails to the following key players:

Senate: Bruno (Majority Leader); Skelos (Deputy Majority Leader; Saland (Education Committee Chair).

Assembly: Silver (Speaker); Weisenberg; Karben; Hikind.

Please ask them to support S.007381, which will allow for the fingerprinting and criminal background checks for all nonpublic school employees. This is what is done for public school employees, and it should be the same for us."

Ahem. Even if the Assembly agrees to this, it seems they will only back a watered down version that is not mandatory. The Kolkos of this world will still abuse children with the help of the Margos of this world. I happen to know of specific cases where rebbeyim were abusing children. After they were discovered, they were quietly pushed out and now have positions elsewhere where they can continue their reign of terror. Some of these yeshivos will resist working with the registry for fear of being exposed.

suffering woman said...

Please don't forget about the day camps. I went to Camp Rochel in Monsey NY approximately 20 years ago. The "frum" bus driver used to have the girls (9 or 10) sit in his lap and he would hold their thighs while he let them steer the bus under the condition that we promise to never tell our parents, or we'd all get in trouble because we were too young to drive. It didn't make me uncomfortable at the time because I was so innocent. But I don't know if he did anything worse with the other girls. Clearly his motives were sexual, because no frum man should be putting 10 year old girls in his lap and holding their thighs. I've never reported anything ... it wasn't traumatic ... but what else did he do?? That's what worries me.

Anonymous said...

Come on! Do me a favor, so you got a scandal seeking magazine to do a so called expose. Go look back at any past issues and see what type of stories and "scandals" they expose, especialy those about the orthodox community (about whom they're obsessed) not one EVER hit mainstream media. Just look at the ads in the back and you'll see exactly who their target audience is.
Let's see something mainstream for a change. Let's see somthing reputable for a change.
In your own blog you show how little anyone knows of this publication, ever hear anybody ask how often Time magazine gets published or The New York Times Magazine for that matter.
Let's be a little realistic and not play this up for more than it is.
Hold yor oscar winning thank you speach for the real thing.


GREAT ADVICE! The New York Times is next. They will now do a full investigative series on Margulies and Torah Temimah including his decades long protection of a known child molester as well as his money laundering operation. This has just begun.

Baal H. Bos said...

Does anyone feel sorry for Kolko's family? This mamzer ben nida has victimized everyone close to him. Yudi, are you surprised this is happening? How do you look your wife in the face? Or your children and grandchildren? Can you imagine how inept and inadequate Tzirry feels knowing she was never enough for your raging deviant sexual impulses? No woman ever could have been, because you never had the strength to get help for yourself. How many times did you masturbate against someone else's child and then go home to your wife? Knowing your ilk, you probably didn't even respect your wife enough to shower.

Did you think G-d wasn't watching as you exploited your power over your victims? Now watch the mida kneged mida, baby, as the Almighty shows you what a power imbalance feels like.

David Dinkins said...

What a relief ! Thanks to Margo, I'm no longer the BIGGEST LOSER in NYC history !

Enigma said...

I just finished reading the New York magazine article and had to take a minute to tell you that I think you're a very courageous man. I know that you will likely be criticized for your actions, because our community still buys into the concept of not airing our dirty laundry, no matter the cost. I admire your courage to go against the grain and put a stop to the shameful cover up by Torah Temimah's administration. I wish you lots of luck with the lawsuit, and am certain that your actions will bring about necessary changes to the way sexual abuse is handled by our community.

Hatzlachah and all the best,


Simcha Felder said...


There are instances where the State or Federal government can come in and seize control of a school. It happens all the time with public schools and it happened to the yeshiva in New Square.

I don't know if Jeff Herman is familiar with this particular topic but if not, he shoud consult with a law firm that is.

Sheldon Silver said...

That's classic how Nosson Scherman was quoted on Margo in the New York Magazine article. Why didn't Robert Kolker put him on the spot about the corrupt line up at Artscroll that's headed by the Pinter clan ? It's time to clean up Nosson Scherman's house too.

Shlomo Dwek said...

Yo Kolko and Margo,

Hey brothers, can you spare a dime ?

boog said...

simcha felder, you f--king disgrace! Now you open your mealy mouth? where you been till now, pal? Looking for a photo-op, are you? Who is next to jump on this band-wagon? Dov Hikind? Chuck Schumer? Anthony (Weenie) Weiner? Shelly (I don't Go To Cop Funerals) Silver?

Guess, it's better to be a johnny come lately, than never to 'cum' at all.

Anonymous said...

R' Yaakov Kaminetzky Z"TL on Lipa Margulies:

"Tze dah Yiden vus zennen ganovim and tze dah ganovim vus zennen geboiren tzu a Yiddish mama"

Translation:" There are Jews that are thieves, and there are thieves who happened to be born to a Jewish mother."

Anonymous said...

Translation:" There are Jews that are thieves, and there are thieves who happened to be born to a Jewish mother."
And how do you know Margulies was born to a jewish mother? He shows none of the signs of a jew.

Wordsmith said...

Boog remarked with a very obscure terminology. For the benefit of our readers, here is the origin of the term "mealy mouth":


Mealy Mouth?

One evening during the presidency of Grover Cleveland, a young European diplomat attening a formal dinner at the White House was served a bowl of salad containing an unexpected protein supplement in the form of a worm.
As the man was about to complain, he caught the challenging gaze of Cleveland's wife - and devoured the salad, worm and all. "You will go far, young man," she said with a smile.

Sure enough, fifteen years later he returned to the White House as a full ambassador.

Cleveland, Frances Folsom (1864-1947) American socialite, wife of Grover Cleveland

[Source: Paul Boller, Presidential Anecdotes]

Anonymous said...

A well written article, scandal sheet or not.

UOJ deserves another plaque.

Psul Yichus Alert said...

Margo is a peasant from a backwater town in Hungary / Romania who thinks he can lie and cheat like in the alter heim. Hungarians get very defensive when this comes up, but historians believe they shtam from the Kuzari geyrim as they cannot otherwise account for large numbers of Yidden in the Unterland (pun intended) who would have migrated from Ashkenaz.


The name 'Khazar' seems to be tied to a Turkic verb meaning "wandering" ('gezer' in modern Turkish). In the 7th century CE they founded an independent Khaganate in the Northern Caucasus along the Caspian Sea, where over time Judaism became the state religion.

In 862 the Khazars conquered Kiev on the Dneiper River. They also ruled over the Magyar people who at that time appeared in southern Russia. About 869 a group of Chazars called Chabars rebelled against the main body and led their Magyar subjects westward to Hungary where they settled. The Khazars pursued them and subdued them in their new land. The Magyars of Hungary dominated Hungary up to 955 CE (Koestler p.171). Austrian tradition related that Austria was once ruled by a line of Jewish kings

Anonymous said...

There are bloggers who "report" the news, and then there is UOJ who "creates" the news!
Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

How was the dinner last night? Did the hecklers get a chance?

Yitz Greenberg said...

Can we get some reports from people who attended the dinner last night ?

Were there major disturbances from Bullvan and friends or were their threats just a bunch of bluster ?

rabbi Norman Lamm said...

We are very proud of our brilliant musmach UOJ. He was number one in his class and an iluy.
He accomplised single-handedly what the entire Orthodox leadership could not.
Your combination of genius and determination is an example to all of Klal Yisroel.
The Rav would have been proud.

Anonymous said...

The name 'Khazar' seems to be tied to a Turkic verb meaning "wandering" ('gezer' in modern Turkish). In the 7th century CE they founded an independent Khaganate in the Northern Caucasus along the Caspian Sea, where over time Judaism became the state religion.

In other words, margulies is a Chazar the son of Chazars. Makes sense. Like a Chazar, he has pretended to be kosher all these years. While most clear headed people have seen right through him, some Kool Aid drinkers have mixed Margo brand pork with their drink.

Totah Temimah, time to wake up. Judaism demands you eat only kosher and Margo is pure tarfis.

Rabbi Kaufman said...

The boys should run away if Margo calls anyone into the office this week. The old shvantz is looking to take out his frustrations and who knows how many will get slapped across the face.

Anonymous said...

from yeshivaworld blog:

"At 12:00 pm is an asifa at Yeshiva Gedolah for all the boys from every high school in Los Angeles. At 1:00 pm at Moshe Ganz hall there is an asifa for all elementary School boys. The Gerrer Rebbe will be visiting a few people after that. Then at the Universal Hilton is a meeting with R' Shteinman Shlita and the Gerrer Rebbe with all Mechanchim and Melamdim; followed by a meeting with all Rabonim in the Greater Los Angeles area. At 7:30 pm there will be Mincha at the Hilton followed by the main Asifa. The guest speaker is Rav Osher Weiss. Following the Asifa will be Maariv."

And pigs will fly before any mention of the sexual abuse by rabbonim issue is mentioned. My prediction: With all the Kolko/Margo stuff, the shit has yet to hit the fan. Stay tuned.

gross said...

In your own blog you show how little anyone knows of this publication, ever hear anybody ask how often Time magazine gets published or The New York Times Magazine for that matter.

There will always be naysayers. If there was in-depth coverage on a local news channel, you would say, "why not CNN?"

I would have to say that the NY Magazine is a far more important medium for this story than the NYT Magazine, which is a free weekend insert that many don't even bother to read. I am sure the one who asked about the frequency of NY Mag publication has probably never even picked up the NYT Magazine.

a concerned parent said...

just read the ny mag article...as a previous boro park yehiva student and now professional, I believe this article is the complete truth. These close minded, money hungry, poorly educated rabbis in these schools encourage this kind of behavior. I, nor my family will ever send our children to a boro park type yeshiva for as long as I am around. Bravo UOJ, for your bravery, honesty and your willing to take on these black hat foot soldiers who protect these guilty chazeirim. Your work will be remembered and appreciated long after these chazeirim are dust in their graves.


Reb Shlomo Feivel Schustal said...

Margo could be a gilgul of any number of personalities in Tanach.

Chazal say that Paroh was allowed to live through the Yam Suf so he could see his empire destroyed.

Midrashim are medayek in Megilas Esther that when Haman (who was always rodef kavod) was finally nailed, "vayivas Haman", that he was literally given a kick in the shins.

It's been reported on the blog that he eats like a ravenous fresser. Sounds like "haleetaynee na" by Eisav.

Margo treated Kolko's victims with midas Sdom.

Margo is a kafuy tov to Torah Vodaas like Og was to Avrohom Avinu. (They even have similar body masses)

It could be that Margo also shtams from the Erev Rav.

Margo seems like the Sitra Achara itself. A midrash relates that two malochim called Oy and Vay (that's where "oy vey" comes from) were kicked out of shamayim. They began to be oved the Sitra Achara and became baalei kishuf. The Midrash says that one of these new avadim of the Sitra Achara began running after boys and men to misbehave.

This is grada very lomdish, I have to give a shiur on it.

Excited said...

I was unimpressed with one paragraph in the article: There are some who believe the repression in the ultra-Orthodox community can foster abuse...

I don't think the "some who believe" are likely experts in the field. Are pedophiles really reacting to environmental sexual repression? Or are they (evil) people who are engaging in an act of agression.

Anonymous said...

In your own blog you show how little anyone knows of this publication,
Two million readers. Small circulation. Good enough for this campaign.

Oh, and let's not forget every doctor's waiting room and online readership (currently the most e-mailed article on their site.) Another million readers. Small circulation indeed!

gross said...

"Rabbi Kaufman said...

The boys should run away.....

Is this jokester referring to Simcha Kaufman from Camp Agudah? Funny because Simcha Kaufman protected an accused child molestor in Camp Agudah in the early 90s.

He admonished a camper who approached him after witnessing one of the counselors molesting his bunkmate.

Rav Basch said...

A za shrekliche maysse. Nu, Margo is shoyn finished ? Geh Endikt ? Takke Mamash.

Harvey Pearlman said...

Is the TT board of directors meeting to get rid of the scourge called Margo or are they going to sit around and twiddle their thumbs like a bunch of lame sissies ?

Perry White said...

UOJ! A heartful of gratitude and thanks to you! Think how many children you have saved! We all are indebted to you! It took courage, something we can all use a little more of.

UOJ, I also want you to think seriously about how important it is for you to remain anonymous so that you can continue your work. We need you so desperately.

Remember Clark Kent never could tell anyone that he was Superman. As soon as Lois found out, he lost all his power. Stay anonymous UOJ!

"More honest and factual than a positive pregnancy blood test, more powerful than a locomotive, Able to leap tall tale tellers at a single key stroke."

"Look!" "Up on the internet, it's a bird, it's a plane, No It's theunorthodoxjew.blogspot.com da da da daaaaa!"

Yes, it's Super Unorthodox Jew, strange Jewish blogger seemingly from another planet, with powers and abilities far beyond those of regular Rabbi's!

Super Unorthodox Jew, who can change the course of mighty ancient customs, bend bad guys with his bare hands, and who, disguised as UOJ, mild-mannered blogger for a great metropolitan city, fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice and the true Jewish way!

"UOJ to the rescue!"

Anonymous said...

Is the TT board of directors meeting to get rid of the scourge called Margo or are they going to sit around and twiddle their thumbs like a bunch of lame sissies ?


wake up. there is no board at tt. margo is the tyrant in chief and he listens to no one. do you think a board would have allowed this to take place?

Anonymous said...

Is the TT board of directors meeting to get rid of the scourge called Margo or are they going to sit around and twiddle their thumbs like a bunch of lame sissies ?


wake up. there is no board at tt. margo is the tyrant in chief and he listens to no one. do you think a board would have allowed this to take place?

Anonymous said...

Harvey, the TT board of deflectors is illiterate. They can't read the writing on the wall. Like a two-dollar crack whore jonesing for the next fix, they are in denial of any problems. They think this will go away. Their lawyers are telling them not to worry, that this will all get dismissed with a little motion practice. It's so much easier to believe that than to believe that they are liable because there was a sicko running around on their watch grabbing little kids. And on and on and on it goes. I mean, come on, its not like they had a responsibility to protect the children entrusted in their care to make sure that a deviant psycho didn't gratify himself at their expense, is there?

What I object to is the hiding behind the fancy catch phrases like "the people hear are speaking lashon harah" or "its a chilul hashem, let it be." Yudi committed the chilul hashem when he finished himself off with these kids on his lap. Lashon harah is the least of his problems. Can HErman sue to have him clinically castrated?

Anonymous said...

Is this jokester referring to Simcha Kaufman from Camp Agudah? Funny because Simcha Kaufman protected an accused child molestor in Camp Agudah in the early 90s.

70's and 80's as well. This maniac was told over and over again that Kolko was molesting kids in Camp Agudah and Torah Temimah. He worked with Margulies and Scheinberg to cover it up and intimidate the victims. What a man.

Anonymous said...

tell norman lamm to get his own blog.

gross said...

Perry White sounds like "Farshtoonkena" from the good old days.

Excited said...

Well, UOJ. You came through. The lawsuits, the media. While that all plays out, what will we do to prevent this from happening again? The registry, the background checks. Who do we petition? Do we trust the same old leadership to be the enforcers of any new controls? Do we set up a new internal oversight board to deal with such scandals (including geneva, maybe)? Or do we rely on local law enforcement? What system will be set up to make sure victims/survivors have a way to safely report abuse or impropriety? How do we educate parents and educators about dealing with this in the future? I think we should also have some sort of amnesty on principals or teachers that have information and are afraid to report it because they can be implicated for the cover-up. There is much work to be done. Let's get started!

Milton Polin said...

Can Margo read English or does junior have to read him the NY Magazine article ?

reuvain said...

Reuven has left a new comment on your post "Pinchos Sheinberg's Grandson An Infamous Sexual Predator-How Is That For Motive In Preventing Justice For Lipa Margulies/Yudi Kolko?":

Please, please, please keep up what you are doing. The truth desperately needs to be told.
Even the so called 'gedolim' are not immune from the gaiva and chutzpa of this generation. Can you imagine Rav Ozer, Rav Aron of Belz or the Imrei Emes putting up with this?

Anonymous said...

Or do we rely on local law enforcement?


Sounds good to me. Our current leadership in not interested in dealing with this. As per Rav Elyashiv, let's leave it to the police.

Kolko will be in jail very soon. Margulies may follow shortly thereafter.

Anonymous said...

Who controls tt? a board or reb lipa?

Nosson Scherman spoke out forcefully, didn't he?

a leader for our time

boog said...


This, unfortunately today, is what passes for "Dass Toirah".

Anonymous said...

A note to the above posters who mentioned the "Khazar" theory. Regardless of what you think of some of the charaters in this play, be aware that the Khazar/jewish ancestry doctrine is given heavy emphasis in the rantings of some contemporary anti-semites and Holocaust deniars. It's unbecoming to throw it around casually.

Anonymous said...

Well done UOJ.Your next project should be to find out who else this WIENER molested and to what extent SHEINBERG protected him.

gross said...

Almost all cases of abuse in the Orthodox community are unreported. So, how does a registry help? An internal registry is something else. But even with that I wonder how many schools will honor it. Look at Bryks - he was welcomed with open arms by the Vaa'd Harabonim of Queens.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

The following co-conspirators can start preparing for their depositions:

Pinchos Scheinberg
Nosson Scherman
Yisroel Belsky
Yehuda Oelbaum
Simcha Kaufman
Eli Teitelbaum
Meir Frischman
Shlomo Klein
Lipa Geldwirth
Avrohom Greenfield
Yaakov Applegrad

And that's for starters.

Anonymous said...


Julie Oelbaum is a slimebag who has no value for human life when it comes to protecting his school's reputation, but how is he connected to Kolko or Margulies ?

Anonymous said...

UOJ, can you confirm any of the allegations made about Eli Teitelbaum back in the Sdei Chemed days or when he had kids down in that Boro Park studio of his? The rumor mill churned out his name perhaps not as oftern as Hot Koko but they were prevalent nonetheless. Is he on your radar?

Anonymous said...

Why aren't Lipa Margulies, his whore Pinchus Scheinberg and Scheinberg's golem & talmud Simcha Kaufman named as defendants in one of the lawsuits?

orthorev said...


You have accomplished what at first blush- seemed impossible.

Although, the following is trivial compared against the real work you are doing- still there should be-


To this end:

Please call 718-853-8500--+

Instructions for Calling:

1. Be incredibly graphic- make the secretaries vomit and quit one after the other--- good examples of queastions/comments:

a. Will lipa be jerking-off two children at one time today?

b. Does lipa prefer covering up molestations that involve anal or oral rape?

c. Does lipa drink bug-free water while watching kolko fuck a child during morning seder? etc.

Remember- it should be hard to get through- the number should ALWAYS be BUSY with people calling as per the above.


Anonymous said...

Is there really a conspiracy here, or is it that, years ago the thinking was that if you catch a person engaging in pedophilia and warn them not to do it again that that would be sufficient. It is difficult to imagine that many of these Rabbis that you mention such as Rabbi Belsky,would willfully engage in a conspiracy to protect a child molester.I suspect it was more a lack of savvy as to the nature of Pedophilia as an incurable pathology, and a lack of expertise in how to deal with the problem.

Not a Khazar said...

It's true that anti-Semites harp on Khazar lineage, but there's a big difference here. There is much legitimate historical data that Hungarians do in fact come from Kuzarim. Even the latest edition of Sefer Kuzari has a lot about this in the hakdomma by the motzee leor. What the anti-Semites do is broadly and falsely apply it to say that all Jews including Yekkes, Litvaks, Polish and Sephardim are also Khazars. This topic usually hits a raw nerve with the Hungarians who happen to make up the majority of Boro Park and Flatbush, so we can expect to see some heated denials and attempts to refute it.

Lois Lane said...

Oh SuperJew.....You're my hero....don't forget your gefilte fish, it's your only protection for False Yiddishkeit Cryptonite!

Boog, nope I'm not farshottokener, I'm a original lurker with many names..... but also a fan of yours and Gross! You've been true UOJ supporters like myself from day one.

boog said...

Isn't it amazing.

UOJ was getting the broomstick (no vaselina)up his tuchis from you people and now yo're jumping on the bandwagon!

Everybody loves a winner!

Anonymous said...

and why does the chairman of the board willie wiesner get a free pass ??? If he is in it only for the kavod let him resign.

Anonymous said...

Let the courts do their work while you, caped crusader, do yours.

Which scandal is next?

Save us, for thy name's sake.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Can anyone shed light on Rabbi Eliezer Eisgrau from Baltimore? Did he go to Yeshiva Torah Temmimah, Camp Agudah? What is his relationship with Yudi Kolko? He grew up in Boro Park. His daughter claims she was molested by her father and that Eisgrau has molested countless kids at his school. Rabbis Hopfer and Heinnemann seem to be doing a "Margulies" and protecting him.

Stop the Baltimorons said...


The Jewish Survivor Blog has been all over Eisgrau and the larger Baltimore story. There is a minyan of rabbis who graduated Ner Yisroel that have been publicly identified as abusing children. They include Bryks. There was another group who while bochurim in Ner Yisroel in the 1950s, were said to be molesting the younger boys in the dorm, and have for the most part not been publicly identified.

Anonymous said...

UOJ - You can link Shmuel Juravel to Eisgrau. Now that you have taken the YTT matziv to the next level, please blow the lid off the Baltimore matziv!

Anonymous said...

In the mid to late 90's there was a Bostoner Kollel man who was caught molesting boys in Har Nof. Although the Bostoner removed the cancer from his community (Har Nof), did he take steps to ensure it didn't happen again in other communities? The man moved back to the states (Long Island). Do you think anyone in his community knows he was a predator? Not a chance!

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Above Anonymous,
It's the same Yisroel Belsky that "believes" Avraham Avinu did metzizah B'peh on himself, and that even though childrens' lives are at risk, God made weeny sucking an integral part of the mitzvas milah.If he is such a shmuck, let him open a restaraunt and stop paskening shailos.

Anonymous said...

Steve Weiss is all over UOJ and this story on his Cannonist blog.


Heshy Hirth said...


Could you post the pictures not available online from the hard copy of NY Magazine ?

Baal H. Bos said...

The issue is not whether or not there is a conspiracy or on what level. The generation that took klal yisroel into the churban Europe was on a level we will never see again. These gedolim were above reproach, and those that survived and came to America road the coattails of these tzaddikim.

Rightfully so, we have an expectation that our rabbonus reflects the best of us. Yet we forget that 20 years ago, when we lost Reb Moshe and Reb Yaakov, we as a nation of American Jews was orphaned. So this lofty expectation of our rabbonim continued while the quality of our rabbonim deteriorated.

Indeed, many so-called rabboim have perverted the Torah to such a degree as to facilitate these disgusting types of crimes, and that's where Margo falls in. The average Joe Jew has no hasogah, he simply can't fathom, why a man would engage in sex with a young boy. But its not really about the sex. If it was, Kolko could have easilly trolled any number of outlets to satisfy his insatiable lust and evil inclination.

This was about power. Get a psychiatrist to evaluate Kolko and you will find a G-d complex rivalling Stalin.

Also interesting to note that since his abuse went unchecked for so long, and Margo was covering up for him, giving him the sense of security he needed to continue his deviance, it would seem that his apetite for hairless pre-pubescent males never ceased even though he passed from a young father to marrying of kids to grandfather and this saga continues.

What was Kolko exposed to as a youngster that made him look at kids the way a dog looks at a piece of meat? One can only guess.

Not Hungarian B'H said...

"This topic usually hits a raw nerve with the Hungarians who happen to make up the majority of Boro Park and Flatbush"

Funny you would mention that. Say what you want about Margo being a skunk, but you can't take away from him that he's a marketing expert. He took the concept of the heilige yeshiva and turned into a tool to make money off Hungarians who need to feel like they're hot stuff. From Pinter to the East 20s to Boro Park, here you have a bunch of Hungarian crooks who make up the "elite" of Margo's clientele.

tzubrochen said...

The Khazar theory explains a lot of things. The Khazars disguised as Hungarion pseudo-chasidim have hijacked our religion. Especially Satmar with their heavy handed scare tactics have forced all groups to the right and have left no room for dissension.

Excited said...

honestly, UOJ, you lose some of us when you go off like that, lie with metzitza bfeh. It's your blog, of course, but the public is best served by sticking to the topic of CSA. Maybe make a separate post where you rant about your opinions on other topics (but don't expect as many comments)

Moshe Gordon said...

Kolko & Margo covered by another newspaper.


escaped flatbush hell said...

I gotta wonder why some of you fellas are mad at R Pinchas Scheinberg and R' Belsky- within their rigid framework, in their personal definition of halacha, since there was no "penetration", lashon hara is a worse sin. The fact is that judged from the angle of aveirah/punishment, non-
> penetrating sexual contact between men is described as z'nut, not as a
> toeivah. They will even avoid the consent issue by saying that all
> those involved had the halakhic status of adults and therefore should
> have complained if there was "really" any force/coercion.
> Don't kill me here- I am
> simply pointing out that pitting one set of values against another
> will not solve this problem. It can only be addressed by admitting
> that any self-referential system which claims to posses ALL the needed
> answers within itself and on its OWN TERMS is ALWAYS PROBLEMATIC. If that stings, so be it.
Now before you jump down my back, these are determinations that guide everyday halachic life for most of religious brooklyn, whether is be against the state of Israel, filtered water, or the eruv. So until Rabbinic education is guided by both internal (Torah) and external (secular) knowledge, then this is doomed to happen again.

Anonymous said...

I do not agree with the pro metzitza bepeh psak of Rabbi Belsky, but I think it sheds light on the mentality that led to the earlier lack of action regarding Kolko. There is the same lack of expertise in relation to the science of infectious disease as we see in relation to the pathology of pedophilia. Unfortunately even though Rabbi Belsky is a great Talmid Chacham, he is not neither trained or an expert in these matters. Hence the psak regarding Metzitza and the Psak regarding Kolko years ago.Rabbi Belsky is known as a Gadol and a Baal Chesed. It is unfair of you to Pasul him with such a cavalier wave of your virtual pen. I do not believe that Rabbi Belsky engaged in a conspiracy to protect child Molesters as you seem to imply. I do believe that he as well as many other rabbonim and lay people could perhaps benefit from formal training in how to deal with these matters.It would be nice to see a Mea Culpa statement of we made a mistake from Rabbonim involved in earlier Bais Din in the Kolko Case. Such A statement was issued by Rabbi Blau in the Lanner case.

Anonymous said...

I just called the TT office and asked how I could contact members of the yeshiva board, either by phone or in writing, so that I could ask them to take action against Lipa Margulies for enabling sexual abuse of children.

The secretary told me to "please call back tomorrow" and promptly hung up.

Margo must have issued strict orders on how to deal with the phonecalls under pain of termination.

Torah Temimah is the redux for George Orwell's Animal Farm. I don't need to tell you what part Margo plays.

Emma Goldman said...

Mr, UOJ,

There are many past and present Rebbeim that are not getting a good night's sleep. Iy"h they will get their due.

Another organization that must be put under the microscope is the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation.

Who is behind this organization? Why is their no name of a director? Which rabbonim are behind it?

This obsessive focus on loshon horah has led to this situation at hand. We cannot discuss anything because it is loshon horah etc. so these pedophiles can get away with their abuse. There are rebbeim who are not pedophiles but are incompetent and are robbing our children of a proper chinuch.

Also, the policy of the rebbe is always right and we have to worry about the rebbe's parnossah and family has to go.

Now we have the fallout.

The lack of leadership by our rabbonim is leading us to anarchy.

Can we recover from this tragedy?

Anonymous said...

Hey, uoj, if you truly want to perform mesirah on the corrupt Jewish world so that we'll have something to "ai li li" about - prove yourself right. Find something less lurid to tickle the public's wrath. What about the Mesorah Foundation. With the millions Artscroll is making, how exactly are they a non profit?

Maybe N S will give some of their winnings to the awareness center for their new building.

Munkatcher Rebbe said...

Just a little theory I've got about Kolko & Margo. There might be more here than meets the eye because it's still hard to believe Margo would hold on to a molester just because he's a control freak. It wouldn't shock me if either Kolko has dirt on Margo doing illegal things with government funding etc, or as someone here has already suggested, maybe the two are getting it on.

As far as the Hungarian comments, take it from me, a Rebbe of an Ingrishe chassidus who is himself a Poylishe. They are a bunch of peasants from Margo on down.

Moishe said...

This is a request to the blog author:

You've done a great service in "outing" this terrible cover-up. Yashar Kochecha.

As I see that comment moderation is enabled, I would respectfully request that you limit the comments to those that eschew vulgarity and crude sexual references. Yes, the real nevola is what these Rabbonim did and their cover-up. However, no purpose is served by allowing posters to write more nevola.

So, please, continue to publicize proven wrongdoing, but don't make this blog such a disgusting place to visit. Ask your commentators to express themselves without four-letter words and toilet-mouths.

Still Wonderin' said...

"So until Rabbinic education is guided by both internal (Torah) and external (secular) knowledge, then this is doomed to happen again."

It isn't secular knowledge that's lacking. It's simple humanity and derech eretz. Children aren't chickens. The events that occur to chicken cannot be defined and acted on in the clinical, legalistic terms of halacha. A rabbinic leader who can't see that doesn't deserve the title "leader."

Anonymous said...

As for metzitza p'peh, it is very difficult to defend against, due to the lack of an honest halachic debate (which I admit I am unqualified for) but using your arguments i.e. "TORAH MANDATED WEENIE SUCKING", we should stop doing milah totally because unlike metzitza p'peh, *children have actually been hurt from brissim, it looks horrible & is very difficult to explain todays secular american goy.

*Yes, I know Tom Freidan disagrees w/me based on his consultations w/Rabbi Tendler, but the State of NY and in a more general context my mesorah disagrees w/him.

Non connected, Lakewood, working, black hatter

Anonymous said...

Keep up what your doing. But, maybe we can also focus on the issue of domestic violence in the hassdic community? As a conservative jewish law student here in NY i volunteer at Brooklyn Family Court. The percentage of Hassidic jewish woman who come in for restraining orders is astounding. I know this is another topic. But one that needs to be addressed as well.

Anonymous said...

Escaped Fbush Hell, according to that logic you could find a Rav that would matir you to be boyel an aishes ish during kol nidre on the bimah "sodom style" while you are eating a ham and cheese sandwich and charging ribbis on a gemach loan to aniye irchah. But that wouldn't make it right.

Anonymous said...

Torah Temimah is the redux for George Orwell's Animal Farm. I don't need to tell you what part Margo plays.

The Khazar?

Anonymous said...

I also called the YTT office. As soon as I made clear I wanted to express my concern to the board of directors, the secretary became annoyed and completely uncooperative, hanging up on me the next second.

Where's Pinter when you need him ? I bet Margo will still allow the office to take phonecalls from him.

Anonymous said...

this whole business of people attacking the loshon hora halochos is bs really rediculous
#1 ITS NOT AGAINST HALOCHO IN THIS CASE see the awareness center about what rav Wosner or the monsey Bais Din had to say on the topic of loshon hora in regards to Tendler.

#2 do you really think that us black hatters are so holy that we wouldnt talk about this because we think it might be asur? sadly, the answer for the majority is NO WAY (if you dont believe that we sin, see earlier posts by UOJ)

Rovin' Ricky said...

To Unorthodox Jew:

I like your idea of constructive criticism of Orthodox Judaism. It is not enough that there is a religion or a society based upon it to support its adherents; the adherents ought to be diligent about improving the religion in the way they see fit. For you, it apparently means going against molesters. (For me, it means stuff like tinkering with services, making Reform Judaism - the branch I grew up with - more attractive, and experimenting.) Furthermore, while there is a problem with "loshon hora" - wanton gossip - I feel the term is abused and used to stifle/ censor people. That's not right.
As for me, I am a quarter Hungarian Jewish myself (one of my grandmas is a daughter of two Hungarians; my other great-grandparents, also Jewish, came from what was then part of Russia). I don't care whether or not the Hungarian Jews came from Khazaria or Israel; I think I may have roots from both, but I've never been to either of the two. Khazar origins or Israeli origins, family is family, heritage is heritage, and is still deserving of some respect.

Rovin' Ricky said...

As for "Khazar psuedo-Hassidim" hijacking the religion... That is nonsense. If anything, those are real Hassidim that have hijacked our religion, and Khazari origin has little or nothing to do with trying to get more liberal Jews to do things THEIR way. (Other than that, I wouldn't mind hijacking the religion back... but at least the old country has a say in Judaism, which is good. Just don't let the old country and the new country get into a shouting match or attempt to block each other, and everything should be fine and dandy.)

Lonely Jew said...

While all others fall into 1)
the attaboy UOJ!! group and 2) the you rasha UOJ!! group, I am one of
the only ones, I think, who really understand the bittersweet 'victory'
you must be feeling now.

Vindication at passing the tipping point that signifies the beginning
of the end of margolis and kolko's perfidy and abuse, and terrible
sadness at having to defile yoursef and drag some many decent, honest truly
G-D fearing fellow jews through the mud in order to protect our most
vulnerable children.

From one lonely and saddened jew to another

Rovin' Ricky said...

shalom to UOJ

OrthoRev said...

There are some truly brain-dead, dandruff covered, split-pea soup on the beard, gay-sex on the brain while preaching to a bunch of 14 year olds that talking to a girl gets them the deepeset fire pits of hell while wishing that girls turned them on, no I don't know what a toothbrush is, molesters, er I mean 'rebbes' posting to this board.

1. UOJ's opinions/commments DO SERVE HIM WELL- not only does it not detract from the blog it gets 10 people involved for every one, if any, that he might lose.

2. The issue is NOT child molestation- the issue is the Orthodox Jewish Community, the establishments and instituions that brooklyn has created and the evil that the aforemention constantly commit.

Granted, raping babies ranks amoung the most vile issues (of course, only the level that a 'rebbe' can sink to- but they are many more insidious acts being perpetrated all over.

Are children souls, psychodynamics and emotional well-being are expensed at the Kovad of a Chaim Berlin/TT and the ability to claim that ONLY they can lock teenagers up from 6am until post-mishmar 11pm and- if they dare not abide- must suffer for not 'caring' about God and their Rabeyim.

Only the Orthodox world can claim to be so super makbid on bugs and all the other god damn stupidity- that although technically 'assur' would NEVER be discovered if effort/energy we expended to establish a normal healthy enviroment for our children--

BUT if you just fucking think about (rachmana l'stlan, hayeshem yeracheim al nafshenu, lo alenui) having a tv that is grounds for EXPELLING your child. Can this be understood???!?!? Expelling an eight year old because his parents have a tv in the house- it is utterly insane.

I happen to live in Passaic- and UOJ- please, I beg you- you must blow the lid of HIRTH and his cronies.

One stupid small but widley known example: they established a 'bikor cholim' to ostensibly help people find doctors--

Of course- what was later discovered was that- ONLY doctors who got 'PAYOLA' would be recommended--EVEN IF THEY HAD A HISTORY OF ABUSING/KILLING/MOLESTING PATIENTS!

In short Orthodox Judaism can be easily summed up: TV- Bad, Bugs- Bad-- Child Molestation AWESOME- get me some more of that!


Friend Of UOJ said...

What these stupid kanoim and
'ban-ners' are missing is the nuance and agony of our choices.
Those smug idiots march on with their snotty attitudes while the decent people clean up the drek and have to deal with our moral compass.
We are better than they are --
b'zeh u'biboh

Avrohom Bromberg said...

What yeshiva did Kolko learn as a bochur ? I wonder if there was any funny stuff going on with him in the dorm. If he learned in Beis Hatalmud, Rav Brus would have sniffed out that he's a no-goodnik, ripping him apart before recommending that he should leave.

Margo comes from Satmar but he seems like too much of an Am Haaratz to have learned by Rav Yoel. It's more mistavver he was a milkman or farkoyfing eggs or something.

Anonymous said...

does anyone here know how kolkos kids turne out??

Former Camp Agudah Staff Member said...

Former Camp Staff Member has left a new comment on your post "Why Is This Child Molester Being Kept At Rasha Gamur -Margulies's personal Piggy Bank - Tora Temima":

Israel Belsky of Torah Vodaath is the "Rabbi" of Camp Agudah and since 1970 was intimately apprised of all the sexcapades and pedophile acts at the Camp and elsewhere. According to his victims,he always enjoyed listening to them complain of their experiences. He did nothing to stop it. Is Belsky any better than Kolko? Shame on them both!!! Shame on Camp Agudah!!!

Anonymous said...

In defense of Rabbi Belsky, a very nice man and a talmid chacham - whatever u may say - he smiles naturally. Only the Judge of all the earth knows what he did or did not enjoy listening to. He was an employee. Why not blame the Camp Director? Why not blame S. H. as well as S.K.?

S. K. ran the show. He deserves credit.

Rebbe, don't you remember me after thirty years?

a putz.

Anonymous said...

UOJ, yur list of rabbis who helped cover up the abuse isn't long enough. To me, any rabbi, rebbe, or rav who sticks his head in the sand is just as guilty. For instance, when someone asked Rabbi Yosef Viener about the Kolko situation (at the time of the mailing), he said the guy is innocent because you can't believe an anonymous letter. Then went on to talk about the evils of the Flatbush eruv.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Thanks for fighting the good fight across the blogosphere.

FLShaygitz said...

Monday, May 15, 2006
Un-Orthodox Jew
Un-Orthodox Jew

It’s about time that someone speaks out about all those hypocritical New York yids. I thank the good lord that I was able to escape that hell hole and move far away, even though Australia is probably not far enough.

I to like the blog-master grew up frum with all the fake rabonim around me and saw how decisions were made not by behavior and conduct as a human being, but rather by how long your beard was, or how big your kapul was. If all else failed hopefully your father had enough money to bail you out of trouble.

How these yeshivas can protect these disgusting pedophile is a disgrace. How the revered “Dr. Abraham Mondruwitz” can walk around with out having his legs broken here or in Israel is a further disgrace. If it was up to me I would throw a bomb in Boro Park and Flatbush and start the whole project all over again.

FL Shaygitz

gross said...

The following was posted today on UOJ's old blog, unorthodoxjew.blogspot.com:

"emeslyaakov said...

From time to time people raise the issue of lashon hara and chillul Hashem. Both of these are bad things, but it takes a little more knowledge to apply them properly.

Telling something false which is bad is called motzi shem ra.

Telling something true that is bad is lashon hara. Telling something true that is not bad can be rechilus.

The prohibition of lashon hara either does not apply or is mitigated under certain circumstances, such as when there is a toeles - a positive purpose which is needed. This pushes aside the prohibition to tell. For instance if a banker is about to hire a guard and asks if you know anything about him, and you know that this guard aat a previous bank job colluded with bank robbers to get them into the bank at night, you had better tell the prospective employer.

In the case where a rebbe continues to molest, it is a mitsvah to rpoclaim it to every Jew in a position to do something about it and to every parent whose child might come in contact with him. If the only way to do this is by telling everyone, then tell everyone.

Even if Rav Sheinberg is correct, and iIdon't know exactly what he said even, the most that could be said is that beis din (assuming that we had a sanhedrin in the lishcas hagazis and eidim and hasra'ah and everything else) would not execute him for this. He couldn't have possibly said that it was ok and that he should be allowed to continue to be a rebbe in Yeshiva or a counsellor in camp. And if he did say it, it is not a valid p'sak.

Lashon Hara is not a halachic protection to allow someone to continue to do bad things. You are allowed to and sometimes required to tell things so that a bad person can not continue to do bad things.

As far as goyishe courts and police are concerned, mesira is not just something we hide behind, it is a very strong and very real halachic concern. But for instance, the classical poskim allowed to moseir a counterfeiter in a case where the king finding out that the Jews did not reveal him would cause repurcussions for all of the Jews.

In this case, I think it would be better, quicker and more effective to use the approach which was attributed to Satmar.

Not only that, but everyone who covered for him enabled him to do it. Make a parents campaign to shut down the yeshiva. If you think that the yeshiva system will circle the wagons and take revenge against your kids, start another yeshiva, have classes in your home or just pull them out of school. Shut down those institutions which claim to teach Torah and yet harbor evil in their midst. With tuition at 10,000 a year, it doesn't take that many kids to pay for a teacher. a class of 10 kids is small enough to fit into someone's living room and large enough to pay for a teacher.

Get rid of the rats and tear down any institution that protects them at the expense of your kids.
Monday, May 15, 2006 7:27:54 PM

gross said...

The following was posted nearly a month ago on UOJ's old blog, unorthodoxjew.blogspot.com

longago said...

Yeh well i HAVE NEWS FOR ALL OF YOU. There are alot more than 17 people. I for one have just found out about this and I am passing on the word about good old 'yitty kolko" who used to announce "Time for learning never ends - cleanup begins now". You want locations where Mr. Koplko applied his trade? Try the old colonial house, the main bldg, the social hall when no one was in there.. the woods behind left field closes to the old bunk aleph/bait (near the punchball field). You want more??
Monday, April 17, 2006 10:50:03 PM

boog said...

Cardinal Lustiger for Chief Rabbi:

Vast improvement over what we have now.

Reb Elya Svei said...

Oy, Yooda Kolko hot molested a hundert yingelach !!!

Vos vet nebich zein mit der kinder ???!!!

Meh tor nisht ibber zoggin tzum Norman Lamm, ober Margo is doch erger vi a Caveman !!!!

Anonymous said...

**I happen to live in Passaic- and UOJ- please, I beg you- you must blow the lid of HIRTH and his cronies.**
who is hirth and who are his cronies??

Anonymous said...

does anyone here know how kolkos kids turne out??


According to all who know them, Kolko's kids are a fantastic bunch. The apples fell very far from the tree. They deserve our caring and compassion.

O.J. Simpson said...

Hey, don't look at me. I'm only responsible for Nicole and Ron Goldman, while Kolko and Margo have destroyed countless lives.

And you know, people say I'm a loser, but just look at Kolko and Margo. At least I managed to declare bankruptcy and protect all my assets before Congress eliminated all the loopholes.

And because Kolko & Margo are the definition of prick, you must not acquit.

Anonymous said...

I went to Temimah in the 80s and while I never experienced or heard anything about Kolko's pedophelia, I do know that he was one of those that came down hardest on kids who were experimenting amongst themselves.
I think that falls under he "doth protest too much".

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