Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"Catholic" Haredis - We Do Have A Catholic "Priest" Problem !

The Haredi Rabbis want us to believe that secularism is creeping into our lives, therefore they must ban the Internet and all forms of communicating outside the ghettos we live in.

Punkt farkert! - Just the opposite!

These rabbis are an example of what is wrong with the Jewish people.

They are every bit as corrupt as society at-large, the Catholic Church, their messengers of God; and guilty of the very worst sins heaped upon their flock in the name of God and religion.

When we examine the ruins of our civilization, what factors would you include in the utter destruction of our value system?

1- Theft of money from the government and their flock and hoarding it for their personal use

2-Corrupt use of power

3-Madmen running "religions"

4-The inability of clergy to control their sexual appetite

5-Common sense and common good are non-existent

6-Logic is irrelevant and discouraged

7-Power controlled by the few to the detriment of the masses

8-All heinous conduct is justified in the name of God and His Books

9-All the "commoners" are subject to penalty by the clergy

10-Forcing surrender of all reason to the guy with the blackest hat....................

11- Honoring thieves and violators of their own proclamations at their dinners

Israel Singer was HONORED by the Agudath Israel last year. Forced to pay back money he took under "questionable" circumstances from the WJC, he is not permitted to involve himself in any financial affairs of the WJC. Agudah saw fit to honor this facilitator of everything the previous Moetzes prohibited regarding interfaith dialogue.

Rot in hell, Shafran, Zweibel, Perlow & co.


From the Yated....

"Here is a report written by a YCT student on March 27, 2006 about an event that took place at YCT's campus in Manhattan.

Today, as part of a World Jewish Congress led-delegation, around 30 bishops and two cardinals came to our school.

The events began with an opening speech by Israel Singer;

followed by a speech by Rabbi Avi Weiss, then one by our rosh hayeshiva, Rabbi Dov Linzer, after which, we broke up into small groups and did some text studying of Berakhos 26b, where there is a discussion of the establishing of prayer.

After about 45 minutes of that, there were, again, a couple of little speeches,

then Cardinal Lustiger spoke for a little bit,

followed by a question and answer sequence, which was ended by lunch. Lunch, however, rather than ending the event, allowed for mingling among the students and bishops to talk. One point that was emphasized was that, although Vatican II has been around for forty years, it has only been in the last twenty that Catholic-Jewish relations have really been progressing.

Rav Ahron Kotler and Rav Moshe Feinstein would be proud of you mamzeirim at the Agudah!

Commenter adds:

UOJ, You're being too kind to Israel Singer. He set up a Swiss bank account with millions of dollars of WJC's funds that nobody in the accounting deptartment knew about. Singer himself sent the money there for his personal use. A deal was struck with Spitzer when he was Attorney General to keep Singer out of trouble; in part, the WJC would do what they could to get Spitzer elected governor.

This is what the Agudah saw fit to honor a minuvel who misused the WJC's money, and a violator of the halacha that Rav Aron and Rav Moshe said was yiharog v'al yaavor regarding interfaith dialogue.

Feel free to add your list of crimes. Be very specific....names and all!