I’m so sick of reading condescending statuses, articles and blog posts from fellow Jews and Israelis criticizing those of us who have feelings of anger, vengeance and the desire to see our enemies be put to justice. I’m disgusted that after three of our brothers were mercilessly kidnapped and killed by barbarians and thrown in a field to rot, that people can sit back and judge the leaders of this country for ordering our military to demolish their homes and arrest people that are potential perpetrators of terror.
We took the high road many times, gave up land and released terrorists from prison with blood on their hands into the public, and look where that got us. I would actually argue that we are TOO nice to Hamas and the people of Gaza. I’ve never heard of a single country on earth that supplies their mortal enemies with water, goods and electricity on a daily basis, have you?
Human rights are a difficult issue to tackle but I cannot and will not believe that people who have absolutely no moral compass, no regard for the value of human life- people who cheer in the streets at the killing of children, deserve respect or deserve mercy. Especially after years of giving them leniency. This whole attitude that these docile, self-righteous people (which includes the Obama administration, the UN, European Union and most international critics) have taken by proclaiming that we should take the higher road in our military response and not do unto our enemies as they have done unto us is pathetic and achieves nothing. The international community is against Israel, as is most of the mainstream media. No matter what we do, we are in a propaganda war with the world. Therefore, whether or not the state of Israel takes military measures in protecting her citizens from the reign of terror around us or whether she takes a step back and lowers the level of violence inflicted upon Gaza is IRRELEVANT. We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t, and therefore I say let us do.
As I read pieces on websites including Times of Israel, such as Marc Goldberg’s “How Many Palestinians Should We Kill?” a lump begins to rise in my throat. My blood is boiling. I feel a sense of rage that almost surpasses the anger I felt two days ago when I turned on the news to see the teenagers had been brought home in coffins. Not only has an injustice so grave befallen us that we are glued to our televisions not knowing whether to cry, rage or fear. Not only do we sit in our homes worrying for our fellow Israelis every minute that another rocket hits the South. Now our very own people have the hutzpah to say that going through every measure possible, including arresting terrorist suspects is too extreme, and that we should be a better example for the world.
We are already a light unto the nations. Taking every step possible to ensure that the Israeli people be safe does not change that. If I hear one more person say that Israel needs to do a better job at setting an example, I am going to tell them to get in a car and go to Gaza. Go to the West Bank. Do it with an Israeli license plate (as Bibi told the Christian BDSers). Get yourself off of your cozy sofa in your cozy flat in Tel Aviv and see what it is really like to be hated by these people. Then talk to me about retribution. I saw video footage of teenagers, young boys just like Eyal, Gilad and Naftali hurling stones at the military ambulance that contained their dead bodies. Stop being a lazy activist, and go confront these people with words if you think it is possible. Go see how invested in ‘Human Rights’ our enemies, who you think should be more protected are.
Maybe Marc Goldberg hasn’t seen the Palestinian Media Watch videos of Hamas’ Mickey Mouse teaching five year olds how to strap on suicide vests and kill Jews. Maybe Marc Goldberg has never been to Sderot and heard the numb voices of innocent Israeli children that live with the normalcy of running into bomb shelters every day. Certainly Marc Goldberg has never been a victim of terror or been face to face with someone who doesn’t even know him but would risk their own life to kill him because he is a Jew.
The Israeli Defense Forces have been reprimanding soldiers for publicly making threats against Arabs. Our military has never and will never support intentional violence against civilian populations or innocent people. People like Marc Goldberg who claim otherwise, ignorantly insult the morality, legitimacy and incredible restraint the IDF uses in every conflict to ensure that the least amount of harm is done to civilians. If Marc or anyone else thinks differently, THEY are the roadblocks to peace.  So long as people like him, and leaders like Obama and the European Union, continue to waste their time criticizing the way the Israeli military handles this asymmetrical war, the world will continue to excuse and allow terror.
The naivety astounds me. So-called pacifists such as the author of the ridiculous aforementioned article claim that killing terrorists and building settlements will never rid us of terror. I thank Marc Goldberg for stating the obvious, but last time I checked, killing a terrorist prevented him from committing a future act of terror. He mentions at the end of his article that we must sit down and negotiate. That’s comical… has that never been tried before? This conflict is not about land, it is not about settlements- it is not about tangible concessions. It is about ideology and irrationality. No matter how nice we play, or how much we negotiate, Hamas will always want more and hate more. So until someone has a solution to the ideological epidemic that poisons the minds of Muslims across the world including the enemies of the State of Israel which has caused them to hate themselves and their enemies more than they love their own, Israel shall continue to do what she must to protect her people.