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For at the very least - twenty years, YULA and the RCC (Rabbinical Council Of California), have been enabling Shalom Tendler and Aron Tendler to be in a setting that caused great harm to their victims, under the cloak of respectability. There are numerous victims that could have been spared a life of misery if YULA and the RCC would have expelled these two vicious sub-humans when they became aware of their activities in the late 1980's.

The civil liability may extend to the Shaarey Tzedek Congregation, and the Young Israel Of North Beverly Hills as well and their officers.

I urge the victims to consult, anonymously if you wish, with Jeffrey Herman Esq. the world renown sex abuse advocate at: jherman@hermanlaw.com--1800-686-9921. His website is hermanlaw.com for information about his successes.

Please contact as well, the religion editor of the L.A. Times, Mr. Steve Padilla.

Steve can be reached at:steve.padilla@latimes.com.It is long past due that we hold everyone accountable for the damage caused to Judaism and our children.


This was sent to me by an anonymous reader...... I have been accused over and over again that I'm not doing enough to go after the sins of our MO brothers. While I must admit that there are plenty of nasty incidents in the MO world that are horrifying, in my opinion they are dwarfed by the criminality and corruption involved --- and the number of events in the charedi sector. So I will put this up after some slight editing...the thrust of this rant is intact! I'm assuming he sent the original rant to Mr. Pareve Veggie Burger...aka the Chelmer Putz from Chicago .... I believe there is "some" truth here. How much, you decide. I did edit out certain rabbis' names...The writer does not understand -- that while Lanner conned everyone; Kolko conned noone, EVERYONE KNEW HE WAS SCREWING WITH LITTLE KIDS AND THE "GEDOLIM" STILL LEFT HIM IN THE CLASSROOM!

........"So Harry, you’re appalled by the ban eh? Good for ya. But let me ask you, where were you when the midgets of the RCA issued a ban on American cars and told us to switch over to Corollas and hybrids? I can’t even fit in those matchboxes, but I guess for those morons global warming means more than your life. And of course what I smoke is their business, ain’it? But if they’re so hell bent on saving my life via refraining from tobacco, how can they shove me into a Corolla? Well, I guess that’s their Da’as Torah. Oops, they reject the notion. So it’s their psak.

So Harry, you’re appalled by the fact that a “Rebbe” was molesting children for 40 years and left in that school, aintcha? Well let me tell you something, your dear gadol knew about it all along the way and didn’t do jack. The first formal (i.e. criminal) accusation came nearly 30 years after the fact, you know that well. But let me ask your dear Gedolim, where were they when NCSY was covering up for Baruch Lanner, who did penetrate a kid or two. It was again your gadol who put him away, in the quietest way possible, so as to save NCSY’s and YU’s good name.

BTW, Harry, aren't YOUR articles published in a rag that supports Hillary Clinton and Mordy Tendler? Oh, I'm not allowed to mention it, sorry.
You know, Mordechai Tendler, who shtupped every married woman in his congregation (no big deal here, admittedly, as in MO circles this is the norm) all the while the lowlife Klass brothers, who publish your articles among other rubbish (let’s see if they have the guts to publish your article on the ban too - something tells me they don’t), were covering for him. What about good ol' Uncle Shalom Tendler in L.A., the filthy pervert that people are now claiming molested both Mordy and Aron? Let's not forget that Uncle Shalom and Aron were doing and sharing high school girls in L.A., and any woman without false teeth, while Rabbi Dr. Moshe was running around besmirching Kollel Avreichim and covering up his dear jewels’ crimes, while your YU boys in L.A. were selling Holocaust memorabilia.
But your Dear Deer had the gall to go to Teaneck – wife-swapping capital of the world, and I take Steven Pruzansky who knows yet does nothing about it as my witness – and give a “drashsa” (read: accolades to UOJ for having courageously dragged Rav Elchonon Wasserman through the mud) about calling the police on child molesters. Well, can you ask this crusader why didn’t he call the cops on Lanner?

My dear, it is you who held the Jerusalem Rabbonim accountable for Kolko’s crimes, so here’s one for the road. (If you have patience do some research in the Israeli media -it's old stuff so I won't kill myself digging it up.

But here's a worthy quote: "Attorney-General Elyakim Rubinstein decided yesterday not to prosecute former Ashkenazi chief rabbi Avraham Shapira and former NRP MK and current NRP candidate Haim Druckman for failing to take action against the former head of Yeshivat Netiv Meir, Rabbi Ze'ev Kopolevitch. Kopolevitch has been indicted on charges of forcing 19 of his students to engage in homosexual relations with him.

Police investigated allegations that some of the students had complained about Kopolevitch to Shapira, the head of the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva, and Druckman, who was head of the B'nei Akiva yeshivot at the time, and that they had not passed on the complaints to the authorities. Police recommended prosecuting the two rabbis. Rubinstein did not provide the reasons for his decision not to do so. Dan Izenberg" )

But I guess rape and murder are not enough to make you tremble; A ban on idiotic concerts is. Well, I guess if I were a moron who calls Shlomo Carlebach “rabbi” while spitting on real talmidei chachomim, I’d tremble too...............


steve said...

I will be meeting with a high ranking government official next week to discuss a plan of action. The problem is that Hynes has absolute power and only has to answer to the voters (he's up for reelection in 2009). The way to get him to act is by publicizing this story (Nightline and the Village Voice ran features recently) in the press and by getting the politicians involved (although they cannot force his hand, they can surely put pressure). The more people get involved, the better chance we have of bringing these monsters to justice and protecting innocent Jewish children.

Anonymous said...

Who was the author?

It sure sounds like Avi Shafran. Hands down there are more problems in the "chareidi" world. Find one Young Israel that has as many slimeballs as Frankel's joint.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

MTA Graduate:

If you give me an e-mail address, I will respond to your comment with the facts.

My e-mail:a_unorthodoxjew@yahoo.com

LVF said...

Steve your 1,000% right,

We have to organize a campagin against the shmuck charlie to oust him once and for all, let it be ads in newspapers in the entire kings county distrit, outlining all his failures, for example that woman that was killed by a person she had a restraining order against him b/c charlie did'nt do his job, or mondrowitz still on the loose in jerusalem b/c charlie does'nt want to make a friggen phone call to the state department, or mutterpul with his low bail, the list goes on and that f**khead charlie is still getting our tax money.

charlie, you continue to ignore my e-mails, lets see how long your going to ignore the ads and the posters going up in the hood before your re-election.

Charlie, Give It Up You Putz!!!

clerk said...


There is no update recorded yet on the Courts website for Kolko indictments.

Wow, what a Headline said...

"The Tendler Trinity of Human Garbage"

UOJ always did have a way with words!

Mutterperl Updates from Last Thread said...

Mutterperl was in court again on July 19th. He's either no longer represented by Leo Kimmel or added another lawyer to his defense team. That would Jacob Laufer of Laufer & Halberstam at 39 Broadway, right across the street from the Agudah of 42 Broadway. He also has a Boro Park office.


Laufer is a keynote speaker at Agudah fresser events.


Laufer represented Label & Yossi Drebin in a felony case.


Laufer also represents Boog's friend Guttman.

Mutterperl is due in court again on Sept. 18th.

Is it the same Jacob Laufer ? said...
The Court lists Mutterperl's attorney's location as 39 Broadway. It's not clear if the same guy also has offices in BP.


Laufer & Associates Law Plaza 1660 60th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11204
Telephone: 718-331-7999

Email: lauferja@aol.com

Law School: New York University, J.D., 1972

College: Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, B.A., 1969

Biography: Executive Editor, Journal of International Law and Politics, 1972.

Born: Brooklyn, New York, April 6, 1948

Anonymous said...
Yossi Drebin gives a shiur by the Kozover rebbe's shtiebel at R & 28th.

His brother in law Prager is in round 2 of being incarcerated.

What's the Inside Joke? said...

What's the pareve veggie burger reference to Harry Maryles all about?

Woody Allen said...

Jacob Laufer is one successful Tort Putz. He didn't mind taking on Mutterperl after he represented me. Don't forget that my non-Jewish wife Mia Farrow left me (that's right, I'm Jewish) when she found out I had a pedophilic relationship with the young girl orphan we adopted. I married her when she turned 19 and DA Robert Morganthau declined to pursue criminal charges.


Jake Laufer, a partner in Laufer & Halberstam, sued a video rental chain for $10 million on behalf of Woody Allen in 1985 for a similar violation of U.S. federal law. An Allen look-alike had appeared in the company's ads smiling while renting Woody Allen movies. The case was settled out of court for a reported $425,000.

Luke Fan said...

UOJ do you think that we should get the Child Protective Services and the mayors office to investigate how Ohel determines who in adept to be a foster parent?. We can make a formal complaint and they will have to investigate.
How do they monitor whether the child is being exploited and abused by the foster parent. How do they choose foster parents. Do they have connections with Ohel and are in cozey relationship. All these things must be investgated

The stories on Lukes blog about Ohel send a chill through my blood.


Luke fan said...

Here is why people can exploit the children becoming foster parents. look at this website below and see what great benefits they offer. Ohel has to put in place some regulation and they need to be investigated so people do not exploit and abuse the foster kids like its reported on Luke fords blog


You'll Receive:
Tax-free funds every two weeks to cover the children's living & clothing expenses.
Full medical & dental coverage for all children.
Free training all year.
To Become A Foster Parent You Must:
Be 21 years of age or older.
Have more than a one bedroom in your home.
Be cleared of child abuse by the state central registry (SCR) and be fingerprinted.
Have verifiable income such as pension, SSI, Wages, public assistance.
Be a resident of one of the five boroughs of New York City, or Long Island, NY.
More Facts:
Foster children can share the same room with your own children.
A bedroom may accommodate three same sex children but each child must have a separate bed.
A living room cannot be used as a sleeping space for anyone in the family.
We are unable to certify studio apartments, attics and basements but some railroad apartments may qualify.

Anonymous said...

Shia Fishman,

Let me tip you off; a weatherman has informed me of a major weather phenomenon about to hit Frankel's shul.

Not only do they have good chazzanim, but for the right deal, they'll sing on each other.

Anonymous said...

Very accurate post UOJ.

Victim Advocate said...

The case mentioned above with a family on Luke Ford's sight is real. It's a case in which the family really did neglect and abuse their children. It's one of the few cases that both Ohel and Mordecai Tendler did the right thing

The entire community of Monsey who know the Collon family will tell you that they wish they would have called child protection on the parents sooner.

Accusations Against Another Tendler Brother said...

Would that be the Tendler trinity or quad?


Does anyone know what Yochanan Berkowitz (AKA: Jonathan Berkowitz) has been up to lately? Rumors are floating around that he's being protected by Rabbi Avraham Braun and is chummy with Rabbi Akiva Tendler. Both are rabbonim at Ohr Somayach.

Ohr Somayach is also the yeshiva in which Rabbi Alan Horowitz was sentenced to attend after his 1983 conviction of child molestation. One has to wonder if Ohr Somayach has a Ner Israel problem?

The following information is being provided in hopes of preventing another women from becoming the next victim of a sex crime.

There have been numerous allegations that Jonathan Berkowitz has been sexually inappropriate with women he has dated, which includes a case of alleged date rape back in 2004. The alleged survivor filed a police report, went through a rape exam at a local hospital and attempted to pursue this matter with the criminal court system.

A Grand Jury reviewed the matter and considered the evidence involved. As a result of its review, the Grand Jury did not find probable cause for the return of an indictment. Therefore, criminal prosecution was not pursued on this case.

Over the last several years The Awareness Center has also received several phone calls from various women regarding Yochanan Berkowitz's behavior while dating. Many have described his behavior as being sexually inappropriate for an orthodox man. A common theme has been for Jonathan Berkowitz to present himself as a psychologist to potential dates, and to ask several women at the same time to date him exlusively.

According to the state of New York only individuals who hold a Ph.D. or PsyD may call themselves a "psychologist. According to the New York licensing bureau, Yohanan Berkowitz has a Masters Degree in Social Work, holds a LMSW (Licensed Masters of Social Work)

Akiva Tendler said...

Aww shucks! People barely heard of me until now. Now Vicky even posted my picture.


Rabbi Akiva Tendler (Brother of Aron and Mordecai Tendler)

Director of Beis Midrash Program


Rabbi Tendler studied in Beis Moshe of Scranton, PA as well as in the Mirrer Yeshiva in Jerusalem. Before joining Ohr Somayach, he worked as a student counselor and guide at Aish HaTorah and Ner Yaakov in Jerusalem. He holds a Doctorate of Jewish Law from Ner Israel Rabbinical College. Rabbi Tendler is the author of a number of highly acclaimed Rabbinical Responsa on contemporary halachic issues. He serves as the senior student counselor and liason and co-ordinates with each student his individual, short and long term learning goals. Besides his prodigious talents, Rabbi Tendler is also an internationaly recognized composer and musician. His latest CD, Simchas Libi, was released in Summer 2004.

Frankel's Shul Felon said...

As a chazzanus afficionado, I can tell you that the #1 destination Otisville, is part of the Sing Sing Prison complex.

Anonymous said...

Hey UOJ; what happened to the rest of the post about R' Yakov Kamenetzski?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Hey UOJ; what happened to the rest of the post about R' Yakov Kamenetzski?
Coming soon...I need to break the back of a molester and his enablers before I get to that series.

Tendler Family Tree with Pictures said...


Aviva Rappaport (AKA: Aviva Tendler, Russie Rappaport)
(Sister of Aron Boruch and Mordecai Tendler)

Jerusalem, Israel

Certified labor coach and lactation consultant

Author - Practical advice and classic stories on life's goals and aspirations

Author - A Jewish Woman's Guide to Childbirth

Rabbi Yacov Tendler, MD (AKA: Yaakov Tendler)
(brother of Aron Boruch and Mordecai Tendler)

Rabbi Dr. Yacov Tendler, Rosh Kollel

Community Synagogue of Monsey (CSM) Kollel - Learning Institute

Yacov Tendler, MD

Specialties: Internal Medicine

3 College Road,

Monsey, New York

Phone: (845) 357 4958

Faye Gittel Feinstein-Schisgal (Mordecai and Aron Tendler's Great-Aunt)

Faye Gittel and Moshe Schisgal's had twin daughters. Back in the 1960's the girls posed naked for Penthouse Magazine. This was unheard of for girls from an observant background, let alone from a famous rabbinic family. The majority of individuals who get involved with the porn industry are survivors of child abuse and neglect.

Rabbi Yosef Tendler
Paternal Uncle / Brother of Rabbi Moshe Dovid Tendler

Dean - Ner Israel Mechina High School for Boys, Baltimore, MD

Rabbi Aaron Tendler
(AKA: Aron Tendler, Aharon Tendler)

Son of Rabbi Yosef Tendler

(First Cousin of Mordecai Tendler and Aron Boruch Tendler)

Ner Israel Mechina High School for Boys - Baltimore, MD

Faculty, Ner Israel Rabbinical College, Baltimore, MD

Ma'alot Seminary - Baltimore, MD

Torah.org, Staff - Baltimore, MD

MyChasuna.com, Rabbinical Advisory Board - Baltimore, MD

Etz Chaim Center of Valley Village, Rabbi - Owings Mills, MD.

Blue Ribbon Kosher, Rabbinical Advisory Board- Minneapolis, MN

Rabbi Shalom Tendler
(AKA: Sholom Tendler)

Rosh Yeshiva - YULA (Yeshiva University High Schools of Los Angeles

Rabbi - Young israel of North Beverly Hills

Vice President - Rabbinical Council of California

Halachic Advisory Board - Jewish Family Services.

Rabbi Sholom Tendler , affectionately known as Rav Sholom, is a renowned educator and is widely recognized for his erudite and articulate presentations of the most complex areas of Jewish thought. He is Rabbi of Young Israel of North Beverly Hills, the West Coast Region's newest OU member synagogue. He has been the Rosh HaYeshiva of YOLA and YULA Boys' School for the past 24 years and is currently Vice President of the Rabbinical Council of California and founder of the Halachic Advisory Board of Jewish Family Services.

Rabbi Shmuel M. Tendler (cousin of both Rabbi Mordecai Tendler and Rabbi Aron Tendler)
Lakewood, NJ

Congregation Sons of Israel

Madison Avenue and Sixth Street

PO Box 16

Lakewood, NJ 08701

(732)- 364- 2230

Tendler/Weinberg Family Connections

(Case of Rabbi Matis Weinberg)

Battle for the Truth - Rabbi Mattis Weinberg fights Yeshiva University over charges of "inappropriate influence."

By Julie Gruenbaum Fax

The Jewish Journal - March 28, 2003


A prominent rabbi in Jerusalem's Old City, who was rumored to have sexually abused students at a California yeshiva 20 years ago, is fighting new innuendoes that he wields inappropriate influence over students at a Jerusalem yeshiva with which he is loosely affiliated.

Anonymous said...

Yossi Drebin has another brother-in-law, the lawyer Benji Epstein from Agudah of Ave L. In the one and only case he was involved in that I am familiar with, he seemed to have violated the model rules of professional conduct.

Gray Davis said...

It's an outrage that Shalom Tendler heads the Halachic Advisory Board of Jewish Family Services. What does UOJ plan on doing about that?

Message to Aish Hatorah said...


Watch this video produced by Aish HaTorah. It's great that Rabbi Yaakov Salomon is talking about Self-Injury, yet he is totally missing the point. The majority of youth that self-mutilate are survivors of childhood abuse with a vast number being survivors of child sexual abuse. Please inform Rabbi Salomon that the problem isn't that the children are not getting enough attention. The problem is that they are being abused often by family members.

Davidowitz from Scheinerman's Shul said...

Don't even get me started on why Drebin's brother in law Prager was imprisoned.

Shea Fishman said...


Could the Frankel's shul tipster please fill us in on the latest scandal. I don't see anything on the Doppler radar charts yet.

ihys said...

Yaakov Salomon is a smug, self-satisfied putz. He is a simple social worker that parades around like an all-knowing psychologist.

Shmarya is a Fraud said...

This is over the top even by his standards. In the comments section on a post about zonas in Israel, he downplays Ukranian anti-Semitism from the gezeiros Tach veTat until the Nazis, saying the poor rotzchim were just upset because Jews made a lot of money from money lending and that it's the Jews fault anyway because they don't behave properly. Even Shmarya's usual supporters are taken aback and have stated their disapproval.

Tipster #2 said...

There's already at least one singer in Frankel's shul.

When the Abramcyzks were sent away, an associate who also davened with them by Muszay-Ropshitz squealed on them to the Feds to save his own skin. The rebbe threw out the moiser who then parked himself in Frankel's shul. It doesn't matter what he did because he had enough dough to buy member$hip, if you know what I mean. For years, the Abramczyks wouldn't step foot in Frankel's out of disgust. Meanwhile, they were living in Leib Pinter's neck of the woods and davening in Young Israel with their Shpodeks on. They then decided ess passt nisht. They also belong in Frankel's shul. This started a war between the Abramcyzks and the moiser on the Mizrach vant that had to be mediated by Fishoff.

Ohel said...

Luke Ford is doing an investigation into Ohel Family services. Anyone that has any information on any of the staff at Ohel, was a victim of any type of mistreatment by Ohel, was a foster child that went through Ohel and was abused or mistreated because of Ohels neglect or family was hurt should email Luke Ford with the information.



Ohel said...

To Victim Advocate.
you sound like someone I know from Ohel that wants to cover up for them. Not everyone agrees with you in Tendlers community. Regardless of the family situation Ohel had a responsibility to make sure that the children weren't being exploited and abused by the foster parents and according to the childrens testimony to Luke Ohel enabled the foster parents to continue with the mistreatment and abuse. This is why Ohel has to be investigated by the federal and state.
This investigation is ongoing and on UOJ we will make sure that no more fopster kids are exploited and abused.

Ohel said...

To any lawyers out there can these foster children sue Ohel and their foster parents for exploiting them?

Ohel said...

To Victim Advocate. Since you know so much tell me did Tendler involve Dr Joan Hertz from Ohel in this case? What was her role. Did Tendler send his abused woman to Dr Joan Hertz at Ohel?
How much of a part did Tendler play in Ohel?

steve said...

This was the exchange on Shmarya's blog and my full post regarding Mondrowitz:

I sometimes get the impression D.A.'s are reluctant to charge "religious" people. I can't condone what the bishops in my church have done(moving accused Priests from chrch to church) but I've often wondered how come nobody called the police & why didn't the local DA bring charges? Is it because they think a jury is reluctant to convict a "religious" person?

Posted by: Jim the Catholic | August 21, 2007 at 09:39 AM

The Brooklyn DA is corrupt and his staffers have been involved in multiple corruption scandals investigated by the NY Post. There are murmurings around that he is "paid off". An activist with Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum's organization, Ben Barber from Boro Park, raises money for Hynes in the Jewish community for his election campaigns and hosts gatherings to promote him. Kolko protector Rabbi Israel Belsky is also a leading member of Tannenbaum's organization. Two more molester advocates who have very close ties to Hynes and used to work with him: Rabbi Aaron Twerski, an activist with the Agudah and professor at Brooklyn Law who was once dean of Hofstra U. Leo Kimmel who is currently representing a sexual deviant and whose law firm defends al Qaeda terrorists at Guantanamo.

Posted by: Anonymous | August 21, 2007 at 11:56 AM

Avrohom Mondrowitz who raped and sodomized dozens of boys in Brooklyn in the early '80's is one of the predators that Hynes is protecting. Mondrowitz fled to Israel in 1984 just before he was indicted. At the time, Israel did not have an extradition agreement with the US in regards to male rape. The agreement was amended in 1988. Then DA Elizabeth Holtzman was in the process of requesting Mondrowitz' extradition when her term expired. Hynes took over as DA in '89 and the Israeli government has been waiting 18 years for the extradition request. Meanwhile, Mondrowitz has been living freely in Jerusalem and is a professor in a university. Another predator that Hynes is protecting is A.M. Leizerowitz. Leizerowitz fled to Israel last year when he realized that blogger UOJ was on to him and that his victims were ready to press charges. Hynes refuses to hand down an indictment despite several charges of sexual molestation against Leizerowitz. UOJ and attorney Michael Lesher have started a campaign to pressure Hynes to have Mondrowitz extradited. I will be meeting with a high ranking government official next week to discuss a plan of action. The problem is that Hynes has absolute power and only has to answer to the voters (he's up for reelection in 2009). The way to get him to act is by publicizing this story (Nightline and the Village Voice ran features recently) in the press and by getting the politicians involved (although they cannot force his hand, they can surely put pressure). The more people get involved, the better chance we have of bringing these monsters to justice and protecting innocent Jewish children.

Posted by: steve | August 21, 2007 at 12:15 PM

Anonymous said...

'Lowlife klass brothers' huh?
you are such a stupid little penis of a person.
First ,Klass didnt have any sons,so no Klass is running the paper. Second you peabrain,this bashing of the jewishpress is getting very old.Get life, you think you are helping the jewish world,guess again you are a BIG JOKE!only your very small readsership care about anything you say.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine did some favors for Yossi Drebin's brother. He was not payed back in kind. This Drebin stabbed him in the back. It's a long story but my victimized friend essentially had 10 years of his life destroyed and suffered yissurei Gehinem.

Anonymous said...

New York, NY - Bronfman, WJC File Suits Against Singer

New York, NY - The former president of the World Jewish Congress Edgar Bronfman and the organization have filed a civil suit against veteran group leader Israel Singer.

The legal action comes five months after Bronfman unilaterally fired his longtime associate and confidante over allegations of financial improprieties in an organization which has been plagued by years of internecine infighting and turmoil.

The suit alleges that Singer did not pay back more than $500,000 in personal loans stemming from a 2004 investigation by the New York State Attorney General into the WJC's finances.
The 77-year-old Bronfman stepped down from his position earlier this year after serving in hisposition for nearly a quarter century.

"I feel real sorry for Edgar Bronfman who is allowing himself to be manipulated at this stage of his life by other people," Singer said in a first reaction.
Singer has repeatedly rejected the allegations against him as baseless.

A second smaller suit filed by the organization against Singer involves expenses such as frequent flier miles and five-year-old office computers.
Singer said that he expected the issue to be fully resolved with the new WJC leadership. [J-Post]

steve said...

Where was your righteous indignation when the Patria was sunk for the sole reason of not saving other Jews?
Get your facts straight. The British intended to deport the Jews back to Europe. To prevent the deportation, the Hagana tried to disable the boat. Your vile hatred for anything related to Zionism is transparent.

Mordechai Tendler's Role Model said...


On August 21, 1874, newspaper editor Theodore Tilton filed suit against Rev. Henry Ward Beecher for $100,000, accusing the famous preacher of alienation of his wife’s affections. Tilton claimed that his young wife, Elizabeth, grieving over the death of their son, had gone to her pastor’s house for consolation and there “she had surrendered her body to him in sexual embrace; that she had repeated such an act on the following Saturday evening at her own residence … that she had consequently upon those two occasions repeated such acts at various times, at his residence and at hers, and at other places …”
On trial, the Reverend Beecher admitted platonic friendship but denied adultery. The trial attracted national publicity and controversy. After a 112-day trial, the jury balloted 52 times and then gave up (with a vote of 9 to 3 in favor of Beecher). The hung jury saved Beecher and restored him to his worshipful flock. A special investigating committee made up of members of his congregation, the Plymouth Congregational Church in Brooklyn Heights, had previously exonerated Beecher after interviewing 36 people, including Tilton. In spite of loyal supporters, the Louisville Courier-Journal branded him “a dunghill covered with flowers.”

Ohel Watch said...


The NYC HPD just issued a final ruling that the City should use eminent domain to seize the offices of Track Data owned by Joan Hertz's husband Barry.

Margo in the News said...


Hundreds of supporters of Brooklyn’s Arabic-themed Khalil Gibran International Academy called for the return of founding principal Debbie Almontaser at a rally at the headquarters of the New York City Department of Education Monday evening.
Almontaser, the visionary behind the public upper school, was pressured into resigning on Aug. 10 after not immediately condemning another organization’s use of the phrase “IntifadaNYC” on T-shirts. This followed a rising crescendo of attacks on the school — and on Almontaser herself — from conservative Web sites and newspapers, including the New York Sun and the New York Post.

Speaking at the rally, Rabbi Michael Feinberg of the Greater NY Labor-Religion Coalition said, “No person is better qualified than Debbie to lead Khalil Gibran International Academy.” Feinberg noted that the school’s principal opposition group, the Stop the Madrassa organization, is backed by extremist right-wing organizations: the UOJ movement, the confrontational Gathering of Eagles; NY-ICE (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement); and The United American Committee.

Rabbis Lipa Margulies and Aaron Twerski stood at Feinberg's side and nodded in agreement.

Barry Hertz said...

David Mandel and Shea Fishman warned me that UOJ was conspiring against Ohel people.


“It’s not pleasant to have the Sword of Damocles hanging over your head,” said Track Data spokesman Rafi Reguer, lifting an expression from classical Greek mythology often used to describe the ever-present threat of peril.

Track Data is a small firm that provides financial services similar to Bloomberg, L.P. — the company that made the mayor a billionaire — but with less than 1 percent of Bloomberg’s $4.7 billion in annual sales. Reguer said the company is unsure if it would appeal the eminent domain ruling, as its attorneys advised that the courts would most likely side with the city. “You could pretty much count on one hand the number of times the court reverses [an eminent domain decision by the city], and still be able to snap your fingers,” he said.

Simcha Felder said...

Belsky and the Jewish Fress want to make sure that UOJ doesn't send out anymore of those pesky letters like he did with Kolko and Margo.


A new state law signed by the governor this week could curb those slush piles. The Lawn Litter Law, introduced by Sen. Frank Padavan, R-Bellerose, and Assemblyman Mark S. Weprin, D-Little Neck, prohibits the distribution of unsolicited circulars, such as menus, to private property where signs rejecting them are posted. Distributors could face fines from $250 to $1,000 for each violation.

“It’s about time that homeowners have the ability to say, ‘I don’t want this stuff, it’s driving me crazy,’” said Council Member Simcha Felder, D-Brooklyn, who initiated similar city legislation back in April.

Felder points out that a pile of accumulating fliers on a front lawn or stoop is an instant tip-off to would-be burglars that the home is vacant. Also, the accumulation of such materials forces a homeowner to clear it up or face a fine from the Department of Sanitation.

While free newspapers are said to be exempt from this law, Felder seeks to clarify that point. The content should be mostly news, he stressed, not ample ads speckled with news — a way for “clever” commercial businesses to adapt to the law. “I have a lot of confidence in the creativity and innovation that store owners will come up with to replace this nuisance,” Felder said.

Ohel Insider said...

I am preparing briefs to trigger federal and state investigations into Ohel Family Services.
Anyone that wants to add to the complaint post it here.

Anonymous said...

Two comments about Abramcyzk.

It's because of guys like them that their old shteebel is sometimes known as Bullshitz instead of Ropshitz.

They are mechitunim mit another star of the Frankels show, Pootchie Lipshitz.

MTA Grad said...


Thanks for your investigation. I even remember when Dr. Lamm was notified about Rabbi Finkelstein and all he did was have his door removed from his office, so he could not be alone with any boys. Check with Rabbi Blau and ANY MTA grad who was in the school at that time. "Tag Team Wrestling" was a expected when you got to his office while you had to wait till "George" finished "came" . He should pay for messing up so many kids - who are still messed up today. You also posted a letter from Rabbi Elan Adler on speaking up about abuse - he was the dorm counselor in MTA High School who was VERY VERY involved in this investigation, but was powerless to do anything. He can confirm everything.

Anonymous said...

(Slightly Edited)


I don't need to email you.

I know the facts as I am one of them (a statistic) along with all my friends from high school. I just wanted YOU to know the facts.

If (they) say otherwise, then they have selective amnesia. Dr. Lamm was threatened with a lawsuit about 10 years back. Just wanted you to know that nothing was ever done about this and the (rabbis) know it.

Dont want to argue with you - I greatly commend your work and admire you greatly, but Finkesletin did harm to more kids then any of the others sickos listed on this site combined.


steve said...

Everyone reading this should e-mail Bill O'Reilly at:


and ask him to do a feature on the Hynes/Mondrowitz story. Also, everyone should call Hynes' office at 718-250-2000 and ask to speak to Jerry Schmeterer or Ronnie Jaus in the sex crimes unit.

steve said...

Avrohom Mondrowitz who raped and sodomized dozens of boys in Brooklyn in the early '80's is one of the predators that Hynes is protecting. Mondrowitz fled to Israel in 1984 just before he was indicted. At the time, Israel did not have an extradition agreement with the US in regards to male rape. The agreement was amended in 1988. Then DA Elizabeth Holtzman was in the process of requesting Mondrowitz' extradition when her term expired. Hynes took over as DA in '89 and the Israeli government has been waiting 18 years for the extradition request. Meanwhile, Mondrowitz has been living freely in Jerusalem and is a professor in a university. Another predator that Hynes is protecting is A.M. Leizerowitz. Leizerowitz fled to Israel last year when he realized that blogger UOJ was on to him and that his victims were ready to press charges. Hynes refuses to hand down an indictment despite several charges of sexual molestation against Leizerowitz. UOJ and attorney Michael Lesher have started a campaign to pressure Hynes to have Mondrowitz extradited. I will be meeting with a high ranking government official next week to discuss a plan of action. The problem is that Hynes has absolute power and only has to answer to the voters (he's up for reelection in 2009). The way to get him to act is by publicizing this story (Nightline and the Village Voice ran features recently) in the press and by getting the politicians involved (although they cannot force his hand, they can surely put pressure). The more people get involved, the better chance we have of bringing these monsters to justice and protecting innocent Jewish children.

semangelaf said...


"And he brought me to the door of the court; and when I looked, behold a hole in the wall. Then said he unto me, Son of man, dig now in the wall: and when I had digged in the wall, behold a door. And he said unto me, Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here. So I went in and saw; and behold every form of creeping things, and abominable beasts, and all the idols of the house of Israel, portrayed upon the wall round about. And there stood before them seventy men of the ancients of the house of Israel, and in the midst of them stood Jaazaniah the son of Shaphan, with every man his censer in his hand; and a thick cloud of incense went up. Then said he unto me, Son of man, hast thou seen what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the dark, every man in the chambers of his imagery? For they say, the Lord seeth us not; the Lord hath forsaken the earth." (Ezekiel 8, 7-12)

In 1964, when the massive 90-acre Ner Israel Rabbinical College campus had been established in Pikesville, Maryland, there was created a "Chamber of Counsels." Over the years, only a few chosen ones were allowed to enter it. There -- surrounded by strange pictures on the dark walls -- the Ner Israel ancients make their decisions replicating the medieval prayer:

"On Rosh HaShanah will be inscribed and on Yom Kippur will be sealed how many will pass from the earth and how many will be created; who will live and who will die; who will die at his predestined time and who before his time; who by water and who by fire, who by sword, who by beast, who by famine, who by thirst, who by storm, who by plague, who by strangulation, and who by stoning. Who will rest and who will wander, who will live in harmony and who will be harried, who will enjoy tranquillity and who will suffer, who will be impoverished and who will be enriched, who will be degraded and who will be exalted."

The decisions made there affect lives of both Jews and gentiles not only in Baltimore, but around the world as well. Some of the decisions are later publicized to boost the reputation of the Ner Israel (like smuggling thousands of people out of Iran), but most of them are kept secret. If they were revealed, the horrible castle of Ner Israel would instantly be razed to the ground.
Woe is to anyone who dares to learn or divulge the secrets of the Chamber of Counsels. The ultimate punishment is death. Swift as a hawk. Ner Israel zombies carry out the retaliation. You can see them around every now and then: usually very outward friendly individuals who are always ready to stab or poison, or hire somebody do that.
The Ner Israel scholars have taught them well: "Never think on your own, let your mind be as a clean tablet in the hands of your teacher to write upon, as a piece of clay in the hands of a potter. Remember what holy Nachmanides said (Deuteronomy 17,11), 'Even if you believe the priests to be mistaken, for you know what is your right and what is your left, do as they command you. Do not say, 'How can I eat this forbidden fat or kill this innocent person,' but rather say, 'The Lord has commanded me to perform all the commandments according to the directions of His servants at His chosen place. He gave me the Law according to their understanding even if they err.' If you think something is a wrongdoing, and your Rabbi thinks not, you ought to obey him."
They call it "Bittul HaDaat" -- abolishing the intellect. It must not surprise you that in the Chamber of Counsels they declared that it is absolutely forbidden for the NIRC students to take psychology courses at college -- lest they realize that they are being brainwashed and oftentimes turn into zombies. (Naturally, the prohibition did not apply to the "chosen" by the Chamber like Rabbi Beryl Weisbord's son, who is now a licensed psychologist staunchly serving the Ner Israel.)

Below are some Ner Israel people who clearly knew about the Chamber of Counsels and are now dead. For obvious reasons, I cannot be very explicit and cannot mention many names -- I know that the ancients of the Chamber of Counsels are trying to hunt me down, yet this is my message to them: you may exterminate me, but others will continue this noble fight. The truth will be heard. God, whom you believe "seeth us not, the Lord hath forsaken the earth," will pay you back for all the blood you have shed. Blood ruthlessly mixed with crashed dreams, destroyed lives, betrayed souls, bitter memories, and lost faith in the Lord...

* Rabbi Jacob Moshe Kulefsky was a lecturer and later for a short time a Rosh HaYeshiva at Ner Israel. He wanted a reorganization and even modified several NIRC "traditions." One winter day after he gave a public lecture at Ner Israel, Rabbi Kulefsky suddenly passed away. Some assert that he was unwell in any case, had poor vision, etc. Others question that. Rabbi Kulefsky lived right beneath Rabbi Moshe Eisemann's and on top of Rabbi Herman Neuberger's apartments at 401 Yeshiva Lane (Rabbi Moshe M. Eisemann moved to 403 Yeshiva Lane when both Rabbis Kulefsky and Neuberger were dead). He and his wife apparently knew what was going on (around that time his wife got instantaneously sick with the Alzheimer's /!/ disease). Following his passing, Rabbi Moshe Eisemann, Dr. Julian Jakobovits, and Rabbi Monish Sax (Rabbi Kulefsky's chauffeur, a Rabbi at NIRC high school, and a very close friend of Rabbi Eisemann) all of a sudden wrote lengthy eulogies in the local "Where·What·When" ultra-Orthodox journal regarding Rabbi Kulefsky's greatness. Was that done to remain above any suspicion?

* Rabbi Joseph Wolk was a principal of the Ner Israel high school for boys. At one point he (like later on Rabbi Moshe Eisemann) was hastily and unexpectedly "retired." However, he remained living on the NIRC campus. He later pioneered the Kishiniev yeshiva in Russia together with Rabbi Moshe Eisemann. For many years there were Russian girls living in his apartment on Yeshiva Lane, who privately performed sexual services for some yeshiva members. Every morning Rabbi Wolk studied the Talmud with previously mentioned Dr. Julian Jakobovits, his personal physician. Then Rabbi Wolk suddenly died. Again, some claim he was sick. Others question that and think he just knew too much. (Rabbi Wolk's successor at high school, Mr. Bernard Yaffe, also met a sudden quick cancerous end.)

* The Friday Rabbi Herman Neuberger passed away, he was seen strong and healthy at Rabbi Moshe Heinemann's (!) synagogue in town. In the evening he lit the Sabbath candles and laid down for a nap, from which he never woke up. Everyone knows that at the end of his life Rabbi Neuberger grew somewhat demented, was saying over things the Chamber of Counsels normally kept secret. (There were also rumors of his affair with a Russian woman who took care of his late wife.) My brother told me that the funerary Shiva at Rabbi Neuberger's residence looked more like an engagement party. The Neubergers there were simply beaming.

* The late NIRC Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Jacob Weinberg was famous for his pitiless remark in a case of ousting a little girl from the local ultra-Orthodox school, because "she had a bad influence (!) on others": "Kill her and later ask for forgiveness." Years later, it took only a couple of months for Rabbi Weinberg himself to die... of cancer. But was it really cancer, like was it actually cancer in the case of NIRC teacher Rabbi Ephraim Eisenberg (NIRC called his death the "untimely passing")? For Ner Israel, it is much safer to have someone without a backbone such as a current Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Aharon Feldman, who wrote in his famous letter to an Orthodox homosexual, "Judaism looks negatively at homosexual activity, not at the homosexual nature.... It is obvious that for many people this (ceasing their homosexual activity) will be difficult and will have to be accomplished over a period of time." Now you understand why Rabbi Moshe Eisemann needs a longer "period of time" to leave the kids alone.

* There were young students at the Ner Israel who were very close to Rabbi Moshe Eisemann. Some of them mysteriously died. Rabbi Eisemann was seen very enthusiastically involved in arranging their funerals. The official explanations for the deaths were predictable for NIRC: cancer, car accident, etc. Some believed that. Others had doubts. (The Yeshiva Lane residents still recall a horrifying death of Rabbi Jacob Eisgrau's daughter, who passed away within a few days, her eyes shedding blood. Did she also know something and was about to reveal it?)


A common denominator of all these puzzle pieces is a relatively quick death, later habitually explained by some kind of natural phenomena such as a deep-rooted ailment, heart failure, cancer (which, of course, certain poisons can rapidly trigger), or an accident. In the ultra-Orthodox world, autopsies are not usually done and in the case of NIRC may be even performed by their own instructed physicians.
So are we dealing with deaths, or are we dealing with murders? Many do not realize that Ner Israel has its loyal following all around the globe: in USA, in Israel, and in Europe. Ner Israel has its people in Congress and in Knesset. One phone call -- and the fate of a person is sealed: "who by water and who by fire, who by sword, who by beast, who by famine, who by thirst, who by storm, who by plague, who by strangulation, and who by stoning."
The Ner Israel gods who seal the fate of men do not believe in God. They do not believe in the Torah. They do not believe in the Resurrection and the Final Judgement. They only believe in the thick cloud of oblivion going up in front of their dollar-bill idols. So this is what God of Ezekiel tells them (8, 17-18):

"Then he said unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man? Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here? For they have filled the land with violence, and have returned to provoke me to anger: and, lo, they put the branch to their nose. Therefore will I also deal in fury: mine eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity: and though they cry in mine ears with a loud voice, yet will I not hear them."

Bob Grant said...

I'm back at wabc, starting tomorow I will be on weekdays 8-10,

boog, I could sue you for using all my lines.

LVF said...

semangelaf said...

Beutifully written!

boog said...


Nice to see you back. Shehechiyanu.

But you'll never sue me because deep down beneath that surface tough guy veneer is a feckless pusillanimous individual.

Se probio Sfacheem!

LVF said...

This is the e-mail I sent to oreilly@foxnews.com



I am writing to you only b/c I feel i'ts the only hope I have.

In the year 1984, charges of sexual abuse by a Rabbi/Dr. Avroham Mondrowitz led to his indictment, of State vs. mondrowitz no.7693/84, but prior to his arrest he escaped to israel and is living freely in jerusalem among many children and is a professor at a university.

Now the reason why he was not extradited at the time is israel who had a treaty with the u.s. did not consider male rape a crime, in 1988 they changed their laws to include that as well, but that was a bit to late for the then DA of brooklyn who started the process but never finished b/c she left office in 1989.

In 1989 Charles J. Hynes became the D.A. of brooklyn, he immediatly stopped the process of the extradition, for no reason at all, even after hearing first hand from mondrowitz's victims, to no avail, The DA's pockets are lined with the jewish voting bloc and their money, that is why he does not want to pursue this matter any further, for it was a painfull story to the jewish leadership and they wanted it forgotten, but that is impossible for there are to many of his victims that are still bleeding today 23 years after this monster fled justice, and they are getting nowhere with their DA. I myself who is not a victim of his and has made it my mission to see this animal face his victims in a court of law, have contacted the DA through phone calls and e-mails but has gotten nowhere, so I took it a step further and e-mailed Gov.spitzer and Sen. schumer & clinton, the only response was from the Gov. office basically telling me that nobody can tell the DA how to handle a case and that I should contact his office, Well i've already told you were I got with him, i'm still waiting for his response on were he stands with regard to mondrowitz.

This is why i'm e-mailing to you, I beg of you for the sake of his many victims, do an investigation into why Mr. Hynes does not want to extradite this rapist.

P.S. To get a better picture of this story look up the article written by award winning journalist kristen lombardi she did a story titled " Silence of the Lam" in 2006.

all the best,

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Yasher koach Reb LVF!

PLEASE everyone...follow suit. We're getting closer!

Ohel said...

What connection did Tendler have with Ohel?

Not such a bad idea for the Tendler boys said...

MOSCOW (Reuters) - A woman set fire to her ex-husband's penis as he sat naked watching television and drinking vodka, Moscow police said Wednesday.

Asked if the man would make a full recovery, a police spokeswoman said it was "difficult to predict."

The attack climaxed three years of acrimonious enforced co-habitation. The couple divorced three years ago but continued to share a small flat, something common in Russia where property costs are very high.

"It was monstrously painful," the wounded ex-husband told Tvoi Den newspaper. "I was burning like a torch. I don't know what I did to deserve this."

Anonymous said...


Well, that's what we get folks when you ingest large amounts of vodka and heroin, then read the entire Harry Potter series. I guess 9/11 was also a govnt conspiracy

Rabbi Kulefsky was a known prolific smoker. On Hoshana Rabba just before his death, he was limping around the bais medrash w/hoshanos and an oxygen tank.

Rabbi Wolk was a CLOSE family friend, he moved from Yeshiva Lane to his children in NY who cared for him until he died. He was sick for a very long time.

And your comments about Rabbi Herman Neuberger z"l are ludicrous.

Ohel Insider said...

I am going through a database with the names of big Ohel donors to alert them about Ohel. We need to bring some scrutiny upon Ohel.

Anonymous said...

..........and when the dust settles where do you think the chips will fall? Not with you UOJ my dear savior! And not with your righteous sidekicks LVF and Steve, the 2 most upstanding jews I'll probably ever know.
For another lofty Ellul will pass culminating in the Ram's pathetic cry, whose horn creates a forced cry of pain and suppressed frustration and dispair - not unlike us silenced victims. And yet the great bastions of self-righteous child molesters and enablers, Torah Temimah and Mesivte of Geer will remain as potent reminders of pain and suffering little boys and teens will have to endure for a lifetime.

Call me a defeatest, but Yom Kippur will come and Kolko will play the part of a holy man being unfairly hounded while Leizerowitz will stop selling tefillin to bochurim for a day and enter the walls of the great rabbi's synagogue in Jerusalem to join Avrohom Mondrowitz in a holy orgy of prayer that they might yet live another year to merit an affair with an innocent boy and perhaps Modrowitz can reenact his biggest acomplishment in life.....that of messing up a poor yiddishe neshoma so bad that they commit suicide.

And we survivors of the Lanner and the Tendler and the dozens of other epic stories shouted down and negated by our most emminent rabbis, will experience our Yom Kippur 365 days in the year. For at the end of the day, whether we experiance a simcha or a random act of kindness it will all be marred with what these rishoim and enablers did to us. For we CAN'T "get over it". You cant have closure without closing the wounds. And so long as heavyweight administrators like Olefski and Margolis get the podium at every given oppurtunity - so long as Kolko, The Ner Yisroel gang, Mondrowitz, Leizerowitz, Bryks and the other monsters are sheilded from prosecution by the likes of Belsky and Charlie Hynze CLOSURE DOES NOT EXIST.

Our only hope lies in LVF's letters, UOJ's clandestine and not so clandestine work, Steve's mastery of the emotional word, Boog's wit and wisdom and our own rallying around the flag for a badly needed regime change. Though it will take time and plenty more disapointments remember that Rome wasn't built in a day, and Lehavdil we still don't merit even after so many generations to see Jerusalem in all its glory and the temple is not built. Perseverence against these monsters is a must!

So are the words of a child whose spirit of living died when the rabbi reached into his pants, left to live another death every day of his life. And so are the words of a little discarded angle, left with broken wings and unable to sore into the sky. Bleating like the Ram's shofar, calling to G-d from the depths of the filthy puddle his lot has been since, for the day when G-d will put an end to this insanity and his children will know only peace - free of suffering and the sexual depravity of man.

Written from the heart and in dedication to one of the warriors on this blog.

Gefilte Fish said...


Rabbi M said...
Yes, one of the fish products from China the FDA said was often poisoned was a type of carp commonly used in gefilte fish..... Do you people still believe your frozen loaves are made from nice fresh caught fish brought in whole to U...s factory? Most kosher fish products are made in China with mashgichim who visit once or twice a year. But if it is under a major hashgocho the mashgiach sends a prompt report from his Blackberry, and the case has a hologram attached by the local quality supervisor.

Anonymous said...

Cast your vote for Shalom Tendler

boog said...

Anon 3:49 AM 8/23/07

Your words are an eloquent Bullseye. Yashar Koach.

Devorim Ha'Yotzim Min Ha'Lev.

UOJ and this Blog has accomplished a great deal in the short time it has been in existence.

Kolko would still be molesting 6 year old boys if not for UOJ and this Blog.

The Bob Kolker NY Magazine article never would have been written and seen the light of day; David Framowitz demonization and status of Pariah by the public is OVER.

The enablers, "Roshei" Yeshivot, Agudah, Zweibel, Shafran, Olefski, Mandel, Ohel, et al.; are looking over their shoulders. An arrow has been shot across their bows, a strong message sent.

Thousands of lurkers read this blog, consciousness has been raised, the rug pulled away to show the tinaf and the enabler Tinofsim that are our feckless "Leaders".

Most of important of all, Molestees and the parents of Molestees have been given the courage to come forward, press charges, testify.
Who would have thunk such a day would ever come?

Chazak to UOJ & Co. for their unrelenting efforts and Avodas Hakodesh.

Kolko is only 60 said...


August 23, 2007
Many Found Sexually Active Into the 70s

And No More Molestation in Yudi's Vehicles said...


City Councilmember James F. Gennaro (DFresh Meadows) last week introduced smoke-free cars legislation, which makes it unlawful for any operator or passenger in a vehicle to smoke when a person younger than 18 is present. "Protecting children from the dangers of secondhand smoke is my highest priority, both as a parent and as chair of the Environmental Protection Committee of the New York City Council," Gennaro said. "This legislation will help keep our children healthy and smoke-free in this city, where asthma has reached critical heights, afflicting 300,000 children."

Children who spend one hour in a smoke-filled room are inhaling as many dangerous chemicals as they would if they had smoked 10 or more cigarettes, according to the Mayo Clinic. This is intensified within the confines of a vehicle, where there are only several cubic feet of air.

Joining Gennaro were Councilmember David I. Weprin (D-Hollis), representatives from the Center for Tobacco Control at North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, the Rockland County Legislature, the Keyport, New Jersey Board of Health and the New Jersey Group Against Smoking Pollution (GASP). Additional supporters include the American Lung Association, the Environmental Advocates of New York, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and Respiratory News and Views.

"Secondhand smoke kills, and there is no disputing that fact," Weprin, chair of the council Finance Committee, said. "We must employ all means within our power to ensure that minors are not subjected to the dangers of secondhand smoke simply because they are passengers in a car with an adult who smokes."

The New York City Police Department would be empowered to enforce this restriction. The penalties for violation are negotiable, but have been preliminarily set at $100.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

'Lowlife klass brothers' huh?
you are such a stupid little penis of a person.
First ,Klass didnt have any sons,so no Klass is running the paper. Second you peabrain,this bashing of the jewishpress is getting very old.Get life, you think you are helping the jewish world,guess again you are a BIG JOKE!only your very small readsership care about anything you say.
Yaakov Klass,

Please cut it out-you really are hurting my feelings now.

Ohel said...

Some of the information on Ohel we are looking for. Farming out foster kids to abusive homes, exploiting foster kids. Ohel using grants to supply services to people that are not eligible or phantoms so they can collect the money anyway, sweet deals between Ohel and the staff, kickbacks, cozy relationships between them and doctors, therapists social workers etc, abuse of clients etc etc.

ohel said...

What is the relationship between Ohel and their so called rabbinic advisors Rabbis D Cohen and Dovid Goldwasser. Do they sanction evrything Ohel does? If they do they can also be held responsable.
Are they abreast of all the cases in Ohel? Or does the satff act on their own?
These are questions which are important to the Jewish community. Ohel must come under increased scrutiny.

Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz said...

To My Good Friend R' UOJ:

Very often, we hear people asking why they dont do this and why they dont do that. There are so many things that have to be done, but more often than not, most people sit by on the sidelines wondering why someone else doesnt step up to the plate and take charge.

This is either due to feelings of inadequacy or because most of us really are not equipped to rectify all of the worlds problems.

There are so many ills that cry out for cures and problems that require remedies; there is no shortage of good causes we can all get involved in and affiliated with.

Anyone with a heart pulsing with care for the human condition and for what is going on around us should require little prodding to seek to do what they can to help alleviate prevalent pain and suffering.

People who care about their surroundings should recognize that they can be one of those people who roll up their sleeves and get involved to right the wrongs and correct the inequities which confront us.
You dont have to be a special genius or enormously wealthy or powerful to accomplish much; you just have to care.

Fifty years after the founding of Torah Umesorah and the many battles fought to establish and maintain Jewish day schools and yeshivos in this country, rabbeim and moros still arent being paid enough.

When we think of Torah Umesorah, we think back in time. We think back to the larger-than-life years and dreams of Rav Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz ztl, who, while living in Williamsburg and Monsey in the mid-1940s, perceived a spiritual holocaust unfolding in this country.

The Jewish people had lost six million souls in Europe; millions more would be lost if the spiritual holocaust in America went unchecked.

Where others saw wasteland, Rav Shraga Feivel saw opportunity; where others saw potential for disaster, he saw the possibility of greatness.

The situation everyone perceived as a nightmare inspired him to dream.

Back in his day, his idea of building a network of day schools and yeshivos was dismissed as totally unrealistic. Critics said it could not be done. Ehrliche Jews were prepared to relinquish their hopes for a Torah future for the youth of America.

Rav Shraga Feivel stood his ground and fought for the establishment of yeshiva day schools. His talmidim fanned out across the country, winning souls for Torah.

Despite some hard-won successes, they lacked popular support at first. They were accused of being un-American, of being old-country?

Financial backing was meager, but their rebbi infused his talmidim with a burning dedication to carry on his mission and they made it happen. Their exhaustive efforts to lay the foundation of Torah chinuch in cities and towns across the length and breadth of the country bore fruit.

We now take it for granted that every decent-sized city in this country with a Jewish population has at least one school where Jewish children can discover that they are linked in a glorious chain going back to Sinai.

That process is still growing and developing, as every year, new schools are opened, winning backing and support in more cities and towns across the continent.
And there are still thousands of children waiting for us to introduce them to the beauty of Torah and the eternal joys of its way of life.

We contribute to myriad kiruv organizations. We all read and hear about the efforts to try to stem the fallout of poor parenting, inferior education or harmful social situations. But we overlook our responsibility to the rabbeim and people who staff the schools in which our very own precious children study.

We have certain issues in our communities that we tend to sweep under the rug and make believe they dont exist until they fester and balloon into big problems.

R' UOJ, stand tall and keep up your holy work.

What a Joke said...

Does UOJ have the IP of that Putz who sounds like Yaakov Klass? Is it coming from the Jewish Fress domain?

Yaakov Klass is just a stooge. Jerry Greenwald who married into the family controls everything.

As far as Yaakov, he is VP of the Iggud Haganovim "beis din" along with Gershon the shvindler Tannenbaum, Belsky & Mendel Epstein.

He also gives a shiur at Spivak's yeshiva, the guy who gives "hashgocho" to mechalel Shabbos stores owned by goyim with no supervision.

These are apparently the credentials needed to write the "Halacha" column for the Low Klass Rag.

Yaakov's Fat Fresser nephew Richard Klass is attorney for the French bastards at Le Marais who have been feeding treif to the Klal for decades. He also gets space in the Jewish Fress for his hysterical ads pitching to people "DROWNING IN DEBT".

All Roads Lead to Pinter said...

United Homes owned by Ron Hershco, an Israeli macher with Chabad who lives in Oceanside, had been steering all the financing to Pinter until the FBI raided Olympia Mortgage & shut it down.


Brooklyn Federal Judge Raymond Dearie ruled United Homes and Olympia Mortgage, two New York mortgage lenders, must face a lawsuit claiming they conspired to sell African-American buyers over-valued, defective homes financed with predatory loans.


Eight Brooklyn homeowners won a huge legal victory yesterday when a federal judge green-lighted their suits against a real estate company accused of defrauding minority-group members with predatory lending practices.

The homeowners, all working-class blacks, claim they were victims of fast-talking salesmen for United Homes LLC. They say the salesmen were in cahoots with lawyers and lenders who pressed to close deals without concern for the buyers' ability to pay.

Buyers were allegedly steered to minority-group neighborhoods and shown dilapidated homes appraised at grossly inflated values.

"It's a nightmare we're still trying to cope with," said Sylvia Gibbons, who contends United Mortgage pressured her and her husband to take out two mortgages to buy a house in Bushwick.

ohel said...

Ohel beat the aduit on its foster care program once. Lets see what happens this time when the investigative briefs are submitted.

Ploni said...

Ploni, a frequent email correspondent to Shmarya, points out that Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum's weekly Jewish Press column is this week largely plagiarized from a memoir published on the Catskills Institute website.

Rabbi Tannenbaum, has a thirty-plus year record of fraud and securities violations, is the director and executive vice president of Igud HaGanovim.



Compare the two articles.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Greenwald davens at a very wealthy shul in Manhattan Beach. One day there was almost a din Torah or court case between members over a $400 bottle of special reserve Scotch that someone brought for a kiddush. Some fressers showed up on Thurs night and polished off the bottle to the last drop.

Overlawyered said...

Talk about chutzpah. One of Pinter's lawyers, William Unroch, kvetched to the NY Times a few years ago, what do you want from Leib & Shmelka? They were just trying to help some poor Blacks attain the American Dream.


And Boog will get a kick out of this. Hershco's lawyer, Alan Vinegrad is a former US Attorney who tried to lynch the entire NYPD over Abner Louima. Many of his actions were later overturned by the courts. The NY Post's Steve Dunleavy calls him a "Worm". Now in private practices, Vinegrad has been representing the cast of slimy characters from Tyco and Adelphia.

One more note that perhaps JWB can fill us in on. Prosecutor Vinegrad was involved with the Shlomo Helbrans kidnapping case. It's not clear to me if he did the right thing or putzed around.

. said...

I think examination of GT's writing would yield more such instances.

The JP's Po-lin column has been notorious for that, taking liberally from Jewishgen.org, and had to publish an apology of sorts a while ago.

Maybe the Catskills institute should be alerted to their new partner, Gershon the ganef.

Lawrence M. Reisman said...

Unfortunately, the Jewish Press has a history of plagarizing other sources. I don't think it's the paper's policy, but they just don't watch some of their writers carefully enough. 30 years ago, Dr. Hyman Frank had a column "Frankly Speaking." For several weeks, his column ran what he represented as his observations of Jews in Europe when he was studying medicine there in the 1930s and during WWII, but which were taken word for word from Lucy Dawidowicz's "The War Against the Jews." Much to my present regret, I neither wrote the Jewish Press to protest the plagarism nor Prof. Dawidowicz to alert her to it.

Big Macher said...

Hershco used to be on the Guardian Angels board of directors but that page has been removed from the website. Curtis Sliwa may have kicked him out after this whole thing with ripping off black people came up.

Important Info said...

By Cory Jewell Jensen, M.S. and Steve Jensen, M.A.


The FBI estimates that there is a sex offender living in every square mile of the United States. One in ten men has molested children. Most child molesters are able to molest dozens of children before they are caught and have a three percent (3%) chance of being apprehended for their crimes. Boys and girls are at nearly equal risk to be abused and almost a quarter will be molested sometime before their 18th birthday. Fewer than five percent (5%) will tell anyone. The overwhelming majority of child victims are abused by someone they know and trust, someone most parents would never suspect. No one can protect your children but you. Educate yourself and your family about child sexual abuse. Don't let a child molester do it for you!

steve said...


In yesterday's Hamodia Magazine insert, they interviewed twenty two rabbis and kashrut "experts". The rabbis were asked what changes have taken place since the Monsey scandal and their opinion of today's kashrus standards. Here are some of the quotable quotes (I tried not to laugh too hard last night while I was reading this over dinner):

Rabbi Moshe Elefant, OU (of Le Marais infamy, see amashgiachspeaksout.com):

"I have three important points to relay about the changes that have occurred since the kashrus scandal took place in Monsey last year. First, the fact that we were able to uncover this terrible crisis is already a sign that we are headed in the right direction and that we are vigilant in this area (never mind that we were at least eight years too late and that we ignored Yudel Shain's warnings about Finkel). Second, here at the OU, where most slaughterhouses in the US are certified for kashrus, we have instituted a number of important changes in our whole system. This is especially true in the packaging process, where we hope to create a system in which each piece of meat or chicken has a hologram, with its own UPC code that is tracked by computer. The labeling of the holograms will be done only by the mashgichim, and they will be the only ones who have access to these seals. This system has already been installed in the Montreal based Marvid Chicken slaughterhouse. We hope that in the very near future this system will also be implemented in slaughterhouses in the United States. Third, we are presently working on an education program geared toward our mashgichim as well as the consumer, to teach them what to look out for in kashrus(I already know what to look out for and stay away from: Corrupt agencies such as the OU and their corrupt "experts" and corrupt merchants such as Rubashkin). When you know what to look for, things look different.

Rabbi Don Levi, OK Labs (of Emerald Caterers and Mezonos Maven infamy):

"It is my opinion that there hasn't been ANY change in kashrus in the past year; the standards were not modified or improved. The only way to ensure that meat is not switched during the long trip from the slaughterhouse to the customer at home is to establish a sophisticated tracking system which will control the movement of every piece of meat, from the moment it leaves the slaughterhouse until it arrives at the butcher. IT IS EASY FOR AN UNSUPERVISED (RUBASHKIN?)TRUCK DRIVER TO SWITCH THE HOLOGRAMS FROM ONE PACKAGE TO ANOTHER, AND THERE IS NO PROTECTION IN THE CURRENT SYSTEM AGAINST THAT."

Rabbi MM Weissmandel, Nitra-Monsey, (of Rubashkin infamy):

"As long as the hologram system is not instituted, the root of the problem remains. I think it is the only solution to the problem. (In other words, don't blame me for the label switching at Rubashkin)".

Rabbi Shia Katz, Magrover Rav

"What happened last year is still very painful. In my opinion, this sort of thing can happen only in America and not in EY (not true, when you have corrupt mashgichim taking money on the side). That's because the way it's set up in Israel, the Rabbanim are paid by the kehillah and not by the companies, which means that they have no connection with the companies that produce the food."

Just some comic relief to get through the day.

steve said...

To Anon 3:49 AM 8/23/07:

I have two words for you my friend: "hishtadlus" and "bitachon". KOL TUV!

Help Protect Women said...


If any of you are computer geeks unsuspecting women need your help!

Jonathan Berkowitz (AKA: Yochanan Berkowitz, Johanatan Berkowitz, Jonathan Yochanan Berkowitz) either the Ohr Somayach (NY) goons are helping him -- or he hired someone to bury the information about his alleged sexual offenses on the internet. This is something that not even the Tendler brothers have done.

Berkowitz currently lives in Passaic and works as a social worker. On one web page it states that Berkowitz specializes in abuse issues. No kidding. He's an alleged sex offender!


Lakewood Vaad said...


At the request of the Lakewood Roshei Yeshivos and Lakewood Vaad: A large crowd is needed at 1:00PM this afternoon at the court-house on 4th Street to counter the NAACP crowd at the trial of R’ Elchonon Zimmerman. Rav Malkiel Kotler has already left the Bais Medrash and is on the way there as well.

The NAACP is expected to have a large crowd, and it’s imperative that the judge sees that R’ Elchonon Zimmerman has a large crowd backing him.

For all those unfamiliar: R’ Elchonon Zimmerman - a Choshuv Rebbe in Lakewood Cheder - was arrested when a black teenager, Jamarr Dickerson, cut through a private alley on Lawrence Avenue. Rabbi Zimmerman told the youth he was on private property and tried to take the teen’s picture with his cell phone camera. A scuffle ensued and, when a patrolman arrived, he found Rabbi Zimmerman detaining the youth by kneeling on his back.

He told police that he wanted to press charges against the teen, so police told him to file a complaint at the Lakewood Police station. When he showed up a few minutes later, he had a surprise waiting for him - he was arrested.

Rabbi Zimmerman was charged with simple assault, but the Ocean County-Lakewood branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has lobbied for bias crime charges to be filed because Dickerson told NAACP officials that several men surrounded the two and yelled racial slurs at Dickerson.

UPDATE 12:48PM: The trial of R’ Elchonon Zimmerman is taking place right now at the Lakewood Courthouse (on 4th Street). The Lakewood Roshei Yeshivos have arrived just a few moments ago [Rav Malkiel Kotler & Rav Yeruchim Olshin].

Who is This Lowlife? said...

Editors Note: Until there is a P’sak from a leading Posek to publicly post his name, it will not be exposed on Yeshivaworld. Thanks for your understanding.


Editors Response: Either one is fine. Email it to yweditor2@gmail.com


To YW Editor (Bungalow Colony Crooks)
August 22, 2007
Dear Editor, as an avid reader (and subscriber) to your wonderful website, I was hoping you would share my plight with the rest of the oilem in hopes that no one has to go through what I went through this summer.

Baruch hashem it was not life threatening, nothing illness related, or something of that nature.
I grew up my whole life spending summers with my family in bungalow colonies. As the years went by my parents (and my in-laws) moved up the food chain and bought summer homes in the mountains. I, and my siblings all spent our first few summers there after we all got married. Once our children got older or our families grew, my siblings all continued the chain and rented their own bungalows with their friends.

This year was my year to make the jump. Together with a small Chevra of my friends, we searched the mountains all winter to find our own colony to rent.

As we narrowed our search down, there was one place that had room for our entire Chevra; in this place we all had the option of renting 1, 2, or even 3 bedroom bungalows at rock bottom prices in the heart of the mountains.

You’re all reading and either saying impossible, or what’s the catch? The owner seemed like a very Ehrlich, Yeshivish, and trustworthy Ben torah. We all did our homework, and although we did hear not such great things (it was litoyeles) we decided what the worst case scenario is, we have to fix our own leaky sinks, and fix our own screen doors? We will deal with it.

Boy were we in for a surprise…… but we were not going to find out yet.

When we all met with this owner to sign our contracts and give him our postdated checks, two of us decided with the owner that if they pay up front before May, he will finish two brand new four bedroom units. Obviously the idea of paying upfront in February was a little taxing, but to have a brand new four bedroom unit? The owner said the reason why he wants their money upfront is he needs the money to finish these units.

Being the good friends that we are (or were) we all added in to our contracts that if these bungalows or if any of the other units we rent are not ready at the beginning of the summer, we would all get our money back. We even got the owner to sign this! All you legal eagles can debate if this is legitimate or not, and what chance we have in a court of law. Well, this was not the point. We only wanted the owner to see how serious we were as a group to move in, and to not mess anyone over (especially those two families in the four bedroom new units).

As it got closer to summer, we first realized we were dealing with a crook when he cashed all our checks two weeks early (again you legal eagles, feast away). Apparently, it was through a Gmach so that makes it legit, right? We didn’t make a big deal being it was so close to the summer. Regarding the new units, he used to give us such believable info like “the kitchen is coming in two days”, “the sheet-rock is already there”, “I might even put in a Jacuzzi” and etc. again, we bought his garbage.

Today I write this letter, after I packed up my family to move back to the city. My two friends never moved in this summer. They feel that besides the owner burning them, their friends did nothing to help. The kitchen is still sitting on the floor waiting to be installed etc. etc. Basically, my friends paid over seven thousand dollars each this summer for a bungalow that was never finished.

The first question you might ask is why didn’t we all pack up and move out like our contract stipulated? Well, we all saw that the bungalow was up, and all it needed was another few days of work until it is finished. So my friends move in a week late, worst case scenario two weeks? Besides when we hounded the owner (who has a new cell number every week) he assured us a few more days. Besides we all walked into it to examine ourselves, and saw with our own eyes exactly what had to be done.

My friends got back the first weeks rent the first week so we thought this owner means business.

Boy were we wrong.

The reason why I write this letter is to raise awareness with the entire oilem who goes upstate to be wary of owners who have a reputation. There is no reason why while I am in the city and the electric gets shut off because the owner did not pay his bills in months that I have to lay out thousands of dollars - being the owner was never there - and my wife (and others) are screaming on top of their lungs in the dark (oh and the check he gave me to reimburse me, bounced).

Or, after smelling a gas leak, to hear from the gas company that they will not come down to our colony unless the outstanding payments are paid (thank g-d for 911).

These are just a few stories. If you think my Chevra had it bad you should hear the stories from the other side of the colony like having a bungalow and when anyone flushes it all comes up under the porch- for three weeks.

Chevra beware of shady owners! Don’t let them think they can continue their crooked ways and bilking the next innocent crowd. It’s sad, but this owner advertises in ehrlich papers, and walks around like he is the next gadol hador, he sends his kids to respectable Bais Yaakovs and yeshivas and lives in a very frum neighborhood. Baruch hashem myself and my friends were raised properly and we will not do anything to stoop to this guys level. However, his day will come, and this guy owes us big, and lots of money.

If you or your friends are thinking about renting in the mountains next summer, let this be a lesson.

Thank you,
“Upset Upstate”

I heard about this guy- a Rasha Mroosha- he tells people whatever they want to hear just to get them off his back! I hope he loses his colony after these guys take legal action.
good luck

Comment by Challahback — August 22, 2007 @ 1:54 pm

I really feel bad for you. I was with the previous group for the past 5 years & we finally had enough & B/H found another place for all of us. He will say whatever you want to hear & never keep to any word of his. His checks will always bounce(I only know of 2 occasions when they didn’t)(VERY RARE) & it ends up costing you more b/c of bounce fees. I think everyone should know his name so they don’t get screwed also. ##### ###### IS A CROOK!!!! WHOEVER YOU ARE DO NOT EVER GO INTO ANY KIND OF DEALINGS WITH ##### #####!!! HE IS A DISGRACE TO FRUM YIDDEN & WILL GO STRAIGHT TO GIHENNOM FOR THE WAY HE DEALS WITH US!!

Editors Note: Until there is a P’sak from a leading Posek to publicly post his name, it will not be exposed on Yeshivaworld. Thanks for your understanding.

Comment by taubrus — August 22, 2007 @ 2:24 pm

i heard it was somewhere in Loch Sheldrake

Comment by Challahback — August 22, 2007 @ 2:31 pm

Loch Sheldrake….

What did you expect?

Ein oimrim Loch Sheldrake eiloh Loch Shel Dreck

Comment by Itzik_s — August 22, 2007 @ 3:16 pm

A few years ago I was in the same situation with the same bungalow colony. We heard crazy stories about the owner but wouldn’t belive them because the same crowd wanted to return for another summer. He told us that he didn’t want them back. We collected checks from my group and sent them to him. Some things weren’t entirely sent the way he asked for them. I received a phone call from him that day and realized from the conversation that he truly was a nutcase. Since it was a holiday weekend he couldn’t cash any checks for a couple of days. We decided to stay away from him and got the whole group to stop payments on all the checks before he could cash them.

The unbelievable stories that you hear about him are true. Stay away from this guy!!!

Comment by ChaimYankelZ — August 22, 2007 @ 3:58 pm

Bungalow Putz said...

I agree that colony owner is a bad guy because he wouldn't let me conduct my UOJ survey on his property.

Frankel's Shul Mizrach Vant said...

Dear Editor,
The last time I wrote you a letter, in February ?07, I mentioned that I am an Orthodox Jew serving a 22-year sentence for a white collar crime I did not commit. As such, I have been following the Jonathan Pollard case. In response to the recent call to contact the White House so that President Bush should have compassion on Mr. Pollard, I wrote a letter to which I received a reply.
In the August 10 edition of the Yated, a letter regarding Mr. Pollard was written by Rabbi Pesach Lerner. All those working on behalf of Mr. Pollard are to be commended and encouraged in fulfilling the mitzvah of pidyon nefesh. The denial of parole to Mr. Pollard after so many years with no public explanation is very sad and inexcusable.
Very few people know that in 1987, a law was passed that abolished parole for anyone entering the federal penal system after that date. Parole no longer exists at the federal level!
Anyone who has entered the federal system in the last 20 years has no hope of parole, even if the crime was a first-time offense, without a weapon or violence, and even if it does not involve national security. There are no exceptions, not even for ?model? prisoners.
Contrast this with the state criminal system in my state of residence, which makes people such as myself eligible for parole after serving 1/3 of their sentence. In many cases, the crime is the same, but the punishment different. It doesn?t make sense nor is it equal justice, but it is the reality that tens upon tens of thousands of federal inmates live with.
Jewish inmates such as myself simply want to return to our families, our homes, our communities, and our rabbeim as soon as possible. (I have five sons in yeshiva and two wonderful daughters.) This is impossible under current federal law. For us, parole is not even an option or a possibility.
May Jonathan Pollard receive a yeshuah from Hashem. May those working for his release experience a yeshuah.
Thank you.

Rabbi Israel Belsky said...

Don't count on me. If Kolko didn't get burned at Regency, I won't necessarily get involved.

Agudah Fresser said...

Neuhoff is right for another reason. I've heard that colony owner won't allow lavish Shabbos kiddushim on the lawn. What good is escaping to the bungalow if you can't Fress to your heart's content?

Jewish historian said...

Jewish history trivia:

Why did R' Aron Kotler name Beth Medrash "Govoha" that name?

שרעקליך said...


שרעקליך!!!! געשעפט אייגנטומער נוצט השגחה אנעם וויסן פונעם בעל מכשיר

ווי מען הערט פון מאנטריאל איז געווען אין געשעפט א פאלטשע צעטל פון דעם וואלעווער רב שליט"א אז דער געשעפט איז אונטער זיין השגחה, נעכטן דינסטאג האט דער רב ארויס געגעבן א בריוו אז עס איז פאלטש אין ער האט קיינמאל נישט געגעבן אויף דעם קיין השגחה.

עס רעדט זיך פון א טעק אט וואס איז אין א סופערמארקעט אין די געגענט ווי דער היימישער עולם פארט זומער אויף אפרי עס איז זייער נאנט צו די סאטמארע קאלעני וואס רופט זיך פריפאנטעין.

ווער עס ווייסט מער פרטים זאל עס דא שרייבן

Mipi R' Yaakov Kamenetzky zl said...


Very sharfe zog about too many chumros in Bais Yaakovs & yeshivos.

LVF said...


I nominate the above anon. at "3:49 AM, August 23, 2007" with the uoj award of the week post.

Please make his heartwrencing words into a post of it's own, it is well deserved.


Eckstein with his head in the Garbage said...


The trooper is a mentch but UOJ has told us all about Berish Freilich before.

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...

Yasher Koiech to the OU for their professional handling of Rubashkin & Le Marais.

רוב אפיקורסות רח"ל מתנוצץ באדם על ידי אכילת נבילות וטריפות, -תורת משה פרשת קדושים.

מאכלות אסורות פוגם אפילו בשוגג, אלא שיתשנה הפגם דבמזיד תעשה נפשו שקץ, ובשוגג תטמטם נפשו ונטמאת -אור החיים הקדוש פרשת שמיני

אין עבירה גדולה כל כך כמאכלות אסורות שמזה יצאו מדינות שלימות לתרבות רעה -שו"ת דברי חיים סימן ז'

למה משיח לא בא בשנת הכת"ר? – תשובה! עבור שוחטים קלים, -דרך הנשר, שמרו משפט

ביתינו אשר עדיין לא נבנה בימינו, והשכינה בגלות עדיין בעונינו? - מדוע לא בא בן ישי גם תמול גם היום ? עבור שוחטים שמאכילים נבילות וטריפות -ברית מטה משה על הגדה של פסח

מליון יהודים נהרגו בשנת ת"ח עבור שוחטים קלים-קב הישר פרק קב

שלשה וחצי מיליון יהודים יצאו מן הדת בגרמניה עבור שוחטים קלים -שו"ת דברי חיים

אכילת נבילות וטריפות חמור יותר מחילול שבת קודש -חפץ חיים

Rabbi Moishe Milstein said...

Fellow felons from Frankel's shul will owe me big time for this.

This is the real news clip. Not the one on YeshivaWorld where Eckstein deleted my name.


Two inmates challenging a ban on some religious books in chapel libraries at federal prisons are trying to take the fight nationwide, asking that their lawsuit be given class action status so it can benefit thousands of others behind bars.

The inmates, Moshe Milstein, an Orthodox Jew, and John J. Okon, a Protestant, filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Manhattan on Tuesday. They had brought a similar lawsuit two months ago but withdrew it after a judge said they needed to register complaints with the prison system first.

The men, held at the federal prison camp in Otisville, N.Y., about 75 miles northwest of midtown Manhattan, accused the government of the "indiscriminate dismantling of religious libraries" at federal prisons nationwide.

At the Rubashkin Meat Counter? said...

A few grocery stores in Flatbush have fleish concessions that run by Rubashkin and certified by the usual suspects plus Rabbi Hatchuel.



(Original publication: August 23, 2007)
ALBANY - Thirteen people have admitted defrauding the Medicaid system and have agreed to or are expected to pay restitution and fines, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said yesterday.

Hershl Schwartz, 55, purchased a false certification and billed Medicaid for care that he said he was giving to his father. However, Cuomo's office found that during the time he supposedly was providing those health services, he actually was working in a grocery store. He and two other aides pleaded guilty to felony grand larceny and are due in court for sentencing Oct. 24.

Gut Gezogt From Steve said...

Yeshaya 1:23

"Your leaders are wayward, and companions of thieves: every one loving gifts, and following after rewards: they judge not the fatherless, neither does the cause of the widow come unto them."

Some of our leaders today understand this passuk to be a list of commandments rather than rebukes.

Gershon the Schwindler Tannenbaum said...

No relation.


Miriam Schwinder, 58, also pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor, received a conditional discharge, and will pay $40,000 over the next five years.

Hershl Schwartz, 55, pleaded guilty to felony grand larceny and related charges.

The charges against the aides were based on their possession of falsified certification documents, and with respect to many of the aides, their lies about the hours they worked. Medicaid requires home health care aides – who primarily care for elderly patients, administer medication, and provide services such as catheter care, colostomy care and wound care – to successfully complete a training program licensed by the Department of Health or the State Education Department. All such aides must receive a minimum of 75 hours of training, including 16 hours of supervised practical training conducted by a registered nurse.

None of the aides received that training, and as a result, Medicaid was billed for ineligible services and Medicaid patients were given care by untrained aides. Two of the aides – Schwartz and Schwinder – were caring for family members, which is also not Medicaid-reimbursable.

Additionally, many of the aides worked concurrently for multiple home care service agencies, often submitting time sheets that, when put together, totaled more than 24 hours worked in a single day. In at least one case, Medicaid was billed for 36 hours of care provided for patients by one aide in a single day.

Leib Pinter said...

Until the judge's decision today, I thought I'd be laughing all the way to the bank.

Foreclosure filings in Brooklyn jumped 50.6 percent, from 581 to 875, in the past year according to RealtyTrac, the New York Times blog City Room reports. Citywide, foreclosure filings increased by 55 percent, with the highest increase in Queens (126.1 percent, to 882 filings).
Senator Charles Schumer issued this statement: “Anyone who thinks New York City is going to escape the subprime crisis is just plain wrong. The foreclosure storm that’s been brewing elsewhere in the country has now made its way to New York.


I would just like to defend myself. I did allow Yehudah Nussbaum to molest boys in my Yeshivah over a period of many years. I also should mention that I am a menace to the talmidim in my Yeshivah. I thought nobody will find out after I personally threatened the parents. I was choyteh in my miscalculations. I'm trying to make up for it by telling over wonderful stories like this one:

Shachris with the Skulener Rebbe Brings Success

The following story was told over by Reb Shlomo Mandel, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva of Brooklyn:

He has a relative, a diamond dealer, who was walking to the train station, in order to get to a very important business meeting. As he passed by the Skulener Beis HaMedrash, a man asked him to help the Skulener Rebbe, Reb Eliezer Zusia Portugal, complete a minyan for Shachris. The diamond dealer, who, of course, had already davened, responded that he was in a hurry, but the man convinced him to stay and help the Rebbe's minyan. He walked into the Shul and saw that they were still short the required ten for a minyan, but he was there already, so he stuck around. They finally gathered the required ten men and started to daven at the Rebbes usual deliberate pace. The man kept glancing at his watch and realized that he was going to miss his important business meeting. At this point, he couldn't leave and ruin the minyan, so he stayed.

To make a long story short, he missed his important meeting. However, that day turned out to be his most successful day in business ever, despite missing an important meeting. Reb Shlomo Mandel concluded, "after a Shachris with the Skulener Rebbe, of course it was his most successful day in business."

Hung Soo Low said...

The world's largest toymaker, Mattel, recalled more than 18 million Chinese-made toys in mid-August because of hazards from small magnets that can cause injury if swallowed, just two weeks after it recalled 1.5 million toys due to fears over lead paint.

Wal-Mart said it was asking suppliers to resubmit testing documentation for the toys it sells after Mattel's move.

Other Chinese export scares have hit toothpaste, animal food ingredients, tires, eels and seafood,spices, and deadly chemicals that found their way into cough medicine, killing patients in Panama.

Anonymous said...

Divided Panel Rules 'Seduction' Claims Against Rabbi Are Barred by N.Y. Law

Daniel Wise

New York Law Journal
August 24, 2007

A woman has no claims against a Rockland County, N.Y., rabbi who she alleges counseled her to have sex with him as a way of overcoming her problems in finding a husband, a divided Appellate Division, 1st Department, ruled Thursday.

The woman, Adina Marmelstein, asserts in Marmelstein v. Kehillat New Hempstead, 117629/05, that, as a result of the counseling, she and Orthodox Rabbi Mordecai Tendler had sexual relations for five years ending in 2005 after the rabbi had abused her emotionally and physically.

In a 3-2 ruling, the 1st Department dismissed the two remaining claims against Tendler as being barred by a state statute that specifically rules out a cause of action for seduction.

Lenore Kramer of Kramer & Dunleavy in Manhattan, who represents Marmelstein, said she will take the case to the Court of Appeals as a matter of right since there were two dissenting votes.

The Rockland County synagogue where Tendler presided, Kehillat New Hempstead, had not moved to dismiss Marmelstein's claim for negligent supervision against it, but will now move for summary judgment based on the 1st Department's ruling, said its lawyer, Marcy Sonneborn, of Molod, Spitz & DeSantis in Manhattan.

Tendler's lawyer, Glen S. Feinberg of Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker, said the rabbi is no longer associated with the 150-member synagogue, which he founded.

In her lawsuit, according to the majority opinion written by Justice Joseph P. Sullivan, Marmelstein averred that Tendler had advised her to have sex with him so that her "life will open up and men will come to her." She also claimed the rabbi had told her "he was as close to God as anyone could get" and having sex with him would be "her only hope."

Overlawyered said...


Glen Feinberg seems to be the first lawyer that Tendler managed to hang on to without the guy quitting.


Tendler, married and the father of eight, has consistently denied the allegations against him, but did not respond to inquiries from JTA seeking comment. His attorney, Glen Feinberg, said his client retains a large following in Rockland County. JTA asked Feinberg to encourage Tendler's supporters to contact JTA, but none did.


Two former patients at a psychiatric treatment center in Brewster, New York have filed a class action lawsuit alleging that the facility subjected them and countless other patients to abusive treatment in violation of federal and state laws barring discrimination against the mentally ill.

In May 2006, SLS went to court to prevent White Plains, New York, attorney, Glen Feinberg, from protesting outside the SLS facility in Brewster, New York. In court papers filed in opposition to SLS' application to bar his protest, Feinberg stated that his son was abused and mistreated while receiving treatment at SLS and that he went to SLS to warn other parents about the abuse. With the help of the New York Civil Liberties Union, Feinberg overturned the order barring his protest and resumed picketing in August 2006.

UOJ Agents should join forces with R' Yudel's people said...

R' Yudel also says in this thread that the Chof K has now become the most reliable major hashgocho. They don't play the games of the OU, OK, Star-K, etc.


Anonymous said...
Almost every restaurant and take out store I ask is selling Rubashkin. It's hard for my wife to cook often. So where is one to eat?

I show them the USDA documents in an effort to convice them to buy from other suppliers but they just shrug you off. In one place the guy got angry saying his friend at the OU knows better than any outside rabbonim and that you "can't believe" the Federal agents who nailed Rubashkin on health & safety issues.

Elliot Pasik, Call Your Office said...

At any rate, it seems that clergy abuse will need to be dealt with legislatively with a clearly drawn law defining its parameters. Barring that, unless this decision is overturned on appeal, it seems that Rabbi Mordechai Tendler's gift to New York will be a near-free pass for clergy to manipulate and bed the people who come to them for counseling.

Shmarya is a Fraud said...

I wonder if Shmarya is purposely lying by referring to the most vague and inaccurate account he could find of what happened. This fits more than one agenda of his. He's not just manipulating the news or promoting someone else's inaccurate version but he gets to bash Haredim who had a confrontation with his beloved melanin-endowed folks.

According to other accounts, which I have verified with bystanders, there was an ongoing problem with tresspassers. Zimmerman attempted to photograph Dickerson with his cellphone which is when Dickerson physically attacked him.

Let's see if Shmarya has enough honesty and integrity to investigate this and post an update. I for one am not holding my breath.

Too bad for Shmarya that he couldn't act as judge, jury and executioner in a pro-Negro kangaroo court to lynch the Haredi rabbi.

The judge of course still had to make some politically correct statements about Dickerson's skin color to pander to the NAACP and others.


(Judge) Basen cited several contradictions in Dickerson's testimony as one reason for finding Zimmerman not guilty.

"I am satisfied that there was an element of self-defense and an element of misunderstanding and that Mr. Zimmerman was attempting to restrain (Dickerson) until police got there," Basen said in his ruling.

During the trial, Zimmerman, a private school teacher, testified that he had left his synagogue and was walking to his house on Lawrence Avenue when he saw Dickerson turn into the private alley "looking behind him in a suspicious manner" and "walking with an exaggerated swagger."

When Zimmerman approached him holding out a cell phone, Dickerson swatted the phone, swore and hit him in the lip, according to Zimmerman. That's when Zimmerman held Dickerson face down in a choke hold until police arrived.

Zimmerman said he and others had been on "heightened alert" because of a then-unsolved sexual assault of an Orthodox girl that occurred in the area about 10 days earlier.

Sam Rosenbloom said...

So far, only Sruly Singer has been vocal about not buying from me.


Each year our succah is assembled for the U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C.

We don't want to drop names but......

our succahs are enjoyed by Edgar Bronfman

New Hempstead said...

Mordy Tendler gave off all the warning signs of a two faced fraud. He proclaimed himself Chief rabbi of the village and tried fighting any other shul from opening. When rabbonim, who are much more frum than him and who also follow his grandfather R' Moishe wanted to make an eruv, Tendler said they were stepping on R' Moishe's kovod and ordered his followers to tear down the eruv. He also tried interfering with the O&R Utility who helped make the eruv.

I guess the ugly and weird looking Putz was being mechabed his grandfather when committing adultery with married women.

Seruv against Samuel Rosenbloom said...


Thursday, August 23, 2007
Succos is Coming - WARNING: Sam Rosenbloom Refuses To Give His Wife A Get

As you know, either a man or woman refusing to give or accept a get (Jewish divorce) to allow a marriage to fully dissolve thereby holding the spouse hostage, is entirely unacceptable and intolerable.

Our community takes this issue very seriously and has made great efforts to help resolve conflicts from recalcitrant spouses both in the past and unfortunately in the present. I ask you therefore, to please respect the announcement below from the OU and to not purchase from succah.com or have any connection with its proprietor, Sam Rosenbloom.

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, Senior Rabbi
Boca Raton Synagogue

Seruv Against Sam Rosenbloom (A Seruv is a declaration that a person is in contempt of a beit din a Jewish Court of Law)
August 09, 2007

The owner of the website described below, www.succah.com, is in violation of Jewish law, in that he has not given his wife a get, a Jewish divorce decree. He has failed to comply with an order issued by the Baltimore Bet Din (Jewish court). Until he gives his wife a get, she is not permitted to remarry under Jewish law.

Sam Rosenbloom has a seruv issued against him by the Baltimore Bet Din. A copy of the seruv can be viewed at www.getora.com/seiruvim.htm

Mr. Rosenbloom owns and operates an on-line sukkah business at http://www.succah.com . We strongly recommend that no Jewish person buy from his website, that no synagogue grant him an aliyah or other religious honor or benefit, and that no Jewish family invite Mr. Rosenbloom into their home or otherwise provide him with Yom Tov or Shabbat hospitality.

Yankel Applegrad said...

I hope Zimmerman didn't have any relatives in YTT. I'd hate to see Yudi Kolko get beaten up again at another bris.

hillel fendel said...

Rabbinate Stats: 180 Women, 185 Men 'Chained' by Spouses

by Hillel Fendel

A recent study of unresolved divorce cases over the past two years in the Chief Rabbinate shows that some 180 women are "chained" to their husbands, while a slightly higher amount of men are "chained" to their wives.

Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan, the Director-General of the Rabbinical Courts, says this shows that "the claims by women's organizations of thousands of women whose husbands refuse to give them divorces have no basis in reality."

In addition, the numbers show that men are slightly more likely than women to fall victim to "divorce blackmail" by their spouse.

A spouse becomes "chained" when the divorce proceedings have ended, yet his or her spouse refuses to agree to the divorce. A woman suffers more in this situation, as she is Biblically forbidden to marry again, and children she might bear to another man would be considered bastards according to Halakhah [Jewish Law]. A man is similarly not permitted to marry before being divorced, but the ban is much less severe, and in any event his future children will not be considered illegitimate.

The Rabbinate considered the 942 divorce cases that were opened before 2005 and were still unresolved by the end of 2006 - a fraction of the cases that were opened during the period in question. Some 16,000 divorce proceedings are begun each year.

Specifically, the review analyzed nearly 350 of the unresolved cases - but which were active in 2005 - and came up with the following numbers: Some 19% remain open because the husband refuses to grant a divorce, while about 20% are open because of the wife's refusal.

Another 13% of the cases remain unresolved because of monetary disputes between the husband and wife. Herein lies a tricky phenomenon, however. "How do we know that the words 'monetary dispute' do not conceal a demand by one of the sides to pay high sums of money for the other's consent to a divorce?" So asked Arutz-7 of Haggai Seri, founder of the "Fathers" Organization, a once-divorced, twice-married activist on behalf of husbands' rights.

"The question is a correct one," Seri said, "and each case must be carefully checked. There are cases where just demands are being made, and others that are simply out of spite. For instance, I know a case where the wife stipulated a custody agreement giving the husband three days a week of rights, compared to her four; the husband said, 'We are parents equally, and until you recognize that, you won't get a divorce.' The very next day, she changed the agreement to reflect a 50-50 division... That is not considered blackmail, but rather his right to gain what he clearly deserves."

The Knesset, at the end of its recent session this summer, voted into law a bill that allows Rabbinical courts to impose sanctions on spouses who refuse to grant a divorce. Seri said he welcomes the law, "but only if it is imposed bilaterally, and not only on husbands."

The law authorizes the courts to issue restraining orders to recalcitrant spouses - orders that can forbid him/her to leave the country, hold a driver's license or bank account, or even, in some cases, to hold a job. The courts can even, in extreme cases, order his or her incarceration or, if he/she is already in prison, their isolation. The sanctions can also include the confiscation of monies and property, as well as the full or partial negation of payments and stipends.

"The bill is designed to force a divorce in cases where the Court has decided that one must be issued," said MK Zevulun Orlev (NRP), who sponsored it together with Likud MK Gideon Saar.

Leopold Margulies said...

Applegrad, we need to create a diversion at Brissen. We'll send our shlock shamess Neuhoff to conduct his UOJ survey. The crowd probably won't notice Yudi and will attack Neuhoff instead.

Vicky Polin said...

I want you to know that New York is amongst one of the worst states in our country when it comes to protecting the rights of those who have been sexually violated.

Simcha Kaufman said...

I think setting up the Bungalow Putz as the fall guy would be too obvious. We need someone else so the trail doesn't lead back to us. We could get Neuhoff's friend Gilligan Student to give his speech where he panders to both sides of the UOJ machlokes.

JWB said...

All this current decision means is that we will now have to wait for a further appeal. Hopefully this will be the case that changes/clarifies NY law in this area. A strong court of appeal decision would be a very significant victory against Mordecai Tendler and has kind. If not, then hopefully it will spur legislative change in this area. Either way it is for now but a minor technical win for Tendler who avoids the opportunity (at least for now) to have the issues dealt with in an open impartial forum. It certainly was not won on the factual basis of the case but on a narrow technical point of law. The earlier decision of Justice Jane S. Solomon and the strong dissents of Justice John W. Sweeny Jr. and Justice Milton L. Williams hopefully reflect where the law in this area is going.

The Pinters are Scumbags said...


Bias Claims Proceed Against Seller of 'Damaged' Homes
Mark Fass
New York Law Journal

A series of federal lawsuits filed by eight black first-time homebuyers alleging that New York's United Homes targeted minorities as part of a conspiracy to sell over-valued, broken-down homes financed with predatory loans will go forward following a federal judge's rejection of the defendants' motions to dismiss.

Eastern District of New York Chief Judge Raymond J. Dearie in Brooklyn whittled the parties' "protestation and hyperbole" down to two core issues: Did the plaintiffs sufficiently plead their racial discrimination claims and were the claims against the individual defendants -- about a half dozen lawyers, appraisers and lenders, along with the president of United Homes, Yaron Hershco -- pleaded with sufficient specificity?

Dearie found in favor of the plaintiffs on both accounts and, aside from the dismissal of a few comparatively minor causes of action, allowed the cases to go forward in their entirety.

"[G]iven both the general and specific allegations in the pleadings, it should be acknowledged that even the most casual reading would leave no one in doubt of what is being alleged," the judge wrote in Barkley v. Olympia Mortgage, 04cv875. "And the highly interdependent nature of the alleged scheme underscores the contribution of each defendant to the conspiratorial endeavor."

After responding to ads on the subway or local newspapers promising "We Make Dreams Come True," the plaintiffs were rushed through a streamlined process in which the various defendants conspired to sell them overpriced, defective houses at unfair mortgage rates based on a succession of misrepresentations, according to the complaints.

Plaintiff Sandra Barkley, for example, found out after purchasing her home -- a process that took less than two weeks from contacting United Homes through closing -- that the value of the Bedford-Stuyvesant home she purchased for $359,000 was overstated by the company's appraiser by more than $100,000, according to her complaint.

Mary Lodge, a retired nurse's aide living on a $400 monthly Social Security check, discovered the company's $420,000 appraisal nearly doubled the actual value of her home, she alleged. One of the house's two promised rental units could not be legally leased, she claimed, and the contracted-for repairs resulted simply in new carpeting over a rotting, hole-ridden floor.

The defendants -- United Homes, its subsidiaries, attorneys Michael Cheatham, Benjamin Turner, and mediator Edward L. Schiff, among others -- moved to dismiss, setting forth numerous defenses.

They argued, among other things, that the buyers failed to allege "discriminatory intent" as required under the federal statutes.

Dearie disagreed, citing the claims regarding United Homes' targeting of minorities and its execution of its "fraudulent scheme."

"[P]laintiffs allege that United Homes used advertising featuring minority consumers," the judge wrote. "They also allege that the company placed ads in the Caribbean Life community newspaper that serves the West Indian immigrant community, while not advertising in community papers that are part of the same newspaper chain but serve primarily white neighborhoods."

The court also cited one plaintiff's claim that he was shown houses only in minority neighborhoods and other plaintiffs' claims of "race-conscious outreach strategies," including pairing a black buyer with a black salesman who promised he "takes care of 'his own.'"

Dearie concluded, "Taken together, these allegations permit the inference that defendants sought to lure minority homebuyers into fraudulent transactions."

Schiff, who is of counsel at Hartman & Craven, represented himself. He could not be reached for comment.

Court records do not list an attorney for Benjamin Turner, who could not be located for comment.

All Roads Lead to Pinter said...


Legal Claims Proliferate From Mortgage Meltdown
By Beth Bar

August 16, 2007

As fallout from the collapse of the high-risk mortgage industry continues, the types of legal claims stemming from the scandal are beginning to take shape.

Nosson Scherman & Fartscroll said...

EXCUSE US!!! Rabbi Leib Pinter is a scholar of note who authors a volume on *** ETHICS *** that we publish.

Please stop trying to bug us as we also have several Pinter relatives on our payroll.

More Crazy Hungarians said...


In recent weeks, Zsa Zsa has been in the news -- albeit marginally so. Prince Frederic von Anhalt, her ninth husband, to whom she has been married since 1986, was recently found naked in his Rolls-Royce, bound and gagged. He claimed that three women he had stopped to help near the Bel Air Country Club had robbed him. The police are investigating.

A few weeks before that, the prince was in the news, claiming that he was the biological father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby and had been having a long-term affair with her. Not very nice to Zsa Zsa, particularly as the paternity suit did not go his way.

Two years ago, the prince and Zsa Zsa filed a lawsuit against her daughter, Francesca Hilton, charging, among other things, elder abuse, negligence and fraud, in a dispute over whether Francesca was entitled to certain monies relating to a Bel Air property. The lawsuit is ongoing.

Francesca is Zsa Zsa's only child, the daughter of her marriage to Conrad Hilton, the hotel chain magnate. Paris Hilton is Conrad's great-granddaughter.

Zsa Zsa has acknowledged that her grandmother was Jewish -- some sources say her father or his family converted to Catholicism -- which was not uncommon for that generation of Hungarian Jews, who chose the religion more for the potential social advancement than as a question of faith.

During Zsa Zsa's teens, Jolie tried to launch her career by entering her in beauty contests -- first in Budapest, then in Vienna. Although Zsa Zsa did not win, she landed a role in a Richard Tauber operetta and received enough attention when she got home that she had several suitors. She married a much older Turkish diplomat who took her off to Ankara, where Zsa Zsa made a great impression on the Turks (she was rumored to have had an affair with Kemal Ataturk, founder of the Turkish Republic).

By 1939, Eva was in Hollywood, launching her acting career. Magda, who had married an impoverished Polish count, remained in Budapest. During World War II, Magda became active in resistance activities as a driver for the International Red Cross. An affair with the Portuguese consul gave her access to false papers, which saved the lives of many, including her parents.

Zsa Zsa arrived in Los Angeles in 1941 on what was to be the first stop in a nationwide scout for a new husband. However, shortly after arriving, she was spotted at Ciro's by Hilton, a committed Catholic who had divorced his first wife but said he never intended to remarry.

Nevertheless, he fell under Zsa Zsa's spell and married her. She claimed that she, too, married for love (and at a much later date on a television show she passed a lie detector test when asked about it).

Still, the marriage only lasted five years. Hilton reportedly was tortured by the guilt of not being able to take communion and thwarted in his attempts to teach his wife thrift. Zsa Zsa was disappointed by Hilton's constant absences due to his business and the priority he placed on the hotels over her.

In 1946, at the time they began their highly public divorce proceedings, she was pregnant with their daughter, Francesca.

Shortly after Francesca's birth, Zsa Zsa experienced a bout of mania, characterized by volatile behavior, irrational spending splurges (even by Gabor standards) and dark, paralyzing depressions that led Eva to hospitalize her. Zsa Zsa was given insulin shock treatments. Upon her recovery, she turned on Eva, saying there was nothing wrong with her.

Overlawyered said...


I'm surprised that a big shot like Ed Schiff would get involved with pishers like Pinter and Yaron Hershco. This guy is big time and has lectured at Columbia and NYU.

Benjamin Turner is mistomma a haymishe guy. His office is at 2800 Kings Hwy.


It could turn out to be an even bigger scandal with Michael CHEATham. His father is a NYC Marshall. I wonder if he was involved with the Pinter corruption like when Pinter bribed Senator Dan Flood in the 1970s.

Yosef Gutnick said...


All's well that ends well.

Son of Boog said...

Hey Scherman, Pinter books from Fartscroll serve one purpose. One can rip out the pages as tush wipes.

one very sick bastard said...

Plaintiff alleges that Mordecai Tendler repeatedly advised that her "only hope" of achieving her goal of getting married and having children was to engage in a course of "sexual therapy" with him.

We must respectfully disagree with the majority that this is merely a seduction case. Rather, Tendler clearly exploited the vulnerability of plaintiff to attain his own ends. Allegations of this type of conduct have been held to be sufficient to survive a CPLR 3211 motion to dismiss (see Sanchez v Orozco, 178 AD2d 391, 394 [1991], where the court reinstated the cause of action seeking damages for emotional distress, based upon the allegation that the defendant psychiatrist had persuaded the plaintiff to have sexual relations with him for her to obtain "therapeutic benefit"; see also Noto v St. Vincent's Hosp. & Med. Ctr. of N.Y., 160 AD2d 656 [1990] lv denied 76 NY2d 714 [1990]). The IAS court thus correctly denied defendant's motion to dismiss this cause of action, and I would vote to affirm.

It gets worse... said...

Plaintiff alleges that she was induced by defendant Mordecai Tendler to engage in this physical relationship "as part of a course of sexual therapy which he represented would lead to her achieving her goals of marriage and children." He told her she was "closed to the possibility of finding a husband" and "would never find a husband in her current state." He advised her "to permit him to have sexual intercourse with her so that her life will open up and men will come' to her." He told her he "was as close to God as anyone could get," and engaging in sexual relations with him would be her "only hope." The relationship did not lead to the outcome plaintiff desired. Rather, she alleges, defendant "physically and emotionally abused [her] for his own sexual pleasure and gratification," and warned that if she told anyone about their sexual relationship he "would have her placed in a straight jacket," "have her put in the penitentiary," and "would turn the community against her."

boog said...

Looks like it's time to physically expand Otisville. More housing units will be needed.

Hey Milstein! Nice lawsuit you instigated this week against the Otisville Hanhalah demanding they restore all Seforim and Library materials they had removed. My, my what terrible deprivation you're suffering!

Had you only listened to the Seforim when you were free.

Anonymous said...

Just an example what getting turned off by yiddishkiet can cause one to resort to. Hashem yirachem!!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Eckstein's father is friends with Milstein? They both live near Kings Hwy and it would explain why Eckstein doctored a newspaper article to remove Milstein's name.

Eckstein also probably had Scheinerman as a rebbe in high school. That would explain why he's the only Putz defending Scheinerman's lies about Halberstam's mikva, even after an assifa of 40 rabbonim came out against Scheinerman's motzee shem ra.

When Shmarya is right, he's right said...

I wanted to give the Jewish Press a chance to respond to my Thursday, August 23 post revealing the gross plagiarism committed by one of its most well-known columnists, Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum.

To do that, immediately after posting the original story, I emailed Jason Maoz, the editor of the Jewish Press. I sent a link to the story, asked him for his response, and included four specific questions.

Many hours later, when Jason Maoz had not responded, I called the Jewish Press to speak with him. I was told he had left the office moments before. At the secretary's suggestion, I left him a voice mail. He did not respond to that, either.

Here are the qustions I asked Maoz in that email:

1. What is the JP policy on plagiarism?

2. How does this policy effect a regular, weekly columnist who has violated it?

3. Will Rabbi Tannenbaum's column be withdrawn?

4. Will he remain a weekly columnist?

Rabbi Tannenbaum is said to be close to members of the Klass family, founders of the Jewish Press. This may explain why a plagiarized column is still posted on its website without correction or emendation more than two full days after being notified of the theft. It may also explain why a man with a thirty-plus-year record of fraud and SEC violations has a weekly column in "America's largest independent Jewish newspaper," and the current silence of it's editor, Jason Maoz, as well.

JS Blog said...


It is believed the convicted Rabbi discussed at the end of this article is Rabbi Mordechai Yomtov formerly of Chabad Chedar Menachem School. Rabbi Mordechai Yomtov is in violation of his parole by not registering on the California Sex Offender registry.

Dealing With Schmutz
By David Suissa
Jewish Journal - August 17, 2007


The other day, a remarkable neighbor named Dennis Brown was telling me about a Chasidic kid who had rebelled against his parents and his religious lifestyle and gotten into drugs. After a couple of rough years, he got professional help, sobered up and started reconnecting with his observant upbringing. He was even enjoying going to shul on Shabbat. But there was a little detail that drove his parents nuts.

The kid wore pleated pants.

For the parents, it wasn't very "chassidishe" to wear pleated plants. They saw it as a sign of secular fashion. Not a good omen. So when they met with Dennis to discuss the boy's progress, they brought up the pleated pants.

Dennis went ballistic.

When Dennis goes ballistic, he has to tell you he's going ballistic, because you can't tell from his body language. Nothing changes on this man's face. It's sculpted in granite.

Still, when he told me the story of the pleated pants, you could see the emotion smoldering beneath the surface. He had spent many long hours working with the kid. He had helped turn his life around. He was counting his blessings. Meanwhile, the parents were sitting there kvetching about pleated pants. How could they be so blind?

This notion of blindness is a common theme in the life of Dennis, a Chasidic Jew and professional counselor in his early 60s who runs the state-certified Ness Counseling Center in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood. Dennis deals with what he calls "the schmutz of life" on a daily basis -- physical and sexual abuse, drugs, marital and family problems, wife beating, pleated pants.

As I sat with him in his office right off La Cienega Boulevard, with the famous gaze of the Lubavitcher Rebbe hovering above us from a picture on the wall, he kept going back to the theme of blindness.

"People see what they want to see", he said. "The parents [of the Chasidic kid] were blind to the pain that got him into drugs in the first place, and when he started to get out of it, they were blind to his progress. They could only see the pleated pants."

Although the Ness Center caters to everyone, Jew and non-Jew alike, the majority of their cases are with Orthodox Jews -- perhaps, as he says, because the Orthodox prefer to deal with one of their own, especially when highly sensitive subjects are involved.

Dennis is not naive. He understands his insular Orthodox community. There's always a good reason to sweep the schmutz under the carpet: It's a desecration of God's name for a Jew wearing a yarmulke to do something immoral or criminal; it puts an indelible stain on the community; it can ostracize a family and make it hard for their children to find a good mate. He's heard it all.

And what happens when all hell breaks loose? When a woman has taken one too many blows? Or when a kid is about to overdose?

Well, that's usually when they call Dennis -- when much of the damage has already been done.

That's why Dennis rails against blindness. He sees a greater shame in hiding the schmutz than in confronting it early and honestly. He tells victims of abuse not to wait until it gets unbearable. He wants to see people before the pain gets too deep.

Strangely, as I listened to Dennis talk about the vile stuff he's seen in his 30 years of working in the field, I didn't sense in him any feeling of Jewish or communal shame. For this ultra-Orthodox Jew with a long white beard, when it comes to human behavior, there is no Jew or non-Jew, no Orthodox or non-Orthodox. There are only humans. He doesn't see a black hat or a yarmulke or a wig. He sees a kid who's misunderstood. A wife who's overwhelmed. Parents who don't get it. A man with a sickness. A woman who needs immediate protection.

He sees pain and sickness, before he sees religion and shame.

His forthrightness hasn't always endeared him to the Orthodox community. A few years ago, when an Orthodox rabbi was convicted of child abuse and had spent time in jail, a group of Orthodox rabbis and leaders got together to raise funds to help the convicted rabbi leave town. When they contacted Dennis for help, he told them what they didn't want to hear: They should use the money to get the convicted rabbi professional help, not to help him take his sickness somewhere else.

In other words, he wanted them to open their eyes and see the real problem: a Jewish man with a sickness and potential future victims, rather than a community with a black eye.

The man ended up leaving town.

The notion of sickness as applied to human behavior is not a popular one in Torah-observant circles. Abusive and aberrant behavior is usually seen as a failure of character. If you follow the Torah, you should never have to use drugs or abuse anyone. When someone cracks -- when human reality trumps Torah observance -- the instinct is not to deal with the problem, but to circle the wagons and defend the honor of the community.

Dennis is encouraged that emerging groups like Aleinu and Aish Tamid, with the support of many Orthodox rabbis, are trying to deal honestly with the "dark side of life," which no part of the Jewish world is immune to, even the Torah observant.

When I ask him if it's better for the image of the Orthodox community, in the long run, to deal honestly and openly with their troubled elements, I see a hint of impatience in his granite face. Clearly, this man has little time to ponder notions like "long term" and "image."

There's a woman on the phone waiting to speak to him and, apparently, she's quite agitated.

Let's hope she's not calling about pleated pants.

David Suissa, an advertising executive, is founder of OLAM magazine and Meals4Israel.com. He can be reached at dsuissa@olam.org.

Anonymous said...

I have verified 100% that the pic on the cover of the Hamodia magazine was taken 4 years ago. Don't be fooled. They are doing NOTHING!!!

Vote Schmuck Schumer out of Office said...

He wants taxpayers to shell out $100 million to pay for (all the victims of Pinter's fraud and) every Putz who acted on his own to buy a house he couldn't afford.


Sen. Charles Schumer has asked federal officials to help overextended homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgages.

In a letter, Schumer asked Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to give $100 million to a variety of nonprofit housing groups to help troubled consumers refinance their homes.

Anonymous said...

Yosef Cohen aka Yusuf Khattab - a meshumad to Islam is mentally unstable. He makes it look like in the interview that he is frum from birth from Brooklyn.

He was actually born and raised as Reform or Conservative in the Albany area. He became a BT as a chossid living in Brooklyn.

Observant Jew said...

The majority of people who bought a house in the past 5 years could not afford it. Most of them knew it before signing on the dotted line. The Oylem Goylem will do anything to live in the house of their dreams for a few years if the banks let them get away with it.

This is akin to people who choose to live in New Orleans. They know the entire city is below sea level and a disaster waiting to happen. Now they want us to pay for their foolish choices.

Anonymous said...

What's on the cover of Hamodia?

Frankels shul mizrach vant said...

We appreciate Boog's idea of expanding Otisville. It's very hard to get one of the only 71 beds available. You need major protekzia from politicians and Uncle Milty. Otisville is the first choice minimum security facility. It's known as Club Fed because it's almost like a country club.

Milton Balkany said...

The YTT gang is very worried there aren't enough beds for all of them at Otisville and whether criminals involved in sexual assaults and cover ups can even get into a prison populated by stam ganovim.

YTT Insider said...

Uncle Milty doesn't know the half of it. Margo thinks he's entitled to two beds at Otisville to fit his big rump.

boog said...

Hey Frankels Mizrach [Sch]vantz;

Per square inch you have more Tinaf Tinofsim than any Congregation in the USA.

Anonymous said...

I must point out that one of the examples cited -of a MO gone bad- is in fact not that at all.

Anon wrote:

"And why didn’t he give a drasha in Teaneck about Ze’ev Kopolevitch who was convicted of rape and statutory rape after doing this for over 20 years in the Mizrachi’s flagship yeshiva, Netiv Meir in Jerusalem. Old news, huh?"

Zeev Kopolovich is in fact a charedi Jew who was hired By the Mizrahi yeshiva Netiv Meir. He is neither Mizrachi nor MO. In fact he is a Chassidishe who was thrown out of his shul whenb the scandal broke.

SO who is corrupting the MO youth?

Anonymous said...

Yosef Cohen aka Yusuf Khattab - a meshumad to Islam is mentally unstable. He makes it look like in the interview that he is frum from birth from Brooklyn.

He was actually born and raised as Reform or Conservative in the Albany area. He became a BT as a chossid living in Brooklyn.
Granted that he was a BT. But does that make him an unstable person? According to your theory any person that converts from any religion to Satmar or other denominations of judaism should also be UNSTABLE. Did you ever think that certain aspects of satmar as well as orthodoxy (today) is ~UNSTABLE ~?

Mr Moose said...

Any resonable person has known for years that their are two true things in the Jewish Press: the date and the price.

Frankel's Mizrach Shvantz said...

"Per square inch you have more Tinaf Tinofsim than any Congregation"

Der Mizrach Vant is especially saturated.

Frankels Lowlife Watch said...

Virtually everyone in that place is a lowlife. You wouldn't believe how many of them have some kind of criminal record, wormed out of being nailed in an investigation or have some other skeleton in the closet.

There have been many incidents where everyone in Frankels stood by silent while one of their chevrah harmed someone. They don't talk about their own kind. Because most of them have their own schmootz, they cover for each other.

Many people have been burned in business by these lowlifes and their have been other horror stories like shidduchim and real estate fiascos, etc.

Do you know how many scandals emanate from there? From nursing homes to David Schick, the list is very long.

Even though there is a shita in Chazal that there never was an Ir Hanidachas, everyone is maskim that a place can still have the simonim.

Luke fan said...

Looks like Ohel is trying to cover for themselves after Luke Ford exposed the story about how they handle foster children. Ohel is now posting fluffy articles about the wonderfull care the foster kids get. Why dont they post the stories form all the ones that are being abused and exploited like luke does.
to see the fluff. Keep up the good work Luke Ford!!!!

Ohel said...

Some of Ohels donors.
Ruthy and Ari Jungreis of Lawrence, NY 515 Ocean Avenue

Fairmont Funding, The Americare Companies, Main Event Caterers, Ossies Fish, Magnificent Marble, Kushner Roofing
Louis "Elly" Libin

Anonymous said...

CHAIM ..........

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Please note---The hackers are working overtime---they know what's coming!

If we're hacked, go to Shmarya's site for our new blog address.

boog said...


Maybe a peek at the Coming attractons?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


Soon...There are the final touches. It will blow up the entire Yeshiva/charedi crowd...Again!

There's a very important one going up tonight.

cavemanrabbi said...

y do u insult and denigrate garbage by using it to describe these purvs?

Anonymous said...

I think the thanks for this case belongs ONLY to those who have been sexually violated by this alleged sexual predator. If it was not for the survivors having the courage to bear witness Mondrowitz "secret hobby" would have never been known.

Anyone else who takes credit for this case should be ashamed of themselves. The pain and suffering that someone who has been violated is life long. Those who help survivors are doing the work of Hashem. For anyone else to take the credit is inconceivable.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that my non-Jewish wife Mia Farrow left me (that's right, I'm Jewish) when she found out I had a pedophilic relationship with the young girl orphan we adopted.

Woody's scum but no pedophile. Pedophilia is sexually attraction to pre-pubescent children. Attraction to pubescent adolescents is called ebophilia. Attraction to post-pubescent adolescents is called normal. Of course in earlier times post-pubescent adolescents were already married with children.

Mainar G. Krebbs said...

Who tipped off Mondrowitz in the eighties advising him that he was soon to be arrested?

Dovid Cohen of Gvul Yaavetz the molester rabbi at Ohel Children's Services wanted to prevent a super scandal at Ohel. He knew all along what Mondrowitz was doing to the children at Ohel, but did not care. Cohen (a true ben grusha and challal- he cannot duchan) was fully aware of the sodomy rapes of young boys at Ohel by other pervert staff members as well, such as Simcha Adler -See NY Post Article on the Awareness Center. Remember, Dovid Cohen the dirty sneak was the "rabbi" that advised his congregant to pay a bribe for the former Judge Garson at the Brooklyn Supreme Court in a divorce custody battle. The only way to stop Dovid Cohen YM"S is to give him the negative publicity he truly deserves. Dovid Cohen should be booted out of Camp Munk located in Ferndale, New York where he spends the summer. David Cohen cannot be trusted and he should not be permitted around any children. I AM SURE THIS BLOG WILL BE THE BEGINING OF HIS END.