Monday, December 14, 2009

Rabbi Reuvein Feinstein Head Of The Cover-up For Leib Tropper!

EJF Updates Press Releases

Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel Assumes EJF Leadership, Rav Leib Tropper Steps Down

Statement by the Eternal Jewish Family

The Eternal Jewish Family (EJF) announces today that Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel, the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Zichron Moshe in South Fallsburg and one of the leading Gedolei Hatorah internationally, has agreed to assume the position of Chairman of the Rabbinic Committee of the Eternal Jewish Family following an announcement that Rav Leib Tropper has resigned that position effective December 12, 2009. Rav Wachtfogel joins a distinguished board of rabbinic and halachic authorities who oversee the activities of EJF, headed by Rav Reuven Feinstein, Chairman of the Halachic Committee (US), Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu (Europe) and Rav Shmuel Eliezer Stern (Av Bais Din of Rabbi Wosner’s Bais Din – Israel).

EJF also announced that Rabbi Chaim Blum, EJF’s liaison to the network of Botei Din in the Torah community, has agreed to serve as interim director of EJF. The organization operates offices in the US, Europe and Israel with international headquarters in Monsey NY. In accepting the position, Rabbi Blum said: “The recent announcement by Rav Tropper that he is resigning his post at EJF is accepted with sadness and regret but we appreciate the years of dedication and service he brought to the organization. His vision, expertise and leadership significantly contributed to EJF’s success. The announcement by some of the world’s leading Torah authorities that they will take an increased role in the Eternal Jewish Family is testimony of the organization’s strength and commitment to its core mission. The many people who benefit from EJF’s activities should know that the organization remains fully committed to its important mission, one which has helped thousands of people in their pursuit of a Jewish life.”

Statement by Rabbi Leib Tropper

I have decided to resign my position at the Eternal Jewish Family (EJF) effective December 12, 2009 to pursue a variety of other interests.

As a founder of EJF, I am proud of my role of being an architect of a very dynamic and important movement in our community. I will in the coming months do my utmost to be of service to the Jewish community in any way I can. I am extremely enthusiastic that a distinguished Torah personality of the stature of Rav Ela Ber Wachtfogel has agreed to assume my position of Chairman of the Rabbinic Committee and that Rabbi Chaim Blum has agreed to serve as interim director of EJF. I wish every continued success to EJF, its rabbinic leadership and the extraordinary team of dayanim and dedicated individuals that serve the organization in many parts of the world.

Statement by Rav Reuven Feinstein, President of Halachic Committee on EJF

It is with a deep sense of regret and yet renewal that I note a change in leadership of the Eternal Jewish Family that includes the agreement by Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel to serve as Chairman of the Rabbinic Committee of the Eternal Jewish Family. I hope that Rav Leib Tropper’s decision to resign his position at EJF will serve him and his family well. At the same time, I have also agreed to take on a more active role in overseeing all of the halachic nuances of EJF in assuring that all universally accepted conversions are in compliance with the highest standards of halacha. I wish to reassure the community that EJF will continue to be guided by the highest halachic standards under the leadership of the Gedolei Yisroel, headed by Rav Wachtfogel and myself in the US, Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu in Europe and Rav Shmuel Eliezer Stern in Israel.


Personally, I believe and have believed for years that Tropper is a low-life of the worst order; I put him in the same category of unconscionable scumbags along with Shalom, Mordecai and Aron Tendler.

Rabbi Leib Tropper, EJF head, allegedly verbally coerced, manipulated and negotiated various sex acts and other perversions with a female conversion candidate -- for himself and others.

Any person or persons wishing to submit additional confidential reports of sexual abuse or solicitiation of sexual favors by Rabbi Leib Tropper, or scandalous verifiable information about the organization known as the Eternal Jewish Family, EJF, are invited to send whatever information they deem appropriate to:


My message to Reuvein Feinstein:

If you think you can cover up this scandal and blame the victims, I'll come after you with everything I have!

Reuvein --- this house of prostitution called EJF should be shut down!



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POd said...

Why did you take down the last post, oh brave one?

Paul Mendlowitz said...

It will all make sense in the next 24-48 hours.

Anonymous said...

Is Leib Tropper related to the Tropper in LA that opened the "home school" Yeshiva?

Anonymous said...

The guy in L.A. is his son.

Sad Commentary said...

Guma Aguiar no longer needs the guidance of a Kapoteh bedeked advisor to know where to give his Tzedakah. That frees up more time for Mr. Kiruv to continue his efforts of kiruv bassar!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If this guy was truly "troubled" in ways that we have read about here for the last year or so...do us all a favor...NO MERCY!!!!!!!

Paul Mendlowitz said...

NO MERCY!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

get ready its going to be great

Anonymous said...

The LA Tropper is a nephew, the son of Rabbi Dovid Tropper. They both taught in various LA yeshivas.

EJF watch said...

But Tropper is being replaced by Wachtfogel, who's almost as bad. It still means a crazy charedi monopoly on geirus.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am just a peon in the world of orthodox jewry. However, I believe it is time for those of us who are sickened, pained, and even devastated by the extent to which our people have sunk, to have an organized campaign to enlighten Klal Yisroel. Perhaps a carefully crafted letter that could be sent in a mass mailing to as many orthodox affiliated Jews as possible, alerting them to the unworthiness of our so called "gedolim". Perhaps an orthodox Jewish version of the tea-partiers. Perhaps I'm being unrealistic, I really don't know...
Signed, IM

Anonymous said...

anyone that has information on the rosh kolel of north miami beach and his behavior please notify UOJ

Anonymous said...

I know he had a mistress (I heard the tape), but any truth to the allegation that he was running prostitutes?

Anonymous said...

Next. What'll you have, Rabbi?

little boys? little girls? or married women?

I just want my religion back.

mt mehdi said...

Wait until you hear the audio tapes - it's awesome. You can't make this stuff up.

Simcha said...

Anonymous said...

I know he had a mistress (I heard the tape), but any truth to the allegation that he was running prostitutes?

Um, if you'd paid attention to the recordings, you would have heard him discussing the amount of money she was supposed to receive "per treatment" from various other men, and much discussion of what she would and wouldn't do with them.

Yerachmiel Lopin said...

Tropper will now concentrate on kiruv rechokim. Yes he will bring them uncomfortably close.

According to the EJF statement Rabbi Feinstein will give EJF more "nuanced" attention. Seems to me like he was missing the GROSS details. I wonder how much the Tendler boys learned from their Feinstein uncles.

Seriously, it is heartbraking to see the see the scion's of a distinguished man muddy his legacy. But then who said greatness is hereditary? King Lear should be obligatory reading in the ultra orthodox world along with All the Kings Men.

Shakespeare said the Devil quotes Scripture, but if the Devil were truly smart, he'd quote the Talmud." - Louis Ginzberg.

Anonymous said...

How can we hear the tapes????

Paul Mendlowitz said...

The tapes will be available shortly!

Anonymous said...

I heard the NY Post and the NY Police are doing an investigation! Shomayim cries for the chillul hashem! :**(

Anonymous said...

God, grant me patience, but please hurry! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hold the tapes while I get some popcorn! Anyone else want?

evanstonjew said...

The story is breathtaking. There are three questions that bother me.

Why did Rabbi Wachtfogel take on this job? Why would he sully his sterling reputation when it must be obvious to him that there were financial improprieties during the Tropper years, and that a Guma-Tropper trial will be forthcoming ?

Did Rabbi Feinstein have any reason to suspect what Rabbi Tropper was doing? Without having heard the tapes, if there were multiple men and women involved, presumably some more converts and rabbis, it must have left some traces.

Also if the corruption is more systemic, how can anyone think in terms of damage control? The coverup will bring even worse PR. Why didn't Rav R. Feinstein throw Tropper overboard, call him a menuvel. Why does he treat him so delicately? For that matter why did he feel compelled to intervene?

UOJ...there is a need for a meta narrative, tying in other scandals the current situation. I find the geknipt und gebinden quality of all this more troubling than the vice.

Mordechai Tendler said...

If my uncle R' Reuvein says Tropper is innocent then it must be true.

Ombudsman said...

It seems that every other commenter on the web has heard the tapes. Where are they posted if not here?

Yerachmiel Lopin said...

I think asking the question about what R. Feinstein knew or didnt know is besides the point. It only gets us into the same complicated pilpul.

Answering the question only clarifies whether he is corrupt or incompetent. Either way he has demonstrated that he does not bear any resemblence to his father. He is not fit for a leadership position. He has to go along with all the other hot shots who enabled tropper.

I have the same feeling about thsuvah. Yes they need to do it. We dont need to figure out whether they7 did it and hashem granted it., We just know that they no longer have a chezkas kashrus. They cant certify chickens in monsey, or chicken runners in monsey or anything. If they are humble and repentant they will resign their positions and make their livings honestly doing something where they cant mess up someone elses life.

But I think they have all studied the lessons of the Millhouse tzadik (Nixon). He resigned to avoid losing his pension.

Yated family of the year said...


CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] – The early release of Reb Moshe Rubashkin came as some welcomed good news in the neighborhood, amidst the tragedy which has befallen Sholom Mordechai as well as to the Shomrim Six, and the happiest of them all was Moshes son, Mendel Rubashkin, who celebrated his Hanochas Tefillin with his father, classmates, and family in 770 this morning.

Friends and supporters dropped in to wish the family Mazal Tov.

Anonymous said...

How much you wanna bet that Leib Pinter will be involved in this fiasco?

After all, he was his pal in the Slifkin affair.


Politically incorrect said...

Failed Shmarya must be busy with this all day which is why he hasn't posted anything else.

This is so huge for him that he will probably splurge on a new pair of underwear in honor of Tropper being exposed.

Yerachmiel Lopin said...

Look, the tapes are entertainment and a signature on the indictment. But lets keep our eyes on the main issue, rooting out the enablers.

It is the same with molesting. When the evidence is in, everyone shows their sincerity by joining the chorus against the evil man. Nobody talks about the much greater evil of the cover up. Lipa Margulies and Applegrad are still treated as legit and YTT has expanded to Lakewood.

Guys, have your kicks when you get the tapes. But keep your eyes on the big guys.

I will admit that at first I used to read JWB, UOJ, FM and others for the glee of seeing pretentiousness punctured. And yeah, even though the audio quality on the tapes suck, the material is shocking and absolutely validating for my feelings about Tropper. But we have to keep our eyes on the biggest time pious frauds. If we don't reach them the system won't change.

Jacob Perlow said...

If you have any money left after contributing to Sholom Rubashkin's "pidyon shvuyim" fund, I will take this opportunity to shnor for funds on behalf of R' Leib Tropper's legal defense.

steve said...

I put him in the same category of unconscionable scumbags along with Shalom, Mordecai and Aron Tendler.

You can add Menken to this list of scumbags who use religion to seduce women. I only put child molesters on a lower level than these bastards. Watch how Tropper tries to deny the authenticity of the audio tapes the way Mordy Tendler and his apologists did. He's probably meeting with him now to brainstorm how to get out of this mess. More sex, lies and audiotape.

Anonymous said...

http://www.2shared.com/file/ 1000...s_contract.html
http://www.2shared.com/file/ 1000...contract_2.html
http://www.2shared.com/file/ 1000...nAdmission.html

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Looks like the coverup has started in full


Anonymous said...

Did Tropper make the shidduch between Pinter and Tress?

Tropper originally started Kol Yaakov with one of the Tresses.

Pinter's branch of the Tress family are pieces of work.

Anonymous said...

I cant seem to download those audio files.

Anonymous said...

Never mind - got it!

Anonymous said...

it's not easy to see but at the bottom of the tropper downloads it says "click here" in small lettering

Bungalow Yenta said...

Who's the zonah?

Anonymous said...

Popcorn? Ewwww!!! get the barf bags . . no . .barf buckets!!! SICKOOO!!!

Shmarya gets results said...

Gov. David A. Paterson is preparing to issue an executive order that would include transgender people in antidiscrimination policies that govern state agencies.

Anonymous said...

the troppers and tresses have been ina fight for over 20 years so i am not sure where you are getting your info from

R' Elya Spitzer said...


I heard Tropper's maidel is the 2nd new NY Post columnist in a week.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty creeped out. I couldn't imagine listening to anything he says with that voice and that hyper-manic way of talking without a gag reflex. The fact that he is big-pimpin' his lover with that voice takes it to another level..

Anonymous said...

where is the video?

Anonymous said...

National Geographic has videos of animal mating rituals.

Anonymous said...

If the Troppers and Tresses are in a fight then how did Tropper let his good friend Leib Pinter do a shidduch with them?

In any case, this Pinter's Tress mechutan seems to be a za shyster that Monsey people I asked about him just roll their eyes and don't even want to discuss him. And the Tress girl married to Leib Pinter's son is a story unto herself.

Spaced out Staten Island yeshiva bochur said...

What kind of firepower might UOJ come after R' Reuven with?

Just curious.

Oops, I'd better get out of here before one of the dozens of brainwashed snitches reports me to R' Gershon Weiss.

Wildlife foundation said...

Hey National Geographic,

The "800 pound gorilla in the room" takes on a whole new meaning now.

R' Chaim Mintz said...

I thought MTJ Staten Island had enough problems with our connection to Oorah.

Discovery Channel said...

Spare us the video. It's actually a halacha that it's assur to watch animals mating.

Tzvi Erez - $27 million ponzi scam in Toronto said...


Report alleges Ponzi scheme

Businessman well-known in Jewish community

By Karen Mazurkewich, National Post
December 15, 2009

Pinny Lipschutz said...

In any case, this Pinter's Tress mechutan seems to be a za shyster that Monsey people I asked about him just roll their eyes and don't even want to discuss him. And the Tress girl married to Leib Pinter's son is a story unto herself.

Well, excuse me!

That's my founding partner of the Yated Ne'Eman!

Anonymous said...

It might be time to look into MONEY LAUNDERING done by MR. TROPPER through his KOL YAAKOV accounts. Many more shysters can be brought with this information. MONSEY DIAMOND DEALERS are diamonds in the rough for the Kol Yaakov laundromat.

Anonymous said...

Wild allegations about Miami Beach Schmeltzer on Rav Eidensohn's blog. Yelling at frum scientists that they are apikorsim and yelling in the seforim store that they can't sell an OU Torah-science book altz apikorsis.

Toronto said...

Tzvi Erez's house was shot up by burned investors before it was repossessed.

There is another print broker in town who goes around shnorring big bucks from people that he claims are "loans" but he has no intention of paying anyone back. BEWARE.

Steven said...

The tape is the most boring crap, the broad has a most irritating voice.Yuck.If true the b. set him up, you can hear that clearly.Ein apotropoos, women can snare men easily than blackmail them.*Guys, *think* about the consequences.
As it says:Isho kli molei tsoyoh vehakol rotzin achareiho.Behind the downfall of every great man (and small man too) is a conniving B*&ch!
Remember that and keep to the mother of your kids.

Blog roll said...

So far, Eckstein & Matzav published the bogus EJF press release as if it's real news and don't allow comments. VIN at least is allowing comments.

Slifkin mentioned it but Gilligan has ignored it so far. Harry Maryles might stay up all night to think up some long winded shtik philosophy.

One modern orthodox blog is attacking R' Elya Ber and makes an interesting claim I never heard before. Can anyone verify that R' Abba Gorelick's father used to teach in YU but R' Abba "lies" and denies it is true?

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Can anyone verify that R' Abba Gorelick's father used to teach in YU but R' Abba "lies" and denies it is true?


Yes! I can not only verify it, I learned 3 times a week with R' Yeruchim Gorelick after we worked out together at the McCalpin Hotel Health Club - We went to a side room and broke out a Chumash for 20-30 minutes.

evanstonjew said...

No, no, it was R. Abba Gorelick's brother out of London. All this was discussed at legth on Hirhurim where the YU people went ballistics and rightly so. It was spun a bit on the charedi blog 'Not Brisk Yeshivish." If I remember corectly, and it's not easy these days with bucketfulls of lashon harah flying every which way, the original claim was made by Prof. Marc Shapiro on the Seforim blog.

Baal Habos said...

>it but Gilligan has ignored it so far

What Blog is that?

Anonymous said...

i got some news 4 u whoever is supplying u info on tress has it all wrong. he was the only 1 fighting tropper 4 the last 25 years

Anonymous said...

Tzvi Erez wife Justine Tweyman author of the Great Ape Project. Sound like she knows Tropper pretty well.


Anonymous said...

Wild allegations about Miami Beach Schmeltzer - my daughter was there that day too.

Check Again said...

Gil mentioned it today

Dr. Fred Dweck said...


Filed at 7:22 p.m. ET

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) -- Federal agents arrested 26 suspects in three states Tuesday, including a doctor and nurses, in a major crackdown on Medicare fraud totaling $61 million in separate scams.

Arrests in Miami, Brooklyn and Detroit included a Florida doctor accused of running a $40 million home health care scheme that falsely listed patients as blind diabetics so that he could bill for twice-daily nurse visits.

The U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said the total of 32 indicted suspects lined up bogus patients and otherwise billed Medicare for unnecessary medical equipment, physical therapy and HIV infusions.

Miami Dr. Fred Dweck, along with 14 people with whom he worked, was accused in an indictment of running a scam to tap a Medicare program that pays very high rates to care for the sickest patients.

Dweck referred about 1,279 Medicare beneficiaries for expensive and unnecessary home health and therapy services, bribing the owners of two Miami clinics to join the scam. He also faked medical certifications, according to the indictment.

Anonymous said...

Any relation to Shlomo Dreck?


Federal agents Tuesday arrested about 30 doctors, nurses and healthcare operators in Miami, Detroit and New York on charges of submitting more than $61 million in bogus bills to the taxpayer-funded Medicare program.

Among those arrested in South Florida: Dr. Fred E. Dweck of Hollywood, who was the medical director for a Miami healthcare clinic, Courtesy Medical Group.

Dweck, 74, arrested at his home early Tuesday by FBI and Health and Human Services agents, is accused of accepting bribes in exchange for writing prescriptions for about 1,300 homebound patients who didn't need costly diabetic, physical therapy and other services billed to Medicare, according to federal authorities. The total billing to Medicare: almost $41 million between 2006 and 2009. The federal healthcare program paid out nearly $24 million.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Tzvi Eliyohu Meir Schmelczer, former Rosh Mechina of the Mechina of South Florida.

Previously, Rabbi Schmelczer served as Maggid Shiur at Yeshivah Gedola of Montreal and learned in the Kollel Kesser Torah Radumsk in Montreal.

Earlier, Rabbi Schmelczer was a founding member of the Birchas Shmuel Kollel in Mexico City.

Rabbi Schmelczer studied in Yeshivas Brisk in Yerushalayim under HaRav Avrohom Yehoshua Soloveitchik, Shlita, and obtained his Smicha from there and Telshe Yeshiva in Chicago.

Rabbi Schmelczer is the son-in-law of HaRav Mordechai Shapiro zt”l of Miami Beach and TBL”C Rebbetzin Barbara Shapiro.

Anonymous said...

R'Abba never denied it. Ask him and he will tell you. Why drag innocent people into this disgusting mess?

Anonymous said...

A choshuve rov who knows Tropper since he was a bochur and says "he was always a sick guy", plans on lobbying roshei yeshiva to put pressure on Rabbis R. Feinstein & Wachtfogel to shut down EJF since hayotzei min hatomei is tomei.

You heard it first on UOJ said...

Tzvi Erez stiffed the Russian mafia here in Toronto. His 2 kids were in the co-ed Associated Hebrew Schools. The school received threatening calls in September that if the kids were not expelled from school, the school would be blown up. The school notified all the parents about the threats, and the 2 children were expelled.

Shocking that they would threaten a Jewish school and shocking that the school gave in to the threats. They should have called in the police and posted protection at the school. But the mixed secular / modern orthodox Associated Board of directors has always been run like an old boys network who do whatever the hell they want.

Anonymous said...

Last week, there was a HUGE vote in Albany. The State Legislature had to vote on a bill to legalize Gay Marriage. Unfortunately, the State Assembly passed it. Boruch Hashem though, the State Senate did not and the bill was defeated. Our of our own Senators from Brooklyn - Senator Carl Kruger voted AGAINST the bill and relly helped defeat it. The chidush here is that Senator Carl Kruger is a big Democrat in the Senate - he is the Finance Chairman - and his vote had a lot of impact. He also made some powerful enemies - the people who support Gay Marriage and Gay rights.

His vote had such an impact that this coming Wednesday Night, at the monthly community Board meeting - that Carl Kruger and other politicians attend - a Large Group of Gay Marriage Advocates are coming to the meeting specifically to disrupt it and Protest Senator Kruger !!! Therefore - I ask you to send this to all the Shuls in the Community Board 18 Area - Marine Park, Madison, and Mill Basin to urge them to ask whomever is available on Wednesday Night to come and attend this community board meeting and to respectfully show these people protesting that we are FOR MORALITY and that we want to THANK SENATOR KRUGER for his vote against Gay Marriage.

There is no reason why Senator Kruger should take such a courageous stand and then be heckled by immoral people, without the People who support morality being there as well to let their voices be heard.

Please Join the Community Board #18 on Wednesday night at 7:30 PM at the Kings Plaza Community Room. The entrance to the Community Room is located at the entrance in the parking lot on the Flatbush Avenue and Avenue V entrance / exit. There will be Free Parking vouchers which will be handed out at the meeting so that you don''t have to pay for use of the parking lot. There should be a police car outside the entrance so you will know where it is. Please remember - Be Respectful - but let your voice be heard.

Yasher Koach.

Asher Pomerantz

Anonymous said...

UOJ - Just heard the tapes. I believe that someone with a little audio experience can clean up the audio so it is more understandable. See if you can reach out to one of your people. In any case - it is just sick!!!
This will definately shake up all the "carpet sweepers".

Anonymous said...

R'Abba never denied it

How can he deny it? His father was at YU for 40 years (1943-1983).

Anonymous said...

Who is behind the Radomsker kollel in Montreal ... the Abramcyzk crooks? They have been stealing and cheating for at least 6 decades.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's the putz but here's the blogger who said it. He does seem to always have a big chip on his shoulder.


Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel, one of the biggest kanoim in the charedi world who will continue with Tropper's antics. Instead of trying to find a voice of moderation, Rav Reuven Feinstein a man who YU brings in to speak in their new beis medrash, chooses to appoint the most radical charedi kanoi, (second only to R' Schor) who, as a chashuv Rov pointed out to me this morning, is going to take the framework that Tropper set up to define who is halachicaly a frum Jew and what Halachah is and who is "Torah True" and because it is coming from someone like R' Wachlfogel who has credibility no one will dare question him and our community is going to be put out to pasture pastor. They are now going to define who is and who is not Jewish. Rav Wachtfogel's partner in South Fallsberg is a man who lies - claims his father never taught at YU and that it is assur to teach gemara in such a place. Are these the views of Rabbi Wachtfogel? If so, how will they accept our geirus considering they are done by people completely associated with YU? The war has begun and the tanks are rolling in.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Yerucham Gorelick

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rabbi Yerucham Gorelick
Position Rosh Yeshiva
Yeshiva RIETS
Personal details
Born 1911

Died 3 Tishrei 5744;September 1983
New York

Buried Har Hamenuchot, Jerusalem
Nationality United States of America

Denomination Orthodox

Rabbi Yerucham Gorelick (1911-1983) was a distinguished Rosh yeshiva in the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS) for forty years (1943 - 1983).

Rabbi Gorelick was born in Slutzk[1] in 1911 to Rabbi Avrohom Moshe, the son-in-law of Rabbi Yerucham of Dubrov. Rabbi Yerucham of Dubrov, his namesake, was close to the Beis HaLevi, and earned the nickname, "Rav Yerucham Charif" (the Sharp One). Rabbi Avrohom Moshe served as rav in several towns in Poland. In 1927, when the Bolsheviks were persecuting the rabbis, the family immigrated to America, but Rabbi Gorelick stayed behind in Europe.

In his early youth, Rabbi Gorelick learned in the Lomza Yeshiva, and then spent ten years in the Chofetz Chaim's yeshiva in Radin, where he learned with Rabbi Naftoli Trop and Rabbi Moshe Landynski. Afterwards, he studied in Brisk for five years under Rabbi Yitzchok Zev Soloveitchik until the outbreak of World War II.

In 1938, he married a woman from Brisk, the daughter of Rabbi Shmuel Yehudah Belkes, a lay leader of the community who owned a coal factory.

Rabbi Gorelick escaped with his wife and family to Vilna, and continued his studies there with Rabbi Soloveitchik in 1940.[2]

In 1940-1941, Rabbi Gorelick escaped from Europe to Japan. He arrived in America just before America entered the war in December 1941.

He first served as rebbe at Mesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem and involved himself in relief efforts. In 1943, Rabbi Gorelik was appointed a rosh yeshiva at Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary where he taught Torah to thousands of students until his death. He served as rabbi in the Bronx, established Yeshiva Gedolah Zichron Moshe and Beis Yaakov Beis Miriam in the Bronx, and Yeshiva Gedolah L’Mitzuyanim of South Fallsburg, New York. He left behind many writings in their original form, as well as a family of Torah scholars and roshei yeshiva.[3] [4]

"The Excellent Saint and the Rosh Yeshivah" an appreciation of Rabbi Avrohom Aharon Shatzkes and Rabbi Yerucham Gorelick of blessed memory by Dr. Norman Lamm
[hide]v • d • eRoshei Yeshiva of Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary at Yeshiva University

Rosh HaYeshiva: Norman Lamm

Dean: Yona Reiss

Dean Emeritus: Zevulun Charlop

Mashgiach Ruchani: Yosef Blau

Roshei Yeshiva: Elchanan Adler • Assaf Bednarsh • Eliyahu Ben-Chaim • J. David Bleich • Yitzchok Cohen • Menachem Genack • Ozer Glickman • Meir Goldwicht • David Hirsch • Dovid Horowitz • Aharon Kahn • Elyakim Koenigsberg • Zvulun Liberman • Aharon Lichtenstein • Dovid Miller • Yaakov Neuburger • Hershel Reichman • Michael Rosensweig • Yonason Sacks • Hershel Schachter • Ezra Schwartz • Eli Baruch Shulman • Baruch Simon • Zvi Sobolofsky • Moshe Tendler • Mayer Twersky • Joseph Weiss • Jeremy Wieder • Mordechai Willig • Gershon Yankelewitz

Former Roshei Yeshiva: Avraham Eliezer Alperstein • Nisson Alpert • Yosef Leib Arnest • Samuel Belkin • Yehuda David Bernstein • Abba Bronspiegel • Ahron Dovid Burack • Avigdor Cyperstein • Solomon Drillman • Henoch Fishman • Yerucham Gorelick • Michael Katz • Shlomo Nosson Kotler • Yaakov Moshe Lessin • Dovid Lifshitz • Moses Meir Matlin• Philip Paretzky • Yehuda Parnes • Shlomo Polachek • Moshe Ahron Poleyeff • Elazar Meir Preil • Bernard Revel • Shimon Romm • Melech Schachter • Moshe Shatzkes • Shimon Shkop • Ahron Soloveichik • Joseph B. Soloveitchik • Moshe Soloveichik • Ephraim M. Steinberg • Shmuel Volk • Shalom Elchanan Yaffe • Mendel Zaks

Yehuda Eckstein said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Paul Mendlowitz said...

"The Excellent Saint and the Rosh Yeshivah" Rabbi Awaham Aharon Shatzkes and Rabbi Yerucham Gorelick of blessed memory by Dr. Norman Lamm, ..... you came into the presence of Reb Yeruchem ...

brussels.mc.yu.edu/gsdl/collect/lammserm/index/assoc/...dir/doc.pdf -

Gentleman's Quarterly said...

How do these ugly slobs and freaks like Leib Tropper and Mordechai Tendler manage to have a harem of women at their disposal?

Rabbi Binyomin Ruttner said...


For the oylam in my shuls in Monsey and Hillcrest, Queens, I just thought I would keep you posted.

Convicted sex offender Ken Gribetz from Moshe Tendler's shul is handling the defense.

Tiger Woods said...

People have been telling me all day that Tropper stole my script to announce he is stepping down.

Anonymous said...

UOJ, with all due respect, why did you delete my previous comment about another tiger woods wannabe?

Anonymous said...

JWB says:

And the scandal hits the newspapers...


Outreach Rabbi Resigns Amid Cloud Of Scandal

Rabbi Leib Tropper gave no reason for his resignation but said he would “pursue a variety of different interests.”
by Staff Report

An influential ultra-Orthodox rabbi who supervises conversions has stepped down abruptly from the organization he has led for about five years.
Rabbi Leib Tropper resigned this week as head of Eternal Jewish Family, the Monsey-based conversion group he founded. In an official EJF press release issued late Monday, two days after Rabbi Tropper’s resignation took effect, the rabbi cited a desire to pursue “a variety of other interests.
“I have decided to resign my position at the Eternal Jewish Family (EJF) effective December 12, 2009,” the statement read in part. “As a founder of EJF, I am proud of my role of being an architect of a very dynamic and important movement in our community. I will in the coming months do my utmost to be of service to the Jewish community in any way I can.”
Rabbi Tropper’s resignation comes amid reports that he was involved in sexual improprieties with a woman whose conversion he was supervising, according to Shmarya Rosenberg of the blog failedmessiah.com.
Posters in Orthodox neighborhoods in Jerusalem decried Rabbi Tropper for improper behavior, according to the Da’as Torah blog.
Calls to Rabbi Tropper’s home were answered by a recording announcing that his voicemail box was full. Eternal Jewish Family refused comment, and calls to Yeshivas Kol Yaakov, a yeshiva for returnees to Orthodox Judaism that Rabbi Tropper still heads in Monsey, were not returned. Rabbi Elya Ber Wachtfogel, named Monday as the new head of EJF’s rabbinic committee, did not return a call for comment.
Rabbis Tropper and Wachtfogel were instrumental in a 2005 ban issued by leading ultra-Orthodox rabbis against Rabbi Natan Slifkin, who writes on the interface of Torah and modern science. Rabbi Slifkin was labeled a heretic, and his books were banned, in part for suggesting the universe is older than 5,770 years.
In 2006, after Israel’s chief rabbis issued demands tightening the conversion process and regulating which Orthodox rabbis would be allowed to supervise conversions, Rabbi Tropper’s influence increased. That same year Rabbi Tropper is alleged to have revoked a woman’s conversion months after supervising it, upon learning that she occasionally wore pants.
A wealthy energy industrialist, Guma Aguiar, filed a suit against Rabbi Tropper in the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court recently, according to Arutz Sheva/Israel National News, claiming that he “misallocated funds intended for poor people in Israel.”
Rabbi Tropper’s online biography says he served as educational director at Ohr Sameach, a well-known yeshiva in Monsey for returnees to the faith. In 1990, Rabbi Tropper began an outreach program called Horizons, focusing on educating and inspiring the unaffiliated to experience a Torah lifestyle.

Montreal said...

The South African guy on the Montreal Vaad, Saul Emmanuel, was behind hooking up with Tropper's EJF fraud.

Isn't his brother that putz Elan Emmanuel, married to the big shot shaytelmacher Shevy, who hangs around all day in the Flatbush salon while women are baring their heads to try on the wigs?

Anonymous said...

Eddie Murphy used to joke that singers get all the women at their disposal no matter how fat and ugly they are. He used Elvis Presley (when he was fat) and Mick Jagger (with those "fat-assed lips") as prime examples. The same can be said for "rabbis" that come across as "spiritual". They easily seduce weak and vulnerable women.

Hanes underwear model said...

What's up with Shmarya? Not one word on his blog but he's giving interviews to the freye newspapers as if he's the world's leading expert on Tropper.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

UOJ, with all due respect, ....


I need to keep "earning that respect" - by filtering out, when possible, unsubstantiated allegations about people.

Anonymous said...

What if I have proof of those allegations - ie. I know more than one of his victims

Monsey said...

A brainwashed BT who was one of Tropper's biggest chassidim says that the only way that could be someone other than Tropper on the tape is if the KGB trained someone for over 10 years to impersonate him.

He says tonight that Tropper is no longer his rov.

Leib Tropper said...

Yes, how do you know about the KGB plot to impersonate me?

Paul Mendlowitz said...

I know more than one of his victims


Please urge them to file a police report.

Anonymous said...

This MO blog posted on it:


Anonymous said...

Dweck is a common name used by both Jews and non Jews.

I have heard it means "earthen ware maker".

Anonymous said...

People have been making the observation for years that Tropper is perhaps the only rov they can think of who has the appearance and demeanor of a scumbag. It's amazing how he got away with his gig for years just by throwing Kaplan's millions at people.

Anonymous said...

"Please urge them to file a police report."

Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

How did Tropper get the women?!

Listen to the tapes - she was desparate for money, and he threatened to cut off payments if she didn't comply.

Jonathan said...

Any clue what the "rebbetzin's admission" is about? I can't figure it out.

Alter Monseyite said...

Moish Finkel's EX-shver Goldwasser is mishpucha mit Abramczyk from Radomsk in Montreal. As they say in Yiddish "The drek foon der CHAZER falt nisht veit foon der CHAZER". The shtick mushchas vus er iz will still have his day.

He was one of the most vocal supporters of Mr. Tropper and strong armed Rav Yakov zt"l to back Tropper. Kol Yakov/Yedai Eisav was founded with bullying and hut nisht kayn kiyum. V'sheim reshoim yirkov.

Anonymous said...

B'ezrat Hashem Yitbarach

Ezekiel 8:Groups 12/13 will post an additional informative release in the next 24 hours.


Anonymous said...

when i go to the page where the audio files are, I cant listen to them. I have tried everything.

any ideas?

Vos zogt Arthur? said...


Why do so many Lubavs give off the impression that they have a one track mind for booze?

Yeshiva tuition said...

The money hungry fressers in Albany had better not get any ideas about taxing yeshiva tuition. Many cities and states are watching with great interest to see what the outcome is here.


Pittsburgh Sets Vote on Adding Tax on Tuition

Steven Cohen said...


In the last two months, SAC Capital Advisors has turned into a $13 billion piƱata.

Since federal prosecutors began making arrests in a major insider trading investigation in October, SAC, which is based in Stamford, Conn., and owned by Steven A. Cohen, has been linked to the case.

Mr. Cohen, 53, is among the world’s richest hedge fund managers, with a personal fortune estimated at $6 billion. In the 1990s, he gained fame as a rapid-fire trader with an uncanny sense of short-term market moves.

Today, he spends much of his time running SAC but still trades actively. A collector of modern art, he prizes privacy for himself and his fund. He is rarely seen in public, and SAC employees must sign confidentiality agreements when they join the firm.

Now, the insider trading investigation has thrown an unwelcome spotlight on Mr. Cohen and the remarkable returns of his hedge fund firm.

No current employee or manager has been charged with wrongdoing in the investigation, which is continuing. But a former SAC analyst, Richard Choo-Beng Lee, has pleaded guilty on charges related to insider trading that occurred years after he left the firm and has agreed to provide any information he might have about insider trading that occurred when he was at SAC.

More or less by itself, that fact has stirred a flurry of articles trying to connect SAC to the investigation.

Mr. Cohen’s record is not entirely clean. In 1995, the New York Stock Exchange censured him for inflating the price of a penny stock to increase the value of a portfolio he managed. The manipulation took place in 1991, when Mr. Cohen worked at Gruntal & Company, a small investment bank.

As a penalty, Mr. Cohen agreed to a four-week ban from “employment or association in any capacity” with any broker-dealers on the exchange.

He left Gruntal three years earlier, so the penalty was effectively a slap on the wrist. He neither admitted nor denied wrongdoing as part of the settlement.

Big shot from LA said...

Yesterday, Dan O’Brien, the federal prosecutor, said in open court that he will be filing criminal complaints against 100 charitable donors to Spinka.

Alan Friedman and Yossie Naiman were sentenced yesterday to four months each.

Moshe Lazar and Yaaov Zievald are next to be sentenced. Then the Spinka rebbe.

Anonymous said...

The blogger RaP is saying that the Gorelicks were Lubavitchers in der alter heim.

Does UOJ know anything about that?

OU Crony Watch said...

Can anyone verify the following allegations being made this week by Levi (Luke) Ford on his blog?

OU CEO Menachem Genack's salary was increased this year to $500,000. (No wonder he has incentive to cover up every scandal.)

OU Exec VP Steven Weil as we all know refused to kick out the moyser in the Spinka scandal, Robert Kassirer, from his shul in Beverly Hills were he was the rov. Ford writes this week that Kassirer not only massered on the mispalelim but showed up to shul on Shabbos wearing a wire to entrap people by davening and kiddush.

Yankel Velvel Katz in Cleveland said...

Man do I look like a putz these days!

A few months ago many of my kollel yungerleit and their veiber were indicted or named as conspirators in the biggest mortgage fraud in Ohio history.

Now Tropper, who I have backed for years, is self-destructing.

Elan Emmanuel from Shevy sheitels said...

That's right. I hang out all day in my wife's salon on Coney Island Ave trying very hard to look like a useful big shot. It's easy to feel choshuv since we are the biggest name in sheitelach. (We used to run the operation illegally in our house on East 17th St until the competition massered on us leading the DOB to evict the business).

What's it your business if I have a front row seat for all the married women prancing around with their ervah hair uncovered?

Shmuckie Chuckie Schumer said...


Schumer Reportedly Calls Flight Attendant Obscenity Over Cell Phone Rule


Sen. Chuck Schumer called a flight attendant an obscenity aboard a recent U.S. Airways flight, Politico.com reported.

Sen. Chuck Schumer called a flight attendant an obscenity aboard a recent U.S. Airways flight, Politico.com reported.

The New York Democrat muttered the word "bitch" after a female flight attendant asked him to turn his cell phone off before takeoff, a House GOP aide who witnessed the incident told the Web site.

Schumer reportedly was seated next to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y.

"The senator made an off-the-cuff comment under his breath that he shouldn’t have made, and he regrets it," Schumer spokesman Brian Fallon reportedly told Politico.com.

Anonymous said...

I am a bit frustrated. While those few of us that blog are keenly aware of the many tragic situations within K'lal Yisroel today, there are far more that have no idea. They continue to
blindly follow their Rebbeim, most of whom know what is going on, but don't speak out.

I believe we need to find a way to shake up the Torah orthodox world. Most Jews I know have no idea who Leib Tropper is. Yet we knew he was a scumbag, and we have known for a long time. Nevertheless, the Kaminetzkys and Feinsteins and Ehrentraus and so many "gedolim" were still giving him kavod. IMHO, they need to answer for this. I am afraid our blogging, while it has had some impact, can only go so far in educating our brothers and sisters who are blissfully ignorant of what is going on. Signed, IM

Alfonse D'Amato said...

Hey Schumer, you hypocrite!

You got mileage for years against me for calling you a "putz-head".

Anonymous said...

JWB says:

Jewish Press Tropper story:

Resigns As EJF Head
Posted Dec 16 2009
Rabbi Leib Tropper abruptly resigned on Monday as chairman of the rabbinic committee of Eternal Jewish Family, an organization that in recent years has been at the center of several conversion-related issues and debates in the Orthodox community.

Rabbi Elya Ber Wachtfogel, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Zichron Moshe in South Fallsburg, New York, was appointed the new rabbinic committee chairman.

In a statement released by Eternal Jewish Family, Rabbi Tropper said he "decided to resign my position to pursue a variety of other interests."

Low Klass said...

We at the Jewish Fress "newspaper" of course followed the lead of Eckstein, Matzav and any whores for that matter who are in bed with Menachem Lubinsky, to pretend that the Tropper press release is real news.

This isn't even a case of listening to corrupt rabbonim to cover up. It is a financial decision so that Lubinsky will keep ad dollars flowing to our bank accounts.

Lubinsky had to reinvent himself as a Tropper advisor when Rubashkin was arrested. Which scumbag will he pair up with next?

Gershon "the shvindler" Tannenbaum said...

Hey Low Klass, if I'm a good boy, will you let me write an "independent" column against Tropper? You know, part of the good cop, bad cop act we put on, like when I pretend to be a friend of JBAC.

Ombudsman said...

R' Yudel Shain is obviously furious at Rav Wachtfogel for backing Tropper. He is allowing the kind of criticisms that don't usually make it past the censor.

The metzumtzem yeshivishe readers are begging him to stop allowing it.

From conversations I have been having with roshei yeshiva, this is nothing surprising. They are either stunned & speechless or are also not holding back their disappointment that R' Elya Ber has involved himself with such garbage.

Anonymous said...

Someone went on a rampage here a few years ago about the Abramczyks. Did that guy ever have juicy stories about them. The Flatbush branch of the mishpocho is even scummier.

Archie Bunker said...

Who coined the expression first, Bob Grant or Boog?

It's sick out there and getting sicker. One baal teshuva from Kol Yaakov has been telling people that he can no longer consider Tropper his rav but he is still his rebbe who deserves friendship and respect. Where do they make these guys?

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Putting in R' EB Wachtfogel is a calculated move by Feinstein. Feinstein needs the Kaplan money to keep coming in, and he needs Kaplan to defend the $3 million dollars he received from Tropper as a legitimate donation. What he did with that money, time will tell. Reuvein Feinstein you're a menuvel!

Feinstein is in over his head here - EB should and probably jump ship if he's got any sechel at all.

This is all about Feinstein - nothing to do with legitimate geirus.

Archie Bunker said...

For brain damaged Liberals like Shmarya and the NY Times editorial board, there is a simple answer to this question which they hold to be more shver than one of Rebbi Akiva Eiger's tzorich iyuns.



In 2007, more than half of the youths who entered detention centers were sent there for the equivalent of misdemeanor offenses, in many cases theft, drug possession or even truancy. More than 80 percent were black or Latino, even though blacks and Latinos make up less than half the state’s total youth population — a racial disparity that has never been explained, the report said.

Anonymous said...

CEO Andy Grove is a crazy alter Hungarian.


The Federal Trade Commission sued Intel, accusing it of a systematic campaign to prevent rivals from selling microchips by cutting off market access.

Lothario said...

A Wall St macher who knows Tropper is floored by the story and didn't believe it until he listened to the tapes.

He wants to know what the hell is wrong with putz Tropper who is married to a gorgeous former professional model.

Hampstead, Montreal said...

I'm not sure that Saul Emmanuel is to blame for bringing Tropper to town to hijack the beis din. He might have had to go along with the decision of others. You can't indict the guy by virtue of that embarrassing picture that got in the newspaper of Saul and Tropper sitting there laughing their heads off, showing their huge boychs hanging out.

Flatbush askan said...

I was at a meeting 15 years ago with R' Zelig Epstein zt"l regarding what may have been the first known molestation case at the hands of Potyi Lipschutz. There really wasn't much that could be done however because the victim was already an adult and was not very cooperative. R' Zelig initially wanted the Novominsker to look into it since there were various aspects of things going on with Lipschutz that he thought Perlow was equipped to handle. RYP didn't whip out the Boro Park / Flatbush excuse, but he did say he doesn't have time.

One interesting sidebar was when it came up that Lipschutz & Abramcyzk are mechutonim. You should have seen R' Zelig roll his eyes when he heard Abramczyk's name.

Eternal Jewish Fraud Watch said...

The group known as "Ezekiel 8" that first exposed Tropper have notified R' Doniel Eidensohn that they will be releasing a lot more damaging information some time today.

Ezekiel 8 say they are forced to act because they approached the roshei yeshiva supporting Tropper and asked them to back away from Tropper and shut down EJF. The roshei yeshiva refused.

It was pretty funny by the way that some pro-Tropper idiot attacked Rav Eidensohn with the claim that Ezekiel 8 is really UOJ and that they are in cahoots together to smear Tropper.

Mendel Zalman Kurtz said...

Rebbeh Trooper, you are nothing more than a Kurvanick just like Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggert.

Shame on you Rabbi.

You bring the same Kovod to Yidden world wide as Rabbi F. Neulander did. Mazel Tov on your good work between your legs.

If your tateleh had your shmock circumsised a little more manybe we shomer mitzves yidden wouldn't have this kind of tzures and shame brought to our doorstep.

Go screw an Oriental whore or a shiksa with a Monika Lewinsky sheyteleh then give a devar toy-reh or daf yomie.

I hope to outlive you so I can piss and shit on your grave where ever they bury your contaminated body.

So much for Ahavas Yisroel.

Fuck you Rebbeh and burn in Gehenim.

Joe Putz said...

A word of caution for anyone planning to take a pish on the kever of Tropper, Margo, or whoever. There was a Yerushalmi guy arrested for doing exactly that on the kever of Yitzchak Rabin. And in NYC, public urination, as a first time offense, is a misdemeanor that carries a fine and court appearance.

Yerachmiel Lopin said...

Joe P. I don't believe you about Tropper. I know my law. As long as you can prove a receptacle is connected to a cesspool it is legal.

My spell checker refuses to recognize Tropper's conversion to Judaism. It offers me alternatives like trapper, tripper, and dropper.

Check out my latest post on charges against Yudi Jacobson


Anonymous said...

One interesting sidebar was when it came up that Lipschutz & Abramcyzk are mechutonim. You should have seen R' Zelig roll his eyes when he heard Abramczyk's name.

The Lipschutz/Abramczyk/Goldwasser Family. Yet another Holy Trinity of Human Garbage. The Skeletons are ready to burst out of the closets!!! What Rav Yaakov ztvk"l and R' Zelig (hanistaros)knew will soon be exposed (niglos) for ALL to see.

Unknown said...

R' EB Wachtfogel an now step into the framework that Tropper has put in place and use it to decide who is and is not recognized as a "frum" Jew, and no one will question him. It is more dangerous to have him in there now than it is to have Tropper there. R’ Wachtfogel is a huge Kanoi, but has neemanus on the “Street”. They are a corrupt organization that for years was operated by a corrupt individual and R’ Reuven Feinstein should SHUT IT DOWN NOW and let them cut their losses.

Rabbi Reuvein Feinstein said...

I was wondering if UOJ and the gang have gotten to the bottom of the following mysteries.


Did I really write this letter or did Tropper forge it? And if I did write it, am I lying in the name of the gedolei Eretz Yisroel just like I had earlier distorted my own father's psak on gerus.

And was I also behind the cover up in the Kleinman adultery case.

Anonymous said...

Upcoming EJF Dayan Conferences

Dayanim Conference-Inbal Hotel
Jerusalem, Israel
01/11/2010 - 01/13/2010

Leah Gayle said...

To the anon having trouble hearing the recordings:

We got them to work by downloading the files to the desktop and opening them with standard windows mediaplayer.

Ah Pushete Yid said...

Dear Rabbi Horowitz,‎

As you are most likely aware of, a Rosh Yeshiva in a Monsey kiruv yeshiva has been exposed for being ‎involved in grossly inappropriate behavior with another woman outside his marriage. Instead of ‎disbanding his entire organization, one of YOUR GEDOLIM has voluntarily stepped in to lend legitimacy ‎to his “kiruv” work. This is yet another demonstration of how YOUR GEDOLIM operates. All damaging ‎information is swept under the rug and ignored.‎

Surely YOUR GEDOLIM’s spokesperson Avi Shafran will put out a Joint Statement with Hagaon ‎Harav Pinchos Scheinberg (the rebbe of the Monsey Rosh Yeshiva) explaining how no sin ‎transpired. After all, what transpired happened to his mistress, who was not yet converted, ‎who still has the din of a goy, and consensual sex would not violate halacha. YOUR GEDOLIM ‎will take that to mean that the Monsey Rosh Yeshiva should still be able to retain his position in ‎kiruv.‎

What will it take for YOUR GEDOLIM to act like the grubbe ballebatim who aren’t so learned ‎and therefore follow the pashut peshat in halachah? How can you explain to any at-risk kid why ‎to stop his behaviors, when YOUR GEDOLIM are at-risk themselves?‎

While you are thinking about these questions, here is one more question to think about:‎

One of YOUR GEDOLIM Malkiel Kotler rise was on the back of a woman who did nothing wrong. ‎But with the clout the Kotler's had he got a Heter Meah Rabonim and cleared the way to ‎ascend to the position of Rosh Yeshiva of Lakewood. This gadol had the chutzpah to call ‎Modern Orthodox rabbonim Eisav, and said they are no different than Conservative and Reform ‎Jews. Is this rhetoric from YOUR GEDOLIM coupled with the behaviors of the Monsey Rosh ‎Yeshiva helpful in restoring Jewish values, or hurtful?‎

These are VERY challenging questions, but you are suave enough to come up with something ‎smart.

Ah Lichtigen Chanukah!‎
‎ ‎

Anonymous said...

The story, behind the story, behind the story, that the woman was in fact a UOJ plant, and that is how the tapes "leaked."

Dick Grasso said...

This is just like Spitzer's mapoloh. He was the most arrogant & belligerent putz around and boy did he ever come crashing down from his lofty perch.

Ombudsman said...

Pushete Yid,

Why did you have to ruin what started as a great letter to Rabbi Horowitz with that crap you gleaned from Shmarya?

Shmarya has zero credibilty, especially when he devotes a post to rubbish he supposedly got from an anonymous, disgruntled source.

It is not R' Malkiel's style to speak to crowds like that, especially not Agudah Ave L who are considered am haaratzish fressers even by baal habatish standards.

And even if R' Malkiel did say that, he would have been referring to the YCT who are apikorsim no matter how much they insist they are orthodox.

As far as the heter meah, the first rebbitzen allegedly refused to leave Israel altz Brisker chumrah which is ridiculous. This is besides that she did not beget kids.

Stop being a fool.

Agudah Kovod Zucher said...

Who knew that Shmarya was just as hungry for kovod and recognition as we are. Did you see the big pathetic baby try to take credit for the Tropper story today?

He also threw a tantrum that the Jewish Week pulled him from the by-line of the story at the last minute and gave him some wishy washy excuse. Well Shmarya, it not hard to see that Gary Rosenblatt is too embarrassed to be associated with the likes of a loser like you who sits around his mother's basement shnorring money from readers in his underwear 24/7. Shmarya rants that he "expects" Rosenblatt to pay him for the blurb.

Shmarya is such a loser in fact, that Tropper's zonah didn't even give him the audio and video. So here was this loser with no hard evidence who was sitting around beaming for the last two weeks and leaving cryptic comments about how the "Haredi" world is about to "implode".

Hirshel Tzig said...

Ah Pusheteh Yid,
I"m fed up with people blaming Malkiel Kotler for getting a heter meah rabbonim.There is no fair minded person who disagrees.The facts are:A)He was married for about ten years without kids B)His father passed away and he had the position of becoming one of the roshei yeshiva in Lakewood taking over from his father R'Shcneour C)His wife was not maskim to leave Eretz Yisroel D)He offered her a get E)No hate no rancor, he did not need to be chained down, especially in light of not being zocheh to childrenF)Moved to America still offered the get G)Had no bereira.
In your twisted world can a husband not choose that he wants out of a marriage?
Enough of regurgitating this crap.This story is long over for everybody.Stop being so hateful.

Gumshoe said...

The latest details being leaked are that Mrs. Tropper was a willing participant in group sex that Leib had with other women. Leib also supposedly tried to pimp his own wife for money but no one is alleging yet that she was willing to go that far. And that Leib has a fetish for simulated rape which he acted out several times.

The original audio clip released of Mrs Tropper being informed they were taped doesn't seem to show that she is overly disturbed by the actual crimes but is more concerned with being exposed.

Mrs Tropper also makes a reference to "Japanese" when wondering who could have taped them. Could this mean that Tropper was misbehaving with one of the Japanese shiksas working with EJF?

Anonymous said...

JWB says:

From another blog -


Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Another One Bites the Dust

I am sickened by this man. By now so should everyone else - as news about him has spread all over the Internet and other media. How many more rabbis will be exposed like this?! Yes, Unfortunately we too have our Jimmy Swaggarts.
But I knew what this con man was about 20 years ago when I first met him. He was responsible then for ruining the life of one young man I am very close with - making life miserable for his parents.

His mother went to the grave suffering an estrangement from her son for which Leib Tropper was responsible. His father suffers to this day from it. He took advantage of this young man’s misfortune and conned him into doing something no decent man would ever do. And he made it seem like he was doing him a favor. This young man is now 20 years older and still suffering the consequences of it. Consequences that after 20 years have little chance of being reversed! I cannot get into details because confidences would be broken. But suffice it to say his only concern at that time was not to help this young man but to help himself by gaining the support of a wealthy friend in doing this con.

I repeat my request to the two distinguished Rabbanim who yesterday took up the leadership of EJF: Please resign. Whatever benefits this organization has achieved – if any – can be transferred elsewhere. Any good works it has done – if any – can be continued elsewhere too. It isn’t worth tainting your own illustrious names or your rich heritage by perpetuating an organization whose founder’s name is now synonymous with smut.

Pesach hotel fresser said...


Another mashgiach emails me: "Luke- This story is HUGE. As a part-time mashgiach myself, I can attest to the horrors of Pesach hotel Kashrus. If you would like, we can talk and I can let you know about some of the violations committed with the implicit knowledge of the Rav HaMachshir in a number of five-star hotels in Miami. For years, I have wanted to help expose the kashrus business as fraudulent, but, like Mr. Frank, have had no outlet for doing so."

He tells me over the phone: "The caterer didn’t care about the mixing of milk and meat dishes. They were washed together in the dishwasher, making trafe (non-kosher) all the dishes washed.

"The caterer wore a leather yarmulke and presented himself as a Modern Orthodox Jew but he really didn’t care about kashrut. The rabbi in charge told me to separate the milk dishes from the meat dishes on a yom tov. You’re not allowed to separate out the bad from the good on a yom tov. That’s borer.

"In the kosher for Passover hotel next door, a friend of mine was the mashgiach. The staff was caught warming up a pepperoni pizza in the meat oven. It was abysmal.

"There’s intimidation going on right and left. There’s intimidation by the caterer of the mashgiach. The caterer wants to serve his food and get the mashgiachim off his back. There’s intimidation of the mashgiachim by the kitchen staff who view the mashgiach as an interloper. There’s intimidation by the head of the program.

"A buddy of mine, a Chabad baal teshuva, got this cool job as a Passover mashgiach at a hotel in Cancun. He told me that the kashrus was so terrible. They were being run over by the kitchen staff. He went to the manager of the program and said, I’m going to make a public announcement that the food is trafe unless this stops right now.

"The manager had hotel security remove him and he took a flight home on chol hamoed(intermediate days of a Jewish festival)."

Anonymous said...

how about the pictues
im kidding but imagibe the increase in readers

Malach HaMovies said...

I think that we all have to be "dan lkaf zchus" on R' Tropper. Maybe he wanted to be "mikadesh" all of the woment with "beuh" !!

Steve Loses It said...

Tropper used the power bestowed upon him by the "gedolim" to turn his Eternal Jewish Fraud organization into an escort service. There are no words that can accurately describe this piece of filth. Only a child molester could be considered a bigger lowlife and scumbag. This guy calls himself a "rabbi"? FEH! Next time you see him, spit in his face!

Of all the fraud and corruption that has been exposed in the Orthodox community, this one establishes a new low. Tropper was handed the keys to the conversion business. He was handed a virtual monopoly. His ruthless tactics were well documented. His bullying of other rabbis who performde conversions such as Bomzer (another menuval)was endorsed by these "gedolim". This story needs to be told in its entirety. The public has a right to know so that such corruption is no longer tolerated. Enough is enough! Child molesters and their enablers, pimps and their enablers, money launderers and their enablers must all be exposed once and for all. Enough apologetics, enough enabling, enough secrecy, enough sweeping under the carpet, enough Lubinsky PR spins, enough coverups, enough lies, enough favoritism for beards and hats, enough pidyon shvuyim funds for criminals, enough Agudah lobbying to protect criminals, enough Matzav Al Jazeera style journalism, enough, enough, enough!!!

Anonymous said...

"He tells me over the phone: "The caterer didn’t care about the mixing of milk and meat dishes. They were washed together in the dishwasher, making trafe (non-kosher) all the dishes washed."

Does the dishwasher heat the water to more than yad soledet bo (125 degrees)?

If the dishwasher DOES heat the water to more than yad soledet bo (125 degrees), does the soap come out and mix with the water first making the food remnants inedible?

Did you ask a shaila of a competent Rav before declaring the dishes traif (and the caterer also)??

Who told you that separating meat dishes from dairy dishes on Shabbat is Borer?

Before you publicize that a Jew is not frum, maybe you should look into the halacha:

The he opinion of the Mate Yehuda, Rabbi Yehuda Ayash, also the Or Sameach, and Chacham Ovadia Yoseph in Yibbea Haomer who hold there is no law of Borer in Kelim. Borer only applies to things that get mixed up. Kelim that are big, are not considered mixed up. Each one really stands individually, and therefore the Halacha, those that are lenient; they have certainly what to rely on.

So we will say the Halacha that it would be permissible when it comes to separating forks and knives to do as one wants. One can take which ever Keli he wants, and he can take it also for not immediate use.

And that would apply to books also. The Shamosh in the Shul, or someone who might be cleaning up the books, where he’s picking up the books and he’s sorting between the different books and he’s putting them back on the shelf, he does not have take good from bad, and he does not have to be concerned for immediate use.

The Halacha, we say there is no Borer by Kelim. Especially when it comes to big Kelim. For example, platters, and big pieces like that, where certainly each one is recognizable on its own, its not possible to get these things mixed up and therefore, it would be permissible. The Halacha, we are holding that it would be permissible. For Kelim, the laws of Borer would not apply.

You don't have to hold by the opinions of Rabbonim other than yours, but are any of us in the position to declare a Jew who follows Pskei Gedolim to be traif?

Anonymous said...

JWB says:


Dec 16, 2009
Surfing the net in sin

Is it business and political interests or religious puritanism that is the motivation behind an attack led by rabbis on Internet news media sites catering to haredi audiences?


While the haredi print media tend to deal with "hard news" such as political and diplomatic stories, the haredi Internet sites delve into the depths of internal haredi affairs. And sometimes things get racy.

"Kikar Shabbat" will be posting an op-ed about the sexual dangers of sending young boys to the mikveh (ritual bath), not from haredi mikveh-goers, but from secular perverts who frequent the baths.

True, the piece was carefully censored by the site's editorial staff to take out words like "sex", "backside" or "deviant". Still, the subject of child abuse is strictly taboo in the haredi printed media.


Anonymous said...

To Mr. Know it all at 9:40 pm,

It's not clear if you are an OU staffer or not but despite the fact that you can nitpick and find mistakes on the part of Montefiore mashgiach Reuven Frank, the OU's behavior is completely disgusting in covering up the issues that are problems according to every shita.

Anonymous said...

To Steve who lost it - We are on the same page, brother. I am mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore! I think we need to get organized and alert the masses within klal Yisroel who are blissfully ignorant of what is going on, and who blindly follow their Rebbeim who know what is going on, but pretend it isn't. signed, IM

Anonymous said...

This shabos miketz is the first yeartzeit of Fifi Zahler.

Ner Yisroel did every thing possible to forget him . . .

May be you UOJ will say some thing . . .

E. Fink said...

So way off topic, but regardless:

Reb Moshe holds that a commercial dishwasher is permitted to be used for dairy and meat dishes.

IIRC the svara is that the dishwasher kashers itself as it cleans.

It is in the tshuvos somewhere.

Kashrus said...

There are many types of commercial dishwashers and R' Moishe was not mattir all of them.

Anonymous said...

Tropper's wife: www.fredwarner.com/images/laurel.jpg

Anonymous said...

When it came to the phony Flatbush eruv, Ronnie H paid 100 Gs to any rabbi who would approve it.

Thomas Kaplan and Tropper had to up the ante to millions when it came to phony gerus.

Have Shmarya and his buddies heard of thermal underwear? said...


Bich Ha Pham, the director of policy, advocacy and research for the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, said she frequently heard from low-income people who were frustrated by the long waits at welfare offices, which are run by the Human Resources Administration.

At one office on Hoyt Street in Downtown Brooklyn where applications for cash assistance, food stamps and other social services are processed, the line routinely stretches around the corner.

Lillian Hillard waited outside the office the other day, smoking a cigarette and pacing in frustration.

Anonymous said...

Hamekubal blog says he has inside information that Shmarya is knowingly lying about the aspect of how the tapes were leaked. He says that although Tropper was screwing several women, the one who taped him was planted by an enemy.

Call to action said...

Tropper is still running the Horizons kiruv program that has a budget of many millions of dollars.

What can UOJ do to shut this creep down?

Anonymous said...

Blogger Moshe Refoel says that Tropper's buddy Nochum Eisenstein is a big supporter of Mordechai Tendler who went so far as to attack the RCA for kicking him out and he invited Tendler to come speak in his shul.

Anonymous said...

I admire this woman for coming forward. I didn't have the courage to go public when he tried such stuff on me.

But why isn't he being prosecuted for "transporting cross state lines"? He is talking on tapes about airfares and amounts he will pay.

Just listen to tape #2 --- 1:15 - 1:44 At 1:26 he discusses Airfare. He is in NY and she is in TX. This is federal. Hello??? Tropper is making clear that he is choosing the guys (egs. that Satmar guy) for her.

Pareve veggie burger said...

Harry Maryles is a putz.

He says he believes Shmarya about R' Malkiel who he attacks along with someone he doesn't initially name (Shimshy Sherer).

A reader butts in and tells Maryles, hey, I was the one who told you about Sherer 3 years ago but you completely distorted what I told you.

Hahahahaha !!!! said...

Just like super ganav Leib Pinter wrote a musser sefer published by Artscroll, his good friend Leib Tropper wrote a sefer on hilchos yichud of all things!


"Yichud/Seclusion" - by Leib Tropper, Concise Guide. Shma Yisroel Pub., Yerushalayim, 2 Panim Meirot St., '73, 64p. , 6.5"x4.5"

Picture of Tropper's wife said...


Both versions of the story are correct said...


Eternal Jewish Fraud (EJF), the biggest gerus scam, promoted Rabbi Elya Ber Wachtfogel to chief executive officer, putting him in charge of repairing the company after the tumultuous takeover of Texas whorehouses pushed Leib Tropper into early retirement.

Wachtfogel, head maggid shiur of Fallsburg, takes over backdated to a few days earlier, the Monsey-based scam said today in a statement. Tropper, 62, said he'd step down until the spotlight on him blows over.

"What we need to do now is very simple," Wachtfogel said in the statement. "We need to execute anyone exposing cover ups."

EJF's new boss must stanch defaults on pimping tied to the recession, which led to losses in the past four quarters. He must also integrate EJF and smooth relations with non-corrupt rabbonim after they clashed with Tropper over the perfidy. The scam has no plans to pay back $45 billion to Guma Aguiar's Troubled Ass Relief Program.

Wachtfogel takes charge on behalf of the biggest philanderer by weight and belly volume, the No. 1 home wrecker and the largest issuer of dreck. He'll also oversee underhanded trading (esnan zonah) and retail brokerage operations of New York-based call girl services. The scam counts 53 million ger candidates and small-business suckers in 150 countries at 6,000 offices, and the scam's stock is a component of the Sitra Achra Industrial Average.

The board, led by Rabbi Reuvain Feinstein, tapped Wachtfogel after sorting through half a dozen internal candidates including Menachem Lubinsky, 61, the scam's chief PR officer, who was favored by Tropper, a person familiar with the matter has said. Motty Suchard, 55, CEO at Gateways and the leading outside candidate, dropped out on Dec. 14.

Wachtfogel joined EJF through its 2004 purchase by Tom Kaplan, where he led the wealth management unit and directed strategic development.

EJF posted losses in last year's fourth quarter and the third quarter of 2009. Still, the scam posted a cumulative profit of $6.5 billion for the first nine months of this year, aided by gains at intermarried conferences from trading blondes, brunettes and non-Caucasian women like slabs of meat.

Guma Aguiar had originally injected $45 billion into EJF through the purchase of Tropper's hooks, lines and sinkers, including $10 million stolen by Tropper to fress to keep his humungous boych from collapsing. The billionaire redeemed his zchus tzedaka earlier this month after raising hell through beis din, court and the FBI.

Tropper almost didn't survive the chance encounter at a Jerusalem hotel when the "ventana" threat mounted. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said Tropper might be removed for trying to cancel gerei tzedek, and sharing strippers with other EJF horndogs by stealing former chairman Guma's tithe.

The scam needs big bucks and barf inducing fees to overcome losses of corrupt roshei yeshiva, who bail out of EJF if no one puts money in their pockets.

The UOJ exposure rate stood at 10 percent in November. Tropper told employees when he announced his departure that "a near double-digit exposure rate of shysters is bad medicine for a scam that serves corrupt fressers," and he predicted that "the next two quarters will be difficult."

Paul Mendlowitz said...

R'Both Versions:

Great one! One UOJ cap per letz :-)

OU Crony Watch said...

Can anyone verify from personal experience that Elefant is an even bigger gangster that Genack when it comes to covering up kashrus scandals?

Lamdan said...

When learning the sugya of esnan zonah and mechir kelev I now think of Tropper.

I wonder if there are any meforshim out there that discuss mechir hippopotamus which is even more appropriate in this case.

Lakewood talmid said...

The word on the street is that R' Feinstein-Wachtfogel are accusing Guma of entrapping Tropper (as if that excuses his sexual crimes).

This doesn't have a shred of credibility

A. there were other women not planted by Guma

B. when Rav Ovadya Yosef was asked about the Syrian rabbonim being entrapped he said that is not a defense al pi Hatorah since people have bechira to choose chilul Hashem or kiddush Hashem

Lakewood talmid said...

I hope that stupid letter was not sent to Rav Horowitz.

The only tzad hashoveh by R' Malkiel & R' Elya Ber is that they the same shadchan through Brisk that set them up for their disastrous first marriages. That shadchan has a really bad track track record. There were others, like the daughter of R' Moishe Shmuel Shapiro, whose ex-husband's name was removed from revised editions of his sefer on Shas.

Yaakov Menken said...

Why doesn't Tropper just claim he was "seduced" like the excuse I cooked up to give to R' Shmuel Kaminetzky?

Speaking of Horrible shadchanim said...

shadchan is roshei taivos sheker dover kesef notel.

Girsa achara from R' Dovid Soloveitchik is shofech damim kesef notel.

Stay very far away from Susan Weintraub, wife of Gershon Weintraub from East 27th St M&N.

She is that strange woman who takes her kids to the bus stop in the morning wearing her tattered shmatta bathrobe and Ronald McDonald style slippers.

I was never involved in shidduchim with her B'H but overheard the terrible things she does a number of times.

She is a NASTY TWO FACED LADY who only gets involved to begin with because she is a HUGE YENTA. After sweet talking her victims that she will find them a shidduch, she calls around bashmutzing them as she "tries" to "redt". And her favorite catchphrase is to call you "crazy" in the first few minutes of describing you.

You have no idea how weird and demented these Weintraub people are. But they pull Agudah fresser shtick to impress everyone. They invite Ohel residents to eat by them for shabbos then brag about themselves being "baalei chesed". "Baalei chesed"???!!! A former neighbor has a letter from Con Ed about them stealing his electricity by diverting it. And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

UOJ gets results said...


Samuel Arthur Silverman, also known as Abraham Cohen, was extradited Thursday from Israel to the United States. Silverman was convicted in Oregon for sexual abuse of minors in the late 1990s, but before a hearing on his sentence commenced he escaped to Israel.

His extradition was made possible following an amendment to the extradition treaty between Israel and the US.

Silverman, a former social worker and psychologist mainly treating children and teenagers, was charged and convicted of sexually abusing two minors who were friends of his son during the years

Anonymous said...

Can UOJ verify this?

Was this the guy who was kicked out of the shul in Seattle for getting it on with a shiksa he was being megayer?

Moshe Londinski in Lakewood who still gives a hashgocho in Washington State on mostly irrelevant items like bacon salt.

Seth Farber is a moron said...

He likes that Tropper did outreach to goyim shelo al pi halacha.


Rabbi Seth Farber, the director of ITIM, an Israeli-based organisation that supports people going through conversion, said: “Rabbi Tropper was an important force because he got the ultra Orthodox community to recognise that conversion is a legitimate way of addressing the challenges of intermarriage and assimilation in the US. For that, he will be missed.

Anonymous said...


It's the eponymy, stupid said...

Tropper's EJF is very active in Russia by the way.


MOSCOW (JTA) -- A Jewish holiday, the lure of sex and the possibility of helping break a Guinness world record drew hundreds of young people to a Moscow nightclub for an unusual Chanukah celebration.

Sunday's event was the brainchild of the new Russian Hillel director, Alexander Shlimak (Slime-ak?), who was appointed in September and says he is trying to come up with new ways to attract young people to the Jewish community.

Some 500 young people came to the party at >>> Zona <<< in a bid to break the Guinness world record for most Chanukah candles lit simultaneously.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Can UOJ verify this?

Was this the guy who was kicked out of the shul in Seattle for getting it on with a shiksa he was being megayer?

Moshe Londinski in Lakewood who still gives a hashgocho in Washington State on mostly irrelevant items like bacon salt.


And anything that moved........

Anonymous said...

The Weintraubs are a bunch of dysfunctional barnyard freaks.

Have you seen Gershon scavenging around people's garbage in Brooklyn to take home "metzios"? He's not very picky, the vulture will take your packing peanuts smothered in shmutz or even old toilets. Anything pretty much.

Or have you seen the kids standing in the middle of the street reaching into their private parts to scratch themselves?

Or have you been woken up along with the rest of the neighborhood when they decide to vacuum their cars at 2 in the morning while yelling at each other?

Or have you seen the boy with the disability being picked on and treated like crap by the sisters? The mother even calls to him out loud as "idiot" instead of giving him the human dignity of calling him by his name.

Politically incorrect said...

Why does David Kelsey hate frum Jews almost as much as Shmarya? What's his background? Is he also an older bachelor who never got married because of his overbearing personality but blames orthodoxy?

Monsey said...

Big split among the Tropperites. Some have finally woken up to reality and jumped off the sinking ship. But believe it or not there are still plenty of morons who think that Guma spent a million bucks to create phony tapes.

The London Jewish Chronicle said...


Anonymous said...

I have it on excellent authority that Reb Elya Ber Wachtfogel never accepted any responsibility, oversight, or position of any kind for EJF!

If anything at all - he wad duped by a phone call from an individual in Eretz Yisroel (a beneficiary of Tropper/EJF money) that Rav Shteinman and Rav Y.S. Eliashiv had "requested" he assume the position at EJF, But he never accepted!

In the interim it has now been determined that Rav Y.S. Eliashiv had no idea at all about ANY of these goings on - let alone he never asked for R' E.B.W. to accept any position or achrayus for EJF!

The time has come for Reb Elya Ber to speak up and put this to bed!

Anonymous said...

shmeltzer in north miami beach is telling people that tropper will be vindicated and asked wachtfogel to be his caretaker while he deals with this temporary setback
he also said that telz and lakewood will stand by tropper unless there is a video as anyone can manufacture a tape

nmbkolel@gmail tell shmeltzer what you think

Anonymous said...

Care to see the face behind the voice on the tapes?


Anonymous said...

did i miss that new info that was supposed to be posted within 24 hours? wasn't that mentioned yesterday?

Spinka laundering said...

Sentencing today:

Did these guys cooperate to get this slap on the wrist?

Alan Friedman, 4 months
Joseph Naiman, 4 months
Moshe Lazar, 4 months

Professor Twerski said...

Rabbi Tropper runs an honorable whorehouse.

Jacob Perlow said...

I divine that Rabbi Tropper did nothing wrong.

Agudah Rabbis said...

Before, we could have helped her. But now that the lady acted like this she has no ne'emanus.

Anonymous said...


tell the rosh kolel what you think of him defending tropper and protecting molesters

Bozoer Rebbe said...

Midah k'neged midah. Tropper's shenanigans with trying to invalidate R' Druckman's conversions potentially created a huge issue with yichus, as well as creating some doubt as to the validity of witnesses to weddings and gittin.

Now Tropper's own family comes under suspicion. If he involved his wife in sexual escapades with other women, and since according to the woman he also got a thrill out of "sharing" her with other men (she claims he encouraged her to have sex with other men, sometimes particular other men - it remains to be seen if those men were colleagues of Tropper), I think it stands to reason that he may have shared his wife with other men as well.

This raises all sorts of questions about yichus and mamzerut.

Tropper tried to make tzorus for all sorts of good Jewish families. Now, we find out that the family that he may have damaged the most is his own.

BTW, Leba Tropper seems to have been a willing and eager participant in her husband's activities. Though I'm sure she'll turn quasi-feminist and claim he coerced and abused her, she obviously knew about and participated in his kinks and other activities.

The Gedolim don't want me to have a computer. Meanwhile one of their buddies is into Howard Stern's lesbian-watching thing, likes pimping out women and has rape fantasies.

Yosef Blau said...

I have been informed by a reliable source that the woman who made the tapes did not entrap Rabbi Tropper and was pressured by him to play her part in what occurred. While this attempt to blame her will not exonerate Tropper, it does blacken her name which has appeared on a number of blogs. Blaming women who have been manipulated by authority figures is unfortunately a common reaction in the Orthodox community.

Yosef Blau

Eternal Jewish Fraud Watch said...


EJF's staff psychiatrist is Dr. Mark Banschick MD who is a professor at the Reform Hebrew Union College. Isn't that odd?! Does Rav Wachtfogel know about this?

Banschick also works with former CNN "pop culture" correspondent Jill Brooke who is currently with the radical left wing Huffington Post.

UOJ Office of Personnel Management said...

The Bozoer Rebbe is that thieving scoundrel Ronnie Schreiber from Detroit who is banned from this blog.

He has used that alter ego elsewhere and the style of criticizing gedolim has Ronnie written all over it.

Get the hell out of here Ronnie and pay back the people you took money from.

Harav Moshe Eiseman said...

Leib is a tzaddik like me. You are mechuyav to believe that tzaddikim like us who sin during the day, SURELY did teshuva overnight. I'm sure Rav Schmeltzer will get me back into my position in Ner Yisroel. Rav Sheftel still believes that Moshe Finkel sold kosher and he's also a tzaddik like me.

Rav Doniel Eidensohn said...


An open letter to Reb Elya Ber, shlita

I have it on excellent authority that Reb Elya Ber Wachtfogel never accepted any responsibility, oversight, or position of any kind for EJF!

If anything at all - he was duped by a phone call from an individual in Eretz Yisroel (a beneficiary of Tropper/EJF money) that Rav Shteinman and Rav Y.S. Eliashiv had "requested" he assume the position at EJF, But he never accepted!

In the interim it has now been determined that Rav Y.S. Eliashiv had no idea at all about ANY of these goings on - let alone he never asked for R' E.B.W. to accept any position or achrayus for EJF!

The time has come for Reb Elya Ber to speak up and put this to bed

Anonymous said...

Any relation to Rabbi Binyomin Ruttner from Flatbush, who has a shul on east 15 street?

Rabbi Binyomin Ruttner said...


For the oylam in my shuls in Monsey and Hillcrest, Queens, I just thought I would keep you posted.

Convicted sex offender Ken Gribetz from Moshe Tendler's shul is handling the defense.
9:22 PM, December 15, 2009

Anonymous said...

The Flatbush Ruttner might be a cousin as the Monsey / Queens Ruttner is an only child.

Troppenstein's monster said...


This woman who converted to Judaism is from Houston TX and has been posting EJF videos on the internet.


And if menuvel Tropper saw this, he would need to be placed in a straight-jacket.

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