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A Torah Temimah Student Writes....(Check out the grammar and spelling...-UOJ)

whatever hapened to innocen until proven guilty?
what if rabbi yidi, yehuda, joel or whateverother names Kolko they have given him is innocent?
how will u all feel then?
i had a rabbi kolko as a rebbe, camp director and a mentor. I do NOT beleive any of this BS about him. There are thousands of talmidm of his who have only good to say...sure some might say he was tough, some might sat they didnt like him etc...Most will say he was an amazing first grade rav, amazing camp directore...
very few believe the BS in the newspaper..Most of those who believe this crap are the dfollowers of this web page..the everyday temimah parent is natrually concerned, but most do NOT believe it as a fact..the damage UOJ did to the yeshiva and to individuals involved is irreversable


Avishai Cohen said...
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Great Minds Think Alike said...

Sounds like he was the only kid to get counseled by in-house shrink Bungalow Putz Neuhoff before he forced to resign.

Bryan Garner said...

This post makes me feel so sad. I am ready to be meyayesh. I hope this kid is not past the 6th grade. I mean 'natrually'??? Come on!

The other sign that the apocalypse is upon us is the frequent usage among the b'heimeshe of the phrase, "would of", "should of," or, "could of". People, it's HAVE, not of. Alternatively, you can use "could've, would've, or should've." But I guess you didn't.
Thank you
Ah Freilechen Purim

Anonymous said...

It has come to my attention that a very large number of caterers and take out food stores in the NYC area are robbing you blind. They are charging tax on items that they are not allowed to. In some cases they are just plain dumb and send the govt a surplus but in many cases they are calculating GANOVIM who pocket the "tax". Restaurants must charge tax by law. Take out food stores cannot unless the food is hot. I just caught one store that was charging "tax" on everything for years. They even had the NY State tax code posted on the wall that clearly spells out they are ripping you off as they continued to fleece the customers that must have been sleepwalking. Even after they were forced to do something, they are still charging tax on any food that could conceivably be warmed, using the excuse that it's too difficult for them to have two codes for the price scanner (or should I say price SCAMMER)

I spoke to a rov in the kashrus field. He says he is aware of these dishonest GENAYVOS. The public must be vigilant and stop these scam artists from stealing from the rabim. Watch what they ring up at the cash register and make a VERY LOUD STINK if you don't like what you see. Shop owners hate that. Put pressure on the kashrus agencies to police this outrage. The rabbonei machshirim don't allow pizza stores to have pinball games nor restaurants to have TVs or play secular music, but they allow GEZEL RABIM.

A rov gave me hell for telling him that I stopped one of these stores from stealing. He said I have to ask the store owner mechila before Yom Kippur. I asked the rov how the store owner will do teshuva for taking people's money for decades. He had no answer. The rov's family & the store owner's family are friends. This rov has no compunction ripping into whoever he feels is doing an avlah, except when it comes to personal friends.

There is a caterer who is charging "tax" on every incidental item imaginable. They range from "tax" on waiter's tips to the coat check to items that are so ridiculous that it is insane. If I name them, I will give away which caterer I'm referring to. I asked around the catering industry. One caterer had no shame telling me he charges tax on everything unless the baal simcha complains.

Ombudsman, where are you? I know this is connected to Lipa and sex abuse somehow. Please connect the dots. The Gemora says that gazlonim are not a rov. What's happening here ???!!! Is this any worse than the butcher putting his thumb on the scale? Tzedek tzedek, ayeka?

Grubba Lipa said...

Shreck! I never thought of charging tax on yeshiva breakfast & the raisins! What an einfall.

gross said...

The good new is that UOJ has indeed caused "irreversible damage."

Thanks for confirming TT putz!

Lipa M said...

Guys! I already paid off my henchman Apelgrad to tell you all that this is all not true! What more would you like me to do?

Anonymous said...

It's possible that the fellow who wrote this "Purim Post" was simply too fat, too ugly, or not sensitive enough for Mr. Kolko to molest.

Auto Report World Editors said...

the damage UOJ did to the yeshiva and to individuals involved is irreversable

Can anyone with a heart read this and not think of Kolko's victims and their families?

Auto Report World Editors said...


Did he post that as a comment, or via email?

I hope it was via email, because Blogger has a spell checker built into the comment app.

Anonymous said...

What a rant.
Too true.
So Sad.

Anonymous said...

It's easier for the take-out food gesheften to get away with illegally charging tax if they are part of a supermaket. Because there are items there that are taxable, people don't notice it as much when the rest gets added on.

Another scam that goes on is at haymishe tire stores. When you buy a new tire, they ask you if you want to add an insurance policy. They coax you into it by saying that there are all kinds of potholes & nails around Brooklyn so it's worth it. I bought the policy from Northeastern Tire on Dahill Rd at 16th Ave. When I got a flat tire, the insurance company said I'm not covered because the Boro Park store never submitted my money. I went down angry to the store and they fixed my tire, but how many other fees did they pocket?

Rip off report said...

I know which store recently stopped charging tax on some items but not others. People have complained over the years but nothing happened until that UOJ reader got involved. Maybe they were scared of him because he's very articulate. He didn't threaten them but if they wouldn't have acted, he would have reported them. He's looking into how he can stop them from charging tax on the balance of the items. There is another store that he shops at. Just this week they stopped charging him tax. But it seems they are still charging the other customers.

They've got every angle said...

What about the heimisher stores that charge an illegal fee if you pay by credit card? One store on 13th Ave was charging 6 percent. When I complained that Mastercard only charges about 2%, they had the chutzpa to say the rest is "schar tircha" (with a Hungarian accent of course). This is a violation of the merchant agreement with both Visa & Mastercard. Amex lets them as long as they violated the policy with the other cards. I called Mastercard to report the store. They told the store if they get one more complaint they are kicked out of the network so the store stopped charging the fee. These gazlonim didn't know who reported them, but the hypocrites were complaining that someone "massered."

Don't let yourself get robbed.

chief doofis said...

While I cannot be the judge and jury for "Rabbi" Kolko (If he's found guilty, he should be drawn and quartered, but I can't be the judge!!), I can plainly see that whatever Yeshiva "taught" the author of yesterday's comment, did irreparable damage to that child.

What we have here is part ofthe increasing evidence, that the "wrong" wing of Orthodoxy is totally negligent with regard to secular education.

I think that the readership of this and similar blogs, has to unite (among other things) to prevent turning Orthodox Jews into the educational equivalent of teh Yanomamo.

Ombudsman's Deputy said...

Ombudsman is too busy to answer such poshut questions. Of course this behavior is related to Grubba Lipa and sex abuse. Avayra gorreres avayra. YTT steals so they even came ad kedai kach of sex abuse. I know one guy who steals the improper tax and he went to YTT. How many of the other thieves have kids in YTT and they don't give a damn that Kolko & Margo are rotzchim? Why do you think even YTT rebbeim do nothing when there own children are molested? Don't forget also that YTT rebbeim supplement grubba Lipa's shvartz gelt salary with gratuities from the Hungarian parents. That's why they won't do the right and moral thing which is to quit their jobs. The YTT rebbeim read this. I can see their grubba guilt complexes which they will supress after a few minutes to go back to business as usual. Ferds, all of you.

Sidney Zion said...

Boog would say that these grub fressers are sticking their cholent stains paws in your pockets to steal your money in between picking their noses.

Beavis & Butthead said...

Are there any "rabbonim" that are still stupid enough to defend Kolko & Margo?

Refuah Shlayma said...

Doctors are bound by a code of ethics that they cannot charge another doctor for services to treat the doctor or his children. I know the m.o. of many doctors. Anyone I know who is frey or not a Yid does not charge. Almost every frum doctor I know violates the ethical code, wether they are chassidish, yeshivish or modern orthodox. The only two I know that are ethical are modern orthodox. There is one yeshivish doctor who dances around the code by not charging you, but he purposely makes you wait many hours and sees every patient that came after you so that you will go somewhere else. The guy is also a terrible money grubber that sends you to the lab for frivolous investigations so he can get a kickback.

There was an incident with one Flatbush doctor. Even though he officially takes a certain insurance, he told the patient pay me cash. When the patient argued, the doctor said that insurance has extra paperwork and wait time, so go get cash somewhere today and come back to pay me. The patient said he is going out of town and does not have $60 cash on him. The shmuck said, you know people in Flatbush, go borrow the money and bring it to me. The patient said he is not comfortable especially when the doctor should take the insurance. The argument became heated. The patient then asked the doctor what happened to his ethics of not charging another doctor. The shmuck basically told him I want my money so go screw yourself. It then became really heated and a huge scene in the office so the shmuck finally backed down while grumbling but still submitted a claim to insurance.

Anonymous said...

So what items are they allowed to charge tax on and what items can they not?

Venahapuch Hu said...

Speaking of ethics, does the Tort Putz Twerski even know what that is?

Venahapuch hu, asher yishletu Hayehudim behaimposters margo vetwerski.

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

In response to many:

I will be putting up a photo of Stephen Colemar after Purim.

Steny Hoyer said...

Someone wrote two threads back that Phil of the Baltimoron Jewish Times & his family were threatened by "honchos" and that any story on Eisemann must be watered down & approved by NIRC.

Can anyone vouch for this and elaborate on the nature of threats?

Anonymous said...

you are a pussy uoj -why dont you put up a photo pf yourself

NY State Sales Tax Code said...


Don't let the FRESSER GANOVIM rip you off.

Don't pay tax at a take out store unless the food is actually cold or if it's a prepared sandwich.

Friend of Eisgrau's Daughter said...

I was wondering if anyone could let me know why after all the time has gone by that the Jewish Times would write any stories as the did with Steve. What's up with that?

Did the Jewish Times suddenly see the light when it comes to abuse and the need to expose pedophiles? or could it be a new PR campaign backed or organized by the administration at Ner Israel, rabbis Hopfer and or Heinemann?

Moshe Eisemann is related to the Eisgrau's through marriage. Eliezer's wife's maiden name is Eisemann. There's a trail of abusing behavior leading all the way back to the yeshiva in Vineland, NJ.

HaRav Moshe Eisemann, zt"l is Eisgrau's wife's father. Rabbi Moshe Eisemann who is currently living on the campus of Ner Israel is a cousin.


One such talmid was HaRav Moshe Eisemann, zt"l, rosh yeshiva of Vineland (a cousin of the Baltimore mashgiach),

Anonymous said...

i think chiam nehoff has a dance partner.

steve said...

Unfortunately, what this kid is saying is the general feeling among students, alumni and parents of YTT. They are in complete denial of the facts. Based on their logic, if Kolko is innocent until proven guilty, then all of his victims over the last forty years are all guilty until proven innocent. They are all guilty of a massive conspiracy to destroy this individual by making these false accusations of molestation. This conspiracy would go down in history as one of the most elaborate and long standing, spanning three generations and dozens of twisted and vindictive grown men, teenagers and young children.

The defense you constantly hear of Kolko and other molesters is that they are good, decent people and that they never saw them molest anyone. In fact, Rabbi Sokolovsky posted a comment on Shmarya's blog that he saw Eiseman for "TWO WEEKS" in Kishinev and that he never molested anyone. These people don't understand the nature of molesters. They think that a typical molester attacks the first child he sees. They expect him to walk into a crowded room and start grabbing a kids' genitals. They don't understand that they are very calculating and very selective, choosing carefully the victim, place and time. They do not walk around with a label on their forehead "MOLESTER", nor do they wear stocking caps. I think education regarding this sickness is important as well as all the other things mentioned such as background checks, registry and mandatory reporting.

Auto Report World Editors said...

Chag Sameach to all.

For the first time in years, the Bozoer Rebbe descended from the supernal planes to celebrate Purim with his chassidim (I see'd 'em too, but what are they?). The Rebbe, a grandson of the Shoiteh D'oraysa, the illustrious author of a magnum opus on mental competence, will be in residence till the end of Purim. Brachas and Klallahs are available for a nominal handling fee.

May you all have wonderful daughters who insist on a husband who learns, not works.

This is no Purim Shpiel said...

Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky who hangs out on Shmarya's blog is a real piece of work and that's putting it mildly. While you have regular Lubobs and Moshiachistim, that guy is from the small minority of "Elokistim" who actually say out loud that M.M. Schneursohn is G-d kaviyochol. The only reason why Shmarya tolerates him is because Sokolovsky spends a good part of the day digging up dirt on the other Lubavitchers who hate him, which he passes along to Shmarya.

Anonymous said...

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The buttons are free and could be hotlinked. Let's make some fun of Olmert!

Anonymous said...

What does a pay phone in the Bronx and a Kollel guy in Lakewood have in common?

Anonymous said...

They both don't work!

Mike said...

Silly question from an outsider: it seems that there are dozens, if not more, Jewish day schools in Brooklyn (or, more specifically, Borough Park). If even 25% of this stuff is true (and I don't doubt that 100% of it is), how does a parent rationally continue to send his child to YTT? Is it a social thing - i.e., that every other parent is sending their kid there so they continue to do so too? Is it for reasons of getting into high school? I'm really at a loss to understand this all and it's been bothering me for a while.

Good Question from Mike said...

The answer however is very sad. Pathetic Hungarians make up the YTT parent body. They are very shallow and looking for prestige which they think Margo provides them. They make themselves deaf to the evils and enable Margo to carry on.

Typo Correction said...

Food has to be actually hot for it to be taxed. If it is cold, it CANNOT be taxed.

Regarding service charges on credit cards. This is illegal even with American Express. The only thing that Amex allows is setting a minimum purchase price to be able to use the card if the vendor does so with all credit cards. This would still be a violation of Visa & Mastercard policy and would boot the vendor if customers complain. It's time these putz stores woke up and realized that there is a cost of doing business if they want the conveniences. The public should stop them from these abusive practices.

Mike said...

Apologies in advance for my daftness but:

What prestige does this guy give (I don't live in the area obviously)?

Is he a personality-type that makes people feel good? Or is the school prestigous in-and-of itself, thereby making the parents feel special because their kids attend such a fine institution (all kidding aside)? And, along these lines, is it difficult for one to get their kid into this yeshiva?


steve said...

Personally, knowing about the atrocities that were committed there, I would be too squeamish to set foot in that building. How do these people send their kids there on a daily basis? How do they leave them in the care of irresponsible administrators?

Anonymous said...

I was told by a reliable source that there are enough wealthy people on the board of Torah Temimah to pay the attorney fees. Therefore, nothing will happen to Marguelis and his group. The same behavior will just continue. Again check out the Rebbes who work there. They have molestation issues in their own family and cover them up. The beat goes on.

Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky said...

Steve said:
Rabbi Sokolovsky posted a comment on Shmarya's blog that he saw Eiseman for "TWO WEEKS" in Kishinev and that he never molested anyone. These people don't understand the nature of molesters.
You are not quoting me in full.
I also wrote in that comment that this obviously doesn't prove anything either way.
The fact is that I have been in that Yeshivah (that he established among many other Yeshivas in various parts of he former Soviet Union) for almost half a year and never heard these allegations from other bochurim or seen such behavior from him in person when he was visiting.
I am not saying that this proves anything either way just shared my experience.