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The Plague Of The Jews Called Lipa Margulies & Yudi Kolko

Thursday, February 02, 2006- From The UOJ Archives

The First Of The TEN Makos Is Going To Strike Your Mailbox In A Few Days

Makah # 2-If this letter doesn't get Kolko away from our children, we are going to cooperate with the secular print media.

Makah # 3-If that doesn't get Kolko away from our children, we will cooperate with the local TV stations.

Makah # 4-If that doesn't get Kolko away from our children we will cooperate with national TV.

Makah # 5-If that doesn't get Kolko away from our children we are going to the Brooklyn DA.

Makah # 6- the NYS Attorney General.

Makah # 7-the Feds.

Makah # 8, 9, 10............TBD!

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Grubba Lipa said...

Me hert nisht mit dem kvad lev.

Watch your Back & your Wallet said...

It has come to my attention that a very large number of caterers and take out food stores in the NYC area are robbing you blind. They are charging tax on items that they are not allowed to. In some cases they are just plain dumb and send the govt a surplus but in many cases they are calculating GANOVIM who pocket the "tax". Restaurants must charge tax by law. Take out food stores cannot unless the food is hot. I just caught one store that was charging "tax" on everything for years. They even had the NY State tax code posted on the wall that clearly spells out they are ripping you off as they continued to fleece the customers that must have been sleepwalking. Even after they were forced to do something, they are still charging tax on any food that could conceivably be warmed, using the excuse that it's too difficult for them to have two codes for the price scanner (or should I say price SCAMMER)

I spoke to a rov in the kashrus field. He says he is aware of these dishonest GENAYVOS. The public must be vigilant and stop these scam artists from stealing from the rabim. Watch what they ring up at the cash register and make a VERY LOUD STINK if you don't like what you see. Shop owners hate that. Put pressure on the kashrus agencies to police this outrage. The rabbonei machshirim don't allow pizza stores to have pinball games nor restaurants to have TVs or play secular music, but they allow GEZEL RABIM.

A rov gave me hell for telling him that I stopped one of these stores from stealing. He said I have to ask the store owner mechila before Yom Kippur. I asked the rov how the store owner will do teshuva for taking people's money for decades. He had no answer. The rov's family & the store owner's family are friends. This rov has no compunction ripping into whoever he feels is doing an avlah, except when it comes to personal friends.

There is a caterer who is charging "tax" on every incidental item imaginable. They range from "tax" on waiter's tips to the coat check to items that are so ridiculous that it is insane. If I name them, I will give away which caterer I'm referring to. I asked around the catering industry. One caterer had no shame telling me he charges tax on everything unless the baal simcha complains.

Ombudsman, where are you? I know this is connected to Lipa and sex abuse somehow. Please connect the dots. The Gemora says that gazlonim are not a rov. What's happening here ???!!! Is this any worse than the butcher putting his thumb on the scale? Tzedek tzedek, ayeka?

Anonymous said...

every one happened

Anonymous said...

I hope Torah Temimah closes its doors forever. No school should be a part of covering up child molesters. One Rebbe there thinks its okay to drink on Purim and beat up your wife. These are the kind of Rebbes teaching our young children