Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Memo to all Jews who attended yesterday's meeting at Agudath Israel

A commenter writes:

You all read this blog. You owe it to the klal and to UOJ himself to tell us what transpired at yesterday's meeting where the issue of child sex abuse was discussed.

Your children and grandchildren are safer today because of the activities of UOJ and some others. It is cliche, on the glatt kosher rubber chicken circuit, when giving an award to someone, to say, He tirelessly works for the klal.....Usually, its not literally true. He did some work, yes, but tirelessly, no.

In this case, it would be literally true to say that the activists have "tirelessly" worked. They are tirelessly fighting the good fight, and they are winning. And you owe them, big time.

In addition to hakaros hatov, it is a matter of pikuach nefesh. We must continue building public pressure. This is a public issue. The organizations, like Aguda, were doing nothing, until UOJ came onto the scene. The abuse incidents were covered up. Are you now going to pursue the same failed secrecy policy by covering up the potential solutions? This would be a disaster. This is a democracy, where problems get identified and solved in the public arena. Because you do not recognize this, that's why you failed in the past. You must now publicly rectify this problem by letting the people know what is happening. You can do so, with a few stroke keys, with the awesome power of communication that a blog provides.

If you will search your conscience, and do the right thing, you will tell us what transpired at yesterday's meeting. Tell us now and do not delay. The people have a right to know.

We want to protect our children.


Phil Jacobs-Baltimore Jewish Times said...

Dear UOJ --

How do I begin contacting Eisemann survivors?

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

Eisemann survivors:


The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

It is cliche, on the "glatt kosher rubber chicken" circuit, when giving an award to someone.............................................................

Thanks Anon,

Correction: No such thing as glatt kosher chicken, and chances are 50/50, that the chickens they eat are not kosher at all!

Other than that I'm in agreement:)

Ike said...

Ohio wants special car plates for sex offenders
Wed Feb 28, 2007 1:23 PM ET

CINCINNATI (Reuters) - Lawmakers in Ohio said on Wednesday they want to force convicted sex offenders to use a fluorescent-green license plate on their cars so they can be easily identified.

A Republican and a Democrat in the state legislature have joined forces to propose the law, which echoes measures in several U.S. states that require convicted drunken drivers to use a yellow, pink or red plate on their cars.

"The fluorescent-green license plate will make the most egregious sex offenders easily identifiable," state Democratic Rep. Michael DeBose said in a statement.

Police said the green plates would allow them to track sex offenders, who are already required to register with the local sheriff's office and are prohibited from living within 1,000 feet of a school.

"It will give Ohio families a great peace of mind knowing that their children will be able to recognize where this danger exists," Summit County Sheriff Drew Alexander said.

Opponents of the proposed law argue the use of a special plate would stigmatize everyone who shared the offender's car -- including their spouse or children.

The proposed law will be debated in committee before a decision is made whether to put the proposal to a vote.

- we could use something like this in New York, to keep Koko away from the kids. I would add just one point to the bill:

- We need a special provision for golf carts, too.

Anonymous said...

How is it that people completely ignore what's being reported about Margo & Kolko?? It boggles the mind!!! I was at a wedding in Fakewood last night where lo & behold, The Hungarian Grubba Ferd Margo was called up to be Mesader Kiddushin. I made it a point purposely NOT to stand up for such a lowlife. At the same time, I heard a guy sitting behind me say "The guy is a crook". Up next, Faker Scheinerman reading the Ksuba with such heilig kavonah. Guy behind me says "Boy, we've got all the real winners here". Later, I see the Menuvaldik yet Sefer-Toting Kolko strolling around without a care in the world. Chatting it up with countless guests of various ages. What is with people?? What possesed the Baal Simcha to invite these animals?? How many Ostriches are among us? Raboisai, WAKE UP!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Above 2:29 p.m. anon.

You're so right. Thanks for reporting this shocking information. It is mind boggling. Ordinary human common sense has been suspended. Its business as usual. An arrest and indictment for child sex abuse taking place within the four walls of a yeshiva, covered up by the "Rosh Yeshiva", means nothing to these people. Its as if they have no conscience. They are amoral. Just shocking.

And thank you for the cute "Fakewood", I like it.

Tsedrayter said...

This is just another example of
the Yeshivishe velt's fortress
mentality. It is truly depressing.

I was at a wedding in Boro Park
recently and saw a placecard for
'Rabbi L. Pinter'. He did not attend nor was he a relative to my knowledge. Granted his crimes pale
to Kolko many times over, but the
message is the same. I bet you that
even if Kolko would have murdered
a Yid, he would still have roamed
around the room the same way.

What the hell have we come to?

Anonymous said...

Tsedrayter -

Also good comments. Fortress mentality, and What the hell have we come to? Perfect. I see a cultish element here. Independent thinking gets suspended, and everyone follows the leader. A cult of 21st Century American orthodox Jews, how interesting.

So, its the end of the day, and the cultish Aguda scaredy-cats are silent. Call it the black hat wall of silence.

You Aguda cult-niks, who refuse to tell us what transpired at yesterday's meeting - just think of recent 20th century history.

Jews in Israel draining the swamps, and fighting the Arabs...

Jews in Europe, fleeing pogroms, starvation, poverty, revolution...

Jews in America preserving Shabbos, and getting fired from their jobs every Friday afternoon...

Jews enlisting in the US Army and fighting Hitler...

Six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust...

Jews fighting and dying in Israel's wars in 48, 56, 67, 73, 82, and all the terror wars...

Come the rich, fancy, pompous Agudists, descending on 42 Broadway, in 2007, to rub elbows with Bloom, Zweibel and Avi Schick, and you can't give the klal some information?


Anonymous said...

i was at that wedding in lakewood last night and kolko wasn't there. Does alot for your credibility!

steve said...

Correction: No such thing as glatt kosher chicken, and chances are 50/50, that the chickens they eat are not kosher at all!
And if it's Aaron's/Rubashkin, it is at least 85% certain that you are eating treife. Never mind their phony "glatt kosher chicken" label or their phony OU symbol.

Anonymous said...

Abuse in Our Community? Protecting our Future – Halakhic and Legal Methods to Stop Predators and Enablers

Rabbi Mark Dratch, Founder and Director of Jsafe

Elliot Pasik, Attorney for Abuse Victims and Author of NYS Background Check Law

Rabbi Allen Schwartz, Rabbi of Ohab Zedek

Mark Weiss, Abuse Survivor and Advocate for Change and Education
Moderated by Rabbi Maury Kelman, Attorney

Tuesday, March 6 @ 8:15 PM,
Congregation Ohab Zedek, 118 W. 95th St., NY, NY

Anonymous said...

Like Ombudsman, I initially thought UOJ was a crackpot. Truthfully, he shook up the world, I wish I had such zechusim. Who could imagine the rot? Who could imagine? It takes a big person to recognize the avla, and even a bigger person willing and able to do something about it. No dinners, no plaques, just old fashion hatzolos nefashos because he was determined to be mikayem the greatest mitzva one can hope to be m'kayim. Truly a historic moment and proof like the gedolim of yesterday where one person can be misaken doros.I wish I was such a crackpot.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
i was at that wedding in lakewood last night and kolko wasn't there. Does alot for your credibility!


Before you start knocking someone's credibility, did it occcur to you that perhaps, YOU may not have seen him? He was sitting all the way at the front of the hall, to the left of the Dais. Was at the table for a large portion, strolled around a bit, danced for a very short bit, and left the same time as me at 10:30. Throughout the night, I observed people going over to him as if there was absolutely no reason not to. Which made it even more sickening, preventing me from enjoying the simcha. I KNOW who I saw.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Agudah...

Some years ago I heard some Yidden that had survived the war complaining about the efforts of the Agudah in post WWII Europe. It seems like the Agudah had sent packages (I assumed food and/or religious items, that they had collected money for stateside)to Displaced Persons Camps after the war to distribute to the refugees. The complaints concerned the packages... that they were missing certain items that they were purported to contain. These Yidden were bitterly complaining that the Agudah was a bunch of ganovim. One person admonished the others and said that instead of calling the whole organization a bunch of ganovim, perhaps the correct explanation was that a few ganovim had infiltrated the organization.

I wonder what he's say about the Agudah today?

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

Mike Tress was a shining light in those days of the Agudah. He would have delivered the packages himself if he could, intact. Those were impossible times, certainly not perfect.

Then you had guys like Menachem Porush...the forerunner to the likes of Lipa Margulies.

Now, you have a group of idiots that should be changing labels for Finkel and Rubashkin.

Auto Report World Editors said...


Tallit Tallitot
Shabbat Shabbatot
Zechut Zechuyot

Feel free to replace the taf with a saf.

A pet peeve.

Auto Report World Editors said...

This is to remind you about the forthcoming meeting of
Agudath Israel Officers, to take place, be’ezras Hashem:


Who are the officers of AI? I don't see why people shouldn't call them up and ask them what happened at this meeting vis a vis child abuse.

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

Go for it Ronnie; e-mail me with what they told you after you shower.

I hope Pinter's placecard was for the Toilet said...

"saw a placecard for
'Rabbi L. Pinter'. He did not attend"

Pinter might be trying to play the chashivus card. Not long ago, I was at the chassuna made by a rosh yeshiva. At about the same time, both Pinter & the Novominsker came to show their faces & shake a few hands before leaving. It's right up Pinter's alley to create an impression that he's too busy and important to stick around the whole night. Then again, he is really busy lately, having marathon meetings with Ben Brafman while he's on trial to send him away for the rest of his miserable life.

Shining light of a police siren? said...

"Mike Tress was a shining light in those days of the Agudah"

Boy, have things come a long way. His granddaughter is married to Leib Pinter's son. It's not entirely clear what happened, wether it's just bad luck when your last name is Pinter, or wether she is to blame, but she had her own run in with the law, as reported by the NY Times and others.

Members Only said...

The reason why the CIA cannot infiltrate al Qaeda, is because Osama yemach shmoy does a great job vetting the inner circle. The Agudah is probably very careful to invite only staunch loyalists. Whenever something does emerge, it's a calculated leak by Avi Shafran. That's why the memo got out but not the minutes of the meeting itself.

Friend of Eisgrau's Daughter said...

Warning to Survivors of Rabbi Moshe Eisemann

Before you refer any survivors to Phil Jacobs or the Baltimore Times, you should ask them to publish the story about Rabbi Eliezer Eisgrau. They have been sitting on the story for many years. Phil did all the research yet at the last minute backed down.

Can you imagine the emotional scars this tactic can cause a survivor who shared their most painful moments with a reporter?

For those of you who don't know, Shmuel Juravel was one of Rabbi Eisgrau's "special projects"

You can read about the Eisgrau case here:

1. http://www.lukeford.net/profiles/profiles/eliezer_eisgrau.htm
2. http://www.theawarenesscenter.org/eisgrau_eliezer.html
3. http://www.theawarenesscenter.org/Goldberger_Aron.html

Another Cover Up Conspiracy said...


Anonymous said...
There is no way the Baltimore Times would do a story about Eisgrau. It's too explosive. Look at how many years this secret has been kept. Would they want the world to know they could have done something healing to a woman they attempted to destroy?

I was looking over the bio of Andrew Buerger who is the publisher and Vice President of the Baltimore Jewish Times, as well as CEO of Alter Communications, Inc.

He works with Aviva Weisbord (Matis Weinberg's sister)on Jewish Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

Aviva is named as breaching confidentiality in the Eisgrau case. Why would Berger allow his paper to attack one of his friends?

Andrew Buerger
He has been the publisher of the Vancouver Jewish Bulletin and circulation marketing director for the Jewish News Group, working in Detroit. Andy had been the media director of Cornerstone Advertising - a Baltimore-based advertising agency - from 1989 to 1991. He left to pursue a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Colorado that he received in 1993. He currently serves on the boards of The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Jewish Big Brother League, Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland, the Charles A. Buerger Foundation and the University of Maryland Cancer Center Advisory Board. Andy can be reached via email at publisher@jewishtimes.com

Kolko Activity said...

The trial has been pushed off again, 2 more days to March 8. The courts website notes that Kolko is classified as a violent felony offender. I'm glad that freaks that masturbate on helpless kids get that stigma, unless it was for grabbing the adult by the baytzim. It's time Margo got the same tag for facilitating Yudi's "no penetration" exercises and his own beyadaim frask-fests on little kids faces.

OMGUS said...

"Menachem Porush...the forerunner to the likes of Lipa Margulies."

If Margo was distributing the packages to Holocaust survivors in DP camps, he probably would have charged them for food the US Army was providing for free, like charging for food in YTT, compliments of the Education Dept, that's not for resale.

Ave M said...

The legal system is going too soft. That lowlife Shlomo Fine that ran over the pregnant lady with his car was released without bail pending his trial on Apr 18.

What's the mechanism for reporting a judge for censorable behavior?

Meyer Miller said...


Finkel & Rubashkin aren't the only fleish hucksters that Agudah losers can apply labels for.

Watch your Back & your Wallet said...

It has come to my attention that a very large number of caterers and take out food stores in the NYC area are robbing you blind. They are charging tax on items that they are not allowed to. In some cases they are just plain dumb and send the govt a surplus but in many cases they are calculating GANOVIM who pocket the "tax". Restaurants must charge tax by law. Take out food stores cannot unless the food is hot. I just caught one store that was charging "tax" on everything for years. They even had the NY State tax code posted on the wall that clearly spells out they are ripping you off as they continued to fleece the customers that must have been sleepwalking. Even after they were forced to do something, they are still charging tax on any food that could conceivably be warmed, using the excuse that it's too difficult for them to have two codes for the price scanner (or should I say price SCAMMER)

I spoke to a rov in the kashrus field. He says he is aware of these dishonest GENAYVOS. The public must be vigilant and stop these scam artists from stealing from the rabim. Watch what they ring up at the cash register and make a VERY LOUD STINK if you don't like what you see. Shop owners hate that. Put pressure on the kashrus agencies to police this outrage. The rabbonei machshirim don't allow pizza stores to have pinball games nor restaurants to have TVs or play secular music, but they allow GEZEL RABIM.

A rov gave me hell for telling him that I stopped one of these stores from stealing. He said I have to ask the store owner mechila before Yom Kippur. I asked the rov how the store owner will do teshuva for taking people's money for decades. He had no answer. The rov's family & the store owner's family are friends. This rov has no compunction ripping into whoever he feels is doing an avlah, except when it comes to personal friends.

There is a caterer who is charging "tax" on every incidental item imaginable. They range from "tax" on waiter's tips to the coat check to items that are so ridiculous that it is insane. If I name them, I will give away which caterer I'm referring to. I asked around the catering industry. One caterer had no shame telling me he charges tax on everything unless the baal simcha complains.

Ombudsman, where are you? I know this is connected to Lipa and sex abuse somehow. Please connect the dots. The Gemora says that gazlonim are not a rov. What's happening here ???!!! Is this any worse than the butcher putting his thumb on the scale? Tzedek tzedek, ayeka?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Eisgrau case, Phil backdown after being intimidated by the honcho's of Baltimore threatened him and his family. If Phil or the Jewish Times write a story about Eisemann you can assume that it will be watered down and be done with the permission of the folks at Ner Israel.