Monday, February 26, 2007

Child Abuse Tops Agudath Israel’s Agenda at Meeting Tuesday

Thanks JWB:

Child Abuse Tops Agudath Israel’s Agenda at Meeting

From an e-mail to national officers of the organization:8 Adar, 5767

February 26, 2007


TO National Officers

FROM: Moshe Gold
Elly Kleinman
SUBJECT: Meeting Notice

This is to remind you about the forthcoming meeting of
Agudath Israel Officers, to take place, be’ezras Hashem:

TOMORROW, Tuesday evening,
9 Adar, 5767 / February 27, 2007
at 5:45 pm in the Rieder Board Room of Agudath Israel, 42 Broadway,
14th floor.


1) Child Abuse: a discussion of recent developments regarding this
sensitive topic, and some of the steps Agudath Israel
hopes to take in the weeks and months ahead
to help address this problem.

2) Rabbi Mordechai Biser, head of our Constituent Services Division,
will provide us with an in-depth report of this extremely important

3) Dialogue with Avi Schick: Avi, who was a high ranking official in
the office of Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, has been appointed by
Governor Spitzer to serve as President of the Empire State
Development Corporation and continue to serve as close confidant
of Mr. Spitzer.We will have a chance to discuss the
new Governor’s priorities, and some of his specific proposals
that could have a major impact on our community.


Disgraced ex-Comptroller Hevesi said...

"We will have a chance to discuss the new Governor’s priorities, and some of his specific proposals that could have a major impact on our community."

Nothing like getting an early start on asking the new Gov. to help stonewall haymishe investigations.

Ancestry.com said...

What's the yichus of Gold & Kleinman? Any connections to YTT or anyone else?

Al Sharpton said...


If you'be got a handle on slave boys owned by Strom Thurmond's mishpocho, you should also be able to tell us how Avi Schick is related to Marvin.

Chaim Dovid Zweibel Esq. said...

"1) Child Abuse: a discussion of recent developments regarding this
sensitive topic, and some of the steps Agudath Israel hopes to take in the weeks and months ahead to help address this problem."

UOJ keeps pounding the hell out of us. What else is there to discuss?

CIA said...

We expect a recording of the meeting from one of UOJ's moles.

Forrest Gump said...

Shick happens.

Monsey said...


NHN is reporting that Rabbis Chill and Rudinsky are still supporting Mordy Tendler. Can anyone verify this? I thought R. Rudinsky is a very bright man and find it hard to believe. NHN has a gantze cheshbon that his parents are baalei teshuva, therefore he has no mesora, therefore this.

steve said...

You can expect some more of the same old lip service and whitewashing. It's all for appearances sake to make it look like they're actually doing something. Look for a big write up in next week's Jewish Press with new quotes from Avi Shafran. Meanwhile, the coverups and stonewalling continue. Business as usual at 42 Broadway!!

Ombudsman said...

Another segment in our ongoing series of prevailing attitudes that facilitate abuse.

Excellent post from the previous thread:

"mama's friend said...
I dont understand you people. Everyone says the reason to turn in Colmer is because of what he may do to others. I agree this is a concern, but what about what he did do to our children already. There is no telling how many lives he has ruined and the if the Victims don't see justice they will never be able to fully heal. Doesn't the Torah provide for punishing those who ruin the lives of others?"

First, to borrow the apt nickname of a sometimes reader / poster (who I hope we hear from again soon): Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards. It's just plain easier for them to do nothing and not get involved.

I have heard some rabbonim say that it is a big zechus to put up with garbage from people. They therefore do not intervene as a way of trying to be mechanech us in musser. I believe these rabbonim are in error. Azoy vee me zogt in der yeshivishe shprach, me ken nisht zoggen auf an anderra mentch. These rabbonim take too many liberties on behalf of others. Are the rabbonim willing to give din vecheshbon on the tremendous tzaar that a Yid is sovel from a baal midos raos?

I once recounted the story of a giyores who was under attack by some deranged members of our community. Even the only rov who was willing to fight for her, at first declined, using the excuse above. When he heard she is a giyores, he changed his mind, but only because he was afraid she might be chozer lesura, where a regular frum Yid would not. Or at least so he thinks.

Take for example "Atara", a baal teshuva type living in Brooklyn She is actually very normalized to where you cannot tell. Atara would take the 2 or 5 train line to Nostrand. The savage tunkelach fight like animals over the seats and it is not a pleasant ride. The odd one among them is polite and when they notice she is in late term pregnancy, will get up to give her a seat. When Atara approaches her 9th month, she decides to try the F train / bus combo. Surely she figures, among the many Yidden on this route, someone will let her sit down. She remains standing for the entire grueling ride. Her back is aching, her feet are swollen and she almost vomits countless times. She holds out for the bus. The Beis Yaakov girls look at her standing with indifference while they joke and yap away. The women sporting shaytelach purposely avoid eye contact so they can continue warming their rear ends. A yeshivishe baal habos keeps giving Atara the doubletake. He is torn between some R&R and perhaps being a mentch. Finally, he can no longer take his guilt complex and stops looking at her. Atara is completely disillusioned that supposed bnei Torah could behave this way. At least someone among the shchorim gives her a seat when her kind will not. Zu Torah vezu schara? She first stopped taking any train line frequented by unzerra, then left Brooklyn entirely and struggles with her shmiras mitzvos and emunah today. And she still has flashbacks of standing on line in Glatt Mart and observing women in tichelach utilizing the vocabulary of a Rubashkin truck driver. These women are raising the next generation which will be even more unimaginable.

Sadly, Atara's story is as true as they come. I went in disgust to some of our manhigim and Bais Yaakov educators to ask what kind of values our children are being taught. I was going to approach Oelbaum and Yanofsky whose talmidos were involved in one story. I held back after a teacher in the school warned me of a sad cheshbon they have that would preclude them from listening. From the educators and rabbonim I got mostly blank stares. What could they possibly say when given concrete proof that "the system" is failing miserably? The only advice I received, as silly and impractical as it is, was that Atara should ride the Hanukov mini-bus on Ocean Parkway where the riders "have better midos."

I first stumbled across UOJ over a year ago and dismissed him as a raving nut. I came to realize, that most of the time anyway, UOJ saw the rot eating away at the floor we stand on. What has Yahadus in Brooklyn become that it displays little basic decency? The Kolkos and Margos have nested in the rot. The only reason UOJ has not entirely given up is because of the yechidei segulah, who can rise up and take Brooklyn back from the Kolkos the Margos the Pinters and the rest of the criminals. You are the yechidei segulah, the Elliot Pasiks and the Eli Greenwalds and the riders of the Hanukov mini-bus. Take back Yahadus before YTT and other mekomos hatinuf send us to the 50th shaar of tumah.

Anonymous said...

you guys are falling for the trap. Shafran and his pr team had the memo intentionally leaked. this happens in politics and business all the time. seriously.

when the agudah calls in outside professionals (not spinmeisters) to take over the problem and issue independent reports and implement real measures, then I will be chashdahu v'cahbdahu (suspect and honor). Until then it's 100% chashdahu (suspicion).

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

This memo is meaningless!

We'll sit back and watch what they do. I want to see Zweibel's letters to the Governor and the legislature demanding that ALL private schools MUST require background checks on ALL their employees.

I want to see an Agudah sponsored sex registry monitored by outside counsel and professionals.

What the Agudah SHOULD NOT DARE TO DO, is try to BS me!

Now that you admit that WE have a problem, the next step is prison if they don't do something meaningful!

Law enforcement is watching; so is God by the way!

How a group of idiots wind up in one room blowing hot air, and 42 Broadway doesn't burn down, is beyond my comprehension.

Anonymous said...

On Day One everything changes, except the names of the crooks.

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...


Wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

A few months ago they had a convention and said there is no problem, they just missed one guy. They're full of it.

Married and Navigating Jewish Brooklyn said...

I really hope that the Ravs do change and they finally realize what you said above UOJ is the only way to serve Klal Yisroel

Anonymous said...


Do you know if the murder of the Long Beach bachur had anything to do with abuse?

Thanks. G-d Bless You!

OnTheLeftCoast said...

UOJ, when I read your site and see inklings of the possibilities that Aguda is at least going to try to look as if they are doing something I'm reminded of somthing.

Apparently, President Reagan had a plaque with this saying on his desk "There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit."

It's Sick out there said...

"Oelbaum and Yanofsky whose talmidos were involved in one story."

I don't know Yanofsky that well but Julie Oelbaum is a cover up artist who will do anything to protect his & Machon's reputation and a whore for money. I know for a fact that he is a liar who has done terrible things. Applegrad is lucky that Oelbaum doesn't want his job at YTT.

NEVER trust Julie Oelbaum. SOme Rabbonim know he is a liar and try to get important shidduch information elsewhere.

Agudas Habatlonim said...

Any idea on who showed up to the farce Agudah meeting? I wonder if there are any activists who don't fit the typical profile of a hocker who is by now 55 years & older.

There was an Agudah meeting last year in Lakewood that was attended by these types. You have to understand that when they were younger, there was no Hatzola or Shomrim, etc, for these bored hockers to get involved with. Anyway, at last year's meeting, they just sat around commiserating about these terrible things called blogs, vere people can say vatever they vant.

Most Rabbonim Today are Useless said...

Sorry, I'm not the kashrus guy.

A top lawyer in landlord-tenant disputes says that virtually every residential case that comes to his attention only evolved into a case because the rabbonim who are asked to get involved are either too lazy or too spineless to do the right thing.

What are these rabbonim being paid to do besides give an occasional shiur and disappear to vacation in the Catskills for a 2 and a half month summer?

What purpose do they serve except to answer our questions with more questions like "how do you know Kolko is guilty?"

Vanity Fair said...

Is tomorrow's Yated providing stage managed coverage of the Agudah show?

Anonymous said...

To one of our anshei segula shbdoireinu R'UOJ.
Whatever comes of this meeting,i dont know, but if the topic is being child abuse then its a step forward in the right direction.
all i can say to the person that deserves the credit for such a meeting at all to take place,that you be blessed with years of peace and nachus and only good.(i meen you, r'uoj,and all those couraguos victims who have stood up and let their voices be heard).
I just hope that the conclusion of tonights meeting will not be,okay raboisei! who is flying to the middle east to buy the biggest persian rug available so we can contain this for a few more years/molesters.


The Taliban said...

Leizerowitz victim,

Who do you think makes the carpets for the Agudah? As long as we can kill Jewish children, we will partner with any rabbi with a dusty hat.

Buro Pawk, Flatbish said...

"Julie Oelbaum is a cover up artist who will do anything to protect his & Machon's reputation and a whore for money."

Like Margo, Oelbaum found the niche of catering to a shallow Hungarian clientele.

Anonymous said...

Stop beating up on us hunkys! Polish bastards aint much better. How many gerrorists went to the Leizerowitz/Traub wedding? His biggest supporter is a Hungarian Batshee thru and thru.

Modern Ortho said...


Some of these modern schools have been plagued by molesters. What is the AMODS group doing about a registry?