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I mean it, I wish my take on the state of affairs of Judaism was wrong. There is corruption everywhere that I look. Every investigation I undertake, opens up a new episode of fraud, corruption and animalistic behavior by "rabbis". The Yated talks so hypocritically about our Mesorah when it comes to grating horseraddish, and scrubbing down walls for Pesach, but will never discuss the walls of humanity that have been torn apart by so many sub-human people posing as rabbis and rebbes. The lives and the emunah that have been destroyed because of the rampant fraud in the ranks of our rabbis, is beyond our collective imagination.

Every part of our lives is muddied with scandal. Kashruth is a farce, and we are trusting people like Yisroel Belsky who is "mezuyaf m'tocho"! There is no hotel that can be kosher for pesach! If chometz is osur b'mashau (miniscule crumbs) then it is impossible to have a kosher for Pesach kitchen that feeds hundreds upon hundreds of people 24/7, period!

The very rabbis that do nothing to protect our children from sexual abuse, are the ones trumpeting certain financial death and untold misery for life, for our young marrieds, by encouraging kollel for all. It's a bankrupt way of life! There are thousands of good and innocent people that are being savaged by these perverted guidelines. There is NO one size fits all.

As I open the mail daily, I look at the sheer staggering number of letters signed by rabbis under the banner of "pikuach nefesh" (life and death), about the thousands of families in need of food and shelter. We breed more poverty and shnorrers with every passing day!(I am not talking about the legitimate hardship cases)

There is no cure in sight. What has become of our sense of right and wrong? How did we lose our way so badly? Where is the outcry from all of us? Where does the scandalous behavior in the name of Torah end?

I am saddened that I was so right about the Israel Singer case, I am so saddened that we are destroying each other, I wish it was different.

I am in mourning; the Judaism that I grew up with and loved so much, has died!

Kailee, Kailee...Lamah azavtanu?

Yitgadal, v'yitkadash shmei rabah........

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Anonymous said...

There is a possible cure and it depends on honest people go for it ("let's roll" come into mind as they'd said in that airplane on 9/11 when they tried to take it back from the murderers.) In order for that to happen, we need a leader who would save us with the help of G-d as they used to do in time of the Shoftim. Well, the only one that come to mind is actually UOJ.
Organize, strategize, attack and conquere - and you may be the savior in this world Be'Ezrath Hashem.

Marilyn Henry said...


One has to wonder how much Jewish support the WJC truly enjoys when so much of its existence has depended on the deep pockets of a single man, Bronfman, who has been president for a quarter-century.

WJC Secretary-General Stephen Herbits told JTA that "the implication that we can’t move forward without Israel Singer is garbage." Putting aside Herbits’ sentiment about Singer, the question is why? Move forward to what, precisely? This may be the time to ask what functions some international political organizations like the WJC or the World Zionist Organization seriously serve these days on behalf of the Jewish people, a half-century after the creation of the State of Israel? It can be argued that, however significant their pre-state purpose, these global organizations are obliged to reinvent themselves or to close.

Marilyn Henry is the author of "Confronting the Perpetrators: A History of the Claims Conference" (Vallentine Mitchell).

Hugo Chavez said...


Does anyone know if Sruly Singer will still show up to meet me as a sort of putz without portfolio?

Haaretz reporter imitates UOJ said...


The person mainly responsible for Singer's fall is Singer himself. Just like the hero in a Greek tragedy, he was gripped by the intoxication of power. He habitually depicted himself as the person who with his own two hands extracted $20 billion from the governments of the West in return for lost Jewish property. He boasted of his ability to put one over on presidents and prime ministers, and with the same degree of pride enumerated heads of state as his personal friends. In retrospect, it has emerged that during the same period, Singer himself behaved as though he himself were a head of state, living ostentatiously at the expense of the donors to the WJC.

His arrogance and hauteur led Singer to make the mistake of his life, when he brought about the dismissal of WJC vice president Isi Liebler in January 2005. From that moment on Singer found himself facing a stubborn, determined and vengeful enemy. The WJC became the target of an endless spate of investigations, clarifications and reports about corruption and irregularities, in all of which Singer played a leading role.

The attorney general of New York State, Eliot Spitzer (now its governor), cleared the WJC and its head of suspicion of criminal actions, but the irregularities he did uncover left them wounded and bleeding. The effort that the WJC invested in softening the Spitzer report exacted a high price from the organization. Its reputation crashed. Its coffers emptied of cash. And now there is a new investigation of the WJC underway, this time by the federal Internal Revenue Service. Israel Singer, once the WJC's main asset, became an intolerable burden during the past two years.

Why UOJ's not resting yet said...


Officials at the Claims Conference told JTA that Singer’s status at the WJC has no bearing on his role there at least until July, when new directors and officers are elected.


Singer 'shocked' by Bronfman attack

Etgar Lefkovits, THE JERUSALEM POST Mar. 23, 2007

Israel Singer, the ousted former chairman of the New York-based World Jewish Congress, said Thursday that he was "shocked and deeply saddened" by the "groundless" allegations of financial improprieties leveled against him by organization President Edgar M. Bronfman which Singer said had brought shame on the group's leadership.

"I am shocked and deeply saddened that Edgar, a man with whom I have worked so closely for 30 years, would go to such lengths as to publicly shame both himself and me," Singer said in a telephone interview with The Jerusalem Post.

Singer's attorney Stanley Arkin said that he was "considering" legal action against the WJC.

In the interview, Singer categorically denied the allegations of financial irregularities of which Bronfman had accused him, including taking cash from the WJC's New York office and having the organization's Jerusalem office pay for some of his hotel bills.

"This is a very sad day in the joint life of two people who achieved much together," Singer said. "For over 30 years, I have given my heart and soul to achieve the objectives that we together worked on through the WJC, and I will not engage in any petty or mean-spirited or valueless arguments. Nor will I blame anyone for personal differences that will deflect from these important goals that still need to be addressed," he added.

Singer, who also serves as president of the Claims Conference, said Thursday that he would continue to serve the Jewish people through other venues. "I will spend the rest of my life in pursuing the causes of the Jewish people...and with the help of God, my efforts will never cease," he said.

Bronfman had written the President of the European Jewish Congress Pierre Besnainou, who had voiced his shock over the dismissal, that Singer had "helped himself to cash from the WJC office - my cash."

"This had gone on for a very long time. I am sure that at this point in time he thinks he was entitled to the money, and so he didn't do anything wrong," Bronfman wrote.

"This is a shameful attempt to demean and diminish this man - a treasure in the Jewish community - without any justification," Arkin told the Post in a separate telephone interview.

Singer's attorney called the Bronfman letter "sad, sick and shameful," but said that he would "engage in balanced, constructive dialogue" with the organization before pursuing possible legal action.

Meanwhile, the WJC's New York offices have hired the services of a top Israeli PR firm to represent them in Israel, the firm said Thursday - in open defiance of its Jerusalem office, which it is circumventing.

The group's decision to hire the services of the PR offices of Eyal Arad was lambasted Thursday by Israeli officials of the organization as part of the WJC's "money war" against its Jerusalem office.

"This is another brutal attempt by the WJC to use the money of its donors, which was meant for the betterment of the Jewish people, in its struggle over the legitimacy of the WJC office in Israel," said the head of the Israeli board of the WJC, MK Shai Hermesh (Kadima).

"It is a pity that such funding is being wasted on unnecessary PR in Israel when the problem is not PR in Israel but how to maintain proper working relationships with the elected official of the WJC in Israel," he added.

The organization, which has indefinitely suspended all funding to its Israel branch, had previously cited "a major cash flow shortage" for cutting off the funds.

The original dispute in the organization stemmed from the appointment of Israeli Ambassador to the European Union Oded Eran to head the WJC's Jerusalem office.

The appointment was seen by members of the Israeli board as an attempt by the organization's New York-based secretary-general Stephen E. Herbits to by-pass the Jerusalem office with a hand-picked appointment who would serve as his personal emissary.

Monsey Pedophiles Released from Prison said...


Original publication: March 22, 2007

RAMAPO - Two sex offenders have returned to Airmont after serving Rockland County jail sentences for having sex with minors.

Both Michael Ruderman and Betzalel Dym were arrested last year and sentenced on their guilty pleas to six months in jail and 10 years probation.

Ruderman, 60, returned to apartment 102 at 62 N. Debaun Ave., the Airmont Gardens address he reported to Ramapo police. He had pleaded guilty to having sex with a then-14-year-old Clarkstown girl.

Dym, 20, gave the police an address of 418 Route 59. He had sex with a 10-year-old Monsey boy last year.

Both men are classified as Level 2 sex offenders, making them moderate threats to the community. A Level 3 classification is considered a high risk repeat offender, while a Level 1 offender is classified as a low risk.

Ruderman was convicted July 20 of criminal sexual act for having sex with a young girl between 2001 and 2003. She was 14 in 2001.

Clarkstown police arrested Ruderman in February 2006 after the now-19-year-old New York City woman told them that Ruderman tried making contact with her again. Ruderman gave a statement to detectives about his relationship with the victim.

When the police searched Ruderman's apartment, they found a fake U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration badge, several guns and a pair of handcuffs.

Ruderman, described as white, 5 feet 8 inches tall, more than 200 pounds with gray hair and green eyes, is a retired, self-employed paper recycler.

Dym was convicted Aug. 9 of first-degree sexual abuse for having sex with a 10-year-old Monsey boy. Ramapo police arrested Dym for having sex with the child five times between January and May.

Dym was described as white, 5 feet 11 inches tall, about 200 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses.

Under state law, all sex offenders must report their addresses to their local police departments.

The police then can notify schools, libraries, day-care centers and any other businesses that draw children.

Ramapo police informed the East Ramapo and Ramapo Central school districts that both men were living in Airmont. East Ramapo informed other districts, such as the Nanuet School District.

The schools can then publicly report the sex offender's presence in the community.

Nanuet school district officials released the details on Ruderman and Dym to their residents and the public.

"Our Board of Education has decided that any information received from a police department or neighboring school district regarding a sex offender living in or near the community should be shared with our residents," Nanuet Schools Superintendent Mark McNeill said.

Rockland law prohibits Level 2 and 3 offenders from living, working or congregating within 1,000 feet of schools or places where children congregate.

Pinter Watch said...

Pinter's mechutan? As long as they weren't serving Leib's meat & cheese sandwiches, this isn't THAT bad.


Shmuel Tress, operator, Gitel Man, owner, Spring Valley Sober House II, 48 S. Madison Ave., Spring Valley, was fined $1,250 for operating a rooming house without a valid permit.

Another WJC Scandal said...

Rabbi Marc Schneier is a weirdo whose shul on East 58th is not really orthodox. His father from East 76th doesn't get along with him and conducts phony geirus for the right price. When Ron Perelman (Revlon & Marvel Comics) wanted to marry an Irish shiksa, his own left wing modern rabbi wouldn't do it but Arthur Schneier did.


Now, a year later, the newly appointed chairman of the American section of the WJC, Rabbi Marc Schneier, took a further step in compromising Jewish dignity in the name of interfaith dialogue. He endorsed a gathering headed by Louis Farrakhan, one of the most notorious African/America anti-Semites, whose strictures against Jews are reminiscent of Goebbels at his worst. For example, Farrakhan describes Judaism as “a gutter religion” and praises Adolf Hitler as “a great man.”

Rabbi Schneier is himself a somewhat elusive personality. Some years ago he wrote a book on Martin Luther King which incorporated a speech by King purportedly praising Zionism which the highly respected US based pro research body “Camera,” subsequently exposed as a fraud.

It is furthermore alleged that at the urging of WJC officials, Prime Minister Olmert appointed Rabbi Schneier as president and Mark Mishaan as vice president of Kadima in the United States. Mishaan was obliged to resign when it was disclosed that he was a convicted criminal felon, possibly facing a lengthy prison sentence after pleading guilty to grand larceny. Additionally, sections of Kadima USA’s website had to be withdrawn from the internet after the media disclosed that Kadima USA had plagiarized portions of the Texas Democrat Party’s website into its policy program.

When the World Jewish Congress convened a small gathering of its American Section in order to appoint Rabbi Schneier as Chairman, the highly successful entrepreneur Russell Simmons, head of the Hip Hop Summit Action Network, participated as guest of honor. Simmons is a major sponsor of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding founded by Schneier, from which he draws an annual salary of $250,000. Although Simmons is on record opposing anti Semitism and sponsors commercials to that effect, he has been condemned by the ADL for remaining a staunch and unqualified supporter and financial contributor to Farrakhan. Foxman asked Russell how he would respond to sponsorship of an event dedicated to tolerance organized by a white supremacist.

At the WJC meeting, Simmons called for an alliance against Islamophobia and urged that the Christian right, Islamic Fundamentalists and intolerant Jews all be marginalized.

This raises the question of the propriety of a body like the WJC providing a platform for a man who brackets the Christian right and “intolerant” Jews together with Islamic Fundamentalists, supports Farrakhan, and demonizes Israel’s most important backers, the Christian evangelicals. To compound the problem, the New York WJC headquarters recently wrote to the Jerusalem Post dissociating themselves from their own Israeli Section which held constructive meetings with evangelicals in Jerusalem.

But the final straw was when the WJC American Section and Russell Simmons issued a public statement supporting an “interfaith” rally convened by Farrakhan.

The summit was attended by 50,000 people. In the course of his address in which he supported “Iran’s right to nuclear power”, Farrakhan urged his followers to read a number of books including President Jimmy Carter’s recent anti Israel book, as well as “The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews” which alleges that the slave trade was dominated by Jews, and other notorious anti Semitic tracts.

The President of Sudan, Omar-al-Bashir also addressed the audience via satellite and condemned those “putting pressure on Sudan” alleging that the “United States is exaggerating trouble in the Darfur region so that it can control the country as it has in Iraq.”

Moshe Katsav said...


It's not just Hungarians who stick up for sex offenders, Franks do it too, including Rabbi David Shofet from Beverly Hills.

Trouble for Deal NJ Syrians said...


Joseph Kohen who's looking at 30 years in prison and $1 million in fines might start squealing to prosecutors.

Important Point for Kolko, Mondrowitz, Leizerowitz said...

If these lowlives do anything in Israel, they are breaking US law. Americans who travel to a foreign country to exploit a minor can be arrested and prosecuted when they return to the US.

Is This True? said...

Are there really chareidi rabbonim who oppose vaccination or is this YU rabbi trying to smear them? Rav Elyashev told a Brisker drey kop that he's mechuyav to vaccinate to protect everyone else.


Edward Reichman, a physician and ordained Orthodox rabbi who teaches emergency medicine and Jewish medical ethics at Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Reichman cited Rabbi Israel Lipschitz, who lived from 1782 to 1860 and said that inoculation was permitted despite the “great risk” because the risk of dying from spontaneously acquired smallpox was even higher.

In response to a question about the ethics of a community using halachah to force parents to vaccinate their children, Reichman said the question is not an easy one. The success of preventing disease depends very heavily on the entire community receiving the vaccination, he said. There are haredi communities that refuse to undergo vaccination, he noted.

Comment from the Peanut Gallery said...


State Senator who supports yeshiva tuition relief.


Pedophile arrested in Jerusalem

Etgar Lefkovits, THE JERUSALEM POST Mar. 20, 2007


A 50-year-old convicted pedophile who was released from prison last year after serving an 11-year sentence for child molestation was under arrest Tuesday for allegedly sexually molesting 30 children in Jerusalem, police said.

The suspect, who has confessed to the allegations, was apprehended on Monday after the father of one of the girls called the police to report that his daughter had been molested, police said. He is suspected of preying on girls aged 10 to 12 he encountered in the street in one of the city's haredi neighborhoods.

"The suspect said he was aware of the severity of his actions but he had a problem, and that he could not control himself," Jerusalem police investigator Avi Brickman said. The suspect, who is divorced, recently moved to Jerusalem and worked in a haredi yeshiva, Brickman said.

It was not immediately clear Tuesday if the child molester had been under any supervision after his recent release from prison.

The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court remanded him in
custody for six days until his scheduled indictment.

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...

Regarding Rav Abadi, could those readers please expand on the Gittin and silk screened sifrei Torah issues. I wasn't aware of any of that. I thought the reason he was kicked out of BMG in Lakewood was because he was too politically incorrect in psak and gave heterim easier than the roshei yeshiva liked. That's why Rav Forscheimer usually answers with "the velt is mattir" or "better not"

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...

There were a few issues here that forced me out of my shloff. Weiss Bakery really pushed my buttons the wrong way, especially when he was lumped together with pedophile Yeedle.

The Maimonides Hospital post gets me going too. I will try to compose the story soon, but in the meantime BEWARE. Until recently, the food was for sure TREIF and might still be. I don't care what kind of joker with rabbonishe levush and rebbishe title is in charge. DO NOT eat the food from the Maimonides kitchen. While a yoledes may be allowed to altz sakonne, there is no reason to go to that 5th rate hospital. Go to a decent hospital where you can get kosher food.

I earlier said I would deal with the OU, so there's no time like now.

I know Bitton is telling the truth. I don't even need the independent rabbonim who are telling me he's the real deal. The exact same problems and worse happened at Le Marais under the old hashgocho, OK. The OK's Gornish Jr was officially in charge, but he probably didn't have much policy clout which stunk. The OK mashgichim were always fighting with those anti-Semitic bastards who own a chain of upscale treif steakhouses called Les Halles. There was always treif in the kitchen. The OK let Le Marais get away with murder for years.

The OU, the OK and others have the same game going. They want the money and know if they throw the restaurant out, the other hashgochos will grab it anyway.

The OU caught a Chinese restaurant many years ago with PORK in a secret hidden door freezer. The OU contemplated blacklisting any restaurant owned by Oriental goyim because, yes it's racist but true, they have almost without fail a predisposition to trick the hashgochos. The OU had no backbone to carry out this policy because they want the money.

Rabbi Genack, you or one of your cronies is reading this and know that it is true. Are you going to do something? Or are you going to keep preaching to your Englewood shul that the OU is the pinnacle of kashrus?

LVF said...

To pedophile alert..
When will the authorities learn that these sick people cannot be healed, How many more victims have to suffer before something is going to get done,ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

leizerowitz is not in yeshiva anymore, but his perverted mind will not let him stop molesting and victimizing others, he will wait it out, find some unsuspecting young boy in the mikveh or bais medrash alone and your going to have another suffering young innocent child for the rest of his life, he should be put in prison.

The same is with mondrowitz, he is in israel since 1985, how many israeli boys have made another notch on his belt, we might never know.

The same is with kolko,lets just hope that he goes down for a long time, and is never given the chance to rape another child again.

The list goes on and on, I pray each and every day for this madness to come to an end, for the authorities to realize their mistake in not taking a tougher stand on this issue.

My heart breaks with each new story i hear, when will it come to an end?

Anonymous said...

To the jerk who bashed Rabbi Abadi for giving obscure leniencies for people who don't follow his chumros:

You idiot! Is this Judaism's biggest problem? You have young people going off the derech IN DROVES (both inwardly and outwardly), young people who've come to hate Judaism and all that it stands for, so some rabbi comes along and makes Judaism more pleasant, but he's no good because his followers won't follow his chumrahs! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You have molestations, kashrus scandals, gitten scandals, government frauds, huge dishonesty in business, and all you're worried about is that some people won't follow Rabbi Abadi's chumras?

Get your head out of your a**!

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...


This is the highly suspicious response from the OU. The OU claims to be taking the word of the management of Levana's restaurant about the goy chef. Levana's are Lubavitcher fakers that were caught being machshil the rabim with treif by the Chof-K who covered it up. The OU knows what happened but pretend not to.

Has it come to this that the OU is completely corrupt too?

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...

To anon 10:02,

Before you start calling people jerks, maybe you should learn how to read English and get a basic tutorial in halacha. I said people have a right to follow Rav Abadi if they take his chumros too. It is a specific halacha that you cannot just choose leniencies. Rav Abadi's chumros are very hard to keep and I bet you can't. Maybe that explains your anger accented with refined expletives?

OnTheLeftCoast said...

Regarding R. Abadi's silk screened Sifrei Torah

the following is on R. Abadi's website http://kashrut.org/scrollproject/ :

The Halachah states that every man should write his own Sefer Torah. Until now this commandment was almost impossible to achieve…

Sefer Torahs by Silk Screening

A new process was created to tackle an old problem. The Sofer starts by purchasing some of the highest quality “Klaf” (parchment). The Klaf is checked, tested, and cut to size. The “Sirtut” (engraved lines) is scored to the exact depth, thickness, height, and length. Silk screens are created with the exact lettering. Computers are utilized to achieve a perfectly balanced page using proportionate letters. No need for elongated or squished letters to reach the end of the line. The screens are placed on top of the Klaf in an exact position to meet the Sirtut. The Sofer then puts ink on the screen, and applies the ink by hand passing a squeegee across the Klaf. In a matter of seconds this Klaf has a full page written perfectly. The page is then dried. After the pages are all written, they are sewed properly and the new Torah scroll is ready to use. This is a combination of many patented and patent pending processes.

This project is completely under the auspices of Rabbi Yitzchak Abadi, originally of Lakewood, NJ and currently living in Har Nof, Jerusalem, Israel. Rabbi Abadi was the Posek in Lakewood for years and many of his students are Rabbis across the globe. The Rav has thoroughly reviewed every aspect of this process and declared it Kosher for “Mehadrin Min Hamehadrin.” The ability to control the perfection of the writing makes it a better choice than conventional Sifrei Torah. Many prominent Rabbis were consulted and were thrilled with the idea. When they were able to view an actual sample they agreed to the high quality and the Kashrut of this type of Sefer Torah. All writing will be done by hand by a prominent Rabbi and Sofer.
Now every person can have his own Sefer Torah!
Highest quality Seforim & Megilot are now affordable to all.
The writing is one of the finest available in the world.
Sifrei Torah can be written with special requirements to accommodate the different styles of writing.
Two different sizes are available, including smaller more portable Sifrei Torah.
With this technology, smaller sizes are as accurate and clear as the larger ones.
Sifrei Torah will take just a few months from start to finish
The cost will be less than ever imagined.
Financing will be made available to make the purchase even easier.
We have Sifrei Torahs available now in 2 sizes. The larger size 15" klaf Sefer Torah cost $18,000. The smaller mini Personal Sefer Torahs which are 9" tall is currently in the process of being made. We are taking orders for the small Torahs. They cost only $10,000. Contact us via email if you wish to place an order. Our goal is to accommodate the demand and to allow anyone who desires a Sefer Torah, to be capable of purchasing one.


Aaron Abadi
Rabbi Yosef Tesler

Sefer Torah Project
c/o Cong. Ohel Torah
P.O. Box # 385
Cedarhurst, NY 11516
Phone (516) 569-5211 x 123
Fax (516) 908-3817

Anon 10:02 said...

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...
To anon 10:02,

Before you start calling people jerks, maybe you should learn how to read English and get a basic tutorial in halacha. I said people have a right to follow Rav Abadi if they take his chumros too. It is a specific halacha that you cannot just choose leniencies. Rav Abadi's chumros are very hard to keep and I bet you can't. Maybe that explains your anger accented with refined expletives?


Okay, pal, it's me, Anon 10:02. I'll be respectful. Yes, you're right. Ideally, it would be great if people followed everything they were supposed to. Unfortunately, that's not happening. So yes, the Lakewood guy ought to be consistent with whom the guy follows. But for many people, for whom following R' Abadi is better than nothing, leave them alone. Maybe one day they'll be on a madraigah to be consistent. But for now, and maybe forever, they're better off following "hetterim" than nothing. Besides, with so much other crap going on, aren't you better off worrying about those things? Priorities.....

Yeshivishe Nudnik said...

The OU is hauling out all their big guns. I don't trust the OU anymore. A rov tells me he spoke to Bitton and believes him.


The OU stands firmly behind its supervision of Le Marais and the kashrus there is maintained in full accordance with OU standards.

Stephen J. Savitsky
Orthodox Union

Dr. Simcha Katz
Chair, Kashrut Commission
Orthodox Union

Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb
Executive Vice President
Orthodox Union

Rabbi Menachem Genack
Rabbinic Administrator and CEO
OU Kosher

Rabbi Yaakov D. Luban
Executive Rabbinic Coordinator
OU Kosher

In the restaurant industry said...

The Le Marais people definitely are anti-Semitic. They will NEVER hire any Jew to work for them. I agree with them if it's for any labor intensive job that Jews are not cut out for, but there are other things to do. Any mashgiach as far as I know that has ever worked there believes strongly they are sonei Yisroel. If you listen to the OU, they make it like Bitton came up with some bizarre opinion. Besides, have you ever met a Frenchman who loves Jews?

Anyone currently working for the OU cannot talk about the anti-Semitism because the OU will discipline them for opening their mouths.

The OU can fool some of the people, some of the time ...

Son of Boog said...

Scheinerman must be rubbing his hands with glee & getting all wound up to howl from the amud tonight. He loves kicking competitor hashgochos when they're down.

COJO Watch said...


I guess fraud isn't their only thing. Now they're promoting the Manhattan eruv against the wishes of R' Moishe Feinstein zl.

Colmer File said...


Town Friar Says:

March 23rd, 2007 at 10:21 am
Stefan Colmer, the known child molester, after being thrown out of Brooklyn and Passaic showed up one fine morning in Kiryat Sefer, Israel. He bought a house and was in the process of settling in. Word got out and the Rabbis there investigated the matter. In short order, the Rabbis threw him out and canceled the house purchase. I spoke to a friend there and he said that at the beginning of the episode the blog sites were the only source of information. The velt there is very frum and would not believe the blogs at face value. But my friend said it gave the Rabbis there a place to start as the names of the Rabbis in America involved in the case were named on the blogs.

As much as I think blogs are a dangerous place, here we see that great good could result and a community was protected from a serial and dangerous pedophile..

joe Says:

March 23rd, 2007 at 11:41 am
Say it like it is. UOJ exposed another pedophile, and saved countless other children from a life of hell.

What a sick place said...

And Le Marais is named after the homosexual neighborhood in Paris, France. Check out this very funny Wall St Journal article:


New York magazine reports the ex-prez will lecture at New York University Law School this fall. "He also plans to speak at the London School of Economics and at Oxford." But Oxford professor Alan Ryan reports that in a dinner conversation with Clinton, "he made it quite clear he expects to make a colossal amount of money very fast. He said that Bush's tax cuts would be 'good for people who are as rich as I'm about to be.' " Just remember, Bill, money can't buy happiness.

What Money Can Buy
In the Utne Reader, Beverly Raimando reports a Clinton sighting in the Marais, a gay neighborhood in Paris. (That's gay as in homosexuel, not as in "gay Paris.") Clinton and James Carville, the Cajun campaign strategist, were "admiring a pair of leather pants in the window of a leather shop," Raimando says.

Edgar Bronfman said...


I'm really going to fix Sruli now. He took me to le Marais and I could swear I saw some French looking guy spitting in the food, but Sruly insisted my eyes must be playing tricks on me.

Tuvya Chaim Neuhoff said...


I am not the guy behind the counterblog to cover up for the OU and the French frogs. I swear!

Important Info said...


This is the website that contains the emails and documents. This is different than the blog with the similar URL that does not.

Lakewood Talmid said...

Is there anything to this alleged report?


YESHIVish Says:

March 23rd, 2007 at 12:48 pm

John Kerry said...

I wasn't the French looking guy spitting in the food but I agree that treif at Le Marais is a big avlah. It's seared, seared in my memory.

Milton Balkany said...

The night that Yudi Kolko was locked up, I ran to Midtown and back to get his favorite steak from Le Marais.


Actually, only my shutef Philippe Lajaunie and some staff are French. I am from Portugal (French trained) but the Portugese do not exactly love Jews either.

We like to corner every angle of the kosher market and it's people's money. We will be open for Pesach and after Yomtov we are opening an upscale kosher butcher store. We did close the Downtown location because there were many fewer Jew boys working there after Sept 11th.

Big Raaya - NOT said...

Scheinerman said something was no good? Ha!

Anonymous said...

May I say it again. Use your logic. The kashrut organizations are profit making BUSINESSES. Ask the OU why until recently Jewish owned businesses did not tovel there pots. Why do pure juices need hashgocha?
Why do they call Easy Off an abrasive cleaner in this years Passover guide? It is a caustic. Why do they say to cover the refrigerator shelves? Why do they say that it goes on. If their hashgocha is good all year most things would be fine to use for Pesach with no additional hashgocha. Do you think the oil is adulterated? That Reb Moshe, zatzal, was wrong about peanut oil? That the ou is no less corrupt than the heimish

Pepe le Pew said...

UOJ, does Belsky have anything to do with the OU's restaurant division?

French Shmuck said...


Why iz it dzee Jews always making troubles?

Rabbi Yitzchok Bitton said...

New Info - OU Sly Tactics

Please be aware that the OU intends to insult the intelligence of all the Jewish people. Their way of dealing with this issue, is by saying that I myself do not agree (retracted all my statements) with, well, what I have said. Thats an interesting approach. If we were children it could probably work, but the truth is, when all you have are blatant lies, I cant imagine a better way to handle this.

Secondly, there is new info on the website, in the form of a Report that I sent early on in this crisis. It is at www.amashgiachspeaksout.com/Report.doc I did not alter anything in this report it remains in the same form as it was received by the OU. Therefore a it is a word doc it has replaced the previously hebrew words with gibberish. The hebrew words that were there were "sonay yisrael" - jew hater and "Hamevin Yavin, meaning the one who understands, gets it.

What is presented in that report are undisputed facts. The OU keeps on claiming that these are incidents fabricated by me alone, when in fact there were other witnesses involved in these incidents.

For the strawberries there was a kitchen worker who witnessed the incident and the other mashgiach witnessed that there were worms found in these particular strawberries. Also after this incident the Owner officially fired the chef, who was later reinstated by the OU. This was witnessed by the first mashgiach which he admits to on tape. This tape will be put up in due time.

For the Dairy Margarine there was the first mashgiach, who witnessed it, and contrary to the trash the OU is stating, the margarine WAS USED, it was placed in a pot with other food. The pot and all its contents were discarded though. Again, all these are facts that are corroborated.

For the chef lighting the pilot, contrary to what the OU says that here merely taunted me that he would do so (which in truth, what does this prove? oh no, he isn't a jew hater right? what would make you think that? he only "teased" me that he would light the pilot?) the owner himself witnessed it, aside from myself on several occassions.

So, you see, again, I stress there the FACTS which I present and I will back up with tape recordings, and then there are distorted views which the OU continues to offer, because, well, what can you expect. They didn't fire him while I was on the spot and witnessed this abhorrent behaviour with my own eyes, so why would they change now.

As the rabbi that worked there, I attest to the fact that as long as Le Marais has this chef, an owner that "takes risks" (with kashrut, which are his own words) and the OU, an organization that cares for none of the above, then you should eat at your own risk. But you are warned. Do not tell yourself that there is a mashgiach there, and if something is wrong it is on his shoulders, because you are now well aware of the truth and subsequently the consequences.

I urge you to read the report, and you will be able to piece the crisis together, and realize that the views the OU are offering, are tantamount to venom from a snakes mouth. The fact that they continue to deny all the issues at hand, also tells me and everyone else, that they continue to put jews at risk for eating non-kosher. This raises the question on their ability to execute their supposed mission which is to certify kashrut.

For all those who attack me (OU cronies) and claim that this is personal, I respond in the following: What have I gained? I lost my job. I put 6 months of my life, placing all my other life activities including family aside to ensure that this would be resolved. All to no avail. What I have gained, thanks in large part to the overwhelming support of the jewish communities and the rabbis, is the courgae, strength and determination to continue with this struggle.

There is a simple concept in the torah, and that is that Good, Tzedek, always prevails. I assure all, that indeed justice will prevail.

I do wish to enlist the help of all the people, as this will be the only way the principles of the torah, halacha and kashrut can prevail. Please start by doing the obvious, and boycott "Le Marais". Secondly exert enormous pressure on both the OU and Le Marais, and please do not be fooled by their views which are merely excuses to promote their agenda.

Your strength is mine.

Shabbat Shalom

Auto Report World Editors said...


The first orders for UOJ apparel are shipped.

I've also sent Gross a revised banner with an image of the hat in black with white lettering as well.

Chazak ve'ematz to Rabbi Bitton said...

Under the former hashgocho OK, there was a problem at Le Marais with bachelor parties featuring mostly nude belly dancers. The OK did not take any concrete steps to stop this maaseh Midyan from happening on multiple occassions.

It wouldn't surprise me if the OU is no better in this regard. The OU for instance does not properly enforce their own rules about TVs in their restaurants. At the now closed Mendy's sports bar on West 70th, they were only allowed to show sports events but Seinfeld and everything else was being shown. You might think there is nothing wrong. The point is, what is the point of having rules if they don't enforce them?

Sruly Singer said...


For over 30 years, I have given of my heart and soul to achieve the objectives of the WJC and for the benefit of the Jewish people. I will not engage in any petty or mean-spirited or valueless arguments.

Isi Leibler said...

I agree with UOJ's vort on "people power"


FORMER World Jewish Congress (WJC) senior vice-president Isi Leibler has welcomed the dismissal of the body’s long-time leader Israel Singer, in what he has termed a victory for “people power”.

But Leibler stopped short of gloating over the demise of his long-time adversary, who was found by the New York State Attorney-General’s Department to have violated his fiduciary responsibilities.

“One could say that despite overwhelming odds, people power has triumphed,” Leibler told the AJN.

“Having served the WJC in a senior capacity for more than 30 years, I am genuinely saddened that the long overdue decision to expel a Jewish leader who had violated his fiduciary duties and misappropriated public funds only took place under such chaotic circumstances.”

However, to avoid what he termed a total “meltdown” of the organisation, Leibler said new leadership was required and had to be committed to “healing the divisions and reuniting the organisation in a framework of good governance and genuine financial transparency”.

Leibler praised the Executive Council of Australian Jewry for its “courageous and principled stance” and said that unlike other communities, the Australian body “refused to bury their heads in the stand”.

Anonymous said...

Who this WJC VP Ariel Muzikant from Vienna who's mouthing off with all kinds of threats for Singer that he's going to pull the European section out of the organization along with the Israeli & South American sections? It was in the Jewish Press this week.

Mendel Greenberg said...

I should have listened to UOJ and Elliot Pasik about background checks, but Shea Fishman told me the climate isn't quite right.


The Golem's legacy
Michael Bergoine of Hawley, Pa., was on his way to work one night in 2001 when he got stopped by a cop in the Village of Kiryas Joel. The cop claimed that Bergoine had rolled through a stop sign.

Kiryas Joel is a village of about 18,000 Hasidic Jews. It doesn't employ any cops. Which is exactly why Bergoine is suing the village.

He's claiming that the guy who stopped him, Patrick McGrath, had no business stopping him, notwithstanding that McGrath was wearing a police uniform.

It turned out that McGrath was 6 foot 4 and 260 pounds of convicted felon and that Kiryas Joel's chief constable at the time, Mendel Greenberg, didn't do any kind of background check on McGrath before approving him to "patrol" the village back in November 2001. Greenberg lost his job over this.

Based on size alone, McGrath could qualify as a modern-day golem, the clay giant of Jewish legend who was brought to life by a medieval rabbi.

Bergoine is suing the village in state Supreme Court, claiming that the traffic stop made him late for work and cost him his job at Hackensack Medical Center in New Jersey. The village says that McGrath was an "independent contractor." McGrath is now in state prison, serving a term for grand larceny unrelated to KJ. The aggrieved parties are all due in Judge John McGuirk's courtroom May 31 to talk things over.

The golem of legend had to be destroyed because he went out of control.

The golem of Kiryas Joel could wind up wreaking a more modern kind of havoc: litigation.

Watch this space for developments.

Trials & Tribulations is the Times Herald-Record's weekly roundup of news, updates and anecdotes about local courts and criminal justice. Tips and threats are welcome. Call Oliver Mackson at 346-3130 or e-mail omackson@th-record.com

Chaim Rubin said...


the OU sounds very much like a top secret government department denying something is true and spinning it like a bag of dreidals. There is a long history of money issues and politics involved with Hashgachas. It's a dirty business that involves the a lot of money. Both the OU and Le Marais would stand to lose a lot of money if these allegations were true. Le Marais is a very expensive restaurant that is very popular.

What a mess!

Can anyone corroborate this? said...


don't get me started on the Vaad HaRabonim of Queens - possibly the most corrupt organization next to the mafia - short of killing people, chas v'shalom, they at least don't stoop that low, but they exercise all their power and influence to abuse the kashrut system and to gain as much money and power as they can - nothing else matters.

boog said...

Ge-nack, have you lost your "knack" for the truth?

Is it all about the GELT?

You, a talmid of Harav J.B.??!!-

Say it ain't so, Joe. (1919 Black Sox Scandal...for you Buru Pahkers and Kugel Fressers that don't know from baseball).

So, should I now go and re-read that beautiful Hespid you wrote on Harav J.B. several years ago in the Y.U. series with a more discerning eye and a few grains of (Kosher) salt? Was that the real you or were you crooked then and just playing PC with your colleagues?

Take ah picture...Shimon Golding, where are you?

steve said...

Regarding the latest OU scandal at La Marais restaurant,the mashgiach was merely doing his job that the OU hired him to do. When he did his job properly and reported kashrut violations, the OU decided to not only ignore, but also attacked the messenger. The OU response hardly raises our confidence in their standards. For instance, after they were told about the dairy margarine incident (which by the way, it WAS used in a meat dish that was never served ,b"h), what corrective measures were taken to prevent a reocurrence? Oh, the gentile chef said he will be more careful in the future! Now we should all run to patronize this place? And with the shellfish delivery, how do you know that if it were delivered on a weekday it wouldn't have found its way into the kitchen?

Bottom line, the mashgiach hired by the OU worked hand in hand with this chef, and is reporting that he is not to be trusted. At the very least, the OU should have warned this chef that any improprieties will not be tolerated. Instead, they chose to defend the gentile chef against their own mashgiach.

This follows the OU's phony hasgacha of Rubashkin's "glatt kosher" chickens where they don't even have a mashgiach in Postville. Is there any doubt that if Moishe Finkel paid them enough money, that they would have certified Shevach because he's "an ehrlicher yid" and Rabbi Breslauer says so? After all, they trust the anti-semitic goy chef more than their own mashgiach. Years ago, the OU symbol meant something. These days, it stands for greed and corruption. These phony leaders with their phony hashgachas must be thrown out immediately.

Moishe Finkel said...

I tried selling my sechoyre to Le Marais but those anti-Semite French mamzerim wouldn't buy from a Jew. They figured out where my source was in Puerto Rico and went around me to buy the treif directly. Those trickster weasels what they are!

Harry Houdini said...

The Queens Vaad did me in years ago. It was like gang initiation before Peretz Steinberg joined the Iggud Haganovim.

Avi L. Shafran said...

I would appreciate if the public stops calling to pester me with inane questions about Le Marais. Why should it be anyone's business if top Agudah figures have been seen stuffing their faces over there? We do not comment on anything we deem irrelevant like alleged molestation and treif meat.

Where's Colmo the Homo? said...

Can anyone verify the rumor that he changed his name? Anyone from Israel know what the alias of legal name change is if so?

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...


Much of this information comes from a friend who in his own quiet way has uncovered scores of kashrus scandals with minimal investigation. It's actually scary how out in the open some of these fiascos are and yet the public takes years or never catches on. About a year ago, his wife was due to give birth in Maimonides. He was not crazy about using this hospital because of their poor standards and professionalism but her doctor only worked at one location. He started asking around about the kashrus standards of the Hivnover rov, the Maimonides rav hamachshir. He found out that some people had snooped around the kitchen and observed that the same dishwasher was used for both milchigs & fleishigs. A rov confirmed the findings. The Hivnover and Maimonides, while touting "standards" that are "mehadrin min hamehadrin", were somech on a shvache kula that a yoledess or other cholim, may eat treif or taaruvas issur bedieved. Of course there is no mention to any visiting family members that they are oyver issurei d'Oraysa and being metamtem es libayhem. At significant extra cost, he had catered food brought in for his wife, while he reported Maimonides & the Hivnover to the NY State Agriculture Dept's Kashrus Enforcement division. The hospital was forced to make upgrades. They cried that they had to spend over 100 grand, if you can believe anything they say. The Hivnover was kvetching that someone should have spoke to him and he would have been a nice boy and fixed everything (my foot). My friend, myself and some rabbonim still suspect that the upgrades are not comprehensive and it may still be a problem to eat there. One observer has commented that the rov who is commisioner of State Kashrus Enforcement is a personal friend of the Hivnover and he doubts that he meted out more than a friendly wrist slapping.

Don't patronize Maimonides and if you do, don't eat there. Can you believe this chutzpa, what they were and might still be feeding almost every haymishe Yid in Brooklyn? This hospital also gets poor marks in various reviews despite whatever supposed maalos they promote about themselves.

Leib Pinter said...


I don't care for either Le Marais or Maimonides. I once checked out their menus and noticed there were no meat & cheese sandwiches.

Pssst said...

Someone told me that the Hivnover rabbi is connected to Gershon the shvindler Tannenbaum.

Oy a Broch said...

Where are all the assifos of rabbonim to get kosher food for Maimo hospital? R' Feivel Cohen said stopping bugs in water will save Yidden in Brooklyn from machalos. What about stopping every woman giving birth from eating maacholim asurim? Is there only silence when a ferd in a black reckel is profiting?

Dr. Shafran said...

Avi, which freye newspaper are you going to write that garbage in? You don't fool anyone anymore.

boog said...

The only 2 depts in Maimonides worth a lick are Baby Deliverys and Cardiac. The rest are substandard sucks. A disgrace! Jewish Brains putting forth such a low-quality product. Mah Yomru Ha'Goyim?

RE: Cardic: At least our young, balding, grossly overweight Chassideshe Kugel Fressers, Chulent Shtuppers, und Glutton Fressers have a place close by.

Hey, Geb mir noch ah Big Fleishig
mit fries, und ah Kuk!!

gross said...


The labor & delivery and post partum departments at Maimonides are substandard. Don't get caught up in the ghetto hype. People who choose to give birth there are either ignorant, have never stepped out of BP (and don't plan to do so anytime soon) or simply choose Maimonides because of the convenience of the affiliated doctors. Numbers mean nothing. Check out the above-mentioned departments at another hospital and you'll change your mind pretty quickly. Maimonides is a filthy hospital and they don't give two craps about their patients. I have connections on the inside and the standards of care are horrific. I would call the Joint Commission to rat them out but I don't have the patience.

As far as cardiac is concerned, they do have some good doctors and nurses but in an overall inferior facility it doesn't really matter. If I needed a cardiac procedure done, I wouldn't touch them.

In a recent study by New York magazine (the cutting edge publication that broke the Kolko story)entitled "who doctors trust" Maimonides did not make the list in either cardiac or ob-gyn - their "specialties". I am not surprised.


Beware of Maimonides ! said...

Don't get taken in by the false premise that Maimonides has superb maternity and cardiac wards. The Daily News or someone had a report this year that the Cardiac unit is sub-par. The maternity ward is staffed by the most arrogant and reckless behaymos who hate Jews. My family had horrific experiences there and will never use that hospital again. We later found out from a non-Jewish college professor who was formerly a top ranking Maimonides official that the staff hates Jews because of all the Chassidishe, etc, who break the rules with visiting hours and everything else and have pull to be in violation even when staff try to stop it. My family did not try to break any rules. The nurses were a bunch of rude pigs to my wife. They tossed her around like a shmatta and inflicted physical pain whenever they tended to her. After she gave birth, they put her in a room where the lights were broken so that you couldn't turn them off. When she complained, they made a lot of noise & tcheppered her all night. She called me at 3 am to take her home. The hospital tried to threaten me that I couldn't and said there's nothing they can do about the light & noise.I argued with them heatedly until 4 am. Finally, when I said I am taking my wife out even if they call the police and I will have a newspaper reporter with me, they miraculously found someone to fix the light and stopped making noise. The nurses then retaliated by badmouthing my wife to the entire staff and even the other patients and kept giving her digs every time they walked by. I went to speak to one of the highest people in the hospital but he didn't give a damn.

Go to NYU. Go to Mt Sinai. Even shlepp to North Shore if you have to get away from these animals. The clientele of Beth Israel and the other Brooklyn hospitals is supposed to be pretty scummy. My friend's wife was in Beth Israel and the Puerto Ricans in her room stole all of her stuff.

One other note. The Maimonides psycho ward that is full of dangerous criminals is connected to the maternity ward by an underground tunnel. Is this the kind of place you want your wife and child in?

Kugel Fresser said...

Big Fleishigs was called McFleishigs until they were sued by McDonald's along with McDaniel's on Kings Hwy who also had to change their name. McDonald's is a big corporate bully who gets their way because they are sitting on a mountain of cash to pay for lawyers. Especially on Kings Hwy where they just sold pizza & felafel, there was no valid tayna from McDonald's. Maybe UOJ should instill a little fear in them and their chief Kohanishe honcho George Cohon.

Anonymous said...

There is no halachik problem using one dishwasher. When we clean up our communal act then perhaps we should go beyond b'dieved. Again, why are we worrying about food when we have child rape, chillul Hashem, stealing, real tarfus, child abuse, spongers, etc.

Why are we so food minded?

Do the minimum especially Pesach time. You will find out how hard that is if it is not only applied to food!

Did you make sure you helped the agunos? The sick? The poor? The lonely? The unmarried? Those not as frum or frummer than you?

Did you go away for Pesach because it is now impossible to make?

Anonymous said...

I believe the Hivnover is Friedlander, brother of the old Lisker rov.

Pinter Misnaggid said...

Pinter, you oysvarf putz! There were no meat & cheese sanwiches because they already had their own treif and didn't need your fake "kosher" food from some program you were defrauding.

Anonymous said...

Somebody on Failed Messiah just wrote that Kushner in New Jersey once employed a convicted sex offender who claimed to have a "Ph.D." They didn't do a background check. Is it true? When did this happen? What happened? This would be helpful information, to get new laws.

yeshivishe guy said...

R' Lazer Ginzberg once made a stink about TV shows and movies at Mendy's. I don't think he went to the OU. He went to a Flatbush organization that was placing newspaper ads to attract people to come watch. They stopped placing the ads after he spoke to them. He also tried to stop a yeshiva that was giving away Broadway tickets at a Chinese auction. And finally, he has been known to run into Blockbuster Video when he sees Chaim Berlin bochurim coming from maariv with hats & jackets on. He screams at them and kicks them out of the store.

Anonymous said...

The guy that wrote about the sex offender at the Kushner yeshiva in Livingston, NJ was "YUGUY". He used to be here too. What happened to him?

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...

Who's the anonymous fool who keeps grumbling that there's no reason to keep any kashrus standards or mitzvos as long as molesters and the like are around? It's exactly all these other outrages that set up the stage for molesters. HE has to get HIS priorities in order. With Maimonides in particular, it is a fraud that they claim to have mehadrin kashrus when nothing could be further from the truth. There is also only one daas yochid that you can use the same dishwasher for milchigs & fleishigs, but only if you do certain things like change racks in between which the hospital was apparently not doing.

UOJ should filter out posts that don't make any sense.

Maimonides is a Filthy Dump said...

They are so crowded like a Third World DP camp that you can't get a private room even if you want to pay a premium. They move people around at all crazy hours while turning on lights and making extra noise on purpose just because they can.

At least that's how it goes if you're not connected. The CEO, Pamela Brier's husband got into a horrific car accident. He needed 3 months of care and you can bet that he got a private room with staff that is polite when they have to be.

boog said...


I "hear" you. Very sad state of affairs.

Leizer Ginszburg: You got to be kidding. Tell this shmuck to take a Blocbuster video and shove it up his ass. He is giving Mussar? A "Rabbi" who knew of and harbored a sex predator in his Shul, didn't report him, obstructed others from reporting him, is giving Mussar?mll

Hypocrite Alert said...

Pinter writes in his stupid sefer Nachalas Tzvi that he was once on an airplane and because he was nizhar in basar shenisalaym min haayin, he saved himself after the goy next to him switched treif into his sandwich. The guy is a liar, so even if the story is true, can you believe the nerve of this lowlife? I only know about the story because some naive rov once said it in a drosho and couldn't understand why people were laughing at him.

Comment from the Peanut Gallery said...

The State Commissioner for Kashrus is R' Luzer Weiss. There's no accountability for what he does because after some treif tricksters sued Albany, they no longer make the records public. We need more accountability to see what they are doing and to know if maimonides has finally got their act together.

That's some yeshiva said...

Kushner is named for the putz convicted of all kinds of federal crimes and for a state charge of pandering when he hired a zona to be machshil his own brother in law in znus.

Where's Ombudsman?

yisroel watch said...

Got word from friend in Kiryat Sefer.

Molester Stephen Colmar name is Dovid Cohan. I wish for UOJ post picture of him so all trusty readers of blog can get look of him good. At last we could know to look out for.

Right now we no way of knowing which town Colmar to go next.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Boog is exactly right.

Leizer Ginzburg is a scumbag and a fraud!

He protected Colemar long after he
was well aware that Colemar is a dangerous and sick pedophile.

Not until I stepped in and threatened the bastard and rallied the parents in the area, did he finally agree. I had to actually threaten him with criminal penalties and have an associate of mine VISIT him and TALK to him, ONLY then did he get the message!

After that "visit", Ginzberg was seen at the Coney Island Hospital emergency room! What a coincidence!


Question for UOJ said...

Dear Sir,

For molesters we are to go to the police. Who do we go to when someone is farkoyfing treif? The OU and others can't be trusted. Yudel Shain does some good work on his Yudelstake blog but the establishment has graduated from calling him a gadfly to smearing him that he's a nut. He has details on his blog now about a complex conspiracy with the OU & Le Marais that some rabbonim are quietly vouching for.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Child molester Stepen Colemar AKA David Cohan AKA Yossi Davidowitz AKA Chaim Rosenberg AKA Yisroel Goldberg AKA Leizer Greenberg.......is being followed 24/7 by people that can trap and arrest him!

I'm on to him big time!

Flatbush said...


Leizer Ginzburg is still protecting Colemar. I dont know why you would think he wasn't.

What makes you think that your threats even worked?

Flatbush said...


Are those really all Colemar Aliases? Wow.

Has Colemar molested in Israel yet? If he didnt commit a crime on Israel, how can he be arrested?

Yeshivishe Nudnik said...

UOJ, I'm not condoning what R' Lazer did but he's not evil like the other cover up artists who definitely are reshoim. R' Lazer is very naive and was probably taking directions from older rabbonim. His emunas chochomim is so strong that he doesn't know bad advice when he sees it. As silly as he seems to those who know him, he is actually a very sincere person and only means well. The contrast is drawn all the time between R' Lazer & Moishe Scheinerman who is two faced and duplicitous. Of course he still has to be stopped if he's protecting a molester.

Anonymous said...

One would have to assume that UOJ is either independantly wealthy or very poor, or that he lives at home with his parrents. As it seems he spends most of his time running this blog and doesn't have much time to do anything else. UOJ is dedicated and important to our survival.

Accountability is Right said...

Call Nosson Scherman out on the carpet. Not only does he publish seforim of a scumbag like Pinter, but he hired a bunch of Pinter's relatives to work at Artscroll.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

These pedophiles can NOT control themselves if an opportunity arises.

If Colemar sneezes on a kid, I'll have him arrested!

Stefan Colmer said...


M.D. said...

In some countries, police will detain someone to be evaluated if a medical doctor informs them that the person is seemingly a danger to himself or others.

Yudi Kolko said...


Does Leizer need any help shoving that new Blockbuster release up his posterior?

Aron Twerski said...

Yudi, you might want to get Leizer to sign a liability waiver. Those Scooby Doo DVDs can cause significant injury and it could be the makings of a major tort case.

Yaakov Applegrad said...

At no time has Rabbi Kolko frequented video stores as part of his job description. (I hope no one finds out he has a Netflix subscription)

Anonymous said...

The OU should know what happened at Le Marais under the OK. They have many ways to know about the scandals and there's no way they didn't hear about it. Yitzy Gornish was at the OK restaurant division. His shvogger is Rabbi Nochum Rabinowitz (Monostritcher rebbe) from the OU.

boog said...

Yudi K;

The technique is called a "Louima".

Butt make sure you use a little vaselina or K-Y jelly.

You don't want to leave any incriminating 'marks'.

Anonymous said...


According to this article, shady business interests pushed through a ban on peanuts for Pesach 40 years ago so they could sell more profitable substitutes.

Some other things in this article don't sound right but I would believe there is a kitniyos conspiracy.

Officer Justin Volpe, 70th Precinct Plunger Squad said...

Boog, that's not all the equipment you'll need. And watch the next elections. It'll be "Giuliani time" again.

Another conspiracy theory said...


Anonymous said...
R' Yudel, if what you are saying about the OK is true, it is no surprise. They have a "farm team" of chabad mashgichim which they blackmail the restaurants into hiring, and then instruct them to try to cause problems in the kitchens of restaurants in the NYC area. Look around how many restaurants in the last 5 years have changed their hashgacha from the OK. Almost all of them. The OK when they were in La Marais, forced the mashgichim their to quit/be fired, so they could put their own cronies in. This guy might be an OK holdover.

N.Y. Times said...

Correction: March 20, 2007,

Tuesday An article on Friday about the dismissal of Israel Singer, a leader of the World Jewish Conference, referred incorrectly to the health of the organization's president, Edgar M. Bronfman, who has said he wants his son Matthew to succeed him. Dr. Adam Rosenbluth, Mr. Bronfman's doctor, said Mr. Bronfman is in ''very good health. He has no chronic debilitating illness nor does he have any illness that would have impact on his longevity and his ability to lead'' the congress. He is not in poor health.

Anonymous said...

I can't see how the OU can keep Belsky. He is a definite liability to their integrity as a credible organization.

Primary said...

The politics of Kashrut are greater than the presidential election.

Carnivore said...

Le Marais no longer serves a pat of margerine with the bread when you sit down. They now give you a pouring of olive oil on a plate. Dip your bread in that. Maybe the OU doesn't want anyone to think the margerine is butter.

Anonymous said...

The OU is irrelevant to any serious Jew on meat products. Empire Poultry demonstrated that.

Flatbush said...

UOJ is right. Leizer Ginzburg is a fool. We can't tolerate people in his position being naive. The only way for Leizer to redeem himself would be for him to convince Colemar victims to come forward. It was due to him that they didn't in the first place. Leizer is the reason we are now chasing Colemar all over the world.

Anonymous said...

Leizer Ginzburg is irrelevant to any serious Jew on Protecting their children from sexual predators. His handling of Colmer demonstrated that.

Judaiam may need a overhauling said...

Would you agree with me that contemporary Judaism has incorporated within it many foreign concepts of Christian, and pagan origin?

Not to mention all the unneccesary stringencies that some Rabbis throughout the ages thought fit to foist upon the rest of the nation. A good example would be the forbidding consumption of kitniyot (rice and legumes) on Passover. I think it's absurd.

Anonymous said...

I met some baal teshuva who admires satmar. Who in their right mind wants to join Satmar?

It's one of the most corrupt movements in the world. The number of criminals- of all kinds- this blight upon jewry produces, truly boggles the mind. When these losers ceased fighting every other Jewish group they resumed fighting amongst themselves- I guess we're all better off that way.

If there was a devil, Satmar would be its representative here on earth.

Big Talker said...

Otherwise, this article has Sruly's friend Julie Berman talking in circles.


Singer's attorney, Stanley Arkin, has called the Bronfman letter "sad, sick and shameful" but said that he would "engage in balanced constructive dialogue" with the WJC before pursuing any legal action.

Avraham Hirschson said...


WHy does UOJ care if someone tries to pad himself with a little extra mezuman?

Ohel Treasurer David Jacobson said...

JWB is going to get all worked up again. It looks like the comment a day ago about the Queens Vaad fixing Houdini might not be a joke.


Further, the man in charge of the cemetery in Queens said yesterday he hadn't given his okay to dig up Houdini's body -- nor is his okay needed.

"It's not up to me," David Jacobson explained, the cemetery's chairman of the board. "It's up to the courts."

Is the Party Over? said...


Anonymous said...
I spoke to bitton and he made me hear the tapes over the phone. I heard Rabbi keller clearly saying that he saw "jose" who is the owner, firing the chef because of some story with strawberries. This proves that indeed it was a grave incident, enough that led to the chef being fired by the owner. Apparently he was put back in place by R. Shreir. It also proves that this R Keller, who admitted on tape, and is now denying this, is part of the bigger OU effort to cover this up. This is all the proof that is necessary to believe bittons whole story. He told me he will put up the tapes in the near future. He is consulting with lawyers and rabbis, and then will post them. Once he does, the case is sealed.

Edwin Black said...


Peanuts as Kitniyos is not the only scam you have to pay extra for.

Anonymous said...


Does this article mean that Yitzy Gornish is no longer with the OK and now working for his father?

Mazal Tov said...


No mitzvah here

Workers at the Jewish Center of Manhattan Beach at the corner of Oriental Boulevard and West End Avenue contacted police Wednesday night after a guest allegedly head-butted another guest during a wedding..

Police were told that the victim, 42, was inside the wedding hall at 11:30 p.m. when he got into an argument with another man.

The two exchanged words, but the confrontation was brought to an abrupt end when the stranger head-butted the victim in the face, causing a slight injury.

Casanova clubber

Cops are looking for an 18-year-old man who beaned a 15-year-old girl on the head with a bottle after she refused to have sex with him.

The victim said that she and a friend were walking near the corner of 17th Avenue and Dahill Road at 2:20 p.m. on February 28 when the would-be “Casanova,” described only a white male stopped her in her tracks and began telling the teen how much he wanted to have sex with her.

The girl told police that she immediately refused, claiming to have a headache.

Enraged, the suspect threw the Snapple bottle in his hand at her, striking her in the face.

The victim suffered a cut as well as swelling to her right cheek as a result, officials said.

Ave J said...


Next door to Garden of Eat In

Lakewood Talmid said...

UOJ, why would you publish that post about "overhauling" Yiddishkeit from an obvious kofer? Chalila vechas that the am kedoshim practices elements of paganism and Natzrus. His broad assault on chochomim going back over a thousand years is further insult to your readers and flies in the face of what you are trying to promote. The Geonim zichronam livrocho were empowered by the Torah to institute the gezaira of kitniyos for bnei Ashkenaz. There is also in the right circumstances a yesod of a minhag brecht a din.

It's one thing if some contemporary frauds have hijacked some of our mosdos, but please do not let yourself become a platform for sinister apikorsim who want to be oker the dos.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

I am in favor of a overhaul of Judaism within the framework of Halacha.

What is considered normative Orthodox Judaism is now being run by crazies and hucksters.

The damage these shgatzim are doing must be stopped!

Any suggestions that can foster legitimate and thought-provoking ideas, whether they are right ultimately or not, should be open for a healthy airing.

Charlie Hynes Strikes Again said...

"The Brooklyn district attorney's office investigated but declined to prosecute."


Sex & secrecy in back of the bus
NEWS uncovers history of abuse

The graphic scenes contained in legal and bureaucratic paperwork are difficult to comprehend under any circumstance: little children, still learning how to read and write, being forced by older students to commit unthinkable sex acts aboard New York City's school buses.

The molestations include the "rubbing of private parts," "oral sex and sodomy," and rape - almost always committed within the presence and supposed supervision of drivers and bus monitors hired to protect school-children.

A four-month Daily News investigation into the troubled network that transports 142,000 New York City public and private school students daily has documented a secret history of physical and emotional abuse, from broken bones to shattered psyches.

But the most gutwrenching, nauseating behavior uncovered has been sexual in nature.

On many occasions, the sexual abuse victims have been especially vulnerable special-needs students, mercilessly violated within a transportation system designed to protect those most at risk.

"Automatically I think, 'It's a school bus.' I expect whatever children are on the bus to be safe," said the mother of a 10-year-old girl who was sexually abused on her way to school in Boro Park, Brooklyn. "I don't think a 10-year-old should have a sexual experience on a school bus."

The victims have ranged in age from 5 to 19, male and female.

According to settled and pending lawsuits, notices of intent to sue and limited Department of Education records obtained by The News under the Freedom of Information Law, there have been at least 22 complaints of serious sexual abuse on school buses in the past decade, 10 since July 2003. All but two were discovered independently by The News.

Nineteen of the incidents involved accusations of students molesting other students in the presence of drivers and/or monitors. Two other cases implicated drivers; a third involved a bus monitor.

A lawsuit against one driver and his bus company was settled in September 2004 for $1 million. The Brooklyn district attorney's office investigated but declined to prosecute.

A settlement in the other bus driver lawsuit has been sealed. The driver was charged with sexual abuse, unlawful imprisonment and harassment, and pleaded guilty to harassment, according to state court records.

Of the remaining completed cases, one involved a jury award of $150,000; another victim won a $210,000 settlement in November 2005.

The family of a 19-year-old Down syndrome woman from Public School 721 in Elmhurst, Queens, has notified the city it intends to sue for a July 2006 sexual abuse allegation involving a male bus monitor. The family of a 12-year-old girl who says she was molested on her way home from Public School 109 in East Flat-bush, Brooklyn, last May also plans to sue.

Fourteen of the cases are the subjects of pending lawsuits, while the final two were internal complaints, from October 2005 and last February, that were substantiated by the Department of Education.

Because all of the student offenders were juveniles, The News could not ascertain the outcome of any criminal prosecutions. A law enforcement source said the bus monitor is under investigation, but has not been arrested.

Whatever the statistical tabulation, the numbers are outrageous by their mere existence - children being sexually assaulted within the cramped confines of school buses while they are supposedly being protected by one or two adults who are specifically charged with super-vising and maintaining order on the buses.

"Anyone whose child is involved doesn't think any level is acceptable," said Matthew Lenaghan, deputy director of Advocates for Children of New York. "If they say there's millions of kids on buses and there are only two incidents, well, talk to someone's parent, and see how they feel."

That's precisely the outrage and insecurity such incidents provoke in victims and their families.

"When I put him on the bus, I felt safe. I trusted the whole system," said the mother of a 5-year-old boy who was sexually abused on a bus in July 2003 and whose lawsuit is still pending. "I never thought something like that would happen."

The full extent of the problem is uncertain because the Department of Education has resisted and delayed in providing The News all of the pertinent documents that it has requested under the Freedom of Information Law.

Still, in lawsuit after lawsuit, The News learned of claims that bus monitors, who are required on all buses for special-needs students, had seen nothing, heard nothing or were not even on the bus when serious acts of sexual abuse were committed. Many of the case files also contained claims from drivers that they, too, had been oblivious to the behavior taking place aboard their vehicles.

As part of its investigation, The News noticed that the two 2006 cases where families say they intend to sue the city were not included in the package of 2006 substantiated complaints handed over under the Freedom of Information Law.

The Department of Education contended that those two cases had been found to be "either unsubstantiated, unfounded or not in violation of rules and regulations."

The Department of Education's Law Department has specifically ruled that it will provide no specific information about unsubstantiated complaints, citing privacy concerns.

For 2006 and 2005, the department has produced only partial records from 337 of 604 substantiated complaints. No records have been produced for 2001 to 2004.

Overall, The News is missing at least 1,218 substantiated complaints for the six years requested under FOIL.

As a result, The News could not determine if any of the missing complaints pertain to sexual abuse or if incidents involved in most of the sexual abuse lawsuits found by The News have ever been investigated by school authorities.

Plus, The News has uncovered serious questions about the accuracy of Department of Education recordkeeping, suggesting that the overall number of abuse complaints could have been underreported. the slow pace of sexual abuse civil lawsuits through the court system was particularly striking, with case after case dragging on for years. Compensation for victims can take a long time to come as well. the News found older case after older case still pending - from October 2000, December 2000, May 2001 and November 2001. the $1 million driver lawsuit, filed in 1998, took six years to settle; the $210,000 settlement took seven years, records show. several lawyers involved in longrunning cases say the Department of Education often refuses to turn over documents, shifting the blame to the private bus companies, who employ the drivers and monitors.

"Getting documents from the city is very difficult, especially the Department of Education," said attorney David Kapelman, who has several pending school bus sexual abuse lawsuits dating to 2003. He noted that all major city cases take longer because "there's a much longer backlog in the city part for trials." attorney Ruth Bernstein, who won the $1 million settlement, recalled her six-year court fight on behalf of a female teen with a disability similar to cerebral palsy who had been sexually abused repeatedly by a driver.

Ultimately, the lawyer said, the settlement was paid by the city government and the bus company's insurer.

During that time, Bernstein said, "the city kept saying 'we're not in the case,' and they never provided us any documents or witnesses."

Lakewood Talmid said...

UOJ, I'm sorry, but attacking the saintly Geonim of over 1000 years ago is not legitimate.

You run several risks by engaging in this kind of "debate".

You are empowering the type of clever kofer who posted that garbage and allow them to fool those that are not very learned.

You will alienate part of your base of supporters.

Despite the opinion of many of your readers, you have not allowed criticism to be posted of Moishe & Sholom Tendler. Are the Geonim not at least as great and untouchable as the Tendler brothers?

There are legitimate ways perhaps of getting around a takkanas Kadmonim, but attacking the integrity of gedolei oylam is not acceptable, any way you slice it. There are even parts of Shas written by the Geonim. See the Ran on Bava Metzia.

Coming to a YTT schoolbus near you? said...

Don't hold your breath.


Never before has the call for change been as strong and loud - to put video cameras and human monitors on all school buses, and to hire more investigators to look into complaints of physical and sexual abuse.

From parents and politicians to present-day drivers and monitors, the battle cry has been virtually universal - the city's student transportation system must be made safer.

No less than five legislative bills - two in the City Council and three in Albany - are being pushed as reaction grows to the Daily News' investigative series "School Bus Disgrace."

Officials in Wayne Township, N.J., spent $100,000 last year to install digital camera systems in 45 large school buses.

The new systems, which replaced a VCR setup, include four cameras - one in the back of the bus, one on the driver, one on the seats and one on the front door.

"They're the best thing since sliced bread," said Wayne district transportation supervisor Kathie MacDonald. "It's worth every penny." The pennies would add up, though. Rich Denison, president of Bus Parts Warehouse in Syracuse, estimated that digital cameras cost about $1,500 each. With 6,000 routes in the city, a single-camera program would cost about $9 million.

State Sen. Martin Golden (R-Brooklyn) said he wants cameras on all new school buses statewide and proposed that existing ones be retrofitted. Cameras would be paid for by the state, with partial reimbursement from federal transportation funds, he said.

The idea of cameras on school buses is not new. Industry experts say about 40% of school buses nationwide have cameras; most surveillance systems have one or two cameras.

The video concept was broached only once here, more than a decade ago, by then-Schools Chancellor Ramon Cortines. But the proposal went nowhere.

A highly publicized effort to require monitors on all buses citywide was launched in the fall of 2002, but that too ultimately failed. That push was prompted by the plight of Christopher Gonzalez, a Bronx 5-year-old who was seriously injured when he was pushed out of an emergency door during a fight among older students.

The so-called Christopher's Law was introduced by Ruben Diaz Sr., then a Bronx councilman. He recently told The News that then-Speaker Gifford Miller "decided the cost would be too much for the city."

"It's stupid. This was something good for the children," Diaz said. "The boy was neglected by the driver. No one was paying attention." Councilman James Vacca (D-Bronx), who is now proposing bills for cameras and monitors on all school buses, said cameras would help clarify what happens during onboard disputes.

"I want to make sure that in the future we're addressing these situations with clear evidence," he said. "And I want to make sure this never happens again."

Vacca questioned how seven Office of Pupil Transportation investigators could have handled 3,547 complaints last year.

He said the city should hire more investigators the way it did following the public outcry over a recent spate of deaths and abuse of children under the care of the city Administration for Children's Services.

Potential remedies

Here are possible solutions to school bus abuse being proposed by legislators, parents and safety advocates:

Install video cameras on all school buses statewide;

Hire more investigators for faster and more thorough investigations;

Mandatory immediate reporting of sexual abuse allegations;

Assign monitors on all school buses, not just buses for special-needs students;

Assign a second monitor on buses for special-needs students, when necessary;

Like drivers, conduct criminal background checks and fingerprinting for bus monitors;

Better enforcement of the Office of Pupil Transportation rules and harsher penalties when infractions are found;
More training for drivers and monitors;

Better recordkeeping

Oh well said...

So much for Marvin Schick keeping his yapper pie hole shut. He was interviewed by the Sunday NY Times a week ago. The Times has elevated him to "expert" status.

"Marvin Schick, a senior adviser to the Avi Chai Foundation, a Jewish philanthropic group, who has studied Orthodox communities."

Full Disclosure said...

UOJ, why do you hesitate to name the supposedly anonymous rabbi you gave an ultimatum to about performing an illegal ceremony if another blogger, as you are aware, has already publicly named him?

Avi L. Shafran said...

Thanks for the heads up. Now I have to get together with the Catholic Church again to block this legislation to stop abuse on school buses.

Shea Fishman said...

Isn't anyone entitled to sleep in on Sundays anymore? Margo called me at 6 am yesterday morning, worried about spending a few cents for cameras on buses. He wants me to come out of retirement and act as go between for Milton Balkany and his connections in Albany.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Lakewood Talmid and Full Disclosure,

You have valid issues, and I have valid answers. My criteria for posting information is unusually high, regardless of what my critics opine.

As far as I know "today", I have been wrong once, naming a gentleman in Baltimore as "Tuvya" when in fact it was Chaim Neuhoff.

I apologized profusely to the gentleman, publicly, privately and through a friend. I offered to make financial restitution to him by way of tzedaka in his name.

I will feature a headline post to explain my evolving views. I appreciate dissent and encourage readers with well thought-out issues to vent them.

I do not post and did not post the thousands.........of loons that try to put up garbage.

That's the only reason I have comment moderation, no other.

MAZEL TOV-20 million hits as of yesterday! THANKS!

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...



OU / Belsky Crony Watch said...


This is very funny. OU cronies are yelling at Gil Student that he is oveir on "loshon hara" by discussing the Le Marais incident. They are trying to stifle any mention of it. The first putz is named Butler whose father is probably the OU official Rabbi Butler.

Then a self-proclaimed talmid of Belsky waddles in to sing the OU's praises.

What an Outrage said...


Another scam to raise your taxes. Corrupt politicians ganging up with "special interest" groups to take advantage.

Gilligan Update said...


Gilligan is really in a pickle now. After he went ahead with publishing Rabbi Broyde's books, Broyde's bedfellows at YCT are being called kofrim by the Yated and have otherwise been exposed as acting less than Orthodox. Gilligan will probably never stop arguing that he's "right" even though he doesn't make sense, like when he spoke about UOJ.

Chaim Dovid Zweibel said...

We're going to take this all the way to the Supreme Court. There are hanging chads on the Belsky ballot.

Al Gore said...


You're barking up the wrong tree. The US Supreme Court is predisposed to agree with UOJ. I suggest going to the World Court in The Hague. Those Euro Lefties might be the last bastion on Earth that doesn't read this blog.

Anonymous said...



Can you explain this a little?

Florida Election Official said...

Al Gore must have a fever if he thinks that Belsky is only within a few votes of winning. Global warming seems to only exist in his farshtunkenna kop.

Al Gore said...

Florida Official,

Gil Student told me to keep arguing even though I'm wrong. The excuse I'll use in the meantime is that I just want to make sure all the votes are properly counted.

And do you think I'm heartless? Can you imagine how poor Margo would feel if his primary mafia enforcer was history?

George W. Bush said...

Heh! Isn't it amazing that all the sore losers are coming out in support of other losers?

Judaism may need an overhauling said...

To Lakewood Talmid,

It is an incontrovertible fact that the Judaism most 'frum' Jews practice today deviates widely from that practiced by the saintly Geonim, nishmasam eden.

The Geonic tradition was ultimately replaced by a highly ritualized dogmatic 'das' that contains elements of Christian and pagan doctrine.

One example is the many Kabbalists who dared challenged the oneness of hashem by speaking of trinities dualism and second covenenants.(see discussions on siba rishonah, R' Bachye on abrogation of first covenant, implicitly sanctioning the Christian view! - these are some some example out of many).

Many of these Rabbis (mostly those of the Franco-german lands and their followers in Christian northern Spain) were Maimonides' chief opponents because the latter -in fact- was THE bearer of the authentic Judaism of the geonim which had hitherto become distorted and corrupted by silly avoda zara and Kabbalistic concepts of dubious origin.

The issue in question, kitniyot has been assailed by many great Rabbis as a complete minhag shtus. Chacham Tzvi writes as such and expresses hope that this minhag would eventually become extinct. Why mix the geonim into this obvious minhag shtus which came quite later?

haraidim go beserk said...

Police Shut Down Bus Converted Into Matzo-Factory
(CBS/AP) SPRING VALLEY, N.Y. A full-size school bus that had been converted into an oven, complete with smokestack, exhaust fans and working fire, was discovered by police after a neighbor said he smelled smoke.

The red and white bus, in the backyard of a residence owned by the rabbi of a Hasidic Jewish congregation, was turning out thin crisp matzo crackers for next week's Passover holiday, said Sgt. Lou Scorziello of the Spring Valley police.

He said police found the bus bakery early Friday morning.

"It was up and running," he said Monday. "Smoke was coming from the stack and there was a working fire."

"This is a tinderbox," the sergeant said.

"There certainly was the potential for an explosion," he added.

The owner of the bus oven, Rabbi Aaron Winternitz, told reporters Monday that he has been turning out matzos for his 50-member Mivtzar Hatorah congregation inside the bus for three years.

The bus is attached by plywood to the back of the house and the oven is fueled by wood and gas from lines that were illegally extended from the house, said Manny Carmona, the village enforcement officer who joined Scorziello at the site Monday.

"There's a gas line that has not been inspected and the bus has been attached to the house in a totally illegal way," said Carmona.

However, after inspecting the inside of the house and bus, Carmona somewhat revised his assessment of the situation, telling reporters, "It's not as hazardous as it looks. The fire is contained properly."

He said he would not issue a summons if Winternitz provided "clear drawings and approval by a licensed engineer" by the end of the day Monday.

"It looks safe but you can't go on looks," Carmona said. He also told Winternitz that the bus would have to moved back from the house.

"It's too close. If something happens, it could spread to the house," Carmona said.

(© 2007 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report. )

NY POST said...

March 26, 2007 -- They must be nice Jewish boys.

Three business leaders put their heads together and came up with a list of the 50 most influential rabbis in America, according to the edition of Newsweek magazine hitting newsstands today.

Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton, News Corp. exec Gary Ginsberg and Jay Sanderson, CEO of the Hollywood production company JTN, took six months to compile and rank the names, the magazine writes.

In the end, the trio tapped Marvin Hier, founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, as their No. 1 rabbi.

He's followed atop the list by Chabad CEO Yehuda Krinsky, Skirball Cultural Center CEO Uri Herscher, kabbala revivalist Yehuda Berg and author Harold Kushner.

New York rabbis to make the list include Peter Rubinstein of Central Synagogue at No. 11, J. Rolando Matalon of Congregation B'nai Jeshurun at No. 17 and David Posner of Temple Emanu-El at No. 23.

Lynton, Ginsberg and Sanderson's entire list can be found on the Internet at xtra.Newsweek.com.

They failed to name the only true rabbi, R'UOJ!

boog said...


Please have rachmonus and go easy on the $5 words.

e.g.; "opine".

You don't want to lose the chassideshe audience.

Bruce Teitelbaum said...


How come no one's talking about the $1.3 billion real estate deal for Starrett City that I'm trying to clinch. My shutfim are Dovid & JJ Bistricer from Boro Park and some dude named Sam Levinson.

Le Marais said...


Oui oui! We are suing Monsieur Isaac Bitton for $10 million.

Sexual abuse victim of Stepen Colemer said...

I saw all this information about Stefan Colmer recently and could not believe what I was reading. Stefan is from Belmar New Jersey and I believe I was probably his very first victim of sexual abuse. He is only about 5 or 6 years older than I am, but when I was about 10 I met him for the first time in a shul in Bradley Beach, NJ. He became close to my family and while becoming religous he would spend almost every single shabbos at our house. His parents were divorced. He lived with his mother in Belmar and his father lived with his wife. His mother was not religious and my parents were happy to have him over. For many years he would keep me in my room and sexually abuse me. The first time it happened was at night over either a shabbos or yom tov (I cannot remember for sure) when he was sleeping on a pullout bed in my room. I was petrified when he woke me up and started touching me and doing things to me. He told me if I told ANYONE that nobody would believe me and that it would cause tremendous problems for myself and my family. This went on almost every shabbos untill I went away for Yeshiva. Around that time there was an incident regarding another Rabbi he was spending a Shabbos with and his young son. He was also thrown out of a few schools for problems with other boys. After my parents learned about that they did not want him sleeping over anymore. However, he would still eat shabbos lunch and spend the day at our house. Whenever I came back from Yeshiva he continued to approach me on and off whenever he found himself alone with me. As I got bigger and stronger I started defending myself and after a while all he could do was ask me to do things with him which I would never allow. The last encounter with him was before I got married when he tried to put a hand on me. I grabbed him by the throat and told him if he ever tried that again I would slice his throat open.

Although I was no longer threatened by him I was always scared of him. My parents who still knew nothing ever happened were still very close to him. He would constantly be over at our house learning with my father. Because I was scared for so long and such a long time passed I decided it would be best if I just put it out of my head and tried to forget anything ever happened. I got married and now have 4 beautiful children. The only times I have ever thought of it was when I would see a special on T.V. about child predators. I never told my wife or my parents. I never wanted to be around him but could never throw him out because if I did I would have to say why and I didn’t want to discuss it. It almost made me sick when he came to my wedding. But I still could not tell my parents. Even after such a long time I felt not only scared but felt guilty like I did something wrong. I always felt if I told anybody they might not believe me, and even if they did I felt they would think it was my fault. I know this might not make sense to many of you but it just felt better and easier to try and escape it than deal with it. It was my secret and would remain my secret until I died.

The other day I was on the phone with my mother and she told me to Google his name. She would not tell me why but told me I would not believe it. We always suspected him gay and when he got married it shocked my entire family. I refused to go to his wedding or call him to wish him mazal. We were more shocked when he had a child (again, I refused ANY contact). My parents always just thought I didn’t like him because he was always a bit strange. while I completely agreed I had no interest in telling them all the details. When I read about what he did to some boys who spent a shabbos by him, chills ran down my back, and tears just started flowing down my face. All I could think about was every shabbos that he did the same or had me do things to him. I told my wife right away who was not sure exactly how to take what I was telling her. I called my mother back crying and tried to tell her the truth. It took a while to get the whole truth out and she was obviously shocked. I did not want to tell my father but she convinced me. Needless to say he was not too pleased. The hurt they had was that this was happening down the hall from them for YEARS under their noses and they had no idea. this was very hard for them to grasp.

My biggest shame is not that I still feel guilty or dirty or scared. Instead I feel that my being scared and not saying anything allowed for this to continue. Had I been able to put my fear aside and come out and say what happened, he would either be in jail or the jewish world would have known about it and this would not have happened to some boys again. For that I apologize to all the famillies and the boys this happened to. I am also shocked that the jewish world would rather not get the authorities involved. For that I am disgusted. If the jewish community would let this animal run around free to do this again than I know what I have to do. I WILL call the Police and do whatever I can to make sure this animal CANNOT do this again. This is not something he can control, and this definately cannot be controlled by Rabonim. If this happened to any of their children I can assure you that they would be in full agreement of putting this person behind bars. If not than this will happen again. I will tell the authorities what happened to me. If there is nothing they can do than there is nothing else I can do. But when he strikes again I do not want to be responsible. Any Rabbi who says the police should not be called will be responsible for the next boy that falls prey to Colmer.

I again would like to apologize to the boys and the famillies for this happening and for not being brave enough to say something years ago when I could have stopped it.

Something Stinks said...

Notice how the plaintiff's attorney is Klass and they are requesting that a retraction be printed in the Jewish Press.

And I'm just curious. Is there a difference between "big" beetles and small beetles in the salad? These Frenchman and their counsel spell it "beatle". Boog should take heed that this problem extends beyond Hasidim lol.

OU Crony Watch said...

Hey Keller, so if there is a cover up of treif, all you care about is your friggin' job?


Avrohom Keller Says:

March 26th, 2007 at 2:10 pm
In response to the recent allegations in regard to the Kashrus at Le Marais, as the Mashgiach representing the OU I would like to share my position on this issue.

I have been employed as a Mashgiach for close to 11 years, I have been at Le Marais for close to 4 years. A Mashgiach is not the Rav HaMachshir, hence his position is to enforce the policies of the Rav HaMachshir. Therefore, whenever I have presumed that there is an issue which has to be addressed I would report it to my superiors at the Kashrus Agency which I was working for at the time. At times my concerns were issues where the RC or Rav HaMachshir did not feel any action has to be taken at other times I would take action under the guidelines of the OU or any other Kashrus certification org. that I worked for.

When an individual comes out in public to undermine his colleagues, superiors, and businesses, great consideration has to be taken regarding the damage and effects which his action can cause. In my situation for instance, if I would have to tomorrow start to pursue a new job be it in Kashrus or in any other field it would likely be a great challenge due to the publicity which the blogs and e-mail circulation generated.

I hope this clarifies my position that at all time I make it my priority to enforce the policies and regulations of the Kashrus agency which I am working for, and not to enforce my personal opinions or code of restrictions relating to rules of Kashrus.

All the best,

Chag HaPesach Kosher Vesomeiach

Avrohom Keller

Rabbi Genack said...

Steve Savitsky told me to make sure that Belsky ducks out of sight until the Le Marais scandal has quieted down. Otherwise, UOJ is going to attract a lot more attention to this episode than we need.

boog said...

Correct spelling is the least of the frenchies problems.

Spineless, gutless, anti-semitic tinaf.

I'm sure they can spell P-E-T-A-I-N
and V-I-C-H-Y correctly.

Auto Report World Editors said...

I'm sure they can spell P-E-T-A-I-N
and V-I-C-H-Y correctly.

How about ptomaine?

But seriously, I looked over R. Bitton's blog and the OU's response and on the face of it they appear to be more credible, particularly over the issue of the chef's alleged firing from a previous employer. Bitton seems to be ranting a little, and that also affects his credibility.

Anonymous said...

Victim of Colemar

How can I contact you? It is important for us to talk.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Survivors of Stefan Colemar that would like to make contact with each other and retain their anonymity, please contact attorney
Michael Lesher at: mlesher@att.net

Anonymous said...

Ronnie and others who don't know the history and inside politics could be taken in by the OU. Le Marais has been playing these games before long before the OU arrived and Levana's has ZERO credibility. Levana's owners are part of the problem.

gross said...


A trusted friend of mine told me recently (before the story broke) that he was at Le Marais and he commented to the waiter on the unusually delicious bread. My friend was informed that at the last minute they got the bread from a (treife) restaurant nearby. I guess I'll invoke the tired cliche...where there's smoke there's fire. Trust your old buddy Gross...no hashgacha organization can be trusted. It's a shame that a decent person can't open a restaurant without being shaken down for a phony certificate in the window.

Shabbat Shalom!