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LVF said...

boog said...

What about Moshe Fogel?

10:32 PM, March 17, 2007

it is obvious to me that you know the ger oilem well, if so then you should know that moishe fogel the gerer rav in america only got the power that he has today some years back.
years ago when i know for a fact that a victims parents had a long talk with him about their son and leizerowitz, he did not have the power he has today, today anything that happens in ger goes through him, for example the kosher phones, he was not to happy about it b/c of all the flaws in it, but he let it be.
back then the rosh yeshiva of the ger mesivta was "BIG DAVE" OLEWSKI, AND HE HAD THE POWER OVER WHAT HAPPENS IN THAT BUILDING, AND HE DID ZILCH, i know of a parent from lakewood that his son came home for an off shabbos and found out about prick leizerowitz, he went to big dave, and was told to keep quite, as the matter will be taken care of.
now i am not saying that had m. foigel raised hell about the issue things might have been diferent, i dont know, as i said he was not the powerfull guy that he is today.
therefore i will continue to investigate the issue, but as i have called for, david olewski has to resign, and i will continue taking steps making sure that happens.
yasher koach boog for standing up for whats right!

Still Wonderin said...

Agudah to UOJ: Welcome Back

It appears that the Agudah, with their pathetic grasping at straws of controvery to appear relevant, has ressurected UOJ — the Patron Saint of Children Who are Sexually Abused by Religious Figures and Those Who Harbor Them. UOJ, after being ‘outed’ this spring by some self-appointed thugs who believe themselves to be defenders of Torah and Gedolim, slipped into the background with a farewell post just before Rosh Hashonah. Sadly, it appeared as though UOJ would relegated to asterisk status in Jewish history, despite his valient and timely attacks on a viciously apathetic status quo that preferred the spiritual murder of Jewish children over decisive action.

And all was quiet as Rosh Yehivas, executive directors, and some yeshivishe egomaniacs in the sleepy slum of Waterbury, CT rejoiced at the miraculous bullet dodging they had just witnessed. Evidentally, the ‘humiliation’ weapon — a thin reference to ruined shidduchim and tainted yichus — had succeeded in preserving the perversity of ultra-orthodox apathy.

But something was afoot. Deep within the bowels of 42 Broadway, across some shiny overpriced conference table, the Wizards of Was realized that their destiny lay in murdering the mandate bearer: blogs. Ironically, if they would actually read the blogs instead of dismissing them as the tools of satan, they would have been able to ressurect themselves and actively contribute to the betterment and solidificaiton of American Orthodoxy. Instead, they took the short way out.

“Let’s bash blogs,” the Daas Torahniks declared. “We must create a new enemy, now that the Nazis are gone, Jewish busdrivers can wear yarmulkas to work without fear, we’ve given up on “at-risk” kids (poorly trained mentors are the answer….right?), and we’ve selected our gueat of honor for this year’s dinner…” The obvious answer was blogs.

The dispensers of Daas Torah, concerned with the impact blogs were having on their destructive hegemony and possible ramificaitons that would have on future fundraising seconded the motion. “Blogs are bad,” they bellowed. “We must rid our homes and neighborhoods of blogs.” Then they returned to worrying about why the frummest girls schools produce graduates who ignore tznius, despite 14 years of subversive inculcation, and how to close the pandoras box of frummer-than-though kashrus which has inexplicably led to America’s most religious neighborhood to eat traif meat for half a decade.

Blogs are bad. Blogs are bad. Yeah, let’s stick it to that UnOrthodox fellow. Who is he anyway to blame us for child molestation? We TOLD people that seperate seating weddings would solve everything. And as long as they don’t listen in the Five Towns, we can’t be held responsible for what happens to little boys in Brooklyn.”

So the convention program, with a half dozen cutsie teaser ads were drafted and everyone was happy. “Blogs are bad!,” said the Agudah bigshots. “When we’re done with them, we’ll be able to ridicule molestation victims with impunity in the Jewish Week.” The Daas Torah dispensers cried, “Blogs are Bad. And now, we can get back to banning intangible objects, like books and sheitels, which we can burn, and actual people whom we can besmirch, excommunicate and threaten. It was so much easier ointhe old days.”

But they didn’t count on themselves making the same mistake as they have made time and time again: life moves fast. People forget. They are busy. If things go away, they are forgotten. It’s the same reason why sexual molestation victims fade away. If people forget, their pain is buried, for they themselves to choke on, alone. But when old news gets dredged up. When books that appear objectionable are given attention, or banned, they take on a life of their own. When forgotten blogs are given mainstage forums at major fundraising events….they return to life.

And so, UOJ, in all his glory has been vindicated and ressurected, unlike the Audah, which is as pathetic and irrelevant as it has been for the past decade, UOJ has attracted a well-written, logical counterpart: http://rabbimatisyahusalomon.blogspot.com ,which features a several thousand word letter detailing the vast and grievous gaps in communal leadership and compassion by our so-called gedolim.

The progeny of UOJ also provides an lucid timeline of events that led up to UOJ and more importantly the serious lack of judgement, compasison, and leadership of the dispensers of Daas Torah. And, incidentally, offers a nod to the one straight shooter of our generation, Rabbi Avigdor Miller, who told certain askanim, to, so to speak — damn the topedos and blow this mother sky high. (i paraphrased a bit).

So, to the chagrin of every frummie on the dark hatted side of the color spectrum, UOJ is back. Ironically, the very intention of the Agudah, to declare thei moral victory over bloggers and reclaim their relevance has instead tossed the moral imperative to bloggers such as UOJ. Blogs are more relevant and necessary than ever before.

As for UOJ, he sounds more mature, and as always — is dead on correct about the travesty that has been perpetrated over 40 years of inaction, intimidation, and malicious ineptitude.

Welcome back UOJ. Klal Yisroel needs you!

LVF said...

Still Wonderin..
I nominate you for the uoj weekly award,its a masterpeice!


tavictims @yahoo.com

In the mid 70's in TA Baltimore there was a Rabbi Shapiro (who lived with his wife in the TA dormitory building) who allegedly physically and sexually molested the boys that resided in the TA dorm.

This Rabbi Shapiro would french kiss the boys, insert his tounge into their mouths, or would physically force his fingers into their mouths, he would lie down beside the boys on their beds, or would lay down across the boys while constantly touching them all over their bodies.

If you are a survivor of Rabbi Shapiro, or know of anyone who might have been sexually victimized, please contact us at:

tavictims @yahoo.com

so that you can be included in our future lawsuit against TA.

Aguda snake pit said...

To state the obvious in case someone doesn't know yet, Rabbi Simcha Shafran is the father of Avi Shafran. The Shafran family were members of Rabbi Shapiro's shul. Avi, the Agudah's PR spinmeister, and ugly human, covers-up the molester issue like a slithering reptile

Auto Report World Editors said...


Some thoughtful comments from R. Emmanuel feldman.

Tsedrayter said...

Agudah plans to open up its own
Bais Din soon probably b/c the RCA Bais Din
(A yashar and competent one without
the shenanigans with which so many
buy-me-a-psak 'Batei Dinim' are replete) is stealing the show.
They should be pressured to disallow toanim(as the RCA does) who have corrupted
and made an utter mockery and travesty of what Jewish Law represents.
The two Jewish litigants are supposed to approach the judges who
probe wiht questions to procure
the truth. But the crafty toanim
tell the litigants what to say, or
better yet speak for them!!! It was
never this way throughout Jewish history! Get rid of these sheisters! Many times a toain is approached and all matters of the
case discussed and then -lo and behold- the toain becomes one of the Dayanim thru ZABLA. This
constitutes bribery halachikly!

Anonymous said...

Recieved the following email from a friend in Israel in Kiryat Sefer:

Now moved to KIRYAT SEFER under an alias!:

Stefan Colmer
(formerly of) 1778-E15th St
Brooklyn, NY
Had a Shabbos Group in his home for children ages 7-10.
He molested and performed oral sex on the children.
R Ginsberg let him Daven in his Shul. R Ginsberg knows about it. R Ginsberg why does this man need to daven in a Shul? Shame on the families that hesitated and did not go straight to the police.
I hope you realize this could be the beginning of a very long cat and mouse game with Colmer. If you get him out of Reb Lazer's he could drift between dozens of other shuls within a 10 minute walk. Between Skver, Eitz Chaim, Ginzei Joe, the Syrians and the Lebanese, the list is almost endless. Are you going to put every shul out of business? I wish there was an easy solution.

waves said...


There is a monster, a sadistic abuser of children at the head of a Chassidic institution in Boro Park. Please visit my blog for more.

Anonymous said...

My son went to a with-it black hat camp run by a supposed organization. There was a strange counselor who needed to be helped before he did worse. The incident was severe and crazy and was psychotic. I was told that I could not report this to the NYS Department of Health and that I could not tell his Rosh Yeshiva or anyone else because not only would I ruin his reputation, the camp's reputation could be ruined and that they themselves should have reported it and could then be cited.

The Chofetz Chaim did this kid no favor and I pity anyone who would be in a subordinate position to this person. The sad part is he could have been helped but somehow the way the laws of loshon harah are enforced . . .

Anonymous said...

UOJ, Is this true about Colmer? Was this your good reason for not posting his picture? That he ran out of Country? I smell another Mondrowitz.

Attn Waves / Krasna Blogger said...

Your blog about Krasna yeshiva does not allow posts from anyone who is not a blogger.

Who is the big money behind the new Krasna building at 16th & 44th? At least they tore down the Mosaic Suites hotel where all kinds of shady activity was going on.

Something Stinks said...


The Absurdistan fellow has been spending countless hours investigating and attempting to debunk your claims in more areas than his original focus.


He has tried to deconstruct your case against Singer in great detail here.

He points to your attacks on Julius Kuhl in 2005.

He says he is preparing a lengthy post against you to "shlog up" your position on Belsky.

He doesn't have many takers for his rants on Singer and Belsky, but how do you explain your attacks on the Kuhl family? How do you justify calling Julius a Kapo when he seems to have been in Schweiz for the duration of the war? How do you know about his war time activities and what articles or evidence points to unsavory business practices of his son George?

Something stinks about Absurdistan's take on molestation but I and others are troubled by your old posts on the Kuhls. Please explain.

Acme Fish Company said...

The only thing we knew about Krasne Yeshiva was that the disgustingly filthy mikve was competition. The place is a breeding ground of brine with herring swimming around.

Kolko Activity said...

Yudi's court appearance last week seemingly had no point. The putz pled not guilty the week earlier on the 8th and came back for what reason on March 15th?

The next court date is May 7th.

waves said...

I fixed the setting; anyone can comment.

Nuchem Klein must be stopped now!

Sumner Redstone said...

Does anyone have video footage of Margo from a yeshiva dinner or somewhere? If someone gets creative with editing, a UOJ inspired clip could be the funniest thing to ever hit YouTube. Throw in the clowns from the Agudah fress-fest and you'll win all the awards.

Re Mosaic Suites Boro Park said...

There was an anonymous blogger (pre-UOJ) that pressured the rav hamachshir on Mosaic. This wasn't the first time that a heimisher beis zonos had to be shut down in BP. The Debriciner was involved in shutting down places in the 90s on 13th & 14th Aves. All this doesn't stop the occasional noaif from getting cozy at the Avenue Plaza hotel. One such story got out when Hatzolah responded to a call about a heart attack. Apparently, the avaryan got a little too excited.

Lakewood Talmid said...

I read Tsedrayter's piece about the planned Agudah beis din. They actually already have an in house beis din for their own organizational & affiliate issues. The Av Beis Din was R' Yisroel Reisman. It's useless because the baal habatim in charge just override the rabbonim that they use as figureheads. This is the true life version of all those conspiracies you hear about that the military industrial complex controls POTUS and the govt.

YTT Activity said...

Preliminary Conference in Brooklyn Supreme Court was held March 12th in John Doe #5 vs YTT. Next court date is all the way in Dec 7th.

Anonymous said...

The Gelt behind Krasna is the Fishman Bros. of XL Plastics / Champion Plastics Clifton, NJ

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Something Stinks,

The allegations made by me were confirmed on videotape by Holocaust survivors. This is a clear attempt by them to rewrite history. Ask them how they explain the Nazi numbers on the good phony doctor's arm?

I do not want to get into this issue in further detail, the guy is dead. One call to older Toronto people in the know, will confirm EVERYTHING I said including his numerous financial scandals.

BTW, the good Dr. Singer's "Doctor" title was manufactured as was Jesse Jackson's Reverend status.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...


Regarding Krasne; I have limited knowledge on Klein. What I do have, points to him being a person that should NEVER be around kids!

I'm in contact with an alleged victim. Pretty nasty stuff!

Please Help said...

I have a major & complex aitza type shayla that I need to speak to a gadol about. I don't want to bother R' Zelig because he is very frail and it could be a strain on him. I found out that the gaboyim by R' Henoch say the same thing and don't let people near him. They recommended speaking to two roshei yeshiva who seemingly fumbled very badly on Kolko and his victims so I don't feel comfortable speaking to them.

Can anyone suggest who would be appropriate to speak to? I feel saddened that I do not know offhand if there is anyone left in this dor in America. Please do not disparage anyone who you think is unappropriate. I just need the names that are nogea.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Please Help,

Speak to R' Hershel Schahter or R' Yosef Blau. The only two rabbonim with their heads on straight.

Anonymous said...

Recieved the following email from friend in Kiryat Sefer regarding the pedaphile Colmer:

"B"H, as of this morning, it seems the fellow was deported from Kiryat Sefer... His apt. purchase was nullified etc. He seems to be off to Yerusholayim now..."

a boog admirer said...

vee biztu R'BOOG? are you sleeping?

Bounty Hunter said...

When you say "deported", does that mean that Colmo the Homo is off to Jerusalem under police escort? What crime has he been indicted for in either country? They also don't do anything about overstaying visas until after 90 days, so what are you talking about? Unfortunately, unless there is serious interest from police, suspects are not rounded up based on UOJ reports alone. Unless that is, the new UOJ law enforcement status has already kicked in and Interpol is cooperating :o)

waves said...

If anyone knows how I can get in contact with Shmili Zorger from Williamsburg (If I recall correctly his father is in the "Tzitzis business") please let me know.

boog said...

a boog admirer said...

vee biztu R'BOOG? are you sleeping?

still trying to find myself...waiting for Jackie M's call.

Very Frightening said...

I just read that disturbing story on the Waves / Krasna blog. Sadists are at least as dangerous as sexual perverts. Some of those monsters also derive sexual enjoyment from inflicting pain.

UOJ should make this guy a top priority as run of the mill molesters slowly cultivate victims but sadists strike frequently and indiscriminately.

Jackie Mason said...

If it's any comfort to Boog, that Absurdistan putz who's in cahoots with SIW & Sruly Singer, has come under fire from other Canonist readers and has backed away from claiming that Boog is Ben Hirsch. Vat do dey vant from Boog?

Connect the dots said...

Interesting that when Singer makes the headlines again, some blabbermouth shows up out of nowhere and starts arguing to the death with the UOJ team. The Kuhl-Singer mishpuche is very well represented in Torah Vodaas in more than one generation. Absurd&Stunned also has ants in his pants that Yisruel Belsky is on UOJ's hit list. Is that a coincidence or what?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bounty Hunter -
Colmo the Homo? Are we in third grade? You are aware that there is a difference between pedophilia and homosexuality, right?

Anonymous said...

Colmer in Israel...you said he was under an alias, do you know what it is? What about a photo?

Anonymous said...

I think deported is a figure of speech. I am willing to bet that the Citizens of Kiyrat Sefer just wanted Colmer out of their town and essentially did the same thing that was done in his other towns. Brooklyn, Passaic, Kiryat Sefer, Where will Colmer go next?

UOJ, You've been holding back something about Colmer. Does any of it relate to this? Help us make some sense of this.

Bounty Hunter said...
When you say "deported", does that mean that Colmo the Homo is off to Jerusalem under police escort? What crime has he been indicted for in either country? They also don't do anything about overstaying visas until after 90 days, so what are you talking about? Unfortunately, unless there is serious interest from police, suspects are not rounded up based on UOJ reports alone. Unless that is, the new UOJ law enforcement status has already kicked in and Interpol is cooperating :o)

5:18 PM, March 20, 2007

Anonymous said...

Did Colmo the Homo molest any children in Kiryat Sefer?

What is his alias?

UOJ, IMHO you really need to post that picture before anyone gets hurt. The Klal need to know what this guy looks like.

boog said...

Just got the call from Jackie M.

He tells me that I'm Not Rapaport.

The search continues...

jwb said...

Former Portsmouth Rabbi Found Guilty of Sexual Abuse
Jewish Chronicle (UK)
March 8, 1996

Former synagogue minister Reverend Anthony Dee has been found guilty of
sexually abusing two boys and a girl in Blackpool and Portsmouth.
The court also heard that he had admitted to police that he had
molested some children in Northern Ireland in the early 1960s.
Dee became minister of Portsmouth Synagogue in 1976. The congregation
decided not to renew his contract at the end of 1995.
Following the four-day trial, at Portsmouth Crown Court, it emerged
that Dee had sought psychiatric treatment in 1970 to cure his paedophile
He denied six charges of indecent assault in Blackpool and Portsmouth
between 1966 and 1981, but was found guilty on five counts.
He was cleared of one charge of abusing a girl between 1967 and 1972.
The court heard how Dee pretended to be a man-eating plant to lure one
boy into sex games.
He stripped to his string vest and underpants and molested another boy
during wrestling matches.
A six-year-old girl was abused as she sat on his lap in the bedroom of
his Portsmouth home, the court was told. He is due to return to court
on March 29 for sentencing. Originally from Luton, Dee moved to Belfast
after theological college and later became a shochet in Blackpool in
He moved to the Hampshire town in 1976 to take up his post as minister,
where he was also head of the community's Hebrew classes and was
responsible for teaching barmitvah students.

Across the Pond said...

Kolko's mechutan Grossnas was rosh kollel in Blackpool before moving to South Africa.

There is another former British rov, Ivan Wachmann (originally Irish) from Manchester who was kicked out of his shteller by a beis din for taking advantage of women. He divorced his wife and moved to Florida, where he remarried a woman named Cindy and is today the rabbi of a Conservative / Reform temple. People have contacted Awareness Center but for some odd reason they ignore the communications and do not update the entry.

Josh Szpilzinger said...

Boog, do you mean David Rappoport from Emporio? No wonder you always talk about new suits and ties for Shafran & Zweibel that Singer is footing the bill for.

Hamayvin yovin said...

Maybe anon at 8:40 is in 3rd grade if he can't figure out that a man molesting boys is a homosexual.

Yaakov Applegrad said...

Where will Colmer go next? For the right payout I can see about a spot at Regency bungalow colony or the guest house at Lake Compounce.