Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What I Would Say At This Year's Agudath Israel Convention!



I need no introduction Chaim Dovid, but thank you anyway.

I believe in Jewish Exceptionalism, not necessarily in the orthodox sense of the term (of course!). We were destined to be a great people only if we act as a great people. The same applies to us as Americans. We are a great nation because of the vision of the Founding Fathers' wisdom in setting up the rules and regulations called the Constitution, with the ability to add Amendments if deemed necessary, only after great scrutiny and consideration....And act with dignity in implementing the very basics of human needs with the understanding that societies can only exist if what is good for the individual members, is good, or should be good for society as a whole.

Perhaps the greatest of their visionary thinking, after vicious religious persecution that forced the Pilgrims to flee their country, was establishing a State with freedom of religion, or no religion; under these parameters did America become the greatest country to ever inhabit the planet, and scientific inquiry was able to flourish without the scrutiny of the ignorant and vile Church, creating and leading up to advances in medicine, for example, unthinkable a mere fifty years ago.

But as Jews we have the added privilege to have the Torah.

And as Chazal tell us, we didn't really want any rules. We were content initially, (before the Torah was forced on us), to worship false idols, many gods, Golden Cows, any cow, and Edward G. Robinson --- [born Emanuel Goldenberg; עמנואל גאָלדנבערג (Erev Rav - Cecile B. DeMille's version)] --- style leaders.

Leaders that lied to us, wreaked havoc on our value system, caused dissension among the desert nomads we once were, and guilty of every human weakness and acting out on that failing. Hashem, after offering His Torah to the rest of the nations, and being turned down, forced us slaves and nomads to accept the Torah, the literal and the implied, or he was going to lift up Har Sinai, and crush us to death. We were ingrates. Nothing He did earned our trust or respect. We acted like sub-humans regardless of all the chesed that He bestowed upon us.

And we are NO better today; you will be FORCED to accept the rule of law and protect our children first under all circumstances!

Our Erev Rav, want to tell us that the societal freaks that plague gentile children, don't plague Jewish children. A mere five years ago, a man who is the spiritual advisor to a whole city in New Jersey, told you publicly, that perhaps "one of those (freaks) slipped through his fingers, but that he/they had the matter under control according to his Torah".

Scroll down to the weekend program!

Rabbi Yisroel Belsky is a featured speaker on Shabbos. Chaim Neuhoff is a co-chair of a session that will discuss safety for your children. Rabbi Kaminetzky is another featured speaker, the man that moved Moshe Eisemann in middle of the night from his Philadelphia Yeshiva to Ner Israel in Baltimore once he confirmed the allegations of Eisemann's raping of boys in his yeshiva. And the bozo that is giving the keynote address Motzei Shabbos has in his kollel sitting today, a man who rapes baby girls in his family, and Shmuel Kaminetzky knows about it. Chaim Neuhoff, under the instruction and psak din of Sruli Belsky, participated viciously and with malice, in the cover-up for Yudi Kolko and Lipa Margulies & Co. (See hazmana below that was intended to stifle Eli Greenwald from speaking to the parent body of Torah Temima about Kolko)

Parents trusted their kids to these types that used their kids as "objects" - either making money off of them in their schools, summer camps, seminaries etc., and as we now know, that in every yeshiva and girls school, many kids were sexually, physically and emotionally abused by staff members, principals, teachers --- and these crimes were covered up by criminal circus midgets with long beards, like the ones sitting at your dais here tonight.

I look around this room and I know many of you; I find it incredible to believe that you are here showing support for this criminal enterprise. In effect, you have created "a race to the bottom" of what was once a beautiful heritage and tradition. Have you no shame? What will your legacy be, if not leaving the world a much worse place than how you found it? Your kids are ashamed of you --- and are voting with their souls, hearts and feet " out of here!"

Who do you think you're kidding? They see through you! They know that there's not a darn thing about your lifestyle that they want to have anything to do with!

Hashem had sent His messenger to America in September 1913 to set up shop with a model that would work for American Jewry. And a model that was mostly foolproof until the end of time. Children were to be cared for and loved by how you educated them and protected them from evil forces, within and outside our community. They were to be first and foremost bnei Torah in all its glory. Being a mensch was not optional! They needed to spend most of their school day with model rebbes/humans... not some garbage can with a lid that the sanitation department would refuse to pick up!

They needed to be educated as proud Americans, with full knowledge of most every subject taught in American secular schools (at the time). They needed to understand that they would one day need to go out in the world and either be a proud supporter of Torah institutions, or become a member or founder of a Torah institution. There was no gray area;... in order to support Torah, you had to appreciate what you learned as a child. And you had to love it, not loathe or fear it! In order to "stay in chinuch" you had to excel in your abilities, in your emunah, in your middos, and wisdom of the printed Torah and its spirit. And that required that you had to give up the so-called good-life, "without ever having to say you're sorry!" There had to be mesiras nefesh, knowing that your ben Torah neighbor that has gone to work, may have a nicer car than you.

Look at you! Look at what you have become! Either felons, or felons that have not been caught yet!

You trusted your kids to lowlifes, degenerates and perverts! They'd sell you down the river in a second, the second you stopped giving them money, or not as much as they wanted from you! And then your kid would be out on the street too, because he "did not measure up"! Which guy at the dais here has to be concerned about mundane issues like paying their mortgage, or tuition? Do they even have a mortgage? Or was it paid off with your money combined with whatever they could steal from Uncle Sam?

So why are you here?

There was a reason that Dr. Joseph Kaminetzky was appointed the head of Torah Umesorah. He graduated from Columbia University and had the wisdom needed in every area of education, and was rightfully in charge of the curriculum in each and every Torah Umesorah affiliated school.

It was no coincidence that Dr. David Stern was selected as menahel/principal of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath. He too was a graduate of Columbia University and a rabbi at one of the early Young Israel synagogues.

And when Rabbi Alexander Linchner z"l left his position at Mesifta Torah Vodaath to focus full time on the building of Boys Town Jerusalem, he hired Rabbi Moshe Lonner PhD, to be the high school secular studies principal; with the same intent, gusto and spirit that his father in-law had in appointing Drs. Kaminetzky and Stern to their respective positions.

So how did we get here? What group of ignoramuses led us down this path of "the more ignorant, the more uneducated, the more dumb" -- the better? "Where are the lomdim?" an ultra-orthodox rabbi recently bellowed! Where are the Torah scholars?

What have you done to your kids and their kids?

Go back to the original model set up by Hakodesh Baruch Hu Himself; pick the few select students to toil in Torah, to stay in chinuch, and to be a model for your grandchildren. Get rid of the gangsters running the American yeshiva system and its affiliated organizations -- they have already destroyed two complete generations.

You will hear from the likes of psycho misfit Avremel Schorr, who will tell you the "dangers of the new technologies". "GET RID OF THEM" - he will hyperventilate! And I say...it's here to stay and only in the developmental stages --- you must educate your children with love and patience about the appropriate uses for these devices....BANS DO NOT WORK and are the products of sick and ignorant minds!

Supporting Agudath Israel in any way, will only encourage them to continue to run a parallel justice system to shield themselves and their institutions from illegal and nefarious conduct --- with total disregard and abandonment of societal protections that we must have in place for the safety of our kids, ourselves and our Jewish families. You saw what transpires under the bais din system run by these very criminals.

And finally...

My advocacy for the causes that are close to my heart are who I am, proudly. I have no other motive other than to see the betterment of all of humankind. I am a product of an illustrious family and upbringing, and would have preferred to do my work anonymously - as a true chesed shel emes, in the realm of a mes mitzvah. Those that I work with, know I spurn the spotlight, have distributed my own funds to the necessary professionals and costs associated with protecting kids, under a pseudonym, and postmarked from cities that I hoped could not be traced back to me. My father and grandfather sat in the back of the shul as I do. That was not meant to be - but the only "being" that I will explain it to when the time comes, is THE "Yodea Machshavot" - but of course, He already would have known that.