Monday, April 27, 2009

Dear Hashem,

A victim of abuse writes....

Dear Hashem,

I’m at the end of my strength in Emunah.

As a victim of abuse, I was told by YOUR guardians of YOUR Torah that it’s Asur to inform the authorities. Instead of caring about my feelings, pain and soul, they played with me more. YOUR rabbis, called me a liar, threatened my safety, threatened my education, tried to ruin my father’s salary, and more all to protect YOUR honor. YOU watched and did nothing.

Now, YOUR Agudah anointed rabbis have decided to prevent YOUR other children from being protected, all because of fear for their real estate.

Hashem, YOU know what YOU had in mind when YOU wrote YOUR Torah. YOU have been silent too long, and allowed these Agudah anointed rabbis to twist it for their sick pleasure. Help from the authorities was blocked by YOUR people, increasing statute of limitations are being blocked by them too, YOUR bais dins are a corrupt kickback scheme going to the highest bidder. YOU know that my pain is still under YOUR statute of limitations. Please make it up to me already.

Only YOU know how to correct a broken system, only YOU know how to turn a victim into a winner, and a Rodef into one running for his life. It’s time to wake up YOUR Agudah anointed rabbis, and the mentally stunted richies who installed these corrupt evildoers as YOUR messengers to destroy our lives. It’s time for YOU to do justice. Let YOUR Torah be followed, not the malicious lies the Agudah rabbis spread about YOUR Torah.

I don’t want to be pushy, I’ll allow until Pesach Sheni for these imposters to step aside and close shop and pass the torch to those not afraid to follow YOUR Torah. But, then please, please, please turn things over. My only hope for Justice is YOU.

Please don’t let me down.


Anonymous writes:

You know, personal experience goes a long way, here, and quite frankly and with all due respect to the "great sages" of our generation, these head in the sand beards - and I am speaking from personal experience - take their egos way beyond their capabilities. Many yeshivos seek out so-called "daas toireh" and these alleged leaders - who know nothing about many of the chidren and cases they are speaking - pasken shailos on these children with the same regard as answering some hausfrau who dropped a chicken wing in the milchig sink how to kasher it.


You heard it here folks. Boruch Dayan Emes. DAAS TORAH IS DEAD.

That the Agudah could oppose this bill, Zwiebel should wake up and realize that the nice guy I met 20 years ago sold out. This guy is a disgrace to the race. The CA and DE legislation make it crystal clear that not only do these so called ancient cases never make it - but HUNDREDS of pervs get caught. I wouldn't be surprised if these guys know who they are protecting and refuse to out them. SICK.

The Agudah is meakeiv the geulah with this nazi-like stance. Protect the superior race of yeshivos. That's what they say. Protect our moisdois. HAH! Protect the Almighty Dollar is their truth. These guys shuckle fine and good, but when it comes to a dollar they'll sell all the victims of rape and torture that the Kolkos and Mondrowitzs destroyed.

The Agudah is a sham. Sherer is rolling in his grave.

All we ask is that the children be put first. And the Agudah says no.

Well, let them call me for money again. And when I tell the shik yingle who calls that the Agudah protects rapists from prosecution, maybe I'll get lucky and they'll take me off their call list.


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Dear UOJ,

FYI, I sent a letter to Shafran and the other goons. Below is their response. I feel like the last post of yours to Hashem could have been written by me. I am at my wits end. When these guys get up there, they will have a lot to answer for.


I was quite surprised to see your statement that you are against the
latest bill making its way to passage in NYS. I was surprised because
usually when something is a done deal, you're usually smart enough not to
come out against it. In addition, your claims that it will bankrupt
institutions are faulty.

When a window like this opened up in California,
no such thing happened. All this just points to is that
you are merely covering up, yet again. It is inconceivable
that we have an organization that is actually against protecting children.

And please don't tell me that Agudah is for it.

It took years for the Agudah to reverse itself visa vis the fingerprinting legislation. I am terribly upset about this.

Please tell me that it was a miscommunication, or that it was solely some sort of crazy PR move. If this actually is the policy of the Agudah and its Moetzes, then the frum Jewish community is in lots of trouble.


Bernie Madoff's biggest fan and admirer responds


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the joint Agudath Israel-Torah
Umesorah statement regarding proposed new laws amending the existing
statutes of limitation regarding child sexual abuse claims.

Regarding important issues like this, our stances are formulated
by our rabbinic leadership. You may feel that the members of the
Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah and the Vaad Roshei Yeshiva of Torah Umesorah
are misguided here, but I hope you will permit us to remain true to our principles, the principles of Klal Yisroel since Sinai, that the einei ha’eida exist to guide us, not the other way around.

There are a number of errors in your short note. We did not “reverse” any
position on the legislation permitting nonpublic schools to fingerprint
employees for the purpose of ensuring they have no criminal records; nor
are we “covering up”, or have we ever done so, for anyone.

Our position is not, chas visholom, “against protecting children.” As the
statement notes, we do not oppose even an expansion of the statute of
limitations to bring civil or criminal claims against perpetrators. But
our Gedolim feel we cannot support laws that would encourage ancient
claims against yeshivas that could destroy institutions that are the
lifeblood of Klal Yisroel.

It is clear indeed that you are “terribly upset” about our position on the
issue. I think what you are really terribly upset about is the issue
itself, the reprehensible crime of child abuse. That is something well
worth being upset about, as we are too, I assure you. But being upset
must not permit us to make decisions that, while they might be
well-intentioned, have not been well thought-out.

May we see the day soon when all children are safe from abuse of every sort.

Rabbi Avi Shafran
Director of Public Affairs
Agudath Israel of America


The decisions of the rabbis have been "well thought-out" --- and have been for the last 50 years!