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The UOJ Doctrine!

The UOJ Archives - April 21, 2009

I can't be intimidated!

I will not let our people be taken-in by the tyrants who would prefer to keep the sanctity of their club membership limited to the inhumane dregs of society. It is no longer cool to be an idiot - fooled by every ridiculous proclamation in the name of Torah.

I will attack mercilessly and relentlessly - and continue to mock the sub-humans who conspired to let our children die a thousand deaths, rather than admit Judaism is flawed - because all humans are flawed. This was a conscious decision by the moronic imbeciles --- they chose to sacrifice as many kids as it would take - rather than admit that the Jews are no different than other humans when it comes to illness. All kinds of illness.

Mental illness is illness!

Is there less mumps and measles among the Jews than the other nations? Are there less physical ailments of every kind - among the Jewish people? Are there less heart attacks?

The fact that the rabbis consciously, knowingly, intentionally, with malice and forethought....made a conscious decision to let the "few (thousand)" kids die - an entire lifetime of death - makes them no different than any other cold-blooded murderer.

They knew - they discussed the molestation issues over the years - IT WAS THEY WHO DECIDED - TO CONTINUE THE FRAUD THAT JEWS DON'T SUFFER FROM MENTAL ILLNESS AND SEXUAL PERVERSIONS AS ALL THE OTHER NATIONS -- AND WAS AN INTENTIONAL COVER-UP THAT CONTINUES UNTIL TODAY! {Witness the fight that the Agudath Israel is waging to block the Markey Bill.}

I will strike preemptive attacks against them with every possible bomb in my arsenal...regardless of the collateral damage.

The original rabbinic defenders/gedolim claimed that they were ignorant of the problem. Really.....The entire rabbinic establishment shipped Mondrowitz off to Israel in the middle of the night in the 1980's to avoid him talking to the police, including Elya Svei, Shmuel Kaminetzky and Ohel Family Services "rabbi" in-chief, Dovid Cohen!

Moshe Eisemann was shipped off to Baltimore from Philadelphia in middle of the night some forty years ago by Svei and Kaminetzky.... rather let him play with Baltimore kids than perhaps a Philly boy. Not that they cared about the Philly boy....it was their business that concerned them.

Don't be fooled! These rabbis are the armpits of the world. Because they refuse to shower themselves with the truth! They choose lies! They live by lies! They don't care who gets hurt! I will root them out - and protect our children and families - because nobody else does or will! (Others are finally joining this battle)

Now you know the UOJ doctrine!


Dear UOJ,

I am a communal figure and mental health professional from the US that also holds a residence in Israel. I am quite familiar with the Akiva Kagan case and the lack of response on behalf of the community and its leadership.

My involvement in the case stems from a connection to the family of one of the victims. Perhaps one could say that this "jades" my opinion but let me also say that the Rabbonim involved are NOT aware of my connection.

The 3 young victims who have already given testimony are quite credible for their ages. Their stories are consistent and fluid in regard to facts. The times, places and circumstances all "pan out" and there is no variance throughout the testimony. I have been in touch with both Child Protection Center and the Police as an advocate for the families. The investigators believe that abuse did happen at the hand of this man and police continue to gather evidence.

Meanwhile these families have to deal with trauma set upon them. It affects not only the victim himself but all of the siblings and of course the parents. Innocence and purity have been stolen from these children. In one case in RBS the child (at 7!) no longer wishes to wear a "charedi" kipa or do anything that associates with his rebbe.

Imagine being violated by the one who is supposed to bring you closer to HaShem?

Several of the community rabbonim became involved from "day 1". They were quick to suggest that the molestation was done by someone other than the rebbe. Then they wanted to contain the story by using a therapist from their "camp. All of the families that I have spoken with have told me that other than the initial call to follow their instructions not one of the rabbonim involved has contacted them regarding the welfare of their children or how they could help. Thank G-d there are a few brave and upstanding rabbis in the community who have been supportive.

The incredulous part of this sad story is that another school could take this man into the classroom. Many parents have come to the families to ask about the case. The identity of the families was made known to the suspect and his wife by the school and their rabbonim. This infringement on the privacy of the family is another grave infraction on the part of the rabbonim.

Yes, ultimately it is the molesters who commit the crimes. They are sick and need treatment and removal from children if not from society as a whole. But equally culpable are those individuals who, in the name of preserving the name of the community, continue to sacrifice our children on the alter of "Chilul HaShem".

They, are in fact, the greatest perpetrators of Chilul HaShem and must be dealt with.

Kol Hakavod to you!