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A horrible abomination was perpetrated against the Torah. A married woman from a financially wealthy family obtained from a so called "rabbi" a "heter" to commit blatant adultery, after the "rabbi" received a hefty fee from her father. After the money was in his pocket, this so called "rabbi" performed a hocus pokus annulment in the style practiced for centuries by the Catholic Church. In fact, the annulment was based on testimony from a female witness, an admitted zona by profession, who is not of the Jewish faith. This so called "rabbi" furthermore falsely established that the husband had been infected with AIDS, something which the husband refuted by means of documented blood laboratory test results. Thus, the woman who had been married for almost a year and separated from her husband almost six months was advised that she may re-marry without need of a Get.

We are forbidden from remaining quiet over this terrifying event and great chillul Hashem. In these troublesome times, we must pray that these atrocities are not the cause, or tip the scales of Justice, in favor of Heavenly punishment against the entire Tzibur chalilla. Accordingly, we are obligated to vehemently protest this criminal abomination. This dishonorable "rabbi" must be prevented from continuing his shameful and detestable conduct. This so called "rabbi" cannot be permitted to rip out the laws of the Torah in order to fill his pockets with illicit bribes. This so called "rabbi" should forthwith sever all connections with the Jewish community. He has no Jewish neshama. He should live at the Vatican with the men and women he sincerely respects.

The story:

In the month of Cheshvan 5761, the subject couple was married and lived in New York . As noted above, she was from a very wealthy family. Unfortunately, the husband got involved in some credit card scandal and landed up in prison. Subsequently, the wife sought to be divorced from her husband. However, the couple were unable to resolve some monetary issues and therefore they have not reached a final settlement. The disappointed wife was thereafter advised that there was "magic help" available for her at the Yeshiva Torah V'daath. And so, she was off to see the Wizard of Ozzus, namely "Rabbi" Israel Belsky, to obtain her Catholic style annulment.

"Rabbi" Israel Belsky, began to salivate when he learned he was going to be approached by the wife and her wealthy family. That like on a cash-register, large dollar signs appeared in his eye sockets. "Rabbi" Israel Belsky saw another opportunity in his dirty hands by where he can continue to make a lot of money from selling the Torah and its' Shulchan Aruch down the river. It was of no importance, the terrible consequences his evil conduct would bring against Klal Yisroel (i.e. neeuf, mamzeirim).

Belsky figured "I will help this poor soul whose father has the big bucks. I will convene a "beis din" with my fellow scoundrels, where a shiksa employed as a zona (gentile woman working at a house of ill repute) will be an acceptable witness to testify against the husband. We will not invite the husband to our "beis din", lest he appear and defend his reputation. My "beis din" will then falsely ascertain the husband as having been a frequent patron of such ill reputed establishments prior to his marriage. My "beis din" will then further establish without witnesses that the husband was also "probably for certain" infected with AIDS prior to his marriage. After we certify the husband as having been "probably for certain" a carrier of the infectious AIDS disease at the time of his marriage, we will consequently rule the husband as being definitely unfit for marital relations with a wife. In conclusion, my star chamber beis din will permit the unfortunate wife to seek another husband without any need of a get.

The job of carrying out his halachic scam, at first appeared easy. To give his fictitious annulment a professional appearance, Belsky shamefully utilized a very select collection of authentic Halachic Teshuvos (responsa) from Poskim. Only, the selection of Halachic Teshuvos used were outrageously with no connection to Belsky's self-produced fiction about the husband. His comparisons were totally unrelated, illogical and did not even pertain to his self-created falsified situation.

Belsky then called together his lowlife friends. Them being a group of five (5) rabbinic scum, all of whom (with [probable] exception to the listed purported Kohen) were involved over the past eleven years with directing and/or implementing mafia style kidnappings, beatings and invalid Gitlin. Each of these rabbinic racketeers were instructed to bring along their rubber stamp so as to embellish their fabricated decision to appear very rabbinical and trustworthy. Those that did not have a rubber stamp were advised to quickly order one.

Only after Belsky obtained the signatures of his five cronies, did he realize that he and his rabbinic scum would not be accepted by the true chashuva Rabbonim in the community. And so, a campaign by Belsky himself to obtain the signatures of a few sincere New York Rabbonim was implemented. Belsky made the calls to certain well known Rabbonim, in the hope he could dupe them to sign their good name in support of his dirty lies published against the husband. Fortunately, Belsky's plan failed completely. Each of the Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshiva refused to go along with him. In fact, they were unaware of thelies and deception being perpetrated, only they each found his counterfeit annulment as being ridiculously irrational, illogical and coated with Belsky style stupidity.

Without the support of any reputable Rav in America , Belsky directed his efforts toward Eretz Yisroel. To approach Rabbi Elyashev was out of the question. Some years back Belsky was caught lying to Rav Elyashev in another story regarding a forced invalid Get. In that story, Belsky falsely claimed that his kidnapping and mafia style torture of an innocent husband from Borough Park (story published in Newsday March 8, 1998, with Belsky's picture) was sanctioned by a former Rosh Yeshiva of 'Chaim Berlin' living in Far Rockaway. That Rosh Yeshiva upon learning that Belsky was falsely using his name, wrote a letter to Rav Elyashiv and to the "Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah" stating that "Rabbi" Belsky is a "liar" and should not be believed a single word that goes out from his mouth. In that case as well Belsky and his mafia group tried to permit a woman from Montreal to commit blatant adultery, Rachman Litzlon. All the Gedolei Torah vehemently protested against Belsky, and ruled that the woman is an Eshes Ish. Now again, Rav Elyashiv refused to accept "liar" Belsky.

As such, Israel Belsky hoped to succeed between the Israeli Sefardic Rabbonim, a group less familiar with his deceptive practices. Immediately a fax with the falsified annulment (which includes his illogical teshuva) was sent to Harav Ovadia Yossef Shlita. It was Belsky's silly hope that Rav Ovadia Yossef Shlita would be too busy to read the papers, but would issue a quick endorsement after seeing the signatures of all the rabbinic racketeers with their fancy rubber stamps and self proclaimed titles. (See p. 13, Hebrew side)

On this point Belsky was half correct-Rabbi Ovadia Yossef Shlita was too busy to study Belsky's asinine papers. Upon his

gabbai telling him that the papers pertained to freeing a married woman without any Get, Rav Ovadia Yossef Shlita insisted that it cannot be. Instead of bothering to read the papers himself, Rav Ovadia Yossef Shlita directed that it be sent to Rabbi Shalom Messas, the Sefardic Chief Rabbi in Jerusalem . However, the response of Rabbi Messas toward the false annulment knocked a great blow to the face of "Rabbi" Israel Belsky and his entire conspiracy.

The Chief Sefardic Rabbi Messas wrote as follows: (As translated from the Hebrew)

"The testimony about the husband being a patron of a house of ill repute, was based entirely upon the testimony of a Goya [who is a harlot by profession], which under halacha such testi­mony is totally invalid, untrust­worthy and valueless. This and all other facts presented [by Belsky] have no standing whatsoever. Furthermore, laboratory tests show conclusively that the husband has no AIDS..."
Rav Shalom Messas

Rav Ovadia Yossef Shlita, upon learning of the Belsky trick, wrote a postscript to Rav Messas' letter, saying:

"I agree wholeheartedly to what the chief rabbi of Jerusalem wrote, and the woman is still an Eshes Ish." (See p. 16, Hebrew side)

It is noted here in the spirit of mockery and jest toward Belsky's stupidity: If the husband was "probably for certain" infected with AIDS prior to his marriage, then after eleven months of living with his wife derech ishis, the wife too was "probably for certain" infected with AIDS. Why doesn'tit appear to those fools that still swear by Cardinal Israel Belsky and his silly annulment, that by allowing the married wife to - - - around without a Get, that Belsky is undisturbed about "probably for certain" spreading the AIDS epidemic. (see letter of Rabbi Shlomo Miller Shlita from Toronto (p.19)

The Chazal teach us that "Kol Haposal B'mumo Posel”. In the report above, Israel Belsky sought to defame the husband as a carrier of a deadly disease. In truth it is Belsky that is diseased. He is infected with the contagious kofer b 'ikar disease. At this time many of the talmidim at the Yeshiva Torah V'daath are "probably for certain" carriers.

And now we question:
Why does Yeshiva Torah V'daath permit walking sewage to occupy a seat on its faculty?

Why does the Yeshiva Torah V'daath still pay a salary to Israel Belsky, a profane heterodox Apikores?

And, why is it not any concern to Yeshiva Torah V'daath that their bachurim are being corrupted away from the Derech HaTorah by "Rabbi" Israel Belsky by his blasphemy against Shamayim?

The Yeshiva Torah V'daath, by permitting an immoral and dishonest creature like Israel Belsky to be engaged in chinch of young talmidim, is responsible for the spiritual poisoning of their students' neshamas!

Yeshiva Torah V'daath should not be permitted to continue destroying the "Torah and Klall Yisroel by means of Israel Belsky!! Demand that Israel Belsky be flushed out of Yeshiva Torah V'daath forever!

By Alumnies of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath

Translation from Hebrew letter
Rabbi Aaron M. Schechter
Erev Shabbos Parshas Tetzaveh 763
To the Honorable Rabbis Shlita;
We are hereby requesting of the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah of America to seek rabbinical determination regarding a "serious" matter - That is; the 'Torah position' as commanded to us via Moshe Rabeinu, our heritage which is the Mesorah passed on to every generation, through our teachers and our beacons, the Gedolei Hador.
The situation is as follows: It has recently become known here that Rabbi Israel Belsky prepared a "heter" to remarry for Mrs.... on the basis that her marriage was in error. I spoke to him twice, since he is considered a scholar from the Torah camp, as to whether he would actually permit this without consent of a superior Bais Din of our generation. Besides that this is a sign of throwing off the yoke of Torah, much worse, this opens the gates before many small foxes who stand ready to destroy the vineyard. He answered, that he intends to seek consent and that he would not act unless called upon by the Gedolei Hador.
Behold! It has now become evident to us, that her family, based upon the "heter", is actually occupied in seeking a "shiduch" for her even from among yeshiva students! We never imagined that anyone would accept upon his soul to do this!
Behold! A copy of the "heter" we place before you - however, aside from this, [on such] our souls are pained as we are suffering greatly from the Chutzpah of the Messianic era in a frightening manner. We do not lack voices demanding that the "rabbis" should invent dispensations for Agumos to remarry. The world is full with their "kindness". And to our embarrassment and pain we do not lack volunteers who assume responsibility upon their shoulders who say "I am a rabbi," [and] the power of arrogance is greater. And from those who participated in this "heter" the extent of these points can be proven.
If on a stringent matter in Jewish law such as the status of an "Eishes Ish" and on a holy matter as the purity of Jewish ancestry, leniency in a new fashion that does not exist in our Mesorah will be taken in our community without consulting leading Poskim of the generation, it will result in weeping for generations - everyone will act in accordance with his own biased view to compare one situation to another. And within a significant part of orthodox Jewry, light-mindedness will prevail, respect for Torah will sink, and incurable anarchy will ensue, heaven forbid.
Reformers will clothe in joy since they will sense that fear of G-d which precedes Torah is no longer a barrier to them, since the Torah camp has set an example to them, that they do not seek decisions in accordance with Torah law and there will be no constraints against all sorts of evil spirits blowing, and the Torah will become a forgery and Koheles Yaakov will conceal her face in the ground with the trampling of her heritage.
There is a root to the oral Torah through which G-d nourishes Klal Yisroel - they are the pillars of judicial Poskim - from them law and justice will go forth to the entire Jewish community. Our eyes are dependent upon the Torah nation to stand by us in this critical period. May G-d bestow strength upon his nation and [with this] G-d will bless his nation with peace.
With wishes of establishment of peace, goodness and blessings, to our Rabbis may they be blessed with longevity.

/s/ Aaron Moshe Schechter
/s/ Shraga Feivel Cohen
Mesivta Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin 11605 Coney Island Avenue I
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230