Friday, July 14, 2017

Can You Hear Me Now? - Part 4 - Taking Judaism Back From The Con-Artists!


We all have been there; the defining moment. If we are honest with ourselves, which is difficult and painful, we feel intuitively, in our soul, when that moment arrives. Some act, most don't! It can be in our personal lives, in our community roles, in our business or profession; it's there for us to seize - if we are daring! It comes perhaps once or twice in a lifetime, in each area of our lives.

The moment should have come to you - in your lives as Jews - right after Yehuda Kolko got arrested - and right after the Agudath Israel Convention - where they boldly pounced on the opportunity - to declare - there is NO child-rape problem in the Orthodox Jewish Community! "One - perhaps slipped through our fingers - but we are dealing with the - NON-PROBLEM - according to the Torah!"

But --- you went back to work and about your lives - believing that if you wish it away - it will not be there in the morning! You missed the point - fellow Jewish travelers. The problem - besides the illness of child-rape that has permeated our ghettos - was at that moment - that very period in time - it should have been crystal clear that we are doomed as a viable community.

Mattisyahu Salomon is a liar - but more than that - he's a Fascist - part of the Fascist organization known as Agudath Israel. Besides the fact that Salomon lied to you - he went along with the scheme of the very dastardly evildoers - Perlow and Kaminetzky - that "we're going to continue covering it up at all costs - and ride out the storm!"

These are the same guys who spit fire about every thing secular - including a reasonable secular education - that would enable your children to have a shot at feeding their children --- without welfare programs. Since then - Eisemann, Leizerowitz- Colmer - and the big one (like the others are not) Avrohom Mondrowitz! Which should confirm to any sane human - that this has been going on for 40 plus years in all segments of the Orthodox Jewish community. But it meant nothing to you - WHY? Because you thought you would not be affected.

But you missed the other point! The big other point! YOUR LEADERS ARE GANGSTERS, LIARS, THIEVES AND ROTTEN SEWAGE! They will say ANYTHING and DO ANYTHING to keep you from realizing what low-lives they truly are!

So now you're out - $100 - $500 - on Lipa Shmeltzer tickets and you're outraged!--- BIG-TIME!--- We had it!!--- Right - sure you did! You idiots woke up because you lost a few dollars! Now - your Pesach entertainment may be affected - this is out of control! Now - this is crazy - we need to do something about this!

I laugh sadly! How crazy are you? Where was the outrage after Kolko got arrested? Why nothing other than --- well nothing! Where is the outrage today? Where is the rage at the shysters at the Agudah for lying to you for FOUR LONG DECADES!

What gedolim?

Implement these changes over the next two years and you may survive:

1-Stop supporting the Agudath Israel - call for a disbanding of that fraudulent - pitiful group of bozos! Put these idiots out of their misery!

2-Limit the Lakewood yeshiva to 1000 students including kollel - or stop their donations!

Install a lay board of heimeshe accountants to monitor every dollar in every yeshiva! You're more than entitled to know where the millions upon millions of dollars a year are going.--- Don't trust them - they're thieving.

3-Require yeshivas to give your children a first-rate secular education - or send your children to Rabbi Yitzchok Elchonon!

4- Keep your children - male and female at home - eliminate all Israeli seminaries! Not seeing what they're doing - is a cowardly act as parents. Most kids are not able to deal responsibly with their freedom. The rabbis and the morahs - do not consider your kids a priority - please believe me!

5-Limit wedding attendance to 200 people - PERIOD! In a year - it would be totally accepted.

6-Stop purchasing and eating all meat and poultry products - for one week - starting Sunday - the week of March 30 - until they drop their prices by 25% - and Yisroel Belsky is removed from the OU! You can survive on fish, dairy products, fruit and vegetables for a week! Pigs! That's just before Pesach when the Jewish Cow Mafia jack up their prices by 25%! Tell them you will now take control of the "kosher" meat industry, by regulating prices and hashgochos!

7-The only children that would be exempt from college/trade schools must past a rigorous examination (farher) by a board of honest and intelligent rabbis. The ones that would pass the the UOJ smell (literally and figuratively) test!

8-Do not build new schools and shuls - expand and renovate the existing ones. Building funds - is when millions of dollars are siphoned off in kickbacks to the builders and yeshiva owners!

9-(from Steve) Insist that all yeshivos adopt the RCA resolutions regarding child sexual abuse. DO NOT PAY ONE CENT OF TUITION UNTIL YOUR YESHIVA AGREES TO THIS! Also, continue to lobby the NY State Assembly to pass these laws that protect our children from molesters: mandatory background checks, fingerprinting, sex offender registry and mandatory reporting.

Only you can save yourselves - from yourselves - do it!

This is the "defining moment" for the Orthodox Jewish community. If you leave things in place - the ugliness will keep compounding and feeding on itself. More children hurt physically and emotionally. More welfare - basket cases -- in our communities. More singles crisis, and more kashruth scandals, more of all kinds of scandals. More money stolen from you - as the "rabbis" build financial kingdoms for themselves and their families....

And you will have nobody to blame but yourselves!

I did not talk about my molestations. I did not even think of myself as molested the way other people were molested. I had not yet codified those experiences as stories. They lived in the wordless darkness of my childhood mind, mired in confusion and shame."

How to Digest Sludge

After leaving the Ultra-Orthodox community she grew up in, Leah Vincent finds a way to break free of years of abuse and trauma she endured as a child. The secret lies somewhere between science and religion.

"I went to therapy. While it was a relief to talk about my suffering, a painful distance remained between adult speech and childhood trauma. Self-harm worked better. From the ages of seventeen to twenty-two, I cut my arm and leg, tearing the inviolable and poking at my tender innards. I see now that this was a symbolic reenactment of Mendy’s and Kaila’s violations but I could not see that then. I only knew that cutting provoked the response in myself that I wished I had once received from my own mother: a rush of pity for the gashed child I was, a dose of care for the wound.

Eventually, I stopped cutting. Self-harm only managed the sludge’s spread, it never actually transmuted the original material. And it scared people. Instead, I play-acted my experiences of rape with men that I loved in an attempt to grapple with some of what had been done to me. I found pleasure in safely enacting my powerlessness, but no healing. Next I turned to words, building my own language to work through later layers of sludge left by the violence I encountered after I left ultra-Orthodoxy. I wrote a memoir. I was brutally honest about the stories I did tell, but I did not talk about my molestations. I did not even think of myself as molested the way other people were molested. I had not yet codified those experiences as stories. They lived in the wordless darkness of my childhood mind, mired in confusion and shame."