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Anonymous said...

Will you be there?

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Torah Temimah Parents:

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Anonymous said...

OY, Emessss, Ki Atah.....Moychiach....

Anonymous said...

Learn how to be a crook and become chairman of a convention or guest of honor at a dinner.

Anonymous said...

I will only attend if Aaron Twerski is the featured speaker!

Anonymous said...

Chronicles Of Crisis
By: Rachel
Jewish Press (NY)
Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Readers Speak…

Dear Rachel,

Cheers for Anonymous’s personal report of permanent change in his own
SSA (Chronicles June 16). Even though such changes are reported often in
the media, and “Parents and Friends of Ex-gays and Gays” (PFOX) is a
growing organization which demonstrates the changes among real people,
many in the counseling professions and media continue to insist falsely –
and contrary to the fundamental Jewish concept of teshuva – that such
change cannot occur. That insistence results from the immense influence
of homosexual activists within those groups.

It is important, however, to distinguish between same-sex attraction
(which we can call SSA-1) and same-sex activity, SSA-2. Which of the two
Anonymous was engaged in is unclear, especially with regard to his
pedophilia. SSA-1 is relatively easy to overcome; after all, we all have
forbidden sexual thoughts – most of them heterosexual – and they usually
recede into insignificance when one is involved in stable, satisfying
marriage. When it is SSA-2 that has been engaged in, however, change is
harder, and under crisis, relapse – temporary or permanent – is more
likely to occur.

If Anonymous had been involved with pedophiliac activities, I would
insist on his having gone at least 10 years without them before I would
allow him to, say, run a Boy Scout troop. Also: it may be more accurate
to see SSA as a habit, for which one is responsible, rather than an
illness, for which personal responsibility is lacking.

The fact that therapy/counseling can help people change SSA does not
mean that they will, or that the change will be permanent. And without
adequate marital satisfactions, the chance of relapse (especially with
SSA-2) remains high, no matter how effective the therapy/counseling has
seemed to be. That’s the lesson taught by the many Roman Catholic
priests who were returned to full duty after therapy/counseling, only to
repeat their pedophilic behavior.

Cheers again for Anonymous’s story, and thanks to The Jewish Press for
publishing it.

Nathaniel S. Lehrman, M.D
Former Clinical Director
Kingsboro Psychiatric Center
Former Assistant Clinical Prof. of Psychiatry,
Albert Einstein and SUNY Downstate Colleges of Medicine;
One time Chairman,
Task Force on Religion and Mental Health,
Commission on Synagogue Relations,
New York Federation of Jewish Philanthropies

Anonymous said...

Reb Yissochar will give a separate shiur on Nair for women.

We can assume that uoj will be dismissed as a scm bag, not the Toireh way to deal with any problems. That's best left up to the gedoilim, the hanhola, gaiva of the plain.

Anonymous said...

It's 2006 - half of the shmucks that read the Hamodia are supported by their wives but still, women can't attend! Yungerleit (who don't work) yes, but ladies?? Shame on these fools...at least they could've charged a few bucks a head and gave it all to the war effort in Israel - it would have been worthwhile at least. What a waste; a joke!

Anonymous said...

Cool. The Agudah is being sued for employing a child molester in their summer camp, still employs Simcha Kaufman and Yisroel Belsky who covered up the crime, and their holding an emes conference. Aaron Twerski of "man of honor" fame is on their board, and Avi Shafran the distorter of emes is their PR guy.

We are truly living in very interesting times.

Anonymous said...

it makes you puke.

Anonymous said...

The last people in the world that should be lecturing on emes are lawyers. Truth/emes does not exist in their vocabulary, it's winning!
When asked R' Yaakov Weinberg z"l advised his students against going into the legal profession since emes is not taught in law school, but representing your client's best interests alone!

OrthoRev said...

I must chime in...

UOJ- for the first time I think you are wrong.

Homosexual activity IS an abnormality- to the extent that the term 'abnormality’ is commonly used to discuss any psychological deficiency.

Depression (although prevalent- especially among the outwardly ‘frum’), is an abnormality (again as the term is used in common parlance). As is OCD, psychosis etc.

Some more ‘abnormalities’:

- people that treat their children badly in the name of judaism (but in actuality it is to preserve their own self-image and external 'identity');

- yeshivas that tolerate gay sodomy on children in the name of God (i.e. chilul hashem);

- and ‘people’ wearing dirty rags and slitting American throats in the name of allah ak-bar;

All of these ARE, like being gay, Abnormalities.

In fact, by not agreeing that it is an abnormality, you are falling prey to the gay agenda- that it is in fact, 'normal'.

To be clear, it is almost certainty NOT one’s fault if he thinks he is a homosexual, but it most certainly an abnormality.

In any event, why would you care if someone is a little 'ooffeenndddeeddd' by the term Homo. This is not kindergarten, this is the real word, people say "homo" "black" "hebe" whatever.

Contrary to the wack-job liberals gay pro-terrorist media think, the goal of everything in the world is NOT to provide a totally tolerant, opinion-less, perfectly equal forum, perfectly tolerant of all races and religions. This is NOT the entire purpose of this world.

Furthermore, any normal (religious or non-religious) person knows that there are many people who use the word homo and unless he is wack-job liberal will not let that get in the way of the facts or content of a message.

Frum still remains a mental disorder...

Stay tuned for a potential ‘frum’ child who may attend public school since he has no yeshiva to go to (despite being very bright and willing to pay). Now that would also be a spectacle- Frum kid in big yarmulke standing next to Chris with a cross in the public school playground. Maybe UOJ can get some media coverage...if it actually goes down.

I remain, in all my glory,

Anonymous said...

Sad entertainment for the 9 days.

Anonymous said...

"Vasisa Hayashor V'hatov" is the headline of this ad!

Yashar & Tov!!!!!!

I'm impressed! Who the hell are they kidding??????

Anonymous said...

Yeah UOJ! What have you done for us lately? Huh? Ok so big deal you spend half of your day researching and trying to put an end to the pedophiles...so what? What do you want a medal? What have you done for me lately?

So what? JUST BECAUSE you were the ONLY JEW that EVER did anything to get rid of KOLKO and now he is gone....so BFD, what have you done for me lately?

So it was just genitals and not all the way with Kolko, big deal...What have you done for me lately?

ALL OF YOU NEGATIVE JEWS make me sick AND ASHAMED! This is the the real destruction of the Jews. The negative thinking and nay saying. This is what happened in Har Sanai with the Golden Calf!

What have you done for us lately Moshe? OK so we're not slaves any more, but that was a few weeks ago....what have you done for me lately?????

When Jews start really practicing the spirit of the Jewish law instead of the letter of the law we will finally be rewarded with Moshiach! Until then


Anonymous said...

YOu gotta give credit to the Agudah. They know how to turn out the crowds and create events. They should have satellite broadcasts of this historic "debate" with appropriate crowd control at Nassau Coliseum, Madison Square Garden, live cameras from Boston, Baltimore, the Koisel. Rav Shteinman could address the crowds. He alone speaks for klal Yisroel.

Had this been after tne nine days, they could have given a write off to Yeruchmiel Begun and his Boys for a special performance. Yeedle could co-star., and then, Yudi would accept his award.

Anonymous said...

What does the ad say, uoj? I can't tell. It's not translated.

Aynav b'roysho or anav b'risho? I guess we'd have to ask the chairman.

Thems that gots I's can see.

A shame they had to rent Viznitz, Gur might have been available. Camp Agudah was attacked! This means war. Our guns are our roshei yeshiva. You may fire when ready.

Anonymous said...

Fair is fair.

Dr. Lehrman's comment in the Jewish Press - and the JP gets credit for addressing the issue - is a vindication for David Mandel.

Mandel, you will recall, was villified for both appearing at Torah Temimah, and for what he said. Mandel said that with treatment, some sex offenders may return to work near children.

I think Mandel was right for appearing at Torah Temimah. He, and others like him, are comparable to doctors who simply need to go anywhere and everywhere to preach preventive medicine. Even to the gates of hell.

As for what he said, yes, I was surprised, and I disagree, but as you can see, he has support for his position. Dr. Lehrman says that after ten years of not acting on his urges, a pedophile can return to work near children.

Other professionals will tell you that pedophiles should never work near children. There is no cure for pedophilia, they are in need of lifetime treatment, and there is always a danger of regressing into past sexually abusive behaviour. That is why every state in this country - and now the federal government - has a public registry of convicted sex offenders. This is a recognition of the fact that pedophiles are never cured.

There is also an issue of parental authority, and a child's autonomy, that Dr. Lehrman does not address. Who decides whether the pedophile should return to work near children? The parent or the school? I say the parent. The parent has the absolute legal authority over the child's body; the yeshiva is delegated authority over the neshama by the parent. If a yeshiva wants to employ a previously active pedophile, then, the yeshiva should inform all the parents, and let them decide - one can imagine the loud chorus of no's.

As for the child's autonomy, between the ages of 13-17 for boys, and 12-17 for girls, both legally and halachically, the child can exercise some autonomy over the security of his or her body. So for those ages, the yeshiva that wants to employ a previously active pedophile, should, in theory, ask the children - there will then be a second loud chorus of no's.

It is a kal v'chamor. The professionals never refer to recovered alcoholics; they are always recoverING alcoholics. They are in need of lifetime therapy, in one form or another, whether it be self-help in terms of staying away from bars and liquor stores; support groups meeting in shul and church basements; or ongoing 12-point AA programs. Just as professionals will tell you that recovering alcoholics should never work in a bar, because the temptation is just too great, a pedophile - who can never be cured - should not work near children. It is a kal v'chamor because the potential for harm for a pedophile is so much greater than for the alcoholic. The pedophile will always hurt others. The alcoholic will always hurt himself, but only sometimes hurt others.

V'shmartem nafshosachem M'OD. Guard your lives EXCEEDINGLY. Kal v'chamor, again, guard your children's lives even more exceedingly. Listen up, Dr. Lehrman. If you want to hire a "recovered" pedophile to be your grandson's babysitter, g'zuntaheit, but that's not for me.


Anonymous said...

It's time for another riot in Boro Park!
Those police are anti-semites. Let's riot!

Anonymous said...

Arthur you idiot, don't do anything dangerous in the nine days, wait until after Tisha B'av

Anonymous said...

OK Marvin,
Any new bullshit ads that you're putting out this week? You know your an old fool.

Anonymous said...

but, baltimore rabbi, rabbi frand will be representing nair. have no fear. he knows what to say. he'll do the RIGHT thing. He's not representing anyone but himself. He works for Toireh. He teaches Toireh. He's an independent thinker, answerable to none but the hanhola, and he's objective. He's on salary.

Anonymous said...

Damn it Arthur! Not again!

Then again, we should have a paddy wagon in front of the Agudah circus to take all the criminals into custody. Remember all the jokes about the "Million Man March" in Washington D.C., that all law enforcement had to do was match faces to mug shots and make mass arrests? There are so many Agudah activists that are already indicted or under investigation that this will be a chicken shoot.

Leib Pinter and friends, here we come.

Anonymous said...

Lawyers and Emes = Oxymoron

Anonymous said...

Is it mutar to cheat goyim, uoj?

What DO our gedoylim say.

I can't wait for the q/a session. I'm not choished any Agudah members of following this blog, chas vesholoim, cholila vechas, but if anybody's out there who could teach me, I'd like to learn how.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs,

Agudah thanks you for the free publicity by advertising their event.

Many Thanks
Public Relations

Anonymous said...

I love how they are always giving mussar to the "businessmen", when is the shiur for rabbis and communal leaders, aks suckoffs

Anonymous said...

Was this instead of the Lesserowits sendoff shindig?