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The UOJ Perspective

A Time to Cry - A Time to Learn What is Genuine and What Are Lies!

The # 1 Most Widely Read Post of all 2011 

The events of the past several years, very obviously demonstrate the way you and your leaders understand our cultural history. But for the few of us that truly understand our history, as I do, untangling some of its complex strands has practical and intellectual consequences.

In my own case, the hardest - and the most challenging - is my never-ending research of Judaism's core values. I had to unlearn what I thought I knew, and was forced to shed presuppositions I had grown up with and taken for granted internally and intellectually.

This type of introspection, difficult to the extreme, has given me the depth of understanding of the Jewish doctrines to which is part of my very being, embedded in my DNA, and has assisted me in determining, at least for myself, what is divine and what is human.

For those who will never experience my struggle, there is no contradiction at all to the divine and human perception, the challenge is integrating the two. They are not diametrically opposed to one another as your ignorant rabbis would have you believe. They rule out that learned and spiritually inclined Jews, have always sought to discern spiritual truth via their intuition, reflection, senses, and creative imagination.

The rabbis that will deny you your God-given intellect, to experience on your own what humankind was destined to evolve into, a mirror-image of the beauty of what could and should be the Divine will of chochmat ha'briah; the understanding of the evolution of the intellect to adapt to today's realities of truth and practicality. What they would want you to forget, that only with the shedding of the "Church" as the arbiter of truth and morality in the U.S. Constitution, a mere couple of hundred of years ago, was then civilization, at least the United States, able to remove its intellectual shackles burdened and encumbered by nonsense, cruelty, ignorance and hell.

We've developed more in the last few hundred years, than we have in the last untold thousands. That does not come without a price, however. But that is not the thrust of this post.

Rabbis who will deny such experiences, can teach us anything they choose to about God,and have always identified themselves as our "guardians" of the ancient traditions, or Mesorah. They will preach with fire in their eyes and bimah-banging that it is only they that can determine your faithfulness - by your ability to abide by their interpretation of what was handed down from ancient witnesses -- never adding or subtracting anything unless you consult with them first. And these "guardians", who refer to themselves as the "eini ha'edah" or the eyes of the community, that this view of their role expresses appropriate humility; and it vests them and them alone of the Divine Truth, with God's own authority.

These so-called leaders, of course could not ban the imagination entirely, but they effectively channeled your religious imagination to support their opinions, no matter how cruel and ignorant they may be. Everything you are, they teach, is because you are merely an extension of them, not individuals who have the ability to know right from wrong. And if you stray; like Heaven forbid, do not consult with them if an ongoing series of heinous crimes and cover ups are transpiring under your noses, by the very rabbis that will have you consult with them only, than it is you that is the heretic, the maskil, the sheigetz, the oisvorf and the menuvel.

But in fact, these "heretics" having left the intellectual Jewish ghettos of New York, have impoverished the very system that they outgrew. These "heretics" often walk alone - despite the fact that the spiritual inquiry that they undertook, forcing them to leave their ghettos of origin behind, have become primary sources of inspiration to tens of thousands, and eventually their ideas to the vast majority of Jews, because ultimately I pray "right makes might"!

What such people seek, however, is NOT a different set of rules and obligations to their faith, but rather insights or intimations of the Divine, that would validate themselves in experience. Some who have engaged on this path pursue it in voluntary solitude; others participate in various forms of worship, prayer and action, or a combination of the above.

Engaging in such a practice requires the highest form of faith, or belief, but it also involves so much more; the trust that enables us to commit ourselves to what we hope and love. We have the knowledge and experience to declare boldly; "THIS IS NOT SO, I DO NOT ACCEPT THAT!"

The sociologist Peter Berger points out that everyone who participates in tradition today chooses among elements of that tradition. We survived thousands of years BECAUSE we were able to relive, reinvent, and transform what we received.

This act of choice - which the term heresy originally meant - leads us back to the problem that Orthodoxy meant to resolve; how can we tell truth from lies? What is genuine and thus connects us with one another and with reality, and what is shallow, self-serving, or evil? Anyone who has seen foolishness, sentimentality, delusion, and murderous rage disguised as God's truth, knows that there is no easy answer to this dichotomy. Orthodox Judaism distrusts your capacity to make such discrimination and insists on making them for us. Given the often notorious human capacity for self-deception, we can thank your so-called rabbis for this. And the many of you that wish to be spared hard work, gladly accept what these rabbis tell you.

But the fact that we do not have a simple answer, does not mean we should evade the question. We have also seen the hazards - even terrible harm - that sometimes result from unquestioning of religious authority. Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman's tyrannical, unforgivable conduct during the Holocaust comes immediately to mind. Thousands went to their death upon instruction from him. How many hundreds of thousands of "modeh ani l'fanechahs" will forever remain unsaid every morning from the mouths of children?, perhaps only God knows, but I suspect that He does not know either.

Many of us, however, sooner or later, at critical points in our lives, will have to make our own path where none exists. And that, done correctly, is a good thing. As for me, I am resolute, passionate in my beliefs, non-yielding to any ideological foe that crosses my path. I live in my head and in my contemplative soul. Any setback I view as temporary and a challenge to outhink my opponent. I never concede to evil, never...and I never will. My children and your children are counting on me, whether they know it or not.

And so are you....

As the posuk in יְשַׁעְיָהוּ Isaiah - 10:13 says, "The light of Israel will be fire and its Holy One - flame, it will burn and consume its thorns..."


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Q said...

I completely agree with UOJ on this. Breaking out of the intellectuall barriers Haredi society has sprung up is extremely important, hard, and liberating.
Concerning the recent event, it shows that Tziduk Hadin is overamplified so no real, legitamate cleansing is percieved as needed by the community. I have used the logical side of myself to reject the notion that pain and suffering is all justified, because the facts which we are represented about why these things happens twists and contradicts itself so many times. If it really boils down schar veonesh, what about if there is no reason found for the yhissurin, like this case? And not only that, what about the fact that the ENTIRE schar veonesh clause is based on the ideal that Gd doesn't want us to be taking Nama D'kisufa, a dynamic he obviously could change, and more obviously chooses not to!
Again, this is what this post is about. Breaking away from the intellectual barriers made by people who can't stand to see them go.

Q said...

Also, UOJ, I just read in the book of transcribed conversations with R' YB Soloveitchik, where they ask him about the mayseh with R' Elchonon during the war. He responds that he doesn't want to talk about it, becuase the answer is very sad and the question comes from "a very bad place".
Whats with that?
Especially considering that RYBS was in YU as all this occurred.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

I don't know who asked him the question... but he knew what I know.

Q said...

I would assume that he did'nt want to talk about it because
A - There was a tape recorder running
B - People would see him as nogei'a. and angry about the affair with a personal bias.

Anonymous said...

r' s.f. mendlowitz did not come to rav elchonon's toes in ahavas yisroel and would have readilly admitted that . only some johny come lately a-hole 70 years later who knows nothing from rav elchonon would write such @#$%&*$

Boruch said...

As a presumption, I guess the anonymous writer of 7/17 @11:34 pm is writing about Reb Shraga's grandson - UOJ. Ahavas Yisroel is not synonymous with Ruach Ha Kodesh or Nevious. Disputing Rav Elchonon's Ahavas Yisroel would be foolhardy. Wondering aloud why anyone would not have saved themselves or their talmidim by leaving Eastern Europe is a 70 year old question. The RBSO knows too. The rest of us will have to wait, but Rav Yoshe Ber was of that generation, experienced the searing pain of hearing of the atrocities and shed bitter tears over the loss of life and of the loss of the leaders of the generation. Tragically we (you and I)don't know what they knew. Thankfully we have never experienced, on such a scale, the enormity of the heart-wrenching and seemingly illogical decisions that were made. May they all be melitz yosher.

Anonymous said...

Rav Mendlowitz's legacy is a yeshiva and day school in every city in America. Rav Wasserman was murdered by the Nazis.

rush kolel in ny said...

its common knowledge that reb elchono messed up BIG time. it was never a secret. it was only a secret by the people. who continue to white wash the story.

Son of Boog said...

Shelly, you LOUSE!

ALBANY - Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver conceded Sunday that President Obama has a problem among Jewish New Yorkers, but said electing a Republican to fill ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner's seat is not the answer.

Former Mayor Ed Koch is urging voters in Weiner's old district to vote against Democrat David Weprin in the special election as a way to protest Obama's call to use Israel's 1967 borders as a starting point in Mideast peace talks.

Silver, an Orthodox Jew, branded Koch's call "totally inappropriate."

"Ed Koch is totally out of line," said Silver, a Manhattan Democrat. "What we need is more Democrats who will go to bat for Israel, notwithstanding what a President may think.

"In order to change the perceptions, it's important to elect more staunch Democrats who are supporters of Israel."

Silver said Weprin, a Queens assemblyman who is also an Orthodox Jew, fits the bill.

Koch has said electing Republican Bob Turner in the Sept. 13 special election would be equivalent to the message sent when Massachusetts voters tapped Republican Scott Brown to fill the late Se n. Edward Kennedy's seat. Obama, he has argued, became more of a centrist as a result.

While Silver differs with Koch's approach, he doesn't dispute that Obama's standing among Jewish voters is weak, particularly after Obama proposed "1967 lines with mutually agreed [land] swaps" in settlement talks with the Palestinians.

"The perceptions aren't great right now," Silver said.

A Siena College poll last week showed 51% of Jewish voters in New York have an unfavorable view of Obama compared with 41% with a favorable one. Even worse, just 29% rated Obama's performance excellent or good, while a whopping 71% said he's doing a poor or bad job.

"There are a lot of people who disagree with him [on his Israeli policies] or don't think he's been dealing fairly," Silver said

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/2011/07/18/2011-07-18_stick_with_dems_shelly_tells_jews.html#ixzz1ST9zhz7X

East 2nd St said...


This is one of three computer hard drives removed from the Aron home. If they are looking for a trail to previous molestation victims, it's a shame that the Crime Scene Unit handed them over to Charlie Hynes's office who is one the last people who can be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Any reason why UOJ is still holding back that letter from an adam gadol (presumably the Zayde?) who took issue with R' Elchonon? A lot of people have said they cannot agree there is a tayna on R' Elchonon unless they see something in writing from one of his peers.

Anonymous said...

Charles Hynes and his bagboy Jerry "the shmuck" Schmetterer are trying to get as much PR mileage as they can from the Kletzky murder. The opportunists are making redundant statements to the press every day. Oh, we will scour the hard drives. Oh we are talking to police in Memphis. Blah, blah, blah. If WPIX is correct, there may be a cover up going on as we speak for having done nothing about Aron cruising around for young victims.

Rak Kach said...

Meir Kahane has been branded by the Agudah establishment for years as an apikoress for questioning R' Elchonon.

Anonymous said...

where does it say that you shouldnt question a rav or rebbe. just the opposite. look in the gemoroh. from beginning to end there is questions answers and machlokos throughout shass and poskim. without questions you simply can not grow further.

betzalel said...

Torah is what the rabbis say it is. As the pasuk says, "It's not in heaven."

So if you want to go it your own way, you are going a path against Torah. If you want to change the system, you have to work within the system.

However, the UOJ has worked outside of the system and has done a great mitzvah in helping to make people aware of problems.

I'm confused. UOJ, can you explain?

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Knowlwedge of the System permits me to address its flaws in a way many consider outlandish.

And I say, it's about time!

East 2nd St said...

I wonder what they are still doing today, day 6, at Aron's house. They spent yesterday taking all of Levi Aron's furniture and even his carpet to the crime lab, all wrapped in brown paper.

Anonymous said...

support UOJ

close agudaand ohel the child molesters haven

and question your rabbi and ask him if he knows of anyone you need to protect your child from so when he states no and something happens youll know who to blame

Anonymous said...


An Orthodox student who groped a 17-year-old Austrian tourist during a game of spin-the-bottle has been given a nine-month supervision order.

Menachem Chaim Unger, 21, was convicted of sexual assault after he groped the girl at his friend's flat.

Middlesex University student Mr Unger and three others played the sexually-charged game after a Shabbat dinner at the Golders Green Hillel House. During the game, players stripped off, while the victim was asked to remove her underwear and give them to Mr Unger.

She said that Unger had told her: "You will regret it if you don't sleep with me." But he told the court that nothing sexual had happened at all.

The sentence includes a curfew for four months from 9pm to 7am. He must also pay a charge of £400.

Reuven Bogoff of Chicago said...

Chicago has one predator less PREYING in the shuls.

Q said...

R' Shimon Shkop gave shiur in YU for six months. Everyone knows that.
Good enough for him, but for R' Elchonon, it's heresy?
Makes one wonder.
Also, the Sulvaker Rov, R' Dovid Lifshutz, became one of their biggest rabbeim. Who's to say it was k'firah?

Satmar bungalow putz said...


A member of the Satmar Hasidic community named Meilich Green, 21, said that, judging from pictures of the suspect posted online, he didn’t see him as an insider.

“He doesn’t look like us,” said Green, who was dressed in a black hat and black coat. “He doesn’t look like he lives the way we live.”

Aron’s co-worker at Empire State Supply, a building and janitorial supplies firm, said that Aron had worked as a laborer in the warehouse for 12 years, though he had left in the middle of that period to live in Tennessee. He is “quiet, very very quiet,” the co-worker said.

Grodner said...

R' Shimon Shkop was in YU before it was really YU.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Read the UOJ Archives, Rabbi Shlomo Hyman ztvk"l was willing to step aside as the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath to give it to R'Elchonon. RSFM begged him to accept his offer and bring the entire Baronovich yeshiva and the families that resided there to YTV and Williamsburg, at the expense of YTV.

He chose death for himself, his right I guess if you're delusional - although he sent his son R' Simcha to YTV. But what gave him the right to instruct others to kill themselves? And the murder of their potential descendants?

Dr. Bungalow Putz Neuhoff said...

Satmar yungerman, my thoughts exactly, that Aron looks like one of those modern orthodox losers who never bothered to move out of Flatbush.

But stop taking my name in vain!

Anonymous said...

Can UOJ be more specific about what R' Shlomo, R' Shraga Feivel / others may have said in criticism of R' Elchonon's decision? And if this is so poshut, how does the Agudah get away with covering this up that Avi Shafran even pretended with a straight face to you that he has no idea why you would be such a lunatic to criticize R' Elchonon. Is the Agudah hiding copies of the same documentation you have?

Q said...

Remind me, but wasn't there a story of Moshe Sherer fighting tooth and nail against a publication that raised this question many years ago?

Paul Mendlowitz said...

I don't know what Moshe Sherer did regarding R' Elchonon - but I know the facts of what transpired with RSFM and RSH by a number of eyewitness acounts that attended the various meetings between them, and documentation that I am privy to.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

How does the Agudah get away with all the criminal distortions and outright retzicha of everything that is holy?


Anonymous said...

So why doesn't UOJ release the documentation if the only other copy that may exist is sewed into the seat of Kolodny's hoyzen on orders of Agudath Israel?

MURDER In The Air At Skver said...

"Anonymous said...Here something for investigators to take a closer look at. The Skverrer catering people told reporters and police that no one at the chassuna knew yet that Leiby was missing. But the Rockland Journal News interviewed the guests from Far Rockaway who said everyone at the simcha already knew.

12:53 PM, July 17, 2011"

The nexus between the hit men of Skver Town and hit man Levi Aron is incredible!!!

Min matzah es mino -- Aveirah goreres aveirah, like stopping off in Sedom/Skver to imbibe the ruach hatuma to commit murder.

The smell of murder hovers over all of Skver Town as the Skver Robber's plans to burn down and kill an innocent family burns its way into the headlines and at the very same time a murderer comes to drink in its fumes of death to butcher an innocent kid.

Skver and Leivi Aron deserve and match each other and describe each other perfectly. The Skver Robber should be treated no less harshly than Levi Aron and locked up as a MENACE TO SOCIETY!!!

Paul Mendlowitz said...


Kolodny's hoyzen - $2.99

UOJ's documents - PRICELESS!

Anonymous said...

"I wonder what they are still doing today, day 6, at Aron's house"

NBC New York has a frum sounding reporter named Shimon Prokupecz who was at the house today. He says investigators have been checking out various electronic items and then removing them for lab analysis. Just a guess, who knows what kind of creepy stuff Aron may have been recording besides his off-key karaoke takes of Lionel Richie.

Anonymous said...

Police source tells NY Daily News:

Despite no record of previous crimes tied to Aron, investigators say it's hard to believe he didn't do something like this before.

"You don't kidnap a kid for the first time, tie him up in your house, leave, go to work, then come back and kill him then," said one police source.

Moetzes Resign! said...

16 minutes ago

LONDON— A leading U.K. police official, John Yates, resigned Monday, becoming the latest high profile casualty of the phone hacking scandal that has shaken Britons' faith in police, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., the press in general and political leaders.

Yates, also the Metropolitan Police's top counterterrorism officer, announced his resignation in a statement the day after his
boss, Commissioner Paul Stephenson
announced he was quitting over the scandal at the now defunct News of the World.

London Mayor Boris Johnson said the two resignations were regrettable

Moshe Kolodny said...

$2.99 is only for the hidden pocket for secret Agudah archives. I go with Yudi Kolko to his favorite clothier The Garage to buy the good stuff.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Rabbi Koldny happens to be a real good guy.

Avi L. Shafran(ovitch) said...

$2.99? Some tailor must be taking Kolodny for a ride. When I get holes patched in my pants I buy the piece on 13th Ave for 49 cents.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Another 10,700 people lose their jobs! Very sad and a statement on the Obama jobs creation program.

Deals Alert
from The Wall Street Journal

Borders Group said it would liquidate after failing to receive any offers to save the bookstore chain.

Borders, which employs about 10,700 people, scrapped a bankruptcy-court auction scheduled for Tuesday amid the dearth of bids. The U.S.'s second-largest bookstore chain said it would ask a judge Thursday to approve a sale to liquidators led by Hilco Merchant Resources and Gordon Brothers Group.

Borders's liquidation of its remaining 399 stores could start as soon as Friday and the bookstore chain is expected to go out of business for good by the end of September, the company said.


Paul Mendlowitz said...

Cisco to cut 6,500 jobs, including execs

By MarketWatch


The networking giant announces that it is cutting 6,500 jobs, and will move an additional 5,000 jobs to Foxconn as part of a sale of its facility.

Yudi Kolko said...

I'm sure glad I don't live in Denver. My tayerra old Plymouth would have been flattened like a pancake:

DENVER — Denver police have crushed a car belonging to a man who pleaded guilty to attempting to sexually assault a child.

Police destroyed the vehicle of 37-year-old Balazs Toth on Tuesday, saying it's a public nuisance.

The former Roman Catholic school teacher also received a 90-day jail sentence in the case, in which he was accused of going online to try to lure a child to a McDonald's parking lot for sex in December.

Police say a vehicle can be considered a public nuisance in Denver if it is used to attempt a sexual assault.

Toth was sentenced in June, also receiving five years of sex offender probation.

Agudah Fresser said...


California passes landmark law requiring schools to teach gay history

Hershel Schechter said...

Donald Trump revealed the name of his new granddaughter on Monday - and pronounced it "very exotic."

His daughter, Ivanka, gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday. The infant's name is Arabella Rose.

Monsey said...

"Rabbi Koldny happens to be a real good guy"

Has UOJ looked into whether there are any merits in Dayan Gestetner putting Kolodny in cherem? They say Dayan Gestetner is not corrupt or on the take $$$ like so many others. Kolodny is after all enabling his daughter to go to goyish court and Rabbi Yudel Shain has publicized against Kolodny.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

I have heard the Kolodny side of the story, I believe he's done everything possible to protect his daughter from a very bad situation.

In these cases there are no winners.

Haskel the Rascal said...

It does say specifically in halacha that one may not name their kids with non-Jewish names but let's not make an issue out of it


Arabella as a girl's name is pronounced AIR-a-bell-ah. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Arabella is "prayerful". From "orabilis". Popular in England, where it has an upper-class aura. A ship named the Arbella brought a group of Puritan English aristocrats to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630; many socially prominent Boston families are descended from this group.

Anonymous said...

on behalf of aguda id like to wish a mazel tov to arabella rose kushner

then id like to remind all of you beshem the gedolim and daas torah to continue to fight the markey bill

look at the schools we save
rabbi bryks--- queens schools
torah temmima --- kolko
yeshiva elemantary miami-- schmeltczer
ohel -- mondorowitz
yeshiva gedola montreal who took schmelczer out of the country -- thank you
but dont you care about his history --

please help stop the markey bill we need your help

and why should you care about jewish children they dont write us checks

thank you for your continued support AGUdath israel

Queens said...

Re David Weprin

He must be stopped at all cost from taking over Anthony Weiner's seat in Congress.

The Bob Turner campaign is more correct than you know to call Weprin "Obama with a yarmulka".

The bum Weprin, who has absolutely no values beyond prolonging his reign as a political whore and sponsoring every bill for gays, cannot even be considered orthodox.

For years he has been showing up Shabbas morning at Young Israel of Jamaica Estates around krias Hatorah time. At that point he starts sniffing around for a seat as the shul is always packed. When he settles in he starts shmoozing with his pals instead of making up shachris.

The guy is completely disgusting. His rabbi told him there are halacha issues so he announces that halacha issues do not apply to "civil rights".

Rabbis in his Queens district say they have received much more help from his brother Councilman Mark Weprin, a Conservative Jew, than from the supposedly orthodox David Weprin.

Upper East Side said...

Sounds kind of hypocritical that Haskel Lookstein's prized Ivanka gives her daughter a Puritan name. Lookstein was the guy who organized a NY Times boycott for the paper's anti-Israel bias. The Puritans or Quakers as they are also known are prime WASP anti-Semites who behind all their pacifist B.S. facade are the perhaps the most anti-Israel Church there is.

Anonymous said...

Rav Elyashev said this bum has no neemanus when he claimed to have done kidushei ketana on his own daughter

July 18 (Bloomberg) -- WexTrust Capital LLC co-founder Joseph Shereshevsky was sentenced to 21 years and 10 months in prison after pleading guilty to defrauding victims of at least $9.2 million as part of a Ponzi scheme.

Shereshevsky, 54, and WexTrust co-founder Steven Byers were charged in 2008 with lying to investors in their now-collapsed real estate fund. Many of their victims were members of the Orthodox Jewish community. The penalty was at the top of the range suggested by federal guidelines. Byers was sentenced to more than 13 years in April.

"Mr. Shereshevsky very much had a controlling role in this criminal enterprise," U.S. Circuit Judge Denny Chin said in a hearing today in Manhattan. "Although he purports to be a religious man, he preyed on his own community."

Chin also order him to pay restitution of $7.89 million and to forfeit $9.2 million from his criminal activities.

Shereshevsky, who was considered a flight risk because of his frequent overseas travel, was never able to meet the court’s bail requirements and remained in custody.

Shereshevsky initially pleaded not guilty but sought and received several postponements from the court. Three weeks before a jury trial was scheduled to begin in February, he reached an agreement with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to a reduced number of charges.

Tropper bin pimpin' said...

One of the only rabbonim who had the backbone to fight Leib Tropper

July 18, 2011

(JTA) -- Rabbi Avraham Moshe Aba Dunner, the longtime executive director of the Conference of European Rabbis and a leading figure in European Jewry, has died.

Dunner, who was born in what was then Konigsberg, Germany and is now Kaliningrad, Russia, died July 17 at his home in London at the age of 74, the Conference of European Rabbis said in a statement. He had been seriously ill since shortly after Passover.

Dunner was one of the most prominent activists for the cause of Orthodox Judaism in Europe. His father Rabbi Yosef Hirsch Dunner had been the head of the Orthodox Beis Din in the United Kingdom.

"Rav Aba was at the heart of the building and strengthening of Jewish institutions in Europe for over 20 years," the conference statement said.

Dunner was a founder of Lo Tishkach, an organization dedicated to creating a database of Jewish cemeteries in Europe. His "commitment to the preservation of Jewish heritage in Europe was an inspiration and guiding light for all of us," Lo-Tishkach said in a statement.

Dunner is survived by his wife and several children, including Rabbi Pini Dunner. Another son, the British property developer and philanthropist Benzion Dunner, died in a car crash in 2008.

Agudah Fresser said...

Al ayleh bochiyah!


Bagel Store’s Demise Leaves Hole In Community

Anonymous said...


A former neighbor of the suspect, who came to the scene this morning, said he knew the suspect for over ten years. The family was dysfunctional, he said, and he instructed his children to stay away from the man in question. "I kept my kids away from that house." He described the man, who he said davened daily at the shul around the corner, as "disturbed."


The massive security presence in the arraignment room included approximately two dozen Court Officers who secured the entrances to the courtroom and the door to the holding area.

They applied for Aron to be psychologically evaluated to determine his cognitive capacities, further requested that Aron be placed under suicide watch in protective custody.

The results of the mental exam will take approximately two weeks, when the Court will provide the results to both the prosecution and defense counsel.

Assistant Chief Walter Glowacz of the Department of Public Safety for the Courts said the reason for the high level of security is to maintain order in the corridors, “and to ensure safety in the courtroom for the attorneys, the audience, the court personnel, and for the defendant.” David Bookstaver, director of Communications for NYS Courts said, “the case is extremely emotional and there is an obligation on our part to make sure it’s safe.”

The Jewish Week asked whether Aron, allegedly an Orthodox Jew, who appeared in court without yarmulke, had been wearing one. Marrone said, “Not that we saw.”

Marrone, who has handled other high-profile cases involving homicide charges, was tapped by Bazile to join the defense team. In a later phone interview Marrone explained to The Jewish Week, “All we are here to do is advise. We advise the client of his rights and he makes the decisions.”

Marrone also said that during their “brief” conversation Aron spoke in “a very low tone of voice” and was “dejected.” Asked if Aron had an opportunity to see his family or had requested to see family, Marrone said he had not made any such request.

Shmarya groupie said...

Totally absurd! While it's great to see interracial intermarriage on the rise, what right to do these scholars have to focus exclusively on children of Jewish-Oriental intermarriage while excluding the offspring of Jews with African-Americans? I hope Whitman College doesn't get any public funds for this outrage!


Racial, Ethnic, and Religious Identity among Asian-Jewish Children

Australian Agudah Fresser said...


A Jewish girls' school in Melbourne has denied allowing a top teacher to leave Australia before police could carry out an investigation into sexual abuse claims.

Officers have started looking into accusations the former principal of Adass Israel Girls' School, Malka Leifer, molested students at school, at her home and on school camps, The Age reports.

Parents have been critical of the ultra-orthodox Elsternwick school, which they allege allowed mother-of-eight Ms Leifer to go to Israel in 2008 without informing police, despite the board sacking her following complaints of inappropriate conduct with students. The school has denied this.

The investigation has been launched after people came forward during a probe into a separate sex scandal at Yeshivah College, in St Kilda East. (Read more: Secrecy over sex crime teacher)

The principal of Adass Israel School, Israel Herszberg, said the school had not been in contact with Ms Leifer since her departure in 2008.

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Q said...

UOJ, I just saw the other day a old video of Paysach J Krohn and his "Krohnies" in the house where R' Elchonon was killed, and he was putting on his wah-wah BS show that keeps him in such high demand.
But knowing the true facts was the really nauseating factor of this video.

Anonymous said...


The trading slump on Wall Street has battered profits and is about to cost some people their jobs.

Credit Suisse Group AG started laying off investment-banking employees Tuesday, and the cost-cutting push could claim 400 to 600 jobs, according to people familiar with the situation.

This month, Barclays PLC has eliminated 100 jobs in its investment bank, including some stock-trading employees. The latest cuts are on top of 600 layoffs in January, a person familiar with the situation said.

And at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., the annual survival-of-the-fittest culling of 5% of the securities firm's employees won't be enough in 2011, according to someone familiar with the New York company's plans.

Deeper cutbacks will be made throughout Goldman, this person said, especially in the U.S.

"Banks are chopping a lot of wood, both deadwood and live wood," said Michael Karp, managing partner at executive-search and consulting firm Options Group.

The cutbacks are coming largely because of sluggish revenue growth on Wall Street's trading desks.

Regulators have clamped down on trading strategies that once generated huge profits but then backfired with staggering losses during the financial crisis.

Meanwhile, bread-and-butter trading clients from hedge-fund managers to mom-and-pop investors are doing less buying and selling, depriving firms of commissions and fees.

Anonymous said...


A Hasidic rebbe has called on his followers to burn their iPhones, BlackBerrys and any other "unkosher" devices they might have.

Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky, whose community is based in Jerusalem, said smart phones and computers with internet access were treife because they caused trouble in people's personal lives.

The rebbe said: "Many houses have been ruined because of this and many divorce cases are the result of this destruction."

He said that if members were caught with an illicit mobile phone, they would be cut off from the community.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Any truth that Lieff from Flatbush at Chai Lifeline's gathering said that he agreed with Shmuel Kaminetzky that Leiby's death caused a kiddush Hashem?

Anonymous said...

Dear UOJ
i dont have time for such drivel dfrom these sick aguda individuals

how do we stop these idiots from representing the jewish community

i was beginning to have more respect for kaminetsky until i heard the yutz say to go to a rabbi before police

Freedom of Information said...

UOJ private archives may be priceless but what good are they kept secret when the Agudah does the same thing inside a bargain basement pair of pants?

Anonymous said...

5,000 volunteers immediately mobilizing for hatzolas nefoshos is normally a kiddush Hashem. UOJ is arguing it is not the case here due to the child's disappearance being precipitated by a chilul Hashem?

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Am I missing something here?

An 8 year old child kidnapped and slaughtered, body parts in the refrigerator with carving knives and the remainder of the child's body dumped in a suitcase thrown into a dumpster...done by a Jew with a yarmulke who went to Yeshiva Torah Vodaath, went to a wedding in New Square the night of the kidnapping and davened Mincha at his place of employment with a minyan... And did the perp walk with his yarmulke for the entire world to see....


YTT back office operations said...


Sean Hoare, a former reporter for the News of the World who was the first to go on the record about Andy Coulson's alleged knowledge of the phone hacking there, has been found dead, according to the Guardian. He was found by police at his London home.

Hoare was known to have problems with drugs and alcohol, and the police said that they were not treating the death as a suspicious one, though they did not reveal what caused Hoare to pass away. But it still comes as a grim coincidence during a period when the phone hacking scandal is escalating seemingly every day.

Hoare first outed himself as a phone-hacker in a September 10 New York Times article. He said that he used to play Coulson—who became the top communications aide to Prime Minister David Cameron, and was later arrested for his alleged role in the hacking operation—recordings of hacked voicemails when the latter was the editor of the News of the World. Coulson, he told the paper, "actively encouraged me to do it." After the article was published, Hoare was questioned by police.

He spoke again to the paper last week, after the scandal had turned into a full-blown crisis.

NY Post said...


Michael Walsh imitates UOJ

Love is in the air said...

I hope this isn't just some creepy guy who gets turned on by women dressed in white. Some guy who really, really wants to marry a nurse sent this today through the listserv for the Association of Jewish Nurses:

"I hope that everyone is doing well. I live in Los Angeles and I would love to marry a nice Jewish Nurse. I am a Persian Jew. If you have a girlfriend or know someone, please feel free to make an introduction."

Anonymous said...

If Dokter Rabbiner Moses Tendler won't tell us the story behind the Shisgal girls, does UOJ know exactly which relative(s) are responsible?

YTT misnaged said...

Amazing. Yeshiva Torah Temimah has cleaned up its Wikipedia page. No more mention of the sexual abuse lawsuits, Kolko or Margulies covering up.

In the entry, they have the nerve to call themselves the Harvard of yeshivas and use Bob Kolker's New York Magazine as their source.

Mamash evil.

Let him eat dreck said...



MICHAEL LEMBERGER, Plaintiff-Appellant,
LARRY PHILLIPS, et al, Defendants-Appellees

No. 10-1189

United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit

Decided July 8, 2011


Michael Lemberger, housed at the Rushville Illinois Treatment & Detention Center as a sexually violent person, see 725 ILCS 207/f(5), has twice sued Rushville officials for violating his right to practice Judaism under the First Amendment & the Religious Land Use & Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000. He appeals the dismissal with prejudice of his 2nd action, which the district court thought duplicative of his 1st. We affirm.
In the first action, Lemberger v Freeman, No. 08-3038 (C.D. Ill. filed Feb. 6, 2008), Lemberger claimed that Rushville substantially burdened his religious exercise by failing to provide varied, nutritionally adequate meals that he considered fully kosher. While that action was pending in district court, Lemberger filed a 2nd one asserting Rushville officials punished his practice of Judaism with a deliberately unappetizing kosher menu. Lemberger v Simpson, No. 08-3115 (C.D. Ill. filed May 15, 2008).

After allowing discovery, the district court disposed of both cases in successive fashion. In December 2009 the court granted summary judgment to the defendants in the 1st action, concluding that Rushville's menu selections & measures to meet Lemberger's dietary restrictions — preparing food in a separate area with disposable utensils & trays, heating items in a separate microwave, daily serving one pre-packaged kosher meal, and otherwise offering vegetarian dishes — were the least restrictive means of furthering what the court characterized as the institution's compelling interests in controlling costs & preventing others from thinking Rushville gave Lemberger preferential treatment. The following month, the district court dismissed the 2nd action with prejudice, calling it "duplicative" & "identical."

Lemberger appealed both judgments. In this appeal from the dismissal of his 2nd action (his appeals from the 1st action were dismissed, one voluntarily & one for failure to pay docket fees), Lemberger says nothing about the district court's conclusion that this action was duplicative, and instead reiterates that Rushville officials have deliberately made the kosher menu unappetizing.

That is the case here: the issues that Lemberger raises have already been litigated & decided.

Principally, he argued in the 1st action that the facility's kosher menu was so inadequate that it violated his religious rights, but the district court disagreed, concluding that the menu was the lawful result of a careful balancing of interests. Lemberger cannot show that the kosher diet at Rushville was punitive or otherwise violated his religious rights without re-litigating that issue, so he cannot prevail in the second action.

Accordingly, the judgment is AFFIRMED.

Chicago Agudah Fresser said...

Michael Lemberger

DOB: 7/1/1961


JJJ said...

Lieff @ 1:03:45

Unbelievably sick


Anonymous said...

MTL is a conformist BS spouter.

JJJ said...

Is there one normal Rabbi out there?

East 2nd St said...

This is really getting mysterious. Late yesterday, day 6 of taking apart the Aron home, the dudes in space suits shlepped out a dining room table and 7 dining room chairs. It must have been from Aron's parents as I don't think they would fit in the tiny attic apartment.

Today is the seventh day that they spent all day turning the place inside out.

Dovid Wax said...


I look better from this angle than the picture UOJ put up on the sidebar

Lakewood said...


That's weird. Why would Wax put on a cowboy hat to beat up Yisroel Briskman?

Charlie Hynes = Useless Putz said...


Bloomberg may have changed his mind and visited the shiva house with Ray Kelly after being criticized on UOJ. Now Charlie Hynes goes running down for media exposure. Imagine if it emerges that his office covered up for previous abduction attempts by the rotzayach Aron.

JJJ said...

Mayor Menashe Miller of Lakewood another exploiter


Boog's "Sick out there and getting Sicker" file said...


Check out the comment section

The Agudah fressers who read Cross Currents are attacking Rabbi Adlerstein for "character assassination" for calling Levi Aron a pedophile. Adlerstein writes back that Aron confessed to the murder but they say a confession is no proof!

MURDER In The Air In Skver said...

Incredible and astonishing how both the Skver Robber and Levi Butcher Aron are claiming the same "defense" -- they didn't "do it" something else made it happen!!! The Skver Robber and Levi Butcher Aron could easily trade "defenses" and it would be the same thing still for both, what liars and delusional madmen they both are!!!:

"New Square rabbi moves to have burn victim's lawsuit dismissed

Steve Lieberman • Journal News

NEW SQUARE — Grand Rabbi David Twersky today asked a state judge to throw out a civil lawsuit implicating him in the arson attack that seriously burned a dissident member.

Twersky's lawyer argued Aron Rottenberg provided no "factual basis" to implicate the Skver Hasidic Jewish leader of any role on the attack or the community protests before the May 22 arson try.

Shaul Spitzer, 18, who lived in Twersky's home and did butler work for the grand rabbi, has been charged with attempted murder, attempted arson and assault. He has pleaded not guilty..."


"Leiby Kletzky slay: Levi Aron's legal team preparing insanity defense for 'abnormal' client

BY Henrick Karoliszyn and Bill Hutchinson

Tuesday, July 19th 2011

His lawyers think the accused butcher of Brooklyn boy Leiby Kletzky is "abnormal" and say he can't stop hearing sinister voices in his head...As his legal team appeared to be preparing for an insanity defense, Leiby's heartbroken Orthodox Jewish parents continued to sit shiva at their Brooklyn home.

Mayor Bloomberg, wearing a black yarmulke, and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly visited Nachman and Itta Kletzky on Monday night at their Borough Park home..."

Monsey said...

Another putz with a yarmulka & beard makes news


Former Monsey Fire Commissioner Nathan Rothschild pleaded guilty to engaging in a mail fraud scheme against the fire district in U.S. District Court in White Plains on Thursday.

Rothschild, 54, a former East Ramapo school board president, stood quietly for most of the hearing. Appearing pale with shoulders slumped forward, he admitted he tried to get the Monsey Fire District to enter into a real-estate deal with a creditor in order to pay off a $125,000 personal debt.

"You knew what you were doing was illegal?" asked U.S. District Court Judge Kenneth Karas.

"Yes," Rothschild said.

Rothschild faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000. But Karas indicated it was more likely he would serve a term of 27 to 33 months in prison following his plea.

"The public places its trust in elected officials and expects them to carry out their duties honestly and in the best interest of those they were elected to serve," U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement.

Rothschild's creditor was to buy a parcel of land & then sell it to the fire district for more than the creditor had paid for it. The profit from the sale was to pay off part of Rothschild's debt.

Rothschild did not disclose his role in the transaction when he proposed the fire district buy the property, the U.S. Attorney's Office said. The deal apparently had not gone through by the time the FBI announced the charge against Rothschild in April.

The U.S. Attorney's Office also said it had gathered documentation, written testimony & audiotapes in preparation for a trial.

Rothschild's creditor has never been publicly identified.

Under questioning, a hesitant Rothschild initially told the judge Thursday that he could not remember mailing any documents for the real estate scheme. But after conferring with his attorney, Michael Birnbaum, Rothschild said he had caused a fax to be sent through the mail.

Rothschild also told the judge he is currently taking anti-depressants but otherwise feels healthy. Responding to a question from Karas, Rothschild said his education ended in the 11th grade.

Rothschild left the court about 11 a.m. without commenting. Several hours later, however, he contacted The Journal News.

In a phone interview, Rothschild, by turns combative & apologetic, said he had been the one to call off the real-estate deal. That claim has not been substantiated by authorities.

Rothschild also said he had finished writing an exposé on Monsey politics. The book will be published within 30 days, Rothschild said. He declined to name the publisher.

As for his guilty plea, Rothschild said: "I'm dealing with it like a man."

Thursday's court appearance represents a steep fall for Rothschild, a community leader who has long served in the area of public safety & education.

Rothschild served as a commissioner in Monsey for 15 years.

He organized programs to send Rockland firefighters to Israel to aid emergency responders during military conflicts in 2006 & 2009.

Another program, designed to provide volunteer firefighters with health insurance through the Monsey district, was killed by the district's Board of Commissioners over concerns that it may have been illegal.

After losing his re-election bid in December, Rothschild sued the district, claiming Orthodox Jewish community members illegally told voters at the polling place that rabbis wanted them to pull the lever for his opponent.

He later dropped the lawsuit.

Monsey said...


Re "Former Monsey fire official Rothschild admits mail fraud," July 1 article:

I have been getting angrier and angrier thinking about former East Ramapo School Board President Nathan Rothschild's 11th grade education. During the court proceedings, when he entered a guilty plea on federal charges, Rothschild admitted he had only an 11th grade education.

All East Ramapo parents, residents and voters should be outraged. What kind of example is being set for our children when a president of the East Ramapo School Board doesn't have a high school diploma? All residents of East Ramapo should contact their elected state officials and demand that they bring forth a bill requiring that school board members have at least a high school diploma. Let them know they won't get your vote unless they support this bill!

Remember that the quality of schools is reflected in property values.

Brenda Carole Anderson

Wesley Hills

Anonymous said...

wondering if Nathan rothchilds expose will also cover the fraud that goes on in mendel hoffmans medical center

nathan was the president there for a few years why arent the US attnys checking this out

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg needed to go to the shiva house after even a Congressional delegation went to be menachem avel.

Agudah Fresser said...

I hope a relative of R' Chaim Dovid wouldn't be on such a low madraiga to eat cholov stam M&Ms


A Westchester County dermatologist and surgeon was arrested last week, accused of stealing a box of candy from a movie-theater concessions stand in Stamford.

Dr. Stuart Zweibel was arrested Wednesday night on a charge of sixth-degree larceny.

Zweibel lives in the northern Westchester hamlet of Waccabuc. He is one of several doctors at Westchester Health Dermatology and Mohs Surgery, with offices in Mount Kisco and Scarsdale.

The practice's website says he has been cited several times in New York Magazine's Best Doctors issues.

He is accused of stealing a box of M&M's, authorities said.

His lawyer, Eugene Riccio, said there's more to the story.

"The reports of what transpired that evening at the movie theater have been grossly oversimplified and there is so much more to state than was originally stated," Riccio said. "He was a customer at the concessions stand. I'll leave it at that."

Riccio said he believes his client had been planning to see "Green Lantern," which film critic Roger Ebert gave 2 1/2 stars and said contained "lots of aggressive special effects, a silly plot, a good villain."

Sixth-degree larceny, a low-level misdemeanor, carries a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail and $500 penalty.

Zweibel is due in court July 27.

Anonymous said...


An NYPD official with experience in the Orthodox community told The Jewish Week it was “unconscionable” for Brooklyn South Shomrim (Boro Park) to have not called police immediately upon learning of young Leiby going missing.

Asserting that Shomrim tend to “play cops” & take matters into their own hands, he called on the community to “ask the questions that need to be answered” about how these groups operate.

“Who are they accountable to?” the official asked, adding that “we will never know” if Shomrim, who keep their own files on neighborhood foul play, had prior information on the killer. (Shomrim told one newspaper they knew about Aron stalking kids)

Calls by The Jewish Week to Yakov Daskal, founder & coordinator of Brooklyn South Shomrim, were not returned. But in an interview with The Wall St Journal he seemed to brush off the discrepancy, saying "it wouldn't matter had Shomrim reported to police sooner & the police wouldn't have come right away."

While Commissioner Kelly also stated publicly that the time lag wouldn't have made a difference in this case, he did acknowledge to The Wall St Journal that Shomrim often don't immediately notify police & that this has been a “longstanding” issue for the department.

Both Daskal & Kelly’s remarks have angered some in the NYPD, who insist police do in fact respond immediately to calls about missing children, and believe that the failure of Shomrim to report crimes to law enforcement immediately (& in some cases, at all) is a serious problem.

They believe Kelly is downplaying criticism of Shomrim for political reasons since city officials value their relationship with Shomrim groups.

“The first 3 hours of an investigation are key,” said a source in the NYPD. “And while Kelly said he would prefer police hear about situations right away, it's outrageous to say it didn’t make a difference in this case,” especially in light of the fact that authorities have been vague about the timeline of the murder.

At a press conference held by Commissioner Kelly, a reporter from Hamodia indicated he had information that several 911 calls were made about Aron before this case

Further, The Daily, a publication for Apple iPad by News Corp, reported that Shomrim were warned about Aron in the past weeks, when he stalked an 11 year-old.

A law enforcement source with knowledge of the case told The Jewish Week there's “reason to believe,” based on video footage of Aron & Leiby, that this was not, as the NYPD has publicly claimed, an abduction by a stranger, and that the two may have been acquainted prior to the tragic encounter.

Anonymous said...

part 2

Sources in both the community & the NYPD believe the police & Shomrim are not disclosing that Aron’s violent tendencies & interest in boys were known to people in the community who failed to report him.

Daskal acknowledged his organization maintains a list of molesters who they don't report to police because “the rabbis don’t let you. It’s not right.”

The list contains mug shots taken by Shomrim of molesters & other information about the perpetrators, including the make, model & license plate of their cars, The Jewish Week has learned.

Daskal’s revelation that his group maintains such a list, though hardly news to many in the community, comes on the heels of statements made at a recent conference by Agudath Israel that those wishing to report child sexual abuse to authorities must first consult with rabbis.

This opinion was reiterated last Tuesday in Flatbush — at the same time the search for Leiby was underway — by Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky, vice president of the Agudah’s Council of Sages. In an audio recording, Rabbi Kaminetsky instructed attendees to bring allegations of child abuse to authorities only after “consultation with a rav.”

While there are respected decisors of Jewish law who say police should be called, it would appear their rulings are not being followed in Borough Park, where this attitude has stymied police on numerous occasions.

An NYPD source knowledgeable about these issues said he feels Shomrim only consult rabbis who “give carte blanche” permission to do what they deem necessary to protect the reputation of the community.

Recounting 2 separate child abduction cases in recent years to which his organization was privy, Ben Hirsch (R' Feivel Cohen's nephew), president & founder of advocacy group Survivors for Justice, told The Jewish Week that “Boro Park Shomrim aggressively obstructed the investigations by intimidating the victims’ families who wished to assist the NYPD investigation.”

In each case, the girls were returned, but the perpetrators were not caught & the cases remain unsolved.

Luzer Twersky is a writer who grew up in a chasidic family in Boro Park & was abused years ago. He told The Jewish Week that “the person who caught my abuser red-handed 15 years ago was a Shomrim member, and is still a Shomrim member. Yet the abuser was allowed to teach for 15 more years at various schools, until one parent took the courage to call police.”

He said the police have a number of reasons “to cover for Shomrim,” including not wanting to be labeled anti-Semitic.

When asked whether his office would try to obtain the Shomrim list of molesters, a spokesman for the Brooklyn DA told The Jewish Week only that “the DA encourages anyone with knowledge or suspicion of a crime to report that information to law enforcement.”

The NYPD did not respond to a request for comment about the list.

Anonymous said...

Every putz & putzette that wants to get their picture in the paper ran down to the Kletzky shiva house on the last day. They should have thrown out the lesbian, City Council Speaker Christie Quinn. Deep down, all gays hate orthodox Jews and anyone else belonging to a tradionalist religion. Quinn is David Weprin's partner in pushing for all the pro-gay legislation in the City and State.

UOJ Ireland Division said...

(AP)Wednesday, July 20, 2011 Ireland's lawmakers back unanimous motion denouncing Vatican role in concealing child abuse

Flatbush askan said...

The NYPD has requested of all yeshivas & day camps that dismissal only be allowed now from a single entrance of the building.

City Council is pushing for "Leiby's Law" whereby businesses would voluntarily submit all their employees for background checks. They would then get a sign in the storefront for lost children to enter to seek help. I think there are several problems with this. Many pedophiles do not have criminal records. Many stores in NYC hire illegal immigrants that officially don't exist & would not be checked out. And what about expired or forged certificates?

The safest bet is to encourage kids to approach a mother with children.

Flatbush askan said...

That comment about Quinn & David Weprin is true as recorded by Weprin's voting record when he was in City Council.

Don't think that Weprin is not relevant outside Queens. Weiner's district includes Flatbush & other frum neighborhoods. And Weprin would make a difference nationally & internationally by talking out of both sides of his mouth in Congress to provide political cover while allowing Obama to put the squeeze on the economy and Israel.

East 2nd St said...

CBS 2 reporter Kristin Thorne is at the Aron house today - day 8 that it is being torn apart for evidence. They refuse to answer of course what they are looking for but she was given a tantalizing tip about something that was removed last night. If you thought this story wasn't weird enough already, the dudes in the space suits removed a live CAT belonging to the Arons to send to the lab for analysis.

Anonymous said...

The Rabbis and their policies of covering up sex crimes effect all levels of society

1. Parents and victims of abuse are afraid of being punished for breaking the intentionally misinterpreted "halacha."

2. Shomrim are pressured to intercede to protect Jewish child molesters so they are not turned over to the police.

3. Ohel tells its employees, who are mandated reporters, not to report because "we are a Jewish agency".

4. Schools will not hire licensed mental health professionals because they will be mandated to report child abuse.

5. ACS (child protective services), makes deals with Ohel to allow Ohel to "take care of" situations rather than report criminal parents or teachers to the police.

6. The District Attorney's office sets up a "community liaison," called Kol Tzedek, to screen allegations for which ones the rabbis would approve of investigating and prosecuting, and which ones will get plea deals. NO OTHER community has to jump through these hoops to get a child sex abuse crime investigated.

7. The secular police and District Attorney do not complain that Agudah rabbis publicly tell mandated reporters to break the law, that Shomrim keeps information about alleged molesters out of their hands, and that the police are not immediately called when a child is missing.

But the Rabbis only get their power from the people. Parents can and should stand up against them and demand safety and protection for their children.

As it stands now, parents have made the wrong choice. As a police officer in Baltimore told a friend of mine: "Jewish parents are worse than Catholics. They protect their Rabbis instead of their children." It is time to reverse this trend.


12 hours ago


A SECURITY guard accused of sexually abusing boys from an Orthodox Jewish school in St Kilda East has been asked to stand down from the board of management of an Elwood synagogue until a police investigation into paedophilia at the school is completed.

Several former students of Yeshivah College have lodged statements to police alleging they were molested by David Cyprys, a security guard who also taught karate.

The Elwood Talmud Torah Congregation has asked Mr Cyprys to stand down as a committee member on the board of management.

President Hilton Meinrath told The Age Mr Cyprys had been a part of the synagogue for years & they had never received any complaints.

Mr Meinrath said Cyprys had a current government permit to work with children. But he said he had asked him to stand down until the police investigation into abuse at Yeshivah College was over. "We will not take further action until we know one way or another," Mr Meinrath said.

Mr Cyprys continued to work alongside children at Yeshivah Centre, which runs the school, despite pleading guilty to indecent assault in 1992. No conviction was recorded, but he was fined $1500 & ordered to be of good behavior.

The former Yeshivah Centre director, Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Groner, was told of sexual abuse complaints against Mr Cyprys as early as 1996. Mr Cyprys's private security licence states he is employed by Yeshivah Centre.

Yeshivah Centre did not respond to questions from The Age about whether it currently employs Mr Cyprys

Earlier this month, Jewish community leader Manny Waks spoke to The Age about sexual abuse he was subjected to between 1988 & 1991. It can now be revealed Mr Cyprys is one of the alleged perpetrators.

Mr Waks said he spoke out in the hope it would encourage others to speak to police, or seek help. Several other victims are believed to have subsequently spoken to police.

Mr Waks said he wanted to hold to account both the perpetrators & Yeshivah Centre, which he said betrayed victims by persuading them to remain silent.

He made his first statement to police about Cyprys & another man in 1996. He also told Rabbi Groner, at the time.

In 2000, Mr Waks said, he was horrified to see Cyprys still providing security for Yeshivah Centre. "It was just appalling. I said to Rabbi Groner: 'How can you have that person here having access to children & doing security for the synagogue?' Rabbi Groner pleaded with me not to go public. He said: 'I'm looking after this; he's getting help.'"

Lawyers for Cyprys have served Mr Waks with a "concerns notice", alleging an email he wrote to 23 people titled "sexual abuse at Yeshivah" was "defamatory".

In a letter to Mr Waks, solicitor Barrie Goldsmith alleged the email was defamatory because it imputed Cyprus committed sexual abuse.

Mr Waks said the letter demonstrated the "unconscionable, unrepentant & vicious nature of this individual. I and some of his other victims look forward to our day in court."

Cyprys did not respond to inquiries from The Age.

Dr. Bungalow Hundt said...

I am against cats of any kind.


Anonymous said...

one of david weprin's rabbis is rafi butler. they also live near each other

Shea Fishman said...

Hurricane Dora grows to Category 2 strength in Pacific off Mexico, top winds 105 mph (165 kph)

Rabbi Turk said...

Fishman must be making a mistake. Hurricane Dora Moreira has been blowing through Florida.

Anonymous said...

NY State Courts Police tells the Forward that every appearance by Aron will require about 25 uniformed officers in the courtroom. They say this case is more emotional than most that could cause people to explode so for everyone's protection they don't want to take any chances.

Oh Hell said...

Mandel you PUTZ! I'd like to talk to you about covering for pedophiles so to protect your own $400,000 annual compensation.


David Mandel, director of Ohel, spoke to The Jewish Press about ways communities can strengthen themselves. He encouraged people to speak to others about the tragedy. Conversation, even with people whom one does not know well, helps one deal with the pain, he said. Seminars can serve a similar purpose by people addressing the issue on a communal level. Additionally, Mandel noted, "news is very fleeting. What is in the news today is forgotten tomorrow. Communities can strengthen themselves by keeping the conversation going and taking a lesson from it." He urged people to be more cognizant about people who appear to be lost.

Mandel described the different services that Ohel is providing. The organization is sending trained professionals to speak at camps, companies, and communities to offer grief and trauma counseling. One of the main objectives of this program is to help people recognize the difference between a short-lived reaction to Leiby's murder, which is ti be expected, and a lingering, maladaptive one. Feelings of depression, hopelessness, and extreme anxiety are some of the reactions that Ohel's staff focuses on.

One of the major themes that Ohel addresses is trust. "There is a misconception that we teach kids to be afraid of strangers," Mandel said. "The problem with that is that 80 percent of children are victimized by people they know. This event has changed our teaching." Mandel emphasized that people must continue to live with the premise that most people are good. At the same time, parents and children must always be vigilant about strangers, regardless of their background.

Rabbi said...

What a brilliant essay. Thank you, perhaps the best I ever read on this topic.

Agudah Fresser said...

Please be dan lekaf zechus. Levi Aron must have been dispensed all these drugs by mistake at a pharmacy and he thought he was giving little Leiby some vitamins to make him big & strong. Now that we got that straight, let us move on to important matters like having Rabbi Adlerstein removed from his position at the Agudah for jumping to conclusions about poor Levi. Adlerstein has been badly influenced by the ruach shtuss of UOJ & JBAC that it's in style to have rachmuness for so called victims.


A medical examiner has determined the cause of death of Leiby Kletzky, announcing Wednesday that the 8-year-old was first drugged and later smothered.

According to officials, Kletzky died from a combination of drugs including cyclobenzaprine (muscle relaxant), quetiapine (antipsychotic), hydrocodone (pain medication), and acetaminophen (Tylenol) followed by smothering.


The anti-psychotic drug, quetiapine, is used to treat symptoms of schizophrenia, and can also be used for depression and other episodes of mania.

The medical examiner listed the boy's date of death as July 13, which was the day Aron was arrested at about 2:30 a.m. A medical examiner spokeswoman said the date is not an indication of when the boy was actually killed, just when his body was found. As of now, the ME cannot scientifically pinpoint the time of death.

Low Klass said...

The Jewish Press is hungry for cash so they have invited the tacky Google Adsense on to their website's front page to generate a few extra nickels for themselves as if they are some starving blogger. They did not request a category that greatly reduces the risk of inappropriate ad generation, so here is what is showing right now:

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Joel Goor is the Reform rabbi who was named in court papers and newspapers as living with an Italian shiksa who he abused

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Anonymous said...

These slimy defense lawyers are trying to cover every base. In case neighbors testify they never heard Aron blasting loud music to drown out the "voices in his head", attorney Gerrard Marrone says he was usually using headphones.

As Bob Grant would say, Marrone! Which means shreck or something like that in Italian

Shelly Silver up for another lashing from Boog said...


Sheldon Silver, NY's Speaker was busy for years twisting arms, ginving bak-shish to the legislators, to the unzereh institutions, etc all to get the Toi'aiveh bill passed. (He had the audasity to tell Reb Dovid Feinstein that he can't save the kosher enforcement, because he's busy with more important agendas to benefit klal-yisroel)

The Toi'aiveh bill was passed in New Jersey legislator, Mr. Gary Schaer (D-Passaic) was present at the vote & did not vote against it, per his instructions from Agudah.

The Lakewood Yeshiva instructed the Community to vote for Corzine with his Toi'aiveh agenda.

The politically powerful Friedlander Group was supporting the politicians that were all for Toi'aiveh legislation.

All of the "UNZEREH" backed all of the politicians that promoted "Toi'aiveh".

Leiby, Z'L-Who from Unzereh can say

ידינו לא שפכו הדם הזה!

Anonymous said...
Those attacking R' Yudel here are the same people who either out of katnus hamoach or dishonesty say they do not understand why R' Shlomo Zalman holds that Star K's illegitimate loopholes for bishul Akum are gorem intermarriage.

The major organizations that purport to represent Klal Yisroel, be they the Agudah, Torah Umesorah, OU, Young Israel, Satmar, etc have all had a hand in enabling gay pedophiles by punishing the victims and protecting the criminals so that they could continue to harm countless others.

Since the phony "manhigim" are not moser nefesh for the most basic of mitzvos like lo saamod and bifrat in the vein of gay predators, we get the recent horrible simanim min hashamayim. NY unexpectedly legalizes gay "marriage" which the Medrash says was gorem the Mabul. Caifornia mandates indoctrinating school kids that gay abominations are normal and most recently, a pervert who rabbonim covered up for goes and chops an innocent little korban to pieces. Even Rabbi Adlerstein who was previously awarded UOJ's "Dunce Cap Award" for his position on molesters has finally woken up.

The "status quo" of protecting molesters will be continued by those with a huge vested interest. Those organizations who could have their assets seized for enabling crimes will never admit to anything. Neither will certain narrow minded yeshivishe maniacs who might never acquire a worldview that is not warped by their myriad of meshugassin.

It is high time that the Klal sidelined it's self-appointed "leaders" who ignore the gedolei haposkim to drag every down to the abyss. When the mechaber of the Nishmas Avrohom went around to all the gedolei haposkim they all said molesters must be reported to the police and did not give all the bogus conditions being trotted out now by the American Agudah.

Uru yesheinim mitardemaschem said...
R' Yudel speaks the truth. The Brisker Rov said do not be fooled by freye Yidden revering Yom Kippur altz it's chomer. They are nizhar at least on Yom Kippur only because frumme Yidden are so medakdek in it which is gorem a za hashpoah.

What does it say about us and our (mis)representatives at Agudah that all this gay acceptance and gay molestation is going on in the velt?

Every time the Agudah goes against the real gedolim of this & free'erdik doros to protect pedophiles, further harm child victims and support gay politicians, you see another big yeridah in the velt.

There was a big event last Shabbos afternoon at Yosef Kanefsky's shul in Los Angeles. He used to be the right hand man of Avi Weiss in Riverdale. Instead of shiurim, they had a panel of 3 openly gay "orthodox" Jews being maysis umaydiach that toayvah should be accepted. This disgusting scene at an "orthodox" shul no less was reported in the papers as being jam packed with people spilling out the doors.

British Agudah Fresser said...


NYPD Chief Paul Browne tells a London newspaper that they have ascertained for a fact that Leiby was in New Square that Monday night but not necessarily eating by the seudah or dancing. Isn't it a crime in America if Skverrer hall employees and some of the guests fibbed to investigators?

Barnes and Noble said...


This Omaha mother, along with Phillp Faugno, is concerned about the Nook e-reader they bought her son.

The tool allows you to purchase digital books and read them. However, many of them, including the Nook, include web browsers. As a result, Pam and Phillip said their son encountered explicit adult websites on the device.

Pam was all the more shocked to find the Nook does not have built-in parental controls to block content parents consider offensive.

"We were disappointed, very disappointed that there was no way," Pam explained.

So, she contacted the Nook's maker, Barnes & Noble. When asked about parental controls, she claimed the company told her, "Not only do we have nothing in place, we have no plans in the future." Pam explained the response as "very sad."

KY3 also contacted Barnes & Noble about the device. The company admitted their e-reader did not have built-in parental content controls.

Furthermore, Barnes & Noble said the Nook was not designed for kids, and was for adult use only.

"That's absolutely ridiculous. Right around Christmas time they were being advertised as refurbs directly for the teens and kids market," said Pam.

Pam also points out the Nook website lists hundreds of books for sale for underage readers.

Anonymous said...

Cheerio 'ol boy,

Of course Leiby was in New Square. That's why Dov Hikind blew a gasket on Fox News when he found out from his sources that some shmucks at the chassena were lying to Federal agents to cover up, even when an innocent boy was abducted.

OU Crony Watch said...

Does UOJ have any information on OU Executive VP Emeritus Weinreb's behavior as a rabbi in Baltimore that would make him a hypocrite?


While many rabbinic authorities encourage their constituents to contact police immediately in cases of suspected abuse, molestation or other crises, there is still a stigma in some Orthodox communities to seek help from the authorities.

Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, executive vice president emeritus of the Orthodox Union, has often noted that when your house is on fire, you call the fire department, not your rabbi. Similarly, he maintains, when there is a suspected crime, the first call should be to the police.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, executive vice president emeritus of the Orthodox Union, has often noted that when your house is on fire, you call the fire department, not your rabbi. Similarly, he maintains, when there is a suspected crime, the first call should be to the police.


What Gary left out is Weinreb knew about Eliezer Eisgrau and Moshe Eisemann and did ---- DRUM ROLL --


Beware said...

It was David Greenfield who came up with the idea, which I think is a really dumb one, to mark businesses and even private homes as "safe havens" with a green sticker. You submit to a background check, pay $50 and the green sticker tells any kid who is lost or just scared to come inside.

DAVID GREENFIELD IS A SLIMY, LYING PUTZ who backs molesters. He is a political zoyna who will do anything Agudah & Satmar tell him if that gets him elected. That's why he came out against the Markey Bill.

Most pedophiles have no criminal record. They will be signing up in droves to get the green sticker. Once a kid comes inside, the pedophile can do an Aron on him and no one will ever know.


Anonymous said...

NY Post reporting:

The drug cocktail was lethal enough to kill Leiby had he not been smothered with the towel.

Not clear if the drugs were prescribed to Aron or someone else.

Seems Aron lied about killing Leiby during lunch on Tuesday as NYPD forensics think he was killed after work on Tues evening.

Still being investigated if Leiby was molested first.

Anonymous said...

At a Chol Hamoed Succos Asifa in the Bais Yaakov of Borough Park many years ago, Rav Avigdor Miller, ZT”L, made a rare public appearance, together with the Skulener Rebbe and the Debrecener Rov, to warn the community that they were in grave danger.

Rav Miller warned—prophetically—that many of our short-sighted community leaders are trading our spiritual and physical safety for a mess of pottage, as the Torah states:

“If we sell out our moral values, G-D will leave our camp unprotected.”

Our very public political support for candidates who are promoting unlimited abortion and the legitimization of the worst kinds of immorality and perversion, in exchange for easy access to Government programs and money, is causing G-D to cease protecting us and our children.

The political “tumlers” dismiss Rav Miller’s words, claiming that “It’s none of our business—These things don’t happen in our community!”

The political “Tumlers” are wrong—dead wrong!

Over the last few years, we have heard more and more instances of terrifying attacks on our children in our very own community by Toeva Predators. Our failure to heed the warnings of this Godol is coming back to haunt us.

Rav Moshe Wolfson once remarked that, when moral degeneracy spreads through society, it spiritually pollutes the very air we breathe. It exerts an influence on us and our children, even when we are not exposed to it directly.

We alienate G-d and, thereby, endanger our community when we publicly honor politicians who promote the worst kinds of perversion—Bloomberg, Cuomo, Quinn, Schumer, Silver, Weiner, Weprin—at our public gatherings, and in our newspapers and magazines.

And, so, we are forced to suffer the tragedy of Laiby Kletzky, Z”L, an innocent eight-year old child who was brutally butchered by one of these politically-protected perverts in our very own community—WAKE UP YIDDEN!

Carol Kramer said...

where was levi aron's family when this was happening?

Monsey said...

Charlie Hynes said at the press conference for the 8 count indictment against Aron that they know Leiby was in Skver because he was seen going into a gas station bathroom in nearby Monsey. Gas stations have cameras.

What a phony! said...

“I haven’t been able to sleep since the terrible tragedy that befell Leiby Kletzky,” explained Councilman David Greenfield. “This bill is a simple and low-cost way to create safe havens for children across New York City. What’s more, store-owners and residents who participate will send a clear message that they care about New York’s children.”

UOJ Public Service Announcement said...


The Leiby Kletzky Memorial Fund. Coping With Grief by Doing Good.

The funds will be managed by Leiby's parents, Nachman and Esther Kletzky, who will oversee the managment and distribution of funds along with their esteemed Rov Rabbi Binyomin Eisenberger shlit"a.

This fund, Leiby Kletzky Memorial Fund is a recognized 5013c IRS tax exempt non-profit organization, under Khal Lev Echad. For more information please call 718-838-1708.

UOJ Public Service Announcement said...


The Leiby Kletzky Memorial Fund. Coping With Grief by Doing Good.

The funds will be managed by Leiby's parents, Nachman and Esther Kletzky, who will oversee the managment and distribution of funds along with their esteemed Rov Rabbi Binyomin Eisenberger shlit"a.

This fund, Leiby Kletzky Memorial Fund is a recognized 5013c IRS tax exempt non-profit organization, under Khal Lev Echad. For more information please call 718-838-1708.

Attention JBAC said...

Is there anything you can do at City Council to stop David Greenfield's STUPID idea of green stickers? Instead of encouraging a program that will attract unconvicted pedophiles, kids should be educated to approach mothers with children as so many people have pointed out, including a letter to the editor of yesterday's NY Times.

I called Dov Hikind's office but his staff said he will be reluctant to attack Greenfield.

NYPD said...


Bubba said...

Aint no surprise that Aron's lawyers want him in a prison hospital for the rest of his life. They know what will happen to him if the prison population like me gets our hands on him

Boro Park said...

If Greenfield had an honest bone in his body he wouldn't need to announce the green shtickers to the TV cameras that he called down to the sidewalk in front of Boyaner yeshiva. If the boys were having a shiur then it was also mevatel talmud Torah. The shmendrik needed something for political gain and had to get creative or else no one would pay attention when the field was already crowded with much more important politicians all the way up to Federal level.

Anonymous said...

the rabbis and aguda make me sick trying to capitilize on this tragedy when they have to blame no one but themselves

ohel had information regarding this levy and did nothing

and yet they remain open

Spotlight on the Queens Vaad said...


Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer has a great idea. Stop the member items from City Council that basically amount to conflicts of interest and outright bribery. Council members give all kinds of groups payoff money for political support.

How many Queens Vaad rabbis has David Weprin given money to so that they hug and kiss him while he pushes the gay agenda? Speaker Christie "mayseh Eretz Mitzrayim" Quinn alone gave out $18 million in bribes last year. This report does not name recipients but could they include the Queen's Vaad's Chaim Schwartz and Joel Schonfeld who went running to a party she threw for them?

Spotlight on the Queens Vaad said...


Isn't that funny that David Weprin & Christie Quinn have refused to provide the NYC Public Advocate's Office with the data of who is getting bakshish.

We will see if State Assembly earmarks must be made public record now that Weprin was promoted from City govt with help from his Mommy who made sure no one else could compete for the State Democrat ticket nomination.

Boruch said...

JJJ asked "Is there one normal Rabbi out there?" By what definition of normal are you catergorizing or hoping to categorize? Rabbinus is a business, just like medicine and law. What's good for business is sacred and what's bad for business is heresy. After reading the articles, the blogs, the comments, I stand by my conclusion that Pogo was a navi - I've seen the enemy and it's us, Pogo concluded. We shouldn't be looking past the mirror anymore. It's up to each of us to be the ideal of normalcy. The Rambam cast yiddishkeit as a walking in the mittler vegh. Hypocrites have abounded with greater levels of outward piety while hiding (except from the RBSO) their depravity to others. Hashem chooses the leaders, see Korach. But we have no Moshe Rabbeinu and everyone wants a piece of the large pie that is billions of dollars in tzedakah, kashrus, fashion, etc. We have committed unspeakable acts of overt disobedience to Hashem and comfort ourselves by yelling (ever so fashionably) at others who dare expose the nakedness of our character. The Emperor has no clothes and the Rabbis are no better dressed.

It is interesting to note that calamities are addressed as a wake up call from Hashem to do teshuvah. You should take time to acquaint yourself with the process of doing teshuvah and the normal outcome of the process and the normal being that comes out on the other side of the process. I've sinned. I've done things that I'm not proud of. I don't whip myself or sit in cold water to repent. I cry to Hashem. I don't make representation that I'm perfect, I'm a work in progress.

The illogic of putting a Rabbi on a pedestal is antithetical to Torah. Torah demands challenge. question, dissent, reason, disagreement, and even throwing a fool out of Yeshivah. Look into the Gemorrah Sanhendrin and find the term "Kambasta" around the sugya of homosexuality. Idiots don't get to play Rabbi.

Today, we have normal Rovs who don't seek limelight and cope with the same problems as their constituency. They teach what Hashem wants from a person and how to reach that goal. I won't name them, their anonimity is a shield against the wanton idiocy of their colleagues (I want to write sic here, I really do, because such erliche Yidden shouldn't be grouped together with these idiots).

At the end of the day, we are responsible to know what Hashem wants from us and to achieve it. We say it every day; to learn, to teach, to do, in Shachris. We have the guidelines, we have taavehs, we have weaknesses. Being normal, ourselves, is a best defense against the external idiocy. Be skeptical about the words you hear, trust but verify what you are taught. Pour your heart out to Hashem. Turn back to Hashem. Normal is out there.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Idiots don't get to play Rabbi.


Great line, only if it were true. You're really good, keep writing.


Shalom Tendler said...


I wonder if that yogurt was cholov Yisroel

boruch dayan emess said...


In Houston, catastrophe struck when five members of a Jewish family driving home from a vacation in Colorado over the July 4 weekend collided head on with another vehicle.

The parents, Josh and Robin Berry, 41 and 40, were killed instantly. Two of the children in the back seat, Peter, 9, and Aaron, 8, suffered severe spinal injuries and are paralyzed from the waist down. One child, Willa, 6, escaped with broken bones and was able to speak when paramedics arrived. A woman in the passenger seat of the other car, Colleen Doyle, also died.

RBSA Home of the Depraved said...

In a publicized women's shiur in Ramat Bet Shemesh Elimelech Kornfeld attacked the successful Magen organization.

Magen was begun to protect children by educating parents (and the community), providing a hotline and training therapists to work with victims and their families.

This wonderful organization has already been instrumental in helping victim families in several of the many cases of molestation in RBS.

Kornfeld used very harsh words calling Magen a "danger" and suggesting that Rabbonim always know better.

Despite the fact that Magen is comprised of all stripes of frum Jews and has Rabbinic oversight Kornfeld calls them "against the tzibbur" and working against rabbonim.

The only danger here is Rabbi Kornfeld who has had suspected pervs in his shul as well as having a highly publicized case of alleged molestation in his own cheder.

The "shiur" is available for free download at the link below. His attack on Magen begins after 40:00.

It is important for all to hear this as he is actually attacking all those who seek to protect children.

The shiur is entitled "Current Events"

Link: http://www.kehilla.org.il/products.asp?cat=5

Sruly Singer said...


Claims Conference Expects To Recover Only 2 Percent Of Fraudulent Payments

Anonymous said...

The Brooklyn DA's Office is now telling reporters (seemingly to dispel the myth that Leiby stayed in the apt of his own free will to watch TV) that the ligature marks on Leiby indicate Aron tied him up in the early morning and left him bound for 12 hours until killing him.

East 2nd St said...

Today is day 9 that the Crime Scene Unit is tearing apart Aron's house.

3 NY Post reporters were at the house last night and were told that the dudes in the space suits found hidden in Aron's apt KIDS CLOTHES THAT DO NOT BELONG TO LEIBY! They don't yet know which kid(s) the clothes belong to.

Boruch said...


Idiots don't get to play Rabbi unless their followers have abdicated their seichel and are active participants in the sham of "needing to belong so not to be left behind". When my father A"H, was teaching about the Incas and the other South American religions, he made a point to his students that ignorant, blind followers who never questioned the priests power usually wound up as a sacrifice. Being a sacrifice was the highest form of worship - it was an honor to die for God and that was the source of the priestly power - choosing God's honorees.

Today that honor is still a fundamental priestly gimmick - except you don't die, you become a mindless, unquestionable follower, not of God, but of the priest (Rabbi). We have returned to paganism. We don't practice Judaism. We make kiddush Friday night, we sit on the ground Tisha B'Av, but we don't practice Judaism.

JJJ's question should have been are their any normal Jews out there? Are there any Jews that practice Judaism and aren't pagans to the high Rabbis of the Rabbinic business cartels? Yes, the ones who follow the dictum of another sage - Julius Marx, "I do not care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members". In other words, don't be a blind follower.

Idiots don't get to play Rabbi, unless they are Rabbi to congregants who belong to a club that accepts them as members. It's this club mentality, social networking, that has made Jews passive sheep. Let's not offend the club, let's not question the club. God in a tree house. It's not the Judaism I wanted to join when I started. So I made the Judaism I wanted to join. I asked what God wanted from me. He didn't want a outwardly pious phony. So I try not to be one. It's work, you gotta do the work

Monsey said...

The gas station was not in Monsey. It is that Sunoco station on the Palisades Pkwy in New Jersey that everyone stops at. It's a very crowded station but Aron escorted Leiby into the bathroom. Because he took a child across State lines that becomes FBI jurisdiction. Prosecutors should look at adding another charge that Aron was present when Leiby pulled his pants down. A nine year old does not need help going to the bathroom.

A bissel sechel said...


R' Yehuda Levin, who can sometimes be a little silly, happens to be right here, although his drasha shtelling tzu Amalek is over most people's heads. The Maharal speaks of Amalek wanting to be an overpowering force by resorting to homosexual rape & dehumanization. The Achronim also say that bichlal the chiyuv of mechiyas Amalek is mutal on us to eradicate from within ourselves any midas Amalek, especially putting our heads in the sand towards any avlah, especially those covering up for homosexual pedophiles. Amalek is lashon melika that the head is separated to hide from reality.

Yankel Applegrad said...

This is typical of UOJ's guilt-by-association stunts where he handed a large envelope full of questionable "evidence" to the Manhattan DA. Rav Lipa Margulies informs me that his long lost cousin will vigorously defend himself against the charges.

NEW YORK - James Margulies, 47, an attorney and corporate executive, was convicted of looting a Manhattan-based public company of more than $90 million worth of illegally issued securities, and stealing more than $20 million from investors, was found guilty by a jury in New York City. Margulies fraudulently issued more than 40 million shares of stock, and then used the proceeds from the sale of that stock to inflate the company’s balance sheet and pump up the value of the stock. This allowed him to sell the stock at inflated values and covertly fund the company with the proceeds, while also bankrolling his lavish lifestyle.

All told, Marguiles issued some 43 million shares, almost all of it to support the fraudulent scheme. He spent his ill-gotten gains, totaling more than $7 million, on luxury items such as a $500,000 vacation club membership in Exclusive Resorts, a $350,000 ring for his wife, and private jet travel. He also spent more than a million dollars paying off the mortgage on his home, and purchased a secondary home for more than a million dollars.

Following a 6-week trial, a jury in New York State Supreme Court today found the defendant guilty of grand larceny in the first degree, scheme to defraud in the first degree, conspiracy in the fourth degree, falsifying business records in the first degree, and violations of the Martin Act, New York State’s securities fraud law.

The defendant is scheduled to be sentenced on August 9, 2011.

“The defendant’s pump-and-dump scheme artificially inflated stock prices before he sold off the shares, leaving honest investors holding worthless stock,” said District Attorney Cyrus Vance. “While the victims in this scheme – including a teachers’ pension fund in Ohio and the Methodist Church – lost millions on their investments, the defendant spent the stolen money on homes, expensive jewelry, luxury travel, and private jets.”

Upper West Side said...

This is more than people around here can stomach. Rogosnitzky stole a huge sum of money from the Gateways kiruv organization through some kind of credit card fraud. He was also the biggest womanizer on the West Side, chasing every skirt at singles parties while he was still married. Someone also gave Failed Messiah a picture of him with his Puerto Rican shiksa lover as they were boarding a plane to visit her parents on the island! How did they let this tuchess into Boro Park for such a sacred event???????????????


Mourners gathered in Borough Park Wednesday night, crying and singing at a memorial service.

"There's nothing we could say that could really affect the family as much as singing," said Benny Rogosnitzky, cantor at Park East Synagogue. "So we asked the family to come together with the community to sing and pray, and hopefully inspire them."

Leiby's father, Nachman Kletzky, joined

East 2nd St said...

CBS 2's Kristin Thorne is back at the house today. She says that the kids clothes in Aron's apt were a large amount.

They have gone back into the backyard and they are digging deeper down than originally.

Anonymous said...

Kornfeld is at it again?

This man is taking over the anglo community of Ramat Bet Shemesh and nebach on them!

He is a charismatic control freak with his hand in everything.

Perhaps he has learned from his esteemed father-in-law, Aharon Feldman, how to sweep the molester issue under the shatnez free carpet.

If he succeeds in shutting down Magen (which he probably will) whoa unto the people of RBS.

Stand strong Magen..you have the moral high ground here.

UOJ gets results said...

At least one rosh yeshiva has criticized R' Shmuel for sending Eisemann from Philly to Ner Yisroel after Philly bochurim said he touched them. Ner Yisroel endured complaints for years about Eisemann touching bochurim. At first, the Neuberger sons wanted to expel the bochurim for "motzi shem ra" but they were stopped by their father R' Hermann because he suspected deep down the bochurim were telling the truth. Ner Yisroel finally removed Eisemann from the hanhala after UOJ went public against them. Eisemann still maintains his positions at the Agudah and Artscroll.

R' Shmuel did nothing when Lipa Margulies was mesarev his beis din investigating Kolko. This is even though R' Shmuel's father R' Yaakov zatzal knew exactly what Margulies was, how he was the Torah Vodaas bus driver who stole from the yeshiva to start "Torah Temimah" [sic] and was mesarev an earlier beis din over that episode. R' Yaakov zatzal said that Torah Temimah will not have a kiyum in the end because it's yesod is on theft.

The Agudah will not come clean on molesters because their lawyers told them they will have their assets seized if it is proven they covered up. Rav Pam zatzal was extremely upset & protested at that Agudah meeting but he was ignored and overridden by various baal habatim and so called gedolim.


Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky, the vice-president of Agudath Israel of America's Supreme Council of Rabbinic Sages said in a speech in Flatbush July 12 that the sexual abuse of a child should be reported to a rabbi, who would then determine if the police should be called. The speech occurred as a search continued for 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky, whose dismembered body was found the following day in a dumpster and in the apartment of Levi Aron, who was indicted Wednesday in the boys murder.
A recording of the speech first appeared July 17 on the Failed Messiah blog.

Kamenetsky was repeating Agudath Israel of America's official policy banning Jews from reporting child sexual abuse to police, according to the blog.

A representative of the Shomrim, a volunteer civilian patrol in New York, told the New York Daily News that his organization keeps a list of alleged child molesters whom they have not reported to the police. The New York Jewish Week reported that it is possible that suspected murder of Leiby Kletzky, Levi Aron, may have been known to some in the ultra-Orthodox community, but that they did not report him to the police.

"We call upon Agudath Israel of America's leadership to immediately retract these dangerous statements (of Kamenetsky's)," Survivors for Justice, an advocacy, educational and support organization for survivors of sexual abuse and their families from the Orthodox world, said in a statement.

Alone in Ramat Bet Shemesh said...


Could you do some research om Kornfeld?

I am trying to get people here in RBS to rally against his child endangerment but everyone I talk to, while agreeing he is a danger, is afraid to death of him.

How can we battle this moron?

Bim Bam identity said...


Obama wants us to sacrifice while he plays golf, hosts lavish parties

Long Island said...

I remember that great article when the Jewish Star was still under Mayer Fertig before going to a Conservative rabbi. In an interview, Asher Lipner called David Greenfield an evil man or something like that for his position on molesters. Fertig did chicken out though and removed that line in a later edition.

Agudah Fresser said...

Yeah yeah sure. So they found kid clothes hidden in the house. Don't you dummies know that it's cheaper for insulation than fiberglass? And if they dig down 50 feet in any backyard, including UOJ's old house in Flatbush, they will probably find bones from Indians 500 years ago.

Please stop jumping to conclusions and this character assassination of poor Levi Aron.

Chief Sitting Bull said...

Neuhoff just sent a smoke signal from his bungalow in Fallsburg that he is against disturbing ancient Indian burial grounds of any kind.

Now let me get back to work, I've got a casino to run.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Funny stuff Chief Sitting Bull! Cholent on Thursdays?

Anonymous said...

Amazing how power brokers and b.s. go such a long way to put someone with the "right views" in political office. I know Greenfield from his days as executive director of the Sephardic Federation (Syrian). I thought the guy had no personality

Bungalow Putz tracker said...


Dr. Neuhoff is movin' on up. He upgraded from a Psy D to a full fledged Phd and is now on staff at NYU's Child Study Center as "Instructor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry".

The Center's motto does seem to fly in the face of what Neuhoff and Belsky are all about:

"Giving children back their childhood"

Bungalow Putz tracker said...

Here's a very odd thesis that Neuhoff wrote. Maybe the subject was Margo and his cronies laughing at the "rejects".


Charles C Neuhoff
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Effects of laughing, smiling, and howling on mood.

Journal - Psychological reports

Abstract :
This study examined the effects of forced laughter on mood and compared laughter with two other possible mood-improving activities, smiling and howling. While howling did not substantially improve mood, both smiling and laughing did. Moreover, laughter seemed to boost positive affect more than just smiling by 22 adults.

ISSN : 0033-2941

protecting our children said...

kornfeld is angry that magen forced his cheder to deal with the molestation problem. He will do anything now to bad mouth them. Anyone who would chas veshalom say anything bad about kornfelds cheder is playing with fire. Kornfeld doesn't care that tens of children were molested right under his eyes. UOJ help this community and stop the evil kornfeld.

Gil Student said...

Tuvya Chaim, "how" (right hand raised as if taking an oath)

I'll climb up the nearest totem pole and look for your smoke signals!

Anonymous said...

A newspaper called International Business Times quotes a police source that the drug cocktail was sprinkled into the tuna sandwich that Aron gave to Leiby zl. The Wall St Journal adds that Aron hid all the drug related details during his confession.

Son of Boog said...

Hey Boteach, you lowlife!


Struggling to come to grips with intra-community savagery

by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

I have long argued that one of the factors that has led to the national child obesity epidemic is parents’ fears for their children’s safety, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Children are no longer permitted to walk to school because parents don’t want them to bump into sickos. The net result is that they don’t get the exercise they need.

But in the case of a child in a highly Orthodox community, the thinking would be that the child is safe because “unzere” (our own people) are around to help and protect.

But Levi Aron is not unzere. Not only is the confessed killer not part of the religious Jewish family, he is not part of the human family. He is a beast of the field, a cold-blooded predator, devoid of any spark of God or hint of humanity. He is a man without a soul, a spiritless hominid.

Which leads to the most important question of all. In most cases where a child is abducted or brutally murdered by a predator, the child had already been a mark. A pedophile would have been at a playground or on a street corner studying a child who is then abducted. But in this case, a child became lost and he approached a man for directions who turns out to be a diabolical fiend. One can only hope and indeed assume that there aren’t that many crazed killers stalking Boro Park.

NYPD said...

Investigating if Aron worked with a coordinated group of pedophiles through Facebook!


Aron’s Facebook page included “238 friends,” stated the Village Voice report, while also noting that “most most disturbing is the Facebook group Levis belongs to entitled, “IS YOUR FAMILY SAFE? Find out who really lives in your area.”

In turn, the Facebook page that Aron and “238” other “friends” used on Facebook to track kids and other horrors is linked to “a catalog of sex offenders,” adds the Village Voice report while noting New York Police Department’s commissioner Ray Kelly pointing to an ongoing investigation into Aron’s Facebook “friends” and what others are up to on Facebook.

Big Doctor said...

The Bungalow Putz is a wannabe. Check out the staff page on NYU's website and you will see that Neuhoff is an unpaid volunteer. He is probably working for free to pad his resume. It's like those girls who work the graveyard shift at Goldman Sachs answering the phones in the middle of the night. They give themselves a fancy title on their resume and all kinds of employers fall for it. Ooooh psshhhh you worked for Goldman.

Trust Me..I'm a Rav said...

I heard that the Rabbonim are coming out with their own book:

Breaking the Wind

How Some Rabbis Fart Around About Sexual Abuse in Their Communities

Stefansky said...

Oh no! The meds were in the tuna sandwich? I hope that doesn't give Yudel Shain another opportunity to bash Dagim for relying on Belsky heterim.

Anonymous said...

So much for the "insanity" defense. Under NY State law, Aron would have to have no control over his mind to plead insane. The bloodthirsty killer obviously had enough presence of mind to mix a mayseh merkachas of 4 drugs into a sandwich. That fat putz lawyer Pierre Bazile needs to go on a diet and come up with a new story.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much abuse is Neuhoff is sucking up for the chashivus of an NYU title. The public health division of NYU is known to be very ignorant and rude to frum job applicants, even anti-Semitic. There have been very sophisticated women, doctoral candidates from Flatbush and 5 Towns who applied there. In the interview they got all kinds of piggish remarks like oh you are orthodox? Do you live in Williamsburg? The intimation being that how can you be not backwards and so educated

Anonymous said...

Fox News reporting that Aron's DNA being tested for matches in unsolved crimes for all the States he has been in like Tennessee, Arkansas & Florida.

Anonymous said...

As posted on Leiby's memorial website:

Chaim Neuhoff
2 hours, 30 minutes ago
Thank you for being Mikadesh Shem Shomayim.

Polly wants a cracker said...

Well, at least we know which shiur Neuhoff went to that he is parroting that line.

What a putz said...

Completely inappropriate! This putz is one of Shmarya's regular readers and if I recall correctly he has a lot of venom for the orthodox. What kind of an insensitive idiot would write this question to Leiby's parents on the memorial website?

Adam Neira
6 hours, 16 minutes ago
Prayers for Leiby Kletzky.

Did Leiby know Levi Aron ?

Anonymous said...

Can UOJ or anyone from Chicago confirm the following?

A beis din told a victim to report child molester Reuvein Bogoff to the police. Which beis din was that as it is commendable.

That Bogoff worked for the OU's NCSY in the late 1980s and the regional NCSY director ignored complaints that Bogoff and one other creep were acting inappropriately with children during sleepovers? If yes, who was the Midwest NCSY director at the time?

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Kamenetsky's Unfortunate Comments

By Phil Jacobs

Several years ago, over 500 people jammed into an Orthodox Synagogue to hear the wisdom of "experts" on the topics of sexual abuse, spousal abuse and trauma.

The dynamic in the sanctuary created an energy of tension that one could cut with a knife. Many of us in the room looked around to see who else was there. Many familiar faces, neigbors, people from all over the Orthodox community, that's who.

We were told to write down any questions we might have for the Q&A session that would follow. First, however, came a time consuming speech from the rabbinic head of the va'ad. It was 15 minutes of wasted time.

Then came a very meaningful speech from Dr. David Pelcovitz, a specialist in the area of trauma therapy.

In that speech, he stated one fact that still pulsates in my mind every time I hear someone doubt the word of a victim. He told the packed shul that victims don't make their abuse up. He said that 99 percent of the time they (even young children) are telling the truth (that was his number).

Then came the kick in the head: David Mandel, the CEO of Ohel, a social services organization that is supposed to help these victims, got behind the microphone and told us all that if we knew of an abuse, the first action we should take was to tell our rabbi.

Upon hearing that, my head snapped to left, where I knew three of my social worker friends who specialized in this area were seated. All three held their mouths agape. One even started to cry. I was just plain enraged.

And, like lemmings, the people in the audience -- many of them victims who had come to the talk with a hurt and knowledge that they never thought would impact their families -- were stuck in the quick-drying cement of rabbinic folly. These are people who go to their rabbi for every important decision in their lives -- and the rabbis are very aware of that. So now, in addition to the knowledge they carried with them, they were being denied the freedom to get help from the local police, Jewish social service agencies or other qualified therapists.

Like the Catholic priests, there are times when Jewish pedophiles are simply moved out of the community or given menial jobs so they can be "watched" by the community. Seldom are charges brought. You think that is by accident?

I can remember the silence among the therapeutic professionals as they left the synagogue. Their faces, normally reassuring, were ready to explode in disappointment.

Today, I felt that frustration return.

Anonymous said...

Part Two:

I don't know anymore why I expect anything different, something better, something with total thought behind it.

It was reported by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky, who is a leader to many Orthodox people, said that child abuse should be reported to the rabbis before the police.
Kamenetsky is the vice president of Agudath Israel of American's Supreme Council of Rabbinic Sages. His premise is that you should first report the abuse to your rabbi, and he'll then decide if you should call 911.

JTA reported that Kamenetsky made this speech LAST WEEK?, while the search was on for Leiby Kletzky, an 8-year-old boy whose body was dismembered and found the next day in a dumpster and in the apartment of suspect Levi Aron. Kamenetsky, in his unfortunate speech, was simply repeating Agudath Israel of American's official policy banning Jews from reporting child sexual abuse to the police.

Meanwhile, in the time before 911 was called and an amber alert-like search by police officials could have been made, a young life was lost. Additionally, The New York Jewish Week reported that it was possible Aron may have been known to some in the hareidi Orthodox community, but nobody reported him to the police.

Many know the story of Rabbi Jacob Max, a popular figure in Baltimore who, in plain view, flirted with uncountable numbers of young Jewish women. Yet, nobody ever held him accountable during his career. Many, including his rabbinic peers, thought it was cute, that it was just "Max being Max." One woman, who was allegedly molested by Max when she was just 15 years old, now lives in New England. She converted to Christianity because of the experience.

It wasn't until Max put his hand on the wrong woman that all of this came to an end, and, to his shame, landed him in a courtroom. The victim was not a member of the Jewish community. She had no family to worry about, no ties that would be damaged by his actions.

It goes on and on. And the pious are drowning in the waters of their own hypocracy.

By the way, the next time you have a question about what's bothering Rashi, go ahead and call a cop.
He'll know the answer. Just like Rabbi Kamenetsky.

Fatso Richard Klass Esq. said...

"That fat putz lawyer Pierre Bazile needs to go on a diet"

Ich nem zich far der kovod of Pierre Bazile and all zaftige attorneys

UOJ gets results said...


Brooklyn councilman (Greenfield) is proposing “Leiby’s Law”.

In this law, local businesses (or homeowners) could volunteer to be designated as safe havens for children who are lost or in trouble. “Employees would undergo background checks & business owners would put a green sticker in their store windows so children know it’s a safe place.”

Are these laws effective or merely ways for the community to feel proactive in the face of terrible tragedy? In the case Leiby’s Law, I feel it’s the latter.

First, Aron would have probably passed a background check, since he had never been in trouble with the law.

Additionally, how many stores would actually participate? In New York City especially, it’s not uncommon for stores to employ immigrants of dubious status; I doubt many are going to want police nosing around. This law also opens the possibility of lawsuits against stores whose employees passed background checks & still turned out to be trouble.

And would people who had small infractions in their pasts be worried about a store participating & not apply for a job out of fear of a background check? The unemployment rate is high enough as it is.

Says Carole Moore, former police detective & author of The Last Place You’d Look: True Stories of Missing Persons: “You can’t check every new employee’s background without running into a lot of mistakes.”

She also makes the point that a child walking into a designated store may approach the first person he or she sees. “Theoretically, if a child went into a place with a pedophile who was shopping, the child could still be in harm’s way. Even if the child is told to go to the counter & ask for help: Kids don’t always do what they’re told.”

But most of all, how effective would this law be at protecting children like Leiby?

Moore says she's seen this approach before. When she was on the police force in Jacksonville, NC (home of 2 major Marine Corps bases), her community had a program called “Helping Hand.” In it, businesses & individuals had background checks & were given a placard with a hand on it to hang in their windows. The program was in effect for a decade, says Moore. She notes: “In all the years it existed, I never once saw a child use it.” She adds the program eventually “just faded away.”

Here are important rules:

Go To A Woman

Police say to tell your children that if they ever find themselves lost or in trouble, to approach the nearest female, especially if she has children with her. Could your child approach someone like Casey Anthony? Anthony was never accused of murdering a stranger’s child. Most women aren’t.

Scream “I Don’t Know Him!”

Moore advises instructing your child that if someone is trying to take him or her, they should yell “I don’t know him!” Otherwise, a child that's kicking & screaming & being dragged off by an adult could be mistaken for just having a temper tantrum. Moore says this works for women being abducted too — otherwise bystanders might assume this is just a domestic altercation & not want to get involved.

Author’s note: Unfortunately, I had to take down my last blog, which was about how I believe the media is milking the Caylee Anthony murder for ratings & profit. I wrote that, to that end, I would send any money I made from that blog to a children’s charity. However, I began receiving threatening emails. Therefore, I took down the blog. Hopefully this one will attract a saner group of readers. I will donate 50% of what I make from this blog to The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children.

On Aug. 1, I will update this blog to reflect the amount I sent. Unless the same thing happens & I have to take this one down too!

Kiri Blakeley

Israel Belsky SHLITA said...

Hey, Richard Klass, my main man! Where the Hell have you been? After the lawsuit you filed for Le Marais against the mashgiach was thrown out, you disappeared into thin air, excuse my choice of adjective.

Dr. Bungalow Putz Neuhoff said...

"Richard Klass, my main man!"

What am I? Chopped liver? Is that the shkoyach I get for going to bat for you all the time?

East 2nd St said...


Fox News wanted to know why the NYPD closed part of the street and pulled up an oversize truck to load all kinds of stuff today. They found out a judge signed a warrant that EVERYTHING can be taken out including floorboards. The kids clothes are also being tested for DNA of missing kids.

Satmar Peasant said...

"It is not a Jewish issue, it is an issue for all of us. We are all human beings, all New Yorkers. When a child is harmed, no matter where, we are all harmed," said Rabbi David Niederman of United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg.

(But it's ok vhen Niederman cover up for molestration of Avrum Reichman)

Agudah Fresser said...


I'm surprised Shimshy Sherer is still talking to Adlerstein after he deviated from the party line on molesters. Chaim Schwartz has been attacking Adlerstein on Yudel's blog in unflattering terms as the "Webby Rebbe" who thinks he knows better than "accepted gedoilim", thus joining the ranks of what are in his view the public enemies known as UOJ and JBAC

Kletzky Family Friend said...

To understand the positive effect of UOJ, 2487 supporters that contributed to the Leiby Fund and $113,776 came from UOJ readers. The Kletzky family says yasher koach. As of right now the Fund can report:
No. of Supporters 3,282
Already Raised $142,088

Tizku L'mitzvos

Anonymous said...

Does anyone understand the strange ad put in newspapers last week either by Chaim Krauss's "beis din" or someone interested in speading the message?

Years ago, Krauss's beis din joined by a motley crew of such figures who cosigned as child molester Ephraim Bryks, Aryeh Ralbag, Queens Vaad av beis din Peretz Steinberg and gangster Mendel Epstein put the rov of Young Israel Las Vegas, Yitzchok Wynne, in "cherem". The dispute involved him going to authorities about a former shul member he was in a dispute with.

These clowns later backed off when National Council of Young Israel forced them to with lawyers involved. The above mentioned signed in front of a notary that they were backing down, documentation of which was publicly circulated.

What was not widely known is that part of their backing off was a statement made by Peretz Steinberg that Wynne was no longer guilty of mesirah by the "beis din's" definition. But then not long after Krauss & company withdrew, Krauss produced a 2nd letter that Steinberg provided incorrect edus and that the cherem is therefore reinstated. What is really strange is that Krauss's 2nd letter was written 6 years ago. So why is it being publicized now? It's also not clear if Krauss and company are attacking Steinberg for lying or if they accuse him only of making a mistake.

Fact Checker said...

How do you know that most of the contributions came from UOJ readers?

Fact Checker said...

Wow, 15 minutes later another $2000 contributed. Jerry Lewis is probably going to resign when the $1 million is reached.

Anonymous said...

Did someone in the rabbonus get to Loretta Lynch, the US Attorney in Brooklyn? She is declining to push for the death penalty for Aron without explanation. Someone from her office anonymously leaked to the press that she thinks it will be a waste of time because he will be found insane. This is garbage as Aron had way too much calculation to be insane. Under Federal law a child killer can be put to death if the child was moved across State lines. They have a video of Aron & Leiby in New Jersey.

Anonymous said...

very sad that there are so many idiots in this world that will even deface leiby's website with their stupid agendas. lubavitch meshichisten screaming moshiach now! and a hispanic anti-semite insinuating people shouldn't give because the money only goes to jews

Michael said...

Has anyone heard?

Magen, the child advocacy group in RBSA is under attack from Rabbi Kornfeld, Rav of the Gra Kehilla.

He says that they don't understand how to deal with the "tzibbur" when it comes to pervs and should leave it in the hands of the rabbonim.

Magen has made major inroads in educating the community about what to do if they suspect abuse.

Now they will be silenced. Shame on this "rabbi".

Geek said...

July 20-21
149,054 clicks
165,991 impressions (how many times ad appeared)
Average Position: 4.7
Top Keyword Phrase: UOJ/Leiby Kletzky Fund

No comprende said...

What does that mean in simple terms that UOJ was responsible for clicks on Leiby's website? What are impressions? How does keywording get that?

Geek said...

Page 1 on Google

Positions 2,3,4,5 - 182 additional results found.

Anonymous said...

Just an observation.

There are a lot of people with dubious distinction who try to cash in on the name of the Vilna Gaon.

The Gra shul in RBSA is led by Kornfeld.

The Gra shul in Lakewood is led by Shmuel Heinemann the head of the Northeast division of Star K. Rabbonim have told me the Northeast division is worse / more unreliable than any other in Star K and that they trust Shmuel Heinemann the least of anyone in Star K.

The Gra shul in Detroit was led for years by Gimpel Wolmark who took over Berel Wein's yeshiva in Monsey. There have been accusations following him for years.

The Mechon HaGra is run by the Pfeffer brothers. Ask around either Lakewood or Bnei Brak about those two.

The Siddur Vilna (Nusach HaGra) happens to be the best siddur ever published in my opinion. One day a lot of people stopped using it when it was revealed who the publisher is. There is a major talmid chochom in Israel named Yossi Israel who is originally a Danish Yekke from Copenhagen. He figured out that the initials on the shaar blatt belong to the radical nut son of Neturei Karta's Moshe Hirsch. Neturei Karta cleverly published the amazing siddur as a money making scheme to finance Neturei Karta's support of Iranian & Fatah terrorism.

What a disgrace to the memory of the Vilna Gaon ztvkl!

Jerry Lewis said...

My real name is Yosef Levitch. The Bungalow Putz should ask his parents or grandparents if they remember me in the good old days doing comedy routines in the Catskills.

UOJ gets results said...

On the state level, a group of senators announced the "Protect our Children Act," which would create a new crime of aggravated murder of a child, which would carry a life sentence with no parole. The legislation would also expand the charge of aggravated abuse of a child, which now only applies to day-care providers, to anyone who recklessly causes physical injury to a child under the age of 14. Sponsors include Sen. Greg Ball, R-Patterson, Sen. David Carlucci, D-New City, and Sen. Jeffrey Klein, D-Bronx.

East 2nd St said...

Dean Meminger who is a reporter for Time Warner's NY1, snuck up to the back of the NYPD tractor trailer yesterday to get a peek of what the 20 boxes and bags of evidence inside were marked with. One of the bags of children's items from Aron's attic apt was creepily marked: Winnie the Pooh pillow, Blue's Clues spoon and pink cup. Note that there are no young children living at the house.

Candid Camera said...


This idea from a bunch of Satmar chevra is a very good one. It is a problem though that Shomrim will be in charge of the video feeds instead of NYPD or an organization that doesn't cover up for molesters.

Anonymous said...

a goy has more morality than supposedly orthodox idiots like Jeffrey Schwartz who will defend any child molester or killer for a few bucks


Defense co-counsel Gerard Marrone abruptly resigned from the case, telling Eyewitness News that he simply could not in good conscience continue to represent Aron, who is accused of abducting and murdering an 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky in Brooklyn.

"The allegations were too horrific, and it's not something I wanted to be involved in," he told Eyewitness News. "I have three boys. One of my sons is seven. I looked at my own children and there are no words. You see the victim and you feel so sad."

Marrone admitted there was a time earlier this week when he cried over Kletzky's death.
Marrone is an experienced defense attorney, who is also a former amateur boxer.

He walks with a limp because he was shot in the back when he was 21.

He's taken hits before, but he says he's had a difficult time dealing with the reality of this case.

"A little piece of me died when I got the case," Marrone said.

"Before I got involved I believed in the divinity of human beings, and when I got involved I questioned the divinity of human beings," Marrone said.

Marrone says the medical examiner's report was the final straw.

On Wednesday, investigators revealed that the 8-year-old had been drugged with a potent mixture of pain relievers and muscle relaxants before he was murdered.

"Knowing what he went through, just putting two and two together, you know they made more than one attempt," Marrone said.

They were surprisingly candid remarks from the accused killer's former attorney.

"Looking in his eyes what did you see?" Eyewitness News asked.

"How about I answer that question when the case is over. It is something I'll never forget," Marrone said.


Maronne also said he would like to pay respects to the family of Kletzky. A Kletzky family spokesman said not at this time.

Anonymous said...

Interesting point about the Vilna Gaon. There is someone who is biggest loser of any shul rabbi that I know. He had a portrait of the Vilna Gaon in his office until the shul (out of town) threw him out. While he was rav he covered up for a molester touching little kids in the shul bathroom. He later got in a dispute with the shul board and was bent on being vindictive. He researched the penal code and found some obscure law affecting officers of organizations, even if they have no knowledge of what's going on. This law is really overreaching and has probably never been prosecuted. He showed up at the next board meeting screaming and yelling and threatened to masser on them to get them all in trouble.

The board approached the local beis din of which this rabbi served as secretary to be mazmin him for mesirah and other improprieties. Instead of facing the music, the rabbi abruptly resigned from the beis din and refused to appear at the din Torah. He then took a job, whereby he still posed as a rabbi, but no longer yeshivish looking. He restyled himself in a new image with a leather coat, toupee, leather yarmulka and fake blue contact lenses.

Anonymous said...

NBC News

The main defense lawyer for the man suspected of abducting and killing an 8-year-old boy he met on the street has acquired a new partner with experience in high-profile murder cases, including an insanity defense.

Pierre Bazile announced in an unusual statement on Friday that he had replaced attorney Gerard Marrone with Jennifer McCann on the team representing Levi Aron. Marrone left abruptly this week, saying in various media reports that he had "moral" issues about representing Aron.

Aron was indicted by a grand jury this week on multiple counts, including first-degree murder and kidnapping. He is accused of drugging Leiby Kletzky, smothering him and dismembering his body.

His lawyers have said he hears voices and has hallucinations.

Bazile announced in a statement that McCann "represented Kathleen Prisco, who famously killed her husband and was found not guilty by reason of insanity this past December."

Bazile also boasted that McCann represented "convicted murderer and dismemberer Nathan Powell and won his appeal for a lesser sentence."

"She has a reputation for being an aggressive attorney who diligently represents high-profile defendants," he added.

Aron pleaded not guilty at an initial arraignment last week.

Bazile also blasted Marrone for his comments about the case, saying he is "disappointed by Mr. Marrone's press comments."

Spotlight on the Queens Vaad said...

Queens Vaad honcho Joel Schonfeld & his bagboy Chaim Schwartz have a bad habit of making statements to the press and in comments to Rabbi Shain's blog that are quotes from the New Testament and other impure sources from ancient avodah zara as readers of Yudelstake are aware.

Just when you thought Chaimel & co couldn't sink any lower with their horrible choice of words that have sheroshim in various tiflus and tumos, now they attack a Queens Vaad critic with the words "Three Cheers"


Three cheers is a universal reference to the Olde English expression of "Hip hip hooray", uttered thrice, which has anti-Semitic origins from Medieval Crusader pogroms.

Hep hep in Latin was a derogatory rallying cry, roshei taivos for "Hierosolyma est perdita" vos maint "Jerusalem is lost".

Can you imagine the chutzpah of this Queens Vaad yukel invoking this in the drei vochen when the paytanim instituted kinos on Tisha B'Av for the Yidden and Baalei Tosafos hakedoshim hy"d who were massacred al kiddush Hashem by the Crusaders yemach shmom?

The expression was so ingrained by anteh-Semitten that the Wurzburg and greater Rhineland massacres of Yidden in 1819 that spread to other countries was called the "Hep Hep riots"

Anonymous said...

Now that new evidence pulls the rug out from under the "insanity" defense, that liar, I mean lawyer for Aron, Pierre Bazile is changing his tune and criticizing newspapers for putting words in his mouth, because talk of an insanity plea is "premature". Yeah, right?

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the Achim Pfeffer? After R' Dovid Schustal threw them out of Lakewood, I used to see them hanging around an apartment in Boro Park until they just fell off the grid. They've got to be in their 60s by now.

Anonymous said...

UOJ's favorite P.I.

MYFOXNY.COM - The manner in which Leiby Kletzky, 8, of Brooklyn was killed allegedly at the hands of Levi Aron, is an indicator he had committed similar acts before, said Bo Dietl, a former detective turned private investigator.

"This ain't over," Dietl told Good Day New York on Friday.

Kletzky's dismembered body was found in two separate locations in Brooklyn including the refrigerator of accused killer Aron.

"I'm sure detectives are actively looking everywhere. And I hate to say this but those guys don't happen overnight. Let's hope it's just one," said Dietl.

Overlawyered said...


A lawyer named Scott Greenfield is attacking Marrone for quitting on Levi Aron. Is he any relation to David Greenfield?

NY Daily News said...


All of Aron's lawyers are retained and it isn't known who is paying for his legal representation.


UOJ should look into whether some misguided rabbis are involved in raising money for the legal defense. The Aron family has no money. I think the killer's father is a clerk at B&H Photo.

I also wonder if Marrone quit because the Mafia has a huge problem with child molesters and have been known to whack them where there is no financial gain involved. See the rest of this article:

Marrone had previously represented numerous reputed Mafioso and his name was recently dragged into the federal trial of Bonanno boss Vincent (Vinny Gorgeous) Basciano.

Mob associate Salvatore Volpe had testified about discussions to whack Marrone after he tried to become a member of the Bonnanos. The lawyer denied ever trying to join the crime family.

UOJ Said This said...

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...
Aron left a trail of crime and destruction, the police have yet to uncover it. A 35 year old guy does not became evil overnight. I urge law enforcement to investigate Aron's time as a student in Yeshiva Torah Vodaath - 425 E.9th St. Brooklyn.

12:56 PM, July 17, 2011

Vos zogt UOJ? said...

Point of view from the blogger calling himself Forty Eighter:

I myself am aware of FIVE cases of predators preying on children or women in Boro Park. I can state emphatically that calling the police is a time consuming waste of time. When they show up (if they show up) they start asking the stupidest questions and write it down slowly. All the while the perpetrator is getting further away. They don't instatntly spring into action as your instinct would expect. From there it could mean a trip to the station and more wasting of time. While this is going on, the victim is not available to provide vital information to Shomrim. After all that, the report gets filed away and you hear nothing more about the case. Even if the perpetrator would be caught, in most cases there is not enough to make an arrest. The police wouldn't reveal the identification of the suspect to you or to Shomrim, so the whole episode ends up being a giant, traumatic waste of time.

However, if you call Shomrim they respond forcefully and while they are taking information from you they are dispatching frontline troops to address the situation heads on. If they catch up with the perp, even if there is not enough to make an arrest, they make sure that he is on notice that his details and actions have been filed away for future reference. If that person works with children they will make sure to notify his employer. None of this would happen when calling the cops.

The Kletzkys did the right thing in calling Shomrim first, and it turned out that the mobilization spearheaded by Shomrim lead to the finding of the body and arrest of this madman. A much worse outcome would have been if Leiby's whereabouts were never known and the perpatrator free to strike again.

The only thing I would have done differently in this case, that might have made a differrence, would be to broadcast on TV and the internet messages to the potential kidnapper, asking him to simply drop of the child anywhere around Brooklyn without fear of prosecution. I would have had Mrs. Kletzky tearfully address the kidnapper directly. This would have humanized the boy in the eyes of the kidnapper and given him an idea how to get out of the mess he was in.

Shomrim was working on the premis that the child was lost, therefore they did not resort to this tactic. By the time they concluded that there was foul play, things moved so fast that the sad outcome was inevitable.

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