Sunday, January 22, 2017

Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump In Church on Friday and Shabbos! Trump's Conversion Farce Must Be Repudiated, Rebuked & Delegitimized by Every Orthodox Rabbi! Kabbalat Shabbos With Jared & Ivanka! Israel & The Jewish People Have Every Reason To Be Concerned About Kushner's Total Rejection of Core Jewish Values (מומר להכעיס) , and In Essence, Contemptuous Conduct.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump - 3rd Row


Friday Night Kabbalat Shabbos With Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump - The "Jews" First Dance at 3:25.....

Despite Sabbath, Ivanka Trump and Husband Celebrate Inauguration (NY TIMES NO LESS)

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner at the Liberty Ball on Friday evening. Credit Ruth Fremson/The New York Times 

For Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, celebrating the presidential inauguration by attending the gatherings on Friday night posed an obstacle to their Orthodox Jewish observance of the Sabbath.

Ms. Trump, President Trump’s older daughter, and Mr. Kushner got special permission to break from strict religious laws that prohibit them from using technology or mechanized devices, such as cars, during the Sabbath, which begins on Friday evening.

A Jewish person who was briefed on the matter but not authorized to speak publicly about it said on Friday night that they were given an exemption under the principle in Jewish law of pikuach nefesh, which suggests preserving the safety of a specific person over any religious consideration.
In the case of Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump, that would have meant being outside security escorts once the Sabbath had started.

Ms. Trump, who converted to Judaism, said in a Vogue magazine interview that she and her husband were “pretty observant,” keeping kosher and the Sabbath.


Jared Kushner - Ivanka Trump and children at the National Cathedral on Shabbos Morning





Funny Farm said...

UOJ needs to sit down for this one!


Jared Kushner's brother Josh attended the anti-Trump march on Shabbos by radical feminists!

a reader said...

UOJ, i have great respect for you and your work over the years but i think you're wrong here.
there is legitimate, longstanding halachic precedent (based on SA Yoreh Deah 178:2) allowing a jew to violate halacha to facilitate/maintain close relations with the authorities (thereby ensuring that such relationships are in place when jewish lives may be at stake). as i understand it, this is the basis for many UK chief rabbis attending various services in westminster abbey over the years.
there is a lengthy correspondence by (now disgraced) rabbi michael broyde on this topic (defending rabbi lookstein's participation in obama's prayer service in 2009): http://www.hakirah.org/Vol%208%20Broyde.pdf

whatever your opinion of trump, kushner, ivanka, etc., there is little doubt that kushner's role as a close adviser to the president could have a direct impact on life/death issues for jews. on that basis, he would certainly qualify for the referenced 'heter'

UOJ gets results said...


GOP Israel now backing away from knowing any legit rabbi who was "mattir" Kushner-Trump chilul Shabbos, say they were told by a Kushner relative of a "heter" from who knows who.

jules the bassist said...

It is amazing the heters available to the well-connected.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

I sat down ;-), then I got up...

Garnel Ironheart said...

Look, you know the rules. If at the time she stood before the Beis Din and then dunked in the mikveh she was completely sincere about her desire to live a halachic lifestyle then whatever she does now has no effect on the conversion.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Wrong Garnel, I do know the rules, here they are:

Rabbi Moshe Feinstein states the very marriage of a gentile woman to a non observant Jew, is equivalent to an open declaration that she will not observe the precepts. This is so, because it is highly unlikely that the gentile member of such a union, will be more committed to Judaism than her remiss Jewish husband (certainly when they are living together prior to their marriage). Unlike mental or tacit negations, explains Rav Feinstein, open declarations do invalidate conversions. When such cases appear before a rabbinical court, its members actually become witnesses to an acceptance declaration that is not sincere. Therefore, it is no longer a tacit insincerity, but rather an obvious one. As such, they are forbidden to sanction the conversion. Regardless of what this Jewish court may declare, the conversion is invalid and the person is not deemed a member of the Jewish nation. In Iggros Moshe, Letters of Moshe (Yoreh De’ah, no. 157), he writes that “According to the Law, it is certain that one who converts for the sake of marriage, does not intend to keep the commandments, and is not a proselyte at all.”

Anonymous said...

Garnel, not only is Rabbi Mendlowitz correct regarding Kushner having gone off the derech at Harvard, but Ivanka was openly disregarding Shabbos, kashrus & tznius immediately before, during & after her wedding. That is also grounds says R' Moshe to invalidate whatever the beis din put on paper.

Open Chicken Pox said...

There is no surprise psak anymore in the age of Open Schmorthodox of which Haskel the Rascal identifies with. He is quite clear he does not require kabolas mitzvos of a "ger" among other things.

And the buffoon Lopatin from Chicago who now heads YCT was mattir Rahm-bo Emmanuel to make phone calls on Rosh Hashana with the bogus "reasoning" that any item potentially impacting the economy is "pikuach nefesh" and since his teacher Rabbi J.B. Soloveitchik is a "Brisker" and Brisk is machmir on pikuach nefesh, hence the "heter". When Lopatin was then mocked that Rahm-bo is married to a gentile woman, Lopatin just shrugged that it's not of his business who anyone is married to including Rahm-bo who gets kibudim in the shul & sends the little gentile offspring to Lopatin's Hebrew school.

The gedolim compared Michael Broyde to Conservative founder Zacharias Frankel. But Open Schmorthodox are like the Reform.

Anonymous said...

I have no criticism of Jared and Ivanka as individuals They just can’t represent themselves as Orthodox because their behaviour is fact not Orthodox. You can’t go to an inaugural ball on a Friday night, dance with each other where Ivanka is dressed immodestly and attend a Church. I believe the President would have respected them more had they stuck to their principles That is why the the type of conversion she obtained is highly dangerous. Their desire to be with each other took precedence over her sincere desire to be Jewish. They embraced each other before they embraced their Judaism and therefore it is very tempting and easy to compromise their Judaic requirements. Their Gentile environment by osmosis will inevitably affect them and their children.

Anonymous said...

Who is the rabbi who considered going to a ball is פקח נפש. And you are מחלל שבת Friday night you end up take your children to church in the morning. I am sure Jared's grandfather who was a holocaust survivor would have shepped nachas. Also this sets a bad example for people who have נםיון about shabbos to be מורה התיר for the ones not so.

Anonymous said...

Incredible. A voluntary decision to attend a party on Shabbat means that it can be violated because there will be increased danger if no driving occurs.

I’ve heard of tortured reasoning, but this is a whole new level. That somehow her not attending the party will be detrimental to Jews. There are so many objections to this ridiculous chain of illogic, but I will limit myself to just one:

There were no habitable residences within miles of where these parties occurred? They happened in the Arizona desert?

Next to this, the Conservative movement’s position allowing people to drive to temple on Shabbat begin to seem almost reasonable.

Anonymous said...

1)If they violate Halacha in public they should not be called Orthodox.
2) maybe we can now understand why the Rabbet in Israel won’t accept conversions made by the Rabbi that converted Ivanka .Nothing against her since she I guess her conversion was with this life style in mind, and now we can argue if it is a valid conversion.

Anonymous said...

Eric Trump's wife is "Inside Edition" producer Lara Yunaska who I think we can assume is not Jewish lehalacha since her mother's maiden name is Sykes.


In a similar vein, two of Donald Trump's four adult children have converted to Judaism before wedding Jewish partners (with Eric Trump's wedding taking place beneath a crystal-embellished chuppah, "because," as Tablet Magazine noted, "while the wedding may have been Jewish, it was still Trump").

Paul Mendlowitz said...