Friday, June 14, 2019

Anti-vaxxers lose minds after religious exemption bill gets pushed through - “And these are the religious people?!” Agudath Israel Worried About The Threat To The First Amendment!

“And these are the religious people?!”

The state Capitol turned into a chaotic scene Thursday as both houses of legislature — and eventually Gov. Cuomo — passed a bill that will end New York’s policy of allowing religious exemptions from vaccine requirements.

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, the bill’s sponsor, got cursed out and flat-out threatened at one point by opponents of the legislation after it got passed and sent to the Senate floor.

“We’ll be back for you Jeffrey!” shouted one man in Orthodox religious garb, who was fuming in the gallery with others, many of whom had children with them.

“Motherf–ker!” screamed another person. “Shame!”

Dinowitz and other lawmakers remained calm during the mayhem, but were on edge as they recessed for the day.

“I’m sure the hallways are very dangerous for me right now,” Dinowitz said afterward. “I think it’s very sad that people who are up here in the name of religion were acting anything but. Judging by the way some people behaved and judging by the threats that we heard from some people, it would be prudent to exercise some caution.”

Gov. Cuomo wound up signing the bill into law just hours later.

“The science is crystal clear: Vaccines are safe, effective and the best way to keep our children safe,” the governor said in a statement. “This administration has taken aggressive action to contain the measles outbreak, but given its scale, additional steps are needed to end this public health crisis.”

The vaccine problem was witnessed first-hand Thursday at two schools in Williamsburg, which had to be closed by the Health Department for allowing dozens of unvaccinated students to attend classes, according to officials.

Cuomo said that while he understands and respects the right to freedom of religion, “our first job is to protect the public health and by signing this measure into law, we will help prevent further transmissions and stop this outbreak right in its tracks.”

Dinowitz’s bill had been approved by the Democrat-led Assembly by a 77-53 vote, though the tally was unofficial. The legislation will end non-medical exemptions for vaccines statewide.

“This bill was never about [religion], it was about public health, as I said on the floor,” Dinowitz explained. “It’s going to protect children’s health and we’ll never know which children don’t catch a terrible disease, but we know for this bill it will protect children.”

The lawmaker said he was disappointed by the behavior seen today in the Assembly chamber but was hopeful that the anti-vaxxers would “calm down” and “be a little more civilized.”

“I don’t ever remember in all my years here, the screaming in the Assembly chamber and the disruption in the Assembly chamber — people yell and scream outside and that’s fine, that’s fine — but the disrespect, not to me … Forget me … to the institution, to all the members of the state … was frankly a disgrace,” Dinowitz said. “And these are the religious people?! Shame on them. Shame on them.”

Any issue the Agudath Israel can not control entirely: Sexual abuse reporting, metziza b'peh, vaccinations, education..... "is a dire threat to the Jewish people!"



Long Arm of R Sam Kaminetzky said...

Did Philly or the Agudah Fressers at large secretly try to sabotage this law?

The 3 frum guys in the State Legislature voted against it: Eichenstein, Felder & Cymbrowitz

Tales from the crypt said...

a reporter for the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle newspaper saw State troopers removing these chayos after the outburst.


that was after State Senator Simcha Eichenstein went up to the gallery with the Legislature's Sargeant-at-Arms & State troopers in a futile attempt to calm them down, a special leniency that no other losers would have been given

& Eckstein says he's been getting death threats for siding with pro-vaxx which is no surprise as secular journalists are reporting the same thing about themselves and that the anti-vaxx nuts are even targeting mishpochos who publicly complained that their children were niftar from measles

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Facts: Any issue the Agudath Israel can not control entirely: Sexual abuse reporting, metziza b'peh,vaccinations, education..... "is a dire threat to the Jewish people!"

Because the kids are pawns to their power.

Anonymous said...

The mishpocho of R' Avigdor Miller has been moyche that con man William Handler has no right to speak in the rav's name as he has been doing, putting words in the rav's mouth for anti-vaxx.

Guttfreund who owns The Cheder & the caterer at Ateres Chynka are money hungry fressers with no scruples who allowed a Handler circus there a week after the Monsey circus even after frum pediatricians complained to them that Handler's associates have been calling them "murderers" and inciting unstable personalities against them, putting their lives at risk.

UOJ Gets Results said...

How often does it happen that Cuomo sits in the chamber waiting for a law to be passed so he can sign it at the first possible second?

Drexel Ear Vaxx said...

If the Agudah Fressers takka instructed their boys in Albany to vote in opposition, this is a huge sheker & outrageous chilul Hashem after they were publicly posturing in favor of vaccines.

That's the mehalech of Yasser Arafat to say one thing for PR while doing the sinister opposite.

70 ponim to UOJ's Toyros who he has several times compared Fresser-collaborator Margulies to Arafat.

Professor Ryesky said...

Correct me if I am mistaken, but it seems that not too long ago, the Agudath Israel was taking no position on vaccination.


Deep State Agudah Fresserei said...

Senator Simcha Eichenstein, though it was difficult to make out anything he said when whimpering his mealy mouthed excuses as to why he was voting against the new law, did use the Agudah "Constitutional" talking point.

And there is indeed a point to it. But if the Govt c"v starts trampling on other freedoms, the Fressers will have no one to blame but themselves. After they disgracefully enabled the massive chilul Hashem by covering up for the Philly anti-vaxx lunatics, nothing much has changed now that they are playing double agent of "pro-vaxx" while working in the dark to defeat the Bill in Albany.

That Shoshanna Bernstein woman in Monsey by the way who is the big supposedly "pro-vaxx" organizer is nothing but an Agudah mole who dances to the Fresser looney tune. So she is of course going around whining against the new law.


She's even on the Fresser payroll at both Agudah & TU. Why do you think she has such easy access to interview every Fresser big shot at Bina Magazine & other publications?


She goes on the Fresser missions to Albany & elsewhere.

And she sits on a Yeshiva of Spring Valley committee. My, my, how far to the Left that YSV has lurched ever since those gangsters in charge stole the moysad from the founding family. What other yeshiva has women sitting on regular, non-Nshei committees?

The YSV Board should stick to their financial chicanery, phony frumkeit & disgusting achzoriyus to children without a yeshiva, instead of branching out now into taaruvos with the veiber too.

Koychi veOytzem Metzitzas Pi said...

One personality in the FRESSER chain of command once had the nerve to tell me that although it's true that R' Chaim Brisker & R' Chaim Oizer assered metzitza bepeh altz sakonas nefoshos to infants, the gedolei oylam are overridden by the current Agudah's fear of government intrusion or even possible intrusion into anything that Agudah megalomaniacs have marked as their territory. Ironically, it was R' Chaim Brisker who also foresaw the Agudah of this dor being corrupt.

Queens said...

Does anyone have a more powerful magnifying glass because I am trying very hard to find a macher at Bais Yaakov Queens who is NOT corrupt.

There is the school's VP, the convicted criminal Ribowsky whose blogger son is full of even more anti-UOJ venom than Bungalow Pipsqueak Neuhoff. There is Ribowsky's mechuton, the molester Ephraim Bryks. The list goes on.


I was hoping at least the Kew Gardens Hills gvir Charles Edouard Gros is clean, but according to this article, no such luck

Anonymous said...

Avi Shafran once wrote a bizarre attack on the hero pilot Sully Sullenberger. I suppose the Agudah couldn't control him either.

Shafran meanwhile has another specialty in that he denies Agudah having achrayus on their own camps like what the mechutzef said regarding Yudi Kolko. Shafran's excuse was that the Kolko story was too long ago.

Well here's something that happens in Agudah camps even now. If a kid ends up in the hospital from Camp Agudah Toronto, even if it's the camp's fault. Camp staff bill the parents through the camp because they were nebich matriyach themselves for taking the kid to the hospital! Talk about opportunities to monetize!