Sunday, October 18, 2009

In-House Agudah Memo About Containing the Scandal

A new kid on the block needs a break...

By Yerachmiel Lopin

Editors Note- The following came to me from an unknown source and I cannot verify its authenticity.


FROM: Mr. Allium

TO: MR Geltman

RE: Future direction of Finances

The unrelenting torrent of criticism of our failure to reformulate our approach is taking its toll. We are putting a brave face on it and we could probably continue in this way for a while. But if it persists long enough the damage will intensify and it may be too late to recover.

Accordingly I am writing this memo to you as a first step toward revising our approach before it is too late. Knowing how sensitive this issue is I used a typewriter and there are a limited number of copies in existence. Please burn yours after you finish reading it.

At the core of our problems is the Internet, especially the blogs such UOJ and FM as well as Polin’s Awareness Center. For a long time it was a “he said, he said” kind of situation. But now some of the old charges have been substantiated. As you and I know, more of those charges will be substantiated. Alas, Charles Hynes, Brookly DA, will be much less willing to take our word on dropping charges. Now some of the victimized girls are also talking. And some of them like little sheffele have stories that are so heartbreaking and yet so full of emunah. That sort of thing may be even more dangerous than UOJ which we try to discredit because of nivul peh.

Blogs (many anonymous) keep on opening. More of them are by individuals who are careful to make it appear like they are definitely frum. It is very hard to discredit them unless we have verifiable dirt on them. If we accuse them falsely they can choose to throw off their cloak of anonymity and then we are really up the creek. Moreover the anonymous one are less likely to be OTD. We know Shmarya is OTD but I suspect UOJ is not. Stripping UOJ of his anonymity it would be risky. Then he will be a real face and name, and that would be even worse for us because he clearly knows where many of the bodies are buried and I am afraid he has more dirt than he has dished out.

This is hurting us with contributors. Of course publicly, we are blaming the recession. Publicly I blame the drop in contributions on the economy. But serveral big givers have told me why they have stopped giving to us. I have confirmed that some of these people are giving the same or more to other groups. One fellow has dropped us and instead gives the money to SFJ.

Survivors for Justice is out there and it is hard to find any dirt on them. I am still looking. I wont give up, but I have to tell you I am pessimistic. Between you and me, we are just stuck with too many ehrliche yidn.

As if Rabbi Blau at YU was not bad enough now we are faced with Rabbi Eisenman at Ahavas Israel in Passaic. He got his smichah at YU but he is morphing into a hassid. If he has a specific Rebbe and we can identify him we might be able to pressure him. But he may be like Mr Mendlowitz, whose Rebbe was the Ribono shel olam. He clearly has a congregation which adores him and he commands great respect in his community.

Here are some of the dangerous ideas he is promoting”

Go to the Police

Listen to the victims even if they are OTD because they didn’t leave us, we left them by ignoring their pleas.

Listen to complaints even if you can’t prove the truthfulness because it may be the truth. Usually when someone complains there is some real problem.

That al chet for giluy arayos applies to the community’s response to the problem and that ubiartem es harah mikirbechah (you shall eradicate the evil among us) applies to this problem in our community.

That the biggest invokers of lashon hurah are the molesters themselves
That the Gerer rebbe “isn’t God” and he is protecting a molester (Mondrowitz) and congregants should refuse to support them. (He was saying this before the latest Litzman scandal.

Eisenman has just gotten started and a few others like him may emerge. It is true that most congregational rabbis are clueless or easily intimidated. However, the frum world is one big network and as congregants in other shuls speak to his congregants they will start pressuring their rabbis to do more. This will only lead to uncovering more and more cases and stoking congregational anger. We will lose more ground with our olam once they start hearing these stories from kids in their own community.

I think we can anticipate what happens next by looking at the Catholic Church. It is like Watergate, at some point the question became, who knew and who was involved in the cover-up. Unfortunately for the catholics there is a large written trail. Whereas in our community it will be more complicated and ambiguous and people will start blaming each other for either misrepresenting the facts presented to rabbonim, or blaming rabbonim for forbidding mesirah, even when it should have been allow because of the danger to the children. Of course we will keep using the business of not knowing all this data about recividism among pedophiles. But this excuse is double edged, even as it dilutes responsibility it also reduces our credibility as competent leaders.

My ultimate fear is that several Moetzes leaders will break ranks and go public with some very serious charges and facts. It is just bound to happen once the Moetzes realizes that there are no more intermediate scapegoats left. It is the old sinking ship problem. Unfortunately that will probably be the end our influence. Because it is hard to argue for the clear demands of Daas Torah when there are seventy faces to Daas Torah.

I don’t see a solution, but I do see a way to buy time by serving up a few scapegoats from within the Moetzes. Ideally we will actually find a pedophile and find a way to claim he was our point person and he misled us. I know of no one who fits the bill, but it is quite possible we will discover someone with all the victims coming forward.

Unless we get lucky in finding our scapegoat our next best strategy is finding out which members of the Moetzes are most likely to come forward and find a way to scapegoat them and thus discredit them. The problem if figuring out who is most likely to suffer from a troubled conscience and who has the most dirt. Unfortunately we have a culture of conformity that makes it hard to know who on the inside is disgusted enough to come forward.

I have only one practical solution for the short term. It is similar to Mao’s thousand flowers shtick. He was one smart goy. Here is how he worked it. After a period where everyone was cowed into conformity, he announced, let a thousand flowers bloom. He encouraged all sorts of public expressions and practices. Then he stopped a thousand flowers but he knew who the troublemakers were and he pushed them out of power or and in many cases, out of the window.

I would suggest something along those lines called elef prachim, or pirchei for short in all of our future communications. B It borrows from what we did with the Spinka Rebbe over tax fraud. It was truly impressive. We had him saying chatassi for causing a big chillul hashem, without ever saying “I lied” His reference to lawyers and accountants was ambiguous enough so at sentencing he could imply that he was advocating compliance while others could read it as use lawyers and accountants so you don’t get caught. Finally the Yekkes could think, true it isn’t enough but it shows us that the Agudah is moving in the right direction.

For the problem we are talking about, we could arrange a big public event. Find someone to say chatassi, only admitting he should have gone to even more meetings. He could point out that we now have frum therapists at Ohel, and make some strong statements of sympathy for those who have been hurt. He might even announce a plan for an accelerated learning program to culminate in a siyum with a special kavannah for those who suffered. The beauty of this program is that we can canvass broadly for all sorts of support for this effort and seek advice on what to raise and how far to go. Those inside who have been fooling us by not showing their disloyalty will come out of the woodwork. We will give them just enough hope that we can change even if they don’t come forward. Then we can go to work on a gradual campaign to discredit them. They will try to complain that rumors are spread about them because of their concerns about child abuse. But if they havent yet come out strongly on the issue, no one will believe that argument. Naturally, the rabbonim themselves will never explicitly know about the true pirchei project and agenda. But quite a few of them are very smart. If my past experience is any guide that will give me free hand and stay above it all. Like the goy detective said during the Watergate hearings. “I knew something wasn’t kosher.” Our rabbonim can see an aphid on a broccoli from 2000 ammos so of course they will suspect something. But if they were the kind of people who insisted on acting on their suspicions we wouldn’t be in this matzav.

I expect to be working on this project for a while. I will let you know how it progresses.

I think this approach may just buy us enough time to come up with something better for the long haul. But between us, I am hedging my bets and beginning to build a private lobbying and consulting practice.


Mr. Allium


1. The good news is that I don’t yet see any decline in our external political influence. I think your real estate project is good to go. But I would advise you to try and clinch the deal sooner rather than bargain for the last dollar.

2. I was hoping to include a review of the notes from the meetings at the NR’s house. I am guessing they are just misplaced. Dealing with them being leaked would just be one problem too many.

That Rabbis “aren’t necessarily God” and that we need to refuse funding to Ger until it stops blocking the extradition from Israel of osso ha-ish.



Click on image to enlarge --- Please distribute these as flyers in your neighborhood shuls!



PROTEST Dayanim at EJF conference said...

At this time when Tropper's sickening chutzpa and black-hearted fraudulence are being so nakedly exposed and when his so-called major partner, R REUVEN Feinstein have pulled the plug on him, because R REUVEN Feinstein will yet have to explain in court what he did with the 3 million dollars Guma Aguiar gave him, heed the call to boycott and stop any all upcoming EJF events and put Tropper out of action for all time:

Concerned Jews who fear the consequences of a fanatical and unstable Tropper hegemony over all Orthodox conversions are called to protest the upcoming Fourth Eternal Jewish Family Dayanim Conference Scheduled for November 8-10 in New Jersey. See full ad below.

If you know any of the noted speakers in the ad below, contact them and make your strong opposition to Tropper and his EJF scheme known loud and clear. Do not allow Tropper's personal power's to spread. Once he has them he wield's them ruthlessly.

Some of the slated speakers, such as R REUVEN Feinstein have allegedly been paid at least three million dollars to help Tropper and EJF, they are not trustworthy!

Urge your local rabbi, rov, posek or dayan on any Bais Din NOT to attend and to make their own protets heard. By now many rabbis are sick and tired of Tropper's antics and his controversial EJF scheme. Do not submit to Tropper's dictates under any cirmstances!

Urge your rabbis and rabbonim to RETAIN THEIR INDEPENDENCE as any self-respecting person should. Do not submit to Tropper who is a notorious control freak!

It has now been revealed that Tropper cynically uses bribes (given as "grants") to his favored rabbis to attend his free EJF events, thus entirely corrupting the integrity of the Halachic process and forcing those accepting his bribes to adhere to his extreme views that have been criticized and condemned by rabbis from the right (Badatz of Eidah Chareidis) and the left (RCA).

If you are able to, please join a vigil and protest outside of the hotel Novemebr 8-10 at the Sheraton Meadowlands in Secaucus NJ.

Full text of Tropper's and EJF's ad:

"Fourth Eternal Jewish Family Dayanim Conference Scheduled for November 8-10 in New Jersey

Written by Admin on October 13, 2009 – 12:06 pm -

PREPARATIONS WENT into high gear for the fourth EJF Dayanim Conference, which is scheduled to take place November 8-10 at the Sheraton Meadowlands in Secaucus NJ. Some 40 dayanim and Roshei Yeshiva will gather to confront crucial halachic issues that arise involving universally accepted Jewish conversion standards in intermarriage.

Most of the dayanim are part of a growing network of independent batei din in North America that have adopted the Jewish Conversion standards of leading poskim, as is being promulgated by EJF International. The Batei Din function in cities such as Baltimore, Monsey, Philadelphia, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Montreal, Miami, Lakewood, Dallas, Toronto, Houston, and Vancouver. Last year’s conference was addressed by such prominent Torah personalities as:

Harav Shmuel Kaminetsky, Rosh Yeshiva of the Yeshiva of Philadelphia and a member of the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah of Agudas Yisroel

Harav Reuven Feinstein, Rosh Yeshiva of Mesivta of Staten Island and Chairman of the Halachic Committee of EJF

Harav Dovid Olewski, Rosh Yeshiva of the Gerer Mesivta (Brooklyn)

Harav Betzalel Tuvia Wettenstein (Belzer Dayan of Monsey)

Rabbi Eliyahu Levin (Lakewood)"

Tropper is Troubled said...

Palpable fear in Tropperland.

There is fear in Tropperland now as the shock waves follow the devastating interview that Guma Aguiar had in Arutz Sheva accusing Tropper of not being honest with tens of millions of dollars that Guma Aguiar handed to him in blind faith and trust.

The originals of the amounts have posted from original tax returns on the Daat Torah blog of Rabbi Eidensohn, Eternal Jewish Family - funding

Silly Guma.

Be that as it may, Tropper is now paying a very heavy price as Guma Aguiar names real names and divulges previously confidential correspondence between himself and Tropper and it's not pretty for Tropper he is now in the worst position, something he hates, playing defense.

Even his selected Internet troll, the crazily canny "Roni" is having a weirdo public meltdown forcing Rabbi Eidensohn to kick him off his blog once and for all. This does not look for the great Tropper.

He is from those attackers who only know one direction, crash full steam ahead into your opponents. If you run them over and maim them, so be it, but the Tropper "juggernaut" had to roll forth from Monsey.

No more.

Thanks to a guy named Guma, and to some serious and unstoppable bloggers at the Daat Torah blog with impecable credibility, Rabbi Eidensohn of Daat Torah is strictly devoted to the words and guidance of Rav Moshe Sternbuch who has long opposed Tropper and seen him for what he is a dangerous big mouth and bully with grandiose and falsely inflated notions of his own self-importance and now here also at the UOJ blog.

The very Guma whom Tropper had coddled and welcomed into his little Monsey nest and began a process of hypnotizing the naive BT billionaire and extracting his tens of millions while he sang him snake charmer songs to numb his crtical thinking abilities.

What is it about BTs that they think that it's a back-to-front whacko "mitzva" to check their brains in at the door when they start getting seriously religious and in turn exhibit all the symptoms of victims of cults?

That's just the way predators like Tropper like it and they have had a feeding frenzy as the sucker BTs have come tumbling into their fake arms for many decades now.

Lately Tropper latched on to a new cohort, the tragic intermarrieds and those gentiles seeking to Judaize themselves by total conversions, a new market to exploit which Tropper did so adroitly getting mega financing for it from the mysterious Tom Kaplan and his equally strange nephew Guma Aguiar with their Brazilian and exotic connections.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's emergency reserves revealed.

If you think about it, there is a little mystery about what's been happening lately with Tropper and his EJF meltdown. Actually a very big mystery that has never really been fully probed and spoken about fully enough and maybe this is the perfect time to start doing it.

If that mystery can be exposed and stopped, then Tropper will finally be permanently discredited, muzzled as if he had his tongue figuratively surgically removed, and put out to pasture to graze harmlessly with rest of the tame flocks of cattle and sheep.

The great mystery is not why Tropper is still fighting a losing war and resisting trial and arrest as awaited and got to his pal Leib Pinter, but WHO is it that is still giving him that capacity to fight his rear-guard actions even now as the civilized world abandons him and collapses around him?

It can be summed up in two words or names: Kaplan and Recanati.

Tom Kaplan and his current wife actress Daphne Recanati are still funding Tropper and the EJF scheme with millions of dollars, they are addicts and enablers in this way, like two mega pimps who cannot let go of their high octane dangerous Tropper addiction, and they thereby fully share in the harm and suffering that Tropper is inflicting on Klal Yisroel by being such an obstinate ba'al machlokes agitator even at this late stage of the game when he should be withdrawing gracefully and cleverly, which given his fixated and psychotic state he will not do.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tom Kaplan and Daphne Recanati Kaplan prop up a plopping dead-in-the-water Tropper.

Any idiot knows im ein kemach ein Torah, if there is no flour there is no Torah, meaning that without "dough" gelt mulla lucre whatever it's called in any language, Tropper would be the total zero he always was. He was just a yeshivishe shmendrik in the olden days before his eyes and stomach grew too big for his and Klal Yisroel's good.

Did you know he authored a little booklet on "Yichud" of all things, call him the "yichud rebbe" because he was always so good at getting around yichud to be meyached himself with too many meidlach perhaps following too closely the ways and means of his kiruv mentor, idol and cousin the singing Shlomo Carlebach, over his long career. But that is not the point and it's no great suprize that overly hormonal men are not so secret womanizers or maybe even woman haters all wrapped in one, it's after all so very common.

The weird part is how does Tropper seduce men to get them to do his bidding as well, men like Tom Kaplan and Guma Aguiar.

By now as well all known, Guma Aguiar has flown Tropper's coop. He has struck out on his own and has become Tropper's worst enemy and nightmare and opponent with unlimited cash reserves and armed with stacks and files of compromising correspondence that could send Tropper to jail for the rest of his life.

Which leaves Tom Kapaln with his wife Daphen Recanati. Just as Guma Aguiar has his exotic Jamie, Tom Kaplan has the exotic Daphne. Oh let's not forget Tropper traded in his first wife of yeshivishe vintage for an exotic newly religious naive BT exotic beauty.

But who is Tom Kaplan and his equally mystrious wife Daphne Recanati that Guma Aguiar has seen fit to point out as follows:

"Regarding the list, Aguiar says, "I didn't know these particular rabbis. He [Rabbi Tropper] did, or he said he did. The fraud committed by Tropper is currently being investigated by authorities in the United States." Aguiar is referring to Rabbi Tropper's part in a multi-billion dollar law-suit in which Aguiar faces off with several parties including his uncle and aunt Thomas S. Kaplan and Daphne Recanati Kaplan. Rabbi Tropper is scheduled to be deposed in that trial later this month." (Arutz Sheva interview, 10/08/09)

Daphne Recanati comes from the Recanati family that is itself fully loaded up with its own batch of billionaires and foundations ready to slather and waste money, as the super rich are wont to do, on any exotic causes, from saving soon-to-be-extinct leopards, to saving the soon-to-be-extinct human version, the Tropper leopard that preys on innocent victims to make them into either fanatical BTs or tries to get them to convert by the EJF scheme methods only.

While Tom and Daphne aren't even religious as they travel the world and have the time of their lives, Tropper goes hunting in the Jewish and frum world looking for rabbis to attack and innocents to strip of the Jewish status when and where he alone deems it.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Guma drags Daphne Recanati into the ring where Kaplan and Tropper get bloodied noses.

While Jamie Aguiar plays tennis and parties. Daphne Kaplan travels the world. Tropper's wife must be wondering why she married such a controversial jerk.

Guma Aguiar is no tzadik even though he goes around crazily blowing his shofar and using his tens of millions to equally buy off an Israeli soccer team, Nefesh BeNefesh, March ofthe Living, Tovia Singer's Outreach Judaism with Tovia himself in his pocket making all those goofy YouTube ads for Guma, and Chabad Lubavitch who fawn and fake their good will as they hardly conceal their glee at Guma Aguiar's latest almost manic monetary generosity.

Guma has just managed to weedle himself out of some minor trouble by pleading no contest to marijuana posession charges in Florida, Multimillionaire takes plea after claiming BSO abused him. A millionaire sponsor of Israeli causes, who claimed he was abused by Broward sheriff's deputies in June, has accepted a plea deal in a marijuana case. Guma Aguiar, the main sponsor for a popular Israeli soccer team, warned in August that sheriff's deputies 'should be shaking in their pants' because he would make them answer for abuse he suffered after being pulled over while at the wheel of his Bentley..He also tried to head-butt a deputy, and repeatedly resisted staff members, the memo says..'Obviously we will accept the plea and just hope if he comes back, he drives safely and we don't have any further contact,' "

So Guma is a reckless and dangerous fighter himself. The perfect match for Tropper. Guma Aguiar is now obviously equally mad at his uncle Tom Kaplan and Tom's wife Daphne Recanati who with Tropper sued Aguiar and tried to grab the Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation but a US court found that the foundation was righfully Guma Aguiar's.

That was a sign of the trouble to come that they could attack Guma in court, but that he had the capacity to fight back and win, Fla. judge tosses out embezzlement case against NbN donor

So now one should pay very close attention to the next set of battles that are still raging over the profits from the sale of the Leor energy company that Tom Kaplan and Guma Aguiar ran and then sold for about 2 and half billion dollars, and somehow Tropper is unwisely involved in this imbroglio as well.

So what is Guma Aguiar alluding to in his key sentence in the Arutz Sheva interview that:

"The fraud committed by Tropper is currently being investigated by authorities in the United States." Aguiar is referring to Rabbi Tropper's part in a multi-billion dollar law-suit in which Aguiar faces off with several parties including his uncle and aunt Thomas S. Kaplan and Daphne Recanati Kaplan. Rabbi Tropper is scheduled to be deposed in that trial later this month."

Daphne Recanati Kaplan is involved? Indeed because she is probably a big part of the source of Kaplan's wealth and success and Tropper's power.

Tropper is Troubled said...

The odd threesome: Tom Kaplan, Daphne Recanati and Leib Tropper.

Tropper drags the names of Daphne Recanati and Tom Kaplan into the mud, and they only have themselves to blame.

Dr. Tom Kaplan is an Oxford University educated and trained academic. An expert of minerology and a brilliant discoverer of rare minerals and metal findings all over the world with amazing investment strategies. The exact opposite of Tropper, which may be proof that opposites attract.

While Kaplan is highly cerebral and a pure academic and art lover Tropper only adheres to his own Talmudic knowledge and is openly anti-secular, anti-college, anti-academic, and would rather be shot dead than appear in a goyishe museum where there are nudes and bronzes and whatnot. Then again I may be wrong! Just joking.

Why someone like Kaplan who embodies everything that Tropper is not can stomach Tropper and vice versa is a mystery. Well, from Tropper's point of view it's money. You give it to me and I will "like" you. A sickness that many, many rabbis suffer from today.

Probably Kaplan is taken with Tropper's keen mind, outstanding memory and ability with Torah and Talmudic texts. So they do kind of trade off with each other. A raw version of "zevulun and yisachar" in their own way.

While it is said that Tom Kaplan's first wife was not Jewish it is hard to obtain this kind of raw data about him and his personal life unless one would hire a full time team of professional investigators. He is just too smart and while he knows how to do research for things he wants, he also knows how to cover up and retain secrecy to the utmost. He didn't get to be a billionaire for nothing.

But he can't hide his association and connection with the scorned Tropper and speaks admiringly for him openly. Even though some reliable sources have reported that Tom Kaplan has his own serious differences with Tropper about running around the world to recruit gentiles.

So far it's a quiet struggle between them. Hopefully Kaplan will be encouraged to develop his own sense of independnce, stop being hooked on Tropper, and cut out the stupid and wasteful enabling that is causing so much friction and discord between Tropper and the world. Or else he will have to take the same rap as his rebbe Tropper takes.

Kaplan cannot hide his glamorous and wealthy wife Daphne Recanati and now that Guma Aguiar has pointed to her as another combatant in the family feud that has gone viral, she must also be taken seriously and deserves to have the spotlight pressed on her because she is now both a de facto and de jure supporter of Tropper and his EJF scheme, even though it's hardd to know if she has the capacity and intelligence to grasp what the big fuss is all about and why her husband's beloved rabbi is being hounded and pursued and so much negative stuff is coming out that now drags her name into the mud to righfuly lie besides that of her husband's and of his rabbi rolling in the mud they have brought upon themselves.

Janet Kirscheimer said...

The AJOP Follies catches up with pretty Janet:

My name's Janet and I was hired to be Gerry Weisberg's executive secretary. In truth I implemented a lot of the serious organizationlal work that made sure that everything ran smoothly when AJOP was set up 22 years ago.

Gerry was very smart and would never have hired anyone who was anything less than excellent and skilled and I was that. The rabbis would come and go imagining that the the Earth had moved just because they had a teleconference or a few of them finally showed up for a meaningles meeting. But the reality is, that I ran and made the organization work on a day to day basis for its first crucial years.

I guess it's still pretty much like that if you see the current people who are running what's left of AJOP, now in Baltimore, AJOP: Staff, six ladies and one rabbi, not a bad ratio, don't you think?

I really don't like bragging or saying much, but Gerry and I deserved an award for founding AJOP, getting it off the ground, and making it work.

Most people don't know that Gerry was a highly experienced educational administrator with many years of service and experince in the NY Board of Ed. I think he even had a Ph.D. Gerry never spoke about it, but I think his full title was Dr. Weisberg, he just didn't want the rabbis feel like the chumps they turned out to be.

The AVI CHAI Foundation and its head Sanford Bernstein knew what they were doing when they hired a guy like Gerry Weisberg who knew how to be an educational leader and administator, he was an academic as well in scientific subjects, with about twenty years of experience and he gave all that up when he came to work for AJOP.

When the NIRC nerds pushed him out on orders of that gruff Rabbi Yakov Weinberg, they thought I might stay on, but no way I wasn't going to work for that greaseball and crook Hershel Leiner.

I'm so gald I bailed out. I then went to work for another Jewish organization. I write poetry and I'm very happy.

Avi L. Shafran said...

UOJ has been spreading lies about me that I poop in my hoyzen because I am scared of him. It was really a side effect from a prescription drug.


Xenical, from Roche, can cause flatulence and embarrassing loss of bowel control.

Agudah Fresser said...

These are the 3 guys who always push their way to the front of the meat carving station at the Agudah convention.


October 17, 2009

Three Pigs May Be the First in the U.S. With Swine Flu


Dr. Joseph Schlessinger said...


Yale's Chair of Pharmacology, Dr. Joseph Schlessinger has been waging a war against online critics.
First some background.
This is the same Dr. Schlessinger, who as Yale pharmacology Chair and spokesperson, has been in the press recently due to the discovery of the body of Annie Le, formally a beautiful Yale pharmacology graduate student, hidden inside a Yale pharamacology lab wall. Yale lab tech Raymond Clark was charged with her murder on September 16, 2009.
There is no alleged causal connection between the following material and the Anne Le case, although it is possible Dr. Schlessinger's management of fratenization policies may come under peripheral scrutiny.
Schlessinger had been sued by his former secretary for sexual harassment and was alleged, in that case, to be a notorious womanizer, hardly a crime, but which for a professor, usually means, of graduate students.
He was also successfully sued by the Weitzman Institute for Science in 2006 after misappropriating, according to the court, research worth $900M dollars in royalties.
Earlier this year or late last year, undisclosed individuals, possibly the aggrieved parties in those cases, registered "josephschlessinger.com", where they placed the court records, transcripts, and links to news articles, all woven together in a morally indignant tone that questioned how Dr. Schlessinger had ever been appointed Yale Pharmacology Chair, given this background.
Rather than suing for libel, which may have been a difficult case to sustain, given that most of his critics' allegations were based on the public record, Dr. Schlessinger took a case to the WIPO, or World Intellectual Property Organization, where he claimed that he owned the commonlaw rights to "josephschlessinger.com".
WIPO is a transnational court for international business disputes over copyrights and trademarks and is affiliated with the WTO. It costs around $3000 US to file a one day case in court fees. This cost does not include representation.
Although the US 1st Amendment has historically been viewed as giving special protection to criticism, in July 2009, WIPO, which does not follow national jurisprudence, ordered that control of the critical site be handed over to Dr. Schlessinger. Dr. Schlessinger, or his proxies, already seem to control several other Schlessinger related names (.org, .net etc).
The attached file is a PDF containing detail that was present on josephschlessinger.com, together with a description of the WIPO case and other matters relating to public posturing of Dr. Schlessinger and his critics.

Website imitates UOJ said...

Leaks / document disclosures

wl-editor@ljsf.org - leaks

Submissions upto 1000Mb in size (but your mail provider may only support a few Mb. Gmail supports 20Mb).

For further details and other submission mechanisms please see Submissions.

+1 (202) 657-6222 (Washington, DC)
(866) 904-4598 (toll free, US only)


Wikileaks is a multi-jurisdictional organization to protect internal dissidents, whistleblowers, journalists and bloggers who face legal or other threats related to publishing.

Wikileaks is an uncensorable version of Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and analysis. It combines the protection and anonymity of cutting-edge cryptographic technologies with the transparency and simplicity of a wiki interface.

Wikileaks looks like Wikipedia. Anybody can post comments to it. No technical knowledge is required. Whistleblowers can submit documents anonymously and untraceably. Users can publicly discuss documents and analyze their credibility and veracity. Users can discuss the latest material, read and write explanatory articles on leaks along with background material and context.

Wikileaks information is distributed across many jurisdictions, organizations and individuals. Once a document is leaked it is essentially impossible to censor.

Alms for the boor said...

Why is Shmarya still shnorring for a new laptop computer if the presiding judge in the Rubashkin trial won't let him bring it into court?

He could drive his desktop from his mother's basement and set it up in his hotel room. Failed Messiah readers who claim to know Shmarya from earlier say he is very cheap and is likely sleeping in his car instead of paying $39 for a South Dakota motel room (despite the fact that he is shnorring for supposed lodging expenses as well). Still, he could drive his clunker over to Wal-Mart where the chain provides free electricity through specially placed outlets in their parking lots.

Guma Aguiar said...


A Fort Lauderdale multimillionaire has quietly taken a plea deal in a misdemeanor drug case after telling Israeli media that Broward sheriff's deputies beat him and made anti-Semitic remarks during his arrest.

Guma Aguiar, the main sponsor for a popular Israeli soccer team, warned in August that sheriff's deputies "should be shaking in their pants" because he would make them answer for abuse he suffered after being pulled over while at the wheel of his Bentley.

A Broward Sheriff's Office spokesman dismissed his accusations as "ludicrous." After he told Israel media the same thing, spokesman Jim Leljedal said, Aguiar telephoned him to demand a public retraction.

"[Aguiar] tried to intimidate me and said that he had money, he would fight and he would embarrass us," Leljedal said.

Despite his public claims and threats, Broward court records show that Aguiar, 32, has pleaded no contest to possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, avoiding any jail time or probation.

Once he pays $536 in court costs, the charges, both misdemeanors, will be wiped from his record.

"[The plea] was in his best interest," said Michael Dutko, Aguiar's attorney. He said he was unaware if his client still plans to file a complaint against the Broward Sheriff's Office for his treatment in custody.

Aguiar was not available to comment.

He told the popular Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot that Broward deputies broke his fingers and punched him after stopping his 2009 Bentley last June 19 on North Dixie Highway in Oakland Park.

According to a police report, Aguiar was pulled over after his car repeatedly drifted across the double-yellow center line. Aguiar admitted he had been smoking marijuana, the report says.

He was arrested and taken to Broward County Jail, where according to an internal sheriff's department memo, he threatened other inmates and told a guard, "I have money and could buy you, Mr. Deputy."

He also tried to head-butt a deputy and repeatedly resisted staff, the memo says.

Aguiar accused jail staff of brutally mistreating him and said that when he left the jail, he looked like he had been in a cage match with boxers Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield.

The Sheriff's Office memo says that while in custody, Aguiar was treated by medical personnel for bruises to his head and elbow and redness to his wrist.

Aguiar, who made his fortune in the oil and gas business, became the sponsor this summer of the Israeli Premier League soccer team Beitar Jerusalem and has given millions to Israeli and Jewish causes within the past few years. That includes an $8 million donation to Nefesh b'Nefesh, an organization that helps Jews move to Israel.

Leljedal said Aguiar's claims against the Sheriff's Office are baseless.

"Obviously we will accept the plea and just hope if he comes back, he drives safely and we don't have any further contact," Leljedal said.

US Window Factory said...


Hey Adrienne, did Tropper get thrown out of the ventana yet?

Boog gets results said...


Charlie Rangel’s Cloud

An Ethics Case Could Drag Democrats Down

By Eugene Robinson

Friday, October 9, 2009

House Democrats had better start taking the ethics allegations against Rep. Charlie Rangel seriously. I know it’s difficult for those steeped in Capitol Hill’s hermetic culture to understand, but a verdict of “mistakes were made” — which a lot of Democrats would like to reach — doesn’t cut it in the real world. Strange as it seems. Seriously.

Not paying taxes is against the law.

The real problem, though, is the overall portrait of a wealthy and privileged congressional pasha to whom ordinary rules don’t apply.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi may owe her job to Rangel, but she needs to press the ethics committee to do its work without fear or favor. And she needs to contemplate the prospect of explaining to voters, come next fall, why the affluent man who sets their taxes didn’t pay his.

Shmarya groupie said...

Alms for the boor,

"Please"! What kind of preposterous question is that?

Our supreme leader Barry Obama has been a leading proponent of the taxpayer funded safety net. It is Shmarya's inherent right that you provide him with all of his needs since you are presumably employed and not as disadvantaged as he is. People making a salary should stop being greedy and fork over their money to those who demand it. And yes, that is Barry Obama as the President's given name at birth stirs up anti-Muslim discrimination from xenophobic Republicans and Orthodox Jews.

And among the devarim haomdim berumo shel olam is that wireless laptop computers work much better with websites for interracial dating. Shmarya wasn't sure if there are any Black women in a racist Redneck state like South Dakota that is overwhelmingly Republican but there may be a few Black cleaning ladies on the Indian reservations.

Luzer Meyer from The Right Place in Boro Park said...


Prosecutors called on one of Rubashkin's boyhood friends, a Brooklyn, N.Y. clothing store owner who initially refused to testify but was granted immunity and threatened with contempt of court if he didn't cooperate. Eleazer Meyer looked at an invoice of more than $44,000 from Agriprocessors to his clothing store, The Right Place, and said he didn't recognize it.

He testified he and Rubashkin periodically lent each other money but did not say whether those transactions ever involved invoices.

"There were loans from me to him, him to me," Meyer said. "Tens of thousands of dollars ... loans for five, six, seven years."

Jittery Rubashkin said...


Sholom Rubashkin appeared nervous and "very hyper" the morning that he was arrested on immigration charges, a former employee at Agriprocessors Inc. testified Thursday.

Verla O'Shaughnessy was among several customer service employees who testified against Rubashkin, 49, on the third day of his 91-count fraud trial. Rubashkin, the former Postville meat plant executive, has pleaded not guilty.

O'Shaughnessy told jurors that Rubashkin arrived at the customer service department around 6 a.m. Oct. 30, 2008, and asked to see the woman who had allegedly produced hundreds of fake sales records.

Later that morning, Rubashkin allegedly met privately with the woman, Darlis Hendry. Hendry then asked O'Shaughnessy if she knew how to change sales invoices that had already been filed in the plant's history records. O'Shaughnessy said, "I told her no, and I wouldn't do it if it could be done."

Defense lawyers countered that Rubashkin's "hyper" behavior was normal, and disputed allegations that sales records were fake.

The 91 charges against Rubashkin include bank, mail and wire fraud, money laundering, and ignoring an order to pay livestock providers in the time required by law.

Shea Hecht said...


The trial of former kosher slaughterhouse executive Sholom Rubashkin began in South Dakota on October 12, though only after a failed effort to reach a plea bargain, according to a close confidant of the defendant.

Rubashkin, the former CEO of the Agriprocessors slaughterhouse, was arrested last year, five months after his company was the subject of a massive immigration raid; most of the 163 counts that Rubashkin has been charged with relate to bank fraud and harboring undocumented immigrants.

Rabbi Shea Hecht, a leading Chabad Lubavitch rabbi who has provided support to Rubashkin’s defense, told the Forward that Rubashkin, 49, wanted to strike a plea bargain with the U.S. attorneys to avoid a jury trial.

“There were negotiations — an offer was put on the table,” Hecht said. “He had to refuse the offer because compared to what he did wrong, they were asking for too much. There was no way that a man should give the prime of his life away.”

Hecht would not discuss the terms that Rubashkin would have accepted — but he did say that Rubashkin was willing to serve a prison term in order to strike a bargain. Hecht met with Rubashkin in person when the court gave Rubashkin permission to visit New York for the Jewish high holidays. Rubashkin has otherwise been out on bail in Iowa. Hecht said that when Rubashkin visited Hecht’s New York office, he expressed a desire to deal with the charges.

Rubashkin has also received significant financial support from a committee formed by the National Committee for the Furtherance of Jewish Education, a Chabad organization that helps imprisoned Chabadniks. Hecht is chairman of the NCFJE, and he said that the group had already given funding “in the six figures” to help Rubashkin’s case. Hecht’s brother, Sholem Ber Hecht, is leading the committee dedicated to Rubashkin’s case.

“The community sees it as an attack, number one, on kosher food, and number two, as an attack on religious Jews,” Shea Hecht said.

Marc Ross said...


The alleged financial fraud was discovered by Marc Ross, a partner at the New York-based Triax Capital Advisers which took control of the plant after it filed for bankruptcy in November.

Ross testified today that he discovered the alleged fraud when the court-appointed trustees went to collect payments from customers.

Many Iowa customers – who, according to plant documents, owed a combined $20 million – said they had never bought the products that were documented.

The sales records turned out to be fake, Ross said. Further investigation revealed that roughly $10 million of the reported sales had never taken place, he said.

Williams told jurors in his opening statements that Rubashkin told a customer services employee to create the fake invoices for the amount of money he wanted, and store them in an area separate from the legitimate business records.

Politically incorrect said...

There goes Shmarya again having one of his maniacal fits. He is trying to paint Manis Friedman as a "genocidal" racist against Arabs for saying another 9/11 attack should be followed up with razing Mecca.

The National Review and Wall Street Journal have said the same or similar things. And what about nuking Hiroshima during war?

VIN said...



Rabbi Shea Hecht told Dov Hikind's radio audience that government antisemitism is behind the charges against Sholom Rubashkin.

Hikind did not host this show. Joe Lazar guest hosted.

Much of what Hecht says is astonishingly inaccurate, worthy of the darkest days of the old Soviet Union's Pravda.

One of Hecht's gems is that Rubashkin, "didn't even graduate from the 8th grade"

Here's the entire audio.

Rabbi Sherlock Holmes said...

"Our Rabbonim can see an aphid on a broccoli from 2000 amos..."

That is classic. But the can't see the to'eivah happening right under their noses (or frocks).

Reminds me of the guys who drive the mochrei esrogim nuts. You know the ones who sit there for three hours looking at fruit after fruit, sometimes with a magnifying glass, to make sure there are no blemishes, even microscopic ones. Then after paying (and no doubt arguing over the price) they'll slip an extra package of aravos into their bags.

I guess if you are completely covered by tzoraas, you are tahor!

L-rd help us.

What would we do without Shmarya? said...


Shmarya brings to us the earth shattering scoop that Rubashkin is not wearing a necktie to trial even though he has been known to wear neckties to weddings and other formal functions.

It's a good thing that some of the dopes out there are financing Mr. Eagle Eye's trip to Sioux Falls so he can bring us these breaking play by play updates!

Stay tuned on how many time Rubashkin scratched his tuchess during cross-examination! We poshut can't take the suspense!

Rush Limbaugh said...

McNabb: Not the most situationally aware fellow...

By Doug Farrar

He caught a lot of heat last year for not knowing how NFL ties work, though he's not the only one -- heck, even intelligent ex-quarterbacks-turned-announcers get it wrong from time to time. But Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb(notes) must carry the grief alone for his clock-butchering boo-boo in his team's 13-9 loss to the Oakland Raiders.

Down 10-3 with 27 seconds left in the first half, McNabb went to the line and called a time out after deciding that he didn't like what he saw on the Raiders' side of the ball. Problem was, the Eagles had already used their customary three time-outs in the half, and no amount of bargaining could get them another one. Philly was busted for delay of game, the ball was pushed back from the Oakland 15 to the Oakland 20, McNabb took a Richard Seymour(notes) sack on the next play, and the Eagles had to settle for a field goal. Had the Eagles scored a touchdown and kicked the extra point in that drive, they would have had the points needed to tie the Raiders.

Of course, McNabb wasn't the only one at fault. He might have had a few other things going on, what with left tackle Jason Peters(notes) suffering a knee injury and giving way to King Dunlap(notes) (who???). And he might have expected that Andy Reid, his beloved head coach, would have left Mac5 a time out late in the half instead of calling two on the previous drive -- both after incomplete passes (which kill the clock, anyway). Of course, when it comes to clock management, Reid won't make anyone's top ten list.

Whatever bedeviled McNabb on that particular occasion, he'd best get over it -- Peters is scheduled for an MRI today, and Reid isn't going to get any more prudent with the clock. The Eagles have an extra day this week before they face the Redskins on Monday Night Football, and they certainly don't want to be the team with the least amount of preparation and awareness in THAT particular matchup. After all, the Redskins have their own history with timeouts.

In short, he's a mentally challenged putz, that should be hauling trash from Agudah internal memos shredder to the Novominsker Rebbe's basement.

"Rabbi" Chaim Z. Malinowitz said...

How dare the Badatz come out against Leib Tropper? They, like me, should save their invictives and cherems for organizations like Lema'an Achai who have the chutzpa to help the poor and protect abuse victims.

Why waste a good peshkivil?

I hope that my friends at Artscroll and Mesorah are proud of my stance on abusers!

Leib Tropper Software said...

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Tens of millions of U.S. computers are loaded with scam security software that their owners may have paid for but which only makes the machines more vulnerable, according to a new Symantec report on cybercrime.

Cyberthieves are increasingly planting fake security alerts that pop up when computer users access a legitimate website. The "alert" warns them of a virus and offers security software, sometimes for free and sometimes for a fee.

"Lots of times, in fact they're a conduit for attackers to take over your machine," said Vincent Weafer, Symantec's vice president for security response.

"They'll take your credit card information, any personal information you've entered there and they've got your machine," he said, referring to some rogue software's ability to rope a users' machine into a botnet, a network of machines taken over to send spam or worse.

Symantec found 250 varieties of scam security software with legitimate sounding names like Antivirus 2010 and SpywareGuard 2008, and about 43 million attempted downloads in one year but did not know how many of the attempted downloads succeeded, said Weafer.

"In terms of the number of people who potentially have this in their machines, it's tens of millions," Weafer said.

It was also impossible to tell how much cyberthieves made off with but "affiliates" acting as middlemen to convince people to download the software were believed to earn between 1 cent per download and 55 cents.

TrafficConverter.biz, which has been shut down, had boasted that its top affiliates earned as much as $332,000 a month for selling scam security software, according to Weafer.

"What surprised us was how much these guys had tied into the whole affiliated model," Weafer said. "It was more refined than we anticipated."

Plagiarism Watch said...

Did anyone notice how Menachem Lubinsky "broke" the story that Gatorade is going kosher, months after R' Yudel Shain reported it and without giving R' Yudel any credit?

Lubinsky had earlier warned people not to pay any attention to someone he didn't name but everyone knew was R' Yudel Shain.

In Lubinsky's sick world, you get to lie because Rubashkin and the OU pay you to do so but if you tell the truth, you are not allowed to report anything.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

From Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman Part One:

The Short Vort
Good Morning!

Today is Monday the 1st of Marcheshvan 5770 and October 19, 2009

G-d and the Water

There are those who do not understand why I am fighting for the victims of those of us who are in pain because of events which occurred years and years ago.
After all, let’s let bygones be bygones.

As an answer, I present to you the following thoughts.

The Torah informs us:

And God said, "Let there be an expanse between the waters to separate water from water." 7 So God made the expanse and separated the water under the expanse from the water above it. And it was so. 8 God called the expanse "sky." And there was evening, and there was morning—the second day.

The lack of the words “ki-tov” –‘(that) it was good’ on the second day did not go unnoticed by the commentators.

Indeed, the Medrash points out that the reason “ki-tov” is absent from day number two was because there was a dispute on that day.

When Hashem separated the waters-below from the waters-above, it did not go easy.
The waters-below complained bitterly to Hashem. Let’s listen in on what they said:

“When Hashem separated the lower waters from the upper waters, the lower waters burst out in tears. “Why are we put down into the ground? Why are we put down into a place of impurity (makom tumah)?”

Hashem attempted to appease the lower waters by offering them nisuch hamayim- the water libation which was offered on Succos- which comes from the lower waters.

However, the lower waters were not appeased by this offer; after all, it is only a once a year occurrence.

Therefore, Hashem offered them the bris melech- the covenant of the salt. Meaning, any time a korbon (sacrifice) is brought it will have to be salted through the salt supplied by the lower waters.
Only then were the lower waters appeased.”

Because of the above mentioned dispute, ki-tov is not mentioned on day number two. (Medrash Rabbah on Bereishis as explained by the Baalei Tosfos 1:4)

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Rabbi Eisenman Part Two:

What can we learn from this?
Some things in life are ‘not fair and square’.

For whatever reason, Hashem had to separate the waters. One of them would be on the bottom and one on the top. However, even Hashem cannot do this without recognizing the pain and the feelings of the lower waters!

Sometimes there is pain in this world.

To cause pain is indeed horrible; however, to cause pain and then not attempt to recognize, validate and reconcile with the one whom you caused the pain- is criminal.

Hashem had His own G-dly reasons why the lower waters had to go down and the upper waters to be on top.

However, that G-dly reason did not exempt Hashem from reaching out and validating the feelings of pain of the lower waters and attempting to reconcile with them. And when the first attempt at reconciliation- the offer of the water libation on Succos- was not enough, Hashem upped the ante to include the salting of the korbonos in order to ‘make things right’ for the lower waters.

Imagine therefore, what you have to do when you caused someone genuine pain for a non-G-dly reason?

Imagine if you hurt someone when they were an innocent child and you took their innocence and their pristine nature away from them forever?

What do you have to do now to make ‘right’ the wrong?

Not to reach out to them and validate their pain is evil.
However, even when you do reach out to them, learn from Hashem how to reach out to them.
Your first offer may not be sufficient to alleviate their pain.

When Hashem saw that His first offer of the Nisuch Hamayim (water libation) was not going to do the job, he went higher in order to alleviate the pain of the lower waters.

Those precious members of our community who have been hurt and molested; who have been robbed of their purity and of their childhood carefree days; who now live and re-live time and time again the pain and the agony which they experienced years ago- cannot be appeased through meaningless and half-hearted apologies or sterile lip service expressions of empathy!

That is not the way of Hashem!
We have to recognize the pain of those who have been pained and we have to attempt to alleviate their pain by doing whatever is needed to help them come to grips with their new situation in this world.

The lower waters may now have to accept the new reality of living ‘down-under’, however, they are not also required to have their pain go unnoticed and not dealt with.

If you hurt someone, you have done wrong.

You must recognize that hurt and do something about it, after all, isn’t that the G-dly thing to do?

If Not Now, Then When?- Hillel

Ron Yitzchok Eisenman
Rabbi, Congregation Ahavas Israel
181 Van Houten Avenue
Passaic, NJ 07055
973.777.5929 ext. 1

Chicago Askanim said...


Very well stated!

"We have to recognize the pain of those who have been pained and we have to attempt to alleviate their pain by doing whatever is needed to help them come to grips with their new situation in this world".

Unless victims are rebuilt and compensated for their losses, we as a society have not done our part.



Society, PLEASE wake up!

If Margo still thinks UOJ is bluffing said...


We believe in our credo that "Results Speak For Themselves" and that our capabilities are best demonstrated by the successful resolutions of our client's claims.

In addition to many exceptional, noteworthy and high-profile cases we have handled throughout the years, our success is highlighted by our recovery of over 400 million dollars for our clients since the inception of the firm twelve years ago. Some of our results follow.

Sexual assault of a child at a summer baseball camp

UOJ Groupie said...

He NEVER bluffs!

Young Israel Commie-Pinko club said...

Councilman David Weprin who davens in Young Israel of Jamaica Estates, took the shul list to mail out invitations for a Thompson-for-Mayor party he is hosting in his house.

Who gave him the shul list for this Commie-Pinko agenda?

Get a clue, Weprin. You came in 4th place in the election for NYC Democrat Primary for Comptroller. Your other political picks are also major losers. Thompson wants to bring Obama style wealth redistribution to the local level after he mismanaged NYC finances.

Nashville, Tennessee said...

The story posted last week about child molester Louis Jay Levine is sending chills down the spines of all us who knew him from the JCC and day camp.

All the kids knew there was something creepy about him even if not a target of his abuse. One item not reported in the newspaper article is that he maintained a trailer full of farm animal pets that he was always showing off to kids.

Sheldon Silver = Back Stabber and shtick dreck said...

Can Shelly explain how it is that as an orthodox Jew who depends on the community for votes, that he pushed through the payroll tax on private schools?

This means that yeshivos will be raising tuition to cover this new tax. Aren't yeshiva parents paying enough in taxes and getting nothing for it.

Hamodia was told by Republican Public Advocate candidate Alex Zablocki that his Democrat opponent is supporting the payroll tax as a means of suffocating private school parents to better fund public schools.

When Hamodia reached out to the Democrat to offer him an opportunity to refute or confirm the accusation, he declined to comment. The Democrat candidate is Boro Park Councilman Bill de Blasio, an ultra-Liberal married to a Black lady.

Yahoo said...

Popular Searches:

2.Michael Kamrava
3.Flu Shot Clinics
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10.Miyuki Hatoyama

Shmarya groupie said...

I never realized there could be a bright side to living in Boro Park. Most importantly, there is a White Councilman married to a beautiful Black woman, despite what those racist Orthodox Jews think, and now this:


October 19, 2009

‘Good Without God,’ Atheist Subway Ads Proclaim

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see Hamodia mention this week that Tropper is getting together for a fresser weekend with Gateways in Connecticut.

Is the Gerrorist Big Dave Olewski still on board with Tropper?

Archie Bunker said...

While I say this partially in jest, you never know with Shmarya who has been known for other far out delusions of grandeur.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota is the closest city to Mount Rushmore. COnsidering how Shmarya was on a die hard binge to get there by hook or by crook, perhaps he has deluded himself into believing his face will be carved into the side of the mountain for helping to convict Rubashkin!


But he would of course demand that Obama's ugly face be alongside his.

Anonymous said...

Were "Playstation" gaming systems part of the takanos in Lakewood with computers and DVD players?

Here is what parents have to watch out for as reported on CNBC business news:

Digital Playground, one of the largest Adult Film production companies is constantly looking for new ways to distribute its product. Farley Cahen is VP of New Media for Digital Playground and talks to CNBC about the companies latest delivery method....on the Play Station.

Albany imitates 42 Broadway said...


October 19, 2009


Fed Up With Albany

New Yorkers have been complaining for many years about their abysmal state government, but it has simply grown worse. The state has become a national embarrassment, a swamp of intrigue and corruption, a $131 billion monster controlled by a crowd of smug officials whose main concern is keeping their soft jobs.

Anonymous said...

>But he may be like Mr Mendlowitz, whose Rebbe was the Ribono shel olam. He clearly has a congregation which adores him and he commands great respect in his community.<

You've got to be kidding!! Due to Rabbi Eisenmann, I have lost almost all respect for rabbis. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing and should NOT be trusted!!

Volfgang said...

A big shot chef is using poor quality meat from Rubashkin? Sheesh


Aaron Tzivin, who owns the Crown Heights House of Glatt in Brooklyn, N.Y, told jurors that he still has a good relationship with the plant's former owners, the Rubashkin family.

Tzivin, who is married to Rubashkin's first cousin, testified that meat plant executive Sholom Rubashkin allowed him to extend his credit line with the company when needed so he could receive more kosher meat as needed. In exchange, he said he loaned money to the plant when asked.

Yisrael Kagan, owner of the Glatt Western Kosher in Los Angeles, testified that Agriprocessors Inc. was disorganized and often did not ship all of the meat he had ordered. He said he only paid for meat that he received.

Kagan said the plant supplied about 95 percent of his meat before Agriprocessors filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. He said his company caters events throughout Los Angeles, and supplied Agriprocessors meat for Hollywood movie shoots and celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck.

When the plant struggled, Kagan said he sent advance payments totaling roughly $700,000 - including $500,000 taken from a mortgage on his home - with no written agreement.

He said he will not likely see the money returned, because the plant filed for bankruptcy.

Boruch Shlomo Cunin said...


Roland Arnall became known as one of the wealthiest Angelenos thanks to the subprime mortgage industry he helped create with his company, the former Ameriquest Mortgage.

He was also known for giving money to his favorite causes, particularly the one he had championed more than three decades – Chabad of California Inc.

But when he died at 68 in March 2008, his fortune had been decimated by the collapse of the subprime industry. And now Chabad, headquartered in Westwood, has sued Arnall’s estate for a hefty $17.5 million – the alleged balance due on an $18 million pledge Chabad claims Arnall made in 2004.

Although there’s no formal document of any agreement, Chabad officials said that Arnall pledged the $18 million when he asked the organization to build an Arnall Family Center on property it owns on Pico Boulevard in the South Robertson neighborhood, where organization leaders envision a blocklong Chabad village.

An attorney for Arnall’s widow, Dawn Arnall, said that the suit is frivolous and “a misguided attempt to publicly embarrass the wife of the late Roland Arnall.” His client will fight it.

“There is no merit to the claim that Mr. Arnall made an oral promise at an unspecified date to make a multimillion-dollar gift of an indeterminate amount to Chabad over an unspecified period of time,” downtown L.A. trust and estate attorney Robert Sacks said in a statement to the Business Journal. “This claim is sad and unfortunate given the family’s well-documented history of supporting Chabad and other philanthropies.”

Chabad’s attorney, high-profile litigator Marshall Grossman, said the organization has taken the legal action now because Arnall’s estate is going through the probate process.

“The estate is quite complex,” said Grossman, a partner at Bingham McCutchen LLP in Santa Monica, who filed the suit in Los Angles Superior Court earlier this month. “There are time limits that cover various proceedings in probate cases, and we want to make sure that the court will honor this pledge if the estate doesn’t elect to do so voluntarily.”

As evidence of the pledge, the suit states that Arnall made three payments of $180,000 each toward the $18 million pledge between 2004 and 2008. The organization is demanding to be paid the $17.5 million balance.

But the relationship between Chabad and Arnall’s family has crumbled.

“To have the relationship deteriorate to the point you have to take it to court is really unfortunate,” said Regina Birdsell, president and chief executive of the Center for Nonprofit Management in Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Cunin makes a "minyan" counting the Ba'al Shem Tov, Maggid of Mezeritch and all seven dead Chabad-Lubavitch rebbes (for a total of nine) and himself as the "tenth" man, actually davening this way, by himself, saying kaddish and repeating the amidah out loud?

Lama aliti said...

Isn't this the same Cunin who follows mourners home to shiva houses to collect estate jewelry, ostensibly for some poor bride in Israel?

Luke Ford said...


Many of L.A.’s biggest rabbis were salivating at the shiva for subprime billionaire Roland Arnall.

Rabbi Cunin got the biggest jewish payout.

Roland’s son Daniel holds the $3 million note for the loan Roland extended to Shalhevet. Daniel could call it in and Shalhevet would be in big trouble.

R' Dovid Sturman said...


Chabad in Northern California gets a lot of money from pornographer David Sturman. Chabad rabbis visit him in his porn headquarters to wrap tefillin on him and recite prayers.

Chabad in Southern California gets a lot of its money from pornographers and strip club kings such as Harry Mohney.

One man epitomizes Chabad on the West Coast — its longtime leader Rabbi Boruch Shlomo Cunin.

Here are some Lubavitchers who are not big fans of Rabbi Cunin.

Rabbi Boruch Cunin has about 13 sons. Guess where they get to be shluchim (emissaries)? Fresno? No. Bakersfield? No. They get Pacific Palisades, Malibu, North Beverly Hills, Larchmont, Westwood.

Jack Schitt Esq. said...

Marshall Grossman is good buddies with Cunin. He hosted this year's Chabad Telethon. He is a regular Chabad supporter. He has represented Cunin in the past, including in the seforim cases (see http://www.bingham.com/Lawyer.aspx?LawyerID=991). By now, he surely knows what Cunin is all about.

Aron Twerski said...


Howard Unruh was an honorable man.

The fact that he murdered a bunch of Cohanim was just a minor little ripple.

Louise Bourgeois said...


Is this Shmarya guy all there? He is asking me to sculpt his face alongside Obama's onto Mt. Rushmore and to send the bill to George Soros for the balance of whatever he is not able to shnor on his website.

Rabbi Moshe Kletenik said...


Anonymous said...

California’s attorney general, Jerry Brown, said Tuesday that he was suing State Street, the large Boston-based bank, accusing it of committing “unconscionable fraud” against the state’s two largest employee pension funds, Calpers and Calstrs. Mr. Brown said he was seeing to recover more than $200 million in overcharges and penalties.

Bernie Kerik imitates Margo said...

Updated, 2:36 p.m. |

A federal judge on Tuesday revoked bail for Bernard B. Kerik, the former New York police commissioner who is facing conspiracy and fraud charges.

Judge Stephen C. Robinson of Federal District Court in White Plains said Mr. Kerik could not be trusted to honor the consent order that prohibits any involved party from revealing confidential information pertinent to the coming trial.

Mr. Kerik had been allowed to remain free on $500,000 bail, which was secured by his house in New Jersey. The judge turned down a request by Mr. Kerik’s lawyers to keep him from being put behind bars for 48 hours while they prepare an appeal.

Before revoking the bail of Mr. Kerik, Judge Robinson described him as a “toxic combination of self-minded focus and arrogance, and I fear that combination leads him to believe his ends justify his means.”

“He sees the court’s rulings as an inconvenience,” Judge Robinson said, “something to be ignored, and an obstacle to be circumvented.”

Botulism in baby food said...

I think this or at least some of their products are under the KORC hashgocho from San Francisco. Is that a reliable hashgocho bederech klal?


WASHINGTON (Oct. 20) - Plum Organics of Emeryville, Calif., is recalling some of its apple and carrot portable pouch baby food because of concerns over possible botulism contamination.

The product was sold individually throughout the country at Toys-R-Us and Babies-R-Us stores. The recalled product is sold in 4.22-ounce pouches, with a "best by" date of May 21, 2010, and UPC 890180001221.

Dr. Balloon Putz said...

FORT COLLINS, Colo. -An investigation into possible criminal charges for a Colorado couple who told authorities their son floated off in a balloon shaped like a flying saucer has spread to those who worked with them.

Robert Thomas told sheriff's investigators about what he observed between amateur storm chasers Richard and Mayumi Heene when he helped record the husband's ideas earlier this year, said Thomas' attorney, Linda Lee. Thomas earlier sold his story to the Web site Gawker.com.

Lee said Richard Heene was "obsessed" with trying to land a TV show and become famous.
"Heene believes the world is going to end in 2012," she said. "Because of that, he wanted to make money quickly, become rich enough to build a bunker or something underground, where he can be safe from the sun exploding."

Larimer County investigators have been poring over e-mails, phone records and financial documents from the Heene home as they ponder charges against the Heenes.

The Federal Aviation Administration has opened its own investigation into the balloon flight, spokesman Mike Fergus said Tuesday. He said the inquiry began either Friday or Monday, but he didn't know how long it would take.

Sheriff Jim Alderden said documents show that a media outlet had agreed to pay the Heenes. However, it was unclear if the outlet was a conspirator. Alderden didn't name the organization.

Richard Heene emerged briefly from the family's home Tuesday morning but didn't answer reporters' questions.

He showed two delivery workers where to find five helium tanks that were being returned to Flexx Productions, a Fort Collins rental company, because the lease was up.
The workers said four of the tanks were empty and one was partially full.

The Heenes apparently wanted to star in a reality show focusing on a range of bizarre experiments, such as trying to attract UFOs with a weather balloon. Thomas worked with Richard Heene on the idea for the show from March until May.
Sheriff's officials interviewed Thomas on Sunday, after he revealed that Heene had been planning a media stunt to promote the show, Lee said.

Thomas' notes include Richard Heene discussing a hoax that involved a balloon, Lee said.

"Pretty much he wanted to recreate this Roswell effect making it seem like there's a UFO," she said, adding that Thomas opposed the idea.

Alderden said charges he is seeking against the Heenes include conspiracy, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, making a false report to authorities, and attempting to influence a public servant. The most serious charges are felonies and carry a maximum sentence of six years in prison. Alderden said authorities also would be seeking restitution, though he didn't have an estimate.

It's unknown who else may have been working with Heene to launch the reality show.

Time Magazine said...


The Challenge of Monitoring Sex Offenders

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Dear Friends,

Over the last few weeks, there has been a growing concern among many Americans about the possibility of the government regulating the last bastion of the free market- the Internet.

You have the opportunity to let the government know where you stand on this issue. The FCC is allowing comments on its blog until Thursday, October 22nd. Join the hundreds of other voices in the comment section by visiting www.openinternet.gov and clicking the link "Join the Discussion."

There are a number of reasons to oppose a government takeover of the Internet. For those looking for a few suggestions, you may include some of the following: a takeover would disrupt a free-market that already provides the widest range of services, devices, lowest prices, and highest levels of usage in the world. Customers are already experiencing competition between wireless and broadband companies. As everyone should know, competition is the engine of innovation. There has been more innovation in this market than any other since the development of the World Wide Web.

The "net neutrality" rules, as currently written, would strangle Network companies' ability to provide customers with affordable broadband services. Private management of Networks is essential for customers to be able to enjoy many of the benefits they experience today.

The Obama administration's stated goal of access to high- speed Internet service for every American is jeopardized by the suggested FCC rules. These rules will halt private investment and eliminate the opportunity for job growth in this field.

The FCC shouldn't burden any industry with unfair regulations. The goal of the FCC should be to maintain a level playing field for all competitors involved. Any new rule should apply equally to all players in the field.

For more information on Net Neutrality, please visit www.atr.org.

Ronnie Resign! said...


‘Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast’: Detroit’s Bi-Polar Thinking on Auto Recovery

John Austin
October 19, 2009 | 4:10 pm

Over 140 economists, researchers, Michigan and Ohio state and local officials, business and non-profit leaders recently camped for two days [1] at the Detroit Branch of the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank, to review—in ghastly, numerical detail—the economic and human toll of the collapse of the auto industry, and to vet any and all approaches to aid dislocated auto workers in response.

Overall, the atmosphere and information was grim: Huge job losses in auto-dependent communities, significant human and community suffering, and maddeningly small increments of opportunity for those that have been thrown out of work.

Quack Quack Menachem Genack said...

Obama's crony at the FCC, Julius Genachowski, is my first cousin.

Some of us left wing modern orthodox are very keen on helping Obama take control of everything.


In examining how 'net neutrality' as outlined by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski will mean "ISPs, which have poured billions of dollars into building infrastructure, would have little control -- if any -- over the kinds of information and technology flowing through their pipes", it notes that "unneeded regulation could still interfere with their ability to manage bandwidth-hogging applications that can hamper service, especially during peak times."

The Washington Post concludes that "in seeking to regulate the internet, these proposals "will jeopardize it -- and stifle further investments by ISPs -- with attempts to micromanage what has been a vibrant and well-functioning marketplace."

As we have noted previously, “network neutrality” would provide the federal government extensive power to mandate how businesses can provide Internet service to their consumers. Innovation and investment in the Internet has occurred due to an absence of government regulation and interference. Allowing the government to step in to impose mandates on network management would represent a dangerous precedent in terms of Internet regulation and a clear infringement of private property rights by government. "

Make no mistake: this will result in private industry ceasing to build infrastructure - next step, government steps in to solve the problem it just created with public spending and the necessary control of networks: "Now all your bandwidth are belong to Genachowski".

If government regulation of the internet is impossed, it will mean the death of flexibility and innovation, will lead to slower services, and worse performance for everyone. Good to see in part at least the Washington Post agrees.

Julius Genachowski said...


FCC Chairman, Julius Genachowski, promised to “enforce any violation” of their new, ill-defined (more) pro-regulatory principles. Never mind that Congress hasn’t passed any new bills in the area. Specifically, Genachowski is aggressively pursuing an FCC attack on Comcast for protecting its networks from being swamped by software overwhelmingly used for the sole purpose of stealing music and stealing porn.

Comcast has been fighting back, pointing out the FCC has no such authority. Apparently that’s making Genachowski mad.Genachowski, like the Obama administration as a whole, is interested in the federal government controlling the marketplace and thereby whichever products are marketed. If Genachowski gets his way and the badly misnamed “net neutrality” becomes the law (or federally administered rule—what’s the difference again?) of the land, network operators won’t be able to turn a profit from their investments in infrastructure because they can’t manage their networks. Next step, private industry quits building infrastructure. Next next step, government steps in to solve the problem it just created with public spending and the necessary control of networks. Now all your bandwidth are belong to Genachowski. Maybe Obama will make him Internet Czar.

Does this sound familiar? It should. It is the same strategy the left is using to drive private health insurance out of our health care system and set us on the path to a government takeover. First, states place unreasonable burdens on insurance providers. Next, insurance costs skyrocket. Next next, here comes the “private plan” to the rescue. Private plans won’t be able to compete or turn a profit. By default, government runs everybody’s health care delivery system.

Michael Engelman and Yosef Manela said...

Rubashkin's mechutan Meshulam Weiss was giving the hashgocho on Doheny Meat Market in Los Angeles.


A lawyer for former eastern Iowa meat plant executive Sholom Rubashkin suggested in court Monday that one of Rubashkin's largest customers shoveled money into the slaughterhouse to avoid taxes.

Michael Engelman, owner of the Doheny Kosher Meat Market in Los Angeles, denied any wrongdoing. But he acknowledged that he had offered "advance payments" for meat during his 20-year relationship with Agriprocessors Inc. in Postville.

The questions by defense attorney F. Montgomery Brown were an attempt to discredit Engelman as a witness in the government's financial fraud case against Rubashkin. Engelman was one of six former customers of Agriprocessors, now Agri Star, who testified against Rubashkin on Monday.

Engelman told jurors that the most he ever owed the plant for meat at one time was $300,000 to $400,000. Prosecutors contend that Rubashkin falsified sales records to show that Doheny owed more than $1 million, in an attempt to defraud his plant's lender.

Brown later asked Engelman about the money sent to Agriprocessors.

"I understand what's going on here," Brown said, and accused Engelman of putting money in Agriprocessors "to avoid taxes."

"I filed my taxes every year," Engelman said.

Rubashkin, 49, faces 91 federal charges including mail, wire and bank fraud, money laundering and ignoring an order to pay livestock providers on time. He has pleaded not guilty.

Whether customers actually bought meat is a core issue of the federal bank fraud charges. Prosecutors allege that Rubashkin ordered an sales employee to draft invoices for transactions that never took place, which he then used to obtain cash advances from the plant's lender. Defense lawyers say the sales records were legitimate.

Brown's questioning took an unusual turn when a man in the public gallery started making a "timeout" gesture to Engelman.

Engelman asked for a break and left the room with the man, later identified as his accountant and lawyer, Yosef Y. Manela.

U.S. District Judge Linda Reade later asked Manela not to signal to his client while he testified. Minutes later, Manela mouthed the word "no" to his client and nodded while Brown continued his questions.

Doug Berkhouse, a controller for Colorado Meat Packers Inc., told jurors that his employer "absolutely did not order" 50 shipments of beef, despite sales records at Agriprocessors that Rubashkin allegedly used.

Archie Bunker said...

What does UOJ know about suspicious developments with the Census Bureau?

Judd Gregg, who would have overseen the Census as Commerce Secretary, withdrew when he learned Barack Osama was trying to hijack the Census along with everything else he can get his claws on.

This year, the Commies from ACORN and other Marxist collaborators will be coming around to ask nosy questions while armed with GPS devices to get your exact coordinates.

Rubashkin fresser said...


The St. Louis bank that was allegedly defrauded by former eastern Iowa slaughterhouse executive Sholom Rubashkin continued to lend to the meat plant even after federal agents arrested one-third of its workers.

First Bank Business Capital sent the kosher meat plant four loan payments totaling $3.45 million after a May 2008 immigration raid, according to documents and testimony by a bank executive.

Gary Pratte, a First Bank vice president, said borrowers such as Agriprocessors were routinely monitored by bank employees. When pressed by defense lawyer Guy Cook, he said he had not reviewed the loan himself.

"I have thousands of calls to make each day, and I can't read every loan document," he said.

Defense lawyers also showed jurors an e-mail between the bank's senior credit officer, Phil Lykens, and former Agriprocessors financial officer Toby Bensasson, who pleaded guilty to a fraud conspiracy charge in August.

Lykens tells Bensasson in the e-mail that he will try to raise the plant's loan, then adds: "By the way, tell Sholom that I cooked two of his steaks last night and they were wonderful."

Assistant U.S. Attorney Peter Deegan later questioned Pratte about steaks he had received.

"Were they any good?" Deegan asked.

Pratte shrugged. "We ate one, and my wife threw the other one away."

Anonymous said...

The Heenes may have violated FAA regulations barring people from flying balloons or kites within 5 miles of an airport, an FAA official said. The official declined to be named because the case is under investigation.

The giant silver balloon was apparently not visible on radar, the official said, and the FAA is relying on pilot reports to determine its approximate flight path during the roughly three hours it was aloft Thursday.

Rabbonim issue kol korei against Kolko! said...


Who is Yosef Manela? said...

Wasn't there a crazy old Hungarian in Los Angeles named Manela who did a shidduch with Potyi Lipschitz, the crook and molester from Frankel's shul?

Manela or whatever his name was threw his own daughter and the Lipschitz eidim out of the apartment he owned. They moved to NY and never spoke to him again. The daughters of the crazy old Hungarian act like zombies leading people to wonder what he has done to them.

Bloomberg imitates Obama said...


This is an outrage! Mike Bloomberg is using taxpayer money to bail out 3000 NYC homes going into foreclosure.