Friday, April 18, 2014

Yisroel Belsky Pesach Special - Buy One Hazmana For Loshon Hara - Get One Free!

Excerpted from The Jewish Fress Pesach Edition:

JF: Rabbi Belsky, what do you make of the D.A. now going after pigs/pedophiles in yeshivas?

Belsky: Boruch Hashem you asked.

Mendel Epstein and I have been scratching our seder plate beitzim about this - the only solution is purchasing a loshon hara hazmana from us. Mendel came up with the concept of "buy one get one free" - cash only no checks - if not, he gonna breaka you face and you gonna swim with der fishes. 

Boruch Hashem you asked!

Click on sample hazmana to enlarge:


Israel Belsky SHLITA said...

For your seder kaarah baytzim, make sure to buy brown free range eggs with OU hashgocho. Those are the ones we take a certification fee for even though almost every single egg in the carton has a blood spot since free range hens are have access to roosters.

Anonymous said...

hey belsky already has blood on his hands so why not in his eggs

any news on shmeltzer from telz and the financial scandal

Boruch said...

Sefer Shmos recounts the events of Yetzias Mitzrayim. The wresting, from the hands of tyranny, a nation whose sole merit was it's forefathers. Pharoah was given every chance under the sun to do the right thing. Moshe was given every tool under the sun to influence the Yidden to realize that it was their Father in Heaven, not Pharoah, who was in charge. Each makkah could be said to represent a gaavah of mankind; Yidden were to watch as that gaavah folded beneath the truth of Hashem.
As the pitiful will unveil their venom and call blogging an ultimate form of gaavah. It helps to understand that the free flow of argument and mature disagreement has been a characteristic of our nation since inception. The notion that this fundamental part of Yiddishkeit can be buried by the inane misuse of what should be it's most powerful tool - beis din - is a travesty. It is not a sad day when a paid political whore has to rise up and create a financial whirlpool to address an obvious gap in common sense. It's a day where you should tear kriah and eat ash. But, we had to tear kriah and eat ash when other whores ripped out the essence of argument and debate and replaced it with the superstitious nonsense of pagan priests. And did we? Some did and still do. Many will rise up and applaud Charlie for doing the DA thing that he's been elected to do. It isn't easy to threaten a DA, albeit a goy, with throwing his kids out of school or having his kids not get the better shidduchim (whatever that means). The amount of aggression that this task force will exert will tell you what it's real purpose is. What's our real purpose? Our forefathers want to know if we've gotten closer to Hashem. They want to know if you've gotten rid of the chometz. You checked the pockets of your mind and heart, shook out your intentions, scrubbed your thoughts. Ess gezunt. You're eating chometz on Pesach.

Israel Belsky SHLITA said...

"You're eating chometz on Pesach"

Well, that was takka true a por yoren tzurik when the J&R distributor for Dole lettuce put the hashgocho stickers on the bags that had bread croutons in them.

But shhhhhaaa! Don't tell anyone or I'll send you a hazmono!

Sephardic Federation Honcho David Greenfield said...

Why are people calling my office extension in a fit?

I'm just some young putz who hangs at out at Pesach fresser hotels. You should be screaming at the big knacker SYs who employ me at Shaarei Tzion & Achiezer on Ocean Pkwy, Aves S-T.

Leopold Margulies said...


April 1, 2009

An Old Breed of Hungarian Pig Is Back in Favor


Emod Istvánmajor, Hungary

LIKE style on the runway in the halls of YTT, style for pigs is changeable. With their abundant fat, the curly-haired Mangalitsa pigs of Hungary were all the rage a century ago. But as time went on, they became has-beens.

Now that succulent pork is back in fashion, the Mangalitsa — saved from near extinction on a farm here at the edge of Hungary’s bleak and barren Great Plain — are making a comeback on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn.

When reached by the NY Times, a world renowned expert on Hungarian & Roumanian pigs who blogs at the website http://theunorthodoxjew.blogspot.com/ said that appearances can be deceiving and predicted that any continued existence of the species in Brooklyn would be short-lived.

Craig Blair imitates UOJ said...

(CNN) -- If Craig Blair gets his way, anyone filing for unemployment or food stamps must show that they are drug-free. He's a state lawmaker in West Virginia who has introduced a bill to require random drug testing for benefits and lays out his case on a Web site called notwithmytaxdollars.com.

Bill said...

Once upon a time there was a Senator with very little experience who dedicated most of his time as a community organizer using his office, his Senate voting privilege and power to advance minority agendas (voting for over 100 tax increases - because every tax increase has a minority program attached to it). Then one day that community organizer became President of the United States, voted in by those same recipients of social programs, college students looking for a free education (which proves to me that you don't have to be smart to go to college or vote) and everyone else that thought the government was going to be the answer for everything that they ever wanted but didn't want to pay for. Now that President has spent ALL of our CURRENT TAX DOLLARS and FUTURE TAX DOLLARS for GENERATIONS TO COME, still has the check book and a printing press that cannot shut down trying to keep up with the spending. This President with the rest of his Chicago affiliates and their agenda are out of control turning America upside down. Simply put OBAMA needs to be IMPEACHED to save what's left of America before it's to late. VERY IRONIC that on April 1st AMERICA'S FOOL is at the G-20 trying to tell the rest of the world what to do.

OU Kosher said...

A warning related to potentially tainted shelled pistachios that began with a modest recall of products from stores in Greenfield, Wauwatosa and the Chicago area has expanded into a nationwide alert.

Chip maker Frito-Lay North America and food giant Kraft Foods Inc. are two of the latest to issue recalls of snack brands in response to the Federal Drug Administration’s recall of certain pistachio products after a Salmonella scare.

Plano, Texas-based Frito-Lay said the company is recalling its 1.75-ounce Frito-Lay brand salted pistachios, which generally sell in small sleeves near the snack section of the checkout counters in grocery stores. Kraft, of Northfield, Ill., is voluntary recalling Planters and Back to Nature products containing pistachio nuts.

The recalls are the latest in a series by several companies over pistachio products. All of the recalls are linked to Setton Farms in California. The red flag went up about the pistachios after Georgia Nut Company, the Skokie, Ill.-based operator of the Chocolate House confections store in Greenfield, said last week that it found evidence of Salmonella poisoning in shelled pistachios supplied by Setton during routine testing.

Salmonella poisoning can cause severe and sometimes fatal infections in young children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems.

Earlier this week, Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella Inc. in California voluntarily recalled specific bulk orders of roasted-shelled pistachios sold nationwide, according to the FDA. The recall effects certain bulk shipments shipped on or after Sept. 1, 2008. The FDA added that Setton Farms brand roasted shelled pistachios sold in 9 oz. film bags with a UPC Code: 034325020252 and a “Best Before date" between 1/06/10 and 1/19/10 are under the recall notice.

A suspected salmonella outbreak at Peanut Corp. of America’s Texas and Georgia plants resulted in the recall of more than 2,200 products in February. The pistachio nut recall is unrelated to the Peanut Corp. recall.

The Georgia Nut recall announced last week includes bulk or custom packaged deluxe mixed nuts and dry roasted shelled pistachios sold at the Chocolate House, 4121 S. 35th St. in Greenfield, and bulk deluxe mixed nuts sold at the Not Just Nuts store at 6538 W. North Ave. in Wauwatosa. Products were sold largely from December through about two weeks ago.

The company is recalling those and other products sold online, at its retail locations in Skokie and Glenview, Ill., and at Dominick's Finer Foods stores in the Chicago area.

Boruch said...

The Constitution, Article II, Section 4:
The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

The Constitution, Article I, Section 3:
The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.

Judgment in Cases of Impeachments shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust, or Profit under the United States, but the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment, and Punishmnet, according to Law.

You can't be impeached for being a fool. You can't be impeached for bankrupting the treasury. You can't be impeached for inviting Arafat to sleep in the Lincoln bed room. High crimes and misdemeanors is a very subjective term and given the political make up of the Whores of Representatives and Select Pimps in the Senate - this President will not be impeached. That said, in 2010, as in 1995, we have the opportunity to critique the programs and policies of this President via mid-term elections. Since the public refuses to be scrutinized by the media and allow themselves to be subjected to the kind of muckraking that defined yellow journalism, the turnover will be less than the turnover at GM or GE. That said, it is the American electorate that needs to be impeached or at least educated in how to vote for a President and other electable officials. The enemy is us. Get it.

Minhag Violated said...

The rules are set in stone, and so the eagerly watching British media sputtered when the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, briefly put her hand on the back of Queen Elizabeth II as the two chatted at a reception. Etiquette is quite stern about this ("Whatever you do, don't touch the Queen!").

In 2007 John Howard, then Prime Minister of Australia, got plenty of criticism for apparently putting his arm around the Queen to direct her through a crowd. He denied actually touching her, but photographs suggest that he came quite close. (Another former Australian Prime Minister did put his hand on the Queen in a similar circumstance and was later branded "the Lizard of Oz.")

Of course, there are corollaries to this. One must certainly touch the Queen if the monarch offers her hand (though you should return this not with a firm handshake but just a touch).

On Wednesday, Michelle Obama put her hand on the Queen only after the Queen had placed her own hand on the First Lady's back as part of their conversation. So there is room for theological argument as to whether the American reciprocity of touch was allowable given the social dynamics of the situation. (Less explicable was when President George W. Bush winked at the Queen.)

Still, the sight of anyone apparently touching the Queen with anything more than a limp handshake is enough to send the British (or traditionalists in the old Commonwealth) twittering. (See pictures of the Obamas' travels in Europe.)

Another defense for Michelle Obama, of course, is that she is not a subject of the Queen. (Australians, despite referendums attempting to turn themselves into a republic, still recognize the Queen as their head of state.) The First Lady of the United States is not required to curtsey before her or any other crowned head. In any case, the touch lasted just a second or two, and the Queen did not seem particularly perturbed — though she appeared slightly surprised as she drew away.

So where does this rule about not touching the Queen come from? The sovereigns of England and France at some point in their nations' long histories claimed a divine right to rule, a right often amplified by titles bestowed by the Pope in Rome. (The Queen, in fact, still has the title Defender of the Faith, an honor given to Henry VIII before he broke with the Catholic Church and established the Church of England.) That touch of holiness once gave the occupant of the throne the supposed ability to cure certain diseases — most famously, scrofula, a terrible skin ailment that was called "the king's evil." Thus, the miraculous contact had to be conserved. And so, whether a touch or a nod or a gaze, royal favor, like that of God, is not a subject's on demand; it is dispensed by kingly prerogative.

Time Magazine

Boruch said...

Dear UOJ,

I should be flabbergasted. Flatbush doesn't trust the DA of Brooklyn to do the right thing vis a vis acts of criminality against children. A Rabbi, quoted in another blog, decries the ability of the DA and calls him and his cohorts (I suppose Charlies' Rabbinic supporters) corrupt.
Flatbush joins Boro Park and Williamsburg, Crown Heights and Kensington in opposing this Kol Tzedek. I should be flabbergasted. But I'm not even shocked. Not because they don't believe in Charlie or because they think they have the answer to the problem. It's that they lack understanding, both the secular and religious leadership. They don't understand the depth of the problem or the effect of the problem. They don't realize that effect of trauma may not surface in a person for years after the trauma was suffered. I have to give credit to the Legislature. To decide such critical issues without the input of the communities they serve. Not a single, to my personal knowledge, town hall or other discussion forum. These guys meet on issues such as pidgeon droppings or permits for cook-outs, but not this. We are witnessing the fifth column at work. We are silent to the demise of what we remember as America. Soon we will be another American continent banana republic. We elect bozos and that's an insult to Bozo. We have advocacy groups shoving provactive legislation down our throats for every cause save the cause of protecting kids from adults who are SICK. Yes, we have ACS and the police. But what have you got when you get past that point. Will judges put these people in jail? A judge is elected. A politician is elected. They are whores to whom raises the money for them to get elected. We need to stop running away and start running. We need our own whores who will do what is necessary to swing this pendulum the other way. Don't think that every liberal is kvelling and every conservative is plotzing. Both sides of the aisle are in deep shock and there are reasonable middle of the aisle people who can't get a word in because of the loud and unrepentant. The enemy is us. The next politician who asks for your vote, tell him or her that your vote if for anyone who will not whore to his largest benefactors. Tell him/her to return all donations over $1000 and then ask for a vote. Tell him/her to remove the campaign poster off the street lamps before demanding a nickel for water bottles. It's repulsive. Just think about this. When it's time to get something done, others wait for the other guy to do it and then there are those who tell themselves that they are the other guy.

Paul Mendlowitz said...


Please continue to be shocked at vile behavior; it's when we become numb, we lose our God-given gift of intelligence.

The predatory dinosaurs rule the planet, the asteroid is coming!

Rebbi Nachman of Breslav said...

Reb Nachman of Breslav in Likutei Maran Tinyuna 18 writes; “it is great sakana for someone to assert themselves as a publicly known individual or leader. Not only because he may be wearing a Talis that doesn’t belong to him (meaning - not fit for the position), but even if he is a true servant of Hashem, Gedolai Hador have a colossal sakana with the way they lead the people. Because a poshuta (average guy) is typically far from violating murder even if he is not such a straight guy, since average people don’t have temptations to kill, and even if he gets a sudden temptation, it’s not always so easily accessible to enact, and even if he does manage to violate, it most likely will be a once in a lifetime occurrence, however leaders with the way they lead the people and the way they makeup hashkafas hatorah could be violating genaiva, znus, and retsicha every second. – rachamana litzlon”

Phone Death Threats said...

For some, the appointment of Moshe Gafne to head the Knesset Finance Committee is a serious matter, serious enough to make telephone death threats against MK R’ Meir Porush, both to his home and office.

Authorities are not taking the death threats lightly, ordering increased security for Porush, who is a deputy minister of education in the current government.

It appears the death threats surround the fact that Porush voted in favor of Gafne for the position instead of Yaakov Litzman, the party’s Gerrer representative, resulting in Gafne taking the chair of the prestigious committee. When recently asked to support his bid by Litzman, Porush explained such a move would have to be preceded by a major public apology from Litzman for sabotaging Porush’s Jerusalem mayoral campaign and since this did not occur, Porush was true to his word and supported Gafne, of the Litvish Degel HaTorah faction of Agudah.

Knesset security officials have ordered increased protection for Porush as police continue investigating the death threats.

As for Litzman, he will serve as the deputy minister of health with authority of a minister. There will be no minster appointed above him. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is officially the minister, permitting Litzman to run the ministry.

UOJ Gets Results said...

CHICAGO (AP) Blagojevich, his brother, 2 former aides and 2 businessmen indicted on corruption charges.

Jacob Perlow said...

There might be molesters hanging out at libraries ober tze felt nisht aus because it's outside of Boro Park.

This shtikel of the article nor ober got me distressed:

"Some people sit at computers trying to use the Internet, even though they have no idea what the Internet is."


April 2, 2009

People in Need Are Filling and Taxing Libraries


ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. — The public library here had just closed its doors one evening in December when two homeless men who had been using the stacks as shelter from the cold got into a fight on the outside steps.

What began as bickering took a violent turn when one of the men pulled out a knife and stabbed the other six times, leaving him bleeding beside the book drop.

Like libraries across the country, Arlington Heights Memorial had strived to keep pace with the changing times, ensuring its relevance in the digital age by becoming something of an indoor town square, and emphasizing that its money-saving services catered to the community’s needs.

These days, however, community need reaches far beyond reference help — and in many libraries, it is turning a normally tranquil place into an emotional and stressful hotbed.

As the national economic crisis has deepened and social services have become casualties of budget cuts, libraries have come to fill a void for more people, particularly job-seekers and those who have fallen on hard times. Libraries across the country are seeing double-digit increases in patronage, often from 10 percent to 30 percent, over previous years.

But in some cities, this new popularity — some would call it overtaxing — is pushing libraries in directions not seen before, with librarians dealing with stresses that go far beyond overdue fines and misshelved books. Many say they feel ill-equipped for the newfound demands of the job, the result of working with anxious and often depressed patrons who say they have nowhere else to go.

The stresses have become so significant here that a therapist will soon be counseling library employees.

“I guess I’m not really used to people with tears in their eyes,” said Rosalie Bork, a reference librarian in Arlington Heights, a well-to-do suburb of Chicago. “It has been unexpectedly stressful. We feel so anxious to help these people, and it’s been so emotional for them.”

Urban ills like homelessness have affected libraries in many cities for years, but librarians here and elsewhere say they are seeing new challenges. They find people asleep more often at cubicles. Patrons who cannot read or write ask for help filling out job applications. Some people sit at computers trying to use the Internet, even though they have no idea what the Internet is.

The American Library Association does not keep statistics on incidents in and around libraries, but anecdotal evidence from around the country suggests that some libraries are struggling with their newfound popularity and the social ills that can come along with it.

In Los Angeles, the police say the Central Public Library has become a magnet for thieves, and that, excluding shoplifting at stores, there were more thefts of personal property at the library last year than any other location in central Los Angeles.

“We hope things get better,” said Lt. Paul Vernon, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department, noting the difficulty of policing libraries. “The library is a place where people tend to congregate, and from a public and government standpoint, you can’t really restrict people.”

In Sacramento this year, two branches of the public library temporarily stopped accepting cash as fines for overdue books, after thieves struck three times since June — in one instance, taking off with a safe filled with money.

In Lynchburg, Va., a gunman shot a man outside the public library on a Monday afternoon in late January. The victim, who survived, staggered into the library bleeding and looking for help. Since then, an off-duty police officer has been hired by the library for extra security.

And in Quincy, Mass., where a man was recently arrested in the library and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, among other offenses, a police officer on beat patrol now walks through the library during operating hours.

Though homelessness is not new to Arlington Heights, security at the library has been tightened since the stabbing. (The man was charged with attempted murder, and the victim survived.) Although such violence is unusual, a library patron, Judi Crawford, said the scene around the building still made her uncomfortable.

“I don’t like my 16-year-old son to study at the library at night anymore,” Ms. Crawford said. “If he is studying here, I make sure he stays inside until he sees me pull up, and he can just run out and get in the car.”

Coackroaches and Rodents Infest Setton said...


Filed at 5:03 p.m. ET

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) -- A New York plant tied to a nationwide pistachio recall caused by salmonella fears says it has stopped shipping pistachios and addressed health and safety problems found inside its plant.

The Food and Drug Administration is investigating Commack, N.Y.-based Setton International Foods Inc. as part of the salmonella scare involving its sister company, Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella Inc.

The central California plant earlier this week recalled 2 million pounds of nuts over fears of possible salmonella contamination.

New York agricultural authorities found live and dead cockroaches and rodent droppings inside the Long Island plant last month.

Setton production manager Lee Cohen says those conditions weren't related to the recall and the plant is now spotless.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) -- Authorities looking into the nationwide pistachio recall said Thursday they are investigating a California nut processor's sister company in New York where officials last month found cockroaches and rodent droppings.

The Food and Drug Administration said Commack, N.Y.-based Setton International Foods Inc. shares key staff and packages food with Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella Inc., the nation's second-largest pistachio processor.

The central California plant earlier this week recalled 2 million pounds of nuts over fears of possible salmonella contamination.

Last month, New York agricultural authorities discovered nearly two dozen dead cockroaches, rodent droppings and one live cockroach on an ingredient rolling rack inside the Commack plant, which failed its state health inspection.

Inspectors went back for a second visit Wednesday to swab the plant and take food samples to be tested for salmonella and other pathogens as part of the pistachio recall, said Jessica Chittenden, a spokeswoman for the New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets. The test results are pending.

''Right now nothing is moving out of that plant. They're holding all products with pistachios in them,'' Chittenden said. ''When we were in there yesterday to collect samples, they were cooperative, and we observed that they are working on the issues that we had outlined in our last inspection.''

Chittenden said she was told federal inspectors also had visited the plant this week. The FDA said the agency was ''investigating all aspects of the company's operations'' but could not disclose details.

The two companies share a CEO, Joshua Setton, and label packages of bulk and retail foods with both plants' names, FDA spokesman Mike Herndon said.

A spokesman for both companies said Wednesday the California plant supplies all pistachios used in the 50,000-square foot Long Island processing facility, which makes chocolate- and yogurt-coated nuts and dried fruit.

A security guard there turned away reporters seeking comment Thursday and directed them to a spokeswoman who did not respond to calls seeking comment.

So far, there have been no confirmed reports of illness linked to the recalled nuts.

Still, federal health officials warned people this week to avoid eating all pistachios and products containing them while they determine what foods could be tainted. In the meantime, a range of products from nut bars to ice cream and cake mixes remain in limbo on grocery shelves, and the number of recalled product continues to grow.

Setton International Foods has not issued its own recall, Chittenden said.

Kraft Foods Inc. first alerted the FDA to the contamination after its manufacturer in Skokie, Ill., turned up salmonella in a routine test of roasted pistachios that workers planned to add to trail mix.

Private auditors hired by Kraft found problems they think caused the contamination when they traveled to Setton Pistachio's processing facility in Terra Bella, a remote town in California's farm belt. Lee Cohen, the production manager for Setton International Foods, said Tuesday he suspected that roasted pistachios at the facility could have been contaminated by salmonella-tainted raw nuts they were processed with.

The last time California health inspectors visited the Terra Bella plant, they found no violations that would pose a health threat.

In April 2008, a California Department of Public Health inspector made note of minor violations, such as insulation hanging over some equipment and packaging equipment that was temporarily repaired using tape.

Neither violation is thought to pose a threat to human health, and the company corrected both a few days later.

Records obtained by The Associated Press show that the New York plant has passed nine health inspections since 2000.

In June 2006, however, the company was fined $300 for using undeclared sulfites in golden raisins, and in March 2004, received a warning letter for ''undeclared colors of dried papaya,'' Crittenden said.

Kiryas Yoel pedophile Duvid Silverman said...


Rape-2nd: Person 18 Yrs Old Or More Has Intercourse With Person <15 Yrs

Criminal Sex Act-2: Oral/Anal Sex-Actor 18 Yrs Or More/Victim Under 15

Riverdale said...

Is there more than one Joshua Weingarten in Riverdale or is this pedophile the member of Avi Weiss's shul by that name? What does hypocrite Avi Weiss do to safeguard kids in his shul?


Female , 9 Years

Sexual Abuse-1st Degree

Avi "Voice of Morality" Weiss? said...

Avi Weiss,

Public records confirm that convicted pedophile Josh(ua) Weingarten is a very active member of your shul, constantly mentioned in your Bayit newsletter with his wife Leslie.


Joshua D Weingarten
Josh Weingarten
Age: 49

Bronx, NY

Lived previously in:

Brooklyn, NY
Flushing, NY
New York, NY


Leslie Weingarten

Say it aint so, Avi said...

Avi Weiss is a card carrying member of the non-orthodox UTJ / Traditional movement, or at least he was when they first started.


This is UTJ's position on child molesters which seems to be at odds with allowing Josh Weingarten to roam around unsupervised at Hebrew Institute of Riverdale.