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For anyone who may have wondered whether Ohel Children's Home and Family Services might really be in the business of helping our community, read the Jewish Week article by Hella Winston on the shameful case of Stefan Colmer ("A Suspected Pedophile Eludes the System" - thejewishweek.com) to get a taste of the truth.

Read there how Colmer was treated in Ohel's offenders' program long before he allegedly abused kids from in and around the Mir Yeshiva.

Read how he pulled out of the program on his own -- my sources say because he was getting married and didn't want his wife to know the truth -- and went about his "business." And read how when Colmer did this, Ohel did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Ohel didn't monitor his actions.

Ohel didn't ask where he was spending his time.

Ohel didn't take any steps to ensure he wasn't around children.

Ohel didn't warn anyone at the Mir, or anywhere else, that it might be a problem to have Colmer inviting young boys, alone, to his home.

And Ohel didn't contact the REAL authorities.

This is the first time we've ever got to see the inside of that shadowy "offenders' program" Ohel ran for years, supposedly in close cooperation with the Brooklyn D.A. This is our first sample of the way the system worked. And how did it work?

According to the indictment, Colmer sexually abused AT LEAST TWO OTHER YOUNG BOYS ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS AFTER OHEL CUT HIM LOOSE! -- that's how! WHILE OHEL SAT ON ITS HANDS AND STAYED SILENT. Actually, my sources say there were plenty of other boys, too. Unfortunately, they were talked out of coming forward to police.(Surprise!)

So here's what happened:

Ohel knew it had an offender. It let the offender walk away with no police report. And did nothing -- NOTHING! Not an act, not a word, not a hint! And now, according to the D.A.'s indictment, innocent lives have been shattered because of that inaction. Do you believe, after this, that the holy alliance of Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes and Ohel -- the same pair that gave us the Colmer case -- is going to protect our children as part of Kol Tzedek? And this, my friends, is just the beginning.

Michael Lesher (who is quoted in the new article) played a major role in bringing Colmer to justice. But Michael has a lot more to say about Hynes, Ohel and Ohel's rabbi, Dovid Cohen. The Colmer case doesn't stand alone! You can (and should) read all about it in Michael's two chapters in a new book, Tempest in the Temple: Jewish Communities & Child Sex Scandals (Brandeis University Press, 2009), edited by Amy Neustein. (The book is just out and can be bought or ordered from Barnes & Noble.) You can read there about other cases that "eluded the system." Or rather, exemplified the "system." Because the truth is, these people are not about solving the problem........ They're about covering it up!


Anonymous said...

Hella Winston has to focus on the role of David Cohen -- I doubt that they do anything on these matters without him. UOJ, what information do you have regarding his role in not reporting Mondrowitz and other molesters?

steve said...


We all know that it was you exposed Colmer in 2006 and that's what made him run, first to Passaic and then to Israel. I also believe that the victims only went to the police and the DA once they found out through this blog that there were several other victims. One must give credit where credit is due. Unfortunately, there are too many other Colmers around that need to be exposed and locked up. Without any legislation from Albany, this will not happen. Handing out leaflets to parents and students will not scare off these molesters. Only the threat of exposure and hard jail time will.

Anonymous said...

This post did not make the cut of Rabbi Horowitz's new moderation format. So here is one man's opinion.

You start the article by saying:

There are other significant questions come to mind as well when reflecting upon the Markey Bill. Currently, children who attended public school have only 90 days after they turn 18 to file a claim for abuse that occurred in public school. The Markey Bill would not change that in any way. Why would secular legislators in Albany be interested in protecting kids attending parochial schools more than those in the broader population?

The politicians were educated to the nuances of our frum heimishe system, and why our victims are different than the no less affected innocent public school children.

*The stigma, and blacklist for shidduchim NOT of the family of the perpetrator, but of the victim.

*The even more powerful day school society (Torah U’Mesorah) that tosses victims and their siblings out of school BECAUSE they were victimized, and sought relief.

*Agudath Israel’s rabbinic and lay leadership’s actions of threatening the personal safety of victims, family of victims, and any supporters thereof.

This education woke the righteous gentiles up to the unique, devastating, and desperate plight of victims, and their families. Hence, the positive reception of politicians involvement to right a wrong. It was NOT to advance an agenda.

You wrote:
Here is another angle that might be playing a part in this. One of the main sponsors of the bill in its current form is Senator Tom Duane, who was also a chief sponsor of the Gay Marriage Bill. Here, too, there is a great deal of tension between advocates for Gay Marriage and the Church. Thus any action taken to embarrass, undermine and de-legitimize the Church in the eyes of the public, directly and profoundly pushes the Gay Marriage agenda forward as it weakens their most powerful opponent. After all, what better way to undermine the moral authority of the Church than to encourage civil lawsuits against it that will drag on for years, drain its coffers and fill the headlines of the tabloids with all its tawdry details day after day?

Again, they are not attempting to force liberal agendas on anyone. They were educated; their emotions stirred, and felt the moral conscience to act.

Pulling an anti-Gay card out of your pocket is extremely disingenuous. The politicians I talk with regularly question why does Agudath Israel state a position on every single issue. Face it, no Agudah member will ever request a gay marriage. So, why oppose it? At least the Catholic Church was respected by the politicians for complaining about the morality of it. Why was Agudah scared to slam immorality, and call it a social issue? If they were scared to call it as it is, keep quiet.

The politicians heard, spoke with, and observed the devastation caused by complete disregard to the welfare of the children. And, they rightfully acted.

The attempt to gain pity and understanding is a highly flawed argument. To quote, “The bill has the ability to cause material damage to themosdos haTorah that our parents and grandparents built over the past hundred years with their sweat and tears”.

No one can say that their parents and grandparents would support an institution when their child or grandchild was affected as well.

The Torah demands that an Ir Hanidachas be burnt down. It doesn’t say burn everything besides for a beautiful shul, or marble school building. Any institution that offers up children as human sacrifices, to protect their assets, deserves to be gutted. Period.

What is most glaring about the article are its omissions.

• A lack of justice for victims: Our bais din system is irreversibly damaged, flawed, and are dens of corruption. No internal measures can ever do justice for the victims lack of trust, feelings of betrayal, and feelings of persecution. NO dayan, rov, rebbe, or rosh yeshiva, will EVER turn on their fellow “Torah true” man, and decide the din al pi Torah that “tawdry tales” may have merit.
• A lack of incentive to fix the system: Hashem told Avraham regarding Sedom, “There is NO fear of God in this location”. The same can be said about the house Rabbi Tress, and Rav Shraga Feivel built. Neshamos, pain, suicides, OTD, drug rehab, doesn’t motivate them. Their wallets speak louder than anything. The ONLY way to affect change is to squeeze, choke, humiliate, and crush all assets they own.
• No concern for victims pain and suffering: The greatest betrayal for victims are seeing a person who by every legal definition belongs in jail, still get Shlishi, Shishi, Guest of Honor, or Yated Ne’eman middle page rewards.
• Poor business decisions: Why would Torah U’Mesorah push a fugitive from Winnipeg into a leadership role in a Queens Day school, while pushing a rebbe out of chinuch for standing up against abuse? Every poor business decision made has repercussions one day. When lawmakers in Albany say, “Even the Catholic Church is not that foolish”, you know there is a problem.

The Mishna warns, “Don’t start up with a young talmid, a young snake, or a young Gentile”. Why?, “Because, when they grow up, they will remember what happened to them, and demand retribution”. Young talmidim, don’t stay young forever. They remember the threats they received, they know what is done to those who try to help them, they know how they are despised by Torah leadership, and they demand retribution.

Rabbi Horowitz, that day has arrived!

steve said...


With all due respect, Rabbi, these words do not sound like your words at all. You have been a hero for those downtrodden survivors of sexual abuse, both through your firsthand dealings with them and through your extensive writings on the subject. You fulfilled the words of the navi Yeshaya, "Asheru Chamotz", strengthen the victims, more than any other Orthodox rabbi alive today. That is why I am so shocked and disillusioned by this article and by your position on the Markey bill. I don't think you realize that you are figuratively spitting in the face of these survivors. Instead of giving them strength, you are giving strength to the evil child molesters and to those that enabled them. Asheru Chamotz V'Lo Chometz, give strength to the victims and not to the perpetrators, is how the gemara explains the navi's words.
The argument about public school students not being included in the Markey Bill is the same nonsense being peddled by the Catholic Church, y'mach shemam v'zichram. As poster #1 pointed out, public school students already have legislation passed that protects them such as mandatory reporting, mandatory fingerprinting, and mandatory background checks. A child molester who has been accused once in a public school would be terminated and prosecuted immediately. What legal recourse do we have when one of our children is molested in a yeshiva? If the family comes forward at all, which is highly unlikely considering the stigma attached (shidduchim), what incentive does the yeshiva have to terminate him and turn him over? None. They will most likely deny the charges and muzzle the victim and his family. Rabbi Horowitz, the victims have been muzzled long enough. Furthermore, your assertion that the Markey Bill does not cover public school children is inaccurate. The window also permits victims of public entities to avoid the statute of limitations, because claims against public institutions brought under federal civil rights law (42 U.S.C. § 1983) are not subject to the 90-day notice of claim. (Felder v. Casey, 487 U.S. 131.) Also, if two children are drowning, and you can only save one, would you let both of them drown in protest over the fact that you can't save both? Our children are drowning on a daily basis. We need to enact legislation now that will send a clear message to the molesters and enablers. In California, they were able to expose over three hundred child molesters due to the passage of a similar bill. Meanwhile, not one yeshiva or mossad was bankrupted.

To join forces and use the same rhetoric as the Catholic Church in an attempt to thwart this legislation is a Chillul Hashem. The Carholic Church has their reasons- they have plenty to cover up. We are not supposed to be like them. To quote the same perek in Yeshaya, Kisdom Hayeena K'Amora Daminu. Have we become like Sodom and Gemorrah where our sins have reached such a level that we need to emulate the Church and attempt a coverup? Do we need to continue to muzzle these victims that have been victimized over and over again? They have been victimized first by their molesters (usually multiple times), then by their menahel, then by the community and now by the unnamed rabbis who have once again formed an alliance with the Church. This is not the first time. They did it before when a mandatory reporting bill was introduced in Albany.

Your ideas of fighting this plague of child molestation are all well and good. We need to implement them immediately. However, without legislation and cooperation from the authorities. It is quite obvious by now that we cannot police ourselves. Our rabbis are overwhelmed and do not have the expertise in investigating these cases. Unless there is fear of repercussions to the molester and the institution, there will be no progress. You can hand out leaflets from today until tomorrow to every parent and student about safety and about "good touch and bad touch". The predators are not afraid of you. They are not afraid of leaflets. They are not afraid of any of us here. The only thing they fear is the law. As long as well intentioned people like yourself and the Agudah rabbis side with the Church to help muzzle the victims, you are handing the molesters a victory. You are strengthening them and encouraging them. You are giving them the chizuk their yetzer hara is looking for to continue their criminal behavior. Furthermore, as long as certain rabbis pervert halacha by misapplying the laws of mesira, lashon hara and archaos to cases of child sexual abuse, the molesters will continue to be emboldened. These Zaken Mamres must be stopped and put in their place. The halacha is clear in cases of a rodef that everything must be done to stop him and that includes going to the police. As far as archaot, as long as our batei dinim are powerless and refuse to hear the cases of these victims, they are positively allowed to seek recourse from the secular courts.

I will conclude my words by pleading with you to reconsider your position. Your tireless work on behalf of these victims should not be overshadowed by this apparent mental lapse. We are all human and we all make mistakes. Please have some consideration for these long suffering victims. Asheru Chamotz V'Lo Chometz!

Anonymous said...

People should be aware that you cannot belive a word that David Cohen says. When he famously said in Bergenfield a few years ago that you don't have to listen to the halachos in Choshen Mishpat regarding certain types of fraud, he publicly said that he would lie about his statements if they get him in trouble. He was scheduled to come back to Bergenfield every year but he has not been back since as there would be a communal uproar if he ever comes back. The point is that he is a very dishonest man who will lie in order to protect himself and he should not be trusted! The public should demand that he resign from Ohel immediately!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Dovid Cohen is up to his eyeballs in cover-ups. Yes, he made certain Mondrowitz fled in middle of the night to Israel, just as the police were getting ready to knock on his door.

UOJ gets results said...

McCall's Chief of Staff was that sicko Judah Engelmayer who was caught impersonating people when working for Rubashkin.


ALBANY – A financial services firm run by H. Carl McCall, the former comptroller of New York State, is among a number of businesses connected to former political figures that have been subpoenaed by Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo’s office in the latest phase of its growing pension corruption inquiry.

Other unregistered firms included on the list that have also been subpoenaed during the investigation include businesses affiliated with Peter J. Powers, once a deputy mayor of New York under Rudolph W. Giuliani; Susan Holloway Torricelli, a prominent Democratic fund-raiser and ex-wife of Robert G. Torricelli, the former United States senator from New Jersey; and Kevin McCabe, who once served as chief of staff to the former City Council speaker, Peter F. Vallone Sr.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


Michael Lesher carried a huge part of the Colmer burden, from working with the parents, the police, and the Israeli authorities. He has not received or asked for any financial compensation, to my knowledge. He is a confidante of mine and a very trustworthy attorney, and I'm proud to say that he has become a dear friend.

Ave R said...

One huge difference between the Mir & YTT is that once the cops came down, the yeshiva cooperated with them.

The Mir did not lie to the police, did not send some putz like Yankel Applegrad to lie on National TV and did not stage a "break in" on Shabbos to pretend files had been destroyed by vandals. Also, no one involved got threatening phone calls from scary sounding voices telling them not to talk and there was no one like Bungalow Putz Neuhoff who took to the internet for an amateur exercise in "Agit-prop" (shorthand at the CIA / DIA for agitation-propaganda).

Malach HaMovies said...

Rabbi Horowitz !!

I know you and i know that you are a caring person. Nevertheless, the Markey bill WILL pass and the "heilige" Mosdos that allowed our boys to get raped for decades will be financially destroyed and hopefully their Rosha Hayeshivas and Menhalim will be thrown in jail. My son has a chavrusa that he learns with a few nights a week. He also goes to a well known yeshiva in Flatbush. One day his rebbi asked asked him where he learns in the evening. He replied Yeshiva Torah Voddath. He then asked him in (front of the whole class) , why don't you learn in Torah Temimmah ? It's more of a makom torah. He got out of his seat and said - Rebbi, i don't learn in torah temimmah because they are "going down " ! The entire class got up and applauded. My son and many of his classmates are "top learners". But they love their fellow students who are not on their madreiga. And THEY ESPECIALLY DON"T WANT THE KIDS WHO WERE ABUSED BY THESE REBBIES TO BE A KORBAN FOR THEM !!! YOUR "GEDOLIM" CARE MORE ABOUT THEIR MOSDOS THEN THE LIFE OF A JEWISH CHILD !!!! SHAME ON ALL OF THEM !!!


You should have stayed out of it. Even children today know what's happening. Again, Marky will pass and the "gedolim" and the hated Vantzen at the Agudah Yimach Shmom will slither away. Like the snakes who they are.

My final word. Dovid Hamelech says in Tehillim - "Lev nishbah v'nidka elokim lo sivza" . Hashem does not despise a broken heart !! The tears of these abused children have reached the highest level in heaven. And their tefilos are finally being answered.

Anonymous said...


Harav Menashe Klein Denounces Messianics Within Chabad

Wednesday May 6, 2009 1:24 PM - 16 Comments

The Ungvarer Rov, Harav Menashe Klein shlit”a, has denounced the messianic group within Chabad in a new sefer. In his 17th volume of Mishnah Halachos, Harav Klein states that people who believe that the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rav Menachem Mendel Schneerson, is still alive, as “apikorsim.”The head of the Ungar kehillah Yeshiva Bais Shearim in Boro Park, Brooklyn, Harav Klein knew the Lubavitcher Rebbe before he assumed leadership of the Lubavitch movement.

“This sect of crazies, which falsify the Torah and our sages’ words, to say the Moshiach is dead but is really alive… these are things against our holy Torah,” says Harav Klein, echoing the sentiments and shitos of numerous gedolei Torah v’yirah of the last decades.

Harav Klein’s words are an answer to a messianic booklet, which is not identified by name.

Harav Klein continues to write: “Whoever can, should as soon as possible, silence and stop the proclamations after or before the prayers ‘Yechi… King Moshiach’ which is a disgrace to the Rebbe of blessed memory.”

Harav Klein concludes with a plea: “My intentions are holy - not to destroy the big building the Rebbe of blessed memory built for over 50 years.. may he be an advocate for us and for all the Jewish people, especially his students and chassidim.”

steve said...

Michael Lesher was instrumental in both the Colmer and Mondrowitz cases. However, without your rantings, both these criminals would be free today.

Anonymous said...

I think your support of SJ (secular jew) shows your lack of good taste and terrible lack of morality.

Have you seen what he has been doing about a poor boy that had a tragic death? You haven't spoken out against that, how are you any different from the orthodox jews who wont speak out against the rabbis?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Who is SJ?

Letter to R' Yudel Shain said...


This is anonymous who wrote the original post. As an abuse victim who has not left the fold I have met other abuse victims.I am distrustful of rabbonim in general as time and again their reaction has been to silence the victims in favor of protecting the perpetrators and their families. How many times has a colleague been shuffled to another yeshiva after allegations were made? I am not saying that all molesters are rabbonim. My molester just happened to be a rebbe. I found out that he was in another yeshiva before moving to my yeshiva. I am 25 years past my abuse and I am first dealing with the ramifications of the abuse and the effect it has on my family. There is a trickle down effect. So far, I am stuck with the bill for my therapy in the many thousands of dollars. As far as others who I know are victims of molestation, the record is as follows. One is a cynic, one went OTD and returned albeit a different person than his family, two who are no longer shomer shabbos. Ages are 42, 36, 18, 16. I look normal on the outside. Inside is a different story. Go to a organization like Areivim or any other teen program where drugs amongst formerly frum children is the norm. What pain are they trying to dull? These kids are screaming inside with no relief except for being drunk or high. The oilam is oblivious to this because victims don't talk about their abuse for many reasons. Shame, shidduch, family shame, toughing it out, not wanting to revisit a painful era in their lives, just to name a few. Many lives are devastated by this crime. The effect is passed through the generations by parental behavior. How many times can a victim klap al-chet for maase toeva? Even though it wasn't any fault of the victim, the guilt remains and eats away at them forever. Al todin ess chavericho ad shetagia l'mkomo. I have walked in those shoes and can never look at a OTD bachur with derision because I don't know about any of his nisyonos. So, Reb Wolf, as someone who has been there I would bet my lunch that 50% of OTD is linked to some form of abuse. I am one of the "lucky" ones who did not go OTD or come to such pain where suicide or mutilation is a practice or thought. This is a plague and it is wide spread. The gedolim need to come up with ways to flush out the molesters and make sure they are monitored so that they do not have a chance to molest again. The victims need help in order to be able to get therapy. Most cannot afford ongoing treatment. There needs to be culpability and accountability for the sake of the korbanos that are left in their wake. We are on a slippery slope and the downward slide needs to be stopped or catastrophic damage will be caused to Klal Yisroel which will pale in comparison to the issues of kashrus today. There are other important issues as well. However if molestation of our children is not stopped then there will be no one left who will ever be concerned with Kashrus. The well is poisoned already. We need to prevent any further damage.

UOJ gets results said...


What started as an investigation by the New York attorney general, Andrew M. Cuomo, into the state comptroller’s office — where Mr. Cuomo says favors were being exchanged for contracts to invest pension money — has mushroomed into a broad look at more than 100 firms by attorneys general in at least 30 other states.

A survey of practices across the country portrays a far-reaching web of friends and favored associates: political contributors, campaign strategists, lobbyists, relatives, brokers and others, capitalizing on relationships and paying favors. These influential figures can determine how pension funds are invested, as well as state university endowments, municipal bond proceeds, tobacco settlement funds, hurricane insurance pools, prepaid tuition programs and other giant blocks of public money.

“What has developed is a corrupt system, where Wall Street, various fiduciaries, politicians and corporate managers are draining America’s savings,”

Bim Bam identity said...


Two of Mr. Obama’s potential Supreme Court nominees are openly gay

Mr. Obama has chosen a number of openly gay people for prominent jobs, including Fred P. Hochberg as chairman of the Export-Import Bank and John Berry to run the Office of Personnel Management. And he is the first president to set aside tickets for gay families to attend the White House Easter Egg Roll.

R' Yudel Shain exposes Shaatnez Scandal - Williamsburg and Monsey said...


The lakewood Shatnez testers Yoel Shochet & Yosef Sayagh & the International Org of Shatnez Testers are the worlds experts in shatnez testing. I myself have studied for a few months the art of Shatnez testing over 40 years ago in Mr. Rosenbergs Laboratory.

I am just about the only one that knows shatnez tesing & can testify as to who are the "EXPERTS". After spending hours, days, weeks & months with the Rabonim in Monsey & New York and demonstrating to them the מכשולים that the 203 Lee Ave, Monsey Shatnez Center, & all of their affiliates, and including their certifier Bais Din Mispat Sholom, all to no avail.

I'm sorry by the Turkish טליתים the Rabonim realized that for the Turkish Talisim we need the real experts & they used Lakewood's affiliated testers. They could have gone the easy way & brought them to the Monsey Shatnez Test Center & he declared them "NON-SHATNEZ". The Shatnez scandell is still going on with the above mentioned testers, & the Rabbonim are not taking it seriously yet.

Rabbi Gershon Winkler said...


After his books were assered by rabbonim he started acting weird. First he moved to a log cabin in Montana before setting up a commune in New Mexico. His father was the Rov of Copenhagen, Denmark before the war. He learned in Novardok in Israel and is a defender of child rapist Winiarz-Gafni.

JTA published the article " Rabbi fights sexual allegations", which is about "defrocked" rabbi, Mordechai Gafni's most recent attempt at becoming a "spiritual leader". In the article Gershon Winkler "acknowledged that he fathered a child with a student, carried on several "intimate relationships" with students over the years and said he is currently in a relationship with two women."

Winkler went on to tell "JTA that he believes it is wrong to insist on an "across-the-board" ban on sexual relationships involving rabbis and followers, teachers and students, and counselors and patients."

Tranquility Bay child abuse camp in Jamaica said...


When Aron Schechter got exposed, his talmidim who are rabbonim of shuls called emergency assifos of their mispalelim to tell them you have to trust "gedolim" even if you don't understand their reasoning.

Vicky Polin loses her mind said...


Despite all the good she does, she has the nerve to list Amy Neustein & Michael Lesher in the abuser category.

no one said...

when my children were being raped in Ohel, Ohel did every dirt trick to keep me from getting custody.I was screaming about this to every frum rabbi in sight and no one cared--including people you have been prasing on this blog for pretending to help. Ohel is about getting the prey to the predators.

Moishe Rubashkin said...


PURIM 3/10/09 - 3:20pm

I figured this will make it eventually on to UOJ anyway so I may as well post it myself.

Here is Daas Hakohol with photo evidence that I sponsored a mixed sex public Purim seudah with alcohol against the takonos of Lubavitch. They also accuse me of illegally diverting government funds to pay for it.

Malach HaMovies said...

I sent this email to Rabbi Horowitz !

Rabbi Horowitz,

I know that you are reading this comment. And i know that it will be censored. I don't care because right after i send this to you, i will be sending it to UOJ and Vos iz Neias.

It's a pity that you are censoring comments. Not only do you agree with the Agudah about "Markey", you are now agreeing with them regarding censoring comments that they don't like. I thought this was an open forum, Not the Jewish Observer or the Yated Neeman.

I know that you have been involved with "teens at risk" for a long time. Have you ever thought of opening an organization that caters to "Yeshivas-At-Risk" or "Gedolim -At-Risk" Or "Rosh Yeshivas-At- Risk" ? Because there is is going to be a need to have an organization like that very soon.

Anonymous said...

So now it is clear that "someone" knew about Colmer before he got married. Why then did no one warn his future wife or her family that she was being hoodwinked by damaged goods? Those that knew, be it from Ohel or anywhere else, are they oveir on lo sa'amod al dam re'echa or on lifnei iver or both? How much pain have they caused this young woman and her family? Sure they are divorced now, but not before they had children. What lingering problems might await this now single mother? I think her family needs to monitor all of this information and sue the pants off of everyone involved. They are not New Yorkers and do not have to worry about being ostracized from the "community".
Or did those in the know, therapists or rabbonim, figure that all of Colmer's problems would disappear if he just got married. It would not be the first time. Ask Rabbi Twersky, who has said that the naivete of such an idea, that someone with sexual issues (SSA, addiction, hookers etc) will be cured if they just get married to a nice unsuspecting BY girl, has been one of the most destructive forces to the modern Jewish family. And it has been perpetrated by the rabbonim, who figure that as long as there is a marriage for sex, these creeps will stop doing their sick and/or illegal behavior. I say naivete to be dan l'kaf z'chus, but deep down, I know it is really negligence and sheker, as they tell the girl and her family what a fine catch this shittuch is.

So who is crying for Colmer's ex-wife, whose life was derailed and permanently scarred.


"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

So who is crying for Colmer's ex-wife, whose life was derailed and permanently scarred.


There's a genuine lawsuit here!


"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


The irony here is that if Margulies would have gone to Din Torah, and the Agudah and TU could have forced him to, the explosion would never have happened.


Arthur said...

Quote of the Day: "The budget should be balanced, the
> Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced,
> the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and
> controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be
> curtailed lest Rome becomes bankrupt. People must again
> learn to work, instead of living on public assistance."
> -- Cicero , 55 BC

Backstabber Central said...

What happened to Colmer's ex-wife has been played out countless times. It is mainly a Hungarian thing but has happened in yeshivish circles too.

It has happened over & over again in Williamsburg. There have even been several former patients of a mental home who were figuratively "dressed up" by their mishpochos and presented on shidduchim as normal. Others who knew were tight lipped. Every case has ended in divorce.

It gets even worse at Frankel's shul in Flatbush. They have kids with major defects and pawn them off on not-so-heimish out of towners. The crooks who daven there all cover for each other's shmootz and put on an act with a big smile when they give false information to outsiders inquiring for shidduchim. I have a personal connection to 3 distinct cases at Frankel's. Two yeshiva leit were duped into marrying girls who had (well-hidden) incurable diseases, one of them sexually abused by her own family, and a third got stuck with a klepto who was kicked out of every Bais Yaakov. She was later involved in a major larceny but some Boro Park Rebbes convinced Charlie Hynes to leave her at home with a GPS ankle monitor.

The Frankel's lowlives then do a smear job when the victims find out they are married to damaged goods, claiming the victims had heard about the defects from others. R' Zelig Epstein and some other choshuv rabbonim had very sharp words to describe these candidates for VIP seats in gehennem.

I know that a lot of Frankel's scum read this website because they are connected to YTT. You're going to roast one day as one rov put it.

Annonymous again said...

Okay --so here is the problem with Colmer's ex suing. She is raising children who she is probably trying hard to protect from the shmutz. Attaching stigma to them is not in their best interest.

Further, if she has no money, how does she sue. Are there NY lawyers who would be willing to, pro bono, take down Ohel or whomever else can be proved to have covered up the truth resulting in her ending up marrying him without knowing his "other" life?

One other thing. Had Ohel informed the authorities as they should have, even though Jewish New Yorkers kept their mouths shut, he would have had difficulty crossing international borders. His wife was from another country and his wedding took place there. Even just following basic protocols might have saved her the misery.

UOJ after Shalom Tendler again? said...

Thousands Flee Santa Barbara

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Declares State of Emergency

posted: 3 HOURS 12 MINUTES AGO

Fifth Av. Synagogue said...

NEW YORK, (Reuters) — Hedge fund founder Ezra Merkin "knew or should have known" that Bernard Madoff was a fraud, the trustee liquidating Madoff's firm said Thursday in a lawsuit seeking $500 million from Merkin and his funds.
The lawsuit in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New York, the second against a major Madoff "feeder" investment manager, said that Merkin and his Gabriel Capital received tens of millions of dollars in fees from dealings with Madoff. A similar action against Stanley Chais of California was filed last Friday.

David Schick said...

I don't cover for anyone's shmutz at Frankel's shul. I massered on as many as I could to the Feds to get a lighter sentence!

Chevra Chazerim / Agudah Fresser Coalition said...


Here's some musser for us.

Archie Bunker said...

Oh well, I guess Shmarya will have to find some new allies of convenience.


It is a precipitous moment for Jewish religious leadership in the US. While the problems are primarily financial, their impact appears to threaten the future of American Judaism.

Reform and Conservative seminaries - the institutions charged with providing the overwhelming majority of affiliated American Jews with their religious and educational leadership - face budget cuts so severe that their missions may be imperiled. The congregational arms of their movements also are in grave financial straits, and American rabbis generally face a shortage of jobs.

No doubt there are very smart people thinking about what this portends.

Those people, however, do not seem to be riding the Jewish information superhighway. Many of the stories about the rabbinate that interest American Jewish newspapers are not about the future of American Judaism. Instead, they concern whether "transgender" and intermarried Jews can be admitted to rabbinical schools, and see it as a sign of acceptance, or perhaps maturity, among the streams that a lesbian this month becomes president of the Southern California Board of Rabbis.

The idea seems to be that there are various groups pounding on the seminaries' gates: First the question was ordaining women, then gays and lesbians. Now that those groups can enter the non-Orthodox ordination programs, other groups have formed at the gate: the intermarried and transgender (women living as men, men as women, with or without surgical gender changes).

However interesting or irksome these issues are to most American Jews, these "who can be a rabbi" stories are irrelevant to the future of Jewish life.

Newark Star-Ledger said...


Children who previously talked about a sexual abuse incident but are too frightened to testify in court can still provide evidence in a trial, the [New Jersey] state's highest court unanimously ruled today.

The justices' decision (http://blog.nj.com/ledgerupdates_impact/2009/05/scnj%20sex%20abuse.pdf) upholds a jail sentence for a Long Branch man convicted of sexually assaulting a three-year-old girl.

Matt Rainey who wrote today's decision which ruled that children who previously talked about a sexual abuse incident but are too frightened to testify in court can still provide evidence in a trial.

Immediately after Terry Coder had abused her in his basement in 2001, the girl -- whose name is protected by the court -- told her mother.

"Mommy, he touched me," she said, according to court documents.

Even though the girl could not remember that Coder had abused her when she took the stand a year later, the court counted what she had told her mother as evidence against Coder.

Johanna Barba Jones, a deputy attorney general, said she was "very happy" with the decision.

"This is a way of expressing wrongs done to children who cannot express themselves ... luckily this little girl was able to use gestures and through very limited language could communicate that to her mom," said Jones. "It's clear to moms that they can share that with police and they will not go unaddressed."

Leib Tropper's Latest Scam! said...


Below is evidence that R' Tropper's has totally lost contact with reality. He falsely asserts that HaRav Moshe Sternbuch and the Bedatz did not criticize him on halachic grounds. He falsely asserts that their motivation is solely to support R' Nosson Slifkin . This despite the fact that Rav Sternbuch has published his opinion that the views of R' Slikin are heresy - even though he acknowledges that R' Slikin not a heretic. Anybody with even a minimal contact of reality know R' Tropper's statements are not innocent errors but are lies and slander. The attempt to divert attention from R' Tropper's very questionable halachic position by claiming that it is all a conspiracy to defend R' Slifkin - is a sad commentary on the state of this man. Furthermore if he is claiming that I am a secret defender of R' Slifkin and have succeeded in convincing the Bedatz to attack R' Tropper - that is even more bizarre than the first. I am not a supporter of R' Slifkin's views and I have absolutely no control over the views of the Bedatz . I do agree with the Bedatz that R' Tropper's halachic grounds are very questionable.

This is RaP's summary of sources from the Bedatz

RaP: Can you point to the alleged "irrationality" you IMAGINE? Is the owner of this blog Rabbi Dr. Eidensohn "irrational", who posted I, II and and many other posts like this and who posts his and others' comments after serious review of each comment and who opposes the EJF effort and Rabbi Tropper's methods? Is Rav Moshe Shternbuch "irrational" for opposing efforts, see "Rav Moshe Sternbuch - Authorized Translation" and "Rav Moshe Sternbuch - Kiruv for non-Jews and "Bedatz Letter regarding EJF signed by Gaavad" like those of Rabbi Tropper and the EJF? Is the entire BADATZ of the powerful Eidah HaChareidis "irrational" (are Horav Meir Brandsorfer, Horav Moshe Sternbuch, Horav Naftoli Frenkal, Horav Avrohom Yitzchok Ulman, Horav Yakov Mendel Yorovitch, Horav Yehoushua Rosenberg ALL "irrational" too for signing it?) see "Bedatz letter regarding conversion" and of taking the extreme measure of openly, see "Bedatz letter regarding conversion" and rebuking and warning dayanim and batei din all over the world who were Recipients of its official warning letters and giving Publicicty to it, authorising its dissemination online through this very blog by Rabbi Dr. Eidensohn. It has been Rabbi Dr. Eidensohn who has asked for written Halachik clarifications from Rabbi Tropper and EJF and none has been forthcoming, so take it up with him if you think he and others being "irrational" for asking for a written reason al pi din and for his efforts EJF tried to smear him, see "EJF smear campaign"


Rabbi Tropper's Blog

[previous response to a blog criticism]

Questions and Answers About Eternal Jewish Family With Rabbi Leib Tropper

Question: What is the focus of Eternal Jewish Family’s Work?

Answer: We wish to protect those who want to Have an authentic conversion which will never be questioned, by informing them of the proper Batei Din that Can Facilitate that kind of conversion.
Question: There are some Blogs that have all kinds of claims against Eternal Jewish Family, particularly one blog that is controlled by a Religious man. Have you any response to those claims?

We do not Look at blogs hence no reason to Respond. There is one Particular Rabbi who we never met but heard that he has a blog that Speaks against EJF. I know of the Rabbi and communicated with him about 2-3 times.

It became apparrent to us that the Rabbi’s attacks had little to do with the laws of Yoreh Deah siman 248-9 which discuss the laws of conversion. It has to do with a group of people that are furious over my voiced opposition to R’ Nosson Slifkin ’s book which was banned by the Gedolei Torah.
This we discovered through many sources despite the camouflage. These people are Devout Followers of Rabbi Slifkin who have made it their campaign to attack those who opposed R’ Nosson Slifkin’s views. There is much more to say about this topic. For now, be sure that the Rabbi’s hatred for Eternal Jewish Family is rooted in the above… NOTHING to do with the Laws of Geirus.
This Rabbi, who authored a book as well, IS and WAS a STRONG supporter of R’ Nosson Slifkin despite the declaration of opposition From Gedolei Yisroel and despite the signed opposition of his own Rav, shlita. Considering all the above it becomes Clear why his manufactured claims are irrelevant. I Travel the world and Gedolei Yisroel all over are supportive of the objectives of EJF. People from all walks of life have sent us letters of encouragement and applauded Mr. Kaplan’s strength in taking on this challenge. Mr. Kaplan is not a Major supporter of Kol Yaakov. His Focus is on Eternal Jewish Family. In contrast to what was reported, Horizons is a kiruv organization only. In Israel, it is known as Ofakym.

As far the report that I heard regarding Rabbi Nochum Eisenstein removing himself from Eternal Jewish Family, that is false. He comes to all Eternal Jewish Family rabbinic events and we speak with him numerous times during a week. I am sure that this Rabbi will never stop his attacks on Eternal Jewish Family. He made it his life’s mission.

Recipients and Publicity said...
Tropper's blogging counter-offensive.

While he talks of higher standards, he ignores the real issue of EJF's mass proselytization campaigns online and in the media.

Troppeer uses his favorite defense of red herring arguments, now distorting the Slifkin Affair, to distract attention away from the very real attacks against his/EJF's proselytization goals, officially expressed in writing by Rav Shternbuch and the full BADATS Bais Din.Tricky Tropper's new blog is just the latest Red Herring smokescreen he has concocted, with an assist from his PR, tech and defense teams propped up by Tom Kaplan's remaining millions (there may not be much left after the recent economic meltdown, so they give it all they've got!)

One thing that is striking is how he clearly seems to be having, and enjoying in narcistic fashion, a dialogue with himself on his new blog since there are obviously no dissenting views and there is no room for argumentation or discussion, just Tropper pontificating and speaking down to his audience which is his preferred style! it is also very boring to read views that go unchallnged as if he was "paskening" and not debating.

As we know from his posts as poster Roni/Tropper on this blog he never answers the tough questions and evidence in any case but always twists and turns and turns logic and facts on their head.

In fact he both (a) insults the Rabbonim like Rav Shternbuch and the Dayanim on the BADATS, and then (b) with a straight face he claims that they actually "support/vindicate" his krumme anti-Torahdikke acts (i.e. that Jews do not proselytize, period, and Tropper and EJF are doing it, it's that simple!) and he goes on with tooting EJF's horn on the web with blatant proselytizations to millions of gentiles hitched to Jews and even pays them to come to fancy EJF retreats where he wines and dines them to basically bribe them to convert with his charm and money offensive, but when he is called on this, he then comes up with other distractions (Bomzer, Slifkin, Jamie Aguiar and whatnot) as a way to cover-up and waylay the charges against him by the BADATS and Rav Shternbuch that he fears, for he knows deep down that he is like a trapped fox now, with so much evidence that has been found, posted and recorded on this blog alone for almost two years now, that it is just too tiresome to repeat every last detail of it, and anyone is free to peruse the many posts on this that deal with the entire Tropper/EJF fiasco in the greatest of detail.

On his new blog Tropper claims to have the backing of "55 gedolim" (with 2 more he could compete with the Heinz ketchup people for a slogan) but NOT ONE OF THEM, even his supposed lead backer, Rav Reuven Feinstein has ever given him so much as an official written and signed one sentence traditional haskoma and approbation on an official letter-head, and noone has been willing to justify or explain Tropper's radical strategy of reaching out to limitless numbers of gentiles hitched to Jews, or even to pure gentiles who may have some vague alleged historical connection with long-lost Jews, and he always manages to veer discussions away from the reason he and EJF were condemned by Rav Shternbuch and the BADATS in the first place, which has nothing to do with the Slifkin Affair, or with Rabbi Bomzer's flimsy conversions, nor with the Guma & Jamie Aguiar scandal for which Tropper himself is the source of the problem because he "launched" Guma's career and now the world must deal with the "Frankenstein/golem" that Tropper created with his warm and fuzzy approach to welcoming open Christian Evangelicals like Guma and his parents Ellen and Otto Aguiar who were awash in millions of dollars that Tropper could not resist and got him slaivating for more as they cooked up the cockamay EJF schme dragging Rav Reuven Feinstein into it and paying tens of millions to have unwitting hundreds of rabbis attend EJF concerts when Tropper and Rav Feinstein knew that Guma Aguiar had just been a Christian Evangelical and that he was hitched to a Brazilian gentile woman who ultimately refused an EJF-style ultra-Haredi conversion.

Notice how Tropper does not discuss the Guma&Jamie Aguiar fiasco on his new blog even though Guma had been a powerful supporter and student of Kol Yaakov yeshiva/Horizons and then became the (brains?) co-founder and co-chairman of EJF and active leader of the Lillian Jean Kapaln Foundation which he still heads all the time!

Tropper claims that he does not know about Dr. Eidensohn's blog even though he admits to know it well enough, (weird, so why has he launched his own blog if he is oblivious to and couldn't care about blogs?) when as poster Roni/Tropper (and formerly as other identities on this blog as well) had spent months posting and blogging and venting his spleen and going into the most excruciating krumme details and hurled vile insults at everyone (let's see if he does that on his own blog and how much "respect" he will gain as a result) to defend himself in a way that would make him a laughing-stock to even the most basic yeshiva bochur who knows from gemoras and chazals and his rebbeim and just plain old frum life in any frum kehila that Yidden are not in the wholesale proselytization business as Tropper aspires to be. They barely accept a ger or two here and there but Tropper wants to be bring in millions of super-EJF converted-style charedi ones...? Meshuga or what?

Tropper says that 20 batei din are "affiliated" with EJF and he does not sit on them, but he is the one that flies around the world like Mr. Super-Dayan himself approving them and then tracks their conversion work and their converts like an Inquisitor from the Inquisition that causes more chillul Hashem than anything else when upon a whim or arbitrary decison not answerable to anyone he breaks up marriages and imposes the harshest Charedi standards on people who yesterday were goyim. Who needs all this?

Tropper is desperate, and we can next expect that soon he will surely open, if his operatives haven't done so already, of "Rabbi Tropper/EJF" accounts on MySpace, FaceBook and Twitter and anywhere else, as the White House with Obama in it just has. He may even decide to buy time on TV, with late night EJF infomercials or shows about EJF and the glories of becoming a Jew on the Discovery channel or to even make an EJF movie to win over the masses, since being Jewish is now so "in"! Such is the nature of a delusional messianic complex run amok.

Fasten your seat belts, this phase will be a lot of fun....

Jersey Girl Blogress said...

Jersey girl reflecting on the sad state of our community highlighted two plagues inflicted on our community: child molesters and Leib Tropper.

She could not be more correct. It said that Talmidei chochim marbim shalom baolam. It is hard to think on someone who created more machlokes, destroyed families and brought misery on our community than Tropper.

I was told by my uncle that child molestation in the Jewish community is not a new thing they had the same problem in the old country but they dealt with it differently. After first offense they went to the offender and demanded that he will stop, Second offence they beat him up. 3rd offence they whacked him and dumped the body outside the ghetto and blamed it on the kozaks or whatever. That way the family name is not tainted and his children can find a shidduch (it does sound, I have to admit like the Sopranos).

Today child molesters in the community are given kavod, respect, one convicted molester was a baal tefila for yamin noraim

In the old country someone like Tropper would be relegated to something like shoev mayim so he would not be able to interact with people and to cause harm, but now he is flying all over the world and have rabbonim eating from his hand.

Oy, meh hayah lanu!

Anonymous said...

Tropper is by nature hot-headed, rambunctious, and not disciplined. He is not cautious, except in furthering his personal power in a near-predatory fashion, and he always manages to exhbit his bull-in-a-Chinashop, my-way-or-the-highway attitude that relies upon spraying his opponents shot-gun style with all sorts of verbiage, half truths, mis-truths, invented arguments, retro-active statements that are hard to know said with a straight face, ever-changing excuses and self-justifications, almost literally con-man-style that he is smart enough and talented enough to pull off an epic "Bernard Madoff-style" hoodwinking of many unsuspecting "investors" in his words and ways and programs who assume they are dealing with an idealistic talmid chochem with a bren, when in fact he is ruthlessly dragging anyone who comes into his sphere of influence into the mud, as he did to all the hundreds of unwitting rabbonim who came to all the EJF concerts when Tropper, with Rav Reuven Feinstein's enabling him, knew full-well that the co-head and check-writer of EJF Guma Aguiar was a recent hot-headed Christian Evangelical who was hitched to a gentile girl from Brazil who refused to obtain an EJF-style conversion, and they were even having non-Jewish babies all the time, at the very time when the rabbis at the EJF concerts were pontificating and huffing and puffing that gentiles hitched to Jews MUST get EJF-style holier-than-thou conversions "OR ELSE" Tropper would be sent with a posse to get em'.

So the bottom line is that when Tropper is confronted, no matter by whom, be it Rav Shternbuch, the renowned BADATS with all its Dayanim, Rabbi Eidensohn or anyone else online or in life, such as students or converts who have a change of heart and decide they hate Tropper's controlling my-way-or-the-highway totalitarian micro-management of their lives, Tropper lashes out to DESTROY them with actions and words that no normal rov would dream of doing.

When enraged, Tropper will DO ANYTHING, he will even create his own phoney-baloney fake "blog" (it's just a vanity site for him to vent his spleen and spin lies and do some PR for himself when he already has two sites on the go, for Horizons/Kol Yaakov and EJF and he does not need a vanity site to blow steam) twisting words, create arguments that were never made, fabricate statements that were never put forth, seeth, curse, damn and condemn, and we saw right on this very blog he will have no qualms about forging the names of his "allies" onto supposed rabbinic documents and put his colleagues into embarrasing positions in order for Tropper to counter-attack and get at his percieved enemies in paranoid Nixonian and essentially Stalinist-style lines where morals, ethics, yashrus and emmes have no roles.

If this looks and sounds and feels like the mafia at work, it is, because that is what best describes such Machiavellian ways that Tropper uses and the sooner any opponent of his gets that, the sooner they will be able to deal with such an unscrupulous and power-hungry individual convinced of his own self-righteousness and that anyone who opposes him is "an enemy of the Tropper state (of mind)".

Leib Tropper / Guma Aguiar Mystery said...


After reading Rabbi Eidensohn's entry, read the first long comment to get more perspective.

Heckle and Jeckle said...

Read what Dovid Cohen & Belsky told R' Doniel Eidensohn

I think the case with Belsky is over the fake bittul kiddushin. Belsky's people have been saying that Rav Elyashev later came around to agreeing with him which I really doubt.


I once knew someone who was a purported wife-beater and was about to married for the fourth time. I went to Rav Dovid Cohen and asked whether I should inform the kallah of this information. R' Cohen answered that any normal person who heard that a guy had been divorced 3 times would obviously check for this. Thus there was no need to tell anyone.

I was also once discussing with R' Belsky the fact that wall poster's had gone up against him in Yerushalayim with R' Eliashiv's signature. He smiled and said he was aware of them but that I should know that Rav Eliashiv actually agreed with his view and that his opponent was an ignoramous in that halachic area.

little sheep said...

as i said in the message i left at the agudah yesterday. they have blood on their hands. my blood, and the blood of my friends.

Anonymous said...

"He smiled and said he was aware of them but that I should know that Rav Eliashiv actually agreed with his view and that his opponent was an ignoramous in that halachic area."

It sounds like there is a rov in Eretz Yisroel who attacked Belsky, besides UOJ.

Does anyone know who that is? The more allies we have against Belsky, the merrier.

T.Z. said...

little sheep, can you elaborate?

Moetzes Resign! said...

NY MTA's Sander out in surprise move

Reuters - ‎44 minutes ago‎

By Joan Gralla

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority chief executive resigned, Governor David Paterson said on Thursday, less than a day after the cash-strapped authority received a state bail-out

Roll Call said...

We know that the Badatz of the Eidah Charedis, R' Shlomo Miller and Rav Ovadya Yosef attacked Belsky.

If Belsky says these rabbonim are am haaratzim next to him, he's pulling a Tropper.

little sheep said...

the agudah secretary who picked up the phone when i called had no clue what the markey bill is. when i finally said "i'm calling about the agudah's decision to cover up child sexual abuse" she quickly said "hold on please" and i was transferred to zweibel's secretary, who didn't answer. i left a message.

the prevalent attitude in our community is still, unfortunately "it can't be true", and people carry on with their lives as before, the yeshiva stays in business, and so does the predator.

currently, my abuser is out there, in forced therapy. going to court is not as simple as you'd like to think. based on various factors, i may or may not end up in court. i'm campaigning to give EVERYONE a chance. some people want to but can't.

Leib Tropper in a nutshell (or nutcase) said...

On the front page of the weekly English-language Hamodiah, Wednesday, April 22, 2009: A huge photo devoted to "Saving Jewish Souls" of a Lev Le'achim kinus, and seen seated on the second row off-center, looking down glumly, none other than Rabbi Leib Tropper who seems to be strumming his fingers and wondering how he got to be seen in public as a seond-row and fourth fiddle, if that, at a Lev Le'achim event that isn't even devoted to EJF's proselytization ideals of luring limitless numbers of gentiles hitched to Jews.

Lev Le'achim is a pure classical Israeli charedi kiruv organization that specifically only targets secular Israeli Jews with no known agenda like EJF's cockamamy ideas about luring gentiles into becoming ultra-Haredi Jews.

Rabbi Tropper has definitely hit skid row!

Now that Guma Aguiar has walked off with, and totally controls, EJF's original sponsoring foundation, the Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation that is now used exclusively by Guma and Jamie Aguiar to fund the causes that meet their, and not Tropper's fancy, like Chabad, Nefesh BeNefesh, Marches to former Nazi death camps, and even Shavei Israel.

All this leaves Tropper looking like a lone baloon careening through the air as it lets out its remaining air supply, or running around like a chicken without a head, eating his hat to stay afloat at all costs, to make up with his former employers Rabbis Mendel Weinbach and Nota Schiller who had once sacked him and still ongoing professional rivals at Ohr Somayach Jerusalem, and now like a beggar hat in hand at yenem's dais, to sit in line-up fashion, just one of dozens of rabbis with others invited to grace the photo-ops and act as a prop to others like Lev Le'achim instead of the good old days when many similar rabbis used to come to EJF concerts and instead of Tropper sitting all the way anonymously, forlorn and dejected on left field, with a huge banner proclaiming the glories of the Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation and all its munificence, now Tropper must sit under the banners of organizations like Ohr Somyach and Lev Le'achim not under his control and in which he has no say or part. Poor old Tropper, he will never recover from the Guma scandal.

So indeed, that was then and this is now.

Now, as for this post by Rabbi Dr. Eidensohn from Kol Yaakov yeshiva's newsletter of a few years ago, there are many obvious questions, like hey, now that we know that Guma was living in conubial fashion with Jamie through all this, just exactly what were Tropper and Rav Reuven Feinstein thinking when they not only led Guma on and took his millions, but how were they not ashamed to make such a public display of their connections to Guma and his Christian missionary family when they knew that there was sooo much wrong behind the scenes???

All of which makes it quite clear why they had to eventually seek a scapegoat and a cover-up which was provided for them by Tropper's old baggabo Rabbi Bomzer and they resorted to launch a war on Rabbi Bomzer to scape-goat him, mostly recently on this blog mind you and also using Bomzer as a decoy red-herring to try and help Tropper escape the uncompromising and unresolved heat he has faced from the BADATS and Rav Moshe Shternbuch on this blog, so that when Guma dumped Tropper and Rav Reuven Feinstein altogether, they richly deserved it for [...] parading Guma as some sort of Torah-dikke "hero" and fake "saviour" [...], as they milked Guma and his wife for every last million they could pump out of them.

(Yeah, Yeah, we all know that blog poster Roni/Tropper will jump up and down at this point and tell us all what a "hero" Tropper was for not converting Jamie, but just take a look at everything else that Tropper and Rav Reuven Feinstein did, like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid pick-pocketing Guma and Jamie Aguiar and fleecing them for all they were worth, everything short of an an ot-tot-tot conversion, and then plead "innocence" that they did "nothing" illegal on technical grounds using their well-honed krumme lomdus, when they have clearly commited a mammoth chillul Hashem berabim when you compare the events of then with has happened lately.)

This is a shanda and charpa of the highest order!


The $64,000 question is what has happened to Tropper's big backer Dr. Tom Kaplan?

He obviously has lost control of the Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation to his nephew Guma and Jamie Aguiar and there is no talk of the legal case he launched against Guma or any of the accusations he made that Guma is suffering from a messiah complex.

Only anonymous poster Roni/Tropper produced a fraudulent and forged letter from rabbis that indirectly tries to smear Guma by throwing red-herring spit balls at Rabbi Bomzer for converting Guma's gal Jamie Aguiar that poster Roni/Tropper uses as an argument, via Rabbi Eidenson's blog of all places, as a way to attack Guma and Jamie Aguiar

Anonymous said...

If you see Tropper "looking down strumming his fingers" it's because he's on his BlackBerry checking his Emails, writing his next response to defend himself on blogs or consoling Tom Kaplan not to feel bad about losing gazillions of $$$$ on the foundering stock market. Or maybe Tropper was reaching out to a gentile lady looking for a rabbi to convert her.

boog said...

From The Rahm (Rambo-Dead Fish) Emmanuel Dept. of Homeland "Security".

Who-Who'thems threathened Yank-y Horowitz to do his '180'?

No more free rides for Ohel said...

You are making a mistake by confining your criticism of Ohel to this type of abuse.

They need to be investigated in general. One area that I know of that needs a good cleaning is their programs and homes for the emotionally disturbed, where they drug their patients into dependency and warehouse them, while posing as their saviours. There are serious abuses there, and the arrogance and heavy-handedness of some of their people is not something that should be tolerated.

With such a record, I think their credibility in general is suspect and investigation and scrutiny is long overdue. They should not be getting a free ride anymore, they have grown into a massive organization, people like Mandel get mega-salaries, it is not the Ohel of years ago that was started by volunteer community activists anymore.

East 27th St said...

There is a family who brags to everyone that they do all kinds of chessed like hosting Ohel home residents at their Shabbos table.

This family is from the biggest lowlives around who talk out of both sides of their rotten mouths while committing unspeakable horrors against others. Because they come across like innocent looking yeshivishe slobs, they seem harmless to the untrained eye. Yes, the wife is the one waiting with her kids for the bus at Ave M or N while wearing the tattered, shmatte bathrobe.

What else is new? said...

Fannie loses $23 billion, seeks more US aid

CNNMoney.com - ‎21 minutes ago‎

Troubled mortgage giant asks Treasury for $19 billion, and says government doubles its funding committment to $200 billion.

The Tendlers get results said...


May 8, 2009

Marks & Spencer Caves in, Cuts Prices on Big Bras

Filed at 9:51 a.m. ET

LONDON (AP) -- The Battle of the Bust is over, and consumers have triumphed.

Britain's largest clothing retailer, Marks & Spencer, has backed down on its incendiary policy of charging a 2 pound ($3) surcharge for bras that are DD or larger in the face of a spreading consumer revolt.

Think women don't care about this issue? Then think again -- that's what M&S executives had to do after some 14,000 women (and deviant men) gave their name to a Facebook campaign aimed at eliminating the big boob penalty.

''We always try to do the right thing by our customers and we thought we had, but it's clear we've got it wrong this time,'' said M&S chairman Stuart Rose. ''From Saturday, no matter whether it's large or small bras you need, the price will be the same.''

Abuse victim pours his heart out to R' Yudel Shain said...


Most will not admit it. I did not admit it or tell anyone about it for 25 years. It remained a buried chapter in my life. My thinking was that I may have been the only one and I should just leave it alone. Life goes on and he will get his when he gets to gehennom. Fast forward 25 years. I heard that two young children made accusations of improper behavior by this rebbe. There was no "conclusive evidence" that anything ever happened. The parents later retracted and changed the story. I had absolutely no doubt that it truly happened knowing what this rasha was capable of. Of course the rebbe denied every bit of it. I then knew I had to act or the molestation will continue. It will always continue for as long as the molester can get away with it. So I did come forth an made a statement saying that I was a victim of this rebbe. I then sat before a panel of three and painfully and shamefully recounted my experiences. I would not make a statement like this to get back at a rebbe who hit me or failed me. This was a humiliating experience that no one should ever have to go through. To talk about every toayva that happened is not a statement anyone would want to make. This is something which strips a person of any dignity they have. This is why I would not doubt the motive of any one who makes such accusations especially when they would have so much to lose. I am a married man with children. I have a large family of relatives. I am in good community standing. The ONLY reason that I subjected myself to what amounted to public humiliation by 3 chashuve people who know me and my family for many years, was to stop this person from continuing the molestation of other young children. The reason why many say that it is only happening in small numbers is because, like me, they would rather suffer in silence and protect their families, than to admit that they had done every manner of toayva with another man. Stand in my shoes and see if you would have the guts to come out. Would you want your children to know the filth that you engaged in? Would you come out to your community and say that you ate treife? Compound that statement by 100 and you will have an understanding of what an admission of molestation is. Based upon my testimony, R' Shmuel Kaminetzky was consulted and the yeshiva fired him the very next day. The yeshiva acted responsibly in this instance. I still have a problem with having to finance my therapy because I was abused and victimized. I still have a problem with undoing the harm that this has created emotionally for myself and my family. I still have the problem of dealing with the anger I feel as a result of being molested. I still have a problem living with the images of the molestation on a daily basis. I still have a problem dealing with the guilt I feel for violating the Torah in one of the worst ways possible. These are facts of my life that can never be erased and undone. This is my legacy and my history. I still have a problem with his being able to roam the streets free as a bird with no one the wiser as to what this man has done. He is free to practice his craft again. All anyone knows is that he retired. What is being done to prevent any future acts? He is not charged with any crime and the talk about fingerprinting all teachers is useless for a situation like mine. It will catch no one if there is no prior record. Every molester like mine need not have any fear of being caught becaese our system will cover up and we fear for our children not being able to get a shidduch. So back to you my dear Wolf. Do you now understand why there is no admission in the overwhelming majority of molestation cases? Do you understand that if there is an admission why it remains anonymous? How much would you be willing to pay for your child to never have this kind of thing befall him or her? The rabbonim cannot even fathom how to deal with these issues and how to make things right, helping victims recover from the abuse that happened on their watch and was willingly covered up. The protection of the institution was most important. The lives of the victims was secondary. What would they sell their child's lives for? That is what needs to be paid to the victims who had their lives robbed of true joy or the geshmak of a piece of Gemara. The implications are staggering. Those who aided and abetted will have to give Din V'cheshbon one day and it won't be pretty. So Reb Wolf, if this isn't sufficient enough to satisfy your need for me to identify myself then please post your phone number and I will call you. I can then meet with you and tell you in person all of the sordid details of who what and when so that you will be satisfied that my implications are true.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a common belief that sexual sins only occur in lustful, unrefined people with little self-control. In fact our Sages tells us that the greater the person the greater is his yezter harah (Sukka 52a). Thus it is really the saintly refined person with great self control - who is in greater danger. The following in an example from the Talmud that led to a suicide attempt and eventual death from penitential fasts.

Kiddushin(81b): Whenever R’ Chiya bar Ashi said the tachanun prayer he would say, “The Merciful save us from the yetzer harah (evil inclination).” One day his wife overheard him. She said to herself, “It has been many years that we have not been intimate, so why does he have a need to pray for this – [he obviously doesn’t have a strong sex drive]?” One day he was studying in his garden and she dressed up and repeatedly walked past him. He asked who she was. She replied that she was Harusa (a well known prostitute) who had just returned. He desired her. She told him to first bring the pomegranate to her from the top of the tree. He jumped up and brought it to her. He came into his house his wife was firing the oven. He climbed in it [to kill himself – Rashi]. His wife asked him what was the meaning of this? He told her what had happened. She replied that she was the woman involved. However he paid no attention to her until she gave proof with the pomegranate. He said, “Nevertheless my intention was to sin.” That righteous man [R. Hiyya b. Ashi] fasted all his life, until he died thereof.

R' Moishe Sternbuch says Pinny Lipschutz is a Phony said...


Abuse & the sounds of silence - Yated editorial

I just showed the editorial from the Yated to Rav Sternbuch. His response was,

"Why isn't there any mention about stopping the perpetrators?" Why isn't there a condemnation of those who committed the crimes against these children? Why are they afraid to condemn the perpetrators?"

This editorial 1) acknowledges that American gedolim have been aware that there has been a significant problems for years - without doing anything about it. 2) he claims that our American religious leaders were ignorant about how to handle the problem - so why didn't they ask the police, why didn't they ask psychologists and social workers? 3) why has there been an active repression of talk about these issues and pressure on the families not to come forth? 5) why is his focus on belatedly helping the victims handle their suffering without acknowledging that a significant cause of the problem are family, friends and rabbis who should should have been protecting the children instead of abusing them? 6) what is this talk about the abuse being a gezeirah? Does he think that G-d's name is being sanctified by the abuse of these unfortunate children?! That is obscene!

Leib Tropper said...

Hey, I just had an einfall!

I should jump on the justice-for-victims bandwagon with UOJ. This way I can convert all kinds of non-Jewish abuse victims who have money!

Gumshoe said...

Is UOJ aware of the story told to R' Yudel where R' Shmuel Kaminetzky got involved? Where any steps taken to make sure the molester doesn't have access to children in shul and the neighborhood?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...
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Anonymous said...

Chevra Chazerim / Agudah Fresser Coalition said...


Here's some musser for us.

8:15 PM, May 07, 2009

Does anyone know which paper this was published in?

Barney Fag said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


I am not aware of this particular incident, unless it was sent anonymously, and the person would not identify himself so I could verify the information.

I get many anonymous/no name tips, that I can't/won't follow up on because people do not identify themselves...and that's their choice, I do understand.

Regarding Kaminetzky's involvement; he is suspect, in my eyes, of not being capable of doing the right thing, in this area, for Klal Yisroel! So he may have shot off his mouth to fire the rebbe, but knowing him well, he would have done nothing to protect the community from future incidents.

Rest In Peace said...


The website has died.

The Gestapo read every post, and decide if what is written is pro-Agudah or anti. Any criticism, or questioning the motives of their "gedolim" is not published. Any comments trying to have Rabbi Horowitz see how he has destroyed countless people, are deleted straight out.

So yes, Agudath Israel of America now has an official website.

Play your fiddle, while Judaism sinks.

Anonymous said...

We need put the nails in the rabbinic coffins of Belsky and Dovid Cohen

Rabbi Avrohom Gestetner has a bais din in monsey fighting both of these thugs. he is a massive talmid chochom and his bais din is almost free. he is not in this for business. There is also Rabbi Dov Tzvi Abraham who supposedly gives a man a heter meah rabbonon if the wife goes to the supreme court.

Rabbi Romnick a former Rosh yeshiva in chaim berlin exposed belsky to rav elyashiv when izzie received a fat check for beating a hsuband up whose only crime was to insist that his wife settle the dipute in a reputable bais din. rav romnick wrote to rav rlyashiv that izzie invented evidnece to rule in favor of the wife. the husband was subject to electric shocks and left for dead and was found by a NY cab driver and taken to hospital.
In another case where Izzie obtained some fat loot for his ruling the following happened. A husband got into financial difficulties and did some illegal stuff with money so the wife wanted a get. Belsky got the Johannesburg Beth Din to pay a prostitute to claim that this man frequented prostitutes, very valid eidus in a bais din.
Then Izzie claimed the man had AIDS from before he got married and was mevatel the kiddusin le'mafraigh.
Problem was the husband was also well connected. Rav Shlomo Miller of Toronto argued that if the man did indeed have AIDS from before the marriage as Iziie the Nobel Prize winner in medicine claimed, then the woman should also have it by now and hence she is NOT permitted to marry anyone. The guy took an AIDS/HIV test and was found negative.
RAv Shlomo Miller had a letter sent to rav elyashiv to warn him izzie was back again with his tricks to garner many quick bucks.Signatures included, Reb E lya b wachtfogel, R M Kotler, R Eliyahu Levin.
R. Aharon Schechter of Chaim berlin and Rav Feivel Cohen also came out against Izzie.
Dovid Cohen is much more slippery. Why hasn't anyone got anything in writng against this thug?

Anonymous said...

anyone hear this story in lakewood yesterday about a school girl that brought a knife to school and threatened her pregnant teacher then ran to the roof and slit her wrist??
what are the true events??

Buyer Beware said...

A group of Agudah members upset with the position of Agudah in favor of harming children, has asked the gedolim in Eretz Yisroel. The gedolei Eretz Yisroel, have announced:

"The American Jewish community should not support Agudah in America. Because, their actions they are taking are k'neged the Torah, will surely cause a takalah through their hands. Any Godfearing person should avoid giving financial rewards to a group that goes against Hashem and His holy Torah. There is no inyan of tzeddakah for an organiztion that acts opposite the way of the Torah".

For all those victims, and those who help them overcome their pain, the gedolei Eretz Yisroel have announced:

"The stance of Agudah is achzarius, and wickedness. This is not chas v'shalom what Hashem intended when he wrote hilchos lashon hara. It's a chutzpah nora'ah to hide behind the boundary of mesirah, to prevent children from being protected. The psakim being made are k'negged the Torah.
All those who are involved in being mechazek the innocent children s'charcha harbei me'od. They and their families are gebentched with gezunt, parnassah, nachas, and shemira. Being mechazek those children with shaky emunah is of greater importance than being mekarev rechokim."

We would rather have our chelek with these gedolim, than the Agudah of America's gedolim who are going k'neged Ha Torah, V'Hamesorah. The only sustainable solution to our tough problems, is to listen to the independent Yirei Hashem, the gedolei Eretz Yisroel. We will no longer support the hands of those who pervert the Torah to protect their finances.

We hope you follow our lead.

LVF said...

vos iz neias is reporting that israel weingarten was sentenced to 30 years in prison, he has 10 days to appeal.

Anonymous said...

New York - A man was sentenced today to 30 years in prison for taking his daughter out of the country to abuse her.

I Weingarten , 59 represented himself during a weeklong trial in March in federal court in Brooklyn.

Weingarten . today told the court that he really didn't want represent himself, but felt he had no choice because the two attorneys supplied to him were not satisfactory.

He has 10 days to appeal.

Prior to the sentencing, the victim, now 27, and her brother, Yoni, 29, read statements detailing the horrors of being physically and mentally abused by their father.

Agudath Israel Legal Department said...

We have submitted an amicus brief contending that preventing a Jewish man from seeking to instill in his children a sense of religious identity is an interference with his religious rights – violating not only the New York State Religious Freedom Restoration Act but the “Free Exercise of Religion” clauses of both the New York and U.S. Constitutions.

Our position on the Weingarten matter is Judaism permits, and encourages lewd behaviors. Our rabbis have stated this clearly in the Markey decision.

This is a religious rite of passage in Orthodox Judaism to be raped. We will not allow the anti-religious courts tamper with such a serious matter.

Anonymous said...

I am the original anon on Yudel's blog.The story is my story. You are darn tootin right that nothing was done was put in place to stop future molestation out of the scool which BTW was where a large portion of the molestation happened. UOJ can reach out to me where I can Email him or have some sort of forum for contact. I have emailed at one time but got no response. My story is known by the blog administrator of the former New Hempstead News blog. I can be reached through him.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


Shabbat Shalom

Agudah=Reform Judaism said...

The temptation to tailor the Torah towards our own feelings, even in face of its very transgression, is a reality of human nature. This fallacy is often accompanied by the rationalization that "It's the right thing to do,” or, “It's actually a Mitzvah.”

It is not uncommon nowadays for religious people, or entire movements, to advocate for causes that are inherently antithetical to the very core of the religion in whose name they are being championed – causes that run against the very essence and fiber of the religion in whose name they are being promoted.

Who would imagine that anyone can advocate on behalf of homosexuality in the name of Judaism, when the Torah – the constitution of the Jewish faith – not only forbids this behavior, but actually refers to it as an abomination. Talk about revisionist mentality.

If someone were to treat the American Constitution in that manner, it would be considered treason; there would be outrage. It could conceivably lead to civil war. Yet with religion we somehow find a way to rationalize. We don’t see the blatant dishonesty in taking what the Torah refers to as a “sin” and an abomination and turning it into a Mitzvah or a social cause for which we advocate in the name of the very religion that prohibits it. Such is the power of rationalization

The core message of the redundant language vis-à-vis the prohibition against the defilement of the Kohanim is hence rather clear. It is our duty to impress upon our children, from the very beginning, especially concerning emotionally charged issues, that Judaism is not to be confused with good feelings. We must impart the notion that right and wrong, holy and its opposite, must be tailored in accordance with Torah and not visa-versa.

The Monsey Tzadik said...

Goilem Guma Silences Rabbi Eidensohnhttp://daattorah.blogspot.com/2009/05/response-to-guma-aguiar-threats.html

Response to Guma Aguiar's threats & intimination
In my conversation with Guma I asked him whether he was threatening me for having information on my blog that he did not appreciated. He responded, "No, that if I were threatening you, You would know it." I know it.

It is unfortunate that Guma feels it necessary to threaten and intimidate any one who says something he doesn't approve. In fact the vast majority of posts have been very flattering of his deeds

The issue of contention is in fact a side issue. In the course of defending R' Tropper, commentator Roni used Guma as an example of praise for R' Tropper. Commentator RaP responded and these issues were mainly in the comments of these two - not in my posts. I had asked Guma about his wife's conversion and his responses didn't contradict what I had posted.

I consulted with Rav Sternbuch and he said the following, "Write to him and tell him that this is not the way a Jew handles a problem - there are Jewish courts that should be used." I responded that I don't think that is of interest to Guma but since Rav Sternbuch insists I will send a letter to him.

Bottom line - Guma has given me 48 hours to erase every reference to him on my blog. Obviously I will comply because I don't have a billion dollars to deal with frivolous laws suits from someone who objects to someone who doesn't have a picture perfect description of his life. Because it will take a lot of time to erase every mention of his name I will have to close the blog or alternative erase it and start over again. Hopefully it will be back in operation within a week.

The modification will in addition remove all mention of R' Tropper - Guma arch enemy - because the two names frequently together. It is interesting to note that R' Tropper who has been criticized here much more severely has not seen fit to take the same route as Guma nor has Guma's uncle Thomas Kaplan. Perhaps they have what to learn from Guma.

This is one of the reasons that most blogs are anonymous.

Please have patience.

Anonymous said...

Get a list of the donors at the Staten Island appeal for Ohel.
Publish the names of these idiots.
Many key Ohel contractors and employees have staten island connections

Lakewood said...


R’ Baruch Manes, the longtime director of Cheder Bais Faiga has just resigned.

There will be a meeting with the Lakewood Roshei Yeshiva to secure the future of the schools. The meeting will be at 9PM in Bais Faiga.

As reported earlier on VidYid:
Lakewood, New Jersey: As reported earlier on VidYid there was going to be a strike sometime this week in Bais Faiga. The strike has been temporarily averted as parents have received a notice from local poskim, that they are going to pay teachers their tuition’s directly.

Tensions are still high, with meetings around the clock with Roshei Yeshiva and the Mashgaich, but it seems as if no end is in sight to the ongoing dispute.

Any parent can provide copy of letter received today?



The letter that was sent out was unathorized to be sent out according to poskim who signed it, they are upset. The letter just asks that the u should give new vaad the money.

Moetzes Resign! said...

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A White House military aide who authorized an Air Force flyover of New York that caused panic among some people in the city resigned on Friday.

Louis Caldera said in a resignation letter to President Barack Obama that the controversy over the mission -- a photo shoot of a jumbo jet used as Air Force One with the Statue of Liberty in the background -- made it impossible for him to lead the White House Military Office.

UOJ Gets Results said...

Judge refers lawyer for prosecution in Dole fraud
Judge refers LA lawyer to State Bar and other agencies for prosecution

Linda Deutsch, AP Special Correspondent

Saturday May 9, 2009, 5:27 pm EDT

(AP) -- A judge said Friday that she's referring a Los Angeles lawyer to federal prosecutors and the State Bar over his involvement in lawsuits that she found were part of a massive fraud by purported Nicaraguan banana workers against U.S. food giant Dole.

Superior Court Judge Victoria Chaney said that attorney Juan Dominguez, an attorney for the plaintiffs in the lawsuits against Dole, would be subject to charges of perjury, obstruction of justice, defrauding a court, conspiring to extort a United States company and possibly federal racketeering violations.

She also ordered Dominguez to appear in her courtroom on June 15 for a hearing on sanctions for alleged contempt of court.

"All of the alleged actions by attorney Dominguez have criminal overtones," she said.

Agudath Israel Statement - Jewish Children Not affected By Pneumonia said...

The Killer No One Suspects


Published: May 9, 2009

On this Mother’s Day, let’s not only reach for flowers and dinners but also think of how we might make motherhood itself a bit happier.

Traveling with a student gives me an excuse to step back and focus on immense challenges that we in journalism neglect because they’re not new enough to be “news.”

One of these is pneumonia, the ailment that was threatening to destroy not only Khady’s Mother’s Day but also her child’s chance of living even one more day.

Pneumonia gets very little attention from donors or the public health community, yet it kills more than two million children a year, according to Unicef and the World Health Organization.

To put it another way, if you spend five minutes reading this column, at least 19 kids will die of pneumonia in that time. That’s more than will die of AIDS, malaria and measles combined.

Yet pneumonia goes ignored. It is the orphan of global health, attracting negligible investment.

To their great credit, advocates working against AIDS and malaria have goaded Western governments into spending significant sums on prevention and treatment. The result is that an AIDS diagnosis is no longer an immediate death sentence, and malaria infection rates are tumbling in some countries.

Meanwhile, pneumonia keeps on killing, while barely registering on the public consciousness. On Friday, the biggest pneumonia-related cause on Facebook (PS — Pneumonia Sucks) had 785 members — while the top five health-related causes had a combined 14.1 million.

But pneumonia is finally beginning to get traction. Last month, a group of health advocates including Save the Children announced that the first World Pneumonia Day will be Nov. 2, backed by an informative new Web site, worldpneumoniaday.org. At the same time, Hedge Funds vs. Malaria, an advocacy and fund-raising group, changed its name to Hedge Funds vs. Malaria and Pneumonia.

Shalom Tendler Back In The Classroom said...


Lipa Margolis In The News said...

Cow wins free pass after escaping slaughter

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A cow escaped death when it fled a New York City slaughterhouse Wednesday, running through the streets before being corralled by mounted police.

The escape appears to have earned the cow a free pass -- it will be turned over to an animal care agency rather then sent back to the slaughterhouse in the New York City borough of Queens, police said.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Israel Weingarten Sentenced to 30 years in Federal Court

By Samuel Newhouse

Brooklyn Daily Eagle & Daily Bulletin - May 9, 2009

CADMAN PLAZA EAST – The ultra-orthodox rabbi who cross-examined his own daughter who he sexually abused as a child was sentenced to 30 years in Brooklyn federal court on Friday.

Mrs. Tannenbaum said...


By Geoffrey A. Fowler

Using Craigslist for ill purposes is a great way to get caught by the police. This latest Craigslist crank reads like an episode of “Desperate Housewives.”

According to Newsday, a woman in the New York town of Hauppauge has been arrested for trying to harass her neighbor — and possibly her neighbor’s 9-year-old daughter — by using Craigslist to direct calls from 22 men seeking sex to her neighbor’s home phone number.

Margery Tannenbaum, 40, was charged with “aggravated harassment” for posting an ad, which was titled “Looking for a good time?-w4m 21.” (That particular ad is no longer on the site.) “Men were responding to that Craigslist ad, and when they did it had an email address to respond to — I assume just for this purpose — and they were given the phone number of this residence,” Fourth Precinct Sgt. Tim Burns told Newsday. He added that Tannenbaum wanted to get revenge for a dispute between the two women’s daughters.

A Jewish Observer Author said...

Dear Rabbi Zweibel,

Federal Judge John Gleeson said the rabbi chose to defend himself in order to cross-examine the victim in an attempt to control her again. "You seemed to enjoy yourself in a perverse sort of way," Gleeson said. "It's hard to make a crime like this worse, but you did." The judge said he will never forget the victim, now 27, begging him from the witness stand to order Weingarten never to speak her name again. "If I live to 100, that's an image I will take to my grave," Gleeson said.

Weingarten was offered 5 years in jail as a plea bargain. "Rabbi" Moishe Green said, "It's assur for him to take the deal, because a Jew doesn't admit to crimes like this".

Moral of the story:

1] A court is a place of awe. If you turn the court into a circus, and location for more abuse, things don't turn out very pretty.

2]Denial and coverups in order to protect what Jews act like, only makes things worse when exposed.

Thwart legislation, whitewash claims of molestation, coverup years of shifting pedophiles from school to school, deny threats made against victims and their supporters, etc. In the end, the price will be that much steeper.

L'Maan Hashem reconsider your opposition to the Markey bill.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sorry that Eidensohn got sideswiped by my curses and prayers to Hashem aimed at Tropper, but I certainly am happy that Hashem has taken Kaplan's money away from Tropper finally. Even Chabad is better than Tropper, all things considered. -LB

Anonymous said...

Enough of the talk. Why not organize a demonstration at the Hilton next Sunday at the Eida Haraah's (sorry i meant agudah) annual dinner where that f-cking fake zwiebel will be getting a lot of kovod. He doesn't recognize Rav gestetner bais din. show me a se'if inshulchan oruch that says that zwiebel's opinion determines the authenticity of a bais din?

Anonymous said...

why is there seriously no protest tonight at "torah vo-daas" dinner where ha'choteh u'machtih es horabbim" MR (ER VE'OYNON) peretz steinberg is being honored? why is izzie the swine still employed there? it's all family connections just like the mafia. next year belsky's buddy yudi kolko will be honored!

steve said...

I think it's time to shift our attention from the Agudah and Rabbi Horowitz and focus on the State Assembly and Senate. After all, they are the ones who will decide the fate of the Markey Bill, not these irrelevant coverup artists. Together with constant prayer to Hashem for the safety of our children and a concerted effort to convince those politicians to vote for the Child Victims Act, we will prevail. In the long run, the opposition from the Agudah/TU/Catholic Church axis of evil will serve to benefit the cause, as the people who truly care about our children will be easily distinguishable from those fakers. As I've been saying all along, gentlemen, we have work to do. We can't let these "secretaries" at the Agudah distract us. Please visit this website:


and let everyone due his or her share. Tizku L'Mitzvos!

Sister Maureen Paul Turlish said...


by Sister Maureen Paul Turlish, Victims’ Advocate

It is outrageous to read that the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Jewish Community are pooling their resources, not to better protect children and give all victim/survivors of childhood sexual abuse access to justice, but rather to keep inadequate and discriminatory laws on the books which give more protection to sexual predators than to their victims.
Such an action certainly fails the test of morality!
The sexual abuse of a minor is an egregious sin, a human tragedy and a major social problem that demands comprehensive solutions but, most importantly, it is a crime committed against the innocent.
It has been accurately described by Cardinal William Keeler, the former archbishop of Baltimore, Maryland, as murder of the soul and the egregious nature of such crimes demands that there should be no statutes of limitation, period.

Childhood sexual abuse is a major epidemic going on in our country, a pandemic if one considers it in its worldwide proportions so it is hard to believe, in light of recent statements in this newspaper, that we continue to have churchmen representing various religious denominations who actually oppose the removal of statutes of limitation in regard to the sexual abuse of children.

It is unconscionable that any synogogue, church or sect would hold fast to a belief that sexual predators and abusers should not be held accountable along with their enablers and that they would support the present accommodation in law that gives more protection to individuals who have been accused of the sexual abuse of children than to the victims themselves.
Window legislation, as it relates to civil statutes, is the single most important factor in holding sexual predators and any enabling institutions or individuals, if they exist, accountable whether they are religious denominations, hospitals, schools or scouts.
In the case of New York, a one year civil window just to gain access to the courts is the barest of minimums and yet religious leaders oppose it.
How can the Catholic dioceses of New York state deny the rightfulness of extending statutes of limitation in regard to the protection of children?
This is not a matter belonging to what our church calls the “deposit of faith,” and leaving aside the matter of mortal sin for the moment, the sexual abuse of children is a matter of criminal behavior, not to be relegated to the venial status of a lesser weakness.
On the basis of what is known today about the obstacles impeding a victim’s ability in coming forward, present laws covering the sexual abuse of children are totally inadequate.

Why isn’t the archdiocese distributing postcards for the members of the Catholic community to sign and send to their legislators in Albany to support the complete removal of statutes of limitation going forward in regard to the sexual abuse of children, criminally and civilly?

Why isn’t the New York Catholic Conference lobbying to protect children as would befit the Holy See’s signatory status to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child?
Window legislation is not “anti” any particular religion or institution but it is anti-rapist and child molester.
It forces records, if they exist and have not been destroyed, to be made available in a court of justice and hopefully into the public venue as well.

We know that pedophiles, rapists, molesters and child abusers come from all walks of life and that the sexual abuse of children happens primarily in the home so it is patently unconscionable for religious denominations and their leadership to protect and enable sexual predators by refusing to support changes in the laws that would hold both the perpetrators and their enablers accountable.
No child ever deserves to be raped, sodomized, molested, abused or trafficked across state lines or international borders for purposes of sexual exploitation. Such acts, especially when committed by a parent, family member, doctor, teacher, trusted minister, rabbi, imam or priest are crimes and the perpetrators should be treated as the criminals they are.
The Orthodox Jews and the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church should be coming together to better protect our children from these vicious individuals and those who may have protected them.
Is it about money?
The outrageous claim that Assemblywoman Margaret M. Markey’s bill A2596, known as the Child Victims Act, is “designed to bankrupt the Catholic Church,” as claimed by Dennis Poust, a spokesman for the New York State Catholic Conference is simply beyond the pale.
Such disinformation promulgated by the institutional church is as disingenuous as it is outrageous.
One needs to keep in mind that in 2007 the Archdiocese of Los Angeles agreed to a 660 million dollar settlement, the church’s largest payout to victim/survivors of clergy sexual abuse while also paying millions of dollars to their own lawyers, lobbyists and to the California Catholic Conference to oppose settling. At the same time the archdiocese built and paid for a magnificent new cathedral that any city in the world would be proud to showcase and they did it without ever mentioning bankruptcy.
In the New Testament Gospel of St. Matthew, Jesus says, “whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea,” (18:16).
Where is it found that Jesus said justice for a child was dependent on the price tag?
Nowhere! Neither in the Old Testament nor in the New Testament.
No, the real issue is not money.
The real issue was and still is about the exercise of power and the abuse of that power no matter the religious denominations concerned.
The Catholic bishops of the United States, for example, promised accountability and transparency in 2002 but have they been conscientious in delivering on that promise?
Investigations and grand jury reports in a number of major jurisdictions have shown that the answer is a resounding “No.”
Even the Archdiocese of Los Angeles has yet to release priests’ files which were part of their 2007 settlement and was ordered by the courts.
In all good conscience, I would strongly encourage our brothers and sisters of the Jewish faith along with the faithful Catholics of the Archdiocese of New York, and indeed all the good and decent people of the state of New York to support criminal and civil laws that are as strong as possible in holding accountable the sexual predators of our children and any individuals or institutions who were complicit in their protection.
The proposed New York legislation (A2596 and S2568) sponsored by Assemblywoman Margaret M. Markey, D-Queens and Senator Tom Duane, D-Manhattan, is both comprehensive and a solution that will go far to help reduce childhood sexual abuse.
Sister Turlish is a Delaware educator and victims’ advocate who testified before the Delaware Senate and House Judiciary Committees in support of Delaware’s 2007 Child Victims Law. She is on the National Representative Council of Voice of the Faithful and on the Board of Directors for the Delaware Association for Children of Alcoholics.

E-mail Sister Maureen Paul Turlish at maureenpaulturlish@yahoo.com

Ohel CEO David Mandel said...

I hope UOJ agents don't find out that I go shopping every Sunday at Gourmet Glatt in Cedarhurst or else they might come down to scream at me.

I love going in there. I get all the 5 Towns Agudah Fressers fawning all over me because they think I'm such a choshuva guy.

Counter-Belsky Terrorism Task Force said...

That's very interesting if Belsky got the Johannesburg Beis Din to frame the yungerman from Belgium as having "AIDS".

There is one hugely obvious connection there. Isn't Kolko's mechutan Grossnas on that beis din?

There is also another South African rov who may be on the beis din who is accused of covering up his daughter's mental illness and suckering a marriage partner for her when it was clear it would end in divorce.

Avi L. Shafran said...


Completely useless! I thought the NY Times might be on to something with this article on black hats but when I went running down to these places like a headless chicken, no one was willing to steam my dusty hat for free.

Anonymous said...

When did UOJ put the picture of himself on top? Did I miss that?

Satmar Girls School Principle in Antwerp on the Weingarten affair said...

"I shall come with this as a response to your inquiry to document what I know of the painful saga of the Weingarten Family. Behold, they resided here in our city, Antwerp for many years and the daughters were educated her at Beis Ruchel of Satmar, and a feeling existed that emense duress hung over the wife and daughters, and though on the part of the school we tried to do good it had little effect. During the summer of 5756 Israel Moshe (Weingarten - the now convicted father ym"sh) approaced and pleaded that his eldest daughter F.L. should be allowed to go up a class, what we don't do for others. After deliberation we decided to aquiesce since we knew the embiterment of the daughters stemmed from issues at home and we hoped that conceding to this foolhardy action might make the daughter more content. In fact we saw the opposite, that she arrived to school with swollen eyes and at times with other signs of abuse, and we hesitated to approach the issue being that they were reclusive in nature and we would get nowhere.
But one time R' W G, a neighbor, who lived a few houses away from them, and a trusted friend of Israel Moshe (YS"V) and who helped him many times by providing food at the home, came and told me that F L (may hashem the protector of orphans help her heal her body and soul speedily) desired to commit suicide, heaven forbid, and leap from a window and at the last second she was rescued, and that I as menahel am obligated to interrogate her so as not to stand by idly as ones blood may be spilled.
I began talking to her 2, 3 time till she revealed that she suffers severe beatings from him because of.... something she dare not tell under any circumstance, and only after many pleadings did she write on a paper that FOR QUITE SOME TIME HER FATHER WAS SEXUALY MOLESTING HER. I don't recall all that she wrote but this I remember, THAT SHE TAKES HER.....AND SPILLS HIS SEED NEARLY COMMITING COMPLETE ADULTERY. And then she added verbaly that for some time she has reviled life like this and he viciously beats her, and therefore she wished to kill herself.
This accured aproximately Chanukka time and by the end of the winter she returned from Manchester and the whole family traveled to Israel for Pesach, and afterwards he returned with the daughter only and was secluded with her all summer, and we issued a letter that we take no responsibility for this student from now on, and that none of his offspring may step foot in our schools. Till Ellul his deeds were not publicized rather he made himself as a man of dignity and we kept our silence. During Ellul word got out of his actions through others and other filthy deeds of his and the whole town was shocked. Suddenly he then emerged with a tape that his daughter had eloped with a neighbor M, a charge he did not make while being judged by the Satmar dayan the previous winter.
(The next paragraph deals with his cruel handling of his wife and how he manipulated her in a terrifying way. He then continues:)
Basically, it pains me greatly the devastation of the offspring and do what is in your power to save them from this unparalelled faker, fraudster and phoney who commits decadence like Zimry yet seeks reward like Pinchus. And I will add that at one time Reb Leibish of Pshevorsk said that in 5757 they interviewed the whole family in Yerushalayim, the wife and children and terrible things were revealed."

There you have it folks. The onus rests at the feet of many rabbonim who after all the overwhelming evidence sided with the devil, and going so far as to show up in court in public support of an incestuous animal. Moshe Green, you have done the community a great service showing what you stand for. Thanx dude! You and the Moetzes would sure make great bed fellows, literaly.

Anonymous said...

How can Agudah honor the Mayor so prominently just a few weeks after he prominently endorsed toeivah ‘marriage’ and, not only that, said that he would go and campaign for it to be legalized in the state? And they claim that politicians know that “that the organization is synonymous with integrity and responsibility.”?

The Mayor is looking for support in his re-election campaign. He has done much good, but how can we ignore this terrible breach when he endorses Sodomite ‘marriage’ in such a high-profile way, to invite him in such a high profile way and give him such honor just a few weeks later?

Anonymous said...

UOJ, regarding the letter about Weingarten, I erred in the translation. Please replace "SHE TAKES HER" WITH "HE TAKES HER".

I have a copy of the handwritten letter on school letterhead.

David Rappoport and Josh Szpilzinger said...


We already got busted for selling shaatnez at Emporio on 13th Ave but we didn't think Yudel & UOJ would get photographic evidence too!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I have a copy of the handwritten letter on school letterhead.


Kindly e-mail me a copy:


Anonymous said...

In response to " Counter-Belsky Terrorism Task Force said"

You are right about Kolko being grossnass' banker, sorry mechatan. However, Grossnass is NOT a DAYAN and NOT on the Jo'berg Beais Din.

You are probably right about everything. google for "even mazkir" you should find the documents on izzie, the mamzer thug.

what kind religion have we turned into or was it always this way? The rabbis are always after good living sucking up (excuse the pun) to the rich. The rich are looking for legitmacy and kovod and doing likewise to the rabbis.

Anonymous said...

When the family came to Monsey, his chasidim involved many askonim and rabonim to help this “unfortunate tzadik”, Y.M. Weingarten YM”S who nebach “has this terrible witch as a wife, who every now and then goes crazy and becomes so wild that the only way to control her, is to tie her up for about 24 hour until the mishugaas passes.” (These are all things he told people, so when they hear that he ties up his wife they wouldn’t be shocked).

In addition he told all the rabonim that she comes from a very terrible family, her parents are very low people etc. etc. These same things he told to his students in his yeshiva in Antwerp. while at that time she was busy all day cooking and cleaning for the boys WITHOUT ANY HELP. Remember, his oldest son also was a student there, and his friends told him what his father is saying about his mother.

Most rabonim tried to help him in his “miserable lot”, how could they have known the truth. But b"h as time slowly passed they started to see the truth. BUT, & here is a big "but". Srool moishe's best friend Elyukim Shlezinger from London did whatever he could to make sure nobody goes against him.

ElYakeem Schlezinger personally came to R' Chaim Shia Halberstam and told him that Weingarten is the biggest tzaddik in the world so he should help him. And help he did, he spoke to R' Moshe Green (who bt"w is not a ruv at all he is a chusheva rosh yeshiva, but no moreh Horoah or Dayan. And neither is elyukim) and these two formed his support.

When the mother came to r' Chaim Shia Halberstam he turned her away, without even hearing a word from her, a blatant violation of halacha. The same goes for the other non-rav, r' Moshe Green. It should at this point be evident why some were receiving signals that the torah need not be upheld K’Halacha. These people were showing that shooting from the hip precedes din torah v’halacha.

R' Menachem Meir Weissmandel told me, that he knows srool moishe very well from some 20 years ago. He already was a shaigetz and menuvel back then, and therefore he stayed out of this whole thing when Weingarten came to Monsey and everybody still believed him.

R' Chaim Flohr told me that he remembers srool moishe as an older bochur in Monsey, and he already then molested children and he fled Monsey because of that. But, he added, i can’t do anything, because r' elyokim (shlezinger) is my mechuten, and he will call me and make kollos on me, ich hub nisht kain koiach tzu dem.

But R' Yisroel Hager, R' Chaim Leibish Rottenberg, R' Cheskel Gold, R' Benzion Wosner, all experienced moreh Horoah and Dayanim here in Monsey, were actively involved in this matter all along and knowing all the details AND THE IREFUTABLE EVIDENCE solidly opposed Weingarten and attempted to stop his hurting the children by removing his unsupervised access to them. And I might add, they had to endure threats and other things of this sort from the likes of SS Schoor and other unsavory individuals. (which I also had to deal with).

Now, these last 4 rabbonim were involved at the time, and as time passed R' Hager was not anymore involved that much, but the other three were.

Before they were with her, when they were still siding with him, and the story came to the CPS child (un)protective services, and to the court for the first time, she was about to get full custody, but then the rabbis told her to retract from court. Being the ehrlicher yiddene that she is SHE DID JUST AS SHE WAS TOLD, and at a very hefty price……..the loss of her children.
Now, she did not want to leave the house, for the sake of the children. She did it only after the rabbonim forced her to, because they saw no future for her there. Now listen to this. She continued to cook daily meals for the whole family, including for Srool Moishe. This went on for a few months. She only stopped when the landlord called her several times and begged her to stop because that dog was throwing the food out in the garbage every day.

When the story finally came to a din torah, he was able to manipulate everybody until he found his match, the toain R’ Shmuel Fried. At the first or second session, Srool Moishe freaked out and started yelling: “I am making here a shvua d'oraisa, that as long as Shmuel Fried is toain I will not sit at this din torah, and he stormed out of the room.

The bais din said they can't be matir the shvua, so meanwhile he got himself out of the din torah. A few days later when she went to visit 1 of the girls at the bnai yoil school system in Kiryas Yoel (KJ), they tried to arrest her for wanting to kill the girl (I know all this sounds crazy, well, it is).

Then Srool Moishe Weingarten officialy gave in a claim in court against her that she choked the girl trying to kill her. When the rabonim in Monsey heard that, they said enough is enough, and they told her to give in a counter claim. When she did, suddenly we started getting messages from all over, how come your rabbonim are matir mesira. I was back then at an asifas rabbonim in r' rottenbergs house. r' moshe green came and hollered that this has to get out of court right away, but the rabbis told him that since Srool Moishe massered first it’s not going anywhere.

He yelled at the rabbis and they yelled back at him. R' Cheskel Gold was very very sharp, he really gave it to him.

They all moved back to Monsey (after living for a few months in KJ) because he wanted to be here where he had Yankee Hurwitz from COC helping him thru his back door connections with the local politicians, courts and CPS, and she wanted to be near her children.

That said, she still got joint custody, but never actually saw the children, because the dog instigated them against their own mother.

Now 1 day early winter of '07, the FBI came to Monsey and started to investigate. They called me that they want to come over, when they did, they told me that they already were in Antwerp, Manchester, Beth Shemesh, Jerusalem, Brooklyn and who knows where else. They knew everything about him.

When they contacted the mother, she went to ask a shaila what to do. Now of course she wouldn’t ask R' Green or R' Halberstam. She asked the rabbis who were willing to at least listen to her, R' Cheskel Gold, R' Chaim Leibish Rottenberg, R' Benzion Wosner, and they told her: “Since you saw what he did, and there is good reason to believe he is still doing it to the other girls, you have a chiyuv to do whatever you can to save your children.”
And she did. Period.
Now Rabbis Refuel Shorr and Srool Simche Shorr never had anything with the case, niether did R' Yisroel Duved shlezinger (who are not poiskem or moreh horaha by profession but roshei yesiva and magid respectively) so who asked them anyway. Add to that, that she was 1 witness of almost 20, and she didn’t approach the FBI, others did. If anybody here is so bothered by mesira, go out and start hunting down all the mosrim of the chasidic community, there are many of them out there.

I also personally spoke to R' Chaim Yosef Dovid Weiss, satmar dayan of Antwerp, he told me that the story with the daughter is true. Remember, when he spoke to her she still was frum and maybe if the rabbonim were stronger back then she would still be. But I can’t blame them. I know what it meant to deal with Srool Moishe Weingarten. If you want to know what he is capable of, ask in Williamsburg who remembers when Srool Moishe set fire to David Feder’s house in middle of the night, with a few families with children sleeping there.

I also spoke to R' Yankel Chanun of Mishmeres Hatznius, and he told me that when Srool Moishe lived in Bet Shemesh, R' Moishe Halberstam of the Eida Hachareidis asked him to “take care” of Srool Moishe because of all they heard about him. That’s when Srool Moishe got up 1 day, and left Israel with his whole family WITHOUT EVEN TELLING THEM A WORD. They didn’t know they were leaving the country until the taxi came to take them to the airport, even the wife didn’t know anything until that moment and then he left everything behind. He didn’t even take their clothing along, and he didn’t let them say good bye to anybody, even his wife.

BTW, when he came to sit shiva he brought along only the daughter but not the wife, any explanations please Mr. no seichel? Although she pleaded to his brother who was hosting them not to make her sleep in one room with her father he would not agree and the dog slept with his own daughter that night.
He would go walking in the street with the family, and have the mother and children walk behind while he would walk with his daughter together, as if she was the wife
And how about R' Kupshitz from Beit Shemesh who made a Gvias Eidis about Srool Moishe?

The Gemora says, although daled misos besdin are botel, the din arba misos besdin is not.. meaning, that even when beis din can’t really sentence a person nowadays, hashem will make sure he gets what he deserves. So I wrote this just for those who want to know the truth, for those who believe in him, I’m not interested in gaining your approval. I’m happy he's getting what he deserves and that’s it.

And if you STILL have any doubts let me say this. I am a chasidshe yid, I do think that here one must masser a jew to the us government. And I also believe, as most rabbis do, that for a first offender we should offer a second chance, and then if that doesn’t help (and of course if he struck once we need to put a very watchful eye on him, so he shouldn’t strike again) and he strikes again, I will say very clearly, as most rabbis (yes, even chasidishe) that we should involve the authorities in order to protect our youth.

And I will yell that with all my might, MOLESTING A CHILD IS EQUAL, IF NOT WORSE THAN, KILLING HIM. Yes, I have personally spoken to many, many adults who have been molested. This is murder, and maybe even worse.

And by the way (unfortunately, the rabbis know next to nothing about that), there is help available for those who can’t control themselves. I don’t think bad about a person who has “taivos”, every human being has his weaknesses, but if you have it, you have to go get yourself help, there is help available for those suffering from unwanted desires. To destroy others because of ones taivos is criminal and a grown man must know better.

And now for those who cry “kovod hatorah”. R’ Moshe Green is a very great gaon and rosh yeshiva and also a big masmid. But I was at the asifas rabbonim when R’ Y. Gold asked R’ M Green: “I know that you are very good in giving a great shiur in eizehu neshech, but did you ever learn choshen mishpat that you are yelling here that this has to go out of court this minute?” R’ M Green remained silent, and R’ Y Gold continued: “I know you haven’t learned choshen mishpot, but I did, and I say that this stays where it is.”

And it’s just that simple. When you have a beis din of that stature – Rottenberg, Gold and Wosner – all of them rabbonim who pasken dinei nefoshos day and night, who saw all the evidence, and listened to EVERYBODY in this case, and they pasken that the mother is MECHUYEV to do anything in her reach to save her children, (which means that she still has a lot of room left), then you can bring me not fifteen but a 150, or even fifteen hundred rabbonim for that matter, who know little or nothing about the case,, who wouldn’t know what to do with a choshen mishpat if you put it under their nose, who say she is not allowed to go. I would go with those who know the case.

Frum Lobbyist said...

The politicians are not as dumb as Zweibel and Horowitz make them out to be.

Horowitz's absurd walking the dog who pooped article was beyond bizarre. Blaming the Assembly attempt to protect our children, as a Pro-Gay legislation which must be fought. That chazerei angered the politicians.

In a feeble attempt to pacify the loud voices in Albany who want respect and legitimacy for all causes, Zweibel chose to honor a Pro-Gay voice to speak at the Agudah dinner this Sunday.

The Senators and Assemblymen have been laughing all day. They have a plan to clean the clocks at Agudah Headquarters. Honest people working for a just cause are respected (Pasik, Appel, etc) not panderers looking for approval. Politicians aren't dumb. Those planning on attending the dinner will smile and accept accolades, but behind those smiles......

Zweibel just nailed the final nail in the coffin of his useless organization.

Johannesburg Fresser said...


Kolko's mechutan Boruch Ber Grossnass is not on the beis din. He is rosh kollel of Yad Shaul. His kollel is also the South African distributor for Fartscroll.

The rabbi with the ill daughter is on the beis din. One of his relatives runs a for-profit "not-for-profit" kiruv organization, who like the Agudath Israel of America, gives all kinds of kovod to the pro-gay, pro-abortion, pseudo-orthodox Joe Lieberman.

Who is that helping behayma Weingarten? said...

"he had Yankee Hurwitz from COC helping him thru his back door connections with the local politicians, courts and CPS"

Moshe Green said...

These are 2 different Yaakon Horowitz's from Monsey. Reb Yaakov Horowitz AKA Yanky Horowitz previously of Breslev fame and now dean @ Darcei Noam is the one struggling to regain his foothold and sense of direction in the molestation fiasco at Agudah.
Yankel Horowitz who has a social services referal company and heads a organization of Monsey school administrators is the liar cheat fraud and mushchas that defended and continues to defend Srool Weingarten.

212-227-1000 said...

Chaim Dov Zweibel, and Herr Rabiner Nojowitz were approached with a proposal.

Could Rabbi Horowitz, Agudah, and Torah UMesorah please meet with the RCA, and JBAC to arrive at a common Orthodox Jewish position on Markey and the larger -- very critical -- issue of alleged abuse in Jewish institutions.

It's time for Torah U'Mesorah to be held accountable for the abuse of power on the part of their former director Rabbi Fishman. He was personally involved in placing Rabbi Bryks a Canadian fugitive into the administrative position in Queens, while being personally involved in removing a rebbe for standing up against abuse. All this was done, while claiming that Torah U'Mesorah and the schools are independent entities. They are not independent if Torah U'Mesorah has hiring/firing decision making powers.

The chances of this meeting happening are next to zero. Agudah and Torah U'Mesorah know they have no argument or leg to stand on.

Rav Elya was 100% right in demanding Rabbi Fishman's termination/resignation.

Shea Fishman said...

I hope they do the same to JBAC as I did to Elliot Pasik. I stood him up for meetings and then badmouthed him that he was the one who stood me up.

Robot from Philly yeshiva with no mind of his own said...

Even R' Elya wanted Fishman fired?

What was that about?

"even mazkir"? said...

When I Google it, only 3 hits come up, none of them connected to Belsky.

Margo flew to Cleveland to give him chizuk said...

Filed at 4:29 p.m. ET

CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) -- Suspected Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk was taken from his home by ambulance Monday and driven to a U.S. immigration office as agents prepared to deport him to Germany. Flanked by a motorcade of several unmarked vehicles, the ambulance was waved down a ramp that leads to the basement of Cleveland's downtown federal building. Security guards swung the gate closed at the bottom of the ramp as soon as the motorcade entered.

The 89-year-old Demjanjuk is wanted on a Munich arrest warrant that accuses him of 29,000 counts of accessory to murder as a guard at the Sobibor death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.

At the scene, Rabbi Leopold Margulies of Brooklyn NY remarked to reporters that the victims in Sobibor were "losers who deserved it anyway."

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone else questions Lieberman's self-proclaimed orthodoxy. He might be conservadox, but that is about it.

Expose the Agudah said...

"Jews for Morality" which I believe is led by Rabbis Leiman and Yehuda Levin held a protest rally in front of the hotel one year where the Agudah honored Joe Lieberman at their dinner.

Even Lazer Ginzburg was angry about it and yelled at the Agudah after the fact. If only he used the same energy to stop Colmer.

Yehuda Levin is a good hearted, if naive guy. While he gets caught up with nonsense from the Iggud Haganovim, whenever he realizes there is a problem, he fights to stop it. I know for a fact that he tried about 10 years ago to stop internet-related child abuse. He was stopped dead in his tracks when he tried going to R' Avigdor Miller about it. The blockheaded gabbaim wouldn't let him in because the chuchumim felt that no one should "bother" R' Avigdor about kids who shouldn't be on the internet anyway.

Yisroel Schenkolewski said...


Not to mention Lakewood PD files on heimish molesters that simply disappear into thin air.

Leopold Margulies said...


I hired der Bungalow Putz Neuhoff at Torah Temimah because he is an aynekl fun Yossel.

Pesach Lerner and the whiskered armchair generals said...


I love it when we just sit around patting each other on the back without doing anything of substance.

UOJ Airlines said...

Monday, May. 11, 2009 - 6:31 pm

CLEVELAND -- Federal agents carrying John Demjanjuk in a wheelchair put him on a small jet Monday to be deported to Germany, where the retired autoworker is accused of being a Nazi death camp guard in World War II.

Demjanjuk, 89, arrived in an ambulance at Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport after spending several hours with U.S. immigration officials at a downtown federal building.

Brooklyn Eagle newspaper said...

CADMAN PLAZA EAST – The ultra-orthodox rabbi who cross-examined his own daughter whom he sexually abused as a child was sentenced to 30 years in Brooklyn federal court on Friday.
Israel Weingarten was told by Judge John Gleeson that his sentence had been extended because he, representing himself at trial, brutally interrogated his daughter, and forced his other children to perjure themselves on his behalf.

“It’s hard to make a case like this even worse – but you did it,” Gleeson said.

“It hit me like a bolt … that the fact that you would interrogate [your daughter, son and ex-wife] … was the reason you chose to [represent yourself] … You wanted to get inside their heads one more time,” Gleeson said.

Weingarten was found guilty by a jury in March of moving his own daughter between Israel, Belgium and Brooklyn to sexually abuse her for over seven years. He had claimed it was his ex-wife who abused her.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Funny stuff-(:-)

Frequent Murderer Miles ....

Sickos from Monsey and Kiryas Yoel said...


LoHud.com says several rabbonim showed up in court to support mf rapist Srul Weingarten.

AA Advantage said...

Or frequent molester miles for perverts extradited from Israel.

Archie Bunker said...

Shafran is truly pathetic and I was hoping in vain the Agudah had a muzzle on him after he was forced to retract his retarded piece on Madoff.

His evoking of Hermann Rorschach's inkblot test makes me wonder if he went to the movies recently to see the box office hit "Watchmen", a big no no for an Agudah official.

Genack really has a lot of nerve to use the Forward here to attack the govt. Not only is it a smokescreen for his own failures but he is a partisan Democrat trying to score points against Republicans in a very classless way.


To mark the first anniversary of the raid — and the approaching third anniversary of the Forward’s initial report — we asked a diverse group of contributors to reflect on what this episode has taught us about immigration, labor, kosher food and Jewish community and values.

The Rubashkin Rorschach Test

By Avi Shafran

‘Rubashkin,” to me, conjures blackness. No, not as in clothing. As in a Rorschach blot. As a screen onto which people have projected their feelings about Jews, especially Orthodox ones.

A prosecutor and a judge denied former Agriprocessors plant manager Sholom Rubashkin bail in part because, like all Jews, he qualifies for automatic citizenship in Israel. Yes, what you smell is a whiff of the old “dual loyalty” stench.

Writing in The Wall Street Journal, the Forward reporter who spearheaded the Postville story described the Agriprocessors plant as a place where “Bearded, Orthodox rabbis… buzzed around,” ensuring adherence only to ritual laws and not values. The Orthodox Jew is painted as narrow-minded.

Non-Orthodox rabbis, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and others all eagerly shared their own dark visions of Agriprocessors.

Accusations were accepted as facts, revealing more about the critics than about their target.

So the lessons are not new ones: Jews, to many, are invidious. And the Orthodox have become the Jews’ Jews.

Immutable Laws, Changing Times

By Menachem Genack

Though the laws of kashrut are immutable, conditions do change. We at O.U. Kosher adapt to these changes regarding food technology, plant design and all of the technicalities governing the modern production of food.

We also have to be concerned about the legal and ethical environment of the companies we supervise — a reality that the Postville episode underscored. If our field kashrut supervisors observe actions in a plant that break legal or ethical standards, they must report these to senior management — and we will act.

Ultimately, however, kosher-certification agencies such as ours rely on the federal and state agencies that monitor the multitude of workplace issues. But in the case of Agriprocessors, we saw how government itself can perform poorly. The immigration raid, with its helicopters, wholesale arrests, violations of due process and destruction of the local economy was a gross overreaction. Government actions must be proportional and also “kosher.”

Avrohom Mondrowitz said...

Frequent molester miles will get me first class on UOJ airlines ober ich hob gehert a rumor that those seats are the toilets.

Marshall Weissman said...


Hmmm. So Yudel Shain decided to expose Lakewood builders for stealing customer escrow funds. What took him so long?

Petach Tikva said...


Petah Tikva man accused of raping woman while posing as rabbi

By Yuval Goren, Haaretz Correspondent

A Petah Tikva man was arrested early on Thursday on suspicion raping a woman who regularly came to his house to get his blessing, after he presented himself as an eminent rabbi.

The woman, 37, of Ashkelon, complained to Petah Tikva Police earlier this week. She said she's visited the suspect for the past six months to get his alleged blessings and good-luck amulets.

Police say that the man, 60, also published ads in a daily paper in which he gave the victim's details and said she was looking for a ?sponsor."

The man initially denied the allegations but admitted soon after his arrest and expressed remorse.

"When the investigation started he denied the allegations and said the woman was trying to blackmail him," Superintendent Yaron Ahrak of Petah Tikva police said. "But then we realized he wasn't a rabbi and he admitted and expressed remorse."

Police will request to extend his remand at the Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court later on Thursday. They believe his arrest will induce other victims to complain, which will bolster the case against him.

Anonymous said...

A group of fifty parents from ten schools in New York sent this letter to eight Senators.

Dear Honorable Senator XXXXXXXXX,

Pastor Martin Niemoller, wrote the famous poem, First They Came. He described the apathy people had towards the plight of those afflicted during the Second World War. The point was to teach a stark lesson, if you sit idly by while your neighbor suffers, you will be left to fend for yourself with no one to protest when you are suffering.

For too long our children in Orthodox Jewish Day Schools have been victims of the insidious crime of sexual molestation. Those individuals and families who protested the abominable behaviors were blacklisted, threatened, and ridiculed. All attempts at working things through internal measures failed. The rabbis forbade any legal involvement to protect our children. Our children are on drugs and committing suicide as a result of the violations made against them.

We cannot remain apathetic to the plight of our children. The Markey/Duane bill opening a window through which the victims can achieve a small amount of justice, is the least we can do for our children. Orthodox Jewish schools which supervised their staff, took an interest in each student’s safety, and made school a place of security have nothing to lose. Those schools that willfully neglected their fiduciary trust of providing a safe and nurturing environment, don’t deserve the title Orthodox Jewish Day School and must be closed down.

Society is judged by its weakest link. Orthodox Jewry’s weakest link is the protection of our youth. We need your help passing laws to keep our children safe. Most of Orthodox Jewry (besides for Agudath Israel) fully supports this valuable piece of legislation.

Yours Truly,

Joe Putz said...

Hey Shafran,

Watchmen the movie has some pornographic scenes in it. As in real pornography, you stinkin' hypocrite!

Bobov said...


May 9, 2009

No more breaks for Yeshiva Bobover

Neighbors were shocked when they looked out their window to see boys circling a calf in the backyard of a stately home now used by Yeshiva Bobover. The rest of us were appalled by photos released by Ramapo Police that showed blood-spattered walls in a preschool classroom, and by descriptions of a cow's head, entrails and bloody knives found in boxes in the room for young children.

The yeshiva apologized. But the mea culpa really comes too late and sounds inadequate. "The unfortunate incident that took place on Monday evening on our school property was totally not within parameters of our school charter or mission purpose," stated the letter signed by Rabbi Gershon Bornfreund, administrator of the yeshiva.

This action, and the yeshiva's track record in related areas, should not be ignored next week, when Yeshiva Bobover goes before the Ramapo Zoning Board of Appeals to seek special permission from the town to build a bigger building than would be allowed on its 2-acre plot. The yeshiva has been operating in a home on the property; it is an illegal use that the town has passively allowed.

Relatedly, the yeshiva was fined $2,000 in February by the Rockland Board of Health for operating the school without getting a permit for a public water supply. That fine has not been paid.

On May 14, the Ramapo Zoning Board of Appeals should not give an inch on Yeshiva Bobover's continuing dispute with the town over variances to allow the construction of a building on the property to serve 250 students.

In recent years, Ramapo has allowed organizations, often private schools, to continue to operate even if they are out of compliance with codes. Sometimes, this has resulted in good compliance with local codes and general cooperation. Other times, the violations pile up as town regulations are repeatedly ignored. Guess which pattern fits here?

Since its inception, the yeshiva has proved to be a poor neighbor to residents of unincorporated Ramapo, and the bordering villages of Pomona and Wesley Hills. The yeshiva's administrator, Rabbi Gershon Bornfreund, told staff writer Jane Lerner this week that the school has tried to be a good neighbor. "We want to get along with the community," he said.

Good neighbors follow zoning, building and health codes. Yeshiva Bobover has not. Good neighbors use their property in a way that fits the neighborhood and are aware of activities on their land. Yeshiva Bobover's administrator claims school officials didn't know about the cow slaughtering, although a member of the yeshiva's board of directors told police he had granted permission for the slaughtering lesson.

Against that backdrop, Yeshiva Bobover deserves no further flexibility from Ramapo officials.

Leib Pinter said...

This is a great idea! I can schnorr tzedaka for my legal fees after having defrauded everyone!

I wonder if R' Elya Svei's cousin & the Lubav rabbonim will write "pidyon shvuyim" letters for me too.


May 10, 2009

Reina Ezagui Asks for Help
Reina Ezagui, wife of imprisoned Brooklyn developer Eliyahu Ezagui, sent COLlive a letter addressed "Dear Shluchim" telling her side to the $18M mortgage fraud. "We lost everything to keep people in the building we built for them."

Dear Shluchim,

My name is Reina Ezagui.

I used to live in Crown Heights with my wonderful husband Eliyahu and our four children--but now live in Israel because there was nowhere else to go.

Make no mistake: I stand by my husband 100%--which is exactly why you need to hear what I have to say. Forget the rumors. I want to tell you what Eliyahu's ongoing legal battles are doing to our family.

Many of you know my husband's story: The story of how a good man did all he can to help build up Crown Heights when others thought its community was a lost cause.

But for the past ten months, my husband has been under house arrest in Crown Heights. And to make matters worse, Eliyahu was indicted in federal court over Pesach.

Eliyahu and I share four beautiful children .......

Agudah movie popcorn fresser said...


Shafran mentioned Rorschach for two reasons.

1. The real life Rorschach inkblott tests are scientifically controversial which is saying that Rubashkin critics don't have a leg to stand on.

2. Rorschach the comic and movie vigilante character reminds people of UOJ so Shafran is taking a swipe at him too.

Dr. Manhattan said...


Kolko told Avi Shafran of a psak from Rav Scheinberg that Watchmen is not pornographic.

Anonymous said...

It's true. I hardly ever go to movies but decided to see Watchmen since it was such a big hit in the theaters. Rorschach who singlehandedly gets rid of criminals with his moral absolutist shitos made me immediately think of UOJ. If Shafran's kavanna was to belittle UOJ this way, he's even more childish than I thought.

Ombudsman said...

When fools like Shafran open their mouths the gentiles get angry. The "Rubashkin Rorschach Test" denies all culpability while screaming anti-Semitism. The world is not as dumb as Shafran thinks and sees right through his phony victim complex.

Regina Veinstein said...


MEMBERS of Byron Bay’s tight-knit Jewish community have expressed anger after murder charges against a woman, who allegedly confessed to killing her Israeli husband, were dropped because of lack of evidence.

Ocean Shores resident Regina Veinstein, 44, allegedly told four people -– including Byron Bay’s Rabbi Moshe Serebryanski -– that she killed her husband Ronen Veinstein, burnt his body and scattered the remains on his Mooball property.

But despite national and international searches, his body has still not been found, and prosecutors confirmed to The AJN last week that all charges against her have been dropped because of “insufficient evidence”.

“The matter of Regina Veinstein was withdrawn from the court on April 3 after it was decided that there was insufficient evidence to ensure a reasonable prospect of conviction,” said a spokeswoman from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

However, prosecutors haven’t ruled out future charges being laid “if new and compelling evidence becomes available”.

Father-of-four Ronen Vein­stein has been missing since December 2004. But his disappearance was not reported until five months later, when a business associate contacted police in May 2005.

German-born Regina Vein­stein was allegedly the last person to be seen with her husband, and in September 2007 she was charged with his murder. She pleaded not guilty.

During a committal hearing in August 2008, four people -– including Rabbi Serebryanski -– told the Lismore Local Court that Regina Veinstein had described killing her husband with a rock to the head while he slept and then burning his body and scattering his remains.

Rabbi Serebryanski told The AJN that the community was disappointed at the prosecutors’ decision to drop the case.

“It’s not a happy occasion. We don’t have further information,” he said.

Ami Tabakhoff, Ronen’s long-time business colleague, who also testified at the committal hearing, expressed disappointment.

“It’s quite appalling that my friend’s murder has not been put to justice,” he said.

“Not knowing where his body is doesn’t help us as friends and as Jews. I don’t think police did enough to search for the body. We want closure."

Boruch Dov Grossnass said...

My mechutan, moneybags Kolko, should give me more money so I can relocate my kollel and Artscroll distribution center.


I drove uphill through the once-Jewish neighbourhood of Yeoville, which has in recent years become a hub for Congolese refugees and other African immigrants. Higher up on a hill a group of Zimbabwean refugees convened for services; as their white-shrouded parents pray in Shona, three children ran around on the trash-strewn hilltop, pointing sticks at one another as if they were machine guns.

Archie Bunker said...

No comment from Shmarya who loves quoting anti-religious pro-fressers from Tel Aviv University.


Tel Aviv University plans to grant an honorary doctorate this month to financier Marc Rich, who received a last-minute presidential pardon from Bill Clinton in 2001 after fleeing the United States for Switzerland during his prosecution on charges of evading more than $48 million in taxes and 51 counts of tax fraud. The 1983 indictment also charged Rich with conducting illegal oil deals with Iran during the 1979-1980 hostage crisis.

None of that is mentioned by Tel Aviv University, which highlights Rich's philanthropic activities.

Rich, who is also an Israeli citizen, runs a foundation through which he has donated an estimated $100 million to Israeli educational and cultural institutions, including the university. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art has a wing named after him, and he has also donated to the Israel Museum, the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

"Marc Rich will receive an honorary doctorate in recognition of his accomplishments as an outstanding pioneer in the international business world; his extensive philanthropic activities through the Marc Rich Foundation in education, culture, the arts, social welfare and healthcare in Israel and around the world ... his efforts to promote interfaith and intercultural dialogue and understanding between peoples; and in special recognition of his life's work on behalf of the Jewish people and Israel," a Tel Aviv University spokesperson said.

The Rich pardon sparked an investigation into political donations by Rich's ex-wife, Denise, but investigators did not find enough evidence to indict Clinton.

Under questioning, Clinton said he had been asked to pardon Rich by then-prime minister Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert, whose Jerusalem mayoral campaign was partially funded by Rich.

Moetzes resign! said...

NY Fed’s Stephen Friedman resigns over ties to Goldman Sachs

May 8, 2009 at 12:27pm

Stephen Friedman’s extensive contacts and expertise made him a go-to player on Wall Street. But it was precisely that web of connections that raised conflict-of-interest issues in his latest job at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Anonymous said...

I asked Harry Myrles of the haemtza blog to publish the following:

more on izzy: time to publish harry, stop defending him and dovid cohen.


see belsky's hazmono to his court on behalf of Kolko for motzei sheym ra!


There are letters written AND SIGNED by Rabbis Schechter F. Cohen Shlomo Miller as well as the bedatz against that low-life harry. how much more evidence do you need? call them first to verify if you wish but i won't be going away. You made a claim about written evidence now stick to it please. You can do what you like on your own blog and you are welcome to verify the info. but if you take no action you are the same as the thugs you are always purporting to condemn.

It's time to put your money where your mouth is. Just to give you a heads up, because I am a person of integrity, I will be putting this info. on failed messiah and on uoj. if you fail to publish this will be noted as well. the time for hypochricy harry has long gone.

perhaps i will be receiving a lawyer's letter like the rabbi from daas torah. such is life.

Archie Bunker said...


And here goes the NY Times with this White Liberal guilt garbage again that started the mortgage crisis to begin with.

Anonymous said...

The thug harry Myrles also wouldn't publish what I wrote about the sheygetz Michael broyde who believes he is a ma'an de'omar against Rav Elyashiv and Reb shlomo Zalman with regards to being mattir a get meusah and consequently an eishes isg and mamzeirim. This guy myrles is a total fraud. gedolie hador he bashes left and right but don't start up with his modernishe chevra or izzie the thug or dovid cohen the cholol.

Counter-Belsky Terrorism Task Force said...

Rav Elyashev?

Belsky must think he is also a man deomar against the Geonim, Rishonim & Achronim who also assered bittul kiddushin.

Re: Michael Broyde from Young Israel in Atlanta said...

Can you please elaborate exactly how & where he is being poretz geder?


He is by the way connected to YCT as well as that profiteer Gil Student who publishes his literature.

Anonymous said...

you should rather be asking when broyde is NOT being poretz geder like the phony peretz steinberg who is in the gittin business for the cash.

briefly, prof. broyde holds that the Get given as a result NY State Get law that requires a man to give a Get against his free will under threat of financial penalty and or arrest is fine, no problem, a good thing, and partly solves the agunah problem.

A slight problem: Rav Elyashiv, Reb SZ Auerbach and many other gedolim "asured" it.

Furthermore, regarding Gittin, the RCA Bais Din is a pure FEMINIST Bais DIN that holds that a woman has a right to a Get virtually on demand and that her going to ARKO'OYS is a slight issur worthy of at most a slap on the wrist. If a woman goes to bais Din for money, and then wants a get and the man says no, you have no rights in bais Din since you are in Court, these "religious engineers" have come up with a very novel (navel) solution, they bifurcate the get issue from the issur of going to court for money and issue a fake seruv against the man for not giving his wife a Get.

They also don't make awards to the woman based on the Shulchan Oruch but rather on the basis of NY State Law - Equitable distribution on the basis of Dina de machusah dina which is A CORRUPTION OF THAT TORAH PRINCIPLE.

This RCA Bais Din is kefirah mamash. if you need more info go to a web site containing Rav A gestetner's exposure of these type of amcha and of course of izzie the thug.It's www.mishpattzeddek.com I think.

Anonymous said...

The Jewish Observer is closing. harry Mary pandrik has the news scoop a few day late.

here is my answer to that pathetic individual.

If you were so outraged at how the JO treated Rav Soleveitchik in his death why no outrage to thefact that the Cholol was mevazeh him be'rabim for which there were hundreds of eidim and for which the cholol is still very proud?

again you mary pandrek are the biggest hypocrite. Don't publish the post, mr. pravda, it will go failed messiah and uoj.com! The truth hurts.