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The Victims Write And Their Stories Are Verified!

When I was --- years old, I was a talmid of Ner Israel. At that time, the Mashgiach Ruchni was Rabbi Moshe Eisemann. I became close to him and trusted him totally like a father figure. He is a very sick man. He would tell me he loved me and would hug and kiss me inappropriately. In this day and age, what rebby does this? He tried to control me by telling me loshon harah against my friends and family, and by telling my best friend not to be friends with me, and other ways.

I was very uncomfortable, but thought I was crazy for thinking he was weird. One day, he felt up my rear end IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BEIS MEDRASH! I couldn't believe it. I was shocked, angry and dismayed. But I did not have the guts to even say excuse me, what the hell are you doing. I did have the guts to tell my parents that he was "bothering " me and my mom called him and told him to stay away. He did not listen at first, but had the nerve to approach me a couple more times and to write me a letter threatening that love can easily turn to hate. I may still have that letter.

I know that this story does not sound like much, but there is more. Shortly thereafter, a friend of mine had problems and was thrown out of the dorm. Rabbi Eisemann offered to take him into his house. One night in the middle of the night, thinking my friend was asleep, Rabbi Eisemann went in and put his hand under the cover, and groped my friend's privates. My friend was only ---. He was horrified. The next day he told ......., who went to the hanhalla. Rabbi Herman Neuberger, A"H, reacted by saying that the boy had to leave the yeshiva.

My friend was devastated. He came to me to ask me to come forward. Es Chatai Ani Mazkir Hayom, I wasn't ready completely. I told him if there was any other way to save his brother, he should do it, but if not I would come forward. He found another victim whose father was a huge gvir and who had also been touched inappropriately. So my friend was allowed to stay.

Reb Tzvi Berkowitz,the son-in-law of Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky of Philadelphia, told my friend not to tell anyone what happened because it could be bad for the yeshiva.

I have suffered for years. Only years later was I able to tell my parents what truly happened. I have still not been able to confront the yeshiva satisfatorily on this issue.A few years ago, I DID tell Shragi Neuberger about it. He is a rebby, and Rabbi Neuberger's son and we were close once upon a time. He did not deny the problem. There had been a bochur who told Reb Dovid Cohen a similar story (a Russian bochur with no political clout) but that the story was "unsubstantiated".

I'm here to substantiate the fact that R. Eisemann has a real problem. What to do, the follow up phone calls have gotten us nowhere. I want to go further, but am afraid of being hurt personally by the yeshiva.

What I would like to know from you is, do you have a way to investigate and find others who have been affected? I'm sure there are. I found another person who said that he was also was felt up on three occassions, and although he was not traumatized he decided to stay away from Rabbi Eisemann. His story happened several years after mine. He also knows of one other person. By the way, I was traumatized mostly because of the relationship I had with Rabbi Eisemann, and also by the covering up and complete lack of caring on the part of the yeshiva. It is true that what happened to me from a sexual standpoint was "not as bad" as some other stories. After all there was no penetration, right??? There might not be a lawsuit, but is that really necessary even at this point? Wouldn't you think that the thought of a scandal now would get them to act? But Rabbi Eisemann is still sitting on the dais at the recent Rabbi Neuberger memory dinner, and what's worse, still talks in learning with unsuspecting yeshiva boys on a daily basis. What is wrong with these people???? Ignorance is only an excuse up to a point, no?!

If you have any ideas or advice for me, I would be so grateful.

One last thing. I thought of you this yomtov. Take a look at the Yalkut Meam Loez on Rus on Vayehi Bimay Shfot Hashoftim. He says that the judges / leaders of Klal Yisroel were judged by the people for their corruption. He writes pages and pages about this. He says that when Moshe Rabeinu "criticized" the Jews saying , a little more and they'll stone me", it was not a put down but praise that the Jewish people don't stand for phony, incompetent, self-interested leaders, but demand integrity from them, no matter who they are. I felt like he was writing about you. Really, take a look, and let me know what you think.

Yasher Koach, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Another victim writes....

I went to Gary Rosenblatt to ask advice. He's the editor of Jewish Week who did the expose on Baruch Lanner. He had been the head of the Jewish paper in Baltimore. He told me that Rabbi Neuberger had been involved in a case in the city (Eisgrau) where he insisted that it be kept quiet and nothing was done. It's as if there is some kind of Mesorah that he had that this is the correct thing to do in these situations. You know, chillul hashem, etc.

Shragi told people that Rabbi Eiseman has a heart condition, and this has to be considered in deciding to act or not. He also said that the Neubergers had been aware for years of Matis Weinberg's problems, but did nothing. He said "Everyone knows that the Neubergers and Weinbergs don't get along well, so they would not have believed us." Come again???

David Mandel from Brooklyn had started a Beis Din in Baltimore to investigate allegations of sexual abuse in the frum community.The Beis Din consisted of Shragi, Rav Heinneman, Rav Hopfer, Rabbi Hauer, and Rabbi Goldberger. Shragi said that when Rabbi Heinneman is at the meetings they can't really speak about it because he doesn't get it as well as the rest of them. How do you explain this? A rabbi on Beis Din who does NOT understand the sickness?

According to Rabbi Moshe Wolfson, "There are as many rabbis out there that will hurt you than will help you," and "There ARE no more Gedolim, veharaya, that people come to me with questions that they used to go to gedolim."

Another victim writes....

Did you hear about the two evenings that Ohel had entitled "let's talk about what never happened, but it really did"? The first one featured Rav Pam, Reb Shmuel and Reb Dovid Cohen and was emceed by Sruly Reisman. I gave them an A for effort, but their cluelessness caused, I believe, much pain to the victims/survivors in the audience. Reb Shmuel was asked by a lady what she should do about being molested 30 years ago and never telling anyone. She said that she was recently experienceing psychological symptoms. He told her to see a shrink, but to not tell her husband under any circumstances, because there is no way he would understand. This is in public and on tape. Rav Pam spoke about frum people with psychological issues like OCD, but didn't mention molestation, abuse of any sort, anything to do with sex or what the purpose of the evening was supposed to be. I wonder if someone told him, even? My favorite was of course, Rabbi Reisman, who after offering the caveat that he was not a psychologist, still felt that he had something intelligent to offer on the subject beacause of his experiences with victims. He then told two stories in which he went out of his way to point out that the molester was NOT Jewish. It did not take my years of leaning lamdus to make the diuk that apparently frum people of course don't molest, and that what had happened to many of the people in the room, really didn't happen at all according to the resident Navi expert. To "help" people even more, when asked by one survivor about the feelings of betrayal, he opined that this was not an issue at all, because like Don Rumsfeld said about the war in Iraq, "Stuff happens".

Basically, the message was to victims: we want to help you to get over it... so get over it, ok?

Another victim writes....

I hope you took no offense that I called you meshuga. I think that anyone who is not made meshuga by the horrible world of hypocrisy that is called the frum velt has something really wrong with them. Anyway, sorry for the choice of words. Again, you are my hero.

One thing that impressed me about your approach, is that with the Gerrer situation (the gerrorists) you got the job done and didn't feel the need to "take them down" or to necessarily go after the yeshiva, etc.

I'm mentioning this, because although sometimes the situation calls for drastic measures like multimillion dollar lawsuits and possibly razing a yeshiva to the ground, each situation is different and this whole problem does require sophistication as well as passion. In my case of Ner Yisroel, maybe something subtle like a letter writing campaign, or a few choice phone calls asking politely for Rabbi Eisemann to be taken care of, might do the trick especially now that they see what the problem could lead to.

Another victim writes...

I do not think it is enough to dismiss these people from their jobs. Look at the two guys who were fired. They go to Israel and will most likely end up like Mattis Weinberg molesting again at a later date. What needs to be done is:

Rabbi Eisemann should be told that the community, i.e. hanhalla of yeshiva, will monitor him and talk to his therapist to be sure he is complying. He will be given a job doing something with no child contact, but if he does not comply, he will be punished with fines or something else. His passport should probably be taken away.

His treatment should be comprehensive at a place that specializes in sex offenders and should include objective assessment for pedophilia (lie detector test, sexual deviancy measures, etc.) group therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy.

The yeshiva, as part of the change that needs to be made, should have to track down as many victims as possible and apologize.

Am I asking too much?

Another victim writes.....

You have touched on many issues, and are right on target.

Firstly, Shlomo Gottesman at Torah Umesorah is a big part of the problem, he's known about these problems At Ner Israel for years and is deeply involved in covering up this issue.

The gedolim, at least the ones they call gedolim, are clueless outside their daled amos. As a general rule, the Europeans don't get it, and the great chachomim like R' Ruderman are gone.
The present rabbonim in America are either businessmen protecting their businesses, or shluchim from them. I can't think of one name today that can compare to the toes of a R' Ruderman.

What's worse is that they in their ignorance and self-interests are causing the destruction of authentic Orthodox Judaism. R' Moshe didn't know about N.Y. water? Romaine lettuce?

Chumras upon chumras...where's the beef??? kinderlach's lives and neshomas??????
The Neuberger's behavior come as a shock and will come back to haunt them. What about Tzvi Berkowitz?/ Is he out of his mind or just waiting for the rosh yeshiva's job? Eiseman is sick, he has molested me for years when I went for shabbes to his house. He said it is ok to feel good. How crazy is that???I'm at a loss to explain what's going on. Maybe this is the next dor hamabul...the rishaim seem to be everywhere. I need time to think of an aitza, right now, I'm shocked out of my mind.

Sincerely and all the very best,do not let the Neubergers fool you, they will do nothing.

Another victim writes....

I know five of us that Eiseman masturbated, but I'm not sure how many would agree to help or come forward. There is the Russian boy but only Dovid Cohen know who this bochur is. I'm shocked that Dovid Cohen did not do anything to get rid of Eiseman, he told people years ago that he spoke to the Neubergers and they agreed to fire him.

Another victim writes....

Oh, by the way, you know that Moshe Eisemann went for years and years to Russia to work with unsuspecting Jewish children there under Agudas Yisroel's plan for harbotzas torah.
I'm going to write Neuberger that he really needs to fire Eiseman, pronto. And if Eiseman takes the yeshiva to a din torah (sure) then I'm willing to back up the yeshiva. But I will not help them in any way until he's fired.

Another victim writes...

I have two more victims of Eiseman who might be willing to contact you anonymously. Maybe three. Reb Dovid Cohen was also approached by somebody about Eiseman a while ago. I'm sorry you are having health problems. I'm suffering a lot too. Will it be all over soon? Or will it take as long as YTT is taking? Have you gotten any response from Ner Israel?

Another victim writes.....

I have an insider in Torah Umesorah...they ( Ner Israel) have no interests in doing the right thing at all. They're more concerned about finding me. I went to Herman 12 years ago and told him that Eiseman is sick, so they know full well and decided to do nothing. They learned NOTHING from the Margulies fiasco. I will be going public. Hopfer has been covering for Eisgrau...Eisgrau raped his own daughter, I'm in contact with her.
They're going to learn the hard way. I'll testify if needed!

Another victim writes.....

Apparently someone calling himself UOJ told Reb Sheftel that they've got 10 days to act or else. I had been wondering if they would make the top 3. Suddenly, Shragi says to my friend they are ready to act. Not to botch it up like TT did. He wants to go to a beis din first with Rabbi Hopfer. Many people told him that that's a waste of time, totally unnecessary. All they need to do is retire Eiseman based on 2 credible complaints, period. My friend said what are you afraid of that Eiseman will sue?!! I told him not to worry about Eiseman's heart condition, the victims come first. I think he might have heard me, but we'll see. Either way, I think in 10 days it will all be done. I hope. Shragi asked my friend if you had other victims. You told me that you didn't want to name others to me about other victims. He was very puzzled about how the molestation had taken place in the beis medrash, and I clarified to him that for some very sick individuals, that is what gets their rocks off.
Yasher Koach and keep up the good work. Soon it will be done and you can take a real hiatus and recuperate, I hope.
I'm feeling better already, but it ain't over till its over.

Another victim writes......

On second thought, I don't trust Shragi at all to be looking out for my interests, I don't feel a need to confront Eiseman to his face, and I certainly don't want to have to speak to this guy Hopfer. So, I'm going to call off the charade and tell them to just do what you are calling for, which happens to also be the best thing for all people concerned. I truly hope they do what they need to.

A victim responds to a question that I pose about them calling for an immediate hearing:

No, they did not agree. In matter of fact my friend just got a call from Shragi from Eretz Yisroel, that when he gets back, he wants to have a meeting with me, my friend, any other victims, Rabbi Eiseman and Rabbi Hopfer. I'm not quite sure why they need his involvement. I'm not sure why they need anybody's involvement. It makes me nervous, but I'm willing to help do things their way for now. It's the bottom line that matters. I'm nervous about this too. Shragi now talked to my friend about making "restrictions" for Eiseman, it seems Eiseman is staying, and the talk of his dismissal is a charade.

Any victims of Moshe Eisemann please contact me. I am willing to assist you in legal action against Ner Israel and Eiseman.

The next yeshiva has one week to terminate their in-house sexual abuser!



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gross said...

You sure have a way of making our present-day Ketanim irrelevant. Keep up the good work!!

HaRav Mattise Weinberg said...

Just in case you aren't aware there have been many other offenders coming out of Ner Israel and those connected. Here's a partial list

Cases Connected to the Feinstein - Tendler - Weinberg Families, and or Ner Israel Yeshiva of Baltimore

1.The Case of the Students of Ner Israel Yeshiva in the 1950's

2.Case of Rabbi Ephraim Bryks

3. Case of Rabbi Eliezer Eisgrau

4. Case of Rabbi Benyamin Fleischman

5. Case of Rabbi Solomon Hafner

6. Case of Rabbi Israel Kestenbaum

7. Case of Rabbi Aron Boruch Tendler

8.Case of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler

9. Case of Rabbi Matis Weinberg

x ner israel boy said...

Just curious.
Did Rabbi Frand and Berel weisbord and Rabbi Yossi Tendler know of this all along and if yes what did they do aboiut it?

Nosson Sherman said...

I nominate UOJ for the next edition of this book:


Auto Report World Editors said...

UOJ promised he'd deliver on Thursday and barely after midnight, another yeshiva is outed as protecting a pedophile rebbe. This time the yeshiva isn't one known just among the Jews of Flatbush but rather a yeshiva with a national reputation, a yeshiva that sends out calenders and charoset (or honey or whatever) to frum Jews across the fruited plains.

If UOJ keeps this us, Tuvya's going to have to find another minyan to find folks who don't know about The Unorthodox Jew.

Yankel said...

When children are very young, many enjoy playing peek-a-boo. I'm sure you all know the game. Toddlers close their eyes and poof! You, the adult, disappear from view! And when they open their eyes again, amazing! You're back! This is a great game until a kid is about 2. The most. By then they realize that you're not really gone, just because they cannot see you for a moment.

Eizehu chacham? Haro'eh es hanolad. Who is wise? The one who forsees the outcomes. Not my words, but those of tanna'im in Pirkei Avos. (I admit I'm too lazy to look up the exact perek and mishnah.) I don't know why, but I'm still surprised when I hear how reputedly intelligent people cannot forsee the obvious outcomes of their actions. Or inactions.

Does any menahel or Rosh HaYeshiva who receives credible reports of abuse honestly think that the problem will go away if they just close their eyes to it? If they play peek-a-boo? Yes, perhaps no one can see the problem while eyes are closed, but eyes have an annoying tendency to open periodically.

I just don't understand why anyone in authority who receives such reports doesn't deal with the situation immediately, if only for selfish reasons. Would publicly chasing someone out be embarrasing to the institution? I'm sure it would - no one likes to hear about a place that harbors a pedophile, even when that place deals with it.

But playing peek-a-boo doesn't make the situation go away. It just obscures it for a while longer. They don't - they can't - prevent embarrasment to their yeshivah. All they can do is stave off the day of reckoning for a while. Molesters are serial. Because as more and more are victimized over more and more years, it is inevitable that rumors will start, public allegations will be made, and the truth will come out. And then, after how many wasted years, they will have to deal with the dual embarrasment, first of having a rebbi who molested children and second of harboring, protecting, and even tacitly sanctioning that molester. In the long run, how is that better for them? Isn't it much, much worse?

And that's just if they're thinking selfishly. Which itself is a horrible way for them to think. Because if they are thinking selfishly that means they are putting considerations of reputation over the well-being of their students. And that's just sickening to contemplate. But if they're going to be selfish, at least let them be selfish in a chochmahdik way! Let them forsee the inevitable long term outcome, and thereby act in the short term. Instead of letting instinctive, infantile, peek-a-boo selfishness endanger lives, let intelligent selfishness save them. Whatever works...

Anonymous said...

who is next on the list? One more question I have been to many blogs that are not moderated and yet people are respectful there no imposters and here it is moderated and you allow it seems anything on the site.So does mean you are finished now with YTT and I will not have to wrry about registering my kid elsewhere next year. I would like to thank you for what you done. Have a good day.

Morton Klein said...

Kolko has been sighted at the main Woodridge shul?

Woodridge Synagogue:, (845)434-4987

Is that the shul of Rabbi Yitzchok Lebovitz? PO Box 939, Woodridge, NY 12789 (845) 434-3060

I think Rabbi Lebovitz is the rav hamachshir for some sort of bed & breakfast or shabbos hotel that Tabak runs year round, right near Regency & Silver Lake.

Someone should hand out copies of the hazmonnos to Mechon Lehoraah and the court summons after davening.

Nytol said...

Sleepless nights are ahead for these Balti-morons who will only act now when forced by the limelight that UOJ has thrust upon them.

Proctologist said...

Poor "Tuvya" is going to need an enema now that UOJ has shaken up Baltimore.

So much for Baltimore being known as "Charm City", with rabbis squeezing the Charmin of young boys & men in the beis hamedresh.

Great Blacks In Wax Museum said...

The only Baltimore institution that these perverted rabbis and rebbeyim should be a part of.


Has the world gone completely mad ?

If this is true, and the other cases are true, which of the so called Gedolim have the courage, conviction, and Yiras Sh'mayim to publicly take a stand ?

Is the torah just a business ?

Are these "RA bonnim so obsessed by money that they are willingto literally sacrifice the lives of Jews ?

I am reminded of a story when the D'vrei Chaim was appointed Rav in a town, the big G'vir wanted to test his mettle.

The G'vir guaranteed to financially support the Rov. He had someone go to the Rov with a story of a dispute to the D'vrei Chaim and wanted to call the G'vir to a Din torah. Two times the Rov called the G'vir to Din Torah and two times the G'vir threatened the Rov not to bother him, he was too busy for such foolishness. Finally, when the Rov threatened him with being ex-communicated, the G'vir came forward and told his story that it was just a test to see how strong the Rov would be.

This generation is sorely missing leadership.

We need to tear everything down and start over.


What legal means are there to have a yeshiva remove someone if they are unwilling to.

Has a beis din given permission to go to the authorities (law enforcement) and take legal action ?

Does a statue of limitation apply in these cases ?

It seems like these molestors have all of the rights. A Yiras Sh'mayim holds by the laws of the Torah and the rabboinim and these criminals do not.

We need to level the playing field. I am outraged !

mt mehdi said...

This stuff makes me sick. UOJ: Is there any Rabbi that can be trusted? Is there anyone other than Rabbi Moishe Wolfson that is ok?

x artscroll employer said...

Did you contact Sherman from Artscroll and tell him that he MUST stop publishing and selling eismans books?

Anonymous said...

Dear UOJ,

I am not as eloquent as other posters here but do want to say that you are a true tzadik. About you it was said “Uvimekom She'ein Anashim Hishtadel Liheyot Ish” (in a place where there are no men, try to be a man.)

Chazak Ve'ematz

Anonymous said...

Once again, great job, UOJ. Watch New Israel go the way of YTT....


Another thought.....

If abuse is as prevalent in our community as it appears to be, why is it the the major Orthodox newspapers such as the Hamodia, Yated, and Jewish Press are completely ignoring the subject ?

Its sad and ironic that unless it is some form of Orthodox bashing, the papers that we think less of, and would never have in our homes are addressing the issue, or at the very least writing about it.

The one thought that I had is that the Rabbinical Advisors to these newspapers could possibly be the same people the Newspapers would be writing about.

Whenever a real gadol was niftar, the speakers would cry "we are orphans". It's funny, I never felt that way until today.

I almost afraid to send my children to yeshivah after the summer. Time is against us.

Don't give these mamzers a weeks notice, publish the complete list now so the parents can mobilize during the summer and protect our children.

Anonymous said...

Mario Eisemann!!! Who would have believed it?? No wonder he felt compelled to do the ArtScroll Iyov! Iyov is perfect for a tortured soul - and what else could he be? Mashgiach by day, pervert by night! Jekyll and Hyde. Viktor/Viktoria.

I must point out that when I was in NI in the late 80s Mario had been shunted aside by the Weinberg/Neuberger families. He was allowed to give an occasional shiur and continue living in Yeshiva Lane, but 'high office' was out of the question. Perhaps this is why. We all thought that his marginalisation was due to his not being a member of the extended Ruderman family. But who knows?

Anyway....I hope you are right about this one UOJ, coz if not you'll have shattered a lot of people's illusions.

Mario Eisemann. Wow!! Now I've heard it all!

Anonymous said...

Where is the hatred of Ner Yisroel? Why aren't you in a rage and asking all the Roshei Yeshivah to step down like you did with Torah Temimah?

Baltimore Resident said...

You have just opened up a Pandora's box. There are too many cases that are linked to Ner Yisrael and TI. Let's hope Jurvael spill sthe beans.

Shame On Sheldon Slither said...


Hiding funds for porkbarrel projects instead of cracking down on pedophiles.

Anonymous said...

This post is just a test. Wanted to make sure that you're getting your posts. I was surprised that you had no comments as of 10:30 this morning.

I am so proud that there is one Jew who cares about making positive changes in the Jewish World. Yasher Koach.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I called spira s.d. at 718-851-8832 - one of the names posted above, re: leizorowitz.

I asked him if the allegations regarding Rabbi Leizorowitz are true, if he is indeed a child molester, if the Yeshiva will be honoring him at a dinner, and if he has indeed fled to Toronto.

His response to each of my inquiries was:

"If you tell me your name, I'll be more than happy to talk to you."

Needless to say, I did not oblige.

I tried calling the other two names that were listed: kagan meir 718-256-7758 and rubinsten zvi 718-436-7144. One did not pick up and the other did not accept calls with blocked caller IDs.

I suggest we all barrage them with calls. Further, if the dinner is still planned, let us protest in large numbers!

By the way, Kolko was spotted davening in the main shul in Woodridge, NY.

July 05, 2006

Ari Bensinger said...

Who is the guy in Chaim Berlin who has a lot in common with Yudi Kolko?

Anonymous said...

From a eulogy for Rabbi Herman to taking on Isaac, who would strip you of every vestige you possess, you are brave, uoj.

What hurts is that Rav Eisemann is such a nice guy. Yet, I don't believe the ribbono shel olam would let you get away with this if He wanted to endorse homosexuality, an alternative lifestyle Herman Neuberger and die Agudah have fought bitterly.

Anonymous said...

I commend all of you that have come forward.
I encourage you all to stand as one and hand this man back the shame he manipulated on to you.
I encourage you all to so at a time and in a enviorment that enhances your strength.
I encourage you all to surround yourselves with the love and support of those who see the heroism of stepping forward.
You will not nor have caused the physical or emotional strain in this mans life.
To those who may not be able to come forward. You are also my heros for you have survived.

UOJ For President 2008 Campaign said...

Will UOJ be running as a Republican or an Independent?

david cohen is a whore said...

It all boiles down to one thing.
David "the prick" Cohen must be slapped around a little bit. He is an out of control maniac who harbors these molestors.

I'm willing to bet money that he is a molestor himself.

Wall Street Journal said...

Will UOJ pick Elliot Pasik as his running mate for 2008?

Anonymous said...


I called spira s.d. at 718-851-8832 - one of the names posted above, re: leizorowitz.

I asked him if the allegations regarding Rabbi Leizorowitz are true, if he is indeed a child molester, if the Yeshiva will be honoring him at a dinner, and if he has indeed fled to Toronto.

His response to each of my inquiries was:

"If you tell me your name, I'll be more than happy to talk to you."

Needless to say, I did not oblige.

I tried calling the other two names that were listed: kagan meir 718-256-7758 and rubinsten zvi 718-436-7144. One did not pick up and the other did not accept calls with blocked caller IDs.

I suggest we all barrage them with calls. Further, if the dinner is still planned, let us protest in large numbers!

By the way, Kolko was spotted davening in the main shul in Woodridge, NY.

Federal Election Commission said...

If UOJ remains anonymous, the campaign finance laws are very complicated, though we hear a rumor that he's financing his run for President out of his own pocket.

U.S. Secret Service said...

We have a contingency plan to move the White House to the site of Margo's home when UOJ wins the election. Hurry up with the demolition on Ocean Parkway.

Odom Kotton said...

Nu, UOJ. Genug shoyn mit molesters. Tnoo kovod Latoira. Nu nu !!

Anonymous said...

NI has aggressive attorneys on its "board."

TT is a much younger institution than NI. NI has a national name.

Y.U. doesn't look so bad by comparison.

Let the fake frum "hockers" of Ner Israel's far right delight in how frum they really are (not). Lakewood wannabes. Who would wannabe?

Anonymous said...

Kudos to UOJ, but please know that there is more than one Jew who cares about making positive changes; many do. BOMBARD all the Jewish papers with letters about this issue(from the Forward to the Jewish Press). Make it impossible for them to ignore it. If they do, take matters into your own hands. Print fliers and distribute them throughout frum neighborhoods. Do it in the dead of night, hire people to do it, just do it. People who don't have the Internet need to get this information. It is time for many more people to ACT.

Gavin De Becker said...


Have you been getting any Gerroristic threats?

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Yosef Tendler learned in Lakewood. He is the frummest of the frum, the greatest of the great. Arrogant, he grates.

His opinion counts for nothing.

Ner Israel is a business, a big business.

Outside of those who pay tuition for credits, are they really deserving of communal support?

If you have a choice, would you send your children there? I can't.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult for me to accept this allegation. I am a talmid of Ner Yisroel and the rebbeim there are role models to me. The Yeshiva was a role model to me. Rav Ruderman was a role model to me. Reb Sheftel and Shragie were role models to me. Reb Tzvi Berkowitz was a role model to me.
Oy, I hope there is some mistake.Hashem Yerachem.

Anonymous said...

Why should artscroll stop making money from any source?

The purpose of the business is to make money.

If some people buy the books, that's all that matters.

Now, x artscroll employee, with no ownership, partner status, rights in the Mesorah Heritage Foundation, Inc., if you think they must pull the book because it will affect other sales, you have potential. You might even get your job back and a modest raise. All that matters is image, money, selling.

Artscroll, the gedolim of Jewish publishing.

Anonymous said...


Well said. However, in my opinion, it is even simpler than Ha'roeh es hanolad. The disturbing factor is that some of the people in charge consider all factors except for the pain and feelings of the victims.

Their inability to feel the pain of and empathize with the victims is the root cause of all their seemingly foolish actions.

This insensitivity to the needs of the most needy amongst us by some of the highest and "greatest" leaders that we have is truly shocking and hard to fathom.

Mah Hu Rachum, Af Atah Rachum. The very foundations of our beautiful religion are being trampled on. The tall skyscrapers of chesed and torah that we are building are beautiful, but where is the kiyum if the foundation that they are built on is weak and can not bear their weight?

How can true Torah, Toras Emes, sprout forth from institutions that ignore the cries of victims of sexual abuse by Rabbayim who molest and teach Torah at the same time?

Where are the tears, the lost sleep, and anguish that a feeling Jew, let alone leaders of our people, should feel after speaking to victims of abuse?

Yet, the plight of victims have been ignored. How does a Rebbi continue to guide and impart values to his students after ignoring a victim's plea for help? Doesn't he feel conflicated by the obvious contradiction or is the irony simply lost in the shuffle?

I believe that at the core there is something very basic that is missing - a simple ability to listen, empathize, feel, and then react to the pain and suffering of those victims crying out for help.

Perhaps it is because we focus too much on externals. I am not sure. Something in our beautiful Mesorah has been lost to have arrived at a place and time where some Rabbayim and leaders have become enablers of the molesters in our midst simply because they do not have the ability to shed a tear for their fellow Jew.



Anonymous said...

Some contact info:

FBI New York
26 Federal Plaza, 23rd. Floor
New York, New York 10278-0004
(212) 384-1000

FBI Baltimore
2600 Lord Baltimore
Baltimore, Maryland 21244
(410) 265-8080

New York State Police
Manhattan Wards Island,
New York, NY 10035

At the Kings County DA
CHANA WIDAWSKI, LMSW at 718-250-2005

& 911

Anonymous said...

How come the major scandal with Yosef Wilner and Yitzchok Sekula at YTV was never discussed or published? I am a former parent from that Yeshiva but know from my personal experience how some major rosh yeshivas and the YTV hanhala denied some very substantial physical abuse as well as allowed for the extreme neglect of the children to continue unabated for many years and then didn't deal with it appropriately. This saga was horrificly exposed when the Novominsker and R shechter from Chaim Berlin got involved. However, it made matters worse since they didn't want to go to the authorities on the physical abuse allegations and forced the parents and board to allow Wilner to remain in charge of some of the older grades.

HaRav Eliezer Eisgrau said...

I can't believe you would attack my beloved wife's family in this way.

We all know about HaRav Moshe Eisemann, zt"l, rosh yeshiva of Vineland (a cousin of the Baltimore mashgiach) and the horrible accusations made against him by his own grand-child.

It sickens me that they would elude to all sorts of allegations against my brother-in-law too (Aron Goldberger of Baltimore). There was a huge misunderstanding by the community several years ago. B'H' all is better now. Aron is back with my sister-in-law. They are all happily living in my home with all of their children.

I'm sure the next thing you will be doing is writting about are the horrible things they are saying about me too

Please understand that I love children. That's why I work as the principal of TI (Baltimore).

beryl SUV weisbord said...

If Jewish publishing houses such as Artscroll and Feldheim refuse to publish original works or translations of Authors who are not ra'uy (fit), their tag line always being that if the author is treiffe then the book must be treiffe because the treiffkeit subliminally slips in like a bleius, then why is this Rabbi any different?

They should stop reprinting the books and maybe even recall them like they did to Reinman and Slifkin and Kaminetzky etc.

Personally, I think that would be a tragedy but I'd like to hear them slip out of that hypocrisy. And I'd also like them to (re)print so many wonderful books that they consider themselves to pure to associate with. {pinter cough sputter ahem} losers!

Anonymous said...

This problem has been going on for a long time. It is finally time for it to come out. IT IS SAD BUT TRUE. All will finally be exposed. Boruch Hashem.

Herman Wouk said...

UOJ should lay down the law to Artscroll that unless they stop providing a platform to scumbags and crooks like Leib Pinter and associates that they are next.

Verizon Technician said...

If the Gerrorists don't accept calls with blocked caller ID, try the payphone inside their moysdos.

Anonymous said...

please be careful with your words. i understand the seriou issues you sre speaking about-but please have some empathy/mercy.

Anonymous said...

Cases Connected to the Feinstein - Tendler - Weinberg Families, and or Ner Israel Yeshiva of Baltimore

1.The Case of the Students of Ner Israel Yeshiva in the 1950's

2.Case of Rabbi Ephraim Bryks

3. Case of Rabbi Eliezer Eisgrau

4. Case of Rabbi Benyamin Fleischman

5. Case of Rabbi Solomon Hafner

6. Case of Rabbi Israel Kestenbaum

7. Case of Rabbi Aron Boruch Tendler

8.Case of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler

9. Case of Rabbi Matis Weinberg

You have listed all of these names as part of a group of many offenders coming out of NI - but you offer not even a story about any of these. At least spell out what your issue with them is. If these people are involved in actual inappropriate touching or cover ups - they should be outed. But you shouldn't just leave us with names and no story for us to try and verify its accuracy or choose to believe it on our own.

UOJ - good job in investigating. Has any Yeshiva agreed to work with you? At some point these people will realize that the games that they have been playing for so long no longer work. In this age of anonymous bloggers people are no longer scared to speak up. Even if an institution/Rabbi never made a threat - who would speak up, who would risk their name and family. Hence, there was a hold upon the masses. But now, where there is no control over the flow of free speech (Halachic implications aside) there is nothing they can do other than hopefully work to rid the system of its abuses.

Still in shock, but pieces are fitting into place said...

When is the earliest known allegation against this Rabbi?
Was R Kronglass there at the time? What about R Ruderman, Weinberger, Kulefsky?

What does R Ahron Feldman say about all this - oops, that's irrelevant; the correct question would be what R Moshe Shapiro thinks of this.

boog said...


Your postings indicate that you know exactly what the score is, so I can only conclude that your question as to how the Menahalim and Yeshiva Hanholos have allowed and continue to allow these sex attacks to fester and multiply is a rhetorical one.

The short answer is:

1. Money
2. We are the Am Hanivchar, Mah Yomru Ha'Goyim.

NI, Lakewood, et al; have close working relationships with their municipal and State politicians. Money changes hands in various forms and through a variety of student-aid programs, V'Chulu. Allegations of sex abuse by Staff on students that is left to fester and mushroom can lead to State and Federal investigations with possible dire consequences like no more money, honey and worse. As examples, note the current brouha concerning Metzitzah B'Peh on the New York City and New York State levels and the recent announcement by the U.S. Justice Department that they have served supoenas on Kosher slaughterhouses, Agriprocessors, Meal-Mart, and International Glatt. No frum (sic) business (Yes, yeshivas are a big-time business) wants the Gov't looking over their shoulders and certainly not being forced to open their books. Who knows what they'll really find? None of our Leadership organizations want Gov't oversight and/or legislation over their activities.

As far as #2 is concerned, there may be a minority of Rosh Yeshiva's who truly feel and believe that the publicizing of sex perverts in our Mosdos would be the ultimate Boosha. After all we must be the exemplars and role models of virtuous living. So it says in our Holy Torah.

TO: UOJ and Eliot Pasik.

The recent passage by the NYS Legislature of the Registration, Fingerprinting, DNA Bill to cover our Yeshivas and Mosdos is IMO, of limited utility because it is not mandatory, only voluntary. Realistically, how many of our Mosdos will voluntarily implement this Registration Process?
1? 2? 5? 10? I say a big fat ZERO! Why? Simple. There is absolutely no incentive for them to do so. Public Schools and publicly funded institutions must do so because they are funded by the taxpayers.

If you want to make our Yeshivas accountable, then hit them where they feel it, their wallet. Put teeth into this Legislation by mandating compliance or their Tax Exempt Status, Charter, and all forms of financial aid currently dispensed will be revoked.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

why did he leave England?

Yochanan Zweig said...

Beryl Weisbord's wife, a Weinberg daughter, is Dr. Aviva the shrink. Didn't she see any signs that predatory sickos give off?

Lakewood Bochur in the Freezer said...

That outburst against Rav Eisemann from Vineland sounds ludicrous. Not even the shmutz repositories like Awareness Center or Luke Ford have ever alleged that. You're talking about R' Aron Kotler's biggest talmid, and someone from a generation that was much less likely to get any ideas to molest anyone, let alone a grandchild.

There are genuine villains to target and then there are innocent people who are being unfairly badmouthed by sub-human lifeforms who will roast for their motze shem ra.

Chuck Norris said...

I know about Tuvya. I'm on it.

Anonymous said...

tuvia has been megaresh the moishav leitsim reshoyim, scared, also at work (cause he has reason to know to be there, lowlife, misfit, jerk). Nice tie. Fix your hat.

Simcha Klor said...

Did boog say that yeshivos are a business?

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone who can leave England?
Why did the Mashgiach of Lakewood, LLC leave?

Why did your grandparents and your kids and your mother in law leave the back door open? Why did the chicken cross to the other side?

Why did you get up this morning?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Lasson is a psychologist and gives classes in NI. He is a graduate too. What does he think of this b'frat and the whole town of Baltimore's deviancy b'chlall?
R Dr Oberstein must be having conniptions right now - he's such a straight guy.

Anonymous said...

"That outburst against Rav Eisemann from Vineland sounds ludicrous"

What will it take to convince you? Please be specific.

Baltimore Therapist said...

FYI-Ms. Eisgrau passed two separate polygraph exams by two separate examiners.


1-Were you sexually molested by your grandfather Rabbi Moshe Eiseman? (of Vineland)

2-Were you sexually molested by your father Eliezer Eisgrau?

There was NO DOUBT by both examiners that she was telling the truth when she responded YES!

Searching for Emes said...

Boruch Hashem I never had any experience with perverted Rebbes, but, I hope that some of these allegations are not true. I don't want to be Mekabel Motzei Shem rah if any of this is not true. If any of this is really true, and it must be, unfortunately, from the barrage of outrage from the victims, then something must be done about it, but, mainstream Rabbonim will probably not do anything because they are clannish and protect one another, and bury their heads in the sand like ostriches, refusing to see the truth. We don't have any outstanding leaders today who are not afraid to stand up to the truth. Anyone who does try and stand up for truth is labeled as a meshuganer.

Anonymous said...

UOJ, call the fbi.

someone put a lakewood bochur in the freezer. It's so warm in here. we're burning. Laaz, you say, cold boy. Get real. Make believe that just because somebody knows somebody or is related to somebody that they're holier than thou. Mi shegadol m'chaveiro... are greater, if and when they control themselves.

Lakewood has a ban on the internet. You are a rosho. So there. See you in the freezer.

Anonymous said...

You cannot convict anyone on the basis of a polygraph test.

Rabbi Hopfer will save the town.

Shlomo the humble said...

How apropos for this Parsha

In the words of Rabbi Benjamin Blech:


Who shall we appoint to be the shochet for the Eglah Arufah for all the murders of these innocent yeshiva and Bais Yaakiv girls by unprofessional teachers?

I appoint Moshiach.

I think a communal Shir Hashirim is due to take place starting now till Rosh Hashana.

"Better after a lion than a virgin"

Lets start before the lion!

I hope in that zechut our daughters of Israel will not be tied to the "Lions" that are products of this abuse. And we begin paving the path for the descendant of Lions to come forth and be our king. Moshiach Ben David

Talmidei Chachamim Marbim Shalom Baolam.

Thank you for speaking up UOJ.

Yitzchok Aryeh Epstein said...

Could this be a reason why Lakewood stopped accepting bochurim from Ner Yisroel Baltimore over 15 years ago?

Anonymous Mirrer said...

In my days there was an Israelowitz who was a heavy set guy with a slow stride who used to often ask R' Hershel if he could use his shiur room. Is that the guy ?

Who in the hanhala did you speak to ?

Anonymous said...


No need to worry.

Tuvia has been spotted. He was out looking for the few modern orthodox jews left in Flatbush.

He got lost on the way, and is headed for Toronto, ooops Israel, to join his brothers in suffering.

Call off the heavy artillery!

Yanky Davidowitz said...

The address on East 23rd around the corner from Scheinerman's shul matches the phone number on the Israelowitz Publishing website.

Anonymous said...




If you feel just, in going after these molesters and pedophiles that's fine with me. However, the comments you are making against Gedolei Hador just ruin your mission, at least in my opinion. (and I’m not alone)

Many, many people think you are doing the right thing. But, don't you think this vulgar diatribe against Rabbonim will only hurt your mission?

Just a thought…

Klapp Oif Der Bimah said...


Birshus der Mora D'Asra Rav UOJ,

I hope this isn't another false rumor like all the sightings of Elvis Presley and Yudi Kolko, but someone claims on another thread to have spoken to Gedalya Jacobovits from Ateres Chaya and was told that the Gerrorist shindig for Leizerowitz has been cancelled.

Anonymous said...

Someone send a link to this horror film to Avi Shafran. I can't wait for his response.

Anonymous said...

Can someone sponsor an add in the Baltimore Jewish Times, asking for victims of local "Rabbonim" to come forward?

Yankel said...


You're correct of course - my questions are indeed rhetorical. I don't expect any answers except self-interest and cowardice. Although, if someone would give me a reasonable answer, I'd be relieved to hear it.



I thought I said it, but I must not have emphasized enough that even enlightened self-interest is a horrible reason to do the right thing - the best reason is, of course, to spare the victims.

I thought I said it, but I certainly didn't say it as eloquently and as passionately as you did. Your empathy for our brothers and sisters, for our children, cries out from the silent screen. I can only pray that Hashem hears these cries. I can only wish that even one Rav would.

Anonymous said...

What about Eisgrau in Baltimore?..read link..



Victim of abuse in the Mirrer Yeshiva said...

I don't believe he was born in Belgium - that may be the wrong guy entirely. Does anyone know if he still has access to children? He used to tutor, and if he still does he must be stopped. I bear him no ill will, and this story happened a long time ago, but UOJ assures me that I am the 6th person to tell him about Israelowitz. I would not have come forward otherwise. The address posted may be wrong! Let's be careful not to inadvertently hurt an innocent person.

Anonymous said...

It would seem that while TT, YOB and Ger have a denial problem which leads to threats and intimidation and coverup, NI doesn't. They are just not acting on what they know and acknowledge. That may be while UOJ is not outraged at them. They just need a little dose of reality to set them straight.
That is not to say NI is doing the right thing, but they are light years ahead of the others.

Avrumi Schorr said...

Maybe Fishoff will invite UOJ to speak at one of his summer shiurim. That will draw a larger crowd than Glatt-a-la-carte!

Jeff Zell said...


Did you get multiple confirmations before going public with Israelowitz?

Anonymous said...


Your keen insights and comments, and your deep caring and understanding regarding the issue of molestation are a welcome addition to the blog.


Get Out Of La La Land said...

You want to put an ad in the Baltimore Jewish Times? Are you kidding? Why would they accept such an ad when they systematically ignore abuse stories in their city?

Anonymous said...

Is Moshe Eisemann related to Aron D. Eisemann in Detroit? Aron is a nice guy and I wouldn't want to embarrass him by bringing up the subject.

Anonymous said...

Can someone enlighten me about the problem with Agre or Alle packing? Are they the same company? Meal Mart? I think the owner just came back up to Monsey for the summer. Is this that same guy?

Another victim of Israelowitz said...

I was victimized by this creep as well. Yes it is that guy!

Mispallel at Avrumi Schorr said...

It turns out that Avrumi is a big fool. he has the chutzpah to sling mud at uoj and is a fervent supporter of that momzer Leizerowitz. He has no credibilty left by us. There are a group of us that are leaving. We had it.

Baltimoron said...

To the skeptics out there:

The Neubergers do not deny the problem with Eiseman, they will admit they should have dealt with it.
Call them yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone verify the talk in town that Eiseman was fired today?

Ner Israel said...

All one needs to do is google the following names, or go to The Awareness Center's web page

Cases Connected to the Feinstein - Tendler - Weinberg Families, and or Ner Israel Yeshiva of Baltimore

1.The Case of the Students of Ner Israel Yeshiva in the 1950's

2.Case of Rabbi Ephraim Bryks

3. Case of Rabbi Eliezer Eisgrau

4. Case of Rabbi Benyamin Fleischman

5. Case of Rabbi Solomon Hafner

6. Case of Rabbi Israel Kestenbaum

7. Case of Rabbi Aron Boruch Tendler

8.Case of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler

9. Case of Rabbi Matis Weinberg

10. Weinberg Family Tree

11. Tendler Family Tree



Efraim Israelowitz-Brooklyn, NY

He writes kashrus articles for newspapers - in fact he always has an article or two in the Blumenkranz Pesach book. Makes me sick to see it.

Way back in ...., I was ... years old and living in the Mirrer Yeshiva dorm. An older guy was the assistant dorm counselor, and he had all the keys to the dorm rooms, which we kept locked at night. I awoke one night to find his hand on my privates. I turned over, pretending to still be asleep. When he can around to the other side of the bed, I pretended that I had just woken up and I asked him what was going on, he said he was just checking to make sure everything was OK. In the months prior to this event, he would invite me to sleep in his air-conditioned room when one of his roommates wasn't around, and I once awoke to find him staring at me in the middle of the night, inches from my face. I was totally innocent, and thought nothing of it at the time. I also used to keep my glasses right under my bed, and one day I found them smashed into a million pieces. I realized that he must have been there and must have stepped on them while looking at me (or perhaps touching me!).

The morning after I caught him fondling me, I went to my good friend and advisor, Jack Manne (Jack was also a very close friend of the abuser), who took me directly to the hanhala. Bottom line, they accused me of making it all up, and I eventually suffered tremendously as a result of this - a long story.

Anonymous said...

Note - Avi Shafran's email address is shafran@amechad.com

Anonymous said...

Get a life u idiot. They readily admit that Yankel Alter knew of this a loooooong time ago. Wish the rest of his kids went nuts too.

Anonymous said...

And the sick bastard Leizerowitz ran off to Israel because he knew it was true. Kagan, we know your afflicted with the same disease, that’s why you protected him. Don’t worry, we know how you spend your extra time in Manhattan, and soon your wife will too. It’s too late for you to back down now. Either get on your knees and beg forgiveness from EVERY single victim PLUS never step into any school or be involved with the Klal, or take your chances with the Feds.

Hint: You now why were not going with local law enforcement, only with the Feds. If you had brains other than in your ass you would be on the same flight as A. M Loveboy Leizerowitz giving him head and never coming back.

Anonymous said...

Everybody who was there when lakewood was pretty small can claim to be rav ahron kotler's talmid.

Are you naive? "from a generation that was much less likely to get any ideas to molest anyone"

This is a new phenomenon? You don't think abuse is as old as man? The story of Sodom tells it all. When Lot offered his daughters, not the first choice of the mob, was that because he wasn't from Lakewood or a grandfather?

Get real. The yetzer hara is alive and well, shlucho shel Makoim, his agent of destruction and eternal reward. We don't lust after avoidah zarah anymore, but basar tai'avah klal Yisroel has always hankered for. Our downfall can be our deliverance if we pass the test. The Medrash is famous about vachavosh es chamoro, vachavosh es asono contrasting Bilaam and Avraham avinu and their relationship with their donkeys. Avraham Avinu didn't learn in Lakewood, but didn't play dumb. He wasn't an ass. He lusted and withstood the test. l'nasoscha l'vilti secheta-u. If everybody were a goody goody and never thought of sin, what sort of tzaddik could they be? Their sechar would be "k'nahama d'chisufa."

Instead, we are tested, all of us, uoj, in this generation, the last generation and the next until the end of time. Those who overcome obsessive desire are the winners of the game. There aren't a lot of winners. Everybody is tested in different ways.

Been runover by the Expedition said...

"Sadly enough this allegation at Ner does not surprise me. How could anyone expect any action from the hanhala? The Neubergers have given up on the yeshiva a long time ago. They know that the name of the yeshiva is being driven down to the mud (and being run over) by the two faced YU cowboy (Ubber yeah!) in his big expedition SUV. Everyone knows that his whole life is about deception and cover ups. From his famous TV at home to all the stories with his kids... hey the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Anyone can tell you about his dirty tactics and strategically placed "loshon horah" about guys in order to intimate and discredit them. The neubergers need to finally put their foot down and demand that the yeshiva move back towards true bnai torah, rather than faking kool-aid drinkers."

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

When I finished bawling, I decided to put this up. This one e-mail made me realize how all of us need to get involved in this holy work of ridding our people from abuse of all kinds! I hope all our readers feel the same.

A victim writes:

Thank you UOJ for your warm personal support to see me through these difficult times. Your compassion and zeal that you communicated via email showed this big broken man that life was worth living.

Thanks for witholding the letter I sent you. But most of all, thanks for the help you bring to the victims. Finally, we found a Jew that cares about us. With gratitute and love I await the day you are heralded by all for the beautiful person you are. The day you can come out from the shadows and remove your mask is the day G-d will forgive his frum children for this huge sin being perpetrated wholesale in our schools.May Hashem protect you from the people that wish you harm.

Anonymous said...

Dear Yated and Hamodia,

Hope all is well. Please keep giving us the latest updates on chumras and which simchas our 'gedolai yisroel' were at.

Also, keep ignoring and censoring (and acting like you are in clueless la-la land) anything related to the latest sex abuse scandals.

Just remember one thing. The musicians on the Titanic did not stop the sinking of the ship. They played until they and the ship and most of the crew were sunk.

Anonymous said...

I am with Shlomo,

Lets daven, we rescued my little brother from yeshiva and put him in Hebrew Acadamey but now he chooses to go to an all boys learning camp and I shudder to think what is going on in the catskills.

We need a yeshuah and only Hashem knows the truth.

If you don't want to pray for others atleast pray for your own family who knows how many have stories that are untold because they think they are being "smart" by shutting up. It took us two days of not letting my brother out of the house to get him to tell us that his rebbe told him that his family does not love him.

How can you tell this to a 14 year old and then hug and kiss him and tell him it is ok he has the yeshiva as a home!!!

He would come home and sit with his sefer and not talk to anyone for days when we asked him how he was he just said Baruch Hashem, Baruch Hashem and went back to his sefer.

In hebrew Acadamey he was given the book 1984 by George Orwell as summer reading when he read it he cried and said I lived that!


Anonymous said...


Kudos for a job well done!

UOJ = ULTRA Orthodox Jew

Anonymous said...

UOJ, I question your tactics on this one:

1. It seems from the victims'communications to you (as presented by you, above) that the NI administration is moving quickly to resolve the situation.

2. If this is so, why did you have to go public? In this particular case, the accused, despite a teriible flaw, has done some amazing work...his work on tanach has been particularly outstanding. I highly doubt that the more vocal of your posters have ever taken the trouble to read through his work (much less crack open any sefer lately) but it is simply outstanding. So I wonder if - as seems evident - a solution is so readily at hand, why push the button so quickly?

3. I would especially not like to hear from the more imbecilic people here about "how can you learn Torh from a man with these flaws". A long, long list of abusers stretching back for centuries in every possible field imaginable, who are revered and admired as patron saints of all that is good and civilized were real louses in their private lives...I will happily continue to study his work, saddened by his weaknesses.

Anonymous said...

Every frum yeshiva teaches that your rebbe is more important than your parents, that you should do whatever the rebbe says. This is da'as Toireh. Get with the program or switch to the hebrew academy.

The yeshiva world is what it is, the authentic yeshiva world, the only world as long as you are a part of it. Call it cultlike, call it authoritarian, call it truth or call it falsehood, the fact remains that they are stricter in their observance than the rest of the world and that counts for something. Not everything, not for everyone, but authentic and stringent. This appeals to some people. They want to be benei Toireh. They are.

Not every yeshiva is abusive; not every rebbe abuses. The sick ones should be ejected. Thanks to uoj, they will be.

But, to bawl about the yeshiva world as if everybody there is hugging and kissing immorally just isn't true.

boog said...

Again people;

Registration, Fingerprinting, DNA sample for any person hired by our Yeshivas has to be made compulsory not voluntary.

The way to do it is to put teeth into the Law. Revocation of Tax Exempt status and all forms of financial aid.

Same rules and requirements for our yeshivas as for the Public School System.

Anonymous said...

"Tuvyah" is most definitely Avi Shafran. If you read Shafran's article to the Jewish Week (and other articles as well) you will see that he has a distinct writing style.

Avi, please look for another job.

Have rachmonos on your family !!

Don't play around with your parnossa !!!!

The yeshiva world (as we know it) and the agudath israel will become extinct like the dinosoaurs. Yes Avi they did exist.

After all this, the "gedolim" are going to have their own problems. They will not be making appeals to help you and your family.

You will be forced to go collecting with a driver. Don't be so freaken idealistic !! You are not in yeshiva anymore !!

Shlomo Ben Shlomo HaCohen said...

Been runover by the Expedition said

You hit the nail on the head. That dumb YU shmuck from the Bronx needs to be caged. The Neubergers are to nice to take the situation by the gonads. It's a shame

Anonymous said...

look how tuvyah/shafran has a habit of listing "facts". Also, how they both write that "more should be done" and "much was done", "should more have been done ? Yes " etc. Again, the writing styles are very similar.

Anonymous said...

Rsbbi Shafran,

If you do go collecting here in williamsburg we don't need to hear your fancy english. To be successful you have to know only 4 words. ICH Geiy NUCH GELT !

Hatzlucha !!

Anonymous said...

Where did this Tuvyah talk come from. I thought that we scared him off for good.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not tuvia is aiv shafran is irrelevant. The Agudah has to be concerned about these allegations, especially as they are named in at least one suit. Rabbi Neuberger would rally round the flag. Knowing that he knew and did nothing while promoting virulent anti gay legislation demonstrates selective ethics, in other words, hypocrisy.

jew think, frum speak, paid mouth, no real sympathy for the victims, his goal: preservation of the status quo. In that scheme, the gedoilim speak for klal yisroel and he speaks for the gedoilim. What a gadol. What a guy.

Shaya Cohen said...

Avi Shafran also hails from Baltimore, so if he got wind UOJ was going to bombard them next, it makes sense why his alter ego "Tuvya" suddenly arrived on the scene to try to cushion the blows that were imminent.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Tuvya/Shafran is trying to post how we should be concerned about the feelings of the "predator and his family." The shithead never ONCE commented about the feelings and the destroyed life of the victims.


Immodium said...

UOJ, did you trace Avi Shafran's IP or something? He must have run out to get some anti-diarheal and taken "Tuvya" with him. To say the least, working at the Agudah is no longer the cakewalk of pre-UOJ.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Tuvya Shafran is throwing a shit fit that I'm not putting up his nonsense; "let's care about everyone else but the victims."


Anonymous said...

The self appointed righteous will promote the blogsphere as ultimate evil, moytzee shame ra, lashon hara, evil evil.

They are blind to their own evil and in everything, arrogant triumphalists.

Anonymous said...

avi shafran can always come back to baltimore to right press releases for ner israel.

He can author books for artscroll!

Jewthink, frumtank. How to make a corrupt bais din work for you (an insider's view).

best sellers.

Ghermezian Brothers said...

Didn't the Steipler once get upset at Ner Yisroel Baltimore and say they are like a "Catholic School." ?

Maybe he knew about the molestation that may as well have been at the hands of galochim.

Leib Pinter said...

Considering how sleazy Avi Shafran has become, he should come work for me as my PR agent.

Anonymous said...

Shafran and Tuvya have the same gematria using At-Bash.


Anonymous said...

this is naarishkayt.

Ner Israel is a big place and this sort of behavior happens in total insitutions like prisons. What sets it apart are the hanhala. That doesn't fit the textbook model, but it happened in English public schools. Ner Israel, once so proud of its connection with Johns Hopkins, is a Y.U. wannabe, a Lakewood wannabe, outdistanced by a fake frum yeshiva further to the right in Baltimore, Rav Shach's yeshiva, the real winners.

No such institution is immune. There are no winners when victims are marginalized, criticized, kicked out. UOJ, with brutal methods, is doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...


Just for the heck of it, post one of Tuvya's comments so that we can all see the sheer ignorance of this man.

What A Joke said...


Avi Shafran is duking it out with the Jewish Press editorial board. The pompous losers have met their match.

Anonymous said...


Registration, Fingerprinting, DNA sample for any person hired by our Yeshivas has to be made compulsory not voluntary.

The way to do it is to put teeth into the Law. Revocation of Tax Exempt status and all forms of financial aid.

Same rules and requirements for our yeshivas as for the Public School System.

Agree 100%. However, please acknowledge what Elliot Pasik has accomplished. He was up against all odds. He also began this battle some three years ago - well before this blog was created. He has fought valiantly despite being stonewalled by our organizations and he persevered.

Of course, the current bill must be made mandatory, but getting the bill passed was a mandatory goal. It simply had to be passed and it was - becuause of PASIK . It may not have been possible to pass it in another manner.

Now that this has been accomplished, we should all join and pressure the powers that be to put real teeth into this law. As we fight the battle, let us recognize the great good that Elliot Pasik has done and not downplay his achievements.

Jonathan, Israel said...

I wonder how many coverups there have been in my community in Israel. I suspect it is even easier to coverup here. I remember complaining about a rebbe who pinched my son's bottom on several occasions - but when I used the expression "This is not normal and worries me" I was told that as a non-Israeli I don't understand the culture. Who knows?

boog said...


Nowhere in any of my comments have I criticized Mr. Pasik, nor has it been my intention to do so. Do not misconstrue my advocacy as a direct critique of his noble and herculean efforts. On the contrary, Major Kudos to Eliot Pasik who deserves a tremendous Yasher Koach for his tireless efforts and accomplishment in getting the current legislation passed by the NYS Legislature.

I am fully cognizant that "Tofasta Merubah, Lo Tofasta" and thus no doubt considering the current composition of the NYS Legislature, headed by our own 'homeboy' Ipcho Mis'Tavroh, Shelly (I Don't Go To Cop's Funerals) Silver, a stubborn insistence in fashioning the Bill to require compulsory implementation would have likely resulted in it's stillborn denouement.

But let me recapictulate and be very clear: The passage of this legislation, in it's current form while refreshingly welcome is but a halting first baby step. To confidently secure the protection of our children from sex predators in our Yeshivas necessitates that the law mandate strict compliance at the expense of severe penalties. For as UOJ and this Blog have painfully shown, To depend on our Yeshivas and "Leadership" organizations to do the altruistic and right thing is a Brocho L'Vatoloh. While they preach altruism and the principles of our Holy Torah, it is lip service... they do not practice it. And so there is no recourse but "Koifin Oiso".

The "Me'orer Eiynaim" brought about by UOJ and this Blog as well as the extraordinary and persistent efforts of Eliot Pasik together with motivated parents should hopefully make it easier to get this law strengthened at the next session of the NYS Legislature.

Baal H. Bos said...

We've all known for years Israelowitz is a peter puffing pillow biter. Come on, can a guy like that even get an ugly broad to take his frustrations out on? I've seen dogs pummel each other on Coney Island Avenue with more romance than this guy can muster.

Who was the idiot that hired him as dorm counselor? That's where the problem is. The interview must have gone like this:

"Hmmm, let's see now. You are overweight and talk funny, and never had many friends. You waddle like a friggin penguin, and shidduchim for you are limited to the deaf mutes and gimps. So sex for you is going to be a nightmare for the rest of your life, ok, unless you can find 40 seconds in your busy day to spank yourself in the beis medrish bathroom. That's if the high school kids aren't in there making fart and diarrhea noises and embarassing the older bochrim. And listen, if you take a Victoria Secrets catalog in there with you hide in that huge jacket of yours. If I find one laying around with the pages all stuck together you're out of here. Anyway, I have a great idea. We'll put you in charge of all the young kids that have to sleep here. What? Yes, this is a yeshiva, they are all boys. Look, take it or leave it because with the looks of you this is a great deal. All you can eat chicken buffet, or you can just dream about the prime rib for the rest of your life. Your choice."

He picked chicken. After all, a weenie in the hand is worth it if you can't get bush.

Anonymous said...

pinching a bottom isn't my cup of tea, but, a pinch isn't the same as a pat. Vladmir Putin pet a five year old. What is that? A cat? Old hat.

As to reb tuvia's pain, I understand. You have taken on a wonderful personality, uoj. You are not his equal in Torah or yiras shomayim, but you did locate his fatal flaw, a serious flaw in a dean of men.

Looking on the bright side: why wait for chibbut ha-kever, tuv, when we can get sechar for our peshoim in hai alma, tuvi. What a zechus! UOJ is m'zakeh the rabbim, tuvi. Before you defend a predator, see what it feels like to be molested. Bim'koimoi, with the reshus of the gedoilim, roshei yeshiva, rabbeim, speak, frumspeak, birdsbeak. By the way, some lowlife loser commented, you need a haircut.

Anonymous said...

MARK my words, jonathan, the problem is less common than you fear, hence, less coverups.

In the mikva baths, where nothing is covered up, nothing bad happens, as far as I know. Look to the good. Imagine goodness, not evil, the length of your days, and because of statistical probabilities, your children will be safe.

Anonymous said...


So you took a poll in your colony to see if people were reading UOJ. Avi, I don't think that people were honest with you. They know that you represent the big bad aguda and they decided not to tell you the truth.

They would have been more honest if you would have asked them if they masturbate or not.

Anonymous said...

R Ahron Feldman is the Rosh Hayeshiva of NI and is also a senior member of the Moetzes. It would seem, in light of their silence, that the official Moetzes position is to allow child abusers to retain their jobs and easy access to more victims and sully the already tarnished reputation of Rebbeim and Mechanchim. Don't they realize that they are only harming themselves and the Kovod Hatorah by retaining this policy? Don't they realize it's not yashrusdik? Don't they have any common sense?
Why didn't the Yeshiva follow the guidelines of Torah Umesorah? Is it because they are too far to the right of the national hebrew society of day schools (as Tuvyah Shafran likes to call it), or maybe it's because they are too far to the left (as the astute commentor pointed out above)?

Will R Frand address the issue on Tisha Ba'av during his Lashon Hora speech? I'd like to hear what he has to say.

Anonymous said...

You're an evil man and a fraud, and your censoring of tuvya like your censorship of all critics who dont lick your ass is just proof of how scared you are of the truth coming out.
Tuvya = shafran? Give me a break you piece of shit. What a mindless argument. You just are scared of him since he's one of the people who wont drink the kool aid your selling. Your style, idiot, is to make asinine character attacks on people and then have your legion of mindless bulvans make falsetto attacks on them while impersonating other people. I wonder how many legit voices of criticism you've silenced in this way. I bet enough to make an army of people looking to out you, you self righteous fraud.
Censor away, keep dreaming about how great you are, and bawl your eyes out baby while asslickers send you encomia, but the truth is coming and its gonna wipe you and those you love out. God doesnt tolerate bullshitters like you living the high life for too long.

Don't take the curse of a hedyot lightly - I curse you from the bottom of my heart with only bad and heartbreak and unhappiness and tzaar doubled for the pain and unhappiness and tzaar you've caused so many innocent people with your smug lies and nauseating self righteousness.
I promise that by next rosh hashana, you'll be eating shit that's been long prepared for you.
And the pain and suffering that will befall you is nothing compared to whats in store for boog and the rest of your cronies. Once again - my curse is laid and it joins those of so many others. I'd be very afraid if I were you.

Ultimately, I wont rejoice to see you fall, but I think you deserve it more than just about anyone.

Yankel said...

One of the many Anonymouses suggested that a hanhalah that denies the problem is worse than a hanhalah that at least acknowledges the problem, even if it does nothing.

The former group may "have a denial problem which leads to threats and intimidation and coverup" while the second group does not, so the second group is "light years ahead of the others."

I beg to differ. The second group is much, much worse.

At least those in denial have an excuse - even if it's a somewhat pathetic one - for nonaction. They don't believe the allegations to be true. Or, to be more accurate, they don't allow themseles to believe. They are guilty of willful ignorance, deflection and denial, overreacting to criticism, closed-mindedness. Worst of all, they are guilty for having no empathy for the victims. Love thy neighbor as thyself? They certainly fail to fulfil that mitzvah on a daily basis.

But the ones who know what's going on, the ones who acknowledge it, yet still do nothing - they are acting b'meizid. They are not guilty of having no empathy - they are guilty of knowingly enabling a crime, engaging in a conspiracy to commit this sickening crime after the fact (and, after the first time, before the fact as well). Worst of all, they are guilty of spitting on the faces of the victims. They don't merely say "we don't believe you, it can't be as bad as you say, how could someone like this do something like that" - they say "we know you're telling the truth, we know what kind of person he is behind the facade, and we don't care."

The willful blindness of the mainstream frum world to this problem is inexcusable. But the deliberate housing of a man you know to be a molester is so much worse. It's like handing a gun to a murderer.

Auto Report World Editors said...

Dear UOJ Chevra,

This is OT but since we're talking about kids that the yeshiva system doesn't fit, it's quasi-appropriate. Some friends of mine who share a love of bicycling are supporters of P'tach, an organization that provides Torah education to special ed and special needs children here in the Detroit area. Following the huge success of Jerusalem's Alyn Hospital bike ride, my friends have started organizing fund raising bike rides to support P'tach, a good organization run by decent people - as far as I know the money goes to services. The rides are scheduled this Sunday and next. This Sunday is a five miler so kids can participate and an 18 mile ride for adults. Next week will be the 100 mile ride for the 5 or 10 serious cyclists in the community. Last year we rode to Hell and back, literally. Hell, Michigan is a small town west of here and the round trip is almost exactly 100 miles.

I hope that UOJ would let me post this here so I can solicit pledges from other unorthodox Jews who would like to sponsor my ride. My goal is to get $200 in pledges for the rides. Email me at rokem@netzero.net if you are interested in helping.

Ronnie Schreiber
The Editor
Oak Park, Michigan

PS. Tuvya, Lakewood Yid, Shlomo, and all you others who are so troubled by this blog can help it do "t'shuvah" and participate in supporting the ride as well.

Auto Report World Editors said...

Oh, and don't forget to enjoy Shabbat everyone.

Auto Report World Editors said...

Avi Shafran is duking it out with the Jewish Press editorial board. The pompous losers have met their match.

This can be read that Shafran is a pompous loser on the level of the JP editorial staff. While it's a clever dig at Shafran, I don't think it comes near to accurately expressing my disappointment at Shafran's flackery for the OrthoEstablishment. He's one of the few guys in that crowd who can actually write. Let's face it, we unorthodox Jews love Judaism in spite of the frummies and we like reading a spirited defense of traditional Judaism too. Shafran has talent. Most frummie apologists can't write worth a damn. It's troublesome when a cause you support is advocated poorly. It's even more troublesome when an advocate you once admired has become a whore.

Anonymous said...

The biggest joke being foisted upon Klall Yisroel is AGUDAS YISROEL,and their N'SIYUS who are a the biggest bunch of farbrechers seen in ages. They have absolutly no clue and worse they dont care. what has AGUDAS Yisroel accomplished for yiddishkiet? The N'siyus is a joke. Their leader Yankel Perlow is a world class clown. The only organization with bigger fools at the helm is TORAH U'METZORHAHA. They serve NO purpose at all.
Besides giving a few misanthropes a way of making a living WHAT HAVE THESE organizations accomplished? The fact that they have the chutzpah to say anything good regarding the Kolko/TT matter shows how stupid and corrupt they are. Zweibel is either a liar or a fool if he expects anybody to believe the "party line". It would be a MITZVA for all frum yidden to withold support of AGUDAS YISROEL, boycott their dinners and other funraisers, and refuse to attend the Annual "Let's Eat Turkey with the Turkeys weekend".

Why are we being led around like blind sheep under the guise of DAS TORAH. These clowns have no DAS.And WHO appointed these individuals DAS TORAH? Every SH'VANS wearing SH'VENS on his head in Boro Park and Williamsburg, every BEN TORAH (we'll discuss that at a later time) who has a few bucks or in most cases his father in-law has it, has opened a bais medrash and has decided THAT HE IS "DAS TORAH".In most cases these individuals can barely say Ivrah,much less teitch a posuk chumash without the help of Artscroll, and THEY HAVE BECOME DAS TORAH? These fools are busy ranting about 7 year old girls riding bicycles during vacations.These fools are raving about women talking on cell phones, they are our DAS TORAH? Plumbas (kashruth tags) on sheitlach, water filters for the water filters (yes I have seen them)THIS IS DAS TORAH?
OUR children are growing up withouth ANY REAL LEADERSHIP. Pass by ANY Yeshiva today, can you pick your MONKEY out of the OTHER MONKIES, Black hats, white shirts, dark jackets and grey pants..hmmm which monkey is mine THIS IS DAS TORAH?
Hasn't the Kolko/TT incident and the Ner Yisroel story and only the ribono shel olam knows what else shown us anything about DAS TORAH?

Anonymous said...

kil'las hedyot is no mitzvah. Your use of foul language argues against genuine purity of soul. UOJ cannot take credit for the idiots he attracts. (I may be one of them.) But, when I first discovered this site, I despised UOJ for his unToiradicke approach. I castigated him. He's worldly, once who has played the game. He is sensitive and knows. He changed my mind.

Negative publicity can have positive effect, especially when fair advance warning is given to those in positions of power who can initate change. When they fail to do so, they bear responsibility. They knew there were victims. They knew bad publicity is death to fundraising. They thought they were bigger than anyone else and didn't really care. Suddenly, when others find out, they care a lot. Let everyone in klal Yisroel be on their toes, their best behavior. Der Eybishter IS watching AND isn't waiting for anyone's destruction or kellalois employing nivul peh to cast their spell. Your precision in defense of "so many innocent people" is telling.


Excited said...

UOJ, thanks for posting that anonymous who curses and vomits about how awful this blog is, all in the name of his perception of Torah. It's important that people see how low some people have sunk and what we are up against. I would guess that many readers of this blog are very frum, very learned people who silently approve of its message. In truth, many people have been saying for years behind closed doors, this is crazy or that is crazy, but what can you do? We have watched the straight path of Torah be distorted and said nothing. It took an issue like this to get us to realize that it's time for action. The intimidation and control by those who are unworthy must be challenged. Tuvya/Shafrans beware. I believe the general message of this blog is supported by most people who until now proudly affiliated with Agudah. Those lay people are mostly normal people with wonderful values. This blog may well be causing people to rethink their blind allegiance to present leaders and organizations. The more you label us as lowlifes[sic] the more you alienate yourself. Show us you can listen, think and feel. Show us you can admit error. Show us a commitment to rectify the past and improve the future. The public's patience is not endless.

Anonymous said...


There is a third group: the group that acknowledges the problem, yet engages in intimidation and coverup.

This group is, I am sure you would agree, light years worse than the others.

Margulies is an individual who meets this criteria.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

As you can see from the above anon's ranting like a lunatic,(Tuvya) I have no problem putting up the nastiest comments about ME!

When Tuvya questions the integrity of the VICTIMS, and accuses them of perhaps making this stuff up, or when he takes up the cause of the abusers, I WILL NOT POST THAT GARBAGE!


Anonymous said...

If the establishment has the audacity to assume that all complainers are liars, uoj is right. Nobody makes up these stories. When multiple charges appear that anyone has fondled private parts, a pattern is discernable. In the case of the love, the chibah, the ahavah, of and for rabbeim, of Toyreh, the matter is more complicated.

Or is it? A favorite teacher is beloved. A favorite student is a pet. How many teacher's pets who didn't get their A+ have ever complained of inappropriate demonstrations of affection as a means to an end? I've never heard that story befgore. The minute anyone talks of sexual approaches in the yeshiva velt, they are suspect, tainted. Who invites this unwanted, negative attention? There is no "out me, abuse me for being a pervert" fetish that I'm aware of. Those who cannot control their desires should be warned that they can and may be caught.

If UOJ has a fault, his sentiment and language aside, it's maybe that our kapoted crusader wasn't more explicit in his warnings.

They Can Fool Some of the People Some of the Time said...

The Agudah and some members of the Moetzes have long been knocked and made light of in the most elite of yeshivos like Lakewood, Beis Hatalmud, Mir and Shaar Hatorah-Grodno. I don't mean "elite" as in elitist. I mean that the most lomdish and/or yeshivish elements recognize that that instead of the biggest lamdonim and gedolim comprising the Moetzes, you get college grads who are suited for photo ops.

The Agudah was always good at impressing Hungarian am haaratzim and yeshivishe wannabes from out of town.

Anonymous said...

That was Tuvya?

What a phony!

Be Careful What You Wish For said...

The idiot who is a self-described "hedyot" seems to have forgotten the Chazal of a klala falling first on the one who uttered it.

UOJ should bentch Hagomel after 30 days and see if "Hedyot" is still around.

Tuvya Shafran said...

Stop ganging up and making fun of me. I still don't care about the feelings of victims, but you're hurting MY feelings now.


Anonymous said...

"Ghermezian Brothers said...
Didn't the Steipler once get upset at Ner Yisroel Baltimore and say they are like a "Catholic School." ?

Maybe he knew about the molestation that may as well have been at the hands of galochim."

You primitive pathetic frank,since when did you guys start keeping shabbos? you don't even know the story with the Steipler. Don't be so self righteous

noach shafran said...

I wrote that first comment about NI being better than TT and that is what I meant. When Margulies was given Bracha Achrita at a recent wedding, some of us were ready to start a revolt. It churned my stomach. really.

Akiva Stefansky said...

One of the Ghermezians became pretty frum, moving from Edmonton to Toronto in order to send his kids to yeshiva. Most of the other four brothers are nominally frum. When the kollel is on break, the only minyan in town is at their office in the Edmonton super-mall.

Plonymous Anonymous said...

The way I heard the story, the Steipler rebuked Ner Yisroel who then had some not nice things to say about the Steipler, who in turn became infuriated and said they are no better than a Catholic School.

If this is true, the current fiasco serves Ner Yisroel right for being mevazeh a true Adam Godol.

Sholom Witriol said...

The true colors of the pro-molester and pro-enabler crowd comes out when UOJ speaks the truth. The vitriol they spew just shows how black their neshomos are.

hedyot said...

That's right. Criticize my nivul peh, when this site has more of it than an x-rated movie. So when UOJ swears he's a tzaddik, but when his critics swear they're reshaim. Pretty standard. And then accuse me of being tuvya. Dude, you're slipping.
Pretty nice of you to make fun of the ghermezians by the way - mock a baal tshuva - sounds like a tzaddik thing to do.

You know what cracks me up about your pathetic site? Its how you and your buddies have the amazing ability to make even the most self doubting person resolute in hating you. I'll question myself daily - maybe this guy's right? Maybe he's doing more good than harm? And then I read the self righteous screeds and nauseating attacks on people when not even 1/8 of the facts are in, and I can rest assured - there's no way that he's a just man with a just cause.

And excited? Take a cold shower. This klala isnt about torah. Its about UOJ's being an evil man who ruins lives to feed his own ego. This is not about torah, its about humanity, and he's a poor specimen indeed. Once again, we'll see who's standing in a year.

Anonymous said...

Uoj, are you ruining lives to feed your own ego? Who is he bragging to, I wonder? How evil can he be if he's protecting victims, the vigilante way?

How much nivul peh is in an x rated movie? I have no idea. You seem to know better than I do. If you, "the most self doubting person resolute in hating" hate, you might benefit from a friendly chat with a licensed therapist.

On the subject of humanity, we are all frail, flawed human beings. This fiasco is a form of teshuvah; bizyonos is a kapparah, not a bad thing, unless all you care about is your ego, money, power image etc. At the end of the day, it's the ribono shel olam's blog, and His seal is truth.

Excited said...

Its about UOJ's being an evil man who ruins lives to feed his own ego?

Please give me an example of a life ruined by UOJ. As for the commentors, I don't know who takes them seriously.

Truthfully, your vulgarity and cursing makes one assume that you were personally hurt by him. So who are you? Why can't you come out and vehemently deny whatever it was said about you?

I am excited for the victims that something is being done. No cold shower necesary.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing frum people don't use the internet or someone would have heard about this by now. Boruch Hashem, nobody knows. It's a secret. boruch hashem. boruch hashem.

aaron from Los angeles said...

So a few hundred yeshiva kids are molested and their souls damaged.Is that really so important when we must face more pressing problems,such as college graduations where four cornered caps go without tzitzis,people who have a television or computer in their homes, or schools where students are mevatel torah by actually learning to write a proper English sentence, or young men who decide to work for a living,people whose Shabbos tablecloths are not 100 % white,boys who have actually spoken to a girl not their mother or sisters,or horror of horrors,someone who actually speaks Hebrew,with a sephardi accent,no less?Geez,guys,aren't we forgetting what's really important?Next thing you know,someone will start mumbling some dribble about justice and common decency.

Anonymous said...

aaron from Los angeles said...
So a few hundred yeshiva kids are molested and their souls damaged.Is that really so important when we must face more pressing problems,such as college graduations where four cornered caps go without tzitzis,people who have a television or computer in their homes, or schools where students are mevatel torah by actually learning to write a proper English sentence, or young men who decide to work for a living,people whose Shabbos tablecloths are not 100 % white,boys who have actually spoken to a girl not their mother or sisters,or horror of horrors,someone who actually speaks Hebrew,with a sephardi accent,no less?Geez,guys,aren't we forgetting what's really important?Next thing you know,someone will start mumbling some dribble about justice and common decency.

I agree, but you forgot about the Indian hair wigs, which I understand the Rabbonim are still looking into the facts.

Avi from 1084 William St. where the bug juice is bug-free said...

and the shaatnez in the honda accords, and the circus in MSG, and the internet, not to mention cell phones. I have M'ishar. But don't feel bad, it's only because I'm better than you. Oh, and I forgot, I don't eat OU or OK either. Again, because I'm better than you. Lowlife.

aaron from Los angeles said...

To Avi from 1084 William St.... what?you don't trust the "ou" or "ok"?Well,then,there's this new hashgacha in town called the "Frum union"...they're putting the "FU" on everything.

ely said...

Dear Sirs,
How I would welcome honest untainted debate.How you besmirch people with no regard for decency and compare different situations that are not the same in the name of " truth". I find it fascinationg that the things we despise in others are perfectgly acceptable when we are the perpetrators. If you have the guts to call I would welcome the opportunity to discuss some of your comments
Have a good shabbos and may you merit to see things the way they are without the bias and malice

Tuvyah from 1084 William St where the Kool-aid doesn't have Carmine said...

I heard it was the IFYS or I F***d your son

Jenna Jameson said...

"hedyot said...
That's right. Criticize my nivul peh, when this site has more of it than an x-rated movie."

Excuse me, sir, I take umbrage with your comment. When I am getting drilled I curse much more in 15 minutes with a real man than you can even count.

You couldn't please me if your life depended on it.

And how can the Kolkos, Colmers and other molesters go for kids over me?

not Ely Skorski - 3594 Bendemeer Rd, Cleveland, OH 44118 said...

Why don't you start the conversation and I'll see if it's worth speaking with you. What's on your mind Ely? What do you think of these allegations etc....

Anonymous said...

"no regard for decency." Does that mean let's cover it up; wait for Rabbi Hopfer?

"compare different situations that are not the same in the name of truth?" Huh? What exactly do you mean, untainted, honest, debate, Sir?

The Rambam paskens that for teshuvah gemura to occur, the circumstances must be exactly the same which is why "zechor es boracha b'yemei bechurosecha." Are you suggesting only biblically forbidden acts count? It doesn't take guts to honestly debate or telephone contact, all you need is to read hamodia and the pipsqueak jewspeak.

Anonymous said...


I see you live in Cleveland - did you got Telshe, another institution where inappropriate things occurred? Of course the stories there involve "bochurim" and not hanhala, or so we know. Do you have anything to add about that institution?

Anonymous said...

What has NIRC been saying about the charges? Anyone know about activity by the administration?

Skorsky Foods said...

I hope you don't sell Dole lettuce in the grocery store. It comes with bugs.

Anonymous said...

The hanhola is the hanhola and they will decide what is true.

Of course, it's not true.

We'd all prefer for bad news to be untrue.

untrue, orthodox jew?

Anonymous said...

"We'd all prefer for bad news to be untrue."

Yes, but it would point to a serious breakdown in the UOJ due diligence process

Anonymous said...

QOUTE: Don't take the curse of a hedyot lightly - I curse you from the bottom of my heart with only bad and heartbreak and unhappiness and tzaar doubled for the pain and unhappiness and tzaar you've caused so many innocent people with your smug lies and nauseating self righteousness.
I promise that by next rosh hashana, you'll be eating shit that's been long prepared for you.
And the pain and suffering that will befall you is nothing compared to whats in store for boog and the rest of your cronies. Once again - my curse is laid and it joins those of so many others. I'd be very afraid if I were you.

Ultimately, I wont rejoice to see you fall, but I think you deserve it more than just about anyone. ENDQUOTE

I don't wish any curses upon ANY yid.

However, UOJ - your cause might be right, but bashing ALL yeshivos AND all Rabbonim won't get you too far.

Your vengeance is blinding you. You are a smart man, that's pretty obvious. But the hatred is really having an effect on you.

Strangely, you curse and bash the ones who harbor the pedophiles more than the pedophiles themselves. In my opinion, letting through such nasty comments about Rebbes and Rabbonim puts you in that same situation.

My advice to you, get rid of the foul and vulgar comments, stick to the point.

I'm Legit said...

UOJ: On a serious note, did you ever invite someone like Yaakov Horowitz or even Avi Shafran or jonathon rosenblum or any other Orthodox writer type to address this issue on this blog or at the forum of their choosing? Maybe R orlofsky would be willing to release an email or something?

On a darker note, perhaps you can get a hotheaded godol to sign a cherem against YTT. I'm sure you'll get a lot of signatories.

Appalled said...

In matter of fact my friend just got a call from Shragi ... he wants to have a meeting with me, my friend, any other victims, Rabbi Eiseman and Rabbi Hopfer. I'm not quite sure why they need his involvement ... It makes me nervous, but I'm willing to help do things their way for now.

Reminiscient of Margulies's tactics. Kolko showed up at the Bes Din and everyone was too scared to talk. What is he thinking?
These victims need advocates because they are being taken advantage of by savvy people in a position of power who have everything to gain and nothing to lose by silencing them.

Cross-Currents said...

Feeling Pain
Filed by Yitzchok Adlerstein
A persistent symbol of the Jewish people, according to Chazal, is the lamb. It is so delicate and sensitive, our Sages say, that if you inflict pain anywhere upon it, its entire body quivers. The Jewish people are like that, they tell us. Any place that there is Jewish pain, the rest of the nation feels it, personalizes it.

Do we still exhibit that level of sensitivity today, divided as we are against ourselves, and inured to pain after an exile that has continued about two millennia longer than we would have liked?

Some people clearly do. My rav, Rav Gershon Bess, shlit”a, expressed his amazement at the behavior of the Tasher Rov of Montreal. He waited on a line with many others, all bearing tales of heartache and tragedy, seeking a beracha (blessing) from the elderly tzadik. Rabbi Bess had never met him before, and he told him about the suffering of a young couple, both of whom were completely unknown to the Rov.

He broke down and wept.

The man spent who knows how many decades listening such stories. For most, they would have merged into a cloud of generalized gloom. How often can similar stories evoke any response in us? If they could, would we not try to distance ourselves from such stories, unable to deal with so much grief?

The Rebbe, though, found the room and the compassion to react to the pain of nameless, faceless people, because of a surfeit of love.

UOJ is another such person.

Anonymous said...

uoj is our rebbe.

uoj, our uja.

Anonymous said...

Can't anybody please call Ner Israel's hanhalla, and ask how they are dealing with the allegations? Has anyone even confronted the perpetrator? Maybe he would be willing to step down to avoid further bushos and harm to the yeshiva. Then again, if they don't seem to care, why should he?

Anonymous said...

The best defense is to admit no wrong. Not guilty, it's your word against ours. Ours is bolstered by an extensive, expensive campus, the Yeshiva. We are the Yeshiva with the distinction of owning more real estate than any others in the world. Our yeshiva, before Lakewood University built their college building, was the most goyish looking, but really frum. Our kollel is to kollel for. We are strong. We have alumni. We say kaddish for thousands, have chaburos, a High School. We have yossie tendler and simcha kook and kalman weinreb. Our plaques are made of plastic. Our buildings are all of concrete. Who would dare take us on? We have relatives. We are relatives. Who is UOJ? Nobody. Nothing. He's not family. He doesn't receive faxes from the moetzes. He's not a gadol. He may not even have a beard. We think everyone should say tehillim to abolish the internet.

Avi, please come home.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

I'm offering the same challenge to the people who knew Eiseman was molesting kids to come out publicly and deny it, as I did to the TT group of animals. Why not issue written statements that you knew nothing of Eiseman's sick behavior?

I'm talking to:

1-Dovid Cohen
2-Tzvi Berkowitz
3-Shraggy Neuberger
4-Sheftel Neuberger

Why is that so unreasonable? Think about it; if someone accused you of some heinous crime, would you NOT shout from the rooftops that it's a lie?

Once again, depositions will be taken, and the above co-conspirators will have to testify under penalty of perjury. I wonder if they are willing to perjure themselves as I'm certain Lipa Margulies and company intend to.


Anonymous said...

avi shafran and jonathan rosenbloom can write about this issue if they choose. Let them deny the charges b'pumbi. Let the Agudah be proven the hypocrites they are. Let them show compassion on chashuva rabbonim who have difficulty keeping their zippers closed. Let them defend the moisdois haToirah, the good fight. Jewfight. hmmm, the title of a new book.

Anonymous said...

The Rabbis Neuberger you mention are nice guys. They also know. You should be talking to Isaac Neuberger and Yanky Neuberger to work out a deal (nothing on paper). Ezra Neuberger is busy learning.

Anonymous said...

what is perjury when you change your mind, cannot remember, what? A safek, mammish.

Rav Eiseman, a scholar of great dignity, empathic, profound, he deserves some respect. If the allegations are true, they should help him retire with dignity and apologize. Instead, silence. I guess that's worked before... uoj

Anonymous said...


Your offer seems fair to ask them to deny what they knew.

However, one step at a time. Before we deal with who knew what when, what about the fact that they all know enough now to fire him and they still haven't?

Let's focus on the most pressing issue, and that is that as we speak, Rabbi Eiseman is getting ready to go the Beis Medrash for Mincha, and he will be looking around at who looks attractive. Would he dare act now? I don't know, but who wants to give him the opportunity? Who wants him looking at their son like a piece of meat. Has the Yeshiva at least warned the bochurim that there is some suspicion? Have they put him on temporary leave until this can be sorted out in a way that the public can feel safe? Do they deny the allegations? What IS going on?

Anonymous said...

I second the idea of Eiseman admitting his problem and apologizing to victims. The yeshiva should apologize too.

Avi Shafran a.k.a. Tuvya said...

I know molesters who have had shtellers in yeshivos for many years. They are honorable men.

(Hat tip to Aron Twerski)

Anonymous said...

What did David Mandel do about the Eiseman information. If he knew and did nothing, he should be fired from Ohel.

Anonymous said...

Why don tyou add Rabbi Frand , (Rabbi )Berel weisbord Rabbi heineman and Hopfer to the list?

Don't Pass The Goulash said...

Speaking of Ohel's Mandel. He pens the lead article on the front cover of this week's Jewish Fress, in which he goes on & on about his Hungarian yichus. Twerski originates from Ukraine which is adjacent to Hungary and a region that shares the same people and minhagim. No wonder these birds of a feather put on the farce of the century for Margo.

Beware of these ghoulish goulash fressers.

Der Lexus Rebbe fin 59th St said...

Ner Israel has long been out of favor with the Agudah because of their focus on Chochmos Chitzoniyos and even their blue hats. More recently, a pronouncement by one of the Baltimore roshei yeshiva caused the gedolim to be even more uncomfortable with any association.

Will the Agudah throw NIRC to the dogs, or will they rush to their defense now that protecting pedophiles is the issue?

Come on Avi Shafran, we're waiting for your next parody to be published.

Anonymous said...

The only ones who belong on the list are the ones who control the money.

As UOJ observes, our money.

Ayatollah said...

NIRC = Neuberger's Iranian Refugee Camp

Southern Discomfort said...

To Hedyot who cursed UOJ, remember Cursing is not a Jewish Midah it is a Bilam midah so now we know your yichus.

I am sure you have nephews and nieces , why do you take them to Shafran or Scheinberg and have those “rabbonim” rub their penis again your nieces and nephews body.

Remember no penetration is allowed (at least not penetration deeper than tefach).

Then come back and share with us your nephews and niches experience.

Ner Israel Mafioso Buster said...

Don't you realize that dealing with Ner Israel is almost like dealing with the Jewish Mafia. Don't you realize how much power they have? They have the major of Baltimore in their hand, along with the governer. Don't you realize this is why so many cases go undetected?

What happens to those who stand up against them?

Look at the case of Eliezer Eisgrau. How many people have gotten chased out of town when they attempted to do something and speak out?

You can read more about him here:

Look at the case of Yaakov Menken who runs Torah.org. It's known he has a history of sexual harassment. He knows which vulnerable young women to go after in his office.

He manipulated a young woman into having sexual relations with him. He was at least 15 - 20 years older then her. He even confessed to Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky. No action was taken.

You can read more about Menken here:

Public Citizen said...


JULY 7, 2006
2:24 PM

CONTACT: Public Citizen
Paul Alan Levy, (202) 588-1000
Rachel Pleatman, (202) 588-7786

Defrocked Rabbi Cannot Violate Anonymous Bloggers' First Amendment Rights, Public Citizen Tells Court Subpoena to Reveal Writers' Identities Is Unconstitutional

WASHINGTON - July 7 - A rabbi's petition to disclose the identities of anonymous bloggers who wrote on the Internet about his alleged sexual misconduct should be denied, Public Citizen said in motions being filed today in the California Superior Court for Santa Clara County.

The plaintiff, Orthodox rabbi Mordechai Tendler, who served a congregation in New Hempstead, N.Y., was accused of sexual abuse and harassment by some of the women whom he had been advising. The controversy garnered much mainstream media attention when Tendler was expelled from the Rabbinical Council of America in March 2005, sued by one of his accusers in December 2005 and dismissed from his rabbinical post by his congregation in 2006.

Many Internet blogs also covered the investigation of Tendler's alleged misconduct. In an effort to fight back against the accusations, Tendler has sought to reveal the identities of four bloggers who wrote about his case on the following Blogspot sites: www.rabbinicintegrity.blogspot.com, www.jewishsurvivors.blogspot.com, www.jewishwhistleblower.blogspot.com, and www.newhempsteadnews.blogspot.com.

Tendler filed a petition in February 2006 in Ohio to identify three of the bloggers, stating that he had been the subject of false and defamatory statements but identifying no particular statements and no evidence that the postings were false, a requirement to prove defamation. After the Ohio court granted his petition, Tendler filed a new case in San Jose, Calif., in order to obtain enforceable subpoenas directed to Google, which operates Blogspot, compelling it to disclose information identifying four bloggers.

"Full First Amendment protection applies to communications on the Internet, and longstanding precedent recognizes that speakers have a First Amendment right to communicate anonymously, so long as they do not violate the law in doing so," the Public Citizen motion reads.

Public Citizen urges the court to adopt a test to balance the interests of a plaintiff who claims that his reputation has been tainted by Internet speech against the interest in anonymity of the Internet speaker who claims to have done no wrong, while making provisions for online speakers who post truly defaming or libelous comments about public and private figures. In addition, Public Citizen is filing a special motion to strike the California case under California's anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) statute.

"The right to criticize anonymously on the Internet is a fundamental free speech right and an important tool for whistleblowers and consumers who speak out against big companies or public figures for misconduct or corruption," said Paul Alan Levy, the Public Citizen attorney who filed the motion.

Cindy Cohn of the San Francisco-based, non-profit Electronic Frontier Foundation serves as local counsel for Public Citizen. To view the motions, visit http://www.citizen.org/documents/Tendler_memotoquash.pdf and http://www.citizen.org/documents/Tendler_SLAPPmemo.pdf.

Public Citizen has a strong record of defending the First Amendment rights of Internet users. To learn more, visit http://www.citizen.org/litigation/briefs/IntFreeSpch/.

New Hempstead News said...


After having his lawsuit, the one to seek the identity of anonymous bloggers, dismissed in Ohio, Tendler (the pervert) filed a lawsuit in Santa Clara, California, Case # 106CV064307, seeking documents from Google, that would give this "Menuvel" the names of the author of this blog and others!

His Lawyer in California is Patrick E. Guevara of Pleasanton, California, whose phone is (925)460-3700, Fax (925)460-0969!

Instead of concentrating on getting help for his disease .... (chasing and then paying off females, not his wife)
he has decided it would be much easier to sue the bloggers!

Meanwhile, Yaakov Tendler, announced that his brother (the predator) will be giving a Shiur at Community synagogue (his father's Shul)!

We will continue to monitor this disgrace (MT) to yiddishkeit .. and will inform the public when and what time MT will be giving his perverted Shiur!

Anyone attending this Shiur will have to answer to his Creator what he or she were doing enabling a predator when respectful Rabbanim had already signed a Psak that he is unfit to be a Rabbi and Teacher in Judaism!


What will the Pervert of New Hempstead do now?
Justice Solomon of the New York State Supreme Court, allowed two causes of action in the Victim's Lawsuit, breach of fiduciary relationship and the intentional infliction of emotional distress, to go forward!

Yudi Kolko Will Be Visiting Israel Again said...

By Yair Ettinger, Amiram Barkat and Gideon Alon, Haaretz Correspondents

Participants in the international gay pride parade scheduled to take place in Jerusalem next month are "planning a giant orgy in the Holy City and will reach the Western Wall," according to Rabbi Yehuda Levine, a New Yorker whose personal "holy war" against WorldPride 2006 has already brought him to Jerusalem seven times.

Levine claimed that he is here as the representative of about 1,000 American and Canadian members of the Rabbinic Council of America, in order "to stop the disgrace." The list of people he has met with in his quest includes Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, former chief rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, and Rabbi Tuvia Wess, who heads the Eda Haredit rabbinical court, as well as Knesset members, Muslim sheikhs and municipal officials.

Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar has also sent a letter to Pope Benedict XVI Wednesday, asking the Catholic leader to condemn the annual WorldPride parade scheduled to take place in Jerusalem in August.

Amar asked the pope to "strongly and unequivocally come out against this terrible phenomenon, out of hope that a general protest from different religious leaders will awaken the lost hearts who are deceiving themselves and immeasurably harming their souls, and discourage the willful wrongdoer from cursing and corrupting the human way."

Religious and ultra-Orthodox legislators on Tuesday expressed their great dismay at plans to hold the annual event in Jerusalem.

Speaking at a special session of the Knesset Interior and Environment Committee MK Nissim Ze'ev (Shas) said "the gay parade in Jerusalem is a parade of swine on Temple Mount. It's a revolting parade of filth. Do you want to set Jerusalem alight? Do you want to force your sexual tendencies upon us?"

Anonymous said...

Nobody controls public opinion when information is out in the open. No insider deals when the details are there. No governor, nobody, will stand up for unpopular causes.

But, how anyone convict a talmid chochom on the internet like this, with mere hearsay, no hard facts, just vague allegations, maybe a bochur will speak out etc. That's not enough to ruin a man's livelihood, reputation etc., a good man, by the way.

UOJ, I hope you are sure - because otherwise, you are a rosho and that's one thing I don't want to be.

Anti-Tendler Psak Now Co-Signed By 36 Rabbonim said...

Get them to sign against Kolko and Margo


Bais Din of Rav Yisroel Hager and the Bais Din of Rav Zimmerman, both found him to be a liar and a pervert!

In addition there is now a psak from Harav Wosner that is cosigned by 36 Monsey Rabbonim two who are actual neighbors … Harav Schabbos and Harav Cinner, all agreed that without a doubt MT committed crimes against the Torah and women

Anonymous said...


Defrocked rabbi's Jerusalem lecture cancelled after threats
By Daphna Berman, Haaretz Correspondent

Darren Sherman said...

There's no question that the internet is a new force that will make many perverts and creeps think twice before misbehaving.

Anonymous said...

FYI: Cross-Currents is ran and owned by Rabbi Yaakov Menken who has allegations of rabbinic sexual misconduct made against him.

He's another Mordecai Tendler!

Elie Katz said...

Hillel Tendler, a brother of pervert Mordechai, is part of the Baltimore cover up mafia.

Zalmi Teitelbaum said...

Darren Sherman isn't kidding about the power of the internet.

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