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Rabbi Leib Tropper is heard on tape urging his "cutie pie," Shannon Orand, to have sex with others, and fantasizing about rape!


R' Shmuel Kaminetzky at podium - R' Reuvein Feinstein to his left

THOU SHALT NOT! Rabbi Leib Tropper is heard on tape urging his "cutie pie," Shannon Orand, to have sex with others, and fantasizing about rape.

Tal-mood for love
Sex-tape rabbi tries to 'share' hottie

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Eww, that's not kosher!

A prominent Orthodox rabbi has been caught on tape discussing his apparent love affair with a shikse that was converting to Judaism -- whom he allegedly also pushed to have sex with his friends. Rabbi Leib Tropper of Rockland County is heard encouraging pretty, blond Shannon Orand of Houston to participate in phone sex and actual sex with men the rabbi knows, including one he calls "the Satmar guy. Tropper, who calls the woman "darling" and "cutie pie," talks about his own love affair with her at one point, saying: "I want to squeeze you. He also fantasized about rape. "I could role-play a rape with you but I couldn't actually rape you -- you know what I'm saying, darling -- does that make sense?" he asks.

The scandal has rocked the Orthodox community from Rockland County to Israel, and transcripts of the sex tapes are circulating on Jewish blogs, with the audio posted on YouTube. The rabbi talks about paying Orand money for a lawyer and a stipend of $1,300 for the month of November. He also mentions putting in writing an agreement between the two.

"Why would you want to document that kind of agreement on an e-mail?" an upset Orand asks. Orand, who identifies herself on the tape, apparently recorded the phone conversations. "It was only supposed to go to a few leading rabbis," Orand, 32, told The Post. She refused to comment further, and later released a statement saying, "While an individual 'rabbi' acted in an inappropriate manner, my desire to become a bona fide Jew is undeterred. Orand reportedly told a Jewish blog, failedmessiah.com, that Tropper would tell her: "If you fulfill my needs, I'll fulfill yours -- and you need a conversion.

The blog reported that Orand's conversion was to have been finalized last week, but was canceled at the last minute by a religious court. Tropper declined to comment, but a source close to him said the rabbi feels like he's a victim and was used by Orand.

He resigned effective Dec. 12 from Eternal Jewish Family, a Monsey-based organization that primarily works to convert gentiles in interfaith marriages to Judaism. The 59-year-old rabbi is the founder of Eternal Jewish Family and sought to create strict universal guidelines for conversion, which are handled differently by various Jewish sects.


The Leib Tropper Mistress Collection - "Shared Hotties" With Tiger!

Harav Shmuel Kaminetsky Gives Eternal Jewish Family a Brocho - August 24, 2009


Harav Shmuel Kaminetsky, Rosh Yeshiva of the Philadelphia Yeshiva, gave a brocha to Eternal Jewish Family for its work and mentioned the “vast problem we are dealing with here in America because of intermarriage and Jewish conversion. To illustrate the accomplishments of a proper geirus, Harav Kaminetsky used the example of Ruth, whose Jewish conversion (geirus) escorted her to the pinnacle of greatness among the Jewish people. Other presenters included Rabbi Nota Schiller, Rabbi Nachum Eisenstein, Rabbi Yonasan Rosenblum, Rabbi Dovid Shochet, Rabbi Dovid Gottleib, Rabbi Mordechai Fishberg, Rabbi Mordechai Neugroschel, and Rabbi Doron Kornbluth.*


"....But in any battle between an institution and an idea, the idea, in the long run, has the better of it. I do not enter into the absurdity of arguing that the truth always survives. I believe nothing of the sort. As a matter of fact, it seems to me that an idea that happens to be true -- it seems to me that such an idea carries a special and often handicap.

The vast majority of men prefer delusion to truth. It soothes. It is easy to grasp. Above all, it fits more snugly than the truth into a universe of false appearances -- of complex and irrational phenomena, defectively grasped. But though an idea is true, is this not likely to prevail, and an idea that is attacked enjoys a great advantage.

One never hears of a martyr in history whose notions are seriously disputed today. The forgotten ideas, rather, are those of men who put them forward soberly and quietly, hoping fatuously that they would conquer by force of their truth; these are the ideas we now struggle to rediscover.

Had an idea "or a group of ideas" lived to be burned at the stake by outraged "orthodox lunatics", it would have been a glorious day for these ideas. As it is, it is helped on their way every time they are denounced as immoral and against God...."

I would welcome the folks who read (preys G-d :-)) at VIN and YWN, to participate in this poll


New Year's Gedolim Riddle - What Does Shmuel Kaminetzky, Reuvein Feinstein and Alexander M. Schindler Have In Common? JUDAISM/YIDDISHKEIT FIRE SALE - $3 MILLION DOLLARS!
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Thursday - December 31, 2009

In conjunction with the decision of made by the standing committee of the Conference of European Rabbis (CER) that met in Moscow in the month of Kislev we strongly object to involvement of the organization known as the Eternal Jewish Family (EJF) in matters of conversion in Europe. By virtue of the fact that the abovementioned organization (EJF) involves itself in matters of conversion to actively influence gentiles to convert which is against the traditions of our community from previous times, and there is a concern for a breach of the walls of our faith in Europe, and by virtue of the fact that the leaders of this aforementioned organization caused a desecration of the Divine Name and a disgrace to the name of the Orthodox Rabbinate throughout the world in recent weeks, we the leaders of the Kehilos HaKodesh in Europe call upon the organization called the Eternal Jewish Family to cancel their planned seminar. If they do not heed our request we call upon the Rabbis that were invited to the seminar not to participate with them and to guard themselves from entering there.

Signed by The London Beis Din, The State Beis Din and the Conference of European Rabbis

London Beth Din

Av Beth Din - the Chief Rabbi, Dr. Jonathan Sacks
Rosh Beth Din - Dayan Ch Ehrentreu - RETIRED NO LONGER WITH LBD - On Tropper's payroll since 2006
Dayan M Gelley
Dayan I Binstock
Dayan I Berger (Consultant)

The London Beth Din in its capacity as Court of the Chief Rabbi is historically the supreme Halakhic Authority for several commonwealth countries and additionally is consulted by Batei Din throughout Europe.


Interview with Conference of European Rabbis Rav Dunner Speaks Out Against EJF

By 5TJT Staff

Published on Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Conference of European Rabbis is the primary Orthodox Rabbinic organization in Europe. It was founded in 1956 on the initiative of British Chief Rabbi Sir Israel Brodie, and its current executive director is Rabbi Aba Dunner. All the chief Rabbis across Europe joined the organization, and attended its first conference in Amsterdam. It is now run by a standing committee of 25 members which meets twice a year, and just met in Moscow. The Five Towns Jewish Times and VINNEWS spoke with Rabbi Dunner in an exclusive interview concerning the recent statement by the Conference of European Rabbis about the EJF (the Eternal Jewish Family).

Interviewer: Firstly, can you tell me about the Conference of European Rabbis?

RD: We are an umbrella organization of all the Chief Rabbis in Europe ranging from Dublin to Kazikstan. They turn to us for guidance. It was designed to prevent the non-authentic forms of Judaism from entering Europe.

Since then, the Conference of European Rabbis has been active in four main areas. The office in Brussels deals with combating anti-Semitism, and attempts to stop Shechita. There is also a “Lo Tishkach” department identifying the 20,000 Jewish cemeteries and mass graves in Europe and to protect them. The fourth area is to establish a Bais Din in areas where they do not have them in order to stop what we call, “Cowboy Geirus and Gittin.”

INT: What else does it do?

RD: We also have a department that builds Mikvaos. A Rav without a Mikvah is like someone with one hand tied behind his back. How can a Rav discuss Taharas HaMishpacha without access to a Mikvah? This is something else that we do.

INT: One would think that there would be worldwide condemnation against Leib Tropper, the former leader of the EJF, and its organization - yet there is virtually nothing. Why is that?

RD: We are amazed why it is. We unmasked this organization and the chap who ran it, I would not call him Rabbi - before this scandal.. We found him to be a control freak and a megalo-maniac, we found him to be so disrespectful of Rabbanim that there was a unanimous vote of the standing committee to make sure that he and his organization do not enter Europe.

Having a seminar of mixed intermarried couples to convert is so bizarre - this was all done in order to gain favor with their sponsor.. We decided, en masse that we wanted nothing to do with EJF .. We are amazed that the Gedolim have not come out against this. We do not understand this at all.

I will press and will continue to press very hard to continue to ensure that this organization ceases from its nefarious activities.

INT: Are you aware of any improprieties by this organization in terms of pushing onto the batei Dinim questionable Geirus?

RD: I have heard stories from America in this regard, but do not know firsthand. I have found the tape to be so terribly shocking, however, that anything can be.

INT: Have you experienced this organization undoing a proper Geirus?

RD: I have only heard that they do such things but do not know of anything for certain. I like to know names and facts before I take a stand on something as serious as this.

I have no idea what their criterion [for geirus] is, if a geirus came in we would make inquiries. We do know of certain unscrupulous batei dinim - there are questionable rabbonim. We look at the geirus that comes up on the table.

This EJF was a random organization, a private organization by a miniscule Rosh Yeshiva in Monsey. What are we talking about here? He has no experience. It is a private organization that got numerous people involved in it for reasons that we all know.. He tried to assume authority and dictated to people what they can and cannot do.. I don’t know why Mr. Tom Kaplan would do this..

INT: Are you convinced that these tapes are legitimate?

RD: Yes, absolutely. I heard the tapes, I know his voice. They are absolutely, totally, and completely genuine.. The whole thing is sick. Never in my entire klal life did I ever experience anything like this. It is quite sick I am 72 years old and, unfortunately, I was exposed to these tapes. I had to hear things that never in my life I would thought to hear. To think of the person and what he did. So unbelievable and so terrible!

INT: But what about the possible good work that he may have done here? Should we throw out the entire organization because of what he did?

RD: Yes, absolutely. Mendelson translated the Tanach into German. He was an apikores. I once asked my father (Rav Dunner‘s father was the head of Keddassiah)- He said, “Abba, it is Assur, this is apikorsus any work that he has done has apikorsus in it..

The same goes to an organization that has been founded by this depraved individual.. He has no right whatsoever to have a Yeshiva.. He is a man that should stay home and be happy that nobody stones him. The same goes for his organization..

Let Mr. Kaplan put his money into Jewish education. Schools are dying because of this economic situation. That is the future of Klal Yisroel.. He could do so much more with his money. The amount of money that has gone down through this black hole is sinful.. Don’t pollute our Jewish world with this type of organization..

INT: What would you recommend American Rabbonim do in the meantime?

RD: They should organize themselves and come up with an alternative method of evaluating geirus.. There are very capable and fine Rabbonim in America. They are quite capable of doing it themselves and working it out themselves. I am sure they can do that to put their house in order.. They should not take money from such an organization..

INT: What in your opinion should Rabbis do who have accepted money personally when they attended these EJF Conferences?

RD: If someone got personal money they should give it to tzedaka, as being part of the backers of EJF - they should immediately give it away. Not back to the EJF.

But chas veshalom they should put it in their pockets..

They should also write a letter to EJF and say, “We want nothing to do with the organization and the funds we received we are forwarding to the following tzedaka organization.. The mosdos of chinuch.” If there is all that money, it should be given to a useful purpose..

INT: Are there any other statements you would like to say regarding this situation?

RD: I call upon every single Rav in America to look at themselves in the mirror and say to themselves:

“Did I do the right thing [in taking EJF money]? For the sake of Chillul Hashem we should show that when the truth comes out, we should say we made a mistake. We know the truth - a genuine mistake. We were wrong. We therefore say, “EJF goodbye! Close down. We don’t need you.” and say to Tom Kaplan, “Please use your money for education.” - That is my call to them..

INT: Thank you Rabbi Dunner, this has been most enlightening.

RD: Thank you.


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Agudah Convention Planner said...

Shame on the Agudath Israel Midwest Regional president David Schnell for blocking any represntative of Chofetz Chaim Milwaukee from addressing the Midwest Convention beginning this Thursday evening.

Shame on David Schnell for insisting that Rabbi Solomon be the featured rabbinic leader despite fanning the flames of machlokes in the city of Chicago.

During a time of economic turmoil when the Agudath Israel Midwest Regional Convention was almost cancelled, Mr. Schnell continues to spend frivolously by flying in lightning rods of dispute and misconduct. At the same time he arbitrarily excluded rabbis respected in the Midwest solely to show who is boss. This shameful display of arrogance by Mr. Schnell of looking out for his own ego instead of the klal is sure to set the tone for this week's open display of Chillul Hashem.

Shame on Mr. David Schnell but the ultimate responsibility for what transpires at this convention lies squarely on Rabbi C.D. Zweibel for allowing such a travesty to occur.

Maybe ask Mr. Schnell to spend money flying in Tropper too. There will be plenty of "Cutie Pies" and "Darlings" at the convention.

Such a piece of scum and a lowlife.

Chaim Mendelsohn said...

When a convert doesn't meet the standard, the question arises: Is the conversion still valid? Was it ever valid in the first place?

Chaim Mendelsohn, of Chabad Centrepointe, explains it like this: "We're having a big problem in the Jewish world. People are becoming converted to orthodoxy and they are not living the religious lifestyle. I have this in my own congregation. The fact is there are many, many people who convert and then they don't actually end up living that. I guess it started to become scandalous."

Yaakov Broyde said...

I have seen a handwritten note by Rav Reuvein acknowledging receipt of $3 Million from Guma last fall. He has not been able to prove that he gave any or all of this money to tzedaka. His role in the EJF affair is far from exposed..........

Mother of daughters said...

Outsourcing the Jewish Wife and Mother IS misogynist!!!

Why does it surprise you that the man who works tirelessly to replace Yiddishe Mamas with Born again blonds also enjoys fantasizing about rape?

Tropper and all of the conversion mill scumbags like him have raped and sterilized every unmarried Jewish woman in the world and the tens of thousands of children and grandchildren they will never have!

Takanos against conversions to permit intermarriage protect Jewish women from dying childless and single.

Women are converted to Judaism by Orthodox Batei Din many times more frequently than men. Each time a Beit Din permits an intermarriage between a Jewish man and a Gentile woman via a fictitious conversion, a Jewish woman is left with no one to marry. She is murdered along with the generations of children she would have contributed to Klal Yisrael.

If a Jewish woman marries a Gentile man, she is ostracized from the community as a "zonah". Her children are extremely unlikely to ever rejoin the Jewish people.

Meanwhile, there are thousands of nice, frum Jewish women out there who are desperately seeking their bashert while "Rabbi/Rapists" convert born again blonds to marry our Jewish men.

And this does not even take into account the vast numbers of Jewish men who are gay because they were molested in camp or yeshiva.

Hitler lives on!

And he is destroying the Jewish people by replacing our women with Christians and turning our men into homosexuals.

UOJ is our superhero in the fight against the evils which aim to destroy Judaism.

You GO!! GO!! GO!!!

UOJ SAVES the Jewish people!

kolpogimbo said...

חילול ה' איום ונורא

Amir the Satmar Guy said...

Do you remember the woman Tropper revoked her conversion because she wore pants and rendered her and her child not Jewish, now his children (he got twin daughters from Liba) are safek mamazerim, Mida Kenged Mida

Anonymous said...

"Shame on David Schnell for insisting that Rabbi Solomon be the featured rabbinic leader despite fanning the flames of machlokes in the city of Chicago."

You assume that people know what you are talking about. I for one don't and would imagine that few do. Please explain.

Anonymous said...

shmeltzer in North miami beach is telling people he needs to raise 200 K personally to keep guma aguiar of his back in the tropper case

Anonymous said...

Ain apoTROPPER's L'aroyos

R. Wisler said...

I find it offensive that you are blaming Mr. Tropper for this affair. After all, he learned all of his hashkofos at the feet of Pinchos "If they don't penetrate anally -- it's mutar" Scheinberg!

Anonymous said...

im dissapointed in you uoj

only page 20 in the post im sure the times will more than make up for it

guess hynes is running scared hear hs telling his boys to try to at least look like hes working on momdrowitz

Anonymous said...

I can only guess about the agudah event, with that guess being that chofetz Chaim musmachim are right wing, but they have a very discernable hashgafa with which much of the yeshivishe world is a tad uncomfortable. They are not out of the loop like Lubavitchers, but they just can't quite be totally in the loop. It is very nuanced. If I had to choose between a Chofetz Chaim guy, a ner yisroel guy, or a lakewood guy, I would take my chances with the CC guy far more often than not.

Town Car Putz Lefkowitz said...


When I go to the Agudah dinner, and finish arguing with the picketers from the curb, I like to park in the lots run by convicted sex offender Steve Pappas.

Molinaro imitates Agudah / OU / YTT said...

Thursday, December 17th 2009, 4:00 AM

A Staten Island activist is suing the cop who arrested him for writing an insult - "The Jerk" - on a campaign poster for Borough President James Molinaro.

Edward Sullivan says he ended up in handcuffs three days after he penned a newspaper column that criticized the beep - and he doesn't think it's a coincidence.

Sullivan, 52, who is awaiting a liver transplant, was released with a summons for criminal mischief.

Prosecutors dropped the charges, but Sullivan said he fears retaliation and has toned down his rhetoric against Molinaro's environmental policies. "I have cancer. I don't want to be in jail with cancer," Sullivan said yesterday. "It worked. "

Sullivan admits he defaced the Molinaro poster on a fence Aug. 8 - the same day his op-ed was published - because he was upset his own posters had been removed.

On Aug. 11, he was arrested by an unidentified cop who said he had "enemies upstairs" and that he'd been tailing him, according to the Brooklyn Federal Court suit.

Sullivan is being represented by the New York Civil Liberties Union.

"This case seeks to vindicate the fundamental right of New Yorkers to criticize public officials free of police intimidation," lawyer Christopher Dunn wrote.

Molinaro's office had no immediate comment. City lawyers said they plan to investigate.

Queens said...

Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva is kind of weird and not mainstream yeshivish. They have been throwing tantrums that Torah Umesorah is not goress them either.

CC is home to convicted sex offender Weiner and his apologists like his uncle Rabbi Scheinberg (who was CC mashgiach before starting Torah Ohr) and Aryeh Ginzberg.

no clue said...

Does anyone understand the whole fight going on between Luke Ford and a Gateways rabbi? Apparently, Luke as well as Gilligan Student mentioned that the rabbi is a ger. The rabbi freaked out and asked Luke to delete the post. Luke refused. The rabbi got really hyper and told him he is being oyver of reminding a ger of who he is. Luke says it is publicly mentioned elsewhere and akshinned zich. Another rabbi intervened, who according to Luke, told him there is no issur but please just delete it so the guy can calm down. When Luke still refused, the Gateways rabbi threatened to take him to a din Torah with Rabbi Sauer and Luke alleges that he tampered with his Wikipedia profile to make him look bad. The Gateways rabbi has also been emailing him all kinds of insulting missives. It's not clear why Gilligan was not confronted about the same thing.

Margo has company said...


Shomer Shabbos MTA bus driver named Tropper.

Anonymous said...

This Weiner (or Wiener?) guy who was alleged to have molested a boy at Magen Av - isn't his Father a Rebbe at the CC Yeshiva?

Oh the hypocrisy! said...


Rabbi Leib Tropper of the Rockland County yeshiva Kol Yaakov, has been leading a class in Loshon Hora, the laws pertaining to gossip.
The classes are held in the midtown Manhattan offices of Tropper's sister-in-law, music business publicist Susan Blond. Others who regularly take part include author Lillian Glass, opera singer Steven Goldstein, socialite Carol Roaman, attorneys Michael Feiner and Joseph Rokacz, investment banker David Pullman, antique dealer Sheila Britz and music publisher Evan Lamberg.

"We are taught to shut our ears to gossip and never to embarrass anyone," says Blond, who tells me that gossip in the Torah "is compared to killing.

"Even if it's good gossip, it's evil," says Blond, who admits that following these teachings can be especially difficult for someone in her line of work.

"I'm not even supposed to use superlatives," she says.

Anonymous said...


Our Rabbi, Rabbi David Senter is guided by the standards and practices of the Conservative Movement


Senter, 37, is an ordained rabbi who runs the kosher concession stands at Shea and Yankee stadiums.

Though strangers often quiz Senter about his career choice, those who knew him as a student at the Kol Yakkov Torah Center in Monsey, Rockland County, said he was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at an early age.

"I saw him really wanting to be creative in business," said Rabbi Leib Tropper, one of Senter's teachers.

Star-K seal of approval (Heinemann is also an EJF-affiliated dayan)

Tropper is Troubled said...

Rabbi Eidensohn at Daas Torah blog stands his ground against Tropper, I.

Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn needs to be commended for keeping his eye on the ball even in the last quarter of troubled Tropper's losing game of clinging to survival by clutching at straws.

The Eternal Jewish Family video - looks different now post names are named and connections are made that Shannon Orand is the "mystery woman" who brought Tropper down with her recordings. Recipients and Publicity said...The tapes are now posted on YouTube in very clear high quality sound. The lady definitely announces her name as "Shannon Orand" in the first one. These tapes are very clear:


The Rabbi Leib Tropper tapes - Tape 1


The Rabbi Leib Tropper tapes - Tape 2


(can't locate tape 3)

The Rabbi Leib Tropper tapes - Tape 4


The Rabbi Leib Tropper tapes - Tape 5

(Rebbetzin Leba Tropper allegedly speaking, told about being taped)


Tropper is Troubled said...

Rabbi Eidensohn at Daas Torah blog stands his ground against Tropper, II.

Recipients and Publicity said...
Shannon Orand was an EJF employee in Houston Texas until very recently, according to her resume as posted on Linked:


In her resume she states:

"Outreach Administration at Eternal Jewish Family"

RaP: What does that mean, that she was proselytizing? Was her own conversion compeleted? Who else endorsed her for this position and knew about it? Surely she was known to the ENTIRE EJF staff as well. Did Rav Reuven Feinsten endorse her and does he now take the blame for what happened to force Tropper's resignation? In light of the present scandal, Klal Yisroel deserves some honest answers.

"Past: Administration at Chabad Jewish Center; Media Public Relations / Radio Program Producer at Arutz 7 - The Tovia Singer Show; National Radio at Tovia Singer Show"

RaP: So she had done the outreach rounds and had connections to Tovia Singer and Chabad, both sworn enemies of Tropper.

"Outreach Administration
Eternal Jewish Family
(Non-Profit Organization Management industry)

July 2009 — Present (6 months)

The Eternal Jewish Family is an independent organization dedicated to the preservation of the authentic Jewish family, as is dictated by our Torah delivered to the Jewish nation on Mt. Sinai more than 3300 years ago. A primary focus of EJF is the halachic conversion of a non-Jewish spouse in an intermarriage.

To assure that all conversions are based on the authentic dictates of Torah and halacha, the Eternal Jewish Family follows the halachic guidelines of such noted Torah authorities as Harav Moshe Feinstein zt"l, Harav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach zt"l, Harav Yosef Sholom Eliyashuv shlit"a, Harav Shmuel Wosner shlit"a, Harav Reuven Feinstein shlit"a, as well as leading Sephardic authorities shlit"a.

The Eternal Jewish Family is affiliated with Horizons and the Kol Yaakov Torah Center of Monsey, New York. Founded 25 years ago under the inspiration of the late venerable sage Harav Yaakov Kaminetsky zt"l, Kol Yaakov has been a leading institution in the kiruv movement. Hundreds of its alumni have over the years assumed leadership positions in Jewish life throughout the world..."

RaP: Surely she could not have concocted this detail on her own, but here was this lady representing the greatest aspects of Judaism, talking about the greatest rabbis and Torah ideals, and at the same time there are now the terrible revelations of conversations she recorded with Tropper, that the "real deal" was something far different than what it says on this PR resume notice.

How sad it all is.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Rabbi Eidensohn at Daas Torah blog stands his ground against Tropper, III.

Rabbi Eidensohn is blunt, he calls an article about the end of Tropper a "eulogy" implying Tropper is the "walking dead": R' Farber's eulogy for R' Tropper broadcasts the verdict against Tropper of JC.com (New York 'tight conversions' rabbi resigns)

"The founder of a powerful American group that seeks to enforce a tough stance on conversions has abruptly resigned. Leib Tropper, a strictly Orthodox rabbi who founded the New York-based Eternal Jewish Family, said he was stepping down last weekend to "pursue a variety of other interests". In the past week, images appeared on several Jewish blogs showing posters on display in Orthodox neighbourhoods of Jerusalem accusing him of indiscretions.[...]"

Then there is the on-again/off again role of the Catskills' Rabbi Elya Wachtfogel in Tropper's and EJF's demise reported by Rabbi Eidensohn: An open letter to Reb Elya Ber, shlita I have it on excellent authority that Reb Elya Ber Wachtfogel never accepted any responsibility, oversight, or position of any kind for EJF! If anything at all - he was duped by a phone call from an individual in Eretz Yisroel (a beneficiary of Tropper/EJF money) that Rav Shteinman and Rav Y.S. Eliashiv had "requested" he assume the position at EJF, But he never accepted! In the interim it has now been determined that Rav Y.S. Eliashiv had no idea at all about ANY of these goings on - let alone he never asked for R' E.B.W. to accept any position or achrayus for EJF! The time has come for Reb Elya Ber to speak up and put this to bed!"

And this confirmed by Wachtfogel's cowardly running away with his tail between his legs as reported by Matzav.com: "MATZAV.COM EXCLUSIVE: Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel Denies Rumors [Exclusive letter below.] Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Gedolah Zichron Moshe of South Fallsburg, has written a letter, dated today, Erev Shabbos Parshas Mikeitz 5770, denying that he ever agreed to head the Eternal Jewish Family (EJF) organization. Claims that he agreed to assume the position of Chairman of the Rabbinic Committee of the EJF are false. The following is a free translation of the Hebrew letter which can be read here:

Erev Shabbos Kodesh Leseder Mikeitz Tof Shin Ayin L’P”K This is a notification that the rumors that were spread of late regarding the EJF organization, which alleged that it is under my direction, are in error and baseless. And to this I affix my signature, Elya Dov Wachtfogel"

And so even the well-fed rats jump off the sinking Tropper captioned EJF ship of numbskulls.

The guy in Israel who "duped" Wachtfogelto take the bullet for the dead in the water and sinking fast EJF is none other than Tropper's partner in trouble Nochum Eisenstein who is also going to get his come-uppance soon for lies and deceit!

Tropper is Troubled said...

Rabbi Eidensohn at Daas Torah blog stands his ground against Tropper, IV.

Then last week came the whole comedy of errors when Tropper sicked (!) his psycho disbarred and criminal deranged lawyer on Rabbi Eidensohn and was quickly forced to apologize and get rid of the nut job quicker than you could say, you are headed for a jail near you in about a couple of days:

"Tropper doesn't know when to give up

"Mr. Eidensohn, Your desultory attitude is unacceptable. So let me make it plain.Your postings about Rabbi Tropper are libelous and outrageous. I presume you are familiar with the common law doctrine of universal Internet jurisdiction which permits non-resident plaintiffs to sue non-resident defendants for publishing libelous materials accessible over the Internet. If not, I will gladly supply you withe the case law references. I am advised you posted these defamatory materials about Rabbi Tropper at the behest of Guma Aguiar. You are familiar with Aguiar's widely published conflicts with Rabbi Tropper. Unless you immediately take down all your posts about Rabbi Tropper, I will advise him to engage counsel inside and outside Israel to sue you; Be advised that, under the doctrine of comity, Israel will enforce foreign money judgments against you, especially judgments rendered by common law courts in Britain, Australia, Canada, the U.S., etc. I won't wait until Sunday to give Rabbi Tropper that advice.Accordingly, let me know what you plan to do upon your receipt of this E-mail. Samuel A. Abady, J.D. Spokesman for Rabbi Leib Tropper"

Blah, blah, blah -- putz deluxe!

Heck this is the "spokesman" from hell or is chelm, sure sounds like both!! Anyhow, posters were quick to pounce on this complete idiot and finish him off within 24-48 hours as Tropper was forced to withdraw the troubled moron:

Rabbi Tropper says he is not taking me to court


"Rabbi Leib Tropper" rabbitropper@horizons.edu

To: Rabbi Eidensohn,

There was never a thought to go
To court to file any complaint against you.

Sorry that Mr Abady did not address you as Rabbi.

Leib Tropper

Oh, for any readers who may want Tropper's Email address here it is again: rabbitropper@horizons.edu -- and note what this means that Tropper is holed up in his festung Tropper bunker at "Horizons" in Monsey with dark tentacles (or is it testicals now?) across the world mind you which should be shut down soon now that Tropper has been identified as a sex maniac rabbi.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Rabbi Eidensohn at Daas Torah blog stands his ground against Tropper, V.

Then there is the very moving appeal to R Reuven Feinstein's conscience to rid himself of the putrid and fetid Tropper and the rotten EJF once and for all, unless one thinks that Reuven Feinstein is now just a money-hungry dumbo who has sold his soul to the EJF highest bidder devil as now it's known to all that Tropper indulged in what can only be called satanic sex with his wife "at his side' in bed with him as they "welcomed" all sorts of folks to have sicko threesome sex with them.

Will Rav Reuven F. also find a way of saying that his father was "mattir" such things like the swinging Troppers threesomes the way he was recorded on video saying that he okays Tropper and EJF when he knew that Tropper and his wife were PERVERTS and SICKOS of the highest order?!

So here is Rabbi Eidensohn's pitch as he awaits a reply:

Rav Reuven Feinstein, shlita - An Open Letter HaRav Reuven Feinstein, shlita,

Someone recently asked me to find the teshuva (Y.D. III 96.9) that your father wrote to you concerning your 20th birthday for his son's 20th birthday. It is especially relevant in your present situation in which your reputation and loyalty are keeping alive an organization which has become a disgrace and embarrassment to the Jewish people. Those who agree with me, will hopefully send a copy of this letter to you. Yeshiva and Mesivta of Staten Island, 1870 Drumgoole Road, East Staten Island, NY 10309
U.S.A. Phone: (718) 356-4323 Fax: (718) 356-5412

Your father described that birthday as the day you would become punishable for sins also by the hand of Heaven. He was responding to your request that he advise you on how you should conduct yourself the rest of your days. He wrote:

"The most important thing is the study of Torah and to be engaged in the struggle of understanding it...Furthermore you need to train yourself in good midos. The main thing however concerns anger - for which it is necessary to go to extremes to avoid. That is because pride and anger are the attributes one needs to avoid most of all. If you wish to strongly deal with these midos by training yourself properly then G-d will help you.... My words should always be before you and G-d should help you always."

With deep respect, Daniel Eidensohn"

And in another post, Rabbi Eidensohn appealed yet again to Reb Reuven - please! with a nice glossy photo of Rav Moshe ztk"l reaching out his hand, but will it work?

In the meantime in an ominous post yet confirmed by a few sources, a poster states quite clearly that: "Yaakov Broyde said...
I have seen a handwritten note by Rav Reuvein acknowledging receipt of $3 Million from Guma last fall. He has not been able to prove that he gave any or all of this money to tzedaka. His role in the EJF affair is far from exposed.........."

So bottom line, Ren Reuven F. must come clean, give Guma aguiar back the treife gelt of THREE million dollars at least and cut himself off entirely from this sordid Tropper and EJF sex scandal that will only get worse and will drag R Reuven F. down as surely as it has dragged Tropper down like a piece of flotsam garbage thrown overboard.

Make up your mind and do not dither. Time moves very quickly nowadays Rabbi Reuven F. You are quickly losing the honor of having the full FORMERLY glorious name "Feinstein" belong to you as you will become known simply as Rabbi F. !!!!! vehamevin yavin what F. stands for!!

National Enquirer said...


I think UOJ needs a new poll:

Who would you let your daughter babysit for?

1. Mrs. Tropper
2. The blonde shiksa
3. Tropper himself

Tropper macht choyzek said...

Right under the announcement from R' Reuvein Feinstein on the EJF website that he is taking over, the public is told to call a woman at a 917 cellphone number if they have any questions.

The woman is another blonde shiksa from Texas (and evidently not the one that Tropper derides on the recording as being short & ugly with a "moustache"). Does R' Reuvein have any idea how long she & Tropper might go back?

This is a very sophisticated firm that must cost a lot of money. They are stacked with the likes of senior correspondents from CBS News, Washington Post, etc.


Erin Hickman Gentry
Director 512.474.8848

98 San Jacinto Blvd
Suite 1200
Austin, Texas 78701

Her work with Public Strategies
Erin Hickman Gentry brings a decade of experience in messaging, media relations and campaign coordination for a variety of Public Strategies’ clients. Her work for the firm has encompassed a variety of sectors including investment banking, conservation, public company auditing, healthcare and energy and natural resources.

Gentry’s work spans from local campaigns designed to influence members of a state legislature to managing million-dollar clients engaged in national image enhancement campaigns.

Her earlier work
Before joining Public Strategies, Gentry was spokeswoman for the Office of Thrift Supervision at the U.S. Treasury Department, the primary regulator of the $7 trillion thrift industry. She communicated agency policies and enforcement actions to media, trade groups, and industry, and provided strategic media counsel to senior agency officials.

Before joining the Treasury Department, Gentry worked as an account manager at Stevens Reed Curcio & Potholm, a media-consulting firm that produced winning television and radio advertisements for political candidates. Gentry wrote and produced campaign advertisements for political candidates and referendums, winning a “Pollie” award in 2002 for her work on a congressional race in New Hampshire.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

To Edited National Enquirer - that type of stuff is not going up here.

Anonymous said...

As far as Tropper's supposed "apology" to Rav Eidensohn, here is what Archie Bunker wrote over there:

I used to work on Wall St. On erev Shabbos I received an email from an investment banker colleague, furious that Tropper and his henchman were being mevazeh a talmid chochom like Rav Eidensohn and that he planned on reporting Abady to the authorities as a disbarred lawyer even giving the impression of acting as legal counsel is a felony in NY State.

Tropper probably got wind of this email in circulation and is trying to save his friend's neck, especially since he could still use Abady's legal knowledge.

The UOJ Effect said...

Luke says that there are a lot of corrupt rabbis who treated him like dirt. So he figured if he starts blogging, it can't get any worse as they already have it in for him. Then he got a pleasant surprise. When the corrupt rabbis realized they were being exposed so that everyone in LA and beyond could read what they are doing, most of them suddenly started being nice to him.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

....And I'm in contact with my buddies at the New York State Bar....

Charlie Hynes not the only useless Putz said...


Officials Lose Track Of 250 Ga. Sex Offenders

Posted: 11:24 am EST December 20, 2009

ATLANTA -- Officials have no idea where nearly 250 metro Atlanta sex offenders are.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports nearly one-tenth of the area's registered sex offenders who are not in jail are listed as "absconded." That means law enforcement authorities has lost track of them, despite a strict law intended to keep such offenders under close supervision and away from potential victims.

John Bankhead is a spokesman for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which maintains the sex offender registry. He said the long list of people on the registry are not the ones to be concerned about. He said the concern lies mostly with unspotted predators not yet on the list.

Both versions of the story are correct said...

This one is too easy. Just switch out Tiger Woods for menuvel Tropper.


As Tiger Woods temporarily steps down from the world of pro golf while the scandal surrounding his multiple affairs settles, Michelle Braun talks to FOX News Channel’s Geraldo at Large regarding evidence of the athlete’s devoted and expensive involvement with her escort service, occasionally with more than one woman at a time.

“He had several girls that would be girl-on-girl threesomes,” the Hollywood-based business woman revealed to FOX News Channel’s Geraldo at Large yesterday, “He requested to have multiple girls at a time to have a variety to choose from…”?

With a plethora of women at his fingertips, Braun also explains that Tiger knew exactly what type of girl he was interesting in sleeping with down to her breast size and ironically, the description somewhat mirrors that of his own wife, Elin Nordegren.

“He had a particular type- college cutie girl next door, young, under twenty five, preference for natural or if implants on the smaller side. Blonde,” Michelle exposes Tiger’s specific requests ?to FOX News Channel’s Geraldo at Large,

Although his involvement has been denied, the “madam” has solid evidence that Woods did indeed use her sex- driven services as she swears to FOX News Channel’s Geraldo at Large, “I’ve got telephone records, 1099s, wire transfers,” and with a hefty price tag on each conjugal visit, he still called Braun for help, ?“Over the course of two years, about a dozen times.”?

Going behind his 33-year-old Swedish wife’s back spending hordes of cash on his transgressions, Tiger preferred “…high end escorts, their rates started at $10,000 on average for an overnight; $20,000 to $25,000 for a weekend,” Braun explains to FOX News Channel’s Geraldo at Large as Woods could easily drop almost?, “…$60,000 for a weekend…?”

While the madam’s industry is semi- private and safe, Braun still knows that Tiger was putting himself in jeopardy.

Thinking that a married man would obviously want to use protection, Braun reveals otherwise to FOX News Channel’s Geraldo at Large stating that Tiger, “didn’t like to use condoms,” and, “because of the amount of girls that he would see and the frequency of it, he really put himself at much larger risk of getting caught.”?

Braun, who met Woods on a 2006 Las Vegas party binge, also speaks of the girls who have come forward to admit their sexual relations with the golfer so far, FOX News Channel’s Geraldo at Large reports.

“One of them is a Playboy model by the name of Loredana that he met in New York, and, he saw her about four or five times over one and a half years. And another one is Holly Samson who is an adult film star…” Michelle explains on Geraldo at Large, “…“Those girls did have sex with him.”

UOJ gets results said...


Both Father Markey and Father Blanchfield agree on at least one point: They are weary of the unrelenting publicity about sex abuse.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:39
What does Schmelczer have to do with Tropper?

AndyBee said...

Tropper attacks -- I think we should keep the attacks where they belong. Some entries seem to branch out a bit too far.

It might be hypocritical of Tropper (who it turned out truly is Troubled) to be giving shiurim on loshon hora.

But it is very nice that people in a midtown PR firm were attending them. Please don't attack those who innocently attended shiurim by him or attend(ed) Yeshiva Kol Yaakov. These are fine people and not the problem.

Likewise, his sister-in-law, Susan Blonde, is a lovely woman. (I know her.) She's not at all involved in this. Please don't allow your venom to spray innocent people.

She was a part of Warhol's art world and became a successful PR agent. Over the years, she has become more observant.

Hers is a beautiful story. She's not apart of the problem.

While not knowing, i would guess that Mrs Leba Tropper is also not guilty. Her whole world of frumkeit was based on her husband. -- You might not believe this from the tapes circulating, but Tropper is actually a brilliant man and a very charasmatic guy.

ALL venom should be directed towards him. The tapes are, of course, disgusting and will likely cause his downfall.

But his actions before these were released are what makes him despicable. His hijacking gerus, bringing down R. Druckman, The Zoo Rabbi and others.

His abusing his role with female convert candidates is really not surprise.

It's time to CLEAN HOUSE. I think real leadership exists only in the Modern Orthodox world.

(Play Loud) You say you want a revolution?

Anonymous said...

Nachum Eisenstein is as bad as Tropper

Anonymous said...

One of those wanted in Atlanta for felony child abuse (sexual) is a youth director at B'nai Sephardim Hollywood FL.

His name is Amram Bendahan.

He has been working with children for the past 20 years since he skipped out as fugitive from GA.

Anonymous said...

" ....And I'm in contact with my buddies at the New York State Bar...."

Here is the address of the NYS Bar:

Re: Samuel A. Abady
NYS Bar # 1756121

Status: Suspended

Departmental Disciplinary Committee for the First Department
61 Broadway, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10006
(212) 401-0800

Abady's sisters (who are/were both famous in the film industry) gave several interviews in which they stated that the family wass of "Jewish Heritage", not Jewish. This answer usually denotes a Jewish father and a non Jewish mother.

It appears from public records that Abady's mother, was a German American from Steubenville, Ohio; his parents appear to have married in Europe during WWII.

Samuel Abady married a woman named Jane Watson.

An important question to ask would be why Tropper was "makarev" what appears to be a Gentile man married to a Gentile woman?

Page Six said...

I am wondering - which (Rabbi) in Lakewood was chased out of town this past week as he was caught with a Zoina?

Eternal Jewish Cover Up said...


So R' Elya Ber is wiped clean from EJF and replaced with Chaim Blum as if nothing happened and R' Reuvein's wording is changed to cover up even more than last week.

There is more than one Chaim Blum, as in the rov in Monsey and the one from the Tzanzer kollel in Bensonhurst. I certainly hope it is NOT the one from South Fallsburg who is very close to R' Elya Ber. The one in South Fallsburg may even be R' Elya Ber's nephew. If it is, it would mean that R' Elya Ber only backed out because of pressure but has installed his meshamesh / driver / nephew as part of the cover up for Tropper and monies received thereof.


When it came to the Kolko scandal in Fallsburg this past summer, Blum was at least more wary of Kolko than R' Elya Ber was.


Here is a picture of Blum in the Fallsburg beis medrash.


And Blum is even listed as the assistant rov in the Fallsburg shul under Tropper talmid Yaakov Barros who has a shady history even before EJF got off the ground.

R' Elya Ber, we beg you! You of all people should have nothing to do with the shmutz and chilul Hashem that is menuvol Tropper and EJF.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

UOJ needs to look into the role of Menachem Lubinsky in this affair. He is the PR frontman for EJF and Tropper, and he has always stepped in when Tropper has alienated people, which as an aggressive and intemperate pig he has tended to do fairly regularly. Lubinsky is the composer of last Monday's EJF press release and he wrote all the so called statements by the various protagonists (Wachtfogel has since distanced himself from EJF and denied that he made any statement or accepted the role in EJF). Lubinsky has been working the phones all week trying to get rats to board the sinking ship that EJF has become. And of course the reason EJF can't fall is because it is the key to obtaining Tom Kaplan's money.

Who is curently signing EJF checks? If it is still Tropper then the whole resignation is phony - a cosmetic damage limitation exercise, cooked up by Lubinsky while a strategy is prepared - however ridiculous this may seem to you - for Tropper to rejoin the kiruv world, a humbled and repentant figure.

Lubinsky's numbers and email

917 816 0380
212 643 1623
718 258 5911


Regarding Amram Bendahan said...

Did he live in Toronto about 30 years ago?

In those days when Shaarei Shamayim on Glencairn Ave used to use a microphone on Shabbos & Yom Kippur (they probably still have a joke mechitzah), there was a minyan in the basement for people that were more frum. I believe the minyan was led by someone with that name.

Anonymous said...

One of the Schmelly Schmeltzers led the attack on Slifkin with Tropper & Pinter.

"Missed the Boat" Department - AndyBee said...

Every so often Andy traipses in to commandeer the pulpit, thinking that people believe his baloney.

When he wasn't busy in the role of Shmarya's valet, he was also trying to shut up Tropper is Troubled. He really has no choice now but to agree that Tropper is a scumbag, but don't listen to his patsy defense of the women in Tropper's life.

The fact that he "knows" Susan Blonde does more to cast suspicion on he & her instead of away from her.

Anyone who played that movie role as seen on the Susan Blonde clip and who used her publicist talents to cover up for Michael Jackson molesting children is sick, regardless of whether or not they are connected to Tropper.

The RCA is reported to have a video of Mrs. Tropper engaging in lesbian sex and if you read the transcript of the audio released so far, it certainly sounds that way.

Hey Putz, the "real" leadership only exists in the modern orthodox world? You mean like the Tendlers and Lanner and Finkelstein, etc, etc?

Anonymous said...

PAGE 6. why are you bashing Rabbi in Lakewood without any facts?

Sholom Rubashkin said...

That's right. Lubinsky has plenty of experience working cover ups for me and the OU.

Remember when KAJ kicked us out and Lubinsky called it "consolidating" behind the OU & Weissmandel?

Anonymous said...

Amram Bendahan may be a common name. I think there was also one from France learning in the Mir in Brooklyn.

Lakewood said...
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page six said...

The facts are that a (Rabbi) of Lakewood was caught in the act of........ with a Zoina and was chased out of town. These are facts. Sorry that anonymous can't admit that such a Maaseh can happen in Lakewood too.

Anonymous said...
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Leib Tropper said...

Sounds delicious!

Was there any simulated rape in the Lakewood story?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tiger Tropper said...

Tiger Woods’ Oldest Mistress Vigorously Attempted to Conceive his Child

December 19th, 2009 6:11 pm / Author: Gena Oppenheim

Among almost twenty alleged mistresses who have come forward claiming to have had secret relationships with Tiger Woods thus far, Radar Online confirms that the oldest of the bunch, Theresa Rogers, did indeed try to have the former golf champion’s child during their time together.

While the forty eight-year-old woman has already hired celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, also linked to Tiger’s other mistress Rachel Uchitel, and has attempted to receive a pay out over the affair, sources tell Radar Online that all Rogers desperately wanted to have Tiger’s baby and took action to get her wish without his approval.

And after a married Theresa did get pregnant while cheating with both Tiger Woods and a Serbian basketball pro, having a baby girl around five years ago, a close friend speaks exclusively to Radar Online claiming that the child could possibly be Tiger’s.

With no DNA testing ever done, the source reveals to Radar Online that, “You just never know because she did not have any kids with her third husband and her final husband Wayne Rogers was in his late sixties when they married,” although the child appears Caucasian.

The same friend to Theresa also explains her lack of surprise to finding out about the scandalous, originally covert affair due to Rogers’ thirst for cash.

“I wasn’t shocked at all when I found out she was hooking up with Tiger. Theresa was always the type of woman who was on the look-out for an ultra wealthy man who could look after her,” the friend explains to Radar Online.

Even the difference in age didn’t shock Rogers’ pal who tells Radar Online that her buddy stayed super fit and even admits that, “…she had at least two breast reduction surgeries because she wanted her figure to be totally perfect and she was super conscious about what she ate too.”

Regardless of maintaining a sexy body at almost fifty, the former auto-show model, “was quite insecure and hated the thought that one day she would never have any money,” the source opens up to Radar Online noting that the entire affair may have been money-driven.

Involved with the golfer for five years, starting even before his marriage to Elin Nordegren, the money conscious mistress herself was married to Wayne Rogers, her fourth attempt down the aisle, while she began being intimate with Woods, Radar Online reports.

Anonymous said...

shmeltzer was working with tropper and tropper gave him money for the kolel in north miami beach while taking out a 115 k salary to watch 6 guys learn

not only that shmeltzer is defending tropper all over the place telling people its just a setup

Anonymous said...

It seems that the Amram Bendahan in Toronto is indeed a different person. He is currently the youth director at Rabbi Taub's BAYT, an NCSY shul in Thornhill, Ontario. Taub is Leib Pinter's mechutan and headed the whole NCSY when Lanner was busy molesting children.

Maybe they are cousins as they both seem to like the same line of work.

Amram Bendahan in Florida does not only daven at the Sefardi shul. He is the youth director at Young Israel of Hollywood where they recently made a seudah in his honor.


He also works for NCSY down there, where he takes children to water parks.


And girls on Shabbatons.

Eternal Jewish Cover Up said...

Some have asked why R' Dovid has not been moyche that Tropper and his own brother R' Reuvein have distorted the psak on gerus of the Tatte R' Moishe ztl.

It is not R' Dovid Feinstein's personality to be confrontational in any way. He will just quietly fade away when he sees something improper.

He was once confronted on videotape by the modern orthodox rabbis from HODS if in his opinion, Moshe Tendler was distorting R' Moshe's psak on brain death. He just stepped around the question without answering.

He initially defended nephew Mordechai Tendler's misconduct but disappeared when incriminating evidence emerged.

He used to show up at EJF events but not for a long time now.

When askanim came to him about the boy kidnapped in Flatbush to be tortured at a boot camp in Jamaica with the approval of R' Aron Schechter, he felt intimidated to scream at Rav Schechter himself so he asked R' Zelig Epstein z'l to do it.

And even though Rav Schechter & Avrohom Fruchthandler are mesarvim by R' Moishe in the Carlebach din Torah and the Fruchthandlers continue to lie that they appeared in front of the beis din in the end, R' Dovid still acts bakovoddik towards them. (Documentation in circulation from several batei din as well as the letter from the alter rosh yeshiva of Wurzburg Germany, Rav Shimshon Refoel Weiss zl)

When a Feinstein relative was touched by Kolko he did not go public that Margulies insisted on keeping him as a rebbe.

When a relative was giving an improper hashgocho on restaurants and rabbonim begged R' Dovid to stop it, nothing changed until the relative passed away.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
UOJ Gets Results said...

LOS ANGELES (AP) California appeals court rejects Roman Polanski's bid to have sex case dismissed.

Tropper Survey said...

National Surveys: Tropper Woods

Do you still support Tropper Woods? or Do you think Tropper is a Dog?

Take a couple minutes, take our survey, and get a $250 Visa card
for your opinions and participation. Tell us how you really feel!

No cost, nothing to buy, simply a public opinion compilation survey.


You see new updates on Tropper and his "transgressions" daily on the
News and TV. Make your voice heard, take our survey, and get a $250 Visa card in time for Xmas.

Minimal participation required, takes only a few minutes. TROPPER!
(*not sponsored by Tropper Woods or Visa. An Independent Survey.)


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Antonio Villaraigosa said...

Yaakov Barros used to be a rabbi in San Francisco before moving to South Fallsburg (after they fired their MO rabbi)

There is something with Tropper and Barros trying to corner the bay area. Few years ago Tropper tried to form an alliance with Rabbi Yitzchok Feldman and Yosef Levin of Palo Alto and rabbi Shlomo Zarchi of San Francisco in order to go after intermarried Jewish Billionaires such as Larry Ellison of Oracle, Sergey Brin of Google and Marc Benioff of Salesforce.com.

Larry Ellison thinks he is God so he out of the picture, Marc Benioff is under Shlomo Zarchi and Cunin (the younger) is going full blown after Sergey Brin. Feldman and Levin and are left with the second tier multi- millionaires who are married to gentiles.

That effort did not go well because Zarchi, Feldman, Levin and Chunin did not want to share their gvirs with Tropper

Rav A.C. Levin said...

A gevealdige shrek, the hailige Spinka Rebbe was sentenced today to 24 months in jail starting April 15, 2010.

Efsher we can chap arein and have him teach business ethics at the Agudah Midwest Convention this weekend.

Ich hut gehert a shamua az Rav Solomon will be cancelling his trip after the sudden petirah of his nephew Dovid a"h. Ober the Agudah Convention food may be too strong a nisayon.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Rabbi Leib Tropper Announces the Formation of Eternal Jewish Tshuvah (Satire)


Cults, Kiruv, Conversion And Kanois: The Rise and Fall of Leib Troppper (Part I)


Anonymous said...

>Who would you let your daughter babysit for?

1. Mrs. Tropper
2. The blonde shiksa
3. Tropper himself<

4. Jimmy Swaggart
5. Bill Clinton
6. Shabtai Tzvi
7. Hugh Hefner

Sir Vivor said...

Steve, when you wrote that comment below at failed messiah you never would have thought it would come to this.


Maybe Tropper will give her a celebrity discount.

Posted by: steve | July 14, 2009 at 03:14 PM

Anonymous said...

Amram Bendahan-

In Atlanta fled a felony child abuse warrant in 1988 for sexually molesting his own son.

He went to Toronto where he was the youth director at Beth Avraham Yosef of Toronto under Rabbi Baruch Taub until 2001 when he was accused of molesting two teenage boys. I was told that Rabbi Ron Weiss of Jewish Family Service of Toronto was involved with the families and will speak with any Rabbi or organization who has a halachic need to know.

In 2001 Amram Bendahan came to Florida and became the youth director of Young Israel of Hollywood/Ft.Lauderdale and was also in charge of NCSY and Jewish Boy Scouts.

In 2008 Amram Bendahan became the youth director of Bnai Sephardim.

I was told that Amram Bendahan learned at Shor Yoshuv in Far Rockaway in the late 60s. He was also close to Rabbi Grossberger in Brooklyn in the late 80s-early 90s.

steve said...

Sir V,

Brit would have been a perfect match for the Troppers. He probably reached out to her but she was busy shaving off her hair.

Anonymous said...

Was the molester Amram Bendahan in Toronto in the early 1980s as well by the pseudo-orthodox Shaarei Shamayim?

Rabbi Edward Davis is the rov of Young Israel Hollywood-Fort Lauderdale and was enlisted by Chometz for Pesach Lerner to help cover up the Rubashkin scandal.

State of Disgust said...

I didn't realize just how bad R' Reuvein's latest message on EJF is until I read it. He says no one should question Tropper gerus cases.

R' Reuvein, is that really you or Lubinsky & Tropper lying in your name?

People screwing around can make good gerus? And why should Tropper's daughters not be investigated for their yichus as well?

Toronto said...

I remember a guy named Amram at Shaarei in those days but my memory is a little fuzzy. Shaarei was of course also home to the Kirshner brothers who ran two separate ponzi schemes.

I wonder how long Ron Weiss has been with Jewish Family & Child services, the same agency who covered up the molesting at Magen David Sephardic Cong. on McAllister Rd when Rabbi Benayon was the rabbi. Last I heard, the Magen David molester was working at Isaac's bakery on Bathurst St. Luna from Issac's is usless anyway because she runs out of stuff in the morning hours and refuses to bake more.

Chicago Small Business Coalition said...

Many in the frum community in Chicago are suffering financially. The situation was bad enough that ‎the askanim tried to block the Agudah Midwest Regional Convention from taking place this week. They ‎understood from the cost/ benefit analysis that the greatest losers will be the people of Chicago. As ‎predicted, Agudah Midwest president David Schnell spent money on resort accommodations, airline ‎tickets for a particular speaker who furthers strife within the community, and catering bills benefitting ‎a Lakewood, New Jersey business. No money was invested in the local frum economy. Local ‎businesses were not solicited for contract bids, and by making the convention away from the ‎community it assures no convention goers patronize the local frum stores. Make the convention in ‎Cleveland or Cincinnati next time. ‎

Anonymous said...

If folks here think today's frum-world is in trouble:

>>This moment of facing a life with a man with whom such a young woman had nothing in common except that they were both born Jewish and had parents committed to the continuity of the Jewish people was often the breaking point that led the young woman to escape to the convent to convert.
The Jewish community of Galicia had some limited recognition of the problems caused by the failure to give its daughters a Jewish education. Indeed, the issue came up quite a bit on the Jewish communal radar screen in the early years of the twentieth century. In 1902, the subject was addressed at length in the pages of the religious newspaper Kol Mahzikei HaDat. In an article entitled "But We Are Guilty for Our Daughters," a writer bemoaned the seduction of Jewish girls by secular society due to their lack of Jewish education. In a play on words of a famous rabbinic quotation, he wrote, "Ten measures of external education descended upon the daughters of Israel in our land; nine of them were taken by the city of Krakow." The article discussed the failure of the marriages of such girls to yeshiva boys and the fact that some of them ended up leaving the Jewish community entirely. It was not a coincidence, the author pointed out, that girls from strict Hassidic families would leave their families and convert to Christianity. Hassidic fathers would pay a fine rather than send their sons to secular public schools, but they were willing to send their daughters to Catholic schools. He recommended the institution of Jewish girls' schools in Galicia to solve this terrible problem. In a harsh moment of reflection, the author noted that girls' Jewish education in Galicia is the equivalent to what had existed in Germany an entire century before.

The issue of girls' Jewish education in Galicia also arose at the Congress of Rabbis in Krakow in 1903. One of the attendees, Rabbi Landau, rose to speak and bemoaned the fact that even among the "God fearing," girls receive the finest Western education and remain woefully ignorant about Judaism. He spoke of the rash of conversions and noted that even those young women who do not leave the community, "their hearts are not among the Jewish people anymore." Such girls would not be capable of raising the next generation of Jewish children. Rabbi Landau even spoke of the worst casualties of the failure of Jewish girls' education in Galicia-those girls who turned to a life of prostitution. The rabbis attending the conference requested that he cease speaking of this painful subject in order to prevent the desecration of the name of the Jewish people. <<

Anonymous said...

Waut, it gets worse:

>>In a few different articles, Manekin explores multiple aspects of the phenomenon of Jewish girls' conversion to Christianity in Galicia in the nineteenth century and shows the Jewish communal debate that arose over this problem. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a significant number of Jewish women in western Galicia converted to Christianity. Indeed, during one fifteen-year period beginning in 1887, over 300 women converted in Krakow alone, representing 68 percent of the Jewish converts during that time period. Interestingly, almost all of these women converted at the convent of the Felician Sisters.<<

Benji Kornbluth said...

(as told to Luke)

I was wondering if I can ask your help on a matter.

I live in Israel and work in the Real-Estate field (it’s tough and making a living for me isn’t easy), last year tho a very wealthy orthodox Jew from Beverly Hills purchased a $3M holiday home here in Jerusalem with my help. For many months however he refused to pay the agents fees tho; I finally managed to get him into Beis Din, and they gave a PSAK for him to pay a reduced amount (PESHARA) and he STILL WONT PAY.

Over the course of the saga he has had me threatened with physical violence and mutilations a number of times, cursed me bitterly and spread vicious false rumours about me to my neighbours and friends.

The thing is that he’s a huge philanthropist (I would hate to call him a Ba’al Tzedaka) so most Rabanim are frightened to say a word to him.
He has lied to some prominent Gedolim about the case, they have themselves then been embarrassed by him when I confronted them.
The point is that this guy is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and I have a PSAK against him to pay a measly $38,500 to me and my brother, both guys in learning here in Eretz Yisrael.

The reason I turn to you is because the only way I managed to get him to sit in a Beis Din is because I threatened to destroy his name online, that provoked an immediate response and got him in the hot seat (where he lied through his teeth throughout the Din Torah BTW).

So if you think you could help me to put pressure on this scumbag and finally get him to pay up so that I can pay me rent, groceries, utilities etc. it would be enormously appreciated.

Observant Jew said...

Did you hear what Obama did last night with your tax dollars?

Senators Louse-enberg and Menendez were snowed in in NJ so he sent a govt plane to ferry them in for the vote on Socialized medicine.

Anonymous said...

MUNICH, Germany (Reuters) - John Demjanjuk sat impassively while Holocaust survivors on Monday recalled the horrors of Nazi Germany at his trial on charges of helping to force 27,900 Jews into gas chambers in 1943.

German state prosecutors accuse Demjanjuk, who was top of the Simon Wiesenthal Center's list of most-wanted war criminals, of assisting in killings at the Sobibor death camp in Poland, where prosecutors say at least 250,000 Jews were killed.

The 89-year-old sat in his wheelchair and showed no emotion as eight plaintiffs, some of them with tears in their eyes and their voices breaking, described how they had survived the Holocaust while their relatives perished.

Demjanjuk denies he was involved in the Holocaust and his family insists he is too frail to be standing trial.

One of the plaintiffs, Robert Cohen, 83, whose brother and parents were killed at Sobibor, described his experiences at Nazi death camps including Auschwitz.

"We didn't know what was going on," the Amsterdam-born pensioner told the court during the morning session. "We thought we had to work."

Due to Demjanjuk's frailty, hearings are limited to two 90-minute sessions a day. His case is likely to be Germany's last major Nazi-era war crimes trial.

Demjanjuk was born in Ukraine and fought in the Soviet army before being captured by the Nazis and recruited as a camp guard. He emigrated to the United States in 1951.

In May, he was extradited from the United States where he had lived in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.

Demjanjuk has acknowledged being at other camps but not at Sobibor, which prosecutors say was run by between 20 and 30 members of the Nazi SS and up to 150 Soviet former prisoners of war.

In the Sobibor gas chambers, Jews died within 20 to 30 minutes after inhaling a toxic mixture of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, prosecutors said. Groups of about 80 were forced into gas chambers measuring about 4 by 4 meters (13 ft by 13 ft).

Shaya Goldmeier said...

People can't have it both ways. they hold these gedolim to god-like status, then tell they are only human when they actually fail. they failed here. A rat should have been smelled. Kannois only works when done b'laiv shalaim and l'shaim shomayim. NO ONE else has the heter to act b'kannois. And I continue to blame them because of their silence. Where are the pashkvelim now?! why is no one standing up and saying, sorry, I was fooled by this man, but our motives were for good, even if his weren't? why is there no cry about the evil this man did? why are there only yelling about concerts and elevators - yet another story where a gadol was duped by misinformation - why is there no krechtzing here?

My rov, had a speech 2 shabbosim ago, about Tiger woods and how he epitomizes goyim and how we Jews do not chase gashmiyus. Aside from the fundamental mistakes he makes and how he can only raise his status by continuously knocking goyim, here we see a frummie who makes tiger look like a saint! yet, this same rov avoided the whole topic this week, and refused to discuss it when it was brought up to him.

now Chicago will host the heiliga agudah convention, where they'll all pat each other on the back and decry the internet and MO jews, and talk about the evils of molestation and how can we protect our rabbonim from lawsuits, and how evil mesirah is, especially in cases where mesirah is really mutar! But, will we hear, "you know, maybe an internal audit of our rules, practices, hashkafas is in order. We as a group have been rocked by scandal this year and just like we say check your mezuzot, we should also check ourselves".

eh, who am I kidding, they are the gedolim - what do they need to check?

Both versions of the story are correct said...


Downtown Brooklyn Courthouse (Reuters) - Lipa Margulies sat impassively while sex abuse survivors on Monday recalled the horrors of Yudi Kolko at his trial on charges of helping to force 27,900 Jews into Kolko's private bathroom.

Federal prosecutors who took over the case after Charlie Hynes was arrested for collusion, accuse Margulies, who was at the top of UOJ's list of most-wanted enabler criminals, of assisting in molestation at Torah Temimah on Ocean Pkwy, where prosecutors say at least 250,000 Jews were eyed for possible molesting by Kolko.

The 89-year-old sat in his armchair and showed no emotion as eight plaintiffs, some of them with tears in their eyes and their voices breaking, described how they had survived the abuse while they & their relatives were forced to help Kolko masturbate.

Margulies denies he was involved in the abuse and his family insists he is too fat to be standing trial.

One of the plaintiffs described his experiences at yeshivos with molester rebbes including Gur.

"We didn't know what was going on," the former YTT prisoner told the court during the morning session. "We thought we had to keep our mouths shut after we were threatened by Belsky."

Due to Margulies's fatheadedness, hearings are limited to two 90-minute sessions a day.

Margulies was born in Romania and fought over shmaltz herring in Satmar before being captivated by the idea of driving a bus and recruited at Torah Vodaas.

Margulies has acknowledged being at Agudah Fresser Conventions but not the boiler room in YTT's basement, which prosecutors say was run by Kolko as a torture chamber.

In the boiler room, Jews also suffocated within 2 to 3 seconds after inhaling a toxic mixture of carbon monoxide and Kolko passing gas, prosecutors said. Boys of about 8 were forced into fart gas chambers measuring about 4 by 4 meters (13 ft by 13 ft).

Paul Mendlowitz said...

***** - Five Star Rating!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Rebbetzin Solomon can impress upon her husband the importance of being there for the city of Lakewood instead of a bobble-head doll for Agudas Yisroel. After all, Rav Aharon Kotler zt"l impressed the importance in a dream guaranteeing the Rebbetzin's recovery.

Why go to a city like Chicago where his actions and inactions helped fan the flames of machloikes? Talmidei chachomim are supposed to be marbeh shalom, Rav Solomon has done the opposite and caused terrible difficulties to the mazel of people in Chicago.

Rav Solomon do the right thing and cancel.

Fressers said...

Two New York City EMT's accused of walking away from a pregnant woman who collapsed and later died have been suspended, city officials said today.

The two fire department employees, Jason Green, 32, of Long Island City and Melissa Jackson, 32, of Queens Village, were suspended without pay as the investigation continues into allegations they refused to help the woman because they were on break and wanted to eat breakfast.

Mayor Bloomberg called the EMTs actions 'unconscionable." When asked if "burnout" might have been a factor, the Mayor said,"Burnout? They were sitting there having coffee. How could they be burnt out? They're human beings. Somebody is dying down the street and (people) say help them and they just sat there."

Eutisha Rennix and the baby she was three months from delivering died during the Dec. 9 incident.
Witnesses said the emergency workers were on break ordering breakfast at the Metro-tech Center Au Bon Pain restaurant where Rennix worked as a cashier. She collapsed in a woman's bathroom and several workers and customers asked the EMT workers for help. Instead, they said they walked out of the store telling them to call 9-1-1.

(The paramedics who did respond are also in hot water because the shmucks weren't carrying the right equipment)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Spinka said...


Prosecutors are currently investigating more than 100 other contributors and warned that if they did not come forward voluntarily they might face “significantly higher” sentences.

Anonymous said...

What happened with Saloman in Chicago?

the Monsey Tzadik said...

Please don't attack those who innocently attended shiurim by him or attend(ed) Yeshiva Kol Yaakov. These are fine people.

They are not ! the weirdoes who go to Kol Yaakov like to walk around and say that Modern Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Jews are “shekotzim”, they say that the people who support the state of Israel are idolatry worshipers and Modern Orthodox girls are zonos. All this from people who few months ago were still eating bacon cheeseburgers.

da Satmar Guy said...

Oh, for any readers who may want Tropper's Email address here it is again: rabbitropper@horizons.edu
He has another one, the one he really uses ltropper@horizons.edu and you can reach tom Kaplan at kaplan500@aol.com

Malach HaMovies said...

Ok. So he spoke to her about having sex. It’s not the worst thing in the world. As long as he didn’t shake her hand. Imagine the scandal that could have caused. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

YTT in Lakewood being evicted!


Vos zogt UOJ? said...


Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzhak Batzri said that exorcisms, which are known in Jewish parlance as "removing the dybbuk," are a fairly common practice.

"My father has performed several of them in the past few years," said Batzri on Tuesday, referring to Rabbi David Batzri, head of Yeshivat Hashalom.

In fact, a video on the haredi Internet site Ladaat shows Batzri performing the removal of a dybbuk to a man in America via Internet just two weeks ago. The procedure was "successful," but it took several hours.

Batzri also performed exorcisms on a woman from Dimona and a woman from South America.

Batzri's son said that the dybbuk talks "out of the throat" of the person which it inhabits, and that the exorcism ceremony is performed by 10 men with Shofars who read special liturgical texts.

"Basically, the dybbuk is encouraged to leave the body of the person it has entered," said Batzri. "The dybbuk is in actuality a lost soul who did not merit going to the Garden of Eden but also did not deserve going to Gehinom. He remains in limbo and at some point enters the body of a person," said Batzri.

In Ladaat's video Batzri is shown reciting prayers together with nine men and coaxing the dybbuk out of the man's body.

The goal is to get the dybbuk to leave the body through the small toe of the left foot of the person who was possessed, explained Batzri.

Is Simon Monjack a killer besides a putz thief? said...


Brittany Murphy’s life was cut short at 31 when she passed away this morning. The latest piece of news is that her husband, Simon Monjack, reportedly told Cedars-Sinai staffers that he didn’t want there to be an autopsy.


Murphy and Monjack got married in May, 2007, in a private ceremony.

But there’s no question the circumstances surrounding this are, well, cloudy. Monjack concerning himself with whether or not there’s an autopsy’s certainly one of them. Another: there’s almost no information out there on Monjack besides assertions of his “shady” nature on straight-Hollywood gossip sights that – while certainly trafficking in all kinds of rumours – all turn up the same kind of thing. One website’s tipsters let loose on him: he drained his own family’s cash on his film, he picked up women on J-Date, and he has some kind of reputation for a “con”.

Simon Monjack is a tremendous con artist, sociopath and thief. It is amazing that he is still on the loose and not in jail! He has conned women into giving him money, changed his phone number all the time (pretending he was important), he somehow lost his family’s money on the truly horrific film “Two Days Nine Lives” and has been scrambling to catch a wealthy or at least connected women to open doors for him.

The world is an unfortunate place because Simon Monjack is in it. He stalks J DATE (Jewish online dating service) for unsuspecting women and fools them with his charismatic personality, British accent, and pseudo wealth, in order to live off of their money. Simon’s evil knows no bounds.

Simon Monjack, still pulling a fast one. Now he has the money he has always desired. Brittany’s. Didn’t her people check him out? Poor thing, she is the next victim and he is smiling his usual manipulative smile. I hope she has very good attorneys. She will need them. Tragic.

So…who is this guy? Simon Monjack’s a screenwriter who hasn’t done much work recently. He was behind Factory Girl and did indeed write and direct a film called Two Days, Nine Lives that wasn’t very successful. But Murphy’s friends have been warning her off him for a while. The guy’s had a past, and a substantial one at that:

Among his troubles: two warrants for his arrest in Virginia for alleged credit-card theft and fraud; an unpaid $US6,087 legal bill, and a $US502,910 judgment against him by a British investment firm. And Us Weekly reports in its new issue that Monjack gave his former fiancée, British film producer Taira Rafiq, an engagement ring he had told her was a diamond but was, in fact, cubic zirconia. “Taira tried to get in touch with Brittany to warn her,” a Rafiq pal tells Us.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Murphy was reportedly diabetic, and that may or may not have had something to do with the circumstances surrounding her death. But Monjack’s about to enter a world of unprecedented scrutiny.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Batzri and all the Kabbalists should be locked up in Tropper's house --- together with Reuvein Feinstein and EVERY idiot that believes in this nonsense, and be forced to listen to Torah by Tropper until they drop dead!

Get my drift?

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Why the silence from Agudah on Tropper? Even Yair Hoffman had the guts to speak out against Tropper. What are they waiting for? Will they put out a press release on the Spinka Rebbe?

Paul Mendlowitz said...

....Because Shmuel Kaminetzky and Reuvein Feinstein were both at the recent EJF fraud-fest last month --- when they BOTH knew what was coming down!

Big Swingin' Tzadik said...

Now that the geirus field is closed to them Leib and Liba are looking for the friends wherever they can find them

Tropper is Troubled said...

Team Tropper goes into damage control overdrive.

The name of the game now for the disgraced Tropper team is DAMAGE CONTROl. Heck, if Bill Clinton could get away with his sexual escapades with gullible and pliant vulnerable females, why not Tropper. No doubt he imagines he is smarter than even the vaunted Clinton intellect. So he is taking a leaf from out of their book and it seems the designated epicenter of the counter-strikes from the troubled team Tropper is focusing on dealing with what's emanating from Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn's blog.

The reasons for anyone who's been following the duel between Tropper and Eidensohn over the past three years is not hard to figure out. It's simply because Rabbi Eidensohn firstly does not hide who he is, he has a reputaion of being an editor and chronicler of Rav Moshe Feinstein's Halachic works, and he has an ongoing close connection with one of the leading poskim of the age, Rav Moshe Shternbuch who is also the Raavad of the bait din of the Eidah Hachareidis, known as the BADATZ, who have chosen to allow Rabbi Eidensohn to publicize their clear-cut rulings and warnings against Tropper and EJF and the request that all rabbis cease and desist from participating in EJF events, on his blog.

So now that Tropper has been unmasked by the scandalous tapes and a monstrous sexual predator, financial swindler, and notorious con-man, and sulks in disgrace somewhere on this planet. It's pretty obvious that in some place there is also a "war room" and "think tank" of tricky Tropper;' pals and enablers trying to come up with a strategy to help Tropper even at this very late stage of the game.

One move was Tropper sending his deranged disbarred lawyer "Sam Abady" to shut down the Daas Torah blog's posts about Tropper, which Tropper himself was forced to then withdraw when a few simple searches on Google proved that Tropper's lawyer was as much of a fraud as Tropper was, like two rotten sicko birds of a feather.

Then there has been serious speculation, that one reason some leading Charedi rabbis were pushing so hard to shut down Charedi news blogs and ban Charedim from reading blogs last week was that in that same week the story of the Tropper sex scandal was about to break and with that it would implicate every rabbi associated and tainted by Tropper's and EJF's bribes and hidden filthy secrets of what really went on at EJF conferences.

Were rabbis cavorting with women there while on the next floor they were pontificating about conversions?

Could well be now that the truth is out about how Tropper was not just flying rabbis to conversion conventions but that he was also running a global escort service for his rabbinic pals. No wonder they want to shut down news like this. It will bring down many people, like R Nochum Eisenstein, Rav Stern, R Wosner, R Yosef, R Amar, R Metzger, R Reuven Feinstein, R EB Wachtfogel, R Shmuel Kaminetzky, R Aron Shechter in fact ANY rabbi who attended EJF events MUST be scrutinized for PERHAPS doing the same deeds as Tropper did with his shiksa gal pals, all in the name of "higher standards" not for conversions but for sexual depravity and one MUST suspect that many of those rabbis are POSSIBLY victims or practioners of Shabtai Tzvi beliefs and practices that also allowed for sexual depravity while covering it up with holy talk about saving the world for a great new messianic age.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Team Tropper deploys their old Roni troll on Daas Torah blog, I.

You can never tell the creative ways desperate people will come up with self-justifications. One unique method has been to bring back the notorious internet troll "Roni" to make newly outrageous posts, Tropper's former defender has regrets who sheds copious crocodile tears declaring Tropper now to be proven wrong (DUH!!) and that Rabbi Eidensohn was right (such a genius who may soon discover that 1+1=2), and without skipping a beat starts to defend Tropper's attacks against Guma Aguiar, Bomzer, Chabad, Modern Orthodoxy with the same vile language. Some posters were caught off guard, but another was not, who accused "Roni" of being a fraud and trickster worthy of Tropper:

Recipients and Publicity said...I am not convinced by Roni/Tropper in any way.

It reminds me of that old expression "beware of the man who says 'in other words' because he is just going to tell you the same thing over again" and unfortunately this is what seems to be oozing out of poster Roni/Tropper's words here yet again as he obviously is talking out of both or more sides of his distorted mouth.

Roni/Tropper forgets that what has happened here is the total 100% collapse of Tropper/EJF and every last shred of verbiage and arguments that were spoken or written by ANYONE in favor of the Tropper/EJF travesty is 100% is as toxic and radioactive as Tropper/EJF is now.

It is absurd to come out and say "sorry" twenty times to five people and then to go back and start justifying and rationalizing basically everything that Roni/Tropper said, as if by cutting out the "bad Tropper" of the sex scandals one is left with the "good Tropper" who had good intentions and conversion policies.

No, there is not a good and bad Tropper, that is just part of a sociopathic way of arguing befitting Tropper himself. There is only one kind of Tropper and he is 100% rotten to the core. It is like a sefer Torah written by an apikores and it MUST be burned even though the apikores is gone, and in this case the deeds of the apikores Tropper are still coming out in full glory so certainly ALL the words spoken on his behalf especially by one like Roni/Tropper should be flushed down the toilet very quickly or there stench will make it impossible to function on this blog yet again as Roni/Tropper spouts off on how right he was on 90&% of most things! Tell it to the Marines Roni/Tropper you are a faker, fraud and sheister!

In another post Rabbi Eidensohn asks why Tropper is not talking and apologizing but here it is because Roni/Tropper IS "apologizing" profusely in all his sicko ingratiating ways, like a man being led to the gallows for his crimes who pleads and cajoles for his life and will say ANYTHING including "apoligizing" to his critics (not to the victims yet mind you) to save his neck.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Team Tropper deploys their old Roni troll on Daas Torah blog, II.

Recipients and Publicity said... The fraudulence of Tropper/Roni is now umasked to Tropper's/EJF's ETERNAL shame! Poster Roni/Tropper is none other than Tropper himself trying to weasel himself out of his self-inflicted sex scandal disaster of his own making.

It is therefore a HUGE chutzpa for poster Roni/Tropper to come here an give dei'os and his obviously KRUMME opinions yet again, and issue judgments on ANYTHING or ANYONE when he was the 100% authentic voice of Tropper on this blog for more than a year as he UNREMORSEFULLY and MERCILESSLY inflicted great harm and damage against many posters and bloggers on this blog.

How quick people forget the baraabrity and brutality of Roni/Tropper, and that's EXACTLY what Tropper/Roni are counting on and relying upon as if this was Bill Clinton hanging in even though he was 100% outed by Monica Lewinsky and impeached based on the findings of the Star Report, or Nixon trying to rebuild his name after being forced to resign in disgrace. It won't work, because this is NOT the "Dick Cavet Show" or some such!

We all got to know poster Roni/Tropper VERY well! All anyone could conclude was that poster Roni/Tropper was much too identical and spoke like Tropper to be anyone else but Tropper himself or a very, very, very, very close carbon copy and an integral part of him.

Tropper is the ultimate trickster and spinmeietr and he is quite capable of taking advantage of the Jews' trusting mentality and most modern Yidden tend to be kind and to be dan lekaf zechus and this is exactly what poster Roni/Tropper is now EXPLOITING 100% with his fake crocodile tears and insincere "apologies" because if he were truly sorry for everything he stated to defend Tropper/EJF to the absolute hilt, he would issue and UNCONDITIONAL APLOGY FOR ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING HE SAID from the moment he hit this blog to the day he was warned multiple times to control himself, dumped and then unceremoniously blocked for his UNAPOLOGETIC barbaric language and UNFORGIVABLE inhumane attacks.

During World War Two the AXIS powers sought various ways to split the ALLIES by trying to work out a "separate peace" with the Americans while they sought to continue fighting the Russians, but people like Winston Churchill saw through that and laid down a clear-cut policy of TOTAL UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER and the same must apply to Tropper/EJF since he is still fighting his main enemy Guma Aguiar. So he needs to make sure that Guma gains as little from the blows against him on this blog. He must not be allowed to pull off this diabolical ploy.

Therefore any and all of Tropper's/EJF's spokesmen and enablers such as poster Roni/Tropper, Tom and Dafna Kaplan, Rabbi Reuven Feinstein, R EB Wachtfogel, R Nochum Eichenstein, R Shmuel Kaminetsky, R Aron Shechter for having served as Tropper's rabbinic, financial, and online enablers and defenders while Tropper was allowed to run amock as he OUTWARDLY preached his doctrines of the ultra charedi EJF "universal" conversion, but INWARDLY involved in the worst possible corruptions and sins befitting no less than charismataic Rabbi Shabtai Tzvi who also fooled his generation until he was unmasked and defrocked because he was in fact a 100% fraud and sinner.

Therefore it can only be concluded that "apologetic" poster "Roni" is none other than the old Roni/Tropper only this time he is involved in humungous damage control and it seems he is succeeding as he lulls people into thinking that he too is a "tzadik" when he is VERY far from it!

Shame on you Roni/Tropper for yet again trying to pull the wool over people's eyes. Go hang your head in shame and don't come here with crocodile tears that only reveal your hypocrisy befitting the way Tropper works.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Team Tropper deploys their old Roni troll on Daas Torah blog, III.

Recipients and Publicity said... To Roni/Tropper:

You may be distancinbg yourself from the fully disgraced "Tropper name" for tactical reasons but you still sound like his old ideas and like something Tropper's allies like R Reuven Feinstein and R Nochum Eisenstin would say even now!

Roni/Tropper, I will repeat again what I have told you many times before: I am not involved in gerut in ANY way. I have not received money from anyone to assist in any gerut in any way. I am not associated with Bomzer or Guma or anyone in any way, and I have never met them even for a second. I am not a member of the RCA or any rabbinical organization. I am just a humble blogger.

I have on record in my file copies of my own battles against false geirut long before Tropper got into this field and long before Rabbi Eidensohn started fighting Tropper and EJF.

Your accusations against me are therefore 100% false because you presume me to be "guilty" in your crooked and twisted mind when I KNOW that I have nothing to do with anything you imagine about me.

You don't even leave me any options. You seem to think because I have spoken up for the option of giving the Israeli Rabbanut or of the Modern Orthodox rabbinate a legitimate Halachic voice, even though I am neither Modern Orthodox nor am I Religious Zionist that it makes me into the demons running around in YOUR head but it's false in reality.

I am willing to see the their point of view, unlike you and Tropper and Rav Eisenstein who only wish to attack and destroy the Modern Orthodox and Religious Zionist rabbinates and communities which will only lead to eternal Jewish machlokes and even r"l civil war for which you, Tropper and Nochum Eisensten will be 100% responsble.

The way of peace is better than the way of war. It is far better to seek common ground with fellow Orthodox Jews and their rabbinates than to treat them like filthy garbage (oh, of course, this does not apaply when Charedim want to get money from them, naturally) and it is therefore best to seek common ground even though the conditions are not easy or ideal.

If you are Satmar or a Brisker or you live in Boro Park, Bnai Brak, Meah Shearim, Lakewood or Gateshead, then great you can get along without needing the MOs and RZs, but if you live in a world where they are found and you need their help and cooperation and you do NOT despise them but respect the differences then there is nothing wrong in TRYING to work with them and TRYING to see their point of view.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Team Tropper deploys their old Roni troll on Daas Torah blog, IV.

Recipients and Publicity said...
To Roni/Tropper, continued:

Gerim do not need to get involved with Charedi or Chasidishe batei din, it will MOSTLY lead to automatic disisters. That is one of the huge problems with this whole Tropper/EJF/Eisenstein story and which you are still trying to defend.

Charedim and people like you need to get out the geirus business and all its questions, go eat yashan, drink chalav yisroel worry about bugs in vegetables, eat shmura matza on Pesach and buy $1000- esrogim for Sukkos, learn daf yomi and live in ghettos and leave the world alone and defintely don't come out and fight it like Tropper did and Eisenstein still does and just make matters worse.

You are seeing something in me, but it is NOT what you think! I am an open minded and fair person who wants to see all sides of an issue and to you that means crazy things as the demons in your head get the better of you and I am none of those crazy things that only exist in your twisted mind.

Finally, I am amazed that you have the chutzpa to come to this blog and sit in judgment on me or anyone as if you were the final posek ha'aahron of the Tropper saga. You are far from it. Your record is that you defended, protected, lied for, and did everything to help Tropper and make him look great and now you come here and say sorry to a few people and go right on the way you used to by attacking me and others. Now how crazy is that???

You should be ashamed of yousrelf for defending the proven menuval Tropper and how dare you come here and start attacking others the way you used to when you worked for Tropper like a zombie without a brain and now you want people to take you seriously? You have to be joking if you think that anyone is THAT stupid and gullible.

You should be doinbg teshuva big time right now right now and not wasting everyone's time here with your ongoing attacks and krumme terutzim all over again.

Roni/Tropper you only prove one thing with your latest tirades, that "the more things 'change' the more they stay the same" and just like Tropper is still the same menuval and rosha you are still the same crooked and ruthless person that you always were and still are!

Tropper is Troubled said...

Ho, ho, ho here come the jingle Belzers aknockin' in R Eidensohn of Daas Torah blog door, I.

Fact is always stranger than fiction as Rabbi Eidensohn reports in a recent post that he got a visit from "three strange men" -- Belzer Chasidim and the guys connected with an outfit cllaed HIDABROOT (kiruv for Israelis run by Belzers and probably getting funds from Tropper backer Tom Kaplan) connected with the disgraced Tropper and works with the tarred and feathered EJF.
Here's some of what he says about how puzzled he was by what was really a stealth attacl by hit men on team Tropper's damage control network:

"EJF fights to stay alive or 3 Belzers & a Blogger trying to understand Daas Torah: I just found out today that some of my most devoted readers are Belzers - even though the vast majority don't understand English. I received a call today from a person claiming to be a employee of Hidabroot - the Belzer kiruv organization. He mentioned that he just discovered my blog Daas Torah - even though his wife had to translate it for him since his English is poor. He was interested in my halachic knowledge concerning geirus and kiruv. He noted that his organization is closely associated with EJF. The conversation was strange - a Belzer is calling me up concerning my halachic views on geirus and kiruv because of my blog?! I asked him if knew about Tropper and he said he had heard of Tropper but was not directly involved with him but was aware that my Blog is very concerned with him. This was really strange. I asked him do you know the scandal with Tropper and he said that he didn't. When I told him he expressed shock but said that really didn't interest him. He wanted to understand my objections to EJF and the halachic reasons. I said are you aware that the Bedatz strongly condemned EJF and he said no. He said we would never do anything that he knew directly went against the Bedatz. I asked him about the ad that Hidabroot runs every year that asks for all mixed couples who are bothered by their situations or those who know them to get in contact with them. I said the Bedatz is concerned about prosyletization and this ad is the classic example. His response is that there was no such ad. I said why don't you come over to my house and I'll show it to you along with the Bedatz's letter and you can hear Rav Reuven criticizing the position of EJf. He said fine and asked if he could bring a distinguished talmid chachom along who was an expert on geirus.

Two hours later three Belzer's knocked on my door. Really friendly fellows. I played Rav Reuven' recording. "That is exactly our policy at Hidabroot. We never go after goyim or intermarried couples. They are always referred to us by Rabbis after they have come one their own accord." I said well what about your ads and I displayed it on my computer. It clearly is proselytizing and mentions nothing about rabbis or kiruv organization providing recommendations. Their answer was that this was an old ad that had long ago been changed. I said but this has run for the last two years. "On no that is an old ad - we don't proselytize. In fact there has never been any seminar that we are associated with here in Israel that tries to attract goyim or had attendees that have not been associated with a kiruv program for 1 or 2 years.

In short we had a great session where we all agreed that proselytization was wrong and that only when dealing with a tinok shebisha who didn't know intermarriage was bad would they allow him to participate - after he came willingly. (Of intest they brought a laptop which they asked to connect to my wifi which I did)."

Tropper is Troubled said...

Ho, ho, ho here come the jingle Belzers aknockin' in R Eidensohn of Daas Torah blog door, II.

Rabbi Eidensohn reports, continued: "Then out of left field they asked me why a blog named Daas Torah was full of shmutz and Tropper's sexual scandal. I explained that it was important that people know what had happened and that this would motivate people to take it seriously and do something about it. "But how can you have a blog called Daas Torah" - they said in Hebrew since they didn't know English. We have people who are seriously involved in Torah and they go to your blog to see Daas Torah and they get shmutz.

They said they have received a lot of complaints about my blog from Belzer chasidim. This was really surprising. Non English speakers being corrupted by my blog because they thoroughly read through every posting and all the comments and they discover to their horror that it wasn't Hamodiah. After I tried explaining several times I said lets go ask Rav Sternbuch - whom they had never met. I called his home and was told he was leaving for the 2 minute walk to shul for mincha. We piled into their car and found Rav Sternbuch climbing the stairs leading from his apartment to the street. I introduced them and told them to ask their question - which they did. Rav Sternbuch explained that of course there was no need to discuss shmutz in regards to Tropper.They looked at me with smug grins and said we told you so. I tried explained to Rav Sternbuch what and why I was doing because he had never expressed such concerns before - but he just said , "Why mention disgusting things "and went in for Mincha. They talked for few mintues with Rav Sternbuch's gabbai and they left with a condscending, "Don't forget to take off all that shmutz - it is Daas Torah right after mincha because you follow Daas Torah." I went in to daven confused.

After Mincha, I went to ask Rav Sternbuch for clarification. He said, "I thought they were asking whether they needed to read about the shmutz. I didn't realize they were talking about the articles that you are mefarsem. You can use your own judgment about what you write. Just don't be explicit about the nature of the disgusting activities. But there is no problem to say that Tropper is a menuval or a sheigitz (Megila 25) and in fact it should be publicized that he is a menuval."

So now we have a situation where they will claim that I don't listen to Daas Torah when they go to read my blog and see all the postings about Tropper are still there - which was clearly the actual reason they came to see me. In fact, however, Rav Sternbuch thought he was answering a question about what they should do - not what I should be doing. He felt it was irrelevant and bitul Torah for these chasidim to be reading about the depravity of Tropper when it was enough they knew about it. On the other hand he felt that there was a to'eles for me to be mefarsum the nature of the scandal. The lesson is clear - don't ask a posek an important question when he is rushing to daven mincha - unless you can ask him to clarify it afterwards."

Tropper is Troubled said...

Why Belzers come marching to the front door of R Eidensohn to attack the Daas Torah blog and defend tricky troubled Tropper, I:

Recipients and Publicity said...
Here is the TRUTH: Belz is worse than Tropper!

Some known reasons:

*Tropper is VERY close to the present controversial Belzer Rebbe, who broke away from the BADATS and for which he was excoriated by Satmar until this day and by those who follow the Eidah HaChareidis, that is why Tropper was able to scorn the BADATS too.

*When Tropper was unsure if he should wed his second newly-minted BT wife-to-be who knew zilch about Yiddishkeit versus Tropper's supposed "ge'onus" he went to none other than the Belzer Rebbe for an "eitzah" what to do and the Rebbe told him to marry her in order to be "mekarev him (Tropper) to the inyan (of kiruv)" -- so the Belzer Rebbe instead of taking responsibilty for the UNHOLY mess that arose from Tropper's marriage to his new wife who has no moral scruples, is coming to accuse you of the REAL SHMUTS he knowingly gave his misguided counsel to when he blessed and guided the union between Leib and Leba Tropper that has now been revealed as a den of iniquity!

*The Belzers only care about how much MONEY can be made from the "baal teshuva" industry. The Belzer Rebbe went to the late Lubavitcher Rebbe and this is one tricks he envies the Lubavitchers for, how they can make so much money from BTs, so the Belzer Rebbe launched a couple of his own hald-baked kiruv set-ups in Israel and then sent out hundreds of his followers all over the world to collect money from other Chasidim even though they knew zero about kiruv but donated to the Belzers all the same on the say so of the Belzer Rebbe, and on that basis that went not to Belzer kiruv but to building the greater Belzer expanding empire.

*While the Belzer Rebbe does welcome a few BTs into his community who commit to being 100% Belzers only, and its probably sincere, the real bottom line is that hooking up with Tropper must have had benefits too and in fact the HIDABROOT organization is just a front for Belz to collect donations without using the name Belz. In all certainsty naive billionaire Tom Kaplan is funding HIDABROOT!! True Belzers would never put a cent into such "hevel" on the Internet. oh yeah, so they have to run a seminar, what can they do, for that they kept their hands "clean" and let Tropper do the real dirty work for them of deaaling with the shiksa, and my how he dealt with them as we now know for sure.

*The Belzers used their trademark tricks here. They acted like perfect con men and sprung a trap to trick you worthy of Tropper himself who would come up with stupid "terutzim" why Rav Shternbuch really "supports" Tropper's/Roni's krumme arguments to justify proselytization. Beware of Belzers bearing supsicious software or anything for that matter, they are evil and not as "innocent" as they act!

*ANY Belzer involved in kiruv work knows Tropper 100%, in fact not just knows Tropper but they LOVE Tropper. They have long known of his sexual failings. They were warned about this over 20 years ago again and again and again years ago by R Ezriel Tauber the Holocaust survivor and writer, who knows about Tropper well, who has always been one of Tropper's most vocal critics and has warned anyone who would listen that Tropper is a no'ef (philanderer).

Tropper is Troubled said...

Why Belzers come marching to the front door of R Eidensohn to attack the Daas Torah blog and defend tricky troubled Tropper, II:

Recipients and Publicity said...
Here is the TRUTH: Belz is worse than Tropper! Continued.

*R Ezriel Tauber himself has some family connected with Belz and he WARNED them explicitly already 20 (TWENTY!!!) years ago to stay away from Tropper and not invite him to any Belz sponsored kiruv events, such as the BELZER Sinai Heritage Center in the Empire State Building in Manhattan that the Belzers ran about twenty years ago for some time, on orders from the Belzer Rebbe for the purpose of building a base to raise money he needed to build the huge Belzer shull in Yerushalayim. Once the shull was finished they simply shut down their kiruv center in Manhattan and dumped all the hundreds BT's that were connected to it over the ten years of its existenece to fend for themselves. Like dumping orphans out on the street like garbage once they cannot help you in your vast fraudulent fund-raising scheme. These are all known PROVABLE facts!

*The Belzers are the sworn allies of Tropper so it's natural that they do NOT come to attack Tropper and renounce him and HIS REAL SHMUTS, but to show up, act dumb on everything, deny everything, but come like gangsters to do one thing, do a RUB OUT job on you with a smile. They function like a well-honed group of confidence trickstrs and hoodlums and not one word coming from them can be trusted.

*They are NO better than Tropper's "Sam Abady" lawyer, in fact they are far worse and much more dangerous because you let your guard down since they look "pious" like the evil angel that attacked Yaakov Avinu who the Talmud says "ketalmid chochem nidmeh lo" ("appeared to Yaakov like a FRAUDULENT Talmaid "Chochme'") and when jacob let his guard down the angel ripped out the sinews of his thighs (in effect trying to "emasculate" him) and ensure that he become impotent, which is what the Belzers are doing now to help Tropper and themselves to try to "shut you up" in the hope that the trail of corruption and immorality surrounding Troppper will not be traced back to their front door to.

*Rav Yonasan David of Yeshiva Pachad Yitzchok in Har Nof, Jerusalem has long-declared "ALL Belz to be unkosher" ("gantz Belz is treif") because they used the same underhanded tricks and deceptions to STEAL his land where he was going to build Rav Hutner's yeshiva from him without paying the huge amount of monetary damages ("hefsed momen") back to him. Rav David lost his land and his money to the Belzers and was forced to build his Pachad Yitzchok yeshiva in Har Nof instead. He has only the geatest contempt for anything to do with Belz.

*The Belzer Rebbe himself has been criticized for slave-driving his chasidim for money in order to build his empire. It is also known he suffers from his own delusions of grandeur and a worrisome messianic complex.

Next time, when the Belzers come calling, tell them to get lost, they are as bad and even worse than the Tropper plague because they enabled him as they lie to your face, as you can now see for yourself.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Eidensohn warns the pro-Tropper Belzers!

And finally Rabbi Eidensohn issues a warning:

Leah said...Do you think that your three guests were representatives of these (in) famous "mishmeret ha tzniut" Brigades? Did they threaten you in any way? (Or will this be left for stage 2?)


No they were very friendly and in no way physically imposing. Their statements just didn't add up. So no I don't think they were from the modesty squad. Whether they will try harder - I don't know - but I am hereby issuing a warning that anybody who thinks of trying should be forwarned it won't be pleasant for them.

Monsey Maven said...

I know this man very well, and know the underling rabbeyem he surrounds himself with,they told me that right now he is licking his wounds like a dog, and trying to "re-invent himself" Whenever tropper had an issue with a baal tsuvah/ bochur who tropper asked to "jump", and the baal tshuva didn't immediately ask "how high" tropper in his paranoid ways, would immediately reach for the phone, and call that person's boss (tropper would find jobs for some bochurim, so that he held over their heads that he controlled their jobs) fiance,(tropper would arrange shidduchim for bochurim, and not allow or be very unhappy if a bochur found someone through a non tropper source, again this was all about the control factor, if he made the shidduch, he could control you) and besmirch that person. He would then secretly and slowly start a secret campaign to tell other bochurim and ballah botim (the few that their were in the yeshiva) that said baal tshuva is (insert some made up issue tropper would make up here)and tell them that the bochur was in cheirem. He would wait until the bochur found out on his own by his surroundings that he was in cheirem. In some cases he would have the secretary of the yeshiva (he also controlled her and made her work basically for free, what did he have over her? you guessed it, she was a ger, he magayered her, and she was from france, so he promised her sponsorship, which never panned out) type out a letter to that bochur, telling him that they are no longer welcome to learn or daven there.

Make no mistake about it, in all his years in kiruv, for every one person who he makereved to yiddishkeit, he probably turned off 10 off of yiddishkeit forever.

Now through his latest actions, who knows how many thousands he turned off from true torah yiddishkeit. He must hang up his black hat and never be allowed to be in a position of power in the Jewish community ever again.

Da Satmar Guy said...

"....Because Shmuel Kaminetzky and Reuvein Feinstein were both at the recent EJF fraud-fest last month --- when they BOTH knew what was coming down! "

They need Money

Avi L. Shafran said...


Besheim the Agudah, du host nisht ken recht to impose "UOJ saves" on the Magen Dovid.

Remove it immediately!

mekubal said...

Someone pointed out there is a deafening silence from our religious leaders - except for Rav Sternbuch. Where is the moral guidance?

And thus it will be. If they take out Tropper and dismantle his organizations it will most likely require a Federal audit of the expenditures, where the money went, and what was done with it once it got there. Sorry but I don't see people lining up to have the Feds go over their books.

Secondly you are tossing water into the wind if you expect the rabbonim who don't think that pedophilia is a crime/chillul HaShem enough to take action, to actually consider the actions of consenting adults to be worthwhile of condemnation.

If Tropper had written a book about the Universe being millions of years old, then sure they would line up to condemn him, but he only committed aveirot for which a Jew is expected to die rather than transgress so why can't he continue to run a Yeshiva and a Kiruv/Charitable organization which channels millions of dollars?

Anonymous said...

Hagai Batzri? who left his first, Jewish wife, Luna an agunah while he married his second wife, Nechama whom he converted to Judaism.

Then he left Nechama for another woman from his shul.

Now Magen David in Beverly Hills, do you read this Michael Fallas has a Rabbi named Haim Ovadia who was fired from Kahal Joseph because he is a Christian missionary.

Anonymous said...

I do not know about Amram Bendahan more than 25 years ago.

He may have been in Toronto because he is very close to Taub and Lanner who together made his shiddach to his first wife Donna Sabetai from Atlanta which is how he ended up in the restaurant business there in the early 80s.

Right now, the Police cannot do anything because the parents of the victims will not allow their sons to talk.

Any information should be given to the Hollywood FL Police, Det. B. Roussell.


It would be better to get this guy behind bars before he gets another job with children.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Beis Din of Miami - Rabbi Neal Turk is currently under investigation in Israel.

If anyone knows anything about the background of Rabbi Turk's wife Laura, it would be much appreciated.

I personally met her parents once, at a simcha about 20 years ago. The mother struck me as very strange since she waited outside the shul, saying "I cannot go in".

I felt bad for her, thinking okay "parents of BT blues" and started to go over to keep her company when I was intercepted by the Rebbetzin who ordered her mother to go wait "back at the house".

Is there something to hide there?

The Turks recently married off a son and kept the whole affair extremely private, not what one would expect when a big Dayyan marries off a child.

Rabbi Turk was recently fired from his job at Beth Israel in Miami amid a cloud of controversy and some of his actions are currently under review in Israel.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Fuhgeddaboutit said...


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A former Staten Island actor who played a bit part in HBO’s "The Sopranos" has made the leap from fictional crime to real-life felonies, authorities say, by trying to defraud the government after a car wreck.

Raymond Franza, 46, a former Bulls Head resident who now lives in Brooklyn, is accused of claiming nearly $13,000 in Social Security disability benefits and never telling the government he was also getting $4,000 a month in private insurance payments.

Franza played the role of mobster “Donny K” in five episodes of “The Sopranos,” between 2000 and 2002. His character was most famously beaten into unconsciousness and urinated on outside of a bar by mob boss Johnny Sack.

The car crash happened in the spring of last year, authorities said. Franza was injured enough to apply for disability coverage through the Social Security Administration and, according to prosecutors, he collected $12,946 between June 2008 and August 2009.

When the Social Security Administration reviewed his claim, though, officials learned he was also collecting $4,000 a month from State Farm Insurance — meaning he wasn’t eligible to collect government disability funds, authorities said.

An investigation followed, and this morning, Franza surrendered to District Attorney Daniel Donovan’s NYPD Detective Squad.

“Fraud of the type alleged in this case, especially in these difficult economic times, is a crime against every taxpayer and those who legitimately need Social Security benefits,” Donovan said in a written statement.

Franza was arraigned in Stapleton Criminal Court today on charges of third-degree grand larceny, third-degree criminal possession of stolen property and making a punishable false written statement.

He posted $5,000 bail and is scheduled to return to court on Jan. 27.

Eli Reifman said...


Emblaze founder Eli Reifman was arrested yesterday, for allegedly borrowing NIS 6 million from private lenders based on forged documents, Channel 2 television reported yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Benayon was kicked out of Magen David in Toronto but not because he covered up the molesting where the semi retarded teenage boy was luring younger boys into the bathroom. He was forced to resign as secretary of the beit din after he threatened to be mosser on the board of the synagogue when he was fighting with them. Benayon reinvented himself as the funeral chapel director with leather kippa, leather coat and fake blue contact lenses.

Anonymous said...
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Regarding Neal Turk said...
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Lakewood said...
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Anonymous said...

sounds like u r right. There is r not even any rumors floating around about him! Some disgruntled looser is trying to stir something up!

Anonymous said...

YTT in Lakewood is being evicted. There is a hearing trying to prevent that from happening.

Anonymous said...

not yeshivas YTT the elementary school, Its Yeshiva Torah Temimah which recently opened a branch in lakewood

National Conference of Synagogue Yoyos said...

Scumbag Pinter's relative Rabbi Taub in Toronto has been overseeing phony conversions like Tropper and the Toronto Vaad is affiliated with Tropper.

They use the excuse that men will run after non-Jewish women in any case so it's better if they make it kosher for them.

One family called Taub very upset that their son is with a goya with the approval of the beit din and told him she is lying about keeping mitzvot even during the process. Taub said he doesn't care. When they asked him if he would allow his son to marry such a woman, Taub insulted them that I raise my children differently than you.

What do you expect from a guy who had Baruch Lanner molesting under him?

The Vaad also shut down private rabbis from doing conversions with the excuse that only the Vaad follows halacha. That's crap and it's probably about money.

YTT misnaged said...

What assistance can UOJ and friends offer to the bank or otherwise convince them to foreclose on Margo?

Anonymous said...
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Paul Mendlowitz said...

I think I saw an e-mail that said the Lakewood YTT foreclosure was a zoning issue not a money issue.

Anonymous said...

from what i heard about torah temima of lakewood is the following:
YTT has been renting the building from someone who filed for forclosure and proceeded to shortsale the property to YTT. However, during the forclosure process YTT was paying rent to the owner. the owner was pocketing the rent $$$ and obviously did not tell the bank about the income. That is totally illegal and can nullify the forclosure. Therefor, it sounds as if the bank that had the lein on the property (which is freddy mac) is trying to take legal action against the original owner.
YTT in this case did nothing wrong.

Paul Mendlowitz said...
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Anonymous said...

what's all this about R' matissyahu causing conflict in chicago?

Big Swingin' Tzadik said...

practioners of Shabtai Tzvi beliefs and practices that also allowed for sexual depravity while covering it up with holy talk about saving the world for a great new messianic age

Historical note. That would be the followers of Jacob Frank, not Shabbtai Tzvi. Tzvi was most likely sincere (but nuts). Frank was a complete charlatan who rationalized sex play by saying they were sanctifying the profane. History books are a bit discreet in their language but it appears that Frank and his daughter has an incestuous relationship.

Most likely Tropper engaged in similar rationalizations to convince the women he was manipulating into thinking the sex was permissible - not that they were sanctifying the unholy but more likely he had a teirutz how what they were doing wasn't a serious aveirah.

Rabbi Baruch Taub said...

That's right. I raise my sons "differently".

One married into the Pinters so he live off their stolen money and the oldest one must have been very nice to his first wife which is why she ran away from him with the 5 kids.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Darkei Esav Tropper said...

Tropper is definitely not afraid of gehinnom and is barely a rosh yeshiva. for 20+ years he barely taught anything, he would come in after shacharis ...nobody knows where he actually davened shacharis or if he did at all. Now after hearing about his sexcapades it all makes sense, he was probably too tired to daven in the morning. He would give the boys a 5-10 minute mussar schmooze, then head to his office and be on the phone till noon with politicians and friends, never actual yeshiva related duties. In 10 years I saw the man crack open a Gemorah ONE time, and this was a time when he had done something scandalous and was trying to show the yeshiva what a tzadik he was. He was swaying back and forth crying as he was reading the daf. He is a class A actor, and can bring on the waterworks at the drop of a pin, something which top Hollywood actors have to use onions for. Anyway continuing with his schedule, lunch time was something he looked forward to, he would go to the fanciest of NYC restaurants, Abigaels, Wolf n Lamb, Prime Grill et al, all this while the yeshiva had no money, and his students went starving because not every day was their lunch or supper.

Once a week he would give some sort of mussar shmooze which the whole yeshiva had to be in attendance.

How did he manage to get away with being a part time Rosh Yeshiva for so many years? very simple. He appointed a co- Rosh Yeshiva, (Figure head,with no actual authority) Rabbi Dovid Stefansky and did have some good rabbeyem around. Tropper may be crazy, but he is not dumb, he knew how to manipulate the system. This is what he did when he latched onto Reb Yaakov in his final days. Tropper would tell stories about how he sneaked into Reb Yaakov's house and corner him into putting his name on the yeshiva. I wonder if the stooges at his yeshiva are asking him to tender his resignation, or will they let Kol Yaakov go down with EJF in one big sinking Titanic.

Anonymous said...
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Regarding Amram Bendahan said...

His current employer

Bnai Sephardim 954-983-9981
Shaare Shalom Synagogue Fax: 954-964-3857
3670 Stirling Road
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312
Rabbi Yehuda Leon Ben Hamu
Email: bnaishalom@bellsouth.net

Lakewood said...
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Anonymous said...

ALBANY — The New York State Board of Regents has announced disciplinary actions resulting in the revocation of one license, surrender of three licenses and one registration, and 45 other disciplinary actions. The penalty indicated for each case relates solely to the misconduct set forth in that particular case.



Gabriel G. Feldmar; Forest Hills, NY 11375; Lic. No. 008381; Cal. No. 24399; Application to surrender license granted. Summary: Licensee admitted to charges of having been convicted of Falsifying Business Records in the 1st Degree; Conspiracy in the 4th Degree; Attempted Grand Larceny in the 2nd Degree; Insurance Fraud in the 3rd Degree; Attempted Grand Larceny in the 3rd Degree; Grand Larceny in the 3rd Degree; and Insurance Fraud in the 4th Degree.


Alan Kazlow DDS PC; 28 Shore Park Road, Great Neck, NY 11024; Cal. No. 24645; Application for consent order granted; Penalty agreed upon: 1 year stayed suspension, 1 year probation.


Scott Berliner; Monroe, NY 10950-1439; Lic. No. 030700; Cal. No. 24620; Application for consent order granted; Penalty agreed upon: 2 year stayed suspension, 2 years probation, $5,000 fine.

Howard Levine; Oceanside, NY 11572; Lic. No. 032597; Cal. No. 24789; Application for consent order granted; Penalty agreed upon: 1 year stayed suspension, 1 year probation, $1,000 fine.


Wayne Douglas Waldman; Little Neck, NY 11362; Lic. No. 005244; Cal. No. 24036; Application for consent order granted; Penalty agreed upon: 2 year stayed suspension, 2 years probation, $500 fine.

Jerome Benjamin Leff; New York, NY 10038; Lic. No. 003415; Cal. No. 24161; Application for consent order granted; Penalty agreed upon: 1 month actual suspension, 23 month stayed suspension, 2 years probation, $10,000 fine.

Little birdy said...


Here is the full list of speakers at the Agudah Fresser convention that is more comprehensive than any other I've seen.

Why was Richard Altabe speaking when his school is co-ed modern orthodox?

Little birdy said...

I'll let you in on a little secret.

The Agudah asked Menachem Lubinsky to get up and bash the Conservative Hechsher Tzedek at this past convention. He wouldn't do it because he was afraid he might lose future business from secular Jews. The putz was actually calling around asking rabbonim in the kashrus field to do his dirty work for him but no one fell for it.

Paul Mendlowitz said...


Amudei Shesh Boys Choir Of Harlem Closes Their Doors!

Anonymous said...

anyone have an email address of tom kaplan, the one above kaplan500@aol.com is not correct, it bounces?

Susan Blonde (Mrs. Tropper's sister) said...


Filed at 5:24 p.m. ET

NEW YORK (AP) -- Police concerns that media-hungry terrorists would attack Michael Jackson's trial as a ''soft target'' led to a request for federal help, according to FBI files kept on the late pop star. The documents also show that the FBI helped facilitate interviews in the Philippines by California authorities investigating Jackson over allegations that he had sexually abused boys.

The FBI monitored Jackson for more than a decade, but the files contain no major revelations about his private life and the bureau apparently never developed any solid evidence against him.

In 2004, the Santa Maria Police Department in California asked for FBI ''involvement'' after Jackson was arrested for child molestation. Police, according to the FBI, said they believed the court case would be a ''soft target'' for terrorism because of the ''worldwide media coverage'' the trial would attract.

The FBI concluded there were no threats, but did note the presence in an early court appearance of ''The Nation of Islam, represented by its security unit Fruits of Islam,'' and of a New Black Panther Party member whose name was left blank in the files. Jackson used Nation of Islam bodyguards during the legal proceedings.

Back in September 1993, an investigator from the Los Angeles Police Department and another from the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office arrived in Manila to speak to two former employees of Jackson's Neverland ranch who claimed they saw the singer fondle young boys.

Their trip came after the LAPD had asked the FBI if it wanted to work a possible case against Jackson for transporting a minor across state lines for immoral purposes. The FBI checked with the U.S. Attorney's Office, which declined.

The files say an FBI agent accompanied the California officials to the first interview to make sure there were no problems.

The documents, dating from 1992 to 2005, were made public Tuesday through a Freedom of Information Act request from The Associated Press and other media after Jackson's death June 25, at age 50. The FBI initially said it had about 600 pages in its files but released 333 pages, citing privacy rules and the desire to protect investigative techniques.

In March 2004, the Santa Barbara County district attorney's office reached out to the FBI, seeking help in developing a strategy to prosecute Jackson for molesting a 13-year-old cancer survivor in the singer's home. Jackson was acquitted in the high-profile case.

The FBI reviewed case notes from local authorities and examined 16 computers taken from Jackson's home. Nothing notable was described as being found on the hard drives, though parts of the files are redacted.

The Santa Barbara case was the most recent time the FBI was asked to investigate Jackson but records show the agency had been looking at his alleged involvement with younger boys for more than a decade.

In September 1993, an FBI agent in London told colleagues in Los Angeles that the British press was reporting that a man was making allegations he had held a sexually charged phone call with Jackson in 1979, when the man was 13 and Jackson was 20. Aside from asking the information be passed on to local authorities in Los Angeles, the FBI agent in London noted that no further action was being taken.

In October 1995, the U.S. Customs Service asked the FBI to review a VHS videotape labeled ''Michael Jackson's Neverland Favorites An All Boy Anthology'' as part of a child pornography investigation. The recording was of such poor quality that investigators appear to have been unable to determine what was on it.

Anonymous said...

NCSY= Lanner, Taub, Bendahan:

NCSY sent public school students to Rabbi Tropper’s yeshiva

Whenever a shul I’m attending has an NCSY Shabbaton, I suspect that I will be surrounded by the worst-behaving kids that shul will see all year.

David Kelsey of Kvetcher.net emails the head of NCSY:

Dear Rabbi Burg,
As I am sure you are aware, many of us are disturbed that NCSY has sent public school teens to haredi yeshivas and seminaries using their public school “cultural” clubs to recruit them, including to Rabbi Tropper’s yeshiva, Kol Yaakov. Rabbi Tropper is a particularly problematic haredi leader.
But the general problem is that NCSY has no transparency at all in terms of where they send public school teens, and where they do not. Considering the continually expanded pipeline from public school JSUs to NCSY and then from NCSY, to yeshivas and seminaries after graduation, NCSY should supply an official and public list of approved post-high school institutions, and NCSY/JSU’s kiruv professionals should be forbidden to recommend or recruit for institutions not on this list.
Being that NCSY’s JSU is in so many (over 250?) public schools, and that NCSY continues to send teens to ultra-Orthodox and even haredi institutions, NCSY’s lack of transparency is cause for concern, and frankly, suspicion.

Anonymous said...

Charles Hersel, 39, was arrested in Thousand Oaks, Calif., after police investigators overheard him offer $31 to a Westlake High School boy to spit in Hersel’s face. Several boys had complained to police that a man (allegedly Hersel) had approached them, offering money for expelling saliva and other bodily fluids on him.

Anonymous said...

Cutie Pie's kids in front of the Xmas Tree


Both versions groupie said...

Albert Freed’s lawsuit for defective underwear against Hanes was dismissed in October by a Pensacola, Fla., judge, even though Freed had complained that the briefs had caused severe pain and ruined his vacation. Freed said the garment’s flap had inexplicably failed to close, allowing his penis to protrude and rub against swim trunks that contained sand from the beach, irritating the sensitive skin. However, Freed delayed diagnosing the problem -- by declining to inspect his organ. He explained that he cannot easily peer over his “belly” (and wouldn’t even consider, he said, examining his naked self in a mirror or asking his wife to inspect). Consequently, he had endured increased irritation before recognizing the source of the chafing.


Shmarya Rosenberg’s lawsuit for defective underwear against Hanes was dismissed by a Minnesota judge, even though Rosenberg had complained that the briefs had caused severe pain and ruined his pleasure of badmouthing Orthodox Jews. Rosenberg said the garment’s flap had inexplicably failed to close, allowing his penis to protrude and rub against his chair covered in dust after it hadn't moved in 6 years, irritating the sensitive skin. However, Rosenberg delayed diagnosing the problem -- by declining to inspect his organ. He explained that he has no use for his appendage anyway as he rarely leaves blogging at his clunker 386 computer in his mother's basement (and wouldn’t even consider, he said, examining his naked self in a mirror or asking his elderly mother to inspect). Consequently, he had endured increased irritation before recognizing the source of the chafing.

Remove Those Posts said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

There is someone Osher Fisher who is advertising himself as a freelance mashgiach for catered affairs. If it is the same Osher Fisher that I know, he is a Belzer chossid with a modenna laugh who used to own a store on 14th Ave in Boro Park. He declared bankruptcy twice and owes money to a lot of people. He is also a liar who can get very hotheaded and irrational sometimes.

Dr. Jerry Friedman - Shalhevet Los Angeles said...


So I received a bunch of interesting documents about Shalhevet.

Apparently, in 2004, an accountant was hired to go over the school’s books and halfway through his audit, he was fired by school founder Jerry Friedman.

I got sent copies of a bunch of Shalhevet checks that Jerry Friedman wrote to himself.

Here’s part of the report I’ve posted: “At a board meeting, the board approved an unsubstantiated $3.2 million loan to Jerry Friedman. This was passed after a school board member asked if Roland’s [Arnall] was OK with this booking of the loan which was answered by Jerry in the affirmative. Roland in a conversation with me said he absolutely did not say such a thing, board members were not able to get Jerry to relinquish these loans, in order to fulfill a condition that he would not advance Shalhevet funds unless all prior loans were converted to pledges. (Eventually Roland agreed to allow Jerry to keep $1.3m, still unsubstantiated, on the books.)”

Here are some further excerpts of the report:

What I found on the ground at Shalhevet was anything but what was in the job description had indicated and after a couple of months when I was able to fully access the situation I realized how much trouble the school was in. Speaking with Roland Arnall about the debt situation, he claimed it was misrepresented to him and he did not know the extent of the trouble. Initially he was going to walk, but ended up agreeing to support me in converting the business from its position as a “sunk ship” into a successful operation.

At the school board meeting last week in the interim WASC report that was presented it said in 2004 they recommend the school brings in an Executive Director and that should solve the financial and business problems, what it did not say as of 2004 was that:

* The school was found to be have a $3.5 million operating deficit and nobody knew it.

* That there was no functioning accounting or business office in place.

* The school had financed itself by not payroll taxes for years, not paying employee’s benefits, and not paying vendors. There was no credit left anywhere.

* The board of directors, who have ultimate fiduciary responsibility, were ineffective and had been misled as to the situation of the school.

* The school had alienated donors by selling and not delivering naming opportunities for a gymnasium, a library and many other promises not kept. Long term pledges were called in desperately early, and countless other broken promises had hurt the school’s credibility to fundraise.

* Covenants in the bank loan called for mitigation of known asbestos, lead and mold problems that were never rectified.

* Covenants in our bank loan called for quarterly reviewed statements that were never prepared. Accounting review of ‘03 was found to be totally unreliable.

* Fire alarms were not functioning, fire exits were bolted shut. There were many documented plant issues that were safety hazards.

* Fingerprinting and background checks for teachers had not been performed.

* The previous controller was found to have been paying phantom employees. Stacks of checks were brought to Jerry that he signed without any backup. Employees were stealing from the school in a multitude of ways.


* Constant pressure to fundraise to meet payroll obligations.

* Being assigned to take care of virtually every issue that came up within the institution and not having appropriate personnel to manage the projects.

* Being forced to handle issues, such as having to frantically fundraise to cover payrolls when the headmaster is on vacation out of the country.

* Dealing with abusive phone calls and messages insisting things get done or get paid when there are no resources to take care of them.

* IRS officers showed up threatening to close the school.

part 2 said...

* The bank called the loan which necessitated having to deal with their workout group while trying to find a new lender.

* The sewage backup that flooded the downstairs (last year) was found to have not been the first time this problem happened, and it was not properly cleaned up the previous time.

* OSHA officers came in and threatened to close the school. An administrator of ours called them in with mold complaints.

* There were lawsuits from disgruntled parents who had paid in advance in good faith.

* There were lawsuits from a myriad of vendors.

* Assets were seized from our bank accounts for lawsuits that were not handled.

* Teacher contracts were in complete disarray with most teachers and administrators having some unique deal with the school, often not in writing.

* Teacher workloads were found to be widely disparate with some teachers making in excess of $80k for teaching two classes. There was nominal teacher oversight with teachers not showing up and often students going off campus. Parents frequently called with discussions about the problems with education.

* Here are some of the salaries:
Rabbi Elchanan Weinbach, $260,000
Kenneth Milman $150,000
Rabbi Avi Greene $150,000
Samuel H. Gomberg $150,000
Edward H. Eiseman, $85,000

* Over a third of the school’s education fund was going to administrators, yet the administrative team constantly passed all responsibility to the business office.

* I had prepared a professional restructuring plan that advocated cutting over $700k in admin costs that would serve to improve the education. It was ignored while responsibilities of over a third of our education costs go to administrators whose contributions should be questions as a proportion of their cost to the school.

* Having been instrumental in opening the new elementary school, I was disparaged by parts of the community for unethical hiring practices among the schools, for which I had nothing to do with.

* My first breakfast at the school was bagels and cream cheese I found to have been served on the caterer’s meat dishes. I had to change out three caterers because of the faulty assumptions of the way the administration handled the catering.

* The health department had issued warning letters to the kitchen which were not previously followed.

* Although my position entailed overseeing the budget and business of the school, I was unable to control spending and in constant conflict with the administration where Jerry ordered spending that the school did not have.

…We have a roadmap from Alan Harrison, who audits more private schools in the city than any other auditor, who said our school was by far the worst he had ever seen. Nonetheless, he had taken us on, but we have not complied nor followed up with him.

There is still work to be done and while I have lost many battles, but until a few months ago the big picture showed that I am winning the war. The previous administration responsible for the ills above seems to be on his way out. There is a more active board recognizing the problems… There is financial transparency and numbers to work with.

So what happened from June until now that things have gone awry and off track, much of the infrastructure I have built is coming unraveled, top teachers left.


* I had advised that the learning specialist had many computer issues because he has been downloading pornography and does not know how to delete it from his computer.

* The kitchen is constantly being asked to provide catering for the school at or below cost which will show a loss and shouldn’t (ie, an event at Jerry’s house he approved and had our kitchen personnel)

* I have the school van being driven by one of our maintenance personnel who does not have the proper license. I have also seen many van rentals when we now have our own van.

part 3 said...


A worried Jewish mother emails:

I am wondering what is it about the Shalhevet students groomed by Dr. Jerry Friedman. They remind me of cult. Most of them are:

- Not Frum. The kippot are off totally. Naked heads even when they walk with the parents into a Jewish place.
- Tolerant to drug use.
- Dating non-Jewish girls. Includes bring them home for family gathering including sleep overs. Parents are upset and don’t know what to do as they don’t want to break ties with their kids.
- Stay in close ties with other Shalhevet graduates and make few new friends in college. It serves as a support group.
- Remain very loyal to Jerry Friedman. Talk about how rich he is and don’t really care about his financial misconduct at the school.

Beware said...

If your child is getting EI (Early Intervention) services in NYC, do not give your health insurance information to the frum agencies that ask for it.

I think they have some kind of scam cooked up with the city where they try to get as many insurance account #s that they can in return for the City being a little more generous giving time slots for therapy.

This is what winds up happening. The City takes your insurance info and bills your carrier. The carrier then raises your rates because they say they paid out too much.

The City is required by law to provide the services regardless of insurance. And now because of the budget crisis in Albany, Paterson may completely eliminate EI starting in 2011, so you will really be screwed over.

Politically incorrect said...


Shmarya and his groupies have been smearing frum Jews as primitive neanderthals who don't vaccinate their kids.

The Village Voice is not exactly pro-religious but they don't lie like Shmarya and are honest enough to point out that the Mumps outbreak in frum communities is a super resistant strain because only 13% of the frum kids were not vaccinated which is the same as the national average.

Don't hold your breath said...


Mr. Ventana said...

Does anyone know how to look up court records in Florida to see what's going on with Guma Aguiar's lawsuit against Tropper?

steve said...

I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate and clarify my previous stated opinion that all of the activity of this organization strictly adheres to the Torah's laws as transmitted by both the leading halacha deciders of our time (may they live and be well) as well as those of blessed memory.- Rabbi Reuven Feinstein, October 19,2009

This type of statement reminds me of the OU "supervision" of the Rubashkin plant in Postville. Without ever setting foot in the place, without watching how the labelling is done and ignoring all the abuses, they gave their stamp of approval. Here Feinstein puts his hechsher on Tropper and the EJF without any oversight whatsoever. Where large sums of money are involved, can anyone take these rabbi's "hechsherim" seriously? When they say "strictly adheres to Torah law", which Torah are they referring to? Which God are they worshipping? Elohei Kessef Veelohei Zahav!

Is it any wonder that the same PR guru, Menachem Lubinsky, represents both Rubashkin and Tropper? This shameless sleazebucket thinks he can deceive all the people all of the time with his "press releases". When the KAJ finally dumped Rubashkin, he came up with his brilliant "consolidating" press release. When the Tropper tapes were released, he surmised that Wachtfogel would gladly take over such an honorable position as EJF head. After all, they "strictly adhere to Torah laws"! Is it only the money, or is it the blind trust of people who put on the haredi charade? Do they cover up for child molesters because of their appearance or for fear of losing charity dollars? I think it is a combination of both.

We've been screaming about frauds like Rubashkin and Tropper for years. How did they manage to fool these heilige rabbonim for years? Or were they not really fooled, but chose to act like they were? Rubashkin is still elicting sympathy from them, even after his massive fraud was exposed and even after his conviction. Will Tropper be getting the same type of sympathy, the same type of Al-Jazeera style Matzav write ups? Lubinsky is feverishly at work to make it happen.

The Monsey tzadik said...

After the Tropper scandal, What will happened to trooper’s pet ,the former Conservative Jew , Yonason Rosenblum ?

Anonymous said...

by the way neil turk and wife being honored by toras emes in north miami beach jan 10th

Anonymous said...

A child molester who fled after an appeals court tossed out his light sentence is back in an Oregon jail after being extradited from Isarel.

Arthur Silverman, 70, retured to the state Thursday and taken to the Jackson County jail in Medford.

Silverman was arrested in December 1996 for molesting two boys. At the time, he was working as a counselor specializing in sexually abused children. The victims were not involved in his counseling job.

Silverman pleaded guilty to two felony counts of first-degree sexual abuse in 1997. Under Oregon's voter-approved minimum sentencing law, he was due to serve at least six years and three months in prison.

But then-Jackson County Judge Loren Sawyer, an outspoken critic of inflexible sentencing guidelines, said the penalty was too harsh and gave Silverman 120 days in jail and 10 years' probation.

The sentence was reversed by the Oregon Court of Appeals, which ordered Silverman to be resentenced under the minimum sentencing guidelines.

The U.S. Supreme Court in October 2000 declined to hear Silverman's appeal. Silverman was last seen by his probation officer on Nov. 6, 2000 — the day before Oregon voters rejected an effort to repeal the sentencing law.

Police knew Silverman had fled to Israel several years ago, but he could not be extradited under the law at the time, District Attorney Mark Huddleston told the Mail Tribune newspaper.

"We tried to get an extradition earlier, but the treaty between the United States and Israel was an older treaty (that) did not allow for extradition where the victims were boys," he said.

"Congress signed off on a new treaty with Israel. By that time, we'd lost him again."

Interpol helped track down Silverman in November 2008. The international police agency told Israeli police Silverman's wife was flying to Israel to visit him. Police made the arrest after following her taxi from the airport to Silverman's home in the coastal city of Netanya.

FFB said...

Nachum Eisenstein formerly of Chicago, who is a partner in fraud and sexual matters with Tropper has made many trips to the USA from Israel is believed to have received shiksas for sex from Tropper. A video of Nachum Eisenstein seen in a close up with a shiksa, will be very soon appearing on the internet for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Which rabbi is Luke referring to?:

I know this rabbi who was caught with child pornography on his computer and he lost his job. And whenever we’re together, he gives me divrei Torah.

In fact, every rabbi I know who has been convicted of a sex crime or has lost his job for sexual misbehavior feels perfectly entitled to lecture me (and probably anyone who will listen) about Torah.

I need to know how many sexual scandals an Orthodox rabbi can have before he can no longer deliver divrei Torah from the pulpit of an Orthodox shul? I need to have this information straight before I become an Orthodox rabbi. I want to be clear about how much plooking outside of the bounds of propriety and Jewish law I can do before I can no longer lecture people about right and wrong.

I realize this is not a particularly spiritual inquiry, but I am not a particularly spiritual guy. I’m just your average convert to Orthodox Judaism who has heard all theory and read the Artscroll books about holiness but wants to know about the facts on the ground.

I’m thinking about one rabbi close to Aish HaTorah who seems to come into Pico-Robertson annually and delivers Torah lectures at Aish and Bnai David-Judea and other holy places in the neighborhood. He’s a famous rabbi. He speaks eloquently about holy subjects. And he got fired from his prominent position at a holy Jewish job a few years back for getting caught en flagrante delicto with his secretary.

Shut down Tropper petition said...


Shut down Tropper petition has the wrong link on the logo. Because it has a suffix at the end it sends you to the Change.org homepage.

This is the correct link

Tom Kaplan is @ Panthera said...

"Anonymous said... anyone have an email address of tom kaplan, the one above kaplan500@aol.com is not correct, it bounces?"

It happens to be that Tom Kaplan's pet project (a good pun) is named "Panthera" at http://www.panthera.org/ of which he is the Chairman and Q&A With The Chairman.

Panthera is dedicated to saving all the lions, tigers, leopards and panthers of the jungles. He and his wife Dafna (Daphne) Recanati seemingly pour as much money into that as they did/do into the lost cause of the EJF scheme.

So here's contact information that if you send to Panthera, they will definietly forward it to their chairman.

Attention: Dr. Tom Kaplan. Chairman, Panthera.

"Panthera USA

8 West 40th Street, 18th Floor
New York, NY 10018

Tel: +1 (646) 786 0400
Fax: +1 (646) 786 0401

Attn: Margarita Trujillo
Office Manager, Panthera


Panthera UK

Panthera Wildlife Trust Limited
35 Dover Street
London W1S 4NQ

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7297 4231
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7297 4241

Attn: Jessica Craig
Executive Manager, Panthera UK


Panthera Corporation is a Registered Non Profit 501(c)3. Panthera’s tax identification number is: 20-4668756."

Anonymous said...

Modern Orthoprax blog did a good job socking it to Tropper but I never realized he is such an apikoress until I read his latest entry. My edits inside [square brackets]:

Rabbi Osher Lopatin [jerk who poskened Rahm Emanuel is ok married to a shiksa & mechalel Shabbos]
Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky [right hand man of Avi Weiss]
Maharat Sara Hurwitz [woman "rabbi" appointed by Avi Weiss]
Rabbi Barry Gelman.

These people are (supposedly) the shining stars of the LWMO world. Liberal, modern, educated - not at all narrow minded and silly like the RWMO or kal vechomer the Chareidim (lehavdil elef havdolos).

Yet even these people are unavoidably steeped in dogma and silliness. Take this recent article by Kanefsky on the "Ever Narrowing Orthodox Mind", where he laments that Orthodoxy today demands that we believe such silly things as:

1. Superiority of Jewish Souls
2. Hashgachah Pratis
3. Tzoros coming from aveiros
4. The avos never did aveiros
5. Hashovas Aveidah to a goy is ossur
6. Midrash & Aggadah are as true as the Torah
7. Genesis matches Science and it is literally true
8. Conservative shuls are worse than not davening
9. Tehhilim was written by Dovid

Apart from the fact that this is a rather strange list, Kanefsky is seemingly blissfully unaware that he maintains an equally silly set of dogmas, which pretty much mirrors the above list one for one:

1. Jews are the "chosen people" by God (even with the usual apologetics)
2. God has a plan for the universe
3. Aveiros are punished in the afterlife
4. The avos talked to God
5. Eating a cheeseburger is ossur
6. The Torah is true
7. Genesis was meant metaphorically
8. Jews for Jesus shuls are worse than not davening
9. The Torah was written by Moshe.

Is there any difference? Typical MO smugness. This is the stupidity we need to fight against. Yes, Kanefsky and company are better than Kanievsky and company. But does that mean they get a free pass?

Anonymous said...

JWB says Tropper/EJF scandal hits Israeli press:


According to Rabbi Eidensohn there was also an article in Hebrewnews yesterday.

Anonymous said...


Will bring up the cases.

UOJ gets results said...

Washington Post - Chris Cillizza - ‎12 hours ago‎

Freshman Rep. Parker Griffith (D-Ala.) switched his affiliation to the Republican Party on Tuesday, saying he could "no longer align myself with a party that continues to pursue legislation that is bad for our country.

Ala. Dem Defects to GOP Over Health Care, Policy

ABC News

Chicago said...

FFB said...
Nachum Eisenstein formerly of Chicago, who is a partner in fraud and sexual matters with Tropper has made many trips to the USA from Israel is believed to have received shiksas for sex from Tropper. A video of Nachum Eisenstein seen in a close up with a shiksa, will be very soon appearing on the internet for all to see.

5:27 AM, December 23, 2009

Normie is a smart mouth and know it all, but this is too much to imagine. Then again kanoi Normie was the askan instrumental in knocking out kosher websites in Israel last week, by having a ban on the Internet. He obviously is trying to cover up something really important. Hopefully video will clarify one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Pinny Lipschutz pulls the carpet back on Tropper and Agudah and applauds the fearless heroes leading the revolution to bring holiness back to the Jewish community:

Believing that we will escape any repercussions and that the truth will never emerge, we cavort with the corrupt and permit them to enjoy misbegotten power. Before we know it, we’ve allowed ourselves to become dependent on them. One step follows the other as we become compromised and complicit, patronizing and enabling perfidious behavior.

The Gemara in Maseches Sotah (22b) warns us to be wary of charlatans who portray themselves as righteous people. In secret they behave as Zimri while they seek to be honored and revered as Pinchos.

Zimri, dominated by a raging drive to sin, surrendered to his base desires and to the egging on of the masses. Openly and brazenly, he committed a cardinal sin. Upon witnessing his debased behavior, Pinchos rose heroically to the call of the hour. Shunning all personal considerations, ignoring the insults heaped upon him, he earned himself eternal gratitude by avenging Hashem’s anger, and elicited forgiveness for the Bnei Yisroel’s sins.

Anonymous said...

HOLY HELL! Tropper is running a retreat this week!!!! check out http://daattorah.blogspot.com/2009/12/tropper-is-back-organizing-his.html

F. said...

We have created an environment where nobody goes up against a Rosh yeshiva, it is your word against a Rosh Yeshiva. Even though his close colleagues know he is a menuval unfortunately they did not try to overthrow him.

I have heard first hand by Rabbeyem who worked in the Yeshiva, including Rav Pinchos Jung, who used to be the masgiach at the yeshiva, as well as Rabbi Schwab who was a Rov at the yeshiva for 13 years that he is a menuval, but that their hands are tied.

In the 1st case, Rabbi Jung unfortunately had no power, he lived on meager wages and said that Tropper signs his check.

In the latter case of Rav Schwab the excuse was made for Tropper that he is a menuval, but that we must feel sorry for his irrational ways and temper, because since Tropper has diabetes he has mood swings and is not thinking clearly.
Tropper one day fired him on a whim after 13 years of basically working there for free.

Someone should contact Rav Dovid Stefansky, The Co-Rosh Yeshiva of Kol Yaakov/Horizons and ask him if he condones and still supports Tropper.

As long as Tropper has enablers he will continue his reign of terror and abuse of those who are powerless to stand up for themselves.

Rabbi Dovid Stefansky's Number is

David H Stefansky
9 Langeries Dr
Monsey, NY 10952
(845) 426-1389

Rabbi Wolpin's number is

David R Wolpin
81 Saddle River Rd
Monsey, NY 10952
(845) 352-4993

Kol Yaakov's number is

29 West Maple Avenue
Monsey, NY 10952-2954
(845) 425-3863

My assumption is that Tropper the control freak has instructed all his puppets not to take any calls regarding him, but maybe someone can get through to them. If they are true Torah followers, they will support the Baal tshuva's who they dedicated their lives to helping, and not enable a Zimri posing as a Rosh Yeshiva, who abuses baal tshuva's and geirim and who pressures them into being in his brother and fulfilling his sick desires.

The Rabbeyem at the yeshiva have to decide, do they enable Tropper and sink with him? Or do they stand up and say they will not align themselves with such a menuval and maintain their reputations and hard work over the decades.

You heard it first on UOJ said...


Everyone was wondering how UOJ would know about R' Reuvein Feinstein getting $3 million thanks to Tropper in one shot.

Here is the proof from the IRS.

L'Maan Kedushas Yisroel said...

Rav Stefansky and Rav Wolpin are great scholars in their own right and are capable of getting hired by a REAL institution.

As long as Tropper has these two people who fear him he will continue his reign of terror and abuse of those who are powerless to stand up for themselves.

Ask them L'Maan Kedushas Yisroel to resign and shut down Kol Yaakov/Horizons.

Rabbi Dovid Stefansky's Number is

David H Stefansky
9 Langeries Dr
Monsey, NY 10952
(845) 426-1389

Rabbi Wolpin's number is

David R Wolpin
81 Saddle River Rd
Monsey, NY 10952
(845) 352-4993

Leopold Margulies said...

Feh! UOJ veisst gurnisht fin gurnisht.

Ok, so he gets lucky vunce in a vile and guesses something right.

James Taranto said...

Does anyone remember the choyzek I instigated at the Wall St Journal that everyone should go to the Moveon.org petition and sign names that would make everyone laugh?


You should do the same thing with the anti-Tropper petition. But don't be silly. Do this very tastefully and think of really comical selections.

For instance, Guma Aguiar and Pinchos are already there.

Rabbi Gurnisht from Flatbush said...

Margo, how do you suggest I get out of this pickle? I'm listed as doing gerus for EJF and it's turning out to be major bizyonos for me.

It was enough already that Yudel Shain exposed how bad my hashgocho is.

Joe Putz said...

Is that the same Stefansky who is really wealthy? Maybe he gives a shiur because he doesn't need parnossa? Or is that someone else?

The rich Stefansky in Monsey was the one who had to bail out Philly years back. After R' Elya got a major donor angry over YU or something, the donor reneged on paying for the new building. Rav Schach called Stefansky to replace the donation and reportedly told R' Elya that he doesn't need to verbalize everything he is thinking.

Yehuda Shmeckelstein said...

I think there is something to that theory that UOJ is in cahoots with Rabbi Eidensohn.

Rabbi Eidensohn has been allowing comments that bash my YeshivaWorld website like that it makes even Pravda look good by comparison.

Rabbi Shmuel Furst said...

Re: Nachum Eisenstein a/k/a Normie

Normie? or is he just Horny? Nachum Eisenstein a gigolo living in Jerusalem, formerly of Chicago, had an ongoing relationship with Tropper for many years. Tropper was supplying him on his visits to the USA with shiksas as well as married women which was financially cheaper than the financial payments Eisenstein demanded of him. Poor Nachum was secretly video taped last year while in bed having sex with an overweight shiksa at a hotel by the shiksa's husband. Apparently, Nachum prefers the fat type shiksa. Maybe he just feels he's getting more for the money. Anyway, the video which can cause most to want to puke has already been sent to some askanim and rabbonim and will be available on the internet as well. Many of the askanim and rabbonim have stated that such a gross video absolutely cannot bring any normal human being to hirhor raah unless that person is mentally sick and enjoys viewing beastality.

Oh Rabbi Elyashiv who has stated on many occasions that Nachum Eisenstein is a shakran (liar) and cannot be trusted will now be sooooo much more proud of Nachum Eisenstein the porn star gigolo.

Clean Out Your Own House said...

Just one question..what does Rabbi Eidensohn say about his nephew in RBSA who is a big part of the molestor protection racket?

This man, who calls himself a mechanech and "ish chesed" is involved with all of the rogues in RBSA.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

There is NOTHING by way of credible evidence on the rabbi in Lakewood - If you have something - send it to me!

Otherwise, lose my e-mail address!

Queens said...

If Stormin' Norman Eisenstein is a liar, then they should get a new letter from Rav Elyashev shlita not from Eisenstein for the grave robbing in Queens.

There is plenty of evidence even without a letter but David Jacobson from Ohel & the Queens Vaad will try to weasel out again that there is nothing on them.

Lakewood said...

If someone is clearly spreading lies about Dovy Kahn, his email address / IP should be publicized to expose him.

Anonymous said...

Dear Reb UOJ,
""UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

There is NOTHING by way of credible evidence on the rabbi in Lakewood - If you have something - send it to me!"

You should apply this same standard - your own standard - to the posts about HaRav Nachum Eisenstein.
Kol tuv,
Bi'tzail HaGras

Chicago said...

Rabbi Fuerst:

Askanim and rabbonim like you erred in favor of the perpetrator with a beard before. In order to avoid conspiracy theories, let the tape be posted on the web.

Until then...

By banning the Internet, Normie obviously is trying to cover up something really important. Hopefully video will clarify one way or another.

Anonymous said...

"Nonetheless it is long past time to put this individual and his polices where they belong – in the trash bin of history. He has done enough damage." -HARRY MARYLES RE:EJF


Do you think we should throw EJF in the garbage because 1 individual in the leadership's alleged improprieites with a consenting adult, should we also close down NCSY that covered up the molestations of minors by the heart and soul of their organization. EJF acted immediately and did not procrastinate (unlike NCSY.) Should we close down Yeshivas Ner Israel because of alleged improprities? Should we close down YTT because of proven molestations. And all of these organizations have covered up for their powerful leaders or employees. Should we close down Agudas Yisroel because of the molestations that took place at Camp Agudah? And what about the Aguga (under the leadership of your Rebbe, the Noviminsker) that continues to campaign against the Markey Bill in NY? Harry, should we cover up for almost all Torah instititutions that, not only had these type of situations, but also covered up, and continue to cover up for it?

Harry, don't lie to yourself about wanting EJF in the garbage bin. If this was about sexual impropritties, you'd demand all of these organizations to be closed down. The resaon you want EJF to close down, Harry, is becasue EJF has been an effective force in influencing other Batai Dinnim to upgrade their standards of Gairus.

Harry, you're a lackey for the establishment on the right, and you're a lackey for the establishment in the left. And while you try to portray yourself as being independent, in truth, you're a lackey for both of them. You have continuously covered up the cover ups of those in the right wing organizations in the Midwest, just as you continue to underestimate the harm that was done at NCSY by their cover-ups.






Paul Mendlowitz said...

Nochum Eisenstein has a hand in this "fabrecherei" -- I'm putting the pieces together.

He has the "keys" to Rav Elyashiv er zul zein gezunt un shtark -- but is fed information from Eisenstein -- almost entirely relying on what Eisenstein tells him.

So...if large sums of money can be traced to Eisenstein -- as was traced to Reuvein Feinstein -- and is not part of the public record, but comes out in other ways -- one would have to be chashud -- at the very least -- that Eisenstein had negius -- to see that Tropper gets haskomos from R' Elyashiv -- causing a ripple effect for haskomos around the rabbinic circles.

It is well confirmed that Tropper paid everybody off - the ONLY question is how much and to what degree was the entire Geirus business - which it became - ONE BIG FRAUDULENT GESHMIRTER GESHEFT - based on nothing --- based on a sheigetz's say so -- who had a kolo delo pasuk for 25 years as being a grubber pig.

So yes, I'm investigating Eisenstein's hands in this fabrecherei!

Bi'tzail Hagras said...

Dear Reb UOJ,
Its clear from your response that while you are investigating, presently you have no proof whatsoever. And regarding Ruvien Fienstien, what does the fact that Kaplan donated money to his yeshiva indicate - that he likes him, his yeshiva, his shitos?
Do you donate money to institutions of people you do like or that you don't like?
While we respect you for your leadership regarding very important communal matters, and while the issues you are involved with are very important, it is important, that for the sake of the battle, that we all remain rational.

Anonymous said...

And as always the answer to the most difficult questions is . . . GELT!


Kaplan Foundation tax return 2008
lists donations - including $3 million to Rav Reuven's yeshiva and almost $5 million to Tropper's Horizons!

Nachum Eisenstein was caught years ago scamming Bank Of Israel by falsifying (and cashing) Israeli Bonds before their maturity date - in the names of tourists. (A tourist was allowed to cash a bond before its maturity date).

His partner in crime (now living in Detroit) has an arrest warrant out for him if he ever returns to Israel. Eisenstein got away with a monetary punishment.

Then he morphed himself into the spokesperson from Reb Eliyashiv shlit"a

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Bi'tzail Hagras:

I have plenty on Eisenstein - he should be very concerned. I'll go public when I'm ready -- send him my regards.

Anonymous said...

>HOLY HELL! Tropper is running a retreat this week!!!! check out http://daattorah.blogspot.com/2009/12/tropper-is-back-organizing-his.html<

Since when do vampires and such go silently into the night?

Bi'tzail Hagras said...

Reb UOJ,
You might have information - but it seems clear fromm your response that is has nothing to do with the improprities that were alleged earlier today on a comment on your blog.
If you want to condemn Nachum Eisenstien, condemn him for those things he might have done wrong, not for the improprieties that other people did whom with he has an association.
These types of unproved allegations harm the prestige of your blog as well as the children, and grandchildren of the falsely accused.
If these type of stories are untrue, and it appears these stories are fabrications in this case, we will be causing harm without reason and justification.
kol tov

Detroit said...

Who was Eisenstein's partner in crime?

Mirrer said...

Rav Eidensohn mistakenly wrote that the Mir in Brooklyn received $100 Gs from Tropper. It was actually Mir Yerushalayim's American office.

The gruba ferd was probably trying to buy off Rav Finkel.

Dr. Bungalow Putz Neuhoff said...

I am against fabrecherei of any kind!

Jersey Girl said...


Jersey Girl said...

Just happened to me. I witnessed a child being fondled by a Rebbe who was fired after it surfaced that there were open warrants in two other States for his arrest, one of which was for sexually abusing a 6 year old.

The parents of the boy who was molested would not allow the child to receive any sort of therapy, even free due to the "boosha" and "ruining future shidduchim".

The timing of this coincided with the Motty Borger tragedy.

I called the principal of the Jewish school where the boy attends and told her about what had happened. I made it very clear that my purpose in calling was to alert her to any potential emotional issues that the child might experience so that she might refer him for help.

The principal's respond to me was
"Why don't you MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!" and she hung up on me.

It is very frustrating that nothing is being done to help this child. I cannot imagine how he feels. Perhaps he feels guilty for causing the Rebbe to lose his job. Perhaps he feels like his parents do not love him because he was "bad".

There is a lot of work to be done in our communities to overcome these toxic attitudes.

I am grateful that Rav Sternbuch (until 120) has stood out among our Gedolim in taking a stand to protect our children

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