Wednesday, November 06, 2013

"There Are No Bad Kids Only Bad Rebbes!"

The above quote was said to me by a popular educator in a yeshiva a long time ago. He was attempting to shed some light on the problem of children getting lost and disillusioned in yeshivas and turned off by "bad rebbes".

Not that it is necessarily the fault of a rebbe or a parent when a child leaves the fold, children have their own minds, and many times we just are not in tune with their thought process. And when we do finally figure it out, in most cases, it is way too late. But one thing is definitely certain, a bad rebbe will wreak unbelievable havoc on many kids and their families. And the scars are permanent!

What is now smacking us across the face, that for the most important jobs in our community, no license or training is required. No license or formal training needed to be a rebbe in a yeshiva, no license or formal training to be a rosh yeshiva and no license or formal training to be a tatty or mommy. For every other major profession in this country, not only do you need a license, there are years of education required in that career path that goes along with the job! And if you fail, or don't do well, you won't get the job!

To be a rebbe today - you need to be someones son or son in-law, to be a rosh yeshiva, the same - and/or wait until your father dies, unless your name is Lipa Margulies -- all you need to do then is steal the name of the yeshiva you were a bus driver for, and ran errands -- and had access to their office files, and refuse to go to bais din. EVERY yeshiva in the ultra-orthodox community has an owner or de facto owner. And the real estate and bank accounts for the most part, are controlled solely by them except for that rare isolated case!

And what requirement do you need to father or mother a child? Never mind - let's not go there.

But the short answer is NOTHING! You just knock 'em out, and hope for the best! While the vast majority of Jewish parents are well-intended, many of them are clueless on child-raising. The nurturing and focus today required to be a good parent, is so much different than even a decade ago. The "street" is a much worse place, access to bad people and bad stuff is easier, and for bad people to have access to your children is unbearably easy. And that includes all types of bad people, even Jewish ones. Yes, surprise, there are bad Jews, some very bad ones!

Truth be told, parents are overburdened; with many if not most Jewish households requiring both parents to hold down full-time jobs. So what gives? The ability to focus on the physical and emotional needs and safety of your kids gives. How much time is left, quality time that is, to really understand what your child's day looked like. You come home beat, overworked and underpaid, trying to maintain some sort of semblance of self.

Are you really able to discern if your child had a bad day? Will he or she voluntarily tell you if they did? Or are they counting on you, the tatty or mommy, to just know. Is your child able to talk to you privately? Are they able to transmit to you their inner-most thoughts and feelings without you getting visibly upset at them? Would you listen to them if they just signalled you - that something that happened to them is just keeping them from expressing themselves out of fear or shame? You brought them on to this planet, you have an obligation to be there for them, and believe in them under any and all circumstances.

Getting back to the situation at the yeshivas (including girls schools)... what do you know about their teacher or rebbe? What do you know about the rosh yeshiva or principal other than what their PR machine will bellow out?

How much checking do you do about the car you intend to purchase? How much time goes into buying a dining room set or a mattress, before you commit? Who supervises your kids in camp? Who watches them in the playground? Do you let them walk free in the neighborhood by themselves, or do you at the very least make certain your older kids walk in groups on major thoroughfares. Yes, you may need now to drop themselves off as a group, and pick them up as a group. At what age does that happen?

These issues can not go without serious soul-searching any longer. One yiddishe neshama is tragically one way too much to lose. But how many have already died a spiritual death, falling prey to vile child molesters in their schools or families, the vilest of all two-legged creatures, and/or to drugs and alcohol?

Could you have prevented that from happening?

And once you knew something was terribly wrong, what real gut-wrenching action did you actually take? Did you go to a true professional for help? Or did you shmooze it up with your rav or rabbi; you know the guy, that in most cases, knows little more than trying to figure out his own survival technique. And does he really know the dynamics of your household? What does he know about your individual child?

Or will he urge you to use a cure-all generic band-aid that was prescribed by organizations and their fundraising specialists, also known as rosh yeshivas and gedolim -- who often soil their adult diapers with מי רגלים--"mei raglayim" and other "dvarim", and use your kids as inventory in their business warehouses?

Your children are at risk every single day, both in your home, and once they walk out the door. At risk children are ALL the kinderlach, not only the ones that may have strayed (hopefully temporarily) from the path you theoretically chose for them; and I say theoretically only because if you do not help them navigate through every single day, you actually only helped them be a theoretical mensch.

As some of our Chazal pontificate; Yaakov Avinu knew that Yosef was alive after the Shvatim sold him into slavery to the Egyptians, even though he had not heard from him in twenty two years. After all, he was Yaakov Avinu. When the brothers told him "Od Yosef Chai" -עוד יוסף חי in Parshat Vayigash -- ויגש --- what Yaakov Avinu really was concerned about --- "was Yosef spiritually alive?"

How would you answer that question about your "Yosefs"?

Chazak V'nischazek!



Don't Be Silent! said...


Do you know about Kornfeld's attack on Magen in Ramat Bet Shemesh?

I can't believe that you could know about it and not post.

He is set to cast Magen into oblivion. Magen is the only organization presently there for kids and their parents.

Or has Kornfeld, his father-in-law Feldman and the other Charedi mafia threatened you?

Anonymous said...

If I hadn't heard roshei yeshiva refer to themselves as owners, I wouldn't have believed you.

Q said...

I agree.
The part of this that was especially true was the part about Rabbeim having no credentials. Its the work of Torah Umesorah that its like that.
What I can't stand to watch is how people substitute a professional counselor or psyciatrist for a Rov. The Rov is trained (hopefully) in Halacha; that is where he has a say. He shouldn't be coaching people on grief, marriage, or anything else. What right do they have to meddle within someting so sensitive, with their complete lack of training in that field?
If you want good example, take a look at Hopfer's involvement in the Eisgrau (and Goldberger)family. Or David Mandel, in the O-hell organization of crime.

Anonymous said...

once again UOJ speaks to the core

It is amazing to see the coverupand the transfer of pervert teachers to other locals and yeshivas and day schools

How can karamer be allowed to go from australia to st louis to molest again
How can schmeltczer b eallowed to sign a confidential settlement with yeshiva elementary in miami and then move to yeshiva gedola montreal as a rosh yeshiva where he is allowed unfettered access to do more wrestling and groping with boys .

Is it not enough that they ruin lives but they are allowed to continuosly behave as sodomites

what say you all

RBS Parent said...

For those unfamiliar with the Ramat Beit Shemesh child-abuse scene, here's the background to Rav Elimelech Kornfeld's controversial "shiur" about child abuse....

1. June 2009 - David Morris, Chairman of Lema'an Achai the RBS chesed/tzedaka org, was quoted in the Jerusalem Post saying there's a problem of child abuse in RBS and no-one's dealing with it properly.

2. July 2009 - Rabbis Malinowitz and Kornfeld got Jonathan Rosenblum to write an article in the JPost et al, to trash Morris and claim the rabbis are dealing with child abuse cases competently in RBS, and everything's absolutely fine.

3. August 2009 - R.Malinowitz bans Lema'an Achai from fundraising in his Beis Tefilla shul, as revenge for the Jpost article.

4. 2010 - Morris moved ahead anyway, starting a new org, "Magen" specifically focused on helping victims of child abuse, and more effectively chasing down the perps in Bet Shemesh/RBS. All within the framework of Halacha, the Law and professional protocols.

5. Magen gets loads of calls, particularly from people clustered in R.Kornfeld's shul, school and street.

6. 2011 - Big busts of Schleider (Gra shul) and Gellis (Avi Ezri cheder) - who both allegedly operated on Kornfeld's guard for years. Both were arrested, charged, now awaiting trial for multiple offenses against children.

7. July 2011 - a young child was viciously attacked on the busy Revivim Street, on a shabbos afternoon, in the heart of R.Kornfeld's self-declared fiefdom. Many parents call Magen.

8. July 2011 - Kornfeld invites all the women of his shul, to talk to them about child abuse. Kornfeld says the big danger in the community is NOT child abuse ("everything's under control", "no cause for panic or any action whatsoever", etc) but the true danger to his community is "Magen".

Why? "Not from our tzibur", Kornfeld explained.

Everyone should therefore come to R.Kornfeld, as he has a good "chush" (instinct) for these things, he says, if there's any problem... just don't call Magen.

9. The women drink R.Kornfeld's cool aid.

10. The "Shiur" was put on-line at the Gra site, for the general public.

Stink goes out from Gra, and chokes all who hear of this.

Boruch said...

As a child of a public school teacher, a relative of other public school teachers and a graduate of the public school system I wonder if you really know what goes on in public school, with all the degrees, licenses, and certifications, that manages to turn off and alienate kids. I cringe when people bring up the licensing and credentialing issue. Why? Because a degree, a license, is just a bureaucratic requirement justifying some clerks position. There is nothing in a license that says you know how to reach a child or to impart knowledge or a geshmak for learning. The art of teaching is to reach the interest of a child and hold it. Most licensed teachers are dull and boring, keep to the curriculum by rote and wouldn't dare introduce inspiration unless it were approved in the lesson plan. My father toiled for 28 years under bureaucrats, licensed teachers, who couldn't fart their way out of a brown paper bag, soaked and torn up the sides. Subjugated to political pundits whose husbands ran the local school board and flaunted Ed.D.'s. Ed.D. - Education is done.

To learn from a teacher, is to have the feeling of walking out of a class yearning to go back the next day. Teachers have to inspire, give a geshmak for learning. The best advice an Education Professor gave to his twin daughters, "choose the best teachers you can find", when they went to college. Not the best major, not the career major, but the best teachers. We are not always zoche to have the best teachers. There are times when, out of siata d'shemaya, we get the best teachers because of the work that menahellim put in to them.

Teachers in public schools are illiterates, today. The perverse stories that we can read in the secular press of their proclivities are no less disgusting then the emotional and physical rape our children can experience if we, as parents, aren't diligent. We don't leave in 1950 in Kansas, any more, you Dorothy's. We live in a world that has foreclosed on common sense and aptitude and substituted it with entitlement and what's in it for me.

There is one word that strikes fear into the dark hearts of these Machivellian, Rasputins of Yeshivas today - communication. Talk to your child, talk to your child's teachers. The yeshiva is the hospital for your child's neshoma, it's the assisted living center, you wouldn't (presumably) leave a loved one in a hospital alone without checking in and having the staff see and speak with you. Same goes for the school. Nothing has to be done formally, makes it harder for a story to be made up. Shabbos, Yom tov, make a point to say good Shabbos and your child too. Make a point to thank the Rebbi or Morah, monthly, with a note, for the effort they're making and the benefit you see. Ask them to keep in touch and call you if they have a concern. A Rebbi or Morah of any worth will make the effort.

Boruch said...

Part 2 -

Most of my elementary school teachers were barbaric, notable for the times. I loathed going to school so that these spinsters could beat me and my classmates, emotionally and physically. My child has it better because I get to choose where he goes to school. I make a kesher with his Rebbis. I make myself known. Communication makes the rats crawl back into their holes, just as light does. Licensing a nice floor to start from, a minimum, is a nice gimmick, but it will not make up for a lack of talent to bring out a geshmak in a child.

Our Yosef's spiritual lives, their nurturing, requires a geshmak. Investing in your child is work, more work than going to chassenehs, dinners, the shiur, after work. Rav Shlomo Freifeld would exhort the yungerleit to have a kol Torah in the home. Stay home and learn in the house. Have your children see you as kovea itim. Have them see you with a chavrusa. There's time for them to go out to yeshivah to learn. You can stay home as a baal habayis and create a kol Torah in the home. When we invest in our futures (our children for those who need the elucidation) we reap great rewards. Invest now, your kaddishal needs you.

Shmarya groupie said...


'Can I touch it?' The fascination with natural, African-American hair

By Lisa Respers France, CNN
July 25, 2011

Shmarya groupie said...

There's only one solution. Moshiach Obama must appoint Shmarya as a special envoy to redistribute wealth.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The wealth gap in the United States has grown wider in the wake of the Great Recession, with black and Hispanic American households faring much worse than white households, according to a study published Tuesday.

The study, from 2009 data compiled by the Pew Research Center, found the median wealth of white households was 20 times that of black households and 18 times that of Hispanic households.

Shame on Kornfeld said...

This story about Magen in RBSA is typical of the covering up by Charedi rabbis.

It is known that RBSA has had an inordinate number of molestation cases, some of which were connected to Kornfeld's own school and congregants.

Rather than deal with this serious issue Kornfeld has tried repeatedly to silence those who advocate for victims and their families.

He had Jonathan Rosenblum write a story in the JP to refute David Morris. He intimidates parents into being uncooperative with police and now the ultimate...he is trying to silence Magen..the ONLY organization in his community that is actively trying to stem this tide of cover up.

Magen is governed by professionals and rabbonim who sensitivities not withstanding are most concerned with the welfare of children.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


I've looked into many of the allegations of child abuse in your community. There are monsters posing as rebbes --- that are an imminent danger to your children. Families have left and are leaving because of Malinowitz and Kornfeld! DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOUR CHILD BECOMES A VICTIM!

Elimelech Kornfeld is a vile scoundrel covering up for them.


Smellymelech Kornfeld said...

Bungalow Putz Neuhoff tells me that David Morris is modern orthodox which makes him a loser.

Anonymous said...

Who is this shmuck who keeps talking about bungalow putzes. Are you also a Riverside putz?


Democratic Rep. David Wu of Oregon has announced that he is resigning from Congress.

Bochen Libos said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bochen Libos said...

David Morris is one of the biggest tzaddikim in Ramat Bet Shemesh.

He is a yirei shomayim, is kovaya ittim and helps those in need,

What makes him "modern orthodox"? His kippa sruga?

If that is the problem that Kornfeld has,,you can give me 1 David Morris over 1,000 Kornfelds!

I'd much rather have the zechuyos of the Morris of the world than the farkrumt Torah of the Kornfelds'.

Anonymous said...

11:56 am,

Neuhoff was the one who "outed" UOJ on his stupid blog on the orders of Belsky.

UOJ named him the Bungalow Putz because of some silly survey he said he conducted of bungalow goers in Fallsburg if their opinion of molesters was swayed by UOJ. Among long time followers of UOJ, the name stuck and you will hear Neuhoff referred to as the Bungalow Putz around Flatbush instead of his name at birth.

Agudah Fresser said...

I'm so glad I had the zechus to meet this choshuve Yid Eric Schneiderman when Elly Kleinman introduced him to the oylam at the Avenue Plaza Hotel in Boro Park to campaign for heimishe votes. The Agudah will back Schneiderman on anything as long as he doesn't push that bill that protects kids from child molesters!


The New York State attorney general, Eric T. Schneiderman, acting just days after the state began allowing gay couples to wed, filed a legal brief on Tuesday challenging the constitutionality of the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Mr. Schneiderman asserted that the law, which prohibits the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages, violates the right to equal protection under the law for gay and lesbian couples.

The brief (attached at the bottom of the post), filed in Federal District Court in the Southern District of New York, refers specifically to New York State’s Marriage Equality Act, which was approved by lawmakers last month and took effect to great fanfare on Sunday.

“Without such equal treatment by the federal government,” Mr. Schneiderman wrote, “New York’s statutory commitment to marriage equality for all married couples will be substantially unrealized.”

Confused Satmar Peasant said...

Today at 11:42 AM
downwithUOJ Says:
BenH, you see all Rabbis as coverups for molesters & thats where your problems lay. agudath Israel did clarify their position and it's a terrible thing to malign Rabbanim & yiddishkeit as being reposnsible for child abuse. these are your own personal issues to work thru. stop blaming our heilige gedolim and Torah.

Anonymous said...

Alleged Pedophile Moshe Keller Arrested on sexual abuse charges.

There is currently an open investigation regarding this case. If you have any informationg regarding Sexual Abuse by Moshe Keller, please contact us by clicking here or call the NYPD sex crimes unit 718-330-5600

All names and information will be kept confidential.

Anonymous said...

dear down with UOJ

after reading your post i feel compelled to change my name to CLOSEAGUDAFOREVER

these fools have done nothing except prevent zbusers and molesters from going to trial all under the close supervision of the so called gedolim(criminals)

aguda is a fraudulent organization and needs to be closed

Overlawyered said...

Gerard Marrone is refusing to speak to reporters about Levi Aron anymore citing a request from Aron's new lawyer Jennifer McCann. How much do you want to bet it was not just a request but a threat to report him for some kind of contrived ethical complaint?

Anonymous said...

Is Kornfeld's father in law feldman from Baltimore?

Stop Kornfeld said...


He sure is.

5 Towns said...

A bunch of self-appointed machers in this district endorsed corrupt Black Congressman Gregory Meeks who's in Obama's back pocket, instead of the frum Republican candidate, Asher Taub, because the Agudah wanted them to.


By Peter Flaherty


On Friday, the FBI arrested Ed Ahmad, the Guyanese businessman who made an unsecured $40,000 loan to Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) that Meeks failed to publicly disclose as required. Ahmad was charged with fraud in connection to a wide-ranging scheme. He was reportedly released on $2.5 million bail.

According to one report, "Ahmad had already boarded Delta 383 at JFK International to head to Guyana when Federal agents boarded the aircraft, handcuffed him and removed him from the aircraft."

As first reported in the New York Daily News, Meeks made no payments on the loan, and repaid it only after the FBI started asking questions. Meeks used the money to finish paying off his new home, sources told the Daily News.

The FBI investigation is the apparent result of NLPC's scrutiny of Meeks and other New York politicians.

In January 2010, we exposed Meeks involvement in a charity called New Direction Local Development Corporation that raised money for Hurricane Katrina victims who never received it, among other questionable dealings. In March, we asked the House Ethics Committee to investigate Meeks for paying $830,000 for a newly built home in 2006 that was worth more than $1.2 million. Click here to download a 26-page pdf of the Complaint.

The Complaint also asked for an investigation into Meeks' relationship with indicted Ponzi schemer R. Allen Stanford, first reported in the Miami Herald. Former Stanford employees allege that Stanford asked Meeks in 2006 to help retaliate against a former Stanford executive named Gonzalo Tirado in Venezuela who was attempting to blow the whistle on Stanford fraud. Stanford allegedly asked Meeks to contact Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez. One month after Stanford made the request, Meeks flew to Venezuela to meet with Chavez. Tirado was indicted a year later.

In addition, Meeks took 6 trips to Caribbean destinations courtesy of a nonprofit which was a Stanford front group.

The Daily News reported on July 9, 2010 that Meeks received a loan from Democratic Party donor Dennis Mehiel to repay Ahmad.

The House Ethics Committee announced earlier this month that it reviewing Meeks.

Moetzes Resign! said...

Pelosi is letting Wu stick around until the budget is settled. What right does she have to allow that when Wu is chasing teenage girls?


These are not the first allegations against Wu. The congressman was scrutinized for bizarre behavior prior to the November election. The Democrat acknowledged that he sent erratic emails to his staffers, including one with a photo of himself dressed in a tiger costume.

Moetzes Resign! said...

On Monday, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) asked the House Ethics Committee to dismiss the pending case against her. In the meantime, the Ethics Committee announced that it has hired an outside counsel to pursue the case.

John Bresnahan reported on documents obtained by the Politico that Waters' attorney, Stanley Brand, say compromise the case. Late last year, former chief counsel of the Ethics Committee, Blake Chisam, advised then-Committee Chair Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) that two lead attorneys in the case, Morgan Kim and Stacy Sovereign, provided confidential materials to Republicans on the Ethics Committee.

Kim and Sovereign counterclaimed that Chisam withheld evidence against Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) in an effort to protect Democrats. When questioned during the Rangel case, Chisam claimed, "I see no evidence of corruption."

Waters' case was put on hold last year when Lofgren suspended Kim and Sovereign from their jobs. They have both left employment by the Committee.

Peter Flaherty, President of the National and Legal Policy Center thinks the ethics committee is running out of excuses to postpone the trial. "It appears the tactics to delay and undermine the Waters trial by the former Ethics Committee Chairwomen and her staff have succeeded. But it is now months since Congress changed hands. There is absolutely no excuse for the Republicans not to move forward with this trial."

On Wednesday, the Ethics Committee announced that it voted to hire an outside counsel, Bill Martin, to "review, advise and assist the Committee in completing the matter of Representative Maxine Waters."

Waters, who denies the allegations, was to face trial last fall for allegedly helping OneUnited Bank secure bailout funds. The trial was postponed to purportedly allow further investigation into the case. Flaherty previously charged that the case was postponed to spare Nancy Pelosi the embarrassment of it taking place just before last year's Congressional elections.

Anonymous said...

can someone please explain how 2 girls in beis yaacov in miami were pregnant and yet they didnt investigate who did it to the girls

Vos episs? said...


What's this about FBI agents sent to Israel to investigate tax evasion? Lettering too small to read here

Moetzes Resign! said...

6:26 pm

John B. Mattingly, the commissioner of the NYC Administration for Children’s Services since 2004, has resigned, the mayor’s office announced Tuesday afternoon.

Mr. Mattingly told Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg that he would be returning to Baltimore to work for the Annie E. Casey Foundation, where he had directed the foundation’s child welfare policy initiatives.

The agency recently came under fire following the death of Marchella Pierce, a 4-year-old girl who was found dead in September 2010.

The Brooklyn district attorney, Charles J. Hynes, charged Damon Adams, the caseworker responsible for Marchella, and his supervisor, Chereece Bell, with criminally negligent homicide. Mr. Hynes said that Mr. Adams had not made required visits to the family and lied about it, and that Ms. Bell had failed to supervise him.

Mr. Hynes also convened a grand jury to explore what he called “evidence of alleged systemic failures.” The grand jury has not yet released the results of the investigation.

Anonymous said...

UOJ has email

Anonymous said...

lets investigate the systemic failures of ohel and aguda

Anonymous said...

The Liberal Jews are having a cow that the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is actually pro-Israel. While we cannot condone his wholesale slaughter of Muslims AND Leftists, the Liberals are incorrect to call him "al Qaeda in reverse". Brevik is using the same argument as Yigal Amir. Rabin put Klal Yisroel in danger from Arabs and so are Euro-Lefties endangering the Old Continent which could become Islamized within 3 decades.

Anonymous said...

The saddest thing about this Kornfeld story is that nobody is surpried or shocked anymore. stories like this have become old hat, in a way.

Just Don't Understand said...

What shocks me about the Kornfeld story is that most of his "flock" are educated, intelligent people.

What causes these airheads to lose all common sense and come under the spell of such charlatans?

Archie Bunker said...

It should be duly noted that Failed Shmarya figures prominently among the idiots trying to capitalize on the murder of little Leiby Kletzky zl

Agenda 1

Shmarya is trying to promote himself by making himself sound like some major player who knows inside police information. He says he has information about evidence seized by CSI connected to other kids but he cannot speak about it at this time. Shmarya has nothing to lose by saying this as it is obvious that investigators do not spend 2 weeks tearing a home asunder unless they have good reason. There is less than a 1% chance that no other victims of Aron will be identified. Shmarya will jump out at some later date, to say I told you so, I knew all along but was not at liberty to divulge anything!

Agenda 2

While Shmarya may have been partially responsible for exposing the OU's charity fund in the name of Leiby - without permission from the family and which may have been going into their own coffers - which the OU quickly disbanded after public outrage, Shmarya is using it as a springboard to attack the Kletzky family and their rov. Shmarya is laying on the heavy insinuations that the money is only going to "ultra-orthodox" recipients. Hint, hint, the subliminal message being that people should not contribute.

Monsey said...


Moishe Green, currently the rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva D’Monsey & the former rosh yeshiva of the Skver's main yeshiva in New Square, jumps in with his stupid horrific idea why min Hashomayim they allowed little Leiby Kletzky to be slaughtered and dismembered.

A brief summary:

Moishe Green of Monsey, former rosh yeshivah in New Square, said yesterday at the gathering at Yeshiva of Spring Valley (where many kids were molested over the years) that Leiby Kletzky was killed because a talmid chochom, Yisroel Weingarten, a Satmar chossid who was a rebbe in Torah Temimah, was massered on by rabbonim, and because we have Day Camps which is goyish style.

Yisroel Weingarten was convicted in Federal court of raping and sodomizing his daughter over a many year period & transporting her across international boundaries to do so.

Green is upset because some rabbis did not protect this incestual rapist from prosecution.

And he thinks day camps are for goyim only.

Green is as sick as a human being can get. What can UOJ do to neutralize this animal?

Green is also in cherem from Dayan Gestetner's beis din and in "Cherem D'Rabbeinu Tam" for illegally invalidating a get at the request of one of his major financial supporters.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Let's talk tachlis!

Green and most of all the rest of these Alzheimer chevra will be dead with the next decade. I do not wish it on them, but that's what's going to happen.

The only antidote to this disease - called gedolim, gedolei poskim, and the other names they masquerade under, is to have a new young vibrant generation of talmidei chachomim, with the intelligence to deal with today's realities.

That's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

Agudah Fresser said...

Tachlis indeed! Here is a list of up & coming gedolim being groomed by the Agudah:

Avremel Schorr (Lipa Schmeltzer fiasco)

'Effin Wachsman (attacked UOJ at the fresser convention)

Elya Ber Wachtfogel (sucking Tropper for his money and allegedly doesn't care about kids being molested)

Reuven Feinstein (he'll be in touch when the millions from Tropper and Elly Kleinman run out)

Shlomo Feivel Schustal (stands by his man Margo)

The next generation Chaim Berlin crew (Michael Hersh kidnapping scene)

Want me to keep going?

Chochom from the Ma Nishtana said...

I know of a reported sexual abuse case from Yeshiva of Spring Valley.

Roughly 5 years ago a rebbe was accused of "improper touching" with a male student. The parents complained, and the rebbe was fired at the end of the school year. Neither the parents nor YSV called the police, as far as I am aware.

When the rebbe couldn't find a new teaching job elsewhere, YSV re-hired him in time for school in the Fall, but installed monitoring equipment (cameras) in his classroom.

The parents were outraged, and switched their kids to another school.

Everything I write above I heard directly from the parents of the boy who was abused.

I believe that the rebbe still teaches at YSV.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Well, if there is no uprising, where you get to handpick the rabbonim that get it, then I guess you're going to have to live with what you get!

In my ghetto of origin, by the time I was 21, I had started a new shul with a very respectable rav, a new yeshiva, unfortunately they could not raise enough funds to make it, a gemach that is still thriving, and then when I moved, I started a new shul that is thriving, a vaad that has impact on thousands around the USA... and that's only what I'm willing to talk about!

One person can make a difference -- imagine what a kehilla can do if they really want to!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Oh yeah...in my spare time I was a substitute rebbe, a private tutor ranging from gemara to geometry, and an assistant principal in a talmud torah - and many of my students I'm still in contact with.

Anonymous said...

The real gedolim after R' Moishe & R' Yaakov passed away, we are talking for the last 25 years, have been mostly non-Agudah affiliated. Today's Agudah fulfills the prophesy of R' Chaim Brisker who said in a few doros it would be hijacked by "sekretaren".

Today's Agudah does not listen to the gedolei Eretz Yisroel. They do not listen to the alter Mirrers who are much bigger than they are and who don't join the Agudah. They do not listen to tzadikim in their own ranks like Rav Pam. The Agudah has their own agenda which is not in the spirit of Torah.

What really scares me is the question of who is left in America who carries any weight? Most of the alter Mirrers / others have gone on to the next velt. The Agudah was not able to discredit such figures who gave them heck like R' Zelig Epstein, the Stein brothers from Telz, R' Shmuel Berenbaum, R' Avigdor Miller, Tenka Rov, etc

The new generation will be attacked by the Agudah political machine as not being daas Tayreh the second they break ranks with 42 Broadway.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Then create your own new and powerful political machine!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I say the above only as divrei chizuk!

I would have remained anonymous forever, if not for "Tuvya"!

I came out only to dispel their propaganda machine headed by Shafran, Belsky and the rest of the gedoiiilim, that I was some sort of slouch.

Boor-o Park said...

Avremel Schorr spoke at the Kletzky family kinah. Did he jump into the fray because he heard Lipa is producing a memorial song?

Pinky Green said...

Heh, if UOJ goes after my brother Moishy, he will just run away to Schweiz like I did!

Anonymous said...

I would have remained anonymous forever, if not for "Tuvya"!

I understand you didn't want to be outed at the time, but why don't you forgive him already? Revenge is one of the 613, no?

As I see it, he thought what he was doing was LSHEM SHMYIM.

Apply your focus on the molestors.

Marc Rich said...

Pinky, we might get clemency from a paid off US President like Clinton or Obama, but when it comes to UOJ, you can run but you can't hide!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

To "Tuvya's" credit, he called me years ago and asked for forgiveness.

I did forgive him for everything except for him going after my kids.

Bungalow Putz tracker said...

Dr. Tuvya Chaim Charles "Bungalow Putz" Neuhoff is a liar!


If he was truly sorry he would take down the dumb blog. Anything less than this does not constitute teshuva according to Chazal & Rishonim.

There is no reason UOJ should be moychel him al pi Shulchan Aruch when he didn't take the blog down, that includes a klala from the Neviyim against both UOJ and Ben Hirsch.

Maybe the Bungalow Putz only "apologized" because UOJ had threatened to call health organizations employing Neuhoff to warn them the guy is not mentally stable.

Ohel CEO David Mandel said...

Pinky, thank you for bankrolling Ohel posek R' Dovid Cohen and buying him that shtatty building across from Chaim Berlin

Anonymous said...

Maybe UOJ should have named this post "Taking the kodesh out of Klei Kodesh.

Leibel Blesofsky said...

UOJ has a Facebook link for me on the sidebar which you need an account to open.


But anyone can see the picture here

Moshe Keller said...


Keller has disguised himself as a Rabbi to get close to these children. He is a very smart predator, and picks his victims wisely. He believes he can hide behind being a rabbi, since the Rabbinim of the Jewish communities have a track record of hiding such matters. He has been Sexually abusing children since his days in Israel almost two decades ago. He ran away from Israel due to being prosecuted for abusing a Family Member. He then immigrated to Crown Heights where he has recently obtained access to the children in our community through his program Gesher Ben Tzion, which he sickingly named after his departed son OBM.

Mr Keller generally sexually targets teenage boys.

There is currently an open investigation taking place regarding this case. If You or someone you know were abused by Mr Keller, please stand up for what is right. Please call 911 or go to your local precinct. You can also contact us by clicking here. All names and information will be kept confidential.

Excerpt from one victim's testimonial:

I was talking to Moshe Keller about a girl that I was dating, he then asked me if I knew how to masturbate. Surprised, I told him that every teenager does. He then told me to follow him. He took me to a back room in the house, which at the time was used for storage and locked the door behind us. Then, he looked at me and asked if I knew what we were doing. Confused, I replied no. He then proceeded to unbuckle my belt and pull my pant down. He grabbed me with such force I had no choice but to comply, and began to masturbate me. I was scared and confused, and couldn't believe that this just happened, and kept hoping that it was just a bad dream. I could not believe someone that had been a father figure to me had just done this. I finally pulled myself together and ran out.

To see the rest of this testimonial, as well as a number of others click here.

Zerach (Scott) Brown said...


Zerach Brown (also known as Scott brown) is a child molester. Zerach Brown is a sexual predator who desires to exploit male children.

Zerach Brown has a history of exploiting and molesting children. Zerach Brown lived in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn, New York where Zerach Brown systematically molested many children. The members of the community did not report Zerach to the police upon learning that Zerach was a sexual predator; instead, they forced Zerach Brown to relocate out of the community. Thereafter, Zerach moved to the Jewish community of upstate New York and molested many children, until that community forced Zerach Brown to relocate. At some point, Zerach Brown moved to Jewish community of Seattle Washington. Upon learning that Zerach Brown was a child molester, the Rabbis conducted a thorough investigation and released a report confirmed that Zerach Brown was a child molester.

In fact, Zerach Brown molested me. I was about 14 year old. At that time, Zerach Brown would allow children use of his apartment to watch movies, hang out, and socialize. Zerach Brown gave many children keys to his apartment so that they could use it when he was not present. On one evening, I was watching a movie alone when Zerach Brown came home. Zerach Brown made me pull down my pants and underpants and lay down on his bed. Zerach Brown also removed his pants and underpants and lied down on the bed in such a manner that I could not run out of the apartment without jumping over him. I felt trapped. Zerach Brown told me that he wanted to watch me masturbate and instructed me to masturbate in front of him. I was stunned, scared, and could not get an erection. Zerach Brown proceeded to touch and play with my genitals and penis to make me erect. This sexually excited Zerach Brown and caused him to have an erection. Zerach Brown proceeded to masturbate before me and forced me to watch him ejaculate. After Zerach Brown cleaned up his sperm from the bed sheets, he allowed me to don my cloths and leave his apartment.

Many other people related to me that Zerach Brown molested them. In fact, I learned that Zerach Brown molested children as young as 11 or 12 years old by masturbating in front of them and trying get the child to masturbate and ejaculate in front of him.

BeTe and FFB said...

Aguda Fresser, E.Ber Wachtfoigel was never a part of any cover-up; I think that he is one of the few who met with SFJ and Ben Hirsch. Leibbb Troppper told his Talmid Muvhak HoRav HaGaon Guma Yehuda Dovid Kaplan Aguiar(now in the mental facility, according to "Forbes") to throw gifts of cash to a large number of Rabonim, E. Ber Wachtfoigel among them.

Israel Belsky SHLITA said...

Stupidest thing I ever heard!


This is not yet one of those stuff-your-money-in-a-mattress moments.

Fallsburg said...

For some reason, R' Elya Ber has very valiant defenders who lurk on the internet. Roshei yeshiva and rabbonim asked him to stop backing Tropper after the sex scandal. He would not back down. He continued backing Tropper's weird disciple at the Town shul, Barros, and his seeking out of intermarrieds for targeted gerus which is not acceptable under halacha. And he tried to repackage the EJF fraud under a different name and run by his nephew Blum so he could continue to suck moolah out of billionaire Tom Kaplan who is in a war with Guma Aguiar.

R' Elya Ber did speak to SFJ / Ben Hirsch and Kolko did not return to the yeshiva. There are allegations that R' Elya Ber didn't care earlier when approached by others about a different molester. SFJ came with the added weight of the newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Very sad how Shlomo Dwek went from the top talmid of R' Avremel Ausband in Riverdale to stealing, entrapping people and now eating treif



What do politicians eat before getting caught in an FBI sting?

Since a Bayonne man, Jerry O’Mahony, is credited as one of the creators of the classic roadside diner, it stands to reason that Bayonne would have its fair share of diners today.

And since federal authorities decided to use local diners throughout Hudson County in their successful corruption sting, it would also make sense that diners in Bayonne would be among those the feds picked when using Solomon Dwek as an informant to attempt to bribe public officials.

Of the many diners & other eateries selected for these meetings, Dwek met with his intended targets in 2 of the most prominent: The Broadway Diner near 55th St & the Light House Diner near 31st St.

Although boasting sandwiches & burgers, Light House has a solid dinner menu, and people can eat well for $20 or less.

But salads were often Dwek’s meal of choice at his meetings with public officials, possibly because he had several such meetings a day. Or maybe because he was eating on an FBI budget.

Meanwhile, Dwek deviated from his salad & ordered a chocolate bread pudding at the Lighthorse Tavern in Jersey City

Tucked away on a remote side road near a fork in Route 3, La Reggia offers a warm & casual space inside the Meadowlands Hotel. Perhaps Manzo was drawn to the large neon red “M” that can be seen from a distance, or maybe he chose the spot for its $8.95 daily buffet lunch special.

Then again, for a man who had already received $27,500 from Dwek in corrupt payments, he could afford to go for the higher-priced Farfalle con Gamberi e Zucchini ($17) or Bistecca alla Fiorentina with creamy (Bodek?) spinach & crispy onions ($30).

At the eatery, Italian opera music plays in the background, which sets the mood for a romantic dinner, but adds a different flavor when heard on FBI tapes.

“I’m here. You’re here. We’ll help each other,” said Dwek to Elwell at their lunch meeting. Speaking through mouthfuls of food, the men can be heard on the videotape discussing a hotel Dwek said he wanted to build in Secaucus.

The Secaucus mayor told Dwek the project wouldn’t be a heavy lift – much like the shrimp salad one of the men ordered.

“I’m no Democrat. I’m no Republican. My party is the green party,” said Dwek, amid laughter.

FBI videos show Solomon Dwek buttering a roll at the Chart House, an upscale restaurant on the Weehawken waterfront.

Fallsburg Fresser said...

Does YTT's Yankel Applegrad have a connection to Fallsburg or is this just a coincidence? Applegrad's father, if he is still alive, is an alter Slonimer Yid who knew R' Elchonon Wasserman by virtue of the all the Slonimer chassidim sent to learn in Baranovitch by the rebbe who admired R' Elchonon. In America, the elder Applegrad told everyone he was a meshuloch for Torah Vodaas. Maybe UOJ knows something about that and what his relationship might have been in old YTV with Margo the bus driver. The elder Applegrad did seem like a harmless and nice old guy but it was kind of odd that he spent the summers in the Fallsburg yeshiva dorm. Surely, Yankel who makes plenty of money as Margo's hatchet man could afford to put up his own father in decent accommodations. Even if the tatteh davka wanted to daven in yeshiva, there are nice townhouses for sale and for rent down the street.

Anonymous said...

Wrong Yankel Appelgrad.

You're speaking of Rav Shamshon Appelgrad who also has a son Yankel but an untainted one.

Historian said...

Dwek reminds me of a mayseh in the alter heim with a big talmid chochom who r"l became a meshumad. He was originally learning at least 18 hours a day but was captivated by the allure of money and eventually was not learning at all. In those days a Yid could not enter the city of Moscow without a special permit. Enticed by a money making scheme, he disguised himself as a goy. He attended a ball and succumbed to eating treif food and getting physical with a shiksa. When he was discovered, he was given the choice of shmad or the death penalty. He lived for years with a shiksa wife but somehow did not have his tefillin taken away from him. Not that he ever wore them but one day on Yom Kippur he opened the drawer and upon seeing them was overcome by charata and hirhurei teshuva. Maybe he had this zechus because he had not screwed over so many people like Dwek. He started running through the streets screaming he is a Yid. This caused a huge commotion in town and the police started running to stop him. Another meshumad who happened to be in town was inspired and ran out of his house behind him to also scream he is a Yid. The police caught up with them as they were leaving the city limits at the edge of the forest. They started firing at will. The first meshumad escaped and returned to his former life. The 2nd meshumad was shot in the back and killed. They buried the kadosh hy"d at the very spot. An adam gadol learned where the unmarked kever was and eventually traveled there to daven for him.

YTT misnaged said...

Maybe Applegrad Senior was scared to go to Silver Lake or Regency because Kolko tried to molest him and then Yankel refused to allow the YTT board to investigate

Sharpest tool in the shed said...

Hatchet man is right. And Applegrad together with the other criminals, Margo, Belsky, Wiesner, Dovid Cohen and Schiffenbauer "buried the hatchet" in Eli Greenwald's back.

Anonymous said...

When Barros was a shul rabbi in San Francisco he was involved in some kind of a kashrus scandal. Rabbonim called his rosh yeshiva, Tropper, who was not yet widely known as a pervert. Tropper lied through his teeth that he barely remembers Barros and has nothing to do with him because he was a floater who made a pit stop at Kol Yaakov for "maybe 2 or 3 weeks". Shortly after that Barros was honored at Kol Yaakov's dinner and then Barros was brought to the Fallsburg shul in the middle of engineering to kick out the existing rov, to make the Fallsburg shul a center for EJF missionary work on intermarried gentiles. Barros was brought in while the the original rov was still trying to speak from the bimah. R' Elya Ber sends his yungerleit to help Barros run the EJF program. Tropper was also encouraging his followers to move Upstate to join and be mechazek the shul to drown out the supporters of the original rov. This might have been not just a hijacking but actual theft of the congregation and it's real estate.

East 2nd St said...


After investigators spent over 2 weeks ripping apart the Aron home, they brought in Misakim to do a final sweep to see if they could find any blood, flesh or any other evidence that NYPD, Kings County and Federal agents might have somehow missed. The Aron family was barred entry from the house until yesterday at which point they were allowed back in.

Anonymous said...

Anyone wondering whatever happened to the thief Yossi Neiman of Perfect Locksmith who made off with millions of dollars of people's money from his locations at the Ave I Shoprite Plaza and Bedford Ave?

It is believed that his wife filing for "divorce" against him and the putz walking around looking like a shtik drek was all an act to judgement proof himself. If secular authorities think he is divorced and his "ex" wife gets all the assets than they won't take anything away from him.

Berel Shain said...

For the past two months and especially over the past week, the Agudah has been taking a well deserved beating for its dangerous and backward-thinking policy on the reporting of abuse. Lay, rabbinic and expert commentators alike have pointed out the obvious risks posed to the community by those would follow the procedures for reporting sexual abuse advocated by Shlomo Gottesman at the recent halacha conference and reaffirmed by Agudah's press release moments before candle-lighting this past week. I see no need to elaborate on those points.

However, a bit of history calls Agudah's sincerity and professed adherence to Daas Torah into question. At the Agudah convention in 2006, Rav Matisyahu Salomon gave an impassioned speech in which he excoriated the bloggers and participants in the frum cyber community for their disrespect of rabbonim and of the concept of daas torah. RMS spoke in the strongest of terms of the need to eradicate the evil web fiends from our midst and concluded his drasha with leading a reluctant crowd in the chanting of "Atta hareisa ladaas ..."

During the course of the drasha (which can be heard in its entirety here: http://www.archive.org/download/MatisyahuSalomonSpeech-11-23-06/MatisyahuSalomonSpeech-11-23-06.mp3) Rav Matisyahu spoke of the way that the torah community (a euphemism relating exclusively to the chareidi world) has approached sexual abuse allegations. The Mashgiach said that the allegations are dealt with al pi torah and in a quiet way to preserve the dignity of the accused. In an infamous line (taken out of context by his critics) Rav Matisyahu explained that the actions taken by rabbinic leaders to deal with molesters are swept under the carpet; that is, they are not publicized.

Nonetheless, they are conducted in accordance with the holy torah. There was no mention whatsoever - not even the slightest hint - that the police should ever be involved under any circumstances. The Mashgiach's position was clear and unequivocal: this is and should be handled by the rabbis in accordance with halacha. Period. This statement by a respected gadol at the pulpit of the Agudah convention was not repudiated or otherwise qualified by the Agudah. Until now.

Agudah now states that not only is informing the police permissible, it is halchically mandated where raglayim ledava exists (a vague term that requires the rabbis to play the role of gatekeeper). Interestingly, the teshuvos of the poskim quoted by Shlomo Gottesman at the halacha conference and again by Chaim Dovid Zwiebel on the Zev Brenner show this past week as the foundation of the Agudah policy were all issued before Rav Matisyahu's speech! The letters can be found here, http://www.utzedek.org/files/Yeshurun%20%28Shaarei%20Halacha%20Pamphlet%29.pdf beginning at page 15 of the pdf and the dates confirm that they were all issued prior to 2006. So if, as Agudah suggests in its most recent clarification, there is a chiyuv to go to the secular authorities where raglayim ledavar exists, why did Rav Matisyahu not mention that most crucial halacha? Why did the Agudah not issue these guidelines until May of 2011 - 7 years after the first teshuva of Rav Elyashiv was issued?

Berel Shain said...

Part Two:

The answer I believe lies in the fact that we are fortunate to have ignored the calls of the Mashgiach. The changes we are seeing (however painfully slowly) towards the attitude of sexual abuse by organizations such as Agudah were not inspired by the poskim; they were demanded by the community through the powerful medium of the unstoppable internet. Had we heeded the Mashgiach's call and shut down the blogosphere, Agudah's attitude toward sexual abuse would be the same today as it was ten, twenty and thirty years ago. Indeed the poskim themselves have reacted to the outcry of the community. Teshuvos on the permissibility and requirement to report sexual abuse were not written until recently - because the issue was not forced into the public arena until recently.

The revolution that continues to take place in the frum community concerning the proper approach to allegations of sexual abuse was started not by Agudah, not by a concerned posek, but by the rantings of an admittedly angry and at times out of control bloggosphere, which in turn inspired multiple victims to file federal lawsuit that accomplished the removal of an accused pedophile from a position that he held for decades. The gorilla tactics of anonymous bloggers changed our world forever - and for the better. At times, the tactics may have been unorthodox and the approach of some perhaps seemed over the top at times, but it was the blogosphere that affected a change that countless rabbonim declined to do themselves.

Agudah's policy requiring a posek to sign off before reporting sexual abuse to the authorities is dangerous. However, in the waters in which Agudah swims, the mere mention of reporting abuse to the police is, sadly, considerable progress. This progress is to the credit of the bloggers and the tireless advocates on the web who refused to bow at the alter of Daas Torah and instead demanded change. The poskim are slowly catching up and organizations such as the Agudah are even more slowly getting in line. But the credit belongs not to those in positions of leadership, not to those with long titles and seats at the dais, but to those in cyberspace who forced the leaders to act.

Nearly five years after Rav Matisyahu's blistering attack on the advocates for change in cyberspace, the bloggers and the commenters have only grown stronger. Baruch Hashem the hamon am turned a deaf ear to the Mashgiach's pleas. And today, every yeshiva boy owes them all a debt of gratitude.

Dr. Bungalow Baboon Neuhoff said...

It's guerrilla tactics, not GORILLA tactics.

I am against molestation of any kind. And you know how primates like to grope!

Anonymous said...

One thing, Berel - Iggeros Moshe has indirect Tshuvos that could easeliy pretain to molestation.

Archie Bunker said...

Another thing, Anon 5:56 - The Torah has DIRECT instruction. It's called LO SAAMOD AL DAM RAYECHA

Denver said...


This is like that fake ger who duped the whole Lakewood until Federal agents came to arrest him one day

Crown Heights said...

Let him start with his cousin Label Blesofsky


Rabbi Yossi Blesofsky of the Chabad of Northeast Queens said that once he heard the news of Kletzky’s murder he felt “total, complete shock and then of course anger.”

“I think [I had] the same reaction that everybody had: zero tolerance for all those predators that live among us and are covered up.”

Talmidei Margo said...


Some Baltimore Agudah Fresser writes a comment on the Forward blog to attack Phil Jacobs as a baal teshuva and sex abuse victim himself, so of course he has an agenda to out molesters.

Phil's senior editor Neil Rubin then writes, yes he is a victim. So what?

Has Phil ever publicly identified his abuser?

Anonymous said...

chabad of northeast queens on 26 ave in bayside runs a school in a fancy building with tremendously expensive tuition that became a status symbol among the dumb modern orthodox and secular who like to keep up with the jones. the place is a money making scam where the kids dont learn anything and the parents get milked for all kinds of dubious extra fees that no other school imposes. think of it as a get rich quick scheme with a moshiach now imprint

Bye Bye Ms American Pie said...

LONDON (AP) — A British man who threw a shaving-cream pie at media tycoon Rupert Murdoch was convicted Friday of assault and causing harassment.

Jonathan May-Bowles hurled a paper plate with a pile of shaving cream at Murdoch on July 19 as he was giving evidence to a Parliament committee in London over the tabloid phone-hacking scandal.

The 26-year-old protester admitted the crime when he appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court Friday.

The attack was captured by cameras as audiences from America to Murdoch's native Australia watched the baron endure a three-hour grilling by lawmakers probing allegations that the News of the World hacked into cell phones and bribed police to get information on celebrities, politicians and crime victims.


Commercial for a half minute before the song starts

Marvin Schick said...

He should have thrown a whipped cream pie from my brother's bakery. You see, Bowles is a WASP. Orthodox Jews don't throw pies in people's faces just like they don't molest kids.

His Name Might As Well Be Tendler said...

An Arizona man is facing a felony count of sexual abuse after forcing his maid to inappropriately touch him and then blaming Satan for his actions, MyFoxPhoenix reported Friday.
Bobby Guyton, 76, put the woman’s hand on his penis on four occasions while she cleaned his trailer home in Glendale, Ariz., police said.
The maid came forward in June, telling authorities that Guyton was making sexual commends toward her and she felt uncomfortable, MyFoxPhoenix reported.
Court documents state that at one point Guyton gave the maid a hug, grabbed her hand, and forced her to touch him, but he later told her that Satan must have been behind his actions.
During a confrontation call, he was apologetic and asked for her forgiveness, stating that he didn’t get any enjoyment out of it and hadn’t had sex since the 1980s, MyFoxPhoenix said.
After his arrest Tuesday, Guyton told police that he never grabbed the victim, and said she was angry because he was going to fire her. He stated that she tried to swing at him, but hit him in the groin and that he grabbed her hand as it was on his penis.
Later in the police interview, the suspect added that he may have kept her hand on his penis longer than necessary.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/07/30/elderly-man-blames-satan-for-inappropriate-grabbing-incident-with-maid/#ixzz1TeH7dxGj

What do you expect from a dick? said...

Andy Dick pleaded not guilty Friday to two counts of sexual abuse, Reuters reports.

Andy Dick arrested on charges of sexual abuse

The comedian is accused of groping two men and grabbing their crotches at a Huntington, W.V., bar in January 2010. A singular charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

Dick was most recently arrested in July 2008 on suspicion of drug possession and sexual battery for allegedly pulling down a 17-year-old girl's top and bra.

Israel Belsky SHLITA said...

BOSTON (Reuters) - A trucker who stepped outside his tractor trailer to urinate was killed when the vehicle lurched forward and struck him alongside a Vermont highway on Friday, police said.

Reginald Bailey, 70, of Lebanon, New Hampshire, was run over and dragged several feet by the slow moving tractor trailer, according to Vermont state police. The truck then barreled across the highway lanes and down an embankment.

Bailey had pulled over and stepped outside in front of the vehicle to urinate when the accident occurred, police said.

He was pronounced dead at the Central Vermont Medical Center, authorities said. Police said the incident remained under investigation and the truck was being inspected.

(Reporting by Lauren Keiper; Editing by Barbara Goldberg and Cynthia Johnston)

RebMoshe said...

I noticed a comment above:
"Mr Keller generally sexually targets teenage boys."

Can anyone answer the following questions:

Shouldn't these perpetrators be considered homosexual predators rather than the vague PC term molester?

Is the prevalent PC liberal mentality in the Jewish community stifling any discussion of homosexual predators?

Are the unconstitutional, fascist "hate crime" laws being used to suppress the free speech rights of those opposed to the homosexual agenda?

Anonymous said...

RBS residents should also be aware of a dynamic and "popular" female molester working closely with teenage girls. Shunted quietly out the back door of Beth Jacob in London because of these charges, she now occupies a position of responsibility working ( guess?) in a high school for girls. Keep your eyes and ears open-she has powerful friends.