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Yisroel Belsky's Bogus Loshon Hara Hazmana ...

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gross said...

Why does Belsky deserve even a modicum of respect? Outspoken in his pro-MBP/death stance and allied with the murderous Margulies/Kolko clan, the guy is no better than a street thug - er I mean a Satmar Chusid.

Anonymous said...

Interesting... Where is UOJ going with this - we thought the Greenwald affair was over with already...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back - Gross!

Where is ORTHOREV???

Saturday night live said...

Rabbi Belsky answers moral questions on a series called "Honesty" found on Torah.org.

Anonymous said...

Can you translate the letter for those of us who can't read Hebrew?

Anonymous said...

You all should read up about the founder of Torah.org


Jay Leno said...

Yisroel Belsky: Some of his recent legal positions as lackey of OU Kashrut, as found on web announcements, include:

Allowing genetically modified food as long as he's paid well and under the table.

Allowing unfiltered NYC water with Heinnemans blood in it.

He wears human hair wigs from India.

Accepting non-kosher meat from Postville, Iowa, despite the scandals.

Permitting the use of the Flatbush Eruv on Mondays.

He uses pilot lights when he's on an airplane.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, he was right on the wigs. Most of the guys on this blog would applaud his position on the wigs.

weatherman said...

Wednesday's forecast:

Extremely hot.

Anonymous said...

This is a summons from the Rabbinical Court addressed to E Greenwald, at the request of Y Kolko. The reason stated for the request to appear in court is "regarding defamation, and for [Greenwald ] to prove before the court the truth of his statements "

That don't sound so bad, does it? He should have gone and proven it on the record once and for all. It would have benefitted everyone.

Auto Report World Editors said...

UOJ, serious question,

Isn't a Beit Din obligated to issue a hazmanah regardless of the merits of the case if a petitioner to the court demands it? The merits can only be resolved at trial. Or is there some halachic standard for probable cause? The simple fact that a court issues a summons doesn't necessarily mean that the court is in cahoots with the plaintiff.

To be sure, the court should diligently strive to not be used as a weapon against victims, so I can understand the anger of those who are diappointed in Rabbi B. However, I'm not sure that he had a choice in this particular matter.

What do the real Jewish scholars here have to say?

Can you translate the letter for those of us who can't read Hebrew?

I'll take a stab at it.

Summons #1

To the honorable E. Greenwald, at the request of Y. Kolko, we summon the nitba to stand for a Din Torah (Torah Judgement?) with the tovaah to appear before our court.


The matter of judgement and applicable matters: Slander and to prove his words before the court.

[Standard boilerplate about how to respond to the summons and that the case will be judged on the evidence etc.]

Dated, Place
Yisroel Belsky
Judge of the Beit Din

RCA Rabbi said...

If I may.
The issue with Rabbi Belsky is hair raising. Rabbi Belsky as a personal friend of Yehuda Kolko should have asked Yehuda to go to a different bais din to have a hazmana issued.
Yes, a bais din is required to issue hazmanas at the request of a litigant, but the rosh bais din as a matter of ethics, should recuse themselves if there is a potential bias and conflict of interest.
When you consider the fact that Rabbi Belsky is allegedly part of the cover up of enabling Kolko to be in a yeshiva knowing that Kolko has been accused of sexual abusing children, this hazmana is very telling and seems to cast aspersions as to the credibilty of Rabbi Belsky.
Thank you.

ED said...

How disgusting this whole thing is. And this is from a community that wears hats and tzitzes. Your'e a bunch of f--ing phonies. Now after 45 years I have come to realize why I gave up orthodoxy

Anonymous said...

To the above commentors whom it may concern.

1) To the guy who now knows why he gave up orthodoxy. Oh and by the way, after reading about the disgusting cheating in the Tour De France, now I know why I gave up french toast 25 years ago. Puhleeeze...So this Hazmana is what enabled you to crytalize your thoughts after 45 years...I suspect your motivations were a little more complex. Let me introduce you to a kindred spirit. His name is Orthorev.

2) To Jay Leno. So Rav Belsky has come out what most of this blog's commentors would call the side of moderation and sanity on a number of hot button issues. e.g. water and wigs. Not sure I follow your point(s). He also happens to support the Psak of Rav Moshe zt'l on the Flatbush eruv. Is that a crime? I happended to have read his entire tshuvah on the water issue and it is a gloriously refreshing call for the frum community to get their basic facts, science, and gemarah straight before issuing knee-jerk isurim. As to the other alleged controversies. I don't know all the facts. Do you?

3) RCA Rabbi: So Rav Belsky is following Halachic protocal in issuing the Hazmanah and the issue is one of ethics, conflict of interest, and credibility becasue he is an alleged part of the "cover up". I would submit that we've drifted way into a subjective and murky area in ruling on just how conflicted he is on this matter. Let us not forget that his "complicity" in all of this is a notion that exists primarily in the world of this blog, and not beyond. Moreover, I would submit that as a matter of non-conflict, an assessemnt of Rav Belsky's ethics would be better issued from a Rabbi who is not part of the RCA.

Rabbi said...

Moreover, I would submit that as a matter of non-conflict, an assessemnt of Rav Belsky's ethics would be better issued from a Rabbi who is not part of the RCA.


OK, now we rule out the entire RCA as a body that is "not up to" criticizing Rabbi Belsky for what at the very least is a conflict of interest.

Did Rabbi Belsky approve of your slandering the entire rabbinical body that comprises 1000 plus distinguised rabbis?

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget that his "complicity" in all of this is a notion that exists primarily in the world of this blog, and not beyond.


Well, excuse me. Are you living in a cave? The entire Orthodox Jewish community, at least the ones that have the ability to think, are now convinced that Rabbi Belsky is involved in enabling Yudi Kolko for 40 years.
There is going to be testimony in the various depositions, of Rabbi Belsky's explicit, intentional and inexcusable complicity in the Kolko affair.
Guess what? The testimony will be coming from prominent rabbis and lay people that have no axe to grind with Rabbi Belsky.
The world will watch with amazement just how deeply involved Rabbi Belsky was.

mt mehdi said...


I am long time lurker and big fan of yours, but I respectfully disagree with you on this issue. When a person receives a Hazmana he is allowed to change venue and use a different Bais Din.

Therefore, if a litigant is not comfortable using Belsky's B"D, he can always answer the Hazmana that he prefers to use a different B"D. Being that is the case, issuing a Hazmana is no big deal, even if there are biases between plaintiff and B"D.

Anonymous said...

Friend and Supporter of Greenwald said:

Rabbi Belsky does present a breath of fresh air, in a certain respect, with his blend of science and Torah. His take on the shaitels and bugs in the wateras anon said above should sit well with this blog's audience.

However, here is the problem with the Hazmanah.

Greenwald received the Hazmana from Kolko a few hours after speaking to Margulies. Upon pressuring Belsky's Shaliach for the reason that he was being taken to Bais Din and to specify the broad charges, he was first told that Rabbi Belsky said that he didn't have to specify the charges (I believe that this is against Halacha) and finally told that Margulies had told Belsky that he (Greenwald) was part of the anonymous letter writing campaign.

First, a total fabrication. Greenwald had called Margulies after learning about the letters and conducting an independent inquiry into the claims. He did not send the letters.

Second as the Toveah was Kolko, why did Rabbi Belsky even talk to Margulies - let alone accept his lies? Margulies was not a party to this at all. This alone paseled Rabbi Belsky from taking the case.

Greenwald asked 2 Rabbonim who told him that Rabbi Belsky had paseled himself from hearing the case and elected to go to a different Bais Din.

He never did here back from Kolko/Margulies.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

MT Medhi,

While I agree with you on the technical aspects of the proceedings, as one that is in the know, I can tell you with certainty, that Belsky's hazmana was with the explicit intent in shutting-up Eli Greenwald, the ONLY man with the integrity in the entire community to stand up to Margulies.

Anonymous said...

Mt. Mehdi:

Don't you realize that MArgulies/Kolko were using the Hazmana as an intimidation tactic to silence Greenwald, the only Torah Temimah Parent who stepped up to the plate and demanded that they fire Kolko?

People in Flatbush/Boro Park are so afraid of the Establishment and worried about nonsense like shidduchim.

They fully expected Greenwald to shut up the way all their other "victims" over the last 25 years had - such as the father of one of Kolko's victims who was intimidated (can't blame him) after MArgulies personally called him and threatened his children's safety.

Sure Greenwald responded by selecting another Bais Din. He did not flinch, but their intention was PURE INTIMIDATION and Rabbi Belsky enabled them to accomplish their goals. He was not an innocent bystander. Had Greenwald not withstood their tactics, Rabbi Belsky would have helped quash an important voice of truth and assisted Kolko/MArgulies in perpetuating their cover-up.

As the commenter above stated, why did he even talk to MArgulies if the Tovea was Kolko???

at least I made up a name said...

Moreover, I would submit that as a matter of non-conflict, an assessemnt of Rav Belsky's ethics would be better issued from a Rabbi who is not part of the RCA.


The three points made in anonymous (at least make up a name) sound balanced and reasoned. If not correct, then certainly respected as part of constructive discourse.

As for the quote I've pasted above, I wish you hadn't ended your intelligent comment with an completely unnessesary and even vicious ad hominem attack. This reveals your biases and if you were to be judged on the same scale that so many are judging UOJ, your arguments would therefore be summarily rejected.

Avoid the attacks. Stick to the issues. Jews are certainly allowed to argue. But for goodness sake, the hatred is killing me.

Anonymous said...

What is in the forecast for today???

Anonymous said...

...I probably could have worded it better, but all I meant is that it is not news that the RCA and Rav Belsky do not always see eye to eye. I was not suggesting that the RCA is a corrupt organization. Sheesh.

at least i made up a name said...

...I probably could have worded it better, but all I meant is that it is not news that the RCA and Rav Belsky do not always see eye to eye. I was not suggesting that the RCA is a corrupt organization. Sheesh.


There. Now doesn't that feel better? We can all improve the world by leaving one pleasant blog comment at a time.

steve said...

What's the latest on the Mondrowitz case?

Anonymous said...

He Took My Innocence Away’
South Carolina man alleges Brooklyn rabbi sexually abused him 20 years ago; third accuser against Rabbi Kolko and Yeshiva Torah Temimah.
Jennifer Friedlin - Special To The Jewish Week

By the time (survivor) entered the seventh grade, he said that Rabbi Kolko had his total trust. It was then that Rabbi Kolko allegedly began touching the boy inappropriately. (survivor) said Rabbi Kolko would pull him from class and take him to his private office, where the rabbi would put his hands down the boy’s pants and fondle his genitals. On some occasions, Rabbi Kolko would follow (survivor) to his private bathroom to “help” him buckle up his pants. (survivor) said Rabbi Kolko would then grope him.

The Belsky Papers said...

Belsky, Kolko and Marguilies,

Are sick verminous slime who are so sickly warped in their twisted view of Judaism that they clearly are making buffoons out of their collective selves.

Picture this:

In my shul on shabbos I saw a 'halachic' discourse paper by belsky, in it he had 29 different retarded 'shailos' about milk and meat.

Questions such as:

1. what if chew meat for .5 seconds and then spit it out.

2. what if I 'swish' (yes this is the word they used- "swish" clearly imbecilic) my mouth with clear chicken soup and spit.

and on and on and on...

the singular focus on sheer stupidity..

But to say one god damn thing about child abuse- NNNOOO!!

I literally daven everyday for belsky to be removed from any 'rabinic' position that he has and for the 'Ha'mon Am' to wake up to the scam that represents the current jewish rabbinate.

I am starting a blog that will be entirely un-moderated and will be a forum for all to reveal their own personal stories of how belsky and the corrupt rabbinate have injected their vile slime and crooked 'decrees' and 'psaks', in the guise of das torah, into their lives.

R. Roberts. said...

Being a Orthodox Jew, even as not being totally observant, i find it repulsive that there are bloggers who dare to talk against the great Rabbi Yisroel Belsky. I am sure he knows exactly about those accused. According to Jewish law anyone has a right to petition someone in a Beth Din. Of course if Kolko Petitioned someone to Beth Din he has the right to, and then he will present his side of the story. It's unfortunate that people are so ready to attack our great rabbis. It is the greatest disgrace. How dare anyone. Hold your tongues and your pens, for the wrath of G-d is strong over those who attack those who he loves.