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"I will be attacked with ridicule from all sides. What can I do? A fire is burning within me, and within a thousand Jews like me!"

The UOJ Archives - August 5, 2006

"I will be attacked with ridicule from all sides. But what can I do? A fire is burning within me, and within a thousand Jews like me... A fire, which cannot be extinguished." .... Rabbi Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz zt"l, the "architect" of Torah in America, written in 1923.

" Lishmoa lillmod u'llelamed, lishmor v'laasos u'lkayem es kol divrei talmud torahsecha b'ahaava".... from the Ahava Raba in our daily tefillos.

Lillmod k'dei l'lamed...We learn our holy Torah to be able to pass it on to our children for the generations. We learn the holy Torah, kdei likayim, in order to fulfill "all" of the learning of your (our) Torah with love!

Judaism is a religion of practice; Hashem did not gift us with the Torah to study for knowledge sake and then to discard the practices that separate us from the other nations of the world. We are to serve God so we can be better people for it.

The Torah is a prescription medicine for life, it was meant to be a cure-all for the illnesses that all humans suffer from. It was not meant to be a tool to hurt people, it was not meant to be used and abused to make money for our personal gain at the expense of the weak and the downtrodden. It was certainly not meant to punish the innocent with harm that will endure for a lifetime.

Rabbonnus was meant for the morally and ethically superior people in the mold of Moshe and Aaron; to lead us away from our temptations and human frailties. It was not meant for people to capitalize on it to create institutions from public funds to enrich their personal fiefdoms.

As Moshe and Aaron "suffered" for being great; Moshe not being permitted to enter Eretz Yisroel and Aaron losing his two sons to a fiery death, we demand accountability and moral purity from our "leaders." Our leaders are NOT to be given a pass when their mistakes cause great harm to the masses. They, by their positions, are to pay a very dear price for their foibles. So much more so when their sins are either intentional or out of ignorance!

Yes, there's a fire in me that I can not extinguish, nor will I. We are hemorrhaging internally. The bleeding is getting worse as we continue to ignore the patient...all of Am Yisroel! Our "doctors" are out to lunch and causing death and destruction to the people destined to be a light unto the world. They are mocking God by pretending to take care of the patients entrusted to them; but instead are injecting them with a spiritual poison.

Why have we not learned? How many more fake Messiahs do we need to learn that we have been taken by the Moshiach hucksters who have seen him in a dream or a vision?

Why have we not learned that the people that predict the date of his arrival are cruel opportunists using religion as a form of crowd control to the ignorant?

Why have we not learned from the utter failure of a particular Movement to bring authentic Judaism to the masses, and instead turned their organization into one big global soup kitchen?

Why have we not yet learned that "kollel" is for the mitzuyonim, the best and the brightest, and l'maan Hashem let's force the others to get up early and go to bed late learning Torah...but must earn a parnassah for their family?

When Rav Bick z"l cried out "the yeshivas are producing inferior humans", the Torah world went into a feeding frenzy; "what can you expect from a person who was a product of Y.U."?

Why have we not yet learned that we must reconcile science and Torah; When science contradicts Torah, Torah wins. But if we can reconcile the new scientific findings WITH the Torah, if we don't, the intelligent b'nei Torah among us will question the validity of the entire Torah?

Why have we not learned that the chitzonyus, the exterior, the l'vush, the clothing, is absolutely meaningless if our hearts are not pure. We can not clothe ourselves one way, when our actions are in total contradiction to the way we appear.

Why have we not learned that we were m'kabel the Torah at Sinai, which includes the Neviim and the K'suvim...all the rest that came later was NOT incorporated in our Torah. The feel-good writings of the various people are not Torah, they are theories of individuals, albeit many individuals. Z'miros does not take the place of learning. D'veykus and Tzimtzum are not theories that were given to us at Sinai. Being m'dabek to a human is Christianity and is not part of Judaism. To idolize a person is to violate the basic precepts of the Torah. "Tzimtzum" is in direct contradiction to the way the Torah describes the sheshes y'mei breishis.

And NO, I do not believe for one second that metziza b'peh is an integral part of the milah. The vast majority of frum Jews would never permit their child to be subjected to that distortion of the emes. No, I do not believe for one second that Avraham Avinu performed metziza b'peh on himself - as per Rabbi Yisroel Reisman! Some people who know better made a horrible judgment call when they decided to become the spokesmen for Satmar and that entire group of illiterates and peasants. Children are getting ill and dying and we're playing politics. Shame on you!

There is no common folk. All Jews are very special. For people that find it difficult perhaps to study Torah the conventional way; there is Art Scroll, Torah Tapes, Daf Yomi on the Internet....etc. Singing songs does not constitute learning Torah although it feels good. We have suffered throughout time from charismatic leaders who caused much pain and destruction to our people. When their views conform to the Torah it becomes acceptable, not the other way around.

Let's not forget that a few short years ago Rabbi Aaron Kotler zt"l would not permit a shtreimel in the Bais Midrash of Lakewood. Let us not forget that Rabbi Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz zt"l would not permit his talmidim to wear their arba kanfos (tzitzis) over their shirts. What do you think he would say if a bochur walked into the yeshiva bedecked in 80 pairs of tzitzis?

As far as R' Elchonon's actions; the concept that talmidei chachomim are infallible has let us down time and time again. R' Michoel Ber Weissmandel zt"l was writing letters to the U.S.A. about the horrors going on in Europe as R' Elchonon kept going back, time and time again after his fundraising trips to America. He clearly knew what was at stake, and chose death over life for himself and his talmidim. He was photographed in the U.S.A. in the summer of 1939 (see The ArtScroll), when there were no questions in any person's mind about Hitler's plans for the Jews, and he chose death for himself and his talmidim.

So I can not sit idly by as this fire is consuming me, but I will not let it destroy me...." V'heenei boer b'aish, v'hasneh aneinu ukal". I see the Establishment yawning as the sex abuse issue goes un-addressed in a meaningful way. Yudi Kolko is still employed by Lipa Margulies and the Establishment is singing z'miros. Since I have now secured the attention of the media, I will conduct my own Jewish global warming experiments, and will keep turning up the heat until the "climate is right" to fix the ills that are destroying us. There will be another informative article in the secular media on Monday.

Wake up from your slumber dear Yiden; I am pleading with you!

Why have we not learned yet that there are people who really care about Yiddishkeit, and genuinely love klal Yisroel even when there's no "profit" to be made?

I'm here to stay! If you don't like it, add another hechsher (third) to Empire chicken!


Anonymous said...

Its amazing to me the after lines and lines of your disjointed unintellgible hateful screed, all we can glean is that you feel like you have the right to pasul everyone in Judaism who isnt exactly like your little litvish-slightly-modern outlook.
Why have we not learned yet that the torah was not given on sinai to us in order that we might think that we have the exclusionary monopoly on truth.

You dont like - sephardim, chasidim, yeshivish, kabbalists, spiritual jews or modern jews who go away for pesach to hotels.

So tell us, whom do you like? yourself? your minyan of likeminded people here?

truly an am segulah.

Anonymous said...

Yudi Kolko is still employed by Lipa Margulies

What does that show?
Maybe, after all your way is not the right way?

With an expose in such a "major publication" one would think Kolko would be in prison by now.

What's the deal UOJ?
Why isn't the klall buying all this from you?

Rubashkin said...

I'm here to stay! If you don't like it, add another hechsher to Empire chicken!

So you're against Hechsheirim too?

Anonymous said...

if yk loses his court case, what the klal says or thinks won't matter.

historians would debate whether anyone really understood what hitler was planning. hindsight is 20/20. the wannsee conference which decided all of european jewry's fate was later. pogroms were common for centuries. so, why didn't they leave?

i'd like to buy a fake Rolex and a rolodex.

i think uoj cares and is making rational statements. But, why no apologies for outing people who claim they were innocent?

Toned down rhetoric is good. Menschlichkayt is supposed to be consistent behavior. No?

give it up UOJ - they're all idiots... said...

Yudi Kolko is still employed by Lipa Margulies...What does that show?...What's the deal UOJ? Why isn't the klall buying all this from you?

To the one who commented above:


Anonymous said...

Your rant does not address the concerns of Eli Greenwald at all. If anything, you provide justification for that which he seeks.

Larry King said...


Why can't uoj just apologize?

Why is it so hard for him to admit that he has gone too far?

Why does he keep on making fun of Yiddishkeit and everything that surrounds it?
Does he really think that by mocking everything he will gain anything?

Doesn't he realize that his words aren't being accepted like they used to, because of all this ridicule and fun poking?

Why is he STILL busy with Lipa Margulies even after Kolko is out of YTT?

And you all still say uoj is a smart intelligent man?

What A Bruch!

Anonymous said...

Fine. We are all impressed with your sincerity, whether we agree or not. That said, this doesn't address the issues raised in Eli Greenwald's post, and comes across as a cop-out.

the truth hurts said...

1. there was machloykes in torah vodaas in reb shraga feivel's time against the founder of the m'lochim who taught there.

2. reb elchonon fostered machloykes against rabbi revel's RIETS when he came to america - he told manischewitz to stop supporting 'revel's yeshiva'.

3. long before reb shraga feivel's call for kashrus honesty reb velvele margolies condemned the corruption of the agudas harabbonim and opened up a new organisation called the knesses harabbonim - over kashrus.

what i am saying is that uoj has now - in 2006 - cottoned on to the corruption, dishonesty, lies and machloykes (so-called le'sheym shomayim) that has in truth dogged the jewish community literally since we left mitzrayim. a list of the recorded disputes would run to many thousands. when examined in detail no protagonist comes out smelling of roses. in the story of the emden-eybschutz machloykes, for example, it is clear that both sides resorted to tactics that were immoral and reprehensible - all le'sheym shomayim, of course.

close-knit communities with powerful leaders lend themselves to corruption. If you want to benefit from belonging to such a community - and the benefits are certainly abundant - it is best to just keep shtum and gloss over the bad stuff. If that was not the case a guy like UOJ would call it a day and become an all-american goy. I mean, why bother to try and change something that's rotton? In any case, there really is no chance that he will repair a system that is carrying about 3 and a half thousand years of negative baggage, is there? Seriously - is there?

UOJ - I am with you all the way, but your campaign is simply a waste of time. You might win against Margulies and Kolko - yemach shemom - but you will never root out the endemic faults and bugs in a system that for most people works.

Someone who cares said...

Maybe the emes hurts, but no pain, no gain.

UOJ, you're a prescient observer of the worldwide Jewish community, and something tells me you have the authority to credibly make such observations.

I suspect if people knew who you really were, this would become even more apparent.

Kol Hakavod and don't give up. Recent history has shown that someone like you only comes around every hundred years or so. And you're right on schedule.

Still Wonderin' said...

"If you want to benefit from belonging to such a community - and the benefits are certainly abundant - it is best to just keep shtum and gloss over the bad stuff. If that was not the case a guy like UOJ would call it a day and become an all-american goy. I mean, why bother to try and change something that's rotton? In any case, there really is no chance that he will repair a system that is carrying about 3 and a half thousand years of negative baggage, is there? Seriously - is there?

UOJ - I am with you all the way, but your campaign is simply a waste of time. You might win against Margulies and Kolko - yemach shemom - but you will never root out the endemic faults and bugs in a system that for most people works."

This is the most krum, corrupt idea I have ever seen on this blog. and that's saying plenty!!!!

As far as you're concerned we should just give up. Corruption is tolerable as long as we can enjoy our nice comfortable frum community with kosher restaurants and shomer shabbos banks. But if the core is corrupted and no one cares then what are we living like this for. Why?? If that's the attitude then being an all-American goy sounds like a very attractive option. I'd rather be a genuine goy that a corrupt, phony, apologist, and willfully blind Jew.

Nitzor L'shoncha Meirah said...

UOJ, I don't know where you're coming from in Yiddishkeit, but I don't think you are on a par with- Rav Elchonon Wasserman ZT'L, Rav Kaduri Zt"l, Rav Scheinberg Shlita, etc. that you can criticize them.What I know to be true is that according to The heilige Tsanzer Rebbe ZT"L is that most of the Rabbonim in HIS time were from the Erev Rav and succeeding generations even more so, but, since we don't know who is and who isn't erev rav, we can't carte blanche knock everyone who we disagree with. I have my personal bones to pick with certain "Gedolim", but, I don't air my views in public.

Anonymous said...

You are so right, tsar. UOJ doesn't wear 80 pair of tzitzes.

The press has historically been the vehicle for attacking views one disagrees with. Hamoidia is the agudah's organ.

The Reform are goyim, right? They knock gedoilim, but don't know what to say. Conservative rabbis have strong breastbones. Unorthodox Jews, hu are thay? Where's the movement, an office, their raison d'etre?

if uoj would become a rebbe, the media will attend his tish, but Reform is a verb and speaks to millions. Reconstructionists don't know how to build. UOJ is interested in luxury condos, rooting out evil, unmasking phonies, and will not apologize for being unorthodox, meaning, himself.

Auto Report World Editors said...

in the story of the emden-eybschutz machloykes, for example, it is clear that both sides resorted to tactics that were immoral and reprehensible - all le'sheym shomayim, of course.

How dare you raise this machloykes? Reb Yonason Eybeshutz was a gadol among gedoyoyoylim. Frum hagiography demands that we pay respect to Rav Eybeshutz, regardless of the fact that R. Yaakov Emden, an acknowledged Torah giant, attacked Rav Eybeshutz as a secret follower of Shabtai Tzvi. The fact that modern scholarship strongly support's R. Emden's critcisms is proof that Eybeshutz was a good Jew - we all know that professors and secular scholars are intrested only in destroying Torah Judaism.


classmate of uoj said...

Thankyou so much for informing the world that in fact you care about all Jews. You are obviously proud of who you are and are not hiding as some people accuse you of.

Your name will only add to your credibilty, much to the chagrin of your detractors. I went to yeshiva with you; you were always unique and outspoken. May Hashem give you the courage to continue your holy work.

Anonymous said...

Come out of the closet already UOJ!

Anonymous said...

The corruption and rot has become so endemic that drastic steps have to be taken or else we are finished.
Keep up you holy work.

he is innocent said...

I'm sure he didn't approve of cursing all rabbonim.......................................................

Anonymous said...

His moment in the sun is coming to an end. He's received permission from his rebbe to leave the blogsphere, it would appear.

He makes the argument, a specious argument that the reason he is leaving the fray and became afraid of uoj because of this posted comment:

"” In fact, as he has discerned, nasty people, not uoj, are capable of nasty tricks. I do not approve of these tricks, but think it might be wiser to leave the dog alone.He writes, "It is comments like this that caused me to contact law enforcement officials."

UOJ DID NOT write those words, he merely chose to misunderstand them. I will be happy to discuss this with law enforcement if approached. I spoke truth which he chooses not to. He guesses. Uoj too, perhaps, but not me. His experts analyzed writing styles. Such experts are not experts. Fact.

What I responded to were the unbecoming threats coming from his followers camp Putzola and HIS cronies, their approach, threatening exposure, harm to uoj's family etc.

I, not uoj, wrote those words. Which words? nasty people, not uoj, are capable of nasty tricks. Which nasty people? His nasty people.

The thugs who threatend harm to uoj, wished evil upon him, curses, unbecoming of benei Torah. Uoj's agenda is to clean up klal yisroel, if he speaks too soon, and doesn't apologize for his impetuousity, then he's maybe not the right person to right all the wrongs in the world. But, if all of your actions, putzola are with rabbinic sanction, shame on your rabbis who protected vested interests, whose selfishness blinds them. The Torah is clear about warnings to dayyanim. They have their own unique yetzer hara. They are set up for shochad in multiple ways, warned against it, and if they fail, they will answer in the Bais Din shel maaloh for being less than they could be. But, let's be honest, you don't really know what you are talking about. You harumph with gaivo, producing transparent evidence which is weak, unsubstantiated, not based on facts, mere suppositions. I am certainly not uoj and will testify to this in any court, Jewish or secular. His allegations are not 100 percent. Putzola is a liar. I also can judge writing styles and know others who are expert in doing so. Anyone trained in the English language, and the police departments have such experts too, would know what he says is untrue.

uoj has complaints about the yeshiva world based upon his experiences, He's not the only one. Some of UOJ's complaints have merit.

Let uoj stir up a major irs audit on his beloved institutions, let the world know how much money fishman and shafran and bloom etc. are paid, how much they do for the klal.

Let Ger open its financial records.
Let Rabbi Belsky testify in open court and defend his daas toyreh in molestation allegations.

If uoj doesn't attack the innocent, mah tov umah naim, but if he has outed the guilty and they are guilty, putzola's attempts to whitewash them are fake frumkayt in action. His "facts" are untrue.

frustrated said...

innocent-cant you read? the majority of rabbonim he gave praise to. check out his list.


someone is going to expose to us the greatest jew that's living today!


Anonymous said...

mevazeh talmidei chachomim. That's the biggest avairo? They are moishe? Well, let's get real. Rabbonim are abused and have been for centuries. THAT goes with the territory, surely nothing new. Who he respects? I couldn't care less who. I care about those who abuse their power, who are undeserving of respect. If uoj is outing innocents, he is undeserving of respect. Let this be proven. If his claims have merit, he is deserving of praise, not the venomous anger of followers of evil who validate themselves as they protect institutions and individuals they are loyal to.

Putzola is the term uoj uses for the other website attempting to discredit him. Putzola is like hatzola. Let them be audited too.

The IRS should take putzola's admonitions and threats as a clear directive to target slimy institutions and the slime who are their mouthpieces and representatives.

putzola says after one final salvo he will be leaving the blogsphere, except when his loyal and faithful slime beg him to return.

Putzola has learned a lot from this experience. I'm not sure what and what for, but if the greater good of klal yisroel is served, that is all that really matters in the end, not end this or that, but ubiarta hara mikirbecha. If that's why putzola is leaving, farewell.

Anonymous said...

the hanholahahahahaha know who the greatest are...themselves.

Wikipedia said...

Quote in this week's Mishpacha - page 42 - 1st column
Dr. Indich adds: "Feeding mother's milk as long as possible has definite longterm health benefits, such as decreased chances as an adult of developing obesity, diabetes, hypertension, or atherosclerotic and heart disease. I've heard that Rav Chaim Pinchas Sheinberg, shlita, attributes his longevity and health in part to his mother's efforts to nurse him as long as possible."


Many things are left unanwered by this quote.

[1] How long is as long as possible? Bar-Mitzvah age? Chasunah age?

[2] What about the possiblity that Rav Sheinberg's mother nursed as long as possible so she shouldn't become preganant again after she saw that she gave birth to little Chaim Pinchas?

[3] What about the side effects of nursing for too long?
Eighty pairs of tzitzis to recreate the warmth of his mother's bosom? Maybe tzitzis sounds similar to a synonym of breasts?

He went to YU maybe thatss why he paskened infamously" no penetration" because he is just another MO Rabbi like Rav Bick.

Just a few things to ponder.

Anonymous said...

Don't even put tzitzis nut Scheinberg in the same sentence as Rav Moshe Bick.

Auto Report World Editors said...

Dr. Indich adds: "Feeding mother's milk as long as possible has definite longterm health benefits, such as decreased chances as an adult of developing obesity, diabetes, hypertension, or atherosclerotic and heart disease. I've heard that Rav Chaim Pinchas Sheinberg, shlita, attributes his longevity and health in part to his mother's efforts to nurse him as long as possible."

Sorry to digress but the health of Jewish babies is not far from our agenda.

One of the things I've noticed is the nexus between Frummies and Herbal-Granolist/Homeopathic/Blue-Green-Algea/Anti-Innoculation quacks. I noticed it long before the Sitner case - which shows that this is a dangerous and potentially fatal trend. Since Frummies seem to be prone to accepting things that make no sense, embrace questionable ideas about medicine (like rejecting Pasteur's germ theory when it comes to oral herpes and metzitzah b'peh), and openly reject much objective scientific thought (even though there really is no conflict between Torah and good science - if we truly believe hafach ba hafach ba v'kol ba), it doesn't surprise me that they would embrace medical quackery and fraud.

While there are definite health and bonding benefits to feeding infants human milk, the nannies are going after baby formula next, trying to portray food and pharma companies that make it into the next tobacco industry, blaming a host of health problems on formula (health problems that would disappear if children actually exercised). Nestle's invention of the first nutritionally complete baby formula in the 19th century was one of the things that led to a dramatic drop in infant mortality. Prior to that, if a mother had trouble nursing or a baby wouldn't nurse well the only solution was find a wet nurse and hope the infant thrived. Formula was so successful that by the 1950s entire generations of Americans were raised on formula. In the 1970s, the kinda hippy oriented LaLeche League started gaining popularity and the pendulum has swung back in the other direction towards breast feeding. The problem is that women are now being made to feel guilty for not breast feeding. The fact is that not every child will breast feed and not every mother can make milk for every child. My ex and I have three kids. They are all healthy, baruch HaShem. Our oldest didn't nurse well, and she had a staph infection at five weeks that required hospitalization - the interruption affected my ex's milk supply, so she was essentially a bottle fed baby. Our middle child would eat either and was pretty much breast fed until weaning and starting on real food - but he got plenty of Similac. The youngest would refuse formula and was exclusively breast fed. The oldest and youngest thus had completely different infant diets, both were low birth weight babies <5 lbs, and both are healthy.

Anonymous said...

UOJ, I must commend you. You are a genius to be able to put into words what is in your heart. And I am completely serious; I am not being sarcastic. I was touched by this piece and by your piece a few weeks back that also showed your sensitivity to the defilement of Judaism.

That's why you have to do exactly what you said you would, and turn up the heat until they get it. Perhaps I was naive, but I did not think they were THIS stubborn. I thought that after the NY Mag article they would start to get it. But no, it's been business as usual. Their arrogance knows no bounds!

I really feel that you are the only one who can save Judaism. No one has been able to until now, and when you come up with posts like these, that are heartfelt, and EMES, you give hope to thousands of us that yiddishkeit can return to its glorious past.

May Hashem give you strength to keep doing what you're doing. I would sign up for your olam habo'oh right now if I could.

Auto Report World Editors said...

the hanholahahahahaha know who the greatest are...themselves.

Of course, the hanholahahahaha takes its direction from the gedoyoyoylim.

Auto Report World Editors said...

200 hurt, 3 dead as rocket attack on Haifa causes buildings to collapse.

Anonymous said...

way to go, uoj.

Those who try to throw mud at others then slink off into the shadows are cowards, indeed. kol ha-poisel b'mumoi poisel.

But, look at the bright side: putzola is now much more chashuv than before. He is a bigger little somebody in the eyes of his rebbe. He is a bigshot, a Toira terrorist, kuloi l'shem shomayim, impressed by his actions, his logic, his sincerity. surely he deserves a modest midsection full page spread in the next issues of yated and hamoidia, and a seat next to favorite roshei yeshiva at the dinner.

He waited until after Tisha B'Av because he is such a tzaddik, but if he were truly a tzaddik, he'd abide by the internet ban. As long as nobody knows what's going on, klal yisroel has emunas chachomim in the gedoylim who don't know either. But, to punish, to threaten, to hurt others, that their legions know quite well.

Way to go, uoj. May those who wish you and any Jew harm be ne'eneh techila.

Jewish Survivors Of Sexual Violence said...

Vicki Polin, who is the founder of The Awareness Center, Inc. will be on an internet based talk radio show, "Ethicalife.com on Wednesday August 9th.

The topic is "A Jewish Perspective on Child Sexual Abuse"

For more information about the show:

agree with boog said...

Vicki Polin, who is the founder of The Awareness Center, Inc. will be on an internet based talk radio show, "Ethicalife.com on Wednesday August 9th.
Interesting. That's the same day Yudi Kolko was scheduled to have his kiddie outing at Lake Compounce!

gross said...


Besides for being a great method for mother-baby bonding, breast milk is loaded with macrophages and antibodies that are crucial in disease prevention and overall immunity in the baby. There is an important initial secretion (colostrum) stimulated by oxytocin and other hormones that has been proven uniquely beneficial for the baby's health because if its copious amounts of immunoglobulins that help line the infant's intestines, preventing bacterial invasion and food allergies.

While it's not the end of the world if a baby isn't breast fed it is important for a mother to at least attempt to do so.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Pick up tomorrow's New York Magazine; more about Kolko's ability to "pounce" on kids at Lake Compounce.

Anonymous said...

until god forbid rabbi kolko is proven guilty leave the guy alone...
what happened to innocent until proven guilty

Anonymous said...


Even with all this blog has seen, I never would have thought it would digress into a forum on the benefits of nursing...

Anyway, Gross pretty much hit it on the head. I happen to know a little bit about the "breastfeeding wars" (It is well documented that any media venue can generate an instant flurry of letters and attention by publishing an article on the conflicts faced by nursing mothers in the workplace) and he on the mark. Yes, of course we've all seen the emergence of an astonisghingly healty successful generation of baby boomers, who were largely formula fed. That does not negate the valid scientific evidence of the myriad benefits of nursing. Yes, of course , there is clearly nothing productive in making any mother feel guilty about her nursing difficulties. That does not conflict with encouraging successful nursing to the extent practical. I'm sorry your ex had supply issues. That does not mean nursing mothers should not seek the help of qualified professional to help them in such situations.
yes, there are definitely "nursing wackos" out there in the La Leche League ranks. But their presence does not negate the wealth of good they are responsible for.

Back to the polictical, I can't help but find a slight parallel between the sence of umbrage expressed at the nursing movement becasue of personal issues and latent guilt, and the whole theme of so many commenters on this blog who are comfortable dismissing all that good orthodox community has within it today because of the bad aspects it undenibaly has. I suspect that along with the usual "nivul peh" charges, that last sentiment captures alot of the opposuition that people feel towards this blog.

Ronnie-The Publisher/Editor said...

Update on the three way blog deathmatch.

Idiot #1 is spiking my posts about how UOJ and his new best friend have punked him and the other idiot. Meanwhile, Idiot #2 has turned on comment moderation at his site. My guess is that Idiot #2 is furiously looking through the blogger.com help pages to find out how to delete my original post, describing how UOJ set him up.

Idiot # 1 , Idiot #2,--- feeling like Reuters a little? Did your bias and agenda blind you to how you were being led down a path?

UOJ, if you or your new buddy are ever in Motown, I'll take you guys out for a nice tongue sandwich at Unique. I figure that with all the nonsense about Loshon HaRa hurled at you, and with the true LH being cast at your friend with yichus, a tasty bit of Lashon Tov would be in order.


"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Show up in court
Jewish Star - March 17, 2010


Bim Bam identity said...



The latest effort to psychoanalyze President Obama comes from Fred Hiatt, editorial page editor of the Washington Post. Hiatt offers "a theory about why President Obama is having a tough political time right now: He doesn't seem all that happy being president."

But Hiatt gets it backward. Obama isn't having political difficulty because he's unhappy; he's unhappy because he's having political difficulty. Or, as the president himself put it in an Ohio ObamaCare speech yesterday:

The American people want to know if it's still possible for Washington to look out for their interests and their future. They are waiting for us to act. They are waiting for us to lead. And as long as I hold this office, I intend to provide that leadership. I don't know about the politics. But I know what's right.
He knows what's right. And he cares so much about the American people that he is determined to do what is right, whether we want it done to us or not. Yet he keeps coming up against delays and obstructions. Where's the fairness in that? If he's omniscient and benevolent, doesn't he deserve to be omnipotent too?

You can see why this is frustrating for the president. No one doubts what needs to be done for the people--no one, that is, except the people. They tell anyone who'll listen that ObamaCare scares them to death. They even voted a Republican into the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts!

An Independent Women's Voice poll of voters in 35 "key swing districts," all represented by Democrats, finds that 60% think Congress should scrap ObamaCare and either start over or give up entirely. A plurality say they'd be more likely to support their congressman if he voted for ObamaCare in November and against it now.

Obama knows what's right, and he keeps telling us, but we refuse to get the message. As a result, Jim Clyburn, the House majority whip, tells McClatchy Newspapers he's not sure ObamaCare will come to the floor before Easter. That suggests that he and other Democratic leaders are having trouble rounding up the 216 votes they need to pass the legislation. You can see why they would be, if they listen to their poor deluded constituents.

That's why President Obama is unhappy. The American people voted for change. Dammit, why won't we change?

Shmarya groupie said...

Must have been an orthodox Jew from nearby Vineland.


(CNN) -- New Jersey authorities are investigating an announcement made over a public address system at a southern New Jersey Wal-Mart telling "all blacks" to leave the store.

Shortly before 5 p.m. Sunday, an unidentified male accessed the public address system at the Turnersville, New Jersey, Wal-Mart Supercenter Store, Gloucester County prosecutors said.

"All blacks need to leave the store," the voice announced.
Store management contacted the Washington Township Police Department, which opened an investigation in conjunction with the county prosecutor's office, Deputy Police Chief John Dalesandro said.

"The incident is being investigated by both law enforcement agencies as a suspected bias intimidation crime," local authorities said.

Both police and prosecutors are reviewing security camera video from the store. Any of the 25 in-store telephones could have accessed the public address system, although not all phones are within range of surveillance cameras, authorities said.

Dalesandro said there is no word yet on whether tapes of the announcement will be released to the public to help identify a possible suspect by voice.

"We don't think it was an associate, but we are working with police to make that proper determination," said Lopez. "The 24-hour superstore has some 700 employees, many of them part-time," Lopez said.

Some of the store's telephones can be accessed by customers, authorities confirmed.

Law enforcement officials said Wal-Mart is acting to limit the public address feature to a smaller number of in-store telephones. Lopez confirmed the New Jersey store is updating its intercom systems and said the company is looking at Sunday's episode to see if there are any lessons for the retailer's other 4,000-plus American stores.

Leopold Margulies said...


People in power make better liars, study shows

Avi L. Shafran said...

UOJ will have to answer for inciting everyone against this choshuve Yid!

NEW YORK - Bernard Madoff, the swindler who orchestrated a multibillion dollar fraud, was attacked by another inmate at the federal prison where he is serving a 150-year sentence, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing three people familiar with the matter.

The report said that the attack occurred last December. After it, Madoff was moved to a low-security medical center for treatment, where he was treated for a broken nose, fractured ribs and cuts to his head and face, according to a felon currently at the prison in Butner, N.C.

Bungalow Baboon Neuhoff said...


Baboons with a taste for Chardonnay grapes are terrorising farmers in South Africa's Western Cape wine region, munching tonnes of grapes ready for harvesting, local media reported on Monday.
Farms in the Franschhoek Valley had been emptied by rampaging Chachma baboons, who sneak into secured plots and help themselves with top grade grapes, The Times newspaper said.

"They can easily wipe out up to two tonnes of grapes a week when you are not watching, and that makes about 1,500 to 2,000 bottles of wine," said Mark Dendy-Young, farm manager of La Petite Ferme.

Dendy-Young said he had lost up to 40 percent of his harvest last month to the baboons.

Shlomo Dreck said...


In the next jail cell was a Jersey City employee who, unlike the other officials, didn’t keep a low profile, according to Catrillo. Catrillo says that the employee cursed out Dwek and other people whom he blamed for his downfall.

“I said ‘Shut the f--- up, this place is being videotaped,’ ” Catrillo said.

Catrillo also met some of the Jewish religious leaders arrested, including Rabbi Saul Kassin, the leading Syrian Sephardic Jewish cleric in the United States, who said a prayer for Catrillo.

On the subject of Dwek, whom Catrillo knew as “David,” he recalled running into him when he was processed for prison and seeing him shake his head. Catrillo said he recalled how the rabbi Kassin described Dwek.

“I remembered Kassin saying that Dwek was ‘an instrument of God sent to us for a reason, and we were not to be angry with him,’ ” Catrillo said.

Joshua Hoffman said...


A 40-year-old Malibu man has been sentenced to 5½ years in federal prison and ordered to pay $2 million in restitution to victims of a telemarketing scam that operated out of a Tarzana motel room.

Joshua Hoffman was sentenced Monday, about 10 months after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. Six co-defendants were previously sentenced in the scam.

According to authorities, the seven sold advertising in nonexistent publications such as The Veteran's Observer, American Black Employment Journal, The Hispanic World News, Women's World News and Israel Today/Jewish News.

Authorities said the ring defrauded 277 victims out of a total of $6 million.

Anonymous said...

Shea Fishman at the Fresser convention:


The climate for eating well

Israel Belsky SHLITA said...


JERSEY CITY, N.J. (WPIX) - Nitinkuma Patel had nothing to say as he was led out of the West District station house.

Cops say the 27-year-old man dubbed the 'serial urinator,' terrorized the Bergen Square neighborhood since December preying on young women..

"We've been plagued by a man that's been described as Asian or Middle Eastern," Jersey City Deputy Chief Peter Malbach told PIX News. "He's been going up behind females who were waiting for the bus or just walking and just urinating on the back of their leg."

Authorities say the attacks were all very similar and took place on a regular basis between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 a.m., when young women were headed to work and school. The alleged pervert was nabbed Wednesday morning by a sharp, plainclothes cop who was staking out the area when he spotted Patel..

The victim in Wednesday's attack was just 16 years old. Cops say the victim's ranged in age from teenagers to women in their early 30's.

People who live nearby are very glad this creep is off the street.

"Well congratulations, he's off the streets," one resident told PIX News. "He won't be peeing on anyone else."

Dr. Bungalow Hundt said...


March 17, 2010

New Finding Puts Origins of Dogs in Middle East


Anonymous said...


Puretz rarely spoke to the press about his dozen or so projects here, often leaving the selling to brokers.

Property records show the Brooklyn-based builder was involved in at least four foreclosures in the early 1990s involving properties in Manhattan, New Jersey and Florida, but that did not stop him from investing heavily here.

Troy Bolton said...

Must have been an orthodox Jew from nearby Vineland

Must have been Shmarya's nemesis Archie Bunker

Malibu beach bum / Chabad of Malibu said...

...A 40-year-old Malibu man has been sentenced to 5½ years in federal prison and ordered to pay $2 million in restitution to victims of a telemarketing scam that operated out of a Tarzana motel room....

Why if he lives in Malibu he needs to have office in Tarzana ?

Jacob Perlow said...



6:03 PM ET

A psychiatrist says that the German archdiocese led by the future Pope Benedict XVI ignored his warnings in the early 1980s about a priest accused of sexually abusing boys.

Fresser said...


It would be great if someone could come up with a chart like they have in England for price comparison of all stores on Pesach products.

It does get a little tricky though with some stores in NY putting fake price stickers with artificially higher prices to throw off the competition. You get a different, lower price at the cash register.

Politically incorrect said...

If you think Archie got Shmarya to break into a shvitz, just wait until I tip off this guy about FM.


Is Orthodox Jewish gun dealer Bill Bernstein an obnoxious right-wing agitator or a lovable curmudgeon? Either way, he's a progressive's worst nightmare.

By Jack Silverman
published: March 18, 2010

Politically incorrect said...


What caption would UOJ give this picture?

Anonymous said...

There is a statement in one of the earlier comments in this thread that I believe to be an error. It noted that Rav Aharon Kotler ZT"L did not allow anyone with a shtreimel to wear it in his beis hamedrash. I had heard this many years ago, and was able to discuss this with many of the talmidim from Lakewood of that era. My discovery was that Rav Aharon ZT"L did not disallow it. Rather it was the earliest talmidim chose not to wear their shteimels there. Rav Aharon was the SIL of Rav Isser Zalman Meltzer ZT"L who wore a shtreimel, and since Rav Aharon did not wear one, they felt that doing so would be a bizayon to him.

The report, as it had circulated, casts Rav Aharon as quite some misnaged. For those that knew him well, that is not accurate at all. He maintained differences in hashkafah, but did not have the opposition reflected in the prevailing belief of his hisnagdus. As the message of hisnagdus waned through the years, the boundaries between the chassidishe and litvishe communities weakened much B"H.

Alter Agudah Fresser said...


And though Nadler, the so-called “court poet of the Aguda,” was very much the darling of young religious readers who found him artistically appealing while maintaining some fidelity to traditional parameters, older readers, those who oversaw literary production at the Aguda-run newspapers and journals, were vexed by him.

Meantime, Nadler’s worm had turned, and by the end of 1933, he’d cut off his beard and peyes and left the religious world. His poems, with a distinctly left-wing political sensibility, advocating Communism, began to find their way into publications religious kids were not supposed to read—papers like the Lodz-based Communist journal Literarishe Tribune, where his poems shared space with ideologues like Isaac Deutscher.

Differences between Nadler and his Aguda handlers came to a head in late December 1933, when the party leaders meddled in a performance of the traditional play The Sale of Joseph, meant to be a fundraiser for Khinukh, an Aguda-run educational youth organization. Aguda leaders demanded that the actors in the play be either boys or girls, but not both. Mixing was mukste, or forbidden. They also demanded that the audience be divided by a mekhitse. In the end, neither the play’s directors at Khinukh nor the authorities at Aguda would budge, and the antagonism between them led to the performance’s cancellation.

Nadler, who wasn’t involved in the matter, was nevertheless furious at the meddling and angrily criticized the Aguda for putting its nose where it didn’t belong. He went on to attack Aguda representatives for their lack of action in Palestine, though he did not specify what that action should have been. As reported in the Yiddish daily Moment, Nadler’s grievances were news to the Aguda, and they were shocked by the acerbic provocations on the part of their “court poet.”

But Nadler’s criticisms were just an appetizer. In what seemed like an overnight transformation, he publicly announced that he had become a Communist, shocking everyone. The week after the Khinukh incident, in early January 1934, he gave a lecture at the Warsaw Jewish Literary Union in which he intended to explain his move from God to man. The hall was packed with young people—Hasidic and Communist alike. It was an uneasy mix, and furious arguments broke out between the two groups.

The Hasidim harangued Nadler the turncoat while the proletarians tried dragging them out of the hall. The two sides screamed and pushed and shoved each other until wild fistfights broke out. For his part, Nadler tried to read his text, to explain his exit from the world of Orthodoxy, which had apparently been a long time coming, but he was constantly interrupted by howling catcalls.

Amid the ruckus, a strange thing occurred. A young Hasid who looked remarkably like Nadler mounted the stage and awkwardly approached the poet, screaming in his face, “Akher! For me you are dead,” referencing the Talmudic figure, Elisha ben Abuya, who is said to have gone into pardes, paradise, and became an atheist. The young man began sobbing hysterically, tore his jacket, and collapsed to the floor, silencing the audience. The hysteric turned out to be Nadler’s brother, with whom he had studied in the Lublin Yeshiva, and who was now a rabbi in a Galician shtetl. Nadler’s transformation, in the mind of the brother, was a transgression so colossal that Nadler the poet had to be considered dead. Nadler the rabbi had, right then, begun the process of mourning.

According to Moment’s reporter, the reading was a complete fiasco, brought to an end with the onstage breakup of the Nadler brothers. The crowd dispersed shortly thereafter.

Nadler the poet didn’t stick around either. Immediately after the episode in the Warsaw Literary Union, he left for Paris to work for Di Naye prese, a new Communist Yiddish paper, and eventually became its editor, dropping the heavily biblical “Shmuel” for his nickname, “Munye.”

Agudah Fresserette said...


The concerns have the potential to put a damper on some Passover celebrations. “I think it’s definitely on people’s minds,” said Agudath Israel of America’s director of education affairs, Deborah Zachai, who has been working with New York City’s health department to distribute information about the disease (mumps).

Moetzes Resign! said...


Chief Rabbi: Book error could have meant resigning

OU Crony Watch said...

Menachem Genack wants to make sure with the Reform rabbis that the Left wing agenda gets pushed through to legalize all the illegal immigrants working for OU clients.


Sunday March 21, 6pm

Learn about the Jewish imperative to call for immigration reform on a conference call with Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), Rabbi David Saperstein (Reform), Rabbi Morris Alan (Conservative) and Rabbi Menachem Genack (Orthodox) and other leaders.

Register Here: http://www.jcua.org/immigrationcall.

Boog gets results said...


Acorn on Brink of Bankruptcy, Officials Say

Shmarya gets results said...


The authorities in southern New Jersey said Saturday that they had arrested a 16-year-old boy for activating a public-address system at a Wal-Mart store last week and ordering “all black people” to leave.

Eliyahoo William Dwek said...

Solomon Dwek is a true Kohen. He is a wealthy philanthropist, and a multi-billionaire.

The men that Solomon Dwek exposed are abhorrent. Solomon Dwek exposed those so-called ‘rabbis’ because of their corruption - and the Avodah Zara in question is Money. What would Solomon Dwek, the generous benefactor of those so-called ‘rabbis’ have had to gain by exposing those men? Use your logic. Even a little child would have been able to work this out.

Solomon Dwek is to be highly commended for his actions. He has uplifted the commendable principles of hessed and truth.

Those so-called ‘rabbis’ were warned by Solomon Dwek 3 times, to clean up their act. They all blatantly refused to do so – three times. Solomon Dwek had no option but to expose those people pretending to be religious, and using the Torah as their cover and cloak as good guys when they are not.

The Dweks from Aleppo, Syria, ARE the only true Cohanim. You should know that any Lashon haRA – slander - on a true Cohen – is completely Assur.