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Reliable and verifiable information on any member of the Tendler family is now fair game. You may post in the comment section or preferably, e-mail:a_unorthodoxjew@yahoo.com

Your anonymity is absolutely guaranteed if that is your desire! I am in contact with various members of the national media and others, that are investigating issues about the Tendler family that have not yet come to light. Feel free to come forward with your information confidently, knowing my impeccable reputation of keeping my sources confidential, and having been dead-right on the facts!

This matter is very relevant and urgent in many ways. Tendler is buying a house in Baltimore and positioning himself to begin his career anew. He still is involved with Torah.org. He is moving into a community with young married couples. HE IS DANGEROUS and in my opinion, seriously deranged!


From Luke Ford - edited slightly

Aron Boruch Tendler (born January 16, 1955) was the senior rabbi of Shaarey Zedek Congregation in North Hollywood, California. He resigned from his position in January 2006 under pressure (from his board and other Orthodox rabbis).

Aron's January 18, 2006 resignation letter had only one typo and was probably composed by two Shaaray Zedek leaders, Jim Kapenstein and Jack Yellin, who are high-powered lawyers at Disney -- the president of the shul and the chairman of the board of directors.

The letter made no mention of the charges of sexual abuse levelled against Aron by many of his former female students (as well as reports of consensual sexual philandering with adults over the past 20 years).

From a post to New Hempstead by a woman (a student of Aron's at YULA) who had a flirtatious and phone sex relationship with Aron over many years while she was an adult: "Several laywers over the years have asked us to go to the Beit Din as recently as last year but the majority of us are not religious and don't believe in this system and think it's a bit hypocritical to turn to the beit din when clearly Aron is not a religious man and neither are we religious."

I fact-checked the following post with a reliable source (a former female student of Aron's):

He has been cheating on his wife for 20 years. This is no loss to the Jewish world. I personally had an inappropriate relationship with him for 14 years. I have a friend who tried to commit suicide [overdosed in 2003] because he molested her at the age of 16 [and had a sexual relationship with her for more than a decade]. And yes, he told us he was molested as a child by a close family member. We tried for years to get rid of him and no one would listen to us, not even the then president of the shul. He knows it's ALL true and that's why he is resigning. For no other reason.

Aron Tendler served as teacher, Assistant Principal, and Principal at the (girls) Yeshiva University of Los Angeles High School. He was known as hip and cool by many of his students. His classes were more relaxed. If kids wanted to have a few drinks over a Shabbaton, Aron would only advise "Don't get sick."

Aron was replaced as principal of the girls YULA in 1987 after two underage teenage girls made complaints to Dr. Bruce Powell (the principal of secular studies and a non-Orthodox Jew) who became adamant that Aron had to go.

Dr. Powell told a reporter at the Jewish Journal Jan 26, 2006 (in an unpublished statement) that he left YULA before Tendler left and that the information on my website about him, Dr. Powell, was completely untrue.

I stand behind my story that Dr. Powell was adamant that Aron must go. Dr. Powell and Aron were at each other's throats at the time and their dispute was known around YULA and around the Los Angeles Orthodox community (and would be talked about for years afterwards by, among others, YULA students).

Instead of being called "Rav Aron," Tendler got the nickname "Rub Aron" for his behavior (at YULA boys school, at YULA girls school, at Shaaray Zedek, at NCSY, and elsewhere) with females above and below the California age of consent of 18.

Nineteen eighty seven was a tumultuous year at YULA Girls High School because of Aron's proclivities. There was constant and open conflict between him and Dr. Bruce Powell. Aron was frequently absent. Talk about these problems spread throughout the YULA community and beyond and never ceased over the next 18-years (though LA's Orthodox community did next to nothing to keep Aron out of positions of religious leadership).

In 1987, Aron Tendler was brought before a Beit Din (Jewish law court composed of three rabbis) on the charges of two underage YULA girls (both could be said to come from difficult homes but the girls did not have credibility problems except under the extreme duress of the Beit Din) that he sexually molested them. One girl said that he performed oral sex on her. The girls were broken down by the brutal questioning of the Beit Din (which, included, I believe, Aron's uncle Rabbi Sholom Tendler). Sholom Tendler successfully argued that his nephew Aron should be moved to the YULA boys school. Other than that, all Aron needed, according to Shalom, was "to study more Torah."

The two girls were on the fringe of the Orthodox community. They were worried about where they would go to college. They did not want to do battle with the powers that be at YULA. They chose not to press charges (either in Jewish life or in secular criminal court) after they were humiliated at the Beit Din.

One of the YULA girls Aron messed around with attempted suicide in 2005.

Aron taught at YULA boys highschool until about 1995 when he devoted himself to Shaarey Zedek and deeds of loving kindness in the wider community (particularly with troubled women).

Two of Aron's female former students (both of whom had sexual interactions with him, one while underage) estimate Aron had inappropriate relations with about 20 underage girls at YULA (from writing sexual poetry to inappropriate flirting to phone calls to rubbing himself against them repeatedly to groping, one girl he almost had intercourse with before she went to Dr. Bruce Powell, one girl said he gave her oral sex) and that he had forms of consensual sex (from phone sex to more, in much of it he professed an obsession with not spilling his seed as that is prohibited in the Torah) with 30 or more adult women in the past 20 years.

Aron's first two accusers to Dr. Powell had a falling out. One girl, even though she knew better, told Dr. Powell once that the other girl was lying about her fling with Aron.

Rabbi Aron Tendler has told people, including women he was sexually intimate with, that he was sexually molested as a boy by a close family member.

"We were at an all-girls school," says a female former YULA highschool student from this time. "Our hormones were going nuts. And Aron Tendler was there. He was flirty. He had two or three buttons of his shirt unbuttoned, walking up and down the hallway. He provoked it. Kids bored in school were flirting with him. I can't say he touched people unwillingly. I think they did it and then afterwards asked, ohmigod, what happened?

"He wasn't someone who was going to force himself him on you. Years later the girls woke up later and said, this was wrong.

"Before he'd have an affair, he'd discuss the halacha [Jewish law] about wasting sperm.

"Whenever it gets down to it, Aron gets afraid and removes himself. I heard he removed himself from the RCC. I'm surprised he isn't resigning from Sharei Tzedek. He has to be crazy to want this all to go public.

"He was very careful in the girls that he picked. He always picked girls who came from troubled homes, so that if we went public, he could say that we're crazy.

"I don't judge anyone, but when you stand on a podium and portray yourself as better than everyone else, and you say that we're crazy, that's the issue I have.

He's living a double life. He's been cheating on his wife for 20 years.

"When you're in the Jewish world and you look at Aron Tendler, you might think he's sexy, but when you're in the outside secular world, and you look at him again, it's like night and day.

"Aron told one of the girls that he had had an affair while his wife Esther was pregnant and she had a stillborn baby, and he always felt it was punishment for cheating on her.

"He told me stories about a woman in Beverly Hills and when her husband was away, he would go over to her house and they would just lie in bed naked together. He was all into the halacha against spilling your seed.

"He shouldn't be running a shul. If two adults want to have an affair, then have an affair. It's morally incorrect but not worth tattling about.

"[For several years after highschool], I couldn't be at an event where he didn't approach me. There could be 500 people in the room. He would make it straight to me and ask me if I wanted to go outside and talk. I thought, aren't people wondering what we're talking about? I realized he was telling people I had problems and I needed to talk to him. But really, he was flirting with me.

"When he'd walk away, he'd be standing with some single guy and they'd be looking back at me and laughing. I remember saying to him once, 'Were you talking against me?' I was so naive. I thought, he's not going to talk lashon hara [evil speech]. He's a rabbi. I must be imagining it.

"Then [fellow student and friend] would tell me things he would tell her about me, and he would tell me things about her, so finally I realized he was talking against me. When I'd bring this up to him, he'd say, 'You know I love you.'

"SSS was much more damaged by him than me. She confronted him recently. He said to her, 'I'd talk to you about it but I'm still sick.' He admits it.

"If I was him, I'd say, 'I need help.' Play the victim. Just stop telling people that we're crazy and lying. That just forces people to tell their stories.

"The Shaarey Tzedek board was told two years ago these stories and all they did was blame the women.

"A letter was written to his wife Esther two years ago with everybody's story in it. Esther got it and almost had a heart attack.

"The wife had to know that what was in the letter was true because it was filled with intimate details about their marriage that he had told all of us. Even a girl who stayed in their house and the situation she had with him."

A female former student of Aron's at YULA reports about Aron and one of his YULA students: "They would meet, talk and touch [in a parking lot and elsewhere]. The flirtation went on for two years. The sex was planned for a school outing at Brandeis and when they were alone and she was confronted with it, she ran out. At that point when they came back from the trip, she went to Bruce Powell."

The stories about Aron's behavior have gone on for years. Every major Orthodox rabbi in Los Angeles knows about the complaints against Rabbi Aron Tendler. I do not believe that anyone did more to protect Aron's positions of religious leadership than did his uncle Sholom Tendler, who said Aron just needed "to learn more Torah" to overcome his molestation inclinations.

No civil lawsuit has been filed against Aron Tendler in this matter (due to its nature, the women who say that Rabbi Aron Tendler molested them don't want to go public as most of them have familes of their own, and communities tend to rally around their leaders and stigmatize those who accuse the leaders of sexual misconduct).

Aron is popular with his peers who are loathe to discipline him. Aron is a "nice guy." He's "humble."

From a Tendler perspective, one could view Rabbi Aron's behavior as bagging trophies of the virgins under his care. He did it out of love. He initiated them and prepared them for a mature relationship with their later husbands.

A Tendler could argue that these girls had emotional problems, and Rabbi Tendler was curing them through bodywork and helping them appreciate the physical dimension of life. This is what God intended in creating the world.

Aron's rabbi-brother Mordecai is also being investigated by the RCA for sexual misconduct.

A male graduate of YULA Boys High School who knew the two girls who brought the initial charges against Aron (he is no longer Orthodox) says: "The good girls who bought the company line and stayed mainstream Orthodox, they don't want to touch this. They want to get on with their Orthodox lives. When hey were 20 or so, they were set up on shidduchim (dates) with Orthodox men. They married Orthodox men and made Orthodox lives. They have children going to Orthodox day schools. They belong to Orthodox synagogues. They don't want to hear anything about the girls who were outside the fringes. They respect people in positions of [power in Orthodoxy]. They don't know anything about the fringe and they don't want to believe that that stuff happened.

"A couple of guys friends and I were friends with these two girls. We knew what was breaking out. We tried to find out more. We talked to our friends. The girls were traumatized. One girl went in there and said, 'How dare you preach morality when you have a rabbi who's making advances at me?'

"That sent Dr. Powell off. He said, 'What the hell are you talking about? You better be serious about this.' That started an investigation which culminated in the Beit Din. He got a slap on the wrist and moved to the boys school under the supervision of his uncle Sholom Tendler. A few years later, he gets hired [as Shaarey Zedek's rabbi] and he's teaching all these courses to women and counseling women.

"In those days [1987], if you were a girl who admitted to sexual activity, you would have a credibility problem [with the Orthodox community]. You were a bad girl. So the girls who brought charges against Aron were regarded as bad girls [by the YULA establishment].

"These girls weren't bad girls. They were exploring life and questioning. They weren't saying this about any other teacher or any other person in authority in their lives.

"Aron would hone in on the girls who were attractive and problematic and have his jollies.

"The stories about Aron were consistent, that he would cross lines.

"I remember one of my friends showing me the poem that he wrote [to a girl]. It was inappropriate.

"Aron is a smooth talker. He's an intelligent man. He's studied philosophy and psychology. Even if you caught him at certain things, he'd say, 'Well, Kant and Freud say it's important to share your meaningful experiences with the youth so that they can identify and appreciate it and grow.' He has an answer for everything.

"Aron crossed lines with girls I knew. Though inappropriate, his actions regarding the girls who came forward at that time could be, and were, covered up and explained away. For example, who can prove the insinuation of poems? And who can prove whether a touch was intimate or not? I believe that the problem with the situation with the girls who came forward was that in their case there was not enough solid evidence (nor enough sexual activity) to make their charges hold up."


Beth Jacob Honors Predator-Rabbi Aron Tendler

Aron Tendler was seated on the bima (elevated pulpit-like area in front of the shul) at Beth Jacob Saturday morning. Rabbi Steven Weil (who's kicked more than 50 people out of his shul since taking over about six years ago to create, he says, a safe haven for his members) said a few laudatory sentences about Aron Tendler. It's an annual thing for Rabbi Aron Tendler to come to Beth Jacob (and perhaps say a few words in honor of his grandfather Rabbi Moshe Feinstein).
Rabbi Aron Tendler delivered a lecture at YOLA entitled, "When was the last time you really said I love you?" It's available on 613.org: "The topic itself is one of my favorite topics. I always wonder when was the last time I really said I love you to my own wife."

He also gave a Purim class at YOLA entitled: "In Search of Adam's Clothes."

Rabbi Aron Tendler is famous for speaking out against domestic abuse.

Bringing Jewish domestic violence out of the closet
Fine, Arlene. The Cleveland Jewish News. Cleveland: Feb 6, 1998.Vol.68, Iss. 20; pg. 32

"The safest place for a woman should be in the arms of her husband," says Rabbi Aaron Tendler of Shaarey Zadek Congregation in North Hollywood, Calif. "If she doesn't feel that way, she must immediately get out of the relationship and seek help. If there is no kindness between a woman and her spouse, the sadness can be overwhelming. No one deserves that."

Rabbi Tendler's comments on domestic abuse and those of several other leading rabbis, plus poignant testimonies from formerly abused Jewish women, are brought into sharp focus in the recently released videotape on domestic violence, "To Save A Life: Ending Domestic Violence in Jewish Families."

The worst advice a rabbi or professional can give a woman in an abusive relationship is to simply return to her husband and forgive and forget, says Rabbi Tendler.

"Certain sins just can't be forgiven. When a woman is being abused, no one should tell her to go home, cook a nice supper and then things will get better. Things do not work that way. Without professional help, there is no way an abusive relationship can suddenly turn into a loving one."


Area rabbis learn about domestic abuse:
Multi-denominational workshop spurs dialogue on a difficult topic.
Rzepka, Susan. The Cleveland Jewish News. Cleveland: Oct 30, 1998.Vol.70, Iss. 6; pg. 18

Last week, a group of rabbis from all denominations gathered at Green Road Synagogue to broaden their knowledge and raise their collective awareness of domestic violence. They listened intently to the remarks of Rabbi Aron Tendler, spiritual leader of Congregation Shaarey Zedek in Los Angeles, who has become an expert in the field, and to Marcia Burnam, a survivor of domestic abuse. But many questions remain.

Many Jewish women feel reluctant to come to their rabbis with the problem of domestic abuse, admits Rabbi Tendler. They assume that rabbis, who are usually men, will automatically side with their husbands. They fear rabbis will disapprove of them ending their abusive marriage through separation or divorce.

Women feel the burden of responsibility for shalom bayit, or household harmony, and see the admission of disharmony at home as a public shonda, or shame. The woman's abuser may be an outwardly charming, successful and religious man, and she fears that the community, let alone her rabbi, will not believe or support her.

This, says Rabbi Tendler, is the challenge facing rabbis: To let our congregants and communities know that our doors are open; that we can and will provide "a compassionate and empathetic ear who will listen and say, `I believe you,' when a woman seeks counsel."

"The greater the awareness, the greater the healing," says Rabbi Tendler. The most important thing a rabbi can do for a battered woman, say both speakers, is to listen, confirm, and edge her slowly toward getting the help she needs. Give her the hotline number (216-691-SAFE, for Project Chai, JFSA), a local provider of services for domestic-violence victims, and encourage her to call.

From the Jewish Journal January 30, 1998:

"When I counsel couples, I tell the woman, infront of her intended husband, that if he ever raises a hand to her, she should pick herself up and leave until the problem is resolved," Tendler said. "And if a woman is unsafe, it is incumbent upon every rabbi to pull out all the stops, including saying from the bimah that a man is not welcome in the community, because he abuses his wife."

From the Jewish Journal April 3, 1998:

The close-knit North Hollywood community offers many advantages to Jewish residents

Rabbi Aron Tendler, associate rabbi for Shaarey Zedek, said the primary reason for rebuilding the shul is that the synagogue can hardly keep up with requests for new classes. In addition to his job as an assistant principal at Yeshiva University High Schools of Los Angeles, Tendler gives about five community lectures a week.

"There's no question we're benefiting now from the'settled' ba'alei teshuvah movement, those who have [become Orthodox]and are now looking for a community for their kids," he said.

Tendler characterizes Shaarey Zedek's congregation as "eclectic": "Here you'll see black hats, knitted kippot, the newlyobservant and the converted all sitting together. We have a real emphasis on maintaining open lines; we're not into judging people."

From the Jewish Journal March 28, 2003:

Rabbi Mattis Weinberg, who founded Yeshivat Kerem in Santa Clara in the mid-1970s, counts as some of his strongest supporters — and detractors — former Kerem students and faculty members who now live in Los Angeles.

Kerem, which existed for seven years, employed some well-known rabbis in Los Angeles, including Rabbi Shalom Tendler, now rosh yeshiva at YULA; Rabbi Aron Tendler of Shaarei Tzedek Congregation; Rabbi Daniel Lapin, formerly of the Pacific Jewish Center in Venice; and Rabbi Eliezer Eidlitz, now director of development at Emek Hebrew Academy.

From the website of his shul Shaarey Zedek:

Rabbi Aron Tendler has been teaching high school since 1976. His first position was in Phoenix AZ. as Dorm Supervisor for Ohr Hamidbar. From 1977 to 1980 Rabbi Tendler taught in Kerem Yeshiva, Santa Clara, California. He moved to Los Angeles in 1980 and has been a teacher, Assistant Principal, and Principal at Yeshiva University High School of Los Angeles. This past June, Rabbi Tendler retied from YULA to assume the position of Senior Rabbi at Shaarey Zedek Congregation.

This past December, Rabbi Tendler was awarded the coveted Miliken Foundation's Distinguished Educators Award.

In 1985, Rabbi Tendler became the Associate Rabbi at Shaarey Zedek Congregation in North Hollywood, California, the oldest and largest Orthodox congregation In the San Fernando Valley.

In 1996, Rabbi Tendler's position was advanced to Rabbi of Shaarey Zedek, and this past July he became the senior Rabbi.

For the past nine years, Rabbi Tendler has been the chairman of the Yeshiva Principals Council.

For the past six years, he has been a member of the executive board of the Rabbinical Council of California and currently holds the position of Chairman of the Vaad Hakashrus of the RCC.

Rabbi Tendler is author of the very popular Rabbi's Notebook and Parsha Summary, a weekly essay and review of the Parsha that is posted on the Project Genesis website. More than 11,000 subscribers receive his weekly presentations via e-mail.

Rabbi Tendler was featured in eight segments of Mysteries of the Bible, a program that is produced by Roos Films and aired on the A&E cable station.

More recently, Rabbi Tendler has received national recognition as a champion and voice combating domestic violence. He is a member of the Jewish Family Services Domestic Violence Task Force. The nationally distributed video, "To Save A Life" produced by the Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence features Rabbi Tendler's passionate and encouraging views.

Rabbi Tendler was married to Esther Shapiro in 1976, and has raised their five children here in Valley Village.


1976 - Smicha - Rabbi Moshe Feinstein
1976 - BS Political Science, Johns Hopkins University
1976 - BA Talmudic Law - Ner Israel Rabbinical College
1986 - MA Guidance and Counseling - Loyola

Such Shaaray Zedek leaders as four-year president Irving Steinberg (2001-2005) as well as (Vice-President for Facilities) Robert Schacht and his wife Joni (nee Hofstedter) Schacht have been aware of the specific and credible allegations against Rabbi Aron Tendler for at least two years. A letter detailing Aron's philandering was sent to his wife Esther near the beginning of 2004. Rav Aron called Joni Hofstedder and asked her to tell his wife Esther that the accusers were crazy. Joni agreed and did that (even though at least one of the accusers was a longtime friend, and Joni's actions ended that friendship).

No fan of Aron, Joni later explained she wanted to protect the shiduchim (marriage) possibilies of Aron's children.

A Former Female YULA Student Of Aron Tendler's Faxes His Shul Shaaray Zedek 1/24/06:

Please tell Esther [Aron's wife] that perhaps she should finally apologize for all the horrific things she has been saying about the victims of Aron all these years. And she knows who we are speaking of.


Just so you know, Joni Schacht has been aware that your husband has been cheating on you for 20 years and never said a word to you. She is some friend to you.

This has already made it to the Internet but in case you haven't heard, Esther, your husband contacted Joni after you received the letter from his victims and asked Joni to lie and tell you that a certain someone wrote the letter who "didn't" write the letter and to say that this person is nuts. She then went to this victim's home uninvited to admit to what she has done and said she lied to you in order to protect your children.

This victim that your husband claims is nuts, had sex with Aron many times while he was at shul. And was propositioned by him for over 10 years to have sex.

Phone messages have been saved that can validate this.

Do you have any idea what he was doing to your 16 year-old house guest in the 1980's when you were sleeping at night? Maybe you should ask your husband.

I think it's YOUR husband that is nuts. NOT the victims.

Lashon Harah!
I guess something you didn't learn Esther when you decided to put on a tichel and pretend to be religious…just like your husband.

We hope Aron leaves earlier than the yom tovim. To have to listen to a child molester speak every Shabbos will be a bit nauseating.

I first published about the allegations of Aron Tendler molesting underage girls in late 2004. If I hadn't done that, I believe he would've continued in his position of religious leadership with the acquiescence of Los Angeles's Orthodox leadership (who, while they had no direct power over Shaaray Zedek and Aron Tendler, could've made an effort to remove him and shun him but chose to do next to nothing).

The most powerful group of Los Angeles Orthodox rabbis is the Rabbinical Council of California.

On this page, Rabbi Aron Tendler is listed as the chairman of the Kashrut Committee of the RCC and his uncle Sholom is document manager.

It's time to develop the definitive list of those people who enabled Rabbi Aron Tendler to keep access to vulnerable women for more than two decades. And let's also draw up a list of those who tried to do something about it. The first name on that last list is Dr. Bruce Powell, who got Rabbi Tendler fired about 15-years ago from his position as principal of the YULA (Yeshiva University Los Angeles) girls highschool.

Listing Those Who Honor Predator-Rabbi Aron Tendler

Yaakov Menken's Torah.org publishes his Torah essays.

613.org plays his lectures.

The Orthodox Union (a group of Modern Orthodox synagogues throughout North America) had Aron Tendler as a speaker on February 27, 28, 2004. The topic? "Strengthening the Jewish Family"

And what was the title of Aron Tendler's talk? "Ethics in Marriage: How it Enhances Your Marriage"

The OU writes: "Rabbi Aron Tendler...is a recognized champion against domestic violence. He is a member of the Jewish Family Services Domestic Violence Task Force."

Aron Tendler is listed as a faculty member of Netivot: "Netivot, Hebrew for Paths, is an independent center of Torah dedicated to enhancing women's intellectual and spiritual growth through intensive textual study in an inclusive and nurturing atmosphere."

What could be more enhancing to a woman's intellectual and spiritual growth than a good grope from a holy rabbi?

Aron Tendler endorses: "Oorah, which means "Awaken," was founded in 1980 with the goal of awakening Jewish children and their families to their heritage."

After the murder of Yaakov Aminov, 46, on July 4, 2002 at LAX, Aron appeared all over the news media as the dead man's rabbi: "How can it be," said Rabbi Aron Tendler, "that this righteous man was taken, that a mother of five sits alone, that he will no longer make kiddush on Friday night?"


A former YULA (Yeshiva University of Los Angeles) high school student writes:

Your information is consistent with the information I received while attending YULA. I was a senior in High School when the information regarding his behavior towards underage female students first came to light. Two of my friends were affected by Aron's actions. Your depictions are perfect with respect to his behavior, his modus operandi, and the women who he molested. At the time, they were quasi-willing participants. I use the term "quasi-willing" because adolescence, hormones, desires, and rational decisions don't quite walk hand-in-hand. The women who he molested possessed attractiveness and were not mainstream. Often, they were experiencing trouble at home and struggling with organized religion. Often, these struggles led them to experiment with behavior that was considered rebellious in the eyes of the orthodox Jew. Thus, the stage was set: An attractive woman whose credibility is labeled 'suspect' based on her innate struggles between her desires to explore and discover things that are natural for adolescents to explore (marijuana, sexual activity, non-mainstream thought and actions) and the doctrine of Orthodox Judaism being spoon-fed to her daily. A young attractive teacher/rabbi/psychologist/youth leader(he held all of these positions) approaches them with compassion and answers based upon Religion, Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology. He gains their trust, manipulates and fosters their desires, and engages in a sexually taboo experience.

If caught, Aron would use the student's status of outcast against her. He would pit his reputation as rabbi against their reputation of outcast. In other words, the very reason they sought his counsel (their manifest troubles) were used to discredit the veracity of the experience. In other words, he's not dumb, he's just sick, and twisted.

I heard the stories as they happened. I heard the girls cry. I read the poems he wrote, laden with sexual undertones.

Their experiences were forwarded to the administration at YULA. The girls were angry and felt exploited. The administration pressured them with the consequences of what would happen to them if they went public. They were told that they could lose their acceptance into college, and were reminded of the shame that this would bring to their families. In the face of public humiliation and for fear for their academic and professional futures being taken from them, the young women acquiesced, and withdrew their accusations. That was highly irresponsible of the administration. Their intimidation enabled his behavior.

Aron was relegated to teach strictly at the boys’ school under the supervision of his uncle Sholom Tendler. Nothing meaningful was done. Aron was told he has to learn more Torah, and it would all magically go away. It wasn't long before other stories began to surface of Aron’s sexual advances and machinations. Lo and behold, Aron became the head of a congregation and, I am told, was particularly adept at assisting women in troubled marriages.

Aron does not deserve to be called a Rabbi; He is a sick predator, preying on the trust and insecurities of children and women. The basis for these acts are of little significance. If he was molested as a child, then let him seek therapy through conventional channels, as opposed to infecting innocent and trusting people with his illness. I am told that the Orthodox community has been made aware of his actions on many occasions, and has failed to act upon it. It is comforting that Dr. Powell, the one non-orthodox Jew in the administration at YULA at the time, has the decency to leave and distance himself from the cess-pool of orthodox politics which included the pacifying of a molester.

Aron is resigning, but not until the High Holidays. I am certain that this is a tactical maneuver to buy him more time to save his job. He should leave immediately. He should be banned from the rabbanut. He should write personal letters of apology to each of the families he has harmed. He should do Kapparah in the form of true atonement to the women whose faith he has shaken and whose psychology he has permanently damaged. And, he should issue a public statement of Kapparah to the community. Aron is resigning, and expects a pat on the back for "stepping down."

Aron seems to have a lot of options for someone who sexually preys on the fragility of his students and congregants. Having been placed on “Notice” of Aron’s behavior, the congregation allowed him to stay on for an additional eight months. Let’s see, 30 incidents in about 18 years. That averages out to one every 7.2 months. That congregation’s board better pray REALLY hard that his lawless intimate familiarities don’t follow the law of averages, or they may find themselves becoming intimately more familiar with a lawsuit. I guess after all this time the sage approach remains ignoring reality and just learning torah. Worked for Aron, didn’t it?

If G-d’s sense of justice is as poetic as Aron, Aron will be faced with the same credibility problems that his victims faced years ago, as he seeks to utilize his charlatan services elsewhere. He has caused more people than he knows to turn away from Judaism. Aron is a blight on the spirituality of Judaism, whose actions were never dealt with properly. Though quite charming and, to be sure, quite a glib speaker, it is difficult to imagine how the rabbinic community has done nothing to inhibit his actions, aside of course from having him learn more Torah. Though hardly a scholar, it would seem to me that he still seems to be having trouble with commandments 6-10.

The Orthodox entities that were aware of his actions and did nothing to correct it should be ashamed of themselves. Standing idly by while knowing that a diseased person is in the position of power to carry out his manipulations and crimes against innocent minors and women, is itself criminal.

I don't care who his grandfather was. My ancestry goes back to a different Aron--the high Priest. Please inform me if this entitles me to carry out unconscionable acts against my fellow human beings. They must have skipped that chapter in school. "Thou CAN commit adultery and molestation if thy ancestry is impressive."

Please help me understand why the Orthodox Jewish community has continued to pay this molester hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to spread his sickness? As churches and priests are charged and paying dearly for their horrific molestations and acquiescence, I wonder if this is what my rabbis had in mind when preaching Or L'Goyim---be a light onto the nations. You need not be an Orthodox Jew to recognize the illegal and depraved behavior of Aron. But, apparently you need to be an Orthodox Jew to condone it.....


Tendler Resigns Under Cloud

Amy Klein, Religion Editor, writes March 7, 2006

Rabbi Aron Tendler has stepped down six months early from the pulpit of Shaarey Zedek, an Orthodox synagogue in Valley Village, because “it was no longer appropriate for Rabbi Tendler to continue,” shul officials said.

Tendler, 51, first announced his resignation in a January letter to congregants. At the time, he said he planned to remain leader of the synagogue until the High Holidays in September. But in a March 6 letter to congregants, shul president Jim Kapenstein and board chair Yacov Yellin wrote that Tendler would be stepping down immediately in light of “new matters which had recently been brought to our attention.”

The letter offers no specifics and shul officials declined to elaborate.

Separately, The Journal has learned that Tendler was once accused of inappropriate conduct at the Yeshiva of Los Angeles (YULA), an Orthodox high school in Pico-Roberston where he had worked from 1980 through June 1999, first as a teacher and then also as a principal. The 1987 investigation was inconclusive, but Tendler transferred from the girls school to the boys school by his uncle Sholom, which is located on a separate campus.

Allegations against Rabbi Tendler surfaced on Jewish blogs — web logs — more than a year ago, citing anonymous sources who alleged the rabbi had behaved inappropriately toward women and girls. These rumors were alluded to briefly in articles published in two East Coast newspapers about problems facing the rabbi’s brother, Mordechai Tendler, who is currently defending himself against accusations of sexual misconduct.

Tendler is regarded as a charismatic leader and an inspiring teacher and speaker — someone who could turn around troubled youths, leading them to more religious, more successful lives.

“We intend to uphold appropriate conduct not only in sexual abuse but other types of conduct,” said Rabbi Avrohom Union, the rabbinic administrator of the Rabbinical Council of California (RCC).

July 10, 2006

Aron Tendler sent out a single-page letter (which hit mailboxes July 10, 2006) to all the members of Shaarey Zedek, where he served as a rabbi for about eight years until he resigned earlier this year over charges of sexual misconduct, announcing that he was no longer a rabbi in any capacity and should not be asked to decide halakhic questions or to do marital therapy........


Barbara said...

UOJ - as always you are right on about this guy being a sociopath. He's a classic. The blame-shifting, smear campaigning, the justifications for cheating. It's never their fault.

Some links for you to back up the psychological profile:




This is rape. Consent or not, there was psychological & emotional manipulation and coercion and its rape. Rape of mind & body.

I know I'm not telling you anything you don't know UOJ. You are doing a great great mitzvah with your site - keep up the great work

Gumshoe said...

Who were / are the powers that be at YU on the Left Coast that covered up for Tendler besides uncle Shalom?

Shalom Tendler has since been forced to resign as rabbi of Young Israel of Beverly Hills, although he then started his own yeshiva.

Since UOJ says that ALL Tendlers are now fair game, it just so happens that Luke Ford has fingered Shalom Tendler as the unnamed mesader kiddushin for bigamists.

Anonymous said...


Aron Tendler fell off the fact of the earth over a year ago. He has no leadership or educational role anywhere.

Why the sudden attack on a has been?

Why not focus on CURRENT perpetrators, who are indeed multiple within the community?

Gumshoe said...

Every one of Aron Tendler's connections has some sort of creepy history.


The Milken Foundation was set up by convicted felon & ex-con Mike Milken, responsible for one of the biggest frauds and chilul Hashem in history.

Then on to Kerem. The article does not note that Tendler is actually related to Matis Weinberg.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin is connected to the disgraced Jack Abramoff. Lapin himself was the subject of embarassing investigations by the House Government Reform Committee and the Senate over pseudo-semicha that was issued to Abramoff.


Lapin ran Abramoff's scandalous Eshkol school.


Lapin's brother, Rabbi David, is under investigation by the US Interior Dept after the Marianas Islands territory was duped into paying him $1.2 million for undetermined "work".

Rabbi Eliezer Eidlitz is a very questionable kashrus figure. Although the "besserre mentchen" go running to eat from his hashgocho on "Pesach with the Chevrah" in Rancho Santa Mirage, rabbonim say that his reliabilty is a mirage and that Feldheim only publishes his kashrus book because Eidlitz is a personal friend of the publisher.

The president and chairman of the board at Shaarei Zedek are executives at Disney, a company with a history of covering up abuse by pedophile employees at their theme parks and by pedophile movie directors and writers on their payroll.

ABC News was going to run a TV expose on Disney pedophiles. Disney then bought ABC and killed the story.

New Hempstead said...

According to the Novardokher Dayan, Rav Stein z'l, Moses Tendler was once convinced he would win the Nobel prize in biology. He taught himself Swedish to impress the crowd at his award ceremony that never was.

Aron Tendler was following in tatty's footsteps. He uses the Swedish massage method on underage girls he abuses.

Joe Putz said...

Any idea as to which close relative was abusing Aron?

Wall Street Journal said...


Please help us pressure Fidelity and Warren Buffett / Berkshire Hathaway to divest from companies that enable Arabs murdering women and children.

The Case of Rabbi Mordechai Yomtov said...


WARNING: Rabbi Mordechai Yomtov, is in violation of sex offender registration requirements in California for past 2 years. If you know his whereabout please notify the California authorities at: (916) 227-4974.

Rabbi Yomtov taught Hebrew at Chedar Menachem School in Hollywood, CA where he molested three of his students. Yomtov plead guilty to sexual abuse and committing lewd acts against three boys (ages 8 - 10) back in 2002.

If I were UOJ, I would suggest checking the roster of truck drivers at Rubashkin.

DAG said...

Tendler has removed himself from all rabbinic duties...

Anonymous said...


Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid said...


Aron Tendler fell off the fact of the earth"

Bloggers are reporting that Aron Tendler is looking into moving to Baltimore. His brother Hillel who is president of Eisgrau's yeshiva is one of the enablers of Aron & Mordechai, using Belsky style mafia tactics.

"Rabbi" Herzl Kranz said...

Some say my semicha from Telz is also pseudo. I'm Leib Pinter's illustrious mechutan who was on Jack Abramoff's payroll. You have something to say about my buddies? Put up your dukes and let's take this outside!

Brisker said...

Rabbi Doniel Lapin is really Doniel Lopian, the great nephew of R' Elya Lopian. He learned by rav Gurvitz in Gateshead & R' Moishe Feinstein in MTJ.

Agav, R' Lazer Ginzburg is the aineckel of R' Chatzkel Levenstein.

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...

Chaim Kaminetzky and "The Chevrah" have a consistent batting average. Their first rav hamachshir was Dovid Goldwasser who has little or no kashrus experience and now Eidlitz. The sub-mashgichim have been bochurim from Chofetz Chaim. That yeshiva means well but they are out of it and decades behind the times in kashrus yedios which is one of the reasons that the Queens Vaad is so shvach.

The same people who send their kids to YTT think Pesach with the Chevrah is a status symbol.

Otherwise, Rabbi Bess of the RCC refuses to comment why Aron Tendler is out of the Vaad hakashrus.

Dag claims that Tendler is completely out of the rabbonus but I believe he is still involved with online chinuch. Even so, he is a predator that should be behind bars or at home with an ankle monitor.

Kugel Fresser said...

The Jewish Survivor blog once posted allegations against another Tendler that has never been fingered for anything but then took the post down the same day.

List of Tendler Enablers said...

Uncle Shalom Tendler.

Brother Hillel Tendler.

Cousin Simcha Weinberg. The brother of Matis Weinberg who left Lincoln Square Synagogue on the Upper West Side under a storm of controversy and now heads a shtiebel in Riverdale.

Susan Rosenbluth. Publisher of the Jewish Voice & Opinion in Teaneck, NJ.

Gershon Spiegel. Corrupt toen & opportunist.

Hersh Ginzberg. Corrupt head of Agudas Haganovim.

Jerry Greenwald. Publisher of the Jewish Press who is in bed with the Iggud haganovim.

Harlan "Tzvi" Kilstein, a "rabbi" friend of the family from Florida.

That Figures said...


The dean at YULA Girls is Mrs Bess.

More officials:

Joel Epstein - CFO

Mrs. Shrier - Principal

Rabbi Yosef Furman - Headmaster


Rabbi Shalom Tendler is still listed as Rosh Yeshiva of YULA Boys

Rabbi Dovid Landesman is Principal

John Edwards said...

I've been hired as a consultant for Torah Temima. The with us or against us slogans by UOJ & George Bush have to go.


World's Prettiest Ostrich
"Democrat John Edwards Wednesday repudiated the notion that there is a 'global war on terror,' calling it an ideological doctrine advanced by the Bush administration that has strained American military resources and emboldened terrorists," the Associated Press reports from New York:

In a defense policy speech he planned to deliver at the Council on Foreign Relations, Edwards called the war on terror a "bumper sticker" slogan Bush had used to justify everything from abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison to the invasion of Iraq.

Go figure. Guy spends $400 on a haircut just so he can bury his head in the sand.

Anonymous said...

The agent listed to sell a house to Aron Tendler in Baltimore is Aliza Wein, she works for Bondar Realty.
Dead smack in the middle of a neighborhood where young couples live.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Aron Tendler will be back, because he can. Nothing really happened to him in his twisted mind, because he's not in jail.

The Baltimore community better wisen up or the next teen or wife he sleeps with or molests, may be yours!

JS Blog said...


The Artscroll version of the Bavli Talmud cites in its notes that in rare circumstances the titular assignment "rabbi" may be revoked and cites a specific occurence mentioned in an old famous halachic work to that effect.

Funny how everyone here has worked up a frenzied discussion while ignorant of the halachic facts. But then many rabbis have cited the presumed and incorrect inability to remove this once-honored title as a defence for not doing what V. Polin has recommended for years.

Anonymous said...
Isn't that a hoot. Just take a look at the list of Artscroll authors that the publisher calls "rabbi" and praises to no end.

"Rabbi" Moshe Eisemann

"Rabbi" Leib Pinter, a convicted felon & ex-con who is again on trial, this time for a $44 million ponzi scheme / mortgage fraud. Pinter was also confronted by Congresswoman Holtzmann for selling meat & cheese sandwiches to unsuspecting consumers as "kosher." UOJ has posted the NY Times archives account of the treif story.

A third "rabbi" related to Pinter whose wife and 5 children left him after years of psychological & emotional abuse. The beis din has the letter in which he admits to it.

New Hempstead Blog said...


UOJ finally woke up (better late than never) and exposes the Tendler Family to what they really are, a bunch of bullies with sexual hangups.
This wouldn't be so bad if they wern't "Rabbincal Leaders"

We here at NHN will not group all Tendlers together, but will deal with our "guy" as the issue comes up.

Just because we are keeping quiet, doesn't mean that Mordechai Tendler is still not up to his little "dirty" tricks.
We will continue to write when we feel it is necessary to inform the citizens, especially vulnerable woman, of this predator!

Joseph Bondar said...

I wonder if there is any liability for me & Aliza Wein in selling a house to a sexual predator like Aron Tendler?

Please tell me your thoughts.


(410) 653-1999


Contact Information
Fax: (410) 510-1937
Home: (410) 358-8403
Toll Free: (800) 210-1999
Cellular: (410) 905-8403
Email: joe@bondarrealty.com

Experience and Qualifications
Awards: Multi-Million Dollar Producer

Languages: Spanish Hebrew, Yiddish

Anonymous said...

Aliza Wein used to work for PictureVision. Based in Herndon, Va, PictureVision, Inc., is an independent subsidiary of Eastman Kodak Company. The pioneer in online photography, PictureVision's core technology provides the foundation for digital photography services.

Michael Milken said...


Hey guys, it's one thing if me and my buddy Ivan Boesky are guilty of fraud and racketeering, but don't lump us together with perverts like Tendler.

Hagahos said...

Jerry Greenwald and the Jewish Press still have not apologized to the RCA for being motzee shem ra against them on Tendler's behalf and still haven't apologized to R' Chaim Kanievski & Klal Yisroel for printing obnoxious lies in an Adam Gadol's name.

Rosenbluth is even more irrelevant than the Jewish Press, to think that's even possible.

If I'm not mistaken, Harlan Kilstein has also been ID'ed as part of the team defending Heshy Worch & Marc Gafni (Winiarz).

Gershon Spiegel was trying to sell his father's "Ershte Romanisher Shul" on the Lower East Side without consent of the members. Does anyone know if that is in the courts or what happened?

Giving Effy Wachsman a Catharsis said...


We have raised a generation of Rabbis who are, in large part, unable to remove themselves, their agendas, their biases and their egos from their Rabbinic duties, and are thus incapable of setting the direction for the future of Orthodox Judaism.

As I have often said, we have a generation of Orthodox Rabbis who do not follow G-d...they believe G-d follows them. They have mistaken their own Daas for Daas Torah and truly believe, no matter how much their own Halachik and Haskafik views change over time, that the views they express at any particular moment are the exact views of G-d, unchanged from the time of Moshe Rabbeinu.

That is not and cannot be Daas Torah.

Reb Mottel Weinberg, Pinter buddy. said...

We need list of Leib & Shmelke's mechutanim, so we can follow the trail. It's hard too keep track. The Pinters deserve their own blog. It seems all roads lead to them.

JS Blog said...


A friend joked with me and stated that if the letter is authentic, that Rabbi Heinemann must have written it as a publicity stunt.

I guess rav Heinemann isn't getting enough attention? So if you have the time give him a call. Let him know what you think of his letters!

Rabbi Moshe Heinemann:
Phone: 410-484-4110
Fax: 410-653-9294

Once again it appears that Rabbi Heinemann cares more about a dead alleged sexual predator then he does about the long term ramifications his criminal behavior had on hundreds of his survivors and their families.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

UOJ finally woke up (better late than never) and exposes the Tendler Family to what they really are, a bunch of bullies with sexual hangups.
This wouldn't be so bad if they wern't "Rabbincal Leaders"

I have been working diligently on gathering information...I never sleep:-)

Fraud Watch said...


Bruce Kushnick, the chairman of Teletruth.org, a website devoted to uncovering fraud perpetuated by the telecommunications industry.

Kushnick estimates that New York City should get back $5-6 billion dollars in tax breaks and other perks given to Verizon, on the promise of building fiber networks that were never built. “Verizon has overcharged customers and refused to install fiber optic networks,” said Kushnick, who presented a report from 1993 in which Verizon (formerly New York Telephone) promised to have wired 16 percent of New York homes with fiber optic cable by 2000.

“Verizon and AT&T claim that they own the pipes, even though they are still receiving the benefits of a public utility,” said Kushnick. “We believe, get back the money.”

All Roads Lead to Pinter said...

Leib Pinter's mechutan Rabbi Boruch Taub from Tannenbaum's shul in Toronto, himself a BT, was national director of NCSY until 1980. Lanner was abusing kids for almost a decade under his reign. The only two NCSY officials who nothing happened to were Boruch Taub and Matt Tropp. Ironically, eveyone else at NCSY was kicked out at the direction of Moses Tendler.

Leib Pinter got his eidim Taub a cushy job at Artscroll.

Hamodia said...


UOJ is "The Devil in Disguise"

Yudel Shain said...


Yehuda Shain said...
UPDATE: Seth Mandel I hear is the one that came to the conclussion [even with the limited information] that the "OU" should remove their certification from RUBASHKIN-AGRI ET AL.

But sorry to say he realized that he wouldn't have the backing of the higher-ups at the "OU", so he shut-up.

R' Seth Mandel thinks that he has gotten enough straightened out that "efsher" it's no so bad.

I would like to accept the challenge of "with what item in kashrus was I wrong in the last 35 years"?

If that statement is true, then all of you out there have a big problem on your hands, in relying on the current individuals, Organizations etc.


Yehuda Shain said...





History Repeats Itself said...

There was an earlier saga that was much like the epic fight of UOJ vs Margo's forces of evil, protection / enforcement thugs like Belsky, and a corrupt establishment who takes their money.


Argentine Jewry's dark secret

New book reveals story of Jewish association of pimps that operated in country in late 19th and early 20th century, and was involved in women trade and rape. 'This is a silenced story, ' author says, 'The Jewish community in Argentina remembers it well, but badly wants to keep it under wraps'

Rona Kupferboim
Published: 05.25.07

The Zwi Migdal group was an organization that traded in women while its members wore tefillin and built themselves a synagogue, and their story is both embarrassing and exciting. It involved loads of money, corrupt politicians, violent sex, international women trade, hard brutality, rape, and cheating, all lightly spiced with yiddishkeit and God-fearing traditions.

Given that at the time, there was one woman for 10 men, sexual services were in high demand. The temptation to make a profit in this area was plain to see. So the Jewish rufianos stepped in, supplied the demand, and soon enough seized control over the entire prostitution business in Argentina.

"Jews were very prominent among women traders, both as dealers and as employers of prostitutes, particularly in Argentina, Brazil, Poland, and Galicia," wrote Yehuda Rimerman in "Prostitution and the Deviant Girl," a book that reviews the history of Jewish prostitution in the modern era. The Argentinean pimps created a total, most effective world, with predefined codewords, rules, and methods of operation. For example, a trip abroad to bring a new shipload of fresh girls was called remonta, a term taken from the horse market.

Here is how it worked: A well-mannered and elegant man would appear one day in a Jewish shtetl in Poland or Russia. He notified the local community and posted an ad in the shul saying he was looking for nice young women to work in the houses of rich Jews in Argentina or even marry them. Despairing with the pogroms and dreadful economic situation, the girls' parents would respond favorably and give their daughters away, hoping to give them a new start.

The girls, mostly aged 13 to 16, packed a small bag, bid their families a sobbing farewell, and boarded the ships to Argentina accompanied by a stranger, certain they are off to a better future. Their training period often started on the way there, on the ship, and was always a cruel and brutal affair. The young virgins were broken in - raped, beaten, starved, and locked in cages. Some of them were married off to local men so that they could obtain entry visas. Far from their families, without friends or knowledge of the language, they started serving men, their bodies belonging to the Jewish rufianos.

The largest bordellos of Buenos Aires housed 60 to 80 sex slaves. There were bordellos all over Argentina, but most of them were in the big city, in the Jewish quarter, on Junin Street.

Yet, as the whorehoses and pimps prospered, the Jewish community rejected them. Articles in the local press condemned them and, in 1885, the community established a Jewish Association for the Protection of Women and Girls. Ads posted on the walls in the Jewish quarter called on the locals not to rent their shops to the rufianos. On their part, the pimps very much wanted to be part of the community. The wealthiest among them used to pick a new girl every night and take her out to the theater, "which was the center of cultural life in the city. Jewish theater was very successful then," Sheinfeld said.

"The Jewish communities used to throw fund-raising parties, importing European star performers. The pimps would show up every night because they intended to show off their merchandise, wished to maintain their status, and also wanted be like everybody else. This is why they made donations, which made the community deliberate whether it wanted their money. On the one hand, the community needed money to build public buildings, but on the other hand, it was 'dirty' money and by taking it they feared they would be legitimizing or tacitly accepting the criminals' exploitation of women. This ended one night when Nahum Sorkin, a well-known Zionist activist, stood outside the theater and physically stopped the rufianos from entering. Next, they were banned from the synagogues, and to top it all, they were refused burial in the Jewish cemetery.

This was too much for the rufianos. It is one thing to be banned from the theater or community balls, but eternal rest is a different story. They formed an association of charity among its members. On 7 May 1906, when there were already half a million Jews in Argentina, the Jewish pimps registered legally as the Zwi Migdal Association, named after one of its greatest contributors. Naturally, the group later split and the splinter, led by Simon Rubinstein, established its own society named Ashkenazum. Once officially recognized, both associations bought plots of land on the outskirt of Buenos Aires and established their own cemeteries there.

The Zwi Migdal Organization reached its peak in the 1920's, when some 430 rufianos controlled 2,000 whorehouses with 4,000 women. The network was well organized and its members cooperated closely to protect their interests. Prostitutes that failed to satisfy their clients were beaten, fined, or taken to work in provincial houses. Every business transaction was logged. The rufianos even held a meat market where newly arrived girls were paraded naked in front of traders in places such as Hotel Palestina or Cafe Parisienne. These activities went on undisturbed because they were frequented by government officials, judges, and reporters. City officials, politicians, and police officers were paid off. The pimps had powerful connections everywhere.

The rufianos' audacity eventually led to their demise. It happened when they refused to forgo their income from the work of one woman, Rachel Lieberman from Lódž, Poland. She, like so many others, was tempted to travel to Buenos Aires answering a matrimonial ad, but was taken to Jonin Street where she was forced to prostitute. In desperation, she contacted Superintendent Julio Elsogray. She heard his name mentioned on the street as one who would not take Zwi Migdal's money and was actually looking for ways to destroy the organization. She slipped into his office one day and gave a detailed account of the connections among the various pimps in the organization management. Her testimony was reason enough to launch an extensive investigation. This time, unlike on previous occasions that led to nothing, the findings reached Dr. Rodriguez Ocampo, a judge who would not take Zwi Migdal bribes either.

The lengthy trial ended in September 1930, with 108 detainees. "The very existence of the Zwi Migdal Organization directly threatens our society," the judge wrote in his verdict, handing down long prison terms. Nevertheless, while in prison, the pimps pulled some old strings, appealed their sentences in January 1931, and senior Justice Ministry officials left only three of the convicts in jail, discharging the rest. When the media reported this, the public was very upset and pressured the authorities to reverse the discharge decision. Thereafter, hundred of pimps were deported to Uruguay. "Over the years, they slowly returned one by one, but the era of the huge brothels ended," Sheinfeld summed up this story.

More Bronfman Crap Hits the Fan said...

Reports by the Wall St Journal, Globes and Yediot Aharonot are shedding more light on why Matthew Bronfman was forced out of Israel Discount Bank. Besides that IDB allowed Brazillian money launderers to move $2.2 billion through the bank, they are now in trouble with the Treasury Dept's Office of Foreign Assets Control over money moving to Iran of all places. These shmucks are facing a $1 million fine. No word yet on possible criminal charges.

Matthew is the guy that Charlie wanted to replace Sruly Singer with?

"Code of Ethics" said...


Here is a "Code of Ethics" that was drafted with help from Leib Pinter's mechutan Boruch Taub and Rabbi Amram Assayag who UOJ has featured in the past as being involved with and financed by Jack Banks (Benquesus), the international fraudster extraordinaire who was arrested by the FBI.

Pinter is a Scumbag said...

"Leib Pinter got his eidim Taub a cushy job at Artscroll."

He also got his son Moishe (Herzl Kranz's eidim), the 9th grade rebbe job in Mirrer yeshiva. Pinter lived around the corner from the Mirrer for decades but almost never stepped foot in the place. When it was time for Moishe to leave kollel, Leib all of a sudden starts hanging around the yeshiva and raising money for them. He even was given a desk in the office and had his name embossed on the stationary until UOJ raised enough of a ruckuss. Moishe is also listed on the payroll at not just Olympia Mortgage but at the yeshiva in Silver Springs MD funded by jailbird Jack Abramoff. Leib's son Tzvi works as a rebbe in the Yardley yeshiva run by Feldheim's nephew. (Artscroll, unfortunately for Pinter, doesn't run a yeshiva)

Good Questions said...

People are asking in the Ynet comments section how it is that Matt Bronfman isn't facing criminal charges and why isn't Israel revoking the bank's charter for doing business with Iranians.

Anonymous said...

A kollel in Brooklyn recently honored Jerry Greenwald of the Jewish Press at their dinner. The same Jerry Greenwald who lies in the name of Rav Kanievski to protect Tendler. The rosh kollel is the son in law of a good friend of Leib Pinter.

What the Establishment doesn't tell you said...


steve said...
Rav Yudel,

Why is it a guessing game as to how many diseased cows are milked? Why doesn't the OU send their mashgichim to the dairy farms of the companies that they are supposedly "supervising"? Is it because they are afraid of the truth and it will lead to them losing such lucrative accounts as Hershey's, Nestle's, Tuscan Farms, Entenmann's, Drake's, Good Humor, Haagen Daaz, etc.? Or is it because they are trying to protect the "little guys", the Golden Flows and Morning Selects?

Secondly, why did Rabbi Hisiger not publish your comments regarding Rubashkin's? He listed all of your other kashrus alerts except that which was conspicuously missing?

In the meantime, keep up the good work and chazak veematz! Yirbu Kmoscha B'Yisrael!

Yehuda Shain said...

They are afraid of confronting the rubashkin, weismandel, Brody, spiegel team.




Sammy Haddad said...

What kimd of sketch is this? These j-dub Tendlers neeking anything that moves? Haje already, isn't the chadameh enough? Ibe, you have a matress stuffed with floos, what an aimshay that these guys can't keep their jejes in their pants. Ibe, really.

NWP said...

How was the park? Nice weather Sunday, no?

Anonymous said...

My it seems that UOJ will not stop. The enablers of predators create more predators and messed up Jews. No wonder our young are leaving!

What an Einfall ! said...

UOJ has described Margo with many apt terms but the story from Argentina just got my brain in gear.

Margo is a PIMP.

Tendler Neurosis said...


Michelle has orchestrated most of this - she has sent threatening letters to several victims and several others in the community. According to some people close to the Tendlers, Mordecai would have saught out help and bailed a long time ago if she didn’t insist that they stay and fight, in order to protect their kingdom. She has sent little booklets to people in the mail which warns them that they will die from cancer if they don’t come back and support her and her husband. She requested from several people in the community, including rabbis, to call one of the midwives and threaten her sick daughter’s life (telling her that if they don’t publicly change their story, the daughter will not recover from the life-threatening illness and the life-threatening treatments that she was going through). There is no way that she doesn’t know what her husband has done - she has walked in on several “uncomfortable” situations. In addition, she had a woman carted out of her house and locked up when Michelle’s cleaning lady caught this woman showering in her bedroom, that is Michelle and Mordecai’s bedroom (this is a woman that was alone with Tendler on numerous occasions and made claims against him). Michelle is the classic enabler. Her support and stand by your man attitude is tantamount to being an abuser herself.

Tendler Legal Shtussim said...


In terms of the Derivitive case , the Judge lifted the TRO that was in place allowing KNH to hire a Rabbi, etc. HOwever, the case was not dismissed. Remember in addition to the 5 items listed for the TRO, they were also suing to restore Tendler as Rabbi of KNH, and seeking $1,000,000 in damages.
They are appealing the TRO, int he Appelate ourt, and in light of 4 of the original Plaintiffs requesting their removal from the case (both Friedmans and Zarours). Savad’s motion papers asked the Court to substitute in Michelle Tendler, Fay Esformes (Michelle’s sister and ex-wife of Morris) , and Yael Tendler (Yacov Tendler’s wife) as “new” Plaintiffs in the case. The absurdity of that is not even worth going into. Of note, is that Michelle submitted a sworn affadavit to the court stating that she is being “damaged” because of an upcoming wedding of which she is being deprived of the use of her Shul and is now forced to seek other means of accomodating all of her guests. She also makes the following sworn statement that:
“We have no doubt that the defendants will engage in violence, as they did when we were sharing the synagogue with them”

Tough words, not to mention that it is libel and slander. Watch out Michelle, you are treading in places you shouldn’t be.

Once the Derivative is fully dismissed, I can state almost 100% that the Defendants will most definitely sue each of the Plaintiff’s as well as Savad.

Remember - Savad represents Monsey Academy for Girls, of which the building is being named in Esformes’s name.

Savad will not go unscathed when this is all over and done with. He will realize, as i’m sure he does already, that he made a serious professional mistake by taking this case on.

Loser Watch said...


Here's another wannabe comedian who thinks he's funny.

Imitation is the best form of flattery.

Anonymous said...

Yudel Shain is way out and way off.
I do not accuse him of being scum but please read the following from Rav Abadi's blog--

Chalav Goyim III
Message: Message: Message: It is kosher and dairy. It is Cholov Stam for those that are machmir. Maybe, that is the source of the confusion.

There is no Chalav Stam. There is Yayin Stam, but the term Chalav Stam is not in Shulchan Aruch. kosher milk is what is required.

Reply: And?

The point that I am trying to make is that you are reformers of Jewish Law and here is the proof: You invented a new term that does not exist in Halakhic literature. Halav Stam does not appear anywhere in any halakhic writing. You would like to see an halakha that says that "halav stam keshera" or something similar but that is not the halakha. According to the gezera, "halav stam = halav goyim" since it needs direct supervision. Even AA agrees on this (honest guy). I am sorry that there is no Sanhedrin, but ONLY A SANHEDRIN CAN CHANGE THIS. And you have been trying to avoid this issue for a long time.

Reply: I have no idea what you are trying to say. Everyone knows that their is a term Chalav stam that is used by many people, to identify milk in the US. When we used that term, we were answering specific questions, which you simply forgot to quote.
Unless you work for CNN, there needs to be ethics in reporting.

There needs to be ethics in answering questions of people who have no sufficient background to understand the issues involved. When you start using a technical word that simply does not exist in Jewish law (even according to AA), you are misleading people into believing that there is a real case for Halav Goyim, while there is not. I am sorry: Rav Moshe Feinstein was a great rav and he remains an inspiration to many both for his learning and his middot. But there is no Sanhedrin today to change the original language of the gezera, which simply says that any milk that is not directly supervised by an observant Jew during the milking process is not kosher, even if we are certain that it is 100 percent OK. As far as I can tell, Rav Moshe Feinstein is not the Sanhedrin and the FDA is not an observant Jew, simply put. We must still comply with, "'al pi hatorah asher yorukha ve 'al hamishpat asher yomeru lekha, ta'ase." This din torah refers to the Sanhedrin, not to contemporary torah sages in a time when there is no Sanhedrin. Rav Moshe Feinstein was simply writing a Teshuva on his opinion, not making a ruling for all of Klal Yisrael or changing the language of the Gezerah. Please elaborate on the issue of the Sanhedrin.

Reply: Ok. Let's stop this right here! A qualified Rabbi who really believed there was or is Challav Stam can certainly say so. The term was made up without an Halachic determination. But you must realize that the "Aruch Hashulchan" was adamantly opposed to buying store milk and he considered it "Challav Aku"m." Are we to suggest that he was out of line?!

The term STAM is used by wine and it refers to the wine that is not Kosher, but is not sacrificed to Idols. This is therefore in a middle category. Not too bad, but not good either. People borrowed the term for Milk. You don't need Congressional approval for that.

I love your passion, but chill out buddy, or you'll crash & burn.

Over & Out...

Whodunnit said...

Is this the division of Siemens that's managed by Gedalia Weinberger?

George / Gedalia invented some kind of medical software. His company was bought out a couple of times and is currently owned by Siemens.


An American subsidiary of the German industrial giant Siemens AG was ordered Tuesday to pay a fine and restitution totaling more than $2.5 million for misleading officials to land a Cook County contract.

U.S. District Judge John W. Darrah said he was only reluctantly accepting a plea agreement between Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc. and the federal government, saying a $2.5 million penalty wasn't overly stiff.

Siemens had been charged with mail fraud and wire fraud but under the agreement with prosecutors pleaded guilty to a single obstruction of justice count in connection with misleading statements made during a trial concerning the contract.

Yeshivishe Nudnik said...

I don't understand the post on Cholov.

WHich point is shlogging up Yudel Shain?

And first things first.

That is NOT Rav Abadi's website. It's his kids.

Even if it was Rav Abadi, he is tofess obscure shitos Rishonim in an unconventional way that virtually no else does. If you want to hold like him you also have to take his many far out chumros. Most people are just selectively taking his kulos as an easy way out.

Rabbi Horowitz said...

Don't look at me. Kolko, Margo & Applegrad have no remorse either.


Alan Horowitz, the notorious child molester who boldly dispatched a good-bye letter of sorts to his parole officer last year after bolting abroad, has been arrested in India, authorities said.
The arrest -- made Tuesday in India at 3:48 p.m., which was early Tuesday here -- ends a remarkable 11-month global manhunt for a man authorities describe as a remorseless predator with a brilliant mind.

Retired Schenectady Police Investigator Peter McGrath, who tracked Horowitz across the country while trying to build a case against him more than a decade ago, said Tuesday he never doubted authorities would eventually find the man, who he counts among the most cunning predators he ever encountered.

Horowitz' parole officer received a letter from him postmarked in Israel saying he'd never return to the United States

Scott Axelberg said...


Did anyone hear about the ridiculous defense strategy being planned by Kolko & the Tendlers?

Warning - Fedex hires Child Molesters said...

I hope this guy is not related to the rosh yeshiva R' Naftoli Trupp


An aerial search for a missing flier continued today west of Yakima. Meanwhile, a hotline has been set up for tips.

As many as 10 aircraft are taking part in the search, which continues to concentrate on a densely wooded 560-square-mile area northwest of Bumping Lake near the Yakima and Pierce county border.

Rookie pilot George Everest Trupp of Snoqualmie has been missing since Tuesday, when his rented Cessna 177 disappeared from the radar screen on a flight from Twin Falls, Idaho, to Renton.

It remains unclear today whether authorities have attached any credibility to reports that a small plane like the missing Cessna was seen flying low Tuesday in the Cascade foothills west of Cowiche.

The pilot, George Trupp, 53, is a native of Yakima and a 1972 graduate of West Valley High School, according to ex-wife Carol Cramer of Selah.

She said Trupp has lived on the westside for more than 20 years and is an employee of Fed Ex.

Court records show that Trupp is a convicted child molester who is currently facing charges of indecent liberties in Pierce County.

False Alarm said...


Authorities flew Aron Twerski down to identify the niftar, but it wasn't Margo.

Margo Hung them out to Dry Too said...


'Molester put kids in dryer'

Did Someone Yell "Fire!"? said...


A Northern Californian with a history of stalking and arrests for child sexual abuse, indecent exposure, spouse battering and vandalism is working as an emergency medical technician for the San Francisco Fire Department, despite a prosecutor's warning last year that he is "a very serious risk" to the community.

Anonymous said...


Isaac Bitton writes:

About Rabbi Belsky's statement that my allegations are unfounded: I still cannot understand how a Rabbinic authority
or anybody in general can give his opinion without being presented with all the facts from BOTH sides. I strongly suggest to Rabbi Belsky's entourage to bring him the recordings posted in this new update, I have no doubt he will change his opinion after listening to them.

Anonymous said...
This is the very same Belsky who covered for Lipa Margulies and Yidi Kolko while innocent children were being abused at Torah Temimah. Does anybody in their right mind expect him to stand up and be honest in a kashrus scandal where he has 'conflict of interest' basically stamped on his forehead ?!
Stand up for the truth, Isaac, and you will emerge the winner. The lies must stop.

Steve Greenberg said...


This is a special project I'm providing consulting services for. I could offer Yudi Kolko a job where he doesn't have to interact with children.

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...

A lot of these names that pop up here have overlap into the kashrus field. Amram Assayag runs the KOS (Kashrut Ontario Sephardim). Boruch Taub is with the Toronto COR hashgocho. Another son of Taub's, Moishe, is the rov of Young Israel Buffalo NY and heads the Vaad Hakashrus there.

Ich hob moyrah that one day Steve Greenberg is going to start a faygel-friendly hashgocho. There's already a leftist college campus, Berekeley or somewhere, that advertises a "gay and transgender friendly" kosher cafeteria.

Anonymous said...

Fedex hires child molesters?

No wonder UOJ used the US Postal Service to deliver all the warning letters about Kolko & Margo.

Ombudsman said...

Heads up to our enterprising friends in the area who are trying to scrape together some extra prutos. The media recently reported on a fire in an illegal basement apt in Queens. The tenants died because there weren't enough exits. The landlord is facing manslaughter charges because he should know better than to greedily rent out unsafe living quarters.

Did half of Boro Park / Flatbush just do a doubletake?

Anonymous said...


is attacks on moshe tendler fair game too?

Boro Park - Flatbush Advisory said...

Pietro Tailor at 18th Ave & East 2nd.

The old Italian man Pietro who retired a few years ago did a great job. Too good. He was sewing in linen pieces to suits that didn't have shaatnez to begin with. The shaatnez labs found out and issued warnings about him.

Fast forward.

The Russian Sefardi that took over, Simcha / Sasha, is a faker with a yarmulka. I don't know if he's even officially frum. More than a few frey businessmen working in Boro Park have donned a koppel because it's good for business. He has been caught not finishing the job when he is paid to remove shaatnez. In cases where the linen is glued, it is very time consuming and he couldn't be bothered because his time is money. If you reopen the suit & find his unfinished mess, he gets angry & confrontational. He whines that he "doesn't have time" , as if it's an excuse, when the mechutzefdik shmuck is absconding from removing the issur that he was paid for.

He also pulls fast ones on regular alterations and sometimes looks for any excuse to charge you twice or extra for the same work.

UOJ watcher said...

Alot of people were lining up to see UOJ on sunday on central av. on Sunday afternoon. Was lunch good at sabras?

Anonymous said...

UOJ WAtcher,

Who do you think UOJ is? You seem to know.

Anonymous said...


Can you explain why you have not gone for all out war against the many molesters that you have exposed as you did for Kolko/Margulies?

No lettter writing to members of the community anymore??? Why??? It worked quite well with Kolko and Margo.

Anonymous said...

I was duped by the con man with the kipa, Simcha from Pietro Tailor. When I insisted on rechecking his work he got very agitated and started throwing all kinds of guilt trips at me. When I found plenty of linen still glued under the collar, he pushed his knife at me, and said here, if you can do a better job, you scrape it off. It took me at least 20 minutes of tedious work to get it all out.

I notified shaatnez checker Rabbi Nussbaum (before UOJ raised any concerns) who said he would "keep an eye on him."

I don't know why Williamsburg & Lakewood didn't issue another warning about Pietro tailor. Did Nussbaum not notify anyone or did someone posken that Pietro's linen doesn't penetrate anyone?

Bronfman Watch said...


Is this putz Edgar for real? He's advocating in this op-ed (besides "gender equality") that synagogues model themsleves along the lines of Evangelical churches, with audio-visual systems and the works.

He should stick to counting his money after Sruly is at his desk.

Ombudsman's Deputy said...

All these guys renting illegal apartments are artificially driving up house prices. They can;t afford the house unless they finance it with illegal shtick which winds up pricing everyone else out of the market.

I'd like to see a crackdown by the City that will bring prices back down to Earth.

R' Moishe Feinstein poskens that cheating on Regents is also genaiva because you ruin others' chances of getting into college.

Maybe these illegal apt meisters are doing the same issur by pricing others out of the market by breaking the law.

Mystery Source said...

I really don't understand Isaac Bitton. UOJ had asked me a while ago to contact Bitton on his blog. I did so yet he declined to respond to me in any way and would not even let my post through. I don't even need his contact info if he wants his privacy. I could give his lawyer the information I have that will help his case but for some strange reason he won't even listen. I know some very incriminating details that the OU does not want to get out. Someone at the OU has threatened people in the past over this information.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

The passport used by notorious criminal Lipa Margulies to enter Williamsburg, has been found by accident by Charlie Hynes, in Yudi Kolko's underwear draw, a Holocaust museum investigator said. In addition, false teeth filled with gold was found in Kolko's safety deposit box.

Reliable sources say that Margulies and Willy Weisner are in a bidding war over those teeth, which could have been used by the Belzer Rebbe at his last tish before fleeing to Israel in middle of the night, as he advised his donkeys/chassidim to stay put in Belz.

I'm sending out a pashkevil(with the permission of the Jewish Press this time)...to find out if in fact the Belzer Rebbe was wearing his teeth at the "last tish". I'll keep you "a-breast"..(hashgacha by Belsky) as this breaking news develops.

LVF said...

The proudest campaign ever was launched by the Tourism Ministry in cooperation with the Association for Civil Rights and the Israeli Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Association (the “Aguda”). The goal: To encourage GLBT tourism to Jerusalem.

It seems as if the agudas yisroel of america decided to open another location in israel for all the "pride" people that left america, one mistake in the campaign to spread the word about this "aguda" branch, the photograph of the 2 men wearing a kippah kissing in jerusalem should have been of mondrowitz and leizerowitz,

Not your typical Shnorrer said...

You are walking towards shul and see a beggar, asking you for a donation. What is your first thought? This is the story of a mysterious beggar from Tveria (Tiberias). After the beggar's death, zs'l, it was discovered that he was a Tzaddik Nistar and he helped many residents in Teveria.

The beggar, Avraham Chanuna passed away 10 years ago and was known to most residents. After his death, many chesed miraculous stories were told about him. It is said that he secretly supported struggling families, single-mothers, widows, and families that had no source of external financial help. Many believe that the generous beggar was some sort of a Malach (angel), and he distributed all the donations that he collected, never using it for himself. The mysterious beggar lived in the basement of the shul and ate in places that offered food for the poor.

One of the most fascinating story is about a 40 year old widow, a mother of 6. When she gave the beggar a coin, tears flowed from her eyes. Avraham asked her why she is crying and she told him that she is in heavy debt, owes thousands of shekalim and in addition, has no money to make a Bar Mitzvah for her first-born son. The beggar promised to help her and the widow laughed, "You are a beggar, how can you possibly help me?".

That evening, Avraham Chanuna came to her home with a bag full of coins that was worth over 20,000 shekels. There was enough money for the Bar Mitzvah and to pay back debts.

During the Bar Mitzvah people inquired what the beggar was doing at the celebration, and the widow answered that he is the guest of honor, a very special guest. No one imagined that the mysterious beggar, Avraham Chanuna, was the one who paid for the celebration.

OK / Rabbi Levy Mafia Tactics said...


Anonymous said...
Two years ago, I wrote into Askmoses.com after I had seen employees of Emerald Caterers in Miami cooking on Shabbos with the OK's mashgiach supervising.

I wrote into Askmoses.com because as a Sephardic Jew, I had no other way to know if Lubavitch permitted Gentiles to cook on Shabbos for motzai Shabbos affairs catered by a kosher caterer.

Askmoses.com was the only way I knew of to ask the question without embarrassing myself or anyone else because I knew that our Sephardic Rabbis did not permit this but had NO WAY of knowing if Lubavitch did.
As I am sure you know, different Rabbinical traditions rule quite differently from each other very often.

About two weeks later I was notified that I was being sued by the caterer. A copy of my emailed question along with my home address and phone number had been given to the caterer who is a Gentile.

I as you, was raised to believe that I should never write anything that I am ashamed to sign my name to. My experience with Don Yoel Levy and the OK changed that forever.

My attorney told me that in the future, I should NEVER sign my name to anything I post on a website or blog and that I will save a lot of money defending myself from frivolous lawsuits from people who want to silence my First Amendment Right of Free Speech.

My attorney told me that if I had not signed my name to my question, I could not have been sued because there would have been no other way to prove who had sent in the question from my office computer.

Not only was I harassed with frivolous lawsuits and threatening phone calls to my home, but my grown children were also harassed at work by the Gentile kitchen staff employed by the caterer. My house and car were vandalized by these people as well.

Since then, a letter, signed by Don Yoel Levy himself has been sent to the President of every synagogue in which my husband, a Rabbi has even attended. The letter which includes a copy of my question to Askmoses.com states that if the synagogue continues to welcome my husband they will be sued by the OK for the defamation of the character of one of their clients, and they will sue the synagogue for damages because they cannot collect a judgment from our assets.

It is not unreasonable that the Board of Directors of any synagogue would assume that anyone whom Don Yoel Levy himself would threaten to sue A SYNAGOGUE over must have done something quite horrid.

Fortunately for our family my husband has always supported us in business and has never taken A PENNY from any congregation for serving them so we have not suffered financially because of this.

So now Mr. Paul Kopyt of Brooklyn NY I hope you will understand why I will never again sign my name to anything I post online.

If you really need to know who I am, I am sure you would be able to find out easily enough from the details of my story. What happened to our family scared a lot of other people into keeping their mouths shut when they see kashrus violations.

As you can imagine I identify with Rabbi Bitton's plight MOST personally and want to help in anyway that I can. I am fortunate to have an attorney in the family who is restrained from posting due to the public nature of his office which by the way is in NY State.

UOJ Gets Results said...

After UOJ & the tabloids made a stink about Mutterperl, Charlie Hynes had to reverse himself.


A young Midwood girl’s fears that the man who attempted to abduct her would once again darken her doorstep were calmed this week when prosecutors indicted him on attempted kidnapping charges.

A spokesman for the Kings County District Attorney’s office said that they would “revisit” the issue of bail against defendant Bernard Mutterpearl in the alleged attack of 11-year-old Xochil Garcia when he is arraigned on the attempted kidnapping indictment in the next few weeks – an indictment which could land him up to 15 years behind bars if he’s convicted.

What is the "Boat Scandal"? said...

I did hear years ago that Moses Tendler claimed to have rode on a fishing trawling for kosher tuna and witnessed kosher & tamei being mixed up. Heinemann publicly said that Tendler has "no neemanus"


Rabbi Heinemann has been po'd at the Baltimore Jewish Times for years because they exposed his screw up in the matter of the BOAT SCANDAL.Speak to people who have lived in Baltimore for at least 16 or 17 years they'll tell you the story.
This guy should have been thrown out of the kashruth racket years ago.

OU Crony Watch said...

Please note that Le Marais went back on their word to the NY Post and did NOT drop the suit against Bitton.

Fat slob & Jewish Press nephew Richard Klass may also become homeless. I believe he is one of the lawyers at 16 Court St that is being converted to condos.


Le Marais filed their lawsuit within days of Rabbi Bittons blog appearing, claiming that receipts for the weekend were down 30%. It can easily be asserted that the on the weekend before Passover few kosher diners have the time or money to be out at a fancy steakhouse. An audit of the restaurants receipts from previous years would most likely show seasonal fluctuations so it is impossible to PROVE that this past weekend's receipts were down because of Rabbi Bitton's blog.

The reason the attorney who filed this suit should be reported to the Bar is because this suit does not meet any of the qualifications of a libel. Any Attorney should know this. An Attorney, as an Officer of the Court is charged with helping their clients to OBEY the Law NOT to circumvent it.

The Bar Association is the proper vehicle for filing charges against an attorney who abuses his role as officer of the court. The official term for this is "under Color of Right", that is because the attorney is an officer of the court, most would assume that the filing is appropriate. In this case the filing does not meet ANY of the criteria of libel and the amount of the specified damages has no basis.

Frivolous lawsuits do nothing more than clog up the system and cost taxpayers money. Attorneys who file frivolous lawsuits are often fined for doing so.

The purpose of this SHAM filing is not an honest attempt to recover actual damages suffered by Le Marais but to coerce Rabbi Bitton into silence against his First Amendment Rights of Free Speech. The Attorney who represents Rabbi Bitton in my opinion should file a motion for a summary judgment to dismiss concurrently with an anti SLAPP suit against the attorney.

Additionally because Rabbi Bitton was employed by the OU at the time of the incidents, the OU' should be held responsible for Rabbi Bitton's defense. I am sure that the OU carries liability insurance on their employees.


Richard Klass is a member of the Bar in NJ, NY and Mass.

He should be reported to all three Bar Associations for filing this frivolous harassment suit.

I believe that it is a violation of Title 18, USC Section 241, and 242 because an attorney is an officer of the court, he is a law enforcement official.

If he misuses his position in law enforcement to harass you into restricting your First Amendment Right of Free Speech or giving up your First Amendment Right to Practice your Religion he is doing so under "Official Color of Right"

" Acts under "color of any law" include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the bounds or limits of their lawful authority, but also acts done without and beyond the bounds of their lawful authority; provided that, in order for unlawful acts of any official to be done under "color of any law," the unlawful acts must be done while such official is purporting or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties. This definition includes, in addition to law enforcement officials, individuals such as Mayors, Council persons, Judges, Nursing Home Proprietors, Security Guards, etc., persons who are bound by laws, statutes ordinances, or customs."

This carries a punishment of a prison sentence.


Title 18 241 applies. The attorney says right there that he is wants you to deny your religious beliefs and limit your right of free speech. The 10 million is just smoke and mirrors, the whole thing is just to restrict your First Amendment Freedoms.

Take a copy of this lawsuit and a copy of Statute 241 to your nearest FBI office and press charges. Press charges against the attorney under Title 18 241 and 242.

Send a fax of the lawsuit to the 3 Bar Associations along with a copy of both Statutes. Tell the Bar Associations in your cover letter that you are writing to protest a SHAM filing, name the above statutes in reference. This attorney is trying to circumvent the law by filing an outrageous civil suit in hopes that you will settle for simply restraining your First Amendment Rights. This is ILLEGAL!!

The Bar Association will usually fax you back forms to sign and this will initiate your action against the attorney. If the attorney is found guilty of SHAM filing or the Bar Association finds him in violation of the above Federal Statutes you may be able to collect monetary damages against the attorney.

You should file this with the NY Bar because the suit was filed in NY, but you should also send it to NJ and MA because the attorney is a member of the Bar there and they might also want to take disciplinary action.

Son of a Mashgiach said...


Son of A Mashgiach said...
Now that the can of worms is open, I would like to relay a story that might offer some insight into the credibility of the OU and their leadership. A business owner was called in for a meeting at the OU and was informed that his yearly supervision fee was going to be raised by 500%. FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT! The business owner was told that he should have no problem with the increase because his business was growing. The "Rabbis" told the owner that if he refused to pay that they would put an ad in the following week Jewish Press which would state that The OU is longer certifying that his establishment was Kosher. Then the Rabbis said " And let the people figure out on their own why The OU decided to dropp your Hechsher"
I would LOVE to hear the " Orthodox Rabbis" at the Union deny that this is not the typical strongarm tacticts that they use in order to extort money from their customers. Yes, I know I said extort, I probably should have used the term blackmail.
The Current regime at the OU have NEVER been about Kashruth and Always been about MONEY.

Oy Vey said...


The OK has a Mashgiah at Kastners in Surfside, named Ovadiah Darzi.
He is the son of a Jewish man and a Gentile woman. When Don Yoel Levy found out that he was not Jewish in the Fall of 2005, the response was "this is an unfortunate problem that we are looking into".

As far as I know, he is still the Mashgiach there.

gilligan is keeping busy said...

Room Enough for Two (Tefillin)

R. Daniel Z. Feldman on wearing two pairs of tefillin (link):

The Sanzer Rebbe (Resp. Divrei Chaim, II, O.C. 6) dealt with the question of whether it is appropriate to use a mirror to ascertain that one’s tefilin are properly positioned. (The question is predicated on the assumption that men should not use mirrors, out of concern for “beged ishah”, as stated in Y.D. 156:2; however, see Rama, who notes that in societies in which men also use mirrors, it is permissible to do so). He responded that there is no need to use a mirror for this purpose, in light of the statement of the Talmud (Eiruvin 95b) “there is room on the head to place two tefilin”. If this is the case, that there is twice as much room as is necessary, it would certainly be possible to place one tefilin box within the appropriate parameters without use of a mirror.

His assumption is that the Talmud’s statement is a reference to placing two boxes side by side. It can be argued, however, that the Talmud only referred to placing two boxes one on top of the other; going across, however, the space is more limited, as indicated by the Torah’s requirement of “between your eyes”. As R. Shlomo Wahrman (She’erit Yosef, II, 5:1) observes, this is apparently the view of the Radbaz (916) and the Rosh (Hil. Tefilin, 9a, s.v. amar), as well as the Taz (O.C. 32:2), and that both views are noted in the Beit Yosef (O.C. 27).

It should also be noted that the Taz also states that it is unclear if the halakhah actually accepts the view that “there is room on the head to place two tefilin”, and that the Magen Avraham (301:54) writes that in present times we are not sufficiently expert to know where the two boxes would fit. (See also Resp. Hit’or’rut Teshuvah, O.C. 12-13).
Once, when I was in Israel for a week, I attended a Sephardic synagogue for all of the services and the rabbi there wore two pairs of tefillin on his head, one in the "normal" place above the hairline and another higher up on the head, which he covered with a big yarmulka. That sight gave me a new understanding of the above-quoted Gemara in Eruvin about wearing two pairs of tefillin at the same time.

Speaking of Gilligan Student ... said...

The only detail in the Tendler scandal that was mildly funny was a spat Gilligan had with Steven I Weiss. SIW was jumping all over Gilligan as a profiteer & slimy opportunist for puting an ad about his new sefer on Siruv beis din smack dab in the middle of an article about Tendler refusing to appear in beis din. SIW said "it takes a special kind of person to do that" Gilligan chimed in on Canonist denying he was an opportunist & offering to send SIW excerpts of the sefer.

A Tendler mishpocho? said...

Rabbi Alan J. Horowitz, MD, is a convicted sex offender who is also an ordained Orthodox rabbi. As a psychiatrist, Horowitz specialized in working with adolescents. His resume also includes volunteering time as a Boy Scout leader
and being a writer for NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) publications. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University; and received
his Ph.D. and medical degree from Duke University.

Alan Horowitz was married with one child of his own and seven stepchildren.

In the past Horowitz was licensed to practice medicine in North Carolina and Maryland. He never obtained a license to practice in the state of New York.

Alan Horowitz was first convicted back in 1983 in Maryland of performing an unnatural sexual act on the 12-year-old boy who was his patient and his eight year-old little brother. At the time Horowitz was sentenced to five-year probation.

The probation agreement included allowing Alan Horowitz to move to New York so that he could live study Torah at Ohr Somayach, Monsey, NY. He was court
ordered to live on campus. Ohr Somayach is a Yeshiva serving young male students.

Dr. Horowitz was also court ordered to be in counseling under the care of Dr. Joseph F. Chambers (Maryland) and Dr. Issac Twersky (Monsey, NY). As like many others who thirst in learning Torah, Alan Horowitz ultimately ending up
studying abroad in Israel.

Alan Horowitz twice violated his probation from the sentencing in 1983. There is no documentation of how he violated it the first time, yet the second time was in November 1985, was when he made aliyah and moved to Israel. He
returned to the United States in November, 1990 when he learned new charges were being investigated relating to him allegedly molesting children in the West Bank (Israel).

Past newspaper accounts stated Rabbi Alan Horowitz picked Schenectady in hopes of securing a rabbinical appointment. Apparently each time Horowitz moved
he changed his name, using the alias Shneor Altar in Israel, Alan Horowitz in New York and Mike Sonkin in Iowa.

Not much time pasted for there to be new allegations made of child sexual abuse. In 1991, allegations were made that Horowitz molested three boys under
the age of fourteen and a 14-year-old girl in Eastern Parkway and Niskayuna, New York. It was around this time that authorities in New York contacted Interpol and learned that the investigation in the West Bank (Israel) was still being investigated.

Upon Horowitz learning that new charges in the US were being made against him, he attempted to elude the authorities by moving. This time to Woodward, Iowa. Once located he was extradited back to New York.

During the new police investigation, the New York officials found a trail of
sexual abuse of patients dating back to the late 1960s when Horowitz worked for a community organization that helped impoverished, inner-city children.

On August 27, 1991, Rabbi Alan J. Horowitz, MD was charged in the Supreme Court in the state of New York on 34 counts of sodomy in the 1st degree. He was also charged with two counts of Sodomy in the 2nd degree, one count of sexual
abuse in the 3rd degree, and 4 counts of endangering the welfare of a child.
During these court procedures a North Carolina man showed up during the court proceedings claiming he was sexually abused by Horowitz as a child. It is also
mentioned that Horowitz molested children in the state of Arizona, yet no more information about those allegations is known.

On June 29, 1992 , Rabbi Alan Jay Horowitz, MD pled guilty to one count of 1st degree sodomy.

In a county Probation Department report Horowitz admitted that he was a pedophile, but a "normal pedophile," which Horowitz defined as someone who has consensual sex with children.

During August, 1992, Alan Horowitz made the news one more time. This time was regarding a complaint that the county jail diet did not provide for his religious needs. He asked a state Supreme Court judge to direct the sheriff to
provide more kosher food.

There were many attempts to stop Rabbi Horowitz being released on conditional parole on November 1, 2004 (Oneida Prison, NY), yet these attempts failed. At
the time of his release he was Designation: Sexually Violent Offender and Predicate Sex Offender level three sex offender).

In 2006, Horowitz illegally left the United States violating his probation.

At first it was believed he was in Israel, yet instead flew to Japan and on to Hong Kong, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India -- leaving a trail of newly sexually victimized children along the way.

In India he used his title of "rabbi" in his attempt to give himself credibility
On May 22, 2007, Rabbi Alan Horowitz was caught in India. Horowitz was in violation of his parole since June, 2006. He will be extradited back to the US soon.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

The neoconservative Irving Kristol observed:

If there is one indisputable fact about the human condition it is that no community can survive if it is persuaded — or even if it suspects — that its members are leading meaningless lives in a meaningless universe.

Perhaps we know too much for our own good.

Another explanation for the universality of religion that I find attractive imagines religion as a forward extension of the gullibility or impressionability that a child needs to learn language and culture. The child must have the capacity to trust that whatever surrounding adults say is true and useful. Thus retaining them into adulthood, humans’ childish acceptance — providing “answers” to the unknowable.

Regardless of any anthropological theory of religious origins, the ubiquity of a religious sense cannot be denied. Writing in the 1930s, the anthropologist Ruth Benedict concluded:

No matter how exotic a society the traveler has wandered, he still finds the distinction [between religious and nonreligious] made … And it is universal. There is no monograph in existence that does not group a certain class of facts as religion, and there are no records of travelers … that do not indicate this category.

Michael Bakunin took up this issue in his 1871 God and the State, where he pointed out that universality is no more a proof of validity than was the commonly held belief that the sun revolved around the earth proof that it did. Writing in the immediate post-Darwinian world, he saw religious universality as a stage in man’s development and supported the study of religion only as a method of supplanting it as the human mind moved forward. Nonetheless, Bakunin admitted the pervasiveness and necessity of faith up to modern times. “Nothing,” he wrote, “is as universal or as ancient as the iniquitous and absurd.”

Nicolas Berdyaev (along with the Grand Inquisitor) asserted that man was by nature a spiritual being and that “the soul of man cannot live empty of religion.” Nothing can take from him the urge to venerate and adore something higher than his mere self. There is an imperative toward the superhuman.

Finkelstein vs Dershowitz said...


An Unstable Academic Threatens Alan Dershowitz

By Steven Plaut
FrontPageMagazine.com | May 29, 2007

Charles Zentai said...


UOJ zolt vissen that Margulies-batchi still has friends fin der heim that support him.

Bemakom sheain Ish Yishtadel lihiyos UOJ said...


Without justice, recovery harder for sex assault victims

Ernst & Young said...

This is just vengeful payback from UOJ because we didn't keep a closer eye on Sruly Singer.


Four current and former partners of Ernst & Young LLP, the second-largest U.S. accounting firm, were charged with tax fraud in an expansion of the U.S. government's crackdown on illegal shelters.

The four were indicted for marketing tax shelters to people with taxable incomes greater than $10 million based on ``false and fraudulent factual scenarios,'' U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia in New York said in a statement today.

The Ernst & Young defendants are Robert Coplan, 54, of Plano, Texas; Martin Nissenbaum, 51, of Brooklyn, New York; Richard Shapiro, 58, of Rye Brook, New York; and Brian Vaughn, 39, of Calhoun, Louisiana, according to Garcia. Shapiro and Nissenbaum are on administrative leave from Ernst & Young; Coplan and Vaughn are no longer with the firm.

Eight Counts

The four are charged with eight counts, including conspiracy to defraud the IRS, tax evasion, making false statements to the IRS and impeding the lawful functioning of the IRS. They are due to appear in federal court in New York at 2:30 p.m.

If convicted, Coplan faces 18 years in prison, Nissenbaum 13 years and Shapiro and Vaughn 10 years each, Garcia spokeswoman Yusill Scribner said.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Finkelstein has done "some" credible work in archaeology, period. Nothing more or less. His work was backed up by experts in the field. I never said he's a nice guy.

Even Tendler did not molest every teen or woman he bumped into. At least, I don't have evidence that he did.

What a Shame said...

According to GoDaven.com, Martin Nissenbaum is in charge of Ernst & Young minyanim at 5 Times Square in Room 805W.

US Treasury Dept's Alcohol and Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau said...

Some people are really hung up on devorim haomdim berumo shel oylam.

What's going on, the fressers in the Sassreggen kiddush club are worried about how many calories they're glugging? At least we assume he must daven in Sassreggen.


From: marfern1@yahoo.com
Sent: Friday, July 15, 2005 11:29 AM
To: Rulemaking, TTB
Subject: Notice No. 41: Labeling and Advertising of Wines, Distilled
Spirits and Malt Beverages

Dear U.S. TTB,

I have come to expect that any packaged food and beverage I consume contains basic information like serving size and the amount of protein, per serving. Food, nonalcoholic beverages, drugs, even dietary supplements all provide basic consumer facts about the product on the label. But I noticed that for some reason, alcoholic beverages are exempt from this standard. I am writing to you today to ask the TTB to make this information readily available to consumers. I know that some companies that sell their products around the world voluntarily provide standard drinks information on product labels in the United Kingdom, and I don?t understand why the federal government doesn?t allow disclosure of this information in the U.S. Please provide consumers this information. There is no reason not to.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Martin Nissenbaum
1403 East 22nd Street
Brooklyn, New York 11210 cc:

cc Senator Charles Schumer
Representative Edolphus Towns
Senator Hillary Clinton
Chairman Edward Kelly

Or Does he Daven by Weinfeld with Yudi Kolko? said...

Is he joining the crew as the "tax shelter putz"?

Martin Nissenbaum is the National Director of Personal Income Tax Planning and a co-Director of the Strategic Individual Solutions Group at Ernst & Young. He is one of the foremost authorities for high net worth individuals in income, estate, and gift tax planning, as well as personal financial planning. He also provides compensation planning services to major Ernst & Young commercial clients.

He received his BS in Accounting from Brooklyn College and his JD and LLM (Tax) from the New York University School of Law. Martin is a member of various professional organizations, including the American Bar Association, NYSSCPA’s Personal Income Tax Committee, and New York State Bar Association’s Personal Income Tax Committee and Employee Benefits Committee. He is also on the Editorial Advisory Board of Tax Hotline.

He speaks on personal, financial, and tax planning issues to professional organizations, including the New York State Society of CPAs, National Association of Accountants, International Association of Financial Planners, NYU Tax Society, Tax Executives Institute, and UJA-Federation. He has written various articles and publications. These include "Incentive Stock Options and the Alternative Minimum Tax" and "Estate Planning for Qualified Plan Benefits," which appeared in the CPA Journal. He is the co-author of Ernst & Young’s Personal Financial Planning Guide, Ernst & Young’s Retirement Planning Guide, and The Ernst & Young Tax Guide as well as a contributor to The Ernst & Young Tax Saver’s Guide and The Ernst & Young Guide to the IPO Value Journey.

Martin has been quoted extensively on tax issues in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, Newsweek, Money, www.thestreet.com, www.cnnfn.com, and www.smartmoney.com. PR Week has named him one of the top 10 quoted spokespeople in the business press.

Kashrus Insider said...


Kashrus Insider said...
A frum publication wrote about a scandal at an OK certified establishment. The publication was very careful to not mention names and other identifying factors. It was very difficult for anyone but a few industry insiders to figure out who the article was talking about. Rabbi Levy & the OK still had their lawyers intimidate & coerce the publication into issuing some sort of retraction of the writeup that didn't refer to anyone.

Historian said...


IS this guy related to Rav Isaac Nissenbaum? He was an active Mizrachist but also a big talmid chochom who learned in Volozhin. He was murdered by the Nazis in the Warsaw ghetto.

Swift Vets & POWs for Truth said...


Martin Nissenbaum really is a putz.


According to Federal records, he gave personal money to the John Kerry election campaign.

YTT-Style Law Enforcement said...


Victim: law officers made her feel "it was my fault"

Avi L. Shafran said...

Mr. Unorthodox Jew is persona non grata, but we have to look into giving Nissenbaum a crack at the microphone at our Agudah fresser convention. Maybe he can give the workshop on business ethics. It's been kind of dull since David Schick became busy with other things.

Charles Clayman said...


I am Nissenbum's lawyer and a faculty member at YU's Cardozo Law School.

Please stop mocking my client. If you want to make fun of someone, my moustache is as funny as Avi Moskowitz's old hairdo.

Anonymous said...

From the Jewish Journal March 28, 2003:

Rabbi Mattis Weinberg, who founded Yeshivat Kerem in Santa Clara in the mid-1970s, counts as some of his strongest supporters — and detractors — former Kerem students and faculty members who now live in Los Angeles.

Kerem, which existed for seven years, employed some well-known rabbis in Los Angeles, including Rabbi Shalom Tendler, now rosh yeshiva at YULA; Rabbi Aron Tendler of Shaarei Tzedek Congregation; Rabbi Daniel Lapin, formerly of the Pacific Jewish Center in Venice; and Rabbi Eliezer Eidlitz, now director of development at Emek Hebrew Academy.............

UOJ-Are you aware that Matis Weinberg and Shalom Tendler had a relationship?

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

UOJ-Are you aware that Matis Weinberg and Shalom Tendler had a relationship?


Above Anon,

Please e-mail me the names of at least 3 credible people that will support the above allegations, or I will take it down.

Barbara Boxer said...

Maybe the post at 4:56 is going down, but we want to hear more about Shalom Tendler and the bigamist siddur kiddushin. Did it go ahead as planned or did UOJ scare the living daylights out of him?

Anthony Weiner said...

Nissenbum lives around the corner from Lipa Geldwerth's shul. He would fit into a place like that where Kolko is considered an angel and Eli Greenwald a bad guy.

What Sayeth UOJ? said...

People are arguing that they spoke to professional fundraisers who say that there was nothing fishy about goings on between Singer & Curt Hoxter. I have no experience in that field but it sounds astonishing to me that someone gets 700 grand without doing much.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

What Sayeth UOJ?


I Dunno!

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Maybe the post at 4:56 is going down, but we want to hear more about Shalom Tendler and the bigamist siddur kiddushin. Did it go ahead as planned or did UOJ scare the living daylights out of him?


In due time, I promise!

deprogramed amhaaretz said...

Dear Mr. OUJ I am a new follower and fan of your blog. I have some information pertaining to a Rabbi in Toronto who is giving very dangerous medical psak to women. This is the type of issue that the victems will not easily come forward because of community stigma among other things. One of the women is my wife. I would like to email you the details. I understand that you must be inundated with a lot of email traffic, however in my opinion I think that the issue has a level of pichuach nefesh. I think that your blog might be the only proper platform to deal with this issue or if you cannot, you can at least give me some advice on how to proceed myself. If I send you an email will you read it as soon as possible?


Deprogramed Amhaaretz

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

If I send you an email will you read it as soon as possible?


Aleksander Mukdon (Alexander the Great) said...

UOJ is giving me a run for my money. The whole world used to bring their problems to ME until this chum showed up on the scene.

Brian Linder said...


I'm an attorney from Hewlett Harbor who's also representing Nissenbaum and like my mustachioed partner Clayman, I'm faculty at YU.

You don't know the half of this story. Just wait 'til the US Attorney starts taking down the long lineup of corrupt lawyers that aided and abetted the tax shelter fraud.

ABC News said...

That's true about the greedy co-conspirator lawyers.


The scam catered to clients who earned more than $10 million to $20 million a year, finding them ways to reduce their taxes, according to an indictment handed up in the federal court for New York's Southern District.

Ernst & Young took in more than $115.7 million in fees for setting up these shelters, charging clients between 1.25 percent and 2 percent for every dollar of tax deductions created, according to the indictment. The firm assisted more than 400 wealthy clients in reducing their taxes through such shelters.

According to ABC News' calculations, that could mean that Ernst & Young helped its clients create more than $7.56 billion in tax deductions.

One of these complicated tax shelters involved converting clients' ordinary income into capital gains.

The idea behind the alleged scheme is that the tax rate on capital gains is significantly lower than the regular income tax rate, especially for the rich.

The rich clients in question would normally be taxed at a rate of about 40 percent, according to court records. But the income allegedly filtered through the tax shelters and was taxed only at the long-term capital gains rate of about 20 percent.

The government alleges the scheme was so good that its architects couldn't deny themselves a chance to reap the profits.

Three of the partners involved in the shelters allegedly decided to use the program to evade their own taxes and arranged for eight other partners in the firm to join in the shelters with them.

Those 11 Ernst & Young partners avoided paying about $3.7 million in taxes they owed, according to the indictment.

But the case doesn't end there.

Allegedly, several law firms and other companies co-conspired with Ernst & Young to carry out the tax shelters.

Several steps were taken to hide the true nature of these shelters from the Internal Revenue Service, according to the indictment. Various law firms were hired -- at $50,000 for each client -- to write "opinion letters" that claimed the tax shelter losses or deductions would "more likely than not" survive IRS challenge, or "should" survive IRS challenge.

The U.S. Attorney's office said that the defendants knew those opinions were based on false statements and omitted material facts.

It is unclear if the government will now pursue charges against any of these law firms or the banks and other financial institutions that executed the transactions.

A spokeswoman for Michael J. Garcia, U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, declined comment.

Anonymous said...

I know of a 21 year old man in Lakewood (i dont want to call him a boy) who is a child molester. I have names.....his name, names of Rabbis that know about his molestation and therpaists/counselors that he has talked to about his problem. He is very sick but for some reason the Rabbis and therapists let him stay out there!!! It's sick!! and he keeps going....molesting kids - its just terrible. I have names and will post them here or send them to UOJ if nothing is drastically done to tkae this piece of dreck away from the kids of Lakewood.

Warning said...

Beware men in Boro Park. Your wife may be going to Ohel Family Services Domestic Abuse program. this is what they feed them there.
They encourage the wives to come in secret and before you know it they will have convinced your wife that you are abusive and she should leave you


Court Watcher said...

I don't understand why Yudi Kolko's court dates are so shlepped out. The Mutterperl kid had 3 court dates in a very short time span. I hope this isn't because Belskyand the Iggud haganovim & the Tort Putz are getting Charlie Hynes to stall.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...


Kol hakavod for attempting to address this issue

We are filled with these cases, and just won one this week in bet din rabbani yerushalayim.

The degree of male aguns, and women refusing to divorce or refusing their get, is astounding. Worse, but related, are the amounts of false claims of aguna.

Rav Ben Dahan of the Jerusalem Bet Din estimates officially that some 70% of claims of aguna brought are false claims.

Let us know how we can help.
Israel Fathers Rights Advocacy Council
POB 117
Tel Aviv 61001
(054) 422-7139

Lakewood said...

Is Shimon Russell covering up for the 21 year old molester? The guy who's running an illegal therapy clinic in his basement? His diplomas mean nothing if he's not licensed.

Anonymous said...

Hey "Warning" from Boro Park,

How do we know that you're not takkeh abusive?

Any Sex Abuse Experts in the House? said...

I know someone from yeshiva who is a real loser. I can't believe he's in the rabbonnus now, although nothing is stopping any schmo from opening a shtiebel. The guy was an annoying pest even in his 20s as a beis medrash bochur. One day, I finally had enough of him getting in my way so I "shtoched" him. He became very angry and started aggressively body slamming me. WHen I commented that he reeks from not showering for days, he completely lost it and resorted to sexual assault by grabbing my sex organ and squeezing as hard as he could. I eventually fought him off but he wouldn't give up his grip for what seemed a long time and was also fisting me there off and on. I wasn't thinking in terms of calling the police or even going to the rosh yeshiva, I just lobbed him with as many hard punches as I could to make sure he understood I won't tolerate it again.

My question is, I hadn't heard of any other incidents with him, so is he a dangerous predator or is he just some immature moron who can't fight like a man and doesn't realize what he's doing?

Surprise Move said...


In a surprise move, Jewish National Fund President Ronald S. Lauder and Matthew Bronfman have joined forces ahead of next month's World Jewish Congress elections and will run on a joint list, a spokesman said Wednesday.

The unexpected "merger of the billionaires" will see Lauder running for the president of the organization and Bronfman seeking the group's governing board chairmanship, which is the organization's No. 2 slot, in the June 10 ballot.

Bronfman is the son of the outgoing president of the New York-based WJC Edgar M. Bronfman.

Lauder and the younger Bronfman will compete against Mendel Kaplan, who currently serves as the chairman of the governing board, and who stands to lose the most by the merger.

Isi Leibler said...

Mendel Kaplan is another Sruly Singer apologist.


Kaplan was regarded as one of the closest supporters of the now deposed and disgraced Israel Singer. In fact, he repeatedly denied there were serious breaches of behavior. He vigorously opposed an internal audit which would have resolved the problem and avoided the ensuing public scandal.

The last Brussels Plenary Assembly circulated statements about Kaplan purportedly exonerating the improprieties committed by Singer. However, the New York's Attorney-General's Office subsequently proved that the alibis provided for Singer were patently false.

At the Brussels assembly, Kaplan blocked any meaningful discussion of the allegations of corrupt practices. Under his chairmanship security guards denied entry to Maya Ben Chaim, the former director of the WJC Geneva office, and Dan Lack, the WJC lawyer who first drew attention to $1.2 million secreted from New York to Switzerland. Both former WJC officials had traveled especially to Brussels in order to convey the facts at their disposal to the assembly.

WHEN THE findings of the NYS attorney-general were released, the minutes of the WJC steering committee quoted Kaplan, stating he was delighted that there was no evidence of any wrongdoing. If that was his understanding of the damning report, one surely cannot visualize such a person leading the WJC into a new era of genuine transparency and governance.

Hence, should Kaplan be elected interim president, the scandals and divisions of the past three years will undoubtedly continue to plague the organization. The problems will be magnified because the outgoing Bronfman, and Secretary-General Stephen E. Herbits, have now proclaimed that the full extent of the corruption involving the WJC was concealed from the attorney-general, and consequently a reopening of the investigation may soon take place.

IF ELECTED, Kaplan and his allies may well be obliged to contribute $5-10 million per annum out of their own pockets if they intend to maintain even a minimal WJC global infrastructure. It is unlikely that generous American Jewish donors, who prior to the onset of the recent upheavals provided contributions amounting to between $10-15 million a year, will resume donating to an organization in which those associated with the former scandal-ridden leadership continue to retain the reins of power.

Shmarya said...

...."Haredi society is a thugocracy. It is run by thugs (a.k.a., kanoim) and despotic, often elderly rabbis who behave like Sudanese warlords as often as not. Change ain't gonna come, Yitzchok, until transparency and democratic governance comes to haredi society. When's that gonna happen? It rhymes with ever, my friend."

Shmarya is a Bitter Apikorus said...

Shmarya is not interested in protecting the integrity of Torah & Frumkeit like UOJ. He is trying to undermine it.

He looks for any shaky excuse to attack even the few true gedolim we have left.

QUestions for Julie Berman to ponder while on his infamous Toilet said...


the Claims Conference, which distributes funds to Holocaust survivors and to the victims’ heirs, had “anywhere between $900 million and $9 billion available at a time when 80,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel are living below the poverty line. And the question is why is the Claims Conference holding the money?”

Lauder supporters portray Kaplan as part of the problem at the WJC, asserting that he opposed an outside audit of the group several years ago when allegations about its financial and governing practices first came to light.

Lauder said it was “absurd” that the Claims Conference would not review March of the Living’s past finances, given the alleged improprieties.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Shmarya is not interested in protecting the integrity of Torah & Frumkeit like UOJ. He is trying to undermine it.

He looks for any shaky excuse to attack even the few true gedolim we have left.

No two Jews could or should agree on everything, they would not be Jews! Having that out of the way, I have great respect for Shmarya's intellect and consider him part of my circle (not a big one) of unusually gifted friends.

His no-nonsense approach to blogging has given me strength to do what I do!

C'mon UOJ said...

It's true that Shmarya is rather intelligent. Unfortunately he uses every joule of his brain power to advance his agenda that keeps getting sicker and sicker. He recently updated his bio to hint he might become a kofer ba'ikkur.

The guy will not hesitate to do what is off bounds. He is a nobody, just a filthy fly buzzing in the window, when he criticizes the chachmei Hatalmud or even someone more contemporary like R' Moishe Feinstein.

And he has the nerve to incite a debate erev Shavuos over whether there was a kabbalas HatoraH?

You are disappointing many of us if you consider Shmarya a peer.

Anonymous said...

Outrageous!!! That minuvel bronfman who may have laundered for the iranians and was forced off the IDB board is now trying to regain power at the WJC with ronald lauder who was accused by the wjc old guard of improper financial dealings with israel singer. All of these people stink to high heaven. I think UOJ should make it his business to take down the bronfmans and lauders next (along with the current tinaf herbits), and bring in a new generation of young leadership to this organization. Otherwise, it'll be business as usual in a couple of months.

UOJ, time to focus your energies on stopping this electoral travesty. Publicize the immorality of these billionaires who think they can buy our support and thanks. Take down lauder and bronfman, the sooner the better!

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

C'mon UOJ


He has every right to express his opinions, as you do. Nobody is forcing you to read his writings; if you read him, it is because his blog appeals to some part of your senses and intellect.

The Internet has afforded all of us the ability to express ourselves freely. There are thousands of blogs written by Jews of all stripes. You make your choices as what to read, no?

So be skeptical, that is a good thing, it demonstrates your ability to think for yourself. Criticize intelligently if you wish to.

But remember, like everything else in life, the "healthy" thoughts, people and ideas survive.

I absolutely believe, as Shmarya does(forgetting the particulars for a moment), Haredi Judaism is doomed if it keeps on its present path.

History will prove us right! It is crumbling before your eyes. If you live in Brooklyn, Monsey or Lakewood you are blinded.

So explore my friend, view everytyhing with a cautious and skeptical eye, but where there is truth, no amount of hiding in a ghetto will protect you forever.

That is the BRACHA of the Internet!

Napoleon said...

What prompted the about face from Ron Lauder?


Lauder had previously chastised the prospect of another Bronfman presidency, saying the organization «is not a monarchy.»

Agudah Fresser said...

More than five hundred Orthodox professionals and members of the business community are expected to participate in an Agudath Israel of America-sponsored halacha conference, scheduled to take place this Sunday, June 3, at the New York Marriott in Brooklyn.

The full-day symposium – the latest in a series of halacha conferences organized by Agudath Israel’s Torah Projects Commission – will feature presentations by noted halachic authorities and expert panelists in the business, accounting, legal, medical and mental health fields. As in previous years, the conference program will be structured to include case studies of particular halachic and ethical dilemmas.

The accounting “track” sessions include, “Advising Clients on Halachic Matters,” presented by Rabbi Hershel Welcher and chaired by Yisroel Blumenfrucht; “Evaluating Business Transactions through an Halachic Lens,” presented by Rabbi Moshe M. Lowy and chaired by Heshy Katz; and “Being an ‘Halachic’ Accountant,” presented by Rabbi Yosef Viener and chaired by Yosef Leshkowitz. “Challenges Facing the Orthodox Accountant,” will be presented by Rabbi Yisroel Reisman and panelists Naftoli Hirsch, Dovid Teichman, and Mel Zachter.

The attorneys track will include “Contracts: Halacha Issues,” presented by Rabbi Chaim Kohn and Rabbi Ari Marburger and chaired by Phillip Benedict; “Issues in Client Representation,” presented by Rabbi Pinchus Breuer and chaired by Simcha Schonfeld; and “When Halacha and the Law Conflict,” presented by Rabbi Moshe Heinemann and chaired by Ron Coleman. “Challenges Facing the Orthodox Attorney,” will be presented by Rabbi Yaakov Reisman and panelists Eric Stern, Jonathan Sperling and Chaim Dovid Zwiebel.

The physicians track will include “Halachic Concerns Regarding Advancements in the Treatment of Infertility,” presented by Rabbi Noach I. Oelbaum and chaired by Dr. Steven Schuster; “Addressing the New Genetic Horizons – Halachic Challenges,” presented by Rabbi J. David Bleich and chaired by Dr. Martin Katzenstein. “Challenges Facing the Orthodox Physician,” will be presented by Rabbi Yaakov Weiner and panelists Dr.Yaakov Finestone, Dr. Marshall Keilson and Dr.Edward Lebovics.

“Revisiting End of Life Issues in Light of Technological Advancements,” a joint session for attorneys and physicians, will be presented by Rabbi J. David Bleich and chaired by Jonathan Rikoon and Dr. Irving Lebovics.

The mental health track sessions include “The Impact of Halacha on Therapy and Therapists,” presented by Rabbi Dovid Cohen and chaired by Dr. Steve Gersten and Dr. Marcel Biberfeld. (Double Session); and “Issues of Disclosure: Halachic Paremeters,” presented by Rabbi Moshe M. Lowy and chaired by Dr. Meir Wikler. “Challenges Facing the Orthodox Mental Health Professional,” will be presented by Rabbi Aryeh Z. Ginzburg, Rabbi Moshe Bleich and panelists Dr. Benzion Twerski, Simcha Feuerman, and Dovid Kohn.

The business track will include “Timely Discharging of Financial Obligations – An Halachic Overview,” presented by Rabbi Label Wulliger and chaired by Moshe Feuer; “Hilchos Shabbos in the Business World,” presented by Rabbi Chaim Kohn and chaired by Naftali Leshkowitz; and “Working as a Professional, Working as a Jew,” presented by Rabbi Baruch Hirschfeld and chaired by Jonathan Schiff. “Challenges in the World of Business,” will be presented by Rabbi Aaron Zuckerman and panelists Itche Rosenbaum, Leon Goldenberg and Aron Tessler

The keynote luncheon session will be presented by Rabbi Matisyahu Salomon and chaired by Gedaliah Weinberger and Shlomo Gottesman.

Anonymous said...

Smart alec & Belsky-Scheinerman tush kisser Eckstein / YeshivaWorld doesn't like any dissenting opinions or criticism of him. He makes you provide your email before you can post now.

UOJ Brigade said...

I hope Ronnie has been shipping tons of UOJ hats so our agents can swarm the Brooklyn Marriott and take the Agudah by storm.

They can't kick you out of the lobby, bar & lounge areas unless they are renting the whole place.

Heinemann Strikes Again? said...

This is Heinemann, right? Does anyone besides Star-K certify appliances?


The Shabbos mode appliances may not be so "shabbos friendly" after all.

Rav Shlomo Miller, Shlita [Toronto-Lakewood] recently publicized a letter re: Shabbos-mode ovens
that one may not adjust temperatures on Yom-Tov, contrary to the kosher certification.

In respect to the above publicized letter from Rav Miller, we are not publicizing the name of the kosher certifier.

Others have researched the "Shabbos-friendly" appliances & concluded that according to most "Poiskim" it is not permitted to be used in the Shabbos mode. It is more than "Gramahs" that are being activated.

Rav Shlomo Miller's letter was all over Lakewood Yom-Tov time.

Chaim Dovid Zweibel Esq. said...

Yep, that's some "challenge" when an officer of the court helps an organization lie about their dereliction of duty to protect children:

“Challenges Facing the Orthodox Attorney,” will be presented by Rabbi Yaakov Reisman and panelists Eric Stern, Jonathan Sperling and Chaim Dovid Zwiebel.

Jeff Herman Wannabe said...

“The Impact of Halacha on Therapy and Therapists,” presented by Rabbi Dovid Cohen

The same Dovid Cohen who did nothing when approached about Kolko and Margo. Is he going to 'fess up on how HE impacted the victims who need therapy?

No Penetration said...

“Challenges Facing the Orthodox Mental Health Professional,” will be presented by Rabbi Aryeh Z. Ginzburg

Isn't that the rosh yeshiva & rov in Cedarhurst that beat around the bush about his rebbe Rav Scheinberg?

Grubba Fresser said...

UOJ's mockery must be getting to the Agudah. They release that long itinerary with no mention of food.

Marty Nissenbaum said...

I'm still working out with Shafran about joining the Agudah's business ethics panel this weekend. Shafran wants to know if his dunce cap is tax deductable.


Another scheme, known as the acronym COBRA, was sold to 51 taxpayers, prosecutors said. The idea of this scheme was to eliminate all of the tax liability on whatever amount of income a client chose, prosecutors said.

Coplan was also charged with seeking to block the IRS investigation by telling people at Ernst & Young to destroy documents that had to do with some of the transactions. He and Vaughn were also charged with making false statement to the IRS.

Coplan, Nissenbaum and Shapiro were charged with cheating on their own taxes and arranging for eight of their partners to improperly reduce their tax burden. Those actions saved the 11 partners a total of $3.7 million, prosecutors said.

NY Times said...


The firm itself was not charged. But the indictment against the four, which was announced yesterday, did not mean that Ernst & Young, which has been under investigation since 2004, was entirely off the hook in a widening criminal investigation of the web of banks, accounting firms, law firms and investment boutiques that promoted questionable shelters.

Firms other than Ernst & Young, including Deutsche Bank and the defunct law firm of Jenkens & Gilchrist, also worked on Cobra. Prosecutors contend that Deutsche Bank, which is part of the broad criminal investigation, helped make and sell Cobra to more than 1,100 wealthy investors around 1999 and 2000.

All Roads Lead to Pinter said...


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is suspending the Austrian division and fining them $1 million after a doping scandal. One of the Austrian skiiers who took steroids / drugs to enhance his performance is named Pinter.

Yudi Kolko said...


Let's hear it for Pink Jerusalem like the color of my old house on East 22nd St.

And a special yasher koiach to Rabbi Steve Greenberg.

Anonymous said...

The Shabbos mode appliances may not be so "shabbos friendly" after all.

Rav Shlomo Miller, Shlita [Toronto-Lakewood] recently publicized a letter re: Shabbos-mode ovens
that one may not adjust temperatures on Yom-Tov, contrary to the kosher certification.

In respect to the above publicized letter from Rav Miller, we are not publicizing the name of the kosher certifier.

Others have researched the "Shabbos-friendly" appliances & concluded that according to most "Poiskim" it is not permitted to be used in the Shabbos mode. It is more than "Gramahs" that are being activated.
Paul this is still more muttar than ecomerce on shabbos.

Auto Report World Editors said...

“When Halacha and the Law Conflict,” presented by Rabbi Moshe Heinemann and chaired by Ron Coleman.

Coleman's field is intellectual property. I wonder how many conflicts there are between civil IP law and halacha. For the matter, halacha had codified the concept of intellectual property long before it was accepted in secular law.

FWIW, Ron publishes a pretty interesting blog that mostly focuses on IP issues, but it's almost always a fun read.

Auto Report World Editors said...

The full-day symposium – the latest in a series of halacha conferences organized by Agudath Israel’s Torah Projects Commission – will feature presentations by noted halachic authorities and expert panelists in the business, accounting, legal, medical and mental health fields. As in previous years, the conference program will be structured to include case studies of particular halachic and ethical dilemmas.

What? Jewish plumbers, mechanics, carpenters and computer programmers don't have to deal with halacha on the job? It's funny how the chareidi world tends to disparage university educations, but their symposiums (symposia?) give kavod to college educated professionals while ignoring the existence of blue collar Jews.

Auto Report World Editors said...

Of course replacing income tax with a national sales tax might make things like tax shelters moot. But then that would mean all those IRS and DOJ investigators and auditors would have to find something else for parnassah.

I've been uncomfortable about many of the prosecutions for alleged financial shenanigans since Rudy screwed Mike Milken. Most of Spitzer's Wall Street cases had little to do with harm to other investors or shareholders - they were mostly about Spitzer's ambition.

Frankly, I think that the IRS "interprets" the law just as much as Ernst & Young's accountants and lawyers have. Unless there's a smoking gun or an informant, the Feds are no more credible than business people.

Auto Report World Editors said...

Paul this is still more muttar than ecomerce on shabbos.

The issue is whether or not the commerce is done on Shabbas. Experts in credit card and online transactions say no. If the money isn't in the seller's hands, the transaction hasn't really taken place. I think it's analogous to a mail-order company where someone opens up a catalog and mails in a check on Shabbas. The transaction is completed when the seller receives the money.

Queens Advisory said...

Supersol on Main St

Watch out what they are charging you. The dumb checkout girls are making many, many mistakes. They overcharge on similar items with different prices or charge for more items than you have in your basket.

Even with things that you can prove after the fact, Supersol is a royal pain in the butt if you try to get a refund / credit. Go straight to the owners. Most of the employees have an attitude problem.

Bnei Brak said...

Bnei Brak… Large posters in this predominantly Orthodox city urged citizens to “be careful on what they eat.” The warnings followed Israel’s version of the Monsey scandal. A Petach Tikvah meat factory, which was packaging meat under the label "Manhattan", was caught with treife (non-kosher) meat on the premises. The Chief Rabbinate urged people who used this meat to kosher their dishes, pots and flatware. The discovery was not made by the Rabbinate, but by the Department of Agriculture. The factory was under the kosher supervision of the Rabbinate of Petach Tikvah. Observers noted that the impact was not quite as severe as the Monsey case since the Manhattan brand was largely consumed by secular Jews, but customers were appalled at the idea that they were being fed non-kosher meat.

UOJ Gets Results said...

Menachem Lubinsky has apparently been getting emails at KosherToday, blasting him over his revolting conflict of interest in defending Rubashkin. He writes on the newsletter to defend himself, although I haven't been able to find the original posting.

Someone tipped off Yudel Shain in the YudelsTake comments. Yudel responds and says basically, yeah, what do you expect from all these bums that take Rubashkin's money, including Nat Lewin & the OU.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Rav Shlomo Miller, Shlita [Toronto-Lakewood] recently publicized a letter re: Shabbos-mode ovens
that one may not adjust temperatures on Yom-Tov, contrary to the kosher certification(by Heinemann.)


Why am I the "lucky" guy to find the frauds, shgatzim, liars, thieves, gangsters, child molesters, idiots, dunce-cap fodder,morons,hypocrites,.......
years before the "hats" figure it out? And then they still deny it!

Who in the world in their right mind would buy a kosher-certified oven or refigerator?? And it's not even "kosher"!! Sick! Don't you all see this insanity?

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...

Besides Rubashkin's money, Nat Lewin has a second layer of conflict of interest from the Agudah. He wrote that op-ed piece in the Jewish Press attacking the NY Times. The independent reader's editor at the NYT, Daniel Okrent, took Lewin's grumbling very seriously and investigated. He gave the whole inyan a fair shake and said that Lewin is blowing the whole thing out of proportion. The only Lewin complaint that he found credible was the Times reporter belittling the chashivus of R' Chaim Kohn.

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...

I'm told R' Shloime Miller holds of being mattir some ingredients that only the most obscure shitos hold are not bottul. He would rather not get involved, as he reportedly puts it: "if the Hungarians find out, I'll never hear the end of it."

R' Shloime is still not a coward in my book. A little self-preservation never hurt anyone and he has been more than brave in other episodes.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

R' Shloime is still not a coward in my book. A little self-preservation never hurt anyone and he has been more than brave in other episodes.

This phony Heinemann and his "oven" has been around for years, he's from Germany not Hungary...the home of the oven?

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Regarding kashruth:

An audit of how many cows are slaughtered and how many "tongues" are sold in the month of June...

Will tell you the fraud that is kashruth!

Hint: one tongue per cow!

Auto Report World Editors said...

The discovery was not made by the Rabbinate, but by the Department of Agriculture. The factory was under the kosher supervision of the Rabbinate of Petach Tikvah.

Hmmmm. The rabbinate failed but gov't inspectors from the "treife medina" managed to protect Jews from eating treif.

How inept do you have to be for government employees to do a better job than you?

Auto Report World Editors said...

Who in the world in their right mind would buy a kosher-certified oven or refigerator?? And it's not even "kosher"!! Sick! Don't you all see this insanity?


There's a branch in Tzahal that develops technological work arounds to avoid violating Shabbat while providing vital security. They've come up with telephones, pens and the like, many based on the so-called gramma switches. They seem to be dedicated and serious about their work and I personally would rely on their 'hashgacha'.

As for who would buy a "kosher" refrigerator? Maybe the same folks who buy kosher for Passover toilet bowl cleaner.

Auto Report World Editors said...

An audit of how many cows are slaughtered and how many "tongues" are sold in the month of June...

Will tell you the fraud that is kashruth!

Hint: one tongue per cow!

So how come Unique almost never has any tongue? It's worth the $10 for a sandwich when they have it, but when I stop in to say hi to Mendy I don't even bother asking about tongue anymore. What do they do, ship all the tongues to Brooklyn?

Avi L. Shafran said...


Finally! A way to secure my dunce cap so it doesn't keep falling off.

Torontonian said...

"R' Shloime is still not a coward in my book."

I agree.

Some rich but weird guy, a dentist that hung around the kollel, started having an affair with his shiksa hygenist. He divorced his wife and was trying to be megayer the shiksa. R' Shlomo screamed at him "sheygitz, get out!".

The lowlife went to the police with trumped up charges of R' Shlomo assaulting him. R' Shlomo was initially charged. Reichmann hired a team of lawyers to get him off the hook.

Vehamayvin Yovin said...

"Hint: one tongue per cow!"

Except for Hungarians that speak with multiple "tongues".

Shmarya said...

Understand this well: Lubinsky has worked as a paid consultant for Rubashkin. His duties included dealing with parts of the PETA scandal and other Rubashkin troubles. Yet, writing in his industry trade publication in defense of Rubashkin, he does not disclose this relationship until outed.

Alfred Marshall said...


Not long after the Finkel scandal, Gourmet on J announced that their supplier raised the price of tongue sky high. They started charging $30 a pound. It looks like the hashgochos finally woke up and started ascertaining where the stuff was coming from. Less supply that is really kosher with the same demand means higher prices.

Adam Smith said...


Yes, supply & demand is a very powerful metzius. Because of all the sicko Hungarians out there who still think YTT is choshuv, despite the child abuse chamber of horrors it is, Margo can still open his doors and charge high tuition.

Zeev Shtigletz said...


Hungarians aren't the only morons. Even with all the terrorism, there are believe it or not, 25,000 Jewish women in Israel living with Arab men. Hungarians are oblivious to Margo's terorrism and those Israelis to Margo's twin separated at birth, Yasser Arafat.

Honorary Doctorates from YTT said...


Presented by Aron Twerski to Eli Ron, Uri Pesach, Dan Shefer & Shimon Kaufman.

uoj hits the nail on the cows head said...

An audit of how many cows are slaughtered and how many "tongues" are sold in the month of June...

Will tell you the fraud that is kashruth!

Hint: one tongue per cow!


Besides the point that not all cows that are slaughtered end up being kosher,

Femenist Rabbi exposer said...

Most of these Rabbis that are big crusaders for abused woman are eventualy exposed as trying to realy "help them" for their own benfit.

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...

Ronnie is making a fundamental mistake. The Rabbanut and the Agriculture Dept are both governmental divisions in Israel. The Rabbanut has almost never been a serious entity. It is rife with corruption & fraud itself. They are just a bunch of bureaucrats who would never be respected by the frum public.

By law, the rabbanut has to certify food production in each jurisdiction. If the factories don't meet kashrus criteria it is of no consequence. The only time the Rabbanut will sometimes act is in the most egregious cases like treif meat. Even then, they are sloppy and some Rabbanut "rabbis" have even been on the take to allow it.

No one in their right mind will eat Rabbanut product save for the "Mehadrin" label in a few cities.

Edgar's Yichus said...


According to journalist Gord Steinke, the Bronfman family struck it rich by supplying mobster Al Capone with illegal booze during the Prohibition.

Ombudsman's Deputy said...


Here's another case where the landlord of an illegal apt is being charged with manslaughter after a fire because they shouldn't be renting it.

It's getting close to the center of things. This story is on East 15th St.

NBA Commissioner David Stern said...

SOme women is Israel marry Arab men and some marry black basketball players.


Micheal Ray Richardson is hired to coach the CBA's Oklahoma City franchise and is retained by his former NBA team, the New York Knicks, in a community relations role. All this after Richardson was fired by the Albany Patroons in March after allegedly making anti-Semitic comments. According to an Albany newspaper, Richardson, who played in Israel, married a Jewish woman and has a daughter being raised in the Hebrew faith, said that he had "big-time Jewish lawyers. They're real crafty. Listen, they are hated all over the world, so they've got to be crafty."

Criminal Tendler Returns to the Crime Scene said...


Last night we witnessed a "Kiddush Hashem" as 150 people gathered at the New York Country Club on Brick Church Road in New Hempstead for a lavish Dinner honoring three outstanding families for their dedication and selflessness on behalf of this great and holy Congregation.

Rabbi Yehoshua Kohl and his Rebittzin, the newly installed Rabbi of Kehillat New Hempstead, graced us with his presence. Rabbi Kohl was overwelmingly voted as Rabbi just days before Shevuos. He comes with extensive experience in "kiruv" work and is an amazing Talmud Chachom.His easy smile and happy demeanor are just some of his great qualities.

The predator was seen by a very reliable source, driving past the Golf Course at 6:45 PM, 15 minutes after the dinner officially started.

The one who does the crime, usually comes back to the crime scene!

Any relation? said...

Some of the Soloveitchiks shortened their name to Soloway.


Wednesday was not a good day for Robert Alan Soloway. The man known as one of the world’s worst criminal spammers was arrested and indicted on 35 counts, including identity theft, mail fraud, money laundering, wire fraud and other charges.

A joint investigation by the FBI, FTC, and Washington Attorney General’s Office, The U.S. Inspection Service, and the Dept. Of Criminal Investigation of the IRS brought Soloway before a Seattle Grand Jury

Anonymous said...

Some Sefardi near me converted his basement and garage into an illegal day care. The neighbors got a hetter to call the city because he was doing clandestine construction at night and the kids were making a ruckuss in the yard. They were in danger because they were playing around the equipment while construction was in progress and they were being supervised by what looked like a 16 year old girl. The buildings dept & the health dept came down to nail them. The Sefardi submitted sworn affidavits that the illegal plumbing and walls were removed. Now the putz put the day care back and tries to hide it with a curtain that's placed outdoors. When it's windy you can see what he's doing and that he's liable for criminal charges.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children said...

UOJ has of course since lessened the ratio


According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, one in five girls and one in 10 boys will be sexually victimized before they become adults.

UOJ Must've Thrown Him Overboard said...


ORLANDO, Fla. -- Michael Mankamyer, 35, survived a cruise ship fall in March and is now charged with molesting a teenage boy.

Mankamyer appeared before a judge Wednesday on charges that he molested a teenage neighbor, WESH 2 News reported.

Very Disturbing Report from the Catskills said...


They even rebuffed Kolko when he tried to invite their kids to Lake Compounce.

Another UOJ Casaulty said...


The City declared eminent domain on Barry Hertz's Track Data headquarters.

Yeshivishkeit Backfires said...

The Asbury Park NJ Press is reporting today that after 1800 guys in Lakewood who thought they were outsmarting everybody filed appeals on their tax assessment, someone has to pay for all the processing and loss of tax money.

The result?

Lakewood is raising taxes almost 11%

Auto Report World Editors said...

According to journalist Gord Steinke, the Bronfman family struck it rich by supplying mobster Al Capone with illegal booze during the Prohibition.

Seagrams, which used to be owned by the Bromfman's, owns the Johnny Walker distillery, located in Walkervillle (guess who the major employer is there), Ontario. Now why would anyone build a big distillery in such a small town? Well, Walkerville is just outside Windsor and Windsor sits right across the Detroit River from Detroit.

During prohibition, when the river froze over (this was before the Coast Guard icebreakers kept the shipping channel open), sled and sledges would be piled high with crates of booze and smuggled into the US under the watchful eyes of the Purple Gang, some not so nice Jewish boys.

The Purples would then wholesale the hooch to other gangsters like Capone.

It's generally suspected that the infamous St. Valentine's Day Massacre was a contract job by the Purples, most likely including Phil and Harry Keywell.

Today, the Purples are all dead or long since gone legit. Key Plastics, spun off from Keywell Corporation, was, for a while, a fairly successful automotive supplier.

Auto Report World Editors said...

Micheal Ray Richardson is hired to coach the CBA's Oklahoma City franchise and is retained by his former NBA team, the New York Knicks, in a community relations role. All this after Richardson was fired by the Albany Patroons in March after allegedly making anti-Semitic comments. According to an Albany newspaper, Richardson, who played in Israel, married a Jewish woman and has a daughter being raised in the Hebrew faith, said that he had "big-time Jewish lawyers. They're real crafty. Listen, they are hated all over the world, so they've got to be crafty."

That's a very unfair selective quote from Richardson. If you look at what he actually said, it was complimentary to Jews and Israel.

Specifically, it was reported by the Times Union that before a game against the Yakama Sun Kings, Richardson made anti-Semitic comments to two reporters in his office when discussing the contract general manager Jim Coyne had offered him Monday to coach his team in the CBA and USBL. "I've got big-time lawyers," Richardson said. "I've got big-time Jew lawyers."

When told by the reporters that the comment could be offensive to people because it plays to the stereotype that Jews are crafty and shrewd, he responded with:

"Are you kidding me? They are. They've got the best security system in the world. Have you ever been to an airport in Tel Aviv? They're real crafty. Listen, they are hated all over the world, so they've got to be crafty. They got a lot of power in this world, you know what I mean? Which I think is great. I don't think there's nothing wrong with it. If you look in most professional sports, they're run by Jewish people. If you look at a lot of most successful corporations and stuff, more businesses, they're run by Jewish [sic]. It's not a knock, but they are some crafty people."

Richardson's use of the word "crafty", which was first used by one of the reporters, not Richardson, may have been impolitic, but he is no Jew hater.

Auto Report World Editors said...

SOme women is Israel marry Arab men and some marry black basketball players


What difference does it make if the shaygetz is schvartz or not? Like my Bubbe, a'h', would say, "besser a schvartzer yid then a veisser goy".

At least Richardson and his wife are raising their halachicly Jewish daughter as a Jew. The children of Jewish women and Arab men are almost all raised as Muslims and Israeli courts generally give these Arab fathers custody in the case of divorces, recognizing the children as Muslims.

Auto Report World Editors said...

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, one in five girls and one in 10 boys will be sexually victimized before they become adults.

I'm very skeptical of figures released by other-than-disinterested non-profits and special interest groups. They use exceptionally plastic definitions and it's in their interest to make their pet problem seem as serious as possible. "Sexual victimization" is hardly a specific term, like "sexual assault" "criminal sexual conduct" or "rape". I suspect that playing doctor with other children is considered sexual victimization by the NCMEC.

Christina Hoff Summers discussed this in her book Who Stole Feminism?, in a chapter titled "Noble Lies". Examples are the spurious claim that domestic violence spikes during the Super Bowl and that the idiom "the rule of thumb" was derived from English common law that supposedly allowed wife beating as long as the cane used was no thicker than a man's thumb.

dangerous person in L.A.- pass it along said...

This Alert was sent to us by JFS's Aleinu director, Debbie Fox

Please be advised that a man who goes by the name Shmuel Yaakov has been circulating in the Hancock Park area and has given at least one child drugs in an alley behind a shul. He has reportedly bragged that he has given other
children candy laced with drugs.

This man is in his 50s, of average height, with a black- greyish beard and dark, Sephardic features. He sometimes wears white garb. He is known to be violent.

Rabbanim who are familiar with the situation are convinced that Shmuel
Yaakov is a danger to the children in our community. Do not allow him to be alone with children in your shul; he is even more dangerous in alleys behind the shul.

The Rabbanim ask that you forward this email to your kehillah email list.
This is an opportunity for parents to discuss with their children the need to be wary of strangers, specifically not to talk to or take candy (or anything else) from people they don't know.

A community-wide strategy is being developed, in consultation with the
authorities, to address the problem.

If you have any information please call 323-761- 8816X1240 and leave a

Kol Koray from Rav Miller against Heinemann said...


UOJ should post this image. The Star K website still has all their appliance listings up, business as usual.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Jerusalem Municipality Holds Special Events for Chareidi Special Ed Students

By Betzalel Kahn

The Department of Chareidi Education at the Jerusalem Municipality, headed by Rabbi Yaakov Deutsch, held dozens of events and activities for chareidi special ed children this week.

The first-of-its-kind, three-day program was made possible through the efforts of Mayor Rabbi Uri Lupoliansky, who issued instructions to substantially increase this year's special education budget.

Art workshops, animal performances, drum circles and other hands-on activities were held at Kikar Safra, community centers and Tzemid centers in various chareidi neighborhoods. On Tuesday a musical performance by Tzemid children was held for women at Binyanei Ha'Uma.


I'd be really interested to know the ratio of special ed. kids by haredis versus the general population. I'd wager it's higher, a lot higher, because all the male kids were subjected to metzizah b'peh, and the number of boys versus girls in special ed.

Certainly worth exploring by the state education dept. funding these programs. If there is a link...

Auto Report World Editors said...


I suspect that MBP is less of a factor than having children into the late 30s and early 40s. Women are born with all the ova they will have. Over the years, the eggs are exposed to gamma radiation and other environmental factors. It would be interesting to see what the frequency of Downs is in the chareidi community (not counting the birth defected babies that some Chassidishe families abandon at hospitals).

Auto Report World Editors said...

What are the chances--or odds--a 44 year old pregnant woman will give
birth to a child with a birth defect?

A 40-year-old mother has approximately a 6% to 8% risk of giving birth
to a child with a birth defect. Since the likelihood of most types of
birth defects increases with maternal age, a 44-year-old woman could
be assumed to have a risk over 8%. A 44-year-old mother's risk of
bearing a child with some form of chromosomal abnormality is 1 in 24
(or about 4%). At age 45, the risk of having a child with Down
Syndrome is around 1 in 40 (and some statistics are as low as 1 in

Here are some figures from online sources:

"What is the risk of birth defects in babies of women over 35?
The risk of bearing a child with certain chromosomal disorders
increases as a woman ages. The most common of these disorders is Down
syndrome, a combination of mental retardation and physical
abnormalities caused by the presence of an extra chromosome 21 (humans
have 23 pairs of chromosomes). At age 25, a woman has about a
1-in-1,250 chance of having a baby with Down syndrome; at age 30, a
1-in-1,000 chance; at age 35, a 1-in-400 chance; at age 40, a 1-in-100
chance; and at 45, a 1-in-30 chance."

March of Dimes

"While the general population of childbearing women has a 3% chance of
delivering a child with a birth defect, after age 40 this risk rises
to between 6% and 8%. The likelihood of having a baby with Down's
syndrome is approximately 1 in 365 at the age of 35. This number
increases to 1 in 100 by the age of 40 and up to 1 in 40 at the age of

Somerset Medical Center

Here is a table which shows, year by year, the chance of having a
child with Down's Syndrome, and the chance of having a child with any
chromosomal abnormality:

Mother's Chance of Chance of Chromosomal
Age at Delivery Down Syndrome Abnormality

20 1 in 1923 1 in 526
21 1 in 1695 1 in 526
22 1 in 1538 1 in 500
23 1 in 1408 1 in 500
24 1 in 1299 1 in 476
25 1 in 1205 1 in 476
26 1 in 1124 1 in 476
27 1 in 1053 1 in 455
28 1 in 990 1 in 435
29 1 in 935 1 in 417
30 1 in 885 1 in 384
31 1 in 826 1 in 384
32 1 in 725 1 in 322
33 1 in 592 1 in 285
34 1 in 465 1 in 243
35 1 in 365 1 in 178
36 1 in 287 1 in 149
37 1 in 225 1 in 123
38 1 in 177 1 in 105
39 1 in 139 1 in 80
40 1 in 109 1 in 63
41 1 in 85 1 in 48
42 1 in 67 1 in 39
43 1 in 53 1 in 31
44 1 in 41 1 in 24
45 1 in 32 1 in 18
46 1 in 25 1 in 15
47 1 in 20 1 in 11
48 1 in 16 1 in 8
49 1 in 12 1 in 7


Dr. Wendy Cox

At what age does this curve of defects in children born to middle-aged
mothers begin to sharply increase?

Rather alarmingly, there is a noticeable increase in non-chromosomal
fetal malformations starting around age 25. At 35, there are markedly
increased risks, since chromosomal abnormalities (including Down
Syndrome) spike dramatically around this time in middle age. Another
big jump in instances of birth defects comes with mothers who are 40
and older.

"Researchers conducted this study to examine the effect of maternal
age on incidence of non-chromosomal fetal malformations. Malformations
detected at birth or in the newborn nursery were catalogued
prospectively for 102,728 pregnancies, including abortions,
stillbirths, and live births. Clearly chromosomal defects increase
with age and this was confirmed in the present study by karyotyping.
After excluding infants with chromosomal abnormalities, the incidence
of structurally malformed infants also increased significantly in
women > 25 years of age. The additional age-related risk of
non-chromosomal malformations was approximately 1% in women 35 years
of age or older. The odds ration for cardiac defects was 3.95 (about
times greater) in infants of women >40 years as compared to women
20-24 years of age. The risks of clubfoot and diaphragmatic hernia
also increased as maternal age increased. It was concluded that
advanced maternal age >25 years was associated with a significantly
increased risk of fetuses having congenital malformations not caused
by aneuploidy."

Center for Applied Reproductive Science Archives

"The risk of giving birth to a child with a birth defect does increase
as the mother's age increases. This is probably due to abnormal
division of the egg, called nondisjunction. The traditional age at
which a woman is considered to be at high risk for chromosomal
abnormalities is 35."

Cached copy from WebMD Health

"There are several fetal risks associated with advanced maternal age.
In a study of 379 mature prospective mothers, aged 35 years and older,
in comparison to a control group of 379 prospective mothers, ages 20
to 30, there were five stillbirths in the mature age group and none in
the younger age group (Barton, Bergauer, Jacques, Coleman, Stanziano,
& Sibai, 1997). Furthermore, there is a significant difference in
unexplained fetal death in pregnant women over the age of 35.
According to Fretts & Usher (1997), one in 440 fetal deaths were
unexplained in women 35 and older, whereas, one in 1000 fetal deaths
were unexplained in women younger than 35.

Chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus also increase with maternal
age. In a recent study, in the age group 35 and younger, 63.6 percent
(7 of 11) had normal fetal chromosome makeup; in the elder maternal
age group, 35 and older, only 22 percent (9 of 41) had a normal fetal
genetic makeup (Schmidt-Sarosi, 1998). The most prevalent chromosomal
anomalies are trisomy 21 (Down’s Syndrome), trisomy 18 (Edward’s
Syndrome), and trisomy 13 (Patau’s syndrome). Each of these symptoms
occurs due to an extra chromosome in the cell during embryonic
development. Down’s syndrome is the most frequent in occurrence. The
rate of having a child with Down’s syndrome in a mother at age 25 is
1:2000, a figure that rises to1:200 at age 35, and climbs to 1:40 for
mothers over the age of 40."

Department of Labor Studies and Industrial Relations, Penn State University

"We know that the rate of genetic abnormalities increases with a
woman's age, rising significantly after she has reached the age of 40.
There is not a similar rise in men."


In the last 10-20 years what are, in order the 3-5 most common birth
defects in children born to women over 40?

I have not been able to find that precise figure. I did locate some
detailed statistics from the records of the state of Texas, 1996-1997.
I believe these are likely to be representative of the United States
as a whole.

"The highest rates were found among older mothers for the following
birth defects: hydrocephaly; tetralogy of Fallot; ventricular septal
defect; atrial septal defect; endocardial cushion defect; pulmonary
valve atresia or stenosis; patent ductus arteriosus; Down syndrome;
and Edwards syndrome."

Texas Department of Health

(By "older mothers," the study refers to mothers over 35.)


Google search strategy:

Google Web Search: "birth defects" + "by age of mother"

Google Web Search: "birth defects" + "increase" + "age"

Google Web Search: "maternal age risks"


Auto Report World Editors said...

To summarize that one chart with the messed up formatting. At age 20 a mother's chances of having a Down's Syndrome child are 1 in 1923 and the chance of a chromosomal abnormality are 1 in 526. At age 40 that rises to 1 in 109 for Down and 1 in 48 for chromosomal abnormalities. By age 45 it is significantly higher, 1 in 32 and 1 in 18.

deprogramed am haaretz said...

Maybe we should request for that company to produce a kosher dunce cap that says star-k on the side. It would have an activated propeller on top of it that would not involve chillul shabbos. We could then where them while reading thiere brochures on the rest of thiere products.

All Roads Lead to Pinter said...


How is Boomie Pinter related? He has just been elected President of the West Lawrence Civic Association. It would be interesting if someone in this position is involved in the defrauding of black Queens residents with Olympia Mortgage.

West Lawrence mind you is the bogus name that a bunch of wannabes use for Far Rockaway. (Supposedly Rav Freifeld thought of it as a joke) They chalish to live on the upscale Nassau county side of the border with the besserra mentchen. They even tell everyone their address is such and hope the mail gets to them through the zip code.

Duvid Niederman said...

"Certainly worth exploring by the state education dept. funding these programs."

ANd UOJ thinks Satmar won't put all the pressure in the world on Spitzer to kill any investigation into metzitza bapeh.

Feh ...

What Kind of "Iska"? said...

The Jewish Fress is reporting this week that the Badatz gave a heter iska to Ruben Schron and Matt Bronfman for Israel Discount Bank. The newspaper that follows no journalistic principals leaves out that Bronfman was recently kicked out (he still owns shares). Incidentally, Schron's rep was also recently voted off the board but it's not clear why.

Just curious if heter iska covers money laundering and trading with Islamic terrorist enemies.

Neturei Karta said...

We was framed by UOJ we tell ya.


MONSEY - A 15-year-old boy whose family belongs to an anti-Israel congregation was arrested yesterday on a felony charge accusing him of starting a fire that burned down a synagogue used by the religious group.

The boy was playing with matches inside the rundown Saddle River Road building on April 1 and recklessly started the blaze, Ramapo police Detective Lt. Brad Weidel said yesterday.

Police charged the youth with fourth-degree criminal mischief.

Karen B. said...

At the bottom of the web page for the organization Shomrei Emet it states it is "Hosted by Project Genesis". Project Genesis is owned by alleged sex offender rabbi Yaakov Menken, who confessed to clergy sexual abuse.

Besides hosting this web page, what else does he do for this organization?