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Rabbi Lazer Ginsberg
Rabbi Lazer Ginsberg is affiliated with:
Agudath Israel Of America
42 Broadway
New York, N.Y.

Stefan Colemar

Stefan Colemar's victim writes:

I saw all this information about Stefan Colmer recently and could not believe what I was reading. Stefan is from Belmar New Jersey and I believe I was probably his very first victim of sexual abuse. He is only about 5 or 6 years older than I am, but when I was about 10 I met him for the first time in a shul in Bradley Beach, NJ. He became close to my family and while becoming religous he would spend almost every single shabbos at our house. His parents were divorced. He lived with his mother in Belmar and his father lived with his wife. His mother was not religious and my parents were happy to have him over. For many years he would keep me in my room and sexually abuse me. The first time it happened was at night over either a shabbos or yom tov (I cannot remember for sure) when he was sleeping on a pullout bed in my room. I was petrified when he woke me up and started touching me and doing things to me. He told me if I told ANYONE that nobody would believe me and that it would cause tremendous problems for myself and my family. This went on almost every shabbos untill I went away for Yeshiva. Around that time there was an incident regarding another Rabbi he was spending a Shabbos with and his young son. He was also thrown out of a few schools for problems with other boys. After my parents learned about that they did not want him sleeping over anymore. However, he would still eat shabbos lunch and spend the day at our house. Whenever I came back from Yeshiva he continued to approach me on and off whenever he found himself alone with me. As I got bigger and stronger I started defending myself and after a while all he could do was ask me to do things with him which I would never allow. The last encounter with him was before I got married when he tried to put a hand on me. I grabbed him by the throat and told him if he ever tried that again I would slice his throat open.

Although I was no longer threatened by him I was always scared of him. My parents who still knew nothing ever happened were still very close to him. He would constantly be over at our house learning with my father. Because I was scared for so long and such a long time passed I decided it would be best if I just put it out of my head and tried to forget anything ever happened. I got married and now have 4 beautiful children. The only times I have ever thought of it was when I would see a special on T.V. about child predators. I never told my wife or my parents. I never wanted to be around him but could never throw him out because if I did I would have to say why and I didn't want to discuss it. It almost made me sick when he came to my wedding. But I still could not tell my parents. Even after such a long time I felt not only scared but felt guilty like I did something wrong. I always felt if I told anybody they might not believe me, and even if they did I felt they would think it was my fault. I know this might not make sense to many of you but it just felt better and easier to try and escape it than deal with it. It was my secret and would remain my secret until I died.

The other day I was on the phone with my mother and she told me to Google his name. She would not tell me why but told me I would not believe it. We always suspected him gay and when he got married it shocked my entire family. I refused to go to his wedding or call him to wish him mazal. We were more shocked when he had a child (again, I refused ANY contact). My parents always just thought I didn't like him because he was always a bit strange. while I completely agreed I had no interest in telling them all the details. When I read about what he did to some boys who spent a shabbos by him, chills ran down my back, and tears just started flowing down my face. All I could think about was every shabbos that he did the same or had me do things to him. I told my wife right away who was not sure exactly how to take what I was telling her. I called my mother back crying and tried to tell her the truth. It took a while to get the whole truth out and she was obviously shocked. I did not want to tell my father but she convinced me. Needless to say he was not too pleased. The hurt they had was that this was happening down the hall from them for YEARS under their noses and they had no idea. this was very hard for them to grasp.

My biggest shame is not that I still feel guilty or dirty or scared. Instead I feel that my being scared and not saying anything allowed for this to continue. Had I been able to put my fear aside and come out and say what happened, he would either be in jail or the jewish world would have known about it and this would not have happened to some boys again. For that I apologize to all the famillies and the boys this happened to. I am also shocked that the jewish world would rather not get the authorities involved. For that I am disgusted. If the jewish community would let this animal run around free to do this again than I know what I have to do. I WILL call the Police and do whatever I can to make sure this animal CANNOT do this again. This is not something he can control, and this definately cannot be controlled by Rabonim. If this happened to any of their children I can assure you that they would be in full agreement of putting this person behind bars. If not than this will happen again. I will tell the authorities what happened to me. If there is nothing they can do than there is nothing else I can do. But when he strikes again I do not want to be responsible. Any Rabbi who says the police should not be called will be responsible for the next boy that falls prey to Colmer.

I again would like to apologize to the boys and the famillies for this happening and for not being brave enough to say something years ago when I could have stopped it.
I'm working with a very experienced person in the field of child sexual abuse who made this comment.

"The more I learn about Stefan Colemar the more disturbed I become -- he appears to be a compulsive, manipulative, deceitful and highly dangerous sex addict who preys on children---- and who has so far been sheltered by rabbis, particularly, it seems, one Lazer Ginsburg".

I have confirmed that "Rabbi" Shmuel Kaminetzky has advised parents of Colemar victims NOT TO GO TO THE POLICE!!!



We are making progress in bringing Colemar to justice! I URGE ANYONE AND EVERYONE WITH ANY INFORMATION AT ALL TO CONTACT:

Michael Lesher, Esq.
(973) 470-0212



Very well said my good friend Steve:

Colemar, Leizerowitz and Mondrowitz have taken refuge in Israel. What stands in the way of bringing Mondrowitz back to face justice is DA Charles Hynes. The indictment is already in place and the evidence is irrefutable. The reason he hasn't been extradited yet is because of a loophole that Hynes is hanging by. The extradition agreement between the US and Israel at the time of Mondrowitz' atrocities did not include those charged of raping males. This was amended in 1988 to include males. According to an Israeli embassy official quoted in the NY Post, all they are waiting for is a phone call from Hynes' office.

As for Colemar and Leizerowitz, all that is required is for survivors to file charges. I am sure it is extremely painful for them to have to testify and relive the nightmare. I'm sure it is difficult for the parents to have their children retell their experiences. However, this is the only way to prevent these monsters from attacking other small children. Statistics show that these perverts can and will strike again. They must be brought to justice immediately. In the cases of Colemar and Leizerowitz, not even Hynes can stand in the way of extradition, unless he personally rewrites the extradition laws.

It is all up to the survivors in these cases. We obviously can't rely on Ginzberg and Olewski to go to the police.


Tsedrayter said...

Wasn't this Ginsberg featured
in this week's YATED's centrefold?

Anonymous said...

Ginzberg is a piece of shi* first class jerk-off.

Hats-off to UOJ for posting his picture.

People should beware that this man who parades around like a rov has blood on his hands since he protected colmer from the police.

Enough is Enough said...


Why is it that almost all the so called Heimishe hashgochos deliberatly don't print dates on their packages, when those that carry just an OK, or OU on the same product do have dates?
1) How about Geneivas Daas?
2) Toloim, in old stuff?
3) Sacanta Chamurah Mai'isura?
4) If They arn't able to be honest in the age of the product, how could we trust the Kosher Label?
5) Shouldn't the hasgocho, insist on dating, so that any commoner could catch them?
I asked these questions, not just to get them posted, they actually disturb me, and I need an answer.

Gilligan-Belsky Watch said...


In an ongoing dialog starting at the above link, someone who identifies himself as a rov who learned in Lakewood asks Gilligan why he is supporting Belsky. Gilligan deletes his post and tries to shut down the conversation. Gilligan claims that the blog is not the place to discuss it. When the rov asks Gilligan why he slams anyone criticizing Belsky and seems to think it is the place for it but won't allow anyone to express a contrary opinion, Gilligan hints that the gedolim who came out against Belsky are doing a Slifkin type smear job that has no merit. Gilligan ignores the rov's argument that there is information available that allows people to make up their own minds. It's interesting that Gilligan is accusing a long list of rabbonim of slander including Rav Ovadya Yosef and Rabbi J. David Bleich from YU.

If you really want to know whose argument has no merit, my sources tell me that Gilligan turns to Belsky for psak and aitzah. If true, that's an unbelievable bias that he's not disclosing. No wonder he's good buddies with Bungalow Putz Neuhoff.

Putzola said...


Check out the action on Canonist. Two informed fellas, Larry Yudelson and Andrew Silow-Carroll are picking apart SIW's biased crapola to defend Sruly Singer.

Avi L. Shafran said...


Supporters are lining up behind Israel Singer in his quest to remain president of the Claims Conference. The support, in letters from Agudath Israel and prominent Holocaust survivors, comes after Singer was fired from the World Jewish Congress last month amid allegations of financial impropriety.

Chaim Dovid Zweibel Esq. said...


Consider the case of Yehuda Kolko, a Brooklyn rabbi, who had sexually abused students over the course of two decades. It wasn't until a blog connected former victims that events ensued that eventually led to Kolko's arrest. Here was a case of laypeople, connecting through technology and taking on corrupt leadership, but there will also be opportunities for religious populism that is not merely a reaction to a problematic status quo.

This threat to rabbinic authority has not gone unnoticed.

Prior to their annual convention back in November, Agudath Israel issued a press release mentioning a scheduled discussion about blogs.

"In recent years," Agudah leader Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zweibel said, "due to a variety of factors, the authority of daas Torah has been significantly undermined, even within our own chareidi circles. Most troubling has been the proliferation of Internet 'blogs' where misguided individuals feel free to spread every bit of rechilus and loshon hora about rabbonim and roshei yeshiva, all with the intended effect of undermining any semblance of Torah authority in our community."

I don't mean to be overly idealistic here. There is, indeed, the potential for populism to run amok. There's plenty of idiocy - and yes - sometimes falsehoods online. Universal access to Jewish knowledge won't necessarily improve the quality of Jewish learning. It's important that we continue to cultivate quality leaders and teachers.

Still, I do believe the internet will play a vital role in democratizing Jewish life, and I do believe that this can "change the very fabric of the Jewish community" - and change it for the better. It may be cliché to invoke Marshall McLuhan's famous line "The medium is the message," but I'll do it anyway.

Cathy Shafran said...


I'm the black sheep of the family. I report on molestation cases for ABC News.

Anonymous said...

This week he`s featured in uoj`s centerfold

Drum Roll said...

Kolko is in court today for the criminal case.

steve said...

Colemar, Leizerowitz and Mondrowitz have taken refuge in Israel. What stands in the way of bringing Mondrowitz back to face justice is DA Charles Hynes. The indictment is already in place and the evidence is irrefutable. The reason he hasn't been extradited yet is because of a loophole that Hynes is hanging by. The extradition agreement between the US and Israel at the time of Mondrowitz' atrocities did not include those charged of raping males. This was amended in 1988 to include males. According to an Israeli embassy official quoted in the NY Post, all they are waiting for is a phone call from Hynes' office.

As for Colemar and Leizerowitz, all that is required is for survivors to file charges. I am sure it is extremely painful for them to have to testify and relive the nightmare. I'm sure it is difficult for the parents to have their children retell their experiences. However, this is the only way to prevent these monsters from attacking other small children. Statistics show that these perverts can and will strike again. They must be brought to justice immediately. In the cases of Colemar and Leizerowitz, not even Hynes can stand in the way of extradition, unless he personally rewrites the extradition laws. It is all up to the survivors in these cases. We obviously can't rely on Ginzberg and Olewski to go to the police.

Am I the Crazy One? said...

I live in a building that employs a fix-it guy with a criminal record. He looks like he's on drugs half the time yet the management doesn't care. He also pets little children in a way that would creep anyone out. He showed up drunk recently, reeking from booze. A tenant who is an attorney with the Homeland Security Dept reported him to the office. Someone gave him a piece of gum to mask his breath and they covered it up, saying no he's not drunk and doesn't smell but he appears to have not slept well last night so we are sending him home to rest. The thug started harassing the woman attorney so she got a restraining order against him which prevents him from reporting to work. She is going back to court to convince the judge to make it permanent. She is gathering signatures on a petition to show the judge that the thug makes tenants uncomfortable. Most of the frum tenants in the building are kollel guys who make up part of the 20% city-mandated low income slots. They are endowed with spines of jelly. They are refusing to sign the petition because the thug might find out and get mad at them. They feel zero achrayus that there is a chance to get rid of him that they can blow. Some of these guys had Kolko as a first grade rebbe but refuse to accept there is a toyeless to know about him - even after his arrest. One guy admitted he has a tayva to read UOJ but is moser nefesh not to. There is also a tenant with two out of control dogs that have attacked several other tenants. We are on the verge of getting the dogs removed from the premesis. One kollel guy was bitten by the dogs in the pants last week but he won't report it to the office.

What planet are these losers from?

steve said...

Regarding the Gil Student-Belsky issue, this is what Gil posted on 5/21/06 referring to the Kolko case:

If these charges are proven to be true, the perpetrator and any accomplices who may have neglected their primary responsibilities as educators and human beings by allowing this behavior to continue (again, if it happened), should rot in jail for years

Unless he feels that Kolko and Lipa Brenner are innocent, then in his words (not mine) Belsky "should rot in jail for years".

Agudath Israel of America said...

We don't know the details to determine if there is a kala delo pusik on criminal fix-it guy and the two dogs or if they are isolated cases that fell through the cracks.

Sheldon Silver said...


Newspapers shouldn't print articles like this about me & Boo Boo Bruno that give ammunition to Boog.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Unless he feels that Kolko and Lipa Brenner are innocent, then in his words (not mine) Belsky "should rot in jail for years".


What about the people that are just not smart enough to see through Belsky, and add to the pain of the victims by protecting this abominable gangster Belsky, There's a shatnes-free orange jump-suit waiting for them as well!

Am I the Crazy One? said...

One Sefardi guy in the building was offended that I asked him to sign the petition. He believes that the criminal is a "nice guy" and his long rap sheet shouldn't have any bearing. He added that everyone gets drunk sometimes. Another chicken refuses to sign even though he runs a jewelry business out of his apt that the criminal recently found out about and started asking creepy questions regarding.

Gilligan-Belsky Watch said...


Steve let Gilligan know that he contradicts himself. Let's see if Gilligan deletes it or how he spins it.

Scott Tulman said...

Yes, my client Yudi Kolko is in court today. But he will be fine when Uncle Milty brings him another steak from Le Marais to his jail cell. I'm going to make sure that Balkany gets the order right this time and provides Yudi with a big napkin to tie around his neck.

Yudel Shain said...


they don't want you to know where they made it & who else made there.

Your concerns are very valid ones, but it takes many phone calls to manufacturers & Machshirim to break it through.

Anonymous said...
Being that you agree to my concerns in comment 1, who do I phone & how do I phone.
I have found Toloim in Viennese crunch more than once, even after returning it, & being Mochel my money, I saw the rest remain on the shelf. I have found Toloim in almond clusters, I suspect toloim in chocolate. All with Haimishe hashgochos & no dates.
I have almost fainted by the odor when opening potato chips with haimishe hashgochos, and no dates. I am not sure if they have toloim problems, but knowingly selling rancid food, when most won't have the time or bother returning it, & even if they do, you are being matriarch them to do so, borders on geneiva IMHO, & makes me doubt the Kashrus, and the Rav Hamachshir, who knows this is going on [he better know at least], still gives a hechsher, unfortunately this makes me doubt his honesty. I hope there is a limud Zechus.
I begin to wonder, if even Kashrus wise, something like Cape Cod, potato chips who give a map of how to get to their factory in Boston [printed on the packet], if you wish to visit, with OU supervision, although one would have to be Somech on Bishul Akum heteirim, it may actually be more Kosher & less Sacono.
Shoimu Shomayim, it is time that something is done about the dates, the few that used to have them are fading away into the past.

Anonymous said...

where's the building -do i live in it?

Hedy Epstein said...


I should have figured UOJ would uncover me as a fraud.

Anonymous said...

What is happening with the idea of making clergy mandated reporters in New York? That way UOJ could go after rabbis who protect molesters criminally. I know the Agudah is fighting it, so I assume that means it is probably a good idea. Besides, it just makes sense that rabbis who CAN'T police these people whould call the police who can.

Am I the Crazy One? said...

Two kollel guys told me that they and their wives & kids always smell the fumes of their neighbors smoking drugs but they won't call the police.

Another criminal from our building is State Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin. Even though he was arrested by the FBI and is facing 800 years in prison, the building management wouldn't evict him.


Today's NY Post criticizes hypocrite Shelly Silver for allowing McLaughlin to remain in the Assembly.

The Case of Menashe & Chana Lowin said...


A couple from Williamsburg was sentenced yesterday in Brooklyn Criminal Court after pleading guilty to Medicaid fraud.
Judge William Garnett ordered that they pay full restitution of the stolen funds. In addition, each of them must pay a $1,000 fine and perform 150 hours of community service.

Mennashe Lowin and his wife Chana, both 34, were arrested in Brooklyn on Jan. 4 and charged with welfare fraud and grand larceny, for stealing Medicaid benefits.

Welfare investigators found that the couple lied to the city when they applied for and collected Medicaid benefits worth $10,865, reporting that their only income or resource was $1,000 a week earned by Mennashe Lowin at Majestic & Yom Tov Products, Inc.

In fact, Mennashe Lowin was making more money at his job. The couple also owned a second home in Sullivan County that they failed to mention, and earned income from a Brooklyn rental property at 159 South 8th St.

Assistant Counsel Joseph Burruano prosecuted the case for the welfare inspector general’s office as a special assistant attorney general. Investigator Ismael Zayas investigated the case.

More Kosher Company Fraud said...

Where's Rabbi Weiner who says that hashgochos already cover ethical & moral considerations?

These associated companies are under the hashgocho of Rabbi Menachem Meyer Blau from Eastern Parkway.


Blue Ridge Farms makes potato salads and similar items for sale at all major supermarkets. The associated companies make items like knishes.


By Sarah Wolff
Brooklyn Daily Eagle
JAY STREET — Summations were made yesterday in a grand larceny case against the former sales manager of Blue Ridge Farms, a large Brooklyn-based food manufacturer and distributor now under the ownership of Chloe Foods.
Lenny Spada, 52, is accused of stealing more than $1 million by defrauding several of Blue Ridge Farms’ subsidiaries while the corporate management was busy merging the company with Chloe Foods. The thefts allegedly occurred over a period of three years, from 2002 until 2005.

The prosecution told the jury that Spada took cash directly from some of Chloe Foods’ accounts, including Two Top Tomatoes and Texas Supreme Meats. Chloe Foods, a major manufacturer of deli products, has its corporate headquarters in the Cypress Hills section of Brooklyn.

Spada allegedly manipulated the company’s computer accounting system to cover the funds he took, with help from the company’s former credit manager, Mitchell Rosenberg, who testified for the prosecution. Rosenberg, a Brooklyn resident who earlier pleaded guilty to grand larceny, entered an agreement with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office in return for leniency in his own sentencing. The prosecution and the defense focused on his testimony in their closing statements yesterday. After Justice Raymond Guzman read the charges, including grand larceny in the first and second degrees, to the jury, it began deliberations at around 4:30 p.m.

Assistant District Attorneys Laura Neubauer and Ann Guttman are prosecuting the case, and Dennis Lemke, Esq. is representing the defendant.

Aron "Tort Putz" Twerski said...

Someone should have reminded me earlier about Kolko's court appearance. I want to appear as a character witness. After all, YTT is an institution of HONORABLE MEN.

jewish survivors said...

How many times should you allow some one to lie to you before you decide not to trust them?

What good is some one's reputation when the reputation projected is based in deceit?

When a communities leadership has been covering up sex crimes for decades, should you trust them when they finally state they want to do something to make changes?

When an organization like Jewish Family Services state they want to work with survivors of child sexual abuse or sexual assault, yet have a horrible track record of providing appropriate counseling with this population -- should you trust it?

Should you trust someone or an organization that self proclaim they are experts?

Did you ever stop and ask yourself what qualifies someone to be an expert?

Rabbi Weiner said...


Well, at least the KIC doesn't get involved with the OU & OK who are machshir microwave popcorn.

Anonymous said...

Why can't I find anything on the Kolko case on the New York Courts -E-courts website?

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

To the person that keeps sending in (like once a minute) a confession by a certain blogger that he was accused of being an abuser in his youth, I WILL NOT PUT IT UP-CUT IT OUT! I PUT UP ONLY THE ONES THAT HAVE MERIT! I KNOWINGLY WILL NEVER, NEVER, PUT UP A CHARGE THAT HAS NO MERIT!

This is a place to vent, and yes to expose the vile people calling themselves rabbis and Jews, BUT I NEVER INTEND EVER TO SMEAR INNOCENT PEOPLE! NEVER!

Auto Report World Editors said...

Two kollel guys told me that they and their wives & kids always smell the fumes of their neighbors smoking drugs but they won't call the police.

And how do kollel guys know what burning marijuana smells like?

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...

Speaking of KIC, R' Lazer Ginsberg is the chief and Rabbi Weiner is #2 in charge.

Rabbi Hisiger from YTT used to be #2 before he "retired". His eidim Bayrach Steinfeld was #3 until he started working for Scheinerman at Kehillah.

Ben Hirsch said...

To navigate the e-courts website:

Click "search" at bottom right.

Click "case information" at left.

Click "webcrims" for Kolko's criminal case (or "supreme" for the civil case).

Click the "guest" tab then enter the script.

Search under party name. You must enter Kolko then "Jo" which are the first two letters of his legal name Joel.

Former Kollel guy said...

I was once on a date when we walked by some dudes smoking really awful smelling joints that looked like they were home rolled. The girl actually told me it was weed. It was the first time I had ever smelled it. There are many haymishe people who have whiffed it while in certain NY or California neighborhoods.

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...

Don't forget that Manischiewitz was convicted of fixing matzoh prices with other manufacuturers and had to pay a $1 million fine.

Chicken producers are artificially inflating prices, so when Montreal chickens started coming in at a fraction of the price, your heimisher companies under heimisher hashgochos massered to the Commerce Dept about the Canadian poultry who impounded it at the border.

A certain wine company has also been accused of using mafia tactics to keep competitors out of retail stores.

Flatbush Askan said...

At least the KIC did something useful recently by putting Gornish on the spot about taking every kashrus violator restaurant.

It's so Funny I can't take it said...

The latest nonesense I heard this Shabbos in defense of Yudi Kolko is that it's not fair and "unconstitutional" for the State to post anything on e-courts until he's convicted.

The Great (not so) White North said...

Jewish Survivors,

Jewish Family & Child Services in Toronto is accused of being involved in the cover up with at least one molester.

Part of the problem may be that all Jewish services in the city are intertwined.

COR Kashruth is a division of Canadian Jewish Congress and almost every rabbi in town is on the Vaad. The Vaad may have pull with the Congress upper echelons who can interfere with any other division.

Question for Gilligan said...

Which rabbonim were trying to "smear" the drug addict he was shielding that was breaking into and stealing from shuls?

Anonymous said...

The Jewish Press had an article by Elliot Pasik saying he is trying to get the NY Legislature to extend the public school mandatory reporting law to the nonpublic schools. Most states have it, New York doesn't.

Scandalous Patronage? said...

Jerry the Schmatta Schmetterer is director of DA Hynes's office. The number 2 in charge is Jonah Bruno. I wonder if that's Joseph Bruno's son. It would then be no wonder that Albany won't interefere with the 5th rate district attorney.

Rubashkin Truck Driver said...

Sounds interesting.



Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes today announced the indictment of two employees of Chloe Foods Corp., charged with embezzling $1,073,717.62 between April 1, 2002 and May 31, 2005.

Mitchell Rosenberg and Lenny Spada both worked at Chloe Foods – also known by its former name, Blue Ridge Farms – which sells deli salads to grocery stores and delicatessens, specializing in potato salad. Rosenberg was a collection manager working mostly with accounts receivable, while Spada was a sales manager who oversaw a number of drivers/salespeople. Neither defendant currently works for the company.

The indictment charges that the defendants offered small customers discounts of 10 to 15 percent if they paid cash, which Rosenberg and Spada pocketed, and Rosenberg doctored the books to make it look like Chloe Foods actually received the money. He would shuffle numbers to make it look like the big companies paid less and then use the surpluses he generated to cover the payments not coming in from the smaller companies. Rosenberg would create paper surpluses by recording credits in the larger companies’ accounts, so it appeared they received refunds for damaged merchandise, such as spoiled milk. These actions would make it look like Chloe Foods had received payments from all its clients, when in fact large sums of money were being embezzled.

Rosenberg, 51, of 2501 Emmons Ave., Brooklyn, and Spada, 49, of 2 Silver Pond Circle, Commack, are both charged with Petit Larceny and First-Degree Grand Larceny. They face a maximum of eight-and-a-third to 25 years in prison.

Auto Report World Editors said...

Of course if they were smoking crystal meth or crack/freebase I wouldn't have a clue what it smelled like.

Auto Report World Editors said...

There are many haymishe people who have whiffed it while in certain NY or California neighborhoods.

There are many haymishe people who have done more than just whiffed it, and not just in certain NY or California neighborhoods.

Liar DA Hynes Watch said...


District attorney wants to be there for the kids

LVF said...

As for Colemar and Leizerowitz, all that is required is for survivors to file charges. I am sure it is extremely painful for them to have to testify and relive the nightmare. I'm sure it is difficult for the parents to have their children retell their experiences. However, this is the only way to prevent these monsters from attacking other small children. Statistics show that these perverts can and will strike again. They must be brought to justice immediately. In the cases of Colemar and Leizerowitz, not even Hynes can stand in the way of extradition, unless he personally rewrites the extradition laws.
steve, great post.

now who do you want us to file these charges with?
charlie was contacted years ago with regard to leizerowitz, he basically ignored the complaint,
that peice of scum, tuchis lecker

Gilligan-Belskyite Fest said...

"Which rabbonim were trying to "smear" the drug addict he was shielding"

When the story first got out - you read it on UOJ first - that Gilligan is just another enabler, Gilligan and/or his supporters were hanging out on the Jewish Survivor blog, bashing a rov whose yeshiva was broken into and robbed by the drug addict, as if the rosh yeshiva is the bad guy for being victimized by Gilligan's charge.

Gilligan then whined on Hirhurim that he doesn't know how the story got out even though a bunch of shuls were robbed of cash & a sefer Torah by the creep staying at Gilligan's house who Gilligan then refused to testify against.

Gilligan really is a Belskyite. Let him go back to stooging himself to whoever he has a publishing contract with.

steve said...

LVF, I sincerely apologize for not being aware that you had attempted to file charges against Leizerowitz. I cannot imagine what Hynes' accuse is not to prosecute. In the Mondrowitx case, when I spoke to the schmuck Schmeterer, all he kept mentioning was the extradition agreement. With Leizerowitz, there are no excuses. I hope the upcoming Village Voice expose helps bring out the truth and puts the heat on the DA office.

Regarding Gil, he always has a hard time playing both sides of the fence. When he posted that "rot in jail" statement, he couldn't fathom that Belsky was involved in the coverup. Now that UOJ has repeatedly posted the infamous hazmana, there is no disputing his complicity. That's why it's important to be careful when you try and make bold statements-you don't realize whom you might be condemning. Despite some conciliatory comments of late, Gil should not have labeled UOJ's dispute with Belsky as "frivolous".

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Let me be absolutely clear for the weak-minded and idiots among us (sometimes they're both)....



Tsedrayter said...

uoj- what happened exactly with
Eli Greenwald? Did he end up speaking at the meeting? What did he say?

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

I'm not done with this menuval, perverter of the Torah yet....


"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...


"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...



"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

uoj- what happened exactly with
Eli Greenwald? Did he end up speaking at the meeting? What did he say?


They would NOT let him have the meeting in the yeshiva. HE WAS THE ONLY PARENT THAT TOOK HIS KIDS OUT OF THAT HELL-HOLE!!


"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...


Avi Shafran said...

State dinner features British touches:

By JENNIFER LOVEN, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - Washington turned out adoring schoolchildren and ladies in hats. The White House laid on special touches, too,

Is Bubba Cohen From The Agudath Israel from Britain?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You sound upset.
What should we do? If we complain, we get smeared by the establishment. If we call the police, we are branded a moyser. What should we do? Please, tell us.
Can you please write up a piece titled "The Complete Idiot's Guide To Fixing Orthodoxy - A Guide For The Rest Of Us"? We just don't know what to do.

Anonymous said...

The alternative for going to the DA is going to the press and courts. I wonder if Margulies and Olewski will finaly lose some apetite now. Maybe the good from these sex scandals in YTT and the Gerrer Mesivta will be the lose of exsesive poundry on these to "little" pigs.

Stefan Colmer said...

"Rabbi Lazer Ginsberg is affiliated with Agudath Israel Of America"

Of course. His shul on Coney Island @ R & S is Agudah of Flatbush South.

Anonymous said...

Bronfman resigns as WJC head

Billionaire businessman stands down following a leadership struggle within the organization; elections for a replacement will be held in June; Mendel Kaplan and Ron Lauder to challenge for the post

Ynetnews Published: 05.07.07, 22:51 / Israel Jewish Scene

Edgar Bronfman resigned as president of the World Jewish Congress on Monday at a WJC steering committee meeting in New York.

The billionaire businessman's resignation, after quarter of a century in the role, came as a surprise and followed a bitter struggle in
the WJC between the organization's New York headquarters and the European Jewish Congress over funding and management practices. The Israeli branch of the WJC has also been at loggerheads with the New York headquarters for the same reasons.

The steering committee meeting was convened to discuss the leadership crisis within the WJC following these clashes.

Pierre Besnainou, the president of the European Jewish Congress, said that he would support the candidacy of Mendel Kaplan in June's elections for a new WJC head. American billionaire Ronald Lauder is also expected to stand for election. Bronfman's son Matthew, whom many thought was being groomed by his father for the job, will not be competing, according to WJC sources.

In March, Bronfman fired his right-hand man at the WJC, Rabbi Israel Singer, and accused him of having stolen from him. Singer denied the charges. The firing came over a year after then New York attorney general Elliot Spitzer issued a sharply critical report into financial shortcomings and mismanagement at the WJC.

Anonymous said...

is this the (Rabbi) Lazer Gizburg that has biological children of his own?

waves said...

And here I am, over a year, a voice in the wilderness, trying to raise awareness about a rotzeach nefoshos, rosho merusho, Nachum Klein yimach shmo v;zichro and I guess nobody wants to listen..

OU Crony Watch said...

It's vomit inducing to see the full page that Le Marais took out in the Jewish Fress. They are practically begging the Israel Day parade crowd to stop by to stuff their faces. Since when have French Frogs supported Israel anyway? With their proposed menu, they would turn the fressers into an army of fat Richard Klasses.

They have a blow up of the full OU symbol that says in Loshon Kodesh: "Torah umitzvos"

Ahavas Klulosayich said...

Voice in the Wilderness,

We sympathyze with you, but victims need to go to the police. Lechteich acharay bamidbar means file a report at 66th precinct.

Anonymous said...

You mean that R' Lazer does nebich NOT have biological children. He has suffered much in life and is a person that means well. Maybe his suffering affected him to the point of losing his clarity on dealing with molesters.

Gilligan-Belsky Watch said...

Gilligan let Steve's comment slide. The way it was written, Gilligan probably missed the point.

Gilligan is dishonest and doesn't like to concede when he loses an argument.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

You mean that R' Lazer does nebich NOT have biological children. He has suffered much in life and is a person that means well. Maybe his suffering affected him to the point of losing his clarity on dealing with molesters.


If so, he should be a Rubashkin truck driver with Belsky, handing out plumbers(kosher seals) to anyone that buys them to place on non-kosher meat.

Can any idiot with no credentials as a human being become a rabbi of a shul?

The answer is YES!

Hurdus Hamelech said...


This is just beyond the pale. Now UOJ is even digging up dead people to bring them to justice.

Anonymous said...

R' Lazer may have inherited a position from his father, the famous alter Mirrer, R' Efraim Mordechai Ginsberg whose chiddushim on Shas are learned in the oylam hayeshivos.

Haaretz said...


The Spitzer report determined that until August 2004 the WJC was run without any oversight whatsoever of its financial affairs. A year after the report's release, it turns out that Spitzer chose not to detail some of the most serious findings about irregularities that reached him. For example, the media recently published the findings of a comprehensive audit of the WJC's accounts in Switzerland from 1995-2004, which was included in the material presented to Spitzer.

The audit, which was conducted by the international accounting firm of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, found that over the years $3.8 million "disappeared" from the bank accounts. The Spitzer report noted that large sums of cash were withdrawn without proper documentation being obtained, as required, without specifying the sums. As a result of the latest revelations, the head of the Jewish community in Switzerland, Alfred Donath, approached Bronfman and requested explanations from him.

Where was Bronfman all those years? Bronfman was first elected president of the WJC in 1980. He left the day-to-day running of the organization in the hands of his trusted ally, Rabbi Israel Singer, who joined the WJC in 1972. His status in the organization helped Singer gain positions in other Jewish organizations, such as president of the Claims Conference, the umbrella organization representing the Jewish people in negotiations with Germany and Austria; and chairman of the board of the World Jewish Restitution Organization, in which the State of Israel is also a member.

Bronfman's contribution to the WJC's income was until now a very confidential secret, one that even Spitzer refrained from disclosing.

Bronfman's associates over the years nurtured the impression that the organization's budget comes almost entirely from his own pocket. The mistaken impression that was created helped Bronfman in many ways: It enhanced his name in the world of Jewish philanthropy. It also deterred quite a few Jewish benefactors from competing for the post for fear that they would not be able to bear the heavy financial burden. And when the suspicions grew of severe financial irregularities, many in the Jewish world refused to be stirred, because they mistakenly thought, "it's basically Bronfman's money."

But, in effect, only a relatively small share of the budget came from Bronfman's pocket. Haaretz was informed that in 2004, for example, he donated $1.5 million. In other years, his contribution reached $2 million. In 2006, only $1.3 million of the projected WJC budget came from "major individual contributions," including from Bronfman, and another $1.5 million came from "foundations and grants," some of which are foundations affiliated with the Bronfman family. This is not "petty cash," but it is certainly not an exceptionally large donation for a billionaire like Bronfman.

The primary source of the WJC's income in recent years has been the thousands of Jews who mailed in donations in small amounts. In good years, the number of donors exceeded 200,000. In 2006, for example, direct mail fund-raising yielded a projected $8.15 million. The sums were raised with the help of a professional fund-raising company, which charges the WJC an annual fee of $3.5 million. The WJC's total projected budget that year was $9.15 million.

Embarrassing details
The WJC's total number of salaried employees does not exceed 30, and most of them earn modest salaries. WJC senior officials, on the other hand, have in recent years enjoyed almost unbelievable perks. Spitzer apparently used understated language when he determined that the senior officials' salaries and terms were "unreasonable." Regarding this matter, too, it turns out, the report did not release numerous embarrassing details that were included in the material submitted to Spitzer and his colleagues.

Apparently two senior WJC officials who left in 2003 and 2004 were promised generous retirement grants of $1 million each.

Senior WJC officials were not the only ones to receive large payments; associates who were not WJC employees also received them. One of them was Curtis Hoxter, the owner of a public relations firm that provided services to the WJC. Spitzer notes that in 2001, Hoxter and Singer considered going into business together, but Singer's WJC colleagues advised him to reject the offer as it would present him with a conflict of interests. Spitzer notes that Hoxter received a payment, but does not specify how much it was.

However, the documents that reached Haaretz indicate that only in 2001-2003 was Hoxter paid around $200,000 a year from the WJC for "consulting on the matter of restitution of property from Europe." Spitzer noted that the WJC did not report these payments to the U.S. tax authorities. Hoxter told Haaretz that he did no work for the Congress in those years, and claimed he did not receive any payment. The documents indicate otherwise.

Spitzer attributed most of the financial irregularities that were found to the activities of the previous executive director, Singer. In an agreement in the Spitzer report, the WJC stated that Singer agreed to return $132,000 he received for vacation and sick days that he was not entitled to and to use within five years 450,000 bonus points accumulated on his credit card, which was footed entirely by the WJC. In addition, the report notes that Singer returned to the Congress $186,163 in payment for loans he took improperly, life insurance for his wife and medical insurance for one of his children, and $28,330 for personal expenses charged to a credit card.

The documents that reached Haaretz add many details to what was published in the Spitzer report regarding the benefits and payments received by Singer. From 2002 to 2004, Singer was the chairman of the WJC's governing board. Even though this is a position without an official salary, Singer received annual ex gratia payments. Spitzer notes that Singer himself determined the amount of the payments, together with the organization?s chief financial officer.

However, Spitzer did not specify how large the sums were and did not require Singer to repay them. According to the report submitted by the WJC's lawyer to Spitzer, a copy of which reached Haaretz, Singer received $226,314 in ex gratia payments in 2004 and slightly less in 2003 and 2002. In contrast, the 2004 report submitted by the WJC to the Internal Revenue Service notes that $356,492 was paid to Singer as an external consultant to the organization. Congress officials explained that the sum reported to the IRS in 2004 was higher because it covers Singer's salary.

In addition to the payments mentioned in the Spitzer report, Singer received other perks such as life insurance, health insurance and reimbursement for securing his home. In 2004, for example, Singer was paid a total of $186,948 for these benefits, which were not mentioned at all in the Spitzer report.

Spitzer noted that Singer had a prestigious American Express Centurion credit card, and charges made on it were covered by the WJC. According to the credit card bills, which were not published in the report, Singer spent $261,294 in 2004 and $431,129 in 2003. Most of the charges were for Singer's travels as part of his job. In 2003, for example, Singer paid $34,088 for restaurants, shopping and assorted spending by his wife and $397,041 for expenses such as travel and lodging in luxury hotels. According to the WJC's records, Singer withdrew around $120,000 in cash that same year, which was categorized as "travel expenses." In total, the WJC spent in a single year over half a million dollars apparently on expenses related to Singer's travels around the world, in addition to his salary and additional payments amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars that he received.

In the section dealing with Singer in the Spitzer report, the WJC agreed that Singer would no longer be employed in any position related to financial affairs, financial management or oversight of fund-raising activities in the WJC, or any organization associated with it. To date, Singer continues to serve in all the public positions he held since the release of the report. Singer's position at the WJC since the publication of the report is chairman of the WJC's Policy Council. On the WJC's official Web site, Singer's name appears under that of Bronfman in the list of officeholders.

Surprisingly, the attorney general of New York refrained from mentioning Bronfman's name in the report, other than a laconic reference in the introduction noting that Bronfman was not involved in the day-to-day running of the World Jewish Congress.

But a year after the publication of the report, the questions remain unanswered. How is it possible that the president of the WJC, a respected international businessman, allowed the organization he heads to function this way? Why to this day has there not been any expression on his part of taking responsibility? Why did he not bother to express regret to the thousands of donors for the misuse of their donations?

Anonymous said...

This is ginzgurg from agudas harabonim or just another rosha rabbi?

More Chelm than Sicily said...


More Chelm than Sicily

By Yoel Marcus

I almost fell off my chair when I read in Haaretz that Judge Vardi Zeiler is afraid Israel is turning into Sicily, if it hasn't done so already. It's true that all kinds of things happen here that weren't part of Herzl's vision for a Jewish state, but they fit more in the Chelm than the Sicily department.

A president suspected of rape, a prime minister under police investigation, a justice minister charged with committing an indecent act and a finance minister being interrogated in an embezzlement scam. At least they're not murdering judges and state prosecutors like in Sicily. At most, they look like the tragic doubles of the Wise Men of Chelm.

NY Times said...


Mr. Bronfman’s contributions have accounted for as much as 15 percent of its annual revenues in recent years, and it is unclear whether he will continue that support.

Additionally, donations to the organization declined after the controversy involving Mr. Singer began.

In a memorandum to Mr. Bronfman’s son Matthew, Mr. Herbits said the organization would need $5 million over the next two years to turn around its finances.

New accusations of further financial improprieties by Mr. Singer, however, will make raising that kind of money difficult.

In a presentation prepared for the organization’s steering committee, Mr. Herbits charged that Mr. Singer withdrew cash from the World Jewish Congress affiliates without accounting for it and covered personal expenses with the organization’s money, among other things.

Mr. Bronfman dismissed Mr. Singer in March because of the new accusations, Mr. Herbits said, but if they are true, Mr. Singer will have caused the World Jewish Congress to violate the terms of a settlement it signed with the New York attorney general’s office more than a year ago.

Under the agreement, the attorney general could reopen the investigation. A spokesman for Andrew Cuomo, the attorney general, did not return a call seeking comment.

Hank Scheinkopf, Mr. Singer’s spokesman, said Mr. Singer had declined to comment on the new allegations “because he is no longer involved with the World Jewish Congress and has moved on with his life.”

Mr. Singer’s ouster and Mr. Bronfman’s resignation and scheduled departure next month also leave the organization with a leadership vacuum, particularly since leaders of the Israeli and European branch have lobbied for Mr. Herbits’s departure, as well.

Mr. Bronfman had hoped his son Matthew would take his place as president, but Matthew Bronfman has been tarnished by accusations that he had conflicts of interest as a board member of the Israel Development Bank, according to reports in Crain’s New York Business. Matthew Bronfman has said that there was no conflict of interest.

Ronald Lauder, the billionaire cosmetics executive, sought the presidency a few years ago and has expressed an interest in it again. In his presentation, Mr. Herbits suggested that Mr. Lauder had sought to win Mr. Singer’s support during his first bid, maintaining that Mr. Singer “may have accepted” a gift of stock from Mr. Lauder.

Nelson Warfield, Mr. Lauder’s spokesman, denied that accusation. “It’s an insult to even suggest such a thing,” he said.

Hank Sheinkopf said...


Hey folks, I'm Sruly Singer's new BIG MONEY spokesman who was formerly a strategist for Slick Willy, I mean Bill Clinton.

Do you want to know if Sruly is a thief? That depends on how you define "is".

I've also advised 3rd World dictators and Elliot Spitzer, the same guy who went up Sruly's rear end with a fine toothed comb.

Jerusalem Post said...


Herbits on Monday apologized to the Tunisian-born President of the European Jewish Congress for likening him to an Arab in an internal memo, Besnainou said.

The memo was first published in The Jerusalem Post on Friday.

A WJC spokesman had previously denied that Herbits had made an ethnic slur.

R' Malkiel Kotler said...

Hersh Ginsberg from Agudas haganovim is not connected.

R' Lazer's brother R' Chaim is the rosh chaburah for Kodshim in Lakewood.

Hank Sheinkopf said...

I forgot to mention that I was Mordecai Tendler's spokesman as well until even I could not repeat the lies he told me.

He told me that he never banged a woman who was a member of his shul. I asked him to explain:

"I used my member to dismember her, therefore she was no longer a member, while I was using my member".

Now, even I could not repeat that.

Besides I wasn't getting paid anymore. I'll dump Singer as well as soon as he runs out of money and the lies get ridiculous.

AJN said...


Mendel Kaplan, chairman of the WJC executive, appears to be the leading contender at least as interim president, according to sources.

WJC Secretary-General Stephen Herbits, told JTA that Bronfman decided to leave because the issue with Singer had been resolved.

"Bronfman has been trying to leave for six years now he is free to retire because the matter with Singer is closed," said Herbits, adding that he was informed of Bronfman's decision only a half-hour before Monday's meeting.

Last Friday the WJC had put out a statement through a public relations firm saying that Bronfman, who turns 78 next month, "has no intention of stepping down."

Herbits said Bronfman's view changed when the steering committee voted Monday to "no longer discuss Singer, that the matter is closed for the World Jewish Congress, that it would not have any more business with Israel Singer."

Asked about a possible return to the WJC after Bronfman's resignation, Singer told JTA, "I don't think we have to talk about the future right now, but the answer is, 'I don't think so, because UOJ is still around.' "

Sources in the WJC said it was just a matter of time before Herbits would leave as well, though Herbits said no one had suggested this at Monday's meeting.

A former top adviser to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and Bronfman's right-hand man at Seagram, Herbits was brought into the WJC three years ago to clean up things amid charges of mismanagement.

Herbits reportedly derided Besnainou in a private memo in November amid discussion of Matthew Bronfman as a possible successor to his father, saying Besnainou could not be trusted because he's French and Tunisian and "works like an Arab."

Besnainou said Herbits had issued a public apology at Monday's meeting and also sent him a written apology. That could not be confirmed with Herbits.

Asked if he had accepted the apology, Besnainou answered, "What can I do?"

The WJC "is in search of a rallying cry to galvanize its constituents," said Rabbi Marc Schneier, chairman of its American section.

(Who cares what an idiot like Schneier thinks?)

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Mendel Kaplan the rosh yeshiva of Philadelphia?

UOJ on the Prowl said...


Seagram heir Matthew Bronfman found himself on the losing end of a boardroom showdown yesterday and was forced to resign as a director at Israel Discount Bank of New York amid allegations he used his role at the bank to enrich himself.

Bronfman, the less musical younger brother of music mogul Edgar Bronfman Jr., was one of two members of the IDB board to step down amid an effort by the bank's Tel Aviv-based holding company to only have independent directors on the board.

His departure, first reported on the Crain's New York Business Web site yesterday, follows a probe by the board into allegations he used his position to get a $1 million loan for one of his partnerships.

There are also claims he used space at the bank's Fifth Avenue offices for his other businesses and failed to reimburse the bank.

In addition to Matthew Bronfman, Michael Rubinoff resigned. A third person, board Chairman Leonard Grunstein, was forced out after refusing to step down.

The Bronfman family led a group of investors that in 2005 purchased 26 percent of the stock in the Tel Aviv company.


Crain's reported that at the beginning of the year, IDB hired the services of the law firms Sullivan and Cromwell to conduct an inquiry into Bronfman's activity at the bank. The paper reported that according to allegations, "Bronfman persuaded an IDBNY loan officer to lend nearly $1 million to one of Mr. Bronfman's partnerships, without telling the board."

The investigation also examined allegations that Bronfman used a floor of IDB offices in NY for his other businesses, and that meddled in bank operations.


Crain's further stated that Bronfman was accused of intervening to convince a credit officer to grant a million-dollar loan to one of his ventures

Discount New York has had a number of other troubles in recent years, including charges of allowing money-laundering, for which it paid a $12 million fine last October.

Discount New York is the 10th largest commercial bank in New York, with assets of $8.8 billion. It holds $6.9 billion in deposits.


The bank processed about 181,000 third-party wire transfers totalling $35.4 billion from March 2004 to March 2005, which U.S. regulators believed exhibited characteristics and patterns commonly associated with money laundering.


Israel's Discount Investment Corp. said on Thursday it had received regulatory approval to sell a 19.8 percent stake in Super-Sol, Israel's largest supermarket chain, for $214 million to a group led by U.S.-Canadian businessman Matthew Bronfman.

Anonymous said...

If it is true that Lazer Ginzberg is shielding Colmer, it should be brought to the attention of Mirrer yeshiva where he is also rosh kollel, giving a weekly chabura and the yeshiva in Linden, NJ where he is yoshev rosh.

Mirrer roshei yeshiva:

R' Shmuel Berenbaum
R' Asher Kalmanowitz
R' Avrohom Nelkenbaum
R' Hershel Zolty

Exec Directors:

Pinny Hecht
Josh Mehlman (TravelCell)

The Linden yeshiva is probably this one which used to be housed in Lazer's shul:


Yeshiva @ Congregation Anshe Chesed

Orchard Terrace and St. George's Avenue
Linden, NJ 07036

Rabbi Cary A. Friedman
Shimon Vogel, Chazan

Telephone (908) 486-8616

Beginning in early 2000, Yeshiva Zichron Leyma moved from Brooklyn to its new home at Congregation Anshe Chesed in Linden. A wing of the shul has been refurbished for use by the yeshiva students. On June 4th, Anshe Chesed formally welcomed Yeshiva Zichron Leyma with a special program featuring Rabbi Paysach Krohn of Queens (rapist Efraim Bryks's brother in law)

This . . . arrangement between Anshe Chesed and Yeshiva Zichron Leyma began after Friedman met the yeshiva's rabbi, Gershon Neumann, through a mutual acquaintance.

"We spoke and he told me what he wants to do," Friedman said. "Rabbi Neumann had been looking to take the yeshiva out of New York City itself, with the distractions, the shmutz. He started thinking of coming to New Jersey."

Gilligan-Belsky Watch said...

There are many choshuv people who hang around and comment on Gilligan's Hirhurim blog. I hope they see through his deceit and cease to do so.

Rav Yosef Blau
Rav Mark Dratch
Elliot Pasik

Anonymous said...

R' Lazer is Agudah Flatbush-South. Rabbi Viner just left the regular Flatbush Agudah to start a shul in Wesley Hills or Pomona. A chassidish rov there said he can't compete with rabbi Viner so he is closing his shul and moving away. Does anyone know if rabbi Viner did a smart move and is not putting his new shul under the Agudah umbrella?

Gilligan-Belsky Watch said...

The rov who learned in Lakewood is coming under attack from Gilligan and his chassidim. In a Belsky-style move, instead of addressing his questions, they are insulting him and "willing to bet money" that he is an imposter.

I'm not 100% sure but I seem to recall that one of Gilligan's attack dogs here, "Fotheringay-Phipps", is a blogger who complained to Wikipedia to take down the profile of Yudi Kolko.

Anonymous said...

Rav Nelkenbaum is similar to R' Yeruchem Olshin. A big tzaddik who may not be able to fathom the evil that's out there.

Leib Pinter said...

Ruben Schron is Mirrer Chairman of the Board and my dear next door neighbor.

I wonder if the Mir will speak to Lazer. They sent your's truly packing after UOJ stirred up a commotion and people starting calling the yeshiva to complain that the biggest ganav in history was acting like a macher in the office.

Julie Berman said...


Here's what's left of Rav Soloveitchik's chiddushim that weren't flushed away by the renegade toilet.

The problem I think started when Sruly brought me a token from a trip to France. A flask of eau de toilette.

Gilligan-Belsky Watch said...

Gilligan panicked over a false alarm. A Gilligan chossid who can't read Hebrew saw a pashkevil up in Israel attacking someone and thought it was against Gilligan because the word "Yashar" was part of the text.

What would really be funny would be if Pinter ran around to get signatures against Gilligan, but it's probably not happening because he probably used up all his capital with Slifkin.

Gilligan-Belsky Watch said...


Gilligan is also wannabe yeshivish or as he classifies himself "moderate chareidi".

Isi Leibler said...


The World Jewish Congress (WJC) is going through tough times, because it is prone to the same weaknesses associated with power and corruption which plague governments, Isi Leibler, former vice president of the WJC, told Ynetnews.

"This shows that Lord Acton's dictum, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, applies to Jewish organizations no less than to governments," Leibler said, speaking by phone from his home in Jerusalem.

'Cover up was as bad as the crime'

"Bronfman's failure occurred when he breached a cardinal principal: He did not supervise his professional executive director (Israel Singer – Y.L.) and enabled him to operate the organization as through it was his personal fiefdom. This led to corruption, and abuse of public funds," Leilber continued.

"Bronfman resigned because he became totally fed up. He discovered too late what was happening and tried desperately to rectify the damage inflicted by Singer. But at the end he was unable to do so. There is a sadness that a man who gave so much of himself retired under such an awful cloud, and that a once proud Jewish international organization has been left in shambles.

Those responsible unfortunately try to shift the blame on one another instead of apologizing to the Jewish people for having been derelict in their duty," he declared.

Leibler added that an early financial audit could have limited the "external scandal" without "providing ammunition to every anti-Semite and enemy of Jewish people. In a sense, the cover up was as bad as the crime. They spent millions of dollars of Jewish public money on lawyers and public relations to cover up their misdeeds. They virtually stopped all their mission activities. They demonized and expelled those seeking to reform the organization.

And finally, they brought upon themselves the (New York) attorney general (Elliot Spitzer's) report which condemns Singer for breaching his fiduciary duties and forced him to resign as chairman. When they finally discovered that Singer was still misappropriating funds and sacked him, it was too late," Leibler said.

Leibler reserves most of his wrath for Singer's continued link with the Claims Conference – the world Jewish organization in charge of recovering assets looted from the Jews by the Nazis. "The fact that he still remains associated with the Claims Conference is absolutely mind boggling and people will not be able to understand how this could happen," he exclaimed, adding: "This is after all the most important fund of the Jewish People."

The former vice president said a new beginning was needed for the WJC. "Clearly a new leadership untainted by the scandals of the past should move in if the organization is going to survive," he said.

Ombudsman said...

It pains me to read the account of kollel yungerleit in that building who don't care about their own safety, let alone the safety of others. If the criminal is allowed to return to work and does anything to harm people, I don't think they have any defense against responsibilty. The same goes for the dogs who could injure children.

How could yungerleit who horev over a blatt Gemorah all day have no measure of sechel?

Your Tax Dollars said...


Call Mike Bloomberg's office to stop this.

Anonymous said...

Ombudsman -

Its not a question of sechel. The yeshivish manner of raising and educating boys has emasculated a generation.

The yeshivas don't teach physical education, which is bitul Torah, bitul z'man. Sports and exercise are frowned upon. Most yeshivas don't have gyms. We have too many fat, effiminate boys.

Those same boys are denied normal interest in girls. Thinking about girls, or looking at them, are sins. So the same fat, effiminate boys start taking an interest in each other.

Almost anything other than Torah learning is considered "goyish". I once tried to form a Boy Scout troop. One rebbe killed it when he called it "goyish". Sports are goyish. Exercise is goyish. Speaking with a fake Yiddish accent, waving one's hands and fingers while talking, and mixing in a lot of Hebrew and Yiddish words, is the only authentic type of Yiddishkeit.

Organizing tenants to oust a drunken janitor with a criminal record then becomes goyish. The fat, effiminate kollel "men" will have none of it. They are too timid. They will, at most, ask their mommies and wives for permission, who will say, No. No surprise that a woman lawyer is the one taking the lead on getting rid of the janitor. The Jewish men are quasi-faygeles.

To some extent, frum Jewish men have been quasi-faygeles - or most recently, actual faygeles and pedophiles - for nearly 2,000 years. It took real Zionist men to make a State of Israel, while the quasi-faygeles were shrei-ing in the shteibels, "Its goyish".

No surprise again that the modern orthodox rabbinic organization has now taken the lead on sex abuse. They do sports, and Boy Scouts too. Meanwhile, the quasi-faygeles at Aguda, and in the apartment building with the criminal janitor, twirl their thumbs in the air, or sometimes, stick them who knows where.

I hope this answers your question.

Baltimore Jewish Times said...


When Holiness Fails

Neil Rubin

MAY 04, 2007

The following sermon was delivered by Rabbi Elan Adler on April 28, 2007 at Moses Montefiore Anshe Emunah Hebrew Congregation in Pikesville.

Ben Hirsch said...

What happened with Yudi Kolko yesterday in court?

The State website removes cases while they are updated.

Mendel Epstein said...

Does anyone know if this is Belsky?


Man puts wife up for sale on the web for $50

Aron Twerski said...


Here's another poor soul for me to defend.

Jerry the Schmatta Schmetterer said...

Can Steve tell us more about the upcoming Village Voice expose? Charlie Hynes is very worried and is having another "emergency".

Anonymous said...

Did Ohel Family Services have anything to do with this?

Ombudsman said...

Anon, I'm not sure if your explanation is tongue in cheek or if you just can't get over that your Boy Scout Troop was torpedoed, but you are not helping the situation. I am surprised that UOJ allowed such a silly post through the filter.

Molesters and "quasi-feigs" exist in all circles. Just fyi, there were plenty of chareidim fighting Nazis with the partisans while your Zionist heroes sold them out from the comfort of their offices in neutral lands.

Phil said...

"...Those same boys are denied normal interest in girls. Thinking about girls, or looking at them, are sins. So the same fat, effiminate boys start taking an interest in each other..."

I agree with much of this comment regarding "goyishness" but let's stop the Charedi-bashing and be clear about one thing: while it is natural, it's also sinful for boys and men to look at and think about things that lead to arousal, outside the context of marital relations.

This is not some way-out chumra, it's simple halacha that any Orthodox Rabbi will confirm, regardless of where they received their Semicha. Open up a Machzor; we are required to do Teshuva for this every Yom Kippur!

Am I the Crazy One? said...

Just to clarify, most of the yungerleit in my building are from a certain yeshiva whose talmidim are not known for their kishronos and prowess in learning. One yungerman from a yeshiva with a small kollel where the guys have higher IQs has agreed to sign the petition. There are a few apts shared by many bochurim from the 2nd yeshiva that I haven't reached yet. My wife is now upset because of the negative reaction I am getting from all the wusses. It is uncomfortable to be viewed negatively even if you are doing the right thing and everyone else is nuts.

Anonymous said...

Ombudsman -

Plenty of chareidim fighting the Nazis? The word chareidi wasn't even in the popular vocabulary until about five to ten years ago. Anyway, I've read a fair amount of Holocaust history books, and I don't remember reading about ultra-orthodox men fighting with the partisans in the forests. Nor do I remember reading about plenty of chareidim fighting the Arabs either.

UOJ - Was my comment silly?

Auto Report World Editors said...

"Bronfman persuaded an IDBNY loan officer to lend nearly $1 million to one of Mr. Bronfman's partnerships, without telling the board."

One million dollars is pocket change for the Bromfmans. Why put the bite on the Discount Bank when daddy probably has at least that much in cash in his office safe?

I suppose it's always better to use OPM.

Heimishe guy said...

Anyone else trying out for this acting job? Mention UOJ as part of the act.


IN AN EXPECTED HEAVY-SPENDING CAMPAIGN to introduce its iPhone this summer, Apple appears to be considering multicultural creative for the multi-functional device.

It seeks characters from various backgrounds, including Asian men who speak Mandarin; Hasidic males fluent in Hebrew; a French-speaking cab driver; a pair of Jamaican (or West Indian) women who can "speak with a thick patois accent" and others.

Ombudsman said...

There is a gezairas hakasuv that in times of tochacha / hester panim, the Jews will go to their deaths without a fight like a sheep to slaughter. Even still, there were plenty of Jews who could be called chareidi Litvaks who were fighting in the Baltic forests. Books have been written about it. Rav Menachem Ziemba, a Gerrer posek, also urged who was left in the Warsaw ghetto to rise up and fight to the death.

Evidently you should keep reading.

Anonymous said...

Today many bloggers finally touched upon a major problem regarding frum "faygeles".

This depraved, sickening phenomenon is sadly taking place in shul right in front of the Aron. Adults and teenagers are walking around touching younger children. These smart shrewd operators prey on people who cannot protect themselves. They may disguise where their hands are going but they are definitely going places they shouldn't.

Often these PREDATORS are from the best families or the shul powerhouses. This is simply because the "Rabbi" has no guts to lead and take a stand for whats right. If a rabbi cannot protect his congregation he has no business being a leader.

Shuls should not be a playground for the perverted. If you see it happening start a tumult or minimally get the predator off the victim. These depraved individuals hate being exposed for who they are, but we all must do our part.

Ombudsman said...

For reference, try also the sefer Karasi veain oneh by Rav Weissmandel from Nitra and Perfidy by Ben Hecht on how the secular Zionists sold out their brothers to die a horrific death. For decades you could only get Perfidy from under the counter at Chareidi seforim stores. The Mossad and Israeli diplomatic corps had orders to buy or steal any copy they find in stores or libraries to cover up the truth.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

􀂃 98% of all child sexual abuse is perpetrated by heterosexual males---6

􀂃 70% of men who molest boys identify as exclusively or predominantly heterosexual in their adult sexual preferences.7

6- Jenny, C., Roesley, T., and Poyer, K. (1994) “Are Children at risk for Sex Abuse by Homosexuals?,”Pediatrics Vol. 94

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

From what I'm able to discern from my readings and observations, the vast majority of Haredi yeshivas are producing emotionally handicapped, physically challenged, under-educated, mentally disabled, fundamentalist leaning, ideologically twisted, overweight, undernourished, disrespectful parasites.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Phil and UOJ for the support.

Ombudsman: I'm familiar with Rav Michoel Ber Weissmandel and Ben Hecht, who I consider personal historic heroes. At the same time, I don't want to get sidetracked about the Holocaust, and neither do you. The overall response of the European "Chareidi" rabbis was deficient, to say the least. The American rabbinic response wasn't too strong either. It took a Zionist, Peter Bergson, a/k/a Hillel Kook, Rav Avrohom Kook's nephew, to organize 400 orthodox rabbis to demonstrate at the White House. That occurred in October 1943, well into the war.

Phil is quite right in saying its a sin to gaze at women, no question. What I'm talking about is the ludicrous separation from women that we see. The separate rooms or mechitzahs for a kiddush in synagogues, even a few Young Israels, is absurd. The insistence on separate entrances at catering halls. Routinely now, chareidi yeshiva bochurim won't go to some people's homes for a Shabbos meal where there are young female guests. Yeshiva boys on the sidewalk are accidently bumping into trees and no parking signs because they're looking down at the sidewalk while girls are approaching from the other direction. This is meshuga.

Ombudsman: Your original question was really quite poor. Where's the sechel of the kollelleit for not getting rid of the building janitor? Don't you understand? They have the sachel, they know what they're supposed to do - they just don't have the manhood. Chareidi-ism has taken it away.

Auto Report World Editors said...

Anyway, I've read a fair amount of Holocaust history books, and I don't remember reading about ultra-orthodox men fighting with the partisans in the forests.

Wisliceny, Eichmann's deputy, arrived in Athens on the 20th of September, 1943. He immediately sent a summons to the Chief Rabbi, Elia Barzilai, to meet with him on the following day. The Rabbi, upon receiving the summons, informed the Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church, Archbishop Damaskinos, and the leading members of the Jewish community.

On the 21st of September, Rabbi Barzilai met with Wisliceny and was given the following list of demands:

* The names, addresses and professions, of all the members of the Athenian Jewish community
* The names of all foreign Jews, with details about their origin and nationality
* The names and addresses of all Italian Jews living in Athens
* The names of all Salonica Jews living in Athens
* The names of all people who had assisted Jews to escape to Palestine
* The names of the members of a new council to be formed under Barzilai’s presidency
* The new council was to create a Jewish police force for carrying out the Nazi demands
* Create new identity cards for all of the Jews of Athens

Barzilai left Wisliceny’s office, shaken and in a state of great anxiety and fear. All through the day appeals were made to Greek authorities, but most of them fell on deaf ears.

On the 22nd of September, the Jewish community leaders made a desperate appeal to Prime Minister Constantine Rallis. The Prime Minister tried to alleviate their fears by saying that the Jews of Salonica had been guilty of subversive activities. He also implied that the Salonica Jews had been a foreign element in Greek life, referring to the nationalistic distinction between Old Greece - south of Thessaly and liberated from the Turks shortly after 1821 - and Northern Greece which was under Turkish and Bulgarian occupation until 1913.

So basically what the Greek Prime Minister said was that the Jews of the north had gotten what they deserved.

The Rabbi asked Wisliceny for extended time to compose a list and form a council. After convening with the community leaders, he destroyed the community records and he advised people to flee or go into hiding. A few days later, the Rabbi himself fled the capital and joined the resistance in Thessaly, north of Athens. Wisliceny's list of demands never came to pass.

In Thessaly, in a village close to the Greek partisan headquarters, Rabbi Barzilai encouraged Greek Jews who could do so to join the resistance. He worked with the Greek partisans to arrange for more than 600 Greek Jews to be smuggled across the Aegean sea to the safety of neutral Turkey. In return, the Jewish Labour Federation in Palestine smuggled boots and money, by sea, to the Greek resistance.

Auto Report World Editors said...

"Rabbi Chaim Moshe Arbes was seventy-two years old when he was forced to fight the Germans, near the small town of Buchawek, Poland....The old rabbi was a genius at planning. He always seemed to know when to strike and where. The sixteen guerillas ambushed German patrols and wiped them out. They derailed German troop trains, blew up bridges, and destroyed supplies. The guerilla band had killed more than one thousand Nazis.
In one of the battles the rabbi was captured while covering the retreat of the partisans, thus saving them all. Rabbi Chaim Moshe Arbes was later hanged in the public square. (p 189)

From "A Secret Press in Nazi Europe" by Isaac Kowalski

Auto Report World Editors said...

From Rabbi Elan Adler's sermon.

I was one of the rabbis who signed the letter. But I did not write the letter. Behind the scenes agreements is something I should have asked about prior to signing the letter. When were these agreements made? Twenty years ago when rabbis were more naïve, or 20 days ago, when it could signal a coverup?

Are there Rabbis and principals and leaders in the know, who know, but won't say anything? This is something that needs to be investigated, and investigated with seriousness and speed. If there are abusive ticking bombs in our community, and we don't do everything we can to prevent another abuse, and people are being protected, it should make us feel tremendously uncomfortable.

So this story is not about a deceased rabbi, or just about one particular segment of our community, or about what should be published or what should not. It is about how it has been misunderstood, and how it's been covered up and may continue to be, and it's about a third area, how it will be dealt with from now on.

It sounds like Rabbi Adler has a clue.

Auto Report World Editors said...

􀂃 70% of men who molest boys identify as exclusively or predominantly heterosexual in their adult sexual preferences.

Predominantly is a weasel word. In any case 30% of men who molest boys must then fall into the category of exclusively or predominantly homosexual in their adult sexual preferences. Considering that exclusive or predominantly homosexuals are about 2% of the male population, this means that homosexuals are much more likely to molest boys than heterosexuals. Look at it this way - you have 98% of the population committing 70% of the crime and 2% doing 30% of the crimes.

Attraction to "twinks", teen males, is a part of general gay culture. Calls for the decriminalization of "intergenerational" sex have come almost exclusively from out of the gay community. Whether it's more pronounced than adult hetero men looking at "barely legal" girls in porn videos is open to debate, but it's disingenuous to deny a link between gay men and sex with underage males.

Auto Report World Editors said...

The yeshivas don't teach physical education, which is bitul Torah, bitul z'man. Sports and exercise are frowned upon. Most yeshivas don't have gyms. We have too many fat, effiminate boys.

While I know a number of orthodox plumbers, electricians, HVAC guys, I've always thought it was funny how so many frum people have absolutely no sechel when it comes to mechanical or technical things. There are exceptions, to be sure. I know at least a couple of guys who are pretty sharp with electronics, and RM is a world class computer scientist. But in general, if it has anything to do with mechanics, carpentry, fixing stuff, or understanding how technology works, most frum folks haven't a clue.

I was going to say that medicine might be an exception, but considering how many boys are discouraged from pursuing professional careers, and how many frum folks embrace herbal granolism and blue green algae, maybe not.

Auto Report World Editors said...

That occurred in October 1943, well into the war.

It's hard to understand what it was like to be a Jew in the US in the 1930s and 1940s. Father Charles Coughlin's church is about 3.5 miles from where I'm sitting right now. That American Jews protested at all is a near miracle.

boog said...

"Phil is quite right in saying its a sin to gaze at women, no question. What I'm talking about is the ludicrous separation from women that we see. The separate rooms or mechitzahs for a kiddush in synagogues, even a few Young Israels, is absurd. The insistence on separate entrances at catering halls. Routinely now, chareidi yeshiva bochurim won't go to some people's homes for a Shabbos meal where there are young female guests. Yeshiva boys on the sidewalk are accidently bumping into trees and no parking signs because they're looking down at the sidewalk while girls are approaching from the other direction. This is meshuga."

And this abnormal suppression perhaps is one reason and cause
for the channeling and outlet of 'normal' feelings into the sex predation against yiddeshe children by our "Rabbis".

Extremism in the fulfillment of religion is no virtue, following a path of moderation is no vice.

Anonymous said...


Listen to the whole episode, especially the part on adultery, though there is some other other interesting stories.